My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
Flying on the hands of an eagle

Flying in the hands of an eagle

House: Gryffindor

Year: Stand in for perfect 1

Category: drabble

Prompt: Eagle

Words: 330

The Golden Snitch:
Through the Universe challenge:

Prompt 16, Aurora Australis: Australia.

school: Aurora, and house: Centaurus.

Thank you Tiggs and my brother for aiding me!

Harry was nearly at the top of Mt Donna Buang; his fifth mountain he had climbed in the last two weeks.

After everything that had happened over the year, Harry had needed to escape, so he went a good place to do so: Australia. It was easier to pretend what had happened at Hogwarts had not happened when he was twenty thousand kilometres away.

There were a lot of mountains in Australia, and Harry was going to climb them all. The thrill of reaching the top of them, and what he felt when he was up there. He was so close to the sky and just about all the summits had a clearing where he could clearly see it. When he was there, he felt as though he was an eagle soaring high and free.

There were often eagles in the sky.

Harry had always liked eagles; they were such big and majestic creatures that were so noble looking. One of the best parts about Hogwarts was being outside in the spring and seeing eagles flying overhead. Or working out they were actually hawks. None of his friends shared his fascination with these big birds.

Harry enjoyed flying; the freedom it brought made Harry feel as though the skies were his limit. At Hogwarts he would fly with the eagles; maybe he would be above or below them, but he was still with them.

As Harry reached the summit of the mountain, he sighed and smiled as he caught his breath.

After a while, he heard a screech. Harry looked up to see a huge bird flying overhead. He watched it for a while and tried to determine whether it was an eagle or a hawk. He decided on an eagle since he felt more connected with eagles.

With that, Harry skipped on down the other side of the mountain with his soul flying as free as the eagle in the sky and he was sporting a big silly grin.

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