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Blood moon

The Blood Moon

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 stand in

Category: Themed (Gryffindor: Red)

Prompt: 'Why do you keep saying goodbye?'

Words: 2263

There is an old legend known in magical and non-magical communities which states: "when the bright red moon rises, it will become a blood moon at midnight, and former evil enemies shall rise from the dead." If you're unlucky enough to be one of those few people to be alive with fallen enemies when a blood moon happens; it's goodbye to you. Because an enemy you defeated will have risen, and they shall come after you for their revenge, stronger than ever.

Not many people believed in blood moons though. They believed in red moons, but that was because it happened more often and the moon was made red if a lot of people had lit big fires. And in the wizarding world, even less people believed in blood moons: half didn't even know about them!

One person who was unlucky to have a blood moon in their lifetime was Harry Potter. Just after he had defeated Lord Voldemort, the moon rose in the sky, a bright red colour, then it turned to what they call blood colour before changing to give the impression of bleeding; every Death Eater who died in the Battle of Hogwarts rose again with glowing red eyes, seeking vengeance.

Harry never had a hope. All the newly risen Death Eaters and their master knocked on his door in the dead of night and attacked him; all Harry saw was their glowing red eyes, before his world went black. With Harry gone, Voldemort and his cronies quickly took over the whole of England. Three people defiantly did survive though: Luna Lovegood, George Weasley and Blaise Zabini. They escaped to Australia where they went into hiding.


"Goodbye," Luna said after a while of silence. She, George and Blaise were sitting in their well-hidden bomb shelter, and they had been silent until now.

"Oh, bye, Luna," Blaise said, a bit surprised about Luna's sudden decision to go out.

"Where are you going?" George asked.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm just saying it just in case a Soul Stealing Butterfly comes in and kills us all," Luna said, smiling airily.

"Right," the two boys responded uncertainly.

"Goodbye," Luna said again. Then she stood up and fetched a red blanket to put on her knees.


This kept happening for the next week or so. One day, Blaise had had enough and he asked, trying to stay calm, "Why do you keep saying goodbye?"

"Blaise calm down or you will start seeing red," Luna said, picking up on Blaise's bottled frustration. Then she said, "Just in case a Soul Stealing Butterfly comes and kills us, or we're found by Death Eaters, and they kill us instead."

"That isn't a bad idea, actually," George said, looking up and combing his fingers through his red hair. He had been reading a book on Australian pranks and finding out how they were different to the pranks he made.

"Thank you, George," Luna said brightly.

"Whatever. If she keeps saying goodbye, I'll keep asking her why she keeps saying it," Blaise grumbled.

"And I'll just keeping responding with the same answer," Luna said smiling gayly. Then she said, "Even if I haven't said it out loud, I have said goodbye a lot. I keep seeing dark red around people, which means they will die soon, and I want to make sure I say goodbye."

"Really? I never knew that," George said, looking thoughtful.

"What do you see around us?" Blaise asked.

"Well you, Blaise, I see a bright red, because you have been getting grumpier and shorter with your temper, and George I see blue, which means he's not very happy," Luna said.

"Well, no one would be if they were forced to live like us," George mumbled glumly.

"But if neither of us have dark red around us, why do you keeping saying goodbye? Surely that means neither of us are about to drop dead," Blaise asked.

"Well, it's different. I know things like this are not always one hundred percent reliable. And I see that even more when I know someone is after us. It's better to be safe than sorry," Luna replied, staring into space.

"Right," Blaise nodded. He didn't sound as though he completely believed her though.


The next day, it was Blaise's turn to go out and buy food. Even though Australia was pretty safe from Death Eaters, they all suspected Voldemort might send them there to look for them, so they sent one person out every few days or every week to get food.

"Goodbye," Luna and George said to Blaise as he left.

"Bye," Blaise responded.

He walked out of their hiding place into a cave. They had found an underground bomb shelter to live in, and they used magic to help them survive. It did mean, however, reaching the outside world took a while. After five minutes, Blaise left the cave and came out into a forest, where he cast a Disillusion charm over himself before walking on.

The forest the shelter was in was the Yellingbo Conservation Reserve: a reserve with lots of animals, plants and trees, but not much of anything else, which made it good for hiding in.

After he had been walking for a while, Blaise decided to Disapparate, as he thought he'd be far enough away that no one would cotton on to their hiding place. Blaise Disapparated to just outside Yellingbo, a small town in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. The reserve he had just come from was named after this town or the other way around.

As Blaise walked into the town, the air suddenly got colder, then there was an echo of cracks. Blaise looked around in horror at what was around him: glowing red-eyed Death Eaters! One was quick off the mark, and he whipped his wand out and shot a dark red spell at Blaise. Blaise's middle was hit, which caused him to bend over from the pain.

"There, our work here is done: he will die slowly," the Death Eater who shot Blaise said. Blaise recognised him as Theodore Knott's dad, Gator, or something like that.

"You idiot! How are we going to find his friends now?" cried another. Blaise realised it was the risen-from-the-dead form of Bellatrix Lestrange.

"We will find them; they can't hide forever," the first Death Eater said. Then they all vanished.

Blaise started to feel very weak then, and a strong pain started in his side. He quickly focused his magic and Disapparated off to the reserve. He stumbled around as he ran to the cave where Luna and George were. He had to get back and tell them before he died. He spent ages stumbling around the woods.

"Luna! George! Goodbye!" Blaise called as he stumbled in. Goodbye was their code for code-red.

"Why do you keep saying goodbye?" Luna asked cheekily as she and George came sprinting around the corner. Because Blaise hated it when Luna kept saying goodbye; every time Blaise said it, she said that, to mock him in a way.

"The red-eyed Death Eaters, they found me: I'm dying," Blaise said as he started to wheeze.

"What?! Are you sure there is nothing we can do?" George asked, alarmed.

"Yes, this is goodbye for good. In my things, there are notes to a sacrificing ritual which will send you way back in time; maybe to a time way before the blood moon where you can stop this from happening," Blaise said.

He fell to the ground on his back. Luna and George bent down on either side of him.

"Why didn't you tell us this before now?" George asked the black-haired boy.

"It requires a lot of red; and at the time, I at least was off red. Then there was something you said which made me think you wanted to try something else. But you have no other choice now: good l…u…c…k," Blaise said. Then he went limp and his eyes closed.

"Is he dead?" Luna asked George as he checked Blaise's pulse.

"Afraid so," George nodded.

"And we didn't get to say goodbye," Luna said sadly.

"You know what he would have said if you did?" George said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes, I am aware," Luna said not impressed with George reminding her.

"Shall we go outside and bury him?" George asked.

"Let's wait until dark," Luna said, and George nodded.


At ten to ten, Luna and George carried Blaise's body outside. It was very dark out now, so they decided they would be as safe as they were going to be. The two walked a little away from the cave until they came to (much to their surprise) a yew tree. Seeing that it meant death, they decided to bury Blaise at the foot of it.

Half an hour later, a hole was dug and Blaise had been dumped in it. George then conjured a few flowers, including a red rose to throw on top of Blaise. Then they filled the hole up again. Luna then created a gravestone.

"How does this sound? Here lies Blaise Jorden Zabini: killed by the red-eyed beasts. Died on the fifth of October, 2000," Luna said.

"Sounds good," George said tiredly. Luna used her wand to carve the epitaph onto a rock she was using as a tombstone, then she placed it on top of Blaise's grave.

"Let's go back," Luna said as she stood up. George nodded and the two returned to the bomb shelter.

When they were back, they went through Blaise's things to try and find the ritual he had talked about. Luna and George didn't fancy their chance of survival considering what had happened to Blaise; so they decided they would try and stop this from happening again. It seemed to be Blaise's last wish for them to do this, anyway. Most likely, Luna and George would either kill Voldemort before he became Voldemort, or change him.

"Found it! 'The Blood Moon Ritual.' Can only be used if people risen by the blood moon are about and is connected in some way to the user! It sends the user or users way back in time: whenever Fate thinks they need to be let off," Luna said excitedly.

"Great. I wonder how long they stay risen for anyway? And what do we need to do?" George asked.

"Red-eyed monsters live for one hundred years. So, we need red roses, red hair, a red blanket, a red apple, blood, and the presence of a red-eyed monster. Then with all of that, we climb to the top of an old yew tree. That tree we buried Blaise under was pretty old, and that was a yew!" Luna exclaimed.

"Right; what after that?" George asked.

"We kill ourselves and that works the magic," Luna replied.

"I suppose that's what it means by sacrifice; people don't kill themselves on purpose, normally," George nodded.

"Let's do that tomorrow!" Luna declared.

"But how do we get the Death Eaters to find us?" George asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Simple," Luna said, springing up and grabbing some paper and a quill. She quickly wrote something on it and then used a spell to send it flying. "There; they'll be at the tree at twelve," she said.

"How on earth do you know that?" George asked, surprised.

"I told them. Now, do you have any prank items that we could use to stun them while we kill ourselves?" Luna asked.

"Well, I have tear gas that causes severe crying," George said, pulling out a packet full of white balls with 'Tear Gas' written on the front.

"Alright, this is what we will do," Luna started, then she explained a plan.


CRACK! The sound echoed in the forest around the old yew tree. "We're here! Show yourselves, blood-traitors!" cried Bellatrix.

As they all took a step forward, white balls were thrown in front of them and exploded, sending dust everywhere. When the dust cleared, the Death Eaters were on the ground crying like babies.

"We got them all, I think," George called to Luna as he slipped out of the yew tree to check.

"Let's hurry and do this, then," Luna called back.

"Right! Do we have everything?" George asked as he climbed back up to the top of the yew tree.

"We have some of your hair, a red rose, a dish full of blood, my blanket, a red apple and the red-eyed monsters, so yes," Luna said as George reached the top of the tree.

"Okay; the Killing Curse you reckon would do it?" George asked.

Luna nodded then said, "Let's go together."

"Right with you, Luna," George nodded.

"Goodbye," they both said. Then they started to say the words for the Killing Curse whilst pointing their wands at their chests.

Before they finished speaking the spell, a light green light appeared around the tree in a dome, and Luna and George fell back, dead. To finish the ritual, the green light appears and takes their spirits back through the fabric of time. It happens before they actually kill themselves, because if they died by any other method then the light they summoned, they would go on to Death, and he would sort them out.

Luna and George are now in a time long before the blood moon, long before the red-eyed monsters, and long before the infamous saying of 'why do you keep saying goodbye?' came along. Now, Luna and George can change the fate of all those they knew by stopping it all from happening again.

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