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Dreams of Children

Dreams of Children

House: Gryffindor

Year: Sixth Year

Category: Themed (true happiness. Fluff de la fluff.)

Prompt: We're all mad here

Words: 2148


"We're all mad here," a twelve-year-old Susan Bones whispered joylessly as she watched the party the adults were having from a chair on the side. The other children were sitting with her. It was a gathering between the Bones, the Turpins, the Abbotts and the Jones. Today, they were gathered at Abbott Manor. Last time it had been the Turpins home, and the time before that it was the Bones' home.

The four families had been friends for ages. Their gatherings were always fun, and quite often got a little mad, especially when the adults started drinking a bit. Which was why Susan couldn't help but think 'we're all mad here.' Dancing on table tops, enchanting chickens to play bagpipes, summoning paint balls and hitting each other with it. Those were the kind of things that happened.

But the children: Hannah Abbott, Susan, Megan Jones and Lisa Turpin loved it all. They loved every bit of silliness; it was all great to them. They were not allowed to do most of these things, being under age and most things required magic, but they got plenty of enjoyment from just watching, and there were a few things they could join in on.

One time though, Hannah said, looking very bored, "Why can't we join in all of it?"
"Because we're not old enough to use magic outside of school," Lisa said, whilst trying to sound like one of the adults. She at least couldn't understand why the adults couldn't work out ways to include the children.

"Well, we should make up our own activities! Something only we find fun! That way, we're entertained and enjoying ourselves instead of feeling sad because we can't join in with the adults yet!" Megan decided.

"Since when have you been decisive and forward, Megan?" Lisa asked raising an eyebrow.

"Only just now," Megan responded.

"What should we do then?" Hannah asked with her eyes sparkling.

"You know that Muggle stuff, Lego: we could cover the living room with it! And it's not like they're not making a mess here!" Susan suggested.

"That would be fun! Come on!" Lisa said jumping up. They other three jumped up, and they ran upstairs to Hannah's bedroom, where the Lego was.

When they had the Lego, they carried it all down to the living room, and started playing with it. They made all kinds of things, and threw a lot of it around. They made Big Ben, Hogwarts, Kings Cross Station and Gringotts.
However, after making that, they got bored and went upstairs again. After talking about it for a while, they started to climb onto the roof and watch the stars. That was very risky - they had to avoid being because it was too dangerous to be on the roof; but it would be worth it. As it turned out, they got up with no drama.

They spent a long time up there, enjoying watching the stars. The stars were so pretty, and it felt like they were in a timeless zone. When they got bored of that, (after an hour) they went exploring rooms they were not normally allowed in, such as the attic. The attic was the most interesting place. They found all kinds of things: old wands, paint and much more.

They tried making chickens that played bagpipes with the wands, but that didn't go very well. The best they managed was an old hat sounding like a frog. Then they moved onto the paint. They covered the entire attic and spare rooms on the top floor with paint. There was paint everywhere, and all over the children. Lisa was purple and red, Susan was green and yellow, Hannah was blue and orange, and Megan was black and pink. They had other colours on them, but those were the main ones.

Luckily, that would be easy to clean. They all knew cleaning charms, they learnt them in their first year at Hogwarts: so, they found the old wands again and cleaned themselves up. Lisa just made herself worse though: so, in the end, Megan took pity on her and cleaned Lisa up for Lisa.

After that, they decided to have a pillow fight, being less messy than paint. The pillows, being stuffed with feathers didn't live very long, unfortunately. Pretty quickly, there were feathers all over the room where the spare pillows, bed clothes and stuff were kept.

"This was a great idea! We have had so many great ideas!" Megan said when they were lying on the floor afterwards.

"Yeah! It was a blast!" Lisa said smiling. Then she sneezed: a feather was right next to her nose!
"Should we go and see what the adults are up to?" Susan asked.

"Good idea! Come on!" Hannah said, getting up.

When everyone else was up, they walked downstairs to where the adults were. When they got there, they saw all their parents lying on the floor. "Some party," Susan commented.

"Looks like they got a little too mad and drank too much," Lisa said after sniffing her father's breath. Then she wrinkled her nose.

"We're all mad here, don't forget: especially us Abbotts," Hannah said cheerfully.

"But you know what this means?" Susan started. If the adults were asleep, they didn't have to go home!
Hannah, Lisa and Megan all thought for a moment, then they said with Susan, "We have to stay overnight!"

"Yay!" then they cried.

"Come on! let's get you guys set up!" Hannah said. They ran upstairs to Hannah's room.

Hannah found a whole heap of sleeping bags, and laid them out on the floor of her bedroom. Then she found spare bedclothes for them all. They all changed, then climbed into the sleeping bags.

"It's been a good night," Susan said curling up.

"Best night ever," Megan agreed.

"Good night all!" they then all cried.

When the adults all woke in the morning, they all had a king-sized headache. And when they saw the mess the children made, they just thought, 'Some party last night.'

The clean up took a while, though, even with magic. They had to restuff all the pillows, pack up and clean up the Lego, clean up the paint and the mess the children had made with the stuff in the attic, and then they had to clean up the room they were partying in. The children managed to get out of it though: they said they had to do homework. The adults were happy about this, because being fun loving; children were very good at not being helpful with cleaning up stuff.

They did a bit of homework, but mostly they played hangman, and made up spooky stories. Though, they didn't do that much just in case someone's parent came up, and told them to stop because they were too young or their stories were too scary. Which was silly, but parents were parents.

One thing they did talk about though, was:

"Should we do that again next time?" Susan asked.

"Yeah! It was so much fun!" Lisa said, bouncing up and down. The previous evening was now her favourite evening where the four families had gathered.

"Yes, last night was the best! And we didn't get stone drunk!" Megan said smugly.

"So, it's settled; we will do it next time," Hannah said.

"And the next time, and the time after: we will do it forever!" Lisa cried.

"Even when we're adults?" questioned Susan.

"Yeah! Even then! But then we can add interesting things like flying pigs and chickens that play bagpipes!" Megan said giggling.

"Can't wait! When do you think we will next meet up for another round of madness?" Hannah asked.

"Lisa's birthday next month?" Susan said.

"That will probably be it," Megan nodded.
"But that's such a long time away!" Lisa groaned.

"Yes: maybe it will be sooner if we do lots of nagging!" Megan said.

"Ooh! Nagging fun!" Lisa exclaimed gleefully.

"Good, you can do it: you can do our parents, too," Megan said, causing everyone, including herself, to laugh. Then they all did more of the homework. Lisa was drawing Unicorns and dragons at the same time.


Seven year later, Hannah, Megan, Susan and Lisa had met up again at Hannah's home. It had been years since they met up like this. School, the war: so many things had happened. The war tried to kill them, and tear them apart; and yet, here they were.

"Well, we haven't met up like this in a long time," Megan said.

"No, we haven't," agreed Susan.

"Remember when you guys were about twelve and we came up with our own special activity plan to do since we couldn't join the adults?" Lisa asked.

"I remember," Hannah nodded.

"We haven't done that for ages!" Susan exclaimed.

"It's only been five years or something," Hannah pointed out.

"That's still a while," Megan said.

"Exactly. Anyway, how about doing it again, plus the things we couldn't do? Hannah's parents won't know; there in Japan, aren't they?" suggested Lisa.

"What brought that on?" Susan asked.

"Just thinking. We had such good fun back then, and we have the chance to relive that; so why not take it?" Lisa suggested.

"Okay; I'm up for it," Megan nodded.

"Sure; nothing too bad used to happen; And yes, they are," Hannah agreed.

"Okay, since you are all doing it," Susan agreed.

"Excellent. When should we start?" Lisa asked.

"Now? It is about the time we normally started after all," Hannah suggested.

"Okay," Megan and Susan nodded.

Lisa nodded, then Hannah called her house elves, and asked for afternoon tea/dinner type things. The house elves nodded, and went to get that. Then Lisa, Hannah, Susan and Megan started planning what they were going to do.

Transfiguring chickens to play bagpipes for music was pretty popular. Then Pillow fights, star gazing, messing around with Lego and messing up the attic were also pretty popular. And the best part was, they didn't have to clean up a single item, because the house elves Hannah had just brought were more than happy to do that.

When all that was decided, Susan and Megan transfigured the chickens and bagpipes. About then, they food came, so they started their party then.

They ate the food, chatted, and even did a bit of really silly dancing. When they got sick of that, they un-transfigured the chickens and bagpipes, then went and played with Lego. Over the years Hannah had collected a lot more Lego, so now they could make an even bigger mess than before.

They built a lot of things with the Lego: Hogwarts, The Shrieking shack, Gringotts, Diagon Alley, Big Ben, One of the arenas from the Tri Wizard tournament, St'Mungos and the Sidney Opera House. The Sidney Opera House was Lisa's idea, as she had got a little obsessed with Australia.

Then they went and played in the attic. They put on costumes and did silly plays, (with the help of magic) messily re-painted the walls, which also meant several jars of paint got knocked over, which meant the floor got painted.

Then they went up to the roof to stargaze. Compared to everything else they did, this was very tame. There was just the wonderful feeling being up there with friends and watching the stars; and looking out for shooting stars and comets and spotting constellations. Hannah especially enjoyed it, being a lover of Astronomy.

Then they had a pillow fight: but instead of just whacking pillows at each other, they used magic, and pillows went everywhere. Some went around like rockets, others chased people, and some bounced like a ball. It was mad, but, quoting a favourite quote of Susan's, 'we're all mad here:' it seemed much saner.

After that, they lay in Hannah's room. They were all feeling very warm and fluffy inside, from re-living such a fun and happy part of their childhood, and they were feeling tired, too. Now, all they felt like doing was sleeping.

"That was fun; again," Susan said sighing dreamily.

"Yes, it was a blast. I'm glad we decided to do it again," Hannah said happily.

"Thank you for suggesting it, Lisa," Megan said to her cousin.

"No problem! Any time," Lisa said smugly.

"Shall we go to sleep now?" Hannah asked.

"Good idea," Susan said yawning.

"Yes, I'm bushed. I know I will have happy and fluffy dreams tonight," Megan said fondly.

"Hopefully we all will," Lisa put in.

Then they all got up and got changed. After that, they set up their camp beds and climbed into them. Then they all gave a big, "Good night all!"
And they had happy dreams of what they did that evening. It as mad, they all knew, but it was fun. That was what was important; and it was just time to be children again, and be worry free for an evening.

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