My stories for the houses competition year 2 @redroseaurora
Going Ice Skating

Going Ice Skating

House: Gryffindor

Year: Prefect 1 stand in

Category: Drabble

Prompt: Going Ice Skating (event)

Words: 404

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this!

"And next in the free skate event, we have, Lily Evans from England!" the announcer cried as Lily entered the rink.

Lily was excited. She had dreamed of this moment, and it had finally happened; she was an Ice Skater! Better still, she had made it into the finals at the Olympics! It was a dream come true.

"Lily! Lily!" chanted all of Lily's supporters and family members in the stands.

"Lily, wake up! Yesterday you wouldn't go to bed because you were excited to be going ice skating, and now you won't wake up!" exclaimed Lily's mother, Rose.

"Wha—?" Lily groggily asked as she awoke. She was disappointed to see her Olympics dream was just that, a dream.

"We're going ice skating today, remember? Hurry up, we have to go soon," Rose said, hurrying Lily along.

"Yes!" Lily cried as she remembered what today was. She sprang out of bed and started to dress. Her mother laughed as she walked out.

It took Lily five minutes to get dressed and race downstairs. Everyone was waiting for her; in Petunia's case, waiting very impatiently.

"Are you ready?" asked Lily's father, Henry.

"Yep!" Lily chimed.

"Can we hurry up and go?" asked Petunia.

"Yes, let's," agreed Henry. They all piled out and into the car.

Lily and Petunia were fidgeting excitedly, so they were all glad when they finally arrived at their destination. As soon as their father stopped the car, both girls sprang out and dragged their parents into the Ice Centre.

After paying their entry, they arrived at the locker room where a kind looking woman measured them up for some ice skates. After helping the two girls into their skates, the woman led them through to the rink, before leaving them to it and walking away.

The blades on the skates made it hard to stand up and walk, so their parents helped them to the ice. When they reached the ice, the two girls gleefully skated off, using the railing around the edge to help them with their balance. It didn't take long before they tried to balance on their own; though, the first attempt was not successful!

Rose and Henry went over to the stands and sat down. As Rose looked through her handbag for the camera, she couldn't help but smile: her two daughters were so happy to be ice skating! It was a dream come true for them.

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