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Chapter two

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Chapter 2

Anna struggled against the Shadow's grasp. She'd rather be dropped into the ocean rather than on the grounds of Never-Land. "Let me go! Please! RELEASE ME! AHH!" Maybe she should have chosen her words more carefully, especially since it actually released her, forcing her to fall through the air and harshly landing against the cold and rich dirt.

Circling the area the girl had landed in, Pan remained hidden as he lightly laughed, "Well, I see the stories are true. However, I must say, they were not exaggerated enough. You truly are a treasure to be stolen." A boys' voice said with arrogance.

His sudden arrival had Annaca frightened, looking around for his figure in the dark forest surrounding her. Her breath panting, her heart pounding in her chest with fear. He was nowhere around that she could see. "Show yourself!" Annaca screamed. Her feet turning in circles trying to look for the one speaking, the one who was likely responsible for her kidnapping.

"As you wish," Pan spoke softly, breathing into her hair behind her, a smirk on his face as she came full circle to face him, her gasped screams of fright as she stumbled back away from him. He was faster than her attempts to turn and flee, quickly flying to cut off her escape. A hand grabbing her by the back of her neck kept her in place as she struggled against his firm hold.

"Release me!" Annaca shouted. Trying to swing at him, she stared in shock, wincing in pain as her wrist was quickly held by his second grasp, refusing her the chance at punching him and that smirk off his face.

Laughing at her attempts to flee and fight him, Pan tossed her back from their current point, watching her land once again in the rich dirt, her nightgown ripping and becoming filthier from the rich dirt. "No, I don't believe you'll be going anywhere, Anna."

Anger boiled in her chest at him calling her by a friendly name. She would not be addressed in such a friendly manner, least of all by him! "Annaca!" She snapped, sitting herself up from her fallen place, and glared at him. "You will address me as Annaca, only my allies call me Anna. And you are neither ally nor a friend." she snarled. Her eyes burning with anger and fear to the teenager slowly advancing her shivering form cowering in the dirt.

Her nightgown had ripped terribly from the bottom up to her mid-thigh, the left sleeve at the sewn section of her shoulder had ripped halfway, revealing more of her skin to the wandering eyes of the boy. Her long, curly brown hair was now tousled and holding leaves and small twigs with dirt smeared across her angelic and smooth face.

Grinning at her shivering form, Pan watched with delight as she cowered away from him and tried to be fierce in doing so, "Fine, Annaca," Pan started, his eyes sparkling with interest. "Hook took someone from me. However, I find that he also safeguarded something that I have been searching for, for quite some time... I'd intended on taking the boy on board. But you… You, my dear, made it far too easy to snatch up. Hook will likely want you back, no doubt about it. And who wouldn't? I know I'd steal you back." He smirked. Swiftly grabbing Annaca by her arm, Pan jerked her up onto her feet, his face mere inches from hers' and staring into her sapphire eyes. Pan's jaw clenched at the memory of the deal he’d made with her mother.

In his moment of hesitation, Annaca drove her knee up into his groin and watched him double over in pain. The attack forced his hold to lessen, allowing her to grab his dagger and slid from his grasp to run. Taking a breath of victory, she ran deep into the forest, hoping to lose him in the darkness.

Annaca had no idea that Pan not only owned Never-Land, he was Never-Land. But she would eventually learn this.

Grunting with pain, Pan forced himself to regain his composure as he glared after the fleeing girl with a growl of anger. She'd bested him. Very few had managed to do that while he was 'Peter Pan'. "Let the games begin then. Shall we, Treasure." Peter growled with a smirk and flew off in search for the girl. Grinning as he found her running down below, panting for breath as she stumbled through the forest.

Swooping down, Pan landed in front of her, catching her by her arms once more and laughed when she attacked him, though he easily dodged her attempts he cut back his speed by ten so she could see his movements. He wanted to see how well she'd do, but he'd underestimated her.

Annaca had sped up, swiping the dagger up at an angle she managed to slice him across his chest. But at the sudden pain that flared across his skin and blood spilled over, trickling down his chest and disappearing into the fabric of his half-opened shirt. Pan's playful nature vanished. "Now that's just ruined the fun entirely." He husked.

Playtime was over.

Annaca watched the anger flare in his eyes as he slowly advanced her, forcing her to step back, and shouted with fright as he began to swing at her, attempting to wrangle the dagger from her grasp.

Pan was mildly surprised she was able to fight back and hold her own so well. "You're quite good, Hook's taught you well. However, I must say, from the way you're shaking that this is your first real fight away from training with that Pirate."

Annaca was having enough of Pan. Lunging at him he’d managed to grab a hold of her, but they’d tumbled, wrestling for the dagger as they hit the ground.

Annaca was trying to stab him, but Pan was winning with little effort as he pinned her back against the ground, her legs straddling his waist as he loomed over her panting self, watching her small chest rising and falling with her gasps of exhaustion, adrenaline, and fright, "That Pirate is my father! Release me at once!" Annaca shouted with anger as she struggled under him.

Pan laughed, "I believe I'm actually having fun, aside from Hook you're the first who's been able to draw blood. And by such a beauty nonetheless… So, Hypnotic… I must say, you didn't get your looks from Hook. Maybe your mother?" Pan teased with a smile. But the saddened look in her blue eyes gave him pause.

"I wouldn't know. I was abandoned in the streets as an infant. I don't know who my parents are." She said softly, taking a shaky breath as tears rolled from her eyes, disappearing into her hair at her temples, she hated to admit it, but knowing that her birth family hadn't wanted her, she knew she was lost, alone, and she hurt from it. She used to be able to hold back her emotions, but this damned Island was messing with her. However, seeing his pause, she assumed his guard was down. Anna flipped them, pinning him to the ground in return.

Pan had allowed her to flip them, knowing she assumed his guard was down, but he'd jumped back to his cruel, playful games. As soon as she had herself over him. Pan grinned and jolted his knee up to her backside.

The sudden knee to her behind sent Annaca forward with a gasp of shock. But her shock hadn't ended there in the least, in fact, it had grown when Pan sat upright and their lips connected in an instant.

For the first time in a long time, Pan felt his heart skip a beat. He'd lost count as to how long he'd been on Never-Land, maybe a thousand years? Longer? He wasn't truly sure he'd counted right, but he knew for sure that being eighteen and stuck on an island with only boys in his company would have left anyone with a dry spell. That had been the reason he’d made the deal with her mother. A female companion. His body warmed at their contact. His mind hazed at the kiss. Sliding a hand at her hips, he held her waist and the back of her neck. She was warm, sensual, and seductive.

And he hungered for more.

He'd kissed harshly the first time simply to play with her, but he couldn't help but soften the kiss. Gently brushing his lips over her own soft ones, Pan held her to him gently then grinned at her sudden reaction to him.

Annaca was kissing him back. Her soft lips gently brushing across his own in return, their kiss deepened upon her hands resting on his shoulder and chest.

However, the sudden realization that his body was warming, that his heart was starting to warm, Pan broke the kiss. Leaning back to look at the girl he watched a blue shine glaze over her sapphire orbs and felt a small spark shock his palms that jolted up his arm and into his chest. A jolt of energy struck his heart, a light mixed with pinks, blues, and gold hues in the back of his mind flared as the power split his heart and soul almost in two.

‘Magic,' Pan thought with shock, he shouldn't have been too stunned considering who her mother was, but that was a subject for a later date. However, the sudden realization that her magic was working its way through his coldness, unsure what it was doing with his heart and soul, had his mind circling with confusion and curiosity. Then came the sudden pain as Annaca slugged him a good one, once more left him stunned. His head snapped back from the force of her punch. Instead of feeling the pain, Pan laughed with excitement when Anna dashed off once again screaming back to him.

"Stay away from me!"

This chase carried on for days. Pan purposely let her get away and Baelfire was forgotten about, for the time being. But eventually, he had to go back to camp. Felix had come to find him, apparently, Wendy had returned to save Baelfire. But he was currently nowhere on Never-Land. This, Pan, knew he could use to lure Baelfire to the Island. And he knew he could also use Wendy to lure Anna from her hiding place. Arriving at his new captive, Pan grinned at the girl. "Brave, for coming back for him… Unfortunately, he never made it here. However, I have a use for you. Little Bird." Pan said with a grin.

Wendy ran through the forest, frightened, tears streaming down her face. Her nightgown was covered in dirt, torn, and matted, "Help! Help me, please somebody!" She screamed. Pan had let her loos, the lost boys hunting her down like an animal. This was one of their games, and Wendy was the bait. Apparently, if she wanted to win, and keep her life, and that of her brother's and Baelfire's, she had to find someone Peter Pan was looking for.

"She's here, on the Island. And you have to find her." Pan had told her.

"But this is your island. If you can't find this person, how shall I?" Wendy exclaimed with fright. His laughter gave her pause and worry.

"You misunderstand Little Bird. I already know where she is… But, to give you a head start. I'll … Take you 1/3 of the way to her. If you find her, I'll send your brother's back to England, unharmed." Pan promised with a smirk.

Wendy smiled wide with hope, shifting onto her feet to stand as she looked up at Pan's handsome face. "You swear? You'll send Michael and John back home? You'll let us go home? And Baelfire?"

"No, no, no. You misunderstand, again." Pan laughed. "I said I'd send your brother's home, I said nothing of letting Baelfire, or you, go anywhere. You, Wendy, are my trump card."

Anna watched from up in the trees as a sandy blonde, curly-haired young girl ran through the forest shouting for help. And from her high position in the tree's Anna could tell that a group was chasing her, surrounding the poor girl from the looks of it. Fear flooded Anna as they jumped out and surrounded her. Their weapon's threatened the girl as they circled her, ripping cries and pleas from her as they pointed their weapons at her, acting as if they would harm her, and they certainly looked as if they were going to, especially the tall one with the scar.

"Please, please don't do this! Please!" The girl cried as the boy raised his sword. Ready to bring his weapon down on the girl, Anna dropped from the trees and disarmed the tallboy quickly. Grabbing ahold of the girl's hand, Anna made a clearing through the advancing boys.

They hadn't made it very far when a sudden, wasp sound, zipped through the distance, a stinging pain stung Wendy's back, knocking the girl unconscious. Anna began to panic when the girl dropped, "Hey, come on, don't do this!" Anna begged the girl.

"You can't run forever, Treasure!" Pan's voice rang out around them.

"Shit!" Anna panicked at hearing his laughter. Lifting the girl up she tried to carry her as far as she could, only to feel a sting in her own neck that had likely taken the girl out. The forest became dizzy, spinning as she fell to her knees. "Wha-what is this?" Anna questioned. The girl lying in the dirt. Trying to check on the unconscious blonde, Anna's stomach threatened to lurch as the forest continued to spin. "I-is she -"

"She's alive, Anna. It's alright. You'll both be alright." Pan said softly with care as he knelt beside her, watching as Annaca tried to check on Wendy. Sighing, Pan moved to pick Wendy up, his shock came in a flash when Anna pounced him, his own dagger held firmly to his throat that she had stolen from him.

Anna was sweating and panting terribly from the drug she'd been stuck with as she glared at him, "You won't touch her! I'll die before you harm her! Over my dead body!" She screamed. But her strength swiftly left her. Anna’s eyelids became heavy and fought to stay open, "You-you won't... hurt her-" She whispered, falling deeply into slumber. Her body fell limp at Pan's side onto the ground with a gentle thump.

"Pan! Are you alright?" Felix checked on him with worry.

"I'm fine. Get Wendy. I'll take care of her." Pan ordered, standing from his fallen spot he gently lifted Anna into his arms. "Let's head back to Camp. I want a place built for these two. Clearly, Annaca wants to protect the little bird, so, why don't we let her believe she can. How’s a tree-house cage sound?"

Felix smirked as he walked a little behind Pan, "A false sense of security. You're a genius, Pan."

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