A promised kept Ash's Johto journey @mgunnels3
Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to another story I thougt i make while comming up with ideas for my other story too. Now this story will be different from the recent one i'm writing for starters this is not exactly accurate but a what or what would happen if based story as Ash's journey through Johto now this was the other challenge that was given to the readers of Dragonsrule18 and Charmeleon story A different path the title of the story will explain a lot and yes i will take readers requests into account in this story too. Also since Ash doesn't have a translator for this chapter and certain chapters later in the story will be translated with a ' at the beginning and end of it. If you want a translator just let me know in the reviews. As for my other story i'm half way done with the recent chapter but ran out ideas and a lot of stress going on in my life but will get it out as soon as i can till then lets get this started.

Chapter 1: A promised kept A battle for a friend to return

We join our hero's as they set off for their next adventure the Johto region to give the GS ball which was given to them thanks to Professor Ive and for Ash to compete in the Johto League but before they set off theirs one matter to do before Ash leaves Kanto a promise for a friend.

Misty: Ash are you sure you want to do this what if the situation isn't settled or she has more things to worry about

Brock: Given that it was bad when i came back here I'd say now's a good time

Ash: I know you guys but i made a promise to her after we came back from the Orange Islands *as he gripped her pokeball and thought and its a promise i'm willing to keep*


As Fearow flew off after a defeat by the hands of both Ash and his newly evolved Pidgeot but they both knew that even with its defeat it won't stop until not only it get revenge on Ash but also to make sure that the Pidgeotto and pidgey flock would fear it more than ever. As Pidgeot had to do something to protect them which made Ash made his desicion.

Pidgeot: Pid Pidgeot

Ash: I know girl but this flock needs you and we both know that Fearow won't give up but...

Pidgeot: *curious but sad*

Ash: I promise you this once we get the item and come back here I will come back to get you even help finish this *as he pet Pidgeot*

Pidgeot nodded as she flew off to protect the flock as much as she can as Ash waved goodbye to her "I promise i will come back for you and we can travel again" as pidgeot had a confident look on her face before the gang left the sceen

*End flashback*

Ash: And that's a promise i'm gonna keep even if it means that i have to fight my past against the Spearow flock and solve whatever matters or grudges the leader has on me. *Thinks* Even though i knew what i did was an accident by throwing that rock i've learned better now than back then even if it means an apollogy to the leader after the matter is done.

As the gang didn't get any attack from the Spearow flock again like last time as they entered the same area that they were before going to the Orange Islands as they reached the deepest part of the forest were they last spot the same flock Ash's Pidgeot is watching over as some of the Pidgey's and Pidgeottto's were scared at the pressance of the gang.

Ash: Its ok were not here to catch any of you nor are we here to cause any issues

Misty: Yeah were here to help and see an old friend.

While some believed them the other older Pidgeotto's didn't believe them as a few did try to attack the gang but a sudden Caw stopped them telling them that they are telling the truth. As the same pokemon came out of the tree area which brought a happy smile to Ash and Co's faces.

?: Pidget Pidgeot *with a smile seeing a its friends again* 'its been a while Ash'

Ash: Hahah Pidgeot i'm so glad to see you again *as he hugged her*

Pidgeot: *Smiled and returned it with her talon* Pidgeot Eot'Glad you came back'

Ash: Well Girl I promised that i would come back and now i have but i figured that things haven't changed huh

Pidgeot: *nodded sadly*

Brock: Well we'll help as much as we can to resolve it right guys.

Misty: Right

Ash: Right but this is my battle I can't just do this and let you guys get even more involved in an issue that has been with me since the beginning.

Misty: Right i forgot the leader is after you isn't he.

Ash: *nodded* After all i was the one that hit it with the rock though i though it was the same Pidgey that i met that day.

Pidgeot: *was shocked not by this as all the members of the team knew about this but all this time Ash didn't know who that Pidgey was...her*

Pikachu: *noticed her reaction* ' hey what's with the reaction Pidgeot '

Pidgeot: ' That same Pidgey was me he never knew hopefully he will figure it out'

Pikachu: 'oh man you evolved when we met but knowing Ash he will sooner or later but lets worry bout that later'

Pidgeot: *nodded* 'Yes lets I've been needing to put an end to the Fearow flock once and for all'

Ash: *wishing he could understand them* Looks like you two are ready for whatever happens next.

As both nodded but little did they know it one of the Pidgeotto's went missing it wasn't a member of the flock but a spy as it flew back to the Fearow flock again with some news that the Fearow leader would be interested in.

Pidgeotto: 'Fearow the boy came back as he said he would but he wants to put an end to this dispute once and for all'

Fearow: *smiled to this* 'Excalent my Pidgeotto if its a dispute that he wants to finish then its a fight he will get'

Pidgeotto: 'Things were going great till that Pidgeot came i was leader till her and was the one that kept the peace with us now its a different story'

Fearow: 'That and you were the one who are close to my flock'

Pidgeotto: 'Yes sir but now what are you gonna do'

Fearow: 'I will face him on even terms and whatever demands he wants but if they are reasonable but doubt he has changed'

Pidgeotto: ' well the flock might notice that i'm gone so you better go now before the opportunity slips'

As both flew off but little did the older Pidgeotto know that Pidgeot had a knew he had some sort of plans with the Fearow leader during the time she stayed with the flock and was ready for anything as the two pokemon came to the site of the Pidgey flock but was expected by the group. Especially Ash and Pidgeot.

Ash: Fearow no Spearow this time huh.

Fearow: *Shaked head as if he wanted to settle this once and for all*

Ash: Ok a one on one fight if i win you leave this flock alone and we start off without anymore grudges with each other.

Fearow: *was amazed that he would go as far as burry the hatchet after two years* Fear row ' And if i win'

Ash: I will release all of my Pokemon and not only you can do what you please with me in terms of wanting me to do stuff for the flock even though i can't understand you though. But i'm willing to let bygones be bygones and move forward. Do we have a deal?

Pidgeot was surprised by the offer but understood that a fair offer would surfice in this situation if fearow agrees to the terms both pokemon haven't been well fighting for the past half a year but this will change things as she has learned some new stuff a move not even she nor Ash has heard of before. As the fearow laughed but nodded to the agreement but the real thing it wanted from Ash was not harm but to show he has changed.

Misty: Ash are you sure

Brock: Yeah Ash you haven't been with Pidgeot for over a half a year are you sure you want to do this what if you do lose.

Ash: *shakes head* No this has to be done for the flock and for a better future. Pidgeot you ready for another fight girl.

Pidgeot nodded as she smiled as so did Fearow as he wanted this rematch for the time being hoping he didn't make a mistake by agreeing to this. As most of the flock from both sides were watching as Pidgeotto the same one who informed Fearow did notify the other flock just incase. As both side took their positions as Ash stayed on the ground this time as Fearow would rather face a pokemon of his than cause a potential harm to a servant to the flock. As they began as Fearow took to the sky.

Ash: To the sky Pidgeot too

As both Pokemon were in a seeable altitude for all to watch.

Ash: We'll kick this off Pidgeot Gust attack

As she lauched a powerful gust towards the Fearow as it dodged as it used Drill peck at Pidgeot. As Ash yelled "Dodge it then wing attack" As she barely managed to dodge and slammed Fearow with a powerful wing attack but he was far from out as it counter with its own as it hit her.

Ash: You ok Pidgeot

As she shook it off as Fearow came in with another Drill peck this time just as fast as the wing attack was.

Ash: *grunted* Quick attack before it can hit you

As she did but not before getting her wing hit by the drill peck as the tide was turned as Pidgeot was injured but can fly a little as Ash screamed " Pidgeot NO i believe in you we made a promise that we would work together as a team don't give up" As she managed to be inspired by those words as Fearow was shocked by this and thought 'He has changed but this is more than that lets see if his faith can save her from this' As a powerful energy was building from its beak which caught everyone off guard which meant to Ash that he wasn't messing around now it wanted to finish this now. As it fired a massive hyper beam aimed toward Pidgeot herself.

Ash: Pidgeot get out of their now with quick attack please.

As she managed to muster up enough energy to use that move to get out of their which made Ash and the other happy and fearow shocked by this.

Fearow: 'You managed to get out of their with that little strength in that wing are you sure that you are even able to continue Pidgeot I don't want to put that in any more trouble than it is end this and i won't have to mess with the flock what do you have to gain for fighting'

Pidgeot: *shakes head* ' Its not what i'm after but to show you that I'm more than a match for you not for winning but to show both of you how much i've learned in the past and how much i trust in Ash's battle capabilities.'

Fearow: *smiled* Well if that's what you want then my offer for the flock is still indescisive for now show me then how much your trust in your trainer has gotten.

Ash: I believe in you Pidgeot don't hold back give him what you got if any strength left that is.

Misty: Brock do you think Pidgeot can still fight after that nasty blow to the wing

Brock: Its the same stubborness that Ash has but who know's what she has learned in the last half a year.

Fearow: 'Well then i admire your fighting spirit but its over' *as he prepared another hyper beam this time to end this as he fired it*

Ash: Get out of their now Pidgeot you can do it.

As she managed to muster enough strength to build energy in her wing not only to dodge the move but managed to go straight into Fearow with what looks like Wing attack but it was a lighter color than usual which Ash looked it up but the Pokedex had nothing on it as Dexter had no info on the move at all. As Pidgeot managed to slam the attack hard on Fearow sending it to the ground but with that last manouver it also put a big strain on her wing and energy as she was loosing altitude as she landed as she fell to the ground with Fearow knocked out not long after a Draw. Which shocked not only everyone but the both flocks as they both didn't know what to do or who won. As Ash ran to Pidgeot.

Ash: Pidgeot you ok girl Brock get the super potion fast.

Brock: I can use it one her but she will need to see Nurse joy after everyting is done it should make it better till then. *as he handed him one*

Ash: *nodded as he took it and used it on her* Don't worry Pidgeot this will help you till we can get it better.

Pidgeot nodded faintly as it did help her as Fearow watched this and was amazed as how much Ash has changed from the kid who threw a rock at him to a trainer who has in fact shown that he does care about pokemon as fearow made up his mind but as he was gonna tell Pidgeot of his plan the former leader Pidgeotto made a move that Fearow didn't want to happen.

Pidgeotto: 'No this is not happening I refuse this he's a human he will never be different Spearow flock on my mark and attack'

Pidgeot: *shocked by this* 'Why would you do that he didn't do anything.'

Pidgeotto: 'He's the same as every human i'll get my flock back no matter what Attack'

Just as they were about to strike they were stopped by Fearow himself. Which suprised everyone even Ash and Pidgeot as they thought that he would just sit their.

Fearow: Stand down all of you and leave this human and flock alone

Pidgeot: But we tied our agreement

Fearow: *shakes head* No he's shown me that he is different from before

Pidgeotto: Your wrong all humans are the same.

Fearow: No not this one now leave this flock both of sides and don't show yourself again.

Pidgeotto: *angered* But what stops him from capturing the flock or harming them.

Fearow musters up a hyper beam to show he isn't gonna let him treat Ash like this anymore as he took the hint and left but vowed he will return again. As he was out of site little did he know it, it was a ruse to get him out of their.

Ash: So i guess this means i should release my pokemon then huh.

Fearow: *looked at Ash in shock as he shook his head*

Ash: Huh but Pidgeot fell first in the draw i should hold my end of the bargin

Fearow: *shook his head*

Ash: Wait are you saying that you are letting go of harming the flock

Fearow: *nodded*

Pidgeot: 'Why are you letting Ash off Fearow. I mean he made a deal'

Fearow:' His trust in you as well as the way he acted when you were down like that it.. *as he got up* it showed me that he has changed from the kid almost two years ago. Go with him I will help with the flock both sides after the former leader left he relenquished his status and don't worry i won't cause any more harm.'

Ash: Fearow if it helps I do want to say something...Sorry

Fearow: *was shocked by this as to the fact he apollogized to this as he listened*

Ash: I'm sorry for what i did almost two years ago to you even the flock now while i can't go back and change it i can make sure that, that won't ever happen again.

Fearow: *shocked but smiled to this as he nodded and even nuzzled him to show he accepted the apollogy*

Ash: *shocked but happy by this* Your welcome and thanks for accepting my apollogy hope we can work things out.

Fearow managed to relay a message via by wing movement by pointing to both flocks indicating that he wants to keep peace with them on equal terms. Which shocked Ash but understood somehow as Pidgey flock though sceptical nodded to the agreement as well as Pidgeot as she managed to not only stop the fighting but earned a friend in him as the flock managed to make use of the area without hassle.

Ash: Well Pidgeot its time for us to be back together again as a team what do you say.

Pidgeot: *smiled and nodded* Pidgeot 'I'm ready Ash'

As he tossed Pidgeot's ball at her as a blue beam hit her instead of the usual red as it means a recapture as a simple ding signifyied her recapture. As Ash and the other's were happy to have her aboard once again. As Pidgeot managed to say her last goodbye to the flock for now even promising Fearow a rematch if they see each other again. Which he happily agreed to but not for any reason or grudges. As they waved goodbye as the gang head out of Viridian Forest and head to the closet pokemon center.

With the issue of the past behind them Ash and friends head to the pokemon center to help Pidgeot before heading off to Ash's next adventure in Johto but what was the issue that the Pidgeotto had with humans was on everyone's mind.

Stay tuned...

And done for the first chapter and yes it was lengthy than my first story but i really didn't want to put this into a two parter not for the reunion as for the next one we will be starting off at the beginning of the Johto adventure and i have a lot of plans for this story till then see you next time whether it be this story or my next chapter in the other.

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