Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
The Importance of a Routine

Molly was trying to wrap her head around what Dudley had just related to her. Soul sucking wraith creatures called Dementors. A cousin on his mother's side that was a wizard in training who could do actual magic, and who apparently had an evil wizard after him, said evil wizard had tried to kill him as a baby, and had successfully killed his parents. Witches and wizards living in communities of their own as well as in the everyday world among normal people who don't do magic who they call "muggles".

She decided she needed to put some whiskey into her morning coffee, even though she had shared a joint with Dudley. He was playing a hour of video games then they were to begin their tutorial session for the day.

He clearly believed everything he said. He related them in such a matter of fact manner, but with a bit embarrassment that showed that he clearly knew how fantastic what he was saying must sound. She would bet twenty to one that if he were attached to a polygraph machine, all he said would register as the truth... at least to him.

Could this truly be true? She wondered. Could all her research in supernatural events throughout history , could it all be given the proof she had craved for so many, many years? She needed to meet Harry. Would he be truthful, or would he prove Dudley barking and her judgment a pile of shite?

She was beside herself to figure out what to do next. How would she get through this next lesson with Dudley?; her mind was going a hundred thoughts a minute. She looked down at what she was wearing. A man's shirt, its long sleeves rolled up so that she had her small hands available to use. She had the shirt's buttons undone, the first one to be buttoned just under her full braless breasts, and perhaps one or two after that. It certainly kept Dudley's attention, even in his first erratic hour of stoned state. She looked down at her white lace cheeky knickers. She could see her bright strawberry blonde/orange landing strip through the sheer lace. She had made sure Dudley had seen it too. He kept stealing glances down as she crossed and uncrossed her legs at breakfast. She was running out of fancy knickers- she might need to go buy a few more pair to keep things fun. She did not think that she would keep his attention with the standard high cut white cotton panties she normally wore. She ran her finger down to her crotch. She was wet. Teasing Dudley was more fun than she thought it would be. She might have to go have a toss, and she was certain that Dudley had. She had watched him before; his door did not close well, nor did he seem to care. He was a creature of habit. He would play with himself, then with his video games, then again with himself, and then come out for lessons.

It was amazing how focused he became for the next three hours. She was able to keep to her lesson plan and he really seemed to absorb and understand the facts and concepts she taught him, as well as form his own ideas. Some were quite silly and immature, but others showed a brilliance that she would never associated with anyone who came from the loins of her dreadful cousin Vernon.

She would go change, get ready for the day. She was formulating some follow up questions for Dudley, to find out more about this world of witches and wizards that he seemed to know only a bit about, and yet seemed so frightened to learn anymore. She knew she would have to be careful on her questioning, especially about the soul sucking creatures called Dementors, but she needed to know more about them. They seemed to be similar to the legends around banshees. She would learn more, but let Dudley do it at his own pace. His pain around the memory was very real and she felt it as he relayed the attack to her. She just had to make sure he believed that she believed what he said. The relief on his face was tremendous this morning. She knew this secret world had been weighing very heavily upon his teenage shoulders.

Molly padded down the hall in just her sock covered feet. She slowed at his room, and saw the door ajar a bit. Her heart raced a bit. She tentatively peered into the crack of the door and stole her gaze across the room to the bed in the corner. Dudley was on his back, stroking himself. She slowed to watch. He had a substantial cock, and Molly admired how hard and thick it was. His hand was large, but his length left plenty to see and stroke when he had his prick gripped fully at its base.

Molly remembered how he had filled her mouth with his hardness, and how much milky spunk had filled her throat and dripped down her face and tits. That was the thing about weed and her. She got so very horny from it. Her nipples were hardening, their stiff sensitivity raking against the starched cotton of the shirt. Her left hand went to her right breast, and she began to caress herself and slowly pull on its erect nipple. She focused in on the cock, the thick member with large muscular veins, its reddish brown skin stretching over nine inches of hard meat. A luscious cock glistening with baby oil. It was incredibly hard, and curled just a bit. Enough for her to think about it entering her from behind, so thick and long and full of cum. She could feel him push its hardness into her, the tightness that either hole, which one? Her ass, yes, her tight little rectum, stretching painfully at the invasion of his wide elongated head pushing into her. He would stop just past her sphincter, to feel her tightness around his very thick shaft. She would beg him to fuck her, to sodomize her. He would push forcefully and bring his length deep inside her only to pull back to bring even more of his length up her tight little ass. His strokes would be savagely intense. Her other hand went into her tiny knickers pushing them down to give her fingers the access to the crease of her cunt and to that sensitive love button. Her clit was already swollen and pink and peaking fully from its fleshy hood. She ran her fingers into her wet hole and brought them back up to her love nerve to dance and rub over it. She tried to quiet her accelerated breathing, and bit her lip not to cry out at the pleasure she was giving herself. She watched as Dudley picked up a pair of her knickers he had "knicked" out of the dirty laundry hamper- she had wondered where she had placed those- and he took an intoxicating whiff of the musk and more than likely cum she had left on the crotch of her satin panties. She felt a pang of pleasure at the enjoyment he was receiving from her rutty little cunt. He ran the satin smoothness over the length of his hard rod. He rubbed the long elongated mushroom head of his cock inside the satin of the knickers and moaned his satisfaction. He continued to stroke himself, calling out her name as he said disgustingly dirty things under his breath on how he wanted to fuck her in her cunt and ass. Molly had quickened her finger strokes and rubbing to her cunt. She was incredibly wet and she could hear it as she rubbed her pussy and lips and fingered her vaginal entrance. She was close to cumming when she heard Dudley call her name and tell her the many nasty ways he wanted to fuck her. It was enough to allow her to finish, and she contracted in pleasure as an orgasm took her. She rode the waves of hormonal high, and felt her pussy juice drip heavily down her thighs and legs. She opened her eyes just in time to watch his cock erupt, jerking hard as a large glob of sperm shot forth and landed on the sheets and his leg near the bottom of the bed. Another flying projectile of white ooze hit his chest as he tried to redirect his load. Another spurt was caught by her knickers and she watched as the dong continued to spasm and twitch. Molly took her fingers to her mouth, running them over her full lips as she watched the sperm ooze its white stickiness down the length of his still very turgid and erect cock, now glistening in the morning sun with both oil and cum. She turned and left quickly, padding down the hall to her room.

Dudley would now play video games and then come down to see her in her study in forty minutes. It was a routine they had established in four days after what she was terming in her mind the "massage mishap". Not much was said about the event. She just made it clear that each of them would be responsible for their own pleasure in the future without the participation of the other directly. No expectations to the contrary.

She would be ready, dressed in something provocative to keep his attention and they would talk, and more importantly he would listen and learn. It was the strangest teaching method she had ever used, but it was working. Yes, it was working on so many levels...

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