Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
What is Darkest at Night?

Petunia hung on Harry like a doting fourteen year old daughter with the hots for her old man. It was near incestuous and borderline obscene, mortifying Harry who was already getting enough attention with his Maori Facial tattoo, and of course delighting Petunia because it was mortifying Harry and perhaps some of the people around them. Harry tried to act like the father he appeared to be, and just tried to play it cool when daughter Petunia sat on his lap, grinding her ass into his crotch and doing what she could to keep him agitated.

Luckily the train was not too full, and Harry had sprung for the first class coach, So they had a partitioned four-seater (two across from each other, with a small table in between), and after a couple of towns, had the four seats to themselves. No one sat in the single seat seats facing each other in the aisle across from them. A bloke considered it, and Harry looked at him menacingly and he decided to move on to another open seat. Petunia spread their shopping bags into the seats across from them to make sure no one new decided to sit there as well. It was very un-British of them, but since there were plenty of other seats available, and that the traffic to London would not start until later in the evening for the late nighters, They felt justified in their display of selfish exclusion.

Petunia, ever the actress, or so it seemed to Harry , continued to act like a fourteen year old girl. He was bit worried, that perhaps these magical transformations altered more than just the looks of the person being transformed. He was worried somewhat with this fatherly attitude that he had taken on as well. Perhaps he was only feeling protective and defensive due to their Run-in with the Death- Eaters. She lifted the arm support between the two seat to make it a bench, and snuggled into Harry, lifting his arm so that it came around her, and tucking up her legs so that she could lay on the seat. She took off her heels and lay them on the floor by her seat. Finally she was settled in. Her small thin waifish body left her room on the seat. She was quite comfy, and slid one hand behind Harry's back, and one across his large, still chiseled chest and stomach. This 30 year old version of Harry had no beginnings of a pot belly.

"I am a wee bit knackered, da'...It has been such a long day for us, hasn't it?" Harry only nodded, and Petunia grabbed onto the arm he held her with. She brought it to rest around her small firm braless chest and continued to hold onto his arm, and was soon asleep.

Harry let her sleep all the way to Little Whinging. He woke her a couple of minutes before the train pulled in, and left her to wake on the seat as he gathered all their bags. It was eight fifteen and already dark. They took one of the only two taxis on duty. They did not recognize the driver, so they did not have to make up a story about visiting the Dursleys. Little Whinging had been growing lately, more apartments springing up on the out edges of town, as old industrial derelicts buildings were plowed under and more room made for those trying to live near the City. There were more strangers in town now. Harry paid the driver well, and they headed into 41 Privet Drive under the cover of dark, no nosy neighbors at their windows sto see them.

Petunia was awake now, and more back to her business as usual self. She barked orders for Harry to take his packages to his room, and to drop hers off in the sewing room. She found herself looking at her house from the perspective of a fourteen year old girl. Some things seemed to be very, very old. She noticed the flashing light on the telephone. There was a voice mail message. She dialed it. In terse business like tones Vernon told her he would not be returning that night to home, that they had to work late, and the boss was putting them up in a nearby hotel. He would be home in the afternoon, that they planned to work Saturday until four. Very similar in tone to the message they had received earlier when they were out, and he told her he would not be home until after nine, no apology, no remorse.

She hung up the phone. She knew more was going on, but of course she could not prove it. And this acquisition was very important to the company. This was a survival tactic that both companies needed to carry on in this very changing market. The extra money he was bringing in was insuring they could get Dudley into a good college, even if they had to make a substantial contribution to whatever scholarship fund would guarantee his acceptance. She sighed, but said nothing. It was a bit of a relief. She was not ready to go back, to go back to being just Petunia Dursley.

She caught Harry up in his room, smoking some pot. "We did not get to talk about this before young man... " Petunia started. Harry looked at her. He in a thirty year old man's body and his Aunt in that of a teenager.

"Petunia, do you think a lecture at this time is going to have any impact?" Harry blew the smoke out, it curled from under his full moustache, and up along his spiked short cut silver hair. My god he looked very handsome and exotic with that tattoo, thought Petunia. She smiled in spite of her being a bit perturbed. "Why not really try it, and then if you find you don't like it, we can talk about it some more."

" I guess a lecture from a fourteen year old girl is not going to mean much... Here give me that pipe, if I am going to be all out today, I might as well try this properly. " she tentatively took a quick puff.

"Try holding the smoke down in your lungs a bit, just like you would do a cigarette."

Petunia tried again, took a good drag and tried holding in the massive smoke. It filled her lungs quickly and she felt a burn. She let out the smoke, coughing a bit.

"Not bad, yes, a couple more of those and you will certainly feel something." Harry took the pipe back and took another hit. She watched him, and followed suit. This time she held the smoke a bit longer, and was able to exhale without coughing or choking. Harry had her do one more hit. She did it, and he put away the pipe. She was feeling a light, floating sensation in her head and body. A calmness and relaxation came with it.
"So, I guess we should think about changing back, very soon huh?"

Petunia shook her head. "We really don't. Vernon left a message, he said they were working late and would be put up at a hotel. He won't be home. "

"Ooh, well, that is a bit of a relief... not such a rush then to try to get back to "normal" then."

"No, no need. Oh my, this feels very good. I think I know now why you and Duddy do it." She looked at the surprise on his face. "Oh yes, I knew that Duddy was smoking the "mary jane", as you kids say it." Harry tried hard to laugh, especially since this was coming out of the mouth of a teenage girl. He did not try to correct Petunia. "But it seemed to have a calming effect on him so I have just been watching it." Petunia was soon walking around the room. "My body feels very sensitive, I am starting to feel quite horny, "daddy".

"Yeah?, said Harry sounding interested. For some reason this waifish girl look was really turning him on. He felt a bit short changed when he only got lick her little puss for just a bit. "Take your clothes off for Daddy, Petunia."

"Call me Toony. I like Toony. It was a nickname when I was younger."

"Okay Toony, Why don't you take your clothes off for me, eh?"

"Mmmm, sure!" Petunia pulled her one piece off over her head. She shook her long silky black hair, running her fingers through it. Her firm breasts bounced, and she could feel the dark brown nipples hardening on her pointed tips. She came over to the bed. Harry stood, and pulled off his maroon shirt. His biceps large and rippling. Petunia kneeled in front of him, He towered massively over her small form. She undid his trousers, and unzipped them. Harry's cock started to rise, thickening. Petunia Pulled down his larger boxers, which barely fit around his thick muscular legs. His cock, now fully mature, was much thicker, but about the same length. She stroked his long member with both hands, bringing more steel to the rod. She could swear that she could probably swing from it in her current form. She was very wet now, and she removed her thong, and ran its wetness over Harry's hard cock, rubbing it with her tiny satin crotch. "Mmmm, daddy, you are so big! Can I suck your cock, can I please?" Petunia asked in her high little girl voice. Harry, in response grabbed her head gently and pulled it closer to his cock. Petunia grabbed his shaft with both hands, having to sit up high on her knees to be able to meet its height, and opened her mouth wide, and swallowed the large head of Harry's manhood. It filled her mouth, stretching it, as she began to bob slowly, in and out, taking more of the huge prick into her mouth. There was no room for swirling her tongue, her mouth was truly full with cock. She tried to take the dick down her throat, but his girth was too big. As hard as she tried to relax her throat, his cock was too thick to swallow. She gagged and drooled, and Harry pulled it out. " Toony, I want to try 69 with you."

Harry lay on his bed, and Petunia's tiny frame crawled atop of him. She straddled him mid chest, and began to kiss his forehead and face. Their lips met, and they kissed some more. She grew excited, she wanted to feel his cock inside her, even though she knew it would be painful. Harry pulled her body to his face, and she straddled him, bringing her cunt down on his nose and mouth. She immediately felt the flicks of Harry's strong tongue as he began to suck and lick her pussy. She ground her cooze into his face, could feel his nose rubbing against her clit. Petunia gyrated her tiny hips, rubbing her cooze hard against his face and tongue. She rode his face this way for awhile, feeling the welling of ecstasy in the core of her loins. She felt the rush of pussy juice flood his face. Harry licked and sucked, swallowing much of her pussy ejaculate. She stood and turned around. "We have to do a proper 69".

She bent over, and began to stroke and suck Harry's still very hard member. Harry sat up a bit to better access her crotch and began with long licks from her clit to her tiny tight pink rectum. He pulled on her hips, picking her up as he continued his sucking and licking. She held onto his prick still pulling and sucking on it. She could feel his thick fingers entering both her cunt and rectum, at the same time. It was bit painful, and she grimaced and moaned. Harry took this as a sign to continue. Harry licked his fingers and added one more to each of her tight little holes. She groaned in pain and then soon in pleasure as she relaxed and felt the sensations of his fingering both her holes as he continued to lick and suck around her crotch and ass. She pushed her hips back, and became adamant about making his cock cum by her hand and mouth. She bit along his shaft gently, and pulled and rubbed his big thick balls, all while continuing to fuck his thick cock with her mouth. She so much want to try to put it in her pussy or ass, but she could not figure out which would be the less painful or feel the best. She figured she would need some lube for either one. She started talking dirty to edge Harry along as it seemed to help in the past. "Oh, oh daddy, your fingers feel so good in my ass and cunt! I want to feel your huge cock up inside me... oh please daddy cum for me, I want to eat your cum, fill my mouth with your spunk, papa! "

Harry got an idea, and got up off the bed. he stood and then bent over, grabbing Toony by her hips. He hung her upside down in front of him, so that she was facing him, and lowered her a bit so that she could access his cock. He buried his face into her crotch, tonguing her clitoris with long licks to the hood, pulling back and running his tongue fully over the face of her love bud.

Toony squealed in delight which was difficult with a mouth full of prick. She twisted, and held onto the muscular upper thighs of Harry as He began to thrust his hips and fuck her mouth with his strokes. She arched her back as the waves of pleasure began to overwhelm her, and she could feel the orgasm rising, rising like a wave within her. Harry was groaning now, as his cock slid in and out of the drooling mouth of the waif Toony. Her long hair brushed the tops of his feet, He could feel her silky strands moving against his legs as his thrusts kept her head moving back and forth. He bear down on his tonguing, and Toony arched and moaned , disengaging her mouth from his cock, gasping and crying out. She squirted her orgasm and he lapped at her pooling cum. he gently brought her closer to the floor, she twisted to place her hands on the floor, and he lowered her down. He stood and Toony got on her knees, offering him her mouth and breasts. "Do you want to cum on me big Daddy?"

Harry began stroking his long member, aiming it at Toony, the hot little waif, the one you see at the record store, or by herself in the coffee shop writing in a leather bound book or reading one with her ear buds in, not paying attention to the world that secretly pays attention to her dark beauty. He had seen Toony many times over the years, coming down the steps from the Ravenclaw dormitory, or in those Art and writing classes he avoided at all cost at Hogwarts, or on the railway in the last coach leaving in the other direction, or walking with other quiet friends, perhaps a cigarette in her hand, not lit, on the underground platform. He should be turned on right now, and even though he was hard, and it felt good with his cock in her mouth, Harry only felt close to cumming when she was moaning her pleasure at his oral service. It worried him, a bit, perhaps between Trelawney and Petunia he was no longer sexually attracted to girls his own age... He would only be able to cum at the hand of an older woman. No, it could not be true, it was a long day, and with all that happened, yeah that must be it. He told Toony to lay on her stomach across the bed the short way. She seemed hesitant but then she nodded meekly and complied. Harry lay his cock between her white round flawless taut butt cheeks and began to rub his cock, back and forth. He knew he would not fuck her. He was too big, and she was too tight and tiny, it would damage her physically. But he rubbed along the outside of her rectum, and just inside her inner lips, not trying to penetrate her vaginal opening. She was wet, and he rubbed her wetness onto his prick and continued to stroke himself between her cheeks. Toony was quiet and seemed to be trembling. He leaned forward to better see her face, placing his hand on her lower back, palm down. As he leaned in he placed weight on his hand, pressing Toony into the bed a bit. Toony screamed in terror, and grabbed his arm, yelling "No! no! no! no please daddy no. not again, please no!"

When she grabbed Harry he felt of jolt of white energy hit him, and felt his eyes roll back into his head. And he was her. He was Toony and he could smell the stink of beer, the sour smell of sweat with licquor and cigarette smoke. He could feel that he was being held down. He could feel the hand grip him/her in place, and that the cock was now fully in his ass, causing pain, just as it had just been in his sex, still hanging on to its own pain from that violation. He felt this a hundred different ways, on a hundred different times, sometimes with the sound of another girl crying nearby. He felt it all , the rough, hard jolting strokes, felt him cum, felt him pull out, and wipe himself on his body or his bedclothes, and then a pat on the shoulder. "Yer' a good girl, Toonia, yes you are..." and he would leave. This all happened in a flash. Harry was lying on the floor, his head swimming, and when it finally cleared, Toony was no longer in the room. He shook with fear and anger. He had no idea, no idea at all. He thought he never would. An innocence most men and women know was no longer his to share with them. He also felt anger. If she went through that as a young girl, why would she be playing at such a dangerous fantasy as daddy/daughter?

Harry found her Dudley's room, sobbing on the bed. He came to bed and sat at the end giving her as much space as he could.

"Petunia, -Petunia are you alright?"

"No, no of course not. I have not been "alright" for many years, Harry." She wiped away her tears, and sniffed, looking up at him the with saddest girl face he had ever seen.

"What the bloody hell were you thinking?" he said it softly, he could hear some hurt in his voice.
" I- I just want to be normal... I just want to have what a normal girl had, what a normal woman has..."

"I-I am sorry if I did anything to hurt you..."

"No, I am sorry. I was playing with fire and I got burned. Badly. I do not know how it happened, but I know you saw... what I have been through. What your mother went through as well."

"It must have something to do with our connection, why I help to make your magic stronger."

Petunia only nodded.

"I am tired Harry. I need to be alone. I will come see you later. I know we have to transform back. I-I just cannot bear to try that right now. "

Harry only nodded. He got up to go. Petunia grabbed his hand. He sat back down.

"Harry, you must never tell a word about this to anyone else. It would destroy me. Please."

Harry shook his head. " I would never tell anyone. But you really should find someone to talk to. For your sake, you need to do that. "

She nodded her head, and Harry got up heavily from the bed and walked back to his room. There was a rapping at his window. It was Hedwig.

"Hello girl, been busy again huh? So where are you keeping yourself these days, huh? Do you have a boyfriend you haven't told me about, hmmm? He stroked the bridge at the top of her beak like she liked and she nuzzled against his hand. She hooted and held up her leg. There was a note.

It was from Hermione. He felt too tired to read it, and put it in the muggle book on his nightstand. He filled her bowl with some water from the bathroom sink, and pulled some of her favorite snack out, leaving a generous supply for her to munch. She seemed hungry and spent her time on perch drinking and eating. He ran his fingers fondly over the top of her head, and then undressed. It was amazing that Hedwig seemed to have no problem recognizing him, despite the huge difference in his form. He collapsed into his bed. His frame took up most of the twin bed. He left the window open for Hedwig, and the cool breeze was enough to warrant at least a sheet over his nude body. He fell asleep quickly, leaving the light on in his room.

During the night, Petunia padded into the room quietly. Harry was sleeping on his side. Hedwig was gone again, so she was not startled by her presence. She gathered up the loose material of Dudley's t-shirt she was wearing, and crawled up and onto the bed and into the crook of Harry's body. She nuzzled in, and in his sleep, Harry responded and wrapped his left arm around her.

It was early in the morning. Dawn was just breaking through when Harry awoke to a very pleasurable sensation. Petunia was giving him head. She had must have been doing it for awhile, as he was quite hard. She held onto his massive member and whispered. "Reducio fascinum " HIs penis shrunk in girth and to a length under seven inches.

" I think I can handle this", the waif Petunia announced. Harry was on his back, and Petunia crawled on top of him. She straddled his crotch, and pulled open a bottle of oil she had lay on the nightstand. She oiled Harry's cock and stroked it, until it was incredibly hard. She handed him the oil, and then stood, and squatted over his cock. Harry held it as she began to bring it down. Harry tried to direct his cock to her sex. She moved it back. "No, I think I will handle it better from here. For what I need to do, we need to be well connected, and my cunt is much too tight even for this size. " She grimaced and lowered her rectum until it was touching the still large cut head of Harry's rod. She dropped more weight onto his stiff member and could feel her rectum stretching painfully to accommodate its incoming invasion. She grimaced, and wondered what this would feel like not fully lubricated as she was now. She cried out in pain as the widest part of his mushroom head passed her sphincter ring and into her alimentary canal. She dropped her ass lower as his shaft slowly pushed up further into ass. Harry pushed his hips reflexively and Petunia took the hint and let him take over pushing more of his shaft into her. He stroked back and forth, slowly working further in, only to retreat to move further in again. He was gentle and patient, and soon Petunia was sitting fully on his cock, her vulva rubbing along his groin.

Petunia felt rested and in control. She placed her hands on her body, slowly rocking her hips, feeling Harry so deep inside her. "Appareant Femina triginta anno!".She wanted to return to herself, to be herself at age 30. Harry felt the weight of Petunia change and watched as her hair returned to a wavy reddish brown, and slowly watched Petunia skin color return to its tanned and freckled texture, and watched her age quickly from 14 years old to a thirty something woman. He was turned on as he watched her breasts swell and her hips widen. She held her breasts and they grew quite large, this time with large dark brown puffy areolas and very long nipples. They curved nicely up. Petunia looked down at Harry. " Sorry Harry, not quite yet, This body of yours is too yummy to waste, Although there are a couple of fixes..."

She ran her fingers through his hair, concentrating but not saying anything. His Hair went back to jet black with just a bit of gray at the temples. She kept the moustache. Harry then felt Petunia's sphincter tighten around his cock, and She muttered " Engorgio phallus erectus valde" She felt her ass rise as five more inches of cock was now outside her body. His girth was thicker and she felt like her anal canal was stuffed to capacity. Harry felt his balls grow as well, and become very heavy. They were the size of two large plums. Harry's dong was incredibly hard, and if her spell worked, would remain that way through several orgasms for him and her.

Harry looked at Petunia as he pushed the remaining five inches of cock up her ass and she moaned in pleasure. He pulled her body forward, and gave her a kiss. "Let's go take a shower together."

"I think you should properly fuck me first. I want your cum dripping down me when we shower." She pulled forward, and then steadying herself using Harry's chest, squatted and then stood slowly, fully extracting Harry's cock from her ass. Harry sat up in bed, and began tonguing and licking up her leg to her shaven cunt. She bent slightly on her knees to give him better access as she grabbed onto his head, grabbing a fistful of his thick black hair and directing his head to her sex. Harry kissed her pubis, and ran his tongue slowly into the crease of her sex. Petunia could feel the hairs of his moustache rake across her clitoris and he licked and sucked on it. For the first time she did not have a pang of guilt for having sex with a teenage boy. She grabbed his head roughly in passion and ground her sex into his face. They would have intensely passionate sex. It would be savage and wonderful and that would only be her. She hoped Harry could match that intensity, but he seemed to be up for it. She had no doubt that after her plans for the day, she might make Harry not want sex again for at least for a couple of days. She pushed him back down on the bed and turned around, offering him her sex and rump. She leaned over, and said, "This Harry is a proper sixty-nine!, next, I will show you the reverse Cowgirl" She grabbed his cock and directed it to her mouth and began sucking and licking it with abandon.

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