Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
A Day on the Town

Harry was breathless from running. He was not sure if he had lost the Death Eater. His head darted each way, as he looked along the railway station queue lines' partitions and rail gates. He ducked back just as a blast shattered the corner brick edge of the station wall he had just come around. He had seen the pursuing dark wizard, some bloke with wild greasy bleached hair, dressed in black gothic/punk leather pants and short jacket with knee high belted boots. He sneered and flicked his wand. A blue bolt sizzled through the air. The only other person at this time of night was a drunken older businessman, who had stayed a bit late after happy hour. He scampered quickly away, keeping his hand to his hat as he dashed out of sight.

Brick shards flew everywhere and a piece flew at Harry's face. He turned and could feel the sharp shard cut across his right cheek and then slam into his ear and bounce away. He felt blood dripping on his cheek and down his ear and neck. He wiped away his blood.

He did not have his wand, but out of reflex he reached into his front pants pocket and the only thing he pulled out that was wood was Dudley's pipe. The blood on his hand was dripping into it. Harry nearly shoved it back into his pocket and then remembered the Defense of Dark Arts classes with Mad Eye Moody, or was it Barty Crouch?; He never found out who was really teaching when during that school year, until near the end when Barty was found out and Moody rescued. It did not matter, he thought, it had been verified by Hermione. They were taught that the wand was not needed for magic, that though it aided and enhanced the magic of a wizard, it was really just a focal point for their magical energy. Petunia was a prime example of that- she could do magic using her hands. Harry held the pipe in his hands; the open bowl faced his palm. He rested the short stem along his forefinger, gripped the pipe's bowl with his other fingers and thumb, pointing it like a small derringer pistol seen in the old American movies. Harry jumped out, yelling, "Expelliarmus Repello!" To his relief and amazement, a bolt of energy flowed out of the pipe, and caught the rushing Death Eater unawares, not only knocking his wand out of his hand, but throwing him backward several feet. Harry was confident in his combination spell; they had used it successfully many times in practice with Dumbledore's Army. It was his surrogate wand's success that caused his surprise. The attacking dark wizard had a surprise of his own.

Unfortunately for the Death Eater, and fortunately for Harry, there was a concrete support column in the path of the airborne dark wizard. He hit it hard with his back and head, and went crumpling to the ground unconscious. I can't tell Ron about this at all, I would never hear the end of it- I can hear the nickname now- "Hash-pipe Harry", Harry thought to himself. He picked up the ugly wanker's wand and put it in his back pocket. He had to find Petunia and see if they could get out of Reading quietly and without further violence. He placed a confundus charm on the unconscious body. Any muggle would only see a sleeping homeless man, with his collection cup in his hand.

Harry was beside himself to find his moth- Petunia.. She was not where he had left her. What if she was hurt or captured? He went looking, calling out her name in a low voice, all the while looking out for other Death Eaters. He was passing a family bathroom, when an arm came through the open door and grabbed him.

Harry was about to strike out when Petunia pulled off his cloak of invisibility and whispered, her hands up, "It is just me,Harry! " She went to the door and peeked out. She saw no one. She locked the door and ran to Harry hugging him. " Oh baby! I am so glad that you are okay... but you are cut! Here, come to the sink!"

She wet a paper towel and cleaned and dabbed at the blood along his ear and neck and finally his cheek, where the thin cut had congealed into a long red slice. " It is a good thing we had put our packages into a locker before we went for dinner, or who knows where we would have had to abandon them."

"We have to disguise ourselves. We have to get out of here."

"I have been thinking about that while I have been hiding in this wretched bathroom. We need to get our packages. We can switch to new clothes, and I can alter our appearances. We can then just breeze onto the next rail back to Little Whinging!"

Harry was surprised. It was a solid idea. "That... sounds good. How are we going to get the packages without getting found out? There is too much there to try to carry them under the cloak, and the lockers are too public and in a heavy traffic area."
"I will change my hair color and body a bit, and go get them. I will come back here and we can change and do a bit of magic, and then we just head out, like a couple of people going home from a shopping trip."

"You mean like we were before these Death Eaters showed up?"


Petunia, opened and lay down the folding down table used for changing baby nappies. She inspected it, and then took a paper towel with some hand soap and wiped it, and then wiped it again with a dry towel Harry looked at her like she was mental. She saw him staring at her incredulously as she took off her tight jacket, revealing her braless breasts jiggling ever so provocatively in her tight low cut white camisole top. Petunia folded her jacket and laid it on the changing table. She pulled the top off slowly over her ry large and firm tits. Her pink nipples were erect and long and pointed up high. She slipped her camisole over her head, and shook out her shoulder length curly dark auburn hair. She was still as stunning as when they left this morning for Reading this morning. Harry's balls began aching again as he looked at her, now topless in her short, tight leather skirt.

Petunia was on an adrenaline high. They had wizards chasing them who meant them harm. Her heart was racing. This could be it, they could die at any time, but she was safe for the moment. She was treating it as her last. Who knows what will happen. She had been teasing Harry all day long, tormenting him with a vision of his mother as a slut who wanted him. She found it cruelly delicious. She was not sure why, but after getting fucked by Harry's cock snake, she was feeling especially vengeful, cruel and mean. Call me a bitch in parseltongue, will he? She would show him what a bitch she could be. She nearly softened after his tender treatment of her afterwards, but that was probably just his attempt to keep me under his thumb she thought. She thought back on how Harry had nearly came in his pants when she entered the kitchen. He did not know how much she looked like Lily at the time, and his lust was evident. She loved the luscious irony of it as he finally realized who she looked like. Petunia told anyone who asked, and there were plenty of men who did, that her name was Lil. She made sure she never referred to Harry as nephew- just used endearing terms a mother would. She wanted to keep up the illusion that she was Lily. She had always had wanted to be Lily, except one dark time with Severus Snape, a memory that she buried deeply quickly any time it reared its ugly head. She had been cock teasing Harry and other men all day long, and she was so horny she could hardly stand it, despite the danger, or perhaps because of it too.

"For this kind of magic, I feel we are going to have to have a very strong connection Harry." She licked her lips invitingly and crooked her finger, "Come here, stud." She said in a sultry voice, " Momma wants to suck your cock."

"That was kind of creepy while hot at the same time, Lil. You are really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"What? Watching you squirm as you get sexually excited looking at your mother?, Now why would I get pleasure from that, Harry, my baby boy?" She played with her breasts, pulling on her hardened nipples, "Would you like to suck my tits, Harry? Did you know you used to suck my tits as a baby? I think I prefer you sucking my tits as a young man much better..."

"You can be bloody cruel, in your hot bitch kind of way,"

"My how bold you talk in times of stress! I think I like that! Well, thank you. I am really enjoying this. You don't know how freeing it is not to be yourself all the time, to be looked at as something different than a bloody fucking housewife."

"I am truly glad you are enjoying your disguise, but since I really did not know my mum, your mind fuck is not bothering me. I know it is you, and if I fuck you, it is because I want to fuck you Petunia. We have bloody Death Eaters after us, and you want to suck my cock?" But it was bothering him. She was almost the spitting image of one of the photos that Hagrid had given him. Petunia/Lil had not acted like herself all day, and he was falling for this illusion, this different, mother-like woman. His words were hollow and he knew it.

" Exactly. It is because we have blood fucking Death Eaters after us that I want to suck your cock! We could die at any time, wouldn't you rather go out having sex than cowering in a corner? I know I would. I have cowered most of my life, I am sick of it! I want the forbidden, I want you, Harry, my boy."

'Well, I would rather live to fuck another day, how about that?"

"I would rather have my bases covered." She undid Harry's belt, pulled his t shirt over his head, and unzipped Harry's jeans. He was not wearing underwear... "Naughty Harry, going around like a perv with no decent under clothes on... I think you were hoping you could fuck me on the train, didn't you? You were showing some self-control, but you did disappear to the bathroom for awhile, did you go toss off? Tsk, what a waste of cum, son. Perhaps I should punish you." Petunia/Lil began stroking Harry's member which was growing turgid and harder all the time, swelling in length. Harry moaned in pleasure. Perhaps Lil was right, live for the moment- especially if it could be your last. He pulled his mother over to him and embraced her. Lil's voice softened as she ran her fingers through his hair and down his chest.. "You grown so big and strong, I'm so proud of you, Harry. I can't believe how much a man you now are... your body is magnificent. Can I see more of it, please?"

"First, go put this anti-unlocking charm on the door." Harry whispered it to Lil, It was one of the charms that Mad-eye had only taught to him and Ron, made them memorize it when they were at Sirius's house last summer. Lil looked at him. " You are going to have to touch me while I do it. I got rid of my pleasure stopper on the train, when that young man rogered me in the train bathroom. Took quite a bit to clean up, what with both your cum and his up my bum."

"So, that was why you had a glass plug in your ass, to keep my cum in your bum?"

"How do you think I was able to conjure all that body magic, all by myself? I could not do that much of my own... Like I said, I need to be physically connected to you if I am to do my magic successfully, and I guess that means your sperm inside me works well too, as I have come to understand it." Lil put her hands on her hips. "So that is all you have to say after what I just disclosed to you, you inquire into why I had a butt plug?"

" Okay, I will bite. So you fucked some bloke you just met on the train? You said you wanted to be extra slutty, I guess you meant it. Next time, why don't you invite me along for a threesome, or perhaps I could watch you under the cloak." Harry was slightly pissed at "Lil". He was not sure if it was the jealousy she was trying to incite, or that he had watched his Aunt play many mind games over the years, and he just did not enjoy being one of the targets. Or perhaps was he pissed because his "mother" was acting like a slut. He was wishing he had not had taken those two hits from the pipe in the restaurant bathroom during their time at dinner. His mind was wandering and confusing things . This was not a good time for his mind to be wandering. He had seen two other possible death eaters that were with the bloke he knocked out. By now, the other two could be combing the station. He felt that at the moment they were safe. His scar was not throbbing like it was when they were at the restaurant. He needed Lil to put the anti-unlocking charm on the door. He didn't give a toss about any charges for underage magic, but he was not trusting any but Order of Phoenix members at the Ministry of Magic. He was hoping that somehow the pipe was throwing off who had performed the Expelliarmus defensive spell and the confundus charm on the unconscious dark wizard. He had already jeopardized the two of them enough with the little bit of magic he performed. He was hoping that the magical tracking the Ministry did for underage wizards was tied to their registered wands. Petunia was not a recognized witch, nor was the pipe a recognized wand owned by Harry, so perhaps, just perhaps the magic was only showing up as "unknown".

Lil was looking peeved at the comment Harry had made and was fuming. Her arms were crossed, and she very much looked more like his Angry Aunt Petunia at that moment than she had at any time that day. Harry knew he had to repair this quickly, or there would be more to deal with than Death Eaters.

A Petunia scorned was not what he needed to deal with atop the situation on hand. She might just turn him straight over to the first Death Eater they run across.

" Look, I am sorry for what I said. You got me angry at what you said.. And a bit jealous. I know it is none of my business who you choose to have sex with, but for some reason I feel it ought to be... "

"Really? You.. Really think that?"
"Well, yes. I - I guess I do."

Her face softened. "You feel possessive of me?"

" I- I want you to be safe, and I want to be the one fucking you." He put his arms around Lil's waist. He ran his hands up to her very, very large breasts, running his fingertips around her nipples. He kissed the base of her neck at her shoulder. "If we are really going to shag without someone just rushing in after yelling " Alohomora", you really, really need to put that charm on that door." Harry rubbed Lil's soft shoulder. "Then maybe we can have time for some hot sex and get you some more mojo for your body magic." He kissed her shoulder, and then palmed her tits roughly as he licked her neck and ear. " Are you going to suck my cock, Mom? I would really like to watch you take my big prick Lil."

He unzipped her tight leather skirt, and peeled it over her young and inviting hips. He ran his finger over her bare ass, and popped one of the garters holding her thigh high lace stockings against her leg. Lil groaned a bit at the sting and his touch. Harry's fingertips caressed their way to her sex. He kissed her ear, and whispered the charm again. Lil put her hands on the door, and recited, "Colloportus! Salvio Hexia!" as Harry's fingers disappeared into the folds of her sex and up into her vaginal canal.

A visible shimmer of light covered the door. Harry could tell that all this magic was taking energy out of Lil, she was breathing heavily, and it was not just because of his fingering of her cunt. He also felt a sudden tiredness. Harry grabbed Lil's hand and led her to the nearby counter and sink, and lifted her atop of it. He ran his finger around her face. She looked into his eyes and grabbed his hand and began to suck his fingers. Her lips and tongue were too inviting not to kiss. They kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouth. Harry held her by the shoulders, and could feel his cock fully hardening. It strained against his unbuttoned jeans. He kissed her down to her breasts, and began to suck on her nipples, biting them, pulling on them with his lips. Lil muttered something under her breath as she ran her fingers under breasts, offering them to Harry. Harry sucked her nipple again, and was surprised to find the taste of milk in his mouth. He sucked some more and Lil moaned in pleasure and he could feel the pulsing stream of breast milk trickle down his throat.

He grabbed her left breast and squeezed, and milk streamed from the very long and erect pink nipple. Her areolas were puckered in excitement. He switched breasts and sucked and tasted the sweet warm milk of Lil's left breast. He stepped back and grew excited watching Lil's large heaving boobs slowly dripping milk from her long erect nipples. She grabbed a breast and brought it to her mouth and sucked on some of her own milk, letting is stream down her chin and along her neck. Lil slid her body back on the counter, and brought up her long legs, resting her stiletto heels on the counter, spread-eagled. She ran her finger down to her pussy and pulled on her tight labia. "Please come eat my pussy, son."

Harry ran his hands down to her knees, caressing the outer part of Lil's legs, and rubbed her outer legs. He lifted each leg over each of his shoulders, and leaned in, kissing and sucking on her lean inner thighs down to her waiting sex. Lil ran her fingers through Harry's jet black hair, grabbing tufts of it and gently pulling as his oral attentions focused on her needy and dripping quim. She moaned out loud as Harry's lips kiss the lips of her sex and his tongue licks, darts, and flicks all along the electric flesh of her cunny. Her groans of pleasure spur him on, and he puts his efforts fully into pleasing Lil orally, while she orally related her pleasure.

"That's it baby, that feels so good to me..., such a good young lover you have become!...Ahhh! ahhhhhh, yesssssssssss!, that feels so fucking good, lick my pussy, mmmmm, eat my hot little cunt, Harry... I want to cum in your face!...Mmmmm, unnhh, that feels good baby, yes, use your teeth! you can bite my pussy lips, momma likes that so-so much! ... Oooh yessss... you tongue feels so good on my clit!"

Harry dives into it, hot from Lil's dirty talk. He relishes the sucking and licking of Lil's young but experienced puss. He pulls roughly on her cunt lips, stretching them as he licks and sucks and gently bites all over her cunt. He gently stretches back the hood to her clit, exposing the swollen pink love nerve. Licking it directly with the tip of his tongue, she flinches and sighs at the same time and roughly grabs the hair on his head. Harry licks around her clitoris and down into her pussy, his tongue darting in and out of her vaginal opening. Lil is moaning fully now, no longer talking except for some hissing of "yesssssss" and Harry speeds up his tonguing, swirling the tip of his tongue around her clit. He shoves three fingers into her pussy. Lil is lost in his touch, all the nerves in her body seemingly attuned to his tongue and fingers. Harry fingers Lil's wanton love box faster as his licks swirl and become more pressing across the face of her clit. She loses it, her legs quivering as Lil squirts a nice orgasm of pussy juice out and around his fingers. He continues fucking her with his hand as his tongue laps up pussy ejaculate and she comes again. Harry has his mouth pressed against her open puss and swallows a large squirt of Lil's love juice. It is oddly sweet. She bucks in orgasm and Harry holds her down in order to go for a trifecta; He rubs her clit hard with his thumb. Lil is thrashing, and moaning, and protesting feebly. The touch on her love nerve is too much; she arches her back in a clinch, and orgasms hard once more. She collapses back leaning against the cloudy mirror, her legs splayed onto the bathroom counter, trying to get her breathing back to a normal pace. She sighs and runs her hand to her forehead.

"Omigod, omigod Harry, I don't think I have ever cum that hard." She takes some more deep breaths, and runs her fingers through her dark red hair. She looks down at his crotch and smiles, " Speaking of hard!.. Mmm look at you! I think we could release that stress, don't you, baby?" Her slightly wicked Lil smile and freckled nose and those beautiful eyes have Harry mesmerized. She readies herself to turn round , to bend over the counter and offer herself, but Harry stops her. He pulls her close to him facing her, and kisses her deeply. She responds. As he is kissing her, he drops his trousers, and grabs her hips, bringing her close to him. She spreads her legs, opening her sex to his waiting member.

His first push of his cock's large head into her vaginal opening overwhelms her, she feels light headed and intoxicated. Lil feels his full, thick long shaft slide into her slowly, fully, filling her as she has not felt before. She opens her eyes and meets his. Two sets of eyes that look so much alike. A part of each other, and they are now a part of each other as she leans back and allows more of his hard shaft deep inside her. They kiss passionately. Their tongues touch and explore each other, and they feel the connection in their mouths with the one with their loins. They move in dance and the pleasure builds in both places. Now their hands join the dance, and to the movement of pleasure. Her milky breasts drip along with the sweat of their bodies and they convulse and move their bodies in ways to maximize the sexual pleasure they give each other.

Petunia realizes this is the first time that they have faced each other during sex. This felt more... personal. She was now regretting that this moment was happening as she was playing Lil. She was feeling jealous of Lil, once again. Why was she always feeling jealous of Lilly, why had she always felt jealous of Lilly? Even when it was when their father's attentions were on her, and not on Petunia, there, in the dark, in their bedroom, his weight holding Lilly down on the bed, on her stomach, Petunia would feel jealous. Relieved, but jealous. She shuddered, and drove the thought away. She was dead. Harry was fucking ... making love to her. He had had said it himself... if he was fucking her it was because he wanted to fuck Petunia. Me, she thought, and she leaned back, and wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him into her further. It was now painful, he was further in than she had experienced before with his long shaft, at least in her cunt. She moaned and continued to pull him further in, she wanted all of him, all of him inside her. She gyrates her hips, contracting her muscles along his shaft, doing whatever she can to make him feel more pleasure.

Harry groaned, and his breathing became more shallow and fast. His strokes became longer, harder, faster as she whispered her urges into his ear, asking him fuck her harder. She knew he was close. She moaned that she want him to fill her with his cum. Then she felt his thick wood jerk inside her. It was a set of hard spasms, pulling on her vaginal canal. Harry uttered his satisfaction, a groan and "Uhhhh, oh! oh! oh Mom!..." She felt the warm splash of his jism, she felt it slide along his cock as he continued to stroke her with his thick meat, to fill her pussy with his hardness and she felt her heart breaking... he was fucking Lily, not her.

Harry spoke again, "Omigod, omigod Petunia! Th-that felt wonderful! He kissed her on her cheek, wrapped his arms around her, and picked her up, his cock still deep inside her. Petunia kept her legs wrapped around him. He kissed her again passionately on her full mouth, and a feeling that Petunia had not felt in such a long time warmed her inner core. She held onto Harry and whispered her incantation.

"Appareo puella erro" Petunia was proud of her knowledge of Latin. She had been first in her class for best grades during secondary at St. Benedict's School for Girls. She thought of a very young thin girl, with long shiny black hair. She could feel herself transforming; it was happening quickly, and soon she had pain in her sex. Harry was becoming much too large, and too deep inside for her thinning and shrinking frame. She grimaced, and patted Harry urgently on his shoulder, "You must pull out, and now, but please continue to hold me..."

Harry, with great effort, pulled his still turgid member out of his shrinking aunt. He held onto her and could feel her breasts shrinking from between them, her entire body becoming light, and thin. The thick curly red hair in his hands became long fine silky black strands. Her skin paled in color to porcelain white. Her eyelashes thickened and became black, like her raven irises, punctuated by thicker, expressive eyebrows. Age dropped from her face until he was holding a thin girl, perhaps fourteen years old. She would be Ginny's age. Her breasts were still full, but much, much smaller and sat high on her chest. Her stockings drooped to her knees, her lace garter belt hung loose at her hips, now covering her dark haired pubis fully. Her feet were smaller, but still large enough to stay inside the high heels. When she spoke, her voice was high like that of a young girl. Harry was taken aback again, due to the new drastic transformation. Her voice was soft and high, it must have been what she sounded like when she was a girl, thought Harry.

"I will need your T-shirt, Harry," She undressed fully, placing her garter and stockings neatly on the changing table. She wet some paper towels and took them in hand to a bathroom stall and shut the door. She cleaned herself, removing what dripped down her legs and out her cooch. She used the bathroom. She still felt rutty, but a bit cleaner. It was strange being in this body. It was an emaciated version of her own fourteen year old body, except with black hair. She was glad she had her handbag with her and she fixed her face a bit with her compact. She stood, placed Harry's T shirt on inside out, pulling her long hair out and over it to cover the tag. The shirt was long enough to act as a short dress. She would take her belt and cinch it loosely at her waist to complete the effect. She flushed and walked out of the stall. Harry was standing by the door and held up his hand, he was listening at the door. The sounds of muffled men's voices were nearby.

Harry grabbed the pipe from his pants and lit was left in it, motioning Petunia to come over. He held it out to her and Petunia retracted with a disgusted look on her face. He was adamant and offered the pipe and hissed quietly, " You are stoner girl who ducked into the family loo for a bit of weed. We need to have you smell of it." Petunia wrinkled her 14 year old nose and puffed on the pipe, swallowing some of the smoke. She choked. Harry took the pipe and took another pull, then blew the smoke into her face.

Harry had his pants buttoned and zipped and had rushed to the changing table. "Grab my belt," Petunia commanded. He grabbed the belt, wrapped the cloak of invisibility around his neck, then tucked the rest of the clothes on the table and folded it back up. He brought her the belt. She cinched it loosely at an angle at her hips. It worked well enough. Harry whispered, " I will hide under the cloak under this counter after we break the spell on the doors." He leaned over his now tiny aunt, and kissed her on the neck, and whispered, as he grabbed a handful of ass cheek, " Touch the door and Repeat after me: "

"Finite" "Finite"

"Incantatem" "Incantatem!"

There was slight ripple in the shimmer at the door and then the shimmer disappeared. Petunia turned around and Harry was already out of sight. An abrupt banging came at the door. "Petunia called out sweetly, "Just a minute, occupied!" Thereafter came a larger, longer, more violent banging at the door. Petunia checked her lipstick in the mirror, and straightened her dress. She went to the door as another banging occurred.

" Oy! Don't get your feckin' knickers in a twist! I am coming!" The air smelled of burnt weed. She smelled of burnt weed when she opened the door and greeted the two very ugly men in leather with billowing coats. She sneered at them, "Can't a gel change her jam rag in peace in this fuckin' place?"

She shoved past them and kept going when one of them grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back. He shoved a picture of Harry in front of her face. " Oy! Muggle slut, you seen this boy?"

"Get your fuckin' hands off me, pedo! I will scream for the coppers so fast you won't see them beatin' you down! " The one holding her hair yanked hard and put his putrid breath right in her face. "Have- you- seen- this- wanker?"

"No, no fuck! Let go.. Never seen the tosser in my life!" Petunia screamed, very loudly and the dark wizard let her go. She ran heading away towards the lockers. She turned back and saw both men turn into the bathroom, searching. She said a quick prayer for Harry. She kept her head down and walked quickly to the lockers. She looked around, and only saw one police officer half asleep leaning against a column supposedly on watch. Other people came and went, it was the evening rush of people returning from dinner in town to the suburbs, going home for the evening.

Harry crouched under the cloak, as deep back under the counter that he could go. He held the wand of the Death Eater he had bested in his hand, gripping it much harder than he had to. He was trying to decide if he was going to hide and let them leave, or try to take care of the issue with a bit more finality. He decided he did not want to look over his shoulder all the way back on the train. He held hope that this was a chance encounter... why would the Death Eaters know he was in Reading? The Order had protection on Little Whinging. No, he thought, this must have just been chance. The two men move together, talking. One moves to the sink, the other stands next to him.

'Bloody hell!, are ye washing your hands again?, said the companion standing next to the one at the sink.

"This is a stinking Muggle Bathroom! They change their brats' nappies here! Of course I am washing me hands after having to search this stink-hole. Where is Travis?"

"He 'apparated with Malcolm back to London. Bloke was pretty fucked up. His back may be broken, he could not move. If I get hold of that Potter fuck, I will dismember him me-self!"

"It's just us then. We have to find this tosser and take him down."

"We canno' kill him though, the Dark Lord would have our heads."

"They didn't say he could not be pretty broken up, though did they?" They both laugh sadistically.

Fucking Neanderthals, thought Harry. Both were within two feet of him. With a slashing motion of "Malcolm's" wand, Harry barked, "Petrificus Totalus!" The spell caught them both. They were both totally immobilized. Harry crawled out from under the counter, remaining under the cloak. They did not need to know that they had found him. He circled around them. He went to the door and locked it and returned to the men. Both were young, perhaps eighteen to twenty years old at most. They both wore poser gothic punk long coats and long leather jack boots. Their trousers and vests were black leather. The Cleaner still had his hands in the sink. The Companion was especially ugly, with very bad acne and a piss poor straggle of a goatee beard. Both had long black hair that hung in their faces. With a circular swirl of the wand around their heads, Harry spoke with authority. "Obliviate!" Their memories were wiped, at least for the last twenty four hours, perhaps maybe more... Harry was unsure of his connection to this wand. It seemed to cooperate, but he was not sure how well it listened to his intentions.

He searched the pockets of if the two immobile wizards. He took their wands, broke them, and tossed them into the rubbish bin. He found some potion vials and items like Peruvian Instant Darkness powder. Harry confiscated anything that looked like a magical item, including something similar to a time turner he found in a leather pouch in an inner coat pocket of the Cleaner. He took off the coat of the Companion, who was about his size. Inside the outer pocket he found two rolled hashish laced spliffs. He put on the coat, feeling a bit naked with no shirt, and filled the pockets with the contraband in his hands.

Harry then tipped the men both over roughly, not caring how hard they hit the clay tile floor and rolled them under the sink and counter.

A rap came at the door. He heard Petunia's hesitant voice, trying to sound deeper, tougher than it was. "Oy, I need to take a pee, Hurry up in there!"

Harry hurried to the door, and let in the tiny waif Petunia, loaded with all their shopping bags. Petunia found many "cute" items she just had to have. They also found a mix of Dudley like clothes that Harry could tolerate. Some they bought a bit bigger for him, these would be what he would wear when Vernon was around. She dropped the bags to the floor and ran to the bathroom stall. "I really do have to pee!" she stated as she slammed the door.

Awhile and a flush later, Petunia came out, and washed her hands. She looked at Harry. "I see you decided to go ahead and dress without me. I think you need a shirt." She then looked over at the sink and saw the stiff bodies of the two men. "Did- did you kill them?" She asked a bit hesitantly.

"No, it is an immobilizing spell. I also wiped their memories. We have to move fast. If you are going to change, you should do so now. My magic may have alerted enemies within the ministry of magic. I don't know; it was not my wand... And if you can change me, we need to do this quickly." Petunia's heart was pattering a bit. Harry really was heroic. He took out these large blokes and was taking charge of their escape.

"Yes, I have another shirt that I want to wear, and that thong I bought. It should fit these tiny hips", she said as she placed her hands on her hips. Already cock teasing again, thought Harry. He grinned in spite of himself. Before they dressed, Petunia motioned Harry over.

"Please lick my snatch. Just awhile. Yes, on your knees will do fine." Harry seemed very willing to eat her fourteen year old pussy. She would have to remember that. His tongue felt wonderful and she tried to clear her mind as her loins filled with warmth. She ran her thumb and fingers over his forehead, holding at his scar. "Tattoo Maorice "

A black tribal tattoo appeared over his scar and around the side of Harry's face. Other small ones appeared on the back of his hands.

"Oh yesss, Oooh my! Harry! Do you like licking my young tight little cunny? Do you like when there is just a bit of peach fuzz on my twat? Mmmm, yes you do! Hold tight, I am also almost ready." She concentrated. "Appareo triginta annorum!" Petunia felt a bit of draining and looked down to see a well built thirty year old Harry performing oral delight on her underage sex. "You could be arrested as a pedo for this, baby."

Harry looked up, "What?"

"Just one more touch", Petunia said, as one hand went to Harry's hair and one went to fingers tracing his upper lip. She recited, "Argentum canitiem!" Harry's hair turned a handsome silver gray, with a full matching distinguished moustache. " Oh, so yummy! Yes, definitely a pedo now. Up, honey, we have to go, as much as I would love for you to continue tonguing me."

Harry was now respectable Six foot three. He had to change to the longer, larger Dudley pants. They were a dark black, so Harry did not mind. Petunia handed him a deep maroon polyester v-neck jersey short sleeve shirt. One step up from a t-shirt. It fit tightly over his sculpted chest and abdomen. He put the wand inside an inner tailored long pocket of the coat, and threw it on. Petunia changed quickly into her clothes, adding some of the costume jewelry she had also purchased that day, transforming into the perfect slutty teenage daughter. They gathered their things, remembering the clothing in the changing table. Harry turned off the lights. They closed the door, with the lock actuated. Petunia with bags on one arm, and Harry with both hands full, walked out. Taking her free arm, Petunia locked the crook of her arm into the crook of Harry's left arm, and looked up at him.

"C'mon Father!" Petunia purred, "Or we will miss the rail back to Little Whinging. Vernon will be home after nine o'clock, so we will be cutting this close! "

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