Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction

Molly McDonough pinched the bridge of her slender, slightly up turned nose. She sat alone at her kitchen table, a large glass of whiskey in front of her. She pulled on her curly strawberry blonde locks that fell over her forehead, brushing back what she could to each ear. She felt a stress headache coming on, something that has happened daily since the arrival of her young second cousin Dudley. She knew this would be a challenge, she had heard the horror stories from the relatives.

When Vernon approached her, she did her research, especially after he offered her 10,000 British Sterling for a summer's worth of tutoring. It smelled too much like a bribe, or act of desperation and she needed to find out why. She found mystery, trepidation, and in the core, a bit of hope. The mystery and the hope are what led her to say yes. The trepidation was very high, and almost trumped the rest, but in the end her curiosity and inner moral code as a teacher won out.

Never in her forty five years of life had she experienced a human being who so deservedly lived up to the adjectives bestowed upon him by his relatives: boorish, obstinate, entitled, selfish, brash, brat, snobbish, and rude.

Upon his first five minutes of arrival Dudley demanded: 1. Something to eat, 2. Where could he plug into the internet? 2 How hold was this fecking house anyway? 3. Which room was his, it better not be this one, 4. How large a telly did she have? 5. Where was that something to eat? 6. How come she was not married, she was pretty fit, was she a lesbian? 7. Why do you Ginger Micks freckle so badly? 8. How much did that cost? Ours cost more. 9. So, you getting me something to eat? 10. I guess I could eat you, you up for that? 11. So, are you into gangster rap? I like Tupac. He is the shits. 12. What do you do for fun in Cork? It looks boring. 13. Have you thought about me eating you, if not, how about that snack I asked about? 14. Where can I hook up my gaming system? I am used to at least a 32 inch telly screen. 15. Have you ever got high, do you smoke the reef? 16. Are you a nun? I heard you never had a man. 17. Smells funny in here, did you fart? 18. So do they ask for id at the local pub? 19. You do drink don' you? Fecking hell if you are a teetotaler...20. What about a snack love?

She had to walk away or she would have struck him right there on spot. She should have had that belt of Jameson that Sean had offered at the pub while she was waiting for the taxi to arrive from Cork Airport. She did not drive, and hated to ride in autos, so her one demand was for Dudley to come to her. He was sixteen, and should have the wherewithal to make it to downtown Cork.

Oh, Dudley had the wherewithal; he was smart as whip. He was also lazy. She was also realizing that He may also have Attention Deficit Disorder. She will have to see if he had been tested.

She found all that out the third day when they got down to her actual tutoring program. She had given him all the previous day to settle in, she did not think this would be so hard. He would have most of his summer to do whatever sixteen year old boys do, and only have to spend a portion of that day in studies, except for a couple of papers he would have to write that would be a few extra hours for a few of his many days here.

She figured that four hours a day with some day trips to the country and museums and such would be enough to get his summer program curriculum satisfied. She knew after their first session she would have to add another two hours each day just to get him on task. He thought that he was here on extended holiday with a push over cousin to sign off and let him skate into the next year of secondary. At least after her less than professional and tearful shouting match at him, using some combinations of curse words that she figured probably had never been used before in the history of mankind, Molly knew that Dudley knew that she had very different expectations of what his time both at her home and as a student would be like. She was not used to working with people who did not want to be taught, she was a professor for gods sakes.

Molly sat at the table, thinking, how am I going to get through to this guy? She hoped he was in bed or at least in his room playing video games, and not down at the pub trying to score a pint. She reached under her long baggy t-shirt, and took her bra off. Much better, the stress of the straps on her shoulders from her ample breasts was immediately released. She dropped the lace underwire bra on the table, and caressed her large breasts under her shirt which had felt caged and restricted. She was used to running around her house alone almost nude. Having Dudley around was cramping her style. She wondered if it was worth the 10 thousand quid. She thought of paying off the mortgage, and decided she would have to tough it out. She was up for tenure next year, and it would be wonderful to be in that secure of a position at 46.

Her shoulders hurt. She tried shrugging them and rubbing them with alternate hands, but it did not seem to work well. She was startled by his voice from the kitchen door. "Your shoulders hurt cousin?"

"They are tense. It is uncomfortable." She wondered how long he had been at the door. She wondered if he watched her take off her bra, or worse, fondle her breasts. She looked at the bright red bra sitting on the table. Well whether he saw it or not did not matter. The very large cat was out of the bag and perched right on the kitchen table. She caught him looking down at it. For some reason, her nipples were hardening.

"You want a shoulder rub? Me mum says I am pretty good. Better'n a salon, she says." He did not look lecherous or over eager. In fact, he looked sincere. She looked up at him, an impassive look on her face.

"Is this going to end in you asking to perform oral sex on me again?"

"No, no... I was just busting my cousin's balls... I- I get nervous and talk too much... I know that. I-I have a hard time with that. Everyone- me mates, the teachers at school, they all say I have diarrhea of the mouth. No fucking filter. See, 'scuse the French." He looked down at the floor. "I've been thinking. After, after last summer, everything was bollocks. I-I could have died, and the last year has been a big fuck off to the world, that, that I was thinking it didn't matter anymore. I could not talk to me mates about it, and definitely not me mum and da'. I've been going crazy on me own. I want to know... I want to know if maybe you ... maybe you and I could be friends too. Is it too late?"

Molly tapped her finger on the table thinking. Perhaps she had been going about this wrong. She looked up at him- "You have much to learn about being a friend, but, but so do I. So no, I do not think it is too late. "Dudley visibly brightened. She thought she saw his eyes water a bit. There was a shine to them from the overhead incandescent lighting. "So, you say you give a good shoulder rub? Come over here and prove it... and No funny stuff!" She waved her finger for emphasis.

His hands were large and meaty. His fingers thick and powerful. And gentle. She could not believe the gentleness in a touch that was also firm and effective. Her tension was melting away. They did not talk at first, other than a comment or two, or Dudley asking her where her pain and tension were. She could not believe how good his touch felt. How... healing. She was also slightly perturbed at how aroused she had become. Her nipples were very hard and showing themselves prominently through her t-shirt. They continually grazed the inside of her shirt as Dudley firmly rubbed and worked the muscles in her shoulders, neck, and back. She had to admit to herself it had been a long time since she had been touched. At least six months, and even the last time did not feel as good as this wonderful back rub being given by Dudley. She could feel her knickers getting wet too, goddamn it. Omigod, she thought, I am getting aroused by this brat cousin of mine. She had to take her mind off her own horny body. She said out of nowhere, startling Dudley a bit, "Dudley, have you thought about a career as a massage therapist or chiropractor?"

Dudley continued his massage, on autopilot. "Nah, I haven't thought much about what I want to do. I guess I figured it would be business like my Dad. He seems to make pretty good cash."

"Sometimes, really most of the time, cash is not enough, believe you me. Does Vernon seem happy to go to work?"

"Nah, never. He is always pretty angry, or worried. yeah, angry and worried."

"Does that sound like a good way to make a living? To be so stressed that you are worried or angry most of the time?"

"I guess not, but I just thought that was my da' and He's just an angry kind of guy."

"Just something to think about. You are good at this, and you would be helping people. People who do this can be trained and certified to learn how to do this safely, how to work with people's bodies and their muscles. They can make pretty good coin too."

"So, how about here... you have pretty tense muscles right here..."

"Oh god! yeah, that is, that it, yeah... yeah, that feels so good..."

"Your lower back, it is pretty fucking tense..."

"Yeah, I have trouble sleeping at night... I was in car accident a few years ago... that's why I hate autos... it has been messed up ever since."

"I could try a bit, or have you had a pro try it?"

"nuh, no. I've just lived with it. Don' know why really."

"Uhm, I would need you in another position."

"What? like lying down?"
"Yeah, but, uhm, with whut yer wearin'..."

"Oh. yeah. Just this shirt and my knickers, but wouldn't getting slacks on kind of defeat the purpose?"

"Yeah, but I-I just didn't want you to think I was... feedin' yeh some bullshit."

"I can trust you, can't I? You wouldn't do something I would not want, would you?" Molly's tone was serious. Dudley understood that. "Friends can trust each other... if we want to be friends; we got to give each other chances to earn the other's trust, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"So, if you fuck this up, then I am sending you back to Little Whinging. Understood?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Sure."

"So, I'm not going to lie on the floor... I know my cleaning habits unfortunately. This table is plenty sturdy enough. Oak, been in the family for years."

Molly cleared the table, and while Dudley disappeared down the hall, She finished the half glass of whiskey. "Might as well be as relaxed as I can." She was gambling on this a bit. Letting a big strapping lad of Dudley's size and strength and age massage her while she lay prone on her stomach in just half her knickers had some inherent dangers or at least chances for unwarranted behavior. She hoped Dudley was at core the gentleman she thought he may be, however rough and boorish the exterior. She was banking on friendship meaning something to him. It really seemed to. She knew it took him some doing to reach out like he was.

Dudley came back with a throw pillow from the sitting room. This seemed to reward her faith in him. He had cared enough to make her bit more comfortable. While he was gone, Molly was thinking he would come back smelling of cheap cologne he had hurried to slap on, and wearing much less that he had before. A small voice inside her asked if that was a fear, or perhaps a fantasy? She told the voice to fuck off as she crawled onto the table, and lay on her stomach. Dudley handed her the pillow.

"Thank you love." She said it automatically without thinking. She regretted it immediately and hoped he had not read as much into that phrase than was meant.

"No problem. Hope it makes it a bit more comfy. Never gave a rub to me mum on a wood table. She would rather die than to lay atop her table at home." Little did Dudley know that his cousin had recently spent time shagging his mother while she lay bent over on the same table he spoke about, sans pillow.

Dudley was trying to keep his cool. His baggy sports jersey did well to hide his very thick and erect penis he was now sporting. He did not want Molly to see that and think he was pervving on her. He had to chill. He was going to treat this woman just like his mum, and give her the back rub she needed. Her muscles were like hard strings and knots. He did not know how she could even walk around like that. That's it, keep thinking that way, D-Dog, he thought to himself. Then he looked down at his older, but very fit and thin second cousin. Her legs were brown and freckled, and he could see the white of her tan lines along her rather nice ass that was peeking from the high cut bikini panties she wore. Her hips were not as wide as his mum's, and her narrow waist as hidden under the baggy cotton jersey shirt, but he knew it was there.

"Me, not so much", Molly replied. "This table is my workstation; it does much for me. I use it as place to eat, to prepare my food, to write and grade papers, and I guess now as a massage table. So what do you think Dudley?"

"I think I need to start at your neck and shoulders and work down a bit... before I tackle your mess of a lower back... if you don't mind me starting back over again?"

"Are you joking? No, that felt wonderful. I guess I can handle wonderful again!"

That made Dudley feel proud, and he smiled. He got to work rubbing her shoulders again through the baggy shirt. When Molly stirred, and rolled over and looked at him. "You know what? Screw it."

Dudley was horrified and fantasizing at the same time as to what she would say next.

"Dudley, turn around, if you are going to do this, you might as well do it right. Let me adjust my shirt for this. Wait until I tell you that you can turn around" Dudley dutifully turned around. Molly brought the back of the shirt up, over her head and then pulled her arms out of the short sleeves, but left the shirt around her neck, draping over the front her body to cover her chest. She laid back down on her tummy, tucking the shirt around her large breasts as well as she could. She felt very vulnerable. Her bare back exposed, and only the thinnest of cotton and lace bikini panties between her sex and Dudley's hands and what was probably a very good sized cock, from what she saw poking out from under his baggy clothes. Oh, she had noticed, but she knew he was sixteen year old lad with raging hormones, so it was to be expected. She knew she could still elicit such responses from young men. She caught the stares of young horn dogs on campus often.

So why was she taking this big chance? Her small inner voice said, "yes why, Molly?, do you want him to force his cock up you while he holds you down on the table, ramming you until he sputters his probably large load of semen across your ass and back, or worse, up your puss or bum?" "fuck off" Molly said again. "He needs the chance to prove himself." The voice was back. "What, that he is the lout you want between your legs, or the gentleman friend he wants to be?" Molly was quiet. She was not so sure at this moment what she was wanting. She was going to leave this up to Dudley. If he became a lout, then he may take her, but they would never be the friends or the tutor and student that they needed to be. "Okay, you can turn around and do me; uh I mean you know..." Shut up Molly, shut your mouth! she thought.

Dudley was hesitant. This was the closest he had come to a real naked woman, besides his mum which didn't count. Molly's skin was flawless, for he did not consider freckles a flaw. She had been sunning, there was lightly tanned skin and a definite white porcelain shape of thin straps over her shoulders and around her back that suggested a bikini top.

"So you were on holiday recently? Me parents went to Majorca and I was over in Amsterdam with a mate and his family."

"Amsterdam eh? So were you able to get into any of the coffee shops?"

"No, but his dad did. He brought it back to the house we rented while we were there. "

"Hmm, oh! yes. That hit the spot, oh god does that feel good! So you aren't bouncing off the walls now, you seem focused, why is that?"

"Because I'm high. That's why my mates keep me in pot... I mellow out when we they need me to..."

"So pot lets you focus?"

"Yeah, after an hour... I am too fucked up the first hour, then after that, I can focus good, and keeps me from diarrhea mouth."

"Though an apt description, it is an unfortunately graphic use of words... perhaps you could use that phrase... less often. Would that be alright?"

"Right." "Jeez, Dudley thought, she can be a bit of a 'toity twat now couldn't she? But damn, her skin was soft and still very firm. Not old lady like at all. He could see the sides of her tits squeezing out from underneath her, the tender globes of flesh a pale porcelain color, where her top kept them from the sun. Gawd, he thought, Molly had such a nice big rack for her slim figure. Reminded him of his crush, Rey-Rey back home. Now there was a fine piece of pie, for sure. Dudley could feel himself harden more, and as hard as he tried, he could not stop thinking about sex as his fine cousin lay on her bare tits, her excellent rump only covered by a very posh pair of little knickers, and the rest of her body bare to him. He could see the color of the panties darken at her crotch, and knew that meant she was getting worked up too. He had to shut this thinking down... get back to working her fucked up back muscles. He rubbed and loosened those along her spine.

"This may hurt a bit, let me know if it is too much, but fuck, your back is twisted like a rope!"
"Ohm, my, unnngh! yeah, that does hurt a- a bit, but, but you know what you are doin' right?" Molly was bit worried.

Dudley did not say anything, he was in the zone now. He leaned over onto her legs and then grabbed her firmly over under her arms and slowly pulled her forward, stretching her lower back very, very slowly. He finally heard the crackle of her spine, and gently released her from under her arms and moved back. He had not realized that during the time, his erect penis had been rubbing into the crotch of Molly. She could feel his substantial hardness pressing against her crotch as she felt the pain and finally the relief as her spine worked itself into its rightful place. At first, she was annoyed... or was it hesitant? She was not sure what Dudley was up to, She thought for a second, this is it, I am going to be raped now, then she felt him pull her forward while he used the weight of his body to keep her lower back and legs anchored down from moving so much. She continued to feel the weight of his body on her, along with her cousin's large hard member pressing into her knickers which were pressing into the folds of her excited cunt. She widened her legs out of reflex, and let more of his hardness press further against her as she felt him gently pulling and stretching her sore back muscles. She heard and felt the crackle of her spine and experienced an instant relief that she had not felt in years. It was truly amazing!

"That, that, that felt fucking amazing!" Molly sputtered, almost turning completely over and remembering herself. "Where did you learn how to do that?" She sat up, making sure to hold the shirt under her breasts, cradling them under her arm which pressed the shirt against them. She did not realize how turned on she had become during the massage, her nipples where incredibly hard and pressing in a truly obvious manner against the cotton shirt. The way she was holding the shirt to cover herself made it even more evident. Dudley enjoyed the view and tried not to stare too long at her chest as he spoke.

"I had read a book on muscle and back therapy a couple of years ago, so I could do a better back rub for my mum."

"Let me guess, when you were stoned."

"Well, yeah. I do most of my reading high, cause I remember it better."

"Dudley were you ever tested for Attention Deficit Disorder?"

"Oh, yeah. years ago. The school officials and some wankers with clipboards told me parents that I was ADD."

"What happened ?"

"Me da' was having none of it. Told them they were full of shite. That I was just a high spirited boy and that they should learn how to direct my energy."

"So, you never saw a doctor or got any kind of help or medication?"

" No, I remember my mum and dad had a row over it, and after he smacked her a good one, she stopped bringing it up. "

Molly shuddered a bit inside. She knew Vernon had a temper, and so had her uncle. Her dad was the same way, but he only used cruel words and punishments, not his fists. She remembered hearing the stories from her uncle of the beatings his father used to give him and that she should be glad her father only took her books away from her. Her mother and Vernon's dad were brother and sister. He mother remained tight lipped about her relationship with her father. She only told her of some of the beatings Vernon's dad, her brother, had endured on her behalf. She wondered how far back the line of abuse went in the Dursley family.

"So, I uh usually do more after I crack me mum's back, or are we done?"

"No, I want the full treatment.. You have a gift for this Dudley. Really. Okay, finish me! So... do I get a happy ending?, Molly joked. She lay down, and was not as careful about how she covered her breasts. Her back was feeling so good that she seemed to forget herself. Dudley went back to gently working her lower back, so very close to where her back met the rounding of her glutes, near the end of her spine. Molly moved around, settling down and bit to become more comfortable on the table, and her legs again widened. Her knickers road up further, and Dudley noticed how defined her puss could be seen in the "camel toe" from the tightened underwear. His cock was throbbing and raging in his boxers.



"What did you mean by happy ending?"

"I was just joking.. you never heard the term Happy Ending?"


"Well, uhm, it happens in sleazy massage parlours, where the masseuse will pleasure the client until the person climaxes."

"And that is a Happy Ending?"


"Ha, I guess that is a good term for it. so you were joking right? You really didn't mean it and just used a joke to hint at it, right? I mean, if we are going to be friends, you can be honest with me..."

"Well, yeah, I guess I was joking, though to be honest, it was bit inappropriate to bring it up if I didn't want it... though, I would like you to go ahead and massage my butt and legs if you don't mind it..."

"Well, I was going to ask, because I did want to be able to put some pressure on your coccyx, your tail bone, so I was going to have to touch you there. "

Molly looked back at her cousin. "Dudley, I need to let you know that you don't have to walk on egg shells for this. I know you need to touch my body to massage me, but I also know you don't need to stick your fingers up my arse or into my pussy to do it. So as long as you don't do that, we are cool, okay? I trust you to do this. Really. So please, please go ahead and finish this wonderful massage you have given me. And please don't rush if you don't want to... I am thoroughly enjoying this, my cousin." She lay her head back down on the pillow which was over her crossed arms. She widened her legs even further. Her knickers were now covering less of her sex. Dudley could see peeks of the pink fleshy folds of her pussy. Dudley was close enough to see tiny stubble of red pubic hair on her inner crease near a outer lips, where her legs joined her torso. Dudley rubbed down the cleft of her ass, down over the top of her knickers to her tail bone. Dudley put firm pressure there as he rubbed and massaged the muscles attached.

Molly was feeling incredibly turned on. He was so close to her rectum that it ached. Molly's inner voice chided her... Perhaps you shouldn't have given the new fingers up your arse rule, hmmmm? The sexual feeling was getting too intense for Molly, and she so she spoke out,

"Dudley, would start at my feet and work back up, I would like you to end with just a tiny bit more on my back... do you mind?"

"No, that would be alright." Dudley was a bit relieved. He had nearly broken down and pushed his fingers into his cousin's knickers. Her hot little box was so close. It was maddening. His balls ached from the continual state of arousal he had been in since he started touching her. However, the view up her leg was still very provocative. I will have a hell of a toss off after this, thought Dudley.

Molly was so immersed in the enjoyment of the massage that she seemed to have forgotten her dress and situation. Dudley had excellent views into her knickers and of her breasts. As he worked the bottom of her feet, Molly began emitting tiny little moans of approval. He had heard about how pressures on the foot controlled responses elsewhere in the body, but he had not read or learned anything about it. He would have to use her verbal queues to see what happened. He went back over the areas that created the moans. More and deeper moans. He watched Molly as her hand moved down to her sex, as she lightly rubbed the top of her puss underneath her. He did not say anything hoping to get a show out of it. He continued to rub her feet, and watched his cousin squirm and her fingertips rub at the top of her sex.

He stepped between her legs; they dangled off the table. and He held her right ankle under his arm as he rubbed her calf and the crux of her knee. The change in leg position gave him a another view of her sex. He could better see her labia. The flesh glistened pink. He was raging hard and not sure he could hold out much longer. He tried putting his energy into his caress and massage, and his cousin was murmuring her approval.

Molly's inner voice was castigating her. "You are truly a bitch! you know that your knickers are so far up your bum and twat that your cousin is nearly biting his lip to control himself, and now you are playing with your puss too? You fucking cocktease, you want him to force himself on you, you want his young cock inside you, savaging you, cumming on you. You are fucking pathetic putting him through this for the name of "friendship". Shut up. This, this got a bit out of control. His hands feel so fucking good... I will make it up to him somehow. Yeah, how bitch? How are you going to make this right without fucking him? Are you ready to fuck your sixteen year old cousin who is here under your care to be tutored after some kind of near death experience last year? Are you? No., No I am not. but maybe something else. We both need some kind of happy ending, don't we? How fucking philosophical, Molly. How fucking pathetic."

Molly stopped rubbing herself, and turned to look at Dudley. She took off her shirt, and rolled over.

"That was wonderful Dudley, but I think the massage is over. I think it is time for the happy ending."

"Yeah?" said Dudley, very wistful , but not too trusting. His cousin was a bit flakier in her resolve than he thought. He drank in the view of her large breasts. They were curved up and pointed. He liked the shape of her tits, the long erect pink nipples on the end of milky white triangles where her sunning ended and her top began.

I was thinking that we could just masturbate our selves, here, together. No fucking. But maybe we can touch each other. What do you think about that? Molly sat up on the table and then laid back. "Will you help me remove my knickers Dudley? I have a feeling you want to... am I right?"

"yeah, yeah you are." A bit too quickly Dudley's large hands were at her panties and pulling them off and down the legs of his cousin. He did not do it carefully, He fingers grazed her pubis and lips as he pulled on the front of them by crooking two fingers into the front waist band and pulling them down. After he had pulled the high sides down around her hips, Molly shook slightly as she felt his fingers graze over her wet and sensitive sex. Her panties fully off, She leaned back and brought her legs up, her feet on the table. She spread her legs wide to expose more of her cunt to Dudley. She spread her pussy lips to show him the entrance to her sex. She moved up to rub lightly on her clit. Dudley took it all in, from the neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair atop her vulva, to the tight crease of her pussy lips. Molly pulled on her labia, and ran her finger into her box.

"come touch my pussy, Dudley. Help make me cum."

Dudley moved closer to the table, his very hard penis arriving there before the rest of him. He took his large right hand and began to caress the flesh of his cousin's sex. Again, Molly felt his powerful but gentle touch. She directed his hand down to her the entrance to her vagina. She leaned back on the table, bringing her legs back up by her head, fully exposing her cunt and rectum to him. "Fuck me with your fingers... put them inside me and fuck me."

Dudley took the first two fingers of his right hand and pushed them slowly into Molly's wet and wanting pussy. Molly groaned in approval. His thick fingers were the size of an average cock entering her. Dudley felt the moist wet folds of her sex, and began to push his fingers in as far as he could go and then pull them almost all the way out, only to do it again and again. Her groans and moans told her he was doing it right. Molly took his left hand, and direct it to her clit. She pulled back the fleshy hood of her "climax control". She so wanted to feel his tongue licking it, but she took his index finger and showed him how to rub it gently, then firmly, then gently again. "Now faster!",she urged, and Dudley began to finger fuck his cousin with force and quickness. Molly let go of his left hand and he moved to caress her right breast with it, as she took over rubbing her clitoris with general abandon. "Harder! Harder!", she urged her cousin to fuck her with his hand. His hand was now moving quickly and pounding her opening with force where his fingers met his hand.

Molly felt the wave of ecstasy roll over her, and crash into her loins. She squirted hard, and Dudley pulled his hand out in surprise. He knew his cousin was in orgasm due to her moans and her quivering body. Her spine jerked, and he saw her mouth quiver. He watched as more of her cum dripped out of her very happy twat. His cousin's breathing returned from pants to normal and she rose to a sitting position, stretching her arms with a smile on her face. She reached out, and ran her fingers down Dudley's arm.

Molly got up from the table, looking up at her taller young cousin. Her hand slid down to his tented satin like baggy sports shorts, under his extra long and baggy football jersey. He grabbed his cock. It was thick and rather large. She was now curious as to his size and look. She hoped that at least they had circumcised the boy, she like a clean cut cock.

Dudley took off his shirt, a bit self conscious. He was very beefy with muscle, but still had some chunk around his stomach. Molly touched his broad shoulders. She knelt, and pulled down his sports shorts. His large cock sprung further up, its head pulling out of the opening of the boxers that remained, finding release. Molly was impressed. His cock was very thick. She could not fully encircle it with one of her small hands. Atop the thick shaft was an even wider well cut mushroom cock head. She ran her fingers up and down its shaft. Dudley shuddered, watching his cousin, fully nude and on her knees, stroking his cock. She looked up and tucked his hard cock back into his boxers, and then pulled them fully off. She admired how large his balls were that hung under what must easily be an eight inch erect cock. "You have very nice, very large cock Dudley."

Dudley only sighed and nodded. Molly spit on her fingers and began to stroke his long thick member in earnest with both hands. She really wanted to go ahead and suck it, but that was beyond what she intended at doing at this point. "Mmmm, gawd you have a big hard cock Dudley, I bet you can fuck a girl silly with a dick this size. Does that feel good? Do you like the way I am stroking your big fucking prick, hmmm?"

"Y-yes, oh fuck that feels goods. yeah, would you like me to fuck you Molly, do you want me to put my cock inside you?"

"What, you want to fuck an old slut like me? Where would you fuck me? In my mouth, my cunt, or would you take me up my asshole, huh? Or perhaps all three? I think I might like that sometime, having you bend me over, and take your..great... big, fucking cock.. right up my, tiny , tight, little, asshole... oh yeah mmm. " Molly was hoping by now that her dirty talk would have Dudley erupting all over her face and tits. She could tell he was close. Her face was close to his cock, and before she knew what was happening, Dudley had his large hand in her hair at the back of her head, and was pushing his cock into her mouth. She went with it stretching her lips wide to accept his very thick prick. She had expected much of him, and he had proved himself; he had held on as much as humanly possible for someone his age. She let him take over to fuck her mouth. She opened her throat and could feel his shaft go down it. She moaned, and tried to bob up and down on the long member. She gagged a bit, and tried licking and sucking as much as she could. Dudley used her mouth like a vagina, ramming his cock in and out of it. It was not long, and Molly could feel the eruption come up the shaft of his thick member. She tasted his salty cum, and tried to swallow the first burst, but it was very large, and she could feel it dripping out of her mouth. He pulled out, his cock still erupting, jolting semen into her hair and face, down her chin, and then he directed the rest of his significant orgasm onto her upper chest and breasts.

Dudley was immediately remorseful at his rough handling of Molly. "Jeezus, I am sorry. So sorry, you were driving me crazy and I just had to have you suck my cock. I am so sorry!" He helped her up off her knees. She patted his chest.
"No, don't be, I was talking shit and I guess I did really want to suck your cock... It's okay, really. I- I think we have done more than we should have here, I think it is time for us to-to go to our own rooms."

"Are you kicking me out Molly?" Dudley looked truly distraught, and even close to tears.
Molly held his hand. "No, no I'm not. Why would I kick a friend out of my house? Please, just go to bed... I think I should go clean up and do the same. Oh, and Thank you. Thank you for that wonderful back rub, really. It felt truly wonderful. We will be up early tomorrow Breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Set your alarm. okay?"

"Okay. 8:00 am." Dudley picked up his clothes from the floor. As he turned to leave he suddenly grabbed Molly into hug, wrapping his bear like arms around her and squeezing with careful force. He did not say anything but held on until Molly hugged him back and patted him on the shoulder. They felt their nudity as he held her close, and that finally caused him to let go. He said nothing and left the kitchen.

Molly stood in the middle of her kitchen and shook. She held her knickers and her shirt wadded in one hand. Her thin, lithe frame shuddered in what was more than likely shock. There were tears in her eyes. She tried to wipe Dudley's cum from under her eyes. It was everywhere; in her hair, on her face, on her neck and chest, and dripping to the floor off her tits. There must be a special circle in hell, she thought, for forty five year old sluts who seduce their sixteen year old cousins. She did not know what to do. Except she needed a long bath and a long think. This was definitely new territory she was in. She had no idea how to proceed. She would have to think long and hard on how she would pick up the pieces from this. She stepped and slipped on some of Dudley's spunk on the tile floor, going down on one knee. She sobbed, and continued to cry until her eyes would no longer produce tears.

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