Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Midnight Snack

That night, Hedwig came pecking at Harry's bedroom window. She was flustered and screeched at him as he sauntered to the window to let her in. She flew in, and hopped on his bed, and screeched again.

"Shhh! Hedwig, the Dursleys may let you roam, but they will be pissed if you wake them up in the middle of the night! " Harry admonished in hushed tone. "Here girl, have some food." He pulled out her favorite treat, dried mouse and grain. She pecked at the food and then at Harry's hand, and then lifted her leg. She a had a note attached. Harry removed it, and Hedwig went back to eating her treat.

The note was from Hermione. It was long, in her flowing hand, and Harry turned on his bedroom light to read it. Down the hall, he could hear a muffled argument between Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. It happened often since he had come home for the summer 8 days ago. He heard the door slam, and Petunia in the hall sobbing. He wanted to go out and see if she was alright, but the last time he had stuck his head out his door, she had hissed at him to mind his own business. He decided it best to just stay put and quiet.

He went back to Hermione's letter. It was the usual stuff about what she had been reading for the summer and some of the news she had read recently in the Daily Prophet. Then it took a personal turn:

It has been lonely here Harry. No suitable young men here :( No one with backbone and humor and a deft hand like you or Ron). I miss those few times we were able to get away and share some "special moments". I miss your tongue in my sex, and your big member in my mouth. I think it was a mistake to save myself... I keep thing about what it would be like to have your huge cock filling my tight little cunny. I am getting so wet just writing this!

You know I have waffled between you and Ron, and that it has been a bit selfish... my ultimate fantasy is to share myself with both of you together... could you ménage that? :)- When we see each other again, perhaps we will have a chance to "tri" that out! :) Well I guess I will just have to end this now that I have worked myself up, and I know that Hedwig is getting impatient, She has been screeching at Crookshanks to stay away from her while I have been writing. It is getting annoying and will wake my parents soon.

I will end this with a big wet kiss from my '"other lips" and go toss off once Hedwig leaves.

Hugs and kisses,


Harry sniffed the stain at the bottom of the letter, it smelled like Hermione's perfume and her hot little box. He dared to touch his tongue to the paper, and Hermione's voice rang out of nowhere " OH, Harry, you Naughty Boy!" followed by her signature giggle. Leave it up to Hermione to enchant a note, much less leave the musk of her sex upon it. Hermione's voice ringing out startled Harry, so he listened to see if Petunia had heard it. He could hear Vernon snoring like a great grizzly bear so he was not worried about him waking. No stirring. Harry grinned, and wished it was Fall and he was back at Hogwarts with his friends. He put the letter away in his trunk with his other personal papers. He sighed. It was going to be a long summer, but at least the events of the last two days seemed promising. Aunt Petunia, he found out, had a hot body, and was pretty kinky. He could not believe that she let him take her anally. He enjoyed her moans and screams, but it scared him a little. He seemed to like it a bit too much. Especially the dominance and humiliation. Shut up, he told himself, a guy was supposed to like sex, and how many porn vids were out on the internet about a MILF for an Aunt giving it up to her naughty nephew. He wanted to be the naughty nephew. Screw that abusive oaf, Vernon. He would love to rub his nose in the fact that he was shagging his wife in his own house.

Life was short; the prophesy said that only one could live, and against such an evil bastard like Voldie, his odds were way less than fifty-fifty. Might as well live it up while he can. If he was going to have to hide out here all summer, then he was going to make the best of it.

He turned off his light and lay in bed. He thought about the chops Petunia had prepared that night. One thing could be said, Petunia might be a bitch, but she could really cook. He was hungry, and decided he would sneak down for a leftover chop, and perhaps a good swig of the wine in the fridge side door. He could share with Hedwig who was sleeping on her perch if she were to awake.

He padded quietly down the stairs... He assumed that Petunia, would be in Dudley's room... she often took solace there when they were fighting. She was missing her "Duddikins"... "ugh, barf! what a tosser!" thought Harry. There were times when he felt sorry for his cousin, but they were very far and few in between all the annoyance and anger he felt towards his over entitled, egomaniacal relative and the continual abuse he had hammered upon Harry over the years.

He padded quietly into the kitchen. The light over the sink was on, and Aunt Petunia sat at the table. She was smoking a cigarette, which did not surprise Harry. He had caught her several times sneaking one outside. It surprised him to see her smoking one in her pristine domain, the kitchen. She had a bottle of wine on the table. She was wearing a pink sheer baby doll nightie, and her black spiked heels. "Grab a glass, Harry, cuh-come join me. " Harry noticed an empty wine bottle in the sink. He knew she was probably at least very tipsy. He sat down with the glass, and Petunia sloppily poured him a half glass. She stood and raised her glass. "To opportunities, Harry, to opportunities." Harry raised his glass and took a good swig. It was much more sour than Butterbeer, but he did not grimace, and took another sip. Harry stared without apology at his Aunt, drinking every part of her in. She had really dolled herself up. Harry had never seen her this attractive, even earlier that day, she had been conservative in her make-up and hairstyle. Her hair was down to her shoulders, not in a bun or hair-sprayed to death in a old housewife style. This one was downright...slutty. He liked it. She wore the same red lipstick he still had smeared on his cock, but she had on eyeliner, and thicker eyelashes, and a rouge to her cheeks. Her eyelids were brushed with a light frosted pink shadow. Her tits looked good in the sheer fabric of the nightie gown she had cinched up and tied underneath them. Her dark brown gum drop nipples rode high atop her full breasts, with small puckered areolas. The curve of her slender waist and tiny tummy lead his eye to the tiny sheer panties. She had shaved the lightning bolt completely off. She was bare as a new born babe. She sat back down sideways in her chair, with her back leaning at the table. She crossed her long legs slowly. She was aware of Harry's attention, and even thought she was upset, she could feel the wetness growing between her thighs.

So, that was what the row was about, thought Harry, Petunia was looking to get some and Vernon was "too tired" to give it up. Harry thought Vernon was a fool. He had taken this woman for granted for well too many years... Harry had seen it all the time he had grown up in the house... even though she was a domineering bitch, She always treated Vernon like the King of the Castle. She looked amazing. How could you refuse to fuck some one that willing and that hot?

Petunia took another long drink, and another drag on the cigarette, then put it out slowly on a saucer, as she blew a stream of exhaled smoke out of the side of her mouth. "Some piece of ass, I turned out to be, hmm,? Can't even get my husband to touch me."

She looked at Harry, she pointed her finger in a swaying manner at him, "An' it's yer fault. You made me feel attractive. Like I was a young girl. Like men wanted to be with me."

"They do. You turned heads today Auntie. Men wanted to be with you. Remember the bloke with the gray hair? If he could, he would have taken you right there on the pavement. I would have too! My uncle is a fool who has forgotten what he has."

Tears come to Petunia's eyes. One falls down her cheek, Harry reaches up and gently brushes it away. His fingers caress the side of his Aunt's face. "Please don't cry. I don't want you sad. You are wrong."

"Why am I wrong?" Petunia asks, wiping away more tears with her pinky fingers. Her rings are off both her hands.

"Because, Auntie, you are a fine piece of ass." She looks at the smirk on Harry's face, and she begins to giggle, and Harry laughs as well. Harry raises his glass, and says, "To Petunia, a fine shag in any country!"

Petunia, raises her glass and giggles and takes another drink. Then she raises her glass to Harry, "To my nephew, with the magical cock, god bless us all!"

They clink their glasses together. Petunia, stands, a bit wobbly, and walks behind Harry. She leans over him, and kisses him on the cheek. She then kisses him in the ear, and then whispers, "How would you like to fuck me- Here, in my kitchen?" Harry stands, and Petunia French-kisses him. She sidles behind him, and runs her hands around to his bare chest, and runs her hands slowly down his muscular build. Her fingers feel like magic. He feels her breasts pressing against his back. Petunia caresses his ass, grabbing each tight muscular glute. She reaches his pajama pants, and unties them. His Aunt slowly pulls the waist wider and allows them to drop to his feet. Harry reaches back and caresses her hips and thighs. His fingers run down her taut tummy to her vulva. Petunia turns and reaches further down and by touch finds his swelling member. She grabs onto its thick base and grips her hand around its long shaft. She begins to stroke his cock, running her fingernails underneath his glans, and gently pulling and rubbing his balls with her other hand as she continues to stroke his growing rod.

Petunia kisses the side of Harry's face and he turns his head so that their lips and tongues can meet, as she continues to caress and stroke Harry to full hardness. It does not take long for that to happen, Harry is excited, and he wants to take his Aunt in the worst way, despite the blow job, his balls were aching as all he could think about since their arrival home was that he wanted to be inside his Aunt, making her moan and scream his name.

Harry turns and grips Petunia' sheer panties. He pulls them down roughly as he steps out of his own pants. Petunia gives out a pleased moan. Harry runs his fingers down her bare pussy, and insinuates his fingers into its wet folds. He rubs her clit a bit roughly, and Petunia gasps. Harry turns her around, and it is his turn to run his fingers down her chest. He grabs and palms her breasts, feeling their fullness. He pinches her nipples, pulling them harder and longer. Petunia is sighing in pleasure at his touch. Harry grabs the wrists of his Aunt and pulls them back behind her . He holds onto each of her arms and she can feel his large thick cock at her buttocks. He slides his hardness underneath her, so that the top of his long shaft is rubbing against her labia. She can feel the rub of his large head against her clit. Pushing on it. He pulls her arms further back, causing her back to arch, her breasts pulled forward, his hardness continuing to rub into the folds of her pouty cunt lips. She is wet, and she can feel her puss drip onto the shaft of Harry's hard as steel member. Harry pushes Petunia to the dining table, letting go of her arms. Petunia places her hands flat on its surface and bends over. She spreads her legs to give Harry better access to her sex and ass. Her heels push up her calves and make her ass cheeks tighter. She feels very sexy right now. Harry murmurs his appreciation of the view, and she can feel her pussy juices drip down her inner thigh.

"Mmmm, you look good Auntie... so...fuckable." Harry states in a low voice. He runs his hands over her taut calves, and up her thighs, and then around her ass cheeks where they set roundly atop her lovely legs. He slaps her ass with a firm strike and Petunia moans. " Yes, very fuckable," Harry agrees to himself. He runs his fingers into her cunt, and finds the entrance to her hot, wet love box. He pushes his fingers inside her and strokes her a bit, then pulls them out. She turns her head and can see him licking his fingers. " Your cunt tastes good, Auntie, I wonder if your ass does too?" He bends over and begins to lick her rectum, his tongue swirls around her tight pink anus. Petunia moans her approval. Harry darts his tongue inside her sphincter, then tongues her rim again, and sucks and bites on the crevice of her beautiful ass. The lust is welling inside both of them, but Petunia has reached her limit and begs for Harry to put his cock inside her. Instead Harry place three fingers in her ass as he continues to rub cock on the outside of her wanton puss. Petunia moans as his continual touch is making every nerve in her body sensitive. His touch makes her lips quiver and her cunt contract uncontrollably.

"Please, please fuck me... I want your cock inside of me! " Petunia urges.

Harry grips his cock, and nestles it between Petunia's ass cheeks and begins to rub the large cut mushroom head of his cock from her lower back down along her anus, taint and into the lips of her wet sex, and back up again, He does this several times, and Petunia continues to urges him to put it inside her. She is impatient to feel his thick meat rod back inside her. She does not care where, as long as she can feel him pushing his hard, long thick cock deep, deeper inside her. She bends further to the table, pushing her ass further out, offering herself up to her nephew. She loves to feel wanted, to feel the lust of another wanting her body, wanting to touch her insides. She wants to be filled with his cock.

Harry continues to tease her some more, just placing the head of his cock at her anus and pushing enough to spread the opening of her rectum but not placing his head fully inside. She moans and pushes against him, trying to bring his cock further inside her. Harry is relishing the domination, he enjoys the desperation of his Aunt wanting his dick. But he finally acquiesces and moves is cock down and into her wet and wanting cunt lips. He grips both sides of her hips with force, and directs his incredibly hard cock into the wet velvet fleshy folds of her pussy until he finds the opening and he pushes with force the full length and girth of his hardness slowly into her until she can feel his full balls touching her vulva. Petunia feels a flood of electricity through her spine as Harry begins to push and pull his huge rod inside her. She stifles a load moan, even without being magically enhanced, Harry's dick is the biggest she had ever dealt with- Vernon's penis though having a good thickness to it, was about half the size of Harry's cock. Vernon has a penis. Harry has a cock. She smiles at that . She has a cock to play with this summer. It will be a good summer. She urges him to fuck her harder. Harry pushes her face down to the table and holds her neck roughly as he begins to shake her body with his full, long hard strokes.

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