Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
No Slumber for the Slightly Wicked

No Slumber for the Slightly Wicked

Harry was regretting the last half of a pizza he had scarfed as he stopped to belch quietly, his head turned away from Tilly Furthington, who was bent over in the pool restroom's sink in the handicapped bathroom as he gripped her massive fake tits and continued to slam his cock hard into her smooth and very wet cunt from behind her. He was hammering her hard, per her many urgent requests. The massive head of his rock-hard cock was butting against her pelvic wall, well, more like bludgeoning it.

He was eying her bleached and very tight looking little pink anal pucker. He let go of her breasts and gripped her wide hips, kicking her legs further apart, and saying in a guttural tone, "Spread your legs, slut."

"Mmmm, I love when you call me that, love!" Tilly remarked as she continued to drag on her cigarette, one part of her two-piece bathing suit in the sink and the other on floor at her spiked high heels.

Tilly was glad she had spotted Petunia's nephew at the edge of the pool, just dangling his feet in the water while she was swimming. He was finally alone, and she was not going to miss this opportunity. She swam underwater until she popped up right between his legs. Her hand gripped his leg and she pulled herself up out of the water. Her face in line with the obvious bulge in his baggy trunks. One thing she knew with boys his age, you are best to make it obvious. With her left hand on his knee, her right hand had slithered its way into the wide leg opening of the baggy shorts and was soon gripping and rubbing that anaconda he had for a penis. Her nipples were extremely hard already and stretching the thin polyester material of her top. Her large tits buoyed in the water like two lovely round beach balls tethered to her slender and tanned body. "So how about if we find a place proper for letting me suck that big fucking cock of yours and then letting you shag the hell out of me, hmmm?"

Harry only nodded and could have dragged her out of the pool just using his erection if she could have held onto it. Instead, he walked down a few feet to the ladder there at the deep end and waited for Tilly to swim over, and then he helped her up the ladder, watching the water rivulets run down her hot tight Milf body and drip off her large breasts, the wet fabric of her tiny two piece clinging deliciously to her body. He found her a clean towel folded in a pile on a small cart along pool side, unfolded it and gently handed it to her as he looked for a closet or place to go, if for nothing else, to get the circus tent that was now his shorts out of public view. Luckily, he had not to go far; the small bathroom with the very wide door reserved as the handicapped accessible bathroom was nearby. He tried the handle and found it opened. Somehow in the meantime, Tilly had magically found her cigarettes and lighter and a still very full highball glass of what smelled like a gin tonic and was toddling behind him on heels that made her boobs bounce in that oh-so naughty way. He held the door open for her and smelled intoxicating fresh perfume waft in the air past him. This woman did not miss a trick.

When he had finished doing an all-clear check, satisfied that no one had noticed their arrival to the bathroom, Harry switched the large lock on the door near the knob. When he turned around, he found a fully nude Tilly still in her heels and her hand stretched out offering him the towel. "Would you be a dear and dry me please?" She said as she took out a smoke and lit it after he took the towel and began gently drying her. She leaned against the sink and spread her legs wide. As mentioned, Tilly was not one for subtleties with a teenage boy and grabbed his head roughly, her long fingernails pulling his thick black hair as he kneeled to dry her calves and lower legs, and she directed his face to her pussy immediately. "Give us a suck, then I will give you one, love.", was her only command. She continued to smoke and watch Harry as he began kissing and licking her manicured pussy, smooth from a recent wax around, with only a small closely cropped triangle of pubic hair that sat atop her lovely round but firm mons pubis. She was surprised at his attentiveness, and that he took his time around her whole pussy before attacking her slit and clit. She thoroughly enjoyed his oral attentions and was wet and hot and needing more after cumming with a small hard orgasm directly onto the young man's face after only five minutes of his oral play.

Harry stood and took charge, pushing her with force down to her knees, and dropping his trunks. He was raging hard, and even after feeling his thickness, the reveal of his whole package brought surprise and a greedy drunken smile to Tilly's face. Tilly had a natural beauty, and wore little make up, but what she did use was enough to make her seem slutty, but Harry marveled at its ability to withstand the water of the pool. Her eyes and lashes remained looking unmarred and not in the least running or smeared. He unmindfully gripped her hair, the style short and wild anyway, and pulled her head back and stepped forward and had his balls at her mouth. She took the hint and began licking, sucking, and biting on his scrotal sac, astounded at their size that she could only take one meaty testicle into her mouth at a time.

Harry let go of her head when she gripped his penis and showed him why she was truly a trophy wife. He cynically thought that her mouth was probably the reason why her husband had risen to the top quickly at a local but prestigious law firm, and he was not off the mark. Tilly was not above doing the things that would ensure she got the comforts out of life that she wanted, whether her husband knew or not. Her fellatio skills were top notch, and Harry begrudgingly had to give her the respect she deserved for what a delicious little cock sucker she truly was. He was soon near cumming, and so he took over, and grabbed her head roughly and took his cock to the back of her throat and down it, and much to his dismay, she only gagged and struggled a bit to swallow the large organ. He relished in fucking her throat, watching the surprise in her eyes and her slight protests as he filled her throat fully with his cockmeat, watching it bulge as his shaft went down it. Harry was feeling very selfish and more than slightly cruel. His thoughts were of all those times he was treated as a peon and servant by these women, whether at the club or gatherings at the Dursley house. He gripped her head with force and roughly fucked her mouth and throat, while she moaned and hung on by gripping his legs. He would pull out only briefly, leaving her gasping and drooling, only to shove his cock back into her mouth again. Her half-finished cigarette had been left burning on the sink and was smoldering at the filter when Harry came hard, whispering "Ejaculotus!" as he filled her throat with pulsing thick semen, and then her mouth, and then across those big beautiful fake tits. She seemed slightly miffed, but the greedy smile returned when she saw that he was still very hard and ready to put his cock to work inside her again. She stood, slightly wobbly on her high heels and bent herself over the sink, gripping it, cocking her hips seductively, and Harry wasted no time splitting her large and dangling pussy lips and finding that wet velvet tunnel to drive his wide and thick cock into. Again, he was not gentle at all, and fucked the MILF without mercy. She had to bite the towel to keep from screaming as he drove deep and hard into her cunt. Later, Harry would feel a bit guilty of his treatment of her, she was no more than just a fuck toy to him, but at the time, there were no qualms, no feelings of mercy or respect and he took his prick to her and made her his slut.

He pulled her hair roughly and slapped her ass hard, leaving the very small sections of untanned skin scarlet. She moaned in appreciation for his roughness. He pictured her lying by the pool in a bikini even smaller than the one she brought to the event, cock-teasing the pool boy she most assuredly had employed for the summer months. She squealed and moaned with the best of them and then with a cry, she came hard. And now, lubricated by her gushing ample pussy juice around much of his meaty shaft he had deep inside her, he was ready to take it up her tight little bleached asshole.

He grabbed her neck and held her face to the cold porcelain wall, as the mirror was not above the sink but to the right of it, a full length one for wheelchair access. Harry pulled his now steel hard cock out of her more than adequate cooze, and before she could protest, shoved his cock into the tight anus of this self-proclaimed Queen of the country club. She moaned and squealed, and Harry placed his hand over her mouth at her loudness, relishing every muffled sound of discomfort that she made as he pushed his girthy rod with force deep into her well-tucked bum. He moved her to the front of the mirror where he could watch her facial expressions as he fucked her from behind. Harry did not slow, nor pause, but with one long, slow steady motion he continued to shove his prick up her anal canal, until his balls rested on her ass cheeks. She was quivering, and moaning as the massive cock stretched her insides, and then she began to back up against him, trying to get even more of his shaft up inside her. He whispered, "Engorgio elongatus" and pushed three more inches of a much wider shaft up inside her, with her screaming into the towel. She began urgently whispering to him as she moaned. "Fuck me baby, fuck me any way you want to, just fuck me!"

Harry slowly pulled his cock out, until his all but the head of his cock was out of her ass, the crown just inside the muscled sphincter ring. She was still tight, and her rectum held the rim of his circumcised head. He pulled back, watching her anus stretch and hold against his wide crown. Then, suddenly without any warning, Harry slammed his shaft again fully and deeply back up inside her tightening anal cavity. Like a freight train starting at the station, He did this repeatedly to her. Pulling fully out only to slam his length back up her ass, enjoying her squeals and moans. The motion slowly quickened until he was hammering her ass hard and fast, jolting her body as he gripped her shoulders and fucked her until he was sweating and shaking from exertion. She pressed against the mirror, holding her palms flat against it in a grimace to keep her head from banging against it. She relished in the pain and pleasure his brutal fucking was giving her. She came hard, her pussy juice dripping down her long legs and puddling on the tile floor.

He did not cum inside her, but he felt satisfied in the fucking he gave her, and when he finally pulled out of her fifteen minutes later, Tilly dropped to her knees on the floor and held onto the sink gasping. Harry pushed her to the floor and made her raise her ass to him, and viewing appreciatively her relaxed and gaping anus, still open to the circumference of his girth. He pushed four of his fingers into her anus and his thumb into her vagina and pulled her, signaling Tilly to raise her ass even higher than it was. He let go, then straddled her, grabbed her neck, pushing her face to the floor and slid his cock back into her anus and fucked her some more, his foot now on the side of her face. She cried and squealed some more, then convulsed in a final orgasm.

Harry did not give her time to recover as he pulled her around to face him, and made her suck his cock, and she did it without protest, licking and taking the cock into her mouth, tasting the musk of her ass on his prick. He roughly gripped the top of her head and pushed the still very erect rod down her throat and fucked her mouth again until he felt the pull in his balls, and he retracted, and ejaculated across her face and into her mouth until there was nothing left, and she had sucked him clean. He slapped her with his turgid cock once across her mouth and then let go of her head with a push and turned away from her. He found his baggy shorts and put them back on, saying nothing to her, not really wanting to talk to her. He had been savage in his fucking of her, perhaps even paling the ferocity of Clive. She cleaned up her face and breasts with the towel, splashing water on herself from the sink like a whore's bath saying nothing at all as well. He turned to leave, and she gently grabbed his arm and looked up at him pleadingly. "You will shag me again some time, won't you dear?" Harry only smiled and left the bathroom and walked down the hall to the locker room where he had left his clothes.

Harry had dressed and retired to the game room, looking for Petunia but did not find her. He settled in with another drink given to him by a back rubbing mother, and found again, that it has a generous pour of rum into it. The word had spread as to his favorite drink. He tried to remember her pleasant face and wink so that he could find out her name later. He was watching the four lads he had met earlier at the mixer playing a Nintendo system, Mario or some such game. Clive was not around, and he was sure he was smoking with some of the other mothers in his basement furnace office. A hand was at his neck, and a kiss on his neck. He thought it would be Petunia, but it was Mimi. She was tipsy, and her cleavage buttons had all come undone, which distracted pretty much every boy in viewing distance as she leaned over to talk to him.

She whispered, "I saw Tilly Furthington walking bow-legged. Did you have anything to do with that?" Harry only grinned and took another gulp of his drink.

"I thought so! Well, I hope you really put it to her… hard."

Harry replied with, "Think Clive, but with a mean streak."

"Good for you, the cow deserves whatever you "meated out" to her!" She giggled at her pun.

"Not that it taught her anything… I think she liked it."

Mimi only snorted in derision.

"Mimi, did you see that woman who brought me this drink? Do you know who she is?"

"Yes, I did, I believe that was Gina Cocksford. Why do you ask, Harry? Already looking for another candle to wax your wick?" She teased.

"No, I just wanted to say thank you to her for the drink, this is a bloody good rum and coke!"

Watch yourself, Harry, they will have you in a bitch-in-heat pile five deep before you know it."

"Dunno, sounds like fun!"

"I am sure it does. I guess of the she-wolves around here, Gina is one of the better ones. Poor dear, her husband cheats on her constantly. I am sure she is craving a bit of attention. Well, at least you are having fun."

"And you are not? You have all these boys around here drooling over you."

"Well, that is a bit of fun, but that is all they are doing… drooling. Not one of them has the balls to approach me."

"Did I? We are dolts, Mimi, take what you want. You'll never get it waiting for us. I am sure you could get two or three of the lads to follow you to a deep dark corner and have a real party if you wanted."

"Ooh, sounds fun, but most of these boys are brats that I do not want to reward, thank you very much."

"Well, if you are really interested, these four lads here are nice enough, a bit shy though. I think if you stand by them or get to talking to them, I bet they would love to find out how lovely those big breasts of yours truly are, along with the rest of you."

"You think so?"

"I know so. It would be the highlight of their young lives as it was for me."

"Four boys?"

"Lads. Young men really. You only live once. Take them skinny dipping. I am pretty sure the pool is deserted by now. It was that way when I left after dressing."

"Is that where you got off to? I was looking for you earlier."

"I had been shooed there by Aunt Petunia. I thought I might find you there."

"Instead, you ended up banging Tilly. Tough luck, Harry."

"Story of my life, Mimi. Hardships and heartaches."

"Yes, you are a walking blues song." Harry could tell her mind was pre-occupied. "Four lads, really?"

"Well, I am sure you could get at least some third base level action if you wanted."

"What is third base, Harry Potter?"

"Not sure, since I always score a homer." Harry smirked.

"Touché, Harry Potter." She slapped his knee. "So, are you trying to get rid of me? What if I want to play a bit of ball with you?"

"Is that why you were looking for me then?"

"No actually, I was supposed to give you word that if you wished to stop by the clubroom that Amelia has reserved for her sanctuary from this male madness, she would love to receive you."

"Receive me."

"Her words, not mine. I must say Harry, you have a way of bringing out the better in people. Amelia has always seemed to be a stand-offish person, and I could tell she was genuinely enjoying herself while we all made our pizzas together. Well done, young man! Though I must again say that all-vegetarian pizza she made did not appeal to me… I like mine to have some meat." She rubbed the pant leg that she certainly knew his long cock was tucked down, fondly, with a twinkle in her eye. "Well, Harry, you have convinced me. If I fail miserably, promise you will be here to rescue me and nurse my ego with some make-up sex."

"Deal. But I only see success in your future."

"Wish me luck."

"Good luck, Mimi, though another open button should be even better than luck."

She undid the button, and Harry noticed she was only wearing a shallow half- cup bra, and her nipples would be easily revealed in her current state of "blouse freedom". Yes, no luck needed here. He watched as she greeted the boys and leaned over to give them a good view of her tits and nipples as she slid into the middle of the four on the couch and asked them to explain the video game they were playing. They seemed more than willing to share their experiences with her. She fawned and ran fingers along shoulders and legs and into hair as she flirted shamelessly with them. Harry watched her pull a joint out from her bra, and with a lot of nodding from the boys, the five of them abandoned the video game and headed quietly out of the game room in twos and threes. It looked like Gordie, Teddy, Chris, and Vern were going to share a lovely life lesson of what a Mimi sandwich tastes and feels like. Good luck lads, you are going to need it to keep up.

The open console was quickly descended upon by a new gang of four, and Harry picked up his drink to wander, and see if he could find Petunia. He knew he would eventually show up at Amelia's hideaway, but he knew that would probably be for a long spell and he wanted to check in with her, and if not her, perhaps Clive would be up for a smoke if he wasn't too high already. He wandered, smiling, and nodding, and drinking his drink, and getting a new buzz in his head from it. His drink was almost empty when who appeared again in front of him but Gina Cocksford. She was a slim petite young woman, perhaps thirty at most. She was short, which he did not noticed sitting down, but she would barely come under his chin if standing under him, and that would be if he leaned slightly forward. She had that country girl face, wholesome with truly little make up, only a sheer gloss on her full lips and a bit of mascara at her eyelashes, which were darker than her natural hair color. She would be a woman that would always look ten years younger than she was. She was small breasted, but in her thin dark green chiffon off-the-shoulder peasant blouse, her perky little breasts bounced as she moved, making it obvious she was sans-brassiere. She was a tanned ginger, with a spray of freckles across her nose and shoulders. He instantly found her likable and appealing, even more so when she smiled at him. He held up his almost empty glass to her. "Gina! Thank you for the coke, it is excellent!"

"Well, I am glad you liked it; it appears that you could use another."

"Well, yes, guess I could. I don't want to get anyone in trouble here."

"For a coke?" she winked, "Why it is no bother! I could go get another one if you would like."

"Would you mind if I tagged along?"

"Not at all. Some of us mums are hiding in the kitchen, out of the politics and cliques, trying to relax a bit, because we know this crew is not going to settle down until well after midnight! We also made another pizza to nibble on if you are hungry."

"I could probably manage a slice."

"I bet you could! Uh, I mean, a young man your age always has an appetite."

"I tend to like something sweet to really whet my appetite.".

Gina raised and eyebrow and smiled at him as they walked. "Well, there are plenty of sweet things around here if you want one."

"Maybe closer than I thought," mumbled Harry, as he glanced in her direction. He thought he saw her a flash of a blush cross Gina's face. He was thoroughly enjoying walking slightly behind Gina, who was wearing tight faded boyfriend jeans, with a high waist. Her bum was amazing. Her husband was a fool if he was really cheating on her.

"Gina looked down and said something under her breath that Harry thought sounded like, "Very close, love", but that could just his wishful thinking. Gina stopped to introduce her eleven-year-old son, Sean, to Harry. Sean seemed annoyed and embarrassed that his mom had interrupted their Dungeons and Dragons gameplay and was quick to pleadingly point out to her that they were in the middle of an important quest. Rebuked, Gina gracefully took the hint and asked the group if anyone needed refills on snacks or drinks and took down the orders mentally like the best of waitresses. Once back in her role as servant to the crown, Sean seemed to settle down and return from his embarrassment and annoyance. Gina met another mom, a titillating Latina woman she called Esperanza, who was headed to the same group. They compared notes on what orders were being filled or had already been filled with what Esperanza held in her hands, and Gina promised to be back with a couple of pitchers of soft drinks. Harry was beginning to see why these women were hiding away in the kitchen.

They arrived at the large kitchen, and Gina turned and said, "Make yourself at home. As you heard, I have to run some soft drinks out to the boys." She turned her head slightly and yelled, "Poppy! He loved your special coke! Could you make him another?" Then it was back to Harry with a bit of a wistful smile, "Are you planning to stick around a bit, Harry?"

Harry only nodded, but it seemed to please her, and she smiled and nodded, then said, "Well, right! Okay, must be off to keep those thirsty goblins on their campaign trail!" She laughed at her own joke a bit nervously and decided it would be best just to leave and take care of the order, and suddenly with a slight embarrassment on her face, turned quickly and went to another part of the kitchen. Harry enjoyed watching her walk away. Then he was truly aware of his situation. There must have been at least ten moms if not more in the kitchen, doing everything from gabbing to each other to stacking dishes or preparing trays of food and snacks.

He could tell by their slightly pink and in some cases droopy eyelids and smiles that many of the women in the kitchen were high. Clive must have struck again was his first thought, then he found his cousin among them at a small table further in the back. He had his own harem of stoned milfs and was king of the castle. "So, this is what Clive has been up to these last couple of hours!" thought Harry. He grinned and fist bumped his cousin when he came around the table.

He noticed in eerie fashion, that several of the women seemed to be following him over to the table in silence. It did not seem menacing, all were smiles, but yet, it did seem menacing anyway. The gathered around him, and then they started slow, with a touch on the shoulder, and a "Hello love." Then it was "What do you need?" and before he could answer, his glass was being taken from his hand, and another rum and coke appeared magically, with the question, "You like a bit of rum, right? Do you want lemon?", then a plate of warm appetizers appeared under his nose. "Are you hungry, love?" It stayed there until he took one and then was urged to take another before it was whisked away. They someone was straightening the collar of his shirt at the back of his neck. Another was running her fingers through the sides of his hair, exclaiming "Ooh, that is soft! I love your haircut! Bibi! Come here and feel this hair, Love, it is ab-so-lutely luxurious!" Then a burning joint appeared under his nose. "Care for a hit, love?" Harry absent-mindedly took it and took a long drag and held it out and another hand gently took it from him. A hand was on his shoulder and fingers were gently raking upwards through his hair at the back of his head and then two hands through the sides of his hair. "Oooh, you are right love! His hair feels just marvelous!" At some point he remembered to let go of the smoke in his lungs, and a thin line of blue smoke exhaled from his nostrils. More hands rubbing his shoulders and gripping his biceps. It was all a bit overwhelming to Harry; he had never had this much maternal attention in all his life. Someone brought him and chair, and the two women he stood behind quickly made room between the two of them and well-manicured hands with brightly painted nails pulled him down to into the chair, to squeeze between them. He was in a haze, only smelling different perfumes and seeing hands and feeling legs and thighs pressing against him, and breasts pressed against the back of his head, neck, and shoulders. A parade of hands fluffed and smoothed and messed up his hair again and again. He was facing Clive who sat directly opposite of him. He was rolling another blunt, a large bag of weed in front of him smelling very skunky. The table was littered with drinks, a pizza tin in the middle with what appeared to still be half of a warm pepperoni pie on it. Harry reached over and grabbed a slice. A napkin magically was slid in front of him by the woman on his left. Her arm went around his should in a light hug, followed by a lingering rub along his broad shoulders. Whole people began coming into focus. He chewed his pizza and looked at the assortment of milfy moms gathered around the table and the nearby counter. This seemed to be a refuge for the weary and the working, who all happened to be high and/or possibly a bit tipsy as well.

Harry drank some of his coke and found "a bit of rum" was approximately two full shots. He took a much smaller gulp the next time around. He finished his pizza as he answered small inquiries to his well-being and his appetite needs as they shot out from amongst the table or listened to the ongoing conversations and banter of the women as they filled the silence with animated conversation. Some of it seemed to be centered on how sturdy and broad shouldered both he and Clive had become. Clive seemed oblivious to the praise and adoration, and once Harry saw his eyes, he knew why; Clive was what he had heard from Neville as being "baked" or very, very, very high. He had stopped partaking of any of the several joints that seemed to be making their way around the kitchen. Harry found it odd how many came back to him ringed in a different shades and colors of lipstick. After his third hit, he began to beg them off politely. The shoulder squeezes and the back pats and rubs continued, on almost a regular basis and seemed to be rewarded more frequently when he participated in the group with a comment, or smile, or laugh. Then the discreet leg rubbing began. It started with a pat to the thigh or knee, and then a squeeze a bit later, followed by a resting hand. He noticed this was happening to both legs. Then the right leg seemed to be getting more attention as that was the side his penis seemed to naturally nest down. The hand was tentative, but Harry determined it was definitely exploratory, and soon, fingertips were running down his thigh and finding the outline and border of his cock, which was beginning to respond to the touching it was receiving by inflating its presence. The hand seemed to enjoy this response, and began playfully squeezing the bulging organ, and Harry felt the pant leg grow tighter around his leg and member. Harry looked over to the mother on his right, who seemed to be multitasking, rubbing on his cock while being fully engaged in a conversation with two other mothers on her side of the table. He could not catch her eye, and his dilemma was whether to let her continue what was pleasurable but embarrassing, or politely place his hand over hers and stop the action. He had no idea of who this woman was. Late Thirties, perhaps early forties, with very nice skin that was tanned lightly and blonde hair that she wore to her a bit past her shoulders, with a silver headband to pull it back from her very pleasant but somewhat generic milf face. He would not be able to pick her out from a crowd at a shopping mall for certain. He listened closer to their conversation, and she continued to rub and squeeze his thickening cock through his pants without missing a beat. He finally heard someone mention her name. It was Heather. From what he could tell, Heather was medium chested, smaller than Petunia but larger than Gina. Her waist was thin, and her hips wide enough to be pressed close his as they sat close next to each other. She seemed animated with her laughter and general tone she took on in her conversation.

Harry was beginning to get very hard and was about to as kindly as he could grab Heather's hand as he had no wish to stand with an erection or cum in his pants, when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and Gina standing over him, seeing exactly what Heather was doing to him. Gina tapped Heather on the shoulder and leaned in towards her left ear.

"Heather, dear, your Collin was asking for you."

Heather seemed a bit miffed, and asked, "Did he say what he wanted?"

"No, just that if I saw you, to ask you to come see him soon."

"Well, it has been a while since I did check in on him."

"I'll keep your seat warm for you, I could use a bit of time off my feet."

"Well, I guess I should go see what the little dear needs."

Harry was relieved when Heather removed her hand from his crotch and then turned and got up from her chair and left. Gina immediately plopped down in it, turning her attention to Harry, leaning in close to talk to him in a low voice.

"Heather is quite the tease."

"Yes, subtle, but not really. She never said a word to me."

"I hope you did not mind me interrupting, you seemed a bit uncomfortable."

"Well, it was rather public, and I had no place to go."

"You were a bit too polite about it, young man, you can say no - or did you want to say no?"

"Well, it was flattering, but not really the right place to give it a go."

"I am still not hearing anything but platitudes."

"Guess that is about all I am good for at these things.'

"What, the whole hand job thing?"

"Uh, no, I mean, not causing hard feelings with members of the club- Aunt Petunia spends so much time here, I wouldn't want to cause any problems…"

"Well, then, taking one for the Dursleys eh?"

"Well, to be honest, I can't say it wasn't feeling good."

"I am sure. You are what, seventeen, eighteen? Anything feels good rubbing up against you at that age. I kind of remember that. God, I wish I could remember that." Gina laughed at her own joke, with what Harry felt was a bit of sadness or resignation. "Say, why don't you help me the load the dishwasher, I think there is enough in the sink to do a load."

"Uhm, could we wait a few more minutes?" Harry's face flushed a bit, and he glanced down at his crotch, his thick penis still very evident in his pants. Gina glanced down and blushed herself.

"Uhm yeah, I guess it takes a while with that much… well, never mind! Sure. Do you want to talk about Grandma or cricket or politics?" she joked.

"Uhm, how about if we have a slice of pizza and just listen to the noise around us."

"I can do that." Gina pulled two slices off the tin and gave one to Harry, then smiled and took a big bite of her own slice.

Harry helped Gina with the dishes, rinsing and handing her the items as she loaded the dishwasher.

After the pizza and some minutes of easy conversation that included no flirting or overt sexual overtones, Harry felt "deflated" enough to get up from the table, so Gina made a big show of asking for his help with the dishes and pulling his hand to get him go with her. Harry played the reluctant teen and eventually went along with her. The mothers cheered their approval, and thus, they left the table gracefully without nary a one feeling snubbed. Heather came back to find both chairs open and disappointed that she did not get to continue getting a feel of that magnificent big cock but knowing that her chance to find have it in her hand and elsewhere again was more than likely. Let Gina have him for now, but it would be a waste of time in her hands; she only had him doing the dishes when there could be real services performed!

"So," Harry started after they were well into the start of the dish pile, "Why are you working so hard, and instead of laying back and partying like the rest of the mums?"

Gina stopped and looked at him with a you got to be taking a piss kind of look. "We all have roles at this club, Harry. There are the doers, like Petunia, and Esperanza, and myself, as well as a few others, then there are the occasional helpers, like most of this lot, then there are the coat-tail riders, like, well perhaps I should not mention any…"

"Like Heather and Tilly Furthington." Harry concluded with a straight look at Gina, who smiled and only slightly nodded. "Well, anyway we are the people we are, and there is no use feeling resentful or angry about it. I choose to be doer; I could be a helper if I wanted."

"But never a coat-tail rider, I am guessing."

"No, perhaps when I am old and less graceful about the needs of the many, but not any time soon. I grew up knowing the satisfaction of a job well-done, and I only hope that I can pass on that ethic to Sean."

"Well, I am sure he will pick it up, even if there are times right now that he may not seem to notice, I know that he does. It was that way for me. I have learned to work hard all my life; it just has taken me time to learn what is worth working hard for."

"Oh, and do pray tell, what is worth working hard for?"

"That is easy. Friends, family, and knowing that what you are doing will make a difference somewhere down the road."

"Wow, Harry, I never thought I would hear a teenager say something so wise."

"Uhm, I don't know how wise it is, but it feels true enough to me, and that is what matters."

"That sounds more like a teenager, but it is still an old bit of wisdom that shines through it." Gina stopped and put her hand on his chest right at his heart. "Keep it, Harry, it is worth remembering when times get really hard and tough." Her hand lingered a moment, her fingertips grazing the hard muscle she found there, before with a slight blush on her face, she took her hand away and returned to stacking the dishes neatly into the machine.

Harry noticed small things with Gina, the way her tiny round nose wrinkled, when she was speaking animatedly, the deep green in her eyes, and the different shades of red, copper, and blonde that shown through her hair in the stark light of the kitchen. A joint came back around, and Harry offered it to Gina who took a polite but adequate drag of it, before handing it back to him. Harry then tapped the shoulder of another woman who had her back turned, knowing full well who had just walked into the room and was engaged in a conversation with two women at the center island counter. Petunia turned around.

"Excuse me, Miss, could you take care of this?" as he offered the burning joint in his hand. It was a cruel thing to do, but Harry was forcing Petunia to perhaps let her hair down in public at her big event. She looked him in the eye, first with what appeared to be extreme annoyance. Then she saw the genuine smile on his face, and then the look of care he was giving her, and she hesitantly took it, saying nothing and took a long drag on it, holding it like she does her cigarettes when she is anxious, and then offered it to the surprised looking women she was talking to, one of whom took it from her and took a drag herself. It was like a wall of ice had collapsed onto the floor, and suddenly, the kitchen, which had had the tone of a battle zone weary bar, now was a party. The chatter grew more animated and lighter, as news spread that even Petunia was loosening up at the event. Petunia had even seemed to notice the difference around her and beamed. After her check-in talk with the women, she turned back and approached Harry, who was finishing up the dishes with Gina.

Petunia, all smiles, placed her hand on Gina's shoulder, and asked, "Gina, would it be alright if I took Harry for a bit to have word with him?"

Gina, a bit surprised, said "No of course not, and shot a look of concern over to Harry, who had his own look of concern, knowing that he had forced Petunia into a compromising position at the club. He feared what wrath may occur and was banking hard on their recent change in relationship that it would not be too bad or scathing.

Petunia took Harry's arm in hers, and casually escorted him through the kitchen and out the door, with many stares following along with chatter and whispered concern for the doomed nephew. Once in the hall, Petunia's pace only quickened, and she pulled out a key and opened the door to the club manager's small office. He saw some of her things stacked around the room, including her purse and their overnight bags. She practically shoved Harry into the room, and then after looking furtively into the hallway, closed and locked the door.

"Well?", she demanded, "Why aren't you undressing?"

Harry held Petunia's ankles behind her head on the couch in the office. They had spread a couple of towels down, which was fortuitous as Petunia as coming hard, and gushing as Harry drove his massive cock, also enhanced by Petunia, deep inside her poor little gaping asshole. Harry was close to coming and let out a guttural moan, "Unnnhhh! Pet, I am close to coming!

Petunia placed her feet into the crook of his shoulders and pulled on the end of Harry's belt and it tightened around his neck, as he continued to plunge his bludgeon of a cock fast and deep into her anal canal and she moaned and squealed loudly, safe in knowing that the muffling spell Harry had taught her was holding it all inside the room. Harry was feeling dizzy, but then he came, and the rush was incredible, and he ejaculated hard, pumping his semen deep into Petunia's ass.

He was near passing out from the extreme pleasure and rush of endorphins to his head, especially after all the rum and weed he had consumed. He brought Petunias long legs together and held onto them, as his cock continued to pump its load into her. She had rejuvenated his balls, along with the increase in his penis size, and they were full and heavy.

The pleasure was overwhelming, and he tugged, and Petunia let go of the belt. Petunia slid down on the couch, and pulled her legs further back, offering him a plug for her ass. His cock still in, semen was now spilling out from where his shaft met her anus. He retracted his cock a bit and could felt his cock jerk again with a final pulse of his thick man-milk. "You are going to need a bigger one than this, Pet", he remarked, knowing the size of her gape. He spoke, "Engorgio!", while concentrating on the plug in his hand and it grew in girth and length. Harry then carefully slid his cock out, and not so carefully forced the plug into Petunia retracting anus, red and sore and swollen from the brutal rogering Harry had given it. Harry tugged on the plug to ensure that it was indeed well sealed in her ass and enjoyed watching her anus stretch in the process. Petunia, squealed, and then said, "Oh nephew, please! You don't know how sensitive my bum is right now, my god what a lovely, bloody savage you were! It was like fucking Clive all over again!"

"And that was a bit of bad?" Harry asked a bit sarcastically, as he took a swig of water from a bottle in found on the desk. He was still semi-erect, and he could not believe how large Petunia had made his cock. She must of have added a half a pint of blood to his body, or he would be passing out by now from lack of flow to the rest of his body.

"No, and don't be cross, I enjoyed the passion!" She pouted her lips and spoke. "You're dripping, come over here and let me clean you up." She turned and sat up on the couch, facing Harry. Harry brought his crotch to her face and Petunia began sucking around the head of his cock and took it into her mouth, pulling the dribbling sperm out from his urethra. Harry pushed it further to her mouth and she allowed him, and her tongue swirled, picking up the spunk that clung to it. He did not force it down her throat even though he was still turgid enough to do so, but Petunia relaxed her throat, and took it down herself, grabbing his waist and slowly bringing her face to his hard chiseled abdomen. Harry marveled at the way her throat bulged around his meaty girth. Her lips were stretched as wide and thin as they could go, and then she slowly pulled back until the crown of his cock was again in her hands and outside her mouth. She slowly licked his cock clean and sucked on his balls for good measure. She then spanked his ass and said, "That is enough, Nephew. We were in here much longer than I thought we would be. We will soon be missed if we aren't already."

"I am sure that they are thinking you are reading me the riot act for smoking marijuana in public with the ladies."

"Well, it will be up to you to show me in a firm, but good light. It serves you right, young man, for putting me on the spot. However, it seemed to have broken their tension with me and the girls, and I want to make sure that stays in place… I don't like them thinking I am someone who walks around with a stick up her arse."

"Well, you kind of do, Auntie" Harry said, as he tugged on her anal plug.

"Smart Arse. You know what I mean. I want them to think I let my hair down too."

"Then don't worry so much about this week-end! Your event is brilliant! Everyone is having a brilliant time."

"Well, you seem to be making an impression. I have only received compliments on what a nice young man you are, especially from Tilly Furthington."

Harry was glad he was not drinking anything when Petunia said that. He squirmed a bit. "Yeah? Well, I just helped her out when she needing some things taken care of."

"Well good for you. But I hope you continue to have fun and find time to be company to Amelia and Mimi."

"Yes, we have been hanging out loads. In fact, I was going to go visit Amelia a bit at her invitation."

"Thank you, Nephew. I am shocked how you have brought her out of her shell; she truly appeared to be having a good time at our pizza party. Now, before you dress, come here."

"Uhm, Pet, could you not undo your engorgio spell?"

"Oh, so you do like having your already big swinging cock bigger?" She seemed amused.

"Well, yes, I do."

"Well, thank you for being honest about it, but if you show that to any other woman, they might just pass out."

"I did not plan on it, Auntie." Big lie. He was thinking of three women right now: Amelia, Gina, and that Heather woman, but perhaps he just wanted to scare her and see her reaction if he pulled out a huge cock and called her cock-teasing bluff.

"Of course not. Here, though, let me give you a recharge- just in case, you know." Petunia cupped his large heavy scrotal sac and uttered, "Rejuvenatus!" She felt the new heft in his balls, seemed satisfied, and said, "There, that should let you fuck whoever you want and still leave some for me."

"Pet, I am not planning on - "

"Hush! You may not be planning, but I can tell you others are. Those hens don't think I heard them gossiping about the size of your prick. I just chose to pretend that I did not. Be careful young man, you are now trapped in a den of she-wolves. But I don't mind. I think it will do us both good. At least just for this weekend. Remember that Nephew! Just consider this an early birthday present. Now, get dressed, they are all probably besides themselves in speculation. Your story better be marvelous and show me in a kind light."

Harry leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and Petunia practically beamed.

Harry showed back up at the kitchen. He liked the party environment there, though he wondered how Clive was getting along especially if his mother was dropping by. For good reason, he was quite sure that Eva did not know that her son dealt weed as his chosen form of supplemental income. She would be blind not to know that he was a stoner, but Eva did not seem like the type that would let it begrudgingly go much past recreational use for her teenaged son.

Harry came back into the kitchen after stopping in the pool bathroom for a quick wash up and dash in and out shower. He did not find Mimi and the boys at the pool. He found Gina leaning over the end of the prep island furthest from the doorway. Clive was absent from the table across from it. Several women gathered around him and began to ask questions. Harry had thought about it and decided on a story that he thought fit Petunia but would also show her in a sympathetic light.

Gina started by putting her hand on Harry's shoulder. Apparently, everyone there around him had either witnessed or was perhaps a victim of Petunia's icy anger or felt badly for getting Harry into any perceived trouble with Petunia. All faces were full of concern and contrition. Gina spoke first. "Are you okay?"

Harry just nodded his head and tried to smile. "Yes, never better."

Another asked, "Was she really angry?"

"No, not at all, in fact if anything she was a bit worried."

"How so?" asked Gina, acting a bit surprised.

"Well, I am not sure if she would like me to share this or not…"

"Go on!" egged one over-interested mum.

"She had never smoked pot before, and she was not sure how she would react to it."

"Ahhh!" seemed to be the group response in almost perfect unison.

"So, she has never?"


"And she was afraid that she would freak out?"

"Well, yes."

"Did she?"

"No, no. She is doing fine. Feeling a bit floaty… I uh, supplemented it with another bit I had."

"Was she mad at you?"

"Well, she did let me know that she did not really approve of me smoking something illegal but felt at least I was among responsible adults and safe, and she did give me a bit of talking to for putting her on the spot, but that was it. In fact, she said she felt a bit relief of being able to let her hair down a bit."

"Poor dear, she worries too much about these events."

"I told her the same thing. I said she should relax, that it was going brilliantly."

"Well done! Then why were you gone so long?" Gina asked, looking a bit sheepish after she asked, as a couple of the women shot her a knowing look.

"Was I gone long? I did not notice. She wanted me to sit with her a bit until she felt comfortable that she was feeling okay." Harry decided that if he was going to fib, it would not hurt to put himself in a sympathetic light as well, and it seemed to be working.

He received several pats on the hand, shoulder and back, and a couple of hugs and squeezes.

"Such a good lad."

"What a sweet nephew."

"Well done, love!"

Harry turned towards Gina and said, "Do you need any help with the dishes or … anything else?"

The other ladies took the hint and slowly moved away from the two of them and back to other conversations in the kitchen, as well as to relay the bit of news and of course, their opinions on what Harry had relayed.

"Uhm, no, not really, the dishwasher is still running and besides, someone else can bloody take them out!"

"Good for you!"

"Say, How are you at Darts?"

"Absolute shite."

Gina laughed. "Do you fancy a game anyway?"

"Sure, why not, I can use the practice."

"Lovely! We have the key to the billiards and darts room, but I think that none of the older boys have asked for it, all of them seem happy to play video games."

"Great, then it shouldn't be… it shouldn't be crowded." Harry had almost slipped at his excitement by noting that they would be alone.

They walked at a casual pace through the service hallway in the back, towards the double doors that led to the great hallway, then up the stairs, and to the club's private billiards room. When Gina opened the great oak door, the room smelled of men's cologne and Cuban cigars. It was empty, no one in sight. Harry tried not to notice as Gina turned toward the door, trying to decide whether to close it or not. In the end, she left it just barely open. He turned away quickly and started looking around the room for the dart board cabinets. He found them in the back of the spacious room, well out of the way of the four ornate wooden tables covered in red or green felt.

Harry opened the center of the three boards and began looking at the hanging darts hanging stored there on the inside cabinet doors that covered the board. There were a wide variety shapes and colors and different weights. He pulled out a couple and assessed their weight and shape and then tested the sharpness of their point.

"Ouch! These are pretty sharp just to stick in a cork board."

"Sisal, not cork.," Gina corrected.


"It is a fiber that comes from the same agave plant that they use for making tequila."


"Yeah. You ever had tequila?"

"Uhm, no."

"Well stick with your rum until you are a bit older. It is an acquired taste and can get you very drunk and crazy."

"Had some experience with that?"

"Nothing that I would like to tell you about."

"Oh ho! Then a very good story!"

"It depends on how you define good. Wicked maybe, and slightly depraved would be a better label."

"Ah, so it is a good story!"

"For another time, perhaps over a shot of tequila."

"It is a date then… for another time."

"Perhaps." Gina smiled and changed the subject. "Since you are shite at this, why don't you try three of four dart types and weights and see if we can find a fit for you." She picked several out, and then handed them to Harry. "Here, take these to the line and see what feels right for throwing."

Harry began to nervously attempt to throw the darts. He threw hard and two did not make the board, and one hit one of the metal dividers on the board and bounced to the floor.

Gina giggled, and Harry turned beet red.

"Harry! the object is to stick them into the butt."

"Pardon me?"

"The butt… the board… you know, that round thing hanging on the wall." She seemed amused.

"So, the board is the butt?"

"Yes, and the butt is the board."

"So, you are taking a piss, right?"

"No. I promise, I am not taking a piss with you, that is what they call the board."

"So, to be clear, you want me to stick it in the butt."

"Not so much want you to do it, as that is how it tis… if we want to play this game properly- you do want to play with me properly, don't you?"

"Yes, of course, fully!"

"So go on then, stick it in the butt."

"Well, since you asked me so nicely, I'll give it a go. Here I go then, to the butt it goes…" Harry took his time aiming and threw the dart. It looped up high, coming down in a long arc and then it barely landed on the outer rim of the board, near the bottom, but it found purchase and stayed, albeit at a lopsided angle.

"Well, much better, you're on the butt, sort of." Gina giggles. "Do it again. Not so hard, though."

"Too hard? How can it be too hard?"

"Well, granted, it can never be too hard, but young sir, we are talking darts here."

"Is that what we are doing?" Harry smirked.

"Well, of course," Gina smirked back, "What else could we ever be talking about?"

"Of course. So- how can I better stick it in the butt?"

"This is a game of finesse, careful aim, it is all in the hands and arms."

"What about this pointy thing?"

"Well, of course, you need the pointy thing, but you have to learn how to deliver it to the butt, and that is in how you hold it, and the motion to bring it through."

"To the butt."

"Of course, to the butt, silly, where else would it go?"

"So, what is wrong with my motion?"

"Here, let me show you." Gina came and stood beside Harry, rather closely, her hip grazed his upper thigh as she was much shorter than him. "Stand like I am doing. You are standing facing the butt full on, which of course, seems natural."

"Yep, very natural to me."

Gina gave him a side eye and smirked. "You need to stand sideways, like this, since you are right-handed. You are right-handed, correct?"

"Well, yeah."

"Okay, just making sure, as if you were left-handed and throwing with your right hand, it might explain why your throw is all shite." Gina giggled.

"Funny. So do you do your routine on Wednesday night?"

"Wednesday night?" Gina wrinkled her nose as if wondering what he was going on about.

"Well, you certainly not ready for a set on a Saturday night."

"Ho! A thinker! Har-Har very funny!" Gina put her hand on her hip. "Right. Now stand next to me, behind me, the way I am facing the butt."

"So, I face your butt so that I can face the butt."

"Well, you're facing more than my butt… or you should be, mister!"

"Okay, okay."

"There, now watch me throw…" Gina sent the dart in a smooth arc, and it landed squarely on the board, very close to the center bullseye. "Did you see my arm? I follow through so that I am pointing right where I threw it. You are stopping your arm just in front of your body and then you are letting go. Don't stop your arm; release the dart when your arm is almost fully extended away from your body. Make sure you are pointing where you want it to go- It gives you better aim and more power to the dart."

She looked over her shoulder at Harry. Harry was noticing how pretty the profile of her face was with her soft ginger locks against her cheek and the way her pointy nose wrinkled when she smiled. She blushed at his attentions. She turned and faced him, he moved to face her.

"No, stay sideways, your right hip towards the butt"

"Your butt or the butt on the wall?"

"You better start on Monday nights."


"Right then. Good. Now try that one, I think it is a better weight and shape for you. Remember, follow through then release when your hand is pointing at the board, your arm almost fully extended in front of you. Don't think about it too hard, just let go when it feels natural to do it."

Harry faced the board side-ways and tried a couple of practice throws and then let the dart go as instructed. It arced smoothly and landed on the board squarely.

"There you go!"

"Nicely in the butt."

"On the butt."

"But the dart is in the butt."

"Don't be rude, love, we say the dart is on the butt."

"But you want to stick it in the butt."

"Well, yes, we always want it to stick in the butt, but we say the dart landed on the butt."

"So, on the butt for in the butt."


Harry and Gina were smoking a joint Clive had flipped to Harry while at the kitchen table. They were laying on a love seat, sprawled out, and leaning in towards each other, shoulder to shoulder as they talked. Harry had been trying to come up with a clever way to make a blatant pass at her, since all the innuendo that have gone on between them remained just flirtatious with Gina's response being to not take the bait or remaining hesitant and changing the subject. Harry felt she remained on the fence though, since it was often she who initiated the conversation with the dirty overtones. They were both very loose from the highballs that Gina had made them, and now the joint that Harry had pulled from his pocket that Clive had flipped to him while at the kitchen table together. At that point they were not speaking, only staring a bit, lost in their own thoughts. Gina spoke suddenly which startled Harry.

"You know, the women were gossiping about you love."

"Yeah? Wud did they say?"

"That you had… an enormous penis."


"Yeah. So- what do you think about that?'

"Well, guess for once, they got it right."



"Is it really big?"

"Uhm, guess so, from what I can tell from showers at school. Not really looking, mind you, but just checking things that happen to flash by my field of vision."

"Yeah, yeah, you are a manly man, an' all that… don't care. Does not matter if you like looking or not. We all notice things. Like your Auntie. She has great tits."

"Yeah. She does."

"See, I knew you noticed things. My tits are tiny."

"I like your tiny tits. They are… perky."


"Yeah. They look great in your blouse when they are hard."

"Yeah, have they been hard?"

"Mmm, yes. Several times this evening."

"And you like them?"


"My husband doesn't seem to, anymore. He wants me to get implants."


"He is, but you really like my tits?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Do they make your big prick hard?"

"Well, er yeah, when I imagine what they look like out of that blouse."

"Have you been imagining that?"


"Well, I have been imagining what your cock looks like, and wondering how big it really is."



"So, would you show me your tits if I showed you my willy?"

"Mmmm, promise not to tell anyone? I mean swear to God, not tell a soul, not even your best mate?"

"I swear."

"I dunno."

"C'mon, Gina, I would really love to see your breasts, and you don't have to see my cock if you don't want to."

"No, I would really like to see it."

"Okay." Harry decided just to go ahead and do it, even if Gina chickened out. Harry stood up and undid the button on his jeans. He was semi-hard from sitting next to Gina as they were almost lying on top of each other in their stupor high. He pulled down his jeans and his manhood, full, thick, and with nice pulsing veins popped out and in front of Gina. Gina gasped, and immediately unbuttoned her blouse and stood up in front of him, her lovely tiny tits exposed, the nipples long and hard, a triangle of pure white flesh around her tiny dark areolas where her bikini top kept the sun at bay. "Blessed Mary! My god, your cock is bloody huge, love!"


"Definitely. I have never seen one this huge! How hard can you get? It must leave you light-headed!"

"Uhm, really hard, and I have no problems keeping alert. Do you want to touch it?"

"Why, because you want to touch my tits, Harry?"

"Well, I do, but I am not trading favors, here, just asking you if you want to touch my cock."

"Uhm, dunno- as it is, I am crossing a line here."

"I'm not going to say a word, promise."

"uhm, I dunno."

"That's okay then…" Harry began pulling back up his jeans.

"Wait! Not so fast! I am still thinking about it. Just touching it is not that bad right? Just a curiosity thing, right?"


"Well, you would say that, wouldn't you, love? You have a vested interest here…"

"I guess. Depends on how you touch it."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it depends on if you just poke it, or if you make it pleasurable."

"You want me to give you a hand job?"

"That is not what I am saying… you do what you want; I am not going to tell you how to touch it." Harry tried to keep any excitement or exasperation out of his voice; he did not want to scare off Gina or make her feel forced to do anything. That was important to him for some reason.

Gina kneeled in front of him to get a better look at Harry's abnormally large penis. Harry's cock automatically began hardening in response; he could not help it. To have this pretty, young woman on her knees with her lovely tits exposed in front of him, it greatly excited him. Gina noticed his cock prick thickening and rising to the occasion. She looked up at Harry's face in awe, but did not say anything, and then reached out and poked the lengthy shaft with her index finger a couple of times. She pulled her hand back and looked up at Harry to get his reaction. Harry tried to keep from smiling and said, "Are you done?"

"It was a joke!"

"I know. I am just taking a piss with you." Harry retorted.

"Please don't, I am not into golden showers."

"Oh ho! A real joke!"

"Har-Har. Now that I am done messing about…"

"I certainly hope not!" Harry muttered.

Gina heard him and smirked. She reached out again, and this time gently ran her four fingertips down the lengthy shaft. Her face showed intense fascination. It grew harder at her touch. Gina grew bolder and traced her fingers down to the base of the shaft, and then to his scrotal sac. She cupped it with both her hands, feeling the heft of his balls. "Your bollocks are massive, Harry!"


"Yeah. I bet you blow quite a load when you cum."

"Yeah, a good amount I suppose."

"Do you mind if I try gripping it?"

"Go on."

Gina placed her small hand around the base of his now almost fully erect cock. She could not get her index finger to touch her thumb, no matter how hard she tried to squeeze. "Crikey! Are you saying you have put this thing inside girls?"

"I have not said, but yeah, I have."

"Bloody hell, Harry."

Gina stopped squeezing it but seemed lost in deep thought and was now stroking the cock whether she was conscious of this fact or not. "What the hell," she said aloud, "It is not like I will ever get an opportunity to like this again… Harry would you mind if I tried to see how much of this monster I can get in my mouth?"

"Uhm, sure, yeah."

"Wait- do you promise not to cum in my mouth?"

"Uhm, I will try hard not to, but you have me pretty turned on right now."

"I do?"

Harry blushed. "Yeah."

"Well, okay, but can you at least warn me if you feel like you are going to cum?"

"Yes, of course!"

His sincerity seemed to satisfy her. She took a deep breath and let it out, and then gripped the massive cock now super hard, and pulled down while raising her body and bringing her mouth to the wide cut crown of the cock. She could not help herself and took some swipes with her tongue to taste the drops of pre-cum glistening in the light. It was sweet, and she smiled inwardly; even his cum tasted good. She wrapped her lips around the wide head, and felt her lips stretch to get them fully around the start of the monster cock. She slowly pushed her head forward, bring the length into her mouth until her mouth was filled and the cock was just at the back of her throat and beginning to irritate her gag reflex. Her eyes widened when she saw much cock was still outside her mouth. She easily could wrap both her hands, one in front of the other at the base of the shaft and there was still shaft exposed in front of her lips. She hesitated and tried relaxing her throat. She had never done this before; she never had a cock big enough to try to swallow it down her throat. She pushed her face forward, rocking on her knees, and felt the cock hang at the back of her throat. She began gagging, and pulled her head back, gasping.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I want to try to again… can you help me?'


"Grab the back of my head, and then push when you get to the back of the throat. I keep hesitating, and maybe if you do the push… besides, I am sure you have done that before, right?'

Harry just nodded, blushing. "It might make me cum"

"Gina smiled wickedly. "So, you like being in charge, then?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, I can live with that. If you cum, you cum. I just want to see how much I can take, so please go slow, okay? I will pat you on the leg if I want you to stop, alright?"


"Let me start, then you can take over once you are in my mouth, right?"


This, whatever they were doing seemed to have evolved into something more than curiosity, thought Harry, as Gina first shrugged off her blouse, and then began sucking on his balls, taking each testicle into her mouth. Mind you, Harry did not protest or call attention to this; he just enjoyed it immensely. She then began licking, sucking, and biting on the shaft as she made her way up the length of his cock. She rubbed on the underneath of the crown with her thumb as she kissed and licked on the shaft. She smiled when Harry moaned in satisfaction. She sucked on the crown for a bit, then took the cock into her mouth, her tongue licking on it as she bobbed up and down on it before looking up at him demurely and settling on her knees with her hands flat behind her back, her perky breasts heaving with her nipples long and hard at their curved tips.

Harry gently slid his right hand under her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair to the base of her neck and the back of her head. He gripped her firmly there, and then took his left hand to the top of her head. Gina leaned forward a bit, and Harry rocked his hips, moving his cock in her mouth against her tongue and pursed lips, slowly fucking her mouth. After a bit, he pushed further back until he met the resistance at the back of her throat. He felt Gina trying to swallow and he pushed hard, holding her head firmly as she struggled and gagged, and then he felt his cock slide down her throat, and he immediately saw the bulge in the front of her slender neck. He moved slowly, pushing deeper, then retracting, then pushing deeper, relishing in her struggle and moans, but she did not pat him on the leg. Her eyes were defiant; she was determined to take as much of his cock as she could. He would give it to her.

Gina marveled at how a young man like Harry could be so gentle yet so commanding at the same time. He forced more of his fucking big cock down her throat. It hurt, yet she continued to allow him to do it, she wanted it, she wanted to find her nose at his abdomen, and to feel his cock throb and jerk in her throat as he came inside her. Her mouth and throat were now his deep cunt, and she came at the thought, her wet panties now soaking her jeans. God how she wanted to feel that huge prick between her legs. She was breathing fast through her nose, slightly from panic at the thought that she might choke like this, never to get a fresh breath of air, and from her own excitement, an act of revenge against her cheating husband, and more than that, to her own sexual satisfaction as well. She gripped onto his muscular buttocks, and rose her on her knees, forcing more of his shaft down her throat until she could feel a pressure in her chest. It hurt, but she continued until her chin was against his massive balls, and her nose buried in his firm abdomen. His firm grip never left her head, and he pulled on her head and pumped his hips, still fucking her until she felt his abdomen tighten, and a jerk, and his cock going rigid in her throat and then spasming, and she felt a warm thickness dripping in her throat on its way to her stomach, like warm fudge syrup sliding down her gullet. He pulled her head back spasming, and then he was out of her throat and chest, and she felt a release of pressure at the same time as she felt the gush of thick sweet warm cum into her mouth. It continued, and she had to swallow, and it filled her mouth again. She kept it there, not swallowing, savoring the taste as he continued to pulse into her mouth until it was dripping out around his cock and down the corners of her mouth, then sliding down her neck and onto her upper chest. He waited until she swallowed, and then he pulled slowly, until only his crown and a bit of his shaft was still in her mouth. She pursed her lips and sucked, pulling more sperm out of the cock, licking the sticky fluid on his shaft and head. She loved the sweet taste of his cum; her husband was a smoker, and his acrid sperm made her gag. Despite that, she continued to suck his cock in the hopes that he would keep his cock only in her at home, but late nights out and his poor excuses told her that the efforts were for nothing. The bastard, even now he was ruining her efforts to forget about him, if just for the weekend. She concentrated back on Harry and continued licking and sucking his magnificent cock clean. She was hoping for a hop and ride on that cricket paddle of a prick, if not now, later.

Harry was fully out of her mouth, and Gina tried to say something, but all that came out was a squeak. Harry handed her a drink from the cocktail table. He was not sure if it was his glass or hers, but that did not seem to matter anymore. She swallowed some of the drink, and then tried to speak again. Again, all that came out was a squeak and a raspy rattle from her throat.

She began to look panicky, and Harry knew he had to keep her calm. He pulled up his jeans and cinched his belt and sat down next to her. "Here, I have an old trick one of my teachers taught me for warming my throat when I am out on the quid-, er the pitch." He slapped his hands together and rubbed them together briskly at high speed. Actually, he had seen this trick in an old Karate movie he watched from the kitchen while doing dishes while Dudley pigged out on butter-drenched popcorn in the living room. He created enough friction to warm his hands significantly. He then held his hands to her throat. "I wish I had some Episkey's cream, that always soothes my throat. But I left the Episkey cream at home." He rubbed her throat some more gently, his large hands wrapped around her throat.

She had placed her blouse back on, but it was still unbuttoned and her lovely tits still on full display.

Unfortunately, at that moment, Esperanza Milliford came bursting through the door to see what appeared to be Harry choking a partially disrobed Gina Cocksford on a pool room loveseat!

She was infuriated, and with no thought and all her fiery Latin passion, the saucy Latina milf stormed across the room, and before Harry could react to what was going on, Esperanza slammed a solid fist squarely to the side of his head, knocking him down to the floor. She was beating at him, cursing in Spanish when Gina grabbed her, yelling "No Espy, No! He's done nothing wrong! Stop it, leave him be!"

Gina caught her wrist as she was raised to give another blow but was not able to stop the final kick to Harry's ribs.

"Espy! He has done nothing wrong! He was trying to help me!"

"Help jou! Then why was he choking jou and undid your blouse?!"

"He was not choking me. He was rubbing my throat, I had a er-uhm, fishbone from the smoked salmon canapes and I was freaking out a bit over it. He was calming me down and helping me dislodge the bone to swallow it."

"Then why is jore blouse open all the way?!"

Gina blushed, "Because before the whole choking on the bone thing, I wanted to show him my tits, if you must know!"

Espy then eyed both Gina and Harry suspiciously. Harry was still on the floor curled in a protective ball and not feeling too well at the moment. "Fishbone huh? I think that was some bone! Jou are mess. Here!" She handed her a towel she had on her shoulder. "Jou have some- some cream (she pronounced it 'krehm') on jore chest. Clean up, Sean has lost 'is inhaler and is panicking that he does not have one!"

"Oh Shite! When he panics, he can cause an episode!"

"Jes, I know. That is why I came for jou. I am glad jou told me jou were going to play the darts in the bill-hards room!" She looked at Harry on the floor. "Jou, probably not so happy!"

Gina dabbed the towel on her chest and began to quickly button her blouse, got it crooked, swore, and began unbuttoning and buttoning it again. "Espy! Be nice. He is sweet, and anything you think you see here is all my doing, so leave him alone. As a matter of fact, why don't you help the poor bloke up!"

Espy gave Gina the stink-eye. "Okay, but jou and I will talk later, Senora! Now go! And next time tell me where jou keep his extra one!"

"It is in my overnight bag. I could not trust him to keep it in his! We go through more inhalers than the bloody Lung Foundation!" "Harry, love, I am so sorry, but I must tend to Sean. I am sure I will see you later on- at the movies." Gina hesitated for a moment, then left quickly out the billiards room.

"Yeah, uhm sure." Harry said with halting breath. His ribs hurt. Espy offered her hand to help him up; to her he said, "What movies?"

"They are showing the movies later tonight… they call it the midnight movies. I think like a monster movie."

"Thanks." Harry offered as she helped him pull himself up.

"Jou are polite for getting jore ass beaten by me."

"Yeah, well, who better to be polite to?" Harry remarked, wincing.

Espy laughed. "Jes!" She looked Harry over, holding onto his chin and moving his head to each side. "We better get some ice on your face, it is swelling… I hit jou with my rings hand." She showed her hand to him. There were three large rings on three of her fingers and a pinky ring as well. She grabbed Harry gently by the forearm and took him to the corner bar. She found a towel and scooped ice cubes from the small machine behind the bar into it and folded it neatly. "Here, put this against the side of jore face."

"Now I know who to go to if I need someone to defend me."

"What makes jou think I would defend jou?"

"Well, I think you are going to find out that I am an okay bloke and not a rapist."

"What were jou two doing?"

"I promised Gina I would not talk of it with anyone else." There was a long silence between the two of them, and during it, the flush of embarrassment grew across Harry's face.

"So did she hurt her throat taking jore cock inside her?"

The look of surprise that momentarily washed Harry's face was all the confirmation she needed.

"Madre Dios! That girl's sense of adventure is going to get her into trouble, very soon! And jou were respectful?"

"Of course, please ask Gina herself. This is embarrassing!"

Harry's sincerity seemed to be enough for Esperanza. "Here, jou are holding it wrong. Let's go sit on the loveseat and I will do it for jou." Esperanza took the ice pack from Harry and with her hand on his shoulder, led the very sore Harry back to the scene of the crime and had him sit down next to her. She gently held the ice pack to his swollen face. Harry at first was wishing she would leave him alone long enough that he could perform an episkey spell to reduce the swelling quickly, but the coolness of the ice felt good along with the comfort of the Latina milf's gentle bedside manner.

"So jou like the small titties?"

Harry sighed, and almost laughed at the sudden abruptness of her comment as it interrupted the awkward silence spent between him stealing glances at her to find out more what she was like, and her very blatant inspection of him. "To be honest, I like all titties."

Esperanza smiled. "Good- jou are honest. I have been catching you staring at my chi-chis"

"Well, you are sitting right next to me, and they are quite prominently on display."

"Jes they are! Jou like my lace bra? The other boys seem to like it."

"To be honest, I think it is what inside the bra the boys are interested in. You are quite…chesty," but then Harry thought quickly and added, "But it is a quite nice bra!"

"Thank jou. I like showing my titties off. My husband does not mind, he says it is like sharing a gift for the eyes!"

"That is sweet. Yes, it is certainly a nice gift."

"They are not fake. Many ask behind my back if they are fake." Esperanza thrust out her chest in pride, "These are all me."

"Well thank you for sharing them with us… but I am sure you are making many boys have good dreams tonight."

"Do you think they will dream of my chi-chis?"

"I think they will dream of what they would like to do with your chi-chis."

"Jes? What would you do with my chi-chis?... oh, I embarrass jou. I thought we were past that. I saw your man krehm all over Gina's chest and face. Do not be embarrassed with talk of sexy passion. I am Latin, I live for it! Is that the marijuana?" Espy pointed to the half-smoked blunt on the cocktail table next to the two half finished drinks.

"Yeah. Do you want a smoke?" Harry had come down quickly from his euphoria after the beating by this woman who was now kindly pressing and gently dabbing this ice pack around the side of his face. He thought the weed might dull the ache now penetrating deep into his head and ribs.

"Jes! I have been so busy, and I seem to miss the chances when I come into the kitchen. Will jou smoke with me?"


Esperanza pulled back the ice pack, holding it in her lap as Harry picked up the blunt and lit it with the matches from his pocket. Once it was again burning evenly, he handed it to Espy, who seemed to know her way around a joint. He was surprised how many of these suburban wives seemed to know their way around a cannabis cigarette. The life of the pampered and bored was probably more filled with it than he had thought. It was so strange and familiar, this time in the Muggle world he experienced now in the summers. He lived in it for years, and still found comfort in the small things. He truly could straddle both worlds comfortably, much like Hermione. For Ron, it was clearly a world he would never be comfortable in. He thought of the Weasleys, who are always surrounded by magic, and realized how different it was to be them compared to what he had known his whole life on Privet Drive and at places like this country club.

Harry watched Espy purse her full lips around the cigarette, her bright red lipstick leaving a ring around the end of it when she handed it back to him. She noticed it, and while still holding her breath, took her long enamel nailed fingertip and expertly smoothed the lipstick across her lips. She fluffed and threw back her long silky black hair. From her very tight jeans pocket, she produced a hair tie, and pulled her hair back into a quick loose ponytail. Harry watched in fascination as he puffed on the joint. She arched her back, thrusting her large breasts out even further. He noticed the small bumps of her nipples pressing through the bra. Espy was voluptuous, but still maintained a small waist that curved out into full thighs and a nice round full rump, which he had somehow managed to noticed in his painful haze both to the bar and back.

She took the blunt back from him and took another long drag. After a bit, she exhaled and long slow stream of smoke. "In España, we do not have much the marijuana, it is the hashish that comes up from Marruecos. It is much stronger, hurts the lungs to smoke like this."

"Yes, I have smoked hashish, in cigarettes with tobacco."

"I prefer por sí mismo- by itself- I do not like to smoke tobacco. Hashish is better in a pipe."

They passed the joint back and forth until it was down to just a small butt. Espy waved it away, and Harry put it out, then put it in his shirt pocket.

"Here, come lay jore head into my lap. It will be easier to hold the ice pack… you need it again."

"That is okay?"

"Jes, of course, or I would not have told jou."

"Harry awkwardly moved until he was laying his head into her lap, his face pressing against her large breasts as he did so. Esperanza did not seem to mind. She held the ice pack to his face, so his view was mainly of the ice pack and her large breasts just above him. She played with and straightened his hair with her left hand as she held the ice pack with her right. Harry decided he could easily nap here in the voluptuous comfort of this Latina woman's lap. The view was amazing, and his thought soon turned to what it would be like to fondle and suck those large breasts. He felt an erection coming on and decided he needed a distraction.

"Jou have thick, black hair, just like my boys"

"So, what are your sons' names?"

"I have two boys, Javier and Carlos. But they are not here. They are in España, with their father. He took them on a business trip. He imports food from España, mainly Jamón ibérico - ham from Iberia it is very expensive, and he makes good money selling to the restaurants and especial shops."

"Why did you not go?"

"It was a business trip. My husband is not fun on business; it was to teach the boys the business, I would just be in the way. Besides, we had just been there on holiday, and I wished to have time to myself."

"So, you come instead and work all the time at a party full of boys."

Esperanza laughed. "Jes! I know it does not make much sense, but I was missing my sons. And I wished to help Petunia, jore aunt. I know she needed someones who would really work."



"Something Gina said. You are a doer, someone who takes care of things."

"Jes. I have been that way all my life."

They were quiet for a time, lost in their own thoughts as the cannabis took full effect on them.

Out of the blue, Harry stated. "I would fondle them gently, and suck on the nipples until they were hard and long as they could be, and very sensitive to the touch of my mouth and fingers. Do your areolas pucker when they are excited?"


"Before. Jou- You asked what I would do with your chi-chis."

"So Jou like to suck the titties? I think my chi-chis would like that, but jou are not going to suck my titties."

"Okay. But if you want me to suck your titties, I would be more than happy to."

"Jes, I bet you would, you naughty boy! That makes my pussy tingle, thank you."

"You're welcome."

"I also see it makes jore pijo grande too. Sí, mucho más grande!"

'Jes. I mean yes."

"You make fun of my English.'

"No, it is just catchy. I love your accent."

"Muy exótico, ¿sí?"


"You play with me! But I know jou just flirt!"

"Is it working?"

"Jes, but no, you still can not suck my titties"

"Does your pussy still tingle?"


"Then that is good enough for me."

Esperanza continued to stroke his hair and hold and dab the ice pack against his face.

Harry was able to concentrate and mutter an Episkey spell under his breath, so that along with the ice pack significantly reduced the swelling and bruising that was occurring on the side of his face. Esperanza pronounced him healed, and Harry reluctantly removed himself from her comfortable lap. He sat up, still feeling high, and hoping Esperanza was too. "So, I know I can't suck your chi-chis, but will you show them to me?"

Espy gave him a side-eye glance. "I think maybe that is how Gina got a big hueso caught in her throat." She looked at him, thinking. "Well, since I am the one that beat you up, I guess I can let you see my titties. You promise to dream of sucking my titties tonight if I do this?"

"Yes. I will dream of your chi-chis."

"That is all I can ask for, to have young men and boys dreaming of my chi-chis!"

Esperanza's blouse wrapped around her front and tied to the side. She stood in front of him, making a dramatic move of undoing the blouse and opening it, to reveal her breasts in a red lace double D cup bra, that barely contained them.

"My brassiere is pretty, no?"

"Yes. Very. Pretty." The lace bra was purely secondary adornment in Harry's view. Esperanza's breasts were the biggest natural tits he had seen. Maybe Molly Weasley had bigger ones, but since he had never seen her fully nude, and only through a thin nightgown, he was not sure. They sure were spectacular though. Her natural light brown skin color made them even more exotic to him.

"You wish to see them without the brassiere, yes?" said Esperanza teasingly as she pressed her breasts together in her bra, pushing them up, giving peeks to her dark brown areolas.

"Please!" Harry hoped he did not sound too excited. Harry had resolved this weekend after spending time getting more motherly attention and milf-ish attention than he had ever had in his entire lifetime, to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself if it did not hurt anyone. He realized his time was likely short. He was no match for the world's most powerful Dark Wizard. He was no Dumbledore and probably would never be on the that level as a wizard. Sure, he had good friends, and some good luck, but how long before that run out? He was going to live his time to the fullest while he could. Petunia had given him a blank check this weekend and he was going to spend it.

Esperanza turned around, and presented her back to Harry, lifting her long ponytail. "Can you help?"

Harry stood quickly. He had pulled Petunia's brassieres off enough recently to easily grab the wide straps and push them together to unhook the four hooks in one smooth movement, and he had the bra apart for Espy.

"Madre! You were very quick with that! I have some wonderings about you, Harry," Espy teased. "Thank you, now sit back down please." She waited until he seated again, before moving.

She looked wickedly over her shoulder, and slowly turned around while pulling the straps off her shoulders, so that the bra was now only covering her breasts because of her hands holding it in front of them. She let the bra slip from her fingers and to the floor. She put her hands on her hips and smiled as she saw Harry thirstily drink in the view of her large firm breasts. She played with the hard little nipple buds in the middle of her large mahogany brown areolas, pulling on them slowly, making them grow longer and erect. She leaned forward and gently shook her chi-chis at Harry.

"I feel so naughty!" she stated, and on hand unconsciously moved to her pussy, which she began rubbing lightly outside her jeans. She sighed, "This marijuana es muy strong! Aye-yi, it makes me so horny!"

She watched as Harry began to stroke himself through his jeans as well, and her eyes widened as she watched the python grow along the leg of his jeans. She had already noticed the enormous bulge of his balls at the crotch of his pants. She unzipped her jeans but kept them buttoned, and her fingers pressed inside the tight jeans. The always observant Harry noticed that he saw no panties as she did so. She was now pulling roughly and long and hard on her nipples, and the large areolas that fully covered the tips of her breasts were beginning to wrinkle and pucker in excitement.

"My husband likes to pull on my nipples as he takes me from behind. I love when he takes me from behind, do jou?"

"Yes, I like taking my women from behind." Harry replied, his breathing faster, his eyes locked on Esperanza big beautiful brown eyes. "I love grabbing and pulling on their tits."

"I bet jou are very naughty from behind, no? You like to play in the naughty hole, jes?"

"Oh jes! I mean, yes. I love taking a woman up her tight bum!"

"Aye-yi! Jou are a nasty one, such a naughty boy!"

"Do you like your husband to fuck your ass, Esperanza?"

"He has not asked that of me… I have only done that once so long ago, but it was muy caliente with my lover! Creo que te gustaría follarme el culo, Harry!" She looked at him with a sly expression on her face and licked her lips. "Jou know what I said, do jou know what mi culo is, Harry?'

"Your ass?"

"Si, I said I think jou want to fuck it. Is that what jou will really dream of tonight, fucking me in the ass Harry?"

"Probably…Unless you let me fuck it now." Harry decided to go for broke.

"I don't know, show me what jou will fuck me with." She had a wicked smile on her lips. "Now, stand up and let me sit down and enjoy the show."

They exchanged places, and for the second time in as many hours, Harry undid his jeans and revealed his massive, erect cock to the saucy Latin milf. Harry enjoyed the look of disbelief on Esperanza's face.

"¡Madre de dios! ¡Qué enorme pene masivo!" Esperanza, took a double-take, pointed with a long red enameled fingernail, and shook her head. "NO! Absolutely not!"

Harry looked crest fallen. Esperanza re-considered, then said, "No, jou cannot fuck my culo with that- that gallo monstru … but! - I will let you fuck my chi-chis with it." She lay back on the loveseat and said, "Please. Come fuck my titties, Harry!'

Harry did not need a second request. As he came over, Espy unbuttoned her jeans, and her whole hand slid into the open jeans and came back wet. She ran her wet hand between her breasts, and then went in again, and brought back her dripping hand and stroked the tip and most of the shaft of Harry's cock which hovered over her. "Omigod, omigod jou are huge!"

Harry straddled Esperanza. Harry took Espy's hand, wet with her pussy juice, and began sucking on her fingers, his enormous cock laying across her sternum between her tits, and the crown along her neck. When she watched him suck and kiss her fingers, she came immediately, and wished that she had removed her jeans, but she did want the temptation nor to let Harry think it was an invitation to fuck her pussy. Her pussy belonged to her husband. He let her do what she wanted with her tits, and dared her to show them off in public, and she was pretty sure he would not be happy that she let some other cock fuck them, but she could live with that. She was horny but keeping her pussy safe. It was a compromise with which she could live. She regretted how soaked her jeans were now, she would have to change or find an apron or something.

"Harry, are you a brujo? I think jou get women to do what jou want with them! Madre dios! I can not believe I am letting jou fuck my titties!"

Harry had been wondering about that himself. Of course, he was a wizard, and he figured that is what brujo probably meant, but he was recognizing that he seemed to have an abnormal amount of charm over women lately, and that it certainly was not his suave skills that were landing him opportunities with all the different women lately, so he figured that it must be the residual effects of the sex potion that Hermione and her lovely mother had brewed. He had been doused with it by both women. Ah, sweet Jean Granger. Her name and thoughts of her had been gnawing at him strongly this week, and after the call from her just yesterday morning he was thinking that at some opportunity this weekend, he should use the turner and take some time to go visit her while he had the opportunity to do so. The potion's spell of obligation was weighing heavily on him, and he knew he could not escape it. Nor did he want to, other than avoiding Hermione for a while would still be best. He did not leave in great spirits with her, and the guilt of placing an unspeakable curse on her out of anger and what he now was seeing as a misguided notion of protection of his best mate was also weighing heavily on his heart. Perhaps he should leave her choices to her, and not interfere with her father… was he not in his own web of deceit of with Petunia? It was justifiably different to him because he did not care if the arsehole Vernon was hurt in the matter or not. Jean though, Jean he thought deserved better, but who he certainly could not speak to the competitive dynamics of a mother/ daughter relationship? He certainly knew that her father did not have good intent in mind for her, and would end up hurting her sooner or later, if he had not already from an emotional sense.

Harry realized he was lost in thought when he should be in the present now, with Esperanza. He looked down and found out his body had taken over the thought process and had the matter well in hand, literally. He was grasping both large breasts, pressing them against his mighty cock shaft as he moved his hips, pushing and pulling his monstrous cock between the two lovely breasts, with pleasant friction happening. He had hold of both hard nipples between his index and middle finger and was pulling up on them in a firm manner. Esperanza seemed to be enjoying it and was spending her time moaning when she was not licking and kissing on his mushroom shaped cock head when it came within striking distance of her luscious mouth. He slowed and brought the cock to her lips, and she did not protest, and eagerly took it into her mouth and started sucking on it. He let go of her breasts, and she held onto them to keep them snuggled around the length of hard rod still outside her mouth. He began moving his hips again and was now fucking both Esperanza's breasts and her mouth. She leaned her head forward and motioned for him to place his hands behind her head. Harry did so, cradling the back of her head in his palms, gently gripping the sides of her head behind her small round ears with his thumbs. He now was more easily able to thrust into her mouth and she was more comfortable as well. He occasionally stopped his mouth fucking and just let Esperanza suck and lick his cock. She would have to put on more lipstick after they were done; most of it now smeared up and down his shaft. His cock looked like it was streaked with blood, which for some reason struck a deep chord within Harry, and he grew harder. He kept his cock inside her mouth and did not try to take it down her throat. He enjoyed watching her full luscious lips wrapped around his meaty shaft. He stopped and pulled his cock fully out of her mouth when she motioned him to do so.

"Please sit on the sofa," she asked Harry. Esperanza then and stood, and at a quick pace, hurried to the door and locked it. She then padded her way back, her breasts bouncing in luscious rhythm to her moving hips and legs and stopped in front of Harry again. She then and then unbuttoned her very damp jeans, and with Harry's help, pulled them off fully.

Harry and Gina had started a fire in the gas fireplace, which was still burning warmly not too far away from them. She took her jeans there and spread them out, to lay in front of the hearth. After again making her way back to Harry, Espy pulled off her soaked matching silk and lace panties that were clinging to her pussy. She allowed Harry to view her lovely vagina, with its closely shorn small black triangle of jet-black pubic hair and large full flowered labia, and then knelt onto the floor in front of him. She wrapped the dripping panties around his thick and girthy erection, and began to rub his cock up and down with both her hands gripping the massive hardness with the wet softness of silk lace and her own cum.

It felt amazing to Harry. She began to lick and suck and gently bite on his massive bullocks as she rubbed his shaft from the tip of the crown to the base at his balls with the wet panties and her hands. She took the panties to the sensitive underside of his shaft just under his crown.

Harry moaned in pleasure, and this spurred her on. She licked and bit her way up the shaft, stopping to give his balls a squeeze occasionally,

"Jou like this, baby?" She asked.

Harry nodded and moaned. She pulled on his cock to bring it level to her mouth and began to suck it earnestly, bobbing on it, raking her teeth and tongue across it. She stopped and turned around, sitting on the floor with her back to him, and with her arms extended behind her, leaned her head back, until her eyes were looking up at him.

"Fuck my mouth, Harry, do what jou did to Gina." She leaned her head back as far as she was able and opened her mouth wide. Harry stood, stooped, and straddled Espy, his balls on her forehead as he took his cock to her mouth, and straight down her throat. He was fast, and she only choked and gagged a little. He watched her throat bulge as more of his cock moved into her throat proper. He pushed and pulled until his bullocks were resting just below her nose. He had never been that deep down any woman's throat. Espy was helpless, and she knew it. To keep the angle she was at, she needed to keep her hands behind her where they were, so she could not move, and could only moan to communicate. Harry could not see much of her face, only her mouth, which was stretched wide and wrapped tightly around his monster erection; she was relying on his mercy. There was a pressure under her sternum where the cock pressed against it, with her esophagus and her muscle the only padding for the pressure of swallowing so much cockmeat. Harry moved slowly rocking his hips as he fucked Esperanza orally. He relished in the knowledge that she would more than likely never be fucked like this again. He knew he was close to her stomach opening, and was careful not to push too hard, being this deep in her throat, so he pulled his cock back some and then sped up his thrusting, holding the sides of her face, his thumbs in the corners of her mouth, stretching it, stopping occasionally to check underneath to see if Espy was breathing properly. Her nostrils flared and he continued the tight fuck until he felt another welling and pull in his heavy bollocks and then he pulled even further out of her esophagus and began to spasm and ejaculate hard inside her. After the initial eruption, Harry slid out of Espy's bulging throat and continued to erupt inside her mouth, and then outside, onto her chin, spattering down to her large breasts below. He continued to ejaculate, until he was at a slow dribble at which point, he tapped his cock onto Espy's chin, splattered the last of his ejaculate onto her neck and stepped back and sat down again on the loveseat. His cock was still hard; two women had teased him about their ass, and being an ass man, he was hankering to put his cock to Esperanza's culo. He was hoping for a change of heart from Espy now that she had successfully take his monster member into her mouth and throat.

Esperanza was breathing hard, her chest heaving, and she slowly twisted around on her fine round rump and faced Harry, dabbing at her chest with the same towel Gina had used to wipe his cum of her face and perky tits. Her eyes widened. "Madre dios! Jou are still rock hard after all that cums! Such a waste of such magnificent hard cock, but jou will not be putting that monster inside me again! I still need to be able to walk, ¡joven!"

Harry decided to be frank. "Ah, I was hoping to fuck your ass."

"I told jou I wish for jou to dream about fucking my ass, if I let jou, then perhaps jou will not…"

Harry finished her thought for her. "But If I don't, then I will definitely be dreaming of fucking your ass."

"Si, smart one, jou. Besides, the fantasy is always much better than the reality."

"I will agree to disagree."

"Well, jou never know. There is much left to this weekend, si?"

"Si." Harry posed and looked her directly in the eye. "I am glad you can talk."

"Jou were gentle. Thank jou. It was very painful, but now I know that I can swallow such a monster, but never again!" She shook her head and finger but smiled wickedly. Her eyebrows then furrowed. "We must not talk of this to anyone! Now, we must dress and go our separate ways! I am hoping for mis pantalones are dry, jou made me cum so hard! My panties are a lost cause."

"Can I keep them?" Harry asked, hopeful.

Esperanza smiled wickedly again. "Jes, you can. Put them in jore pillow and it will help jou dream of me."

Harry helped up Esperanza, and then climbed back into his pants, but before she could retrieve her pants, he gently pushed her to the loveseat, then knelt before her on the floor, and spread her legs, burying his face in her crotch before she had time to speak. She grabbed onto his head and pulled his face closer to her pussy. She tousled his hair and smiled.

Harry would still have to dream of Esperanza's ass, but at he left her wanting to see him again some time that weekend, so he was hopeful that he would end up knowing that as a reality. Harry left Esperanza in the pool room, and he heard the lock click behind him. She was still nude, and he figured she wished for a bit of privacy.

Inside something different was happening. A slow transformation to a writhing Esperanza. When the writhing subsided, a different person stood in her place. Charity Burbage cursed herself for not drinking more of the Polyjuice potion before leaving to find Harry but smiled inwardly.

She was glad, nonetheless. She had seen a much different side of the Chosen One and her former student and liked it immensely. She had been hesitant to take this monitoring duty but was persuaded with her own self-argument of having the opportunity to spend a weekend immersed with Muggle Housewives. It was supposed to be strictly surveillance, to help keep Harry and his aunt from harm's way while they were away from the spells and protections of the Dursley home.

The sleeping potion in the morning coffee had been enough to keep the real Esperanza safe at home and levitated to her bed for the weekend. She would awake refreshed, with vague notions of having a cold and not feeling well on Friday morning. Charity had enough plucked hairs and Polyjuice potion brewed to last the full weekend but would have to find a way to keep it on her person since it was not lasting as long as the Muggle Studies professor had hoped. Luckily, she could come and go at will, and had no children to worry about, so taking the potion before reverting would not be a problem or so it seemed, if she stayed on schedule.

She sighed dreamily, resigned in the knowledge that her report would be heavily edited and would not include this incident, or hopefully- similar future incidents this weekend. She kept thinking of that huge cock, and that magic tongue, and that humming, yes that lovely humming. She was already planning out how she could find a way to get Harry Potter into one of her classes this coming year.

She did feel badly about having attacked Harry, but to be honest, the optics were in her favor, it certainly looked like he was attacking Gina, and she was worried that Harry had snapped from all the incessant cock-teasing these muggle women were doing, or that he somehow had ended up under an imperious curse and was not in control. She could do the only thing she could think of without performing any magic in front of Gina; she knocked the poor fellow on his arse. Yes, perhaps her passion did get the best of her, but she felt it was what Esperanza would have done.

Now, though, her biggest worry was that she would have to find a way to steal her way to the locker room in jeans two sizes too big for her, get her potion, and wait inside a bathroom stall until she was fully transformed again. She was still very high as well and decided that this was indeed an adventure.

Harry had lost count of the number times he had showered that day, but he planned on visiting Amelia next, and felt that it would be best of there was not the scent of sex upon him when he showed up at her door. Little did he know about the number of spies there were in this party. One such saw him walking to the pool, and made her way back to her crony, Heather Cosington-Heathrow. She leaned in and whispered in her ear. "He is headed to the pool, and I am coming with you."

Heather only smiled wickedly and whispered back, "I don't mind sharing- my god, there is certainly enough to go 'round!" Heather excused herself, blaming it on her son Collin again, and at a quickened pace, Heather and her lookout, Lacey Pillingford, made a beeline for the pool area, only stopping long enough to get their overnight bags. Heather patted her bag. "I brought my string, that should keep him riled up."

"So should my two- piece" commented Lacey.

"Perhaps, dear, I hope it covers your Caesarean scar." She commented cattily.

Lacey only frowned and muttered to herself, "I don't think it will matter, he will be staring at my perfect tits."

"Yes, yes, of course he will!" Heather said sarcastically, which made Lacey inwardly scowl, she certainly would not do it outwardly; Heather's husband now owned the company that employed her husband in a recent hostile takeover. It had certainly changed the dynamic of their relationship but then again, Lacey's self-censorship was certainly nothing new in their friendship. It is how she remained friends with Heather.

They did not find Harry at the pool. Lacey did a quick scouting mission. "He is in the family showers." She said, a bit out of breath.

"Oh, that door locks, and I have a key!" replied Heather excitedly.

"No need. He did not lock it." stated Lacey smugly. Her next thought was, "You are lucky that I came back and told you, you bitch.", but what she said was, "Shall we?"

"We shall!"

The two women hurried to the family shower room and locked the door, undressing quickly on the way to the stalls. They could hear the water still running and both were nude by the time they got to Harry's stall, with a line of clothes strewn on the floor on the way from the door to the shower area.

Harry was letting the warm water run over his face when he heard a distinctly clearing of a feminine throat, followed by two feminine voices saying in unison, "Do you need some help washing your back?"

Harry was now worried his fingers would be puckered by the time he made it to Amelia's. He turned around, and smiled as both Heather and Lacey both gasped, then squealed in excitement.

"Ladies." Harry said calmly, his thick cock already rising to the sight of them. "Shall we?"

It was 10:30 p.m. by the time, showered once again, Harry rapped on the door of Amelia's private sanctuary. She answered it promptly and greeted Harry with a welcoming smile.

"Mr. Potter! Glad you could make it! I am sure the distractions available to you were many, please, come in!"

Harry followed Amelia into the room fully distracted by what she wore. It was the exact nightgown outfit Harry had picked out for her hours earlier; the one he preferred, not the one he settled on, knowing that she preferred it over his. He was feeling quite pleased with himself because it looked even better on her than what her dressing mirror had projected. The sheer pale blue fabric of the baby doll nightgown only enhanced the long, lithe nude body underneath it. Amelia noticed Harry admiring her nightgown, and more probably, her body underneath it. "Do you like it? I thought the least I could do was wear the outfit you had chosen, even if it is for our own pajama party and not tomorrow night." She did a girlish twirl for him.

"Oh, I did not bring my pajamas. Well, really, just a t-shirt and some pajama pants." Harry said nervously.

"Well, it is still early, I guess, and I am sure you were planning on watching the movie this evening with everyone else, but I am sure I could find something you could wear if you wished to get more comfortable… I live in lounge pants and short cotton shirts at home. I am sure we could alter something for you."

"Frankly, I had not thought that far ahead." Harry admitted. He could not take his eyes off her breasts, and the taut flat belly underneath the light shimmer of the gown top. Her nipples grew more erect at his attentions.

"Oh, I am sure a thoughtful young man such as yourself had a few plans in mind after receiving my invitation." Amelia put a finger to her pouty lips and smiled a slight, wicked smile. She then abruptly changed the subject. "Would you care for something to drink?"

"Really, I could use some water."

"Bit dehydrated, hmmm? Been sweating much lately?" Amelia teased, as she casually walked in her most skimpy clothing over to her bar and found him a glass of ice and bottle of spring water. Harry was congratulating himself on the brilliant choice of the sheer bikini panties.

"Been smoking a bit, my mouth gets parched from the cannabis."

"Yes, I ran into that kind but scattered young man, Clive. I purchased some cannabis from him, I thought perhaps we could share a cigarette, if you would like."

"That would be fine, very fine." The pleasant distraction continued; Harry watched Amelia bend over and place the glass on the coffee table and pour water from the bottle over the ice. Her teasing moves and the peek-a-boo nature of her gown was keeping him more than titillated, to pardon his own pun. Her breasts were only slightly bigger than Hermione's, but at her age, were amazingly just as firm. They curved to a tip, with her nipples just slightly puffy, with small dark pink areolas that just covered around the curved tip that led to the well protruding hard nipple. They were a slightly darker with deep dimple at the tip and prominent against her soft skin of porcelain white.

"Drink, then I have something to talk with you about."

Uh-oh. That did not sound good. Harry picked up his icy water. It was just what he needed, and he drank most of the glass in a couple of gulps then poured more water from the bottle into the glass. Amelia came and sat closely next to him on the couch, their legs touching. She played with his hair and ran her fingers down his neck.

"I guess you really were parched!" Amelia remarked, and said, "Have you been enjoying yourself Harry, since the pizza party? I really enjoyed myself."
"Yes, that was fun, I made a pig of myself, but it was good."

"Did you make any new friends?"

Harry remembered her honesty thing, and the fact she had a kind of internal lie detector it seemed. "Yes, a couple of the mums, Gina and Esperanza. Learned how to throw darts proper and stuff. I hung out in the kitchen a bit. Also went for a wade at the pool and ran into Tilly Furthington."

"I bet you did, or did she run into you?"

"Uhm, perhaps a bit of both."

"She only looked at him with this enigmatic expression and smiled. "Anything else, anyone else?"

"Oh yes, got to wash up with a couple of other mums, Heather, and I believe the other one was named Lacey."

"Not much for getting to know your peers."

"Uhm, no, the other guys seem to stay within their own gangs of friends."

"Still, it sounds like you had quite a bit of interaction. Do you mind slowing down a bit? I thought perhaps we could just listen to some music for a while."

"That would be brilliant." I have been going since early this morning, so that sounds good."

"More jazz, I'm afraid, but I think you will like it. Have you heard of Miles Davis?"

"Uhm, sort of. American musician, I think."

"Yes. Well, this is very old for you- This album came out in 1970. It's called, Bitches Brew." Amelia waved a finger, and it the music began to play. "I knew Miles- brilliant man! I spent some time with him when I was… younger. In fact, he told me that I was some of the inspiration for Bitches Brew."


"Yes. He wanted to call it Witches Brew, but I convinced him to change the name. Told him it was a bit obvious, should be more universal like his music."

"So, do you consider yourself a bitch?"

Amelia smiled. "Pulling no punches are we eh, Harry? Yes, sometimes I do. I was a bit more… impetuous back then." She pulled out a cigarette case and produced a hand rolled cigarette. "Do you mind if we smoke a bit more cannabis, or are you tired of it?"

"No, that would be fine." Harry was still in bit of a haze, but his stomach was feeling upset from the recent alcohol, so he felt that the weed might help it settle it down, as well as relax him after his adrenaline pumping encounter with Heather and Lacey. He was feeling a bit out of hand, which was very new to him… moderation had been forced on him for so long, that he felt like the first time he was at a Hogwarts dinner table and ate way too much of everything. He could barely walk up the stairs. His shit the next morning was the stuff of legends. He was late for his first class.

"Why are you grinning, Harry?" asked, Amelia.

"Oh, I was thinking back to the first time I had the opportunity to have all that I wanted, my first day at Hogwarts… this weekend is a bit like that."

"I guess all this maternal attention is nothing you are used to."

"You can say that again."

Amelia felt a pang of sadness at his reply. Certainly, she knew the rule of a strict household, but she always had a feeling of being loved growing up. She did not feel that from Harry, and certainly what little had been revealed to her of his past and future showed that it was sorely lacking. Any love in his life seems to have been recent, and most of it found at his school, evident in the way his eyes lit up when he talked of his mates and times at Hogwarts.

Amelia held the perfectly rolled cigarette between her lips and the then flicked her index finger off her thumb and lit it afire. She lit the cigarette, took a large inhale, and then passed it over to Harry. She looked at the flame a bit then blew out her smoke and extinguished it.

Harry spoke while still trying to hold most of the smoke into his lungs. It sent his voice up an octave. "Can you show me how to do that, you know, light fire from your finger?"

"Well, it is body magic, but perhaps you have the predisposition. Your aunt is a body witch, and I understand that your mother could practice earth magic. You may have enough elemental magic in your veins to control a flame without burning yourself. It does not seem to lend itself to wizards as easily as witches, mind you. Do you still wish to try?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "Sure," then nodded.

"Then take a couple more puffs, it will help with your concentration."

After passing the cigarette back and forth a couple more times, Amelia held onto it, and continued to puff as she began to instruct Harry. "You need to be aware of the combustibles around your hand… the pure oxygen, the methane from your own body, the heat and energy from within. All this energy is ready at any time to explode and transform… you must provide that spark and narrow the range… think of your index fingertip, just the space right above it, like an invisible match head. Your finger is the conduit, it funnels the energy. It is the only source. Your fingernail is rough steel, your thumb is flint. Feel it, you must see it vividly in your mind, your nail a steel plate, your thumb a hardened, jagged stone of flint. Now strike it, by flipping your nail along your jagged thumb. Remember, the effort and image are in your mind, not in your hand…"

Harry closed his eyes, until the image of the steel and his thumb as a flint rock were vivid. He rolled his nail over the edge of his thumb, he could feel its hard, bumpy, and sharp texture. His thumb was no longer flesh, he could not feel it. He could feel vibrations through his hand of the rake of his roughened steel nail on the rock, the friction it caused. He could hear the striking of metal on rock. He looked down opened his eyes and saw sparks flinging out from between his finger and thumb.

"Good, you have the ignition, now think of a jet of gas escaping your fingertip as you pull your nail across your thumb…"

A huge flare erupted from his fingertip; luckily, he had it pointed away from himself and Amelia. Amelia never moved nor started, Harry felt good that she had the confidence in him not to burn them alive. He was not sure if he had that same sense of safety.

"Now, smaller, less of a jet, more of a slow stream, like a matchstick, not a blowtorch…"

The flare reduced, until the flame was more of a flicker of a dinner table candle. It felt warm but was not burning his finger.

"Amazing. I have never seen someone learn something so quickly! Now just imagine it gone when you blow it out, just like the matchstick or a candle. Then I want to see you try it again."

Harry concentrated and then blew on his finger. The flame disappeared. Harry again imagined his finger and thumb like an old-fashioned flint lighter, and flipped his fingernail against his thumb, and it gave off sparks. Then in his mind, he added the fluid to it, and his finger was again aflame. With a bit of concentration, he brought the flame down to just a small flicker above his finger.

"Well done! You have predilection for body magic as well. Have you tried any other body magic?"

"Uhm, not sure, I mean, I've messed about with some engorgio and elongatus spells - "

"Mmm, I bet you have! Have they worked?"

"Yeah." Harry admitted, at bit embarrassed.

"Interesting. Have you tried transforming your whole body, to try to look like someone else?"

"Only with polyjuice potion."

"Well, I am not sure if that is in your bailiwick or not, but you may be able to pull it off. Doing what you can is fairly exceptional as it is, especially for a wizard, and one young as you."

"My father was an animagus, is that a body witch?"

"It is old earth magic, so I think you do have some abilities in both those types of elemental magic… you will learn more as you are older, but I would encourage to learn what you can while you have classes and teachers available."

Harry only nodded. He had much to think about. His stomach had settled, and his mood was euphoric from the weed as well as his success at learning to produce the flame from his fingers. Sure, with a wand he could have easily done an Incendio charm, but this was much cooler, and he could control the flame size much more easily.

Amelia handed him back the now quite short cigarette, and Harry had another puff. He was feeling very relaxed and was enjoying the music floating throughout the room. He just wanted to lay down for a bit.

"Amelia, would you mind terribly if I lay my head in your lap?"

''Uhm, no, that would be fine really." Amelia was rather pleased that Harry felt that comfortable with her… she had a way that put others at unease, and she knew that. It had led to her being more standoffish, which of course, just reinforced the unease she felt between herself and others. Harry turned his back to her, and lay his head into her waiting lap, and then stretched his legs out on the large sofa, his shoes already off and left at the door.

Amelia did not know what to do with her hands. First, she tried to rest them around Harry, but that felt awkward and uncomfortable. She began playing with his thick black hair with her left hand and rested her right hand across his chest. She did not feel any tension from Harry, and so she relaxed and continued what she as doing. She felt a warmness growing in her lap and knew that she was becoming wetter with his face so close to her crotch, the memory of how well he had given her oral pleasure heavily on her mind. Her nipples hardened further, and now poked prominently through the clinging sheer material of her nightgown top. Harry enjoyed the view from underneath them, and the feeling of her hand in his hair, while the other rested comfortably on his chest, her fingertips making small, slow caressing circles on his flat sternum through his T-shirt.

Amelia took one last puff; she was feeling very euphoric. She absently handed it to Harry, who took one final puff, offered it back to her. She refused gently with the wave of her hand, and Harry, then put it out, and lay the small butt onto the coffee table ashtray, noticing that it contained three or four finished tobacco cigarettes among the ashes, smoked close to the filters. Amelia lay her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the music, her thoughts drifting back to the time when she first heard the music, presented by the artist himself.

They lay like this for some time, just listening to the music, with Harry taking long glimpses of the parts of Amelia's body he could see, while she sat still with her head back and eyes closed, her chest rising and falling gently with her even breathing.

Amelia wanted to take her fingers to her pussy, she felt so horny, especially with Harry's head in her lap. She did not want to move or disturb his comfort. Instead, she slowly drifted her right hand down to the waistband of his pants, and without saying anything, unbuttoned them. She unzipped them, and the slid her fingers into the open pants, and down until she could feel the base of his thick cock. She smiled at her fortune of not having to worry with underwear. The movement of her hand rummaging for his cock had pulled th zipper fully down, and she hand enough room to manage pulling the large cock out of the pants. It was sizable even flaccid, and she marveled at its length and girth. She said nothing and looked down to see Harry only smiling with his eyes closed.

She began caressing it, enjoying watching it engorge and grown larger and harder in her hands. She took her time, stroking and rubbing it, and found Harry enjoyed it when she raked her fingernails across it, and up from the base of the along the protruding corpus spongiosum, if she remembered her anatomy classes correctly. She was amazed as she watched it transform in her hand, as its girth grew, and there was more of it to grip her fingers around. It was incredibly hard, and she held it at its base to see it tower, once it was fully erect. She enjoyed the curve to it and knew that is would be oh so painfully pleasurable to slide her vagina around it. She stopped stroking it and whispered to Harry, "I want to climb up onto you, and feel your cock inside me, would that be okay?"

Harry only nodded and lifted his head as she slid out from underneath it, and Amelia stood replaced her lap with a small pillow from the corner of the sofa. Harry was pulling and kicking off his pants, and she assisted him, pulling them fully off and throwing them onto an armchair. She slid her damp panties off her slender hips and threw the at Harry and she laughed when they landed on his face. He took the sheer knickers, rubbed them to his face and inhaled her scent deeply. It turned her on. She crawled on top of him, leaving her top on, and Harry fumbled but got his hands under the blousy top and around her small breasts. He pulled at her nipples, and she moaned and smiled.

She rubbed her wet sex along the hard penis shaft, leaning forward low enough for Harry to bite her nipples through her top and her to put full contact of her clitoris along the shaft that she had pressed back against Harry's stomach; the underside of the massive cockmeat exposed. Amelia ran her wet cunt and engorged clitoris along the same surface that she had just raked with her fingernails. Harry moaned in appreciation. Amelia rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy lips and sensitive clit on the incredibly hard cock back and forth slowly. She was driving herself wild with the sensation and continued, quickening her pace until she came with a small orgasm. It was just enough to have her dripping her juices onto Harry's muscled abdomen.

She raised her carriage, then gripped the hard rod and brought it up behind her holding onto it. Leaning forward, then back in order to find purchase for the wide crown at the entrance to her vagina. Once contact was made, Amelia leaned back, and began forcing the huge cock up inside her. She gasped in pain. Her vaginal sleeve stretched as it hugged the cock tightly. She backed up slowly, thoroughly enjoying the feel of the hard cock meat spreading her opening, and pushing up inside her, stretching her vaginal walls to accommodate the immense girth she was impaling herself upon. She began to move her hips to feel the cock push deeper into her. She pushed in slow increments, back and forth, then once the large head and shaft were rubbing along her sensitive g-spot she paused. She held herself at this depth and pushed and pulled herself against Harry's thick meat stick to continue the hard rubbing sensation this electric nerve bundle. It was a conundrum for her, to continue this pleasurable sensation, or to a satisfy her curiosity and push further to bring more of the monster cock up inside her. She reached back and realized that there was still much of the erect prick not yet inside her!

Harry made the decision for her and gripped her hips and pulled her down as he shoved himself forward and drove more of his huge shaft further into quaking body. She moaned loudly, as she leaned back and just allowed him to continue push more and more of his cock up into her until his crown was pressing painfully against the opening to her cervix.

Amelia concentrated and relaxed the cervix opening. She was determined to get that huge crown and part of the shaft up inside her uterus, this would take an effort of body magic, as she had never had a child, so nothing so large had ever made its way in or out of her womb. She felt herself dilate, and she pressed back, until she felt the head of Harry's cock find purchase at the opening. She made the cervix her inner mouth, and with efforts, she swallowed the head of the cock and brought the thick mushroom shaped head and some of the shaft deep inside her womb. She paused, her body shaking as she gripped Harry's shoulders and upper biceps, her knees locked against his ribs.

Harry loved the sensation; Amelia was so bloody tight. Her pussy felt like a full-on wet velvet hugs against his cock, so tight and luxurious feeling. He could feel himself stretching and pulling her inner pussy lips as they squeezed his immense prick while he pulled and pushed up inside Amelia. When he met resistance, he thought he was at the end of the road, but then another opening and even more of a squeeze against his cock, and he slid deeper into her. He knew he was inside her womb, just like he had been with Petunia and Sybill. He rocked his hips gently, feeling the tug of both her vagina and cervix opening on his meat. Amelia muttered and moaned, encouraging him to fuck her. He pushed deeper, and then roughly bit her nipple at the same time. She moaned loudly. "Old gods, Harry! What a lovely fuck you are!"

Harry kissed her breast, and Amelia reached down, and gripped his face and began kissing him fully on the lips. Soon, they were French kissing, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, the sensuality beginning to overwhelm them both. Harry felt close to cumming and felt the need for the first time that day, to warn his lover about it.

"Amelia, I am close to cumming!" He moaned.

Amelia continued to rock, already cumming herself and gasped, "It is okay, you can come inside me love!"

Harry drove his cock in as deep as he could go and knew his penis head was rubbing up against the upper wall of her womb. Amelia could feel it too and let loose with a large bucking orgasm. Watching Amelia writhe in ecstasy was the final straw, and he came hard, his cock ejaculating with an intense spasm that Amelia felt both in her vagina and uterus. Harry's cock continued to jerk and throb; Amelia reached back and grabbed his bollocks and commanded, "Ejaculottus!" and Harry continued to cum, his cock pulsating hard inside Amelia, and filling her womb with his sticky seed. His balls hurt, but his orgasm was intense and long, sending white bliss to his head, and he was temporarily blinded with pleasure.

Amelia continued to grip onto Harry, riding out her final wave of bliss, her own ejaculate dripping down around his shaft and seeping out and down her inner thighs. She was going to take advantage of this windfall to do her own rejuvenation, sharing the same secret knowledge of longevity as her body witch cousin, Avslöja. She concentrated, and when the large crown of Harry's cock popped out of the opening of her cervix, she concentrated and sealed it tight to hold in the massive amount of sperm Harry had delivered inside her. Her body would use this powerful source of power to turn back time on itself, to add decades more to her lifespan.

When Harry's still very hard member arrived outside her body, she turned around and began to lick and suck on his cock, cleaning it of the cum it was covered in, along with her own mix of juices. She found it deliciously sweet. Harry took advantage the situation as well and gripped her ass, bringing it to his face, and began licking and sucking her dripping wet cunt and up to her tight pink pucker. Amelia moaned and purred as Harry deftly licked her along her sensitive anus. She squirmed as first one finger and then another pushed their way into the tight orifice. She allowed it, but then turned and let him know candidly, that she would not be having anal sex with him, but that she did enjoy him playing with her.

Harry was a bit disappointed, He looked forward to watching his cock invade such a tight luscious little ass but took what he could get and continued to lick and finger her tight little butthole, all the while enjoying the oral pleasure he was receiving from Amelia.

Harry had taken a brief shower, just one of the many amenities conjured by Amelia for her sanctuary. The water pressure was better and water warmer than what he had experienced in the pool room showers. He came out thinking to take Amelia up on her offer to alter a pair of lounge pants for him to wear, and he was hoping that Amelia would be up for a bit of a cuddle and listening to some more music, and perhaps, just perhaps he could find a way to get her in the mood for some anal sex. She was glowing and looking rather altogether when he returned to the living room, but he found all his things there, laid out, neat and pressed, including his t-shirt, jeans, and his long coat.

"I hope you don't mind that I apparated your things here, as I think this would be a good opportunity for you to take a trip to visit Jean and Hermione Granger."

"How do you know about -"

"Remember Harry, I am an agent of Fate, and I understand what is in store for you, and I am privy to some heavy details for the next week or so. I know this would be the best time for you to fulfill your magical vow to her, also, I have need for you to pick up something at their house and bring it back here."

"What is that?'

"The potion that caused the vow you now must honor in order to keep your health and welfare. As you know, magic has its consequences, and I fear that this potion could make you rather ill, if not outright kill you if you do not provide the actions dictated within its parameters."

"But I have been feeling fine, granted I been having these gnawing feelings that I have things left undone, but-"

"That is all the warning this potion gives. If the deadlines established passes, it will turn suddenly bad for you."

"I need you to bring as much back as you can put into this bottle." Amelia handed him a large bottle that could hold approximately 1.5 liters. Luckily, his coat had pockets that could fit such a large bottle. The bottle was old fashioned, and hand a hinged stopper on it, like an old milk bottle or liquor carafe. The glass was dark green in color and could not be peered through.

"Why do you need it?"

"A few different events require it, and these are the reasons that the book fell into Hermione's hands, and now yours in the first place. Now, as much as it displeases me, please get dressed."

Harry begrudgingly got dressed. He was beginning to find Fate annoying. Granted he had been thinking about making the time trip to see Jean during this weekend, but he was really enjoying himself this evening. He thought of Jean, and knew that with the Turner, he could spend time with her and still be back seconds after he left Amelia anyway. He grinned; What was his is issue anyway? He bloody loved magic.

"I have portkey in hedge where we stopped during our walk in the rain", commented Amelia, as she helped Harry into his coat. Harry checked all his pockets and found the turner, his confiscated wand, and his cloak. He also found his wallet and made sure there was money in it. He slid the green bottle into the large inside pocket of the coat. Amelia straightened his coat collar. "It will take you to the Granger backyard. I suggest you set your turner back about three and half days so that you end up there midmorning when everyone is at work, and Hermione is alone at the house. That should give you enough time to do what you need to do." Use their fireplace and the floo network and come back to this one." Amelia pointed to the one in the suite. Don't worry, it will not be lit."

"You have this all worked out." Harry said, rather miffed.

"Much depends on me being organized. Please, try to stay on track, you need to make it back here in plenty of time for the movie, and I promise you, if you are early, there may be things we can do until it is time for the movie." She ran her fingers through Harry's hair, and recited, "Succendam aridam!" and his hair was fully dried. She kissed him on the lips, holding his chin, then wagged it, "You need not catch your death out there."

"I'll try not to." Harry retorted. "Oh, by the way, what is the portkey?"

"You will know it when you see it. I promise. Look about midway in the square along the rose bushes, on the south side."

Harry, fully dressed, turned to leave when Amelia gripped his shoulder. "One more thing." She raised her wand and said, "Invisibilia protectio!" She ran her hand down his chest. "I believe it is still raining, love."

Harry looked at her wryly and smirked He was thinking of the prophecy. "Yeah, wouldn't want to catch my death."

Amelia thought, "Sixteen years old and he already has a gallows sense of humor. Gods, I just had amazing sex with a sixteen-year-old! I am going to hell. Well, I know I am not, but still…"

Harry turned back. "Mind you, no fires in the fireplace."

Amelia laughed. "See you in oh say, about a half hour, Harry Potter."

Harry left the suite and immediately pulled his cloak over him, and though it took a bit of waiting and dodging of people, made his way out the front door of the club and was able to easily make his way to the back garden and to the spot where he made Amelia cause a thunderstorm. He turned south, and walked along the edge of the square, skimming along the edge, under the rows of rose bushes looking for something that would be the portkey. He found it easily, enough, about midway, just under a large red rose bush, just slightly covered with peat moss, a dice cup. He decided he should stay under the cloak but remembered how rough and tumble the previous portkeys he took were, and tucked the cloak under the belt of the coat, then cinched the belt. He looked odd, but he would not chance losing the cloak. He then picked up the cup and found himself hurling through a lightning filled sky of dark clouds, buffeted about by the whim of gale winds.

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