Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Remove your fingers

Petunia was having a hard time waiting for Friday to arrive, even as sore as her asshole and pussy were. She could only think of her nephew's cock inside her, the savage beast he was as he fucked her silly to several orgasms. She began to tease him that next day, as he did chores. She made him clean the bathroom while she took a shower, and she made sure the curtain was open enough for him to see inside as she slowly lathered her large tits with soap, and as she bent over and ran her fingers in and out of her cunt and asshole as she washed herself. She purposely stepped out nude onto the tile floor as Harry was on his hands and knees scrubbing and pointed out places he missed as she made watery and soapy foot prints across the floor to the towel rack. She shaved her legs while nude, in front of him, her leg atop the toilet, as she bent over and ran her razor over her well oiled gams. Harry was cleaning around the toilet at the time, and watched him squirm and tug at his hardening cock, trying to find a a comfortable placement for his thickening prick, now binding in his shorts and pants. She ran her fingers into her pussy, pulling on her full and dangling labia and then ran her fingers around his nose and mouth, making sure her cum was spread on his wanton smirk and the he could smell the musk of her puss.

She made Harry choose the panties she would wear for the day. And had him watch as she put them on, bending over dramatically as she slowly brought the thong panties up over her well rounded hips and she spent a luxurious amount of time adjusting the thong that ran up bum. She pulled to make it tight against her pus, the definite camel toes outline in place for Harry to view. She chose to lay on the couch in the living room in just her panties while he vaccumed the floor. She rubbed herself and masturbated with Harry's own wand. Vernon had made him give it up the moment he stepped into the house for the summer. She had the combination to the safe he kept it in, and pulled it out just for this purpose. She felt it vibrate and had some small electrical shocks that caused her to orgasm as she she thrust it inside her wet snatch. Harry stopped vacuuming to watch, to stroke himself as he could take the teasing no longer. She allowed him to masturbate until it looked like he would come and made him stop with an angry string of curse words. She wanted his balls as blue as possible for the following day.

She decided she needed to go grocery shopping. She made Harry sit and watch as she dressed and got ready. She chose a pair of tight Capri pants that accented her ass and legs, and an open back blouse all the rage the summer before. The material was thin and her nipples were extremely evident as she wore only a half bra to cup and bring more cleavage to view as she left more buttons that normal undone. She was feeling extremely attractive, but to be sure, she undid her slacks, and snaked her fingers into her wet snatch and made Harry suck her fingers as she performed an Engorgio spell to "top off the girls".

They would have to shop elsewhere, She chose Reading, as she knew very few people there. She made Harry wear the best clothes he had, and she felt a pang of shame that his best still left him looking like just better than a street thug. She had a glass of wine while dressing, and felt very naughty and sexy. She wore a deep shade of red lipstick that she had been dying to try, but knew Vernon would not approve. She put on sunglasses and together She and Harry left for the farmer's market in Reading.

She allowed Harry to sit in the front of the Honda, and made sure to undo a couple of more buttons to give him a more than adequate view of her bosom. She teased him occasionally by running her hand down his leg, to caress and grip his long hard cock bound to his inner thigh by his new tighter boxer briefs.

Harry was beside himself. He thoroughly enjoyed the peek shows and flagrant cock teasing that his Aunt performed for him, but his cock's constant state of agitation left his ball sac in a painful state. He had heard of the term, "blue balls", and now thoroughly understood the meaning of the phrase. He wanted to attack his Aunt, to fuck the living hell out of this cock teasing bitch. He of course knew this was base behavior, and although she might deserve it, he maintained the grace of remaining the ever patient nephew.

They shopped for the next few days of lunch and supper, and then Petunia surprised Harry by buying them lunch as a small sidewalk cafe. They sat in the shade and enjoyed the warmth of the day. Petunia was giddy. She noticed how often the men were noticing her, and she was a bit naughty and leaned and bent over more times than she needed to give them a view of her ass and tits. Her nipples were hard and poking through the thin blouse and she did not care. She took in the lustful attention of the men she passed, and had mini orgasms at the thought of their wanting to touch her and put their filthy cocks inside her. Harry was quiet and attentive and that added to her feeling of being wanted. She had two glasses of wine with lunch, and allowed Harry a strong Shandy. She probably should not be driving, but the world was her oyster, and she knew it was fleeting. Soon it was home to making dinner and Vernon.

After lunch, she knew it was time to head back to their little village and to the their row of suburban bliss. Petunia felt a bit of ennui. Then a good looking older gentleman passed by. He noticed Petunia, and slowed to a stop. He had dashing pepper gray hair and a strong jaw with steely blue eyes. He knew he was handsome and it showed in his clothing, and his manner. He was bold, and stopped in front of Petunia to get her attention. " Excuse me, I must say I find you incredibly attractive, would you have an afternoon drink with me in the pub down the street?"

"No, thank you, " Petunia blushed slightly. She could tell his eyes were on her breasts, and she leaned forward to give the man a better view, jiggling them slightly. "I am with my young man, and we must be heading off back to the city."

The man leaned in closer, and whispered in her ear, "Then he is truly a lucky young man... I hope he services you well." Petunia, whispered back, emboldened, " Oh, yes! He does. He has a magical cock."

The man smiled, a knowing and gracious smile, and ran his hand down her arm. "My loss, that is for sure, my sweet lady." He left, knowing it would have been worth the pursuit.

Harry's mouth was agape, he had overheard the entire conversation. Petunia was now incredibly horny, and only knew of one release at this point. She ordered Harry to the car and drove to the country, and pulled over on a desolate roadside amid country fences and cows. No one was nearby.

"Undo your pants, Harry!" She pulled out his long and stiff cock, and began to stroke it hard. It took very little time, and she leaned over, her blouse completely undone, and began sucking his thick and long dick. Harry played with her tits, pulling on her nipples, and caressing her large fleshy globes.

She continued and did not stop until Harry erupted with a huge orgasm. She swallowed hard and continued to lick and suck his cock until all his dripping cum was gone.

it was all she could do not to fuck the boy right there on the side of the road. But she knew she did not have time, and she had all day tomorrow to satisfy her craven needs. She fixed her blouse, and fixed her lipstick in the rearview mirror, ignoring the blissful smirk on Harry's face. He lay back, looking very much like the cat who ate the canary, although it was the bitch who ate the cock.

They drove back in silence, listening to popular music from the 1980's, Boy George and the Romantics. She hummed along, remembering the tunes as a teen girl, and daydreaming of what it would have been like to have an afternoon tryst with the Pepper Gray Man.

She came home, changed her clothes, and returned to her role as housewife. She had Harry set the table early and allowed him to go to his room. She prepared dinner from the fresh vegetables and the chops she purchased at the Reading open air market. Vernon would soon be home. She went to freshen her make up in her room, and realized she and not reversed the spell that had swelled her tits to a much larger size. Vernon would surely notice. She heard him on the sidewalk, whistling a tune as he strolled back from the train station. Petunia panicked and ran to Harry's room, unbuttoning her blouse as she ran. She burst into Harry's room looking like a disheveled madwoman.

"Quick hold me!" Harry did not seem to understand. "come hold me by my hips!"

Harry complied, grabbing his Aunt at her waist. Petunia held both her breasts in her hands, and announced, "Reducio originale". Nothing happened. She repeated it. "Reducio originale." Again nothing happened. She knew it was because she was in a panic, but time was short. She could hear Vernon two houses down. "Harry, touch me more intimately".

Harry, flustered, dropped to his knees and reached up her skirt and ran his fingers under her panties and into her snatch. Bless the boy. No bones about it with this one. She held her breasts, announced "Reducio originale!" and this time it worked, her breasts returned to their original size. She looked down at Harry and in an annoyed tone said, "Get your fingers out of my cunt, please." Harry withdrew them, and she buttoned her blouse, tucked it back into her skirt, smoothed her hair, and headed downstairs to greet Vernon at the door as expected.

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