Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Got MILF? or, Get Balmy!

Harry was deep asleep but was feeling blissfully pleasant. The dream was very vivid, Petunia, her smell was intoxicating, she was wearing her favorite perfume, and only an open robe, her nude body clearly visible. He was standing at the dinner table, serving breakfast to her and Vernon, and she was in her chair, holding his cock, and buttering it with a butterknife, while Vernon read his newspaper, oblivious to the activities. She was saying over and over, "Harry love, please pass the jam, please pass the jam, please pass the jam…"

"Harry! Please! It's past Five a.m.!"

Harry awoke, he was nude atop his bed, his sheet pulled to one side, Petunia was sitting on the bed, dressed in an uncinched robe, fully nude underneath it. She was stroking his cock, which was standing at full attention. "We must hurry, Vernon just went into the shower, we have enough time for a quick one. "

She shrugged off her robe, and placed her hands on the bed, standing, and then bent over, rocking her hips. "Come fuck me from behind, I know that will get you off the quickest. Please start with my pussy, it has been craving your big fat cock."

Harry appreciated the view, Petunia's firm full tits dangling, her areolas puckered in excitement and her brown gum drop nipples hard and pointing. He rolled out of bed quickly, yawning, He had only had three hours sleep at the most. He gripped the lovely wide hips of his aunt and slapped her ass playfully, she moaned, and pushed her ass out further, widening her stance as she did so. "Please, give it to me nephew, fuck your Auntie's hungry little cunt."

Lately, Petunia had seemed to be embracing their official relationship with zeal, perhaps the incestuous nature was beginning to appeal to her, or her denial was over, and she did not care that who she was fucking was her only nephew. Whatever it was, kink or not, Harry seemed to enjoy this dark acknowledgement. "Want some nephew cock? Okay Auntie, let me give it to you." Harry pulled on her buttocks, spreading apart the cheeks of her inviting ass and took an appreciative stare at her tight little starfish and the glistening fleshy folds of her hungry puss. She was already dripping wet, hungry for his meat. He pushed and his hefty hardness slid slowly and deeply into the velvet of her warm wetness. He continued to push his thick rod until the tip of his large mushroom shaped crown pushed against her stubborn cervix. Harry rubbed his cock there along the firm muscle and flesh while gripping Petunia's fine rump. "Gods, Pet, why no matter what, does it always feel so bloody good when I put my cock into you?"

"Because, love, my pussy is one of the best you will ever have! Is it tight enough for you? I was afraid after all that hard fucking you gave it yesterday that it might feel a bit loose, so I did a bit of tweaking yesterday after our last session…"

"It… feels bloody like heaven Pet" Harry gasped, as he began to fuck her with thrusts long, hard and fast into her snug softness and she egged him on, cursing and cooing in low tones, begging for him to cum for her, moaning and squealing, "omigod, omigod, how I love your nasty big cock!"

It was hot and it was fast, Harry felt himself close to coming, and pushed onward, roughly piston fucking his aunt: Petunia's fingers were underneath her, rubbing her engorged clit with abandon. He warned her, "Oh god, Pet, I am going to cum, where do you want me to cum?"

"Inside me, please, inside me, give it to me baby, give me your hot cum!"

"Harry felt the welling rise deep from inside his groin, the spasm milking his balls as he ejaculated hard, pulsing his thick and sticky load deep inside his aunt's heavenly vagina. She clinched her Kegel muscles tightly around his cock, and it felt like her cunt was milking each drop of cum from his shaft. The feeling was exquisite.

"Oh Pet!"

"You like that? I found some "Kama Sutra spells for the active witch" inside an old textbook left by your mum, they were hand- written notes on little pieces of paper. She must have been a wild one at your Hogwarts."

"Yes. She must have been. Would love to see those spells some time."

"Sure love. Now, please, pull out very slowly, I want to keep as much of you inside me as I can for now. Mustn't be dripping at breakfast, but I so wanted to have your lovely spunk inside me while I breakfast with your oaf of an uncle." She took a plug from her robe pocket, and slid it into her pussy, licking her fingers of the sperm that had made its way to the outside. It made Harry hard again, just watching her do this.

"Not go as well last night as you wished?"

"It was nice enough, but the marital events were disappointing as always. Perhaps you have spoiled me for normal sex, Nephew." She put her hand to his face gently. "Now, to keep up appearances, I will be my normal bitch to you at breakfast. You must know we need to keep appearances, even if we know differently, don't you Harry?"

Harry only frowned, but he nodded in acquiesced agreement. "On one condition, you come suck on my cock a bit. Now that I'm awake, I'd like to watch you do it."

She smiled. "We have time, so I would love to suck you, Harry! After Vernon leaves, I will finally reveal my surprise! I am so excited! It has been terribly hard to keep this secret from you!"

Petunia got on her knees and lovingly ran her tongue around Harry's hard dripping member and swallowed it deeply and smiled as Harry firmly gripped the back of her head.


Petunia was true to her words and spoke curtly and sharply to Harry all during breakfast while she cooed and said "Yes Dear" to Vernon so many times that Harry thought he was going to gag. Harry had noticed on his way downstairs that there was a small suitcase waiting at the front door, along with a travelling case that he knew held Vernon's golf clubs.

"Going golfing today, Uncle Vernon?" Harry tried to inquire meekly.

"Going for the weekend, while you and your aunt are attending her event." He said gruffly.

"Work is paying for a weekend in Scotland as part of a retreat!" Petunia said in a prideful but snide manner, "You work hard enough, you get rewarded."

"Don't get his hopes up, dear, he won't ever work hard enough."

They both sniggered at Vernon's hurtful comment, and Harry ignored him. He pictured Vernon tied to the dining room chair as he sodomized Petunia on the table and munched on Vernon's toast and jam while doing it. It was a comforting thought that his detestable uncle would be gone all weekend; he had to make sure that he defiled a prized possession of his while he was gone. Oh wait, he could do that all weekend with Petunia. Snigger at me, ya arsehole, I am shagging your old lady on your bed every day, you bloody wanker. If he could only say it aloud.

The breakfast seemed interminably long, and neither Vernon or Petunia allowed Harry to eat until they were done, and Vernon was on his way out the door. Harry was frying himself up a couple of eggs while Petunia and Vernon said their muffled goodbyes outside the kitchen door in the foyer. He had to get a grip on himself, and he knew it. Petunia had prepared him for her behavior, had made a point of visiting him and having wildly reckless sex with him in the morning to prove she needed him, yet here he was still angry, and they were facing a weekend without Vernon. He should be beyond himself happy instead of angry, jealous, and hurt.

Who was fucking the neighbor while Pet and Vernon were at dinner? Get a grip, you daffy bloke, you keep thinking this way and you will drive yourself absolutely barking. He grabbed a cup of coffee and sloshed some milk into it and drank it quickly, while it was hot but no longer scalding. He calmed himself and sat down. There was buttered toast left on the table and he spread some apple jam across it. He felt her hands on his shoulders, and a kiss at his neck. His anxiety melted out of his shoulders. She spoke softly into his ear. "Mmm, would you like to spread some jam on me?"

"I thought I already did, Pet." Harry gently retorted.

She ran her fingers gently through the hair on the sides of his head. "That was in me, not on me, but right you are, just being greedy, nephew."

"I like when you are greedy, Pet." Harry reached back with his hand and touched Petunia's which was still playing with the cropped hair on the side of his head behind his ear. She kissed his neck again.

"Finish your breakfast, we have plenty of time before my surprise. I will get a fresh cup and join you."

Petunia had not yet dressed, and loosened her robe, letting it fall open where it may. She had slipped on a bra and panties to keep Vernon from getting too frisky or from objecting to her only wearing her robe around Harry. She had, with a bit of distaste, had woken up early to spend some time orally pleasing her husband, and was thankful when he came across her breasts, instead of inside her mouth. It certainly had thrown Vernon off any scent of distrust and put him back in a more complacent role. He seemed to no longer have any objections to Harry attending her event, even though earlier in the week he had voiced objections, stating that she was going "soft on your juvenile delinquent of a nephew". Her argument had been that due to lack of trust with him being at home alone, it was best that he would attend. Her encouraging him to take the weekend invitation from his boss for golf in Scotland as a reward for his work so far on the successful progression of the merger, met with little resistance, and her calculated blowjob sealed the deal and once again she got her way. Vernon was easily managed for most times. His temper was the only wildcard that she had to worry over. She was pleased with herself; Vernon was now well under her thumb.

Petunia stood at the table and took her sweet time standing in front of Harry, removing her bra and letting it drop to the floor. Harry sat crunching on toast and enjoying the show. She then sat across from Harry, her breasts almost fully on view with her open robe, her long legs showing as she crossed, them, sitting sideways on the dining room chair. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. She smiled as Harry said nothing but raised his eyebrows as he watched her and bit into his toast. "Relax, love, we have a free weekend. No worries. In fact, I think I need a bit of whisky in my coffee, how about you?"

Harry only shrugged, and held out his cup, "Why not?" He knew now that this must be a dream, and he was still in his bed after his night out with Hedwig. Petunia sauntered over to the liquor cabinet and took out Vernon's prize bottle of 18-year single malt scotch and brought it over to the table. She leaned over seductively, making sure Harry was attentive to her chest and poured a generous amount in her cup, and then a couple of ounces into Harry's. Once Harry took a swig, he could confirm that he was not dreaming, and indeed awake. He poured a bit more coffee into his cup as nonchalantly as possible. He was never going to get used to the taste of this stuff.

He continued to eat, while Petunia smoked her cigarette leisurely and tried to elicit conversation from her nephew. It pained her to think that all those years with him had programmed him to speak only in short quick phrases, succinct and general. It had been rare that any real conversation had taken place no matter how casual. Most had been interrogations or just confirmations to suss his understanding of assigned tasks. She decided to try a different tactic and ask a more open question.

"So, Harry, what did you like best about what we did yesterday? Hmmm?"

"I love the riding crah- uh, I mean, I just loved riding the crap out of you." Shite! He was mixing up Petunia with Mimi, and he nearly gave it away. His save was poor, and awkward at best.

Petunia seemed to ignore it and encouraged him further. "I gather that, you seem to enjoy fucking me hard and rough as much as I like it, nephew. But what did you like best? You seemed to enjoy fucking me with another man…"

"Yeah, I did, mainly because I enjoyed how much Clive was getting into fucking you, and how much you were turned on by both of us fucking you. You were such a wild little slut! But to be honest, my favorite part was when I was facing you and watching you as I took you deep into your- your womb."

Petunia brightened, she seemed pleased with that answer. "So, you enjoy watching me while we have sex, Harry?"

"Why wouldn't I? You are dead sexy gorgeous, and I love watching your face as I take my cock to you." He was sort of glad he had spent time with Mimi; he was not feeling so self-conscious talking dirty or honestly about sex now. It was still awkward to him, but it aroused him as well.

"Mmm, I love you taking your cock to me, and it seemed so massively hard yesterday, more so than normal- are you sure you were not doing any magic to it?"

"Yes, I mean, no magic- that was just me turned on by you and our… situations together yesterday. How about you? What did you like best yesterday?"

Petunia looked thoughtfully, and took a last drag on her cigarette, then put it out on the empty toast plate. She blew out a stream of smoke and then looked directly in his eyes. "To be honest as well, I very much enjoyed having you facing me, while you were as deep in me as you could be. But I have to say I have enjoyed all our sex together, and our time with Clive was especially naughty - I enjoy being the object of your desire, Harry, however it manifests itself."

Harry blushed at the cool, intense honesty of Petunia's statement. He watched as she shrugged off her robe, and then nonchalantly played with her breasts as she continued to speak with Harry. They appeared firmer, bouncier. Her skin was flawless, tighter. She had been playing with her body magic again; it was obvious to Harry as a fellow user of magic. She was getting much more adept at this. He could feel her confidence, but he wondered what it would be like for her without him around… could she continue it on her own? Would she? He had wanted to approach her about teaching her some defensive magic; was she ready for that? Another question popped into his head: for her, was sex with him just about the power Petunia gained? He knew her stoppering his man-cream was more than just a kink for Pet, she admitted that it allowed her to do magic more strongly without having to be physically connected, a sort of magic battery for her as it were. Perhaps all the sex with her was just about giving her that freedom. For some reason he did not think that was the only reason for the sex. He knew her moans and orgasms were genuine, as was her apology to him yesterday. This was definitely turning into a relatives-with-benefits type of arrangement, but at least to him it felt more caring as well.

As much as he tried to remain nonchalant while they talked, Harry felt himself growing more and more aroused. His Aunt had that effect on him, he could not deny it, and the way she was leaning forward and occasionally playing with her breasts, pulling on her gum drop nipples to make them stand up at attention, her long bare smooth leg casually kicking as she had it crossed over its equally sexy mate, the dimple on her thigh with the little beauty mark, the peeks of her lace panties, the way she pursed her lips as she sucked on her cigarette, and blew the smoke high above her head. He was growing harder and had to adjust his erection in his sweatpants for comfort. Petunia noticed it, but only smiled.

"This weekend will be fairly busy, Nephew, I am not sure how much time we will have for sex; but I assure you, we will still have great fun."

That pronouncement was a bit disappointing to hear, no matter how positive Petunia had made it sound. "Oh? Are you already getting tired of me, Pet?" He asked, only half joking.

"Heavens no Harry, quite the opposite. In fact, I am thinking that you and I must shag like bunnies for the next couple of hours if I am going to be able to contain myself for the next couple of days… and that may still not be enough. Still, I do rather enjoy sneaking around with you... and there are nooks and crannies at the club," she teased.

Her enigmatic statement had him intrigued. What indeed was her surprise, and it was news to him that this event was to last more than just an afternoon or evening. He should have picked up on that clue when Vernon had said the weekend. Yet what could it be at the club that would last more than a day? Gods, he hoped she was not involving him in some charity golfing event. Or tennis, he was horrible at tennis, though seeing Petunia in a short skirt with her breasts bouncing around, along with some of the other good looking milfs at the club, would certainly not be a bit of terrible.

Still, he knew how competitive these women were, and dragging their sons and daughters into their ongoing battle of devious politics and one-up-womanship was not anything Harry wanted to look forward to all but for one dreaded reason. It would be different if he could just watch from afar with his wry and ironic goggles firmly attached, and a smirk forever pasted on his face, but now he would be expected to perform, to be that good little sidekick, to be her surrogate Dudley, and he was very afraid that he might let Petunia down. Suddenly in Harry's mind maybe Dudley's world was not all wine and roses, or at least his cousin's equivalent, cakes, pies, and electronics. Gods, he hoped it was not some kind of family sporting event! He was suddenly feeling wholly awkward and inadequate, and a burning sear sizzled in the pit of his stomach. Suddenly he was afraid of what Petunia's event may truly be. He would have to self-medicate heavily, and he was glad for the half-smoked hash and pot spliff upstairs in the jeans he wore yesterday to Mimi's house.

Petunia had been watching Harry as these thoughts fleeted across his face, and she wondered why he was suddenly looking anxious.

"Does my plan to have intensive sex with you for the next couple of hours concern you?" She asked in a teasing, yet provoking manner, one intoned of concern tinged with a bit of dread at the possible answer. Harry just came out of his thought haze and understood her question, and just shook his head no, not ready to answer honestly with the thoughts that just went through his head. Petunia guessed again, "Is it the thought that it might be too risky to try to find a quiet place at the club? I sort of thought you might rather enjoy some public sex again." She was alluding to their intense encounters in the Reading Station public family water closet and her car.

Harry cleared his throat, shook his head again and spoke, understanding that he must not have had a poker face visible as he was thinking, from reading the expression on Petunia's face and the tone of her questions. "No-no, I am looking forward to both things, it is just the thought that we have a whole weekend, and I will not get to spend it tucked away with you, fucking you in the many parts of this house."

Petunia beamed at this response, and with a seductively coy look on her face responded, "Now who is being greedy this time, nephew?" She stood and removed her robe fully, then slid her slender hands underneath the sides of her bikini white lace knickers and pulled them over her lovely hips and down, to let them drop after her knees. She stepped out of them, then pulled her chair out away from the table and sat down, her long legs spread wide, showing of her moist and pink sex. "Come Harry, come lick my pussy."

Petunia was true to her word; the next two hours were spent on intensive sex in various parts of the house. She did not have to use magics; Harry came several times but would bounce back quickly with heavy iron still left in his sword. At Harry's request, they finished in the bedroom on the bed still not made from when she and Vernon slept in it, it was a long, messy anal session and Harry made sure to wipe his cock with one of Vernon's undershirts. He came in great gushes all over the front of her with her legs high in the air, as he stroked her rump with ferocity and their eyes locked together. She screamed out loudly several times, allowing the freedom of knowing that Vernon was well on his way to Scotland and only Mimi might hear carry her though several orgasms. She did not care; Mimi had hinted that she knew something of what she was doing with Harry and did not worry that her friend knew; she trusted her with her unspoken secret.

Harry for his last orgasm finished again in her pussy, and Petunia had placed flat plugs in both her anus and vagina while she was lying with Harry on her marital bed in post-coital satisfaction. It was time to reveal her surprise to Harry. She was giddy with excitement, and her several orgasms had only heightened her girlish mood.

"It's a Mother-Son Lock-In Party Weekend!" She announced. Harry could only generate a forced smile. Petunia's excitement was evident, but some of his previous thoughts creeped in, and he was feeling some trepidation, but wanted to make sure he did not show it on his face. He went for his best surprised expression that wanted to know more.


"We are having a weekend lock-in party at the club, with catering as well as access to the kitchen! It will be just the sons and mothers that are club members!"

"Wow, that sounds… brilliant! A whole weekend?"

"Yes! It is meant to be a whole weekend, Friday afternoon and night, all day Saturday, and ends with Sunday brunch. Time for mothers to connect with their sons, stepsons, boyfriend's sons, and of course, any live-in nephews that may be around!" She stroked his chest as she said this part. "We have the Main lounge room, the big ball room, and all the side rooms, and of course, the indoor pool. Nothing was going on at the Club this weekend except golf, and we will not be bothering the boys and their club or restaurant area. It is for charity, and we have tons of people committed to it!"

"Wow!... that sounds really, really fun." In reality for Harry, the lock-in party did not sound fun, especially compared to hiding here at home and spending time shagging Petunia in the many, many decadent ways he had floating around in his devious noggin. Mimi had stretched his imagination a bit, and he was hoping he could do the same for Petunia, perhaps even gray the lines a bit around her good friendship with Mimi. With all the remarks that Mimi had made about Petunia, he was sure she would be amenable. Perhaps inviting her over to sun on their patio would be a good start. Harry was getting hard again just thinking about it.

"Clive has helped quite a bit, coming up with fun ideas, from the young male perspective, you know. It should be relaxing, but also lets the mums and sons do things together and spend time getting to know each other and reconnecting in a more isolated setting." Petunia's eyes practically twinkled, and then her lip quivered, and he could see some tears in her eyes. Harry knew she was thinking about Dudley and knowing that this is exactly what she would love to be doing with him. He grabbed her hand and tried his best to sound incredibly interested and excited about being locked up with a bunch of stuffy posh suburban bitches and their spoiled children. He wished he could trade places with Dudley at this moment for several reasons, not all of them altruistic.

His fake excitement fooled her, and she seemed satisfied with his response, so much so that she changed her hair color to the strawberry ginger of Lily and grew back a finely cut lightning bolt design on her pubis, while make sure with a hex that rest of the skin around her sex and anus were completely bare and smooth. She proceeded to push Harry back on the bed and fellate him, after giving him two more inches of girth and length. She looked up at him while she slowly licked around his rod from its sturdy muscular base up to its wide thick crown.

"Nephew, dear, I want you to have fun this weekend, but as you know, I will be busy at times coordinating the events of the weekend."

Harry had not thought of it, but it made sense. "Yeah, sounds right, you know I am willing to help out where I can…"

"Oh, we have plenty of help, but there are some ladies that are attending that helping out that don't have sons that may need a surrogate son to help them feel included."


"Well, I was hoping that you would accompany them to some of the events with them so that they don't feel like a third wheel this weekend. One of them is my good friend and our neighbor, Mimi VonDunderson."

"Oh really?"

"Yes, she was so excited to hear of my plans and of course, was one of the first to volunteer to participate in the event. I was hoping that when I am busy, that you would not mind spending some time with her, there is another woman too, her name is Amelia Worthington-Escrow. Her family, the Worthingtons, are one of the oldest founding families of the club. She is a rather eccentric woman, a bit older than me, who is a widow like Mimi, nevertheless, was also excited about the event- very keen to help out this weekend. I was hoping that you could spend time with them both to make them feel wanted and included."

"Uhm, sure! I mean, Mrs. VonDunderson seems like a genuinely nice lady, so what are neighbors for?"

"Oh good! I was hoping that would be your attitude! It really means much to me! Please be a gentleman with these ladies, mind your manners!"

"Sure. I will do my best, Pet."

"Of course you will, you are better behaved than most of the sons at the club, now that you have your magic under control. My god, there were times when you were younger!... Well, nothing to worry about now!" She was stroking Harry's cock absent-mindedly with her left hand as she placed her other hand on his chest as she was curled around him. "Oh, there is another thing you must do, right after we finish up here, you must go over to Mimi's and pick out her sleepwear for tomorrow night."


Petunia brightened and smiled. "Yes! We are having a pajama party tomorrow night, and Clive thought that it would be a lark if the boys had to pick out what the moms would wear for the night!"

"Isn't that a bit risky, leaving that choice up to pre-teen and teenaged boys?"

"Well, that is the fun, don't you see. It is a bit of a trust exercise. The mom gets the choice of bringing a robe with them, but the son gets to pick out what the mom wears! We thought that it would be less embarrassing for the boys if they got to choose what the mom would wear."

"Oh, I guess I see that, yeah, that makes sense." Again, the logic evaded Harry. He imagined half the horndog sons will be picking out something revealing, especially knowing that the other sons were doing it too, so to make sure they could see other mums in hot nightgowns. The logic was there from a boy's point of view, if you had to sacrifice your mom to look a little slutty in order to get your pal's mom in the same predicament, then it kept the bro code intact. As long as all moms were looking slutty, it was okay, and it was better to be looking at a bunch of slutty moms including yours than none at all. Probably ninety percent of the boys had crushes on their friends' mums, and the other ten had it on their own mums. It would be a win-win for the whole bro-dom. A thought occurred to him. "What if the mum doesn't like the outfit the son chooses?"

"Everyone has agreed that the son gets carte blanche. The son keeps the outfit chosen and gives it to her tomorrow. Mum won't know for sure what he chooses unless she goes back through all her outfits to determine it. It is a trust exercise. She must trust in what her son chooses for her. It also shows him she trusts him with her image and the choices he makes for her."

So well thought out… did Clive present this? If he did, he was more of a brilliant bloke than he thought. "So- I get to do this for you, and for Mrs. VonDunderson? What about Ms. Worthington-Escrow?"

"Yes. Amelia said she would bring a bag and let you choose tonight. She seemed up for the game. I told Mimi you would come over this morning to choose. She had no problem with it."

"Well, it seems a bit embarrassing for me to be rummaging through the nightgowns of a stranger, but if she doesn't mind, then I guess I won't either."

"Well, I am glad you are game for the task you naughty boy! This should be fun! Though I must say, Mimi is quite bosomy for her size, I would make sure to choose something that shows a bit of her cleavage, so that she gets some attention from the boys!"

"Auntie! Are you sure?"

"Well of course, Mimi is a lovely, but lonely woman. She deserves to feel special and if she has some young men and boys giving her some attention, then I say, it is well deserved! Keep that in mind, Harry. Besides, who knows what you will have to work with, Mimi has lived alone for years, you might not find anything sexier than a cotton button-down housecoat."

Ah, so the shoe drops, thought Harry. They do know that that this will be a cocktease party as well as a pajama party. At least Petunia does, and she does not think differently than the other women at the club. It seems like they are willing to pull out some of the stops in order to connect with their sons and their sons' friends this weekend. Harry kept it to himself. He was sure that Mimi's chest of drawers was chock full of sexy lingerie, he would probably have a harder time finding something appropriate for her to wear tomorrow night than not.

He thought of his time with Mimi and the riding crop and that probably he must have left a mark or two yesterday. He was lying to himself. He knew he left a mark or two. It would not be appropriate for a single woman in her nightie to have those marks seen without questions being asked and eyebrows raised. He knew what he had to do. He had the healing balm in his room, in a jar in his rucksack, a souvenir of his visit to the first timeline with the healer Casey. He would bring it with him over to Mimi's house and get her more presentable for the weekend when he went to choose her nightgown. He hoped that Petunia did not go along; she need not find out how Mimi got those marks, nor did Mimi need to be put into the position of having to lie to her friend.

At that moment his thoughts returned to the present because Petunia was raking her bottom teeth all along the underneath of his shaft as she swallowed much of its length down her throat and began bobbing and gagging a bit at the same time. He watched her eyes and her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft, and her bulging throat and the pleasure became a bit too intense and he warned her, "Ahhh Pet, I'm cumming!" She gripped his hips and shoved his cock farther down her throat and he came with a massive jerk and ejaculated a huge load into Petunia's throat. She pulled up gasping, and swallowed, then gasped some more, and then began sucking and licking the spasming ejaculation still coming out of his massive penis. It jerked hard again and sent a splatter of jism all over her face and neck and the top of her chest. She swallowed some more and cupped his bollocks, and said quietly, "miscete dilatatio".

Harry suddenly felt his balls grow very heavy, and it reminded him of when he was back at the hospital in Cork, preparing for the healing with Molly. When they were done, Petunia purposefully forgot to change back the size of Harry's penis; she wanted the ladies at the club to know what a massive tool her nephew was packing in his pajama pants that she had picked out for him, and made sure it looked sizable, no matter what state of erection or non-erection it was in.

"Harry, love, why don't you wash off quickly and run over next door to pick out a nightie for Mimi while I shower and get ready." With that, she began to take her fingers to her neck and chest, scooping up gobs of Harry's sticky seed and sucking it down. She had found an attraction and enhancement spell that she thought would work rather well with what she had stored inside her, and she was excited to try it alone. Harry did not need to know all her secrets.

Harry only nodded and went to the bathroom and took a whore's bath quickly and brushed his teeth. He found clothes on his bed that Petunia had lay out for him, a new running suit in Gryffindor colors. He smiled. At least Petunia had paid attention to his sense of fashion taste when they were talking in Reading. He was to be her surrogate trophy son, and he decided it was a small price to pay for what they were doing together. He was not sure exactly what that was, but it felt so much better than the antagonistic relationship they had before. He was warming to the fact that his aunt was magic folk, and coming into her own, just like him. He pulled out his invisibility cloak and stuffed it into his overcoat. It was raining hard outside, so he decided he would wear it to the club as well. He put some pot into the pipe, and into a small empty lip balm tin and put that in a pocket as well. It would not hurt to bring a bit of weed to dull the pain of dealing with what he dreaded could be a very tedious weekend. He of course he had the Death-eater wand with him as well. He would be away from the house for the weekend, he wanted some protection nearby. He found the healing balm and brought the jar with him, after he whispered a labelling spell, and had a professional looking printed label on the jar which stated, "Dr. Episkey's Healing Cream".

He took the jar with him and spoke through the closed bathroom door to Petunia that he was going next door.

"Wonderful! Tell Mimi to ring us when she is ready to go over. Tell her I would like to be there around four o'clock if we could."

It was now around eleven thirty in the morning, and Harry walked over to Mimi's house, and rang the door. He waited a bit, and then he heard someone at the door. Mimi spoke through it.

"Harry, love, is it you? Are you with anyone?"

"No, Mimi, just me."

The door opened and there stood Mimi, in the same sheer robe that she wore the previous evening. She was bit of sight, her hair in a towel, but she looked to have been in the shower, she only wore a small thong, and no bra. "Hello love, come in. I am afraid I have a bit of bad news."

Harry closed the door and turned around to answer. "What is it, Mimi?"

"I'm afraid we may have got a bit carried away yesterday…"

"Well, it was what you wanted, wasn't it?"

"Oh yes, sweetheart, it more than met my desires! Yet…"


"Now there are a few more marks on me that I cannot explain away, or hide properly… Look at my wrists… even with the leather gloves, it would be hard for me to explain this superficial bruises and marks?"

"Yes. When I found out this morning that you were joining us for the weekend party, well, I was happy about it, until Petunia sent me over to choose your nightie for you to wear, and then I thought about the riding crop and - "

"So, you understand my dilemma."

And I think I have the cure as well… this! We play a tough form of, of - rugby up north in school and get loads of bruises. We use this salve, and they go away super quickly, I mean like within an hour or so."


"Yes, would you let me try it on you? If you let me and you don't like the results, then you can make your decision about going. It is worth a try, isn't it? I can tell you it works. Just let me apply it to you and then you will see. Will you give it a go?" Harry showed her the bottle and gave it to Mimi. She opened it and took a sniff.

"Smells like sex! Dr. Episkey's eh? Well, why not. Is this organic and wholistic?"

"Oh yes! About as organic as you can get, and it is used by wholistic healers at our school."

"Sound like quite the school you attend. Well alright, how do you want to do this."

"It is best if I massage it in while you lie down, how about we use your bed, might as well have you comfortable."

"Harry Potter, are you just trying to help me out or just get me back into bed?"

"Why can't it be both, Mimi? But we don't have much time… I think Aunt Petunia will start wondering if I am gone too long."

"Well, we must not let her worry, she has much on her plate today! I hope you had a chance to fuck her silly this morning…" Harry did not answer but followed her to her bedroom. "Oh, I see, ever the gentlemen, Mr. Potter. "

They arrived at her bedroom. The bed was tidy and made. Harry pulled out a pillow.

"Please lie on your stomach to start."

"Should I take my panties off, Harry?" Mimi teased as she took off her robe. Harry observed that her puffy nipples were becoming very pointed and erect.

"Well, they don't cover much, but, yes, please take your panties off."

"Purpose or pleasure, Harry?"


"Am I taking my panties off for purpose or pleasure?" she said as she kicked them off her foot.


"Ah, I like a young man who can handle multiple tasks!" she cooed.

"Mimi, I believe you just like a young man, period." retorted Harry as he gently pulled Mimi's slender legs apart for the sole purpose of a better view of her sex and anus. Both had reverted nicely to tight pink slits despite the hard rogering given them the afternoon and evening before.

"Any young man with cock your size, Harry dear."

Harry ran his fingers in a light caress over her rump, and down around her inner thighs, and Mimi in reflex spread her legs further and raised her rump. He ran his fingers down between her ass cheeks and with his right hand as his left hand caressed her lower back. His fingers pushed into her sex and played in the warm wetness there while Mimi squirmed and murmured in low satisfaction. Harry teased a bit longer, then picked up the jar and opened it and dipped the fingers of his right hand into the creamy ointment. He started with the welts and marks on her ass and lower legs, covering them as he spoke.

"Yes, you will find Episkeys balm works wonders. Episkey came up with this cream over a century ago, but Episkey never became famous even though it works well. You should start feeling a nice warm feeling from the Episkey cream. At least I do, and I was introduced to the Episkey balm when I first started playing…rugby. Are you feeling anything from the Episkey cream yet, Mimi? "

"Y-yes. I am feeling a warm glow on my bottom and legs, and I feel much less sore there. How are the marks?"

"The welts are already fading… Here, I am going to work on your back now. I love this Episkey cream. I am not sure why it did not become famous, but I am glad that I could get Episkeys at school. Every player has a jar of Episkey in his locker. There was even an old song used by the guys on the team… let me see if I can remember it. Episkeys Episkeys, better than buttered Whisky, Episkey Episkey that ol doc knew the risk-he knew the risk- he! Episkeys, Episkeys, of digging the dirt, of getting' real hurt, but Episkeys, Episkeys heals better than buttered Whiskeys! You'll be wearing a grin after using a tin, of Episkeys!"

"Bravo, bravo! I must say, I am feeling so much better! Should I turn over?"

"No, not yet. Please stay on your tummy. We need allow the skin some air to allow it to settle in" Harry pulled down his running pants, and then dabbed balm on both of his palms and then crawled atop Mimi and gripped her wrists, rubbing in the balm while pinning her to the bed. His newly thickened and lengthened cock found its way to her lovely little starfish. Harry pushed firmly with even pressure, and slowly widened her rectal opening as his rigid girth slowly and uncomfortably slid inside her. Mimi squealed. Harry whispered in her ear, "Episkey, Episkey, better than buttered whiskey, but not as good as my lovely Mimi's ass."

"Oh Harry, I love the way you apply balm!" Mimi murmured as her petite body shook and her large breasts bounced underneath her.


The balm along with the healing charms uttered did its job, and while Mimi lay on her back, still resting per Harry's orders, Harry was going through her lingerie drawers determining what she should wear the following night. As he guessed, there were a myriad of naughty nighties to be admired. He found a black satin with sheer smoke side panels number with a plunging black lace bodice that would expose a healthy portion of her breasts with a bottom scalloped lace hem that would reach to just above her knees with matching panties of dark black lace. Harry left only the one small red welt he had placed on her left breast just into her areola with his very first strike with the riding crop. Mimi only smiled in approval when he avoided placing any balm upon it.

After Harry had left, Mimi went to the full mirror on her bedroom closet and looked over the work that Harry and the Episkey balm had done. It was remarkable! Not a welt or slight bruise remained except the one purposefully left. The places on her wrists where the leather and chains had chafed her skin were invisible, although still a bit sore. She called Petunia to apologize for keeping Harry longer than she thought, and to let her know that she would be ready to go and would drive them to the club at three-thirty p.m. if she would like. Petunia was forgiving of the time Harry spent picking out the nightgown and ecstatic that they would be able to leave early. Mimi knew her friend was a worrier and would want to be at the event early to check on preparations. She was sure she could find things for her and Harry to do before the event started. She reminded herself to tuck a few joints away in her purse for the weekend, as well as her carrying flask with well- aged Jamaican rum. Not that there would be a shortage of alcohol available for the adults, but she thought that Harry and his friends might like a belt or two as well.

Harry immediately jumped in the shower to wash off the smell of sex with Mimi and to fully awaken, He had stayed up late with Hedwig and her chicks then pleasantly wakened to sex with Petunia, but now, felt like he was dragging, and would love to have a nap. Petunia had bought Deli sandwiches and had them ready for lunch when he was out of his shower and back downstairs.

"It took you a bit of time to choose a nightgown," remarked Petunia as Harry came into the kitchen and surprised her with a squeeze to her waist and a kiss on her neck before he sat at the kitchen counter bar.

"I found out that Mimi- Mrs. VonDunderson likes to talk."

"Yes, she does! She can be quite the gabber, I guess when you are alone, you appreciate any company you have."

"Yes. She was showing me some pictures of her and her husband on their trips. I think she was a nervous as I was about me choosing a nightgown for her to wear, even though she said it would be a lark."

"So, did you find anything besides cotton housecoats?"

"Well actually, she has more silkies than even you do. It was hard to find one that I thought would be okay to wear with a bunch of young lads around. Though there were several I am sure that Clive would have approved of."


"Yes, she was partial to what she called "baby doll" nighties."

"Oh? Did she offer to model any for you?"

"Well, she joked about it. But I just laughed and said that I would guess that they would not work for this pajama party."

"How… diplomatic of you, nephew."

Harry ignored the slightly icy remark made by Petunia. He liked that she was acting a bit jealous. "Besides, if there is anyone I would want to model some nighties for me, it would be you, Pet."

"I thought you liked me naked, Harry."

"I do Pet, I like getting you naked, so tearing a hot nighty off you would be fun too."

"You still have to pick one out for me."

"Any preferences?… I know that you are supposed to go with my choice and trust me, but I will entertain any requests from my favorite aunt."

Petunia frowned in thought for a moment, then replied as she slid over his plate with sandwich, crisps, and some raw baby carrots, and sour cream dip. "No, choose what you want, but make it sexy."

"You wearing it will make it sexy. By the way, I have to say that your current outfit is very fetching; it shows how bloody fit you are."

"You like it?"

"I have decided that you look hot in tight jeans, Pet. And that blouse with pearls looks fantastic. I would prefer another button opened at your neck though."

"Not enough cleavage for you currently, nephew?", Petunia asked, very pleased.

"Never enough with your luscious rack, Auntie."

"Are you sure, not too slutty?"

"One more would be just right, just a slight hint of that hot lace bra underneath."

Petunia unbuttoned one more button. Harry could certainly make her feel attractive.

"That's better." Harry encouraged.

Petunia stood up and turned around looking back. "So, these jeans look okay, they don't make my bum look big?"

Harry knew she was fishing for compliments and was positive that Petunia through body magic had made sure her ass looked perfect in the tight jeans, and of course it did.

"Pet, your ass looks marvelous. Makes me want to grab it and take a bite. You better watch yourself among all those horny lads today. Mind yourself when you bend over."

"Well, we know that at least you and Clive will be looking!", she teased.

"It was a shame that Clive could not keep the memory of being able to take that sweet ass."

"You really enjoyed watching him savage my ass, didn't you nephew?"

"Almost as much as I enjoy savaging it myself. You are such hot little slut, Petunia."

"I wonder, if I weren't your aunt, would you find me as attractive? You are such a nasty lad, Harrry Potter."

"Coming from my sweet slut auntie, I will take that as a compliment. Tell me, who was it that woke me sucking my cock this morning and asking me to fuck her?"

"Point taken, nephew, I will I admit that I am addicted to that big cock of yours. I will understand though, if you find yourself finding opportunities elsewhere… you know I won't mind sharing you this weekend if something were to come up… for both of us."

"Pet, are you thinking about Clive again? Or are there other boys you have your eye on?"

"I want you to know that if Mimi or Amelia, or any of the other woman give you an opportunity to taste their goods, then you should not feel bad at trying it out. I think you know that when you are home with me, that you are my cock, don't you love?"

"And you are my slut, Auntie?"

"Of course, Harry, I will always be your slut for as long as you will have me. Of course, you will have to be extremely careful - we don't need to risk any disastrous public debacles!"

"Auntie, you make it sound like it is a sure thing that someone would approach me, or that I would be hitting on other women this weekend… you know that is not my plan."

"Well, it has become part of my plan… why do you think I want you to spend time with Mimi and Amelia. Mimi is my friend and has been alone for far too long… it would not hurt to be nice to her, besides, you have seen her, she is rather fit, with that tiny figure and those big tits of hers… I saw your erection when you came back, you find her attractive, admit it."

"Well, sure, she is fit and attractive for an older lady."

"Yes, and I am sure you were already thinking about what it would be like to take her up her tight little bum too, I know your tastes, Harry Potter!"

Harry only blushed and said nothing that could be heard, just muttering a bit under his breath.

"Don't mutter, dear; it is not polite. Admit it, you would not mind shagging Mimi."

"Alright, yes, I would not mind shagging Mrs. VonDunderson."

"You can call her Mimi in front of me- knowing her, she has you calling her Mimi already, it is the type of person she is." She took a bite of sandwich. Harry saw some visible concern on her face.

"What Pet?"

"Harry, I want you to have fun this weekend, I want you to flirt and be charming to other women there, especially those who are a bit more… plain. Would you do that for me?"

"Why Pet?"

"Because, whether you believe me or not, Harry, I am proud of you, and I wouldn't mind the others feeling… jealous that you are my nephew. Is that so bad?"

Harry was quiet and taken aback. "You are proud of me, Auntie?"

"Didn't I just say that?" Petunia almost snapped her answer, then her facial features softened, when she realized that she had replied to him a bit more defensively than she wanted. "Yes, Harry, I am proud of you. You have always been well behaved, despite how, how badly we have treated you at times. You scare us, Harry, your world scares us. But I realize that it does not scare me anymore. You don't scare me anymore, and that, that, I am attracted to you because you mean as much to me as my Duddy does. You always have, I just would not admit it myself." Petunia was visibly shaking now, and Harry saw tears in her eyes. His eyes began to water as well, and he turned away from her, to wipe a tear out of the corner of his eye. He rushed around the table to her, and hugged Petunia. It was her turn to be taken aback, but she quickly returned the hug, then melted, holding onto him so that he would not see her cry. They hugged tightly until they both got control of their emotions. Harry kissed Petunia on her neck and then reached down and squeezed her shapely ass. They both giggled and continued to hold each other for a bit longer.

Much to Petunia's relief and worrying nature, the three arrived early at the club after a harrowing albeit normal drive in Mimi's auto. On the way, Harry was able to get Petunia to disclose that Friday afternoon and evening events would be relaxed and casual, with Mom/son video and board games along with a Pizza party. Mimi excused herself to see if she could be a help with preparations in the kitchen, leaving Harry looking for the cloakroom off the ballroom in order to hang the women's rain frocks and his over coat, as well as the two women's umbrellas. The sky was filled with heavy dark clouds, and it was raining steadily outside, keeping the air very cool, making it a perfect day for indoor activities as planned. He reached into his pocket and found something cool and smooth to the touch. It was a vial of Hermione's potion. He had forgotten about it, being there, and was surprised it was not broken after all he and the coat had been through. He was about to decide to put it in the more secure inside pocket of the coat when he was startled by a tap on the shoulder. It was Clive.

"Hey wotcher, cousin!"

"C-Live! Good to see you mate." Harry palmed the vial to his pants pocket and continued to hang the coats while he conversed with Clive.

"Aye, aye sames from me! So- things are a bit hazy after I left, but did you get to make a move on your auntie? She was certainly hot to get some by the way she was flirting with us and letting us oil her up… still chubbin' out thinking about her topless in that tiny bikini!"

Harry would have loved to confided Clive about what was really going on between Petunia and him, but Clive was one of Dudley's mates, and there was never a scenario where Dudley finding out about that would be good, so he just shrugged and said, "Nah, I didn't have the bollocks to try anything, I just let her cock tease me and then had a good wank later."

"Same here. But I had the most bloody real porn dream about her that night. You and Me double teamed her and fucked the living shite out of her! I swear, it was so real feeling!"

"You must have been smoking some really good shite before you went to bed, mate."

"Yeah, well, you are right. I got some fair weed along with some bloody good Afghani weed I procured yesterday." He leaned in close to Harry in very conspiratorial manner, "I brought some for use to do with some of the other cool mums later. I will hook us up… they are regular customers and are lookin to let their hair down this weekend."


"Yeah, they are mad excited about this weekend! You'd think it was going to be like a bunch of male strip dancers showing up tonight or somefin."

"So... you been working on their committee, eh?"

"Yeah, I gave them a few ideas… kinda guided them from the perspective of a teenage son an' the like…" Clive almost seemed embarrassed about it, and blushed.

"Well, your idea about the boys doing the nightie pick was bloody brilliant, mate."

"Yeah?" Clive squared his shoulders, smiled, and the blush left his face.

"Hell yes. And the shite you sold them on the trust exercise was a stroke of genius!"

"Well, one of them asked me if this was some sort of trust exercise so I went with it."

"Brilliant! It is going to be quite the pajama party tomorrow night!"

"You don't know the half of it, mate, Petunia and her girls have quite the little milf show planned, and the funny thing, they think it is all in good fun… every bloke there will be hiding a boner all night long. I can't wait to see what you picked out for Mrs. P."

"What did you choose for your mum?"

Clive hesitated. "Mum is sensitive about her weight, so I picked out the one she thinks she looks best in, it really shows off her cleavage." They both laughed and then Clive punched Harry's shoulder and said, "If you think the pj party is good, wait until you see this… follow me."

Harry followed Clive to a door in the lower level, marked, "Recreation" They opened it to find a large banner professional painted banner hanging that stated, "Mom, I'd Like Friendship!" Each first letter of each word capitalized and much bolder than the rest of the letters. "

"MILF?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Yes, it was Petunia's idea, and of course, I egged her on. She wants to take the word back and give it new meaning, turn it into a positive thing, but she was a bit grey on what about the sexual meaning of the word… She says she wants Mums to feel empowered by MILF, and to "connect meaningfully with their sons as they grow older and realize their moms are women too."

"Petunia? My Aunt Petunia?"

"The one and the topless same. Are you getting mixed messages, cuz? 'Cause I am."

"So, they want MILF to be meaningful, but they don't mind be seen as being objects of attraction?"

"That is about as good as I could understand it. But I think the ladies think a bit nobler about it. When we say MILF, we mean we really want to fuck them, but when they hear MILF what they think we are saying is that find them attractive, but really just want a connection."

"So, a bit of wishful thinking on their part. They just don't want to feel skanky about the word, but still enjoy the attention it brings."

"You must be high Harry."

"Yeah I am. I figure you are too?"

"Oh yeah, mate. You want to get higher?"

"Uhm, I think I am going to need to be for this thing. Yeah I do, C-Live."

"I know a place we can go spark a spliff, and not worry. They won't miss us- as usual, they are over-prepared and over-worried. This will be a mad weekend… video games and music and food, and plenty of overcompensating milfs showing us their goods."

"You mind if I grab someone to go with us? I know that she will enjoy getting high too."


"Yeah, my neighbor, Mimi. She is quite the fit older milf herself. Nice set as you will see. Quite a partier, I found out yesterday… but don't mention it to Petunia. She does not know about me visiting her."

"Oi! So are you getting some off your neighbor? So sly cuz, is she the one that gave you the "good wank" after your Auntie wound it up?"

"Uhm, she is just brilliant and leave it at that. She smoked some hash with me. Also, I think she was watching us oil down Petunia yesterday, so I am pretty sure she knows what a horn dog both of us are."

Harry wished he could just confess to his cousin was a wild fuck Mimi was, but he had a feeling his distant cousin already had a good idea that Mimi and he had something more than hashish between the two of them. Harry and Clive found Mimi in the coat room, looking for Harry.

"Oh, there you are love, and with your friend, oh my! Hello young man, I believe I have seen you at meetings for this event and over at the Dursley house visiting. You are friends with Dudley, aren't you?"

"Yes mum." Clive nodded and mumbled a bit shy.

"Mimi, this is C-Live, a mate of Dudley and.. me. He is also a distant cousin of ours!" Harry introduced them awkwardly, knowing that Mimi had watched them both savage Petunia yesterday. He would have to make sure the conversation did not steer towards those events since Mimi was not aware of the mind wipe or magic involved and that Clive remembered none of it. If he had to use a confundus, then so be it… he would live with the chance of being once again slapped with the crime of underage magic in front of a muggle. Harry had a theory that he would not, due to his premature magical aging, and that he could probably do it without the two of them knowingly understanding that they had witnessed magic. He was not sure enough though, not unless he was forced into a situation where he needed to perform an obliviate or confundus charm.

"Clive, ma'am, you can call me Clive." Apparently C-Live was a nom de gangstah that Clive reserved for his mates. Harry noted that.

"So…" Harry whispered, "We are going to go take a puff or two to get into the right mood for this event, would you like to join us, Mimi?"

Mimi smiled conspiratorially. "Of course I would! Much too early to start with cocktails even though some of the mothers have already… I can't believe how nervous these girls are… it is like they are going to a school dance!"
"Oh, there will be one of those as well." Clive answered.

"What?" asked Harry.

"Oh yes!", nodded Mimi in agreement, "What Mother/Son lockdown party would be complete without a Mother/Son dance?" Mimi and Clive giggled in ironic agreement. Harry noticed that another button had come undone at Mimi's cleavage as she followed them to the place in the club where Clive knew that they could smoke in private. He led them through a service corridor and down some stairs to the furnace area of the club. It was clean and well tiled. Not at all a standard industrial basement. There were a couple of old wooden folding chairs that he pulled from near an old, battered desk and offered them to Mimi and Harry. "Not to worry, no one comes down here, the furnace is new and even with the rain, it pretty much runs on its own." He leaned his tall angular frame against the desk and pulled out an expertly rolled joint and lit it, puffing until he felt confident it was well lit and passed it to Mimi.

"Thank you dear, I hope this isn't terribly strong, I will still have to be able to hold a conversation and help when needed."
Clive blew out a cloud of blue smoke from his lungs and with the smooth patter of a salesman, replied, "Not to worry, love, this is some sinsemilla smoke from an organic farm near York. Pretty mild, but good lasting power, will work fine with a few cocktails."

He tried not to leer blatantly at the show that Mimi was giving him with her cleavage as well as her skirt that rode high on her thigh with her bare tanned legs crossed as she sat on the chair. She of course noticed his attentions and felt her nipples harden. She was remembering how savage this young man had been, as he had fucked Petunia while she was on all fours on her sunning chair yesterday. She felt a tingle and wetness. She was pleasantly surprised, she thought that she would at least be hard to arouse after the tremendous fucking Harry had given her yesterday evening. Perhaps the thought of both these boys being alone with her was giving her thoughts of taking Petunia's place in the scenario she had witnessed just over 24 hours ago. She leaned over, touching Harry's thigh and making no pretense of it to get his attention to take the burning joint.

Harry was watching them intently, quiet with worry that something may be said that would put both Petunia and him in danger of exposure. Sometimes being not being a Muggle in a Muggle world was difficult. Having incestuous or sexual relations with an adult always was. Harry took the cigarette in rote response, put it to his lips, inhaled deeply and held the smoke while concentrating on the body language and casual conversation between Mimi and Clive as they commented on the marijuana they were smoking, and while Mimi flirted heavily with both boys. Harry was attracted to Mimi and certainly appreciated her showing her tasty goods, but after the massive sex that morning with Petunia, as well as anal sex with Mimi, his mind was not staying on topic at all. However, he was watching how Clive was eating it up, and certainly after his pornographic dream that was really a memory of yesterday's coupling with Petunia, Harry figured he was only one shown nipple by Mimi away from a full- blown erection. Perhaps if he got them started focusing on each other, then it would not be hard to keep Mimi from talking to Clive if she had her mouthful of his male appendage. He only needed to prod Mimi in the right direction. Harry placed his hand on his leg and remembered the vial in his pocket. How could he get them to drink the potion together? While thinking through scenarios where he could slip his friends a "mickie", his dilemma was solved quickly by Mimi. She looked over at him, and said, "Harry Love! I forgot to tell you that Petunia needed for you to check in with her when you had time, she said there was someone she wanted to introduce to you! I am sorry I forgot to give you that message."

"No problem, Mimi, but perhaps I should not take another hit until I go meet this person… would you both mind if I just go take care of this now?"

Harry almost had his feelings hurt when both Clive and Mimi answered with a resounding and synchronous "No, go ahead!"

He did not have to take any further hints and left the two still making small talk and smoking (but now sitting next to each other and Mimi's hand on Clive's knee) as he retraced his way back up the stairs and through the service corridor. If he were lucky, it would be at least an hour or so before he saw them again, or should he say, If Clive is lucky. He still worried about Mimi broaching the subject of the threesome to Clive, but hoped she was on her way of making her own memories with Clive and would be focused on her art of seduction instead.

Harry found the kitchen easily, he had "volunteered" there in the past as kitchen support staff for club events when extra hands were needed. He was never allowed by Petunia or Vernon to be a server out among the people; they were afraid of what might happen.

He was at a pleasant level of stoned, and sauntered in, kipping a snack or two off trays prepared and sitting on the table with no one stopping him, other than a flirty mother he had never met doing so in jest. He asked her if they needed assistance, and she only fondly put an arm around his neck and told him no, that he should go relax. He then asked if anyone had seen his aunt, and someone mentioned the Great Hall.

The club has a wide base of supporters, from old money to middle class executives with airs of societal comeuppance; as such, it was stately and full of carved panel woodwork and fancy glass chandeliers and hand painted sconces. Harry wandered the plush carpeted runways brass-tacked on gleaming polished wood floors to the Great Hall or entrance, or as it was today, Petunia's command central. She was talking to a tall, lovely pale woman who reminded him of Sᴓlvi, only now slightly older and with gleaming long black hair. He was taken aback by the uncanny resemblance and was certain that this was indeed Sᴓlvi in disguise and immediately his internal alarm began to fire inside. Why was she here? What was wrong, or was this merely a social visit and she was here undercover to see him? He approached the pair cautiously and tried to regain his wits so that he appeared easy and casual when they met. He realized he was sweating and was now wishing he were not quite so high as he was. He wiped his forehead with the back of his arm and walked as confidently as he could up to Petunia and the tall woman. Petunia beamed when she at last saw Harry approaching them. "Ah there he is! So, Mimi found you nephew!"

Harry nodded and replied, his voice cracking a smidge as he cleared his throat. "Yes, just a bit ago, I was talking with Clive and learning more about the weekend!"

"Harry, I would like to introduce you to Amelia Worthington-Escrow!"

Harry grasped Amelia's hand as one might if he were to kiss it, but just held it with gentle firmness as he nodded towards her and said, "Pleased to meet you, thank you for helping with this event Ms. Worthington-Escrow."

"I am pleased to meet you, Harry Potter, Petunia has been keen for us to meet. I must say, Petunia, he is a gentleman. He gives me hope for his generation."

"Yes, I stress politeness with both my son and nephew."

"Yes, it is a shame your son is studying in Ireland, but I am sure that has its own rewards."

Harry tried to discern any recognition of in Amelia's eyes but found none- no sign that she already knew him, but Sᴓlvi did have a wicked poker face. Her severity was evident in Amelia, and the sameness of facial features were remarkable. Sᴓlvi could be disguising herself, but how she could have embedded herself in this community seemed impossible, considering of what he knew of her whereabouts. Petunia had relayed the Worthingtons have been around for decades, and as such, Amelia must have been known around this club for years. The likelihood that this was Sᴓlvi was slim, yet magic could have been used to convince others of her place in the Worthington family. But to what end? Why would Sᴓlvi go to these lengths? It had to be coincidence, yet the two could be twins, they looked so similar. He must have been staring at Amelia while lost in thought, for he realized that Amelia had noticed his scrutiny. She did not say a word but took Harry's arm while speaking to Petunia.

"Well, I understand that Harry has a task to perform for me related to tomorrow's night event. Before I allow him that novel task, I would like to get to know him a bit, and of course, he with me. If you would pardon us Petunia, I will whisk him away for a while. Would that be a problem?"

Petunia, smiled, pleased that Amelia seemed to be at least impressed with Harry's manners. "No, of course not Amelia, I am sure that Harry would love to accompany you." She looked directly at Harry, "Wouldn't you love?"

Harry stammered, "Of-of course I would, it would be nice to get to know more about you Ms. Worthington-Escrow."

"Please, call me Amelia Harry… this is not a formal event. Just a fun weekend, no?"

"Yes, just a fun weekend… Amelia."

"Shall we go find a couple of chairs in the lounge after we find something to drink?"

"A bar and soft drinks, Harry, are set up in the lounge", Petunia called after them.

"Well, we certainly know what your aunt wants you drinking don't we Harry?" commented Amelia wryly.

Harry only nervously laughed, a bit embarrassed, then asked Amelia once they were alone, "Amelia, does the name Sᴓlvi mean anything to you?"

Amelia stopped in her tracks and looked directly in Harry's face with a look of surprise. "Sᴓlvi? I haven't heard that name in years! How do you know the name Sᴓlvi? That is the nickname of my cousin, Avslöja from my mother's side!"

"She is a professor I met at my school, up north, in Scotland."

"Does she teach there?"

"No, she teaches at a hospital, she was visiting for a semester there."

"I have not seen her in years, since I was much younger. She is much older than me…I think, it is all so confusing to tell how old she is, she keeps so fit and young looking. My mother and her mother were twin sisters. Both are now gone."

"I am sorry."

"Oh, it has been years!"

"Well, it is amazing how similar you both look! You could be sisters. Her hair is silver-blonde though."

"Mine has always been black. The blood from the Worthington side of the family."

They were at the lounge, and Harry opened the massive oak door for her, and they entered. The party was yet to start, and the room empty, no server had yet arrived to man the bar.

"Ah good, nice and quiet. Harry, why don't you make us a cocktail. I imagine your aunt has honed your bartender skills at home. Something simple for me. Vodka tonic with a bit of lime please. Make yourself whatever you like, it will be our little secret."

Harry had not really had a chance to really look at Amelia. While walking with her side-by-side he gained small impressions. She was as taller than him, perhaps by two or three inches. She smelled wonderful; there were hints of vanilla and musk. She was thin, her hand around his arm pale and delicate. She walked lithely in her long, flared cotton summer frock, her legs long and bare. She had sandals on her feet with nails painted a Robin egg blue to match the floral pattern in her dress. Her voice was smoky, yet young; it commanded attention. She walked away from him while he was at the bar. Her figure was slim yet shapely, her shoulders soft but broad, a model's body. Her breasts were small, but made their presence known in the tight- fitting top of her dress. Her nipples pressed out, perky and high. Her hair was long and thick and shining black, yet straight, not like his thick curls. Her eyes were a bright green, and the face was Sᴓlvi's if she had dark arched eyebrows, and eyes of green emerald instead of blue diamond. She wore a blue lipstick, which made her seem mysterious. Her make- up was flawless. Yes, he could tell that she spent much time on her appearance, so, perhaps a bit vain, or at least confident in her good looks. Her ass sloped well, but was very alluring as she walked, a more prominent round than a standard Paris model. Harry felt a bit out of his league even talking with this woman, but he wanted to know more about her at the same time.

Harry made Amelia her drink and made himself a weak rum and coke; he needed to pace himself… this lock-in party had not officially started, and he was already high and now drinking. He sat down tentatively across from Amelia who had her lovely legs crossed and her opened toed sandals showing off her lovely painted toes. His control was weak, and his eyes were drawn toward them. Amelia pumped her legs subtly with what appeared to be restless energy, it was hypnotic in his stoned state.

"Do you like the color? It is one of my favorites… I just felt I needed to feel summery on such a dreadful day."

"Yes, it's a… lovely shade of blue. Like Robin eggs."

"That is the exact color! Brilliant!"

"Yes it goes perfectly with your dress. I enjoy women in light summer dresses." He was not sure why he said it and gulped figuratively at what an idiot he was becoming in front of this posh woman. Why did Petunia put him in these positions?

"What is it you enjoy about them, Harry? Please be honest, and I will know if you are not honest with me."

"Well, er, uh, I enjoy when the sunlight flows through the light material and I can see her lovely shape, or if her legs are bare, knowing that there she is only wearing a tiny pair of knickers or nothing at all underneath them. I think women are a bit freer in a summer frock."

There, he said it, and he did not know why, but it was about as honest as he could get.

"Well done! I have to say that is the most refreshingly honest statement I have heard from a young man in some time! And in the exchange of fair honesty, I too enjoy the freedom of a summer frock for some of those same reasons. Perhaps you will have a chance to solve the knickers question later if I may be a tease. I do so enjoy being a tease, Harry Potter. Do you enjoy being teased?"

"Yes I do, Amelia, I certainly do."

"I thought so. Your Aunt is quite a flirt and tease, isn't she? Doesn't she look lovely today in that blouse and jeans… elegant, but casual, sophisticated yet flirty, sexy but with reservation."

"I have to agree… Petunia has come into her own recently. I have noticed the change after I came back from school."

"So- you do not attend school in the Surrey or London area; I believe you said Scotland, and that is where you met my cousin, who apparently told you to call her by her nickname Sᴓlvi, is that correct? She must have got to know you quite well to have you use her nickname with her…"

"Yes, I worked close for the semester with her…doing research, assisting her, just being a gopher as well."

"A gopher?"

"You know, go for this… go for that… whatever she needed for her work."

"What a quaint expression! I thought perhaps she had transfigured you into an actual gopher."

Harry choked on his weak rum and coke and did what he could from spitting it out and down his shirt. He succeeded by covering is mouth and coughing profusely. Amelia seemed very amused. He looked at her directly shocked, the question obvious in his eyes.

"Yes, Harry Potter, I am a witch just like my Cousin, Mother, and Aunt."

Harry became defensive, feeling the wand in the waist band of his jeans and boxers, under his shirt. He certainly was not going to leave it behind and be out of the house for two days. His hand crept to his back as he put the drink down on the side table and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His voice was low and determined. He rose slightly in his chair leaning forward, "Why are you here, Amelia?"

"My, my, do not become defensive my dear Harry! I mean you no harm. I am certainly not a Death-eater if that is what you are worried about."

Harry relaxed only slightly, his hand still behind his back, now clutching the base of the wand he won in battle. "This certainly not a coincidence is it, Amelia?"

Amelia leaned forward, clasping her hands, taking a deep breath to show patience. "Meeting you here, is a happy coincidence, Harry, I only found our recently that you are Petunia's nephew. The real reason I am here is because of your aunt, Harry."

"Are you part of the Ministry?" Harry asked worried.

Amelia huffed, "I'm certainly not part of that stuffy lot! I tend to remain politically neutral… whether you know it or not, Harry there are many witches and wizards who engage more in the Muggle world than they do among their own kind."

"And you are one of them?"

"Yes, currently anyway. I was raised a witch, and even graduated from the Beauxbatons Academy, but years of late, my life has been abroad for business in the Muggle world when I am not here in Surrey. A witch or wizard incognito can do well for themselves in the Muggle world."

"Then what is your interest in Petunia?"

"I must preface with two things before I answer. I will always be honest with you Harry, even if it is to tell you I cannot tell you something, and even though I prefer to live among Muggles, I still practice magic and stay in touch with the supernatural world." Harry was about to say something but stopped when she raised her palm to him. "Please, the reason I am here is to help mentor and guide Petunia. She has come into her own quite recently, and I am to help guide her in the development of her powers as a Body Witch. It is quite important really."

"Why is it 'quite important'?"

"A larger plan is at hand, and its future goals depend partly on Petunia."

"What is this larger plan about?"

"I cannot tell you that Harry. I can only tell you I serve as an agent of Fate and I am here to help your family, mainly your aunt, as part of that."

"Why would Fate need a plan? Fate is Fate." Harry was getting exasperated at the mumbo jumbo talk, and as person of magic, he was quite used to mumbo-jumbo.

"You are correct, Fate is Fate, but Chaos is also Chaos, and Chaos can alter the course of Fate. The best laid plans, as they say, include the paths of Fate as well as mice and men. You should take a Magical Probabilities philosophy class at Hogwarts if they offer one."

"Perhaps I might… I have not been one to believe in my future being predetermined… until recently."

"But it is not, dear Harry. Just as Fate has put you in the position of the Chosen One, it is still your choice what you will do with it. Some choices are just harder to face than others."

Harry raised an eyebrow in concern but tried to hold his composure. Clearly, this woman knew much about him, that should not be common knowledge. The reveal of the Chosen One prophesy was supposed to have been kept a secret, though he knew rumors and speculation were rampant. Perhaps Amelia was merely operating off these to try to fish for a hint of confirmation from him… he decided the best thing he could do would be to say nothing. He changed the subject. He was wishing that he had not smoked some more, but glad that he had only had the one puff; this Amelia was currently putting him through his paces. "How does someone become an agent of Fate, Amelia?"

Amelia smiled a cryptic smile. Harry thought she probably knew he was skirting confirming her statement, but the smile seemed to say again that she knew more than she was letting on. "In my experience, one has to be in the wrong place at the right time."

Harry sat back in his chair, resigned, and once again took a gulp of his weak drink. They were at a stalemate. He would have to watch her closely, to find our if her intentions were as altruistic as she purported them to be. Amelia leaned back in her armchair as well, creating a graceful flourish with the crossing her long, shapely legs. Her foot still swayed with energy. She never seemed to be totally relaxed, Harry noted. "I hope you will come to regard me as an ally, Harry, albeit a distant one at that. My focus will be on getting to know Petunia and helping her to be ready for the trying days ahead of all of us now that Voldemort is back and gaining power."

Just having Amelia mention Voldemort's name without fear or hesitation was enough to make Harry believe that he could appreciate, if not like this strange woman. He would have to reserve that judgment for a future time.

"Drink up Harry, we have more frivoulous pursuits to endure and hopefully enjoy as well. I do hope that you have more cannabis on you to share; it would make this next part a bit more fun."

"What part is that?"

"Choosing my nightgown, of course. In the spirit of the "trust exercise", I offer you full choice; I brought my whole assortment. I have to tell you I mainly use it for lounge wear; I would much rather sleep unencumbered by any type of clothing at all."

Harry's imagination was sparked, the image in his mind of her nude was quite detailed and rather enjoyable. "And where would you like for us to do this? I know it can be quite embarrassing for both of us to have me sort through your lingerie…"

"Oh, I do hope to make this less painful for both of us. I have carved out a cozy spot for us… the benefit of being a witch is something I have no qualms using. Let me finish my rather strong drink you made for me and I will escort you there."

Harry followed Amelia past the Great Hall which was now bustling with Mothers and reluctant sons shouldering their mother's overnight bags and looking remorsefully like it was the end of their adolescent lives. It was so busy that Petunia did not notice Amelia and Harry walk through and casually but silently walk up the Great Stairs to the second floor. Amelia took him down one hall of rooms until they found a door with the brass tacked painted ceramic nameplate labelled, "Guest Office."

"I didn't know that they had a guest office at the club", noted Harry.

"They normally don't", remarked Amelia, "I have repurposed a linen supply closet for my visit here… I need a quiet place if I am going to be here all week-end." Amelia took out a skeleton key that was made of rough- hewn darkened brass with a round skull shaped bow that resembled more of a fully sculpted human skull knob with an exquisitely shaped shaft that resembled the skeletal forearm of a human. The teeth on the end of the blade were remarkably shaped like human teeth. She placed it in the lock plate on the door that was obviously too small for the key and of course, it fit perfectly. With a quick turn, she opened the door on a room that would never have qualified as a linen closet in any country; it was the size of a hotel suite in any posh hotel in Knightsbridge. Soft lighting filled the ornate room instantly. The room was a mix of warm Victorian along with comfortable furniture that beckoned a person to sit and relax. When Harry looked out the window, he saw the beautiful Scottish Highlands. It was a bright day with a few large puffy white clouds against a lovely blue sky. Certainly not the view that Surrey was currently affording them. Amelia closed the door behind Harry, and he heard the click of the lock. He did not seem too concerned that they were now locked inside a locked-in party. It would be tough to explain this room to others without a follow-up obliviate or confundus charm.

"Brilliant!" was all that Harry could remark.

"Glad you appreciate it. It took a couple of different spells to create. The folding/expanding space physics has always been a bit of hurdle for me." Amelia seemed to relax immediately in her safe space. She smiled a genuine smile, and flopped girlishly onto one of the velour sofas, propping her feet on the coffee table as she leaned down to remove her sandals. "Make yourself at home Harry. If you care for more to drink, there is a bar in that corner."

Harry offered to make her a drink, and she asked for a weaker version of the drink he made for her last. He chose only a soda for himself but was proper and placed it in an iced glass. He brought them to Amelia, who, with shoes off, was now sitting in the corner of the sofa with her feet curled under her skirt. She patted the cushion next to her and said, "Come sit with me Harry, and share a cannabis cigarette." How she phrased it, made Harry wonder how old she really was. She looked to be in her mid-forties at oldest.

"How did you know I had cannabis with me?" asked Harry as he reached into his buttoned shirt pocket.

"I could smell it on you when I first met you… remember this spell, Fumus ultra, it will remove the smoke smell from your clothes."

Harry repeated the spell for his memory. It could come in handy at Hogwarts this next year. "Thanks for that."

"I was addicted to tobacco smoking when I was younger, much against the rules of our house. I had to hide my habit until I left home. Would you care for some music? I find music relaxes me."

Harry nodded his affirmation. With a wave of her hand, Amelia had soft jazz music playing over an old phonograph somewhere in the room… the music seemed to come from everywhere, yet not in an intrusive way.

"Do you like classic jazz, Harry?"

"I have not listened to it much… but very relaxing…I like what I hear so far."

"A diplomatic, yet I feel still honest answer. I will accept it. Remember, Harry, I value honesty highly. I can start that cigarette for us if you'd like. I am not horribly big on chivalry."

"Certainly." Harry handed over the tightened joint to Amelia, who with a flick of her index finger against her thumb, set the tip of her index finger aflame and lit the cannabis cigarette expertly. She breathed in deeply, continuing to puff until she had the end burning evenly, holding in the smoke efficiently while she did so. The flame was extinguished with of course no damage to the finger or nail. She silently passed the joint to Harry, who took a long puff of his own. She blew out a thin stream of blue smoke in a slow deep exhale as he held the joint out for her to take. "Not bitter, a rather smooth smoke for cannabis." She commented as she took the cigarette and inhaled the smoke deeply again.

Harry watched her, her high cheek bones becoming more prominent as her cheeks sunk in during the inhale. Her lips were very sensual when pursed, and they left a tiny ring of blue around the end of the joint where they touched the cigarette paper. Harry thought the lipstick tasted of blueberries, instead of perfumed wax, a taste he could still experience on the tip of his tongue as he ran them over his lower lip. Her raven hair was incredibly silky and shining in the old- fashioned lamplight glowing throughout the rooms. Her frock straps had loosened and were draped dangerously close to the edge of her soft shoulders. She handed him back the cigarette, now closer to three-fourths of its original size, and Harry's attentions turned shortly to the operations at hand. Amelia stretched, and pulled her feet from under her body, stretching out her legs and flexing her feet and toes with a slight soft crackle. "That feels lovely, my toes were a bit cramped in those sandals… I need to adjust those bindings a bit. Do you like my feet, Harry? I noticed that your eyes lingered a bit over them when we were in the lounge."

Harry prematurely exhaled in order to answer her. "Yes, I do, they are quite lovely, especially with the robin egg blue polish on your nicely shaped toes."

"Ah, so you are a podophile!"

"Oi! I am no pedo!"

"No silly, I said poh-doh – it is someone who has an attraction to feet." She turned fully towards Harry as she said this. Her knees now bent and together, her feet pointed directly at his muscular thigh. "Would you like to touch my feet Harry? I would not mind you rubbing them for me." She took another long drag, exhaled shortly after, and said, "Well, that was sufficient for me… do you want some more?"

Harry nodded and took another small puff, then extinguished the joint with moistened fingertips. He looked up at Amelia, trying not to look eager while answering the question before him even though both knew what he wanted to do in no uncertain terms. "Sure, I will rub your feet for you Amelia- do they hurt in any certain places?"

Amelia leaned back against the high arm of the sofa and extended her feet across Harry's right thigh and into his lap, in a casual, not overtly sexual manner.

"Just along the base of my toes where the strap was rubbing, but I do enjoy a good, full foot massage if you are willing to accommodate me."

Harry ran his fingers lightly over her feet, touching the soft skin, feeling the muscle and bone structure. Every foot was unique, and with its own particular or peculiar aspects; He was discovering those aspects that belonged to Amelia. Her foot shape had origins in Norwegian ethnicity, similar in shape to Egyptian which has perfectly lined slant of toe length from big toe to little toe with each toe becoming incrementally smaller. The difference with the Norwegian rooted foot shape is the there is a significant drop in size for the two final toes instead of gradual. The slant is almost a step down in size versus the Egyptian smooth slant. Her feet were smooth and pale like the rest of her body. The sole was hardened, she liked to go barefoot, but were not hardened and cracked like his own soles. She smoothed her callouses but kept her feet tough to things that would normally have others walking outside stepping tenderly. Harry rubbed and caressed her feet with a gentle firmness that Amelia found pleasing. He was attentive to a fault, and Harry found himself growing aroused and had to change his focus to something less intense. He decided to ask Amelia a question, who up to this time was watching Harry intently as he caressed and cared for her feet.

"I am guessing Robin egg blue, like your nails, especially knowing how windy it is today."

"Your knickers. Due to the amount of wind today, and the cut and flare of your frock, you would not risk wearing none to the club today, so based on your fashion sense, I believe that they are a pale blue or robin's egg blue so to match your nail color. And since you are a witch, you can make the color match exactly with a simple spell."

"Perhaps well done my young Sherlock. The question now is thong or high side cut panty?"

"Mmm, my guess is thong. I saw no visible panty lines from watching you walk in front of me. I think the tight cut at the waist might show that, tough to tell, your skirt – it flares out fully. I think you probably enjoy the way a thong feels between your… buttocks."

"That is presumptuous, Mr. Potter. A tad intimate, I may add, but since I broached the subject of the clothing that covers my genitals, I will allow it."

"So- will you confirm my guesses?"

"Do not denigrate yourself, Harry, call them "deductions" instead of "guesses", it gives you more credibility and trust with people. Logical reasoning versus willy-nilly thought play. You will spark more confidence, especially in any leadership role you may have to take."

"So- will you confirm my "deductions"? "

"Soon enough, please keep on with your massage, I find it very pleasurable."

Harry had no problem carrying on the enjoyable task of caressing the feet of this cougar witch. She had widened the gap between her extended legs, relaxed, no longer keeping them pressed together side by side. She had pulled her skirt up purposefully, revealing more of her slender legs above her knees, not for comfort, just to tease the young wizard. She enjoyed watching his flitting eye glances up to the hem of her skirt, curious to really find out if his deduction was correct… or was it just to get a peek at her nethers? Most likely both. She was feeling a bit randy now due to her teasing, Harry's wonderful massage, and the effect of the cannabis. She stretched languidly and announced, "Would you like a drink? I am parched, and I feel like being the mixologist now."

"Vodka lemonade… not too strong, please."

"So- you were trying to get me drunk before."

"Not really, I am just a shite bartender."

Amelia laughed, it sounded young and genuine. Harry liked the sound of it; it made him smile. He was quite erect from caressing Amelia's feet and dare not stand up and belie his embarrassing situation. It mattered little; he was positive that Amelia was already aware of it but had not teased him about it. Well, she was teasing him, but in a much more indirect way, and one he appreciated. Amelia brought both drinks over and gave Harry his and set her drink on the table next to where Harry was sitting. She then walked out of the room and came back with a mid-sized suitcase. She picked up her drink, then handed it to Harry. "Please hold this a moment."

Harry sipped his drink while holding Amelia's and she placed the suitcase on the coffee table and opened it fully. As promised, both halves of the case were filled with lingerie of all colors and material types. "This is it, all my nightgowns, of all types from which you can choose what I will wear tomorrow night."

Harry could feel his face changing all sorts of shades of red. It was embarrassing with Mimi whom he has an intimate relationship, but Amelia, he just met her today, and although she was doing much to make him feel comfortable with her, this was still too surreal and discomfiting. He was uncomfortable with the ides of perusing intimate apparel while the woman who wears the silky cloth next to her lovely smelling skin sits right next to him, her thigh rubbing his, her eyes intent on his movements and facial gestures.

And this was true, Amelia was enjoying every moment of this social torture for this young man. She found it amusing for several reasons. For the societal taboo placed on this type of clothing, for the notion of respectability that having a young man rummage such clothing would be offensive, and for the young man himself, curious, but embarrassed because of the societal meaning put on such pieces of cloth. Oh, the gods, what would poor Harry do if this were a suitcase full of her knickers and bras? His mortification would be priceless! She would try to be merciful, but she had the blood of Loki in her veins so it would be challenging at best. Still, for a young man his age, there were much worse challenges he could face. Oh wait, this is Harry Potter, he has already faced some of them with more to come. In the Harry Potter scale of challenges or quandaries, this situation would be annoying at worst and pleasurable at best. She smiled with a wicked sense of glee that let Harry know she took immense amusement in the task before him.

Harry first piled all the clothing into one half of the suitcase. He then decided to close his eyes and go purely by feel of the material as a method to start paring down the many choices in front of him. The suitcase was large; it would have filled the drawer full of Mimi's intimates twice. Amelia found the choice bold, but very diplomatic. She watched as his hands touched and caressed the materials, picking up and placing the articles into two piles, one on the sofa to his side, and his rejects into the other half of the suitcase. His tastes ran to incredibly soft lace, silks, and satins. Cotton and stiff lace were left in the other pile as well as gowns that were longer. She fretted when one of her favorite gowns was placed in the obvious reject pile, a thin, soft cotton with a lace bodice that plunged low on her chest, almost reaching her navel. Harry stopped to take a drink, and within ten minutes had his piles completed, and he seemed satisfied that this favored pile was much smaller than the other. She noticed in several cases that the matching panty did not make it with it with its sister gown, but she found several suitable and interesting combinations left in his favored pile.

Once he had his final pile, after looking through the reject pile and only pulling out a couple of very see-through sets of lace and sheer gossamer panties that she secretly approved of with a bit of tingling between her legs, Amelia had Harry go with her to the next room Her boudoir would have been the envy of most five-star hotels, complete with a king-sized bed. Harry's erection, which had subsided to manageable but still evident size, began to throb again. Ameila directed Harry to stand to the side of very ornate free-standing mirror. He looked at her with a question on his face.

"This is my dressing mirror, have you not seen a witch's dressing mirror before?"

Harry only shook his head to the negative.

"Once activated, I only have to hold the clothing item up to mirror, and it will show me what I would look like in it."

Harry watched as Amelia picked up one of the gowns and held it facing the mirror. Even though she was still wearing her summer frock, the mirror image changed to show her wearing the gown she held. She turned sideways and then with her back to it, with a look over her shoulder and it was as if she was wearing the night gown, the reflection effortlessly showed her from all angles. Harry was slightly disappointed as well as fascinated at the same time. He was hoping he was going to see Amelia dress or undress for the outfits, but he was still getting to see her in them.

However, He did notice that Amelia was careful to pick up only the gown and not the panty by itself… he figured the reflection may have given him more of a show than she wished for him to view if she had done so. He anticipated what would happen when it came to some of the baby doll nighties he had picked out where the panty was more prominently on display. He noticed that she purposefully seemed to be saving those for the end. Perhaps now it was his turn to be a bit amused at her expense. They went through the gowns all whose lengths came to her knee or well above it and Harry remembered those that he liked the most. It was now down to a couple of baby doll nighties, Amelia purposefully first picked the one that only had lace at the cleavage and solid panels of silk that would cover her breasts, and its matching full silk panties with lace on the side panels that would wrap around her lovely hips. She was careful to make sure she was standing in the mirror with both articles of clothing prominently displayed to the mirror. The image appeared with the full outfit on her, and she dutifully pirouetted in front of the mirror so that Harry could admiringly view her in the nightie from all angles. Harry was amused by the slight blush on Amelia's face that tried to remain aloof and casual. He asked her to twirl once more, just for the further benefit of seeing her lovely bum as it was revealed in the thong panty. He was enjoying this. He held up the last outfit, a very sheer baby doll top that would easily reveal the full appearance of her breasts and the tiny matching panty with a heart shaped sheer panel at the center of the crotch. Amelia resignedly walked out of view of the mirror and exchanged the outfits, snatching both the top and panty from his hands, knowing that she would have to go through with this, and kicking herself for forgetting this outfit was among the myriad of provocative nightgowns she owned.

She moved quickly to the mirror, took a cleansing breath and held both pieces up to the mirror. Harry was almost over her shoulder watching, it was quite disturbing to her. Her image appeared. She noted that she needed to remember to find out if there was a spell for the mirror that would blur her naughty bits in the future. For now, there was only the honest image in front of her. She could feel the grin on Harry's face without looking at it. She tried to move quickly, but Harry would have none of it.

"Please slow down, or just stand there a moment please, I believe this one might be it, but it is a close call, I really need to think about it a moment."

She complied. Harry looked over at the pile and picked up a very sheer panty, no solid panels on it at all. "I think these might go better with the gown can we confirm that?"

Without second thought, Amelia tossed the other panty and reached to grab the one in Harry's hands. Harry pulled it back from her and quick glanced in the mirror. There in her all her glory she was bottomless. Harry leered in satisfaction and Amelia snatched the panties out of his hands. What he found out then was that Amelia had charmed her pubic strip Robin's Egg Blue. He was sure it was a simple glamour spell. But it made him smile. She had lovely lips and a full and pouty clitoris hood. Quickly the image was blurred by the sheer panties, but the secret was done and the light blue pubic patch very visible in the new knickers.

Amelia knew immediately by the look on Harry's face exactly what had occurred. The kid thought on his feet quicker than she thought. She would not give him the satisfaction of his little victory by appearing embarrassed or upset. Well done, Harry Potter. She realized that with this new outfit, Harry had spoiled her big reveal to him for their little bet. She waited, because she knew it was coming and she wanted to learn what he would say. She kept perfectly still, letting him drink in the image in the mirror. She felt her nipples harden, and true to that reaction, her nipples also hardened in the image before her. Damn her for making the mirror react in real time to her corporeal reactions. Harry of course noticed this immediately and spent time staring at both the image and her real aroused boobs.

"Well, I guess I have much to still learn about deductions, My dear Watson. I would not have thought of a sheer panty and blue pubic hair. Very original. Brilliant, actually." He touched her shoulders gently, and then leaned close to her right ear and whispered, "After now going through your knickers, I definitely think it is a sheer thong or sheer micro-panty."

So, he is keeping the magic alive. Well done once again Harry Potter.

"With your little trick, I am not so sure I will confirm that notion Mr. Potter." Amelia pouted, while still enjoying the light touch of his hands on her shoulders and the warm breath on the back of her neck.

"Sorry if you thought of it as a "trick", I was just curious to know what the mirror would show, you know, in between presentations."

"An almost honest answer, I think intention was to see what my genitals looked like, not whether the mirror would show them or not."

"I will admit to both. I wondered if it would show them, and then what they would look like."

"Well, did they live up to your expectation?"

"Yes. Yes, they did."

"Well, I guess that is a bit of a comfort, though a naughty one at best." She stepped away from the mirror and said, "Well, have you seen enough? Have you come to a decision?"

"No, I want you to pick out your favorite outfit from this lot and show it to me please."

Amelia shrugged and picked through the clothes. She had to admit that she did look very good in most of the gowns he had chosen, and he did pick out her favorite knickers that she liked wearing beneath them, but there was one gown she had seen in a new light and liked how it looked on her as well as the feel of the lace and silk in the outfit. She pulled it together and stepped once more in front of the mirror. Harry took his time inspecting the image and asking her to turn slowly and stop at certain intervals.

He looked at her and said, "Right. I have my decision."

"Which is?"

"The outfit you have in your hands."

"And why is that? It seems a bit of pandering to the audience in my opinion." She said it with a certain disdain meant only to provoke an emotional response in him, to make him second guess himself.

Harry only shrugged nonchalantly and without defensiveness replied, "I figure if you truly like it, then you will feel special in it, and that brings a certain magic that anything I could choose for you will not."

She was beginning to like this fellow. She could see why Fate had some of its many webs and paths wrapped around him. She nodded and smiled. It was an honest answer as well as the one she wanted to hear. That did not happen often.

She looked at him slyly. "Would you like to see your final choice on me, in person?"

Harry nodded with a smile on his face.

"Right then, Sit on my bed, hands to yourself." Amelia began to remove all her clothing as she stood only a foot away from Harry who sat calmly on the bed…

After finishing the joint, and having a water, Amelia and Harry felt ready enough to join the rest of the crowd downstairs. According to the agenda, it was about a half hour into the mixer that was occurring in the large lounge room where Harry and Amelia first talked. There was hustle and bustle at the open doorway with loud conversation, So the event seemed to be well started, and the two were able to slip into the room with little fanfare until Petunia spied them from across the room. She moved with purpose, but not a straight bee line; she meandered strategically until she intercepted them at the bartender station, now fully manned and busy with sodas and shandies for the sons, and cocktails for the mothers present, who seemed to be in full lubrication and blue pill mode, nervous to show the world and their sons that they were having a good time. Harry noticed straight away that the MILF factor was in overplay with many a low cleavage blouse filled with enhanced breasts paid for and more than likely suggested by their husbands, along with tight skirts or slacks outfits to be ogled at all angles. Just the numerous perfumed scents in the air made it a heady affair as they walked through the crowds of mingling sons and mothers, step or biological. The sodas were full sugared and caffeinated; the intention seemed to be to keep the boys peppy today. The boys seemed satisfied to talk in groups or with other fellow's mothers, especially if the outfit lured them in with their hormonal lust. With the societal classes involved, most of the women were truly fit or buoyantly healthy, in that full curvaceous sort of way. The boy drool was evident as well as the testosterone and estrogen levels that seemed to be elevating as the moments passed. It seemed that the boys would venture out to speak with the mothers, only to excuse themselves until their chubbies calmed down, only to venture out again. For some the stimulating conversations seemed to be a bit too much as there was an irregular but noticeable flow of boys heading to a specific water closet down the hall which housed closed door stalls down the hall even though a men's room with plenty of standing open urinals was closer by. Harry noticed immediately that the presence of Amelia turned heads quickly throughout the room, especially those heads belonging to mothers, but she did not depart from him, and stuck close by as they approached the bar. Harry could swear that a few of the mothers winked at him as they walked past them.

Harry ordered a soda which Amelia poured some of her drink into just before Petunia announced herself. Amelia smirked at Harry, not quite sure if she got caught by Petunia, but acting like it did not happen. "Petunia! So nice to see you again, and your event appears to be going swimmingly!"

Petunia did not appear to see the spiking of Harry's soda or ignored it if she did so. She smiled graciously, a bit nervous, and asked, "Amelia, how is everything?"

Amelia held Petunia's arm just below the shoulder in a gesture of fondness and reassurance as she replied. "Well, we just got to the mixer, but Harry has been lovely, accompanying me around the club."

"That is good to hear! Some of the other members have been asking about you, they were happy to learn that one of the club's charter member families would have a family member attending the event."

"Well, the charity aspect as well as the sentiment of connecting family members, especially mothers and sons, and sweet nephews- ", she said with a nod to the uncomfortably blushing Harry, "Was something that I would be ill afford to miss, Dear Petunia. Besides, how often is it that I get to enjoy watching a strapping young man get to peruse my lingerie?" Amelia laughed, and both Petunia and Harry responded with stilted nervous laughter in response. "Forgive me both, of you, I tend to be a bit of a teaser, as Harry has already found out."

Harry nearly choked on the soda he was sipping but recovered with a quick cough. "Excuse me, 'must have gone down the wrong pipe."

Amelia and Petunia reflexively reached forward in harmony and patted Harry firmly on the back. They realized it and withdrew their hands instinctively, but at that same time and then giggled at the action.

"See, Harry, there are plenty of people who want to take care of you", remarked Amelia.

Petunia put her hand on Harry's shoulder and rubbed it. "Yes, there are."

Harry only sheepishly nodded and wondered why he was also growing hard in his pants.

Petunia gave Harry's shoulder a squeeze, "I hope you are having fun too, of course Harry! I hate to chat and run, but I need to go see how things are going in the kitchen. Please mingle and enjoy yourselves!" She departed gracefully, leaving Amelia and Harry sipping their drinks in a sea of mothers and sons. Harry looked around for Clive and or Mimi and saw neither of them. He looked at Amelia and sighed. "This is the part I bloody hate."

"Oh really? You shouldn't think of it as a bore or as work, Harry, think of it as new adventure. One never knows what they will find when they meet a new person. I must take my hint from Petunia and mingle, mingle, mingle!" Her excitement was obviously tongue in cheek. "I expect to meet up with you in the game room once this is done, I fancy a game of backgammon."

"I have not played that in quite a long time. It has been Wizard's Chess lately."

"Ah Wizard's Chess, if only we could play it here fully in the Muggle world, but the best we could do is muster static carved pieces, and then it would only be regular old chess, wouldn't it? Besides, Backgammon is so much livelier! I will give you a chance to refresh yourself, but get ready, I lived in Turkey for a while, so I will be merciless, and I expect you to go by Turkish rules."

"What are those?" Harry asked.

Amelia put a finger to his right temple, and he felt a tingle, and suddenly he knew exactly what she meant. "See you later dear."

She walked into the crowd and was suddenly surrounded by crowd of women.

Harry only walked a short distance and found himself also strategically surrounded by three fawning milf wives who had never given him the time of day any time he had been to the club previously. He quickly found out that apparently being seen with Amelia on your arm gave one master booster points in their esteem of him. Their grilling would have made a top rate Auror sweat, and their physical audit was precise and thorough, and it was all made with cooing dove-like sounds of peppy conversation and bicep and shoulder squeezes, along with thrusting bosoms, down-blouse views, and lip-sticked flirts, and once they had him worked up, a tying of one loose shoelace, the perfect guise to go in for close-up reconnaissance concerning the size of his erection. Once the scout (who knows what shrewd machinations were involved to win that plum assignment) achieved an eyeful after a tug to "straighten the trouser cuff" (pulls tension on the pants to discern true length) and a perfect bunny loop, the crack squad retired to a corner for much excited discussion and nodding after not so gently dismissing him with a wish for fun and a bicep squeeze. Harry was left standing a bit confused as the elite scouts moved on to spread the gossip on Amelia and the bigger news, the Grand Endowment of Harry Potter.

Harry was swallowed into the crowd again and nodded to a group of four boys standing off to one side, they appeared to be a couple of years younger than him. They nodded back, looking rather glum and overwhelmed at the whole affair. He walked over to them and nodded again,

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

"Wotcher. I am Gordie, this is Teddy, Chris, and Vern." The boy who was speaking was tall and thin, with a babyface and sad eyes under straight bangs unevenly cut across his forehead, it appeared to be his own work with poorly sharpened scissors. The others nodded in sequence, Teddy a solid chap with his thick hair parted on the side with a sweep across his forehead that looked like it never quite stayed that way. He had a wicked grin and a square jaw, but the bulk of his face was covered by thick black framed glasses. Chris appeared to be the active athlete of the group, probably rugby or lacrosse, an oval but handsome face and a bristle haircut that showed either his father was tough, or he was no-nonsense in his style with his simple plain t-shirt and jeans. He appeared to have a pack of cigarette rolled up in his sleeve like a James Dean movie character. Vern had the friendliest face and was a plump but likable looking fellow with a shy grin. He had a few years yet to grow into his body. Vern was the only one who offered his hand, then pulled it back sheepishly when none of the others offered their own.

"So," offered Harry after an awkward moment of silence, "A whole week-end eh? Well, not too bad I guess, a lot of fit looking moms here bouncing around."

"Yeah", grumbled Teddy as he adjusted his glasses, his voice hoarse like he had been yelling recently, "That is the problem, I can't be walking around this whole time trying to hide a chub in my pants- it is like they purposefully want us horned up the way they are dressed. I could not believe what my own mother wore today, I swear she isn't wearing a bra."

"Take it from me, mate, she definitely is not", retorted Vern.

"Well, I don't think they are really torturing us as just looking to get attention from us," offered Harry. "Just compliment them a lot and feel free to give them a hug, they will eat it up."

"Hugging our mums!" Gordie looked slightly revolted.

"No, hug other mums, you get to get some of that fit body rubbed up against you!" advised Harry. "If one of them brings you a drink or some food or says hello, just be overtly friendly, compliment them a lot, and I swear they will eat it up. Talk to them, but make sure you are sitting down, and they will lean over and give you an eyeful. They want you to look, feel free to do it."

"You're yanking our chain mate, we ain't tossing kids you know!", retorted Chris defensively.

"No, and that's why they are here with us lot, trying to make sure they can still connect with us, that they still matter to us, they crave our attention."

"Right, our mums want to be our girlfriends, you are barking, Potter." Teddy shook his head.

"Look at the sign," Harry pressed on, he wanted these guys to see this as an opportunity and not a miserable embarrassment, "Mom, I'd Like to be Friends"- We all know what MILF really means, they just want to try to channel our attractions to them into friendships, they are desperate to make sure we keep talking to them and pay attention to them. They want to stay around as part of your gang. Each of these women would love to be considered the cool hot mum of the neighborhood. Why not give them that attention, they sure not getting it from your dads are they?"

"My da' is never around ", grumbled Gordie.

"Mine comes home late and leaves early", admitted Vern.

"There you see. You mums are lonely ladies who need attention and are afraid they are losing it from the sons that have replaced their husbands for it in many ways over the years. This is their attempt to reach out and hold onto that."

"Mate, it sounds like you are saying they want to fuck us."

"No, not what I am saying. What I am saying is they want us to recognize them as women and as friends. Would it hurt to be nice to your own mum and maybe make a friend out of your mates' mums?"

"This is bloody loony," exclaimed Teddy.

"Is it?", replied Gordie, "I know that I hardly speak to mum, except to ask for money and what we are having for supper. I think I talk more to your mum when I am over at your house, Vern."

"Yeah, she calls you her second son… an' same for me, I talk more to your mum, Gord… Guess you're right; it wouldn't hurt to talk to them more and be nicer to them."

"But what is with all the sexiness?" asked Chris.

"Mate, it was always there, you're getting older and just recognizing it more. It is what the world today pushes them to be. Our mums are English trophy wives, just look around and think about it." Harry was wondering if this epiphany he was sharing came from him, the weed, or whatever Amelia did when she touched his temple. It surprised him a bit. He added, "And I don't mind it, do you? You are going to enjoy this weekend more if you just let it happen and enjoy the eye candy. You might even get away with cupping an ass or breast or two."

"Dude, if we are going to keep talking philosophy and shit, I want to go get high", said Teddy.

"Or at least have a fag," said Chris pulling his pack of cigarettes out of his shirt sleeve.

"Guess it beats looking for a dead body" offered Vern.

"What?" exclaimed the other three, "Vern, you are twisted mate, very twisted." Gordie said as he gripped Vern's shoulder. He looked over to Harry, "So, you want to go burn a spliff or fag with us Potter?"

"No. Thanks. I am doin' good right now."

"Yeah, thought so. Well see you around, maybe we can play some cards later or something, I am sure the vid consoles will be snapped up fast."

"Yeah, a lot of the wankers around here have already dibbed them," replied Chris.

Vern looked back as the crew made its way toward the exit. "Later, Potter. Thanks."


Harry was not sure if anything he said really mattered, but at least he hoped that the four would find some fun and a bit of eye candy to appreciate this weekend, Maybe cop a feel or two or perhaps they may even be nicer to their own mums. Something he would give his arm to be able to do, to have his mum here.

He felt a timid hand tap his shoulder. A meek female voice said, "Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?"

Harry turned around; a rather short, pleasant woman was looking up at him. "Yeah, uhm, yes, I'm Harry."

"Hello! I'm Eva Evans, Clive's mum."

"Mrs. Evans! Pleasure to meet you!" Harry took his own advice and instead of offering his hand, he reached down and gave her a quick hug, which seemed to both surprise and please the plump blonde woman with the kind and pretty face.

"Please, call me Eva!"

"Okay Eva! How are things, I saw Clive earlier when I got here, but not in a while, Aunt Petunia put me on "duty" as it were."

"Yes, she said that she was going to have you escort Amelia Worthington-Escrow as she needed."

"Guess I am the designated surrogate son this weekend."

"Well Petunia seems to have picked the right one for it! You certainly seem to be a pleasant lad, a bit of a surprise, really."

"Er, thank you. So, Eva, what do you think of things so far?"

Eva blushed and seemed a bit surprised that anyone was seeking her opinion. "Better than I hoped, it seems that breaking the ice with the boys is not quite so hard, though I find it difficult for myself, not quite as outgoing as Clive or his Dad."

"I know what you mean. I-I never know what to say to people I've just met.. I end up talking about the weather and such."

"Yes, I know what you mean."

There was a bit of awkward silence, as both sipped their drink. Then both realized and began to try to talk again at the same time. They nervously laughed, and Eva offered, "Go ahead dear, what were you going to say?"

"Uhm, just that I understand that we are somehow related…"
"Yes, well, more directly to my husband… Petunia and of course your mum are, were, cousins of some such with Evan."
"Wait… your husband's name is Evan?" Harry grinned.

Eva blushed again, then rolled her eyes a bit. "Go ahead, yes… Evan Evans, and Eva Evans, forever! We have been teased about it since before we got married, but I did it anyway!"

"So, Clive?"

"Why do you think; I did not want him teased growing up; my husband wanted to make him a junior, but I put my foot down!"

Both laughed. Harry added, "Guess you can't pass the monogrammed towels down then."

"No, I'm afraid not, not that I think Clive would ever own such things… it is hard enough to get him to switch to a clean towel now and then!" She giggled and Harry laughed too.

"It is the same for me, at school it is only because they provide us fresh towels every other day, at home it because of Aunt Petunia's rule; a fresh one every day!"

"That is the school up north? Do you like it?"

"Yes, I really do! All my mates are there."

"Are you thick like Clive and Dudley and the boys?"

"Yeah, we are best mates."

"Do you get into as much trouble as they do?"

"Mmm, hard to say, different kinds of trouble I think…" Harry did not want to go there in reference, and regretted saying it, but Clive was part of a bully gang with Dudley and the boys. They had the reputation of running rough on those younger than them.

Eva looked a bit sad, as she appeared to understand exactly what Harry was inferring. She looked down at her drink for a moment then back up at Harry. "I am hoping they are growing out of it, the break this summer seems to have done them some good, at least for my Clive."

"Yeah, he is a good bloke, and has always been the quiet one in the gang," admitted Harry, "Don't let Aunt Petunia know I said this, but I am hoping that Dudley is perhaps getting a chance to re-think how he deals with other kids… especially those not a strong as him."

"We can hope so, I know that they are fierce friends, but I wish that they were less fierce to others."
"Well, with a mum like you in his corner, I think Clive has a leg-up already." Harry offered.

Eva brightened, and Harry could tell that she was touched that he had said such a thing. "Do you think so?"

"Sure, having a pretty mum that cares about you makes all the difference, Clive knows that."

"I hope so. Life been tough on him… especially after we lost his brother…"

"I understand."

"Oh, what am I thinking! Of course, dear, you lost your mum, and father too! I am sorry to go on so, when here you are a poor orph- I mean, oh dear! I am making a mess of this!" Eva was looking upset.

Harry put his hand on her shoulder gripping it gently, reassuringly. "Don't worry, it was long ago, I was so young… my memory of them is very vague. Please- just don't think of me as the poor orphan boy really! …I am okay."

Evan looked up and him, a tear in the corner of her eye. She wiped it quickly away. "You are a very nice young man, Harry Potter."

"And you are a lovely lady, Eva Evans, who it wouldn't hurt to unbutton her blouse a couple of buttons."


"I'm only telling the truth Eva, you got a lovely… gift. You should feel free to show it off, just like the other ladies here."

"Harry Potter! I know you are being a bit of a cheek just to make me laugh!"

"Maybe a little, but maybe I am letting you know that I think that you got the goods, and everybody knows it and you should feel free to show it."

Eva blushed. She looked up at Harry again. "Really?"

"Yes, really. Think about it. You are just as pretty as any of these women here, look at that woman over there…"

"Tilly Furthington?"

"Yes, I mean I guess so, the one wearing the low-cut sweater and the push-up bra."

"That would be Tilly. She is one of the most attractive wives at the club".

"Perhaps, but I think you look just as lovely… she just has more confidence in her looks, if I may offer."

"Now you are pulling my leg, Harry Potter!"

"No! I mean it!" Harry was standing close to Eva and reached out to grasp her shoulder to reaffirm his point, when he was jostled in the elbow by two boys running behind him chasing each other. Before he knew it, his hand was resting squarely on Eva's left breast. Harry looked down a bit horrified but was not quick to move his hand. He looked Eva squarely in the eye and smiled a bit wickedly before moving his hand back and saying, "Excuse me… wish I could say sorry for that."

Eva blushed and looked up at him, but not with an angry look at all. "What is stopping you dear?"

"Uhm, because I am not. Not sorry at all." He continued to look at her and shrugged.

"She only blushed and looked down at her drink which was nearly empty. "Oh my, looks like I need to get a refresher, please excuse me Harry- I should go get another-"

"Please wait, Eva." Harry said evenly. His tone made her stay still. Harry straightened the collar on her blouse which was uneven, and then quickly, he undid the next button on her blouse. Eva gasped but did not say anything, nor did she move to button the button again. He put his hand this time properly on her shoulder and said, "You are lovely, Eva, don't let anyone tell you different."

Eva just smiled an odd smile, nodded with a tear in her eye, and walked away from Harry looking a bit dazed.

Before Harry could move any further towards a corner in retreat, he felt a cool hand on his neck and warm breath at his ear. "Saw that, you sweet fellow."

It was Mimi, and Harry was hoping that Clive was not with her, as he was not sure he wanted to know what Clive thought of him flirting with his mum. Mimi quickly goosed Harry before he turned around to face her. Her clothes were in a bit of disarray, and she seemed a bit flushed in the face. To his relief, Clive was not with her. Harry looked down at her a bit amused, which she picked up on straight away. It had seemed that Mimi had lost a couple of buttons on her own leopard print blouse, though they were probably not often used any way.

"That obvious, Harry?"

"Well, since I was privy to the pre-foreplay conversation and body language, I will have to say I have an advantage over the odd person in this room."

"You are the odd person in this room Harry Potter."

"Touché, Mimi. Odder than you will ever know."

"Don't make yourself out to be the quirky teen, Harry, it doesn't suit you… remember last night, I know all about that masculine streak that runs deep in you. I can still feel your fingers around my throat, it makes me wet."

"Are you confusing me for what you probably well experienced just a bit ago?"

Mimi straightened her skirt which she had realized was a bit askew, the zipper not being straight and in the middle of her back as it should have been, and the hook still undone. She turned around and leaned into Harry. "No, that was pure savagery, love, that boy has a very deep animalistic streak! Omigod, I think I am in love. Be a dear and hook my skirt for me while I hold my breath, my hands were shaking too badly after we were done to do it myself."

Harry blindly felt as nonchalantly as he could down to Mimi's waist and fiddled a bit with the hook and finally got it hooked properly after what seemed like minutes and was only mere seconds. Mimi spent the time waving to friends and lifting her drink as if Harry wanted any more attention in their direction while he did it. Mimi took the time to reach back quickly and rub her fingers into his crotch with her free hand, then tucked in her blouse and turned around. "There better? Less, omigod-she-just-shagged-someone looking?"

"Yes, though that dazed grin on your face may say the same thing."

"It is the post coital marijuana smoke… my, the boy had some fantastic weed, he is going to be my vendor from now on."

"You mean 'dealer'."

"No Harry, when you are my age and social standing, Clive would be a 'vendor'. Get with it love, you are at the 'club' now." Her laughter was ironic. Harry enjoyed her sense of humor.

"I understand that Clive is a vendor to others you know as well, I mean at least for self-medication supports anyway."

"Yes, he was telling me that. He was not much for post-coital canoodling; he murmured an excuse to leave after I had enough weed to calm myself down. I think the poor dear was afraid I was going to have a heart attack."

"Or perhaps he just has problems looking someone in the eye. After, you know…"

"Literally savagely fucking their brains out. Yes, that might be it. But god, it was good to experience that again… You could learn a thing or two about that Harry, you can let go, but I still feel you holding back somewhat."

Harry blushed; he did not say anything.

Mimi patted his cheek, "Oh Harry I did not mean to embarrass you, you are a wonderful lover, I just feel you restrain yourself occasionally, I just want you to know that you don't have to worry about that with me."

"So, there is still a 'we" with us, some time?"

"Of course! Unless you consider me damaged goods now. Do you?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, I do, omigod, Harry, I think I won't walk right for a week after these last few days!"

They both laughed, and Harry wondered if anyone had been close enough to hear what they had been talking about, but everyone around him seemed to be in their own conversation and adding to the overall din of the room.

After the opening mixer, the next stop on the agenda was the game room, with more snacks and high fructose drinks. Mimi excused herself to check on the kitchen preparations and to help the mothers bring out some warm appetizers to supplement the bowls of popcorn and crisps and dips. Harry found Clive at a Super Nintendo playing Mortal Kombat with another of the Dudley gang, Dennis. Dennis started to say something snide to Harry when Clive cut him off and told him to leave his cousin alone. Dennis just shrugged and went back to playing while several including Harry looked on; it seems Dennis did not have much fight in him without his leader around to bolster him, or perhaps, their heart was no longer really into the bullying without Dudley.

Either way, Harry was grateful for Clive standing up for him and cheered him on as Clive, who playing as Raiden, fought Dennis playing as Sub-Zero. Clive was able to deal the death blow in a torrid blast of lightning strikes. Harry wandered around the room and found another drink station and grabbed a shandy and found a plate and began loading some snacks up to wander around with as he had good case of the munchies going after the smoking that he and Amelia had done to prep for the mixer. The mothers seemed keen to come check on him and replace any open spots on his plate with fresh appetizers off their trays as they made their way through and around the room to stop and cheer on their sons or their sons' friends. A few mothers were also on the sofas and in chairs playing video and board games with their sons, especially those with younger boys. The age split was noticeable, with more sons leaning to twelve and older with many older teen boys in the mix. The older boys remained in packs with just leers and comments about the different mums and seemed to socialize among themselves. Harry found a small open table with two empty chairs and plopped himself down to concentrate on eating and crowd watching.

Tilly Furthington, burning cigarette in hand, sauntered over, and bent over to make sure Harry's eyes were fully on her large and enhanced rack before she extended her hand and introduced herself. Harry stammered out his name. She joined Harry in the open chair and crossed her long shapely legs with a flair accented by the fact that she wore a tennis skirt that barely covered her upper thigh and naughty bits. Harry did see a flash of scalloped white lace knickers. Tilly took another long drag on her cigarette, before she smiled coyly at Harry and stated, "My Dennis is playing video games, I find them a bore, what about you Harry?"

Harry shrugged, "Not much for them, I just don't play them much at all." So, this was Dennis's mum, he did not even know his surname, just seeing him with the Dudley gang was enough to avoid learning more about him.

"You seem to be a bit more bookish, though very fit, I must say. Do you go for sports?"

"I play quid- er, I mean LaCrosse, and a bit of rugby. Mostly, I just like to work outdoors though."

"Mmm, I bet you do, so muscley, and broad-shouldered."

"Uh- thanks."

"Do you mind?" Tilly asked, as she took a speared meatball off his plate before Harry had time to reply, so he merely nodded in agreement anyway. "I'm a bit famished, but don't really want to be tied down with a plate since I am supposed to be 'mingling'." She bit into the meatball in the tidiest of manners and put her hand over her mouth as she chewed, while still holding onto her cigarette. Harry watched the process a bit bemused. Tilly must have seen his expression and after she swallowed, stated, a bit wrongly in response, "Yes terrible habit that," as she waved her cigarette around, "But I need something to release the tension of the day, and a good smoke has always helped me, well that, and a good shag."

Harry choked, this time on a meatball, and began coughing violently. Tilly ignored this as having anything to do with her statement and reached over nonchalantly with one hand and began to stroke Harry firmly on his back, and as his coughing eased, offered him a drink from her full glass, as "Shandy will only give you the hiccups, dear." It was a rather strong rum and coke. Harry swallowed the drink and felt a warmness spread in his throat and chest that did seem to help quite a bit.

"Take it dear, I think I will get a fresh one, and no one needs to be the wiser", she winked. She leaned over the table to once again ensure that Harry had his eyes fully on her newly well-made rack, as she extinguished the cigarette on the glass top of the table. "You know, I have been thinking of quitting soon, perhaps even this weekend if I can find the strength. Maybe you would be willing to help me out with that, as, you know, it could be a rather tense time for me. You know, with a bit of a shag. Think about it dear." With that offer, she got up from the table, and walked away swishing expertly in her short, pleated tennis skirt showing off her simply marvelously tucked ass.

Harry was still in a daze, staring at Tilly as she walked away from him, when a voice woke him from his revery.

"Yes, Tilly does know how to employ her wiles, doesn't she?"

It was Amelia, backgammon board under her arm, a large drink in the other. She had changed clothes for the mixer, deciding her spring frock was a bit too cool for the drafty main house on a cloudy rainy day. She decided to go with a light, soft-pink cashmere sweater dress and a pair of tight thigh-high light gray stockings with matching stylish Italian brushed leather flats. She had done this in front of Harry, making sure she also changed her knickers and bra, with languid and unnecessary bending over and such. Oh, and of course, she changed her pubic stripe to a soft pink as well. She found doing a bit of a blue balls cock-teasing amusing, with the subsequent surprise of her being impressed with Harry's self-control and manners. Of course, she was not privy to the facts of how much sex Harry had already experienced that day that aided in his model behavior. She did take the large erection in his trousers as a compliment despite his gentlemanly ways.

"Yes, Wiley Coyote." was all that Harry offered while he spent a moment or two longer staring at Tilly's ass until she disappeared into the crowd. He only felt slightly guilty of lusting after the same woman he was pish-poshing with Eva Evans about only a couple of hours ago. Amelia snapped her fingers in front of his face.

"Yes, but you are the more likely the one to end up under a two-ton anvil, young man."

Harry only nodded absently as he planned in his head how he could find Tilly a bit later to help her with her smoking cessation program.

"Of course I would like to join you!" Amelia remarked, only slightly miffed and thoroughly amused at the realization that Harry Potter, the Chosen One, was also just a horny teenaged boy who seemed to be a bit in demand. She had overheard some of the gossip purely among the wives by themselves (and away from Petunia) that it seemed his penis size was a hot topic of conversation and speculation. From the arousals she had caused him, she had her own curiosity as to his fully realized size without the encumbrances of pants. She sat down at the table, and placed the backgammon board at her feet, and sat her drink on the table. "So, was the mixer as horrid as you thought it would be?"

Harry shrugged as he answered. "Mmm, I guess not. I met a few nice blokes and had an interesting talk with some mums and Clive's mum, Eva and my neighbor Mimi. Though, I am glad we were late and had less time to endure it."

"Yes, it was a bit draining, but in my buffered state, thank you for that by the way, I was able to tolerate the arse-kissing and had some genuine interesting conversation as well. So, are you done snacking for now and would like to get your arse beaten in backgammon?"

"We will see about that!" Harry smirked.

They played Tawula, the Turkish version of backgammon which allows for the move of four stones when doubles are rolled. After a couple of warm-up games, Amelia suggested that they speed up the game, allowing less time for decision making and only the briefest of time for the die to have landed and then be snatched up by the opposing player. It was a bit difficult at first for Harry, but his keen Seeker's eyes and reflexes soon adjusted, and it was not too long before a small crowd had gathered around Amelia and Harry to watch them play. Their hands were moving fast, eyes darting, mind always working on the move and strategy of moving the stones that would keep the other from progressing towards moving their stones off the board. Amelia was ahead by one game, but Harry had won the last two. Sons and mothers were cheering them both on, with a good mix of both doing it for Amelia and Harry. Harry would feel touches on the shoulder during the game from different mothers, a subtle, reassuring grip to keep fighting as Amelia showed no mercy. Shakes and punches came from the blokes when he would win a game. Amelia would get quiet praise for her incredibly quick moves and razor-like strategy decisions and strong applause for her wins- it was clear that Harry was seen as the underdog.

Harry was now tied with Amelia; they had agreed on the best out of five games to keep it friendly and brief in the spirit of the evening.

Amelia requested a break to "freshen-up" and get another drink. Harry also felt the need to use the water closet as well. He was at the urinal when he heard a latch click on the door behind him, and a hand on his neck, lightly touching him. It was Petunia. She was smiling and seemed excited, her eyes were alit and her breathing fast, her nipples were hard and protruding from her thin blouse. He turned only slightly; he was still urinating at the time. Her arms were quickly around him and her hand gripping his cock, help to aim him as she massaged him hard, his arousal lightning fast. She had him fully erect as she shook his cock to fling the last few drops out his cock against the porcelain, before she dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking his crown, drawing out the last drop or two of urine.

"Mmmm, salty! I always wondered what your pee tasted like, Harry, I have thought of having you piss on me, would you like to do that sometime, hmmm? Piss on my face, make me drink it for you? You have made me feel very naughty today, love!" She proceeded to swallow his cock whole and take it to the back of her throat. Harry gripped her by the neck, under her hair to keep from mussing it up too much. She raised both her hands to him in surrender. It was all the hint Harry needed and he pushed her head forward, sending most of the remaining inches of his long prick down her throat. He grabbed her wrists and began thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth and throat with quick deep strokes. After the cock-teasing by Amelia, it did not take much and he was soon cumming, a hard ejaculation down her throat, and then pulling back enough to continue pulsing the remainder of his orgasm in her mouth so that he could watch her taste and swallow his thick spunk. He kept it tidy; Petunia would have to touch up her lipstick, most of it was now a red ring around his cock. She gulped a mouthful and gasped a bit, cleared her throat, and said, "Well! I feel a bit better now, but I wish we had time for a full quickie, but I think there will be knocks at the door soon, so I should depart while I can, and go freshen up!" She stood, and wiped the corner of her mouth, gave Harry a quick kiss and then turned and left, with only a brief smoldering look back as she opened the door, checked the hall for a lack of witnesses and then walked out of the w.c.

Harry was a bit flabbergasted, but also feeling smug as he washed his hands, ran his hands through his hair, and then walked back to the game room to finish his match with Amelia. One of the mothers handed him a coke, and he nearly choked when he tasted the strong rum mixed with it, something he was not expecting. He swallowed quickly and turned to acknowledge the drink, but the woman had already disappeared past the small group of people gathered to see the last game of the backgammon match.

Amelia appeared moments later. She seemed a bit dismayed that the crowd had stuck around and had grown larger in their absence. This was supposed to be a lark, just another way to gauge the young man for other factors purely for her own edification. Now it was a sporting match, and she would have to gut this poor teen like tomorrow's fish and chips. She sighed as she sat down. She leaned in towards Harry, and took a swig of his drink, thinking it was just another soft drink. She coughed a bit and raised her eyebrows. She then whispered to him, "I think you have some admirers in the crowd who may have a secret agenda."

Harry only grinned sheepishly and replied, "Or they are your supporters and are trying to get me drunk to slow me down in the match."

Amelia only snorted "As if I need any help to best you, young man." Harry only laughed and began setting up the board for both sides, while Amelia took another sip of their drink.

When Harry completed, they rolled for first move, and the honor was won by Amelia. She started with double fives and began her strategic assault. Harry's luck with the die had changed for the worst, and several of his first rolls were for low numbers or left him with a single stone open. Amelia would immediately pounce and send him back to the rail and starting that stone's quest to the beginning again. It was as if he were in a horrid loop of the same action; poor roll, open stone, start over again. All the while, Amelia proceeded to lockdown the open spaces available to him, and more of his stones sat longer on the rail waiting for an opportunity to get back into the game, while she began moving hers off-board. He pounced when he could, but he just was not getting any double rolls or large enough rolls to move his stones in place to block her exits. She got back on board easily and was able to move stones off if she was not maneuvering stones in his territory back to "safe space". He slowed her down, but it was not enough, and soon she was moving the last of her stones off the board as he still had several outside his own side of the board. He had to admit defeat, she had beat him fairly but with decidedly cut-throat strategy and advantage of his misfortunate dice rolls.

Harry was clearly the rooted for underdog, but hearty congratulations were issued upon Amelia for her triumph. The crowd dispersed, with it came relief from Harry and Amelia to having no longer being the center of attention. As Harry was packing up the board, Amelia grabbed his hand to draw his attention.

"So, I have bested you, that implies that you have lost the wager."
"Wager? I don't think I remember a wager…"

"It was implied. You will owe me a favor some time tonight. If you had won, I would have expected to do the same for you."

"Well, I guess I owe you a favor, but I do it under protest… I do not like anything implied, especially a wager!"

"Do not worry Harry, I am sure you will find whatever I come up with enjoyable. But! I will make you earn that pleasure."

Harry only nodded. He found Amelia rather odd, but then again, most witches were. She was a cocktease, and he enjoyed that immensely. Even now he watched her as she stood and stretched languorously, arching her back with her hands on her hips, her nipples hard and protruding. She clearly found some excitement in her win. "After all that sitting, I would enjoy going for a walk, do you care to join me?"

"Sure." Harry nodded. "Are we going outside?"

"Well, it must be against the rules of the Lockdown, so- yes!"

Harry and Amelia walked out of the game room and wandered halls until they found a doorway that led to the gardens that ringed the back of the club's main house. One of the dining rooms looked over this same garden area. There were several stone paths as the gardens were quite large and ostentatious as they were intended. It was raining steadily. The door was locked but Amelia only murmured "Alohomora "and they were soon standing under the eaves outside the garden exit.

"Won't we need umbrellas or something?", asked Harry.

"Quite!" agreed Amelia, "Something."

She pulled from the sleeve of her sweater dress a slender glossy dark brown wand with what looked like speckled dark pores all over it and raised it above her head twirling her hand in a circular motion, and uttered, "Invisibilia protectio!" She then lowered her wand, then raised it slightly and pointed directly above her head and said, "Effingo." and then seemed to direct something with her wand to directly above Harry's head. "There! That should keep us dry. Shall we venture out? I do love the smell of the air when it rains!" She took a deep breath and smiled. She walked a few feet to show Harry it was certainly okay to walk outside. The rain seemed only to fall around her, and not on her, as if an invisible umbrella were floating above her head. Harry followed, and soon realized he had similar protection. He was curious about Amelia's wand.

"You have an unusual wand; may I see it?"

"Of course, it is Bird Cherry with a core of braided hair from a Hulder, or wood nymph. The Bird Cherry wood came from my mother's family Tuntre, or the sacred tree of the family garden on their homestead in Norway."

"Is that in Alta?" Harry asked, remembering his very erotic geography lesson from Sᴓlvi.

"So Sᴓlvi told you of Alta? No, but it is close by- only about 28 kilometers, in the small coastal village of Talvik."

The wand appeared to be part of a small branch, perhaps as wide around as his thumb, and seven inches long, still covered in the bark of the tree, and then lacquered to seal it. It was light, but sturdy and whipped through the air easily. The base was wrapped with an ornate band of silver, tarnished from being held often. There seemed to be runes carved and then blackened into the silver.

Harry handed back the wand carefully to Amelia. "Thanks. I find wands interesting. I have found recently that other things can be used instead of wands."

"Oh? Such as?"

Harry shrugged, feeling a bit embarrassed, but admitted, "Well, recently, I used a hash pipe; I had to improvise."

"That is interesting. I don't know, I think I prefer my wand; I like the feel of it, I am confident of the magic I can produce using it."

"Well, I certainly would not recommend a hash pipe for everyday use, but it did allow me to defend myself from a Death Eater."

"Oh my! I take it that your recent notoriety has put a target on your back."

"As well as others in my family."

"You mean Petunia?"

"And my uncle and cousin. I am hoping that any "guidance" you provide Pet- I mean Petunia, will include some defensive use of her magic."

"My expertise does not fall along the same lines as my cousin Sᴓlvi." Amelia had caught Harry's faux pax of revealing his intimate or "pet" nickname for Petunia. Very interesting. The vibes she had sensed of a close relationship between the two seemed to have some merit. Body Witches were known to draw great power from incestuous relationships, but Amelia would have guessed it would have been more than likely for Petunia to be her own son whom she dotes on with great obsession. Perhaps it was both. Or was Harry merely a surrogate for the travelling son?

"But maybe you can find someone who could give her some lessons? I would do it myself, but the summer break is always too short, and I am not sure if she would allow me to teach her. If you know no one, I could speak with Dumbledore."

"NO! Er, I mean let's not impose on an important wizard like Dumbledore for this- I am sure as part of my charge to mentor Petunia I would be able to find someone who could teach her some defensive magic as her skills progress. Body Witches are powerful, most often their defensive magic is instinctive and reflexive, so I have no qualms on her learning to defend herself, but if it would put you at an ease of mind, I will do that."

"Yes, it would, immensely. Thank you for that." Harry hesitated, then asked, "So, are you a Body Witch too?"

"I practice body magic, yes, and I am a student of old earth magic. I hold th title of Druid Priestess. I have travelled extensively and spent many years as an archaeologist in the human world when I was younger, going where I could, to find arcane artifacts and knowledge of the old ways of magic. I was an arcane consultant in the private sector for many years, now as an agent of Fate, I go where fate dictates, in our battle to keep the futures of magic folk and muggles alike intact."

"But you practice other magics too- spatial magic is complex stuff from what my mate Hermione tells me; she has only begun to study it."

"Yes, I would be considered well versed in Magic; I have been studying it and practicing it for a very long time. Dimensional or spatial magic can be tricky stuff. I once tried to add a safe room to the basement of my house and ended up just creating a door that brought you back to the front of the house. It saves me a few steps, but it can be a bother if it is cold or raining outside."

Harry laughed at this, and Amelia only smiled. "Do failures amuse you, Harry?"

"Not really, but the uncertain nature of magic certainly does."

"The uncertainty only lies with the witch or wizard in how they perform magic; Magic is like any other force in the universe, constant and enduring."

"I stand corrected. I am amused by the uncertain performance of magic by the beings who try to use it."

"Do you feel uncertain in practicing magic?"

"Only new spells or hexes… those I use all the time; I feel certain about how they will go."

"Yes, getting the knack of things, especially complex magic, can take a bit of time to be comfortable with it."

"So, is that what you want to teach Aunt Petunia, how to get comfortable with body magic?"

Yes, but it is more about her confidence in it, and how to make sure she knows the consequences associated with it."

"It seems to me that you or your group have been watching Petunia for a long time… I find that a bit…intrusive and maybe uhm, perhaps menacing is the word I am thinking."

"It must seem that way, but it is certainly not the intent. Agents of Fate have the well-being of the world in mind to ensure chaos does not destroy those things that are destined to occur. Unfortunately, the agents of chaos now have methods of manipulating time which can make our jobs much the harder for it."

"Well, it may seem to you and your group that you are the heroes… but controlling the fates of others seems a tad more of what a villain does, if I may speak honestly."

"I would not have it any other way, as I told you when we first met. Honesty is what I find so endearing about you, Harry Potter… among other things."

Harry blushed a bit at her last comment, based on how Amelia had turned the phrase, and that smoldering look upon her face.

Harry, I assure you, that people are free to follow their own paths and choices; we are more about intervening when others attempt to force options or eliminate those choices for their own nefarious purpose."

"But couldn't that be that person's path in life?"

"What? To destroy or change the lives of others? That would suppose that everything is forewritten and to be followed to the letter, even those events that are chaotic or disruptive. I do not find or believe that to be the case. Randomness exists in the universe."

"Then what is random versus what is chaos?"

"Randomness has no intent… it happens. Chaos happens due to intent or manipulation."

"Uhm, I am not sure about that, but at least you have clearer idea about it than I do."

"I will not presume wisdom on my part… only experience, Harry. These are heady concepts, I know, and hard to articulate, even for someone who believes in fate and chaos."

"As an agent of fate, I assume you root for the home team.", Harry half joked, trying to make the mood lighter, but he enjoyed talking with Amelia, even if it exasperated him a bit. Being someone with a prophecy hanging over his head, he wished that fate and destiny would go away and mind their own business and let him eat his fish-n-chips, thank you very much.

"Who knows. Perhaps I am a double agent, and my goal is chaos!" exclaimed Amelia with a dramatic throw of her hands and a wink.

"I think you would be good at that." Harry remarked. "You did say you had the blood of Loki in you, didn't you?"

"Yes, but my mischief takes less devious forms." Amelia stopped and grabbed Harry by the shoulders. She planted a big kiss right on his lips and then let go and started walking again as if nothing happened. Except now he could feel the rain landing on his head. It was rather heavy rain, but Harry just grinned and did not mind, and followed her further into the garden.

Soon, they were surrounded by tall shrubbery and wildflowers ringing a small, cobbled patio square. No one else was around, nor were there prying eyes to view them. Amelia turned to the now almost soaked Harry. "Oh, Dear, it looks like we have to share my umbrella."

Harry moved to stand closer to her. She held up a finger. "However, I must remind you that you indeed lost our implied wager over who would indeed beat whose ass at backgammon."

Harry started to again voice his dissent that there indeed was a wager when Amelia stopped him immediately. "Tut, tut! No more argument, your intent was challenging and apparent when you said 'we shall see about that!' As the victor, I have spoils I wish to claim. Come share the umbrella with me dear sir."

Harry was standing very close to Amelia when he no longer felt rain on his back or shoulders. Her breasts and hips were pressing pleasingly upon him. He was sure she could change the span of the invisible umbrella with just a thought or known spell, but she did not, and he found he was again the target of her teasing mischief. Not that he minded, you must understand. Her scent was lovely, and her body warm and soft in her sweater dress and mind you, he already knew the toned and smooth alabaster flesh underneath it was certainly just as warm and inviting.

"Isn't this garden spot lovely! And secluded. I think this is the perfect spot for me to claim my victory spoils!" Amelia with her right hand grabbed the bottom hem of her dress and pulled upwards as she pressed her left hand firmly on Harry's shoulder to push him down into a kneeling position before her. Harry complied at the insistent pressure of her hand. At her height, she was at strategic position to have her lovely pussy level with his face. "Assist me Harry, in pulling up my sweater. Careful, don't stretch the weave."

Harry, quickly understanding where this was going to go, complied. He had been anxious to touch and taste this lovely ripe cunt. Amelia has wonderful, full protruding labia, thick and fleshy. Her lips dangled provocatively in between the open gap caused by her wide hips and her thin long legs. It nearly drove Harry barking when he watched her bend over while removing and putting on her new knickers while she dressed for their return to the party from her hidden room.

Harry was pleasantly surprised to see that Amelia must have removed her knickers altogether during their break before the finishing the final match of backgammon. His hands gripped her waist, the cashmere gathered and bunched, now rested on top his hands and wrists. Amelia gripped the soft dress in both her hands to allow Harry free use of his hands as he caressed her belly and ran his fingers through the only hair on her smooth sex, the tiny strip on her pubic mound. She liked feeling his fingertips as the explored and caressed ; she gasped as his fingers found her crease and slowly pushed up and over her exposed and swollen pink clitoris. Harry teased now, only lightly brushing his lips against the soft skin of her belly, pubis, and around her slightly protruding hip bones. He kissed lightly, not using his tongue until he reached the darker fleshy hood of her clit. He slowly, lightly kissed and licked the top of the hood, not the exposed love bulb itself, and he forcefully gripped the firm globes of her ass with both hands. He fondled her buttocks roughly, pulling them apart, causing her to widen her stance. Amelia's right hand dropped its clutch on the cashmere, and she ran her fingers through the thick black curls of hair atop Harry's head. She gripped his hair firmly as two of Harry's fingers slid up into her little starfish. Harry kissed with tongue around the outside of her pubis and into the skin between her hip bones and her pussy proper, purposely leaving her sex ignored. It was driving Amelia mad, and she demanded through gasps, "Oh Harry, lick me, taste me, eat my pussy!"

Harry buried his tongue into the middle of her sex and her full fleshy lips. He pulled and spread them with his mouth, and even nibbled them a bit with his lips firmed. He began to suck and lick fully while he moaned to himself, finding his pleasure in tasting her hot cunt. She was wet, and tasted and smelled deeply of her sweet musk, and he began to passionately lick and suck her pussy, darting his tongue under and into her sweet love hole while continuing to slide his fingers as deeply as they could go into and out of her tight anus.

Amelia in passion grabbed Harry's hair roughly, and pushed his head back as she straddled him, bringing her dripping puss over his face and rubbing her sex in deep lust and dominance across his mouth and face. He let her ride him like this, as he continued to lick and suck at her wet fanny. Her left hand continued to hold onto the front of her dress to keep it out of the way of their connecting flesh. Amelia rocked her hips in lustful fury, pressing her hot wanton cunt hard against Harry's face, rubbing her exposed clit roughly against the bulb and bridge of his nose.

Harry gripped her hips more firmly to hold on, as he pushed his tongue deeper into the opening folds of her puss, licking and darting it around the pink wet flesh. He pressed his face closer against her as he rubbed, pushing his lips and tongue deeper into her vaginal opening. He began to suck hard against her flesh there, drawing in the dripping honey from her sex into his mouth, smacking and swallowing and tasting her now flowing pussy juice. His face was wet, her juice dripping down his chin and neck. She continued to grip his head and rub against him, now moaning loudly, and he moves his head back further so that he could lap his tongue fully across her swollen clit. She gasped and squealed, as he flicked and roughly lapped his tongue against her sensitive love nerve, even nipping it firmly with his lips. Her orgasm was building; he could feel it in the quaking of her legs and the frequency of her squeals and moans, so he kept at it; swirling his tongue roughly round her clit, and lapping with broad strokes fully across the face of it. Suddenly, she gripped him by the ears hard, now both her legs behind him, he fully underneath her ass she pressed his face deep against her. He opened his mouth, now directly around her vaginal opening and clamped with suction, like giving her a giant hickey as she let loose her flood gates, and squirted, her pussy juice streaming into his mouth, he swallowed hard, as she continued to cum, bucking, her legs quivering as she held onto his head as for dear life.

Her heavy orgasm, subsided, and she let go of Harry's now fully soaked face. But Harry was not done with her and took his right hand and pushed his index and forefinger up into her vaginal tunnel as his thumb found her engorged clit and he began rubbing roughly against it.

"No, Harry, No! I am too sensitive; no! you are driving me crazy!"

But Harry did not heed her and continued with the rubbing while working his two fingers in and out of her slick opening. It took only moments, and she was pushing his hand away as she leaned over and gripped his shoulders tightly as she exploded once again into a series of cascading orgasms. The wind began to howl, and lightning cracked dangerously overhead, the wildflowers bending deeply in the rushing, whirling wind around them. The thunder was immediate and deafening, the boom could be heard rattling the panes of the windows of the club. It continued as Amelia was in the thralls of her orgasm and did not subside until they had waned to a surging, but now less frequent tingle. Harry heard the large branch of a tree snap and fall, apparently hitting a car as its alarm began to wail in an annoyingly screeching manner.

Amelia held onto Harry, panting, her head feeling dizzy and light, as if she had just twirled around too fast like a schoolgirl. She gasped, and gripped Harry's face, giving it a big kiss, then licked it, tasting her own juices on it. "Gods, Harry, it has been years since I have experienced anything like that!" She wiped her brow, lifting the invisible umbrella to allow the rain to fall upon her upturned face. "That was dangerous… we could have caused a tornado or worse!" She extended a hand to help up Harry, who was now just sitting on the wet cobblestones. "After a performance like that, I feel obliged to return the favor, dear Harry."

"No, really, you were claiming your bet, it would not be fair." The truth was He did not want to tell her he was feeling a bit spent from all the sex he had had and the recent blowjob by Petunia in the w.c.

"Well, I will need to see to some reward later then, but you are right, with our notoriety, someone will be missing us soon, and I am thinking mostly of your Aunt Petunia. That car siren is not helping either!" She raised her hand and with a flick of the wrist, the siren died a slow excruciating death with a final feeble wonk. "We should do what we can to make ourselves presentable and return to the party. But first, I must feel the rain on my face for just a few moments more if you could indulge me."

Harry only nodded, and watched as Amelia twirled in the garden, her face upturned feeling the rain gently falling, her mouth open tasting the drops, like a schoolgirl without a care.

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