Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Broken Mends Best

Molly fretted in the kitchen. It was morning and there was loads more Jameson than coffee in her mug. It had been quiet since she and Dudley had returned to her home. It was a thick, awkward kind of quiet that caused one to wince when someone spoke, like they had interrupted someone while defusing a bomb at a critical moment. She knew how hard Dudley was trying to be accommodating and caring, but it was driving her a bit barking. The last thing she wanted was him to be walking on eggshells around her.

Both had been isolating and overmedicating since their return, her on Jameson, him on the weed. She had even hit up a mate to score Dudley more because he had been such a fiend since … the hospital and his bag was near being all the stems and dregs from the bulky pouch of what he had brought. Not that she did not hit it too, but sometimes the feeling she got reminded her too much of how she felt the… night of the birthday; the feeling made her regret that she had smoked at all. Pieces would flash back, and she would just fall apart.

It was partially her fault, or at least she blamed herself. For the quiet. She had become such a bloody fraidy cat, jumping at every noise, that she knew Dudley was doing his best to tip-toe around her to spare her nerves. But much was beyond his control; the house was old and liked to creak and groan like an arthritic spinster. She so wished that things would go back to normal, but she knew that would never happen. Evil and magic were loose in the world, and she had to remind herself hourly that the two were not always intertwined, That magic folk like Harry and the people at Saint Finbarr's were lovely and had done much for her, and Dr. Slainte had promised to continue care for her, to the point that she made sure there was a visit to her house scheduled next week. There was magic and good in the world, but still, now that she knew of it, life would never be normal again.

She padded from the kitchen down the hall to Dudley's room and peeked in on him. He was hunkered over a laptop, his headphones on, screwing up his face as he looked at notes, then slowly typed on the keyboard with his prodigious sausage fingers. She did not say anything just watched him, and he slowly came out of the daze, becoming first aware that someone was watching him, and then from the strong smell of the boozed coffee that lingered through the air to his flaring nostrils.

He looked up, took of his headphones and smiled wistfully. "Oy cousin!"

"Wotcher up to there?" inquired Molly, a bit amused at the seriousness of Dudley's manner at work. "Looking for a free poorn site?"

"Nah, 'less you know of one."

"Have you tried skankdotcom ?"

"Yep. Jest your pitcher, not a good one at that."

"Ho! Taking a go at me, eh? Think ya can slag me while I'm down!"

"Yep. Gotta hit'em when they's low, keep the man down, don't you see?"

Molly looked for something harmless with heft to throw at Dudley and could only find a squeeze ball sitting on the shelf next to the doorway. She lobbed it at him, it narrowly missed his head, due mainly to the fact that he ducked at the proper moment. Rather good for a left-hand throw she thought.

She walked over to him, and picked the ball up from the bed, sipping her coffee, then offered it to the teen hulk who continued to try to think and type at the same time with struggling success. Dudley, nodding, took it, and then took a big gulp and grimaced. "Almost missed putting any coffee in there, Moll."

Yeah, well, I would have missed altogether if tweren't the morning and I need the caffeine. Propriety and all that." She placed her hand gently on his left broad shoulder as he handed her back the mug. She peered over her shoulder and squinted at the screen; she did not have her reading glasses with her. "Looks like you are almost done… I didn't think you would finish this considering… y'know."

"Yeah well, it was because of it. An' you. We started this project and I damn well want to finish it. Besides, I have to have some proof that the summer weren't all blowjobs and lollipops."

"When the fuck did I ever give you a lollipop?" Molly said as she punched Dudley in the shoulder. She winced, even though she did not punch him hard, it pained her bruised knuckles. She was still a bag of bruises despite all the healing magic she went through at the hospital.

"Maybe this paper will earn me one."

"Blowjob or lollipop?" Molly grinned. Now this was feeling more like normal. She leaned over and kissed Dudley on the back of the neck. "What say when you get to a place you want to stop working, we go out for a pint and a burger?"


"Where else? I don't think I could walk more than five blocks after all the "coffee" I've had this morning."

"Brilliant. I like their food. I was getting sick of delivery, an' I am quite sure that you are getting sick of the sandwiches I make. There! I think I am at a spot where I can remember where to pick up again. Fancy a bowl with me?"

"Nah, but please help yourself. I want to go make myself presentable as I can… we haven't been out in days… I really need the air."

"I have to be honest, Moll, what you really need more is a shower."

"Always tryin' to get me naked, aren't you cousin." Molly smelled under her arms and winced. "Yeah, perhaps I am getting to be a bit of a ripe cunt, right then, you are going to have to give me a bit more time."

"No problem., If you need my help, just give me a yell." Dudley lit his pipe and took a large drag, the acrid smell of burning weed now strong in the room.

"I would yell at you, but I have a bit of a headache."

"Wot, you mean now?"

"Yep, remember, I am a fucking invalid. Come help me get the shower going and undressed. Please?"

"Cripes, no rest for the bloody wicked."

"You poor boy, so misused and abused, always having to take your cousin's clothes off, will your misery never end? Bring the bloody pipe with you."

"I thought you didn't want any."

"So, I bloody changed my mind, is today any different than yesterday?"

"Yeah. It is. It really is." Dudley stopped and looked at her and smiled. She smiled back at him. Perhaps getting on with it was not as hard as they both thought it would be.

Molly grabbed his hand and pulled on his arm. "C'mon, let's go make me a bit less disgusting of a human being." Dudley offered the pipe to her, and she took it in her left hand, firmly keeping her grip in his hand as they walked down the hallway to the bathroom. She appreciated that she had left herself open for a massive insult, and Dudley had purposely ignored the opportunity. She exhaled and looked at him square in the eye. "Go ahead, say it, I know you want to- "

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"You bloody do!"

"Frankly, dear cousin, I am sure that any calls to animal control on a Friday afternoon would remain unanswered. Shall we go hose you down?"

Molly laughed. It was the first time she had, since, since that night. She put her head on Dudley's shoulder, as they walked slowly. "Yes, cousin, let's go hose me down."

She closed her eyes and tried to focus on his gentleness and not on the panic edging into her shoulders and the back of her mind every time he touched her. She could feel his size, his presence, his maleness behind her as he helped to pull her sweatshirt over her head. He tried to make it easier for her by gently pulling on the neck opening to make the pull over her head go faster, to make that moment of suffocation fleeting, but it still sent tremors down her arms and she shook with fear. He had endured this for days; his patience was almost saint-like and his movements tentative around her. She tried to focus on that, to remember his kindness and all he done for her, that night, and all the days following.

She froze, and gasped and the shirt was off her face and head and he had stepped back to give her space. Her eyes were closed, and she reached back with her hands, searching for him. His large paw of a hand was there, and she grabbed onto it, like a frightened little girl afraid to look back over her shoulder. She held onto it, taking deep breaths, trying to keep control of her panicking body. She was completely bare on top; she had not wore a bra or camisole or even an undershirt since she had been home. She had chosen a couple of his large sweatshirts and claimed them for herself. She felt his eyes on her. He was still Dudley after all. She accepted this as a token of affection, a small compliment; she knew that even with all the healing spell work, there were still large heavy bruises all over her body, the results of the what they called the Cruciatus curse. These bruises could be lessened, but not undone by magical healing. Only time would be able to perform that miracle. Yet he still looked at her, and she knew it was with admiration and still some lust.

Molly pulled and wriggled down her own sweatpants, and kicking, stepped out of them. She sat on the toilet, and he helped her off with her socks. She kept one hand on his shoulder, gripping it. She did not know if it was for comfort, or for defense, and that was what made her sad. Her other hand remained between her legs. Again, was this modesty or was it for self-protection? She knew it was the latter and it made her sad.

The shower was already running, and warm, and she moved under it. The first time since she had left the hospital. It felt good, even on her sensitive battered muscles, and she found the soap and slowly spread it over her, enjoying the herbal smell on her skin and in the steamy air. She looked out and did not see him. Where was he? She panicked and called out, "Dudley! Where are you!"

He came into view quickly, and he opened the door of the shower. "Moll! What is it?"

"I-I didn't see you! Could you please sit down on the loo, where I can see you?!"

He nodded and closed the glass door and dutifully sat down on the toilet lid patiently.

She was embarrassed. She felt like such a ninny, but she felt much better seeing his large silhouette, sitting on the toilet, waiting for her. She washed the front her body and her legs and rump. She hesitated, and then called out to her cousin. "Dudley, can you come help me wash my back?" He moved leisurely; he had learned to keep his movements slow and deliberate around her, and that made her sad. Too many things made her sad. She should try to focus on the things that made her happy. His wistful face appearing at her door made her happy. She handed him a wet soapy washcloth. She directed the shower head down and closer to the front of her body, attempting to keep the spray from soaking Dudley. She turned her back to him, and with control, did not flinch when the warm cloth touched her skin. His strong hands were careful and comprehensive in their movement over her back. "Oh, yes that feels good. I have a bit of an itch in the center of my back, just below my shoulder blades, could you scratch it? A little lower please, now to the left, ahh, yes! That's the spot. Oh, that feels good, it was driving me a bit crazy! Thanks love!"

Dudley cleared his throat, "Yeh know, cuz, even in the color purple, you have an ass that just don't quit!"

Molly giggled, softly. "Thanks, cousin, that is good to know." She was trying to encourage this, this attempt to return to before. She felt the washcloth dip lower, to the start of her round rump, and when it headed for the split of her cheeks, she gently reached back and touched his hand, and as bright as she could, (though she felt it came out too fast and disingenuous) "There! We are done and good to go! Thank you, sweet cuz!"

She washed her hair and he waited, in view, sitting atop the toilet lid, trying to look like the corner of the room was indeed remarkably interesting. She felt renewed, and vowed to shower more frequently, it left her refreshed, and with her Jameson and weed buzz, she felt buoyant and almost ready for what she would need next. He was ready with the towel, and placed it gently around her shoulders then again stepped back, but to her he seemed to dissolve into the wall; he was trying so hard to make his presence as non-stalking, non-threatening as possible, god love him.

She dried what she could based on her ability to bend with her latest aches and pains, but some movements, along with the heavy towel were difficult for her to execute properly. She knew he was watching, attentive to the places she missed, and she knew that underneath her carriage she was still dripping wet from the shower, and she could feel rivulets of water slide slowly down her inner thighs and along the backs of her calves. "Dudley, love!"

Her tone was exasperative, but he understood why, he knew how fiercely independent and in control his cousin needed to be, and asking for help to dry herself was a humiliation when the situation was one where she wanted to be the one to do a task on her own. He also knew that touching her down there could exorcise fears and reflexes that she could not control, from the residual hateful violence that had stained her soul that neither knew if it would ever truly go away. The nightmares at night were strong evidence heard while unbeknownst to Molly, Dudley slept outside her door in the hallway with just a pillow and blanket.

Dudley took a breath and decided to try a new tactic, it was time for him to use his diarrhea of the mouth hopefully to advantage. He would go in like this was not a big deal. Perhaps being careful all the time was creating more tension that help. He took the towel from her and began to dry her shoulder length hair, That beautiful ginger hair. He would start with that.

"Y'know, my ginger mick cousin, it is a good thing that you don't use that strawberry type conditioner, or I would probably have all this lovely hair in me mouth munching on it. God, it is tough as it is, not wanting to eat it up jus' lookin' at it, what would it be like if it were to really smell like fresh strawberries? I can't imagine! Well, I really can, or I just would not have talked about it eh? Hey you may want to get that mole right there checked out, I know its tiny, but it is really dark, not like the rest of the freckles on yer shoulders, yah never know, best to catch it early they say. I was thinking I should have one of those local stouts, today, you know, the one yeh said I should try the next time we went to Finnegans, what was it called, "Dirty Whoore?"

"No, silly, it was Lusty Nun!"

"Yeah well, I knew it was somethin' like that, wouldn't a dirty whoore and a lusty nun be pretty much the same thing anyway? Cause y'know, them nuns probably get up to more no good at night then most people think, right? Not getting to dust off their coochies now and then would be a bit frustratin', I bet. Might explain why I got so many whacks with the bloody ruler too. Well, I thought that I would try a Lusty Nun, then go for a try at Darts. Never been much good, but here's chance to get it down, right? Last time I tried playin' I left a crack in the plaster next to the board, me aim was way off! Got a laugh or two, not that I was happy about it! I wonder if there will be any matches on the telly? You fancy watching a match or just finding a quiet corner eh? I am not sure what'll it be like on a Friday afternoon, whotcher think? Probably fairly busy considering it is raining today. Who wants to stay in the house on Friday? We certainly don't."

All the while during his babbling, Dudley was gently but quickly dabbing the moisture on his cousin's lovely skin, down her whole back, and quickly down her lovely ass cheeks and the backs of her legs, keeping her mind busy with ranting. He wrapped the towel around his hand and brought it up her between her legs quickly, still babbling on about the weather and when it would it be bloody sunny next? And quickly brought it to her crotch and swiped it from the front to her back quickly and was finished. No leg tremoring, no shudders. He continued to babble as he stepped away from his beautiful cousin, and she looked up at him and smiled as he handed the towel back to her.

"Well, then, do you think you need some help combing your hair, or are you okay?"

There was a tear in her eye, but Molly was smiling. She really loved this big lug, and now she knew why. She held out her arms to him. "No, just come give us a hug, and you can go get ready. I'll call you if I need help with me shirt. "

She hugged him hard, pressing herself deep into him, and he unstiffened, and returned the hug, wrapping his arms tightly around her. She did not mind, and pressed her face into his shoulder, gripping his back tightly. She felt surrounded and safe for the first time since they had been home. She was surprised also when she pulled back from him, how hard her nipples had become. Her face and chest flashed scarlet in embarrassment and she quickly wrapped the towel around her torso.

She could tell that he had an erection, but made sure she did not let on that she saw it, and Dudley left the bathroom, and she could hear him pad his way back to his bedroom. She put on a little make up, more to lessen the slight scrapes and bruises that remained on her face than to try to enhance her features. She used a hair dryer, to fully dry and fluff her fiery mane, no use catching a cold with a damp head on such a dank day. She felt angry at herself that her body would not let her feel comfortable around Dudley or any man for that matter, and she worried what it would be like in public at the pub. Perhaps they should not go, she did not want to make a scene just because some bloke accidently brushed up against her, or worse, what if some bloke purposefully brushed up against her in the pub? She felt panicked, and not thinking that she was only in her underwear, she marched down to Dudley's room, and burst in. "Dudley! I don't think we can- "

Unfortunately, Dudley was fully nude, with his very erect cock in his hand, dripping with what appeared to be her baby oil, as he stood over his bed with a towel laid across it. The look of surprise on both their faces mirrored exactly.


"Bloody hell!"

"Oh Shite!"

"Moll! Bloody hell!"

"Oy Crikes! I'm sorry!"

"No, it's okay, well, not really...,

"Uhm, I should go."

"Yeah. No! wait! What's the matter?"

"It can wait… really. I'm sorry, so sorry."

"No, wait, don't be… don't be mad, please."

"What? No!... I am not mad, certainly embarrassed, but not mad…"

"oh! Thank god. I just don't want you mad… or scared."

"Oh love, I am not mad at you, or scared of you- really! You are my rock Dudz. You know that, please know that…."

"Okay. Good. Good. "


"Uhm, yeah."

"That is quite the bloody rager you have going."


"Yeah. I think that is biggest I have ever seen it."

"Yeah? Maybe. I like the oil. Hope you don't mind."

"No, just make sure to put it back."

"Yeah. Yeah."

"So frickin' big."


"Yeah. Bloody hell. Sooo- I'm asking… would you mind?"

"Uhm, no, that would be fine, really."

"Bloody fuck, I could hammer a nail with this!"

"Please don't."

"You don't want me to touch it… I'm sorry!"

"No, you twit, don't hammer a nail with it!"

"Ah, a joke, sorry, do you like the way that feels, love?"

"Yeah, feels nice. Real nice. You okay?

"Please don't ask me that so much, okay?"

"Cool. Yeah, god that feels bloody good Moll."

"Yeah? How about this? You like my nails in your massive meat stick?"

"Ohhh! Yeah, that's nice, go harder if you want!"

"Let me play with it, love, okay? Haven't you wanted me to play with it?"

"Do whatever you bloody want, cuz… aahhh, yeah!"

"So fucking massive! Can't get my hand around it… mmm, oh Dudz!"

"Oh Molly, my Molly!"

"Y'know you can touch me, don't you? Just don't… don't force me, alright?'

"Yeah, of course…can I touch your tits?"

"Yeah baby, you can play with my tits, I know you like that… pinch my nipples love, mmm yeah"

"Gawd I love your big titties cousin!"

"And I love your huge prick, Dudz, god, I can't believe how hard you are… do you want to cum for me baby?'

"Yeah Moll, I want to cum all over you!"

"You like that, when I go faster?" Do you want to cum on my tits, baby?"

"Yeah, that would be great."

"Let me sit on the bed and put the towel on my lap then, okay?"

"Sure, whatever you want, does that work?"

"Uhm, yeah. Uhmm, now! Okay!" Yeah, let me rub it for a while, it's so nice 'n big 'n hard… you like that "

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah. Yeah, keep doing that… Gawd, I like watching you stroke my cock, that feels good. ….

"So hard! Can I lick the head?'

"Okay, but I am pretty close!"

"I'll chance it, I have to have your cock in my mouth!"

"Bloody go for it- but I may cum!"

"Mmm, twouldn't be the end of the world love, to have your cum in m'mouth."

"Ohhh, fuuuuck! You look bloody good sucking my cock, Moll."

"Mmm, thank you love. I love sucking your fat cock, do you like how it feels? My mouth and tongue all over your bloody prick?"

'Yah, babe, I like watching you lick my rod… suck it love! Yeah that's it! … how much can you swallow? I don't think you can take it all."

"D' yeh mean length or load? 'Because I think I can take plenty of both- how do yeh like this?'

"Holy crikes! That's it, mama, bring your mouth to me, to me, just a little bit more, oh! Oh yeh, now kiss m'balls sweet cousin!... oh fuuck!"


"What's that cuz? Hard to understand you with my dick in your throat. I can't bloody believe this.. I can see my cock bulging in your throat!"

"Gah, ha, hunh- hunh, yeh, I believe you lost that bet, and I will have to come up someway fer you to pay it… I can think of several things currently! So, are you up for more babe?"

"Gimme what you want. Gawd! Such an awesome cocksucker! Yeh, yeh, that's it…. Faster, yeah I like that…. Keep it up…. Yeah, cousin is sucking my fucking cock! omigod, omigod, omigod Molly- MOLLY!"

The choking and gulping was abrupt and Molly pulled her head back, swallowing as more thick white sperm pulsed into her mouth; she stopped trying to swallow for fear of choking on the thick sticky flood of goo, so she let it run out of her mouth, she pulled back, the thick hard meat still jerking in orgasm, and felt the sticky spatter on her cheek and forehead, and then on her neck and breasts as Dudley directed the rest of his load across her chest. She swallowed, gasping, choking, while his cock slowly pulsed and jerked, then ran her tongue along the underside of her cousin's wide veiny shaft and licked the sperm there, bringing it into her mouth to taste and to swallow. She loved the salty- musky flavor and savored some more by sucking on the thick mushroom head, covered and still dripping in spunk. Dudley lightly ran his fingertips over her face in appreciation. She liked the feel of his touch, while she did as she pleased with his now slowly deflating member. After she had licked and sucked her cousin clean of his orgasm, she picked up the towel in her lap, and wiped the cum smeared on her breasts and on her face and forehead.

"Crikes! Moll, that was bloody fantastic!"

"Who is the best and smartest little cocksucker in Ireland?"

"I would say you love."

"Then say it!"

"You are the best and smartest little cocksucker in Ireland, Moll."

"Damn right."

"You missed some there, under your chin, on your neck."

"Did you get any in my hair?" She asked, looking up coyly at Dudley who had a very stupid grin on his face."

"No, I got mostly in your mouth and on your tits."

"Yeah, I was aware of that, not that I'm complaining."

"No, you seemed to like it almost as much as me, but I have to say we tied, as you certainly did not handle my wad very well- you were choking on it."

"Yeah, well, I must admit it was more copious than I expected, based on the many times a day you must wank it. But I did love it and I also don't like unfinished business."

"Was that all that was, "unfinished business"?"

"No, not in the least. I would have hated for you to waste an incredible boner like that one. It was way too lovely for me to ignore, but since we were … interrupted before, I wanted to finish your Birthday blowjob. Happy Birthday, Dudz."

"Well cheers! Thanks for that, sure beats my imagination and my hand."

"Sometimes another hand brings a certain touch to the process."


"So, you're religious now, cousin?"

"I am pretty sure that is as close to a religious experience that I will ever have, Moll."

"amen, cousin, amen. So, why don't you help me up, we have places to be."

"Uhm, what was it that you wanted, when you came in like gangstahs before?"

"Oh, never mind. Nothing big, I-I was feeling a bit panicky and thinking we should not go to the pub… not sure I can handle a crowd."
"Well, what you say we take a walk and see, and when we get there, if it is too crowded, I will order some food for take-out an' we can come home."

"Sounds like a lovely idea."

"Besides, it will get you out in the air for a while, and I think we both could use it."

"Yes, I think we need to get out of this house for a bit. It would do us both good."


"Yeh Dudz?"

"Nice panties."

"Thank you love."

"I'm going to take a quick shower, is that okay?"

"Sure, I can put the finishing touches on in my room. Can you help me with my sweater first though? I am still having problems with certain arm movements… too painful."

"After you then, sweet cousin."


The rain had stopped, but they brought along an umbrella because the clouds remained heavy, with no sign that they would break up today. They walked slowly, to accommodate Molly, but also because the air was fresh, crisp, and clean, and enjoyable, despite the breeze that kept a chill on their faces.

Finnegan's was quiet, no matches on the telly, and early enough in the afternoon that the evening crowd was still at home or work. They found an open booth and after burgers and a round of Lusty Nuns, they settled on couple pints of warm lager to balance with their meals. Molly made sure her feet were touching her cousins while they stayed in the booth. Dudley followed Molly when she had to visit the loo, and she said nothing as he stood at the bar keeping an eye on the hall as she made her way to the Ladies Room. He was there waiting when she came back, still sipping on his pint and talking to the barmaid about why he was hanging out with Molly here in Cork, instead of being home in Little Whinging. Well, he relayed an edited version of the story to ensure he would remain out of the nutter bin.

Molly and a couple of locals gave Dudley a tutorial on Darts, and before he left, at least his throws were landing on the board. As patrons began to dribble into the bar, and things began to feel crowded, Dudley could sense Molly's unease, and they slipped out the door for the walk home.

"That was lovely, Dudley, thank you."

"Ah, it was your idea, but yeah, now at least I won't be embarrassed if someone asks me to a game of darts."

"No, yes, the evening was indeed lovely, but that is not what I was thanking you for, cousin."


"No love. I was thanking you for being here with me. It has been rather hard as you know."

"Yeah, but if it weren't for me, this would notta happened."

"Oh, Dudley, please, don't blame yourself… this was out of our control."

"Well then, could I blame Harry?"

"Would that be fair? Did Harry make this world?"

"Nah, he didn't. He may have involved us in it, but it has been around for centuries."

"More likely since the dawn of time, I believe."

"How the bloody hell did he know where to find us?"

"You don't believe him, his story of coming to see you for your birthday?"

"No, for sure even if he snuck out and my parents didn't know, he and I have never been close, he would not have come to Cork on a lark for me."

"Well, he did save us, and did much to help heal me."
"Yeah. But he- "

"No buts. He saved us, no matter how he found out we needed it. He did it for you, for your family. I know this. In my heart, I know this. But I did have an odd dream a couple of nights ago…"


"I don't remember much, but in it, we had been attacked, but they took you and left me. I had to find my way home and then call Harry for help. It was quite horrid."

"You have been having loads of nightmares… I hear you at night."

"Yes, I have. They have all been horrible like the one I just told… some are like that, like a different version of what really happened, but more terrible, others are just reliving the shite what we went through."

She did not tell him of the sex dreams involving Harry, dreaming of things that did not really happen while they were both in the throes of the Vapors of Venus. Of a passionate goodbye that was never made. So many incidents that felt real in the dream that never happened. Although many memories of the events were indeed hazy, she felt those she remembered fully were real and thought of them fondly despite the mix of pleasure and pain. Or was it because of it? It was her secret to keep, for that she was certain. They walked for a while in silence.

"What about you Dudz, are you having nightmares?"

"I don't remember my dreams, never have. Maybe I don' dream. I just haven't got much sleep, y'know, since that night."

They were holding hands as they walked, the sky was dark, a perpetual twilight, the clouds still thick. Their clasp grew tighter as a wind began to howl, and the first big spatters of rain began to fall. It was still a few blocks to the house. Lightning cracked overhead, and Molly heard Dudley audibly wince. "Bollocks!"

He gripped her hand tighter, and they walked as fast as Molly comfortably could. The downpour was fierce; the umbrella they shared was fighting a losing battle in the wind and hard rain. Dudley spied across the road an empty bus stop shelter, shallow with wide open front, but at least there was a roof over it. They crossed quickly, the bottoms of their trousers now soaked, and ducked under the paltry cover. Dudley motioned to the inside corner, and had Molly stand in it diagonally to give her as much space as he could. He stood close to her, facing her, the umbrella tilted and at his back to bear the brunt of the wind and rain. Lightning flashed again overhead, and the thunder boomed very shortly after it. Molly nuzzled into Dudley's barrel chest to keep warm while he acted as the wall between her and the storm. He made no complaints, other than to swear a couple of times. They would have to wait out the heaviest of the downpour, Molly was in no shape to make a mad dash home.


"Yeah Moll?"

"Do you regret ever coming to Cork?"

"Not for a single minute, well, maybe for one or two, but nah, it has been bloody brilliant here. Do you regret me coming here?"

"She smiled and looked up at him, Other than the first five minutes of having you in my house, no, not in the least." She patted his chest and nuzzled closer to him as they waited out the rain.

They had Irish Cream in the hot chocolate and burning coal in the living room fireplace. Both were on the floor rug in front of it, in dry sweats and t-shirts trying to take the chill out of their bones. Both were soaked by the time they made it home, the rain had not let up and the wind put a harsher chill in the air not normally found in summer.


"Yeh Dudz."

"Why haven't you married? You are smart and beautiful and certainly give a great blow job."

Molly first punched Dudley in the arm and then answered him. "If that is a hint, forget it, I'll not be sucking your big prick anymore tonight."

"No, I was just giving you shite. I really wanna know why you have stayed alone- it seems to me that you certainly probably have had many offers over the years."

"Yeah, well, I have. An' I came close a couple of times, but I decided I am too selfish to be married. I want things me own way, at muh own schedule. I know that won't work in a marriage."

"But is that worth the price of being alone?"

"Am I alone now boyo?"

"No, but I am here just for the summer. What about before? Or after I'm gone?"

"On the before, I made it here, didn't I? Didn't mean I haven't had some good laughs along the way. I am a professor, I get to teach and travel, it is not a bad life, cousin. As for After, I will just have to wait and see- but who says that it has to be just to the enda summer?"

"You saying maybe I could stay? An' what, go to school here in Cork?"

"There are good secondary schools with ties to the university, tuition could be very reasonable especially with me being on staff and you family. We might have to lie and call you a nephew or something, but your time here already could count toward residency in Cork. I am already papered as your guardian here in Ireland. Just a thought for you. Think about it. I know you probably miss your mates and family back home."

"Home sounds like it is getting a bit scarier. I was hearing things from others about London and England in general while in hospital. Sound like these bad magic blokes are stirring up trouble all over the isle."

"Yeh, I heard a bit about it too. Your parents might be more partial to you spending more time here because of it."

"Y'know, Harry's the one who killed the leader, who's come back from the dead to cause all this trouble. Harry tole me about him. Says his name was Tom Riddle, but he goes by somefin' else now…don' remember the name."

"He killed him- How?"

'The bloke tried ta kill him when he was a baby- killed his parents, but when he tried to kill Harry, the curse bounced back and got old Riddle instead. Harry said he was protected by his mum. That's when he came to live with us."

"You've known each other since you were wee bairns?"

"Yeh." Dudley was apprehensive, he knew where this line of questioning was going. A feeling of guilt hung on the back of his shoulder, prodding him in the neck.

"But you're not close?"

"We're not. We are okay, but we were so different growing up. Da' wasn't happy that we had to take care of him."

"I-I see." Molly picked up on the tone in Dudley's voice, and decided to leave it alone. Apparently, there were skeletons in the closet when it came to Harry and the Dursleys. She tried to change the subject. "Any weed left in that pipe?"

Molly was strung out between two thuggish brutes, it was dark, but she knew she was floating. No-there were three. One putrid scrawny demon-like man underneath her was gripping and clawing at her back as she floated while he sodomized her. The other two were doing the same, every one of her orifices filled and in pain. Peacach was shouting curses and throwing light with his wand, and the cocks were growing and bulging, and her pain skyrocketed, and she could feel her flesh splitting. She screamed.

She awoke suddenly, her throat raspy, but her vocal cords were frozen, unable to even squeak for help. Another nightmare, so real to her, so painful that her mouth and anus and vagina were hurting. She did not want to be alone anymore. She did not care how weak she looked, she got out of her bed, limping, and opened the door. She would crawl into bed with Dudley. She needed to feel safe, and she did not want to be alone. It was dark, when she opened the door to her room, and did not see him sleeping there, on the floor in front of her room as she stepped and tripped, falling over and onto him and onto the hallway floor, smacking her shoulder against the hallway wall opposite the door.

Dudley woke with a start, feeling something on top of him after a foot had connected with his arm and chest. He fumbled about, shouting, cursing, not sure what was happening, were they being attacked? Then he heard a groan and Molly's voice, hoarse, but loud, telling him it was okay.

'Dudley! Dudz! It's alright, it's just me, I tripped on you! What are you doing here?"

"Oh Moll, it's you! Are you okay?"

"Well, I've been bloody better! What in flamin' hell are you doing here, love?"

"I-I been sleepin' here every night. Y'know, just to be sure."

"Sure? Sure of what?"

"Thet you were all right. I wanted to be sure you were safe."

Molly nearly cried on the spot, and immediately forgot that her shoulder was hurting. She crawled over on her hands and knee and hugged him as he sat up on the floor. She grabbed the blanket on the floor and looked at him. "Get your pillow, you are coming to my bed."

They both stood, and Dudley sheepishly followed her. He was talking to her back. "You know that you are totally naked, right?"

"I sleep that way, get used to it."

"So, can I sleep that way too?"

"We'll talk about it later, now get in bed, you mug."

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