Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
The Importance of Being Neighborly

Harry had just finished his shower and was toweling off. He had left Petunia in her bedroom, flat on her stomach, with more of his cum slowly sliding out of both of her orifices. She was sleeping. He had fucked her silly and she was in the slumber of the satisfied. He was antsy and did not know why. He was feeling like there was something he needed to do urgently, but he did not know what it was. He should feel relaxed, satisfied. He had saved the day; his cousins are safe, and the bad guys were on their way to Azkaban or a similar such wizard prison. He smugly contemplated that "Peacock" was going there minus the lower half of one of his legs. He sauntered down to the first floor fully nude. It was kind of satisfying that in this house that he had always considered his prison, he felt fully free to do this. He was screwing the former jailkeeper and ruling the house like it was his own- at least during the day. He poured himself a rum and coke, weak on the rum, and just rummaged in the fridge for a snack. A buzzing sound alerted him that the dryer had completed its cycle, so he hopped quickly to the laundry room to restart the machine to fluff the clothes while he ate, before he took care of hanging and folding the clothes. Okay, maybe he didn't rule the roost, but at least he had "Pet" privileges.

He could not believe how insatiable an appetite his aunt had for sex, and it seemed, the kinkier the better. She was schizo, though, at times being totally submissive, and others, like on the outdoor patio, after her hand job and him taking her on the lounge chair, forcing him to lie on the pavement stones while she rode his face, pushing her sex over his tongue and mouth and face roughly until she came with a drenching squirt. He could still taste her musk in his mouth, even after brushing his teeth and the shower. Not that it tasted it bad, but he did feel slightly "soiled". The phone ringing startled him out of his reverie. He stopped munching on the apple, swallowed hard, then grabbed the phone quickly; he did not want his Aunt to awake . He needed some time to re-charge, his balls hurt from the constant ejaculations.

"Hello, Dursley residence."


"Uhm, yeah." It was a female voice, but it sounded muffled and tinny; he did not recognize it immediately.

"It's Jean. Jean Granger. I am sorry, I have to whisper…. I do not want Hermione or Wendy to know that I was calling you. I searched Hermione's room until I found your aunt and uncle's phone number."

"Jean! How are you?"

"Missing you terribly Harry. Both Hermione and Wendy are acting civilly but very cool towards me, and though Hermione and I were able to get through the initial effects of the potion, it has not been the same since you were here…. I know you left suddenly… we were a bit too much… but I would love to see you again… I need you Harry." He could hear her sobbing. A knot in his stomach began to grow. But something else was growing too. He was getting hard, just hearing her voice. The potion bond was still there, and she had invoked it with the call, he knew that he would have to go to her soon. He had obligations to fulfill, and there was no way that Jean would willingly release him from his bond, this telephone call was evidence of that.

"I… miss you too Jean. I will work on seeing what I can do about making it to London again, but it won't be for at least a couple of days… I have obligations here in Little Whinging, and Hermione must not know I am coming…I cannot see her right now."

"I-I don't understand Harry, but I will honor whatever wishes you have. Just please, please don't brush me off… I have been miserable without you. I ache for you. I need your cock. I need you."

"I will call you when I can, but I must go… I hear my Aunt, and we have things to do." Harry tried not to sound cold, because he felt that twinge of love and attraction again that he had for Jean, but he was not sure if it was just the potion or really his feelings. He was also conflicted due to the feelings he knew he had for his Aunt. It was tearing him up; she had made it abundantly clear to him today that she just wanted him for the sex. Yet, it was still better than derision and feeling like a burden, and gods, she fucked so well. He grew harder thinking about what they may do next. Jean gave a soft goodbye and hung up. Her tone made it sound like she thought that Harry would not call her back nor show up to see her in person. He felt badly for her, but he needed a break, and Jean would have to live with it.

Petunia was keeping her big event close to her vest; she had yet to reveal to him what it was all about. He heard the water running upstairs, and suddenly felt like he had not done a good enough job showering. The clothes could wait and could be fluffed again. He padded up the stairs and to the main bath. He opened the door quietly, to see what Petunia was doing. Ever volatile, he wanted to gauge her mood after her nap; he was never sure what side of the bed she would wake up on, even if he was sure on what side he had left her purring.

Petunia was not yet in the shower, she was pinning her hair up, to keep it out of the way. She had removed any make-up on her face, but Harry thought she looked younger with the lack of it. It could perhaps have been some more body magic that she had performed; he had certainly left enough of his seed in her. He had inquired more about body magic from Casey. She had told him that that both young male seed and female ejaculate were incredibly powerful energy sources in body magic, that most body witches and shamans used young lovers to help enhance and focus their magics. Often it was incestuous because the power of the same bloodlines also increased this magical enhancement of powers.

He noticed that she had changed her breast size and shape again, she seemed never to be happy with them. He had to admit though, these new incarnations were pretty spectacular. She was humming to herself. A good sign. She turned towards the door, and her smile was wide and wicked. A very good sign. She crooked her finger towards, him, and when he reached her, she smiled again, and slid her hand down to his crotch, grabbing and stroking his member while she kissed him on the face and neck. Yes, the answer was yes, Petunia was in a good mood. Harry sighed contentedly as she not so gently pulled him by his erection into the shower.

They were in the backyard; Petunia had Harry doing some light pruning of the shrubs and Harry did not mind. It was a grand day, sunny, birds chirping, and a few clouds in the sky with no chance of rain. Harry frankly was glad for the chores, his cock needed rest after the riding Petunia had been giving it. He watched with appreciative lust as Petunia sunned topless, not mindful of him in the least, or what he could tell with her sunglasses on. There was no correcting of his work or the criticism of the pace of it. If he had known that fucking Petunia would have kept her from complaining, perhaps he would have been doing it sometime ago, at least last summer. But that may have been harder to do, what with Dudley and his gang of chums hanging around. He wondered how his cousin and Molly were getting along. Dudley truly seemed smitten with her, so perhaps he was only being half the tosser that he could be on a regular basis. The loud banging at the garden gate was just a formality, and before either of them could react, Clive was barging through, yelling a loud and happy greeting.

"Yo, Mrs. D, Harry! How have yeh been-holy Christ!" Clive uttered his blunder upon seeing Petunia topless, turning several shades of red as he finished walking his way onto the patio, and continuing to stare at the fully glory of toplessness of his best mate's mother, and frequent subject of his masturbatory fantasies, at least since she returned from Majorca this early spring in her full fledge Milf-ness. "Holy Shite, Mrs. D, I-I …"

"You what, Clive?" said Petunia nonchalantly, not making a move to cover her oiled and glistening breasts. Harry smirked, and remained where he was in the yard, titillated to see how this would turn out. If nothing else, he knew his distant cousin was in for some delicious cock-teasing knowing the nymphomaniac mood his aunt was currently enjoying. "Go on dear, haven't you seen a woman topless before? I know your family has been to Monaco in the past for holiday." She ran her hand across her breasts, pressing them to check for sunburn.

"Uh-uhm, yeh. I been on topless beaches before.. but I never seen it in Little Whinging, Mrs. D."

"Please, Clive, call me Petunia. After all, it is just us cousins here, is it not? Just family as it were…" Petunia was smiling demurely, a bit wickedly, and seemed to need to purse her lips a bit more than needed while talking.

Harry liked observing his aunt from afar, it put a different perspective on perhaps how she approached him. He knew as sexy as his aunt was, she was still very manipulative, and used that combination quite effectively. He wondered if she would attempt to see if he was jealous by giving Clive attention. He felt confident that it would not work; he had home field advantage here. Nor that he should really care, should he? His aunt, no matter how lavish her personal attention had been today, still was just about the sex, she did not snuggle or cuddle him like Jean, or Casey, or Tonks or pretty much any other woman with whom he had been intimate. He was sure even Candy would be more affectionate than Petunia. Yet despite it, they seemed to fit together well, even if the energy they created together was chaotic, passionate. Her trying to make him feel jealous would fit right in with that, but he felt mentally ready for such a play. Petunia turned in Harry's direction.

"Harry! Come say hello to your cousin Clive!"

Harry carried over the shears with him; he noticed that he had them still out and upright and dropped them to his side with his left hand holding them loosely- a bit less intimidating. He felt slightly embarrassed, the defensive reflex was so ingrained in him now that he was always ready.

"C-Live! G-good to see you!" Harry gripped Clive Evans hand in a bro shake and they pulled in close to each other shoulder, to shoulder. Clive's face was close to his ear as he whispered to Harry.

"You sure cuz? 'Cause it looks like I's interrupting dinner and a show."

"Just a show, no dinner… or desert."

"Holy blue balls Batman!" Clive whispered and grinned, "It almost sucks to be you, but nice bloody show!"

"Indeed, cuz!"

"Well, let's see what is next on the tube on Milf Titties…"

"More like Cock Tease Tales…" Harry whispered back. Harry felt it prudent to keep up the appearance that all he was getting from his aunt was a giant pair of blue balls like Clive mentioned.

"Hasn't anyone told you two its impolite to leave another out of the conversation, especially when it is just a threesome, like us?", chiding and flirting at the same time which Harry thought was impossible to do, but somehow Petunia was pulling it off. "Harry, why don't you bring out some lemonade or soft drinks for you and Clive, or- should we just finish that bottle of wine I started at lunch?"

"Wine sounds good!" Clive replied quickly.

By the time Harry had fetched the 1.75-liter bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, Clive had pulled up a patio chair close to Petunia's chaise and was huddled close to her, talking and he suspected, drooling all over her as well. He really could not blame him, could he? Especially with her showing her goods in all their glory? Gods, he loved her tits, especially this incarnation of them. He felt she was enjoying them as well, hence, why she did not try to cover herself. She was certainly enjoying the attention, her nipples were swollen erect and hard, and her areolas were puckered. Yes, Petunia was loving the fact that she was near nude with two young men to letch over her. Harry set down the glasses and poured the wine. Petunia had moved on to harder stuff since lunch and was enjoying a vodka with lemon.

"Cheers mate!" said Clive animatedly, and clinked his glass with Harry's.

Harry smiled and replied, "Cheers Cuz." Clive's exuberance was catchy, which Harry found a bit strange, since Clive tended to be the quiet, sad one of the Dudley ring. Perhaps he was having chance to shine outside of the blocking monolith that was Dudley's obtrusive personality. He sat down, pulling his chair up next to Clive's. Both had great views of the lounging Petunia, whose bikini bottoms where now riding up her thigh and very snugly at her crotch, enough for a well-defined camel toe.

"Clive was catching me up on some news I was expecting regarding the event tomorrow."


"Yes, didn't I tell you he was helping us out on the committee?"

"No, I don't believe so." Harry eyed Clive, his interest piqued.

Clive answered. "Yeh, I've been giving them some ideas for it, you know from a young bloke's point of view."

"Clive, don't spoil it, I have not let Harry know the details yet!" She rested her hand on her visitor's shoulder and left it there, stroking it slightly.

"Uhm, oh, okay."

"So, when are you going to let me know when this is about, Auntie?" Harry inquired cheerfully.

"Tomorrow! You will have to wait until then!" Petunia sounded genuinely excited about it, so Harry only grinned and nodded. She shot him a glance for using the term Auntie, but then smiled, as she knew Harry was trying to keep their cover; calling her Petunia or Pet would probably get Clive to thinking. She decided to shift the conversation back to her, as she had an idea in mind that she was not going to let go, not if she could help it. The opportunity was just too delicious.

"You know boys, I have been feeling a bit naughty today, I was wondering if either of you would know where I could get a marijuana cigarette to try?" Of course, she already knew Clive smoked marijuana, she had smelled it on him several times at the club.

"Really, you are kidding right Mrs. D?" asked Clive incredulously.

"Why, no, I told you, I was feeling naughty, and I know that Dudley and you boys do have a puff once in a while, no?"

"Well. Yeh. We have known to do a bit of weed…. Nothing stronger of course."

"Well of course, you are good boys, scamps sometime, but what lad hasn't tried a pint or a bit of the marijuana? Today is my big holiday after so much work, I just feel like cutting loose a bit. I promise I won't tell anyone, really!"

Clive looked over at Harry, who nodded the affirmative. "I could go inside…"

Clive hesitated, "Just us cousins, right? "

"Of course!" both Petunia and Harry said in unison.

Clive pulled a case out of his back pocket. He opened it and pulled out a perfectly rolled joint from several in the case. He seemed a bit sheepish, but Petunia only clapped like a schoolgirl. "Marvelous! I have not done this in quite a while."

"Mrs. D! You've smoked before!"

"I told you, call me Petunia, why yes of course, but like I said, it has been quite a while. Please, start it for me… I remember that part… much too rough to try to light it myself…"

Of course." Clive pulled a light out of his pocket and started the joint, then passed it to Harry who ensured it was burning evenly before he passed it to Petunia who had just finished taking a gulp of her highball. She hesitated.

"This isn't terribly strong is it, I won't be high tomorrow or anything?"

"No, nothing like that. Very relaxing. We will make sure you don't smoke too much."

The three shared the joint, Petunia coughed a bit, but got the hang of how much smoke to inhale and how to hold it a bit before exhaling. Clive had them stop after half the joint was gone.

"That should be enough, Petunia, if you feel like you want more later, we can certainly smoke some more."

Harry and Clive had another glass of wine, taking advantage of a giggling Petunia. Harry made her another drink and brought it to her. She was showing Clive how freckled she had become across her breasts, cupping her full, round globes, and practically thrusting them in his face. Clive remained restrained, but amused, and was obviously enjoying the view.

Suddenly, Petunia exclaimed, "Clive, hon, I am feeling a bit dry skinned! would you rub this oil on my back please? Harry, you could be a dear and help him too!, you could start at my feet, if you would."

Of course, Harry would! He was pleased to be given the assignment especially in his currently stoned state. He had confessed his foot fetish to Petunia, and she had been very accommodating today to include foot play in their sexual escapades. His already thickening cock grew harder as he took his position at the bottom of the chaise and began massaging her feet with some oil. She had painted he toenails a bright pink, and he just wanted to suck on them, but kept his control in front of Clive.

Petunia made a production of getting up and turning over to lay on her stomach. She remained on all fours, looking up at Clive, her full breasts dangling and swaying as she moved, her nipples long and hard from her playing with them. Petunia gently swayed her well rounded rump as well, most of it bare, as the tiny bottoms were riding nicely high up her ass. She spread her legs and ran her fingers under her bottoms to adjust them for comfort. "Excuse me boys, sorry, these tiny bottoms tend to ride up my bum, must get comfortable you know." She pulled them out and to the side, enough to expose parts of her sex and a quick glimpse of her lovely pink starfish. Harry was hard as a rock now, and glad that he wore a long t shirt with his baggy shorts. He heard Clive gulp, and he looked over. Unfortunately, Clive had his tight tee shirt tucked into his jeans, and the bulge there blatantly betrayed his attraction to Petunia in her current state of almost full undress. She smiled wickedly up a Clive, staring directly at his large tentpole, and said, "Clive, feel free to stand or kneel or straddle- whatever works comfortably for you." She plopped down on her chaise, spreading her legs further, and leaned her head back. "Harry, oh, the feels wonderful nephew, please keep it up, but don't ignore the rest of my legs. Clive, be a love and start on my shoulders, as a suggestion why don't you come to the top of the lounge and lean over, it would be closest to me…"

Clive, perhaps emboldened in his stoned state, even though embarrassingly hard and bulging, made his way to the front of the chair. Petunia turned her head to watch him make his way up, licking her lips a bit in anticipation of the view. She had her arms crossed under her head but looked up at Clive as his tall frame approached her, until he stood in front of her. She gave a blatant glance to the bulging jeans and smiled wickedly at Clive as she lowered her head and he leaned over her, wringing his hands in oil as he reached for her shoulders and grasped them to rub in the oil.

Petunia moaned immediately to encourage him. "Oh Clive, that feels so good!, feel free rub firmly, I love a good massage!" The message of encouragement was received, and Clive began to rub her shoulders firmly, while spreading the oil across her upper back. Petunia kept an eye on the large bulge, attempting to gauge the size of Clive's willy through the outline in his jeans. Not as large as Harry, but still substantial; again, the Evans genes were showing themselves. She moaned in pleasure and sighed some more. "Oh! I am feeling so spoiled right now, to have two young men giving me such fine attention!" She cooed. "This feels sooo good! Keep it up boys!"

Petunia moaned some more and immediately felt both young men intensify their efforts. She was getting very wet, and horny, the floaty feeling from the marijuana, along with her heightened sensitivity to touch was incredibly arousing. She thought that perhaps she would do this marijuana again with Harry when he could really fuck her. The thought of both young men entering her was overtaking her thoughts…. Should she do that? She could tell that Clive would be more than willing, he had flirted with her often this week and she had been flattered by his attentions. She felt certain that Harry would be willing to share.

She felt Harry's hands moving past her calves and up her legs. She swayed her hips and raised her ass to him. She whispered, "renodo". She could feel the ties that held her bikini bottoms come undone. It had worked!

Harry saw this happen, and move further up his aunt's legs, rubbing oil and massaging them. He motioned with his head to alert Clive's attention, and pointed to the loose bottoms. Clive's eyes widened. Harry kneeled on the chaise and moved in between Petunia's legs, moving them wider, and she allowed it, keeping her head down and sighing contentedly, as if she did not know what was going on. Harry made motions with his hands that he would move up, and Clive should move down in their efforts to massage and oil his aunt. Clive nodded in understanding and started working his way down the brown and soft skin of Petunia's back, oiling and massaging it with both hands. With his height and long arms, he was able to reach from where he was, but he had to bend lower, bringing his bulging crotch closer to Petunia's head. Her certainly did not mind, nor did Petunia from what he could tell. He could feel his crotch pressing the top of her head.

Harry continued oiling and massaging Petunia's legs firmly, running his hands in between the insides of her thighs as well as the backs of her upper legs. Neither boy touched her bikini bottoms, but they just let the movements of their hands take its course, with great anticipation. Even for Harry, who had spent most of the morning viewing and touching Petunia's naked body found this incredibly titillating. Perhaps sharing the experience with Clive was making it more so; his cousin was breathing hard and smiling broadly. Both young men were incredibly aroused as they rubbed their oily hands with care and lust over the firm and curvy body of the thirty-eight-year-old housewife. Neither seemed to care if the other saw him in such a state; the focus was on Petunia and her treasures which hopefully were about to be revealed. Both knew at any time Petunia could put a stop to this, but based on her sighs of satisfaction, neither thought it would happen soon, as long as they did not push things too fast and far in their lust and eagerness.

Harry moved further up his aunt's legs, now incredibly close to the crease of her rump and her crotch; Clive's hands were at Petunia's lower back, the bikini bottoms had slowly slid down past the end of the tan line where her porcelain white skin began. The top of her ass crack now fully visible. His back was beginning to feel the stress of his stoop. It was then when he felt the hand on his crotch, tracing the outline of his erection, rubbing it firmly. Suddenly, the ache in his back seemed less annoying. He looked over to confirm that it was Petunia, though he wondered why he thought it could be anyone else, but the thought of her rubbing his crotch seemed too dreamlike, too unreal, but damn, it was feeling good.

Harry moved up further, his fingers now at the crease of her rump, he rubbed inside, he could feel the back of his fingers brush her moist lips, Petunia sighed and swayed her hips enough to cause her bottoms to slide further down and to one side, exposing most of her lovely bum.

"Clive, be a dear and oil me where I am exposed, please, might as well take advantage of the sun, love."

Clive nodded, even though Petunia could not see his affirmation, and put more oil on his hands to continue to rub and massage his milf crush's firm heart-shaped ass cheeks. She continued to rub and caress his large erection through his jeans. Harry had noticed the movement of Petunia's arm and knew she was giving Clive a dry rub. It surprised him a bit, she was taking this further than he thought she would. He was not upset or jealous, in fact, a threesome scenario was already spinning in his head, and he was alright with it. He wondered if she really wanted to take it that far, but it seemed so, so he decided to be more aggressive in his movement. He pulled Petunia up on to her knees and made her spread her legs further, to fully expose her sex. With a brush of his hand, he had the bikini bottoms off her and sliding to the chaise. She was now fully nude, prone, her sweet ass up, her legs spread. It would be so easy to take his cock out and enter her, but he did not. He rubbed his hands in oil and took them to her sex. He motioned to her tight pink little anus, and Clive took the hint, and slid a long, well-oiled middle finger up into her anus. Petunia flinched, but moaned in response, no sudden withdrawal from their touch, no protest. He began to slowly work his finger in and out and she squirmed and sighed.

Clive watched as Harry began rubbing firmly on her labia and sex, his fingers disappearing under her to rub against her swollen love button. Petunia moaned and squirmed some more, but only raised her ass higher, and rubbed harder on Clive's crotch. Harry motioned to Clive to use more of his fingers, and he added another to the one slowly moving in and out of Petunia's tight little pink starfish.

Harry moved closer to where Clive was working in and out of his aunt and pushed two fingers into her vaginal opening. He pressed upward, feeling Clive's fingers pressing on the insides of Petunia's rectum and alimentary canal. Harry slid his fingers in further, pressing upward. Clive felt Harry's fingers, and grinned and started pressing downward. Petunia moaned loudly, and cried out, "More!, put more inside me!"

She began to fumble to unzip Clive's fly. Clive stood up to unbutton his jeans, pulling his fingers out of Petunia as she pulled down his trousers to find he was not wearing underwear. His hard cock sprung out of its confines, and Petunia grasped it, and began to stroke it, she looked up at him and asked, "Please put your fingers back inside me".

Clive leaned over and began to place three fingers back into her ass, moving them roughly, caught up in his lust and excitement. Harry had added a third finger inside Pet's sex and was pushing them in as deeply as he could, increasing the speed of his strokes. Petunia angled her head so that she could also lick along the head and upper shaft of Clive's hard uncircumcised member which was pressing close to her face and cheek. She cried out and moaned loudly when both young men added a fourth finger to their probing of her anus and sex.

Clive had his fingers four wide, stretching Petunia's opening. Holding her by his grip in her anus, he pulled her up further onto her knees and hands, directing his cock with his left hand into Petunia's waiting mouth, where she swallowed about half his shaft. His free hand then grasped the hair firmly on the top of her head and pushed her head forward to swallow even more of his large member. Harry, his oiled hand pulled into an elongated fist with his middle knuckles at the point, pushed his hand deep into Petunia's wet and dripping pussy. She screamed with her mouth full of cock, gagging as he went in past his wrist and continued pushing in and out of her tight cunt, stretching it slowly, forcefully. Petunia came with a wet gush that dripped down his wrist and arm and off his elbow.

Harry could handle waiting no longer and pulled out his wrecking rod of a cock. Clive's eyes widened in surprise at its length and girth. "Holy shite Harry, that is a bloody monster!" He removed his grasp of Petunia's anus and exclaimed. "Put it in her arse, Harry, I want to see you destroy her arse with that fucker!" Petunia only let out a muffled moaned, and held onto the chaise, as Clive gripped her head with both his hands and pushed his cock down her throat and began fucking her face, the bulge of his cock apparent in her throat.

Petunia no longer had a say in this debauchery. She was being dominated and loving every moment of it; the surprising savage lust of Clive, the mild- mannered boy with sad eyes that had a crush on her, made her incredibly hot. Her fantasy of a threesome was coming true, and could it be any better? She had two fit young men with stamina and massive cocks that stretched her mouth and holes to fuck her silly. She looked up, drooling as Clive continued to drill her throat. She patted Clive's chest looking up with begging eyes, and he relented, but grasped the back of her head firmly as he pulled his cock out of Petunia's throat and mouth. Strings of saliva followed, running down the milf's chin, she gasped and cried out in supplication.

"Oh Harry, please, please don't take me in my ass, I-I never have had someone fuck me there before, please, oh please nephew, not my ass!"

Harry, full well knowing how many times he had taken Petunia anally knew this was roleplay for Clive's sake, or perhaps as a submissive fantasy of her own. Harry slapped her across the ass with a sounding whack!, gripping the sides of his aunt's hips roughly. She cried out, moaning.

"Too fucking late, Petunia, you started this shit, and we are going to finish it for you and the fuck the bloody hell out of you!" Harry growled. Petunia only moaned in submission.

He oiled and rubbed his massive mushroom cut cock head around her shrinking anus and pushed it roughly into the opening. The wide head still filled her relaxed rectum tightly. Harry pushed his head and the start of his shaft fully inside her ass. Petunia cried out, and Clive struck her across the face with his rock- hard dick, still dripping with drool, splattering it across her face and forehead.

"Yeah, Harry, take her up her tight little ass, fuck that bum!" He pushed his cock back towards Petunia's mouth, gripping the back of her head and pulling her hair roughly as she whimpered and moaned about the massive meat invading her ass. She opened her mouth obediently, sticking out her tongue and licked the foreskin and crown of Clive's large rod. Clive shoved his cock back into her mouth and she began bobbing on it as well has she could and still remain on all fours. She came again as Clive gripped her head roughly, shoving his cock to the back of her mouth and down her throat, pulling her face to be buried into his abdomen. He pumped roughly, and then held her head as he grunted satisfaction, then pumped his load down her throat. While his uncut prick was still jerking, he withdrew it from her throat to her mouth, filling it with the salty and musty taste of his spunk. He pulled it fully out of her mouth, still spurting, and came on her face and neck. Clive was still astoundingly erect. He looked over at Harry who was pumping his long girthy shaft roughly into Petunia's backside.

"Oy Harry, mind if I give it a go?"

Harry only nodded, and withdrew his massive shaft from the lovely ass, leaving her rectum dilated and gaping open. He slapped her hard on the right butt cheek. "Lovely tight asshole, Auntie!"

Holding onto his Jeans, Clive ran his fingers fondly along Petunia's gasping and cum covered face, she was still swallowing his spunk and catching her breath. She smiled up at him, and remarked, "Fuck me hard baby." He smeared the gathered cum along the tip of his cock.

Clive sauntered past Harry, giving him a low five as they tag-teamed positions on the enthralled housewife, still remaining on all fours on her chaise, her cunt dripping wet. Clive knelt down and took some long licks with tongue into Petunia's pussy, finding the vaginal opening, and darting his tongue inside while his other hand rubbed against her engorged clitoris underneath.

"Omigod, omigod that feels good! Lick my pussy and asshole, Clive honey! Uh,-unnh! Oh yeah love!" Petunia purred, as she looked up at Harry. "I have been wanting to suck that fucking huge prick of yours nephew, for so long now."

"I know, Auntie, I saw you spying on me in my room while I was yanking it the other day. Did you know who I was wanking for? It was for you Petunia. I have wanted to fuck you for some time now, you hot little bitch!"

"Did you like my tight little asshole Harry?, I thought you were going to split me in two with this horse cock of yours! …Yeh, I like that, the way you rub it across my face. Let me suck it baby, I was to taste your cum, I want your cock in my mouth!"

Harry roughly grabbed Petunia's head, gripping one hand around her slender neck at the base of the back of her head, his thumb caressed along her neck and the back of her ear. "I hope you can breathe through your nose, Auntie, because your throat is going to be full of cock!"

Meanwhile, Clive had taken to rubbing his steel hard cock up and down the sex of his favorite milf, with the foreskin pulled back, he caressed the crown of his cock against her clitoris, rubbing it roughly, lubed with his own sperm. He decided to go for it and get a feel for her dripping wet pussy before having a go at that lovely asshole. Perhaps by then it would be a bit tighter after the loosening Harry's huge prick had given it. He thought for sure it would have left Petunia's ass bleeding from its size, but it was already puckering back, shrinking to its pink starfish state. He rubbed his prick until he found the opening to her sex; his focus was on her lovely rump, then back and finally the savage fucking that Harry was giving her face. Harry loved to make his Auntie gag, and it was arousing Clive to watch it.

"This is for being such a fucking cock-tease, bitch! That's it, take some more! Swallow it you slut, swallow my cock!"

This degrading dirty talk was new to Petunia from Harry; it surprised her and turned her on at the same time. She moaned, and nodded vehemently, and gagged and drooled as Harry forced more of his cock down her throat. The pleasurable rubbing that Clive was giving her sex suddenly stopped as she felt him shove his huge rod into her puss. She was not expecting it; she had been trying to relax her anus for what she figured would be a much rougher ride than what Harry normally gave her. Clive was much more savage, or so she thought. The way Harry was fucking her mouth was making her think that she had not yet seen his full unleashed passion, but Clive, Clive she knew was taking advantage of what he thought would be a one-time chance to really fuck the hell out of her and she was enjoying every moment of it. The sense of perhaps danger and surprise of a somewhat stranger was exciting to her. The prick entering her pussy was deep inside her incredibly quickly and stretched her insides uncomfortably. She moaned in pain and surprise and gripped the chair tightly as Clive was soon plunging the full length of his staff with quick, hard sharp strokes that made her ass ripple and he tits sway violently. The sting of his first hard slap across her buttocks woke up her whole nervous system from the dulling influence of the pot. Petunia came with a powerful orgasm at that moment. Her body violently shuddered and twitched; she screamed through the manmeat filling her throat. This seemed only to spur on the efforts of Harry and Clive who intensified the rough stroking of their cocks inside Petunia's body. Her heightened sensitivity while still in ecstasy and the unrelenting hammering from her young lovers, swiftly drove her to another intense orgasm.

Clive was enjoying the feeling of the warm, wet velvety insides of Mrs. D's sweet pussy. He could not believe he was putting his cock to this hot piece of ass, his best mate's mum! He stroked his cock deep inside her, and could feel her pussy stretch and pull against his meat. She was incredibly wet; he was wet himself, from the amount of cum she had flooded from her hot little box. He stroked her deeper, and harder, pounding her hard and without mercy.

Clive's cock was incredibly slick with pussy juice, so he knew to strike when the iron was hot. He pulled out, and with a quick redirection of target, was pushing his cock into Petunia's flexing rectum. He had always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass; and he was popping his anal cherry with his top Milf crush… it was all he could do from coming on the spot. He held on; he needed to relish this time of fucking Mrs. D in her ass, and he was just barely in the back door with a painful ache deep in his ball sac. He reveled in her painful moans as he surprised her with his ninja cock move of taking it to her anus. He pulled his large cock head fully out of her rectum, only to slowly slide it back inside, to again feel the relent and then pop of the sphincter muscle as the crown pushed and stretched the muscled ring only to have it again hug tightly the shaft once the wider head was through. He teased Petunia by doing this a couple more times before deciding with a quick shove to bury half his hilt fully up her anal canal. Again, she screamed and moaned while muted by Harry's mammoth penis stuffed in her throat.

This time was too much for Harry, her screams of enthrallment and submission vibrating on his thick snake cane drove him over the edge and he let loose with a massive milky eruption. He pulled out quickly; he wanted his man cream to be in her mouth and all over her face and he did not disappoint himself. Petunia choked, then sputtered a full mouthful of sperm down her chin and all over her pink bathing towel. She could not see anything clearly, as spunk ran from her hair and forehead down into her eyes and along her nose. Harry violently shook his still erupting rod, sending speckles of white goo across her cheeks and neck. She gasped, and swallowed, trying to get her breath back, while continuing to feel the rough and violent rogering Clive was inciting up her ass. Unfettered by manmeat gagging her throat, she moaned and squealed loudly, not in fakery, but in true lustful pain, reminding her of the first time Harry took it to her ass in the sewing room. That delicious line between pain and pleasure being continually swerved on fully. Petunia dropped her head and raised her ass in supplication. Tall Clive pulled her down to the foot of the sturdy chaise and easily straddled her until he was riding her high like a jockey in a saddle, burying his rod completely inside her buttocks. He rode her thusly, holding her neck down firmly, as he continued to piston-fuck her anus without mercy.

Harry marveled at his control and the sheer ferocity of his act. Clive did not care if he was burning any bridges, his fuckery was full on animalistic and savage. It was turning on Harry immensely to see Petunia used so, and by the look on her face and her verbal urging, she was enjoying it with shameless gluttony. Harry decided to get in on the action and squatted, going in low with his hand. He oiled it, and pushed his full fist, twisting it, slowly into Petunia's dripping twat. She cried out, and Clive pushed her head down with forceful domination.

"Shush, you'll have the neighbors calling the cops! Take it baby, take it. You earned it slut!" He admonished.

However, Petunia's moans had attracted the neighbors. Actually, just one neighbor in particular, who just happened to be in her backyard tending to the garden, the widow Mrs. Edward VonDunderson, or Mimi. Mimi had hoped there would be a repeat of what she had spied and heard that morning between the Nephew and Petunia. She had found a sturdy step stool (she had almost slipped off the bucket she had stood on to watch the nephew sodomize Petunia that morning and her ankle was still a bit sore) and had spent the morning finding the right spot along the fence that would hide her from view and allow her to look in on the Dursley patio. She had to sacrifice some peonies for the effort, but she determined they were not trampled in vain, and could be replaced if needed. A few cocktails worth of waiting on her patio after lunch had helped her pass the time to see if there would be any excitement coming, or was it cumming, from her neighbor's house. Her diligence was paid in full.

She wore only a sheer robe, nothing underneath. She had few toys out, and between the images from morning voyeurism, the cocktails, and a particularly favorite hand vibrator, she was well on her way to the village of Horneytown, by the time she heard Petunia and the Nephew in the back yard. She enjoyed when the Nephew had his shirt off and working, especially this summer, as he had grown into quite a fit young man, a bit pale, but quite handsome. She was disappointed to see the shirt remained worn. He was spending his time working in part of the Dursley garden on which she did not have good eyeline. She had thought of talking to Petunia about having him work in her yard but had not had the courage to do so. Mimi, though a widow at a young age, (forty-six) now thought of herself as an old hen ten years later. She held little confidence in her fantasies of seduction, even though she was still fit and attractive in a Helen Mirren sort of way. Her solace was the Club and wine, and that was the trench she kept herself inside. It was a sturdy bomb shelter, lonely, but very sturdy.

She was about to give up on anything sexual happening next door, though she did decide to use one of her larger latex phallus she had nicknamed "Adonis" and was giving him a go, when another person showed up to visit next door. She spied over the fence when she heard the young deeper voice. It was one of the Dursley boy's hooligan friends. The quiet one, the one not quite so nasty, though she had to admit to herself, that many of her fantasies had involved those nasty boys of late. But after what she saw today, she knew that future fantasies would often be about the Nephew from this point forward. When he came out onto the porch nude, with his large cock swinging, she was enthralled from that moment forward. She was delirious while she played with herself while precariously perched on her tin garden bucket, trying to get a good glimpse of what was happening next door. So delirious, she must have been a bit bleary eyed, for she thought that she saw his erection grow impossibly huge. The angle was difficult, but the amount of cum that covered Petunia was not; never in her life had she seen that much ejaculate! She so wanted to have that experience up close and personal.

She smiled and marveled how Petunia was truly such a slut, and a truly lucky one at that. Petunia did not cover herself and began to immediately flirt with the new young man. She watched her manipulation into getting the boys high and then taking their hands to her. She knew quickly where Petunia was headed with her intentions. She had Adonis deep inside her as she watched the Quiet One savagely fuck her neighbor and friend. She moved Adonis to her backdoor when the Quiet One began to brutally sodomize Petunia. She pushed Adonis further in, but it lacked the ferocity, the passion of that which she so wanted to be the brunt. She imagined the pain would be so exquisite, so severe; it was what she wanted to feel again. She pushed Adonis further in, grimacing, holding it there with one hand, while there was ferocity, it occurred by her hand at her clitoris, she rubbed it furiously, stopping only to re-lubricate her fingers from her sex. She watched intently both boys, the Nephew in particular, as he pulled and pushed the length of his girthy shaft in and out of Petunia's mouth. The bulge made in her throat was obvious and excited her. She envied Petunia of this moment, to feel the heat and lust of two young virile men spent upon her body. The domination aspect, of course was not lost on her, but she did not view it as misogynistic control, but saw it for the pure animal attraction Petunia easily brought out of the boys. She was a goddess with her adoring acolytes, worshipping at the temple of her body, hungry to take and feel the energy and nectar she offered and gave freely. She came at that moment, and cried out loudly, and then covered her mouth in fear, had she blown her cover as a voyeur? She peered cautiously over the fence, both hands holding on. Adonis was so far in, that he held in place tightly, slipping only slightly. Mimi like the way his bumpy texture felt sliding against her sphincter muscle. She grimaced a bit as the movement stretched her anal canal. She wished for warm manmeat in its place.

The carnal acts before her had no pause, no interruption. The Nephew brought his chiseled abdomen once again to Petunia's face, then buried her face into its muscle as he held her head firmly with both hands and thrust sharply into her mouth and throat. Mimi wanted to wipe away the strings of saliva and precum that hung from the corners of her friend's mouth and chin. Mimi watched as Petunia's body shuddered from thrusts at both ends, as her full tits jiggled underneath her, with each nipple hard and long. She observed how tightly her friend's hand clung to the edge of the lounge chair, how she continued to raise her ass in the air as the Quiet One pulled his full length out only to jab his wide cock head deeply back into her ass. She could see by his frenetic pacing that he was close to orgasm, and she wondered if he would do it deep inside Petunia, or pull it out, to ejaculate across her lovely rump and back.

It was almost too much for Mimi when the Nephew stepped back, pulling out his incredibly hard man-muscle and pulsed a massive amount of white spunk all over Petunia's face. She resolved herself that she would get the opportunity to swallow that cock and taste its cum herself. She came again and was feeling week in the knees. She wanted to climb down from the stool and rest, but like watching a train wreck, she could not look away from the incredibly sordid sex going on before her. She held onto the fence, and felt Adonis slip more out of her ass, but she did not move to correct it, as her free hand was rubbing her overwrought clit with abandon. She continued until she saw the Nephew's whole fist disappear inside Petunias' cunt and came with an incredible squirt that drenched her legs and left a dripping stain on her wooden fence. She felt faint and was forced to climb down and bend herself over the step stool holding it with both hands to steady herself. Adonis slowly slid out of her and dropped to her feet.

Harry pushed with even force while Petunia whimpered into the palm of Clive's large hand as he held her face to muffle her loud exclamations and continued to plunge his fleshy rod in and out of her now sore gaping anus. She was edging closer to orgasm, as she felt the hand of Harry continually rubbing on the sensitive nerves of her g spot. She cried out, moaning, crying, tears rolling down her face; she teetered on the precipice of insane pleasure. The wave was imminent; the aching immense, all erogenous zones on fire as Clive now pulled roughly on her nipples, grabbing her swaying breasts as he pounded her buttocks. Harry pushed his hand further in, no longer a fist but gathering his fingers out in extension, rubbing the tips along her uterus. His knuckles and the back of his hand dragging back and forth over her g-spot as his left hand found her clitoris and rubbed it slowly, roughly. The crack in her self- control fractured, and the dam broke wide open. Overwhelmed, Petunia exploded with an out of body experience that left her body trembling and bucking in orgasmic seizure. Clive climaxed at that moment, and his cock convulsed, spewing his seed deep inside Petunia's anal cavity. He stepped back, nearly falling over on Harry, who caught his back with his hand slick with Petunia's streaming love honey and steadied him. Clive was still in orgasm and finished with a large spatter of spunk across Petunia's lovely cheeks and back. He shook his now softening penis to dribble a small smiley face on her left buttock.

Both young men stepped away from the still twitching cum-covered milf, who collapsed onto her stomach on the chaise, as sperm oozed out of her puckering open starfish, and her pussy dripped with her own ejaculation. Her legs and buttocks spasmed, and Petunia gasped and moaned, her body covered with a sheen of her sweat and cum from her lovers.

Both Harry and Clive were sweating and breathing fast, and the shock just set in on what had just been going on. Their mouths were agape as they watched Petunia finish out her orgasm, totally nude and writhing on her lawn chaise in the great outdoors of the garden, their cum dripping from all over her body. Clive began to wonder what Petunia would do next, after the brutal fucking he had just performed on her person. Harry was incredulous that Petunia had really set the events into motion that had allowed him and another sixteen-year-old male to use her for a cum dumpster. He was starting to feel a bit guilty for being such an eager participant in the degradation and debauchery; he too wondered what Petunia would do next. Would she arise shamed and angry? Or would she slink away broken and crying?

Petunia, now in control of her senses and again breathing at a normal rate, groggily pulled herself up into a sitting position on the chaise and grabbed a towel that had dropped to the patio stones during the hedonistic grapple. She grasped a corner of the terry cloth towel and dabbed at the cum on her forehead and on her eyelids and face. She licked the cum from the corners of her mouth and swallowed and then smiled.

"Harry dear, would you please pour me a new drink, I am feeling rather parched.", She wiped more sticky spunk off her neck and upper chest. "Clive, please come here by me." She patted a spot on the chaise to the left of her still nude hip. Clive hesitated. He had just pulled up his jeans, and held the waist with one hand, his cock still out and slightly turgid, covered in dripping sperm. He tentatively walked over to the chaise ; holding his jeans up to keep from tripping; his dread growing as he recalled how roughly he had treated Petunia only minutes before. He stood before Petunia, his face turning a bright shade of red. Petunia ignored it, and leaned forward, and grasped his cock, and began to lick and suck his dripping rod clean of cum. When she finished, she held onto his cock and looked up into face and said, "Confundus somnio!"

A glazed look came over Clive's face. Petunia looked up at him. "Clive, can you understand me?"

"Yes, Mrs. D…Petunia."

"You will not actively remember any of the sex you had with me… you will only remember drinking and smoking with Harry and I and getting to rub oil on my tits and the top of my ass. I gave you a kiss and you went home to masturbate. Now, dress and go home safely and masturbate. You will tell no one of this. "

"Yes, Mrs. D."

"And mind the traffic."

"Yes Mrs. D."

"And leave us one of those marijuana cigarettes."

"Yes Mrs. D."

In a zombie like fashion, Clive dressed himself, laid a joint from his case on the table, then said goodbye to both Harry and Petunia, and left the garden by the gate and walking off into the direction of his house. Harry watched this, amused, and impressed that his Aunt's powers were going stronger. He was several feet away from her and she had performed the spell successfully without a wand, other than Clive's cock in her hand. He continued to look at Aunt with a bemused look on his face, until her attention turned to him as soon as she verified Clive was out the garden gate.

"Well, are you going to stand there smiling, or are you going to bring me that drink?" She asked in a matter of fact manner.

Harry did not reply, instead, he walked over to her with the drink in hand and offered it to Petunia. She took the glass gently. "Thank you love. Omigod, I can't believe how much cum I have on me! You will have help wipe it off my back and ass before we go to shower." She took a big mouthful of vodka, held it in her mouth for a moment, then swallowed, followed by another normal sip. Harry remained standing, just watching Petunia, of which she took note.

"You know that I had to do that, don't you?" She did not wait for him to reply, but just carried on with her justification. "He is too close to Dudley. It would have got back to him, I know it. I-I couldn't have that, plus now, he would be sniffing around here all summer, looking for a bit of fun. And I rather think that I want to reserve that just for you, Harry."

"Pet, I think that was more than just a bit of fun." Harry tried hard not to sound reproachful when he said it. He beamed inwardly at her last statement, not knowing the grin on his face was enough of an affirmation for Petunia.

"Yes, it was loads of fun!" she giggled, and as she found another glob of man goo in her hair and pulled it out, "in more ways than one."

Petunia was toweling dry Harry's shoulders in what was his fourth shower of the day. Her hair was wet and combed down. Harry like it when her hair was wet, and she was naked and not made up, just his natural aunt. She was humming something, he did not recognize the tune, but found it soothing, and he had his eyes closed, his glasses off. She moved down his back and to his lean buttocks. She reached between his legs and fondled his balls.

"I have never seen someone so young with such massive set of bollocks, have you been doing magic on yourself, Harry?"

"Umm, nope. Just whatever you have done, perhaps you made them bigger and didn't realize it?"

"Perhaps, but you seem to have a unlimited supply of jism from them, don't you ever wear down? Not that I mind it… I am on birth control, so I don't think you could get me pregnant."

"Are you worried?"

"Umm, no. Not really I guess. Would be a bit late to deal with another child with you and Dudley just a couple of years away from University."

"Are you saying you would keep it if I got you pregnant?"

"Oh lord, why are you even talking that way?! I-I would never want you to get me pregnant, my life is complicated the way it is Harry Potter!"


Petunia could tell by Harry's tone that perhaps she had hurt his feelings. She changed the subject abruptly, "I was quite surprised at how my little teasing got out of hand so quickly this afternoon."

"Were you?" Harry challenged, feeling a bit miffed, but not sure why, he certainly did not want to get Petunia pregnant either, but for reasons unclear to himself, he did not like that Petunia did not want it either. It was perplexing, these mixed feelings he was having.
"Well, not that it happened, but more what happened. My god, Clive is bloody monster!"

"Yeah, our cousin is a bit of a savage, int he?"

"I have a feeling that was some pent- up energy there…I must say it was unexpected."
"Or he just knows when to take full advantage of an opportunity… like a chance to fuck a woman who is a major crush! Too bad he won't get to remember it."

"Oh, he will, but just in his dreams if my spell went correctly."

"Auntie! That is some pretty complex spell work, I think you are more witch than you care to admit."

"Oh, I am not sure about that!"

Petunia recognized Harry's compliment, and beamed inwardly at his praise. She was feeling more confidence in her magical abilities, and it was not scaring her as much now, but it had always seemed to be that way when she was around Harry. She was not sure it would be the same without him close by. Coming out to him had been more than just the sex, it was a huge relief to get it off her shoulders, this weight of being special and not being able to tell anyone about it. She reflected back on when Harry was coming into his own abilities as a youngster, and how Vernon and she had tried to squash it; their desperate attempts to control and discourage his magic with punishment and fear. How she squashed and hid her own abilities because of it as well.

It pained her to think of what he had endured because of it. She was not sure what had caused her to decide after their trip to Mallorca to share with Harry that she too, was more like her sister than she thought she would ever confess, but she was so glad that she had had the resolve to carry it out. At that moment she felt more shame than she had in such a long time at the way she had treated her nephew in the past. She still hated them for discarding her as a muggle when she needed to grieve her sister, but she now knew that she had been turning her anger on the wrong person.

She dropped to her knees in shame, her head down, tears in eyes, but continued to dry the back of Harry's strong muscular legs, thankful that he could not see her this way. Past events flooded her memory of the cupboard, the punishments, the disdain in her voice that became a habit, then the only tone she knew how to use with her young nephew. She dropped the towel to the cold bathroom floor, and on her knees, rose to wrap her arms around him and hugged him, her face pressed against his lower back as she wept. "I'm sorry, Harry. I'm so sorry."

"What do you mean… oh." Harry at first perplexed, then felt the tears rolling down his back, and the small shudders of Petunia's lithe frame as she sobbed. He then knew what the apology was for, and his eyes began to water. He reached down, and grasped her arms wrapped around his hips, saying nothing further.

They held each other this way for several minutes, until Petunia tears subsided, and she let go, and returned back to sitting on the floor on her knees, her hands pressed to her sides, her head down. Harry turned around, standing in front of her. Petunia, looked up at him in shame, having difficulty making eye contact with him. She tentatively touched him on his hip, her fingers caressing him there, her thumb rubbing in circles at the base of his cock. She moved to grasp his long dangling member, to rub is mushroom crown between her thumb and forefinger. He grabbed Petunia's hands gently, then firmly pulled her to her feet, she followed obediently, but still kept her head down, not looking him in the eyes.

Harry reached out slowly, and caressed her cheek, their nude bodies close together. She could feel his thickening cock at her leg; he could feel her nipples and breasts rubbing against his still damp chest. Her eyes still down, Harry with gentle firmness grasped her chin and pulled it up to force her look into his eyes, to look into her eyes, and Petunia saw the forgiveness there.

He kissed her slowly, lightly, his lips pressing onto her top lip, enveloping it with his own. A half kiss, then a full one. She opened her mouth further, and they kissed like the French, like lovers. Harry wrapped his arms around Petunia, pulling her closer to him. She hesitated, then she wrapped her arms around his neck, and they kissed some more. Her fingers played with the thick hair at the back of his head, twirling and gently pulling the soft black tufts, as they continued to kiss deeply, to touch and wrap their tongues together.

The passion continued as they began to caress one another, slowly, thoughtfully, their pace quickening as the touching and kissing became more frantic, as need for deeper, harder, more intense blossomed from the core of their lust. Pet had her hand on Harry's cock, feeling it pulse and harden at her touch, running her fingernails along the underside like she knew he liked. She pulled on it, and it sprung back, she had not remembered his large member being this hard since the first time she saw it unleashed from his old boxers. She pressed the tip of her nails into the rock-hard rod and Harry moaned loudly as his lips caressed her neck and ear. She felt him bite her earlobe a bit more than gently, as his hands caressed her back, then slid around the curves of her bum to stroke and grip the firm cheeks, to spread them apart. Petunia could feel a cool breeze blow across her wet sex, and it sent a shiver up her spine. She liked feeling exposed like this, her nephew's strong hands making it so. She kissed his forehead, holding his shoulders as he continued to kiss her on her neck and shoulder and collar bone, while his hands fondled her bottom. She suddenly turned around, nuzzling her bum against his incredibly hard cock, teasing against it, the wet slick of her sex gliding against the erection. She pushed against Harry's cock with more force, bending her knees slightly so that the wide crown was rubbing against her anus. She felt it flex in anticipation and excitement, and she pressed it closer; she knew he wanted this, and bent over further, to invite him to take her.

Harry surprised her then, and grabbed her hand, pulling her. "C'mon, Pet." Harry still holding her hand, began walking down the hall a bit to the sewing room, Petunia obediently followed. She loved walking around her house in the nude; it was a luxury she had not had in many a year after the boys got older and it would be deemed inappropriate. Afternoon sunlight streamed from the lace curtained windows, warming the daybed positioned underneath them. Harry gently pulled her to the bed, pushing her shoulders to sit down on the edge of the bed, and then to lie back. They kissed again, full mouth and tongue, as he held her hands down and straddled her. He kissed her face and neck, and licked her ear, sending shivers again down her spine. Her nipples were incredibly erect, and he moved down her neck and upper chest, kissing all the while until he was licking and sucking her breasts, then her sensitive nipples. He nipped at them first with his lips over his teeth, then with just his teeth as he gently but firmly pulled on them; it drove her wild with desire. She wanted him inside her, and fumbled to grip his shaft, to try to direct it to her sex.

Harry ignored Petunia's attempts, and continued move down her body, kissing, flicking his tongue for tiny licks, and sucking her soft flesh along her ribcage, and down her abdomen. He tongued her belly button, while his hands grasped her breasts and pulled on her nipples in an exquisitely painful manner that made her sex ache. Petunia moaned with the soft pleasure she was receiving. When his mouth finally reached the top of her shaven mound, she wiggled and spread her legs open wider, into a butterfly position with her heels resting on the edge of the bed. Harry, now on his knees on the floor, between her legs, paused and pulled his face up before he reached the top of the fleshy folds of her clitoris. He looked at Petunia, her eyes closed, her mouth open in a slight smile, her hands on her breasts, gently pinching her nipples and her areolas. He would be the cunt-tease now. He turned and began kissing Petunia's right knee and then down her inner thigh, slowly taking long licks and kisses, until he finally reach her fully exposed and dripping sex. Petunia, her anticipation too great, and her patience no longer warranted, begged. "Please, Harry, please taste me."

Harry began with gentle swipes of his tongue along and around her outer labia. The flinching and gasps from Petunia betrayed her sensitivity and heightened arousal. It did much to incent him to continue, as he began to kiss and suck at her pulled and pouty inner lips, stretching them by holding them with his own lips. His fingers began to slowly caress and trace the flesh down her perineum to her rectum. Harry stopped to suck his index finger, and then slid it gently into Petunia's anus as he continued kissing, sucking and licking all over her sex, his intensity and own moans of pleasure become evident as his own confidence with his cunnilingual skills increased as he relaxed and worried less about his technique and enjoyed more why he was performing this act for her. It was for her, and it was her satisfaction that he was seeking. He began to hum and moan as his mouth open, his lips gently pressing against the flesh of his Pet's pussy, slowly first made his way along and down to her anus, where, with fingers removed, he kissed, and then slowly licked her asshole, he enjoyed feeling her flinch at this new sensation, to grab and pull his hair as he ran the tip of his tongues slowly around her pink starfish, now dilated, and to run it in and out of her opening, smelling and tasting the musk of her ass. His tongue slithered like a snake, and it inspired an idea, and he whispered to himself, "Lingua anguis".

The last time one of his body parts took on snake-like abilities, it was a mixed bag; hard to control, but with pleasurable results. He visualized with focus, and tongue that came out of his mouth, was exactly as he expected, thick as his current tongue, but longer, and tapered to a fork at the tip. His mouth was full, it was hard to breathe with his lips closed, so he opened his mouth wide, and the coiled mass of flesh sprung out, and landed squarely on the wet and exposed crotch of his aunt. It slithered, flicking and licking is moist way back to the anus it had been licking, and began darting in and out of the still gaping opening, pushing its way further in with each foray.

The sensation for Petunia was incredible, and she gasped and the thick, wet, snake like tube licked the inside of her rectum, pushing further in, both fucking and licking her at the same time. She squealed, and ejaculated, her pussy juice squirting in a stream out; she had not had that happen like that before. Harry's face was now covered in it. His tongue retracted from her anus and began licking at the wetness, she could hear Harry slurp and taste her honey stream, and he groaned his pleasure at its taste. She grabbed his hair and pushed the top of his head closer to her sex, and he licked and sucked harder, then the tongue was at her sex, flicking and pushing its way into her vaginal canal. It pulled and pushed , it tip pressing against the top of her canal, worming its way further in. Harry continued this process slowly, until Petunia began moaning loudly, cursing under her breath. " oh! Omigod, omigod, unnnggh! Oh shit! Uh- fuck that feels good, Harry love!'

Harry knew that he had reached her g-spot and began working it with no mercy. He gripped the thighs of his now thrashing aunt, holding her down as he continued to lick and press with precision on the nerve bundle inside Pet's dominated puss. She cried out, screaming, and he was glad that the window was closed, her cries would have carried far. When the orgasm came, it was hard, and intense, and Petunia passed into a white light of pure bliss, her full body twitching. Her sex was on fire and sensitive, but Harry would not relent his licking, now moving his tongue out of her body. She did not hear him mutter the spell that returned his tongue to its normal state, she only felt as he continued to hold her down, his fingers deftly pulling on her clitoral hood to fully expose her swollen clit, and the first rough swipe of his tongue across its face. It sent a jolt of electric shock up her spine. "No, Harry, no, I'm too sensitive," she pleaded.

Harry ignored her plea, and she tried to roll away, but Harry still had a firm grip on her legs and continued to hold her down as he sucked and licked at her love button, now a swollen bright pink nub at the top of her pussy. She cried out and moaned loudly as Harry's tongue swirled around and then began flicking the top of her bean. He took hard then soft swipes across it, each one sending jolts of aching pleasure into her loins. His passion was now savage, and he worked his tongue like a sexual torture device taunting and driving Petunia insane with pleasure. The line was crossed, the dominoes had fallen, and Petunia was driven into a hard orgasm. Even with all her thrashing and moaning and quivering, Harry would not relent, he continued sucking and licking her poor overwrought clitoris until the floodgate crumbled and Pet was sent into a flood of multiple orgasms. At this point she could only hold on, and she grabbed Harry by his head, grasped his thick hair roughly, and held his face to her, rubbing her wet sex across his visage as she writhed in extreme pleasure. His face was soaked in her juices, the smell of her musk was drenched upon him. She continued to hold onto him as wave after wave of pleasure dashed over her, until she was finally laid upon the beach, gasping, and shaking from the experience. She finally let go of Harry's head, and he too, pulled back working to catch his breath and wiping her cum from his eyes. They both giggled nervously in response to the intensity just experienced. Harry was still very erect, evidence of his passionate need to satisfy Petunia. Petunia, noticed,. but was still spent from her multiple orgasm, yet, she felt she should reciprocate. She twisted her body so that her head lay over the edge of the bed.

"Harry, baby, please…over me.", she asked gently as she opened her mouth.

Harry understood, and stood up and then easily straddled Petunia's face, his dangling full balls almost grazing her forehead and the bridge of her pointed nose. Harry with one hand directed the head of his cock to her full lips, and her tongue extended and licked the massive mushroom shaped cap of his rod as he rubbed it gently across her lips and chin. He directed his crown just barely into her mouth and relished the sensuous feel of her tongue caressing the head of his cock, as it swirled and licked around the cut form and the sensitive underside. Petunia pursed her lips and wrapped them tightly around the shaft, and Harry gently pushed the steel hard flesh farther into her mouth, then gently back, rocking to feel the luxurious sensation of her pillowed lips grazing his shaft and mushroom crown. Petunia reached up and gripped a handful of his meaty shaft outside her body and began rubbing up and down, marveling at his hardness, stretching his taut cock further. She felt the pulse of his cock quicken, and it seemed his girth swelled a bit more. She pulled forward on his cock to gently nudge Harry into pushing more of his long shaft into mouth. She kept her lips wrapped tightly around his cockmeat, while her tongue lashed and played with the hard flesh inside her mouth. She could taste the precum dripping from his urethra, it was salty-sweet. Harry pushed more of his shaft into her mouth, gliding it in and out and deeper, until he was at the back of her throat. She leaned her head back a bit further, allowing the thick prick easy access to her esophagus, and she felt her throat bulge as his shaft slid further into her. She was breathing quickly through her nose, and ready for it. After the savage thrusting her throat had received from the two young cocksmen just over an hour earlier, it was still relaxed but raw, so she was thankful for the gentleness Harry was giving her. She motioned for Harry to continue, to bring more of his cock down her throat.

Harry enjoyed watching his cock fill her throat, to see the evident bulge in her long slender neck as his thick meat went deeply down his aunt's sweet gullet. He began to push and pull his rod a bit faster, but still with gentle force, enjoying the different sensations of his cock inside Petunia, her teeth, her tongue, the warm saliva in her mouth dripping down her cheek and neck, the tightness of her throat. He moaned and exclaimed, "gods, Pet, you feel so fucking good!" It sent a warm and tingling feeling into Petunia's chest as she heard it, and for some reason, her eyes felt a bit watery.

Harry could not take it any longer, he wanted his cock deep in his aunt's sex. He gently pulled the great amount of his prick that was inside her out, it came out dripping with her saliva. "I need to fuck you, Pet. Please slide around-, no- please, please stay on your back."

Petunia nearly started crying right then and regained her composure quickly before Harry saw some horrid crying contorted visage on her face. She smiled, a grateful kind of smile, or that is what Harry perceived. Harry had her lay back, and with strength, he took both her ankles and raised her legs straight up, pulling her further on her back and raising her lovely bottom slightly. He looked down. Pet's pulled and pouty sex and lovely pink anus were well exposed. Her legs were a beautiful tanned brown; her skin porcelain white where her tiny bikini bottoms covered her sex and bum, it created a halo effect around her genitals especially with the sunlight that played through the lace curtains that shimmered lightly in the breeze. Petunia took a pillow and slid it underneath her, raising her to almost a perfect height for Harry to enter her as he stood. With the length of his cock, he only had to slightly bend his knees. He gripped her at the crux behind her knees, one in each hand and spread her legs further apart, spreading opening her sex, parting her pouty labia, and exposing the wet pink opening of Petunia's ready and willing pussy. He was still steel hard, so it was no effort for him to direct his cock with only his hips to her honey slice and its dripping fleshy portal. He pushed his massive head slowly into her, the flesh acquiesced with supple grace, and Petunia moaned in anticipation as he slowly, deliciously filled her insides with his full hardness. The prick slid further, further in, and she groaned and gasped when top of its crown rubbed against the tip of her uterus. Harry continued to stroke at that depth, rubbing his head fully on her uterus. Petunia cried out, "Omigod that feels good!", and moaned with a long sigh.

He gripped her legs tightly, and pulled, to shove more deeply against the tip of her uterus. There was some dilation in its opening, and the tip of his flesh-rod found purchase there. He pushed his cock against it, and felt it give, but then slip off and bend around his head. He pulled back, Petunia continued to gasp and groan in pleasure. He attempted again, prodding gently, and feeling with his cock at the tip of her uterine opening. He found the opening and nuzzled against it while Petunia began to pant, muttering, "yes baby, yes, push against it:, and then she uttered, "Utero Dilato!" with both her hands resting in v shape at her mons pubis.

Harry felt the opening widen, and he slowly pushed open the fleshy sleeve, and felt his cock slide tightly inside it. He lowered Petunia's legs, letting them rest on the bed on either side of him, the soles of Petunia's feet on the mattress, keeping her knees bent and legs spread wide. Harry leaned over, placing his hand on her shaved pubis, and pressed with downward force to increase the pressure of the top of Petunia's vaginal canal on his cock. He pushed slowly, bringing more of himself inside her, his penis now slowly entering her womb. The uterine open was stretched tightly against his meat, he moved slowly, so as not to injure her.

Despite his efforts Petunia cried out, and he knew that it was mostly pain, but she urged him on. "Deeper Harry, I want you as deep as you can go."

Harry pushed, and he felt more of his cock tug as it made its way up her uterine opening, still within the muscled tube which held the magic of creation incubation sealed safely inside. Petunia cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure and urged Harry to continue go deeper. She wanted to bring as much of his magnificent cock inside her as she could. Harry proceeded slowly, stroking it, receding only to make some progress further in, back and forth, back, and forth. His prick's girth rubbed fully against her g-spot, enhanced by the pressure of his hand. The pain of Harry entering her uterus was gone, now replaced fully with the strong pleasure of his stroking her g-spot fully, her hand had begun to gently rub at her clitoris as well.

It had not evaded Petunia that Harry had put her purposefully on her back, facing him. This was the first time in this intimate position for them since she posed as Lily in the train station bathroom. She looked into his face, which was now searching her own, no longer preoccupied with the mechanics of their deep engagement. She suddenly felt very much on display and exposed. The change in her facial expression belied this, and with the flash of scarlet across Harry's face, she knew it was the same for him. She wanted to encourage this, this newly found intimacy, and knew that a look of embarrassment or worry would not help. She smiled, tried to soften her features, to get past this was her nephew looking down on her. She looked at Harry the young man, and bit her lip, trying to look playful, perhaps a bit wistful. She reached up and pulled his face to hers, and kissed his lips softly, fully and whispered gently, "Fuck me, love."

She would have to lead this dance, and she subtly took over, with her sighs, moans, and gentle urgings. He pushed further in, and she knew the tip of his cock was near the top of her womb, stretching it. On pure instinct she tapped into shared old magic memory and uttered, "aequora tractu utero".

Petunia felt her spine stretch, and with it a pliable give of her insides as they gently elongated, and she noticed her head was now a few inches closer to the window. Harry understood and rocked his hips forward, and slowly pushed the rest of his cock waiting outside her petalled portal up inside her vaginal canal until his balls and firm coin purse were pressing against her wet labia. He had only ever been this deep within his aunt anally and he was amazed at the feeling. A warmness entered his chest. With firm undulations, their hips moved as their lovemaking rhythm was set, and the strokes of Harry's meat continued to stay deep inside Pet's womb, the cock's head pulling out no further than at the crux of cervix opening inside the womb. Petunia had never felt so fully filled with cock within her sex. She lifted her legs, keeping them wide open and rolled onto her lower back, and felt Harry's hardness slip just a bit deeper into her womb. The tip of his cock nuzzled the top of her uterus pushing and prodding it. She imagined what it looked inside her, as it pushed out like a fist in a plastic bag. She moaned, and cried out, Petunia so wanted him to come deeply inside her, to fill her womb with his hot sticky seed. She grabbed has face pulling towards her, and she felt more of his firm body press its weight against her, his chest flattening her breasts as she began to kiss him deeply as they continued to rock their bodies to their own carnal rhythm. Harry panted and gasped, and looked deeply into her eyes, and she looked back and then locked with his, a knowing passing through them that they perhaps would never verbalize. Petunia came at that moment and cried out, "omigods, omigods, oh my Harry, my Harry!"

That was all that Harry needed, and he too, orgasmed with a giant shudder, his cock pulling hard in spasm, as load after load of warm ejaculate erupted and puddled inside his Pet's womb. Harry bucked, and thrust hard, as Petunia wrapped her legs around him. He clutched her hands, outstretching her arms as the full weight of him lay upon her, pressing her down, pinning her to the bed as he continued to come, to throb inside her. "That's it baby, give it all to me, fill me with your cum, baby! Oh god, Harry fuck me hard! Give it to me, give it to me!" The urging spurned Harry's orgasm on, the ejaculations now even painful, but still the semen continued to flow from his dilated urethra. Petunia came again as Harry cried out in mixture of pain and pleasure.

He stayed atop her even after finishing his orgasm. No roll off and ignore like Petunia was used. But she was never used to what had just happened, how both bloody unreal and real this all felt to her at the same time. A warmness was in her soul, one she had not felt in such a long time. She caressed his back lightly with her right hand as her left hand clutched on tightly. She purred and sighed and kissed his neck. He turned and kissed her again, and it was long a lingering. She pouted at the thought, but she had to be the realist, to be the adult. She kissed him quickly on the cheek and said, " Right, now please- slowly pull out of me, dear, we must get up and get ready for your Uncle to return home. Tonight, I will reveal to you my surprise!." She smiled, and kissed him again, and then gently pushed him off her, feeling his now softer penis slide out of her slowly, a goodly amount of warm semen coming with it, and she felt it ooze out of her vagina, and down her taint and rectum to puddle on the sheet between her legs. She kept her legs up and fumbled her hand on the daybed until she found the large plug with forethought she had brought along and inserted it slowly into her oozing sex. She felt incredibly satisfied, and for the first time, a bit at peace.

Petunia waited until Harry had left the room, still laying on her back on the bed, her legs raised and her feet flat on the bed. She placed her hand to her sex, and uttered, Rejuvenatus…convorto!". She felt her skin tighten, her muscles firm, and a rush of energy pulse throughout her body from her womb. It felt incredible, and she stepped off the bed, and spoke again, "Corpus Leviosa!" She stood straight but felt herself rise; she looked down to find herself hovering about a foot and half off the floor. She smiled and slowly stretched her arms out in exaltation. Her time furtively refreshing herself on Latin and reading the old textbook, An Ancient History of Spells and Practicum late at night was beginning to pay off.


Harry was feeling pretty smug with himself. He lay back on his bed, his feet casually crossed and hands locked behind his head, staring at the ceiling and reviewing his day since he had been back from rescuing his cousins in Ireland and helping to send the Ravagers, a band of dark wizards, to Azkaban.

He came home to find an angry Tonks who was bit tired of watching his back and ended up having some great conciliatory sex with her before she left back to London, but now he knows that some dark witch or wizard is using his uncle as an attempt to get to him. He spent the day having incredibly hot sex continually with his aunt, including a rough-sex threesome that included his drug dealing distant cousin, Clive. Then the day was topped off with an apology from Petunia, and some of the most intimate and magical sex with her that they have had so far. He was beginning to think of Petunia in a new light and it was both disturbing and exciting at the same time. Perhaps it was time to think of forgiveness. Her apology had been surprising and warmed him, but at the time, it felt more like a small victory in a long battle filled with humiliation, self-loathing, and mock meekness. He knew that it must of have been difficult for his hard aunt to do, and the regret he felt from her was real, but could he really get over all the abuse he had received over the years from his aunt? Yet the connection with her was real; together with her there was a feeling of a completeness. It was difficult for him to describe it even to himself; in terms of his desires, Petunia understood him, and reacted with the same level of twisted passion he felt.

He heard the dryer ring the end of its cycle, again he was cleaning up the evidence of their betrayal before his uncle came home for the evening.

Unlike most times recently, Vernon was not working late this evening and had called to say that he wished to take Petunia out for supper, and that he would bring takeout home for Harry for his own supper so that Petunia would have no worries. He seemed contrite and even asked Petunia to find out from Harry what curry he would like. It was all very odd and not like his uncle, and had Harry was not sure what to think, especially after finding out from Tonks that Vernon had been under an imperious curse; what if he was bringing home poisoned food and was just getting Petunia out of the house for gods knows what? It would be like dark wizards to place Vernon under yet another curse quickly just when Harry thought he had a moment to breathe. Or perhaps Tonks had thought she was doing Harry a favor and had left some thoughtful subliminal suggestions when she used the confundus spell to wipe Vernon's memory of last night's events… It was hard to say, but wouldn't she have said something about it? Even though Harry was a bit miffed that Petunia had accepted Vernon's invitation, he was secretly glad not having to spend the evening kowtowing to Vernon, and a break from Petunia's attentions would be the recharge he needed. She had a way of making him semi-erect with just a look and trying to keep that out of Vernon's purview was indeed a difficult task lately.

Still, he resented the insinuation of his Uncle into this placid little picture of pleasurable pursuit that he and Petunia were creating, though if pressed, even Harry would admit that if anyone were an interloper here, it was himself. After creating this new connection, here comes Vernon to muddy the waters. Vernon would always be at the core of his misery, perhaps maybe even more so than Voldemort. He knew that was harsh comparison, but it had not been Voldemort that had planted the seed and nurtured the tree of self-doubt and self-loathing inside him; that was solely the work of his horrid Uncle and subsequently, Petunia and Dudley. To have a dark wizard subliminally or overtly stoking the flames of his Uncle's hatred was unsettling to Harry. Vernon was a true muggle, and in the hands of magic, not someone he felt he could trust at all. In fact, he was certain if Vernon knew of the bounty on his head, he would turn his nephew over to the Death Eaters without a second thought. He was not feeling so smug now; why did reality keep creeping into the world of his happiness? It thickened his resolve. He was going to take every opportunity to feel joy and pleasure while he could; who knew how much time he had left to experience it?

He tried to find a poison reveal spell, in the dark potions book, but all he could find was various poisons to make. He resolved that he would not eat the dinner, and maybe take the time to go find his own in the village after Vernon and Petunia were gone. Petunia mentioned the restaurant was in nearby Mickleham, which would be a bit of drive just for supper, but supposedly the restaurant was worth it. Apparently, Vernon felt he had something to make up for, so Harry's inclination to view Vernon's conciliatory behavior as a result of Tonk's remediation of his memory seemed reasonable. He decided that he was not going to eat the curry.

Vernon came home none the wiser to the recent sexual shenanigans that his wife and nephew had been up to. All looked in place, and his nephew seemed to be towing the line for chores and general upkeep. Petunia confirmed that as well while delivering a welcoming kiss that seemed to make up for the rebuff he had received that morning. Harry did an eye to eye inspection of his uncle when Vernon delivered the carryout curry, thanking his Uncle for it with a cheerful expression that made the bile in his stomach churn a bit. He determined that he did not think Vernon was under the influence of an imperious curse, the best he could tell, but he was reserving final judgment and watched him closely until they left. Petunia was playing it cool but smiled at Harry and waved when she knew Vernon was preoccupied at the auto. It made up a bit for the aloofness she was purposely exuding since Vernon's return, but still had not taken out the sting of a couple of mean comments he had overheard her make about him to Vernon.

Harry fumbled through his rucksack and found the time turner. He hesitated, but then remembered his resolution to live life to the fullest and decided that turning back a few hours should not be that big a concern or cost a price he could not live with. He was just going to spend some time in the village and get a bite to eat, what harm would there be in that?

He decided that slipping away would be good around the time that He and Petunia had decided to part and spend some time alone, right after getting cleaned up after their final lovemaking in the sewing room. He walked out to the garden, near the gate which was out of eyeshot of the house and windows where he and Petunia would be going about the afternoon. He made sure he had the indicator set for hours and then turned it back for three winds. He felt the dizziness and saw the world whirl around him in reverse as the sun climbed back from the west to further east in the sky. He quietly opened the gate and walked out of the garden to the front of the house, only to run directly into the next-door neighbor, Mimi VonDunderson.

"Oh!" exclaimed Mimi who was surprised by Harry's sudden appearance at the moment she was just reaching for the handle of the gate. "You surprised me!- no one answered my knocks at the front door, so I though Petunia might be in the garden…"

"Oh, she was, but I believe she is inside taking a shower-"

"I would assume so, with so much-" Mimi caught herself, " with so much sunshine, it is so easy, so easy to work up a sweat today." "Well, hello Harry, it has been quite a while since we have last… talked." She was about to say, "seen each other", but she was afraid she had seen quite a bit of Harry recently, and she felt her nipples harden at that memory.

Harry was quite surprised and stuttered a hello. "H-hello there, Mrs. VonDunderson. Nice surprise. Didn't mean to startle you."

"Well, it seems to be kismet… I was really coming over to talk to you dear."


"Yes, I have a couple of things at the house I could use your help with, and I was hoping I could entice you over." She nervously played with a chain that was suspending a small locket.

Harry noticed her hands fidgeting, and then what his neighbor was wearing. It was a flowered camisole top with thin shoulder straps, that clung well to the sizable chest that did not seem to fit well on the small frame of this mature lady. Her puffy nipples were protruding with pronouncement on breasts that seemed to be setting very firmly for a woman her age. She wore a white tennis skirt that stopped about mid-thigh. Her legs were thin but shapely. On her feet she wore a pair of open toed worn but well cared for leather sandals, her toenails painted a light pink. Harry figured she was about fifty, but she kept herself well. She had an attractive face that reminded him quite a bit of Helen Mirren but with dark brown hair steaked with shades of dark blonde and lighter brown, perhaps even some brownish red at her temples that hid some gray. She wore her hair short, barely touching her soft angular shoulders, shaggy, in fashion with the times. It helped her look younger, but the laugh lines and the light crinkles at her eyes was apparent. Harry found her attractive. She jiggled when she walked, making it apparent that at most she was wearing a loose shelf bra, and if no bra, it belied her breasts still held onto their perk for someone in her age group. She acted shyly, which Harry found refreshing compared to how most women behaved around him. These thoughts flitted through his mind quickly but helped to arrive at his decision for her invitation.

"Umm, sure, Mrs. VonDunderson, I would be more than happy to help you out."

"Call me Mimi- Harry Dursley, isn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am, uhm.. Mimi, but it is Harry Potter, my last name is Potter."

"Well, Harry Potter, Are you sure you have time to talk? - You seemed to be on your way to some place…"

"Just to the village. My uncle and aunt are going out for supper and I was just going to wander around a bit and find something for my own supper." Actually, he was thinking about going by the barbershop to see if Candy was working and had any plans for her own supper. His goal was not looking for anything sexual, just a bit of companionship from a girl much closer to his age. He was feeling much older than he really wanted to be lately. He wanted a chance to remember he was only on his way to sixteen. To forget he was chosen for any purpose, that it was a miracle that he was even alive. He just wanted to be a sixteen-year-old bloke on summer break, out on a nice summer afternoon in England. He wanted to have a pint and just pretend that all that made him special was a daydream. He did not want to worry about whether the curry brought home was poisoned or whether his uncle was a mind-washed ticking timebomb. Or what was going to happen between him and Petunia when he had to return to school in just a few short weeks. He sighed inwardly, looked up into the face of his kindly and attractive neighbor, and decided, what the bollocks, let's go give her a hand.

"Oh, well, I was thinking about going out for a bit of a drive and something quick to eat- actually I must confess I have been craving a Big Mac and banana milkshake."

"A what?"

"A Big Mac. You have never heard of a Big Mac? You know from McDonald's?"

"Well, I know of McDonald's of course, but we have never eaten there. Uncle Vernon calls it American rubbish food."

"Well, he may be a bit right, but I have to admit that I love it! It is my secret shame I guess. Would you like to try it out?"

"I didn't know there was one around here…"

"Well just a wee drive… about fifteen minutes down the A25 road to Redhill. One of my extravagances in my years alone, I don't mind taking a bit of drive now and then, see some of Surrey. My car is a convertible. It is a nice day for a drive with my top down. Er, I mean…" Mimi floundered a bit, a flash of scarlet across her cheeks.

Harry jumped in to avoid any awkwardness. "Sounds brilliant."

"Would you like to go then? We could go get a bite and then come back and you can assist me with a couple of things at the house."

"Sure, why not. Let's go find out what a Big Matt tastes like."

"Big Mac, love. They call it a Big Mac. I love their chips too. Are you a banana person?"

"More chocolate."
"It settled then. Milkshakes and Big Macs. Come along. Do you need to let your aunt know your whereabouts?"

"Er, mmm, no. She knows I am out, and as long I am in before they get back from supper, things will be fine."

"Wonderful!, well then let's go get my purse and keys and we can go find a bite then." She took Harry by the arm, and said, "I hope you don't mind, I slipped off a step stool and my ankle is a bit sore."

They walked from the garden gate to the front lawn and stepped over the chain that outlined the boundary of the front lawn of Number Four, Privet lane and walked along the pavement and driveway over to Number Three, Privet Lane. Harry was hoping that if his timing was right, Petunia was still on the daybed in the sewing room upstairs, which looked over the back yard. He noticed a small robin bathing in the birdbath of the VonDunderson lawn and realized how crazy it was that he was thinking that it could possibly be Tonks. Harry opened and held the door for Mimi, who invited him inside the house.

There was an awkward pause once inside, both were thinking things in their head that were mutual but embarrassing on their own. Mimi was holding onto Harry's arm again, and he felt the side of her large breast pressing against it. Harry felt a brush of something soft against his legs, and then a push against his left leg. He looked down to see a black and grey tabby cat, round, that looked up into his face and gave a meow.

"Don't mind Churchill, he is just saying hello."

Harry stooped down and pet Churchill's head and then scratched his chin. The cat purred and then just walked away, satisfied that the new intruder was nothing to worry over.

Mimi was excited; she found it hard to control herself being alone in her house with Petunia's nephew- Harry, she must think of him as Harry. Her memory of that morning and afternoon and watching him in carnal action with her friend was making it hard for her to concentrate. She could feel her nipples harden and rub sensually against her camisole; she so wished his mouth were on them, sucking and biting them. She was wet and wondered if she should change her knickers before they left. The thong she was wearing was soaked. Perhaps a low bikini brief would be more sensible in her aroused condition. She did not want to wet her skirt or the car seat while they were out, it would be embarrassing. She thought of Harry between her legs luxuriously lapping at her pussy, and felt a droplet slide down her thigh to her firm right calf and drop to the floor. It caused her to abruptly speak after the momentary silence.

"I need to tidy up a bit before we leave, would you like something to drink? I have some lovely wine coolers that are refreshing in this heat, or would you care for something a bit stronger?"

"No, a cooler would be fine, Mimi. Thanks." Harry looked around. Certainly, different from the Dursley house, more feminine, the furniture was antique but upscale, high quality. Very tidy, very English. A delicate house. Certainly not a home for housing a group of roughneck boys and their friends. He followed Mimi slowly to her kitchen, careful to where he stepped, while fully observing what he could. He liked the way her hips swayed when she walked, very sultry and feminine. She had a nice bum; the skirt covering it was tight enough to reveal a full firm shape. Her hips were not as wide as Petunia's, but still pleasing. The walls were painted bright, and the wallpaper was subdued and tasteful where it was used. He saw pictures on the walls, from various world places, a couple. Harry correctly surmised it was Mimi and her late husband Edward. He noticed no children in any of the pictures. He also noticed that Edward in his younger days was dark haired like himself, and similar in body build.

"I have a lemon citrus with white wine, and a berry flavored."

"Pardon?" Harry came out of his reverie and mental recording to only catch the last of what Mimi was saying to him. He had been admiring the view while she was bent over the small fridge tucked into her kitchen island. Her skirt rode up nicely to reveal lots of firm upper thigh. Certainly not the younger thigh of a Hermione or Jean, but still pleasing to the eye. His eyes widened at a tattoo, there on her left leg. A small ring of butterflies, circling around her leg and disappearing underneath her skirt.

"What would you prefer dear, a lemon citrus or berry cooler?"

"I will take the lemon, please."

"You are a rather polite young man. I was led to believe you were a bit rough around the edges."

"Oh, I guess I am in ways, but I try to remember my manners when I can."

"And when appropriate, no? It is okay to let one's hair down … in the right situation."

"Yeah, sure I guess. When appropriate as they say. I would say when it is just me and my mates."

"Your mates? I haven't seen many boys coming round this summer- I understand Dudley is in Ireland."

"Yes, I don't have many friends here in Little Whinging, most of my mates are from school- up North."

"Oh, I saw one tall lad today coming from your yard."

"Yes, Clive."


"Clive Evans. Really a mate of Dudley's, but he is a distant cousin of my Aunt Petunia and me."

"And Dudley."

"Yes of course, Dudley too. I was just thinking of the Evans connection. My mother and Aunt Petunia were Evans. That is how we are related." Harry felt awkward, he never really felt good at casual conversation with strangers. "Clive is a good bloke. He has been working on some event with Aunt Petunia the last week or so."

"Ah the –"

"Up-up-" Harry interrupted with a smile, "Sorry, my Aunt for some reason wants to surprise me with the details- she hasn't told me yet."

"Oh!, well I am certainly glad you caught me before letting the cat out of the bag!" Mimi laughed. "I am surprised Petunia has not told you yet, she has been working so hard on it. As well as on other things…" She kind of muttered the last part. Harry caught it but did not catch the innuendo which was intended.

"So… will you be comfortable here at the table while I go freshen up a bit? I promise I won't take too terribly long. I am debating whether I should change out of my skirt, what do you think?"

"Uhm, I rather like the skirt, but if you prefer something more comfortable, by all means…"

"What do you like about the skirt, Harry?" She was flirting now or hoping that he would recognize it as such. She picked up the hem, and fanned it up a bit, swishing it and then doing a quick twirl, enough for a quick flash of her pink knickers that matched her toenail color, then a cock of her hip. She giggled.

"I take it back, it is not the skirt itself, but the girl having fun in it." Harry grinned, knowing that he had probably, for the first time in his life, had flirted successfully back. He was feeling pretty proud of himself for his quickly thought-out reply.

"You are a charmer, Harry Potter, for someone who is supposed to be rough around the edges. So how sharp are your edges Harry? Would they prick me?" She pursed her lips a bit in a faux pout, and put her finger to lips, biting the tip of her index finger, while it lay on her lower lip.

"Some would say that they could tear you up. I am not much of a polished bloke, surely."

"Uhm, yes, I believe they could if one were fainthearted, but I think you know how to use your edges for your benefit and for others, Harry, I have that feeling about you. I think you would only hurt me if I wanted you to."

"Is that something you normally expect, Mimi, someone to hurt you?" Harry decided this would be a good time to use one of his rough edges and be blunt. This conversation was bizarrely spinning into something honest, and he wanted to see where it went. It went with his new life philosophy; he did not have time left to play around, he would be direct and to the point when he could, not be afraid to take the opportunity to say what he felt as long as it was not hurtful of course. Was she another Jean Granger?

"I-I don't know, Harry. Edward never hurt me… until he died and left me alone. I just mean that I see in you something rare… someone who can get to the heart of what others need no matter what that may be."

"How? I mean- we hardly know each other."

"Something that we are now remedying. It is just a gut feeling I have Harry; I can't explain it." Well, she could, but it would mean confessing her voyeuristic sin, which would much too soon in their forming friendship. She would have to take care, this young man was certainly disarming, both emotionally and physically. She was rusty with her wiles; what she was hoping would be flirting and mild cock-teasing had turned emotionally raw quickly. There was more to this young man than a large cock and a voracious sexual appetite. She was hoping to be a main course in a couple of hours, but maybe she would have to be more careful about how she danced to that conclusion.

"Are you enjoying the cooler, Harry?" Mimi had walked closer and was now standing next to Harry. She put her hand gently on his shoulder as he sat on a stool at the kitchen island. He was so much taller than her, even sitting, she was only about a head taller than him at his moment. His shoulder was broad. She liked how hard it felt on her hand-how solid. She gripped it a bit firmer. Harry noticed but said nothing about it but replied a bit sheepish.

"Uhm, yeah, it is good. Never had one before."

"Careful, don't drink it too fast- they are stronger than you think, and go to the head quickly- at least they do to me." Her hand remained on his shoulder, and without thinking, she reached up and gently touched the hair on the back of his head. " You have such lovely thick hair." She caught herself, knowing her control was getting weaker. "Well! I am going to tidy and change quickly if I so choose and will be back before you finish your cooler- promise!" She squeezed his shoulder quickly and then turned and Harry watched as her tennis skirt swished away from him.

He was getting aroused and was glad for the break from Mimi before he had a full-on erection. He sipped his cooler, if what he knew of Petunia translated to other women, he knew that it may be a while before Mimi appeared again, ready to go.

Harry was not satisfied to sit at the counter and began to wander with his wine cooler around the VonDunderson residence. The house, of course, was similar in layout to the Dursley residence, as he assumed they all were on this suburban tract housing on Privet Drive. He moved to the living room, and saw that the patio door was ajar, and slid it open enough to step out on the patio. He looked around the garden. It was a riot of color flowers, a true English garden. The patio was small, the Dursleys had chosen to expand their own, and have more lawn. Mimi had chosen a small meandering pathway that blazed a trail through an incredible assortment of short and tall greens and flowers. In the very back of the yard, was high shrubbery and trees to further block any view from the six-foot fence, in the center was a rocking bench set atop a small patch of soft red cedar mulch. The mulch was fresh, belying the care Mimi took in the yard, and what Harry guessed to be a favorite spot for her in the garden. The cat, Churchill, was now sleeping upon the bench, curled with his paw over his eyes to block some stray sunshine filtering through the leaves. He looked towards the fence that was shared between the Dursleys and the VonDundersons. He spied the stepstool along the fence, among a riot of peonies, some a bit trampled. He walked back to it, mindful of the flowers and took a couple of large strides to reach the stool and step upon it. He took another step and his head was above the fence and looking onto the Dursley patio, the chairs still a bit in disarray from the heated encounter between Petunia, Clive, and himself. The tube of tanning oil and Petunia's glass with half a drink still stood on the table, along with the empty wine bottle. The glasses he and Clive had used were brought in and washed Harry not wanting to cause questions from Vernon. Interesting he thought, Mimi had quite the view from her side of the fence. Then it hit him, what if she had been outside today and had seen somethin? His face grew a bit red, but then he calmed himself, took a large gulp of the cooler and quickly returned to the house after being mindful to wipe his feet on the grass mat before venturing in. He returned to the counter, his mind full of thoughts of what Mimi may have witnessed and now questioning her motive for inviting him over to her house.

Mimi stood in front of her mirror, currently nude. Once in her bedroom, not shutting the door (some part of her wished Harry would follow her here), she had immediately slipped out of her skirt and thong and took to rubbing her sex until she achieved la petite mort, hoping it would be enough relief for the next hour or so. She touched her stomach and frowned. Why would such a strapping young lad like Harry want to touch her, much less fuck her silly the way she wanted, no- needed, at this moment? She shook away the negative thoughts. She had seen the way he was glancing at her legs and tits and recognized the swelling she had caused to that monster in his pants. Damn it, Mimi, quit shaming yourself!, she thought. She had the wherewithal to make this happen, and damn it all if she would not try her best to see it though. She could almost feel his cock inside her now. Fortified, she looked through her brassieres and found a black stretch lace open top cup that would push up and separate her freckled breasts yet give her that braless look, and matching pair of bikini panties that would hold back the dripping tide that swelled in her desperate loins. She applied some pink lipstick, again matching her toenails, and touched up her tanned face with a fine dusting of blush. She looked through her closet and found a crisp, buttoned pink blouse that went well with her tennis skirt and hugged her breasts tightly. Normally she would wear a sweater with it, but it was a warm summer day, was it not? She pulled on her black lace knickers, and before she pulled them up, she ran her hand underneath her, rubbing her wet sex on her inside wrist. She wriggled up her panties, pulling them up tight to her sex. Mimi then placed her full natural breasts into the open cups. Her dark pink puffy nipples remained fully exposed, but her boobs were well supported; she felt they rode up nicely on her chest. She spent some time playing with her nipples, pulling them to hardness. They would look nice pressed against the blouse and feel good too. Mimi moved around; the bra gave her a nice bounce. She pulled on the stiffly pressed linen blouse and rolled up the sleeves for a casual look. She buttoned her shirt, looked in the mirror, and unbuttoned a couple more buttons, ensuring the black lace bra was exposed. She leaned over slightly. Yes, this would give Harry more than an eyeful. Her nipples were chafing against the rough texture of the starched linen; she liked the dull ache. They would be incredibly sensitive by the time she could get out the blouse-something to look forward to. She stepped into her skirt and decided to tuck in the shirt. It had short tails, so that it did not cause unseemly lines where it tightened at her ass. She decided not to change from her favorite sandals and slipped them back on to her tiny feet.

Mimi took her favorite perfume and sprayed a bit on the wrist she had rubbed on her wet puss and carried the bottle out with her and downstairs to the kitchen, where she found Harry patiently sipping his wine cooler. He was almost finished. She offered him her wrist, not giving him any time to look her over or pay her a compliment. It was not what she was fishing for, nor cared about, besides there would be plenty of time and reasons for him to stare at her in the auto.

"Here, love, what do you think of this?" She wafted her wrist under his nose.

Harry sniffed, and then inhaled deeply. "Nice. Some kind of musk?, It has a sweet earthy smell I like." Harry was riffing here, based on things he had heard Hermione mention, and in potions class. Actually, he liked the smell, it smelled of hot sex and creamy vanilla and other spices. It reminded him of Hermione's homemade herbal soap and licking her little box on the floor of Hagrid's hut. A pang of guilt stung him. He regretted the way he had left things with Hermione, but he had yet to reconcile her part in her behavior with her dad and with Jean. It was a selfishness he had never seen in Hermione whom, up to recently, he had thought was probably about as ideal as one could be as a human being (forgiving her for her occasional bouts of smugness).

Mimi was pleased with herself. She had titillated Harry with her favorite scent while introducing him to the musk of her own sex. He seemed to like both, which made her wonder if she should just forego the panties altogether. She decided to leave them on. For now. "So you like it? Then I will go ahead and use it. It can be a bit of an acquired scent for some people."

Away from Harry she gently sprayed some mist in front of her and walked through it. She turned around and faced him and gave a quick spritz at the generous opening to her cleavage. She stood, and allowed Harry to give her the once over, before smiling and asking, "So dear, are you ready for a ride to Redhill?"

Harry nodded, and stood. He had a bit of a warm feeling from the cooler. It did not hurt that he had also taken a quick puff or two while in his room before Vernon had come home and Petunia was occupied with getting ready for her dinner date with her husband. Again, the petite but bosomy Mimi took Harry's arm and guided him through to her front door and to her car parked outside. She let him go and they walked to the right side and Harry opened the door for her and watched as she seated herself, admiring her legs, and watching the skirt slide up her thigh as she positioned herself. She did not worry too much about it, and only straightened her skirt after she was settled, and before placing on her seatbelt. Harry closed the door for her, and while she activated the controls for the car to automatically bring the top down on her cabriolet, he stepped around the vehicle and joined Mimi inside. While he was getting situated, he was not oblivious to the fact that she was leaning forward and exposing much of her cleavage to him while pushing on the controls on her dashboard to roll back the top. He was already aware of her hard nipples poking through her blouse and was dying to see what those puffy areolas surrounding them looked like. Mimi seemed much more relaxed now, and acted matter of fact; it put Harry at ease. She did not appear to care what she said or what Harry saw, and her main mission seemed to be to have a bit of fun.

Once the top was down, and her sunglasses on, she was ready to motor. She turned to Harry and said, "Right dear, all buckled in? Then let's go explore shall we?!"

Harry Potter was to learn several things this trip, but the three main take-aways right off the bat were that he adored puffy nippled breasts; riding in a convertible could be akin to flying a broom only much more relaxing and comfortable; and that Mimi VonDunderson found speed limits signs to be only suggestions or perhaps rules just to be followed by the fainthearted.

The A25 Road was a meandering main road that connected villages in northern Surrey in an east to west fashion. It connected Guildford, Surrey in the west and ended at a junction of the A20 near Wrotham Heath in the east. For the most part, the A25 is a two-way, one lane in each direction road that is intimately embedded in Surrey villages and countryside. Depending on where one is, the name of the road will change, and often back and forth to previous names along the way: Guildford Road, West Street, High Street, Reigate Road, Buckland Road, Church Street, Station Road, Redstone Hill, Nutfield Road, etc… until it ends as Maidstone Road well beyond their final stop of Redhill.

Mimi considered herself a child of the Fifties and Sixties, musically, that was. She was born on October 7th, 1940, but had tried to put the memories of most of that trying decade behind her, other than the love for her mother who was strong and thoughtful, and her father who was brave and came home from the war with one less leg than he had left with, but returned not bitter, but showing a stronger love for his family. She fiddled around in her glovebox and found the compact disc she wanted and placed it in the player. More than once her elbow and back of her arm had ended up in Harry's widened lap rubbing against his crotch while she had rummaged for the disc. As she leaned over, Harry occupied himself with long glances into the opening of her blouse.

"This is something I like to listen to why driving about on my own- hope you don't mind, love.", was her only preface as she hit the play button while veering around a corner, tires squealing.

It was the Best of the Doors. "Break on Through (to the other side)" began to play loudly through what in Harry's opinion, was a brilliant sound system. Harry had never heard the Doors before, and with it, he was beginning to peel back the tasty and multi-layered onion that was Mimi VonDunderson and re-discovering that there were still gems left to find in the Muggle world.

Driving with the wind in your hair through the Surrey countryside and townships was exhilarating to Harry, he was feeling more like what he felt it might be like to be a Muggle teenager and not the wizarding world's Chosen One. Mimi would animatedly point out places of interest in the history that was her life. She had no problems sharing her story, whether it was funny, or sad, or embarrassing. Harry listened intently, even while his eyes darted everywhere trying to take in all there was to see as it flitted by at 95 kilometers per hour.

He decided very quickly that he liked the Doors even though they clearly were nothing like the punk and speed metal he enjoyed. He was surprised how much he was enjoying this clearly madcap ride to Redhill, and even with a side detour in Reigate down Bell Street to drive by and show Harry Priory Park, where she had met Edward when they were in their mid-Twenties, they were in historic downtown Redhill within twenty minutes. Once on Station Road, they were at the McDonalds and parked quickly. At just a bit after 4 p.m., they had avoided the evening rush and were in and out quickly. Mimi was so sure that Harry would like the Big Mac that she had ordered three, and the largest chocolate and banana milkshakes offered. She also ordered them both large French fries and asked for it all to go. She insisted on paying. " Don't worry, dear, I will certainly make sure you earn your supper", she winked. "I had an idea on the way here, there is lovely park nearby, we will go there and have a picnic dinner!"

The drive north on Princess Way was short and they were soon at Redhill Memorial Park. There were picnic tables in the orchard section of the park, among trees. This time of the day during the week the park was not busy at all and they were able to find a fairly secluded place easily. Mimi had insisted they carry a blanket with them in case there was trouble locating a table. A short walk found the blanket unneeded, and they settled themselves in for, as Mimi put it, "the deflowering of Harry Potter as a McDonald's virgin." She followed it with tongue in cheek ceremony. They sat across from each other, and she stood and bent low, offering him the carton containing the Big Mac sandwich. "The sacrifice to the young virgin", she stated, "May your fast food cherry now forever be popped, as there is none to compare." Harry nearly missed grasping the carton, his eyes were fixed on the full and open view of Mimi's large breasts that presented when she bent over. It was not missed by Mimi, who smiled mischievously and redirected Harry's gaze without making a change to her wardrobe. "Harry, love, up here hon, here is your sandwich. Go on love, take a bite." She giggled and shook her shoulders to jiggle her large breasts a bit before she sat down.

Mimi was enjoying teasing Harry and had spent most of the trip driving with her right hand while her left was either touching his shoulder or leg. She had thought of stopping somewhere private in Priory Park and giving him a handy or oral sex, but her own reminiscing about meeting Edward had left her slightly regretful, and she decided against it. The feeling of guilt subsided only minutes later as they conversed on other topics; she was infatuated with the young man, and Mimi knew that she had emotionally worn the mourner's black for long enough.

Harry in fun made a big production out of opening the container to the box, then figuring out how to tackle the handling of the thick burger so that he could keep it together for the first bite. It was messy, but Harry took a large bite, which caused him to chew for a bit. Mimi egged him on in jest while he was still chewing and before he had a chance to swallow, " Well? Well? What do you think of the Big Mac?"

Harry chewed a bit more, looking at Mimi who was now holding her fingers to her face in anticipation. He swallowed and stared at Mimi. Mimi, in good natured exasperation leaned over the table, and planted her hands on the table, and stated, "For Godsakes, Harry, what do you think?!"

Harry looked up at her with a dismayed look on his face that he quickly turned into a grin and stated, "Bloody Marvelous!" Mimi threw up her hands and laughed and leaned over the table, grabbing Harry's face, and gave him a big pink kiss right on his forehead. "I knew it!, I knew you would like it!" She noticed that Harry had has eye level straight at her chest, and she grabbed his head again and smashed his face against her breasts and held him there. "Ah lad, welcome to my secret shame!" She let go of his head, laughing, still leaning over the table, her breasts on full display for his benefit. Her nipples were hard, and she enjoyed the stares they caused from Harry. Harry stopped eating, and then motioned to her food.

"So, are you going to eat with me Mimi, or just watch me gorge my face?" Harry was incredibly erect under the table and was trying act nonchalant. If Mimi were to sit down, at least her breasts would become more covered, and he could get through the meal with less discomfort than he was currently feeling as his cock throbbed and became more turgid in his jeans.

Mimi smiled and sat down, looking like the pussycat in the catbird seat, and opened her carton and pulled out the sandwich, stopping to lick the special sauce dripping down the side of her hand. She took a good bite. Harry watched her and saw the joy that eating the sandwich was giving her. The smile on her face made her look like a young girl.

Harry smiled and had a devilish thought. "Mimi, you have a bit of sauce on your cheek, here, let me get it for you…" With his hand turned, he reached over to Mimi and revealed a splotch of special sauce on his finger that he then dabbed onto Mimi's nose. Harry was laughing and had not seen that Mimi had put down her sandwich and grabbed his hand before he could pull it away. She pulled the hand to her mouth and slowly licked and sucked the remaining sauce off his finger, before releasing Harry's hand. She then took her own finger and wiped the sauce off her nose. She smiled at Harry.

"I am serious about my sauce, Harry, it is what makes the Big Mac. I bet you have serious sauce I could try too." She then slowly licked the sauce off her finger as well, and then picked up her sandwich again, and took another bite like nothing had happened. "As she was chewing she moaned, and then muttered, "Ohhh, this tastes so good! I am so glad you decided to join me for dinner, Harry. It is nice to have someone across from me, even if it is only for a burger. Try your shake before it gets too warm."

Harry smiled, took a sip of his chocolate milkshake and picked up a chip. He raised it to her, and said, "Thanks for inviting me, Mimi, and thank you for introducing me to the Big Mac, cheers!"

Mimi picked up a chip and touched it to Harry's chip and replied, "Cheers!" and smiled sweetly at him. They continued to eat, trading glances. The birds were chirping in the trees overhead, a couple of squirrels chased each other nearby. Harry threw a couple of chips to the base of a tree near them, and one squirrel was brave enough to come pick up the chip and scurry away. The other with hesitation plucked up its own courage and dashed over and grabbed the other chip then zigzagged its way back to the base of a more distant tree where its mate was already enjoying its captured prize. Out of the blue Mimi inquired, "Do you like to talk dirty, Harry?"

Harry nearly choked on his milkshake. After coughing the liquid back to the right pipe and re-swallowing, he stammered, "P-Pardon?"

Mimi giggled, "Sorry dear, I did not mean to take you by surprise like that. Are you alright?" She leaned forward and ran her hand over to Harry's arm and patted it. She then ran her finger down his arm to his palm and circled it there, lingering, before she said," I was just wondering if you like to talk dirty… I do on occasion."

Harry reflexively turned his hand and touched her fingertips, caressing those that touched his. "Yeah, I guess, but it is like, usually in the middle of, you know…."

"Having sex?"
"Yeah. You know, in the heat of things…" he could feel the heat rise in his face a bit. He tried to deflect the attention back to Mimi, "You said "on occasion", is this one of those occasions?"

"I believe it could be… would you like that?" She bit her lip, then took the lid off her milkshake, and swiped her finger into it, and brought the semi-frozen creamy white liquid to her lips, and licked it, some drops running down the corner of her mouth. "Mmmm, I love banana milkshakes, so frothy and creamy… it reminds me of other things I like in my mouth…"

"Like my special sauce?" Harry offered, squirming a bit on the bench seat, this was new territory for him, and his erection was returning.

"Mmm, yes, like your special sauce. I do like to suck on a nice big prick…on occasion."

"I like sucking on things as well… " Harry knew he was floundering, but Mimi did not miss a beat or leave, him hanging.

"Mmm, I bet I have a couple of things you would be willing to suck. I have noticed how much you like looking at my tits, I enjoy that you know."

"What, me looking at your lovely breasts, or me sucking on those firm, hard nipples of yours?" Harry returned, he thought he was beginning to get the hang of this.

"Did you a get a good view of my big puffy nipples? I know they are a bit of an acquired taste… a bit different that most ladies, say like your Aunt? I bet you have had a chance to sneak at peak at Petunia's nice big boobs, on occasion haven't you? Perhaps coming out of a shower, or when her robe may have accidently come undone?" Mimi was now running her right hand into her own blouse, rubbing on her breasts.

"Uhm, yes I have. She has these lovely gum-drop nipples, but her areolas are flat unless they get a bit puckered…"

"Oh, so you have seen Petunia's tits, eh, did they make your cock thick and hard, did you have a bit of a wank, thinking about them in your mouth, puckered? You know, normally for a woman's nipples and areolas to be puckered, like your Aunt, a woman needs to be very cold or very aroused. Was she aroused,… like this?" Mimi had undone the remaining buttons on her blouse and the short tails were already out of her skirt, so it was easy for her to pull her blouse back and fully expose her breasts to Harry. Her long nipples were swollen and long, and her puffy areolas were puckered but still perfectly round, sitting up high on her large curved round breasts. Harry had never seen such a lovely dark pink color before; the many breasts he had seen had been light pink or various shades of brown.

Harry gulped in awe and surprise at Mimi's bold move in public. If he could have taken his eyes off her breasts, he would have been skirting the view of the park to see who was around to see them. Mimi seemed to read the dilemma in Harry's eyes. She reassured him, "Don't worry love, no one is close by, we are safe to play." She cupped the bottom of her large firm fleshy globes, offering them to Harry. "Bet you would love to have a suck on these, wouldn't you dear, to bite and lick them, to make my nipples longer, and harder…!"

"Yes, that would be lovely Mimi, you have brilliant tits!, I would love to feel my tongue on them and m' cock between them."

"Yes, I bet that massive cock would feel wonderful between my big tits!"

"You think my cock is massive?"

"Well, er, I am guessing it is with your large hands and big feet, and that bulge in your pants I spied earlier…" Mimi was hoping she had not given away her secret, not just yet anyway. She needed to change the conversation quickly, and she had several ideas already, but chose the closest one to her mind. She looked at Harry seductively, "I want you to try my banana milkshake, Harry, are you game?", she said sweetly. Harry only nodded his approval. She took a couple of dollops and spread them on the tops of her breasts and nipples. "Well dear, what are you waiting for?"

Harry leaned over the table, nearly spilling his own milkshake as he grasped her breasts and began sucking and licking on them, while palming roughly the one currently not receiving his oral attentions. He licked the dripping milkshake and began sucking and biting Mimi's nipples in earnest, causing her to groan her appreciation. "Ohhh, love, it has been to long since a man played with my tits, it feels so good, yes! Suck harder, and don't be afraid to bite them, I love it rough!, oh-oh! Yes! Like that…. Feels so good baby!... suck my breasts, love, they are yours!" Mimi grasped the back of Harry's head, excitedly pressing his face further into her chest. He was amazed by the strength of her arms for such a petite woman. "Do you love my big tits, Harry?, The boys were always surprised how big my breasts were…" Muffled, Harry muttered the affirmative, still kissing and sucking on breasts in his currently awkward leaning position. He moved to place his knees on the bench in order to gain better access, his hands gripping her shoulders as he kissed up and along Mimi's neck to her ear. Mimi moaned in pleasure. She turned her neck to allow Harry more access to her sensitive neck when she spied someone approaching out of the corner of her eye.

Gripping Harry's shoulders, she whispered to him. "I believe someone is approaching, we should probably slow this down…" Harry pulled up, looking in the direction Mimi had nodded and saw a distant figure. He released Mimi and moved back to a normal sitting posture, allowing Mimi to button a few buttons on her blouse and to settle back on the bench, straightening her collar and fluffing her hair.

Mimi leaned forward, her nipples doing their best job of trying to break through the linen material. Her face was flushed and so was the exposed top of her chest and cleavage. Her chest heaved from the excitement. "So, did you like the banana milkshake, love?" she teased. She picked up a chip and bit into it. "Perhaps we should finish our dinner and take whatever this is we are doing some place a bit more out of the way. I am afraid the other Big Mac will not be as warm as I prefer, but it doesn't mean we can't keep our conversation hot. "

"It would be better with chocolate."

"I agree, chocolate in lovemaking can be fun. Are you thinking that I should put chocolate on your cock or perhaps on my pussy?", she teased.

"No, I meant with your banana milkshake- though chocolate on your pussy or my cock would be something I would like to try." Harry said in a matter-of-fact manner. "Can I join you to show you what I mean?"

"Sure love, whatever floats your boat like my generation says." Mimi said in an amused tone. Harry picked up his chocolate shake, swiveled off the bench and walked over to Mimi's side of the table. He sat down next to her closely, making sure his hip and leg were pressed close to hers. He removed the lid from his shake, and then the one from Mimi's milkshake. He began pouring the contents of each into the other, doing this several times, then taking the spoon provided and mixing the contents in each cup more fully, until each turned a light brown in color. He popped the tops back on and gave a cup back to Mimi.

In jest she said, "How do I know this is my cup, what about germs?"

Harry shrugged and said, "I can fix that." He gripped Mimi's shoulders and turned her towards him, and kissed her fully on the mouth, slightly opening his. Mimi responded, opening her lips, and soon they were French kissing. After a couple of minutes, Harry broke it off. He looked at Mimi, and said, "There, now it shouldn't matter which cup we have. "

At that point they were startled by the snap of a twig underfoot, and the person who caused Mimi to put her girls back in her blouse was at hand. It was an mature woman, fully gray hair in a neat bun, wearing jeans and walking boots. She was stocky, her sloping chest and prominent tummy filling a dark blue knit tank top, covered by a man's light blue cotton long sleeved shirt, rolled up to reveal her weathered hands. In her right hand she held a walking stick she used for occasional support. She had certainly seen the two kissing. She smiled and nodded, and then looked directly at Mimi and said, "Good for you, love!" as she continued to walk on past their picnic table. Both were and bit surprised, and tried to suppress a giggle of embarrassment, but ended up tittering once the woman was out of earshot.

"Well, I believe that was certainly a ringing endorsement," exclaimed Mimi, "It somewhat eases my feeling of being a bit of a ninny in trying to seduce you Harry Potter." Still shoulder to shoulder, she leaned in, close to Harry's face, then hesitated, a mischievous smile on her face. "So, are we going to try this concoction of yours before it is tepid soup?" She picked up a chip and pushed it into Harry's face, he opened his mouth and bit it, smiling. They both took sips from their straws. Mimi took another smiling and exclaimed, " Splendid! From now on I will order a chocolate banana milkshake!" She slapped Harry's leg, closest to her, and left it there, caressing up until she found the tip of his cock and began to rub it firmly through his trousers. She leaned over, and kissed his neck, playfully and continued her conversation with him.

"So, Harry tell me more of what you think of your lovely Aunt Petunia… Do you like this new attitude of hers since she returned from holiday? It is like she is a new woman."

Harry, who had been wondering about the same thing, asked fishing, "What do you mean?"

"Oh you must know what I mean- the way she is dressing is so much younger than she used to do, more provocative. She is showing off her lovely figure more now, she seems to have shed the suburban housewife… frump, yes, I suppose that is the word I am looking for. She seems much more confident lately."

"Yes, she seems much more…fit. And I do like her new clothes, much more…" Harry trailed off.

"Sexy? It is alright to think that about your Aunt, Harry, she is an attractive woman. Do you think her new way of dressing is sexy?"

"Yes, yes I do… Especially when she is sunbathing… her new suits… accent her figure. She seems to like to like to do it when I am out working in the garden." Harry was enjoying Mimi's over the trousers handy, and it was getting more difficult to think and speak at the same time.

"Do it?" Mimi knew she was pushing boundaries now, and really wanted to tease Harry, "What is she doing Harry, is she perhaps cock-teasing you, giving you a peak or more?". She paused, now moving up to the metal button on his jeans, working to pull the hemmed slot over it. "Has she let you see her pussy? Lord knows if I had you home alone for the summer I certainly would! I would teach you how to spend time slowly licking it, tasting my honey slice."

"I would have you know that I can do that rather well already, thank you Mimi, but yes, I would love to find out what your hot little fanny tastes like." Harry said in defense of his honor, but to trying to add to this dirty talk.

"Do you want to touch my puss, Harry Potter?, Do you want to feel how wet I am right now?"

"Y-yes.. I would like that."

Mimi, wriggled, flipping her skirt up and back into her lap, and then widened the stance of her legs. She grabbed his hand and led it to her soaked black lace knickers. She then went back to working on the zipper of Harry's trousers while Harry deftly rubbed her puss through her panties. She had her body slightly twisted to allow Harry's hand access to her sex while she worked to unzip his jeans. She rested her chin on his shoulder and continued to talk softly to his left ear.

She moaned, breathing coming a bit quicker. "Ar-are you left- handed love? If not, you have lovely dexterity in that hand, ohhhhh, yesssss." Harry had found her swollen clitoris, and was rubbing it rather roughly through her knickers, sending sensual shocks into her sex and up her spine, along with goosebumps. She was also happy to see that Harry had not bothered with pants under his trousers on this warm day, and once his fly was fully down, she pulled with effort to release the python from its cage. When his massive mushroom head appeared, and his full hard length was out of the denim confines, she gasped in amazement at a close-up view of its girth and length. "Bloody hell, love, I believe you have exceeded my imagination!" A shock of fear ran through her, as she realized how small around Adonis would compare with this incredibly girthy prick. Could she take something so big up her rectum?

Harry's fingers had been tracing the edge of the panties and found purchase in order to slide under the lace and get his fingertips onto her hairless skin of Mimi's outer labia. "No stubble eh, hon? I had a Brazilian wax recently, hurt like bloody hell, but my pussy is as smooth as the day I was born Ohhh, yes, slide a couple of fingers in there, get a taste of my good stuff."

Harry's eyes flitted around to see to make sure there was not another pedestrian or worse, a constable on patrol on his way to arrest them for lewd and lascivious behavior. He was having a hard time concentrating because Mimi was now using her long fingernails to rake along the underside of his huge and hard erection. It was getting hard to control himself, with the lewd whispering from Mimi in his ear.

"Omigod Harry, such a massive, beautiful cock you have! Has Petunia seen your cock? I bet she has, and I bet that is why she has been less of a bitch lately! Has she sucked your cock Harry?, has she let you fill her mouth with your man cream? Oh Harry! I have to suck this cock, I want to taste your load! Will you let me suck your cock? Omigod, have you fucked her filthy little cunt with this horse cock of yours? Have you made her scream? Would you like to find out who is the filthiest cock-slut between the two of us? I would love to let you see what we could do… what I will let you do to me! I bet I can have you sneaking over to my bed every night! I would be your dirty little whore and you could fuck me however you want! It has been so long, baby, my pussy is so tight it would be like fucking a virgin. Rougher love! Rougher! Wreck my little clit! Omigod, omigod, omigod yessss! Unnhhh, yesssssss!"

Harry began rubbing harder and suddenly Mimi clamped his hand between her legs and gripped his cock incredibly tightly and gasped and moaned into his ear. "oh! Yes-yes-yes! I am coming Harry, oh! Oh! OMIGOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Harry continued to rub as best he could with his hand trapped. Mimi, gasping, moaning, and squealing her pleasure let go of his cock and just put her head on his shoulder and wrapped both arms around him gripping as best she could and held onto him as she bucked, and quivered, and moaned. It appeared as if she was having a fit but Harry could tell she was fully enthralled in her orgasm.

Harry continued to rub her sensitive clit while she was coming, until she had to clamp a scream with her hand, and then he relented, and let her flow into yet another orgasm. Her honey sap was flowing from her sex, and his hand was soaked. She finally opened her legs and Harry pulled out his dripping hand and began stroking and lubing his own cock with it. Mimi was slowly coming out of the daze of her pleasure overload and looked down at Harry stroking his massive cockmeat. She looked around to make sure they were still alone, and then licked her lips. She smiled at Harry, "Would you let me suck you, Harry? I want to see if you can choke me with this monster!"

Harry only nodded, and then turned his body so that his back was against the picnic table as he sat on the bench seat. Mimi crawled between his legs, kneeling in the grass. She stroked his cock, then took it into her mouth, and started a slow languid bob of her mouth fully around his cock. Her tongue swirled around his head, tasting and licking his cum there, as well as her own musky sap that covered his cock. It was Harry's turn to talk dirty.

"Ah nice! Yeah, Mimi, I think you have the hang of cock sucking , mmm yes, that's it, suck my big prick! Yeah, take more of it love, swallow more of my meat! Gods, that feels so good, swallow more of it baby, suck my cock, Mimi, suck it like a good little slut. Oh yes, keep it up love, and I definitely will be sneaking out to come fuck you." It was five minutes later, and Harry was thoroughly enjoying Mimi's oral skills, but he was anxious that someone would spot them soon, and he wanted to move this along a bit. He put his hand to the back of her head, and she caressed it, and then pushed his hand down, a not so subtle hint that he could take control. Harry gripped the back of her head tightly, and pushed her head forward, sending his cock which was already at the back of Mimi's mouth, into her throat and down it. She choked and gagged, and Harry held it there a bit, enjoying watching her struggle and drool all over his thick meat. "That's it love, relax and let me fuck that lovely throat of yours." Harry pushed further past her gag reflex and watched her neck bulge as he pushed more of his prick down into her throat. "There you go my little slut, that's the spot, let me fuck that pretty mouth for a while." He relished Mimi's moaning and that doe eyed look of submission in her eyes as she looked up at him. He pushed his hips back and forth, dragging his dong up and down in her mouth and throat. He moaned in pleasure, holding her head tightly as pushed her head forward even more, bringing her head closer to his hard abdomen. Mimi gripped his legs tightly, and then pushed her head further forward on her own, until her lips were at the base of his massive rod. Harry grunted, then gyrated his hips and thrust as he held her head to his abdomen. There was a visible, spastic jerk in her bulging neck as he came and pulsed his throbbing load down tiny Mimi's throat. She began to panic for air, patting her hand on his leg, then pushing away from him, and he let go of her head and backed up, pulling his still erupting cock from her throat . He came in her mouth, then pulled fully out, and pulsed the remainder of his orgasm on her neck and breasts. Mimi choked, dropping to her hands, cum dripping from her mouth and chin. She gasped for air, drool and sperm mixed at the corner of her mouth. She wiped it off with the back of her hand and grinned.

"My, I did not think I had the capacity for that dear! I never had a cock as big as yours in my mouth, and certainly not down my throat," her voice was hoarse, she tried to clear her throat and stammered, " Wh- What say we take this back to Little Wh-Whinging for a bit more privacy, young man."

Harry had been tucking his still turgid rod back into his trousers zipping them up. He wiped his hands on the sides of his jeans and then helped her to her feet. She seemed to be unsteady and favoring her left foot.

"Ah, still a gentleman, even after ravaging my throat. I like you, Harry Potter."

She was limping, and Harry scooped the petite lady up into his arms, to carry her back to the auto. "Wait! We forgot my blanket!."

Harry turned around and went back to the bench and gently placed Mimi there. He gathered empty fast food containers, and the now runny milkshakes, and threw them into a nearby rubbish bin. He offered her a couple of paper napkins, motioning to her neck and chest. She did not realize how much cum he had left on her; she was still in a bit of a daze. Harry pulled a folding knife from his pocket and cut the remaining Big Mac in half, then after offering it and a sack of the chips to Mimi, he devoured the remaining half of sandwich in the matter of three large bites. Mimi watched him silently as he went about the chores in the most matter of fact and almost robotic manner. She realized it was reflex for him, something he did without being told. She dabbed at the sperm on her shirt and breasts, while nibbling on the chips, not noticing her own shaking hands.

"Are you alright?" It was Harry asking her. Mimi looked up at him, her eyes wet with tears.

"I am terrible aren't I? You must think me the most horrid slut on the planet."

Harry had to think a moment about how he should answer this. After all the dirty talk and public sex, he was not sure what he should say. He would go with humor he thought. "Well certainly not the most horrid."

At that comment, Mimi burst into tears, sobbing. "Oh bloody fuck!", Harry thought. "Hey!, I was just kidding, Mimi, of course not. Please don't cry."

"It-its just been so-so damn lonely!" Mimi said tearfully, "And when I saw you and Petunia today in the garden, it just reminded me how long it had been since… since I had a sex, and my god, you were so hot and lovely, and huge!" Mimi began sobbing even more heavily. Harry tried to ignore that Mimi had just confessed to being the peeping Tomasina that he has suspected; his only concern had been that she might have blackmail intentions, but he now knew that was not the case. He was genuinely feeling bad that somehow the had read her signals all wrong, and had made her feel dirty, when all he wanted was to make her feel sexy and the object of his lust. He felt bad, he had been so sure of himself, confident that he had been following her signals fairly well, barring this point where she burst into tears. Perhaps he was too rough, or did not meet her expectations, or she felt he had not treated her humanely.

"I sorry if I made you feel ashamed, Mimi. I – I think you are lovely and loads attractive. I don't think of you as a slag, you know."

"Oh, Harry, that is sweet, but I was not feeling like a slut because of how you were treating me, I was feeling like a slut because of how much I enjoyed it."

Harry felt his brain implode and roll down his neck and into his stomach. It was now in a pit of confused butterflies. He tried to verbalize what he had just heard from Mimi. "So, you were feeling good about what we were doing, but now you are feeling ashamed for feeling good at what we were doing?"

"Well, yes."

If most of Harry's life lessons had not taught him so far that If you are feeling good about something, don't it expect it to last, because something will come along to muck it up, he might have found what Mimi was feeling as contradictory and silly, but he did not. He smiled and put his hand on her shoulder. "I understand that. Even the most magical things come with a price, but why be the one who exacts the price of your own happiness? Let that be some other arsehole. Take your happiness and run with it, and let some other jerk be the one that trips you up; don't be the one that trips yourself. Mimi, we already have enough people in the world that are against us every day, we should not count ourselves amongst them." He leaned over her and wrapped his arms loosely around her neck and upper chest, and gave her a hug, and a kiss on the top of her head. Mimi held one his arms with one hand and squeezed.

"How did you get so wise for someone your age, Harry?" Mimi dabbed a paper napkin under her eye, mindful not to smear her mascara which she thought might already be in dreadful state.

"Didn't you know? I am the Chosen One", Harry said, mocking himself unbeknownst to Mimi.

"Quite the Messiah complex you have there, young man. What is your birth sign?"

"Oh, I am a Leo."

"Well that explains it, then. It also explains why I am so sexually attracted to you."

"Why is that?"

"Because I am a Libra, and our two signs get along quite nicely with our… kinks."

"Mmm, I like the idea of finding out more about that! So… can we agree that it is good to be bad, or that at least it is okay to be our bad selves together?"

"I will try Harry Potter, I will try. I am not used to letting myself become too happy, you see."

"Neither am I, but I am also trying. One never knows how long a lot you've got, and I don't want to regret the time I spend- or with who- or how I spend it."

"So, you are still willing to spend more time with a silly cow like me?"

For his answer, Harry kissed her neck lingeringly, and then whispered in her ear, "I believe you were mentioning a more private place?"

Mimi grabbed her picnic blanket next to her and took a bite of the sandwich. She was suddenly feeling better about what she was doing with this young man. She tried to stand and found her left ankle was not cooperating well at all. "Harry, could you assist me, my ankle is not working quite right …"

Harry once again, picked up the petite woman, and carried her to the auto which was about one hundred yards away. Mimi was up to driving them home, and quite like their mad ride to Redhill, speed was not a concern and they soon found themselves back at number Three Privet Drive. Harry checked his watch, it was still about a half hour or so before Vernon would be showing up from work, so he felt comfortable with the slow assist of getting Mimi back into her house.

Harry insisted that Mimi rest on her sofa while he rummaged for some ice in the freezer section of her fridge in order to make an ice pack for her ankle. He found an empty bread bag stashed with others in a cloth caddy on the pantry closet door and filled the bottom with ice cubes and wrapped it with a clean kitchen towel also found in the pantry, then brought it from the kitchen to the living room sofa. He came back to find Mimi laying fully across the sofa, her legs in the air as she was attempting to pull her black lace knickers off her long slim legs. She still had her sandals strapped to her feet. "Oh, Harry, love, you came back just in time, I was trying to get more comfortable, these panties were riding up my crotch so uncomfortably, and I seem to have them tangled in my sandals…"

Harry placed his bundle on the coffee table and viewed the situation. Mimi had a lovely round rump, and as mentioned, her sex and mound were completely bare of any pubic hair. Her skin was fully bronzed, no porcelain white where cloth covered her ass or sex during sunbathing, and Harry kicked himself for not thinking about looking over the fence into her yard on occasion. "Yes, well, right. Let's see what we can do." He grabbed her right ankle, mindful of her sore left one, even though Mimi had her legs well supported by her own hands in the crux behind her knees. Harry noticed that her labia were nicely formed, and her inner labia were pulled out nicely to form fleshy petals, like the tight pout of a young lily. Her anus was a golden brown, just slightly darker than the tan skin surrounding it. It puckered tightly, and Harry wondered briefly if it had ever had a cock inside it.

His attentions however, turned quickly to the leather- bound feet of the mature mistress. He pulled the damp lace knickers over and around the heel of her lovely right foot slowly, studying the details of her petite foot, how the toes were shaped, the lovely paint job on her toenails. Harry found her toenails to be well cared for and manicured, and each of a pleasing shape. Her tiniest toe curled slightly underneath the one next to it, but each sloped up in size uniformly to a taller one next to it, until it reached the apex of her big toe. He rubbed the lace slowly across the top of her foot, pressing it between his thumb to her skin between the leather straps while the rest of his hand held onto the rough leather sole holding the foot. He could hardly wait to get the sandals off her lovely feet, to see them fully bare, to touch and tickle the bottom soles. Would they be rough and calloused from plenty of barefoot walking, like Hermione's, or soft and supple like Petunia's? Once the right foot was free of the panties, He lowered her leg gently and turned his attentions to the left one, the panties still wrapped and dangling from the left foot. He took care to inspect the injured ankle, hold her slim calf easily with his strong left leg, after first pulling her leg slightly wider and staring intently at her sex, her pussy lips widened and exposing the wet entrance to her love hole.

Mimi watched her young caretaker intently, not saying a word, just taking in his expressions and eye movements, looking for those signs of disgust as his critical eyes raked over her aging body. She was relieved to find none there, and felt herself suddenly lifted of concern and stress, and began to feel relaxed, and even attractive. She noticed his blatant attention to her feet and realized his fetish, and noted it for her own bag of tricks, as it were.

Harry again took his time untangling the knickers from her left foot, spending time not only admiring her left foot, but also taking in the conditions of the injury to the ankle. It was puffy, and definitely swollen, with just a slight sign of bruising, but movement seemed to be fairly normal. He figured it was a sprain, and nothing broken, but thought the ice pack he brought in would be a good idea. He cleared his throat, mindful of his reverie, and that he hand not said anything in the minutes he had taken to do what he had so far. "I think it would be a good idea to remove your sandals and put some ice on that ankle for a bit."

He looked down at Mimi, who only smiled and nodded, like a submissive patient dutifully listening to her doctor. Harry brought her left leg down slowly, and then carefully sat down on the couch, as Mimi lifted her legs and placed her feet into his lap once he was settled. Harry took his time undoing the strap from the buckle near the back of the Achilles tendon on each foot, then pulling the sandal off each foot slowly, taking the time to tenderly touch and feel the parts of her foot covered before. Mimi enjoyed it, and even bit her lip a couple of times when Harry ever so lightly ran his fingertips under the soles of her tender arches, where she was notoriously ticklish. Even though she was initially attracted by the lustful brute force she had witnessed young Harry inflict upon Petunias curvaceous body, she was enjoying this gentle attention immensely. She flexed her toes, and watched his eyes light up as she did so while he was touching her feet. With both sandals off, Mimi allowed for the care of her ankle as Harry reached over and grabbed the towel wrapped ice pack and placed it against its swollen surface. Her right foot was not wasting its time while its compatriot was down on ice, and was exploring another swollen surface, one that Harry seemed to have no issue with the rubbing it received.

Ah yes, he did indeed have a foot fetish, the erection in his trousers was proof enough for Mimi. But she wanted to set the mood while the ice did its magic on her aching ankle. She spoke quietly. "Harry, be a dear, can you reach that small carved box next to the ashtray? Yes, please open it for us. What do you say should we light one of those up? I think it might help with the pain in my ankle…"

Harry had discovered some hand rolled cigarettes, along with a small disposable lighter within the confines of the ornately carved box. He pulled one out with the lighter and placed the box back on the table. The joint felt heavier than ones he had before, such as the one Clive had shared with Petunia and him.

"You do smoke pot, don't you Harry? I believe I have smelled it drift over the garden wall a time or two… It has a bit of hashish mixed in with though, I hope you don't mind. It may take a bit to get it going."

"I didn't take you for someone who smokes weed, Mimi", Harry remarked as he worked to get the cigarette burning evenly.

"Yes, Edmund and I considered ourselves reformed Hippies, we may have given up the beads and long hair, but we kept most of the recreational drugs."

Once a small coal of hashish caught, the smoke was incredibly intense. He passed the joint to Mimi, he whispered with a lung full of smoke, "'ere."

Mimi did not even inhale the joint, but just held the unlit end, tipping the joint almost straight and with her lips hovering safely above the hot end, sucking in the thick white smoke escaping in a thick tendril from the burning tip of the joint. The more concentrated hashish burns longer than its leafy counterpart; Harry realized this joint would probably outlast the two of them by the buzz he was already beginning to feel as he exhaled a long blue stream of smoke.

Mimi raised her torso and handed back the smoke to Harry and took the opportunity to rub his erection with her other hand. There was plenty of length to rub as she well knew. "You might want to take a small puff just to fan the hash, it won't take much." She smiled and continued to rub with her fingers along the length of the shaft stretching the denim of his trousers. "The trick I learned with mixing hash into a joint, is to put it in the top half, it clogs up and is hard to keep lit if it is spread throughout."

Harry noted that mentally. He was also going to ask Neville about the hash making process when he got back to school. He was sure that Neville would have knowledge of it or would take the challenge to learn of it and run with it. Perhaps they could have hashish by Christmas time. He had mentioned to Harry that he was going to spend the summer abroad learning more about cannabis strains and other plants used in magic while in North Africa with his Grandmother. His Grandmother had a good friend who was a potions master in Malta, who was going to show them around Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. His Gran' had come around to supporting his love of herbology, and frankly, was glad to get him out of Britain for the summer with all the problems going on with Death eaters and the Dark Lord.

Harry took an expansive puff that overwhelmed his lungs and caused him to cough and expel a profuse cloud of white into the room. He handed the burning joint back to Mimi while he continued to cough. She rubbed his back with one hand and said nothing as she took another small puff. She looked at Harry with a content look on her face and offered him the joint. Harry politely declined. "Well, love, I think I am good for a while, and my ankle seems to have stopped its complaining too, could you take care of the ice pack for me dear?" She wet her thumb and finger and extinguished the tip of the burning spliff and placed it in the ashtray.

Harry took the homemade ice pack and place it in the kitchen sink and hung the towel on a ring he found on a cabinet. He went to the fridge, found more of the wine coolers they had earlier and assumed that it would be okay to bring two of them back with him.

"Ah, you read my mind! I do get parched after smoking, how do you feel Harry?" Mimi asked taking his arm as he sat down next to her; she was now sitting upright on the sofa. She leaned her head on his shoulder. It felt very comforting.

Harry, intent on being helpful, had not stopped to think about what his state of mind was after smoking some very strong weed and hash. He was feeling blissfully high and smiled at the realization. Things were very vivid, and dreamlike at that moment. He looked out, talking to Mimi. "I think I feel bloody brilliant right now, Mimi."

"Good, I was hoping so!" she said with smile, "I am too, and this wine cooler is lovely."

"How is your ankle, Mimi?"
"Much better, in fact, I think I can take a bit of a walk, would you like to take one with me Harry? Upstairs?" She placed her hand on his chest and caressed her fingertips across it.

"Uhm, yes, I think that would be nice."

Mimi took Harry's hand and led him to her bedroom. It was the same size as the Dursley master bedroom but held less clutter and a single chest of drawers, so it seemed much more open. The centerpiece of the room was a four-post queen size bed. It was not dainty, like Harry thought it would be. The wood was rough-hewn and dark, the posts sturdy and thick; it looked like it could have been at home in a Slytherin dorm room. Cross beams connected the posts at the top, and there were also several iron hooks attached to these around the bed. He noticed the beaten metal bands that were attached around the bed, giving it a medieval look, and the hinged round metal rings that were bolted into all the posts, several at different heights that ran to the top of each of the posts. On the bottom rings were sturdy chains clipped to the rings leading to what looked like cinched leather cuffs, that were lying casually on the corners of the made bed. There were multiple pillows of various sizes and shapes.

"Come undress me Harry, please. I want to feel your hands all over my body." She smiled as Harry came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, she felt his height and size as it engulfed her petite body.

It reminded Harry of when he was with Petunia while she was transformed into the little waif Toony. Mimi was just a bit taller, her shoulders just a bit wider, but her breasts were incredibly bigger than Toony at 14. Harry ran his hand under the unbuttoned opening of the bottom of the linen blouse and he could feel the taut but soft belly of the mature woman. He caressed her there, rubbing his hand across her stomach firmly. Mimi sucked her tummy in on reflex, and now felt silly that she was holding her breath and holding her tummy in as he touched her. He kissed her neck and moved his hand slowly up her frock and unbuttoned each button as he kissed and nuzzled into her neck. Mimi relaxed her stomach and sighed, letting out her held breath. When his unbuttoning was completed, Harry moved both his hands inside the shirt where it was level with her breasts, and he palmed and cupped the exposed nipples and tops of her breasts. Pulling back his hands, his fingertips grazed the top of her puffed areolas to her hard nipples. He pinched and pulled on them as he kissed and licked around her ear, biting her earlobe. Mimi sighed in pleasure, she loved to have her breasts and nipples played with, and Harry was doing so nicely, she did not feel like they were being mauled or used like bread dough for kneading. Harry reluctantly let go of the full firm breasts and moved to pull the blouse back from Mimi's freckled shoulders, and down her back. She pulled out one arm, then the other, and Harry gently laid the blouse on the end or the bed. He had her brassiere unhooked easily and kissed her shoulders where the strap had been and had left a mark from all the weight it supported. He left the skirt on and admired the smooth freckled skin of her back. She was showing age, but Mimi had a very fit body like many of the women who frequented the country club. Idle women with time to keep tennis and swimming regularly in their schedule. Harry was still behind Mimi, so she turned her head slightly, and inquired, "Tell me Harry, have you had much experience with toys?"


Harry was cutting it close, he knew it, because he had already felt the change in time occur as he was placed back into the present a couple of hours before, but he was not even close to wanting to leave, and he felt he could not leave his lovely neighbor "hanging" as it were. Now that she was spent, and he was certainly spent, and after a quick shower, he felt the need to get back to the Dursley's. After more good-byes and palming the half smoked spliff from the ashtray while Mimi lay nude upstairs, he was back in his room and had just changed into a fresh pair of boxers to wear while sleeping when he heard Petunia and Vernon return home.

He had made sure to empty the takeout Vernon had brought home into the house rubbish bin and take the half-filled bag out to the large bin outside for pick-up to keep Vernon out of his hair. With the giggling he heard coming from Petunia, he knew that a couple of bottles of wine had been consumed with dinner, and with the fact that Petunia had more than a couple of cocktails that afternoon, he knew that she was probably three sheets to the wind. His hackles rose a bit as he heard her giggle and then shriek and exclaim, "Vernon! Not until later… at bedtime you naughty boy!"

He stayed in his room and thankfully he was not called down for any transgressions or acts of servitude. He was miffed even though he knew he should not be so, especially considering how he had spent the last several hours with Mimi, but he still was. It caused a knot in his stomach to grow, and a feeling of helplessness that he did not care to experience. He tried to take his mind off it and placed a muffling spell on his room to drown out outside noise, but he was still upset that Petunia seemed to be enjoying her time with her husband. Harry knew it barking to feel this way, but he could not seem to control it. He waited until he knew the lights had been turned out, and he grabbed his broom to go for a midnight ride incognito.

He opened his window, and was hovering outside deciding where he should go, perhaps even back to Mimi's to see if she was up for another round of dark sex, unknown and unseen, completely invisible to everyone, it seemed, but one. Hedwig came flying down, and landed on his shoulder, ignoring his invisibility like he was sitting there on his bed in the broad daylight, instead of under an invisibility shield in the dark of night. Harry at first wondered if the cloak invisibility with the broom was not working, but he put his hand out until he knew that he was beyond the protection of the "shell" formed by the charms of the broom, and he saw his hand disappear. She nuzzled her head to the side of his neck, and squawked at him, pulling some of his hair with her beak.

"Hedwig!, you startled me old girl! Are you hungry? Harry said, as he petted her head, and she continued to squawk and pull at his hair. She took flight off his shoulder, only to hover above his head and continue to pull at his hair, squawking with tone that Harry had come to know meant that she was annoyed or distressed. "So, do you want to go somewhere, do you want to show me something girl?" Hedwig screeched an affirmative. "Okay, then show me girl, what is it? Where do we need to go?"

Hedwig was off like a shot, and Harry followed behind, kicking up the broom to increase speed to keep up with her. Harry was used to seeing in the dark, after all the escapades after hours at night at Hogwarts, and in the Forbidden Forest, and with his keen Seeker's vision, he had no problems keeping his owl in sight in the cloud filled moonlight as they flew over trees and into the countryside just south of Little Whinging.

They were soon in farm country, and Hedwig headed for what looked to be an old barn located about a hundred yards west of a ramshackle house and a row of trees near the edge of a marsh. It reminded Harry a bit of the Weasley land, but knew this was just a Muggle farm, perhaps no longer used, as the tractor parked outside looked rusty with weeds growing up between its large back wheels.

Hedwig was circling the barn when Harry arrived, and she seemed intent on getting inside it. Another owl joined her, and both continued to circle the barn. Harry surveyed the barn, looking for any entrance into it, since this seemed to be where Hedwig and her friend wanted to be. The large main doors were closed tightly, and hayloft loading door heavily shuttered, with what looked to be fresh timber recently nailed across it to hold it in place. Hedwig landed on the wooden shingled barn roof, next to a patched spot, which also appeared to be new wood, not darkened and weathered like the rest of the roof, but almost white in the moonlight. The other owl, larger than Hedwig landed next to her, screeching. He appeared to be a Great Horned Owl, which Harry assumed was a male. He was as agitated as Hedwig, so Harry kept his distance. Hedwig was scratching and pecking at the spot, intent on getting inside. Harry flew around the barn until he found a tin vent under the eave of the barn roof. Using his fingers, he pried the vent plate off the hole which led into the barn. The hole was large enough to accommodate Hedwig. He called to her, and after some coaxing, she flew to him and recognized it as an entrance into the barn and immediately flew into the darkness of the barn. Harry was much too big for the hole, so he floated on the broom down to the main bar doors, and after pulling on a latch and lifting a large wooden bar, he was able to gain entrance and walk into the barn. He was careful to remain quiet, glad that there were no dogs about to smell or hear him and make a ruckus that would bring a shotgun toting Muggle farmer dressed only in long skivvies and a pair of mud boots. He looked toward the dark house. Not a single light on, not even the lone torchlight on the pole of the yard. Perhaps the place was abandoned and for sale, the recent work on the barn meant to keep it secure until it was sold. He decided to risk it and pulled out the Death Eater wand he hand confiscated. Petunia had let him keep it, and though he wished she would give up his own wand, he had used it enough that it now behaved properly in his hands even if it was a bit cranky.

He whispered, "Lumos." A much brighter glow of light appeared than necessary to prove his point. Harry shook the wand, "Lumos Lucerna!", he said with gritted teeth. The glow reduced significantly to that of a lit candle. He would get this wand to behave properly even if it took all summer. "Hedwig?" He called out to the dark beyond his immediate view of the old dusty barn. There were a few old bales of hay stacked under the loft, but the stalls along main floor of the barn were empty. A screech from Hedwig answered his call, and he could tell that it was coming from the hayloft above. He found a ladder, and propped his broom against it, and became fully visible instead of just one side of his body. He tested the rungs with his weight, and satisfied the old ladder would hold him, clambered up with the wand in his teeth. He got to the top of the loft, and after peering around, he found a few more bales of straw and hay stacked haphazardly on the wooden hayloft platform. He did not see Hedwig as he looked up toward the ceiling , expecting to see her perched on a rafter there, but only found her friend, who was skittish at the glow of his light. He redirected his wand quickly and called out her name again. Again, she answered, and Harry heard her along with what sounded like several other smaller squeaks and squawks. He climbed fully on to the loft, wand pointed down to mind his step and stood up on the platform, pushing with his weight to test the strength of the wood. He heard no creaks or snaps, so Harry moved toward the sound, which was coming from behind the rectangular bales of hay. He stooped and peered over the stack, which was a couple of bales deep holding his wand above his head. And there they were. A nest of loose straw and hay was formed on the wooden floor, and there was the proud and worried Momma tending to her owlets. There were three of them, muddy brown in color and still very fuzzy; these were just bit bigger than baby chickens. Harry had done some reading on owls and figured they must only be a couple of weeks old. He beamed down at Hedwig, who beamed back up at him. "So, this is what the fuss was about!" Harry said with pride to Hedwig. "It looks like I know now why you have been away so much recently." He smiled again, "They are brilliant, Hedwig!" Hedwig looked up at him and squawked with a nod of her head.

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