Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
How Petunia Found her Groove

Mallorca. About three months ago.

The plane trip to Palma de Mallorca was becoming absolutely horrid. Heathrow was a zoo at high spring holiday season, and Vernon had been totally useless at the airport; she had to see to everything. She had to wrangle the taxi to the airport, and from there get them in relative comfort to their gate. She had to fib and tell them that Vernon had knee replacement and needed a ride to the gate, and of course, at her severe insistence, they were accommodated. There was some confusion around their seating once they got to the gate, which again caused her to have to be the man of the house and take care of business and set the cocky little bitch at the counter straight on their reservations. She once again persevered against the powers of ineffectual and inadequate service to get what the Dursleys needed and deserved. She secured free cocktails for both legs their trip to the island of Mallorca and back home. The half hour delay announced fifteen minutes later was just icing on the top of her make-me-livid cupcake this day was serving up to her. However, the cocktails did do their job and calmed her down once they were in flight. Slipping a little blue pill under her tongue with the first one also did its part. Perhaps she had been a bit anxious about the trip, maybe the day was not so bad after all.

For once, Vernon had rolled over on her request for an out of country holiday and did not even balk at the cost of flying first class and her choice of hotel. His bonus and promotion had been tremendous this year. He had destroyed his competition in and out of the company. Of course, she a lured him in with the golf package, he had the choice of playing 36 holes daily at one of three top notch golf courses and clubs within minutes of the hotel and by shuttle transport. This would give her plenty of time to sun alone at the pools or beaches or to spend time shopping and site seeing in Mallorca. Mimi Vanderwrath and Lady Jane Dodson had both recommended Mallorca wholeheartedly at Bridge.

Petunia was calling this a "couples" vacation, but it was really the two of them spending time apart in an exotic location. They would have breakfast and supper together, and of course they would share the bed at night, but she was not hopeful that much would happen. Nothing had been happening for quite a while between the two of them, and she was not trying much at all anymore. He seemed satisfied with his birthday blow job, and the rare "poke, gasp and roll" he would initiate at bedtime that she suspected was inspired not by her, but the young waitresses at the club, since the events would occur after a night's supper there.

She reminded herself that she was a successful housewife married to a successful husband, had a wonderful son, and they were very comfortable. Perhaps too comfortable. If it weren't for her family ties, and having a magical nephew, she would say her life was almost perfect. She was a bit concerned about Dudley. He had finally seemed to have come out of his funk since the… attack but seemed to be a much more humbled version of himself. She hated how it seemed his spirit had been broken. He did not appear in his talk to be so cock-sure of himself, but his good humor had resurfaced, and he was back to leading his pack of friends around. It was he who suggested that he go to Amsterdam with his best friend, Rodger Roundtree and his family for school break. Petunia knew Rhonda Roundtree from the club, she occasionally played Bridge, not weekly, but was competent, and seemed to be a level- headed woman. Her husband was a professor at Kingston University, teaching travel writing, and had written several travel guides. He was going to Amsterdam to update a previous guide he wished to re-publish.

She would miss Dudley but was looking forward to some time alone to relax. By the time the plane landed, the world was a better place for Petunia. The check in with passports was efficient and quick; there was no time waiting in line for First Class passengers. The hotel shuttle was waiting promptly, and she did not have to lift a strap or handle of her luggage. The Dursleys were staying in the heart of the Old Town of Palma de Mallorca, the picturesque and historic district near shopping and restaurants, museums, and historic sites and buildings. It was a four- star hotel, the Convent de la Missio, a converted monastery convent and education center built in the 1700's. It had the old charm, but had been updated with many new amenities, including a rooftop swimming pool. The owner had spent many years on its reconstruction and had only opened it a few years ago, but it already had a top- notch reputation.

Petunia felt pampered the moment they entered the hotel. They were at the hotel before noon, and their room was already available, and by 12:30, she was eating a light lunch pool side and sunning in the new one- piece bathing suit she had purchased in London earlier that week. She felt nervous, it has been a while since she had been in a swimsuit, and although she attended aerobics weekly at the club, and did power walking around her neighborhood, she felt very self-conscious. It took another two blue pills to get her out of her room, with a short light robe over her suit and cinched tightly at her waist after she made sure it adequately covered her bottom in the bathroom dressing mirror. She put on her sunglasses to hide her furtive eyes. With no judgmental stares in her direction, she found the path to the pool and found an open chaise by itself in the sun. Vernon remained in the room to nap stating he had a headache. He was out like a light quickly; he never could sleep the night before he had to fly.

It was quiet, and only a few people were around the patio pool, apparently there were several pools on premises. A young man approached her, wearing the white polo shirt and the dark navy slacks of the hotel staff uniform.

Is there anything you would like, Madame….?"

"Dursley. Room 4."

The dark-haired young man bowed slightly, "Madame Dursley. Is there something I can get or do for you? Perhaps a drink?"

"Yes, I would love a vodka tonic with lemon, also just a glass of iced water as well."

"Very good. I will return soon." He smiled, and Petunia noticed how his eyes quickly but discreetly flitted up and down her body. She felt a bit of color rise to her cheeks and upper chest. He was handsome, with a lovely light brown tanned color, but his English was very good, and had a bit of a British tone, instead of Spanish as she would have expected. He returned shortly with her drink, and after a quick taste, Petunia found it very much to her liking. She liked a splash of squeezed lemon in her tonic, and much to her surprise, she found it already there.

On the attendant's tray, along with her drink, a bottle of water and glass with ice, was a dark brown plastic bottle as well as some hand towels. The attendant saw her gaze fix on the plastic bottle. As if in answer to her unasked question, he nodded to the bottle.

"Forgive my presumption, but it is a common mistake our guests make, not bringing the correct tanning lotion to use in the bright sun of Mallorca, so we provide it here. We want our guests to be comfortable throughout their stay and that cannot happen if we would allow such beautiful fair skin as yours to be unnecessarily burned in our warm but strong sunshine."

"That is nice… I do usually burn a bit before I begin to tan… perhaps it is because of the tanning lotion I use."

"Please, madame permit me to help you with the application."


"It would be my pleasure, and if you don't mind me saying confidentially, especially with such a lovely guest as yourself."

Petunia laughed nervously in a girlish manner, at what came across as sincere flattery from the young man. She could not place it, but he seemed familiar to her in a strange way. "Well, yes, that would be very nice, I have a hard time reaching my back… and with this new open back on my suit, I do not want to burn…"

"That would be a travesty to such beautiful skin Madame Dursley."

"Please, call me Petunia… Madame Dursley seems so… so old."

"What a lovely name!, very well, Petunia, please allow me to be of service."

Petunia turned her back to the young man, who remained standing, not making the presumption that he could sit on her chaise. It was all very professional and polite. She turned her head, "And what is your name?"

"I am Marco. I must say Petunia, it was a very good idea for you to start your sunning with a one-piece suit, before moving to a bikini or 'al fresco', people are often too excited to get all the sun they can in Mallorca."

"A bikini? Al fresco!", Petunia scoffed, "I certainly do not have the shape for that!" She could feel the heat rise across her upper chest above her breasts, as his strong young hands ably applied the lotion deeply into her skin of her back in a massaging manner that felt so, so good to her.

"You sell yourself short, madame, you have a lovely figure. And I would know." Marco leaned in close to whisper conspiratorially in Petunia's ear, sending goosebumps up her spine as his warm breath wafted on her neck, "For over the years, I have seen many, many visitors who come here wearing swimsuits that are ill fitting and much smaller than their large bodies should modestly wear."

The both laughed appreciatively at the comment, and as if on cue, a rather large woman walked by with a poodle on a leash, wearing an indecently small bikini that disappeared almost fully into her very large and ponderous ass cheeks. Her top was tied loosely, and her large heavy pendulous breasts sagged over the large belly that extended out and over the top of her bottoms, to the point that the bright red cloth was only a teeny triangle of color between the bulbous flesh of her belly and thunderous thighs. Petunia could not decide whether there was a lack of modesty or a bravery that could not be denied, but it made them both smile anyway.

"My, you certainly would have your hands full with that one," Petunia whispered.

Marco sighed, "Unfortunately, I have, several times." Petunia laughed aloud, and then quickly said, "You poor thing."

Marco nodded, "Actually, she is a lovely person. She is very kind, but at the same time, she has a very… romantic notion and expectation of her time here in Mallorca."

"Say no more. Well, I will try to keep your services for myself as long as I can Marco, if that would buy you some time away from her attentions."

"I would appreciate that very much Senora." Marco sighed gratefully.

"Well, then, I say, give me the works, I do not want to lift a finger, please cover me with the lotion I need to start a good tan, but not to burn." This was working out much better than Petunia had imagined, the handsome young man was sparking a small flame inside, her, and for the first time in quite a while, she felt attractive. She knew he was only doing his job, and perhaps fishing for tips, but she was going to take advantage of this, of course in only a very innocent way.

Marco was attentive, and first made her take off her sunglasses, and very gently applied another, thicker, creamier lotion to her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin with his deft but gentle fingertips. From there he moved to her lovely long neck and shoulders. His massaging of her exposed back was delicious to Petunia. He then rubbed the lotion deep into her arms taking her hand gently as he made sure to cover her arms, under arms and forearms completely.

He had her lean back on the chaise, to get comfortable, and moved behind her, dipping his finger into the lotion and bringing them to her upper chest. He was tentative, but Petunia bit her lip and moved her head to the side as an indicator for him to move ahead. As his nimble fingers began to rub the lotion across the wide u open neckline of the suit into her upper chest, she could feel her nipples hardening, and beginning to poke through the thin material of the suit. His fingertips reached the border of the neckline at the bottom of her upper chest and which included the now curvy territory of her exposed cleavage. He fingers rubbed slowly continuing his same pace as they spread the lotion across the tops of her exposed breasts. He stopped as he reached hem of the suit. Petunia whispered to him, "Please, just a bit inside, I don't want to burn as I move about." His fingers dipped below the hem of neckline, just the length of his fingertips. She felt her nipples grow harder and a warm wetness at her pussy. He massaged across the full neckline and over the full tops and sides of her breasts, and she pulled her shoulder straps down to the sides of her arms to allow him to fully cover her shoulders, and the area of cleavage that became exposed as well. She so wanted him to caress her breasts fully, to grasp and pull at her nipples, but when he had covered the exposed areas of her skin and massaged in the lotion she just pulled up her shoulder straps and thanked him. He nodded. She could tell he was in a bit of distress but could not see behind her to see how much distress he was in. She was curious, and as he tried to nonchalantly move to down to her feet and legs, she stared at his crotch to see if she could see if all this touching of her had made him hard. He stood boldly in front of her and looked her in the eye and smiled. She could see the tent in his trousers, and with no apology, he purposely shifted with his hand what looked to be his large erection through his slacks as he bent down on his knees to apply the suntan lotion to her feet and legs. She felt a small stream her pussy juice, drip down her thigh and underneath her. She smiled and lay back and let Marco expertly massage and apply the lotion to her feet and lower legs, allowing him to move them as he saw fit. She was so glad that she had endured the waxing at the spa in London for this trip. She would widen her legs occasionally to see if eyes would travel to her crotch and her wet cunt waiting there for his gaze. He did not disappoint her. The stares were lingering and bold, but with gentleness that did not scare her with his lust, only sent chills of pleasure up her spine.

As his hands reached the tops of her upper thighs, and with the thought of his fingers being so close to her pussy, Petunia panicked. She stopped him and asked that he allow her to turn over onto her stomach. For some reason not making eye contact with him for this last part was better.

Marco moved back down to her ankles and made sure that the backs of her calves were fully covered, and his hands worked their way up the back of her upper legs. He avoided going down into the insides of her thighs at her crux but moved up to caress the exposed areas of her buttocks due to the modestly high cut of her swimsuit. Again, she whispered, "Please… underneath." She felt the wet warm lotion on his hands move under her swimsuit, and tentatively, move further in, after what she was sure was Marco scouting to see if any eyes were on them. She felt a thrill when she felt his fingers move further in, past just his fingertips. She boldly widened her legs, and felt his fingers move quickly to inside her ass cheeks stopping to rub oil slowly around her pink and puckered anus, sending a jolt of electricity up her spine, then south to her wet and waiting sex. Quickly they were dipped into the folds of her wet flesh, and his index and middle fingers found the entrance to her love hole and he pushed the fingers in, caressing and rubbing there. Petunia came at that moment and could feel a small stream of her juices flowing around his fingers. Satisfied, Marco quickly moved his hand out from underneath her suit, knowing the risk of being caught was too great.

He toweled his fingers wet with her cum and the lotion. Petunia felt incredibly aroused and embarrassed at the same time and remained on her stomach so that Marco could not see her face. Her voice cracked a bit as she voiced her thanks. "Thank you, Marco, th-that was wonderful. I do hope your tanning lotion does the job."

"Yes, Petunia. It should do well. You should not sun more than three hours this first day. Please go in sooner if your skin feels too warm. I will check on you as well. Would you like a Pina Colada?, it is my specialty."

"Yes, that would be lovely."

"Then please excuse me."

Ten minutes later, Marco was back with her white frothy blended drink. She could smell the rum and fresh coconut, and pineapple. Marco stayed, anxious to see how she enjoyed the drink. He did not give her a straw. She gulped the creamy white drink down and he smiled.

"Do you like it?

"It is very thick, pulpy, and creamy, but very tasty and strong. Yes, I do like it."

"Very good, it is my own recipe, and comes from my special mix of creams."

"Well, it is very good, you must make me another!"

"It would be my pleasure. I will check back with you later to see when you would like another." He smiled an enigmatic smile and Petunia, very much aware that his fingers had just been in her sex smiled naughtily as she took another drink of the colada and wiped the thick cream from the corner of her mouth with her finger and sucked it. Marco raised his eyebrows and excused himself with a slight smile, to attend to others on the patio.

Marco remained attentive, but from afar, only seeming excited again when she asked for another of his special Coladas. Again, he stood and waited until she had gulped his drink, and he asked again to make sure it was to her liking. She licked the frothy edge of the glass and nodded her approval and that seemed to please him greatly.

After he had left, Petunia was thinking about getting ready to leave to perhaps go shower and touch herself with thoughts of Marco, when a woman close to her age, perhaps a bit older, but very fit and pretty, along with a teenaged girl, not more than 15 or 16, who was also pretty, but not in a stunning way, just wholesome and wide-eyed, pulled up a couple of nearby chaises close to her. The girl shared similar features with the woman that made Petunia believe they were related. Dark shiny brown hair, high cheek bones, but much more defined on the mother, the daughter's face still soft and round of a growing girl. Both had beautiful full lips on small mouths, and both had light brown complexions that seemed natural, and only enhanced by the sun. Both were curvy, but the mother was stunning with long legs and a stomach that Petunia would kill for. They both wore slightly modest but fitting bikinis. The girl was still blooming and small breasted but would probably end up with the perky larger breasts of her mother. Both were smaller in height than Petunia. If Petunia had not been in such a good mood, she may have been miffed, for she was uncertain that she wanted to have some "girl time" which it appeared was the intention of these two, but she went with the flow. She was on holiday after all. The "mother" was the first to speak, she had a British accent which immediately comforted Petunia, she did not know what she would have done if they had turned out to be loud, horrid Americans.

"Good, Afternoon, I see you have been enjoying the many gifts that is Marco! I am Penelope Planter, and this my daughter, Samantha- but you can call us Penny and Sammi if you would like."

"Hello, I am Petunia Dursley. Yes, doesn't he make a Pina Colada you could die for?!"

Samantha smirked a bit. "I enjoy his suntan oil application… he is very attentive."

Petunia was disturbed to think of Marco giving the young fifteen-year-old girl the same treatment he had previously given her, yet she was pretty sure that the blatant innuendo dripping off the young girl's statement was stating as such.

The young woman and the older woman shared the chaise they had pulled close to Petunia's own , sitting down and leaning forward to chat in a conspiratorial manner.

"I must say", said Penelope, pulling her sunglasses down to the tip of her pointed nose to look Petunia fully over, " He does have a type- attractive, shapely and British. You certainly meet his requirements, I think. You know he went to college there, for Hospitality Management, London I mean."

"No, we had not got that far in our conversation… I have only arrived today." Petunia thought it odd, how familiar these two were speaking to her, like they had known each other for days instead just minutes. Yet, it seemed comforting, perhaps being British and away in a foreign country, they felt an assumed kinship. However, they both seemed straightforward enough, not like the game playing bitches she dealt with on a regular basis at the club in Little Whinging.

About the secret ingredient in those Pina Coladas you like so well…"

"Oh please, you don't have to tell me the secret ingredient- I already know."

"You do?"

"Of course! If it only came out of their penises tasting that good."

Both Penelope and Samantha gasped a bit, surprised, perhaps thinking they were going to shock Petunia, only to be shocked by Petunia, and both burst out laughing. Petunia giggled too.

"Oh, I know I like you, Petunia! I think we are going to be good friends while we are here!" said Penelope as she leaned over and patted Petunia knee. "I will order us some drinks, perhaps something not cream inspired!"

"Oh, I think it is good that Marco's shift is over- I don't think he could come up with enough for three more drinks." Petunia retorted.

"You'd be surprised." Samantha said flatly, flipping her hair, and settling back in her chaise while inspecting her skin for burn by pressing her finger at her exposed skin of the top of her left breast and then lifting it.

"Why is that?"

"He has massive bollocks. I have seen him at the beach in a speedo. Pretty nice sized cock as well."


"Why, would you be interested in that?"

"My, you are a bit cheeky, aren't you dear."

"Yes, that one does have a mouth, but are you interested, dear?" smiled Penelope.

"Heavens no. I am married after all. It is one thing to get a… massage, and another thing altogether to… y'know…"

"Let him take you like a rutting slut?" Samantha said, again flatly, while she sipped what appeared to be a lemonade and looked straight over to her mother.

Petunia liked this one. Rude, brash. No filter on her mouth. The girl reminded her of her own son, Dudley. "Exactly."

Penelope made an embarrassing coughing sound and appeared to be blushing. It then dawned on Petunia that the comment had been directed by Sammi to her mother. "Really Penny?"

"Well, yes. I am on holiday, so I thought I would treat myself… and Sammi is correct, it is very nice sized…"

"Well how was it?" asked Petunia, intrigued.

"Well for the ten minutes it lasted, it was very good."

"oh, an excitable boy, I take it."

"Yes, very excitable."

"Mother is hoping to wear him in- to the point that he will be jaded and last long enough to allow her to finally orgasm after two hours of him pounding her."

"Shut up Sammi. There is being cheeky, and then there is being rather rude, young lady."

"Easy for you to say Mother- you don't have to listen to it from the other side of the suite wall."

"I take it there is no Mr. Hunter around.", commented Petunia. At that Penelope just snorted.

Samantha a sighed. "Oh, there is a Mr. Hunter, but you are right, he is never around. Daddy spends his time with his new Bimbo and brat in the States."

Petunia could tell you the rest of their story easily now. Penelope spent her time on the nouveau riche vacation circuit looking for a wealthy husband or sugar daddy and had to drag her daughter along for the ride. She suddenly felt empathy for Sammi. This girl had probably seen way too much in her short life and was growing up much too fast, and her mother was either oblivious, or in denial, or just did not care.

"So how long have you two been in Mallorca?" Petunia decided to try to steer their conversation into a less tension-filled direction.

"Three fabulous days. This time. We have just been sunning and going dancing. It has been lovely fun." Penelope gushed. "Of course, I have been meeting some people, and going out for lunch as well."

"That's code for Mother has got one on the hook and is working on reeling him in. Not so good with the netting work, are we mother?"

"Perhaps if the net handler wasn't so sullen and rude, it would be easier, dear. As I was saying, Petunia, we have not had a chance yet to see the historical sites, have we Sammi? Sammi is interest in art history and architecture, and I well, I would prefer to shop and get a good pedicure. Are you interested in the art and history of Mallorca, Petunia?"

"Well, yes that is one of the reasons I chose this hotel to stay, it's right in the middle of the old historical city."

"So, this is the part where she tries dumping me on you for the day so that she can go off and have some "quality time" with her intended target."

"Don't be so gauche, Samantha dear. But since she has broached the subject, would you mind if Sammi joins you for any site seeing you might do tomorrow? It would make me feel better to know she was in the company of someone such as yourself."

"Well, yes of course. I was planning on visiting a couple of the art museums and doing a bit of shopping. I am sure Samantha's company would be rather refreshing tomorrow." How do I get myself into these things?, thought Petunia. I would much rather spend time on my own, I don't even know this girl, but she certainly needs rescuing from the neglect I can only see hinted at here. Besides, after dealing with the world of boys for all these years, it would be nice to have a young girl to visit with. She hoped to make the best of a situation that at worst would be annoying and at best, might be rather enjoyable.

Petunia committed the Planter's room number to memory and promised to get in touch with Samantha in the morning. She was feeling very warm, and bidding the Planters good-bye, saying she had enough sun for the day and wanted to check in with her husband.

In their room, Petunia found Vernon sleeping soundly, still in his clothes atop the bed. "Poor dear", she thought, "You must really have had a bad headache, well, I will let you rest, and we can go out later for something to eat." She stretched and sighed and put down her bag. "Well, I might as well have a shower, and then perhaps Vernon will wake, and we can go out." She walked softly to the bathroom and closed the door.

Petunia slowly peeled the bathing suit over her lovely hips and round but firm buttocks. She checked for color, and there certainly was a difference between the skin exposed and that under her suit. She felt some relief at the removal of the restrictive suit. She stretched her arms luxuriously, looking into the mirror at her naked body. She caressed her large breasts, satisfied that they still sat nicely on her chest, her nipples hardening slightly at her own touch. She was feeling a bit randy. Her hand ran over the very smooth skin of her vulva and down to her sex. The Brazilian waxing had been painful but very thorough. She liked the smooth soft feel of her bare cunt. She stood in front of the mirror and spread her legs slightly as she pulled open the pink folds of her pussy. She was wet as she thought of only a few hours before with Marco's fingers in her sex, and what it would be like to have his cock deep inside her.

In the shower, with the water running slowly and luxuriously cool, she sighed with pleasure. The light wet splashing felt good against her warm skin… she had been so close to burning- it was good she left when she did. Her fair skin was sensitive, and she was glad she had taken Marco's advice. She wished she could had taken more of his attentions. She thought of what his cock would look like, and his massive bollocks as described by Sammi. She could see herself on her knees before him, her mouth swallowing and sucking one of his large testicles as she stroked the fullness of his steel hard rod. Suddenly the image of Marco in her thoughts changed to that of her nephew Harry, him looking down and his hand gently into her hair. She tried to shake it off, but could not, every time she thought of Marco, it was Harry's face that filled her mind. She found it strange and disturbing, yet her erotic needs had to be met, and for whatever the reason Harry had invaded her lustful fantasy, so she decided to go with it. She was close to cumming and continued the fantasy in her mind, as her fingers deftly continued to rub her swollen and sensitive clit, under the cool water. In her fantasy, she was now on all fours, as a deliciously thick and long cock entered her sex slowly, fully from behind, while large commanding hands held her hips with authority and care. The strength of the hands and the hard strokes that were now pounding her and causing her breasts to sway and shake underneath her quavering body were bringing her that much closer to ecstasy. Harry/Marco was giving it to her hard, rough, and with passionate caresses and she was loving it. Her self-directed orgasm took over her fantasy and she came, with a satisfying shudder that caused her to bend over and grip her cunt as she felt a flood of her ejaculate spill down her inner thighs.

She was in a very good mood when she left the shower and hummed sweetly to herself as she dressed and woke Vernon gently to get him up and changed for dinner.

The bottle of wine at dinner left them both tipsy and very tired, and when they got back to the hotel room, and prepared for the night, Vernon confirmed his tee time and shuttle for the next morning and had the desk set a wake-up call in the morning to ensure he was up in time for an early breakfast before heading off to the links. Petunia promised to get up with him and attend breakfast before beginning her own day of site seeing. She planned on sunning a bit in the morning, perhaps a swim on the top deck pool, an exclusive feature not available to all guests, a privilege that the Dursleys had bought and paid for. She was still feeling a bit sexy, and tipsy, and did a production of undressing in front of a very distracted Vernon. She bent over, exposing her sex and anus to him as she unrolled her stockings. Frankly, at this point, she was willing to do anal sex with him if that would get him to touch her. Vernon was rubbing his feet and not paying attention to his wife. She was tired of being the one to have to initiate sex, practically begging for it like a nymphomaniac. "Vernon, what do you think? " She stated to get his attention as he picked at his toenails, his head bent over them.

"Whuut?" he said absentmindedly, and in kneejerk response, not looking up from his grooming.

Petunia had her hands on her hips, just cocked ever so, trying to strike a seductive pose. "I said, what do you think, you know, of the waxing I got, do you like the look?"

"What's a waxing, does it make you look shiny or somefin?" his head still down, not looking up at all.

Petunia was beginning to get angry, but she tried to remain calm, and with a deep breath said sweetly, "No you Silly, it makes it look Bare. " she accented her last words with a breathy tone, trying to get him to look up at her, to see her naked before him, calling attention to the full pink moist lips of her sex, pouting and wanting some touch. The bait to get him to hold and touch more of her body. Vernon looked up briefly.

"I never thought you had any facial hair, why waste your time with that?"

"No, not my- oh never mind!" Petunia stormed over to her dresser and found a light cotton nightgown, properly frumpy and short for the warm weather and slid it over her head and pulled it down in anger and then with a "harrumph!" stamped to the bathroom to brush her teeth and apply her night mask of moisture cream.

Vernon shrugged at her response and muttered an undiscernible "feckin loon" under his breath and went back to picking at his toes.

That night, Petunia's dreams were vivid and strange. Again, her nephew, the prodigal sad reminder of her sister, invaded them, like in her masturbatory fantasy that afternoon. Yet in these, which were not always sexual (though there were some tender and exciting moments that she could still recall with detail the next morning) he was heroic and strong and came to her rescue when she was being attacked by monsters and men. She did not know what to make of the dreams but felt comforted and safe when she rose the next morning to start her day. She remembered Sammi but knew it would be much too early to contact a teenage girl; she would still be asleep at this early hour. Much the better, it gave her the relaxing alone time she craved after she bid adieu to Vernon for his day of golf. She hoped it would be productive- at least it would get him out in the fresh air with a bit of exercise. That would improve his mood. Perhaps there would be some saucy Spanish waitresses or greens girls that would inspire him to take out his arousals on her his wife later that evening.

The sun rising off the Mediterranean Sea was spectacular; at first light shades of rose and pink coloring the sky and spare clouds, then turned to shades of orange and dazzling gold. The warmth of the sun was immediate, and only the cool breeze blowing in from the sea kept the temperature moderate as Petunia and Vernon sat with strong coffee on the veranda of the hotel cafe waiting for their food. Petunia, decided to try a more Spanish breakfast of a tomato toast with Iberic ham, while Vernon kept to an English breakfast with bangers and potatoes with lots of toast and marmalade. It was always that way, even with Vernon's hearty appetite, it took much for Petunia to convince him to go out of his comfort zone to try new things. She did the pioneering, and ordered the strange new foods, and if he saw something she had that looked "reasonable" he might order it during their stay.

After breakfast, and the requisite peck on the cheek, the couple parted to go their own way. Petunia stopped at the desk, and asked who was attending the top deck pool, and found out disappointedly that Marco was not on duty that day. Perhaps it was better she thought, the temptation was too great when he was around, but she still felt disappointed. She went to her room and changed into her bathing suit, this time feeling more confident, she only took a sheer light wrap that she wore at her waist, along with a paperback romance novel that she had been reading off and on during the flight.

The elevator took her to the top of the hotel, and the pool deck there was indeed secluded and hidden in greenery, but spectacular, with old brightly painted ornate tiles and a view of the bay that was breathtaking. She rounded the corner, only to find wait staff, and one other person on a chaise near the pool. It was Sammi. She had headphones on listening to a Sony Walkman, the music so loud as it could be heard as tinny noise several feet away from where she lay. She wore dark glasses that complimented the curve of her face and cheekbones. She wore a tiny leopard print bikini, that barely covered her full young breasts, which sat so very high on her chest that Petunia could not remember when her own were that firm and pointy. Ah, to be young. The tiny triangle of her bottoms just barely did its job of covering her pubis, and no more than a string rode high on her waist. Ah, to have such lovely firm young skin, and such a lovely color of brown too. She did not seem to notice Petunia, so Petunia did not call attention to herself and found a chaise with good sun nearer to the opposite side of the pool from the girl and made herself at home. She asked for the hotel sun lotion, and a female attendant, pleasant but not as accommodating and charming as Marco, brought her the lotion and a Bloody Mary.

Petunia, slathered on the tanning lotion as best she could and settled back in her chair, she would just have to be careful when she turned over and lay on her tummy to watch the time and intensity of the early morning sun.

She sunned for an hour, and just as she turned over to lie on her stomach , and had settled, Petunia felt the presence of someone standing at her chaise, then carefully sitting down on the edge of the chaise, near her legs. It was Sammi.

"Not a good idea, Petunia, to tan so early without any sunscreen."

"No Marco to help me apply to my back.", replied Petunia.

"Or elsewhere." Sammi giggled. "Here, I may not make you all tingly like he does, but at least I can keep you from burning, do you mind?"

"No, that would be sweet of you, of course not. Please."

Right away Petunia noticed Sammi's gentle and thoughtful touch. She took her time, working the lotion thoroughly into Petunia's exposed neck and back.

"You got some nice color for just your first day…even if he is just feeding us lines, Marco sure does know his tanning lotions."

"Yes, it turned out well, I was just short of burning, and this morning it was already turning brown."

"You are going to look marvelous before you leave Mallorca, Petunia."

"Do you think so?, I am hoping."

"You will be ready for a two-piece by tomorrow."

"Oh, I did not bring a two-piece, heaven's no!"

"Why the fuck not?... You certainly have the body for it. I would give my left arm for hips and a bum like that when I am… older."

"That is sweet of you to say, but you certainly have a lovely young body that will continue to develop and become more lovely."

"I will never have a bum like yours- I have a bubble butt, not a lovely heart shaped derrière."

"There are plenty of boys out there that love rear ends shaped like yours. You will see."

Sammi only sighed, shrugged, and said, "Maybe." Sammi continued to apply the suntan lotion. Some quiet moments went by before the young girl spoke again. "So, today, when we go out, we are going to find you the perfect two- piece. You need some sexy tan lines, and you are not going to get it in that suit" Sammi playfully tugged on the hem of Petunia's suit at her right ass cheek. She then took a dollop of lotion and began to cover the back of Petunia's legs, with the same care she did for her arms, neck and back. Petunia was feeling relaxed and enjoyed the massage/lotion application. Sammi had strong hands for a girl her age and was giving a good muscular massage while she rubbed in the lotion.

If she had been able to turn around, she would have seen how it was affecting her young charge; Sammi's nipples were fully hardened and stressing the thin material of her top. Sammi knew she was wet too and ached to run her fingers into her bottoms for some relief. She enjoyed the arousal she was feeling and continued touching the lovely woman before her. Her mother certainly had hit the jackpot for her when she had spied Petunia and decided to make her the next babysitter. Whether her mother knew it or not, Petunia hit all the points of attractiveness for the young girl. She was hoping this one would be the one that would finally be more than the surrogate mom all of them before had turned out to be. She was inching into Petunia's inner thighs and decided to be bold.

"Be a dear and spread your legs a bit so that I can make sure the insides of your legs are covered well." Without a thought, Petunia complied, and said, "Would you be a love and just go inside the hems a bit, this suit rides up so terribly when I move about."

"You mean it rides up so nicely ", Sammi corrected Petunia.

"Oh, you are a cheeky monkey, aren't you, you scamp." Petunia smiled to herself as she playfully scolded Sammi. It was so different to have a young girl around, someone to whom she could relate to more. No matter how much she loved her dear Dudley he and his friends were total boys oblivious to the things that women thought about… and Vernon was a total lost cause on that front. It was nice to have a kindred companion whom she could be girlish about. Even though there was some of that at the Club, it was a much more restrained and defeated attitude about it with the other housewives. In Little Whinging is was more about the burden of motherhood than the joy of feminine strengths and humor. She was already finding that spending time with Sammi was perhaps something that had been missing in her life. She had always wanted another child, a girl, a matching set as it were, but her nephew ruined that plan.

Sammi's hands trembled a bit and she proceeded to lift the elastic hem of Petunia's suit and run her fingers wettened with lotion up onto the bare porcelain skin of Petunia's lovely bum. She wanted to kiss her there, run her tongue along the crease of her cheeks and down to the honeypot so closely by. She wouldn't dare though, it was much too soon for anything like that, and she certainly did not want to scare her away. She was certainly going to try her best to get a bit of a peek though, and boldly pulled back the hem of Petunia's crotch and while quickly rubbing some lotion got as much of a look at that full pink labia and tiny puckered anus as she could. Her heart was racing, and she felt herself cum a bit, and could feel a spasm in her Kegel muscles. Petunia did not say a word, and so she did it again, to cover the other side of her inner thighs with lotion. She carefully pulled down the hem and patted her behind as she finished the left bum cheek.

"There, that will keep your naughty bits from being burned."

"Well, here's hoping that they are not exposed enough to get burned."

"Even if Marco were to come by?" Sammi teased.

"I think you are confusing me with your mother, dear."

"Oh, I certainly am not, but you certainly seemed partial to those Pena Coladas he serves."

"Well, that was just a guess on my part, and I certainly couldn't taste anything out of the ordinary."

"But you want to try another one, don't you, just to see if you could."

"I am not going to comment on that, on the grounds that a woman should not swallow and tell."

They both giggled naughtily and understood each other fully.

As Sammi finished up applying lotion to the backs of Petunia's legs and feet, Petunia felt obliged to ask Sammi something that had been on her mind.



"Yesterday you said that Marco was "attentive" with his suntan lotion application with you… did he touch you inappropriately?… I mean did he put his fingers in…"

"Oh, no! I mean, I kind of wished, but he just was very touchy, and sexy-massage-y, and took his time, very sexy like, and he did pat my ass when he was finished, but no, he didn't put his fingers inside my twat or anything. "

"Oh good, I would be concerned."

"Why? Did he do that to you?"

Petunia blushed, and would not turn and face Sammi., "No, although he was rubbing up against me you know, there when he was… applying the lotion." She did not know why she fibbed to Sammi just then, but for some reason it was embarrassing to let her know that she did allow Marco to enter her with his fingers. She just did not want to end up facing the same disdain that Sammi certainly had for her mother.

"Felt good, dint it?"

"I will not swallow and tell, young lady."

They both giggled again.

They sunned for a while and agreed to meet in an hour to go out for the day after they showered and dressed. Petunia found herself looking through her wardrobe for something fun to wear, something younger looking, less motherly. She was disappointed to realize how frumpish most of her wardrobe would appear to a young girl like Sammi. She found a yellow sundress, one that had been an after-thought as she did some last-minute packing. It was a frock she normally wore with a light waist coat of some kind and decided to wear it as is. It certainly dropped low on her chest and exposed more of her cleavage than she normally allowed, but she was in the balmy weather of Mallorca, and not back in Little Whinging.

She put it on, and felt it was just fun and flirty enough not to make her seem like an out of touch old lady, certainly not a "with-it" fashionista, but that would never be her aspiration. She felt younger, much freer, and it showed in step and mood when she greeted the young woman in the lobby. Sammi wore navy short shorts and a tight, white spaghetti strap cotton knit top and sensible white canvas low top shoes sockless. She was braless as well and bounced firmly down the stairs, her young nipples prominently on display yet she seemed to have no concern about it.

Sammi had revealed while they sunned that she and her mother had been to Mallorca several times and that the young woman knew her way around the Old Town. She wanted to take Petunia to a tiny cafe she knew, located just off one of the small plazas in the shopping district of the tourist town. They wandered their way through narrow tiled and cobbled streets and brightly painted storefronts on ancient stone and brick buildings. Petunia tried to pay attention to landmarks, but with the twists and turns, soon realized that she would have no idea how to get back to the hotel without seeking directions from others or following Sammi. It caused a small knot to grow in the pit of her stomach. They spent the time conversing, which eased the feeling of lack of control, and Petunia related a bit of her life as a housewife in Little Winging and about her son, Dudley.

Sammi pulled her into a shop that specialized in beach wear. Petunia tried to feebly protest but her eye was immediately attracted to the colors and styles. There were a couple of sailor themed suits in the window that were too cute not to see closer.

"Please Petunia, this is a fun shop, and they have private rooms to try on the suits. We will find you one that is suitable for you for a great tan!"

"Oh, all right- I am on holiday, aren't I?"

"Well- almost. We will get you there!" Sammi promised with a wink and a laugh.

"Hola, com estàs?", said Sammi cheerfully.

Petunia echoed with a timid, "Hola".

"Bé, gràcies, què podem fer per vostè avui?" answered a very pretty, young girl with long dark hair and a full bright smile.

"Uhm, … Ens agradaria mirar bikinis per a mi... Tia. Si és possible, ens agradaria un vestidor privat, és molt tímid." Responded Sammi.

"No problem senyoreta, we will ready a room. Feel free to browse and choose the suits that interest you," the young clerk said in perfect English.

The two walked around the shop, looking through the hundreds of what Petunia thought were the tiniest pieces of cloth to cover a woman ever made. She allowed Sammi to pick some out for her and she nabbed two versions of the sailor themed suits that interested her in the window, as well a couple of two pieces that seemed to be more than just a G-string and pasty tops. Sammi also grabbed a few to try on as well.

They were directed to some stairs to a to a small room just off the top landing. It was not uncomfortably small, and Sammi began to undress, hoping that Petunia would then feel comfortable to strip to the bare as well. She was glad there was no dressing screen in the room for Petunia to hide behind. Since she was wearing only a tiny bikini panty under her short shorts, and no bra, it did not take long for Sammi to be bouncing fully nude to the pile of swimsuits on the table in the room. There were two chairs, and a trifold mirror on one long wall. The other wall faced the street, but the windows were shuttered, allowing in light, but not allowing anyone to see the two in the room. Sammi could feel Petunia's eyes on her, and she could feel an ache in her pussy that soon had her feeling very wet and warm. Her nipples hardened and she turned to face Petunia and smiled and held up two suits.

"Which should I try first?" She said, cocking her young bony hip and shapely thigh as she asked the question.

Petunia was currently out of her dress and was only wearing a shelf bra and pair of lace bikini panties. Sammi enjoyed furtively looking at Petunias full breasts as she bent over, looking through her pile of swimsuits. She was dismayed not to see an erect nipple, she thought that Petunia might be a bit turned on by being almost naked with her in a small intimate room like the one they were in. "I like those knickers by the way…"

"Oh? What? Yes, thanks. I got those at an intimates shop in London, right next to where they… did the waxing. "

At the comment, Sammi's ears perked up along with her imagination, she imagined smearing the gooey wax on the pubis and inner thighs and rectum of Petunia. Getting the chance to touch her cunt, to perhaps rub her lips, or place a finger up her tight little asshole. "Oh? how was it? The last one I got was brutal. My little puss was sore for days." She nonchalantly looked at both suits.

"The blue one." Petunia responded.


"I want to see you in the blue one first. I like the pattern. I think it will compliment your rather fit form rather well." Petunia paused, and ran her hand down along her inner thigh, brushing her knicker-covered pussy. "Mine was terrible painful, and that was after I had a few wines at lunch in preparation. The girl knew what she was doing, but it still hurt like hell. I felt raw for a day."

"But it feels nice, doesn't it, to have it so bare and smooth… I haven't had one in months."

"Oh? But you look so… tidy down there."

" You think so?," Sammi loved calling attention to her sex, and ran her finger around the outside of her puss, and just because she could, once up between her lips. She could tell Petunia's eyes, however furtive, were on her. "I shave and use a special depilatory cream that does not burn… much. Problem is that I have stubble and bumps back in just a few days. Bloody tiresome."

"The things we do for vanity, but I guess it is better than having ugly pubic hair sticking out like an ill-covered thatch roof."

Sammi shrugged, "Perhaps. Or perhaps we should all just get over ourselves and realize that we are human and grow pubic hair."

"I see it as no different than a man being required to be clean shaven, or at least keeping tidy their beards and mustaches."

"Except that hurts a whole lot less, and they can have stubble without anyone grossing out over it."

"Or one could wear a much larger bathing suit."

"Where is the fucking fun in that? I love showing off my body, and making women and men stare."

"That is because you are young hot minx."

"Really?" Sammi sounded genuinely surprised. "You think that I am hot?"
"Of course dear, Look at that firm young body, and those perky breasts, and your beautiful skin color and hair."

By now, Petunia had removed her lacy shelf bra and panties, and was moving to unhooking the tiny white terry cloth shorts from the hanger. Sammi was staring at her, since Petunia was mindful of the task at hand and not paying attention to her lustful and blatant voyeurism. At her praise, Sammi grew wetter between her legs and could feel her nipples ache at their hardness. She played with her tits pulling on her nipples while Petunia was occupied. Sammi tried to control herself, when all she wanted to do was drop to her knees before the naked woman bending over in front of her and lick her bare sweet cunt. She watched as Petunia slid on the boy like short tight trunks. They fit Petunia's heart shaped rump very well. She walked over to Petunia, looking at the trunks.

"At first, I did not think those would look good on anyone, but those definitely look cute on you!"

"You think? I think they are riding up my arse a bit…"

Sammi gripped the sides of the trunks and pulled them upward on Petunia's hips a bit. " Not enough. You need to show a bit of lower cheek, very sexy. There that is better."

Petunia flinched a moment, feeling the soft terrycloth material pull apart her cunt lips, and rub against her growing sensitive clitoris. She like the feeling, and the exposure of more of her ass. This little minx was trouble, and she was liking her more as they spent time together. She was feeling sexy and it was now spilling over into horniness. How could such a young girl inspire that in her? "How much is showing?"

Sammi grabbed the bottom of Petunia's right ass cheek and tweaked it gently in her hands, "Just a bit, see?"

Petunia, god help her, enjoyed Sammi touch on her ass, she had to stop this spell she was falling under. Petunia bounced over to the mirror, still not wearing the top, and took a turn in the mirrors, looking back over her shoulder. "I guess it is not too bad, and I do like how they shape my ass."

"See? They look great. Now try the top. Here. Wait, let me tie the back for you." Sammi let her breasts rub on Petunia's back, as she wrapped her arms around to her front to grab the strings and bring them around. Petunia could feel the girl's hardened nipples graze the sensitive skin of her mid back, and felt a slight chill go up her spine sending a shiver through her, and she could feel her own nipples swelling. She stayed still and enjoyed the feeling of the hard, young nipples pressing so slightly against her skin. A tinge of guilt tried to dull the joy of the sensation it was hard to ignore.

"Are you cold?" asked an attentive Sammi.

"No, just felt a bit of a tickle."

"Hold your breath while I do the last tighten before I tie."

Petunia obeyed, and held her breath, and could feel her full breasts rise a bit and the small top tighten and hold her bosom.

"There, now walk around a bit, let's see how well it holds that rack of yours. Mmmm. Nice bounce, very sexy. God I wish I had tits as big as yours or my mom's."

"Feels good, not too much you think?- And don't be in a hurry to grow.. remember what grows out, will eventually sag down. I'm not sure… too bouncy?"

"Isn't there a cover you can wear when you are walking around?… you can save your bounce for when you are just doing some walking near the pool if bothers you too much. For what it's worth, I think it is dead sexy, and just the right amount of bounce. You will have Marco or any other man dropping their tongues on the ground."

" Oh, I wish! But you are right, the top was the cutest part." Petunia picked up the cowl and put it on , buttoning it below her breasts. She took a turn and walked around. It still accented her bosom, but she did not feel so quite on display, nor did she feel like her tits were going to fly out of the top. She looked at it in the mirror and adjusted it under her breasts. It pulled them up a bit. She liked how it made her look and feel. She nodded her approval.

"I like this one."

"We have a winner!" As Sammi clapped her hands , fingertips to fingertips. She was still topless, having put on the bottoms of the suit Petunia chose while she was placing on the cowl. She jumped up and down a bit and squealed in delight. Petunia only smiled and then blushed. For some reason, Sammi's nudity was making her a bit… uncomfortable. She was feeling a bit horny and could not believe it was due to this lovely young girl bouncing before her. Perhaps it was all the teenage hormones rubbing off on her in some way.

"Let's see that top on, to get the full effect."

"You know, I do know a private beach where we could go to sunbathe au naturel, if you were interested some time. Well secured. You don't have to worry about any pervs… everyone is cool about it."

"First the two piece, now nude sunbathing?" Petunia admonished as she dropped the top over Sammi's head and brought the ties around to her back. Petunia was a full head and half taller than the young girl. She could easily place her chin on the top of her head and would still have to stoop to do so. She leaned down to be attentive to how the strings were tied.

"There. Let's see what that looks like. Do a walk and twirl." Petunia directed with her right hand and circled her well-manicured index finger to conduct the twirl.

You know, I know there is the school of thought that tan lines can be sexy, but I like to reserve that for the bottoms… there is nothing like a fully tanned back, Petunia."

"Well perhaps topless would be okay… I would have to think about it. And this place is private and secured?"

"Yes, a private nudist club owns it. My mother has friends on its board."

"Like I said, I will have to think about it. Yes, that is very nice, well, what do you think, not small enough? I think it looks lovely on you and exposes the shape of your breasts well."

"What about my ass?" Sammi said turning in the mirror, does it cover too much of my buns?"

"You know, sometimes a bit of mystery is alluring my dear- you don't always have to show all your goods to look sexy."

"I guess that's true, I mean, I really thought you were hot and you were in that one piece for god's sake!"

The incredulous look from Petunia made Sammi try to recant her statement, at least in her head. Oh Samantha, she thought to herself, you really don't know when to shut your fucking gob. Her hand went to her mouth she was not even aware she was doing it.

"You thought I looked hot?, Really?" asked Petunia.

"W-well, yes, you have a lovely body, anyone can see that, why do you think Marco was all over you so quickly?" The honesty was embarrassing to Sammi, so she tried to defuse it with a bit of humor. She put her hand on her hip and cocked it in an exaggerated way, "Hot attracts hot, why do you think Mum and I wanted to meet you… the hot girls always hang out together." She then laughed and did an exaggerated flip of her hair and wave of her hand. Both giggled.

When both had called the clerk to let them know that they had some purchases and wanted to look at more, a bottle of wine and glasses was brought into the room. Petunia's eyebrow went up, but she did not say anything as two glasses were poured, and Sammi took a big gulp out of her glass. She held it in her mouth, then swallowed, and then pursed her lips in thought.

"Not bad", she smiled, "Not too dry for a red." Petunia tasted the wine and agreed with a nod. They clinked their glasses together, "To tan lines and boys with credit cards!" exclaimed Sammi as she took another gulp.

"Sod that", exclaimed Petunia, "To tan lines and girls with credit cards!" as she clinked glasses with Sammi, and both giggled.

Sammi arranged for the six swimsuits to be delivered to the hotel. Two were for her and four for Petunia; Petunia purchased them all, in a fit of slightly inebriated generosity. Petunia demanded they find a place for a bite to eat before the wine went fully to her head, so Sammi pulled her down more twisting and turning streets to a small cobbled plaza with an ornate but small 16th century fountain at its center that only a Spanish artist could create.

The café had only a few patrons, mostly locals but the owner seemed genuinely happy to see Sammi and she welcomed her with a hug, and kisses to the cheeks. They sat at a table with an umbrella advertising Coca Cola outside in the shade of the beautiful day. All around her, Petunia heard the melodic sounds of Catalan being spoken. She closed her eyes and listened. Yes, she was truly in a foreign place, feeling good, freer than she had in a long time. After the trial of the last year with Dudley's…recovery, she had forgotten what it was like to feel something other than concern and anger all the time. Ah she knew she was kidding herself- she would always be a bit angry; it was all she had that was hers alone. She sighed, not a sigh of resignation or a sigh of dejection, it was a sigh of relief. Sammi was fidgeting with a straw, her hands always busy, her body always moving in some way. So much energy to waste, if only there were a way to store if for when one was older. The matron of the café padded out, an elderly woman, her long gray hair braided and wrapped in a bun on the back of her head, her eyebrows plucked thin, her aging face wrinkled but bright, her smile broad, showing why she had crinkles at the corner of her mouth and crow's feet at the outside corners of her eyes.

"Samantha, com ets la meva estimada noia? Com és aquella frivoulous mare de la seva?"

""Estic tenint un bon dia, Mama Cardo. Seu? Ella està ocupat tractant de trobar al meu padrastre, o almenys el lloguer gratuït per al proper any."

Mama Cardo, noticing that Petunia had no idea what they were saying, said in heavily accented but good English, " Pardon, I have known this girl since before she had breasts…I caught her trying to steal a cervesa off one of my tables. We have been friends ever since."

Petunia smiled. " Hello. I am Petunia. You have a nice café on a beautiful little plaza here."

"Hello Petunia, you must be the new babysitter." Samantha glared at Mama Cardo and she back-tracked. "So sorry, I mean friend- Samantha is getting older, but I still see her as the little ten- year old thief who stole my heart, my …words show this. And thank you. The café has been in the family for five generations. We are proud to continue to have the good fortune to have peoples such as you to serve."

"Peoples such a me? You mean tourists?"

"No, though we have many tourists, I mean the Magic. But you, you are very old magic, but in a young body, yes?" Samantha shot a glance of dismay at the old woman, who saw it plainly.

"Do not cast the stink-eye at me, little bruixa, I am being honest, which is what she deserves."

Samantha hissed , "Vostè revelar massa en la seva honestedat, dona d'edat! Jo esperava no tenir lloc una maledicció de l'oblit d'ella per aquesta visita! Ella no ha de saber que sóc una bruixa!"

"What is going on?" Petunia demanded.

"It is an ongoing argument I have with Mama Cardo", Sammi explained, "She is superstitious and believes in reincarnation. She says I am a witch, have been for centuries, and now, she is saying you are magical too!"

"Well, that is, that is absurd. There is no such thing as magic!" stammered a nervous Petunia. My god, can I go no place without running into the spectre of my sister's world? she thought.

Mama Cado shook her head, "Mare de Déu, and denial is a river in Egypt, senyora. Magic is old and still alive in the world, mark my words. But enough of an old woman's thoughts, I know you are hungry, and we bring you food now!"

"But, but we have not ordered." protested Petunia.

"There is no need. You are not a guest, you are here with Samantha, so you are family. We will give you a true taste of Mallorca, Petunia."

The lunch was sumptuous, and Petunia knew that she would only be eating a salad that night with Vernon. They started with Coca Mallorquina a crisp bread dough baked and topped with various meats and cheeses, including sobrassda , a spicy local cured sausage; others included Iberian ham, Mallorca cheese, a local sharp yellow-white cheese; shrimp and calamari, and other fish that Petunia could not identify but found very tasty. Along with it was served Coca de Trempó. Trempó is a traditional salad made from finely diced onions, bell peppers and tomatoes and is served baked on the coca bread dough. The two were served glasses of a local white blend they called Malvasia. It had a light citrus taste and soon went to Petunia's head in a pleasant manner; colors became brighter and the smells and tastes of the food more intense. Her glass seemed never to get less than half full. Servings were served in brightly decorated small ceramic bowls and small plates, enough to satisfy, but not overwhelming.

Next came what was called Arroz Brut, or what Samantha lovingly called "Dirty Rice!". It is so-called due to the sheer mass of ingredients that dirty up the rice. This version was made with rabbit, sausage, and a selection of different vegetables, depending on what the chef found available and wanted to include. It was served up from its cooking pan, a heavy bottomed blackened pan that Petunia assumed was cast iron. It reminded her of Spanish Paella, the way the dish was cooked in meat stock and spices. The food kept on coming, next was a very small bowl of Pica , squid stewed in a sauce of tomato, onion, garlic and spicy paprika. The chef adds a bay leaf and cooks the stew until the squid starts to soften just a bit. The taste of the sea was prevalent and delicious. For the final course, Sammi squealed in delight, exclaiming it one of the best seafood dishes served on the island, Squid a la Mallorquina, squid stuffed with ground pork, pine nuts and parsley, then baked and served in a fresh tomato sauce. For desert, they brought out a gató d'ametlla , a rich cake made primarily with almonds, sugar, and eggs, and served with a scoop of almond ice cream.

"Well, " said a full and very satisfied Petunia, "I certainly have been spoiled for any of the restaurants that Vernon and I will go to!"

It was now midafternoon, and to keep from going to sleep, the ever energetic Sammi pulled Petunia who, still wine giddy and talking and thanking Momma Cado and the rest of the staff out of the café and back onto the plaza. After some twists and turns, they ended up at a small gallery/museum, of some local artists. The subject of the works were the macabre, and were very surreal, dark, and supernatural. After viewing a few the works of art that Petunia found haunting but fascinating, she looked over at the very intent young woman in full focus on the painting in front of her.

"So, with you bringing me in here, I am starting to think like Momma Cado, are you a witch?" Petunia said in a bemused manner but hoping internally that the teenager next to her would not speak the affirmative.

"Yeah, sure, I'm a witch. That is why I fit in so well with people my age and I am so bloody popular.", scoffed Samantha. "I use my magic to seduce and charm all the young boys and rich men. Mother is just a front for my nefarious plan to rule the Mediterranean."

"So, I take that as a "no". But you find these, " Petunia motioned to the art around her, "fascinating, don't you?"

"Don't you? I have found the bizarre and supernatural always to be more interesting than a painted bowl of peaches or a field of sunflowers, no matter who paints them."

It was cool in the airconditioned building, and Samantha shivered in her very light and tight shorts and string strapped top. Her nipples were poking prominently through the thin cotton knit material. She crossed her arms over her breasts, and said, "Let's keep moving, its cold in here, and my nipples are freezing."

Petunia had a stray thought enter her head, "I know how to warm them up.", and pushed it quickly out of her head, but she felt herself blush, and knew her own areolas and nips were puckering up in excitement. She agreed, " Yes, let's. Besides, I am interested in that sculpture over there…"

The wine buzz was still going, and Sammi directed them back into the bright sunshine. After donning their sunglasses, the walked among the crowds of tourists, now thickening the plazas and streets in the weaker late afternoon sunshine. "Would you be interested in some tea?"
asked Sammi.

"Yes, that sounds good. I need an ice water as well, that lovely lunch has left me feeling a bit heavy."

"To tea then." Again, Samantha led the duo down twists and turns and small cobbled streets. They took a leisurely stroll, window shopping along the way. As they passed a women's casuals store, Samantha asked," Do you wear jeans, much, Petunia?"

"No, dear, not hardly at all, not even gardening. "

"Why is that? You would look lovely, with your bum and long legs."

"I-I just wear frocks and dresses mostly- you know, being a housewife and all."

"Don't tell me you are frumpy housewife, not a knockout like you! I like your sundress; do you wear frocks like this? " Sammi playfully lifted the hem of the yellow sundress.

"Well, we are a bit conservative in Little Winging…"

"Doesn't mean you can't be a bit of eye candy for the boys, Petunia. You certainly would help your husband's career by being a bit younger in your dress. Be the trophy wife you are, for fuck sakes."

Petunia only blushed and said, "Oh, I don't know that…" softly to herself.

"Well, I bloody do. Tomorrow we are going to find some tight jeans, some low-cut tops, and a couple of fancy bras for you to take back to Little Chicken."

"Little Winging."

"Whatever. We need to make sure that your son's friends are drooling every time they come over to your house."

"Why would I want that, to have a bunch of teenaged boys drooling over me?"

"Same reason I do, it keeps them in line, and doing the things you want them to. Besides, it is your duty as a suburban housewife to cock-tease the bloody hell out of your son's friends. And let me tell you, it wouldn't take much for you to do so. Undo a couple of buttons on your top, show off those tits. Bend over on occasion in front of them and do it from behind in a pair of tight shorts or jeans. That will keep them eating out of your hands and acting way less annoying than they normally are."

"That really works?"

"Has for years. It has certainly worked for my mum on a couple of her obnoxious stepsons and their friends over a few marriages."

"My god, how many times has your mother been married?"

"Three times including my dad, but there were a couple of six- month shack-ups in there too."

Petunia wanted at that moment to hug Samantha for a very long time and then kidnap her back to Little Whinging and adopt her for her own. Instead, she took her hand and they held hands as they walked along the rest of the way, stopping to comment on items in store windows and to greet the storeowners who stood in open doorways.

Samantha was in total bliss at this moment. Petunia was holding her hand. It felt real, and natural, and made her extremely wet. She was concerned that it would soon show through her shorts, and she was incredibly glad she had decided to wear knickers and that the cotton shorts were dark blue. Her nipples ached, and she so wanted to feel Petunia's tongue on her pussy. Who was she kidding, Petunia did not have to touch her, she would stay on her knees all night long worshiping at Petunia's cunt if this lovely woman would allow her to do it.

The sign on the window said, "Tea and Fortunes" in gilded gold scroll paint both in English and Catalan. The window and shop looked old, like it had been there for decades or more. The building it was in was centuries old, and they were certainly in one of the oldest parts of the city. Both women looked at each other and nodded in agreement silently that they must stop here. The door creaked appropriately on entrance into the shop along with a small tinkle of the brass bell at the door to alert the teashop owner. It was run by two elderly sisters, and according to Sammi, thought to the eldest women in all of Palma de Mallorca.

No one else was in the shop. A small lovely colored bird of yellow and blue chirped happily from a large wooden birdcage hung on a bowing pole in one corner of the small room. It was very old fashioned, very northern European, all oak wood of dark color and lace table clothes and crocheted doilies. The old painted plaster walls of dusky rose with maroon and gold accents were framed by dark wood work at the ceiling crown and in the low paneled skirts of wainscot that helped keep the cramped tables and chairs from marring the walls, if at any time there were more than a handful of people in the shop, which had probably been many, many years ago.

An old large ceiling fan with cut ornate wooden fins and painted black iron turned slowly high above them, the cool breeze seemed enough to keep the dark shop pleasant. Small bouquets of fresh cut flowers decorated the center of the five tables in delicately painted clear smooth crystal vases.

Sammi took the table that was in front of the large shop window, to take advantage of the light outside. Momentarily, a frail old woman, her silver-gray hair piled into a well coifed and clipped bun, wearing a dark blue velvet dress of Victorian finery with a high collar, much too warm to wear in such weather, joined them from behind a curtained doorway. She certainly seemed unbothered by her dress and appeared to be in full comfort and preservation. She moved slowly but with a grace that Petunia rarely saw even in young women nowadays. She spoke only in English, that was quite eloquent with only a slight lilt of Latin accent.

"Good afternoon, young ladies, what kind of tea may I interest you in, or are you here just for your fortunes?"

"No, tea would be lovely," answered Petunia much more in her element with an English- speaking shop owner. "Any blends you would care to make would be fine, though I am not big on mint flavored teas."

"We a have specialty blend I think you will find very good; we call it Especialitat Mallorca. It is a strong black tea that includes some Hibiscus along with some lesser known ancient herbs from the island."

"What do you think, Samantha?"

"Sure, why not? It is a strong brew? I do not care for my tea to be weak."

"I believe the young woman will find the tea sturdy and to her satisfaction."

"That will be fine then, and if we could have some cold water, I would be grateful.", Petunia decided.

"Yes of course. I will bring a selection of biscuits as well."

"Thank you."

Petunia's eyes flitted around the shop. It was like dropping back a hundred years into the Victorian era; filled with art and books and ornate furniture and decorations from that time period. The portraits on the walls were odd; she swore she saw the subject, an old Spaniard in full armor uniform, shift a bit in his position, the tilt of his head moving slightly. Flustered, she turned back to catch Sammi staring at her with this look of admiration on her face. She blushed and felt the heat rise across her upper chest. Sammi, sitting to her side, and not across from her, reached out and covered Petunia's hand with her own and patted it gently.

"This place is sooo ancient! I love it! Mum and I came here a few years ago. She had her fortune read, it led to her landing Hubby number two."

"Do you believe in that nonsense?"

"Well, the information led her right to him. So, yeah, I believe I do." She paused, and then exclaimed, "We have to do it!"

"What, do what?"

"Have our fortunes read, daffy!" Sammi gently chided, "It will be fun!, even if you don't believe it- just do it for a lark-besides, you are on holiday."

I am on holiday, thought Petunia, what the bollocks, might as a well do something mad. Petunia sighed, "Alright then, we can have our fortunes read, but first, we enjoy our tea."

Despite her impatience, the Samantha found the tea lovely. Petunia leaned forward often in conversation, and with her vantage, she had a lovely view inside the sundress's low-cut neckline of Petunia's full breasts. She so wanted to just lie her face there, to hear Petunia's heartbeat, to kiss and suck her way to one of her areolas and gum drop nipples.

Her left hand dropped under the table out of view, to slide onto the front of her shorts to rub against her pussy, putting pressure on her already swollen clit. It felt good, she tried to keep her movement small, her arm still, while her fingers deftly pressed and rubbed until she suddenly came with a small but satisfying "petite mort".

Her focus swam back clearly to find Petunia patting her arm. "Are you alright dear? Perhaps the sun and wine was too much?"

"Oh, no, I am okay. But I could use a bit more tea." Sammi said quickly and smiled as Petunia pour two more cups. They drank them, and Sammi watched for signs of their effect on Petunia. Soon a smile never left Petunia's face, and Sammi understood that the tea was taking its course. It would merely make her more suggestable, and then would cause a forgetfulness; she would not be able to recall the next half hour as more than what would be suggested to her, the real memories buried at a subconscious level only to accessed by dreams and quiet, driven urges. She could take a personal advantage of this situation with Petunia, but that was not why they were here. His plan came first. Besides, she like her chances on her own, without the use of potions and subliminal memory plugs hexes.

"Madams, we are ready now for the Fortune telling." Sammi called out to the quiet of the room.

"Oh, yes! Let us get our fortunes read! What fun!" Said Petunia, smiling but also rolling her eyes.

Sammi patted grabbed her hand, "Oh, come on, Petunia, this will be a lark, I know it will be amazing!"

"Oh, all right then, let us go get our fortune told.", sighed Petunia, wondering why she was being so amenable to this poppycock. Samantha's excitement was addictive; it was getting more and more difficult to say no to this young woman. The elderly hostess that served the tea came out into the shop once more and beckoned the two to follow her behind the curtain. Behind the curtain, they found a small sitting room, bare except for a lamp, and single wooden dining room chair that did not look very comfortable to sit in, and in one corner, a small stove with three teakettles; and an old fashioned water cooler consisting of a round white ceramic cistern decorated brightly in blue design, with a brass spigot supported ably on an ornately carved cabinet of walnut; and an open matching cabinet revealing glass lock jars with old cork gaskets, full of tea leaves, labeled with the variety in both English and Catalan. Beyond this was an open doorway with no door that led down a long dark hall. Petunia and Samantha slowly followed the old woman as she shuffled down the hallway, heading for the door at the end of it. The hall was narrow and claustrophobic, and Petunia's tense body relaxed visibly when the door at the end of the hall opened into a very large parlour room with a high ceiling. Sammi who was watching Petunia closely, noticed that the concerned look on her friend's face disappeared and was replaced with the look of the curious.

The room was purposely built as a pentagon, with five evenly sized walls, including the one the doorway was on, which was the base of the five- sided room and extended well beyond the hallway width. The two walls that formed the triangular top of the pentagon across from the doorway held high windows, that were covered by old wooden shutters that bent the afternoon light, and showed the dust motes that floated lazily in the air from strong sunlight that filtered through in a much more subdued manner, that if the windows were exposed. It was enough to be the main source of light for the room at this time of day.

The elderly host directed the two to the circular table centered in the room, allowing them to take any of the chairs next to the sitting woman, who was an identical twin of the one standing who had served them tea. The two looked incredibly alike, except for two details; the woman sitting wore a dark maroon version of the same exact dress as her sister, and she did not speak a word of English. Petunia sat to the woman in maroon's left, and Sammi sat next to Petunia.

The hostess in blue stooped over and whispered into her sisters ear, quietly, speaking English. The sitting woman replied something quickly in Catalan. They nodded to each other in agreement and the Hostess stood behind her sister, placing her hands gently on her shoulders. She looked over to Sammi, sitting on the left side of her sister, and then to Petunia on her right.

"Ladies, we are the Sisters Previsió, and it would be an honor for us to read your fortunes. May we be of enlightenment and benefit for your futures."

Both Sammi and Petunia both smiled and nodded in agreement, unsure what to say to such a formal pronouncement.

The standing sister continued, "My sister, Constança, speaks no English, I am Canviar, I will translate for you. Today the Voice of the Oracle chooses to speak through Constança."

Ladies, we will need a drop of your blood to read your fortune. It is safe and painless, and the price to know the future."

At any other time, Petunia would find this odd, and nothing she would go along with doing, but she obediently put out her finger and had her left index finger pricked with a very fine and sharp silver needle, that was presented in a thin vase like container, filled with pungent liquid that smelt like rum. The drop was collected in a teacup, her teacup from which she drank only a few minutes before. Samantha did the same, and Canviar did not lie, the prick was painless and over in seconds.

The shutters were slanted further by Canviar, dimming the natural light in the room, and a large candle on the table flared to life with no aid from anyone at the table. Canviar commented in passing as she dimmed the room from shutter to shutter, "In the past, the very distant past, we used to require a drop of menstrual blood from the woman, it was so very accurate and socially accepted at those times. But alas, over the ages we have found, blood is blood, and an accurate reading can be found within the finger with a bit more effort." She again stood behind her sister, her hands again gently resting on Constança's frail and narrow shoulders.

A small tea kettle made of bone china and inscribed with a variety of strange arcane symbols sat to the left of Constança. Constança turned her head towards her sister and nodded. Canviar placed the kettle in front of her sister. Constança raised her hands, curved to form a loose dome over the kettle. She chanted in a language older than Catalan, and a thin but dense tendril of blue smoke appeared, drifting lazily up into the air from the spout of the kettle. Canviar picked up kettle and poured the blue smoke into the cup with Petunia's blood and placed it in front of her sister. She did the same with the cup from which Samantha had drunk.

The woman slowly picked up each cup and uttered, "Hauriet enim ab anima ad personam". Her sister uttered the same phrase in response, without translating. Constança placed the fine porcelain teacups to her lips and tipped back the contents one at a time, swallowing all. Immediately a purple indigo glow with subtle blue sparks surrounded her, and her eyes were covered in a milky white film.

The logical part of Petunia's brain registered this with the thought, "What marvelous special effects.", while the older, more intuitive part of her brain knew this was very old magic. It was accepted and not questioned, because in her current state Petunia questioned nothing.

A voice, rasping and ancient, came forth through Constança, that neither woman at the table believed belonged to the fragile woman who sat with them.

The milky white stare of Constança was directed at Petunia. She pointed a finger at her and spoke, "Ah, Petunia Dursley, vostè viu amb una altra ànima!"

"Ah, Petunia Dursley you live with another soul!", echoed Canviar.

Petunia, even in her suggestive state, only shrugged. But of course she lived with another soul; she had Vernon and Dudley, and sometimes her burdensome nephew. Such generalities were not impressive at all. Another question lingered deep in the back of her brain: how did she know my name?"

Bruixa! Vostè és una bruixa de les magics d'edat!

"Witch! You are a witch of the old magics!"

This caught Petunia's attention. Twice this night she had been accused of having old magic… could this be true, was she more like her sister than she cared to believe? She furtively looked over to Sammi, to gauge her reaction to this accusation. Sammi reached out and only gripped her hand and nodded.

"Però vostè no ha après el seu veritable poder!"

"But you have not learned your true power!"

Petunia started. Was there more to her than the ability to nurse two very hungry baby boys, and to occasionally make her breasts swell and firm up a bit to titillate Vernon? And how long ago had that been? When Harry was still living with them and not off to that dreaded school? She felt Sammi's hand grip her own a bit firmer, and she found comfort in it. Why did what these old women were babbling on about seem so true to her? Was it because she already knew in her heart that she could probably do more but had always been afraid?

"Ha d'abraçar la seva càrrega per alliberar el poder que salvarà la seva família."

"You must embrace your burden to unleash the power that will save your family."

"Why must my family be saved?!" demanded Petunia, now feeling a bit alarmed. The sisters ignored her question. Both seemed deep in a trance and the eerie voice continued to issue from their mouths, that worked mechanically, and did not seem to move in the correct timing with the words and sounds they broadcast.

" Vostè ha de trencar el tabú i acceptar l'amor del cos, totalment Vostè ha de trencar el tabú i acceptar l'amor del cos, totalment, completament, per tal de ser poderós en la seva màgia. Prengui això a cor; vostè ha."

"You must break the taboo and accept the love of the body, fully, completely, in order to be powerful in your magic. Take this to heart; you must."

She felt Sammi touch her bare upper arm, to caress it slowly in a placating manner. She realized she was gripping the young girl's hand much too tightly and relaxed and let go of her hand. Petunia dropped her hand to her lap; she felt comfort when Sammi slipped her hand under hers under the table, and she could again grip it for moral support. For some reason, she felt she needed it. Petunia relaxed, not realizing her knees were no longer tight together, and the grasped hands were now closer to her covered crotch. However, Sammi did understand that completely; Petunia was now fully influenced by the tea and responding to everything at a subconscious level. To test the waters, and for reasons of her own selfish titillation, Sammi, gently pushed her hand down, extending her middle finger forward and began slowly rubbing Petunia's crotch through the dress and lace knickers underneath. It was a risky move, but her supposition was proven correct; Petunia did not balk, nor jerk back in indignation; instead, she seemed to grip the top of Sammi's hand more tightly and guide it down further and began to slowly rub Sammi's hand and extended finger against her sex with a firmer pressure. Sammi's intense sexual reverie was broken by the next raspy, loud, and impassioned pronunciation from the possessed sister.

"Prengui aquest missatge secret en el seu cor-vostè ha de si desitja que vostè i la seva família a viure!: el escollit és teu per prendre; ha de trencar tabú amb ell. Obri els seus desitjos d'obrir la porta d'entrada al seu poder! És decretat pel destí."

"Take this secret message in your heart-you must if you wish for you and your family to live!: The Chosen One is yours to take; you must break taboo with Him. Open your desires to open the gateway to your power! It is decreed by Fate."

"Who does she mean?", whispered Petunia, a glaze now evident in her eyes. The two friends' eyes were locked, yet their grasped hands below continued the slow, deliberate and hard rub against Petunia's sex.

Sammi answered slowly, simply "Why Harry, of course."

Petunia in her altered state did not question why Sammi knew that name. She just nodded, and said absently, "That… is interesting."

Patiently, the Oracle waited for their exchange to end, and then made her final statement of Petunia's fortune:

"No lluitar contra la màgia dins si vol viure; La seva força es troba dins del tabú-el seu amor i la vida màgica dins de la sang de la seva germana. Vostè és un Swallower ànima, el seu vincle és per sempre."

"Do not fight the magic within if you wish to live; your strength lies within the taboo- your love and magic lives within your sister's blood. You are a Soul Swallower; your bond is forever."

With that statement, Petunia felt a relief and a confused euphoria, and she came with a small orgasm. She locked her legs together, trapping both her and Sammi's hands between covered thighs, and Sammi felt the tremor move through her legs, and a warm and moist feeling on her palm and fingertips. She felt her own body respond and knew her panties were again wet. She knew her nipples were raised hard, and very inappropriately in the setting they were in, but did not care. She looked over to the seated sister, waiting for her own fortune. That was the deal, she would bring Petunia here, but they would also answer the question she had been seeking an answer to for the last year.

"Les respostes que busqueu es troben al continent fosc, a Uagadou. La triada s'ha assegurat una visita d'un Missatger de somni que començarà el seu viatge per convertir-se en la veritable bruixa que ets."

"The answers you seek will be found in the Dark Continent, at Uagadou. The Chosen One has secured you a visit from a Dream Messenger who will begin your journey to become the true witch you are."

And just like that, a tremendous weight had been lifted off her young shoulders. Africa huh? She had been to Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. There was much to learn in the huge continent. Perhaps that will be where she finds her true self, her own way. She tired of following in her mother's desperate footsteps, knowing that she was the additional baggage to any package deal her mother tried to put together. This was her escape, but she still had worries.

"But how will I afford this?"

The oracle did not speak, but Canviar did. "Do not worry young madam. The Chosen One has secured for you a full scholarship and modest stipend for you to use at your discretion while at the school. His way to thank you for all your attention and effort on his plan."

Sammi was elated. Who is this Harry Potter? She asked herself. She murmured a cleaning spell she had been taught by street magicians, wizards with no formal training, And the stain on Petunia's sundress disappeared. She left the knickers soaked, but not seeping to her dress. The young teen took the still dazed Petunia by hand, and left the offering the sisters demanded, cinched in modest leather pouch, on the counter of the Tea store, and the two left the shop.

Sammi suggested to Petunia the fortune she was to remember when her state of consciousness returned fully: That she had recently found a true friendship, that age did not matter when like souls connect. That there were important decisions that need be made for her whole family. Her son would spend the coming summer away, and she and her nephew would establish a new relationship.

Petunia only nodded, and said, "How strange."

Sammi hesitated, her time was running out, and she decided she wanted to hedge her bet. She stopped and looked into the still gazed eyes of Petunia. She put her hands to her crush's face, that accepting, drug induced expression still there, and said, "Petunia, you can trust me with anything. Anything. I-I love you." She kissed her gently on the cheek.

Petunia only smile obliquely, and said, " I am very fond of you Sammi. I want to be your friend. Your very good friend. You excite my life in ways I have never thought about in a long, long time." She took the young teen's hand and Sammi led them back to the hotel, explaining landmarks along the way to Petunia as Petunia slowly and without awareness of being drugged, came out of her stupor and returned, feeling very satisfied, but slightly tired from her day.

They parted at the hotel lobby, and Sammi, feeling very relieved, and happy at what had happened that day slowly made her way to the suite she shared with her mother. There was not one there, or so she thought, and slowly stripped her top off, and ran her hands around her young breasts, pulling slowly on her still erect nipples, making them longer and harder as she made her way to the bath. She would use the time while alone to relax in the bath and masturbate thinking of the images of Petunia and her together naked in the dressing room, and of her rubbing her puss through her dress. She was about to open the door when it opened on its own accord. She gasped in surprise, and so did the person on the other side of the door, wrapped only very loosely in a small hotel towel. It was Marco. He raised is hands in surprise, and it was enough that the towel did not remain around his waist and slipped quickly to the floor.

"I did not hear you, where is Mum?" asked Sammi, slightly agitated.

"She has left… on a date. I had to wait until she was finished before I could use the bathroom."

"Huh, I know what you mean. She does not share well. So, you are okay with that?"

"With what?"

"With her going off on a date with some rich guy after balling your brains out only minutes before?"

"I know our time is…casual. I am not part of her future, just her present."

"How Zen of you. How many other women at the hotel or elsewhere do you fuck, Marco, just to be their "present"?"

"It is none of your business, Samantha, but I only see your mother at this time. When she leaves, I am sure I will meet someone else." Marco attempted to pick up the towel and put it back on around his waist. Sammi grabbed his wrist gently.

"Don't worry about that on my account. I think we are bit past that."

"I am not sure how appropriate that is, but I tend to agree. Besides from what I have observed, you enjoy women, is that correct?"

"I am a teenager and very horny. I don't try to define myself by gender attraction Marco."

"What a sophisticated answer, young Samantha." Marco said with a smile.

"What does that mean?" said Sammie defensively, while still being able to rake her eyes over Marco's naked and muscular form, especially his member, which appeared to be thickening, and his large shaved ball sac with two still very plump testicles.

"It means you are wiser than your years, Samantha."

"Call me Sammi. Samantha feels like you are admonishing me." Sammi put two fingers to her mouth, pulling on lower lip nervously. "You- you have a nice cock Marco. And massive bollocks."

"Thank you Sammi. Would you like to touch them?"

"You—you would let me do that?"

"Yes. We do only what you wish to do… no more." He held his hands out, she looked into his eyes, and found them sincere. She had done this before but never felt this excited and knew she was rushing much faster than she wanted to as she approached him, and then found herself on her knees in front of Marco, her hand reaching out.

He did not take her, he said it was not her time, and she was disappointed but relieved later when she lay in her room alone and thought about what had occurred.

It was.. nice. Unlike times before, this was not forced or brought on by blackmail or pressure and guilt from a stepbrother or one of her mother's "friends." Her hair was not pulled; her mouth was not used like a whore's cunt. He did not touch her or force her in anyway. The only time he did touch her, it was to pull some hair away from her face, and to lightly brush the back of his hand along her cheek in a caress. She touched the cheek he had caressed softly. She remembered the odd scar she could feel on his forehead, but could not see, like it was under his skin.

She did make him come, and it was a tremendous amount; swallowing it almost made her sick, mostly from nerves and volume, and not the slightly sweet and salty taste that she enjoyed. He noticed and pulled out. She enjoyed watching it pulse and jerk and played with the long sticky strings of white with her fingers, pulling them from her face and breasts and his thick shaft. She let him lick and taste her, and she enjoyed grabbing his thick dark hair and burying his face in her wet young cunt. He knew how to eat pussy, she had to give him that, and she made him do it again after she had already cum once on his face. The second time she had him lay on the floor as she rode his face, and his strong hands gripped her firm round ass. She came again and enjoyed it when he ran two fingers up and into her bum while she rubbed her sex against his face in unbridled passion for a third and final release. She left him with an incredible erection that he would have to take care of on his own. She did not tell him that all the while, her thoughts were on Petunia, and imagining it was she instead of him underneath her while he made her writhe in ecstasy.

The next three days went quickly, and the routine was established. Breakfast with Vernon and the day with Sammi on adventure in Mallorca, then supper with plenty of wine and Vernon with both giving some brief account of their day. Today was a bit different for Petunia. The Scamp had talked her into topless sunbathing for the day, which of course Petunia had mentioned nothing about to Vernon, other than that she would be attending a private beach with Sammi and her mother. Which was true. The mother was coming, and Petunia was not really fond of the idea, because he was beginning to hate her for not recognizing what a gem the woman had in Sammi as a daughter. She promised herself to keep her opinions internal, and to make the most of the day. It would be a real vacation day- total relaxation, no shopping, no sightseeing. She even took two blue pills that morning, just because, not because she was feeling overly stressed. She was floaty and altogether agreeable. She figured that she was in just the right mood to tolerate Penelope Planter.

Once again her morning started early, and she had time after breakfast before she met with Sammi and Penelope. She went again to the rooftop pool and found it quite deserted. She did not even see a waitperson, but she felt comfortable alone. It was her first time in her white bikini, the smaller one, and she felt a bit self-conscious, but it was the one she chose to wear to the private beach that day. If she were to be bathing topless, she might as well get used to wearing little to nothing. It excited her actually. She felt her nipples already pressing against her very thin top, at the thought of exposing herself to strangers in such a way.

She heard a familiar voice as she had settled herself into the chaise lounge.

"Ah the lovely Petunia Dursley, no flower has looked more exquisite in the morning Mallorca sun." It was Marco, and Petunia immediately felt a tingle between her legs at his voice. He stood in front of her, and she saw he was in a tank top, that matched the colors of their hotel uniform, and he was carrying some equipment.

"Marco, how lovely to see you, I have not seen you since that first day."

"An unfortunate series of timing for me, I am afraid to say. It would have been lovely to have seen you these past days, Petunia. I hope you have been enjoying Mallorca immensely. Your tan seems to be coming along well."

Petunia felt some heat in her face and upper chest. "Yes, I have been enjoying my time very much. I have made friends with the Planters. Samantha has been a dear and showed me around many of the sites. In fact, today, we will be going to Peguera, to a private beach, Cala Blanca, I think is the name."

"Ah, to sunbathe au naturel, very good. You have an excellent base, but…"

"But what Marco, what should I worry about?"

"Nothing more than you would on your first day… to be careful with the parts of your body that have not been exposed to sun."

"Well, I was really hoping to run into you before we went, and it appears to be my lucky day… what would you recommend for sunning lotion to help me with my… unexposed body parts? My breasts can be very sensitive you know…" Petunia felt like teasing, and no one else was around, so she felt daring and ran her fingers under her tops to her nipples. "Especially around my nipples, I really would not want to burn them."

"Yes… that would be tragic. I perhaps have something that will allow for tan but minimize the chance for sunburn. Let me go find some… I believe we have some of that lotion on this floor inside."

"Marco, why is it so quiet up here today?"

"Oh, I apologize that you did not get notice, the pool is closed for some quick maintenance this morning… actually the whole area is."

"Oh!, I did not know! Should I leave?"

"No of course not, it appears you are here just for the sun, but please do not go in the pool, there are pretreatment chemicals in it that are not safe for humans right now."

" Of course, I was not planning to, anyway. Are you sure it is okay for me to stay?"

"But of course, you are a guest here, and guests come first in their needs. There are no fumes that you would need to worry over."

"Well, then, I certainly will need your assistance when you return with the lotion. Mmm, will there be any other people working with you today?"

"No, just me alone. The maintenance is simple, but, takes time, but I have plenty to do the task."

"How lonely. Yes, please, then, if you could find the lotion and return, I would be most grateful." She smiled wickedly, and Marco nodded with his own enigmatic smile.

Marco placed the equipment he was carrying at the edge of the pool and then went back inside to locate the lotion. Petunia was feeling very naughty, especially with the two blue pills taken that morning, and she felt wetness grow between her legs at the thought of Marco's return. She remembered his fingers slowly working up her love hole the day of her arrival and the wetness grew. She was incredible horny and had been for days. Sammi's teenage hormones were rubbing off on her, and she had been feeling very sexy in her new clothes and swimming suits. Vernon remained useless, and until he showed some interest, she was not going to throw herself at him. Perhaps a bit of discreet fun and cock-teasing with Marco would give her some relief.

It seemed like an interminable amount of time, but in reality, Marco returned only minutes later, with a tray of towels and a couple bottles of lotion.

"If you planning to be sunning most of the day, I have a couple of lotions you must use. I would recommend you start with this one for a base, and some long- term protection, and this one for your… sensitive unexposed parts."
"Like my nipples?" Petunia teased unmercifully, as her index finger of her right hand once again disappeared into the cup of her left breast and ran around her already erect nipple.

"Yes, like your… nipples."

"When should I use the lotion for my nipples, and other… unexposed body parts?"

" I would recommend doing it now if you will be leaving this morning. It will give time for the protecting oils to absorb into the skin fully."

"Oh, would you mind helping me then, Marco? " Petunia pulled off her sunglasses and looked up into his face, her best innocent looking but naughty glance on display, or she hoped so.

"But of course. We have the privacy… of course you will not have privacy at the beach, so I do not think it will matter."

Petunia giggled lightly like a schoolgirl. "Of course, you are right, I must get used to it."

"Have you not sunbathed au naturel before, Petunia?"
"No, I must admit, that this will be my first time… I am a bit nervous."

"A beautiful woman such as yourself should have no need to be nervous, dear lady."

Again, Petunia giggled lightly at the compliment, but also felt emboldened by Marco's attentions to reach around and untie the back to her bikini top. Her nipples hardened further as she noticed the appreciative stare of Marco as her top dropped into her lap. She watched as he continued to glance appreciatively at her breasts as he squirted a generous amount of cream- colored lotion into his palm, and wrung his hands together spread to the lotion to both hands.

"Petunia, if you would allow me? Please lay back on the chaise."

"Please. I want a thorough job, and you are much more qualified." Petunia cooed. She felt her areolas pucker in excitement. Marco walked behind the chaise and leaned down with both hands and grasped each of her breasts, palming them firmly with his oily hands. Petunia moaned in enjoyment of the caresses as he slowly rubbed the lotion into each breast, concentrating on her unexposed porcelain skin, nipples, and areolas that had been covered by her tops while sunning. He ran his fingers around the outline of her tan, rubbing lotion into the tops of her breasts. He stopped to squirt more lotion across each breast, kneading and fondling them, pulling on her nipples with a twirling motion of his fingers, causing them to become more erect and protrude further. She moaned some more, and murmured, "Yesss, that feels so good, pull harder on my nipples Marco."

Marco obliged, and pulled and stretched her nipples until they were protruding a good three centimeters. He covered her breasts in lotion, rubbing and fondling slowly, flicking and pinching her nipples as he squeezed her tits firmly. Petunia soaked her bottoms while cumming with a small but very satisfying orgasm. Her horniness was getting the better of her. She rose and turned until she was on all fours on the chaise.

She looked up at him, and said, "Please, my bottoms. I want to make sure I am fully covered. Please take them off me." Marco, hesitated, looking around, and then roughly pulled her bottoms off her, stopping to appreciate the view of her bare ass and exposed sex. He slapped her bottom firmly and Petunia gasped in surprise, and then spread her legs further, lowering her head and raising her ass to him. She hoped he would take her, to feel his cock inside her in moments. But instead she felt the warm wet feel of the lotion being squirted over her fine firm rump, and down the crevice between her cheeks, she could feel into drip onto her anus, and down to her sex.

He slapped both ass cheeks hard, and she winced and felt herself dripping from her sex. His grasp was firm and commanding as he massaged the lotion slowly , firmly into her buttocks, and made his way with his fingers slowly around and over her rump to where her cheeks met. Two fingers rubbed the lotions around her anus, and she squealed when he pushed them into her pucker, and up into her rectum. Petunia gasped and moaned as a third finger joined as he worked his long thick fingers in and out of her ass, as deep as they could go, to where they joined his hand.

Petunia felt the other hand continue to rub and caress, and slide down to the folds of her sex, pushing to her lips, spreading them apart, sliding down to rub against her clitoris and its hood.

Petunia moaned and gasped, "Oh Marco, Marco, that feels so bloody good!" He stopped and took a towel to wipe his fingers that had been up her bum and brought the hand down to her sex. The fingers now pushed into her sex and she cried out, "Yes, baby yes, put your hand into my cunt, Marco, let me feel you in my pussy."

He worked her this way, pushing his fingers deep inside her, stroking his hand with force, moving faster, faster until all four fingers and thumb were curled together and he was pushing in up to his wrist in a twisting manner, while working her clitoris rubbing it furiously until she broke down in orgasm, collapsing to the chaise as she came hard, her pussy juice squirting around his fingers. She wanted his cock, she wanted it inside her now. She did not care how he fucked her. She begged to see his cock.

Marco was incredibly hard as his dropped his slacks. He wore no underwear, and Petunia, now fully nude, dropped to her knees in front of him, and asked, "Can I suck you Marco, can I taste your cock?"

He only nodded, and Petunia proceeded to take his well- endowed member into her hands, stroking it, looking at the curve of its cut mushroom head, and the thick muscled tendons wrapping his rock-hard shaft. She admired the large full balls, and then cupped each testicle in her hand as she began licking and sucking his ball sac, taking each testicle into her mouth. He grasped her head, and she allowed him, nodding, and opened her mouth as he directed his massive head to her lips, pushing past them, her tongue swirling the underside of is shaft as her mouth stretched around his girth, and the shaft pushed into her mouth and into the back of her throat. His hips began to sway as he slowly, deliberately fucked her mouth. She gripped his legs, relaxing her throat as he pushed the massive cock crown down her throat opening. He pulled her head slowly forward until had her face at his stomach as he pumped, gripping the back of her head with force, calling her his "petita puta", his "gossa fam", his "Pet". He came with a tremendous jerk in her throat, and she felt the warm sticky spunk slide down her esophagus. He pulled out, filling her mouth. She gulped, and he left his cock there as more pulsed and jerked out of his still hard member, and she had to swallow hard again. His sperm was very sweet, and she allowed the cum to remain in her mouth as she tasted it and opened her throat to allow it to slide slowly over her tongue and down inside her. Petunia ran her fingers around her lips and mouth to collect what had dripped there and sucked her fingers. She took his still dripping cock back in her mouth to lick and suck the sperm out of his opening, and along his shaft. She began to bob up and down on his cock, hoping to harden him again so that he could fuck her properly. He gently grabbed her face to stop her and pulled his turgid rod from her mouth.

Marco was not apologetic, but polite, as he offered her a towel to wipe her mouth, and he suggested that she should put her suit back on. That they had tempted Fate already with their stolen time alone. Petunia was disappointed that he would not fuck her.

"I am sorry, Petunia, but what we have done is much more than we should have… to do more would be disrespectful for my current circumstances."

"So, you are still seeing Penelope?"

"Yes. I do see her, and I do not wish to make things more awkward with your friendships and my… relationship, with her."

"You know you are just a plaything for her…"

"Would it not be the same for you and me? I am just a temporary convenience for lovely women on vacation in either case… please do not misunderstand me… it is something I am willing to be, but I have my own sense of honor, and I cannot fuck you at this time, Petunia Dursley, no matter how lovely it would be. I hope that does not anger you."

"More disappointed that angry, Marco, but perhaps it is for the best, I-I cannot believe we have done the things we have done. Please, leave to let me dress alone, and I will go back to my room." Petunia was now embarrassed at her wanton actions and felt rather slutty.

Marco, now reticent, maybe even embarrassed, offered, "Please remember to take the lotions with you- they will aid in your day. He offered her a vial of pink liquid. "Here, this is good for your lips, it will keep the strong sun from blistering, especially if you are on a boat. The water magnifies the strong sun."

Petunia looked at him, and attempted humor, as a mechanism to show she would not end this tryst on a note of defeat. "Which lips?"

"Beg your pardon? What do you mean?"

"Which set of lips do I put this on?"

Marco smiled. "Both set of lips are quite lovely, and I would say you could use them on whatever lips you have exposed today. I will be envious of anyone who gets to view either glorious set." With that, he leaned, and kissed her neck softly. Petunia felt a bit of warmth in her face and chest, and she smiled softly, and bit sadly. Marco then left her to dress alone, and Petunia was gone when he returned to do his tasks.

By the time Petunia joined Sammi and Penelope in the lobby, she was feeling a bit less embarrassed and a bit more emboldened about her encounter with Marco. Perhaps she would finish what she started with some stranger she found attractive on the beach. She had already stepped over the line in the sand she had drawn morally, so she buried Vernon under a dune; it was his fault that she was at this place to begin with. She had almost convinced herself of that self-lie but continued to ignore the indignant muffled complaints coming from the sand dune of shame. When would she have such a chance again? She would take it by god. In only a couple of days she would be returning to her dull and staid life in Britain. She wore her smallest two piece and enjoyed the stares she got from men and women as she bounced her way through the lobby. She wore a sheer beach robe, that left very little to the imagination as to the bikini beneath. With her sunglasses, and a dark red lipstick on, she felt very naughty, very not herself. She knew she was on the right track with her look when she got an actual gasp from Sammi, who clasped her fingers and brought them to her mouth in shock. She squealed and clapped her hands. "Omigod Petunia, you look bloody marvelous!"

Petunia smiled, and looked at her young friend, and looked to see what she was wearing. She had chosen her personally favorite suit from their time shopping; it consisted of a red bandeau top with fringe that tapered longer to the middle to create a heart shape especially accented by the curvy tops of her firm young breasts. She wore a matching three string bottom that had a small scalloped patch that modestly covered her mons pubis area and rode high on her ass in the back showing much of her firm round buttocks. She heard a feminine clearing of the throat. She looked up past Sammi and found Penelope, tall, skinny, beautiful Penelope tipping down her sunglasses to have her beautiful blue eyes stare down at the two them, with what Petunia was hoping was a bit of envy.

"Ahem, are you two prepared for an absolutely fabulous day?" she pronounced with a somewhat wicked looking smile. She wore a one piece, cut very high on the legs, and very low in the front with a swooping lower back the came down to the round of her rump. It barely held down her large breasts and exposed her belly button, which was pierced with a diamond stud.

Taking it off, assumed Petunia, was merely shrugging the top straps off her shoulders and peeling it down over her rather round and inviting hips. Her stiletto heels, of course would always remain on, no matter what she was doing or being done to her. Petunia had always been envious of this type of woman, who was naturally gorgeous and knew how to manipulate men with her sexuality. Petunia saw that a bit in her own sister, someone much too comfortable in her own skin, and hated her for it. She never felt confident enough to be that way. She kept herself fit, and was modest with the makeup, and she wore good girl clothes, and then good student clothes, and then good college student clothes that were only slightly provocative on occasion, and then good wife clothes and faded, slowly into the background, never exerting her personality beyond her clothes. Today, today she freed herself in many different ways, and was walking out the lobby in her own high heels, and to a nudist beach of all things. Petunia laughed graciously at Penelope's comment, and in her bitchiest country club voice said, "Why dear, aren't we always?" They both laughed a bitchy, un-heartfelt laugh and touched each other's arms, just barely with their fingertips to feign intimacy.

"Your swimsuit is lovely, Penelope, I do hope you are taped well enough to keep your girls undercover."

"Oh, Petunia, my girls will not be undercover for long, once we get on the yacht."

"The Yacht?"

"Yes, didn't Sammi tell you my friend is taking us to the beach by boat, much more beautiful and a faster way to get to this secluded beach then by car and foot, especially in these heels." She said as she kicked up her leg and turned, making sure all male eyes were checking out her fabulous ass as she walked towards the doorway. "Come girls, our car awaits us to the harbor."

The yacht was sizable and comfortable. Penelope's friend, Edward, was appropriately smarmy enough and came from old British money. His grandfather was a Lord, and he was riding his elder's coattails as far as it could take him. He knew enough to be respectful but enough his own man to garner the old man's respect, much better than his father, and as such, was the favorite grandson, and privy to more than his unimaginative siblings. Due to his grandfather's money, he was handsome enough, through care, cosmetic surgery and dental work. He was fit, and from what little was left to the imagination from his speedo, also blessed in penis size. She is going for the trifecta, thought Petunia, Money, Looks, and Sex.

Petunia felt her body being raked over by Edward's eyes, and decided to be naughty and have to bend over often near him. It got the reaction she wanted, and the erection was soon pushing out of his swim trunks. Penelope noticed the attention Edward was giving and receiving and decided that was the moment she needed to sit on his lap and run her fingers through his hair. Petunia acted innocent and took satisfaction in getting Penelope's envy up, and so she retired to the back of the yacht to sun on the deck with Sammi and enjoy the view of the Mallorca's coastline and the sea, as they headed south of the bay and then westerly around to the secluded private beach called Cala Blanca. The town of Peguera was nearby but would be bit of a hike out of the surrounding hills that led down to the beach. Sammi gave her some background information on their destination. The club was an older villa nearby set on a cliff that overlooked the beach, that was owned by the same group that owned the property to the beach. It was about a five- minute climb up a trail and steps nearby. Sammi said that there would be someone on the beach with a cooler and some mats for them to use. Edward brought out a bottle of champagne, and soon everyone was feeling a bit more festive. True to her word, Penelope had pulled down the straps of her one piece, and let them droop like suspenders at her side as her fully bronzed breasts bounced, with very erect nipples (Petunia was sure by the look on both of their faces, Edward had been sucking them.) as she sauntered across to sit on a cushioned near to Sammi. Petunia admired Penelope's balance in stilettos on open sea water. She had shed her heels as soon as she was aboard the rocking ship.

The trip could have easily taken less than twenty minutes on the open water, but it took its time, and the foursome enjoyed the morning sun and sipped their drinks. Petunia noticed that Penelope was not concerned at all with what her daughter was drinking, but after her second glass of champagne, and a quick glare from Petunia as she was reaching for a third, Sammi settled for a sparkling water with lemon, and she picked through the fruit and cheese and cured meats offered as a light brunch.

"Sammi, dear, don't be prude, you can bathe topless if you wish, you are among good friends.", prodded her mother. Sammi sighed and gave her mother the stink eye. This was a seal the deal move that had become part of her man hunting repertoire as soon as Sammi began developing. Petunia noticed that Edward had perked up at the comment. Perhaps when he glanced over at Petunia and saw her look he realized how wolfish he must have been appearing, because he said, "Oh Penny, leave her be, she may be a bit shy in front of me, we have only met a couple of times… you forget she has not been on our adventures lately."

"I am not shy!" said Sammi adamantly, as she reached around her back and untied her top. She pulled it off in virtual defiance, "In fact, I was just about to do this before mother opened her mouth." She then tried to smile sweetly, as she stared at her mother, eye to eye and said, "Mother, I swear, at times you are so wickedly psychic."

"I just know what my baby likes… " Penelope cooed as she made a kissy face to her daughter, then reach over and kissed her on the cheek. "You are growing so fast, Sammi dear, your tits will be as big as mine before long! Here, use this oil, it will help your tan… you can see your tan lines!" She began to spread some of the oil across Sammi's breasts, and she even rubbed it roughly over her nipples. Sammi, pulled the bottle from her hands, and said in a low voice, " I can take care of it, mother!"

Petunia seethed inside. She wondered how many time Sammi's nudity was used to "seal the deal" for the start of Penelope's next attempt at long term stability. One glance at Edward and his erection was enough to know that it had indeed been sealed. Edward would invite both to live with him most likely tonight, and soon an engagement ring would on Penelope's hand and a peephole in Sammi's bathroom and bedroom. She watched as Sammi stood with her bottle of lotion and hesitated, and looked in Edwards's direction and stuttered, "Wuh-would you help with lotion on my back,- "

Petunia snatched the bottle from Sammi's hands quickly and interrupted, "Of course I would help you with lotion on your back dear! Here, sit here with your back to me, Sammi!" Petunia pulled her with force to sit next her. She whispered forcefully, with a bit of anger- "Let your mum seal her own deal… she can learn to swallow for god's sakes!"

Sammi giggled, and whispered back, "How do you know she never swallows?"
"Because your mother's kind never does." Petunia retorted. And with that, they both giggled.

Sammi flipped her hair up in the back, holding it. "Well go ahead then!"

Petunia gently rubbed the lotion into Sammi's soft bare back, she concentrated on the areas of faded tan, where Sammi had worn her top while sunning on her stomach, which was most of the time she had been with Petunia. She liked to think she was bit of calming influence on this wild child, but secretly she hoped it was not too much; she liked her rebellious spirit, but she was a bit fearful of her self-destructive side.

Sammi melted at Petunia's touch and closed her eyes to concentrate on feeling the touch of Petunia's fingertips on her skin, the palms of her hands as they rubbed and massaged her back. It felt wonderful, and she felt an aching in the pit of her stomach that ran into her bowels and down to her sex. She turned around and stretched out on the comfortable padded bench and laid her head in the lap of Petunia. She smiled up brightly, and asked, "Do my front, please."

Petunia was hesitant and did not know why her hand shook just the tiniest, enough probably for only her to discern. She took another swig of champagne, and put some more lotion in her hands, and started on Sammi's smooth young shoulders, and down around the base of her neck and throat to rub with soft care around the slightly protruding clavicle bones and the soft cavity of skin on either side of them. Petunia moved to her young friend's upper chest, rubbing the lotion slowly and carefully in. She saw that Sammi had her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. Her rubbing hands, still wet with the oily lotion, continued down the middle along her sternum, avoiding her breasts. Petunia was aware of Edward watching them, and she stopped, not sure what she should do. Sammi grabbed her hand and said, "Do it, Petunia. If he gets off watching us, then let it be- you are going to be on a nude beach- you will have to have a much thicker skin than this… people watch each other all the time… it is part of the excitement of a nude beach." With that, Sammi pressed Petunia's hand to her left breast.

Petunia, nodded, again, this was part of the teasing. It was evident that Edward loved to be cock-teased, and she was enjoying it before, why should this be any different? She began to rub and massage her friend's firm young breasts. She was not surprised that Sammi's nipples were swelling at her touch because her own were pressing against her tiny top with dramatic results. Edward' own titillation was evident and blatant. Petunia giggled to herself. She was worried about two two-centimeter bumps on her breasts while Edward had an eight-inch growth straining his speedos. She suddenly felt that she had nothing to be embarrassed about and found it more entertaining to torture Edward with his erection and what had to be an aching pair of blue balls with all this sexual enticement around him. Penelope must have become envious of the attention her target was giving her daughter and Petunia, for she suddenly pulled Edward inside, probably to address Edward's predicament with a handy somewhere naughty on the yacht. Hopefully not in front of Sammi. Although she thought, she wouldn't mind watching. And as if she were psychic, Penelope decided to do it in front her, and with a glare and smirk, Penelope's small hand was in the front of Edward's speedo's pulling on his prick with her eyes locked on Petunia's in defiance. Petunia bit her lip and did not look away as Penelope continued her handy, the speedo no longer a binder on Edwards thick prick. Yes, Edward did have a nice cock, and yes, Marco had indeed left her revved up. So much so, that she did not realize that she was kneading and pulling Sammi's nipples with such sensual fervor that the young girl had already came once at her touch.

Sammi, however had a very full idea of Petunia's caresses, and loved every moment of it. She bit her lip and squealed only once into the side of her hand, aware that Petunia was preoccupied, but deftly working some of Sammi's more potent erogenous zones. Her nipples were definitely one of them. Oh, she thought, if there was only a way to get her hand down to my pussy! But she would bide her time, the day was still very young. She gasped, and ran her own hand down to her puss, and stroked herself through her thin bikini bottoms, putting a lovely amount of pressure on her clit, which was easy since Petunia was preoccupied watching her mother being a slut with Edward. Edward however, had view of the entire scene and with lustful attention watched Petunia play with Sammi, and Sammi play with herself.

For Sammi, the pulling on her nipples was driving her mad with lust, and she wanted to feel Petunia's lips upon them, sucking and licking them, kissing them softly, even biting them.

Petunia soon became aware that she was caressing her young friend's nipples with a bit too much zeal, and pulled her hand back, only to hide her own shock and embarrassment by putting more lotion on her hands and commanding Sammi to turnover. Sammi only nodded and smiled with a kind of dreamy look on her face and put her face back in the lap of Petunia, inhaling deeply, smelling the soap fresh skin of her crush, her face only inches away from the sex she so wanted to kiss and taste. She turned her head and stretched her arms and hands back to pull down her bikini bottoms to the base of her firm round cheeks. "Do my butt, Petunia, unlike you, I do plan to go fully nude today."

"You are minx and tease, Sammi. Should we give Edward a bit of a show?"

"Who are you and what have you done with my Petunia?" giggled Sammi. "What do you have in mind?"

"Just this", said Petunia, as she reached around her back and untied her own top, and pulled it over her head, shaking her hair down as she pursed her very red lips. Her gum drop nipples were very hard and sensitive, and she felt the cool misty sea air spray across them, and her areolas puckered in response. She took the lotion on her hands and massaged her breasts, cupping them and the after rubbing the lotion over them, pulling and twisting on her nipples as she locked eyes with Edward, still being stroked by Penelope. Penelope was not paying attention to the two women outside, giving full attention to Edward's cock, and saying naughty things hoping to hasten on his orgasm quickly.

Petunia quite happy with the wolfish smile on Edward who still watching her and Sammi, continued to fondle Sammi's ass with lotion and occasionally pull on her nipples while mouthing things like "Suck my tits", "Do you want this?". It was all too much for Edward who, perhaps subconsciously, forced Penelope to her knees and grabbed the back of her head, all while still keeping his eyes locked on Petunia. "Perhaps she will have to swallow after all." Petunia said softly to herself.

"What?", asked Sammi, turning her head to look up at Petunia.

"Nothing Sweetie. Lie back down while I do your bum." She pulled on her nipples some more while licking her lips, her eyes still locked on Edward, who now had his hips moving as he used Penelope's mouth for his pleasure. Penelope was trying to gently pull away, but he would have none of it, and gripped her head with both his hands. It was time to show Penelope he was a force to deal with.

"You don't know how long I have been waiting to hear you say those words," Sammi whispered to herself.

"What did you say, dear?" asked Petunia

"Please cover me well, Petunia, that what I wan- what I need today."

"Of course, We wouldn't want you burning your bum", said Petunia playfully slapped it, knowing that Edward was watching them. His thrusts into Penelope's mouth and throat seemed a bit more careless and forceful and Petunia secretly enjoyed it.

"Hey!" what was that for?" Sammi asked sounding slightly annoyed but secretly she enjoyed it, and that came through in her tone whether she knew it or not.

"For getting me into this mess, Samantha Planter."

"As if you are not having the time of your life, Petunia Dursley."

It was true, thought Petunia, this was the biggest adventure she had ever been on her own, no matter how odd and sexually charged it was.

"Lay still, Sammi, let me take care of you," Petunia said absently. Her intent was to keep Sammi from looking in and seeing the sordid show her mother had started, and now had fallen victim to. Petunia egged on Edward, licking her lips and continuing to pull her nipples to ridiculous long hard lengths while he fucked Penelope's mouth, mouthing "Fuck her" to him. She could tell he was close to orgasm and gripped Sammi's buttock as her fingers disappeared into the crevice, down her inner thighs, brushing closely to the young girls wet sex. Her fingers came back wet, surprising Petunia, who began to lick the length of each of her fingers. She could see Edward could handle it no longer and had come, and by the way Penelope was panicking and trying to release her head, he was filling her mouth and throat with an insane amount of cum. He pulled out, as Penelope gasped and choked, and swallowed, and he held his dripping cock waving it in Petunia's direction as the white spunk dribbled onto the face and chin of Penelope. Petunia only smiled and waved and shook her head politely "no". Edward handed Penelope a towel when it became evident that she would not be sucking him clean. He took another bar towel and wiped his cock before pulling up his speedos and returning his cock to its semi-privacy. He shrugged and smiled at Petunia.

Petunia continued to caress and apply lotion to Sammi's bum and inner thighs, not being too mindful that she was brushing the side of her hand along Sammi's sex during it. Sammi was losing her mind, trying to psychically will Petunia's fingers inside of her pussy.

Petunia, however, was intent on seeing what Penelope would do next and continued her repetitive rubbing, which when Sammi slightly shifted her position, was now continually placing friction on her very engorged clit. Sammi moaned into her hands, at the pleasure she was feeling.

Petunia thought for sure Penelope would lose her composure, especially after the rough way Edward had just used her face for a vagina, but it did not happen. She coolly wiped the cum from her face and neck and breasts, and even licked some from her fingers before she planted a kiss on Edwards neck and then whispered something into his ear. He seemed satisfied with her request and followed her as they disappeared down steps to below deck. Perhaps a bit of forced swallowing was what Penelope was looking for, mused Petunia. Petunia then relaxed a bit, even though she was even hornier now, but at least she had avoided Sammi from having to witness Penelope's sordid attempt at territory marking. Petunia knew she was just as much at fault here, but enjoyed the predicament Penelope had got herself into, and now, she would be forced to swallow cum for quite a while, probably even after the civil ceremony in some foreign country was completed. Petunia considered it a personal victory and scored it that way.

She realized that she again was absentmindedly stroking the inner thighs of Sammi, and rubbing on her sex, and had her friend in quite a state. She hesitated. Should she quit now? It seemed too cruel to do so, and no one else was around. She was not sure what to do when Sammi grabbed her hand, and hissed, "Finger me, please, Petunia, for gods' sakes, do not leave me hanging now!" The teenager was beside herself and got up and quickly turned around lying prone across Petunia so that her ass was in Petunia's lap.

Petunia was conflicted by shame and horniness at the same time. She had used Sammi in a way that was worse than her mother just to cock tease Edward and be spiteful to Penelope. And now, she had this poor girl in a sexual frenzy because she had lost control on how she was touching her, treating her body like it was her own to use. She was no better than an pimp or pedo at this point, and she was feeling disgusted with herself. Yet, she also felt an attraction between them, and perhaps she had been acting on that without being aware, because having her in her lap and touching Sammi was incredibly pleasant to her as well. The conflict was great. She felt like she would upset Sammi more if she did not finish what she started, and if anyone knew what that felt like, it was her, all too often, and all too recently.

Petunia knew they were alone and would be so for some time, so she pushed down the shame with another gulp of champagne. She remembered the pink lotion that Marco had given her, and the sun was blistering, so she rubbed some across her lips, and then took some to Sammi's very exposed bare sex with a very slow and determined caress. Sammi groaned in pleasure as Petunia's fingers caressed their way between her tight little pussy lips, pulling on them gently as she ran her fingertips up and down gently ending with rubs around her pouty little love button. Her sex glistened with a pink shimmer from the lotion. "Mmm, that tingles… I like how that feels!"

Sammi spread her legs further, raising her young firm rump and placed her hand back to pull her left ass cheek over to more fully reveal the slick opening to her vagina. Her pussy juices beaded along her inner lips and down to her perineum.. Petunia traced her index and middle finger around Sammi's the bright pink vaginal opening. She pushed them slowly into the wet soft flesh of her vagina. It was tight, and Sammi moaned loudly as Petunia's fingers went further in, she tried to be careful not to jab her insides due to her long fingernails.

"Am I hurting you?" Petunia whispered, concerned.

"Nuh-no! it feels good, please, please, fuck me with your fingers Petunia!, please!"

So urged by Samantha, Petunia began to push and pull her fingers in and out of the young tight cunt, increasing her speed as she did so. The other hand gripped the top of her soft yet firm lower back, and Petunia was aware how wet her own sex was as she began fucking Sammi with her fingers, while Sammi raised herself up on her knees and began rubbing with abandon on her own clit.

Petunia was getting incredibly turned on by Sammi's squeals and moans of pleasure and was soon speeding up her pace of pushing her fingers in and out of Sammi's relaxing pussy, pushing them in as far as she could go, and soon adding a third finger. Her hand was moving back and forth furiously, sped on by Sammi's moans and urgent cries. Soon her final finger was gathered with her others, and she slowly brought them up inside the young girl's cunt until stopped by the crux of her thumb at mid-palm about four and half inches inside her. She twisted them slowly, trying to bring as much surface contact as she could of her fingers against the walls of her vagina, concentrating on underneath her, or the top of Samantha's vagina if she were not on all fours facing downward. When Sammi squealed, Petunia knew she had found her g-spot, and she worked it slowly, rubbing firmly against it. Sammi moaned continually, squealing in pleasure frequently. Sammi stopped touching herself, her own self pleasure no longer needed and she gripped the cushion underneath her.

Samantha was fully enthralled once Petunia's hand had pushed up inside her. One of her fantasies she had formed since meeting Petunia was now coming true, and she felt on top of the world. Could this day get any better? Last night, Sammi was visited by not one Dream Messenger but two. One Messenger was from Uagadou , but the other who accompanied her was none other than her benefactor. She indeed had procured her escape ticket, and for the first time in her young life, clarity. The dream was surreal and felt too real at the same time. She could feel everything as if she was awake; the temperature, the colors around her, the smell of smoke, incense, of fresh air, the musk of Harry when he embraced her in a hug; his touch as he hugged her.

He was younger than she imagined, the one the others had called the Chosen One, though no one would tell her what he had been chosen for. Their only answer was that it was foretold and would happen some years from now. He was nice enough, but he had a tired look about him, like some young bloke that had been to the Gulf War or Bosnia and back. The crest of orgasm interrupted her thoughts, and the rush of pleasure overwhelmed Sammi and shook her body and mind fully. Before she knew what she was saying, she was crying out, "Omigod, omigod Petunia, omigod, I love you, I love you!" She collapsed across her love's lap and could feel Petunia's fingers pull slowly out of her pussy, she felt the pressure and stretching relent, and a relief as well, while a stream of her ejaculate followed the hand. The wash of pleasure was still rushing through her young body, and she curled in satisfaction, her nerves afire, her skin electric and sensitive to the careful caresses by Petunia. She wrapped herself around Petunia, hugging her, and found herself sobbing, and not sure why. She was incredibly happy, yet tears streamed from her face and she could not catch her breath as she cried out.

Petunia cooed soothing sounds and phrases, rubbing her back gently until the girl caught her breath, and relaxed breathing easily. She lay there, as Petunia found a nearby towel, and slowly wiped the pussy juice from down her legs, and around her ass and sex. She had cum heavily, and the smell of her sex in the air was heavy and evident. The cushions they were on were soaked heavily. She got up off Petunia's lap and stretched like a lazy cat up from its nap. She had a broad smile across her pretty face as she looked at Petunia, who was turning several shades of red, and was flushed deeply across her bare chest. She held her hands and pulled her up. "We must clean up a bit. We can't have mother knowing… ignorance is her way of coping with life."

Petunia nodded and stood, dazed, as if in state of shock, her brain not sure that what she had just done was real or not. She watched as Sammi turned over the bench cushions, the deep wet spots hidden from view, and she tried to do the same to the memory of these last several minutes. The yacht had stopped, and Sammi took the time to dive off the back of the boat and swim a bit to wash the heavy smell of sex off her. The Mediterranean water was cold but refreshing, and she emerged quickly, her hair soaked, and climbed back onto the yacht onto its small diving platform and back up the ladder to where they had been sunning. Her pert young nipples were incredibly erect, and Petunia watched her, wanting to press her mouth to them.

She no longer tried to reconcile her guilt, but only pressed it down deep inside her. She had found the head of the boat and had washed her hands, and took another blue pill, and found some bourbon with which to wash it down. Now she was back, and she picked up a large plush beach towel and draped it over the now shivering Sammi. The breeze was supercooling her wet skin, and the clouds overhead were diminishing the warmth of the sun. Sammi stood quietly and let Petunia dry her shoulders and hair with the towel, and her chill soon subsided.

Petunia, now quiet, sat back down, after pouring herself another drink, and let the sun warm her face as she waited for the pill to blissfully quiet the storm in her head. Sammi, also a bit reticent after the intensive sexual encounter, just combed and brushed out her hair, then put her sunglasses on and settled back, not saying anything, but watching Petunia intently. She felt a distance growing between them, and she did not want that to happen, not after they had come so far towards achieving her dream.

The yacht was soon moving again, and they neared a small bay, with a curved stretch of beach perhaps just a bit longer than a soccer field, but much narrower that curved around most of the inner part of the bay. On it could be seen a smattering of people in various states of undress or fully nude, lying or walking about or swimming and wading in the surf. Sammi moved closer to Petunia and grabbed her hand in excitement. Petunia's hand did not recoil but grasped Sammi's hand firmly. Perhaps she too did not want the distance to take over what had happened. Sammi looked down and smiled hopefully.

"We are here Petunia!"

"I see we are stopping here, how do we get to the beach?" Petunia inquired, her voice was a bit rough, she realized this was the first time she had spoken in quite a while.

"The yacht is too big to go too much further into the bay; they have a skiff that will take us to the beach. I hear them readying it now."

Petunia decided to put her top back on in case she needed it later in the day. She encouraged her naked young companion to do the same. Sammi did not argue and put her bikini back on much to the visible dismay of Edward who came to tell them that the skiff was ready to take them in to the beach.

"Where is mum?" asked Sammi, in a very sweet manner.

"Penelope is resting. We will not be joining you on the beach, we will go on to the club and sun there. We will perhaps join you two for a bit of sunning later on. We are sending chaises and plenty of food and wine with you both for the day. I hope you don't mind."

"No, that is fine. Petunia and I will do well on our own, so that will be wonderful," replied Sammi. She was secretly thrilled, the less both her mother and Edward around, the better the chance that Petunia will perhaps feel a bit more "free" with her. Even though Sammi enjoyed Petunia's touch and the incredible orgasm it caused, she so wanted to do the same and more for her crush.

Petunia was also relieved that Penelope and Edward were not accompanying them, but for different reasons. She was feeling a bit ashamed at her wanton actions to cock tease Edward, and his now very aggressive behavior around her. He placed his hands on her shoulders in the guise of leaning over to pick up the empty champagne bottle and rubbed his hardening crotch into her ass. Sammi had gone in to gather some things and they were alone on the back of the boat. Edward wasted no time and had his hand on her breast, and his fingers in the bottom of her bikini, fondling her honey slice, rubbing roughly against her clitoris. She froze as his whispered into her ear. "Perhaps you will join us later Petunia? I would love to introduce you to some friends… we enjoy each other's company immensely."

Petunia gently removed Edward's hand from her bikini bottoms, and turned, facing him, as she ran her hand down his chest and began rubbing his hard cock outside his trunks. She looked up into face, with determination and a tight smile. She had got herself into this situation, and she would have to get herself out, gracefully and without bruising this lout's ego. She was his guest and she had been quite the cocktease, so she had to be diplomatic with this process.

"Perhaps, Edward, but we will have to see how the day goes, I certainly do not want to be in the way of you two, and I am a married woman who plans to stay so, so I must be honest and say your attentions should remain on the lovely Penelope."

"But it is your hand that is on my prick presently. It is a bit difficult to have my current attention on Penelope."

"That is true, and may I say what a lovely prick it is, that is why I had to touch it. Think of it as reciprocity for touching my cunt."

"Did that offend you?, I thought we would be past that."

"No, but a girl does like to be asked. As I said, Penelope is the full package. She will give you everything a man wants. In fact, I will pass on a secret to you, if you would like." Petunia slid her hand inside Edward's trunk, after making a show of taking the same hand into her own wet bottoms and rubbing it there until slick with her sexual juices, all while continuing her conversation. She stroked his cock roughly while continuing to look him in the eye.

"Yes, what is it?"

"She confided that if you two were to become engaged, she would be willing to let you have anal sex with her if you were to enjoy that particular kink."

Edwards eyebrows raised, as well as his cock, "Is that true?" He asked wolfishly.

"Yes, of course. Penelope loves to please her man. You saw how she allowed you to use her mouth like a cunt in front of me, what is that but not someone dedicated to pleasing her man? I would have slapped your face. I think there are somethings that should remain in the bedroom, such as sliding your cock up into the tight bum of your lover. I imagine that Penelope would have such a tight and lovely ass to fuck." With that there was a gasp, and Edward came hard, inside his trunks and all over Petunia's hand. She continued to rub his cock unmercifully.

Edward regained his composure, and with some effort replied, trying hard not to show signs of what had just happened, and how the continued rubbing of his now very sensitive cock was affecting him. "Yeh-yes, I was caught up in the moment, with two lovely ladies like you to provoke me." He offered slightly apologetically

"Oh, I understand, we are unmerciful cock teases, and you have such a lovely cock to tease."

"Thank you Petunia, I do hope you will join us later, I would love to show you what this cock could do… if Penelope has no reservations, of course."

"Of course she will. Penelope does not like to share, and, as I said, I am an unmerciful cocktease."

"Yes you are madam. Yes you are."

With that, Petunia released her rubbing grip on Edward's cock, and turned away from him. She picked up a towel and wiped her hand. Saving some on her fingertips. Without missing a beat, she licked then and then she smiled and said, "I want to thank you for being a lovely host and bringing us here to the beach. Samantha and I are sure to have a wonderful time, as I am sure you will have as well. Be patient dear Edward, and I am sure you will have many delightful times with Penelope."

"You are most welcome Petunia, and I thank you for the lovely attentions you gave me. As well as the secret you shared. I hope you will be available for more."

"Perhaps, but I think highly unlikely. But one never knows in this world of ours, do we?"

"No, we do not. If you come this way lovely lady, I will show you to the skiff to allow your day in the sun to begin."

With deep relief, Petunia, followed Edward, knowing she had skirted an ugly situation. She may have thrown Penelope to the wolf, but she was also sure that she had finalized the deal for Penelope even if it meant an occasional sore asshole. She was sure this would be nothing new for her and if not, it gave her a mean source of satisfaction with which she would have no problem living.

Samantha and Petunia were well set up on the beach, and due to the full nudity going on around her, Petunia felt more at odds keeping her top on and soon had it off. Samantha was already fully nude.

After a couple of glasses of wine, Petunia allowed Sammi to slather her with the lotion Marco had given her for general sunning. Her young charge was very attentive to her breasts, but she was still very horny, and allowed the generous touching and rubbing of her nipples. Her lips were feeling dry and she again remembered the pink balm Marco had given her. She rummaged through her bag until she found the vial. It was an odd but pretty cut crystal vial with a rubber stopper. She pulled the stopper and dipped her finger into the liquid and ran a generous amount over her lips. It felt tingly and she enjoyed the sensation. She offered it to Sammi, who took it, and ran it over her pretty pouty lips. Petunia relayed the story of her joke with Marco about the "other lips" without going into the story of how he had fisted her at the pool, and the subsequent blow job she had given him. But thoughts of it flooded her memory and she felt her sexual arousal grew.

Sammi, still feeling very horny after being caressed to orgasm by Petunia aboard the yacht, felt the urgent need to be fucked grow even more so. She looked over at Petunia, and said "Well then ,I'm going to try it, if I am going to sit here with my twat bared in this bright sun."

Petunia shook her head in admonishment but watched as Sammi rubbed the pink liquid over her tight outer and inner labia and around and over her clit. They were off in one corner by themselves, but one flabby but large cocked man walking by them did stare as he passed and nodded his appreciation.

Sammi made a show of it, and took her fingers to her pussy, then rubbed the wetness across the nipples. The flabby man did stop to watch and was soon erect and rubbing his own cock. Petunia was disgusted but horny and watched as the man played with himself. Sammi continued to cocktease him as she ran her hands up and down her bare pussy and laughed as his stroking became more urgent. However, the more she rubbed the pink liquid into her sex, the hotter she felt. Her sex tingled, and she felt the need to do more. She began to slowly finger herself. The older man cleared his throat to get their attention. He motioned if he could approach, and the two shook their heads, and he was compliant and moved down the beach with a full erection now in swing as he walked away.

Sammi was feeling incredibly randy now, and very turned on watching Petunia play and pull on her own nipples absentmindedly. She finally spoke up. "Petunia?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Do you fancy a swim? I want to show you a very secluded spot just around the next point. There is a trail near the tip of the bay entrance. It is all sand, easy to walk on."

"Sounds lovely. No other people around?" Petunia was beginning to feel very sexual, and suddenly, her bikini bottoms seemed like such a bother, but people like the flabby man were the reason she did not want to take them off. That old cock was beginning to look delicious to her.

"Shouldn't be, unless there is a couple fucking, but we will more than likely be the only ones there, not too many adventurous types out today. It is sunny and lovely there… perfect for shy types like you who would like to try 'au naturel'."

Petunia looked around; surrounding them were mostly older people, a couple of families, everyone looked settled in where they were. Even the flabby man had found an older couple to chat with and seemed to be getting on chummy with both of them. "Well let's go then, shame to leave our comforts behind."

"I have this water-tight bag. We can bring a blanket and a bottle of wine."

"I have one too, Edward thought of everything, I will bring a towel, the oil and some water and sandwiches."

"You are so bloody practical sometimes Petunia."

"It's the mum in me, Sammi, I can't help it. Let's hurry, I am feeling a bit flustered, and I can't tell you why, but I think it would be best if we were somewhere private for a while, I just feel like I can't trust myself at the moment."
"I-I understand… let's go then."

The cool but not extremely cold water felt good in the warm sun, and Petunia was enjoying the feel against her skin. Normal sensations felt electric to her, the sky and sun and colors around her more intense. The aching in her loins was building, and she had to be able to touch herself soon. She did not know how she could get away from Sammi to do it, but she already was touching herself under the water, but it was too slippery and not quite bringing her the satisfaction she needed as she tried to swim and caress herself at the same time.

Sammi was beside herself in sexual frenzy, and it was driving her a bit mad. She was overwhelmed with the need for sex despite just being in the throes of orgasm an hour before. The world was overwhelmingly intense, and she wondered if she had been slipped some kind of sexual hallucinogen. It was not acid, she had experienced LSD before, as well as psychoactive mushrooms. This seemed to be something quite different. It was as if her libido had taken over her brain and was now controlling her completely. She had to get away from the public and do whatever it took to have her way with Petunia. She would throw herself at her, blackmail her if she had to, in order have sex with this woman. She would make Petunia scream in orgasm if it was the last thing she did in her young life.

The beach was deserted to the relief and satisfaction of both women. Sammi had spread out the blanket on the soft sand. The beach was deep here and covered in places with overhanging trees and shrubs. Not the ideal place for swimming, but nice for sunning and seclusion. Petunia had stopped along the trail in the dense brush on the pretense to pee while Sammi had gone ahead, even though she had thoughts of spying on Petunia. Petunia pulled down her bottoms and began to stroke herself wildly, thinking of the thick prick of Marcos, but suddenly it was her nephew's prick in her hands, and he was standing over her defiantly with his hand gripping the back of her head. She tried to shake the vision but could not, and being aroused beyond control, she went with it, and could almost feel the large prick in her mouth and throat as her nephew forced himself upon her and she greedily allowed him to fuck her mouth. She was disturbed and excited at the same time by the vivid fantasy in her mind, and very soon she was climaxing in sync to the fantasy vision of a large amount of semen pulsing in her mouth from her nephew's massive cock. Did Harry have a massive cock, she did not know. It was large in proportion when he was a baby. She shook the image of the infant cock and soon had the large penis back in her mouth. She could almost taste the warm and sticky sperm, feel it run from the corners of her mouth. Her orgasm was short but intense. Woozy from the rush of endorphins and hormones from her orgasm, Petunia stumbled onto the small beach and the preparations that her naked charge had made. She was already inclined upon the blanket, sunglasses on, letting the sun warm and brown her tender young skin. When Petunia stepped onto the blanket, Sammi pulled up onto her knees and smiled. "Did everything come out okay?" she teased.

"What? Oh yes…" Petunia giggled, "Quite fine actually, that was a very refreshing…break. All that drinking on the boat caught up with me."

"Well, we are quite alone now…"

"Yes, this is lovely. I am sorry I a such a… a ninny, Sammi."

"Well, we all can't be extroverts, I guess. Come, lie down a bit by me, feel the warmth of the sun." Sammi dug into the bag and pulled out the vial of pink ointment and ran some more over her lips.

Petunia approached her, laying down the cinched bag with the towels and the oil, and some wrapped sandwiches she had hoped were not now soggy messes in wax paper. She was still standing, looking around to see if they were truly alone when she felt hands on her hips, grasping her bikini bottoms. It was Sammi, and with a yank, she had them pulled midway down her thighs.

"What?!" Petunia said startled.

"It is time to get rid of these, you are leaving with a brown bottom today, Petunia!" Sammi said determinedly and pulled the bottoms down to Petunia's ankles. Sammi was on her knees, her face only inches away from Petunia's bare and very wet cunt. Petunia stood frozen in surprise, her legs trembled a bit, and she was not sure why. She could feel color rising in face and across her chest, and again, she did not know why she felt embarrassed until she looked down and saw the hungry smile on Sammi's full pouty lips slick with the pink fluid. Sammi placed some of the lip ointment on her fingers, remembering how it tingled on her own sex. She reached out with her fingertips and ran them gently around the wrinkled and pulled labia of Petunia's sex. "You have such a lovely cunt, Petunia, your lips remind me of a flower. A very sexy…lovely... lily."

Petunia remained frozen, and tried not flinch, as she felt the gentle and curious touch of Sammi on her labia. It felt nice, and she remembered how she had her hand deep inside the young woman only an hour before, and her nipples hardened, and she could feel her areolas pucker as well. Her pussy tingled with the wetness of the ointment. When she felt Sammi's lips brush then kiss her along her protruding hip bone, she should have pulled away, but she did not. She closed her eyes instead and waited to feel the next sensation. More kisses, then licks, as Sammi's mouth made its way across the line under her stomach and across her bare mons pubis to her other hip bone, then down, lower, lower, licking with little light flicks of her tongue, and now sucking and kissing with her full soft lips, and then licking some more in erotic repetition.

The anticipation was too much and Petunia grasped Sammi head and with lust and directed her face directly to her cunt. The first touch of her of young full lips then her tongue lick on her crease was an electric shock that shot up her spine and into her shoulders and she flinched. Petunia ran her fingers deep into Sammi's soft wet hair. She felt Sammi grasp both sides of her hips, and moan through a mouth full of flesh, and grip her firmly, to hold her balance. Petunia straddled the young girl, until she could feel the sides of her young breasts at her thighs; she cradled the back of Sammi's head, now tipped back. The young lover, her face now fully under Petunia's crotch, licked in passionate fervor, sucking and kissing her mature, fully exposed sex. She was wet and dripping onto Sammi's face. Quickly, Petunia began to gyrate and rub her pussy against Sammi's hungry and busy mouth. Petunia was in the moment, and felt a flair of power, of being in control, which was not something she was used to sexually, and it felt exhilarating.

She pressed the back of Sammi's head towards her, until her licks and kisses were rough against her sex and clit. She rubbed her sex roughly against Sammi's face and came hard, the orgasm wet and gushing and incredibly intense. Petunia moaned loudly and cried out in pleasure, feeling the muscles in her ass and around her sex tighten and quiver. Sammi continued to grip and suck and then gasp, and as Petunia came out of her orgasmic reverie, she relented her tight grip on Sammi, a bit embarrassed of the force she had used. She caressed her head gently and moved back, but Sammi was not done, and pulled her down to the blanket, and began kissing her across her breasts, sucking and caressing them like a teenage boy getting his first girlfriend naked. It was rough and passionate, and Petunia enjoyed it immensely. Part of her brain tried to speak up, that this was wrong, but it was a mere hoarse whisper at a waterfall of lust and erotic heat, soon lost in the roar of sexual pleasure.

They were soon kissing deeply, and it was more than Sammi had dreamed about. She thought she would be rejected in horror, but Petunia was kissing her back, and was running her fingers up and down her body. She swore that electric shocks were coming from her fingertips, raising the gooseflesh on her arms and thighs. She was overheated with lust, and only wanted to bury her face again in Petunia's pussy, to make her moan and scream in orgasm. Petunia pulled her forward, and she could feel her kissing her, sucking and even little gentle bites as Petunia guided Sammi over her to straddle Petunia's face. The first swipe of her tongue along her sweet young sex was too much for the overwrought teenager and she came, with a deep, hard orgasm. She felt her pussy juice stream from her vagina and onto the mouth and chin of Petunia. She felt embarrassed like an middle-aged man coming before he had even achieved erection. It was too soon and not what she had fantasized about. She screwed up her face in tears, but Petunia would have none of that.

She pulled her onto the blanket and began kissing and licking her sex some more, soon pressing two fingers up and into her tight young vagina. "We are just starting, sweetheart, no need to cry over spilt cum, m' luv." With that, they were off again, touching, caressing, kissing, sucking and licking each other with pleasure.

Sammi lifted her legs back, over her head, her toes touching the cool sand above her head. Petunia had a firm grip on her bottom and was licking long, slow, luxurious swipes from on and around her tiny pink puckered anus up and onto her fully engorged clitoris, round and protruding, the size of her small pinky finger's top digit. Petunia's tongue flicked it gently; her lips surrounded it and fellated the sensitive love nerve like a tiny penis. The sensation was incredible and sent pulsing charges of sexual excitement up throughout Samantha's young body. In throes of passion, Sammi concentrated hard on the pleasure she felt and muttered quietly, so that Petunia would not hear, "Engorgio."

Her clitoris grew subtly, now thicker around and almost the length of her two digits of her pinky finger. Her pleasure doubled as Petunia without missing a beat took the entire length into her mouth, pursing her lips and letting their softness envelope the sensitive node. Granted, she had never seen a clitoris engorge that large, but she only had her own to compare against, and it had never received much attention accept what she had given it herself. She took it as natural, knowing the passionate nature of Samantha, and her own intentions and efforts at pleasing her. Soon, Sammi was bucking, embracing the hurricane that was the incredible orgasm she felt, her first multiple, but certainly not her last one for the day. She screamed aloud, and curled into a ball, flinching in overwhelming pleasure. Sammi continued to moan loudly her full enjoyment and ecstasy, as her honey glaze dripped from the tight lips of her puss.

Petunia's tongue swirled slowly into it, licking it up slowly, tasting the musky cum of her young lover. Her mind told her what she was doing was not right, not the rules of morality she was taught, but her body had full control and ignored the urgings of her moral brain to stop. She was close to coming again as well, and as they moved into a sixty-nine position, with Petunia on top, she felt Sammi insinuating her fingers into her very hot and wanton box and she smiled in dreamy pleasure. Soon her whole small hand was working in and out of Petunia's stretching vagina, and Petunia could not concentrate on her continued kissing and licking of Samantha's sweet bare cookie.

Petunia began moving her hips back and forth, pushing against Sammi's hand, pushing it deeper inside her; relishing the feeling of the fingers and her knuckles rubbing and caressing her vaginal canal, she urged Sammi, "Faster, deeper love!" She wet her fingers and began lightly pinching and rubbing Sammi's large full clit, flicking it with her fingertips, and continued the effort when Sammi began to moan loudly, then squealing in pleasure as she stroked it like a tiny cock. Sammi pushed her small fist deeper into Petunia, the line between pain and pleasure now a hazy mess. She began pushing and pulling her hand faster, moving it deeper until she was at the tip of Petunia's uterus. She grasped the organ, rubbing on it gently, and Petunia screamed in orgasm. The flood of juices down and around her hand wet her arm to the elbow, she could feel the warm wet fluid dripping off and splatter on the bottom of her breast and down her stomach. Petunia grasped Sammi's legs, a bit painfully, she was clenched and shook in orgasm, her muscles overwrought with synapses firing at the same time as the ecstasy gripped her body like a vise, shaking it with pleasure.

Petunia rolled off Samantha, groaning and panting, and lay next to her, curled with her knees to her tummy, enjoying the pleasured rush of endorphins throughout her body. Sammi spooned her, continue to hold and caress her gently. The sun beat down on the two, a sheen of sweat on their naked bodies. A breeze from the sea cooled them, but the warmth kept them from feeling a chill. Their hard breathing subsided, and they could hear the sounds around them, birds in the trees, an airplane far overhead. Petunia could feel Sammi's cheek against her back, and then the start of small kisses from her soft young lips. Despite their orgasms, their passion had not subsided, the need for more was all they felt. Petunia rolled onto her stomach, and then spread her legs and raised onto her knees, offering herself to her young lover.

"Baby, I need you to eat my pussy, would you like to eat my pussy, Sammi?" She swayed her hips gently, her face down, her eyes closed. She could feel the heat of the sun on her bum, could feel how wet her pussy was, and imagined it glistening the sunshine. She felt Sammi crawl to face her sex, her hands caressing her calves, then the backs of her legs, and up to her ass, to grip and pull apart her ass cheeks.

"Is this what you want, Petunia?" Sammi softly cooed as her tongue began to slowly lick around Petunia's sensitive puckered anus, and then downward. Sammi spread Petunia's legs wider, running her fingertips down and over her labia, pulling them apart to fully expose the opening to Petunia's vagina. She felt her tongue swipe down and into her love hole. She felt kisses, and licks and small gentle bites. The pleasure was intense, and gooseflesh rippled along her bum and inner thighs. Sammi's fingers found her clitoris, and rubbed it slowly, deftly, causing Petunia to flinch a bit, it was very sensitive and very engorged. Sammi continued to lick and suck along Petunia's pussy, making her way down to her clitoris. Sammi took her time, making it languid and smoldering, passionate and loving. Petunia felt all of her efforts, felt the connection to her physically as well as emotionally. She was incredibly wet and dripping. Petunia raised her ass in response, bringing her head down in full submission, spreading her legs as wide as she could as Sammi rolled on to her back and placed her face so that she had a better angle to lick and suck on Petunia's clitoris. Petunia pushed her puss against Sammi's mouth and tongue and before she knew what she was saying, she uttered, "clitoral pene formarus". She knew it was something instinctual, the phrase was foreign to her, she hand never seen nor read it, but knew it anyway. What followed amazed her beyond belief.

She felt a swelling at her puss, and her clitoris engorged quickly, then grew, she felt it length and fill Sammi's young mouth. Her clitoris was now the size of a young man's penis. Sammi gasped in surprise, but began to lick and fellate it, and Petunia groaned in pleasure.

Sammi could not believe the size that Petunia has transformed her clit. It was huge, her lips stretched a bit as she wrapped her mouth around its tip and began to swallow it while lashing her tongue all around it. She felt movement, and she could feel Petunia pushing it further into her mouth, she allowed it, she had never had her mouth fucked by a clit before. "At least it won't be spraying cum down my throat", she thought to herself. She reached up, gripping Petunia's legs, opening her mouth wide, her tongue swirling as Petunia pushed and pulled her cock-like clit in and out of Sammi's mouth.

Petunia was going mad with shameless desire. She had never felt anything like this and was freaking out that her normally "weak" magic had manifested this way without any thought or effort on her part. Her clit was enormous, and the gratification had magnified a hundredfold. She was on another plane of pleasure as Sammi sucked her six- inch clit. It was solid and firm, like a fleshy rod, but still had the appearance of a clitoris. She thrust her hips and was soon fucking Sammi's mouth. The sensation of control was not something she was used to in a sexual relationship. She was the submissive, always the bottom. There was a level of confidence and satisfaction in being able to control her sexual pleasure, and she felt the need to experience more even though she felt close to a massive orgasm, She pulled out of Sammi's sweet mouth, and commanded Sammi, "Get on your hands and knees love."

Sammi knew this was to happen and her head spun at the incredulous situation. "She is indeed a powerful Body Witch, she thought to herself. Her potential is tremendous." Sammi lowered her head and spread her legs wider in obedience; her pussy overheated in anticipation of the penetration to come. She felt the thick head of the fleshy rod push into her, its girth wide enough that it caused some stretching, and she gasped as she felt it slide up inside her pussy. Petunia was moaning loudly as she pushed her way into Sammi. the thick and long clit was incredibly sensitive, and it enjoyed the sensation of entering the tight, warm, wet velvety softness of Sammi's sex.

Sammi groaned and urged her on, "Fuck me Petunia, push it all the way inside me.!" Omigod, that feels so good!"

Petunia complied, and began rocking her hips gently, feeling her clit rubbing up deep into Sammi's heavenly vagina. The girl was extremely slick, and even as tight a fit as her clit rod was, it glided with an easy snugness back and forth inside the teenaged girl. It felt like a tongue licking all of her clit at once. Both were moaning in deep pleasure, and Petunia pushing her weight down on Sammi until the girl was flat on her stomach on the beach. Petunia held Sammi's wrists, her arms outstretched, shoulders wide, above her head. Their legs were spread eagle but intertwined at the ankles. Petunia gyrated and thrust her hips, fucking Sammi harder, both females gasping and moaning in mutual gratification.

Suddenly both of them began to rise, subtly at first, but Sammi was the first to realize they both were floating several inches off the ground, in the throes of copulation. They hovered as if an invisible platform rose beneath them. It did not encumber their lovemaking; it was not like as if one would suddenly find themselves trying to fuck in zero gravity with every thrust jettisoning your body in the opposite direction. They continued their passion while their bodies rose, now several feet from the ground.

Petunia seemed oblivious to the transformation, lost in the overload of sexual pleasure flooding her senses. She pushed harder, her clit rod plunging deeply inside Sammi's incredibly wet honey slice, every stroke, every rub inside the wet velvet softness a jolt of energy that ran up her spine and throughout her mind. Both of the lovers were nearing orgasm, and Sammi knew it was time to do her final act of love.

Having spent much time alone, Samantha had not squandered it all on tanning and partying. Her thirst for knowledge was just as insatiable as her other appetites. She knew she was different and had abilities above that of her normal friends and family. Her suspicions confirmed by people like Momma Cardo, and others led her to search for more information. People on the streets led her into the underground world of hedge witches and wizards, the self-trained and marginally magical. She tracked down any rumor or lead she was given, looking for the information she craved. She shuffled through antiquities shoppes and libraries, the basements of old churches. What she found, she read, what she could not read, she learned how to. She is self-taught in Greek and Latin. Another one of her gifts; foreign languages came easily to her. In scrolls, journals and old manuscripts, she gleaned whatever she could about magic. It was in one of these, deep in an old arcane bookstore in the city of Madrid that she discovered and learned the spell, Corpus connectum .

She uttered the words, and her entire world changed.

The whipping tendrils sprouted, branching, from the root of Samantha's clitoris. Like a fast-forwarded time-motion video, two tendrils lengthened and grew, growing thicker and longer as they snaked and whipped from her body, in a blind thrashing search. They found purchase on Petunia's body, and like heatseeking snakes squirmed towards her ass and sex. The thick cords of flesh whipped and struck Petunia who moaned in pleasure and pain and widened her legs in response. They sought a tether and wriggled towards the anus and vagina of Petunia. The pink fleshy tendrils slithered and forcefully pushed and penetrated the body witch's orifices and then spiked pods on the end of each tendril opened anchored painfully inside the vagina and anal canal of the body witch. Petunia squealed in pain which was immediately replaced with pulsing pleasure. The connection was now complete; what one felt, the other did as well. The sensations were overwhelming, but their lust grew exponentially, and both urged the other on, as Petunia continued to fuck the lithe young Sammi with rough abandon while they hovered above the beach.

Their sensations was shared and overwhelming, Sammi could feel being fucked and the sensations Petunia felt of fucking her- at the same time. The same was true of Petunia. She felt what is was like to have her six-inch clit being shoved in and out of Sammi's young and tight young vagina, as she felt the wet velvet of Sammi's vagina around her clit. Their nervous systems were now shared, and soon their breathing was in sync, and the motions of their bodies as well. Purple energy pulsed and glowed from the umbilical tendrils between the two lovers, and soon the aura crackled fully around their bodies. Their passionate lovemaking increased tenfold in intensity and desire, and the tendrils pulsed brighter and brighter.

They continued, now intertwined sexual twins. In midair they twisted to face each other, now fully upright, and floating, each body a brightly glowing aura of purple as Sammi grasped and gripped her arms and legs around Petunia, and Petunia re-entered the incredibly wet and tight sex of her young lover. Sammi bounced her body, helping to thrust the clit rod deeper into her; the weight of her body pushing her clit roughly against the base of its shaft. The rubbing was driving her mad, bringing her closer to orgasm, so as well, bringing Petunia closer to ecstasy. Petunia, who could no longer hold onto control and let it go, and with it came a flood and great flash of energy from her body that flowed like an overpowering electric current from her body through the umbilical tendrils and into the lithe young body of Samantha. Samantha screamed in both orgasm and pain as the magi-gasmic energy overwhelmed her. Light poured from every orifice, including her eyes, ears, and mouth. Sammi screamed and moaned, her body twitching. Her body flung back, now floating apart from Petunia but still attached by the tendrils, back arched, legs and arms spread. The light ebbed from her mouth, ears and eyes, but a spot on her forehead glowed. Sammi cried out in pain and pleasure as Petunia, still in the throes of a multiple orgasm, continued to pulse even more energy into the young girl's body. The spot on her forehead continued to glow brighter and Sammi cried out,

"Omigods, omigods, my head, my head!"

Petunia shuddered one final large orgasm, and giant pulse of light pulsed out from her body, and flashed into Sammi. Sammi spasmed in final orgasm, and felt a bulge form and then split on her forehead, and a release, as her third eye opened for the very first time, and saw the world beyond the Veil. She could not hear her own screams that pierced the secluded silence around the couple. All that Harry was doing was revealed to her, and she twitched , tears streaming out of all three eyes, and whimpered as she cried out, "Severus connectum!"

The writhing tendrils, still glowing, released their spiky claws and detached from Petunia's rectal and vaginal walls, painfully, and then withered, now flaccid and shrinking slowly, returning to its root, Sammi's swollen and pulsing clitoris. Sammi screamed agonizingly once again and both witches fell from the air to land heavily on the sandy beach.

Sammi was fully unconscious. Badly dazed and still coming out of the throes of her potion induced sexual frenzy, unsure of what was real anymore, Petunia crawled through the sand which clung all over her body, especially her cum-soaked bottom, to the prone and unmoving Sammi lying face-down in the sand. Her anus and vagina hurt painfully, and she felt blood dripping from both. With gasping breath and feeble effort, she was able to turn the teenaged girl over on her back, and she began wiping the sand from her face. She pulled back the hair tangled over her face and gasped in surprise. "Omigod, omigod!"

In the middle of the young girl's forehead, was another eye. It was closed, lidded and with the same beautiful eyelashes on Sammi's other… eyes. She watched as it flicked back and forth under the eyelid, its movement in sync with her "regular" eyes. Petunia checked Sammi's breathing, she could feel her warm breath softly at her mouth and watched intently to ensure her chest was rising and dropping regularly. Her head was swimming, and she felt faint. Petunia looked up and saw at male figure walking towards her; his appearance was strange, it looked like an older version of her nephew, then her vision swam and she fainted.

When she came to, she found someone at her side, holding her hand, and her vision swam into focus. It was Edward. He looked down at her and uttered only a single word: "Confundus!"

From here, her memory was a jumble of images and snippets of conversation. She was in an ornate bedroom, perhaps the villa that Sammi had mentioned to her. The bed was soft, comfortable and cool. She felt that she was still nude. She remember seeing Penelope hovering over her. She asked how Sammi was. Penelope reminded her, " She is okay, but between the sun and the food poisoning, she is very ill and resting. You should too."

She heard voices talking; a deep voice that reminded her of Harry, and one that sounded like Mama Cado. "It is truly amazing, Har- uhm, Marco, the power she holds."

"Yes, I just wish I had known about the outcome with Samantha… that was unexpected and not revealed to me."

"Jes, the engine of Fate is sometime a mysterious and harsh taskmaster."

"Bloody tell me about it…"

"But my little Bruja is truly rare and now has her own great power to learn."

"Don't worry- the teachers at Uagadou will help her to learn of her… new gift."

When Petunia awoke, she was in her own hotel room, on her own bed. She felt like she had slept for days. She awoke feeling something was amiss, and she was alarmed. She shot up in bed, fully upright. Vernon was in the room next to her, sitting in a chair, still in his golf clothes. He looked concerned, then relieved all at once.

"Where- where am I ?"

"In our room here in Mallorca. You have slept since yesterday afternoon. They say it was a bit of food poisoning and too much sun. You may be a bit sore; you look like a bloody beet. I don't know why you thought such a lovely pale skinned woman like you could take so much sun." His tone was admonishing but tender at the same time. It touched Petunia; she could tell that he had been genuinely worried about her.

"Well, since you should just relax and sleep per the doctor, I will see you later this evening."

"What? Are you going golfing?"

"Well, of course. We are in a tournament match today and my partner and I are in the top four." And like that, the touch of sentimental romance was gone.

"You are just going to leave me here? What about Samantha?"

"Samantha Planter. The young girl who has been sight-seeing with me, the one I have been talking about at dinner every night since we have been here!"

"Oh yeah, the girl. That one attendant…whuthisname… Michael…Mark…"


"That sounds right… Marco had a message from her mother about her."

"What was it?"

"Samantha was being flown by some bloke named Edward to a hospital in Madrid, guess she came out of your outing yesterday a bit more worse for wear than you. Apparently some wild mushrooms in some of your food turned out to be somewhat poisonous and caused hallucinations. They said she had eaten more of them than you. You should just stay and bed and sleep- order room service when you need it. Someone will check on you periodically."

Petunia felt of pang of guilt. She had pushed Sammi to eat the mixed charcuterie instead of drinking another glass of champagne. The young girl had snacked on quite a few of the stuffed fresh calamari. No wonder she seemed to be acting odd at the beach, though her memory of what happened at the beach was a muddle. She had only had a couple of the calamari at Sammi's insistence. Petunia was crestfallen, her young charge and friend was gone and she would not see her again before they left to go back to the U.K. She turned over in fret and fell back to sleep.

When Petunia awoke, it was late morning, and true to his intentions, Vernon was gone. She absolutely was hating her husband at the moment. She seethed but took a warm shower; she might as well try to make the most of the time left here, before she had to return to life in Little Whinging. By the time she got out of the long languid shower, Petunia had convinced herself that it had been for the best, why should Vernon just sit around while she slept? She was fine. And he did have a tournament. It was her fault that she had thought she could take on so much sun. She remembered the debauchery on the yacht. Perhaps this was the powers-that-be's way of punishing her for her many sins of yesterday. What bothered her was she could barely remember anything after that. She had a feeling that something profound had happened, and she had the feeling that she was somehow more in charge and powerful as a person than when she first arrived on the island. What filled her with a dread was that deep, deep down in her core she knew it had something to do with magic. Of course, it could have just been the hallucinogenic effects of the mushrooms; but she knew that was just an argument to try to convince herself that her sister and nephew's world did not really include her.

The feeling of empowerment continued. Petunia wore her sailor swimsuit to the pool. She would have breakfast poolside, in the shade of course. The high heels she had purchased with Sammi gave her breasts good bounce, even with the cowl on to suppress them. She felt the stares of the smattering of men in couples that who had decided to enjoy breakfast like her at the main pool area. Petunia thoroughly enjoyed their attention and even the jealous disdain of the wives as she sauntered across the patio until she found an open table and sat with her long legs crossed, her soft terry cloth bottoms riding high up her hip.

Petunia had decided not to go to the v.i.p. rooftop pool; she did not think she could face either Penelope or Marco if either one was there. It was the first time for Petunia eating breakfast alone here in Mallorca and she felt some melancholy, but it soon passed as she noticed several men seemed to have to go out of their way to pass her table and wish her a good morning. Petunia was enjoying the attention and decided then and there that she would continue her provocative dress when she returned to England. If she were to be a suburban housewife, she might as well be a trophy suburban housewife and enjoy the attention it brought. The thought of perhaps cock-teasing her Dudley's friends seemed titillating. Perhaps Sammi was right and she could gain some benefit from it in her chaotic household.

Her mind remained on Sammi, and she worried about her young companion incessantly. She was never far from her mind as she went through the mechanisms of the day. She wanted to find out how she was doing, hoping that she was well and healing. She dreaded approaching Penelope and did not know how to get in contact with Edward. She could not find Marco. She decided she would visit Momma Cardo, hoping that she may have somehow heard some news about Sammi. She had kept a business card from the restaurant and with help from the front desk got directions and a taxi to take her there.

The restaurant was quiet, and no one was out at the outdoor tables, so Petunia made her way into the dark café. When she found Marco sitting at a table inside, alone, no other customers in the restaurant she was a bit startled. He was rubbing a balm on his lips, sitting with a bottle of wine and half-filled glass at his table. She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Petunia!, please sit down. I was expec..hoping you would come here after I found out you were looking for me."

Petunia was tense, her body in alarm mode. "Marco, what are you doing here? How did you know to come here?"

"That is easy, I knew this to be Sammi's favorite place, she and I and Penelope have been here before… and everyone knows of Momma Cardo and her excellent food. Please. Come sit with me."

"Do you have news of Sammi?"

"I do. Please Petunia. Come and sit."

Petunia hesitated, her "something is amiss" radar still going off, but she relented and sat down at the table across from Marco. Her eyes had become accustomed to the dark interior of the restaurant and she noticed Marco was not in his hotel uniform, but very casual street clothes. A tight tee shirt and jeans, very relaxed looking. Something in his demeanor and posture reminded her of someone she knew, but she could not put her finger on it. She fidgeted, not feeling comfortable on the hard, wooden chair. She looked over to Marco and stated impatiently "Well then, what do you know of Sammi- is she alright?"

"Yes, she is. Would you care for some wine? You appear very nervous…worried."

"Well of course, I am worried about Sammi." Petunia took the glass of wine poured for her by Marco and took a couple of big gulps quickly.

"No, we both are worried about Samantha, but I mean you appear to be worried about being in my company."

"I find it a bit strange to find you here, that is all. And-And I just have this feeling that you have more to do with this situation than I know about."

Marco just shook his head and muttered, "The confundus charm was not strong enough, I was worried about that. I knew your mind was much stronger than Penelope's."


"Petunia, I must be honest with you. I have been keeping track of you while you have been here in Mallorca."

"What do you mean by keeping track of me, have you been following me? Why?"

Marco paused to speak, now that he was at this place and time, he was not really sure what he should say. There was too much at stake now and later on to reveal too much to her. He hesitated then touched Petunia's hand. She flinched but allowed it to remain on top of hers. She felt its warmth, and then looking into his eyes saw a sincerity there that calmed her.

"I have not been stalking you dear lady, but I have been your guardian, and I will always be so."

"Why in heaven's name would I need a guardian?" Petunia retorted, but she did so with a hint of curiosity in her tone, less indignation.

"Because of your nephew and his world. And your world I might add. Because it is true, whether you know it or not, you have magical powers. Powers that could help save you and your family someday."

"So that is what this is about? Their world? I suppose the sex was just a ruse to get to me!" Petunia was flustered and looking a bit teary. Marco grasped her hand more firmly.

"No, the sexual attraction dear Pet, is real, and runs very deep for me. It has just made my role as guardian much more… challenging for me. Finding some place in which I could take you is on my mind right now…so much so that I should not have said that aloud." He loosened his grip on her hand and took it away, slightly embarrassed at his admission.

Petunia was slightly taken aback by Marco's confession. Again, the sincerity in his eyes and voice rang true again to her, and it softened her anger and confusion. But Petunia is never fully soft. Her voice was still acerbic. "Well, that maybe true, but what are you- are you like them?"

Her hatred of them was clear; Marco heard it plainly. He hesitated. What could he say to this lovely woman that would really get her to listen to him? To walk away knowing that she was empowered and should do something about it? He fidgeted, drumming his fingers on the table.

"Please…stop that. It is annoying. My nephew does that when he is upset too and getting a talking to."

Marco ceased immediately. He opened his mouth to speak, paused, then finally spoke, "I am a wizard, yes, but I come from your world. I was born and raised in it, much like your nephew." He held up his hand to stop Petunia from interrupting him, and she held her tongue. "Yes, I know of Harry…most of the magical world knows of Harry, he was the one who lived, he is the chosen one, but the one person he will really need now, when he returns to Little Whinging, is you. Yes, you Petunia. I-I know he is a constant reminder of the pain and sorrow of your sister, but he is also part of what makes your magic strong, and you need each other to survive the storm that is coming."

"What do you know?"

"I know that your love and support for him goes beyond just helping him- it will save your family and allow you to become the woman you were always meant to be. You have to trust me on this. Take all you have learned here with your time with Sammi and-"

"Sammi! Tell me of Sammi! Is she okay? Where is she?!"

"She is safe and recovering quickly. She is in Madrid. She will be leaving from there to her new school. She has a full scholarship, and she is very excited to go. I believe it will be best for her, she will have structure and support that has not been evident this far in her young life."

"I so wish that I could have said good-bye to her."

"She wishes the same, and promised that she would write if you would send her your address… I can get the message to her. She sends you her love. She truly wanted to make sure you got that message."

"Th-thank you." There were tears in Petunia's eyes. One dropped to her cheek. She turned to leave, then stopped, and pulled a folded shopping receipt out of her purse, and a pen, and scratched the Dursley address on the blank back side, along with a quick note, refolded it, and handed it to Marco. "Please. Please see that she gets this." It remained folded in Marco's hand.

"Petunia- wait! Please, will I see you before you go?"

"It would only be by chance; I will not be seeking you out. Besides, you still have Penelope."

Marco shook his head. "No, I do not. Apparently a man named Edward has proposed to her. She has accepted and will be married soon. We have ended our time together."

"So, Edward took the bait. Good for her. I am sure you will land on your feet, dear Marco, as charming as you are."

"I am not worried about my future. But I wish at least a proper good-bye." Marco was close, and he pulled Petunia into an embrace and kissed her fully on the lips. She returned the kiss, and then they were kissing passionately. Marco began kissing her on the face, then neck and made his way to her ear. He whispered, "Subliminus. Harry is yours."

The flight home was uneventful, but for Petunia, she felt like a new woman, much more confident in her own abilities and looks. She wore her tightest blue jeans and a blouse that revealed her bronzed cleavage quite alluringly. She looked forward to seeing her Dudley and hearing about his trip to Amsterdam and visiting with her friends at the club. She had some wonderful ideas for some of their next events. Vernon was appreciative of his wife's new style of dress; it would help with dinners with clients. He agreed that a successful businessman's wife should look her best and did not balk at the cost of the new clothes. As to the woman inside them, he did not pay much attention, his thoughts were already on his return to work, and the connections he had made there in Mallorca. The vacation was successful all in all.

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