Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Time Takes a Mulligan

Up until the attack by the Ravagers, it was not all horrible. Well, that was dependent upon your point of view- even with Dudley involved, Harry found his first cousin's sexual encounters very hot because they involved Molly. He had to admit, that while he was under the cloak he shadowed Molly more than his cousin at the house, especially when they were getting ready to go out for lunch. Molly liked to walk around almost nude in her room when she could. She also loved teasing the shit out of Dudley; it reminded him too much of the relationship between Petunia and himself. Even with a stunner like Molly, Harry could but not help but think about Petunia. He also thought of Jean Granger too. He was beginning to feel the pull of the potion. After he had this mess fixed, and had spent some time with Petunia, he would sooner or later have to connect with Jean as well. He wondered how well the Grangers were getting along and if Hermione and her bastard father were treating Jean better. He was feeling guilty at forcing an Imperio curse on his dear friend and second-guessing the decision to do so. Not so much for Mr. Granger.

As he spent time "observing" his first cousin and his lovely cousin by marriage, Harry was amazed at the physical transformation that Dudley had gone through. Even though he was still a big guy, it was all muscle; he wasn't the fat git he knew before. The bad side would be what he could do with all that muscle if he wanted to remain a bully. Harry felt sorry for any kid in lower grades at Dudley's school.

Earlier that day, while Harry shadowed Molly and Dudley, Sᴓlvi had followed the Ravagers, using her local dark arts connections to find out where the gang of young dark wizards liked to be seen publicly. She was discreet but was able to find and follow the young blonde protegee of Olc Peacach, Mallory Malfoy. Since he was wandering the posh downtown district of high-end shops and restaurants, the beautiful model-like twenty something Sᴓlvi fit right in walking in and out of shops nearby. Malfoy ended up in a small hole in the wall pub, off a cobbled street in the old wharf section of Cork along the River Lee. With an extensive glamour spell, Sᴓlvi disguised herself as a rather plain and elderly woman who would be ignored easily. She took a half pint of lager and sat at a small booth with an order of chips to nibble as she listened to the brags and rants of Olc and his crew. They were a disgusting and misogynistic lot, leering at the young barmaid and describing in detail to each other how they would fuck and hurt her. This was not boys will be boys talk, this was nasty, evil torture kind of talk. The rude conversation made her hackles rise and her temper steam. It was all she could do not to launch of series of reducto curses and even the AK curse at them. They did not deserve to walk among decent humankind.

She did not get much in terms of plans from them other than Olc and Malfoy were supposed to meet that night at the An Spailpin Fanac, then determine what kind of trouble they could find for the evening. Tourist season was in full swing, and there were always young college girls out on their own that could be "Imperio'd" for an evening of fun. However, she did get a sense of their evil, and somewhat their skill levels. There was a dark master somewhere behind Olc, but his dogs, they were fully controlled by Peacach. Sᴓlvi had concerns… there were many tyrants in the world, but anyone who could create an evil bastard like Peacach was of grave concern.

She ordered a sandwich and waited for them to leave before she hurriedly finished her meal and made her way back to St. Finbarr's where she and Harry would reconnect. After a day on the town, Molly and Dudley were on their way back to Molly's house to rest and get ready for the evening out. Harry was touched when he followed Dudley back to the Antique store and he bought the locket for Molly. He realized how much Molly had affected his oafish cousin. The plan Harry had formulated was for Sᴓlvi and Harry to follow Molly and Dudz from her house when they were about to leave for dinner and the concert. For now, Harry made his way by cloaked broom to St. Finbarr's Hospital. The investigative duo met in the hospital gardens at 4:00 p.m. When she saw Harry arrive, Sᴓlvi stood up quickly from the outdoor bench where she perched anxiously. She was back to looking like her current twenty-something gorgeous model self; it made Harry's heart skip a beat when he saw her. She trotted quickly in her high heels to him, grabbed his hand and apparated them both to her office/apartment at the hospital.

Harry gasped and held his stomach. "You should warn a bloke when you are going to do that."

"My apologies. I have much to share with you, and I wished for us to be away from prying eyes and any chances to change the timeline as quickly as we could if someone were to recognize us. You did not cause any interactions or changes at Molly's household, did you?"

"No, I remained unseen, but learned a ton about the nature of how my cousins get along…"

"From your tone, you seemed a bit surprised."

"Hmmm, about the sexual attraction, no, but about how much Dudley has changed his… off-putting- yeah that would be a good word for it- for how much Dudley has changed his off-putting behavior due to Molly."

"You are sure? No interference on your part?"

"No, none that I am aware of- neither seemed to think anything was amiss."

"Bra, uhm… good. The closest we can keep events to unfolding like they did before, the better our chances to figure out the best way to keep the attack and kidnapping from occurring without causing dangerous side effects to the timeline. However, our mere presence here could alter things anyway."

"This is making my bloody head hurt, but I understand we must be careful."

Sᴓlvi relayed her observations of Olc Peacach and his crew. She even shared her suspicion that Olc had an evil mentor lurking in the background. She noticed how bleary-eyed Harry looked, how he seemed to be looking off in the distance as she spoke.

"We must get some sleep. When was the last time you slept?"

"I-I dunno. I am very tired. Yes, some sleep would be helpful." The fact was, Harry was dead dog tired. He felt the energy leave his body as he undressed himself. Sᴓlvi did the same. With a flick of her wand, heavy curtains covered the windows in the room, and a single candle lit and floated near the bed. The wax dripped into a ceramic vase it hovered above. The two crawled into bed and spooned with Harry on the outside, wrapping his arms around Sᴓlvi . Sᴓlvi moved his arms gently until they were at her waist and wrapped around her firm young tummy. Within minutes, they were asleep, with a request for the bed to wake them in five hours. They would use the time turner to turn back a couple of hours to make sure they were on time to follow Molly and Dudley from her house.

Their sleep was deep and that of the exhausted. Harry dreamt constantly, a horrible dream of solving puzzles and trying to make his way out of a maze of an office building much like the Ministry of Magic, but full of insane and fantastical beings. Okay, so much like the Ministry of Magic. He woke, his body a bit rested, but thoughts flying in his mind. Sᴓlvi seemed to feel this from him. She stroked his shoulder with the palm of her hand and kissed his cheek.

"Are you up for this Harry?" We have heard Molly describe it, and we have seen the results… this will not be pleasant in the least and we will not be able to interfere with it this go around…"

Harry just nodded.

They took a bath together, Sᴓlvi was very tender and loving to Harry, but uncharacteristically was not overtly sexual. Harry although always interested, assumed that she wanted them to keep their focus during this important mission, so he did not attempt to initiate any sexual acts. Their comfort level seemed to grow with each other. Being silent with their own thoughts was not awkward. Harry was smitten with her beauty. At twenty-something, Avslöja was an incredibly lovely young woman whose sensual nature permeated the room with every small movement of her body and her eyes. Harry found himself being caught often staring at her. Sᴓlvi would only smile, and sometimes blush at his attention. They dressed and ate some bread and cheese and sausages from her small kitchen. They dressed into evening wear, clothes Sᴓlvi had purchased while following the young Ravager. Sᴓlvi brought along some cloaking potions as well as some polyjuice. She had pulled taken a strand of hair from a handsome Irishman who had stopped very willingly to give her directions earlier that day. She thought it would be the perfect disguise for Harry for the evening to help blend in with crowd as they shadowed Molly and his cousin. Harry brought his broom with his cloak in the pouch. Together they apparated to the back garden of Molly's house where there was sufficient cover with trees and greenery to stay out of sight. It was there that Harry transformed via polyjuice potion into a broad-shouldered handsome ginger man that could have been a cousin to the Weasleys. Sᴓlvi made Harry drink the full flask, to ensure that his disguise would remain for the full evening. With a quick spell, she added some facial hair to Harry's new visage, a moustache and a large soul patch, just in case there was someone who recognized the original man from which she had nicked the hair. Harry kept his glasses on but hid them with the Indespectus charm. They waited outside the house after ensuring by spell work that only Molly and Dudley were inside the abode.

When the taxi had ferried the cousins away, they followed, invisible to the rest of the world by riding tandem on the broom. Harry did not mind having Sᴓlvi clutch him tightly as they glided high above, but always within sight of the cab. Sᴓlvi enjoyed flying on the broom, it had been years since she had used it as a means of transport; the closet she came to a broom these days was at the Quidditch stands in her hometown, Alta, Norway. She closed her eyes and let the cool evening breeze wash over her face and through hair. She nuzzled her face into the back of Harry's neck. Her body mimicked his in synchronicity as they directed the broom to twist and turn, avoiding objects like power lines, light poles and tree branches as they soared above, tracking the black hack as it meandered to the old downtown area. They landed on the roof of a nearby building, found a dark back alley where they could levitate down, emerging only a block away from the famous inn.

Harry and Sᴓlvi entered the pub and found a cozy table within eyeshot of Harry's cousins. The evening in the pub went well, they ate and drank lightly, and even sang Happy Birthday to Dudley. When Dudley left to go to the loo, Harry followed, and then slipped into the invisibility cloak at an opportune time when no one else was in the hall leading to the restrooms. It was evident to Harry that Dudley was intoxicated, so it was easy to follow him in his non-attentive state. He followed closely behind. It was lucky for him that the bathroom was wide, and he was able to dodge around to a corner away from Dudley and two other young men in the bog. The two strangers were smoking hashish, and Harry could tell easily by their dress that they were wizards. He held his breathing to very shallow level and concentrated on the interaction between Dudley and the young men. He wanted to strangle Dudley, who was once again yakking to the strangers about way more than he should. Harry could tell by Molly's description that the dark- haired stranger was the Peacach fellow and his hackles rose. He thought perhaps that he should just go ahead and obliviate the two wizards after Dudley left. He consulted the scryer ball, which he found out from Sᴓlvi that he need not speak to it, he could just hold it and "think" to it.

He held it up under the cloak, after pulling it from the broom travel pouch that he wore unseen on his hip like the American tourist "Fanny packs". He thought, "What will happen if I obliviate the two wizards of their memory of their conversation with Dudley?" The answer came rolling back,

It is likely they will attack others tonight instead. More will die at their hands… this is all I can see at this time…

Harry was frustrated, it seemed the scryer ball would have to witness the events of the evening as well to make a more informed decisions… apparently there were no short cuts for this problem. He decided to do nothing as he promised. As detestable as watching these events would become, they must witness all they could before he and Sᴓlvi could figure out the best solution for saving Dudley and getting rid of the Ravagers once and for all. He knew it might mean that he may have to take a life or several lives to make it happen. He did not want to think about it, but he would do what it would take to protect his family. His family. How odd that truly thought of the Dursleys as part of his family. As detestable as they could be, they were still his blood and he knew that he could never leave them to harm.

A couple of hours later…

Harry was remembering a saying, something about the road to hell was paved with good intentions. Well, due to his intentions, right now all hell was breaking loose.

He had tried to be the stoic observer, just to be on objective reconnaissance, to figure out the best course of action to head off the attack of the Ravagers on his cousins, which then morphed also into finding a way to put these dark wizards away or at least to minimize the amount of people they could hurt.

It was a gag reflex, a reaction of revulsion and anger that had been welling to the point that he could no longer contain it. When Olc Dubh Peacach raised his wand and pointed it at Dudley who was attacking one of the rapist Ravagers with the knife that had just been at his own throat, Harry reacted with cold steel anger. He pointed his wand at the raised arm of the foul leader of the Ravagers and uttered with no hesitation, "Reducto!"

He watched as the arm exploded from its socket, the hand still attached and holding the wand as it went sailing several feet across the alley and landed with a sickening thud against the old brick foundation of the building next door to the club. Peacach fell to the ground, screaming in agony. Sᴓlvi had had just registered what had happened, seconds before everyone else and began to launch Immobulus curses at the rapists, along with a satisfactory crucio curse or two. She was resigned to see this through now that Harry had started it. Secretly, she was hoping he would do something rash like this, because her own bones were aching to do the same.

Harry had pointed his wand at the fleeing Ravager known as Peeler, and without trying to think of a less destructive curse, uttered "Reducto!" again, and blew his left lower leg to pieces, dropping him in screaming agony very quickly. He pointed his wand again and stated, "Petrificus Totalus!", putting a full body bind on the writhing Ravager.

Harry and Sᴓlvi , on Harry's broom, quickly floated to the ground, Sᴓlvi stepped off the broom and grabbed Harry roughly, shaking him. "you must not leave the invisibility of the broom, do you understand? No one must know you were here!"

"But I have to help Dud and Molly and … the Polyjuice potion!"

She shook her head. " It was not as strong as I thought. You have reverted… probably brought on by the anger… You can help by keeping these others covered." Out of the corner of her eye she saw a grimacing and shaking Peacach trying to crawl toward his arm and wand. She snarled, "Crucio!" and sent him writhing in place. She followed it with, "Immobulus!" and Olc stiffened and stopped moving, looking for all the world like he had just died. Dudley was wrenching Shiv off from beneath Molly, and had just pushed his stiff body away, when it floated up and away. At twenty feet up, Harry pointed his wand at the runaway frozen Ravager and said, "Finite Incantatem" and watched with some satisfaction as the dark wizard plummeted to the ground with a sickening thud. In case the curse also countered the Immobulus placed by Sᴓlvi , he pointed his wand again at the more than likely unconscious Shiv and uttered, "Immobulus!"

Sᴓlvi hurried to Dudley's side, helping him to untangle the rapists from Molly, and to remove her floating spell as well. She put Molly to sleep with a Dormis spell to help with the pain and shock the poor battered woman was experiencing. Dudley was sobbing, beside himself in grief and anger and shock, he stood hovering over Sᴓlvi watching her take care of Molly, blood dripping from his slashed cheek down his neck and onto the ground. He was oblivious to his own wound, his concern only for his Molly.

Harry wanted to comfort him, to tell him she would be okay, when he remembered the blonde lookout was still unaccounted for. He sped on his broom down the dark alley, only to find the malfeasant Malfoy lying supine on the ground with a witch standing over him, her wand drawn. He slowed up, stopping feet before the woman, his eyes widening in recognition. The witch put away her wand and looked directly in Harry's direction. Sybill Trelawney said gently, "You can remove your cloak, dear boy, I know you are there."

Harry stepped off the broom and leaned it with practiced care against the building and withdrew his hand, thus appearing in front of Sybill.

"I was afraid I would be too late and miss this, since I had no time turner, I could only hope the Veil had revealed the events of this evening to me much earlier than they occurred. I was glad I could be of assistance with this ruffian here. I am rather proud that my Catatonias spell worked as well as it did." She said this as she gazed down at the subdued dark wizard.

Harry rushed up and gave her a big hug, which surprised and pleased the professor at the same time. Her heart pounded a bit at their embrace, and she wished for different circumstances. She held Harry by his arms. He was looking her over, noticing that she was not in her typical Professor Trelawney outfit. She was not in her wig and glasses, or her hippy layered outfit of colored cotton veils and a big wool sweater. She wore a smart long leather coat over a black cotton tunic that went over tight black stockings. She wore high leather boots with wedge heels that went to just below her knees. She was breathtakingly kick-ass looking, which added surrealism to the whole situation.

Harry began with a stutter, speaking quickly. "My cousins were attacked, they were raping her, I could not stand by! I-I blew his arm off! Please, come quickly! ..." He motioned down the alley.

Sybill grabbed his arm and pulled to get his attention. "Harry. Stop. I have already summoned the local Auror authority, they should be here very soon! You must go back and help your cousins. "

"But Sᴓlvi said I should remain hidden…"

"I understand, but you must reveal yourself to your cousins and let them know you are here… it is important that you are still part of the healing process and meet the Healer. The Veil revealed this to me, but I must ask much of you right now. You must give me the time turner. I will return it before this night is through, but you must let me have it now. Please trust me Harry, it is important for the fate of you and your kin."

Harry nodded, knowing that it had to be important, and pulled the turner out from under his shirt, and took it off from around his neck and handed it to Sybill. She grasped his hand with both hers when she took it and looked into his eyes. "Now let's go together to your cousins."

Dudley ran quickly when he saw Harry, straight for him, with a look of both anguish and relief on his face. "Harry! I can't believe you are here!" He grabbed him into a bear hug, picking him up off the ground. "I bet you are the one the got us help with these fekking magic wankers weren't you?' He pulled back, his slashed cheek still bleeding, tears were coming down his face, snot out his nose, and his lip quivered. Any other time, he would have pounded Harry if he had seen him in this condition, until he had promised he would never say a word. He kept his hands atop Harry's shoulders, shaking. He looked over to Molly. "She will be okay, won't she Harry?"

Harry reached up and put his hand on his cousin's wounded cheek and ear and reflexively cited, "Episkey, Episkey maximus!" The dripping blood instantly congealed, and his cousin's wound started to scab over. "Yeah, Dudz, she will be okay, because you will be here to take care of her."

Dudley looked at him quizzically, "Why the fuck are you here in Cork?"

Harry shrugged. "I thought I would come to say Happy Birthday, but I found you in a mess of things again, Cuz."

"It's me big fucking mouth… don' know when to shut the fuck up. Not that I will ever admit that again, mind you!", he said as he punched Harry in the arm a bit too hard.

Sᴓlvi , a bit upset that Harry had shown himself was about to intervene with the two male cousins when Sybill stepped up to her and grabbed her forearm. She leaned in close, and said softly, in a whisper only Sᴓlvi could hear, "If you want to keep your child, you must come with me now." Sᴓlvi only nodded. The two grasped hands, and with that, the two witches apparated and disappeared into the night.

Harry did not have time to realize the two professors, who were also his lovers, were gone together; a band of Ireland's best aurors descended upon the scene at that moment, and Harry had his hands full the next two hours answering questions as Molly and Dudley were apparated to St. Finbarr's Hospital.

The Lead Auror handling the investigation and arrest of the Ravagers, was a very tall (almost seven feet), lean, and loud Irishman by the name of Angus Tucker, with a lean angular face with a crooked nose, broken several times, who reminded Harry of Mad-eye Moody due to his brusque manner, was the one who interrogated Harry. Harry left out the time turner, Sᴓlvi , and Sybill from his account. By his account he was bored and snuck out of his house to come visit his cousin in Cork on his birthday as a lark and had found his cousin at the club by use of a location spell and came across the attack. He said he just reacted, trying to save his cousins.

"And you felt the need to blow off an arm and leg of these blokes as a way of intervening?"

Harry looked steely eyed at the Auror with anger on his face, and his teeth gritted. "They were fucking raping her… they were raping my cousin."

Angus shut his mouth. He knew inside he would have done the same, if not worse. He knew this blarney of a story Harry was giving him was swiss cheese, but he did not press the young man. He figured he must have had some help, but apparently there was a reason why Harry did not want to reveal who helped him, and Angus decided not to press it. Besides, the male cousin, Dudley had confirmed the attack, under a confundus spell, so he knew the crime was very real even if there was some question around how it was really stopped.

They had been after this particular gang for quite a while. Angus figured that there were several other charges of Wizard on Muggle crime with which they would be able to charge this group, so Tucker was grateful for Mr. Potter's intervention no matter how truthful it was. He let Harry go to visit his cousins at St. Finbarr's with a warning that he may follow up with him, later. This was his own lie. Angus Tucker, although a tried and true Auror for the Irish Ministry of All Things Magical, was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix. He would do his best to bury the name of Harry Potter from any where near this incident. The name would end up being Aaron Prodder on the report he would submit.

Harry accioed his broom and immediately disappeared under its cloaking, which was noticed by Tucker. This helped to explain how the boy was able to sneak in on the attackers. He said nothing and turned his back, returning to supervise the crime scene tasks. His foot brushed a large object, so he stooped to see what he had almost stepped on and grasped a large long object. He nearly dropped it in surprise. It was what was left of the arm of young posh Ravager, Peacach. He noticed a wand nearby and picked that up as well. He looked around and yelled out, "Have any of you wankers got a bag on you?", while holding the arm by its wrist out away from his suit.

Part two.

It was early morning when Harry found his way easily this time to the Special Ward for Muggle Patients. He smiled despite what he had been through when he saw Rhoswen at the desk. They were alone, no one else was in the lobby area. Her eyes lit up and he heard the sweet voice in his head as she jumped and ran to him. "Harry! So good to see you this time!"

They embraced, and she ran her lithe fingers around his face. She looked at him fondly as she spoke to him in his head, a look of concern on her lips. "I understand that you were not able to prevent the attack, but at least you prevented it from being as brutal and horrid as it was before, and that whole horrid gang is now in custody."

"But I could go back and do it better!" Harry said out loud as the continued to embrace. " I can stop them before they were hurt."

"No, Harry, no you can't. You will only make it worse. Time is fickle and filled with too many variables, and like an old man, it does not like change. You may save your cousins from some pain but end up killing hundreds of people who would have lived. This was meant to be, you have saved your cousin, and have kept Molly from life threatening injuries. She will still need to go through a healing process much like what you did before in the previous time line, but certainly nothing as intense, with much less recovery time afterward. Your cousin wants you involved, despite his brutish nature, Dudley understands that you will help Molly recover."

"You know he loves her."

"Yes, it is easy to see that."

"Shouldn't he be the one the helps in the healing process?"

"He does not have the magical aura or your temperament to help at this time. This has been explained to him, and that is why he has asked for you. He has his trust in you to help Molly through this. His love and caring will certainly do much afterwards, when Molly really needs it at home. "

"Can I see Dudz?"

"He is asleep, under a Dormis spell, he was in full shock when he got here, but we were able to stabilize him quickly, he has the constitution of an ox. After we explained our healing plan for Molly, and he gave his request for your help, we put him into a deep sleep to induce the mental and physical healing he needs to go through. It would be best to let him sleep."

Harry looked disappointed. He had seen a side of his cousin he did not even think existed today, and it gave him hope for them to be perhaps friends or at least not enemies in the future. "That's alright then. I guess I should wait here. I assume Inann Cabhru will be along shortly?"

Rhoswen smiled. "Yes. You will experience much déjà vu from this time forward. Luckily that means that you will still need to meet me and connect with me so that we can communicate."

"But we can already communicate."

"No one else knows that, nor can we tell them why we can. I am sure there are things we can find to do during our time together, yes?" She smiled and ran her fingers to his lips.

Harry smiled. There were aspects of time travel that he did enjoy immensely. Having your cake and eating it twice could be very rewarding. Then he realized that there would be no need to call in Sᴓlvi in this time line, He and she would not again meet like they did. He had some regrets but knew that they still had a relationship that existed in the new timeline because of the Turner. It also meant that they would not have to go through that gross and horrid experience of Sᴓlvi eating the Viking taunt curse from Molly.

When the gentle hulking presence of the Healing Intern," Inann Cabhru" appeared, Harry internally smirked. He knew it was Casey Slainte in disguise this time. He had to urge to goose the giant man but knew that would be counter-productive to her test of him. He anticipated the things to come and did his best to be as courteous and thoughtful to those around him and to Cabhru himself. He opened doors, and suggested the stairs, before they got into the first elevator when he saw its size. He gave Inann a towel when he saw he was winded and sweating after the first long set of stairwells and suggested a break for a bit of water. He did all he could be charming and sincere. From there the story remained the same, until it was time for him to be alone with Rhoswen in order for them to create the communication link that Casey thought had yet to happen. It was like a parting that never happened.

But Rhoswen had questions. As she disrobed, she looked up at Harry. "Harry, before, why did you leave us like you did, without a proper good-bye? I was very cross with you until the time line changed and this day started all over again. I knew it had no longer happened, but I still remember it. It hurt."

"I'm sorry, that was not my intention. You two were getting along so well, and I- just could not bear to say good bye, so I left. You got my roses?"

"Yes, they were lovely, but a last hug would have been nicer. But now I was cross for no reason. You are here again! Time has brought us together again for the first time! It is all confusing to us, I know, but you must remember that Casey does not remember that timeline at all…"

"And your true love for her."

Rhoswen sighed in his head. It was a sad sort of sigh. Harry grabbed her hand. She smiled at him. "Do not pity me, Harry Potter. We Fae can love many deeply at one time, and I know my time with Casey will come. But this is our time, dear Harry. This is out time to connect again for the first time. But we know what we like already, yes? Come please me, Harry, as I want to please you…" They were soon nude and in embrace, reuniting like old lovers after time away, and it was Glorious...

He looked over at Molly, still battered and bruised, but much less than he remembered the first time they met.

She smiled and saw the lightning bolt scar on the handsome young man's face before her. His green eyes sparkled but had a sadness at the same time. "You must be Dudley's cousin, Harry."

"Yes, that's me. Hi Molly."

"She smiled, and then her eyebrows instantly furrowed. "Dudley said you were going to help, me that I could trust you with my life. I feel kind of fragile right now, y'know?" Her eyes instantly filled with tears. Harry wiped away one that ran down to the side of her nose.

"Hey now, don't worry. I am here to help you. We are going to make you feel better, I swear! We must get you feeling better first so that you and I can talk. I have a ton of questions about how you tamed my beast of a cousin."

Molly giggled a drunken sort of giggle. "I feel fuzzy- very high. The pain is not so bad right now".

"That's good. I am a bit tired; do you think we could nap together a bit?"

''You are almost as forward as your cousin. Dudz was asking to eat my pussy about five minutes in from meeting me. You, you want to sleep with me and we just met."

"It must be the Evans blood we share. We know quality people right away and run hot for them. Why wait?" Harry shrugged and smiled. "Actually, I was just looking for a bit of a cuddle. I like to spoon with shirt tail relatives. "

"Well, we are naked in bed together; I guess I could do a bit of a spoon with you. After all, I am very happy to see you here, but I am very tired Harry Potter." Molly rolled to her side away from Harry. "Please feel free to put your arm around me; I would like that very much." She said with a bit of a sob, "Please just hold on and don't let go of me.' She continued to cry as Harry held her closely…

Harry had just finished washing up, another wonderful shower with Rhoswen. He dried his hair and slipped into a bath robe and a pair of cotton pajama pants. He walked to the room they said would be his to rest in. He found Dudley waiting there in his own set of hospital pajamas, sitting on the bed. He jumped up in anticipation.

"How is she?"

Harry smiled. "She is good. I love bloody magic. They have her healed well. She is sleeping, but now comes the hard part."

"What you mean, you said she was healed?"

"I meant her bruises and cuts and tears are gone, but she has all those emotions to deal with, after being attacked by those fuckers."

"Yeah, yeah, I know what you mean. You feel fucking weak and useless, mate. I feel fucking weak and useless." Dudley was shaking and there were tears in his eyes. Harry put his hand on his cousin's big shoulder and just gripped it tight.

"You are anything but weak and useless, cousin."


"Yeah, I saw the way you went after that one tosser. He was fucking huge and you took him down with your face all cut up. I know you care for Molly, Dudz, just be gentle, and patient, and just be there for her, and she will get better."

"Yeah, I will, I will."

"You know what will help?"


"If your face is the first face she sees when she wakes up. I think you should go be with her."

"Do you think they will let me?"

"I KNOW they will. Just ask them that you want to be with her in the room. They know that Molly would want you there."

"Okay. Yeah. Thanks Harry!"

"Happy Birthday Cousin. I hope you make the most of this next year… you have some things to make up for."

Dudley's face reddened, and Harry thought he was going to get upset. Instead, he wiped a tear out of his eye and looked at Harry and said, "Yeah, yeah I do." He gave Harry a light punch on the shoulder, then hugged him quickly and left the room…

Harry walked into the bathroom. The tub was huge. It was gilded in gold and boxed in ornately carved mahogany. The two women were already in the tub splashing and cleaning the sperm out of each other's hair and giggling at the amount of it. Harry found the shower in the corner and took a quick one despite their protests to join them in the tub. He leaned over and kissed Casey soulfully, and then Rhoswen. He held onto both their hands and said goodbye, that he must return to England as soon as possible. He had his own timeline to fix in Little Whinging.

There were tears, and more kisses, but then he said goodbye, after leaving two roses at the threshold before entered back into Saint Finbarr's.

He decided to go to Sᴓlvi's apartment, it was near midnight and he knew needed to get back to England as soon as he could. He was worried about Tonks and the Dursleys. He knew it was probably too late to keep his and Petunia's secret from Tonks, but perhaps there could be some damage control.

He dressed and gathered his things from Casey's office and trudged to the tower which housed the dark mistress's apartment. He walked the spiral steps slowly. He found the door unlocked to the apartment, and after knocking entered it. He heard two voices coming from the room with Sᴓlvi's bed.

"Hello?" Harry called.

"In here, Harry dear boy," He heard Sybill respond.

"Yes, Harry, we are in here." It was the lilting voice of Sᴓlvi.

Harry came around the corner to find both women lying on the day bed, sharing cannabis cigarette, fully and completely nude.

With a flick of her wrist, Sᴓlvi sent a spell that completely undressed Harry in moments, lying his clothes neatly across a chair in the study.

Harry did not need any more of an invite. Although the sexual supercharge of the Casey's spell had ceased production, Harry's balls were still charged and full, the size of small oranges despite his large orgasmic blowout all over Rhoswen and Casey.

He was pushed between both women, who immediately began the sharing of licking and sucking his huge rod to full hardness. Harry busied his mouth on the glistening puss of Sᴓlvi while his left hand was pushing his fingers deep into Sybill's very tight and already wet cunt.

Harry moaned in appreciation at tongue and mouth love both women were giving his cock. He compared how differently it felt compared to when Casey and Rhoswen did the same for him. He found it amazing how different the act of fellatio could be in the hands, or should he say mouth, of the individual. He looked past the rumps and shoulders of his two lovers and asked them, "So, did you have a successful trip?"

It seemed to create a somber moment. Both women stopped their oral pleasure and there was an exchange of glances of which he could not see, other than the turn of their heads to each other. " Ladies?"

Sᴓlvi spoke at last. " Yes, the mission was completed successfully."

Sybill only responded with a somber, "Yes, it was."

That was it, they said no more, so Harry took the hint and pick at their response for anything further. "Both Molly and Dudley are fine, by the way." He said what was in happy hopeful way. He was not trying to be sarcastic.

"Yes, we know, we stopped by the ward as soon as we came back. Of course, I knew the Rape Taunt hex was not enacted, so I knew that I would not be needed, thus we came to my apartment to wait for you, and to relax. The last week we were away was a bit taxing for us."

"But you both are well?" Harry asked concerned, hoping perhaps for a bit more information. Already he knew that their time travel took them back into the past (or perhaps the future?) a week.

Sybill answered. "Yes, dear boy, we are okay. We came away unscathed physically. Were you worried?"

"Well of course, a bit, but I knew two very skilled and capable professors could handle anything thrown at them. You both have proven that to me."

This touched both women deeply, not only his words, but the sincerity of his tone and manner. It was reciprocated with a sigh from both women and the continuing of the oral pleasure he had been receiving. Life was good for Harry at this moment and he was one to appreciate it.

He had been fondling both women and caressing their backs and buttocks. Harry leaned over and began to kiss and lick the rump of Sybill who changed positions to allow him better access to her sex and anus. With his right hand, Harry deftly rubbed under Sᴓlvi until he found her swollen clitoris, and with fingers wetter from her sex, he began to rub quickly and circular manner with varying pressure over her love button. It brought moans from both women who had their mouth full of his dick and balls. He tongued the inner labia of Sybill, and up and around her anus. She moaned, and stated, " Gods, I cannot wait for you to put your cock in there!"

Harry was extremely hard, and his length seemed to have increased. Perhaps a bit of left-over magic from his time with Casey and Rhoswen, or the fact that he was incredibly turned on to be fucking both Sᴓlvi and Sybill together. Wild thoughts of what these two were up to and how they got to know each other over the past week entered his head. Certainly, both were free sexual spirits. He envisioned them intertwined and sexually pleasing each other in a sixty-nine.

As if they could read their thoughts, Sᴓlvi leaned back and said, "Harry, come take Sybill while she is pleasing me."

Harry rolled off the bed, stopping to kiss both women deeply, and watched as Sᴓlvi spread her legs, and Sybill smiled as she began to kiss and suck from near her left knee down her inner thigh to Sᴓlvi's wet and waiting sex. She was bent over on her knees on the bed, and Harry gripped her from behind, his hands on her thighs as he bent over and kissed her lower back, and then down her lovely behind, tonguing her rectum and then down to her sex. He was incredibly hard, and Sybill very wet. He found her love hole quickly and pushed his cock into her tight pussy much more easily than he thought it would be. She was relaxed and very aroused, and she began a guttural moan of pleasure while still licking Sᴓlvi's sex as Harry pushed deeply into the warm wet velvet heaven of Sybill Trelawney.

Sybill moaned loudly as Harry went deeper with his very hard and very thick member. Harry was sensitive, and it felt incredibly good to him.

"Omigod Sybill, it has been too long, you feel so fucking good!" He uttered. He could feel her squeeze her muscles to tighten them around his shaft. She moaned some more as Harry pushed deeply, until he was at her uterus. He positioned his head until he found the opening to her cervix. He pushed against it, and felt it stretch and give, pushed forward, two more inches, Sybill was squealing now, and panting, and she pushed back and with some give, Harry's large head was inside her womb. Harry rocked slowly, fucking Sybill as deeply as he could. Her legs were buckling, but she continued to try to suck and lick Sᴓlvi's sex. Sᴓlvi hand her fingers in Sybill's silky hair, gripping her head and she rubbed her sex against her mouth and face, in the throes of her own passion. It turned Harry on immensely to watch it. He began to push harder, and Sybill moaned louder, crying out for him to fuck her harder. He did so. He pulled all the way back out, it was a tug to get his cock's immense mushroom shaped head past her cervix. He began to push and grind hard, bringing his cock all the way out to only plunge it quickly back down her vaginal canal and as deep as he could go without entering Sybill's womb. He was piston fucking her, and her body shook as she held onto Sᴓlvi, now just licking in swirls around the young Nordic woman's engorged clitoris. Sᴓlvi was indeed close to orgasm, the look on her face and her low moans and rocking hips told Harry so. Harry bore down, rubbing the underside of his hard cock along the top of Sybill's vaginal wall, trying to make as much contact as possible to the nerves of the g-spot. He ran his hand under to Sybill's clitoris, rubbing gently across it to add to mix, she moaned in pleasure, and squealed in delight. Harry continued the long, strong and quick strokes of his cock in and out of Sybill, rotating his hips to move and jerk his thick meat inside her. She groaned in appreciation.

"Omigods, omigods, Harry, love, you feel so fucking good inside me!" Sybill groaned. "Oh, how I have missed this, you and me ! Oh baby, fuck me harder, please dear boy fuck me harder!"

At that moment Sᴓlvi came hard and long, bucking as she held onto Sybill's head, her legs shaking in contraction as she rode out an intense orgasm. Harry was feeling the pull in his ball, and it was a domino trigger, as he came, shooting jolts of warm jism deep into Sybill, and Sybill screamed in pleasure, no longer able to contain her own control, a gush of pussy juice flooding out of her, around Harry's throbbing and jerking cock and down her firm thin thighs. Harry pulled out, sending pulse of white spunk all over Sybill's buttocks and lower back. She turned, shaking, and grabbed ahold of Harry, pulling him towards her, reaching for his face. He bent in and kissed her, and kissed him, tears streaming down her face. " You're safe sweet boy, you are safe… the Fates are satisfied."

They pressed their foreheads together, Harry did not quite know what Sybill was talking about, but he felt a sense of gratitude to this strange and wonderful woman at that moment. He kissed her face, and panting, out of breath from the sex and his recent orgasm, he said, "Thank you Sybill, thank you for everything." She only smiled, and rolled over and said, "I think I would love to watch you put that big cock in sweet Sᴓlvi's tight little ass. What do you think?"

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