Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
To Err is Human to Divine is Mine

Author's Note: I want to thank and acknowledge ncpfan for his feedback and ideas that helped to shape this chapter and helped in my decision to present this as the next chapter of Alterations. Thank you, sir! I want to thank all who have been supportive and have given me any critical feedback with thought throughout this first fanfiction story I have attempted. I have updated this chapter a bit and tried to soften it somewhat.

"Penetration has an air of divination; it pleases our vanity more than any other quality of the mind." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Sybill used to enjoy summers at Hogwarts. No students, very few professors. Most days she could leave her rooms in whatever state of dress she wanted and not run into a living soul. Albus was always considerate about announcing in advance if he were at Hogwarts and wished to visit or dine with her. Albus was the only one besides that wretched man Argus Filch who spent any significant time living at Hogwarts during the summer, and currently Filch was on vacation in Hogsmeade. Each year he took a week off and he and Mrs. Norris would rent a room in town at the Hogs Head Inn and spend a whirlwind time seeing the sights of Hogsmeade and enjoying times in the Three Broomsticks, Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, Honeyduke's or looking for fiction books to read during the school year at Tomes and Scrolls. It was trip they looked forward to all year despite the fact that they could walk to it almost any time they wanted from Hogwarts. Sybill wondered if there was anyone besides Albus that knew Mrs. Norris was an Animagus.

Yes, Sybill used to enjoy summers at Hogwarts, but this year was different. She was actually feeling lonely. She knew why, but she dares not admit it to herself. She chose instead to throw herself into her painting and writing. Parvati had been able to "acquire" some very good Nepalese Temple Ball hashish for her. After centering herself with meditation and smoking lightly of the opium and hashish mixture, she entered what she considered her "creative state", a light trance that allowed her to see beyond the Veil. She picked up one of the brushes at her canvas and dipped it expertly into the paint and began her work.

When she awoke, she was on the floor of her boudoir, nude. She was shaking still. Another seizure. She tried to control her breathing, while allowing her muscles to finish their sporadic contractions. Her head hurt. She crawled from the floor, her legs still wobbly, and not quite yet obeying her brain. She found a glass bottle of water and took a packet of headache powder off her vanity and poured it into the bottle shaking it until a soothing green blue color emerged. She greedily gulped the water, letting it drip from her full lips and down her neck. She did not go back into her studio; she was not ready to see what came of it. Instead, she felt the need for a bath. She took a sheer robe from her closet, and put it on, and took the steps up from her bedroom to the pinnacle of the tower, to a frosted glass domed room. The fireplace lit just with her entering the room. A thoughtful spell placed by Albus. The step tiled platform led to a very large claw foot bathtub hovering above the platform. She touched the tub and the claws flexed and clamped onto large brass balls welded to the floor as it lowered itself. She dusted some bath salts and oils evenly over the floor of the tub and twisted the porcelain handled knob releasing the water, letting it run overly hot. She shivered; the air was very cool in the old stone room.

At one time the classroom and the two levels above had been Rowena Ravenclaw's private chambers. If the other professors really knew how much Albus had spoiled her over the years, there would be mutiny. Instead, there were charms to fool even the most seasoned witch or wizard that down-played the state of luxury and overestimated the state of repair needed in the tower in which she resided. She played the eccentric half wit well and Albus knew it. But she knew she was a poor witch and only a mediocre teacher at best. It was her powers of clairvoyance that kept her at Hogwarts in relative comfort and more importantly, safely tucked away.

She hung her on hook in the stone wall, next to a small shelf of towels, grabbed a fresh washcloth and the herbal potion for her hair, and slowly slid into the hot bath, letting her body get used to the very hot water with its soothing salts and oils. Sybill dropped her head back, and held her breath, and allowed her head to submerge under the water. She brought it back up quickly and let out her breath and wiped the water from her eyes. She applied the herbal potion to her hair and began to relax.

Coming out the Veil was taxing to her, but recently, the need to visit the realm seemed more pressing. Albus had been pressuring her to look for signs, but that was not the urgency she was feeling. This was more intuitive. Something just outside of her periphery, pushing her to take more chances in learning what was to come. It started just shortly after she had become intimate with that dear boy.

Ah, Harry and his wonderful cock. And his gentle caring nature, do not forget that Sybill Cassandra Trelawney, she reminded herself. Her hands without thought began to caress her breasts, gently pulling on her own hardening nipples on her fully round 36B breasts. She loved the way Harry would caress and manhandle her breasts as he took her from behind. She remembered how painful it was for his large member to enter her; how deliciously painful.

She remembered his sweetness in her time of need, when he found her at her lowest, lost among her jumbled steamer trunks and bags. Her pride was her downfall- she knew that, but it was the only thing she had left after the torturous year with that foul bitch Umbridge. She took more than she should have this past year. She had held her tongue, looked the buffoon, just to keep her secrets. Albus and she knew that if Umbridge really thought she had any talent, she would have been shipped off to the Ministry and forced to work for them or worse. How she detested that woman and that cat that ate the canary grin she wore every time she asked for a prophecy from Sybill and she was not able to divulge it. How sweet it would have been to let her know of her own downfall. It was the only thing near the end that kept her going. That and the ever-occasional bottle of wine.

The public drunkenness at times were real, and others an act, would they really think she would resort to cooking sherry when there were fine wines available in the sub cellars of Hogwarts? She probably knew more about Hogwarts than Albus himself. Over the years, in her summer boredom, she spent time exploring the castle and grounds. She found and knew things about Hogwarts that Minerva McGonagall would never know.

But why was she now thinking of Minerva when it was really Harry that was on her mind? The affect of the temple ball made her mind drift from tangent to tangent. She forced her path back to the memory of when he found her on the stairs, sobbing like a fool school girl, half in the bag. She saw that look on his face. It was not pity; it was something much more genuine. It was true caring for another human being. Harry knew what it felt like not to be taken seriously. He knew what it was like to be tortured by Umbridge. At the time, she did not know that the torture he experienced was also taking a physical form along with a psychological one. She wept on his hands when she confronted him about the raw scabs and scars she discovered later when they were seeing more of each other in the evening.

Several months ago:

Harry asked Professor Trelawney to allow him to help her with her luggage and she could only acquiesce with a shameful nod. He gently first led the tipsy teacher to the foyer before the entrance to her classroom and sat her with her bottle of wine in one of the large chairs there. Then one by one he levitated the large steamer trunks up the winding stairs to the classroom and stacked them neatly off to one side near the entrance to the hallway that lead further back to Divination classroom.

Sybill had then taken Harry unsteadily by the hand and led him down the hallway. With a flick of his wand, he had the steamer trunks float and follow him. He walked past the large wood slatted walls carved with ancient runes and into the classroom area. Off to the side near one tall window was a very narrow stairway that led upwards. Sybill walked over to the steps, leaving the half full wine bottle on one of the small tables for the students. "Come Dear boy, please come up the stairs. The trunks will fit through; do not worry if they scrape along the wall." She waited for him, he seemed to hesitate for a moment but followed, and took her hand again as she resolved to walk up the stairs steadily, not to stumble in drunken buffoonery. She accomplished it, and believes it was because Harry continued to hold her hand.

When they got to the top of the steps to the next level, Harry surveyed the space. It was a wide round room, which had been split into half circles by a wall of twelve-foot-tall bookshelves, covered with runes like the wooden walls that led to the classroom below. The top shelf of each unit held stone slabs covered with pictographs and runes from ancient times. Below, the shelves were loaded to overflowing with books and manuscripts. On a set of two narrow vertical units, placed on each shelf was a crystal ball with a unique holder or base. There were ten balls held on each of the narrow units. The units created a border to the very wide opening that led to the other half of the room. A thick beaded curtain covered the opening.

Old Persian and Moroccan rugs of complex design and exquisite color lay across the ancient wooden floors. Atop the carpets, four big comfortable chairs of embroidered maroon silk sat in twos in each corner, in front of the book shelves. Low coffee tables sat before each set. An ornate ceramic water pipe was centered on the table to the left. On the right table was a deck of tarot cards in a carved ivory case, along with an ancient copy of the IChing text along with a vase containing fifty long yarrow sticks. A flickering reading lamp floated overhead between each set. At the top of the stairs and to the left near a window sat an easel with a blank canvas on it. A small shelving unit on wheels filled with paints and brushes sat on the floor behind it. On the curved wall behind where Harry stood was a small desk, very clean and organized with a chair next to it, and a rolling chair in front of the desk. Since Professor Trelawney gave no written exams, she probably did very little school paper work here, perhaps a meeting area for those she mentored who took concentration coursework in divination like Lavender and Parvati. A small sink was next to it. On the walls hung surreal but interesting paintings, Harry found them oddly intriguing. Sybill had walked ahead to the beaded curtain, pausing there and looking back. "If you would, dear boy, please bring the trunks into my boudoir."

She disappeared behind the curtain, and Harry followed, the trunks still hovering behind him. The bedroom was spacious. A large rounded bed with a series of sheer veiled curtains draped over and around a suspended wooden round frame, like something from a harem tent in a 1940's Arabian Nights movie.

Across from the bed, along the rounded wall on the left of the entrance was a full tri-mirrored vanity like something found in an actor's dressing room. Sybill sat at the puffed cushion stool at the mirror. She was pushing at her the corner of eyes as she looked in the mirror, and then looked back at Harry. "Oh my! I am a sight, much more than usual. Harry, please just place the trunks over near the closets". On the back side of the bookshelves were tall ornate wardrobe closets backed against them. With a flick of his wand, Harry placed the steamer trunks neatly stacked along the front of the closets. There was plenty of room to walk around the wide bedroom. A fireplace was near the bed, along the outer wall to the right of the bed. A rounded stair led up to another level was just past the fireplace. The fireplace flared to life as Harry approached it.

"Harry, I can trust you, can't I?"

"Sure Professor."

"Please, call me Sybill here."

"Sure... Sybill."

"Yes, I knew that. All the oracles I have consulted have said so, but I wanted to make sure you felt sure too... Good then..." Sybill took her right hand over top of her head and her long slender fingers reached into her bushy bangs and tugged back, peeling her hair back from her scalp much to the horror of Harry- until he realized it was a wig.

Sybill shook her head, fluffing out the chestnut brown hair underneath, short, tapered to shoulder length in the back. It was silky clean and soft and smooth, nothing like the bird's nest mess that was her wig. She took a cloth and dipped it into a potion and wiped it over her forehead and around her eyes and mouth. It seemed to take ten years of aging off her face. Next, she murmured a spell while holding her hand at her mouth and her teeth returned to a full and beautifully white set. She ran her fingers again through her hair and shook it back. "That feels lovely." She looked at the shocked expression on Harry's face. "Yes, Harry, I am a deceiver. But I like to consider myself an actress in the strange melodrama that is my life."

"Are you even a seer?"

"Oh yes, my dear, but the fact is that I see too well, and that is why I hide from the world, because there are those who would use me as a tool... I guess they still do, but it is by people who I trust and take care of me, so I dress to keep from people knowing my true face and act the eccentric, well, because at first because it was fun, and now because it has become what I am used to being."

"Why are you telling me this?" Harry asked gently.

"Because it is terribly lonesome to carry this burden- to not be true to yourself. Until now, Albus is the only one at Hogwarts knew that I wore a disguise, and as sweet a man as Albus is, he is far too busy and important to listen to me and my woes. I need a confidant, Harry, and I hope it can be you."

Harry stammered, "I-I am not sure how much help I can be." A much as he liked Professor Trelawney, he was not sure he wanted to make that type of commitment. She seemed a bit needy, and he already felt pulled among the friends he already had. "What about Lavender and Parvati? They adore you."

"They love my facade, they want the quirky professor. They buy into the theatrics and melodrama. Both are lovely young women who have some psychic talent and are hyper- intuitive, but to find me underneath it all would be a betrayal." She began to disrobe, removing the scarves and the remaining shawl, until she was down to a gauze thin chiffon blouse, cut low and sleeveless, along with a black half slip that met the top of her shapely calves. Her breasts were not bound. They bounced invitingly as she moved. She could feel her nipples hardening. Sybill looked over at him, "Besides, I think I need to have the male perspective in my life, I think you bring many things to the table that Lavender and Parvati could not." She said this as she absent-mindedly ran her middle finger up and down her sternum.

Harry felt a stirring at his groin and she could tell. He fidgeted and sat down quickly on the bed. She stood and looked directly at the distracted young wizard. "Harry, there is no use denying it. It has already been written. We are to become close friends. Since my prediction of the reveal of Peter Pettigrew a couple of years ago, I knew that we were connected."

"I thought you did not know about that- when you came out of your trance, you did not seem to know that you had said anything to me."

"That is often the case when a spirit from the Veil takes hold of my body to speak its truth. It takes time for me to remember what has happened. It comes back to me in dreams. I store all of my dreams dear boy and revisit them often." She picked up an empty crystal vial. "I have my own pensieve, smaller than and not as ornate as the one in Albus's office, but it serves its purpose."

She opened a cabinet along the wall, near the vanity. Harry noticed that the carvings in the wood of the cabinet doors were protective wards. A small shallow hammered pewter dish floated out and hovered before her. Behind in the cabinet were hundreds and hundreds of small crystal vials hanging from holes bored in a series of wooden shelves within the cabinet. With a wave from the witch, the dish floated back to its place in the cabinet and she closed the door. Harry could hear several latches locking themselves within the thick oak cabinet. "Harry, we have been connected for a time- much longer than even those two short years ago. I believe it is the reason Albus took me in those long years ago when we first met, why he sought me out to interview for a post here at Hogwarts. I have a lost period during our interview that I never recovered, never dreamt about, but since you came to Hogwarts, I keep dreaming about that time around when I was hired."

She walked over to the bed and flopped upon it, laying back next to where Harry sat. She began to roll off her stockings. The multi colored stockings were thigh high and hugged her slender thin legs. Sybill pulled the black lace half slip she wore up her legs and into her lap, so that it modestly still covered the view of her crotch. She wriggled her toes after her stockings were off. Harry noticed that her feet were nice, smooth and average size. Her toenails were well manicured and painted black. He wanted to caress them badly. She ran her hands up and down her calves. "It is a good thing that I shaved yesterday, or I would be embarrassed right now." She said in a matter-of-fact manner. "Aren't there times you wish you could speak to an objective friend, have a sounding board? Be able let go of a burden that you would not wish on your friends who perhaps do not have the experience to deal with it?" Sybill sat cross legged on the bed, and leaned forward, her chiffon blouse now almost completely undone.

Harry watched her intently, the almost see through material of her blouse revealing her full breasts that bounced playfully as she moved. They were much larger than Hermione's, the only fully nude breasts he could compare them to that he had seen so far. Her areolas were a dark pink, about the size of a fifty pence coin with hard round and longish nipples stretching against the light blue sheer fabric. Harry decided he should talk as much as he enjoyed just watching Trelawney. He was still slightly in shock or amazement that this attractive woman before him was the same woman who had been teaching him these last years. " Well, yes, it would be nice sometime to be able to just blurt out what a crappy year this has turned out to be, and I often feel that I would just be adding on to the stress my mates already feel."

"See, that is what I mean dear boy. We could do that for each other. Today was incredibly humiliating for me, but you just being here has made it so much better. Your help could not have come at a better time for me."

"I am glad I could help. I hate Umbridge and how she treats good people. I wanted to strike that bitch right across the face today for how she treated you."

Sybill sighed. "I so wanted to as well, but we remain civilized while we have a totalitarian dictator in charge. She does not deserve our civility, yet we give it to her anyway. Are we cowards, Harry?"

"Perhaps. Or perhaps we just have not figured out a way to deal with her. Unfortunately, she has the Ministry behind her."

"Or so we think. I wander if Cornelius Fudge would be so supportive if he saw daily how she acted and how she manipulates the students and staff." Sybill moved closer to Harry, she placed her hand on his knee. "We can be a great help to each other, even if it just having an outlet to express our frustrations."

"I think you may be right." Harry sighed. "I feel so alone sometimes. It does not help when a newspaper and the ministry is constantly calling me a liar."

"Well I believe you dear boy. Just like I know that whatever it was that I said to Albus that got me hired was concerning you. I am hoping if we spend time together, it will finally be revealed to me. Would you help me with that, Harry?"

"So, you haven't a clue what it was that you told Albus?"

"No, the dream is troubling, but all I can discern is that you are very important to the fate of the wizarding world, Harry. But we have known that since you became the "Boy Who Lived"." She stopped to look up at him. She touched the back of her hand to his cheek. "With Voldemort now alive and creating havoc, I am afraid to even shed my disguise for a trip to London. Albus, of course, has not forbade me, but asked that I stay close to home. So, I have. It has been lonely to be locked into my disguise all the time with no break. This is yet another reason that I need someone- a compatriot such as you in my life dear boy. Are there not times that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? I should surely think so..." She began to massage his shoulders lightly.

Harry thought he would somehow feel icky about this, but he did not. Sybill's touch was soft and tentative. She was a like a young girl, not sure if it was permitted to touch a boy. She gained confidence as he seemed to relax and did not seem repulsed at her touch.

"I know I must seem a mess, Harry, but you will never know how much it means to me that you came to my aid, no matter how many times I tell you … I-I wish to thank you in a way that will really tell you how much it does mean to me…"

Harry patted the hand on his right shoulder. "Not a problem Sybill. I am glad I was around to help you."

" This afternoon was bloody hurtful and humiliating, but I knew it was coming. I also knew that Albus would rescue me, so most of that was just me performing theatrics for the benefit of that bitch Umbridge and the crowd."

She sneered when she said Umbridge's name and Harry could tell she was very bitter about the whole event. He held onto her hand, and a bit of Sybill's bitterness melted. Harry was indeed a sweet young man. Sybill scooted herself right next to Harry, not mindful of her slip or blouse, and took his left hand in hers. Harry continued to hold her hand. Sybill placed her head on his broad shoulder. Harry did not move but held onto her hand tighter. It felt very good, the comfort this handsome young man was giving her.

She sighed. "To tell you the truth, I was incredibly afraid, Harry. I thought I was a goner. I had nowhere to go. My family is dead, the family home sold long ago. I am in dire fear of Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Albus certainly cut it close with his rescue of me... And then I needed rescue yet again now by you, only hours later…" She nuzzled into Harry's shoulder. She turned her head and pressed her soft lips to his neck and kissed him there a couple of times.

Harry could feel face flush his cock beginning to thicken. He tried to be calm, but his member ran down the leg of his pants near their clasped hands. Sybill let go of his hand, and began to run her fingers along his leg, as her other hand stroked his back. He could feel her warm breath on his neck, with her breathing becoming faster. He smelled sweet wine on her breath. She kissed his neck again.

He looked over at her, so close. Her blouse was open, and he could view her breasts, her nipples very hard and long, pushing through the chiffon material. He felt her hand find his hardening cock along his leg, and Sybill uttered a small gasp. She continued to lightly stroke along his leg, getting a measure of the length and girth of the hardening member, her touch bringing more wood to the rod.

Her mouth was at his ear, a small seductive whisper. "Harry, I would like to thank you personally. Would you like me to suck you?"

Harry tried to hide his surprise. Instead of answering her, He turned towards her face and kissed her on the cheek. Their lips met, and he kissed her fully on the mouth. Sybill smiled, and they kissed some more. She opened her mouth and Harry followed suit, and they began to French kiss, their tongues touching and tasting each other, and explored each other's mouths. Sybill bit his lower lip, and then kissed his chin and then his neck. She helped him pull off his school jumper and unbutton the cotton white dress shirt underneath. She pulled off his Gryffindor tie that was already loose at his neck and laid it carefully on the bed.

Sybill kissed Harry down his neck and his chest. She stopped to lick and bite his nipples for awhile, and then stood in front of him. She bent over, her hands holding onto his upper legs. She kissed him on the mouth some more. Sybill stood and unbuttoned the last remained fastened button on her blouse. She opened it and grabbed the back of Harry's head and brought his face to her breasts. Harry brought his left hand to her right breast, palming and massaging it, and then holding it as he licked around her left nipple and then sucked on it, pulling on it. Sybill moaned and sighed. His lips left the nipple more swollen and longer. Harry kissed around the breast and made his way with his lips to her other breast by kissing and licking his way over as he switched to his right hand and continued on to massage and grip her left breast. He gently bit on the right nipple and along the areola as it puckered and swelled. He flicked his tongue around the hard nipple, and then brought it into his mouth, continuing to lick on the tip as he sucked on her areola and nipple. He pulled and sucked firmly, and as Sybill continued to moan from the pleasure of his mouth on her sensitive nipple. He plucked and pulled gently on her left nipple as he continued to suck and kiss her other breast. Sybill pulled her fingers through his thick black hair, gripping it as waves of pleasure washed over her as he bit and sucked at her nipples and breasts. She could feel how wet she was becoming; a few drops from her honey slice dripped down her inner thigh out her soaking knickers. She dropped to her knees before Harry, and began to unbuckle his belt, and unzip his trousers. Harry stood in front of her, and she quickly pulled down his pants. His hard, thick cock bulged from his boxers, and with another quick pull, Sybill had them off and at his ankles. She gasped at the size and length of his member. "Oh, my dear boy, you are truly blessed!" She looked up at him, a naughty smile on her lips, her hazel eyes wide. "Can I suck you, sweet Harry? Can I suck your beautiful cock?"

"Please Sybill, please take my cock into your mouth."

Sybill gripped Harry's thick prick into her hands, smiling. "Such a massive and long cock, this may be difficult to swallow, but I will do my best to get you to come for me, dear boy." She shrugged off her blouse and hitched up her slip to over her knees. She began long strokes from the wide crown down to his base with her hands as she licked and sucked on the head of his turgid member. She widened her mouth and brought his head into her mouth, sealing her lips around the corona of his cut mushroom head. She moaned and sucked and licked on the head, popping it in and out of her mouth while she continued to stroke the underside of his rod, along the bulging corpus spongiosum that would soon bring large spasms of sticky white semen from the pleasure she was going to give this young man. She swallowed and began to take the length of Harry's prick deeper into her mouth slowly, bobbing, and moaning and gasping, until she could feel the glans at the back of her throat. Harry was thrusting his hips. Sybill grabbed him by his muscular thighs and pulled, shoving the huge cock down her throat. She gagged and gasped and pushed further until she could feel hard cockmeat filling her throat. She tried to swallow, to take more of the prick deeper. She felt the bulge at her neck and began to choke. Harry pulled back, bringing his length out of her mouth. She did not realize it as she gasped, but he was cumming, and sperm was filling her mouth and was now on her face and chin and running down her neck. Spurts were now covering her hard nipples and breasts. She watched the hard cock spasm and jolt once more, as more sperm landed on her lovely face. She swallowed. The cum was sweet and tangy. She felt a strong wave of pleasure fill her being. She was close to the Veil and could feel it, and then things went white.

She awoke on the bed. She was still covered in Harry's semen. Harry was applying a cold cloth to her forehead. She gasped and sat straight up. "I was in the Veil... what did I say? Please Harry, what did I say?"

Harry was hesitant but seemed to have been practicing what had been said so that he could relay it to her. He spoke slowly, "You said, 'The unspoken coupling between the Seer and the Chosen One has begun. The seed has been accepted, but the taboo union must be consummated by pec-cat-um So-dom-iti-cum…peccatum Sodomiticum. In violent pain and pleasure the sacrifice must be made for the Seer to connect fully with the Chosen One's future. Taboo for Taboo, Carnal Knowledge for Future Knowledge.' That is what I could remember."

Sybill was quiet as she took this in. She asked for this, and the Veil was telling her the price. She had never done this before and was very afraid. She had experienced Harry's size in her mouth and found it formidable; to take him that way would painful. She had never done this before. This would indeed be a sacrifice. She stood and walked over to the wall of cabinets. Sybill opened the door next to the pensieve, rummaged a bit and brought out a bottle of Mezcal, from a journey a fellow seer had made to Oaxaca, Mexico. It was home brewed by a local powerful shaman he had met there. Her journey tonight would need this to prep for what would come. Her hands shook a bit. This was something she thought she would never do.

Sybill pulled out a shot glass and removed the cork from the bottle. A tiny viper dragon head floated in the bottom of the hand-blown bottle. She poured the glass full and downed it. She could still taste Harry's sperm in her mouth. It cut the burn of the agave liquor. She wiped some more sperm from her left breast onto her finger, poured another double shot, and swallowed the spunk, smacking it on her tongue before she swallowed another shot. She did this one more time. The strong Mezcal was beginning to catch up with her, she was light headed. She offered Harry a half- filled glass. She brought it to him, smiling seductively. She held it out, as she began to fondle his balls. Harry took the shot and downed it. He grimaced, and his body shook. He gasped and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Good boy. Mezcal is an acquired taste, and this is strong stuff. I think perhaps you will need one more for what we must do next, dear Harry." His cock still had sperm on his shaft and balls, and she licked them clean. She watched his large limp dick begin to thicken again. Sybill poured another double shot and gathered more sperm from her neck and face and sucked and tasted it before she took her final shot of the harsh booze. The psychoactive properties of the viper head and fangs mixed with the liquor were beginning to kick in for her. She poured a somewhat sloppy final drink for Harry and held it in her hand as she slowly dropped her slip to her ankles with her other hand. She was wearing a pair of tiny bikini knickers underneath it. She watched Harry's eyes go to her crotch. She pulled the panties up, tightly, so that they pulled into the crease of her pussy lips. She was wet, and the wet spot was evident in her dark pink panties.

"Would you like to see my pussy, Harry?" She stroked it slowly with her fingers on the outside of her knickers. Harry only nodded slowly, mesmerized. She ran her right hand under the band, low on her hips. Harry watched as the bulge of her fingers disappeared inside her covered sex. She looked up smiling at him. She shook the bangs of her short silky hair back from her eyes.

"I have never shown one of my students my pussy... it feels very naughty." She pulled down on her briefs, now just barely covering the start of the fleshy folds of her sex. Sybill was glad that she had decided to shave he sex bare when she had shaved her legs the day before. She loved the look of her bare cunt. She had masturbated furiously afterwards in her bath after shaving herself smooth. She ran her fingers down to her bare puss, spreading her tight inner lips, running her long slender fingers of her right hand into the tight folds of her sex as her panties dropped further down her hips. Her fingers pulled back from the off- kilter knickers. She was incredibly wet and drew them out dripping. She walked over to Harry and placed them in his mouth. He sucked on them. She took them to her sex again, and again he sucked them. She offered Harry the glass and he downed the burning liquid. She pulled down her panties fully to her knees. Harry leaned forward and licked the tight crease of her cunt, dripping with her honey.

"Take them off me, dear boy."

Harry complied, and took the panties down her long slender legs and she stepped out of them. Sybill pushed Harry onto his back on the bed and climbed on top of him working her way to his face.

"Tell me Harry, have you ever eaten pussy before? I very much liked the way you just now ran your tongue into my cunny."

"Yuh-yes. A couple of times." He thought of Hermione on her back on the floor of Hagrid's empty hut, her skirt back and her dark- stockinged legs in the air. It happened a couple of times the two of them went to feed Fang while Hagrid was off on mission for Dumbledore. It was one of the few places that remained away from the prying eyes of Umbridge and her little gang of snitches.

"I want you to lick my cunt, Harry. Would you like that?"

"Yes. Bring me your pussy to taste, Prof- I mean, Sybill."

Sybill straddled his face spreading her legs wide. She pulled back on the fleshy cowl to her clitoris and Harry began to kiss, lick and suck at the inner folds of her labia and along her puss. Sybill sighed loudly in pleasure. "Ah, yessss, you have done this before, haven't you dear boy. That feels so good, don't feel as if you must be gentle all the time, you can pull and bite gently. Yes, like that! My, my! You pick up your skills quickly lovely Harry."

Harry found out that Sybill was a bit of a screamer. With her melodramatic ways, he should have guessed. He enjoyed it immensely, her loud moans and groans and gasps. She tasted sweet; he smelled cinnamon oils and cloves. She became sopping wet quickly as she rocked her hips to run her raw pink gash against his face, tongue and mouth. His tongue was soon swiping broadly across the face of her swollen clitoris much to her delight. Sybill groaned some more, grasping his thick black tousled hair, pulling his face closer to her wanton sex. Harry's face was dripping with her pussy sap.

She whimpered as she got closer to orgasm, and Harry decided to be bold, and slowly slid a couple of fingers into the pucker of her tight anus. She moaned at the invasion and raised her legs from his body and leaned back as he forced his fingers deeper inside her. His tongue quickened the swirls around her engorged love button, and he began to take rough flicks with the tip of his tongue right over its sensitive bulb. Sybill squealed loudly and the dam of endorphins broke and flooded her system with pleasure she had not felt in such a long time by something other her own hand or enchantment. She felt a release of her juices leave her body quickly and flood over the face of poor dear Harry. He sucked and licked at her and she pushed her sex deeper into his face until she was concerned she might smother him. Harry's hands were a steel grip on her thighs and he pulled her closer, rubbing his face deeper into her sex. He continued his licking and sucking until it drove her mad, her clit so sensitive that his breath on it was sending electric shocks throughout her sex and anus. She tried to pull away from him, crying out and whimpering and moaning, but his grasp held, and he began tonguing her overwrought clit.

"Oh, please Harry, no more, no more! I am too sensitive, I-I can't handle this, I can't! By the Veil, it is too much! Unnnngh! ohhhh! omigods! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Sybill was overtaken by a multiple orgasm, and she began to spasm and to buck until she threw herself off Harry and rolled to his side, curling into a ball. She remained conscious but was deep in a vision. She saw a terrible battle of witches and wizards. She saw Harry there, crying out, and being held back by Professor Lupin. She was still twitching in pleasure as she came out of it, panting, trying to catch her breath. She felt Harry's gentle caress on her bony bare back. Her shoulder blades were prominent. He ran his fingers along the edges. "Sybill, are you okay?"

She unsteadily stretched out and sat up, turning her torso in his direction. "Yes... I believe so. Oh Harry, I can see that our times together will be very eye opening... third eye opening if you get what I mean."

Harry did not, not really, but he nodded anyway. Sybill stood and held out her hand to Harry."Sit dear boy and take off the rest of your clothes. I think we need a bath before we fully consummate our new partnership the way the Powers of the Veil wish it."

Harry pulled off his unbuttoned shirt and socks, now feeling quite exposed to his professor. He blushed and did not know why; they had already been having sex for Merlin beard! Perhaps it was due to the odd way Sybill was looking at him, with actual seeing eyes, instead of enlarged eyeballs peering through coke bottle glass lenses. One never really knew where she was looking when she wore them, or what she could really see. Her hazel eyes were pretty and fierce. There was a glint of lust that he could feel. Her current stare felt more real, her acknowledgement actual.

"You are quite handsome, Harry. Such broad muscular shoulders and such tiny hips! Who would have thought that your penis would be so monstrous by the size of those feet?" Yes, even out of disguise and her professor character, Harry found that Sybill did not have much of a social filter on her commentary. He took her hands when she offered them, and she pulled him to his feet from the bed and led him to the stairs. He admired her shapely ass, a nice upside-down heart shape, not too round with lovely wider hips that created a lovely diamond shaped thigh gap at her crotch. She knew how to sway it well when she walked, even nude and barefoot. Harry stayed closed behind her on the stairs, just a few steps behind, so that his face was level with her rump as she climbed the steps upward to the next level.

It was the top of the tower. It had an ornately domed roof with frosted glass that Harry noticed immediately when he broke the opening. The fireplace flared to life and began to warm the cool room. Harry shivered a bit, but after standing only a few minutes before the fire, he was able to walk around and explore the room. He was feeling quite buzzed from the wicked Mezcal. He felt bold and very horny. As Sybill was bent over the tub, adding foaming soap, he just reached around her and grasped her hips, bringing his turgid cock to rub against her sex and between her shapely buttocks. She was thin. He would be able to carry her easily. He imagined picking her up while his cock was inside her, having her legs wrapped around him. He grew harder and Sybill felt it. She swayed her hips, teasing him a bit before she pulled away and moved around the tub to adjust the temperature of the water, not by magically, but using the knobs on the tub. The tub was full of bubbles and steaming in the cool air. Sybill, now very intoxicated and horny from the Mezcal, beckoned Harry to her side. She caressed his shoulders as her breasts rubbed against his back. She looked up at her tall student. "Harry, love, please crawl in first. Careful, the water is very warm, you may want to stand first, then lower yourself in. My what a lovely chest and abdomen you have... so chiseled. You have developed so well over the years, young man. I must say that I would love to take more of your cock inside me. Do you like that, the way I stroke your cock?"

Harry nodded. He stood in the very warm water, steam rising, he could feel the warm mist on his sac. Sybill cupped his large balls, her thumb rubbing against the base of his hard member. This was too much. Of all his teachers, he never thought of fucking Trelawney. He was fond of her, but never thought of her as sexual being. Yet, here was this very different, very lovely woman in front of him with Sybill's voice, but miles apart in her attractiveness. He was going to get to fuck a mature woman! A teacher no less, a standard young man's fantasy, and it was coming true for him. The alcohol she had given him was making his head swim a bit, but he felt good, strong, and so so horny. He was not sure what peccatum sodomiticum meant, but it sounded like it might be nasty fun. He couldn't wait to put his cock inside her, to do what he had yet to be able to do to Hermione or any other girl.

Sybill took some bath oils and rubbed them along the hard, thick prick in her hands. She was hesitant. She had never had such a big cock before. His girth was tremendous. Taking it will be painful, especially for her. These oils would help to enhance his hardness and longevity, though she was not sure he would need it, but she wanted to make sure that in his excitement to enter her he did not come too fast. After all, she knew this is something he was curious about and excited to try. She knew he was a virgin in that aspect. To this point, his sexual pleasure experience had been oral and manual, by the Granger girl. She had visions of them together as Harry lovingly tongued her sex and Sybill sucked his balls and massive rod. It was a distracting and annoying part of her clairvoyance, she had no control over it, and she certainly did not enjoy visions of that Granger girl in the throes of orgasm when she was trying to concentrate on her own.

In all her years, she had not thought of using sexual energy as a way to enhance her conduit to the realm of prophecy. The Powers beyond the Veil were revealing her to a new level of visualization to use. The visions she has had with Harry while just performing foreplay were incredible, what would it be like to have his massive hardness deep inside her? Sybill continued to caress Harry and rub his large testicles that hung full and ripe under his erection. She rubbed the same oils into the folds of her pussy and back to her anus. She had Harry sit in the warm waters. They were not going anywhere. There were charms and spells on this level to keep out prying eyes. Albus wanted to foster a trust among his staff, and here in their most intimate chambers he wanted them to feel safe and private. She was sure there was no way that Umbridge would be able to break these defenses or she would not have to resort to her sordid ring of snitches and spies to keep her informed of what happened at Hogwarts. She stood in front of Harry, facing away from him and asked him to rub the oils into her back and buttocks. She bent forward, holding onto the edges of the tub, exposing her sex and little starfish to Harry, and asked him to rub the oils inside her. She was excited to see what would happen. This was momentous to her more than he would ever know.

Sybill wondered if she should explain it to Harry, and decided it was not the time. It may cause him doubt and thus he might fail from doubt or the pressure of knowing what was required. She had been such a foolish, foolish young witch. And she had paid for her romantic foolishness for years. It had cost her marriage. They had made up a vain stupid reason for the break up, to hide the true reason for the annulment, non-consummation. They cited that she refused to take her husband's last name which led to irreconcilable differences. But it was much more than that trivial reason. He could not penetrate her. They tried so many times, and even tried surgically, but her hymen grew back immediately, leaving only a small enough hole for her to pass her menstrual flow.

At the age of twelve, an adolescent child on the brink of young womanhood, Young Sybill was fully enamored of romance novels. The dashing hero who would rescue the young woman from a life of drudgery and boredom, to whisk her away to a life of adventure and hedonistic pleasures beyond her imagination borne from love and lust that was fueled by love and adoration. She had sought out the Forest Witch of Dering Woods and asked her to place a binding curse on her virgin sex, so that it could only be penetrated by a man of true heroism. Then she would know she had found the man with whom she could love forever. The old witch tried to talk her out of it, but Sybill would not hear of it, and the old witch, in much need of the gold Sybill offered, placed the binding spell on the stupid, stupid girl's virgin sex. As Sybill grew older, and unfortunately wise to the world, she found that true heroes were indeed a very rare commodity in the real world.

She fell in love only a couple of years after graduating from Hogwarts with a handsome young man who bragged of his adventures, taming dragons and fighting dark wizards. He turned out to be as big a charlatan as Gilderoy Lockhart. His sturdy and serviceable penis could never penetrate her sex. He was livid when he found out on their wedding night the binding curse she had placed upon herself. The marriage was annulled and Sybill found herself alone in the world with poor spell work skills, only a budding talent at clairvoyance, and a love for the theatric. She fell in with the local psychic scene in London and became an apprentice to Madame Voya, one of the more respected and patronized seers among the rich old widows of the London upper class. She learned how to earn money and respect around her gifts, and how much people loved a sense of melodrama and half truths more than the actual truth found in the answers they sought, as most of the time it could be a disappointment. At least what Madame Voya, and later herself offered was a bit of hope and entertainment. And then the dreams started. Dreams so horrible and real that they kept her up nights. When days later, she saw her night visions being published as real events in the Daily Prophet (an irony that did not escape her), then she knew that she had to go to Albus Dumbledore for assistance. These thoughts and memories were but seconds in her head as she felt Harry begin to explore the folds of her sex, spreading her tight inner labia to find the entrance to her sex. She tensed in expectation. She had not so much as another's finger inside her sex. After twenty- two years since the witch had set the binding, her hopes of no longer remaining a virgin were tattered shades in the back closet of her closed heart. She dares not put too much hope on what would happen next. Despite that, her heart raced, and her breathing became faster in anticipation. Harry hesitated. The fleshy pink opening was much too small, barely enough room for him to push his index finger through. Sybill urged him. "Please, use more of your fingers... do not worry about hurting me... Please Harry put your fingers inside me, I beg you... push your fingers inside me... I want you inside me!"

Harry took his first two fingers to her, dripping in oil, He pushed with force and felt the flesh give and unknowingly tear, and he was inside her warm vagina, wet and smooth like velvet. She pressed back on him, crying out in pain as he added another finger, and pushed three up insider her as far as they could go. Harry pulled his fingers back out and found blood dripping down his hands. He was horrified and did not know what to do- he had unintentionally harmed Professor Trelawney and he would never forgive himself for it. He cried out as Sybill was about to ask him to put his fingers back inside her. She turned around quickly, understanding that the cry that Harry had made was of a disturbed and painful nature.

He held up his bloody fingers with a look of genuine terror and dismay on his face. "Oh Sybill! I truly did not mean to hurt you!"

The expression on his face melted Sybill and her lust left her, looking at the poor young man in front of her, terrified that he had harmed her. She looked down and could see a rivulet of blood running down her inner thigh from her sex. She knelt in the bubbly hot water of the large tub before him. She held his bloody hand with both her own hands gently. She kissed his fingertips sweetly. "Oh, dear Harry, sweet boy, you have not harmed me. You have merely have done what no man before you has been able to do- you have deflowered me." She grabbed his face and kissed him gently on the lips. "It embarrasses me to tell you this, my handsome young hero, but you have taken my hymen, and soon I hope, my virginity."

Harry was a bit incredulous. How could a pretty and more mature young woman like Sybill still be a virgin? He was sure most of the girls by the time they left Hogwarts would no longer be virgins much less an older woman like Trelawney who he had heard had been previously married. He did not know what to say to her, so he said nothing. He calmed down, over the initial terror that he had harmed Sybill and her apparently having no problem that her puss was bleeding. Perhaps it was her time of the month and she was trying to cover it with this story about being a virgin? Harry was not disgusted, if some blood did not bother her, it would not bother him if he got a chance to put his cock inside her. He caressed her cheek and Sybill distracted him by continuing to kiss him as her hand reached and found his still thick member and began to rub and stroke it under the very warm bath water. Sybill was excited to move forward, to have what she had waited for so much of her adult life, to feel a man's cock deep inside her sex. Now that Harry knew that she was not harmed, she hoped they could move ahead with what she hoped would be some very passionate and prolonged coital sex. She sat down fully facing Harry, her legs spread wide as she leaned forward to continue stroking his cock.

"Do you like that love?" She asked him, even though she could feel his prick growing larger in her hands.

"Yeh. Feels nice. I like how your hands feel..."

"Did you like the way I performed oral? You can tell me if I should do something different next time... frankly, it has been awhile since I done anything like that... I have not had a break from Hogwarts since summer."

Harry blushed. He was not used to having someone be so open about sex... Hermione is that way, she would use words like cock in front of him when they are alone, but he was not used to a woman asking him for his opinion on her cock sucking technique. "Yes, as you could tell by the way I-I came so quickly... I have never had someone take my… me down so far in their mouth."

"I am glad you like it, I have never handled such a large penis before, Harry. You are very blessed. My, how large and hard you are! Harry, I know I must seem like such a slut, but would you put yourself inside me? I have been waiting forever for someone who could take me, and it looks like you can... No one has penetrated my pussy before."

"Yes, I would love to be inside you Sybill, you would be my first for that..."

"Ah two virgins taking each other for the first time, how lovely and romantic. Please, take me out of the bath, I need you so badly. Please."

Sybill pulled them out of the bath, but did not worry about drying, their bodies were dripping wet, but her sex was dripping wet from other than the warm oiled bathwater.

She lay back in front of the fireplace where it was warm and dry and did not care that it was on the rough stone floor. She spread her legs, her feet flat on the floor, her knees bent. "Come to me dear boy!"

Harry gently crawled atop her, his member long and rigidly curved with its hardness. Sybill eagerly grasped his cock and worked to guide it to her sex. Harry pushed, but there seem to still be a barrier. He pushed harder, and still he could not penetrate her. A voice came out of Harry as their genitals smashed together in futility. His eyes had rolled back into his head. A hoarse and deep voice came out of his open mouth, yet his lips did not move. "You must consummate your union with the Chosen One by only one way, before anything more can happen. This is your price Sybill Trelawney!"

Sybill threw up her hands exasperated. "But of course! It matters which way we do first! ", she said sarcastically, "Why be able to do anything the normal way for gods' sakes. Merlin forbid we get to have anything resembling a regular relationship!" Harry was coming out of his trance while Sybill ranted, not quite sure what had just happened, He was still very hard and horny on top of Professor Trelawney. She was feeling very fleshy warm and comfortable against his skin. He started again to grind his immense erection against Sybill's pussy. She placed her hand gently on his chest to stop him.

"Whuh? what is it?"

"Oh, young Harry, unfortunately Destiny and the Fates are weaving us only a single path today, so you must enter me the other way."

"Oh. Oh!" Harry realized as Sybill rolled onto her lower back and raised her buttocks, holding her legs back and wide apart, exposing her tight pink anus to him directly.

"We must break taboo to start our partnership, dear Harry. You must take me anally. Please, I beg you to take me in my bum. I need you Harry, and you will need me. We will be sealed by secrecy and taboo forever. No man has taken me this way as well. Please be the first to take me in my ass." Her tone was lilting and seductive as if she were a hypnotist. She swayed her hips and groaned as Harry guided his oiled cock to her tiny puckered opening. Harry teased and gently rubbed the wide cut mushroom head of his penis against Sybill's warm and flexing anus. She held her breath and tried to relax as his large crown began to push forcefully against her tight little orifice, widening the sphincter to try to gain entrance. She cried out in pain, then urged him while panting to continue slowly. He pushed again, his cock gaining ground against the now relenting anal opening of his Professor. Harry felt an excitement. This was taboo, this was wrong, this was special in a very nasty way. He was going to fuck one of his female teachers in the ass. This was his dark, secret masturbation fantasy. He often had it about Mrs. Weasley too. He had caught Molly once is a very thin nightgown, obviously naked underneath the thin cotton. She was down in the kitchen alone, bent over in front of the oven one very early dark morning, placing a large sheet of cinnamon hex buns into the oven, the light shining through the thin gown, revealing her plump but firm round and ass with her wide hips underneath it. It took all Harry had not to rush up and grab a handful of her firm rump or to spank it. Molly had caught him staring, and had blushed a bit, but afterwards, she sure did seem to have to sway and bend over and check the oven often while he sat at the table talking to her as she baked. It was just the two of them, and many times he wondered if more could have happened between them. If she would have let him fondle her, perhaps even fuck her. He remembered how her nipples had hardened and pushed through her flimsy nightgown as they talked, and the way she would bend over the table and allow the very low neckline to sag enough to show her unhindered ample and pendulous breasts, including her areolas and nipples. He got several secret toss-offs from those memories while he was there at their home (once into a pair of her knickers he stole from the hamper) and at Hogwarts as well.

The professor at school with whom he had the same fantasy about was Rolanda Hooch, the flying instructor and Quidditch coach. She would often wear these very tight trousers that complemented her heart shaped and muscular rump. Harry often fantasized taking her as she held onto a hovering broom bent over, her trousers and knickers at her knees. And here he was now, putting his cock to Sybill Trelawney. She continued to squeal, and moan as he slowly forced the wide mushroom shaped head of his cock into her rectum, until he could feel it clear the muscular sphincter ring and close around the corona of his cock head. He stopped there and pulled it out again, and then popped it quickly again into Sybill's ass. She squealed in pain. He did it a couple of more times with the same verbal results from the professor. She moaned aloud once again and often as he decided to press further in.

"Omigods, omigods, your cock is so fucking big! I can feel you splitting my tiny little bumhole!" she cried and squealed in pain.

Harry pushed some more, now that that the wider head was inside her anus, his oiled shaft followed more easily. He did it slowly, but Sybill sobbed and moaned. Her cries made him harder, her squeals of pain made him want to hear more. He did not analyze this, he was caught up in being able to act out his dark fantasy, and it felt fantastic. Sybill's anal canal was warm, soft, and incredibly tight. He could feel it stretch and give as he pushed and pulled slowly, as more of his shaft and girth slid up inside his Professor, aided by his extreme hardness and the oil. Sybill arched her back, and pushed her legs back, helping to drive more of his length and widening girth of cock meat deeper into her ass. She moaned and squeaked, and squealed with every stroke he made, as he continued to push his rod deeper, deeper inside her. Harry grabbed her buttocks tightly on the sides and began to push and pull his shaft in place, with about a third of his length now inside her. He brought his shaft almost all the way out to just having his wide head inside her anus and then would push his length back into her. He felt her anal canal stretch and give, until he was able to move his monster sausage with a bit more ease inside her tight casing. With one jab, Harry pushed with force and another four inches drove farther into poor Sybill who screamed and moaned at the forceful invasion. She panted and squealed, as more and more of Harry's cock bulged inside her tight ass.
"Omigoodness, oh! Oh! Oh, Harry love, you are so- bloody- big! I-I never thought I would ever have a cock in my ass! And never a cock so huge!"

Harry leaned over and kissed her lips, and she responded, breaking into a grimace as he continued to inch the rest of his prick up inside her. He was incredibly deep, and she knew that he must be past the length of her rectum and inside her lower colon. She had a deep urge to shit, but she held it. It added to the pain and pleasure now all mixed up inside her body's nerve endings which fired in all directions. Electric shocks ran to her sex as his hard and thick rod continued to push in and out of her alimentary canal. Her anus was on fire, a bundle of nerve endings much like her clitoris.

Harry then suddenly wrapped his arms around her and locked his fingers, while still deep inside Sybill. He pulled her forward and lifted her back as he stood. Even as light as Sybill was, this was still a bit of a feat and Harry rose a bit unsteadily on his feet until he got centered. Sybill's legs were now pushed back over her head. Harry adjusted his hold to where he was holding her at her lower back. The change in position changed her weight forward, driving his cock as fully as it could go up Sybill's tight ass at that position. She moaned in deep pleasure. She held onto his shoulders, gripping them as she rocked her hips and he thrust until they got a rhythm down of short deep strokes of Harry's massive member so far up inside her. Sybill continued to squeal with each sharp stroke. She could feel the tug of his massive rod against her insides. It was a bit uncomfortable. She cried out, "Harry, put me against the wall!"

Harry sandwiched Sybill against the curved stone wall of the tower. It was warm as it was near the fireplace. She wrapped her arms in a hard hug around his neck. This took some pressure off the tug of gravity Sybill felt and eased her comfort a bit, but she still felt like she was hanging, impaled on his monster cock. Which she realized was exactly true, she was impaled on his magnificent meat which still felt painfully wonderful. "Oh my, oh, oh, yes! Much better!" With Sybill now pinned against the wall and not held just by his arm muscles, it allowed Harry more movement of his hips and he could take longer strokes of his meat hammer in and out of Sybill. She could not believe how deep he was inside her, and she came with a small shudder while he continued to pound her passionately. Sybill was regretting a bit how much oil she had used on his wonderful cock, as the minutes rolled on and he continued to fuck her without any sign of tiring. She felt like she was now pinned to the wall. She moaned and groaned, the pain and pleasure mixed, but somehow now of a lovelier dream of both.

Harry needed to change position again, but this time he pulled his member fully out of her ass and placed Sybill onto her knees. He was in the throes of lustful passion and wished to watch as he dominated her. She felt herself drip wetly as he manhandled her. He pushed her head down and grabbed her neck as he straddled her like a jockey riding high on a horse and pushed his cock back into her now gaping anus. Sybill squealed again as his wide long member entered her, now moaning, now urging him to fuck her, to fuck her hard. He pushed deeper and deeper until she could feel his large balls resting against her sex. Sybill moaned and screamed and squealed as Harry rammed his cock in and out of her, shaking her breasts, her long nipples now bruised and scraping along the rough stone floor, she stayed low to allow for it to happen, it sent electric sparks throughout her loins and breasts. She could no longer hold on and came with a large splash of pussy juice from her now widened opening to her sex. Harry had his fingers now inside her pussy, as he continued to violate her anus. He gripped her waist hard with his left hand as she felt him continue to hammer her with faster strokes while his right hand pushed three fingers in and out of her sex. Her fingers of her right hand reached for her clit and she began rubbing her love button with abandon while her whole body seemed to become one raw nerve.

Sybill's threshold of control was finally passed and she went into a multiple orgasm screaming while visions overwhelmed her, she desperately tried to hold onto the present, she did not want to lose a single second of memory of this wonderful fucking Harry was giving her. It was all too much for Harry, and a painful jerking from his balls erupted, and he came hard and throbbing and long. He pumped several times inside Sybill's ass, then pulled out and continued it across her buttocks and back. He slapped her buttocks several times with his still hard cock, leaving red marks across her fair skinned cheeks. Sybill curled into a ball and quivered, as her gaping anus flexed and pushed out pulses of thick white spunk. Two minutes later her orgasm finished, and Harry, standing over her, watching, helped her from the floor. She kneeled in front of him, his cock still dripping with semen, and took it slowly into her mouth, licking it, sucking on it, and swallowed the remaining cum still in his urethra and on the outside of his long and still thick but softening shaft. She smiled up at him. Harry pulled her up to standing. They embraced, and she buried her head into his shoulder. Her legs quivered. She felt a tiny rivulet of warm blood trickle down her leg. Now twice the price of her virginity had been paid with her blood. She walked over to the tub and waved her hand over the water, and then ran her hand under the surface. It was very warm. Another enchantment that Albus had put on the bath for her. On occasion, he would borrow her bath for a long soak after a particularly stressful event. She kept a decanter of his favorite brandy just for those times in a cabinet in the bath. She would spend those evenings in her office or walking the castle to give him his privacy. Sybill pulled Harry into the tub, then crawled in after him and lay between his legs, her back to his firm abdomen. Harry wrapped his arms around her and she felt very safe and content even though her anus hurt horribly. She tried to process and remember the visions she had experienced while in orgasm, but gave it up, and decided to wait until she pulled the memories from her mind. She knew she would visit and relish this set of memories often in the future from her pensieve. A clock below rang out the hour, and Harry started.

"Bullocks! What time is it?"

"Not sure, I believe there is a small clock on that shelf over there."

Harry excused himself and carefully climbed out of the tub and walked over to look at the shelf. It was 9:00 p.m. It was past the time to be back at the Gryffindor common room according to the new curfew restrictions enacted by Umbridge. He walked back over to the tub, Sybill looked over at him and the look of concern on his face.

"What's the matter, love?"

"Uhm, It's past curfew. I must get back to the Gryffindor commons for check in. Someone will cover for me being late, but I have to leave now."

"Oh, that's truly unfortunate… I was hoping we could continue our time so far…"

"I can come back later, I have a way to get back unseen, but I need to check in at commons and be there for the bed check, then I can come back to see you. Would that be okay?"

"Of course, dear boy. I will be waiting for you. "She stood and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek and neck. "That was a lovely fuck, dear Harry. Do hurry back."

Harry blushed and hurried down the stairs to find his clothes and to quickly put them on again. He wrapped his tie loosely around his neck. If caught, he might get a demerit, but he hurried on, his socks in his pockets. He rushed quickly down the spiral steps of the Divination tower staircase and took the lesser used halls on various floors to make his way to the Gryffindor common room. He was feeling a bit guilty now. He seemed to have totally forgotten about Cho until this moment. He was going to meet her tomorrow, to see if they could reconcile things after the disastrous date at Madame Puddifoot's. So, he felt a bit bad, but then he smirked to himself. He had just had anal sex with a teacher and he had enjoyed it immensely. The way Sybill had moaned and groaned had turned him on tremendously. He wondered if eventually he could perhaps talk Cho into anal sex as well. For now, some breast sucking, and snogging would have to do. She had been tentatively touching his crotch, so maybe a handy or blowjob would not be out of the question if he could get back into her good graces. He really liked her, but he was anxious to take their relationship to a more intimate level - look how quickly it could happen… today was proof of that. He was getting hard again picturing Cho on her knees like Trelawney or Hermione, taking his cock into her beautiful ass. Because of this he stopped and slipped his cloak over his head. He had avoided seeing anyone, but it would not do to run into someone while sporting a large erection. He ran, now fully invisible and only had to stop to remove his cloak to give the password and to enter the commons room of his house. He kept covered and stepped his way past all the young bodies in the crowded commons room and made his way to his dormitory. Luckily no one was there to explain his tardiness, and he changed to some jeans and a t-shirt and his socks. He ran his fingers through his hair, and since he was already feeling tired, he figured he looked sleepy enough. He walked down to the commons room, dragging his Care of Magical Creatures book with him. He made a point of yawning as he was greeted by folks who looked in his direction.

"Hey Harry! Where have you been?" asked Neville.

"Fell asleep reading a boring assignment upstairs. I should stop trying to read in bed."

"So, Harry, did you see what happened to Trelawney?"

"Yeah, I was in the quad for a bit when it happened. I was having a lesson with Snape. We saw what happened, and then went back to finish the lesson. Total Bollocks."

Neville's eyes widened at Harry's bold criticism, just outright, right there in the Commons room. Umbridge's spies could be anywhere, even among Gryffindors. The young ones were especially afraid of her and anyone of them could easily be reporting things they see and hear to her or to one of her trusted "lieutenants". Neville only nodded slightly. "I guess that Firenze the Centaur will be taking over for Professor Trelawney."

"Oh?" said Harry, surprised. Harry and Snape had not stayed to hear that bit of news while Dumbledore and Umbridge had their discussion. Snape was not much interested in the politics surrounding Trelawney who he dismissed as a "trivial teacher" and pulled Harry back to the classroom as soon as they figured out what the hubbub had been about.

"Yeah. Umbridge was not happy that Dumbledore already had a replacement lined up. Good ol' Dumbledore, always a few steps ahead."

"Yeah. Shame about Trelawney, but at least she can still stay here."

"Yeah. Hey, you want to play a game of Wizard Chess?"

"Sure… why not."

The two young men played chess, with Neville winning. Harry was having a hard time concentrating. He kept thinking about Sybill and her lithe body, and her verbal passion. He was helping to put way the board and then head to his dormitory for some reading and maybe even a bit of sleep before he snuck back over to the Divination Tower when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder gently. He turned around. It was Hermione. She pulled him to a corner of the room. Ron had already headed up for bed, and there were still a few people milling about the commons room.

"Hey 'Mione. Where you been?"

"I've been writing my term paper on Pragmatic Magical Probabilities theory for Advanced Arithmancy II. "

"Sounds lovely!" Harry said, a bit tongue in cheek. "So, I assume you are happy now that Trelawney is no longer teaching at Hogwarts."

"Well, I am not sad that is not teaching, but I thought it was rather rude of Umbridge regarding the way she sacked her. It was unnecessarily cruel. But I think it falls in line with what we come to expect of her."

"But of course. Cruel and Pink are her trade mark."

"Speaking of pink… Hagrid is away this weekend. Are you up to going to help me feed Fang and whatever else he has at his hut currently?" Harry knew exactly what she was hinting about. Her hand touched his shoulder gently and rubbed it briefly. He looked at her, smirking. He noticed that her nipples were hard and pressing through her blouse.

"Yeah, I think so. I am not sure what Cho and I will be up to. I just know that I won't be mentioning any plans with you when we talk tomorrow. Are you sure you can wait until then?"

Hermione automatically punched him in the arm as his tone was sarcastic. "Harry Potter! Why are you always so mean to me! What do you mean by that?!"

Harry leaned in close to her, his hand dropping between them to pull down on her blouse at her waist. Her blouse became tighter at her young firm breasts, her erect nipples more prominent. He whispered, "Your lovely nips are about to cut a hole through your blouse."

Hermione blushed a bit, then said hotly, "Well, if you had been around earlier today, perhaps we both could have relieved a bit of stress and you wouldn't have to be gawking at my nipples."

"Sorry, I had a long and frustrating Occlumency lesson with Snape. It was intolerable. Any time I spend with that man is intolerable. I had to walk around by myself afterward to blow off steam." Harry would not mention Sybill to Hermione. It would be a very deaf and unsympathetic ear that she would offer. Trusting her with the secret that he had fucked a teacher was something that would test even their friendship, and being that Hermione detested Trelawney, Harry knew he had to keep it to himself. He thought about what Hermione had just said.

"So where could we have gone today for a bit of stress relief?"

"I thought about it today. The Room of Requirements! We could have taken the cloak and snuck off. We could have asked for a small locking room inside it."

"Do you think it would do that for us?"

"I believe so. If it lets Trelawney hide her empty wine bottles there, I am sure it would provide us a bit of privacy."


"Well, it is still a theory. I haven't tried it yet. It may refuse us. Perhaps it has some kind of moral code."

"Let's hope not. Well, you know what I mean. I love that it protects us, keeps the D.A. safe, I just hope it isn't a prude."

Hermione giggled. She sometimes forgot how much she liked being around Harry when he was on his own. He was so reserved in a larger group, always seemed he had to become the captain of the company, much more stoic, businesslike. Even when Ron was with them, he was just slightly more reserved, unless they were both ganging up on her to give her grief.

"Well, I hope you and Cho become better friends, but I am also hoping she is busy this Saturday." She winked, and then briefly grabbed his hand still between them, and squeezed it.

Harry followed her to the bottom of the steps that led up to the girl's dormitory floors. Hermione turned as she started up the steps. "You know, I have to be up early tomorrow. I take my shower around three in the morning. Never another soul around then. Just letting you know."

Harry nodded. "Good Night Hermione. See you tomorrow."

Hermione waved and turned and went up the stairs. Harry walked over to the steps up to his room, and after saying good night to the rest of the guys who were still awake- Ron was already snoring and talking in his sleep- flopped into bed wearing only his boxers. He fell asleep after asking for the bed to wake him up at 3:00 a.m.

Three a.m. came quickly for Harry. Five hours sleep just didn't seem enough. The bed had to be much less subtle than normal to wake him. It ended pulling the pillows from beneath his head and swatting him across the forehead with a tassel from the curtains after already yanking the sheets and covers from his body. Harry finally stirred and sat up and the bed quit its shaking of the mattress. Harry stood, and gathered his clothes for the day into his small duffel bag. Wearing only his boxers and his shoes, he covered himself and the bag with his invisibility cloak and disappeared onto the stairs, and then down to the commons room, and then hesitantly, he took the steps down to the girl's bathroom. Sure enough, he heard a shower running, and sweet humming. No one else was around. There were five shower stalls with curtains, and only the middle one was running and occupied. Harry took off his shoes and boxers and dropped them onto the bench next to Hermione's bathrobe and covered it with the cloak. He opened the curtain slowly and peered inside. It was indeed Hermione. He watched her bathe, growing hard as she bent over and soaped her body. He crept in behind her, her back to him and the curtain as the shower was much deeper inside. A small sink with mirror and chair was in the outer tiled area by the curtain. Harry slid his arms around Hermione and took the soap bar from her hand.
"Here, let me do that, 'Mione."

"You are late."

"Not much. You're still wet and just getting soaped up. I think I came at the right time."

He soaped her back, insinuating his already full erection between her legs. Hermione reached down and grabbed the head of his cock as it came peeping out under her sex. She ground down on his shaft, rubbing her sex atop it as she caressed and pulled on Harry's large head.

"I so love that you have such a long cock Harry, I would not be able to do this with most men."

Harry kissed her between her shoulder blades and he ran his soapy hands around her stomach and up to her firm breasts. He soaped and caressed them firmly, running his fingers over her nipples until they hardened. Hermione moaned lightly in approval and Harry began to stroke slowly between her legs. Hermione held under his shaft so that the large head made contact against her clitoris. She gasped as his wide meat head rubbed fully over the face of her swelling love button. Her fingers deftly stroked the sensitive underside of the wide head of Harry's rod.

Harry nuzzled her neck and kissed her ear and asked the question to which he already knew the answer, "So, do you want me inside you?"

Hermione moaned, but shook her head. "No. I am not on any kind of birth control Harry. But you like this, don't you? Rubbing your cock along my pussy?"

"Yeah, yeah I do. Would you… would you consider letting me take you in your bum some time? You can't get pregnant from that…"

"Really, Harry? Sodomy? I don't know…. Your prick is so massive, I am a afraid you would damage my insides…. I-I would have to think about it. It would allow you to be inside me… and I would dearly like to feel that. Oh, I just don't know!"

"It's alright… no pressure. I just wondered what you thought of it. Do you like the way I am touching you now?"

"Mmmm, yes, but I want you to play with my cunt with your fingers, like this…. Yes, rub gently around here, where my fingers are. Oh. Oh! Yes, that feels so nice Harry! Please do that in small circles, faster then slower…and gently like you are… oh yesssssssss! Mmmm, Harry that is so nice."

Harry quickly brought the horny Hermione to climax. He continued until she curled over and begged him to stop. He held her through her orgasm and could feel a flood of warm wet fluid on the shaft of his long member. She shook and shuddered and moaned loudly, it nearly made Harry climax himself. He thought of the how Sybill had moaned, and how he loved watching his cock push deeper into her ass and thought of Hermione on her knees as he took her the same way, the moaning and squealing she would do as he fucked her tight little ass. He grew harder, and thicker at the reverie, and Hermione noticed it. She could not believe how hard and rigid his rod was. After she had recovered, Hermione reluctantly left Harry's embrace, and slid off the top of his steel erection. Hermione redirected the shower head to the wall and knelt in front of Harry and began to stroke his cock with an oil she had with her. His cock grew warm and she stroked it the way he liked; rubbing it quickly up and down, using her finger nails under his long shaft, then pulling down slowly with force, and then rubbing with her thumb the area just under the crown of his cock where the foreskin hand been cut away. She loved his huge cock, Ron was about two thirds his size and not as thick. Hermione watched Harry with his eyes closed and concentrated on his breathing. She knew he was near his own climax, as his breathing became faster and he began to curse under his breath.

She took his large mushroom shaped crown into her mouth and began to suck and lick around the glans, and then farther down his shaft, bringing it closer to the back of her mouth as she continued to stroke with both hands much of his shaft that remained outside her. Harry grabbed her head; she readied herself and felt his cock jerk and the warm sticky fluid fill her mouth. Hermione swallowed, and then gulped again as Harry gave her another rather large jolt of his man cream. She pulled away, to bring his cock out of her mouth and to let him continue to come on her face and down her neck and atop her breasts. After all, they were in a shower and she could clean up quickly. It pained her not to let him enter her; she wanted it so badly, but she was saving herself, and she had a genuine fear of what anal sex would be like with Harry and his huge cock. It was hard for her to keep her control, but Harry was a gentleman about it, and she always brought him to satisfaction and he did the same for her. Hermione stuck out her tongue and licked a large streaming gob of his cum still pulsing from his massive cock. She sucked and licked him fully before she reached her hands up for Harry to pull her upright. Then business like, they continued with another quick soaping of each other's bodies and hair and washed away they evidence of the sex they had. Harry dressed quickly, stopping to admire her tiny round bum in just her tiny lace knickers. Her small breasts so perky and firm; the gumdrop nipples still hard and pointed atop them. He walked over to her, his hand disappearing into those same lace knickers, pushing his fingers into her folds, then pulling out his wet fingers to suck on them in front of her. Hermione tried to appear annoyed at him but then smirked. Harry then kissed Hermione on the cheek and disappeared under the cloak as he heard noise on the steps. He whispered to her, "That was fun, we should try it again some time!" before he gave her an unexpected squeeze on her lovely rump while invisible and then he left the bathroom area.

He did quietly stay by the steps for a bit just to see what Lavender looked like naked before she jumped into her shower. He was sure Hermione would not find that amusing. After taking his time watching Lavender bend over to shave her legs, he thought he might have to make some additional sight- seeing trips under the cloak in the future to this bathroom. He left furtively, walking softly on the stone steps, and then made his way back to the commons room and then out into the castle and took the quickest route over to the Divination tower. At this time of morning, the castle was very dim, but he could see well enough and only saw an occasional house elf as he walked the halls.

It was as expected, Sybill was fast asleep when he arrived, so Harry just took his clothes off and joined her naked in bed and was soon spooning her body. She did not wake as he cuddled in, wrapping his arm around her, but she did grasp his arm and nuzzled under his neck and murmured something in her slumber. He fell back asleep with his legs wrapped around her.

Harry awoke to the sensation of someone kissing his lower back and buttocks, while hands caressed his back and the backs of his upper legs. He could feel Sybill's nipples grazing over the tops of his legs and muscular glutes. He was on his stomach splayed out on the large round bed. The veils were down, and the insides lit with small dim twinkling lights to give a bit of a magical feel of being inside some Far Eastern tent in the desert.

Sybill was between his legs, and she continued to kiss and lick his lower back and took her hands and spread his buttocks to run her tongue down his crevice, and then around his own starfish, and then down around his balls. Sybill knew he was awake and stopped and allowed him to roll over on his back, she helped him swing his long right leg over her, so that she remained between his legs. Harry looked up at her sleepily. She looked refreshed, and perhaps had been up a bit at her vanity, for she looked more attractive and alert than she had in her wine and Mezcal state she was in last night. She was a bit dreamy eyed looking, and Harry noticed a burnt acrid odor in the air. "Mmmh, Good Morning Sybill, how are you feeling this morning?"

"Much better, dear boy, but I must say I am rather sore from that magnificent fucking you gave me yesterday! I don't think my poor little bum will ever be the same." She stretched her arms out, her back arched. Harry admired her full breasts with their own very perky nipples. Sybill leaned forward, and then she kissed him on his stomach with a big smack. She began kissing him on his sternum, and made her way up to his mouth, her lips lightly brushing his before kissing him some more. "I hope you don't mind me waking you this way, I do find you so very attractive."

"I wish this was the way I was woke every morning! So much more pleasant than an tassel to the face."

"Never mind. I have a very rude bed, but then again, I tend to be a heavy sleeper at times. You look lovely, can I have another kiss?"

They kissed some more passionately, sharing each other's tongues playfully. Harry could feel himself hardening as Sybill's nude body pressed against his. She rubbed her stomach and pubis slowly and gently against his thickening member.

"My, I think I feel someone getting very hard," she said as she reached down to grab the wide crown of Harry's lengthening cock. "Do you mind if I play with this a bit, dear Harry?"

"Mmmm. Not at all sweet Sybill."

She had picked up his now turgid but not fully erect long prick, and began to work it with her hands, which were oiled. Harry could smell a faint scent of cardamom and jasmine. He felt his cock warm up with the oils, it felt very pleasant. Where did these Hogwarts women go to find oils that felt good on men's cocks, and why did the men not know about these oils? He supposed it was because the guys would never come out of their dorm rooms or the showers if they did know where to find them. Harry thought back on yesterday as he appreciated the stroking Sybill was giving his rod.

"Were you just having a laugh, or did you really mean it yesterday that you were a virgin Sybill?"

"Oh, I truly meant it. I am a virgin, my young man. I foolishly had a binding spell put on my sex that would only allow a certain kind of person to be able to take my flower, as a romantic commitment. I found out once I made my way in the world that it was truly a rare person I was seeking. So rare in fact, it took twenty-two years for me to find him." She looked directly at Harry with a sweet soft smile that made him blush. Sybill backed up on the bed a bit and then lowered her head and began to lick and suck on the base of the shaft of Harry's thickening cock. She moaned at the taste of his rod, like she was just tasting a wonderful peppermint stick. She held it with one hand stroking the head while she licked and sucked her way up the length of the shaft, then down again, taking each of his large testicles into her mouth and sucking and licking on them. Harry groaned in appreciation. It felt incredibly good, and he was very turned on watching his teacher take his cock to her mouth.

"Mmmm, Sybill, that feels wonderful. I hate to ask this because I do not want to rush anything, but do you know what time it is?"

"Yes, normally I would have to be cognizant of that fact as well, and being a creature of habit, I am an early riser. It is 5:00 a.m. dear Harry. We have plenty of time. Don't you worry. I will get you down to breakfast by 8:00 o'clock."

"Great! I am glad we have plenty of time, but I certainly think I could skip class this morning if we need too… Oh god, Sybill that feels fantastic!"

"Yes, this indeed is a fun way to start the day- I certainly could get used to it. A cup of coffee followed by lovemaking with my personal hero… ah that would be the life… Oh my, where are my manners! Would you like a cup of coffee or tea to hold you over? The dear house elves delivered me my normal morning breakfast at four-thirty, I have a croissant or pastry if you would like as well."

"Actually, just a bit of mint would be nice about now."

"Oh, dear boy, you are not worried about your breath right now, are you? Please, do not worry about such societal constraints around free spirit such as myself! Why, I am sucking your beautiful cock, am I not? Although it is such a beautifully long and hard and thick young penis, I can certainly tell you that it is not giving me minty breath, though I am sure there is a spell for it somewhere that I have not learned. Perhaps I should ask your mate, the Granger girl about it?" Sybill mused a bit cattily. She placed her hand on his chest and patted him. "So, no need to worry about that dear boy. How about a puff to relax you then? It does help to enhance the tactile senses. It is surely making this very pleasant for me."

She held up a half burnt rolled cigarette, that Harry identified as the source of the acrid smoke he had smelled earlier. He had a bit of experience with cannabis, Neville had been cultivating some of what he called sinsemilla in the Herbology gardens. It seemed popular with many of the teachers. He complained often about finding buddings missing off his plants. Professor Sprout had offered him more room in the greenhouse to continue his "research". Harry nodded the affirmative, and Sybill, now just sitting on top of Harry's cock pressed to his body and grinding her wet sex against it, made the "okay" symbol with her right hand and flicked her index finger against her thumb, and the tip of her index finger alit with flame. She looked down at Harry, her hips still swaying and twisting, and said, "I may be a poor witch, but I do have some parlour tricks down."

She took the flaming finger to the end of the joint and puffed gently until she had it lit, blew on her finger and the flame disappeared, and then took a subsequent drag, and handed the lit and smoking joint to Harry who plucked the non-lit end gingerly from her finger and thumb. He inhaled deeply and ended up coughing for a bit.

"I should have warned you that the smoke was rather strong."

"No problem, not used to smoking much, but I do like the sinsemilla that my friend grows."

Yes, we have so many talented students here at Hogwarts..." Sybill sighed dramatically and sniffed, "I will dearly miss seeing their faces in my classes each day." A sincere tear rolled down Sybill's cheek. Harry reached up and gently wiped it away. Sybill held his hand in appreciation and kissed it.

Harry wondered if this was just his teacher being melodramatic or if she truly was sad that she would not be able to teach. In the past, Harry would have thought the tear was more for dramatic effect, thinking that as long as long as Sybill was cared for and fed, she would have no problem staying at Hogwarts and not having to teach. Yet as she held his hand, and he saw her lip tremor, he knew there was a genuine sadness inside her. He ran his fingers gently along her cheek and lips, and then held her strong chin. They smiled sadly at each other. He pulled her close to him and kissed her with a smoldering linger, and then attempted a enthusiastic grin, and said, "Things will get better. Sod Umbridge. She's a bitch."

Another tear rolled down her cheek as Sybill tried to manage a weak smile, and she said, "Yes, Fuck Umbridge!" Sybill passed the marijuana cigarette back to Harry appreciating how handsome this caring young man was in this early morning light.

Harry took another hit and was able to hold it and release it slowly this time without the coughing fit. He offered it back to Sybill who took it without much thinking and pursed her lips to its tip and inhaled deeply. She exhaled after a bit of time, a thin blue stream of smoke escaped her lips. She offered it again to Harry who declined, and she put it out with wetted fingers and dropped it back down on the bed. After some more passionate kissing, Sybill went back to fellating Harry, this time bringing his hot banger into her mouth, sucking and bobbing up and down on it. Harry was enjoying it immensely, especially after the effects of the joint had crept upon him. He thoroughly enjoyed watching women suck his cock. Sybill was especially adept, in his limited experience so far, but it was a real turn on, knowing this older woman, who was his teacher - was before him, giving him such oral pleasure. He was soon raging hard.

"Sybill, please turn around, I would like to taste your lovely pussy you while you suck me."

"My, yes, I believe that would be appropriate. My yin to your yang. The curl of pleasure."

Sybill turned around, presenting her lovely round rump and sex to Harry's face. Harry began kneading her buttocks and kissing them, as he made his way slowly in toward her sex, taint, and anus. He gripped her round buttocks and brought his face in closer to his target of oral pleasure. Sybill began to moan appreciatively to the touch of his hands, mouth, and tongue to her erogenous zone. She continued to suck and stroke his master branch, but Harry could tell she was distracted by his passionate kissing, sucking, licking, and biting. He pulled her body closer his face, like they had done the day before, but then twisted her over onto the bed and on her back. He grabbed her inner thighs and pulled her up, then stuffed a couple of pillows under her lower back. Sybill lay sprawled back at an incline, her legs spread eagle, as Harry began to devour her sex with passion and gusto. She cried out, moaning, urging him on turned on by the control he was taking of their lovemaking.

"Oh yes dear boy! Bring your tongue to my sex, eat my delicious puss!" Sybill, using the index and middle finger of her right hand in an inverted V pulled parted her inner labia exposing wet pink flesh of her sex, and the opening to her love tunnel, tattered but open fully from the deflowering Harry had performed the day before with his fingers. The crux of the inverted V of her fingers was just above her clitoris. While spreading out, Sybill pulled back upon the hooded top of her sex, exposing more of her swollen clitoris to Harry and his eager tongue. Harry's warm wet tongue swept gently over the face of her love nerve, sending tingles up Sybill's spine. Harry kissed and suckled along her labia, and his deft tongue darted in and around her inner sex, and into her vaginal opening as far as it could reach. He swirled around the fleshy wet insides, tasting the honey sap her love nest was already producing. One finger, gently wetted, slowly circled and then penetrated Sybill's anus. Despite of her soreness, or perhaps because of it, Sybill moaned in pleasure, and pushed back on his hand with a movement of her hips to drive his finger in deeper. Perhaps the anal sex from the day before was not quite the torment she had let on. Harry continued his oral pleasure, moaning his own satisfactions and passions as he continued to taste, lick and nibble all around her sex, his lips smacking wantonly on the flowing pussy nectar now dripping from her freed opening. Harry brought his tongue back to her love nerve, and circled the face of it, then flicked his tongue along its engorged sides, and at one point, pursing his lips around it and sucking it into his lips and rubbing his tongue all around it, sending chills through Sybill's body, and squeals from her lovely mouth. Another finger had joined the gentle probing and thrusting inside her tightened anus. Sybill moaned and cried, her senses becoming overwhelmed at his touches and pleasures coming to her sexual areas. Harry marveled at the elasticity of the human body, she was almost as tight as when he first approached her little virgin starfish yesterday, which was a surprise based on the size of the gape of her anal opening he had left after the rogering his large member had given it for the long period the evening prior. Harry continued his oral passion until it proved too much for Sybill who screamed and clinched her knees around her lover's body, and the waves of pleasure overwhelmed her. Her vaginal ejaculate gushed, and her legs quivered and quaked in orgasm. She had a vision, again of a great battle in a dungeon like room with a stone frame with a misty mirror in its center, with wizards and witches battling, then of Harry's face, angry and distraught, tears streaming from under his glasses.

She came to her senses, clutching Harry, holding him as she tried to wipe his eyes with her kisses on his cheeks. She broke from holding his face and kissed his lips with passion. She pulled him on top of her, raising her legs, offering her sex to him, grasping and finding his massive cock, and guiding his large head to her sex. Harry thrust slowly, and his large crown found the warm wet opening to her sex, and pushed, and with a natural ease it opened, and allowed his cock to enter the warm wet fleshy folds of velvet within. Sybill cried, and moaned, tears streaming down her face as she felt the fullness of Harry's rod enter her. The warmth and thickness of his man meat, filling her completely, stretching her insides, which it did so willingly. Harry thrust some more, and more of his length entered Sybill and she moaned her approval loudly as she kissed his forehead, their faces so close together that they could feel each other's warmth radiating from their skin. Soon she could feel the head of his cock at her uterus, rubbing along and past its tip. She felt a shock of pleasure deep inside her slowly echo out, causing her vagina to tighten around her lover's staff, and her anus to flex open and close. She felt her Kegel muscles tighten along with her buttocks and muscles in the backs of her upper legs.

Harry was beside himself. He thought he had felt pleasure with his cock entering the slick tight warmth of Sybill's rectum. That was just the frosting compared to the warm wet velvet smoothness he felt as his cock slid slowly into the pleasure that was his teacher's pussy. It was meant to be, this is where his cock should be all the time! The sensual pleasure was beyond his description, he could only moan his satisfaction at feeling the deep wet and soft insides hug and surround his sensitive cock like for the home it had always had been searching. His hand and a bit of saliva would be poor comfort after experiencing this bit of wonderful.

Harry felt as Sybill tightened and tugged her talented vaginal muscles around his member and smiled. He began to thrust slowly, passionately, in and out of Sybill's virgin puss. Sybill continued to moan and cry, tears of happiness leaking from her eyes, her disbelief that one so young would be the hero she had been seeking. She knew the age difference was great but felt only a little bit of shame at his age, because this was destiny playing out, and she was a part of it no matter what. The fates had meant this to be, and she had learned enough in her life to accept it and allow it to happen. The sensation was incredibly satisfying and pleasurable, and she fought to stay in the present to experience it, not allow the Veil to take her again, not during her lovemaking. She cooed and gently urged Harry to fuck her harder, to go faster if he wanted. She wanted her first time to be passionate, even rough at times. She wanted to allow her young stud to roam free inside her pasture. Harry responded, and the pace and the passion arose, and so she felt perhaps she had turned her young stud into a centaur, as his thrusts became harder and shook her breasts, hips and buttocks. Harry sucked on her nipples as he continued to drive his hardened member in and out of her now very lubricated and willing sex. He instinctively pressed down on the outside of her pubis with one hand as he thrust, and the pressure cause the top of his wide head to rub fully atop Sybill's canal and onto the g-spot nerve bundle hidden in her flesh. She cried out in pleasure and held his hand on the outside of her sex so that he would continue the pleasure. Harry thrust faster with the full contact, and Sybill cried out as she squirted a large stream of ejaculate from her sex. Harry felt the warm wet flood and that along with Sybill's erotic moans and cries, pushed him over the edge, he no longer fought the urgent welling inside his balls and he let loose. Sybill felt the strong jerk of Harry's cock, and the warm semen erupt hard inside her, and urged him to pull out.

"Please dear boy, pull out, please pull out!"

Harry did so, his cock spasming hard, as ejaculate jolted and flew, landing on Sybill's face and breasts. He continued to erupt, and Sybill slid down under him and then leaned forward, bringing her tongue and mouth to his cock as it erupted onto her cheek and then into her mouth. She held her mouth open and allowed the spasms to continue to jolt sweet cum into her mouth. She swallowed and more cum hit her chin and neck. She opened her mouth and swallowed the massive head and as much of the shaft that could fit comfortably in her mouth without taking it to the back and down her throat. She continued to swallow as more sperm spurted then dribbled its way out of Harry's cock. She sucked and licked sensitive parts of the member in her mouth. This triggered another round of climax, and another large gulp of his semen ensued. Sybill opened her mouth to breathe, and another jolt cause cum to drip from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She wiped her chin with the back of her forearm, and grabbed Harry pulling him down from his upright on his knees position to his hands on either side of her head as they kissed passionately and deeply.

Sybill could now feel the initial ejaculation slowly dripping out of her sex and knew that she would have to make a discreet visit to Madame Pomfrey for a powder to reverse any unwanted conception from happening. She relished in the feel, the slow oozing out of Harry's sticky warm seed from between the lips of her sex. She could feel it drip down her taint and then around her anus. They kissed some more passionately, and then just held each other for a while, catching their breaths. Sybill looked over at Harry with a genuine smile on her face.

"That was lovely Harry, I do not think I could have had a better experience at losing my virginity."

Harry nodded, "Nor mine. I really enjoyed sharing that with you, Sybill."

"You know we must be discreet don't you dear Harry? Even though I am no longer your teacher, this would be frowned on by pretty much everyone."

"I understand. Mum's the word. Will we get to do this again?"

"I hope so, but I cannot say, Harry. Your near future is fraught with many surprises and events."

"Any you can tell me about?"

"Not with great detail. I ask you to be careful dear boy, and to continue your practice in the defensive arts. You may need them soon."

"You know about that?"

"Just what I have seen in signs and visions. You are a strong teacher, Harry, but stay guarded and readied. The forces of Voldemort conspire against you. The Ministry of Magic is confused and falling into the hands of the Dark Lord. I have had visions of puppet strings tied to Umbridge and the Minister, and a dark shadow slithering in the background, pulling on them."

This realization sobered the two lovers from their current state of passion. They held each other awhile longer, lost in their own thoughts. Sybill pulled Harry once again upstairs to the bath, they took a quick cleanse together. They held each other, and Harry assured her that she would soon be back to teaching at Hogwarts, that Dumbledore would take care of matters.

Sybill asked him to join her for tea that afternoon when he had a free period, and Harry promised he would come. He told her he had a commitment later that day and would not be able to see her that night.

Afterwards, Sybill, dressed only in a sheer robe, pleasured Harry once more orally, this time taking him fully down her throat until he came one more time. Harry held her for several minutes, not wanting anything more that for them to be near each other. Sybill had many questions for Harry, but she held them at bay. She knew it would take some time for this very introverted young man to warm up enough to her to be able to confide his hopes and fears to her. She helped to dress him and sent him on his way to breakfast early, his shirt neatly pressed with one of the few domestic spells she remembered easily, and his tie tied loosely but with a neat and sturdy knot.

After Harry had left, Sybill went to the pensieve to preserve her memory fully in a special crystal vial of ruby red. She was back at the pensieve only a couple of hours later, to relive their lovemaking that morning, in her loneliness. She did not dress into her Professor Trelawney disguise, and took her meals privately in her rooms. She stayed away from any wine or liquor; she had much to discuss with Albus that night. She found a lovely bud for the waterpipe in preparation for his visit, and asked Philomena to bake Dumbledore's favorite biscuits. Her heart was heavy but hopeful at the same time. She had a friend now, and perhaps a lover, but she was conflicted about it. Was it truly what Harry needed right now? She would have to see what the Fates had in design.

Back to the present:

Sybill regretted not telling Harry more about the visions she had about the battle that took place at the Ministry. The one that caused the death of his godfather, Sirius Black. At the time it seemed best. She sighed, it was time to find out what news she had brought back from the Veil. It was time to go look and listen to her painting. She dreaded what her visions could reveal.

Minutes later, Sybill left her studio in a panic. She must go to Ireland right away. She must find Harry. If he were to go through with the plan he had in mind; all of wizard kind's future was in jeopardy. She knew what had to be done for the time line to be righted. She found her wand and wallet, and then gathered a quick bag of clothes, throwing in the crystal ball that brought her the most clarity. After consulting the elderly house elf, Philomena, on the quickest route, Sybill left by Floo network for Dublin.

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