Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Goodbye, Until We Meet the First Time

Harry had to return to the past, and for whatever reason, he had to do it before midnight. No matter whether the outcome gets changed sooner, Harry could not bear a version of reality existing where Dudley was killed due to his own lack of action or subsequent actions.

Before he left, he had to see all four women, Molly, Rhoswen, Casey and Avslöja. If he was successful, none of what they had together today would exist today or tomorrow. He was having trouble with that for all but Molly. He wanted to erase the past two days of pain from her life fully, and bring his cousin home to safety.

He decided to find Avslöja first, and searched the halls until he found a directory, and found her office. He decided to chance the elevators, and announced her office, and after a topsy turvy ride for five minutes, He ended up in a tower on the hospital, cloaked from muggle view. It was very gothic, and suited the Hex Eater incredibly well thought Harry. He announced himself at a wide open circular room with a small desk where an uncommonly homely goblin female with atypically large beautiful breasts sat typing. She took his name, apparated, and appeared again with permission for him to go directly to the Healer's suite were she was resting. She bent over showing her cleavage to Harry who was horrified by her visage, but entranced by what he felt were perhaps the two most perfect incredibly large, hard nippled breasts he had ever seen. She smiled a knowing smile and pointed him to the stairs. Harry's heart beat quickened, and though it could have been the many steps he had to mount in the seeming endless circular stair case to Avslöja office/residence, he thought it was his excitement to see her again, this time away from dire circumstances. The potion they shared still had its influence, and he could feel an arousal happening as he trudged up the steps. His thoughts took him back to a similar tower at Hogwarts, the North, where Sybill Trelawney taught and lived. Her Divination class room was in the front, and a suite rooms behind, as well as a loft to the top of the tower is where she lived.

The memory of when they first got together hit him fully, and he thought about it as walked the circular steps ever upward. It was an hour or two after that horribly humiliating public scene of Trelawney being sacked by Umbridge and rescued by Dumbledore. Even Hermione, who absolutely loathed the Divination teacher, thought that the public sacking was incredibly cruel.

Harry was incredibly angry after his latest failure at learning occlumency, working with Snape was cruel in itself, but to have that arsehole invading his mind and seeing his memories felt like borderline abuse. As much as he tried, he could not put up an effective enough mental shield. He decided to walk off his anger before going back to the dorm and possibly making an ass of himself by being snippy with someone who did not deserve it. He found himself near the north tower and thought of Trelawney. He had no idea if he would really check in on her, but he decided to take the walk to the base of it, and maybe walk the stairs and bit and look out one of the great views along the way if nothing else.

He found no one around, so he decided to walk the tedious circular stair case up for a view. After the third bend he was well out of sight of the bottom but began to hear the sound of a woman sobbing. He assumed it had to be Trelawney. Perhaps she had become too tipsy and had fallen and lying injured. He quickened his pace and after a couple more turns found first a trunk lying precariously sloped on two steps like it had fallen and was only where it was at due to an edge becoming lodge into the inner banister rail. Harry pulled the large trunk over in order to get by. He set it on edge on a step tread to keep it from falling or sliding further.

He walked further up around the bend and found Professor Trelawney sitting on a step forlornly crying, holding a bottle of wine, and not cooking sherry as people had reported in the past. She had her glasses off, and looked up, with tears streaming down her face. "Oh dear Harry, my pride has seemed to got me into rather of a state here... puh-please could you help me get my trunks back to my room dear boy? Please, I beg you!"...

His memory was interrupted. Harry found him at the top of the stairs to the Hex Eater's office. He knocked , and he heard her sultry voice with a heavy Norsk accent, now a bit raspy after the hex eating event, call to him. "Please, Harry Potter, come inside."

Harry's eyes darted around the room he entered from the old split plank wooden doorway- a sitting room, sparse, very Norwegian, with a slight twist, a great amount of what Harry assumed to be arcane objects littered the rooms, skulls of magical beasts, framed papyrus scripts, rows of crystal glass vials filled with colored and bubbling potions, even shrunken heads strung along a long rope of braided hair. To his right taking up huge wall, stood a weathered old oak book shelf unit, its broad frame covered in carved Viking runes all around the sides and top, and filled with dusty, musty, and worn leather bound books.

His eyes found Avslöja, draped on a day bed that filled a tri cornered latticed glass window, decorated with panes of stained glass images, wild flowers, which Harry assumed were from her native country of Norway since there were words it what appeared to be Nordic characters under each flower.

Avslöja had reverted to her natural form, the statuesque mature beauty with the crystal blue eyes. She wore only an untied satin robe of black, and it was easy to tell by the way it was draped over her that she wore nothing else. "Harry! Come to me. I find myself still enjoying the lingering wisps of the potion you and I shared, and my thoughts keep returning to you. It was if I summoned you here." She laughs, "But of course, I am being silly, please come, I wish your touch."

Her hands were fondling her own large firm breasts, and she allowed the robe to drop from her shoulders as she cupped and presented them, the nipples stiff atop her small puffy brown areolas. "You would like to play with them, I think yes."

Harry approached her and sat down on the edge of the day bed, trying hard not to stare too leeringly at the lovely older woman. He was nervous, and not much good at small talk. "How are you feeling?"

"Very tired. Did the rest of the healing go well?"

"Yes it did. Molly is fine and resting."

"That is good to hear." Avslöja had slowly moved toward Harry, reaching out with her hands to caress his shoulders and back. She pulled his shoulders back gently to place his head into her lap. She leaned over him, her large breasts hovering over his face as she ran her fingers through his hair. "You are still full of your healing aura, Harry, you must be careful if you make love to any normal women, you could impregnate them easily. In fact if she was not older, you probably would have made a baby with Molly while healing her. Did she come for you?"

"Yes, a few times... it was very intense. She is very intense..."

"No, I think it is you who is very intense Harry Potter, and you bring it out in the women you fuck."

"Do I bring it out in you? I find you one of the most intense women I have ever known..."

"Normally, after eating a hex, I hide away, spent, tired, not fit for other human company. Yet, my thoughts are of you and you come to call, and I readily accept you, wanting you by my side. Yes, Harry, I would say you bring out some kind of intense feeling in me." Her fingers sweetly gripped his chin. She frowned. "But I must be honest with you as well. The hex beast was more formidable than I thought, and it took much energy from me just to repair the damage inside me while it was still corporeal... which was much longer than I anticipated." She ran her finger tips over her stomach and near her pubis as if to underline the comment. "I... would welcome being able to take more of your...seed inside me to regain my energy, but I do not want you to think that is the only reason I wanted to see you."

"For what you did for Molly and me, of course, anything I can do for you Avslöja..."

"You are gracious to say so young man. I find you attractive on many different levels, Harry Potter. I believe it is reciprocal?" Harry had been caressing lightly the undersides of her large breasts. He stopped, and looked up, not being able to see her face, but hoping she could see the sincerity on his.

"I have never met anyone quite like you, I am sorry for the circumstances that led to us to meet, but I have never been more grateful that we did get to meet. And now, now I will probably change our chance to meet."

"You plan on using a Time-Turner to change the event that led to the capture of your cousin and the rape of Molly."

"Yes. How did you know? I hope you can keep this confidential for me... of course in a few hours you will not remember at all. I took the Turner off a Death-Eater who attacked me in England."

"Your Turner, if it is what I think it is, has a very sordid and cursed history, Harry Potter. I had heard that it had been stolen, and then went missing before it could be sold in the underground auction."

"Nevertheless, I plan on using it."

"Dark Magic always has a price, Harry Potter."

"I- I know that. It has already taken two years of my life. I have aged two years... All the Healers' magic registers me as being 18 years old."

"You were but sixteen!... that is surprising. You must understand Harry, the greater the change, the more drastic the price... but there are karmic considerations as well, which complicate the price, sometime making it better, sometime worse for the wielder of the Turner. "

"I am ready to accept that, I have to save my cousin and stop these Ravagers."

"Thank you for letting me know. I will remove my memories of our time together, and then give them to you to safe keep. You can give them back to me when you return to the new time line, and I will remember our time together in the past time. I think it is important that we keep our connection, Harry."

"I agree. I think I would like to spend time with you, like you did with Victor. I want to be an Auror when I am older, if my grades in potions haven't already messed that up from happening."

"We will see, but I believe that you would be an excellent student for what I have to teach. Perhaps the summer after your seventh year after you pass your N.E.W.T. exams."

All this while, they continued to caress each other. Harry rolled over, and insinuated himself between Avslöja legs. He moved so that he was off the bed and at its edge on his knees in front of her. He kissed at her knees and she widened them, pulling back her robe to expose her shaven sex. "Ah Harry, would you like to spise min fitte, excellent! Please come, slikk min kusse, og smak min kiksjuice!" She ran her fingers over her spread and flowered labia, opening them to reveal the wet pinkness inside, and the opening to her vagina. She was already wet, and she pushed her long nailed index finger inside herself and brought out a very slick and dripping digit. She brought it to Harry's mouth and Harry wrapped his lips around it, sucking her finger slowly, and tasting Avslöja's cunt honey.

Smiling, Avslöja slowly pulled her finger out of Harry's mouth and ran her finger tip over his lips. Harry kissed her finger. He looked up at her. "I would like to start at your feet if you don't mind."

"You like feet! Yes, they are very underrated as sexual play things, are they not? Do you like the way I have painted my toes? I like to pamper my feet, come, please touch and feel how soft they are." Avslöja raised and offered a surprisingly delicate foot for such a tall woman. Each toenail was well formed and painted meticulously a dark shining maroon. Her heels and toe pads were soft and smooth, not a callous to be seen. She ran her toes over his forehead and around his face. Harry began to kiss her feet, and run his tongue up the insides of her arches. Soon he was sucking and biting gently at her toes, and Avslöja moaned a low moan of lust and satisfaction.

After several minutes of adoration, Harry seemed satisfied with his time at her feet and made his way up the top of each lovely foot to the ankles kissing gently, then up her shins as he caressed and massaged her long tight and well formed calf muscles. He spent some time licking and kissing at the inside crook of her knees which was a new pleasure for Avslöja, but one she found it to be very exciting. Small jolts of electric excitement ran from her behind her knees and up her thighs to the Kegel muscles around her sex and anus. They felt warm and contracted pleasurably, especially around her anus which flexed and felt the need for something to be inside it.

As if on instinct, Harry kissed and sucked and licked his way along this path of pleasure, pushing Avslöja onto her back into her pillows, as he tongued his way up her legs and thighs to the pelvic muscles around her shaved nether parts. Her muscles were tight and her skin smooth, but Harry could smell the musk of her excited sex. He licked and sucked gently, brushing is lips lightly, then with force intermittently, all around her cunt, taint, and up and around the outside area of her anus. Her little starfish continued to pucker and flex, so he gently wet his index finger in his mouth and slowly slid it inside her as he continued to kiss, and lick and suck slowly closer, closer, closer to the sex of the now very turned on Avslöja. Avslöja moaned deeply at the invasion of Harry's finger and her hips rocked to push against it. Harry pushed it deeper inside her, stroking her slowly.

Harry moaned his contentment, his sexual excitement at hearing her moans at his pleasurable teasing and foreplay. "Av-Avslöja, I want to taste your cum."

"Please, call me by my nickname, Sᴓlvi. I know Avslöja does not just run easily off the tongue."

On cue, Harry nodded, and finally ran his tongue broadly as if licking a large ice cream cone over the face of Avslöja's spread pussy. She groaned and her legs quivered at the feeling of his mouth and tongue finally connecting to her sex. She passionately grabbed his thick black hair and pulled his face down into her crotch. Harry continued to kiss, lick, and suck on her sex, running his tongue between her full inner labia, He used his lips to clamp gently and pull and stretch those pouty lips. He vibrated his lips as she ran them gently over Avslöja's wanton cunt, and up to her exposed clitoris, its fleshy dark pink hood held back by the silver blonde witch's long fingernails. She buried her fingers more deeply into Harry's hair and moaned loudly. Harry ran his tongue gently around her much engorged bright pink clit, swirling it faster, as the first two fingers of his left hand pushed up and into her vaginal opening. As he gripped her across her lower stomach to her opposite hip with his right hand firmly take control of his now intensified efforts to orally please Avslöja. He apparently was doing it well as the beautiful witch healer was thrashing in the throes of passion at the touch of his tongue, mouth and fingers. Harry continued his intense sucking and licking until it was too much for Sᴓlvi, and an orgasm overwhelmed her, And she came hard, a flood of her love juices flowing and dripping from her lips and into the licking and sucking mouth of Harry. Harry continued to swallow, tasting her sweet and tart vaginal sap. He also continued somewhat selfishly to torment her overly sensitive clitoris with hard licks even as Avslöja bucked and contracted in orgasm until he brought her to a new level of ecstasy and she ejaculated hard, squirting in a stream and screaming out in full on passion. She gently pushed his face away to let him know that she did not have another orgasm left in her at that moment and Harry relinquished, pulling away from her wet sex, wiping his face with the back of his hand and panting in passion.

He was incredibly hard, and stood, and unbuttoned his Jeans and pulled them off. It felt good to take the restricting trousers off and free his large erect cock. His balls were still large and engorged from transformation for the healing process with Molly. Casey said that they would last another three hours in their current size and hyper production state. In fact she hinted that she needed to see him in couple hours to make sure his "system was working properly".

Avslöja sidled forward on the bed after fully disrobing. She raised her legs and planted her feet on Harry's chest. She rubbed them down his chest until they were at his hips and legs with his massive cock between them. She began to slowly caress his long thick shaft with her feet.

"Oh Sᴓlvi!" was all Harry could utter as she stroked his cock expertly with her feet and toes. Each foot rubbed fully up and down the meaty prick making it thicker and harder. She kneaded his large balls with her toes, and Harry moaned his pleasure. She stopped and placed a large amount of scented oil and on her feet and Harry's staff and began massaging again, this time stroking faster with the aid of the oil which decreased painful friction. Harry watched her lovely nude body before him, her large breasts, with the long hard nipples atop her puffed areolas shook as her legs moved up and down. Flashes of her wet pink sex and puckered anus appeared with the up and down movement of her long muscular legs. Her lovely round buttocks against the pillows and soft flannel sheets of the day bed, her small taut round belly, her long neck. Her broad shoulders leading to her long slim but muscular arms. The tip of her long braided sliver blond hair, her bangs hanging long on one side of her face, her braided hair in a bit of disarray.

Her pointed nose and ice blue eyes sparkling along with the seductive smile with small lines at the corners of her mouth and tiny crow's feet at her seductive eyes. He watched the pouting of her pink lips as she concentrated on giving Harry the pedal pleasure he craved. Harry was close to cumming, and he really wanted to, but he also knew that Sᴓlvi needed it for her rejuvenation process. As if she could read his thoughts, Avslöja uttered, "It is alright, come on my feet, I know you have more..."

Harry let loose, ejaculating hard, the bulk of it landing on Sᴓlvi's belly, and down her thigh, and then she brought her toes over his crown and allowed the continual eruption of sticky white sperm to drip over and down her toes and foot, along the arch of her soles. She brought her feet down and move forward to begin sucking and licking Harry's sensitive cock. It responded by remaining hard as she sucked and bit and ran her teeth gently along the shaft of his thick dong. Sᴓlvi gagged as she pushed forward until his crown and shaft were in her throat, the bulge apparent to Harry. She pulled back and brought his cock out of her mouth and began to rub the shaft just under his urethra and down the corona with her thumb.

She stopped, and turned over on her hands and knees and offered Harry her backside.

"Fuck me Harry; please fuck me however you wish."

Harry quickly pushed his member deep into her wet warm sex. Sᴓlvi moaned as his girth pulled at her vaginal opening and the leading wider cock head plowed deeper inside the warm wet velvet frontiers of her pussy. She felt her vaginal canal stretch and hug the manmeat filling her. As much as Avslöja wanted to be facing Harry, to see his handsome face as he made love to her, she knew it was better this way; she was not sure she would see this young man again, there were so many dark events in his future, and she had no certainty as to his survival. He was truly a young man on the edge of darkness. It was better to keep this more distant, more sex than affection.

She moaned in approval as Harry pushed deeper into her, until she feel his massive head bumping up against her uterus. he pushed harder, and the her aged opening relinquished easily, and she could feel his cock pushing its way into her womb, which could no longer bear children but still dilated in anticipation of receiving the shaft and seed of this strong young cock.

It was still an odd sensation for Harry, one he had only recently felt before with Casey. It was like finding the inner sanctum of paradise. He knew he had to be careful, but loved the feeling of the uterine opening holding his cock tightly.

He began to stroke slowly, while gently biting and kissing the smooth back of his Sᴓlvi. Avslöja was pushing back, determined to bring Harry deeper into her womb. The pain and pleasure was intense, and she felt the tremor of orgasm happening again. She squeezed her vaginal muscles around the trunk of Harry's meat, and whispered repeatedly as he continued to stroke deeply inside her womb, "orgasmus ejaculottus... orgasmus ejaculottus..."

Harry was overwhelmed at once with sensual pleasure. He felt the storm of a large orgasm rolling in and down his loins. He came hard, Avslöja felt his rod jerk within her uterus, and she felt the warm wet expulsion of his seed into her crucible, as it came in waves; his cock continued for several minutes to pulse and jerk and ejaculate huge amounts of sperm inside her, his huge balls diminishing, but still on magical hyper-drive for production. Avslöja felt her insides tighten as her uterine opening gripped and held his shaft while he continued to fill her womb like a bladder full of wine. She reached around, gripping some of the shaft of Harry's cock still outside her. She had him slowly extract himself. It took a bit of tug to pull his wide head past he the tight throat of her uterus. Her uterus seemed seal, to hold tight to the full contents inside it as his cock crown popped loose, but it was hard to tell, for Harry was still cumming.

HIs cock continued to ejaculate down her vaginal canal, and out onto her buttocks and sex upon release back to the outer world. Sᴓlvi rolled onto her back, now facing Harry and his still erupting cock, a look of pain now on his face as she felt several spurts hit her belly, her breasts and the side of her face. She raised her legs, pulling them back to pull her sex up into the air, to defy gravity and try to keep as much of his seed inside her as she could.
Harry took this to mean something different, and took his hard erupting cock to her little starfish and pushed, driving the slick six inches of his cock deep into her ass. She cried out a bit in pain and surprise and Harry pushed further, driving another four inches into her, and was now pushing into her large colon. He stopped and continued to come, and he was gasping in pain and surprise.

Avslöja grabbed onto his shoulders and whispered, "Finite Incantatem gradatim"

Gradually the intense orgasm ebbed away, while he still felt his balls milked and erupting, until it turned into a slow spasm, and then to a small occasional pulses. He pulled out of Sᴓlvi. She remained on her back but directed him to a table to retrieve a crystal vial of purple liquid similar to what he had seen her ingest earlier. He brought it to her, and she drank it greedily. It made Harry feel a bit creepy about the situation. He watched as Avslöja's wrinkles and creases magically tightened away, until before him lay a beautiful woman in her mid thirties. She held onto her still swollen tummy and then a bit of a worried look passed over her face.

Harry had seen it, and inquired, "What is it Sᴓlvi, what is wrong?"

"It is nothing. There is nothing wrong. I seem to have much more energy, still to use. If I use it, I will have to leave the hospital for awhile. This rejuvenation process, Harry, is a dark art, as you must know. Reverting to a twenty year old woman in looks will be too blatant for the Administration of this Hospital to ignore on my behalf. I-I must leave for awhile if I were to do it. I would give you back your lost two years if I could. Unfortunately, I cannot... my abilities to rejuvenate are the result of a curse and only affect me. "

"What will you do?"

"I think I must take this opportunity... it buys me many more years to face and fight those who would use the Dark Arts to enslave and harm others, but it means that I must go back in time with you... will you allow me that? I believe I could be of some help to you..."

"Yes! Of course, I would welcome your help." A feeling of relief overcame Harry. If anyone could help him, his first choice at this time would be Sᴓlvi, especially a young Sᴓlvi who still possessed over a hundred years of experience in fighting dark wizards.

Avslöja gingerly moved her way off the daybed and stood with Harry's help and then slowly walked over to the desk with the vials and took one more. She drank half the vial and stood, holding onto the desk with her hands, her lithe, nude body being ogled by Harry's lustful eyes. She was an incredible beauty as a young woman, which of course was no surprise, but still a delight.

When she turned back around, Sᴓlvi was a twenty year old Nordic goddess. She had her hand across her taut, muscular., slightly rounded tummy, rubbing it lightly. She seemed happy in her resolve.

"So you will meet me back here before we go? I think this would be a safe place to turn back... I was not at this location all day yesterday... I was actually in London at Saint Mungo's."

"Yes of course." Harry walked forward and Sᴓlvi met him with open arms. She embraced him fully caressing his back, kissing the side of his head, due to her height. Harry kissed her neck, and then down to her firm large breasts, and began to lick and suck on her nipples, bring them to full erection. He sucked hard, pulling on them, increasing the length of her nipples. She enjoyed it immensely, and allowed him to continue, her breasts were one of her heightened erogenous zones, and she enjoyed young men sucking and kneading them. Harry grabbed the breast he was not sucking, and palmed it roughly, rubbing the inside of his palm over her areola and nipple; continue to rub it roughly to keep it erect. Sᴓlvi moaned deeply. Harry moved behind her, kissing the lithe shoulders and neck. He reached around with both hands and kneaded and palmed her breasts, each hand overflowing with firm flesh, as he continued kissing her back and shoulders. Sᴓlvi pressed her firm buttocks back into his still turgid member. She rubbed and pressed until her ass cheeks were gripping his hardening cock. She wiggled and rubbed her ass against it, rubbing up and down on the long shaft. Harry pulled her to the bed, with her sitting on his lap. She stood, and widened her legs and gripped his thick shaft and directed the wide cock crown to her sex, rubbing the head slowly against her wet and now cum dripping sex. She began squatting, pulling her very tight sex down on Harry's shaft. Her cunt, now rejuvenated to that of a twenty year old, found it painful, the stretching due to his wide girth and length felt like impalement. Sᴓlvi winced and moaned as she slowly slid downwards, stopping to hold onto Harry's muscular legs and to pull up, only to bear down again and drive more cock up inside her. She pulled up and again, and through these slow strokes ended fully into Harry's lap, with most of his cock inside her. Harry rocked his hips to stroke his shaft inside her further. Sᴓlvi continued to moan and gasp, squealing a bit when Harry inched further into her. His cock was rubbing against the side of her uterus, it was driving her mad. She wiggled and gyrated and gasped, "Liker du min kjeft, Harry? Gi meg mer av din harde kuk! Fuck meg, ødelegge meg CUN!"

Harry knew not a word of Norwegian, but he got the drift and began to thrust harder and faster inside Sᴓlvi, lifting her up to give him more room to push and pull his length in and out of her hot tight pussy. After several minutes, Avslöja moaned loudly in full satisfaction as she came again, and Harry felt her love honey dripping warmly down his still large ball sac. Sᴓlvi purred and crawled off Harry's lap and on her knees to suck and stroke on Harry's cock. She bit at his scrotal sac and stroked roughly with her hands wetted by her own orgasm. She knew he was closing to cumming again.

He groaned and felt another welling orgasm. He pulled out of Sᴓlvi's wet and wonderful mouth and let loose once again with a good hard ejaculation. Directing it to her face and breasts. He pushed his still jerking cock back into her mouth and she swallowed the mouth full of sticky sweet seed he gave her. Sᴓlvi licked and sucked his shaft clean smiling a wicked smile that made Harry curious. She looked up at him.

"I think we will be seeing much of each other over the years, Harry Potter. I was unsure at first, but now I feel it is inevitable. I have not felt such alive in much too long a time! I must prepare quickly, for I think it is wise we leave this time line before midnight."

"I felt the same way too."

"You must have other farewells you must make before we leave... it is forty minutes past ten, you must hurry. Please me at my office at eleven-thirty ready to go."

Once Harry was dressed, with a wave of her wand, Avslöja apparated Harry directly into the office of Healer Casey Slainte. Harry was not used to the feeling and felt his stomach turn inside out. He counted his blessings that no one was in the room as he rushed to a waste basket and threw up what little was in his stomach. He had not eaten much lately, and at this time he was grateful, but knew he would need to have a bite soon. He did not know what to do, so he turned the vomit to stone to get rid of the stench, and then tied up the bag. He found a bowl of liquorices on Casey's desk and chewed the bitter anise-like flavor to take the taste of bile from his mouth and breath. He ate two more for good measure as much as he disliked the flavor. There was a bottle of water unopened on her desk as well, and took the liberty of their current relationship to take it, and to offer apologies afterward. He drank it greedily, not knowing how much his body needed it. He thought to first just rinse out his mouth and throat, and had the bottle of water downed in just a couple of minutes. He peeked out the door of the office. No one was there. He was hoping to see Rhoswen.

He decided to walk down the hall to Molly's room; time was running out. Casey was stationed very close to her patients, not because she had to be, because she wanted it that way. Rhoswen had explained to her that it was the way Casey had requested her recovery unit to be designed. He greeted the healing attendant at the desk, who nodded his recognition to Harry, so Harry proceeded to Molly's room.

He found her asleep but did not leave the room. He went over to her bed and watched her. She looked so much better after the healing. Most of her bruises and cuts were now memories. Healing oils in the future would remove any of the faint scars and scabs still left on her beautiful cheeks and chin. Again, this is something Rhoswen assured him of when she caught him caressing her face after the healing was completed and Molly was placed in a light Dormis spell. Harry put his hand gently against the side of Molly's face. Her eyes opened.

"Ach, Harry, I think you are worse than yer cousin. I give you prolonged sex in both me orifices and here you are back for more!" She smiled at her joke, and Harry smiled as well.

"Actually, I came to say goodbye. I will be going back into the past soon. If all works out, none of this will have happened, and you will not remember me. "

"Ooh, I don't know about that... I think even if you change the past and alter the future... some part of me will always remember what you did for me, for us, Harry Potter."

"I believe my cousin to be very lucky to have you in his life, Molly. Hopefully some of you can rub off on him, make him just a bit less of an arsehole."

"I think you might find him a wee bit more tolerable the next time you see him. Do you remember where I put my spare key if you need to come to the house?"

"Yes, inside the right cap on the support rail of the back porch. The side gate to the garden does not lock."

"Right you are. Please, I know we may not understand, but if you need help, or to prevent us from going out, or do what you need to do to change those events, please feel free to do it."

"I will. I have to be careful with what I change, but I will have help, and we will make this go away."

"Harry love, I hope so. But promise me if it comes down to changing my fate or keeping Dudley from being taken... take care of Dudley first of all."

"I am going to save you both. I swear."

"I am hoping for that love, I really am, but you now know my preference, I hope you will honor it if push comes to shove."

Harry only nodded, and sat on the edge of the bed. Molly sat up; she was only wearing the translucent white gossamer gown. Her very visible large breasts jiggled as she moved to sit up and wiggle her way to Harry's side. Her nipples pushed through the fabric. Harry watched her fully as she moved, not caring if it was seen as staring. Once again, these magical connections with these different women pulled at both his libido and his emotions. Harry was conflicted. He knew Molly was having some kind of relationship with Dudley as odd and flabbergasting as that sounded to him. He certainly could understand any attraction that Dudley had with Molly; Harry felt it too. She was a flirt and treated him on her level, plus she was devilishly beautiful. He felt like he was intruding in on whatever Molly and Dudley have, but he also knew that was his own guilt. Molly did not seem to have any issue with either relationship, so neither should he, yet it still hung over him. She was soon rubbing his back, and then wrapping her arms around him from behind. She kissed his neck and Harry held onto her arms.

"Since this could be our last physical time together, Harry, do you want to ... You know."

"Are you really up for it? I don't want to rush anything for you..." Harry could already feel his man pole hardening in his trousers despite the fact that he had only been with Avslöja ten minutes ago.

"With you Harry, I am fine... with a man I did not know... it might be months before he could have my trust and my body. I trust you. You have done so much for me today." Molly was up on her knees and pulling the gown up over her lithe body. She shook out her full beautiful auburn hair once the gown was up and over her head. Harry turned, and she grabbed his head and buried his face into her large firm breasts.

Harry kissed and sucked on her large natural tits. He like the way they hung on her thin muscular body. He found her hardening nipple on her left breast, and he sucked on it until not only was the nipple hard, but her dark pink areola was wrinkled and puckered in excitement. Molly moaned her appreciation and arousal. "Mmm, that feels good, baby, I love having my nipples sucked. One of my colleagues in the psychology department would give me some bullshit about how it was a replacement for never having nursed a child of my own. That is just crap, I have loved having my titties sucked since I grew breasts... mmm yes, you can bite them if you like, just not too hard... oh yesssss, I like that! Oh Harry!"

Harry continued to give attention to both breasts, kissing his way up to the luscious mouth of the fair Molly. They kissed deeply with passion, sharing their tongues, touching each other intimately as they could. Molly pushed Harry on his back, and quickly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them quickly off his slim hips and down to his knees and then to his ankles. Harry kicked his pants the rest of the way off as Molly crawled atop his legs. She bent over, her arms straddling his sides as she began to suck and swallow his swollen member, bringing girth and hardness to the mast. She continues to bob and lick up and down the long shaft until he was fully erect and she felt like she was swallowing a large limb from a tree. Molly had his cock well lubed with strings of saliva from her mouth and throat. She dangled and swayed her large pendulous breasts over his crotch, her hard nipples grazing his cock, stomach and legs. The large cock naturally found its place, nestled between the lovely firm globes of flesh. Harry held handfuls of each breast and pushed them together to surround his cock and began to thrust his hips. HIs large manmeat began stroking through her ample tits. Molly would play a game of giving licks and kisses to the large crown of his cock as it would appear to her mouth on an upward stroke. They continued this for awhile, until Harry felt an aching in his balls and told her so. She would not let him quit. "Cum for me Harry", she begged, "Cum all over my tits!"

As if on command, his massive cock spasmed in ejaculation and a large wad of sticky white splatter erupted from his meat and up and onto Molly's mouth and chin. Another followed quickly, and she bent and wrapped her mouth around his cock to swallowing two more large jerk's worth of jism before turning slightly to allow for the remain pulses of goo to spurt onto and between her jiggling breasts . Molly smeared sperm from her chin across her areolas and pulled on her erect nipples as her tongue licked around her mouth. She stroked Harry's still very erect member; it was not ready to retreat. Covered in its own ejaculate, and sensitive to the touch, Harry's cock stood upright very well on its own. Molly stood and then squatted over Harry's lap and took hold of his shaft and rubbed his large cut cock head up and down her wet gash and to her anus. She looked into Harry's eyes. "Rhoswen said with the healing they have done that it might be possible for me to become pregnant...and because I can't stand the thought of that beautiful cock of yers wrapped up in a condom, I want you to take me in my ass."

Harry nodded in appreciation. If only she knew how much he enjoyed anal sex. Or maybe she did? Molly continued to take his cock to her. She rubbed it fully around her little starfish, and after spitting on her fingers and glazing the tip with both her saliva and pussy drippings, she nestled the massive mushroom head at her anus and squatted lower, pressing and forcing the hard meat up into her rectum. Molly moaned deeply as did Harry. She was facing him, and slowly continued to lower and impale herself on his long and thick meat pole. "Ach!", she cried, "So much cock for my tight little asshole! Oh Harry, I love your meat in me ass!"

Molly was soon sitting fully on Harry's lap, facing him, her legs spread to either side of his trunk, her pussy spread open wide, and Harry could reach to rub his fingers along her excited cunt and up to the fully engorged pink clitoris which was definitely out of hiding from its fleshy hood.

Harry ran his fingers up and into the fiery red trimmed pubic triangle above her sex. His finger petted her pubis like a sweet pet, and then moved down to gently rub across the face of Molly's clit, sending sparks of excitement into her lower back. She gyrated her hips slowly, expertly Harry watch her taut abdomen flex like that of a skilled belly dancer. As Harry continued to give Molly's clit the attention it wanted, he thrust his hips up to push more of his cock up inside her. Most of his lengthy shaft was already there, and he feel the give as he entered her colon. Molly squealed and moaned. She did not seem worried or in pain, but he continued at a gentle level of thrust. Her insides hugged his thick cock making it more sensitive with each gyration by her and thrust by him. He felt a pull in his balls; the welling was beginning again already.

Molly purred, "Do you like fucking my ass, Harry? I love taking your fucking big dick up inside me! ", she moaned deeply again and squealed as he arched his back and pushed as deep as he could up her ass. Her anus and rectum tightened around the base of his shaft. "You can fuck me harder, baby, I won't break, fuck me harder baby, please!" She began to bounce and gyrate harder, and Harry increased the force of his thrusts. Molly leaned forward, her breasts now at Harry's neck to allow more room for his long cock to move in and out of her ass. Harry pulled her to him, kissing her, and she responded, but stopped when his thrusts became deeper and harder.

Molly sat up, and groaned. "Take me from behind; I want you to fuck my ass, baby, please!" She rolled off Harry and he stood. Molly turned around on all fours offering her well rounded buttocks and nicely widened hips to him. He could smell the musk of her anus on his cock, and it turned him on. He was raging hard and fully appreciated the view as he took in lovely body of Molly on all fours before him, her head down, submissive, waiting for him to take his huge cock to her ass once more. He took a towel at the bed stand, and dipped it into a cup of water and quickly swabbed his cock. He had other plans, and rubbed the head of his cock up and down from her anus to her sex and deeper into the wet folds therein. He rubbed his head and shaft against her clitoris until she was moaning and for a good amount of time thereafter until he could see her honey sap dripping from her vaginal opening. He spread her sex open wide with his hands and before she knew what he was doing, he buried half his dong into her cunt.

Molly begged, "Omigod that feels so fucking good, but please, please do not cum inside me."

"Don't worry, I will only fuck you for a bit, but I had to feel your heavenly pussy again." Harry replied. He thrust with even force until he was very deep inside her, and could feel his cock rubbing along the side of her uterus. Molly moaned and shivered and a flood of pussy ejaculate dripped out around his thick cock and down her lovely flowered labia. Harry slowly and gently pulled his shaft almost all the way out to plunge back in as deeply as he could over and over. He found Molly's g-spot after several strokes and spent time there rubbing this thick cock head up and down it slowly and in place until Molly, who was also stroking her clitoris, could take it no longer and succumbed to wave after wave of a seemingly relentless orgasm. Harry pulled out his rod and brought it back to her little tight pink anus, which was still slightly dilated from its previous encounter with his girth. Harry guided and pushed his pelvis forward, sinking his large cock head against the resisting anal pucker, and pushing, stretching sphincter muscle trying to keep it out. His full mushroom crown entered her. Just past the corona, he stopped and let the anus hug his cock head tightly, like a mouth holding the round candy head of a lollipop. Molly squealed in both pain and pleasure. This egged Harry on to push further. He rocked slowly, his cock retreating a bit, to push forward a bit more. Soon, he had six inches, or half his cock up Molly's alimentary canal.

"Give me more Harry. Give it to me deep. Please!" Molly whispered as she groaned at the stretching his cock was giving her. Harry pushed deeper into Molly, gripping her hips and moving the weight of his body forward, relishing the warm fleshy tightness against the length of his schlong as it covered more and more of it. He enjoyed watching the flexing of her anus as more and more of his rod disappeared deeper into the lovely Molly. But her moans and gasps, that is what made him harder, and made the welling within begin to rise.

He continued to push and pull his staff in and out of the lovely bum of Molly McDonough. She moaned hard and squealed, so much he felt like he was again back in the boudoir of Sybil Trelawney taking her the same way. His mind drifted again to find Sybil on the stairs.

"I have a secret, dear Harry" lamented Professor Trelawney."I may have the divine gift of prophecy, but I am a poor witch. I have never been much for spells or wand work, and currently I do not know what trunk my wand is even in." she sobbed. "My pride got the best of me and I told them I could handle things from here, but I have spent the last hour and half dragging these dreadfully heavy trunks to here, and I can go no further, no, alas, I cannot." Harry noticed that without her glasses, Professor Trelawney really had pretty eyes under those thick lens glasses. Her clothes were in disarray and her many scarves were gone from around her slender and lovely neck. Her blouse was buttoned incorrectly and he could peer into it to see nice full tits within the sheer blouse not covered by her drooping shawl. She noticed him staring, her fingertips ran over her hardening nipples.

"Ooh Harry! cum for me, baby, please cum in my ass!" Molly's moanful request brought Harry back to the present. "Fuck me harder, baby, sodomize me. Take your cock all the way deep!

Harry shoved and brought his large balls to rest against Molly's wet and widened gash. He grabbed her shoulders and shoved as deep as he could and she screamed in pleasure. "Omigod, omigod, I have never had anyone that deep inside me before!" Molly cried out. She squealed and moaned as he began to pull out half his cock and piston thrust his way up and out of her anus repeatedly. He soon could take it no longer and began to moan to warn her of his coming orgasm. Molly cried out again, "Yes, baby, yes, cum for me Harry, cum up my arse, fill me with your cum!" She cried out again in triumph as she felt the large staff jerk inside her, "Yes! Yes!" and she felt the warm of his sperm jolting inside her. Harry brought out his spasming cock and let go with a large stream that she felt land all along her spine and then again across her lower back and then her buttocks, She felt the warm sticky ooze drip down along her waist and off onto the bed. She felt it running down her sex and the backs of her legs. Harry moaned loudly again and she turned just to feel it land on her neck and along her ear. "Omigod Harry! that is quite the orgasm!"

Molly turned around and then lay on her back with her face under his still hard cock. He came on her face and she opened her mouth, and he quickly pushed his cock inside it, still erupting in small spurts. She sucked and swallowed his semen, and licked his large head. He pushed more of his length into her mouth and she took it, reaching out with hands to grab his sides and pull him closer. Molly opened her throat and took his shaft down her esophagus. Harry pushed his manmeat down her throat until his balls were at her face. He fucked her throat slowly; her head bent over the edge of the bed, her arms back her hands gripping his muscular legs. She moaned. Harry reached forward, caressing her breasts, pulling and pinching on her nipples, making them more erect and longer as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of her lovely lips.

Molly tightened the grip of her lips on his shaft as he moved, and allowed her teeth to rake along his shaft. Harry moaned his pleasure at the sensation. He felt Molly's fingers pull at his balls, then past them, and single finger move to his anus and then two, as the pushed into it, sliding back and forth and then to press against the sides until they found his prostrate. The slender fingers pushed and rubbed, there, and Harry felt another welling and began to move a bit quicker in an out of Molly's mouth and throat, until it was too great, and he let loose again with another strong, but much shorter ejaculation. Molly swallowed and the patted Harry to pull out, which he did gently, still cumming. He filled her mouth and then left it, and continued to erupt on her face and then onto her lovely neck and upper chest.

Molly gasped and swallowed, and Harry pulled her up. She grabbed his face and they French kissed, her mouth still filled with his cum. It dripped from both their lips, and Harry swallowed, tasting his sperm for the first time. They continued to kiss, and then Molly broke their embrace, smiling. "Ach, Harry, I am feeling stronger, better, and still very horny, but I know you must be moving on. Please, be careful Harry, love, my heart goes with you on this mission."

They kissed again, and Harry looked at her. "Molly, I will fix this, and I look forward again to when we will meet for the first time." Molly stood and hugged Harry with a loving and deep embrace. "Please save Dudley, Harry. He is worth it, believe me. He tried to save me. He killed one of my attackers, but the bastards had magic and numbers on their side."

Harry nodded and gave a wistful look to his cousin by marriage. "Dudley is a very lucky man to have you in his life. I will bring him back to you. It will be like you never lost him."

"Thank you Harry Potter. Now go, take a shower before you see anyone more. You have the sex of two women on you now. I kind of liked it, but I think Dr. Casey may want you without our scent upon you."

"How did you know I have not seen Casey?"
"Because she would be the last one I would say good bye to as well." They kissed and hugged one more time, and Harry put back on his clothes and left Molly in her room.

He found the locker room again and took a quick shower. He found a fresh robe. His other clothes and broom were back in Casey's office. He rolled up his old clothes and walked the short distance between the locker room to Casey's office and knocked. Rhoswen answered. Her voice brightened in his mind, while she just smiled widely at him.
"Ah Harry, we wondered where you had got off to, did you get to see Avslöja?

Harry nodded, "Yes, and Molly as well. I have decided to go back in time Rhoswen, I will be leaving soon. I am going to use a Time Turner and go back a day or so and see what I can do to change what happened to Molly and Dudley."

Rhoswen frowned and looked very concerned. "I am sure Avslöja has already warned you how dangerous it is to time travel, much less to purposefully change past events. The consequences can be dire and unexpected, Harry. There is always a price paid for changing the time line."

"She has. I have to take the risk. I believe it is the only way to save my cousin Dudley, and to prevent Molly from being attacked. "

"She is healed Harry, we have done much to help her out. There will be follow up healing sessions for her emotionally as well. All as part of our recovery efforts we do for Wizard on Muggle hate crimes. "

"I understand, but I don't think she should have to go through that at all."

"Time is capricious. You may end up causing a worse fate for her." Rhoswen pulled out a satchel and began to rummage inside it. "I think I may have something that can help. I knew this may be one of your plans. I talked to my Treoir Fócasach, who is also the Fae Elder of our clan. She said this may be of use to you. It can foresee many probabilities in the future and give you guidance on what choice to make, but you must be wise in the questions you ask of it. You must be as specific as possible. I can't underline it enough. "She handed him as small black ball that looked much like a child's toy Harry was familiar with.

"An Eight-ball? Are you having a laugh?"

"I understand this looks like a muggle toy, but it is not. Well, it works like the toy, the toy was based on this device... the muggle who created the toy happened to go to half- Fae fortune teller who had inherited a Scryer-sphere. You ask it a question, turn it over to the Scryer window and the answer will appear, but it will converse with you as well. This tells you much more than glib phrases that can apply to anything. Give it a try."

Harry looked at her skeptically. He tried to think of something he could ask it. After a minute of thought, he came up with a question. "What is the specific thing that I should do with Rhoswen before I leave that she would like me to do?" Harry turned over the ball and looked into the Scryer window. A milky cloud of white swirled and then turned into words before him. "There are many things that Rhoswen could like... for you to do with her before you leave... but the probable thing she would want most of all is... is to have you penetrate her with your penis..."

Harry showed the answer to the young Fae who turned a blush of deep pink on her porcelain skin, but nodded in affirmation that the ball was indeed correct. Harry then turned a bright red for the embarrassment he caused Rhoswen.

Rhoswen looked up at Harry a question on her face. "You came to see Casey?"

"I- I came to see you both. I will be leaving in..." he pulled out his watch and popped the cover. "Less than a half hour..."

Rhoswen looked up at him. "Oh Harry you silly young man. You have me... you have much more time than that!"

"What do you mean?"

"The Fae exist in and out of time... at least how you humans perceive time. You think if you change the past, then we will never meet, and I will not know you or remember this time line. It does not work that way. We Fae can remember the events of any time line we have been a part of. It can be a bit confusing sometimes to remember which events go with which timelines, but unless someone really fucks about with time, we can make sense of it."

"Well, that is nice, but what does that have to do with the short time I have left with you?" Harry thought to Rhoswen as he took the tips of his fingers and ran the gently down the side of her petite face.

"You mean with us... Casey and I wish to be with you together for our goodbyes... do you mind?"

"No, not at all!" Harry noticed the level of excitement in his response, and blushed, and then tried to remediate, "I mean, it seems appropriate, since we were all together as a team. But how do you plan to give us more time? I must leave before midnight."

"We can step out of time as you now, and we can take others with us to our world. Some call it another dimension. That is why the Fae is a much older race than humans... time does not affect us like it does you... I am young for my kind but I am still much older than Avslöja will ever be. "

"So this is not a big deal? I don't want you have to do something costly just to buy us some more time... I could use the Time Turner..."

"You should not for something as frivolous as this... to buy time to say goodbye to two people you may feel connected with, but hardly know... Time Turners carry a price for humans."

"My friend Hermione used one for an entire year so that she could attend additional classes at Hogwarts... she seems fine."

"There are consequences, they can be minor if the cause is noble, but believe me Harry, and she has paid some kind of price, whether she has found out yet or not."

Harry thought about all the time he used the turner, for causes much less than noble. He felt maybe he got lucky if all it cost him was aging two years.

"Will this cost you something? Putting the three of us into the Fae world?"

"No Harry, it will not. We will merely step into the Fae world to my home and spend what would seem like hours and then back with only mere minutes passing in between."

"Do you think Casey will be up for it?"

"I believe so... it is only a quick trip to my dormitory suite. There is a portal that connects me to the Fae world. My flat is actually in the Fae world, with a door back to the hospital."

"Then should we be finding Casey?"

"Actually she is waiting for you... She has her next two hours blocked for insuring your transition back to uhm... normal body functioning and for the separation process."

"Separation process?"

" it is really more for her than for you... as a empath at her level, her feelings for you are already much deeper than normal... especially after such an intensive healing session as you two have been through working together. She has a process she goes through to help distance herself emotionally from her healing partner, though in your case I really don't know how effective it will really be for her."

Harry did not say anything but again blushed. He cleared his throat, and spoke to Rhoswen aloud. "Should we find Casey?"

Rhoswen only nodded and took Harry by the hand, and then to the inner office of Casey. Casey was waiting there, looking apprehensive now fresh healer's gown, this one actually less revealing than the ones used during the healing process... more modest for public attire within the rest of the hospital.

Rhoswen "spoke" to her. "He has agreed to see both of us. We are a bit short on time, for what we need, so if you do not mind, we will do this in my quarters, where we can take advantage of the pace of time in the Fae world. Does that meet with your satisfaction mistress?"

Casey looked up at both of them with a surprised smile, and nodded. She took Harry's hand in hers, and Rhoswen took his other hand, and they apparated to another part of the hospital. This looked to be another wing, similar to what Harry saw for Avslöja, but with many more doors on the hall, hinting at much smaller rooms. The doors were all solid oak and maple wood, with small brass plates and numbers on them. After a short walk, the trio stopped at room 1.618. The brass plate neatly nailed to the door with rounded brass nails, was inscribed, R. Breena. There was a large faceted crystal, cut in the shape of a heart embedded above the brass plate on the door. Rhoswen raised her arm over her head and placed her palm to the crystal. It glowed green briefly and the sound of a bolt being unlatched could be heard and she grasped the doorknob and turned it. A faint glow could be seen around the doorframe, and Harry felt an odd tingling as he passed through the doorway and into the room. He entered a modest but well furnished living room of a comfortable flat. A large almost ceiling to floor latticed window filled the wall opposite to the door, the sheer curtain of a something like a spun silk lace hung open and pulled back. The view was of a beautiful bright green meadow filled with a riot of incredibly colored wildflowers that led to the shore of a large crystal blue glacial lake, with chiseled black granite peaks surrounding it, creating a valley bowl of incredible beauty. White wispy waterfalls churned off the mountain sides and down to streams that filled the lake. Small and large creatures with curious combined features and colors of animals found in what Harry could only reference as "Earth" scampered or grazed among the flowers and grasses and shrubs. He noticed among the flies of butter and dragon, cavorted other winged creatures that appeared to have human like bodies. Some of the beings with bold wings of gold, black, and red flitted close to the window. He walked across the beautiful wood floors to the window to get a better view. A tiny smiling female figure, her wings wide and gauze-like in slow flutter, with a silver tail and eyes too big and black for her tiny face, flew up to the window pane from which he stared. The tiny creature hovered in front of Harry's face and placed her face against the pane and kissed it, then fluttered in a eight shaped looped and planted her bare buttocks against the glass, spread wide to show her sex to him. She blew him another kiss and flew away.

"They are known as Silkies. Tiny mischievous Fae, most have the purpose of lulling children to sleep, but others like this little nymph are here to lure males to larger more lustful Fae nymphs." It was Casey, she unconsciously grabbed Harry's hand, and Harry took it, without thinking. "Isn't wondrous and beautiful? The colors alone could keep one mesmerized for hours..."

The sweet voice of Rhoswen chimed in. "It almost has... you two have been standing there for over thirty minutes of mortal world time."

"What?" they both answered to her in their heads.

"Yes, I have had time to uhm, prepare our room, and to brew a special tea for us." She smiled and pulled Harry by the hand, who grabbed Casey's hand in his other, and pulled her from her return to reverie at the window and they moved into the other room. There was a large window in this room, but the opaque curtains were drawn, and the room filled with candlelight. Candles floated in the air, dripping wax that flamed and disappeared before it hit the floor.

The bed was tremendous for such a small being as Rhoswen. Harry imagined that there were probably times when many people filled the bed tangled in a lovely knot of arms and legs. There was a hint of incense in the air that reminded him of the Vapors of Venus, and soon realized it was indeed the case as a sense of bliss enveloped him, and an erection grew thick and long in his trousers.

Casey and Rhoswen sidled up to each side of Harry. Casey began to kiss his neck and untie his robe. Rhoswen slowly pulled down on the elastic waist of his boxers. Casey helped to pull the black boxers down his muscular legs, and they both helped him to step out of them. Harry's hard cock bounced and his large full balls, like two large plums hung below, swung in unrestrained freedom. Rhoswen, already on her knees, brought her petite lips to them, and began kissing and sucking and biting on his scrotal sac, not able to even take one large testicle fully into her small mouth. Casey removed her healer gown, fully nude underneath and began to kiss Harry, her hand on his thick long cock, stroking it slowly. Harry kissed Casey's slender neck, his fingers at her breasts, caressing and kneading them, moving to pinch and pull gently on her hardening nipples. She moaned at his touch; she wanted him fully, now that they were away from a professional situation, she wanted to give herself to him as wickedly and nasty as he wanted her to be. She thought to Rhoswen, "Love, this must remain between us, I have never felt this kind of lust before for one of my partners... "

"I-I understand, I feel it too, please let just give ourselves over to this... the tea will help." She thought to Harry, " As much as I would love to continue to pleasure you orally, I feel we should have some of the tea... it will help to break down all inhibitions, and make this time very memorable... at least for you and me."

"What of Casey... will she remember nothing of this?"

"Only if she returns after the timeline changes to my quarters... in this world, the memories will remain for her forever."

They drank the tea and everything became dream-like. Harry became relentlessly raging hard, and every touch by Casey and Rhoswen were electric to him. Both were on their knees before him, sharing his cock between them, with plenty for both to lick and suck, and bite. He asked them to get on their hands and knees on the bed, and place their feet together to create a small hole between the soft insides of their soles, facing away from him. Harry knelt on the edge of the bed before each one of them, and took his prick to their feet, rubbing his length between their soles, running his shaft along up along their ankles. He kept both his hands busy, pushing and pulling his fingers in and out of their wet hot honey holes.

Both women soon pulled him onto the bed and onto his back. Casey brought her pussy to his face, grinding it nastily against his mouth and chin, her wet pink gash dripping. Rhoswen oiled her feet and gripped them around the long thick cock and began to stroke him up and down, masturbating him expertly with her tiny toes and pads of her feet. She held onto his ankles, her smooth porcelain ass raised as she her legs and feet stroked him with a quickening pace. Harry had his hands gripping Casey's buttocks, and when he could, would insert fingers up her tight little anus, moving them in and out as she continued to rub her sex into his face. She moaned and bucked as licked as sucked at her grinding cunt, wet and dripping its honey into his mouth.

Harry was close to coming and moaned out his pleasure. Just before he erupted, Casey came as well, and a squirt of her vaginal juices filled his mouth, he choked and swallowed and felt his cock shudder in large eruption. Rhoswen gasped in his mind, and he felt her toes continue to grip and rub his cock as he covered her feet in sticky white cum. She rubbed the sperm up and down his cock, and then he felt her change her position and begin to lick and suck on his shaft, the smacking sound of her lips as she sucked the sperm from his still very hard and erupting rod. Casey felt his orgasm as well, as warm wet splotches splattered on her back and buttocks. Harry watched as Casey twisted off to the side of him and took one of Rhoswen's cum covered feet and began to lick and suck her toes. She began to kiss up her slender legs until she reached her sex, and her tongue appeared, flicking and lashing gently at her bare pussy, flicking in and out of the folds of her sex and up to her clitoris.

Harry watched, growing harder again, and he approached Casey from behind, and she saw him coming and moved to all fours, grasping Rhoswen's legs as her licking and sucking of the young Fae's cunt became passionate and earnest. Casey lowered her head for her face to be buried in Rhoswen's sex while raising her fine round rump in offer to Harry. Harry straddled her, and brought his hard rod to her sex. He rubbed it up and down, from above her anus to below and along and under her sex. His head stopped at her tight pink anus, and pressed slowly against it, and Casey reflexively tightened her sphincter, but at the same time pressed back against him. Harry quit teasing her and moved his large crown down to her sex and slowly pushed into her sex feeling the wet soft warmth of her vagina as his cockmeat began to push deep, filling and stretching Casey's hot box. She moaned and gasped as Harry's member filled her once more.

Casey felt more of Harry's warm hardness enter her. She loved how thick and long he was how deep he could go inside her. She felt the lust and emotions emanating from Harry, and fed on the deep attention from the young man. It was not love, but it was care, and attraction and lust. However, the emotion she was getting from her assistant was something more and surprising to her. She had never had been this engaged with her before, and perhaps had been blind for much too long to what their relationship was about. She had much to think about; perhaps a better life had been in front of her eyes for a very long time.

Rhoswen now had her legs wrapped over the shoulders of Casey and her fingers in her healer's short spiky hair, pulling her face closer to her. Her healer was very adept at oral pleasure, and was doing her best with her tongue and her mouth to bring her to orgasm, and she was very close. She had adored Casey for years, and although she had assisted and orchestrated many initial attachments of what they like to refer confidentially as her "battery buddies" over the years, her sexual contact with Casey was always in her mind, or perhaps an assistance with sometimes energizing the "buddies", along with whatever contact it took for her to first create a telepathic link with them. Always a buddy's maid, never the bride. To finally be touching Casey fully, sexually, and to have her return the touch was a fantasy- no, a wish... come true.

This progression came without talk, without thought. Rhoswen amazed in this revelation only briefly before the welling inside her took her, electrifying her whole body as it shook and vibrated in deep, deep pleasure. The orgasm overtook her until there was no one else she sensed but herself, in a white light of ultimate pleasure for those twenty or thirty seconds that kept her deep satisfaction and within herself. She came to, still feeling Casey at her sex, still pleasuring her now very sensitive clitoris and sex. She knew that her pleasure had imbued Casey with an intense sexual energy; she had that effect on mortals, but the aura now coming off Casey was fantastic, an almost white light, a status of enlightenment. This then turned quickly to that of a pure green, and then slowly into those colors of her normal aura, yet heightened in purity significantly. She gently pulled back from Casey, as she was almost near orgasm again, and she did not know what that would do to a mortal, to have so much of her Fae aural energy thrust upon Casey once again after such a short period of time.

Casey was exhilarated. She had seen the results of a person who was skilled enough to bring Rhoswen to orgasm before and to be on the receiving end of her orgasmic energy, most recently with Harry, but she had never experienced it herself. This coupled with the tea, and her own empathic abilities had placed her into what could only be described as a berserker like frenzy of sexual behavior. Once pulled from the pussy of her Fae assistant, she turned to Harry and asked him with command to lie on his back. She brought her sex down on his cock, and rode it hard, pushing it as deep as it would go inside her riding him this way roughly for minutes, but that was not good enough. She stood, and with little thought, brought the large cut head of Harry's prick to her anus and she brought her weight down upon it, screaming in pain and pleasure as she slid down his shaft and his rod shoved twelve plus inches deeper, deeper into her rectum and up her alimentary canal and into her colon until she was sitting on his lower abdomen, her lovely ass cheeks in full contact with Harry's body. She cried and gasped and moaned and began to rock her hips to feel the hard wood of his shaft move inside her, so deep, never had she had another inside her so deep.

Harry through the dream like haze of the tea was surprised in a very removed way that Casey had changed her mind about anal, and was going about it not with tentative measure, but like a wild woman, grinding and moaning and gasping as she impaled herself on his cock and seemed to try to push is deeper than it could no longer go. She swore, and uttered obscenities asking for more cock inside her and he worried for her safety. He could feel how deep his cock was inside the tight soft warmth of her ass. Harry tried to hold Casey, to quiet her, but she would have none of it, and she pressed her hands to his sides and lifted herself up, and then brought herself down again. She finally leaned forward so that her rocking hips could control the action of pushing and pulling of much of the length of his long shaft in and out of her. She clenched her sphincter and Kegel muscles so that she was tugging at his cock with her body as it entered in an out of her now relaxing anus. This went on for a long time, Harry biting his lip to hold back because he knew Casey wanted to be fucked hard and rough and he allowed her to continue at her own frenzied pace riding his cock up and down. Casey finally submitted, falling to all fours while looking back and Harry and asking him to fuck her, to fuck her harder.

Harry pulled her to the edge of the bed and stood, while Rhoswen watched with great interest. He was raging hard and about to place the head of his cock back to her now very gaping anus when her voice piped up soft and dream like in his mind.

"Please Harry Potter she is in throes of a sexual energy of the likes she has never experienced before! Please, she wants it rough, but take care young Harry not to injure her.., your cock is so big, so terribly big... Rhoswen sighed in his mind, and he felt a certain amount of lust in her last statement. He looked at her and she was at his side, then on her knees, sucking and licking his balls, and she gripped his cock and licked from the base of his shaft to his crown. She also kissed and licked around the rim of Casey's anus. She pulled on his cock and directed it to Casey's now tightening anus. She rubbed his crown along her buttocks, and Casey begged in her mind,

"Please Rhose, please let him fuck me, Please let him take me again in my ass. I need his cock!"

Rhoswen looked up at Harry who was watching this all intently. "Do it slowly, I want to watch your cock enter her." She moved only slightly back staying very close to watch as Harry slowly, deliberately pushed his large cock head and then his long shaft back up into Casey's quivering ass. Rhoswen cupped his large balls, playing with them gently as his long shaft slowly, as if swallowed, disappeared into her healer's ass. Casey came hard when he was only half way back into her, a small stream of pussy juice dripped from her sex and down her legs. Rhoswen pushed her slender fingers into Casey's puss, slowly as Harry continued to stroke slowly in and out of her anus, pushing more and more of his cock deeper into her. Her hand was small and soon she had her whole hand up and inside Casey's vagina. Her fingers slid along the thin membranes and could feel the hardness of the cock on the other side of them.

She stroked and Harry grunted at the sensation, but she soon turned her hand in the opposite direction and began to rub and press, and instinctively found Casey's g-spot, and began to gently rub and caress it. Casey pushed and gyrated wildly against both the hand and the cock, begging to be fucked harder. Harry gave it to her, now slamming his hard abdomen against Casey's firm buttocks and pelvic girdle, shaking her full breasts. Casey moaned and groaned in appreciation. "Yes, yessss! My sweet Harry, fuck me harder love!"

Rhoswen stepped up her game and began to fist and work Casey's g-spot with frenzy, until the young woman in sexual overdrive could handle it no longer and was overtaken with a Fae infused multiple orgasm that would go on to last for ten minutes.

Harry gyrated and pushed and hammered his strokes in Casey's still tight anal canal, the sensation was incredibly pleasurable exacerbated by the groans and moans and bucking of the fair doctor. It was becoming too much and he let go of his control an erupted in a large orgasm, jism expelling into her ass. He pulled out and continued his eruption all over the back and ass of the lovely Irish lass in the throes of a full body orgasm. Rhoswen was there and took his cock in hand, and placed her mouth over his large head, gulping down his salty sweet man cream. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the large head of Harry's penis. He continued to cum, still under the spell of the hyper production of his man milk. The sticky white spunk was soon dripping from the corners of her mouth and down her tiny pointed chin, dripping on her breasts and down her stomach.

Casey continued to twitch and spasm in pleasure beyond any experience she had ever achieved, so Harry and Rhoswen left her on bed to ride it out. Harry hoisted the diminutive fairy to his chest. Rhoswen wrapped her arms and legs around the young wizard's muscular trunk and began to kiss him soulfully. Her kisses were like the sweetest candies at Christmas time, her lips like soft pillowed marshmallow. Their tongues gently intertwined and Harry felt his erection return fully. With direction mind to mind, Rhoswen turned her back to Harry's chest, interlocking her hands behind Harry's neck. Harry supported her legs, very close to her buttocks so that she was in a sitting position. Rhoswen took her very agile feet and gripped them around Harry's hardening cock. She began to stroke his dick with her feet and in moments his member was rock hard. Rhoswen turned back around and asked Harry to lower her sex to his cock. Holding onto him with one hand, her other reached around to hold and position the massive crown to her wet and open sex. She flexed and breathed deeply, and asked Harry to lower her further. The wide head nuzzled her vaginal opening, but was much wider than the wet love hole it wanted to enter. "Please drop me further Harry, bring your cock inside me, I so want your cock inside me, Harry Potter."

Harry obliged, and felt a tremendous resistance as his large cock crown stressed and pushed against Rhoswen's very tight pussy. The Fae cried out in pain as she pushed have the cock enter her; she could feel her pussy stretch to accommodate, she so wanted him inside her. She concentrated her energy to her sex, and thought of it as malleable clay, allowed the painful stretching to continue, to consume her, until she felt a relief as the stretching finally accommodated Harry's large prick. The feeling of Harry's thick, long cock, even partially inside her was overwhelming sexually. Every nerve ending of her sex was on fire, but it was more than that. It was because she was with Harry Potter. She did not know why, especially with his strangely odd aural spider web, but she had become incredibly attracted to the young man. There were many reasons in her head, and many known justifications of why she felt this way, the commanding reason being that she just went through a very traumatic healing experience with him. This kind of bonding can sometimes lead to feelings of attraction, she knew that. But his selflessness, his willing to go into uncomfortable situations for someone he did not know, his kind and handsome features, all this and more had melted the heart of the pretty Fae. Perhaps this was why she had put herself through this painful union, to show Harry that they could be full lovers. Perhaps it was because she wanted to find out for herself if she could do it. Now she knew she could. She would be sore for days, but she knew she could take this handsome young man's cock inside her, to make love to him in the ways he and she wished. For that those reasons and more she was already feeling the well of an orgasm and Harry had only just started gentle strokes inside her with his massive dong. Rhoswen held onto his chest, her hands gripping his shoulders, her knees gripping is hips as she gyrated her hips to aid in the movement of manmeat filling her tight little sex. She gasped and cried and moaned now in pleasure as she felt every stroke of his cock inside her.

Harry held Rhoswen, kissing her upturned forehead. He had never been in such a tight pussy before, even Hermione was not this tight. He feared for his Fae lover, as much as he wanted to be inside her, he did not wish to harm her. He called out in his mind, "Glory, love are you okay? We don't have to do this."

Rhoswen responded, "It will be okay Harry, as big as you are, when we Fae give birth, our babies are much bigger than your magnificent cock. I will be okay, please let me work through this... Oh gods, you are so fucking big! Please, please let me do this, just hold me and lower me when I ask... omigods , never have I been filled with so much cock! "

Her cries and moans continued and Harry was still afraid he would do her harm, but let her continue, and to his internal shame, the moaning was really turning him on; he felt a welling in his balls. Finally, Harry was deep inside her, very deep for the tiny woman, and her pussy seemed to have stretched to a comfortable point, Harry could move his meat staff slowly in warm, wet heaven that was Rhoswen's cunt. Her voice piped up softly in his mind. "See, Harry Potter, I told you I could handle it, fuck me slowly, sweet Harry." She reached up to him and held his face to kiss him on the lips, and more of his cock slid deeper into her. She did not grimace but began to rock her hips and the hold onto his shoulders while she pushed and pulled up and down against his cock, driving more of his shaft inside her until he was painfully deep, as deep as he could go. She leaned out away from Harry's body, and grabbed his forearms and he hers. She had her legs wrapped tightly around Harry holding it there at that painful point, his large prick head pressing against her cervix, and for that short moment, she was suspended on Harry's hard cock. Harry grimaced, at the stress on his cock but also marveled in that his hard cock was so deep inside the tiny Fae as to help hold her up. He pulled her back to him and brought her to the bed.

Casey was still in the throes of orgasm, groaning; the bed around her soaked with her juices.

Harry laid Rhoswen on her back on the edge of the bed and held her legs at the ankles spread apart. He began to stroke the top half of is cock in and out of her sex as deeply as he could go, bringing his large cock head fully out only to push and stretch her pussy hole until his meat was back in deeply again. The Fae gasped and moaned; the cock head was so large as to fully press against her sensitive g spot each time it passed in an out of her. Harry quickened the pace, and the gasping and squealing in his mind grew as Rhoswen was now fully connected to him and could not turn off her thoughts and feeling to him. Harry, like previously, could now feel how his cock felt to her, how the sensations of pleasure were building up inside her. He quickened his pace, and the continual rubbing over herr erogenous zone inside her cunt proved too much for Rhoswen and she let loose with the largest orgasm of her life. Being still connected to Harry, he came as well, deeply inside the Fae, it filled her quickly and Harry pulled out, still coming blinded by now only his orgasm, but that of the Fae and his ball erupted fully and pain fully until he was spent. Harry went into a white light of extreme pleasure and orgasm. He felt a mouth on his cock, sucking as his prick as it continued to ejaculate. He came to his senses after the blinding spasm of pleasure that seemed to go on for minutes to find both Rhoswen and Casey fully covered in semen. It dripped from their faces and breasts. It covered their hair, stomachs and legs. It lay in splotches and pools on the bed. Harry was covered from his chest to below, his cock and now almost normal sized balls dripping. All three looked at each other, and just giggled.

Casey took her hand and ran it over his buttocks. She ran two cum covered fingers into his anus, and he felt her gently prod the area around his prostate. "Finite Incantatem," she stated, "I think perhaps it is time to return you to a normal state of sperm production."

Rhoswen wiped and flung the white goo from under her eyes. "I think perhaps that you are right... anyone up for a bath?" The hand of both women went up.

Harry raised his hand, "I volunteer to scrub any backs... or anywhere else..."

Rhoswen opened the curtains, and to Harry's surprise there were a ton of fairy creatures pressed against the window.

"What the bollocks!?", Harry exclaimed.

Rhoswen looked at him bemused. "Fae creatures are very attracted to sexual energy." She began to open a screen-less window.

"What are you doing?" asked Harry half alarmed, looking at the number of fairies and creatures gathered outside her window.

Without turning around, the beautiful nude Fae covered in sperm answered as she opened the window... "Why feeding the Silkies and Nocturnal Emission Fairies of course!... They will love your cum, it will be nectar to them. Please be still, you will find it a pleasing experience. The room filled with colorful wings, and the three of them along with the bed were soon covered in tiny buzzing, chattering creatures gently licking and sucking them clean of Harry's huge blowout. As soon as all were clean of semen, which took practically no time at all, the fairy creatures exited the room, quietly satiated. Several fairies, both male and female stopped to kiss Harry on the cheek on their way out the window. He stayed in a constant state of blush until they all left. He noticed that Casey and Rhoswen, now hand in hand, had made their way to the bath. They began to fill the tub, both caressing and kissing each other as they worked to prepare the bath.

Harry dressed quickly back into the robe and silently while they were still in the bath, conjured two red roses. He laid them at the doorstep inside the flat before he opened the door and went back through to the other world. He could not bear to actually say the words good-bye to either of the women.

He showered quickly and changed clothes. With him he packed into his broom satchel the black Scryer-sphere, some quick healing salves that Harry was pretty sure were made with some of his own semen, along with a couple of other potions Casey had given him. He looked around wistfully, and quickly left for the dormitory tower where Sᴓlvi had her office.

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