Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
I Got Your Front,Your Back, Your-

Tonks had some explaining to do to both the Order and the Ministry and she still had to figure out what to say. It hurt her head right now, and she decided to try to quit thinking about it. She had stayed outside of the Dursley house, just observing it, as a crow on the power line, later on as a small girl jumping rope up and down the pavement of the houses on Privet Drive.

Then she saw people starting to come home from their work, and decided to apparate into Harry's bedroom. She picked up his dirty clothes and put them away. She could not help it; she needed order especially when facing the chaos of the situation she was in. She had messaged in as ill, through a Cougher. A Cougher was similar to a Howler, except instead of yelling at the receiver, it just coughed and sneezed and apologized profusely in a scratchy voice that the sender was not feeling well and would not be in to work.

She was covering for Harry and going solo here. She could be in deep shite, especially if things go wrong in Ireland with Harry. She wished was there to help him, but she had to trust that he would be okay. She knew he did not have time to bring someone in to replace him, so she thought as his friend and occasional shag buddy, she should have his back.

She smelled his black dress shirt, she could smell him on it, and it made her horny. She took off her clothes including her knickers and then put on a pair of Harry's boxers. She lay on his bed for awhile, imagining what it would be like to be his age again, alone in an unloving house, full of hormones, and feeling trapped and alone. She thought of Sirius her cousin once removed, or was it second cousin... It did not matter, he was gone, and he was Harry's godfather, so Harry had lost a mentor and another strong connection to his mother and father. Remus Lupin was all that was left of the old crew, that turncoat Pettigrew did not count. She wondered where Lupin was now; she had heard the odd werewolf was on special assignment for the Order, tracking the whereabouts of Fenrir Greyback and his pack of wizard werewolves. She found Lupin odd and at the same time there was something about his lone wolf (he would hate that) attitude that she found attractive. She was impressed with his dueling abilities and the way he handled Harry at Sirius's death.

She found her hand in her- Harry's knickers, slowly rubbing her clit, as she thought more about Remus, Harry, and Fred. So many handsome young wizards, so little time she giggled in thought. She settled on all three of them taking her at once, breaking her cardinal no anal sex rule, which she allowed to Harry, whom she had refused that morning. Remus was part wolf, and his long tongue was lapping fully onto her sex, while she filled her throat with Fred's ginger cock. She came with a nice orgasm, and clinched her hand between her legs as she fully wet the fresh boxers of Harry. She heard a noise outside and began her transformation into Harry. She had done men before, but found it very taxing. However since she had just swallowed some of his semen, she had much easier time, as she had a sample of him to work with. She found it very easy to assume his form. She however still had her own sex. Most cases, she did not have to worry about doing genitals, she could just put a sock in her knickers and get by during a surveillance job. She thought Harry acted hinky when she warned him of his Aunt and her leering attentions that Tonks had observed. She had a feeling that perhaps there was more to the story, but did not press him. His Aunt could be forcing him to participate in her voyeuristic kink, maybe even watching him shower. She thought this might be a good time to find out, and that meant that she needed to make sure if there were any peepholes or such, that she look fully like Harry. He concentrated deeply on her pink love button. She imagined it as Harry's full long cock, and her body searched his genetic patterns now absorbed into her body memory. She watched as her clitoris grew and thickened and tubes attaching to her urethra opening as a penis formed and grew from her body. At the same time, her labia fully folded out and spread, and then form a pouch, and she felt her ovaries descend and transform into testicles in the pouch. She felt the pouch become heavy and full. She had great balls. She hefted them with her hand. Her cock was now fully formed. She admired the wide full mushroom head of the cock that looked very familiar to her. She touched it; it was still very sensitive, much of her clitoral receptiveness remained. She ran her hand lightly down it, up and down and watched it lengthen, and thicken and become erection-hard. She could not have imagined how good this felt, to have a twelve inch clitoris. It became overwhelming, and she swooned on her feet. She staggered to the bed and sat down. She could not let go of touching her cock and continued to stroke it. She imagined Harry doing the same, remembering her and him in the shower, his cock slowly sliding under her sex, her cunt lips rubbing atop of the shaft she now stroked. How it felt to have the long meat rod pushed up inside her sex. She felt a welling and a rush of release, and was startled to watch the eruption of semen from the head of her cock, the intense rush of endorphins through her loins and up to her head. She felt her cock spasm several times, and was amazed at how far unrestrained sperm can travel upon orgasmic eruption. She rushed to clean it up, using a Tergeo seminis spell, red-faced and feeling oddly shamed about it.

Tonks dressed fully into some of Harry's clothes, picking those he seemed to wear about the house that were always too big on him, yet somehow remained upright and on his frame instead down around his ankles. She cinched the belt to the shortest length and yet there still seemed a bit of room in the black pants she chose. She rolled up the sleeves of the long black dress shirt, over a Black Flag logo white T- shirt.

She first wandered upstairs, getting the lay of the house fully, and then downstairs doing the same. She was not sure what to do, and went to the kitchen to find something to drink, and to figure out if there were any clues as to what to do next.

She found a note on the counter. It was in Harry's chicken scratch penmanship, a list of chores that had been checked off, and then near the bottom, Dinner. The note said 6:00 p.m. With initials... V, not P. Leave a plate for her to warm. Steak, eng. baked potatoes, brocoli, rolls salad.

Tonks was panicking. She did not know how to cook that well at all. She puttered in the kitchen but only under the guise of helper, never the cook. She looked at the clock upon the wall. 5:35 p.m.

She knew she did not have time to actually cook the meal. She would have to call in a favor. She did a summoning spell, holding onto a charm around her neck. She called on the only person she knew who would help her, Philomena, a house elf from Hogwarts. She befriended Philomena during her time as a student of House Hufflepuff while at Hogwarts. Really it was the other way around; Philomena befriended Tonks at a time when she needed one the most. She wiped away the tears; she still got misty eyed when she thought about this time in her life. She tried to hide this dark period away in the attic of her memory as often as she could, but it seemed to be the box that was always drug down by accident along with the holiday decorations.

In a puff of smoke that smelled of bangers, pancakes, and lemon, she appeared, Philomena, the oldest female house elf of Hogwarts, dressed in a soft tunic of cashmere yarn, knitted many years ago by none other than a thirteen year old Nymphadora Tonks. The garment colors were mainly black with a small trim of yellow flowers... Hufflepuff colors. Tonks' knitting had become much better since then. She would have to remember that for Christmas. The aged elf coughed and peered through square wire rimmed glasses much too tiny for her big cataract clouded eyes.

"Dora Tonks! As I live and wheeze! Why on earth are you looking like that Potter boy?" she said as she scratched her fuzzy pointed chin.

"Mina, oh Mina, I need your help! I have morphed into Harry so that it appears that he is still here in Little Whinging, but he was to prepare dinner for his Uncle and Aunt, and you know my cooking skills."

"Alas too well. All those lessons I gave you barely paid forward, did they? Well what do you need young Dora?"

"I need to have Beefsteak, English Baked potatoes, broccoli, salad and rolls ready by six p.m.!"

"For that I apparated from Hogwarts?... Well , you are a sixteen year old boy, so I guess I cannot get too fancy anyway. " She snapped her fingers and the dinnerware were set at the table for three. Smells came from the oven. The baked potatoes and the rolls were ready and warmed. The broccoli waited on the stovetop to be finished with a quick steam. The steaks were seasoned and waiting to be cooked in a grill pan, which was enchanted and ready for the stove to ignite and cook on its own.

"There." said Philomena, dusting her hands, "Your dinner is underway. The steak will cook itself so if you have muggles, please keep them out of the kitchen or stay at the stove and pretend that I taught you something. The salad is in their... what do you call it... the cooling thing..."


"Fridge. Muggles are so odd!"

"Mina, I love you! Thank you, you saved my sorry butt."

"No, my 200 year old butt is sorry, your firm young witch's ass should be trying to catch a husband, not walking around like a very handsome young wizard. I have seen Harry at school. My is he a sweet young thing... if not for that rule for staff and students! I would love to give him a new scar, one with my fingernails across his back."

"Mina! You are so naughty!"

"I may be old, but there is still some snap left in my snapdragon."

"Mina, that goes under the category of too much information!"

"You silly girl, House elves can have sex late into their third century. "

"That does too!"

Philomena walked by and slapped Tonks on her muscular ass. "It is too bad that it is just you and not the real boy, such firm young glutes, I wonder if he would be up for an ear job, I haven't had my ears sucked in years."

"Philomena! Have you been taking potions recently?, I have not seen you so-so-so-"


"Well, yes."

"I am not sure what it is, but ever since I have been here, around you, I have had urges more than normal... we elves are so much more sensitive to magics. Say- have you had the boy? Yes! You have! Now it's my turn to call you a naughty girl!" She elbowed Tonks/Harry in the ribs, "No wonder your morph into him is so realistic. I must say you have outdone yourself." She grabbed Tonks by the package. "Even the genitals! Well done! I would ask to see them, but even that would be as you say, 'too much information'. " Philomena sniffed at the black jeans Tonks was wearing. "It is this! These trousers! There is sexual magic all over them! It was sprayed with some incredibly powerful potion! What on the earths have you or Harry been up to, Dora?"

"I-I've been up to nothing... these are Harry's clothes!"

'Well, the young scamp was dealing with some serious dark magic here! This is certainly the most potent aphrodisiac I have ever smelled. If he wore these pants with you around, I believe you must have just dropped your knickers and jumped into his lap!"

"Well it was not like that! He was not wearing the trousers at all with me."

"Oh ho!"

"That's not what I meant, and you know it Mina. He was not wearing these particular jeans when I saw him over the weekend."

"So a weekend rendezvous, eh?"

"It was not like that... we were both visiting the Weasley twins."

"My gods Dora, three men at once... you are becoming more slattern than I think is healthy..."

"Mina! It was just Harry and Fred, and never together!"

"Relax Dora; I am just yanking your chain. Speaking of which, why don't you come by some time to see me instead of doing a summons, hmmm? Meanwhile, you best be ready to be Harry because your muggle is coming through the door right n-"

And with a poof of smoke and the smell of lemon, pancakes and bangers, Philomena was gone as Vernon came blustering through the front door.


Tonks hackles rose and she tried to remember the tones of Harry's voice... it first came out a bit shrill and high in her surprise. "Be right there sir! Ahem- just working on dinner- almost ready" The thick steak was in the hot grill pan searing on its own, and the broccoli steaming nicely in the pot. Tonks/Harry hurried to the foyer, where Vernon was depositing his umbrella. Harry helped him off with his raincoat that no longer could be cinched around his large chest and stomach.

"Careful Boy! Make sure to hang it properly in the laundry to dry, it is dripping all over for fuck sakes! Hurry you clod!"

Tonks bit her lip and quickly gathered the coat and took it down the hall to the laundry room next to the garage. She hung it over the open drain tub where a hook that seemed to be made for it was available. Muggle life was so tedious. Things like this could easily be avoided with a quick drying spell. Tonks hurried to the kitchen. Nothing was amiss. She checked the steaks which had flipped themselves, and were now on a finishing temperature. Vernon was pouring himself a highball of gin and tonic. He sat down at the dining table. Tonks said nothing but brought over the large basket of buttered rolls and readied bowl of salad. Salad dressing was already made and on the table.

"Dinner will be ready sir. Would you like wine with your supper?"

"What kind stupid question is that boy? Of course I want wine. Bring the rest of the bottle of cabernet from the fridge."

"Yes sir." Tonks had no idea what to say, she just knew she could not say what she was thinking to this rude man. She did not want to put her disguise in danger, nor cause subsequent problems for Harry. She move quickly to the fridge and found the bottle of wine while muttering to herself quietly, "Accio wine glass" and catching it in her hand quickly as the cabinet opened. Vernon was not paying attention behind him, eating rolls and taking bites of his salad, slathered in a balsamic and olive oil dressing with toasted sesame seeds and seasonings.

The dinner went without incident, yet Vernon still found reasons to criticize and berate Harry at every turn. Tonks was seething. They got through dinner, and Tonks, being a vegetarian, worked her way around eating the veggies salad and rolls, and placing the steak back into the grill pan. She cleaned up and kept a plate readied for Petunia who had called and left a message that she would be home at eight p.m.

After demanding dessert, Tonks found and warmed some pie in the microwave and added a glutton's serving of vanilla ice cream to the plate and Vernon seemed content to leave Harry alone.

Tonks quietly washed the dishes by hand, again another tedious muggle task. She was beginning to understand a bit more about Harry Potter, and his infinite patience. At 7:45, realizing her mantra and internal meditation this night had become, "What would Harry Do?" Tonks got some fresh broccoli on the stove, and began to steam it on low, as well as reactivating Philomena's spell to cook the final steak.

When Petunia walked through the door, looking very tired, Harry had her supper ready and fresh bottle of wined opened and glass poured for her at the table. She placed her satchel with all her notes and plans on the kitchen counter. Petunia looked over her nephew's work on the stove, and placed a hand gently on his shoulder. "Anyone else would have put the cold food on a plate and warmed it in the microwave. You, you cook me fresh steak and veggies. "

"Well, I did warm the rolls and potatoes in the microwave..."

"Shut up nephew, you are ruining my moment. I am thanking you for making the extra effort for me." She came closer and whispered in his ear, "Like you did when I came home for my... break. That was lovely." Her hand slid down his shoulder and back to his ass and quickly grabbed a handful of muscular buttock.

Tonks flinched in surprise, and the look on Harry's face must have belied it as well. Petunia smiled with a slightly impish grin."Sit with me nephew, keep me company at supper. Vernon is already falling asleep watching his television program. Pour yourself some wine."

Tonks did not know what to say. What had Harry gotten into? How involved were he and his Aunt? She nodded, and finished putting the plate together for Petunia as she took off her heels and removed her jacket, hanging it on an open dining room chair. She sat down, and unbuttoned the top button on her blouse, and ran her hand inside her blouse, adjusting her bra straps, moving them over her shoulders to give some release from where they had been rubbing into her skin all day. "Mmm, I have wanted to do that for quite awhile."

She left the button undone, pulling her blouse opening further apart as Harry approached the table with her plate, giving him an ample view of her very ample cleavage as he leaned over her shoulder and brought the plate to the table in front of her. She forewent the salad, and dived into her dinner. She sighed in delight. "Harry, what did you do to these potatoes? This is not my recipe, they are simply delicious!"

"Used a bit of rosemary... something I learned in cooking class at Hogwarts..." Tonks fibbed a bit, it was rosemary, but she was actually recalling a lesson with Philomena. She had felt ashamed at her friend's chiding of her cooking skills and had been mentally wracking her memory for all the things she had been taught to make this simple dinner. She had pieced together most of what was needed for the dinner, and if she had not panicked, she probably could have whipped it together if given about fifteen more minutes than she had time for. But she knew surely that it would not have tasted half as good. She was happy that her mimicry of Harry's voice was going well, Tonks knew that each person had their own perception of the voices they hear, and she had hoped that she had not romanticized his voice so much as to make it sound odd to others who knew him. Apparently she was in the correct range.

Tonks looked at the woman before her, as if seeing her for the first time. She looked into her face and saw elements of Lily Potter. She could see the sister before her. She had been baby sat as a five and six year old by Lily, even a couple of times when Harry was a small infant. She remembered a Christmas party that they had all attended at Bathilda Bagshot's cottage in Godric's Hollow when Harry was just a few months old.

She saw in Petunia's face much of what Lily would have looked like if she had been able to live past her brief twenty one years. Tonks reflected on that... she was now two years older than Lily would ever be... it made her realize how much time had passed since she was a 7 year old girl eating Christmas cookies and letting Harry hold onto her finger with his very tiny hand.

Now she was modeling the baby's sixteen year old body and drinking wine with his Aunt. The Aunt, Petunia, was famished. Not only for food, but for companionship, and it took only ten minutes of her desperate sharing of her day and the minutia of what happened at that week's Bridge games for Tonks to know this. Her heart softened a bit for this woman. She nodded and asked questions when she thought it was appropriate, and let Petunia continue her chatter about how she had been paired with Eva Evans and how they ended up winning the modified tournament they do each week.

After another glass of wine, Petunia seemed to lean over more, to brush her hand against his thigh on a regular basis. She finished her late supper, and Harry had taken the plates away to the sink. Vernon was snoring, his head down, sitting on the sofa while the television continued to blare at loud volume.

Petunia was rubbing her shoulders and complaining. "Oh such pain in my shoulders, I wish I had my Duddy here to rub the pain away! Harry, please be a dear and help me out, come massage my shoulders for me." She said it sweetly, and Tonks could not say no, nor would she think Harry would refuse her as well. Her husband was barely twenty feet away, what could happen?

Harry put his hands gently on her shoulders and began to rub slowly. Tonks felt a bit uneasy, but knew that sons massaged the shoulders of their mothers and aunts often, nothing was wrong here, but the sighs of relief coming from Petunia somehow made it feel a bit dirty. It got worse for the young witch.

"Hold it moment." Petunia asked. "I think this would be so much better without my brassiere in the way. Help undo my bra please nephew." she pulled the blouse from her skirt and unbuttoned the front, her back facing Harry. She lifted her blouse, and revealed her white lace bra to Harry. Tonks with a quick twist of her hand easily had the bra unfastened fully, and pulled the ends apart to the sides of Petunia's lovely back. She looked at the tanned skin, soft, taut and unblemished, the knots of bone showing at her spine.

"My you did that quickly Harry! Most boys fumble a bit trying to unhook a bra, you did it with the expertise of a woman! Well done! Have you been practicing?" she teased.

Tonks panicked a bit. Did Petunia suspect something? But Petunia said nothing more as she just pulled one arm out of the blouse sleeve modestly, slipping the bra off the end of her hand. She allowed only a quick glimpse of her large bosom from the side and had her arm back into her blouse quickly, and then did the same from the other side. She buttoned only a couple of middle buttons again on her blouse.

She turned around, her cleavage was evident and plentiful, and even a bit of her taut round stomach showed. What showed more was the erect nature of her nipples pushing through the starched cotton material. "There! So much better! I should just let you do this shirtless, with a bit of cover up of course, but I don't think Vernon would approve the same way he does for Duddy, would he? So strange... especially since we raised you both together... Societal rules of what is proper eh, Harry?" She smirked a bit, and then slowly adjusted the collar of her blouse in front of Harry, Her large chest jiggled as she moved, before she sat back down in the chair. Tonks felt a swelling happening in her pants. She felt a bit disturbed, but did not seem to have any control over her body. Her cock was thickening on its own accord. Even magically using another's genetic patterns had its drawbacks- one's transformed body behaved in accordance to how the original would behave given the same circumstances. Tonks had been hijacked by teen-age hormones.

Harry returned to massaging Petunia's shoulders, and glanced down to a very accessible view of the inside of Petunia's blouse and her breasts. Tonks tried to look away, but found her eyes flitting back and forth. She could feel her erection rubbing against her boxers, which excited her cock further. She focused on touching Petunia's back, finding the tense muscles, and working them while trying to ignore the small moans and sighs of pleasure that escaped from Petunia. Petunia leaned forward, allowing Harry to rub her back further down, but they found the high back of the chair making it awkward. Petunia had an idea.

"I could just lean over the table, but again, I think that would appear a bit improper, wouldn't it Harry?, with me, bent over the dining room table with you behind me... rubbing my back..."

Tonks just mumbled, "Yes, I guess it would..."

"I was thinking, I could turn around and sit on the chair backwards, a bit awkward in my skirt, but wouldn't that work? I could just hitch my skirt up a bit, and spread my legs a bit wider, so that you could rub my back fully, how about that, Harry?"

"Yes, your skirt. Hitch it up; spread your legs wide..."

"Pardon me; I did not quite catch that?"

"I said yes, that would probably work nicely, Petunia."Tonks was alarmed that the bulge in her pants was becoming very visible. While Petunia turned around, she pulled out the tucked in T-shirt, and hope it was long enough to cover most of her crotch area. It seemed to help.

She watched as Petunia unfastened the clasp at the back of her skirt, and unzipped her skirt a bit and then slowly pulled the skirt further up her legs to the rounded part of her thighs. The tops of her stockings could be seen.

Petunia thought Harry might mention her change to long single stockings instead of the pantyhose that he had sliced opened at their mid-day tryst. He did not, so she let it go, she had looked back and caught him staring and her legs and thighs, so that was good enough, along with the evident bulge in his pants. She so loved teasing Harry to full hardness. Her tiny thong panties were already getting very moist. She wanted him between her legs licking and sucking her sex, but held onto the alternative of teasing him, and with Vernon only feet away though sleeping, the lovely back rub would have to do for now.

Tonks got down on her knees, it naturally seemed at this height, she could work the back muscles and massage so much better. She caressed and massaged the back.

"Harry, please massage that area under my shirt, I am just not getting the relief I need there through my blouse. She spread her legs wider, and her skirt hitched up her thigh another couple of inches. Tonks was sure if she moved to the front of Petunia, Harry would be getting quite an eyeful. Tonks hesitantly placed Harry's hands under the blouse, and massaged and caressed her way up and back to the area of tense muscles she was working. Petunia was right, Harry's fingers were able to rub deeply into the tense muscle area much more easily, and they did not slide on the material of the blouse. It was still proper, Tonks thought to herself, yet why did her cock seem to be growing harder as her fingertips touched and rubbed directly onto Petunia's smooth skin. Because I am a sixteen year old boy touching directly the forbidden skin of my relative attractive Aunt who happens to not be wearing a bra, and her big hard nippled tits are just and quick grab away thought Tonks. There was now a dull aching in her balls. She did not realize all the embarrassing and uncomfortable things men went through when they were horny.

"Oh yes, that feels much better! Mmmmm... That feels so good, that was really hurting there. You do have a good instinct for massage Harry, not as well as Duddy, but it still feels wonderful... I can feel the tension leaving my back. could you do my mid back and shoulders... that is the burden with a large bosom, it puts such strain on one's back... sometimes I wish I was just a woman with small breasts who could go braless when she wanted... that would be so freeing... "

Tonks did not know what to say to that... she just nodded and said "Mmmhmm."

"So you wouldn't mind what I would look like with small breasts?... you seem to enjoy watching me in my sunning tops, I have noticed how you like to look at my cleavage, naughty boy. "

Okay, this is a bit of inappropriate teasing, but I think she is just really fishing for a compliment, thought Tonks. She thought she might as well kiss up for Harry a bit. "Oh Auntie, you would look attractive no matter what size your bust was."

"That is sweet Harry, but if you could choose , would you rather I have my large breasts or small ones?"

Omigod, this woman is such a fucking cock tease! Thought Tonks, whose balls were really aching for release at this point. She was having trouble keeping Harry's hands from moving along to Petunia's sides where her fleshy globes of breast hung waiting to be touched and caressed. Tonks just wanted to get this over and go to Harry's room for the evening.

"I would take you as you are Petunia. I am sorry if that means you have to deal with a sore back, but you look great just like you are."

"I guess if the side benefit is a nice back rub once in awhile, I supposed I could live with that."

"How does that feel, Auntie, do you feel better now?" Tonks hoped, she so wanted to get away before anyone, especially Vernon, noticed her large erection.

"Well, I was hoping for a bit more, but it is understandable why you seem a bit shy...I will say I am good for now."

Tonks did not like the way Petunia stressed the words "more" and "now", but breathed a sigh of relief, and continued to rub just for a bit more before pulling Harry's hands out from underneath Petunia's blouse. Before Tonks could stand, Petunia had turned around in her chair, and leaned down, her blouse fully open and exposing much of her breasts, Tonks could easily spy a nipple and the dark rounds of her areolas. Petunia did nothing to adjust her hitched up skirt. She offered her foot to Harry. "I know you just did my back, but could you be a real dear and massage my feet as well? They are so sore from being in heels all day. Here let me take off my stockings first. Here, have a bit more wine..." She handed Harry a glass, so Tonks sat and sipped the wine, and took in the show. She might as well learn something from an older bitch while she was at it. She now understood that she and Harry had some kind of relationship, and so far it was one where she cock-teased the hell out of Harry when she could.

Petunia sat so that her crotch was in full view of Harry as she lifted her legs and slowly pulled off the long stockings. The stocking was a smoke grey color with a broad stretchy lace top that held them up on her long well shaped legs without the need of a garter belt and clips. They were lovely. Before she could stop herself, she asked, "Your stockings are lovely, can I ask where you got them?"

Petunia seemed started by the question, "Don't you remember Harry, I found them in that little shop in Reading, My Secret, where I found that jewelry I liked."

"Oh yes, I had forgotten about these stockings... but I won't again, not after seeing them on you..." She was kissing ass pretty thick, but she figured she was too deep in the shite now to blow Harry's cover.

"Yes, I do like the way they fit on me. I got compliments today on them at Bridge as well."

She held her leg out that still had the stocking on it, and ran her hand on it from her ankle, all the way up her thigh to make sure Harry's eyes led to her crotch. She was wearing a sheer paneled thong, and her sex was very evident inside it. She moved so that her inner labia was partially exposed, which was not hard, considering how small the triangle of cloth was. The moist lips of her pussy glistened from the over head light of the dining table suspended lights.
Tonks could not look away. Her body and eyes seemed to be locked on it and would not listen when her brain told her to look away. She watched as Petunia rolled down the second stocking and brought her leg down. She smirked and looked down at Harry, knowing well enough that by now he was uncomfortably sporting a full erection in his trousers.

She offered her foot to Harry and before Tonks knew what she was doing, she had Petunia's toes in her mouth and sucking them, and enjoying it immensely. Petunia moaned her approval, watching her nephew enjoy her foot and toes, while caressing the inner arch of her foot with his thumb. With great will, Tonks stopped herself from licking and sucking Petunia's toes, and brought the foot to her face to caress it against her cheek while her eyes continued to gaze into the skirt and check out the various ways the tiny knickers exposed Petunia's sex with the various movements created by her leg and foot. Petunia noticed, and hitched her skirt up a bit more and widened her legs further. Tonks saw a very small puddle of her pussy juice forming on hard wood seat of the chair.

Petunia offered Harry the other foot, and took the one just sucked and rubbed, and ran her toes into his crotch until she found the hardness along his leg and began to run her toes along his hard cock as Harry rubbed her foot, and then once again brought it to his mouth to lick and suck her toes. Tonks felt a bit high-jacked as well as at the same time very turned on. She was enjoying this even though her brain was telling her this was very, very wrong. She now understood the price of magic to do this type of transformative mimicry using true genetic patterns absorbed; the wearer was not always in control of the physical response.

At that point there was a loud stirring on the couch as a loud snore woke up Vernon and he was cursing as he must have spilled his drink at the very same time. He yelled for Harry.

Petunia immediately began buttoning up her blouse completely. She had wriggled her skirt down as Tonks fumbled to get, up. "Be right with you, Uncle Vernon, I will get a towel!" With full erection, Tonks stooped over like a Peter Lorre hunchback hurried into the kitchen and grabbed a towel, and rushed to the living room. Petunia, now fully dressed except for her brassiere, walked quickly into the living room to assess Vernon's call of dismay.

He had spilled his gin and tonic across his lap, with some now on the sofa cover. Harry was quick with the towel, and after trying to dab the lap of his uncle, Vernon snatched the towel away angrily to do it himself, swearing at Harry. "I can do it myself for fuck sakes!" Petunia, patted his shoulder, and tried to keep from laughing. "Oh dear, it will be alright... I will get you a robe, go to the bathroom and disrobe from your wet clothes. Harry will make you a new drink. Harry, get a fresh glass and make your uncle a...

" A blasted rum and coke!" Vernon growled, " I have had enough of the goddamn gin!"

Tonks remembered which cabinet held the glasses, and found a clean highball glass and filled it with ice from the freezer section of the fridge. She went to the bar and poured a generous amount of rum, and then opened a can of coke and filled it with enough coke to the color the rum in the glass. Petunia brought down Vernon's robe and walked into the bathroom with it.

Tonks waited a few minutes, and then knocked on the door. He heard Vernon say "Come in!" Tonks opened the door with the drink in hand, stating, "Here is your drink Uncle Verno- "

Harry's jaw dropped, and he almost dropped the drink. Vernon was standing with an open robe, and Petunia was on her knees, topless, Vernon's cock in her mouth. Vernon was saying, "..Close to cummin' Toony, I am cummin'!" He looked up from watching his wife suck his thick average member to see Harry jaw dropped, standing there with a total look of surprise on his face. Vernon smiled an evil, wicked smile. "Ah, so you caught me getting my cock sucked nephew!, Might as well bring me my drink! Petunia tried to stop, to cover herself, and Vernon cuffed her with the back of his hand. "Keep at it bitch!, I dint tell yeh to stop!" Tonks hackles rose. "Well, are you deaf, you little bastard, bring me my drink."

Tonks aghast, hurried the drink over to Vernon and gave it to him as he took one hand and pushed the back of Petunia's head closer to his fat stomach. Harry turned to leave red-faced, and Vernon commanded him to stop. "Stop, or I will drag her by her hair to wherever you are in this house and we will finish it there. Your choice you little arsehole."

Tonks stopped and turned around to face Vernon. " I have seen you look at her lately, and I know what you have going on in your nasty little head. I saw that bulge in your pants when you brought the towel, and heard her asking for a shoulder rub. She is mine!. She is my bitch and you won't have her ever!" Vernon roughly grabbed Petunia by her hair and made her stand. "She may let you rub her back and look down her blouse and up her skirt, and she may cock tease the hell out of you, but you will never get a piece of her ass." He ripped the thong off Petunia as she stood, the massive hand now around her throat. With his other hand he pointed at her sex. "You see this cunt, boy? This cunt is mine!" He grabbed Petunias vagina, running his fingers into her pussy, rubbing and penetrating it roughly. "And if I ever find out that you have come sniffing around it, tried to stick your dick into it or any other part of her, I will beat her senseless, and then I am coming after you, with or without your goddamn magic!"

And before Tonks knew what was happening, Petunia was being thrown at Harry, knocking her to the floor. Vernon was at his throat choking him until Tonks black out.

When Tonks came to, she was laying on the floor of Harry's room, bruised and bleeding. She had a gag in her mouth, and her hands and feet were tied. Her transformation had held; she was still Harry. Vernon had gone mad, she knew it. She looked up to find no one around. She tried to call her wand mentally, but it would not come.

At that moment there was fluttering sound and screech at the open window. It was dark outside, and quiet on the suburban drive. Tonks , on her stomach, turned on her side and watched as Hedwig flew in and went to her stand to eat and drink some water. Tonks yelled through her gag, and flailed and floundered on the floor to call the owl's attention. Hedwig stopped and turned her head, cocking it sideways to look at Tonks on the floor. She stared at bit at the thrashing Harry on the floor, then turned and continued to eat for awhile longer while a frustrated Tonks continued to yell through her effective muzzle, and flail on the floor like a human worm, until she realized all her effort was not effective. She calmed down and became still, looking up at the perch.

Finally, after sating her hunger and thirst, the owl flew down to land on top of Tonk's back. She gently walked up and down the young witch's back keeping her sharp claws from penetrating Harry's clothing. She inspected the rope tied hands, and then walked up the broad back of Harry to his shoulders and looked at the panty hose gag there. With her sharp beak, she pulled and bit through the hose material, tearing at it until it was no longer binding Tonk's head. With an end still in her beak, she flew down from Harry's shoulders to the floor by his head, still pulling, and Tonks rolled over onto her side to help remove the wadded material that held her tongue down in her mouth and unable to push the wadding from Harry's mouth. Hedwig continued to pull until the wadded panty hosed spilled from her mouth.

Tonks gasped, and caught her breath, and looked at the bird that had her head cocked and looking into the face of Harry. She seemed a bit confused, she knew this was not Harry but the being in front of her not only looked like Harry, but smelled like him too. Tonks looked up at her and in her own voice said, "Hedwig, I love you!"

Hedwig screeched back, and then flew back to her perch to eat some more.

Tonks concentrated on her hands and feet. "Relashio!" Vernon's incredibly tight binds released their hold immediately. Tonks rubbed the circulation back into her arms and wrists. She stood and demanded her wand, "Accio wand!" Still it did not appear.

She stormed from room to room, and found Vernon in the kitchen. He had Petunia tied to the informal dining table, spread eagled, and bent over the table top, her legs lashed to the table legs, her arms stretched and tied at the wrists to the top of the table legs on the opposite side. He was sodomizing her while she sobbed and begged him to stop. He struck her back and buttocks with brutal hard slaps. The anger overwhelmed Tonks, she quietly rushed Vernon, landing blows with Harry's fists into the kidney region of the big man's back. She did not stop with one or two but pummeled him into submission. He fell over atop his wife.

Tonks grabbed his head roughly, looking into his eyes, and then recognized what she should have recognized sooner, this man was under an Imperio curse. But that did not make him less dangerous. She grabbed his head and commanded, "Incarcerous! " The ropes binding Petunia immediately came undone and bound the arms , hands, knees and ankles of the big man. He howled in anger. Tonks roughly turned him over to face her, pulling him off Petunia, and placed her hands on each side of his face and roughly held his head. Her thumbs were under his eyes. Her fingers gripped around the side of his large head. He looked into his eyes and saw the blankness there, and recited with authority, " Finite Incantatem!" The blank look in Vernon's eyes disappeared, replace with fear and confusion. He began to sputter and shout! "What- what is the meaning of this! Why do you have me fucking tied, Potter?! Why are you holding my face? Where- where are my clothes you fucking perv!"

Tonks tersely stated, "Dormio Statim!" putting the angry Vernon right to sleep. She left him bound. Tonks was seething still at his behavior, but knew that most of what was done was not his own accord; the detestable man had been placed under an Imperio curse. Still she knew that the brutality of how the acts were carried out along with the jealous emotion that was tapped was from a well within Vernon Dursley. She had to make sure to warn Harry of this, especially if he and Petunia were carrying on some type of improper relationship, which she assumed was happening. Petunia was in shock; she gathered herself from the table; a look of daze covered her face. She rushed to Harry's arms once she realized she and he were out of personal danger. She held him and sobbed into his shoulder. Tonks remembered to mimic Harry's voice; she had no idea whose voice she was using when she first came down. Petunia was an emotional wreck, and Tonks shushed her and tried to comfort her continual sobs. Petunia was covered in bruises and semen. She suddenly turned in anger and began to pummel her incapacitated husband, striking him hard across the face. She ran to grab a knife from the kitchen counter. She grabbed the same knife Harry had used to slice her pantyhose apart so that he could have his way with her.

She came barreling back, ready to stab him, and Tonks stopped her forcefully, easily disarming her of the knife. She held onto the screaming and crying Petunia, trying to calm her hysterics.

"Petunia! It is not his fault! He was under an Imperio curse! Someone was making him do this!" After repeating it several times, it got through to the highly distraught woman, and she stopped and held onto Harry, still sobbing but now more in a controlled manner.

"Who would do this Harry?, who would do this?"

"I have several ideas, but that is the unfortunate part. It could have been any dark wizard out there... someone who met Vernon on the train, or someone at his work and anywhere in between. " Harry held onto Petunia, running his hands down her back and buttocks, murmuring "Episkey", over and over as Tonks tried to take away the pain from this poor woman. Tonks felt sorry for her. She lived with an abusive uncaring man; she was alone without her only son whose sun shone out his ass; and the only decent person around was young, sweet handsome Harry. It was no wonder why she ran to his arms for comfort and gratification. She broke her hug with Petunia, and continued to murmur her healing chant as she gently ran her fingertips over Harry's aunt's face and around her neck and down her chest. He held out her arms and kissed them as he continued the healing chant. Tonks took care of the bruises and burn marks at her wrists.

Petunia just stood still, and closed her eyes. A slight smile came to her face as she felt the pain flee her body at his touch. Her nipples hardened as he gently held her breasts and murmured "Episkey". He continued down with gently probing fingers, healing small cuts and bruises on her stomach and hips. He knelt, and ran his fingers around her sex, repairing cuts and scratch marks there and around it. The same on her knees and shins. Rope burns at her ankles and the tops of her feet.

Harry look up, Petunia had her hands in his hair running her fingers through it. She caressed his forehead. She grabbed his hair gently, pulling his face slowly forward to her sex. Harry moved forward on his own, as he firmly grabbed her hips with his hands, as he began to lick, and kiss and suck into the folds of his Aunt's sex. Tonks and Harry moved forward, feeling the caresses of Petunia's fingers in their hair, the way they moved through the thick tousles, the fingers caressing and moving back and forth through the shaven sides of shorter soft hair, like they were caressing the fur of a luxurious animal. The way she pulled their face to her wet sex, rubbing it against their lips, their nose, their closed eyelids. The smell of lust, the taste of sweet musk on their lips and tongue. The low moans of appreciation and of release, the tension and feeling of rescue evident in her grips and caresses. Harry's tongue swirled around Petunia's love bean, his left thumb pulling back its fleshy hood to full expose its swollen pink bud, while the rest of his finger gently caressed her pubis and hip area. Tonks knew what she liked personally, and also had the first two fingers of Harry's right hand sliding in and out of her very wet slit. Tonks flicked her tongue up and around Petunia's clit, its sensitivity growing with leaps and bounds. She loved hearing the ebb and flow of Petunia's sighs and moans, the hand gently gripping her shoulder, neck, and ear. Petunia would occasional grind against her mouth in lustful excitation.

Petunia loved the way Harry would tease her to the brink and then move to kiss and suck and lick other parts of her sex while his long fingers continued to fuck her from fingertips to hilt, around four inches of finger stroking in and out of her. She moaned as his lips clamped gently on the edges of her inner pussy lips, pulling and stretching them, sucking on them. His magic tongue would soon be back at her love bud, driving her crazy. Her honey glaze dripped slowly from between his fingers whose pace continued to quicken in their strokes.

The tease and play continued, building layer of nerve excitation upon ecstasy upon excitation, until the crest reached its peak, and the dam broke, flooding her body in a cascade of electric satisfaction. Petunia grabbed Harry's head, pressing his face against her sex, he continued to run his fingers quickly in and out of her cunt, and she bucked. Tonks pulled her fingers out, and placed her tongue and mouth over her vaginal opening as Petunia held and straddled Harry's face. Petunia came hard, with a ejaculation of pussy juice that erupted in a stream from her sex. Harry swallowed hard, and felt it continue to pulse across his face and chin as Petunia rode his face, rubbing her wet still cumming pussy up and down his face. She rubbed her overwrought clitoris up and over and back along the bulb of his nose, and came again. He held onto her legs as she gripped the sides of his face, and continued to buck and gyrate her sex against his face and extended tongue. It became too much, and Petunia let go of Harry's head, and swooned, and dropped to her knees beside him, holding onto his shoulder as muscles spasmed in her sex and anus, and down her thighs, her honey glaze dripping freely from her dangling labia.

She pulled Harry's shirt off, and Tonks allowed it. In fact she was lost in the lust, and pulled off the Black Flag t-shirt. Petunia unbuttoned Harry's trousers and pulled them off along with the boxers underneath at the same time.

The release for Tonks was tremendous, the strain of her full erection of her long thick penis against her restricted clothing had been something she had been trying to ignore, gnawed at her the whole time since she began healing Petunia. Have her sex so-so out there... twelve inches of excitation in front of her body was incredibly fascinating. Petunia pushed her on her back, and leaned over her, her large breasts and hard nipples grazing Harry's muscular upper thighs, and gripped the base of the thick, hard cock. She stroked it with her long finger nails on its underside, and it sent electric jolts up Tonk's spine. Tonks watched as Petunia smiled and played, and rubbed and stroked her cock. It was incredibly pleasurable and it was all she could do to keep from cumming. Then Petunia began to kiss and lick and suck her meaty shaft, and everything went to a whole new level. Tonks bit her lip, this was all too wonderful. She stood, as a way to buy some time, but Petunia knew what was happening, Her fingers pulled away a string of pre-cum from the wide crown of Harry's wonderful cock. Both looked over at the detestable Vernon, still bound and naked, snoring across the table, and smiled a wicked smile at one another. If not for the fact that he had been under an Imperio curse, the idea of waking Vernon and forcing him to watch them was something Tonks would have considered doing easily. She detested Vernon so much, she thought about doing it anyway and then obliviating the memory of it from him, but that would make her no better than the dark wizards she went after. She would have to recommend a more intensive review of Vernon, and someone watching him fully during the day to the Ministry. He could be just a victim here with someone playing with his insecurities, or there could be much more going on.

Petunia quickly brought Tonks from her reverie as she began to swallow her cock. First playing with the large mushroom head of the rod, sucking and popping it in and out of her mouth, running her tongue around the corona, and licking roughly the sloping underside of the glans leading to the opening. She began bobbing on the shaft, already familiar with Harry's likes; she ran the edge of her lower front teeth along the underside, raking it gently. With Tonk's heightened sensitivity, this was driving her wild. It took only a few more minutes of this intense oral pleasure for it to overcome her wants to penetrate Petunia with her cock and Tonks lost all hold on her self- control. Petunia was delighted in the quick outcome; to her it showed that Harry still found her sexually exciting and pleasurable. With Vernon, before today when he had stopped initiating sexually contact and it was all her own doing, it would often take over a half hour of sucking before Vernon would come, and often he had to take control and brutally fuck her mouth before he would come, often choking her before he could climax. She swallowed Harry's large load with zeal, sucking and pulling on his balls to try to make him come again. She slid a finger up his anus gently and put pressure on his prostrate, stroking it, and soon had him ejaculating all over her face and breasts. She wiped the sperm off her fingers and licked and sucked them. She enjoyed being covered in her nephew's spunk. She wanted to be fucked some more, but decided to wait until later at night. She would visit Harry in his room and fuck him properly after he was well rested. She went to clean up in the bathroom, much to the relief of Tonks, who as now suffering from post coital guilt. She could see easily how Harry could fall into an relationship with this woman; she was attractive, damaged, and needed love.

She unbound the sleeping Vernon, and placed him in his robe. She apparated with him to the bedroom, and gauged it right, and landed with him on the bed. She pushed him onto one side of the bed and covered him with a sheet before she obliviated him. She removed the sleeping hex, but Vernon remained asleep. He would wake with no memory past watching his television program after dinner if that. Imperio curses often caused memory lapses on their own as well.

Tonks waited for Petunia to emerge from the bathroom. Petunia walked into the arms of Harry, smiling, emboldened by his use of magic, and knowing that Vernon was in a magically induced sleep. They kissed and Harry kissed along her cheek to her neck and then to her ear, and whispered, "Confundus."

An auror's secret that the Confundus charm can often act a truth serum or a memory release in the person's confused state. "Petunia, do you know where Vernon placed that wand that he found on me?"

"Why yes, Harry, in the vault with your other wand."

"Can you get it for me?"

"Why yes I can! I know the combination."

After retrieving Tonks' wand, Tonks led Petunia to her bedroom, and had her put on a nightgown. Tonks looked at Petunia's docile expression and gently placed her hand on her cheek. She whispered, "Obliviate". Petunia immediately forgot everything past her back rub. Tonks removed the confundus charm and tucked Petunia into her bed, with a kiss demanded from Petunia. Tonks waved her wand, and off drifted Petunia to sleep with the dormio charm. She knew the aunt would sleep all night, there would be no chance of a midnight visit, thank the gods.

Tonks dropped her tired body into Harry's bed, exhausted mentally and physically, and wishing she could obliviate herself; this day had been one for the books. She needed to get to the bottom of who put the Imperio on Vernon, if it happened once, it could happen again. She drifted off to sleep now knowing how tough and sad, and sometimes wonderful it was to be Harry Potter.

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