Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Molly May I? or Hexy Beast

Harry waited for Casey to come back into the room. Something told him to wait for the healer to return. She eventually did, looking a bit shame faced; Harry decided that empaths probably were not good poker players. She tried a professional face, but would not look at Harry in the eyes. Harry grabbed her hand as she tried to walk quickly past. "Casey- Please!"

She stopped, but would only look down or away from him. This was the same type of self tantrum that Hermione had thrown when she was not able to successfully take a double penetration during their threesome. Harry ran his fingers up to her face, and traced her ear with his finger tips gently. He knew her ear was an erogenous zone for her.

"It doesn't matter. We will do what we need to do to heal Molly. It is okay."

"I-I am a professional! I should have-"

"Yes you are. You are also a person who found out that a certain sex act was not for them."

"I-I was not prepared properly."

"Perhaps not, but you and I have to be on the same page. I want no sense of doubt going into that room when we have to fix Molly."

"We are not fixing her..."

"Sorry, Healing her. Bad word choice. I know she is not a broken object. She's my cousin. Related somehow by marriage and probably removed a couple of times, but still my cousin."

"You are right; we need all the positive energy we can get. Come we need to get you in a shower, and then sterile scrubbed, which won't be fun. "

Harry pulled on her hand again, and brought Casey close to him. He leaned down and in and kissed her, hard, and with passion. She responded, opening her mouth, and Harry's tongue found hers. They kissed soulfully. Again, Casey felt more intense energy fill her, this more passionate, more caring, and she felt the stress and sense of failure leave. He was adorable, and she wanted him more than ever. Her cervix dilated fully, and she could feel his hardness against her flat muscular stomach. She crawled up him, and he picked her up, and brought her down over his fully erect cock. She wrapped herself around him, and with just a bit of working of her hips and the rubbing of his cock, he found the opening to her love hole, and he pushed inside her while she dropped a bit on his body, still clutching onto him fully and felt more of his long thick shaft slide into her vagina. She grimaced. He was so large; it was like fitting a tight glove on a large hand. She loosed her grip and dropped further, causing his cock to slide deeper into her vaginal canal. He was soon at her cervix, and she began to rock her hips, to push and pull against his rod. She was very wet, and moaned into Harry's ear, telling him to fuck her deep, to push it in harder, and she feels his head push back up past her cervix opening and into her womb. She bounces hard on him, whispering how much she loves his big cock, his hardness inside her. She tells him to fill her with cum, and Harry grimaces, and let loose with a huge ejaculation, again deep in her womb. Casey only sees white, and loses sound as she has an out of body experience, floating above the two them, watching her small body virtually impaled on his large thick staff. She drops back into her body, her body sliding further down as her weight again drives Harry's pricks as deep inside her as his length will allow, still erupting, continuing to fill her womb with his thick white sperm. She kisses him, and erupts with her own small orgasm, squirting as he pulls out of her. Her cervix contracts, holding in more of his seed as Harry pulls out his cock.

He carries Casey into the locker room. She places a large plug into her vagina, and then they shower together, just letting warm water and mild soap wash the sweat and sex off the outside of their bodies. Casey with the use of an engorgio spell and holding Harry's testicles in her hands, increased significantly the size of each of Harry's balls to the baseball sized, to hold all the sperm being magically hyper-produced, ready to be super-pumped through his seminal vesicles and prostrate enhanced with full-on magic mojo.

Two unknown assistants come in to scour Harry fully, using a medicated sand scrub all over his body; he lays on his stomach and then his back on a stainless steel table with running warm water. Medicated scrub is run twice through his hair, followed by a medicated conditioner. The assistants then rub thick but pleasant smelling oils into his skin with healing properties which are enhanced by his personal energy on contact with another person. They are for Molly but benefit Harry as well. Any small cuts or blemishes disappear from his skin. He is ready.

Harry is dressed in another robe, and wheeled into another room; he is not allowed to walk. He is in what appears to be a dim but opulent hotel room. Very spare furniture, low calming music, candlelight, there is large wide bed in the room. On it he sees the shape of a woman sleeping. She is nude, but draped in the same soft gossamer cloth that he wears as a robe. She has beautiful full strawberry red hair. They roll him next to the bed, and then levitate him into the bed next to her. She is lying on her side, her eyes closed. He faces her as he lands gently into the bed, his head resting gently on the same long pillow that she rests her head on. They are very close. Harry studies her damaged but pretty face. She has a slender slightly turned up nose. Light freckles were sprinkled across her prominent cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Thin dancing eyebrows of fair to dark red hair were currently furrowed in concern or pain. Full pouty lips glistened. He noticed that she bore a strong chin, and when she opened her eyes, sparkling emerald green shone back at his.

Her smile was dazzling. She looked into his face, seeing the lightning bolt scar like Dudz had described it. She was lost in his sincere dark green eyes and the look of concern on his face.

"Hello, you must be Harry."

"Hi Molly, yes, I'm Harry."

She smiled, and then her eyebrows instantly furrowed. "They have Dudz. They will kill him or you, probably both." Her eyes instantly filled with tears. Harry wiped away one that ran down to the side of her nose.

"Hey now, don't worry. I will make this right. No one is dying. We will get Dudley back, I swear! But we have to get you feeling better first so that you and I can talk. I have a ton of questions."

"I feel fuzzy- very high. The pain is not so bad right now".

"That's good. I am a bit tired; do you think we could nap together a bit?"

''You are almost as forward as your cousin. Dudz was asking to eat my pussy about five minute in from meeting me. You, you want to sleep with me and we just met."

"It must be the Evans blood we share. We know quality people right away and run hot for them. Why wait?" Harry shrugged and smiled. "Actually, I was just looking for a bit of a cuddle. I like to spoon with shirt tail relatives. "

"Well, we are naked in bed together; I guess I could do a bit of a spoon with you. After all, I am very happy to see you here, but I am very tired Harry Potter." Molly rolled to her side away from Harry. "Please feel free to put your arm around me; I would like that very much." She said with a bit of a sob.

Harry pulled his robe apart; it separated with a cinch in the front. He sidled into the back of this beautiful woman gently. He grimaced when he lifted the gossamer sheet covering her. Her lovely back and buttocks were a mass of purple and red bruises, some were yellow green. He could see the actually large bruised finger and thumb prints on her body where she was held so brutally tight by her rapists. He moved as close as he could, so that the thick healing balm on his body was pressing into her skin as he spooned and hugged her gently. He put his arm slowly around her, under her large breasts and she grasped onto it. She wrapped her feet and legs around his.

After just a short while, Molly snuggled in closer to Harry. "Love, you give great cuddles, the pain in my back is feeling much better." Harry separated a bit to see that the bruises looked much better with the short time they were pressed together, He pressed closer to her, trying to cover as much of her as he could with his body. Molly snuggled in, in her state of detached euphoria along with the relief in muscular pain, she was finding much to like about being close to Harry.

"There is another thing that you cousins with Evans blood share."

"Yeah?" What?" Harry could not think much besides musical tastes that he shared with Dudley.

"Big cocks. I can feel yours. It runs past my ass to my upper thigh. I would say you probably swing a good foot when you are hard."

"What does Dudley swing?"

"You really want to know? Perhaps you should ask him yourself", she teased. Then she remembered what happened again, and began to sob, "Oh fuck, that is right... you... cannot!"

Harry put both arms around her and she rolled onto her back to look up at him. "Do you swear you can get him back alive?"

"Yes." Harry whispered. "I can go back in time, Molly. I am going to stop this before it all happens."


"No bollocks. I can go back into the past. I just spent four days in London while my original time line self was in Little Whinging doing yard work."

"I hope you are not insane, Harry Potter."

"Sometimes I wish I were, but no, I am telling you the truth. Pinky Cousin swears." He held out his pink finger to her. She smiled.

"Pinky Cousin Swear on your life?"

"On my life." They hooked fingers. Harry Still had a good layer of balm on him. "You did notice how I am greased like a pig, didn't you?"

"Yeah, kind of figured it was one of these witch therapies they were doing."

"Yeah, well it has done a fantastic job on fast healing a lot of your bruises. Why don't we try to take care of some of these on the front of you?"

"If I didn't feel like a walking bag of bruises, I would think you were hitting on me, Mr. Potter."

"Well, I am, but I thought using this medical goo was to give me a good reason to offer some front- side action. Bring it in baby! C'mon you know you want it! "Harry smirked and opened his hands and waved in his fingers doing his best impression of a slimy personal manager.

Molly giggled despite her pain rolled atop of Harry into his hug. She held him with her arms around his neck and snuggled into his chest, her large breasts flattened between them, and their legs intertwined together. Harry held her this way for quite awhile, slowly caressing the side of her face and running his fingers through her thick soft curly hair.

He heard her sighing softly, and realized that she was sleeping. Harry ran his fingers over her shoulders and down the sides of her body, inspecting the healing that had taken place. He felt still fully energetic. Molly burrowed closer into Harry, wrapping her arms and hands around him, stretching her legs to lay full atop him, covering him with her body. Harry wrapped his arms around her, pressing her into him, His hands flat on her mid-back. They lay this way for awhile, when both Casey and Rhoswen quietly enter the room. Rhoswen carried and swung gently a smoking ornate brass incense burner on chains. Harry had seen a priest carrying one like it when he attended a Catholic funeral service with the Dursley family for a great aunt of Vernon's. As the smoke passed around Harry and Molly on their bed, Harry felt a sense of well being and calm and a gentle loving arousal happening in his body.

He asked in his mind to Rhoswen, "What is this? This smoke?"

She answered, "These are the Vapors of Venus", a mood enhancer, it will help in your bonding with Molly."

Molly awoke, and in her dreamy state, began to kiss Harry gently at the neck. Her hand went to his member and began to stroke it lovingly with firm but slow caresses. She smiled at Harry who was watching her with concerned eyes when she felt his cock become longer, thicker, more rigid.

Casey spoke quietly in soothing voice and tone that Harry had not heard her use before. It was doctorish, but at the same time very calming and soothing. "Hello Molly, I see you are very relaxed and glad that Harry has been able to join us... are you feeling better?"

Molly smiled and nodded and then whispered, "My muscles feel better, but of course my ...insides still hurt badly."

"Yes, well, that is what Harry is here for; to help fix your insides... do you remember what we talked about?"

"Yes... body magic to heal my insides... that I will have to have Harry...inside me, to help the magic heal me... to help me keep my-my trust levels from... eroding. Oh Harry! You would never do anything like this to someone else, would you?" She put her hand to his face, searching for honesty.

Harry looked her directly into her eyes..."I would never do anything to another person that they did not ask me to do themselves, I could never cause a woman or girl that kind of disrespect and hatred."

"I-I'm sorry Harry, I know you wouldn't nor would Dudz or any of the men I know in my life... I am trying to hold onto that, to remind myself that this is a specific bunch of evil bastards who did this to me... "She put her forehead to Harry's. "I trust you Harry, but please be gentle and if I-I freak out... it is not because of you." She swallowed nervously, and Harry could tell by her grimace that it was causing her pain. Rhoswen brought a drink in a dark ceramic mug for Molly to drink. Harry heard her voice in his head.

"Rhoswen would like you to drink this, it will to help ease the pain in your throat as I am... as we heal your throat."

Molly had continued to slowly stroke Harry's cock, and by now he was raging hard. "So you are going to put that baby down my throat, right? Right then, please give me the tea."

Rhoswen helped her too sit up and to drink the throat numbing solution. Casey held her hand and spoke. "Unfortunately the tea will numb your tongue as well. You will find it difficult to speak for awhile. "

Molly nodded. "ith feel lak ah drink noba cane."

"It is similar in property to Novocain, but it does not have to fully coat your surface in order to make the area fully numb. It reaches out to cover surface and nerve endings on its own without need for injection. It just clams pain."

"thath ny- ah don lak needle."

"I don't like needles either- we try to avoid them in magical medicine."

"C'mon, Har ee. weeb got mah blah jahb t' do" She pulled him off the bed, and was to about to get on her knees when Casey held her shoulder gently but firmly.

"We prefer you stay on the bed. We can make the comfortable for you." She had Molly sit near the edge of the bed. She had Harry stand in front her. She sidled behind Harry and gently rubbed Harry's back. "Unfortunately Harry, we cannot make this as comfortable for you." She ran her hand down to his muscular buttocks. Casey could not help but gripping one cheek firmly. "Are you ready love? you know what I have to do." Rhoswen brought her an opened jar, and Casey dipped her left index and middle finger into it. "This gel is a very good conductor for energy... it also makes a good lube. Me touching your prostrate will give us the most direct connection for releasing the healing energy direct through your... genitals. Listen closely to Rhoswen and repeat all healing incantations she gives you. I will be focusing on directing your energy and mine to Molly. "

Casey again gripped Harry by a muscular buttock and whispered to him. "Gods, you have such a nice ass! Okay here I go…" Her two small lubed fingers slid easily into his anus and then Casey dropped to her knees to slowly probe Harry's rectum until she could locate his prostrate and the seminal vesicles between. She located them and uttered a spell, "Productio escalate!" This would escalate the production of seminal fluid to help carry and spread the healing properties that were stored and spread in Harry' sperm. Rhoswen looked down at Harry's inflated testicles; in Aura view, they were two large spheres of pure green energy. She knows that in most cases, if he were to have sex with a woman in a normal state of health, this would surely impregnate her. As it was, there was a chance for that with Molly, though much less likely at her age.

Harry felt the pressure of Casey's fingers inside his rectum, but he was used to this with Petunia, and when she uttered the spell, he felt energy begin to flow through his body that felt very pleasant. He could feel the urge to cum to well inside him immediately.

"Corpus Leviosa" Casey pronounced, and Harry's body began to rise slowly up. Harry tried to remain calm. He was merely a carrier here. An instrument of healing. When his penis was even with Molly's mouth, Casey pronounced, "Corpus volitant!" and Harry remained hovering at that vertical level. Casey with her fingers inside him and her other hand touching at the base of his spine guided him. She looked at Molly. "Molly, as you said, this is your blow job. We want to you to control the pacing. This is at your speed, you control how much of Harry you take inside your mouth, but you must remember that our goal is to get him down your throat, to the area where the most hurt is happening. Breathe, and remember, you are in control. No one is forcing this on you."

Molly nodded. She looked up at the hovering Harry and smiled. "Thith ith mye firth flo- teen blah jab- pleeth beer with meh." She giggled a bit.

Molly grabbed onto Harry's incredibly hard and thick cock and rubbed it around her lips, licking the head. She swallowed his mushroom head into her mouth, sucking it slowly. Harry smiled down at her, letting her upturned eyes know it felt good. Rhoswen appeared in his head. "Don't be surprised if you just start cumming. Casey has a certain amount of control over your orgasms right now… just go with it. Please repeat aloud , 'Reparo Soft Palate' "

"Reparo Soft Palate" Harry said in an even tone. Immediately healing energy began to flow through his cock and into Molly's mouth, repairing the extensive injuries to her soft palate.

At Rhoswen's prompt, Harry next beckoned, "Reparo Epiglottis!" At that point , Casey prompted Molly who had been bobbing and sucking on Harry's prick with some enthusiasm, " Molly, get ready to swallow!" She pressed against Harry's prostate and whispered, "Ejaculot!"

Harry's cock jerked and erupted with a large amount of semen. Molly gulped and swallowed, and felt immediately relief down her throat. She swallowed again, and then moved to bring more of Harry's rod more deeply down her throat until she ran into some pain, wincing and wheezing. Rhoswen ever diligent was watching her. She thought to Harry "Harry quickly… 'Reparo Trachea!" She is having trouble breathing."

"Reparo Trachea" and again Casey squeezed his prostate, and Harry erupted down her throat. Casey reached over and gently gripped Molly around the throat and whispered "Reparo Trachea" as well, sending healing energy directly from her body to Molly's windpipe. The magics where quick both inside and out, and quickly Molly's windpipe was repaired. Molly smiled and nodded and began to breathe easier. She pulled forward, taking more of Harry's thick member down her throat. She began to panic a bit, and quickly pulled back, taking the meat staff fully out of her mouth, and breathing heavily in panic. Rhoswen was rubbing her back, and then Molly realized that she could breathe, and that she was in control of having Harry's cock in her mouth and throat. She smiled up at Harry who smiled back and again Molly swallowed his cock, and a quickly took the length back down her throat.

Harry at Rhoswen's prompt, repeated, "Reparo Esophagus!"

Casey warned again, Molly, this will be a large one!" She pressed again against Harry's prostate, and uttered, "Ejaculot maxima!" Molly felt Harry's cock spasm in her throat and loads of warm sticky fluid fill her throat and flow down inside her and into her stomach. She pulled back, to bring head of the prick from deep in her upper chest to her mouth, to feel the eruption of cum in her mouth. Harry continued to come, he was groaning in pleasure and she watched his face as she licked and smacked and tasted his sweet sticky cum. She could actually taste it. Even though her mouth was numb, her taste buds were still working… something she found very interesting regarding medicinal magic. She swallowed Harry's cum and felt an energy and wellness fill her throat and body. It made her anxious to hurry on to other parts of the healing, even though there was still some fear and dread in having Harry fuck her. Molly could feel the ebbing of Harry's orgasm, but she took the time to lick and suck the head of his cock until no more cum was flowing from his immense crown. Casey watched her with perhaps a tinge of jealousy, but was more than happy with the outcome of phase one of the healing process.

Rhoswen did a spectral review, and though she saw a slight thinning in the green band for both Casey and Harry, there was still plenty of energy left among the two of them. Especially in the energy stored in Harry's immense testicles.

Casey pulled her fingers out of Harry's rectum. She was feeling a bit faint, and nearly stumbled but held on tight to Harry's muscular leg much like grabbing onto a pole. She muttered "Finite Incantatem", and Harry slowly lowered back to the ground. His feet were on pins and needles. He walked around to get the circulation to return to normal. Molly reached out to him and he joined her on the bed in a hug. Molly kissed him, and held his hand. He held it back gripping tightly. Harry kissed her, and she kissed back. His hand ran down her taut stomach, and his finger played in the short cropped orange hair of her pubis. He caressed around her lap, as they continued to kiss. He kissed her neck, and down it, as she touched the side of his face and ran her fingers through the short cropped hair on the side of his head. She kissed his cheek and ear, and whispered into it... "Now we will get to find out what that magical message was that asshole put on my back."

"Wait, what?" Harry asked.

"After my...attack Peacach wrote something in magic on my back. Said it was a message for you, which you could only read if you fucked me...vaginally. Hey! I can speak normally again! Thank goodness!"

Harry reflexively pulled his hand away from Molly's sex. He looked over at Casey and Rhoswen to see if they had heard her. They had not, they looked at him questioningly. Harry thought to Rhoswen. " The dark wizard embedded something magically in the back of Molly. Said it was a message for me, that I could only activate if I were to have... vaginal sex with Molly. Was Molly examined for curses?"

Rhoswen relayed the information to Casey. Casey looked back at her.

Rhoswen cast her glance back to Harry " No, our concern was the physical injuries... she did not mention this to us."

"Can someone do this? Do you have away to find out what he did to her? For all I know I could kill her if I go inside her... or we could be ported to their hideout. "

The room you were in for the aura was made to contain magic... if she was embedded as a portal key , it would keep you both from being ported. We can also bring in an expert in dark magic and curses to see if we can figure out what was done. ", Rhoswen responded.

Molly looked at him and the reactions of the two healers. "What Harry?"

"What Peacach put on your back, may not necessarily be just a message, Molly. He could have cursed you in some way. We will need to figure that out before you and I can do anymore healing work... I don't want to endanger you in anyway."

"So if we together... it could kill us?"

"Perhaps, or teleport us to wherever they are, or perhaps it just is a message. It is hard to say, but we must be careful as evil as these bastards sound."

Molly only looked very worried and nodded. She continued to hold Harry's hand. Harry stayed by her side, placing his other hand over theirs. Harry knew that Casey was conferring with Rhoswen, He noticed an almost imperceptible nod on occasion, and their gazes would lock on one another. Rhoswen left the room, and Casey walked over to the bed and sat down. She was wearing a diaphanous gown of lime green like Rhoswen, but hers had a golden trim around the neck.

"We are bringing in a dark arts specialist... this is nothing to worry about- the wizard who attacked you, Olc Dubh Peacach, is a young wizard, not even twenty four. The odds are good that he has not been schooled in any of the truly dark arts, most thugs do not have that kind of intelligence or education, but we do want to protect you and find out what he may have done to your back. We will take you to the next room for an examination. It is very stark white- probably more of what you see in a muggle hospital, but we are warming the bed as we speak. We will levitate you there."

"I would prefer to walk... I feel much better."

"I am sure you do, but with the injuries you sustained, we cannot chance it. "

"Then Harry can carry me there. Won't you, Harry?"

"Well... I guess that would be fine if Harry doesn't drop you. Harry are you up for it?"

As supercharged as Harry was feeling right now, he figured he could probably carry both women to the next room together. " Yeah, I am pretty sure I can handle that."

Molly had her own motive... she wanted to make sure Harry stayed with her. She was scared to death, and right now all her trust in the world was riding on the handsome young man that held her hand. She did not want to be separated from him. As an empath, Casey felt and knew this about Molly. Casey was having her own possession issues about Harry that she was dealing with internally at the moment. She tried not to see the hand holding going on... pangs of jealousy swept through her. Intellectually she knew the trust Harry was building with Molly was an incredibly healing thing, but she had her own accelerated feelings for Harry that were tearing at her heart, and they only grew stronger as she stayed connected to him during the healing process. At only a third of the way through, she was already imagining the two of them living together in a stone farmhouse somewhere along the coast of northern Ireland.

"Well, then let's go. Please wrap her in this blanket first." Casey picked up a fresh clean blanket from a stand in the corner and gently wrapped it around her shoulders down her back.. Casey brought Harry a fresh robe although she preferred to keep him nude, and had him put it on. She straightened his collar for him, and ran her hand down his broad back. Molly watched intently, a flash of fire in her eyes. With her arms around his neck, Harry easily picked up Molly and carried her. She nuzzled her head into his shoulder and kept her arms around his neck. Casey led them through a door directly into the white room. Harry brought Molly to the glass bed, which had been draped with some soft blankets, and as delicately as he could, brought Molly to rest on the bed. Casey brought her another blanket and with grace and care, tucked it around Molly who was shivering. Part of this was the coolness of the room, part of it was some shock her body was going through as part of the rapid healing process.

After a short time in the room, Rhoswen entered, followed by an older woman with a severe expression on her face. Although she wore the diaphanous robe of lime green, she wore a black unitard underneath. She wore spiked healed black boots that clicked on the white porcelain floor. She was in her fifties, but very fit for an older woman. She was very large breasted, and even in the unitard, her breasts bounced and jiggled with her every move. Harry despite himself felt a stirring in his loins. Her hair was braided back and was long, it was still a deep blonde. She was tall, at least six foot two. Her lips were a blood red, and thin and pursed. Her chin was sharply pointed and her cheek bones high and Nordic.

Casey's expression seemed a bit strained when she spoke. "Harry and Molly, this is Avslöja Mörkret. Previously, Avslöja was a professor at Durmstrang Institute who taught Dark Arts and is recognized as by the Ministry of Magic's as the premier expert in body curses and hexes. She has been working as a Specialty Healer at St. Mungo's and St. Finbarr's since the start of this year. "

Rhoswen's voice popped into Harry's head. "She is also a total witch and I do not mean in a good way. She tends to value knowledge over human life. She has put hexed and cursed people in high risk situations just to increase her knowledge about the mechanisms of the individual hex or curse. She also seems more willing to put muggles she has worked with in even higher risk situations than she will magical folk."

Avslöja held out her hand as if to be kissed to Harry. Harry grasped it tenderly, and bowed his head slightly in deference, much the way he learned to do for Buckbeak, the hippogriff, not thought Harry, that Avslöja would probably find that a flattering comparison. She scrutinized Harry with a look in her eye that Harry had seen with Petunia.

"The famous Harry Potter. I heard much about you from Viktor Krum, he was a dear student of mine."

"Viktor is a great competitor and I consider him a friend. He also a smashing Quidditch Player."

"I understand you are not such a, how do they say it? slouch? yourself. It takes a quick hand, a good eye, and fast rider to be a Seeker."

"You are a Quidditch Fan?"

" I own box seats for my home town team in Alta- the Alta Piler... that is Norsk for Arrows... Alta Arrows. We are new team, from 1975, but we do well in the Norden League, but have yet to win the Norden Cup."

"What countries are in the Norden League?"

" Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark, we have nineteen teams. Five each from Norway Finland and Sweden and two each from Iceland and Denmark." The tall Nordic valkyrie's eyes were alit while talking to Harry.

Casey watched with interest. Normally Avslöja was an ice queen, she had never seen her this animated about a subject, but they had never talked about Quidditch or any other sports. She prickled at how easily Harry had seemed to crack this woman's veneer. Only Auszdominus would have been able to tell them this was a lasting side effect of Harry being bonded to more than one woman under Satyr's love potion. His natural pheromone secretions were hyper-intensified and seemed to affect muggle, witch and Fae women alike.

"Ahem." interjected Molly, who felt very ignored at the moment.

Casey pulled the sports fans back to the issue at hand. "Since you two seemed to be the target subjects of this particular hex or curse, Avslöja will be examining and working with you both to determine its nature and what can be done to break it. We will excuse ourselves and return once Healer Mörkret has completed her assessment and any possible removal."

"Be careful Harry Potter, Avslöja is a dark witch in all but name only." Rhoswen chimed into his head.

"I will, Glory. Thank you, love." Harry thought back. The two healers very hesitantly left Molly and Harry in the company of Specialty Healer.

Avslöja walked over to Molly and sat at her side. Her face quickly changed to a very forced look of compassion. "Molly, I would like you to relax. In fact I would like you to sleep for awhile, as this will help me in examining you. "She put two fingers to Molly's forehead, and recited, "Dyp søvn" and Molly felt directly to sleep, a peaceful smile on her face.

Avslöja turned to see Harry watching her intently, defensively. "I can understand your mistrust of those who practice or study the dark arts, Harry Potter. Let me assure you that I use my talents to benefit humankind, not to enslave it." She stood and walked over slowly to Harry. "I have been very interested in your story since you were a baby. Your survival is based on old magics, Harry, and I agree with Albus that it is due to your mother's love, but I believe that there are rules in all magic, and the darker the magic, the harder the rules. This is something that Voldemort has yet to learn fully." She was now very close to Harry; she had placed her hand on Harry's shoulder as if to make her point. She was a close to him as she could get with her very large chest. Harry felt the large firm globes brushing against his chest. Her breasts sat firm and high despite her age, and Harry noticed that her nipples, which sat atop those large breasts her now pushing their way out noticeably from under the stretchy material of the unitard. They were long and rounded. He could tell that her areolas puffed tightly around them. Avslöja smiled at him sweetly. Her eyes alit. She had been watching him and was getting the affect she desired.

"So you like my breasts? Most young men do. They like to suck on my nipples and paw them. I enjoy that about young men. Do you mind? I find it very warm in this room." Her wand is pulled out of a sleeve where it was magically hidden. This was no Healer's wand, this was one made of alder attached to a rounded base of polished quartzite. Dried straps of dragon hide wrapped the wood to the base. The scales on the hide reflected the light of the room prismaticaly. The wand was about thirteen inches long. With a wave, her unitard was gone, and she was nude under the transparent material of the healer robe. Harry drank in her body. It was the body of a very fit but pampered fifty year old woman. His eyes lingered on her large breasts. It was as it was evident even with the unitard on, that her nipples were very hard and long atop small round puffy areolas. His gaze trailed down her taut but rounded belly to her sex. On her pubic mound, he found the silver blond hair there shaved short and again shaped. Was this a new fashion craze he wondered? To have your pubic hair shaved into a shape? It was in the shape of an upside down arrowhead. Avslöja had been watching Harry's reaction with great attention. She noticed his eyes lingering on her mons pubis.

"The arrow head is in honor of the crest of my home town, Alta. It was a much smaller town back in those days. How old do you think I am Harry? Please be honest." Harry enjoyed hearing the lilt in her voice of her Norwegian English.

"I would say perhaps 50 years old at most."

"I was born over 100 years ago. I have been studying dark arts for a long time. There are many healing and longevity properties that can be found in the seed of a young man, along with other ingredients. And my reading of you tells me that your seed currently is very special. Tell me Harry, does this muggle woman mean something to you?"

"Yes she does. She is relative, a cousin." A bit of a stretch he knew, but he wanted Molly treated well and if she was cursed, then He wanted the curse broken with little harm to Molly. He felt that Avslöja probably could make that happen...if she wanted.

"I will help her, but I expect something in return. I need lots and lots of your seed. Are you willing to keep this between us?"

"Yes. Anything to help Molly out."

"Good." Avslöja walked over to Harry and ran her hand down his muscled chest. Her wand with a wave had his robe uncinched and she had her hand stroking his long cock quickly, which was growing thicker and longer just as quick. Her fingers played and circled the base of his cock. "We in Alta say that we were at the base of the Norden Cock."

Harry looked at her questioningly.

"I am sure you, along with every other adolescent with a world map, have noticed how Norway, Sweden and Finland are shaped like a penis." She ran her fingers down to caress Harry's hairless and incredibly large and full balls. She cupped and then squeezed them. "Finland is the trunk and the balls of the Norden Cock." She ran her long fingernails up from his balls to the underneath of his shaft, and then raked her fingernails along the underneath and up to the large cut mushroom head of Harry's meat and rubbed it with her thumb, then the inside of her palm as she gripped the crown. "Sweden is part of the thick shaft and the sensitive underside of the long corpus and the large glans." She rubbed along the cut edge of his head, and the ran three fingers along the curving hard top of his cock back down to the base of the prick to rest against his tightly muscled coin purse. "Norway makes up the rest of the large Norden Cock head and the top of the thick shaft, all the way to the base, to here." She rubbed a spot on the top of the base of his cock, gripping it, rubbing it with her thumb. "This, this is where Alta is. My hometown is at the base of the massive Norden Cock. Which you model much more nicely, eh?"

She continued to stroke and to caress his cock. Harry began breathing faster. He was looking down at her massive heaving breasts and hard nipples. Avslöja put the finger of her non-stroking hand to the underneath of his chin and brought his eyes up to meet hers. They were ice blue, like finely faceted sapphires with the tiny perfectly round core of black coal in the center. "I wish to suck your cock Harry Potter. This has nothing to do with the examination I am to perform, though you will be fucking me to aid in the examination. Like all body magic, dark arts detection requires a massive amount of energy. I normally have my own... assistants, but I thought you would do rather nicely in the very short amount of time I had to prepare for this. So- will you allow me to fellate you? You may touch me as you like. I do expect you to erupt in my mouth and upon me... as much as you would like."

Harry stuttered an affirmative, and stood while Avslöja removed her robe and laid it at the feet of the slumbering Molly. She caressed Harry's body, kissing it, licking it. She bit at his nipples and caressed his chiseled chest and abdomen, lowering herself until she was on her knees before him. Her ice blue eyes sparkled with lust, and small smirk curved the full mouth on her lovely face. She began by caressing and stroking Harry's cock some more, raking her finger nails along the underside of the long shaft. "It has been awhile since I have had a cock this massive to play with, I hope you will indulge me." she stated as she stared at Harry's cock, and slowly squeezed and played with his full heavy balls.

Harry nodded down to her upturned face. His fingers caressed through her soft silver blonde hair and down the sides of her head. His fingers found the loose braid that started at the back of her head as she began to swallow and suck on the large wide head of his cock. Her lips sucked around the corona of his glans, licking around it, pulling it in and out of her pursed lips while the tip of her tongue rubbed against the opening to his urethra. Pre-cum dripped from the opening and Avslöja relished the salty sweet taste. She licked more, and then began to push her face forward, to bring more cockmeat into her mouth. She sucked and swirled her tongue around the hard flesh, she could feel warmth radiating from the prick in her mouth, the healing energy channeling through it. Harry moaned in pleasure at her sucking and licking. the tip of her tongue touched a large vein, and she stayed still to feel blood pulsating through it. A hunger grew inside her, but she kept it in control. She moved her head, bobbing back and forth on young man's member, swallowing more length until it was at the back of her throat. She tried to relax her muscles and pushed forward, forcing the large head past her tongue and down her throat. She gagged a bit, and saliva drooled from the corner of her mouth. She grabbed hold of Harry's muscular buttocks and pulled her head forward some more and felt his cock slide down inside her throat to her esophagus. She pulled even further forward, and felt some relief as Harry grabbed the back of her head and forced more of his cock down her gullet, until her nose was buried into his lower muscled belly and coin purse. He ground against her face, forcing his cock as deep as it could go at this angle inside her. She allowed him to fuck her mouth for awhile, relishing in his dominance, their sexual wills now intertwined. She pulled the healing energy from him while reciting in her mind, corpus rejuvenatus,corpus rejuvenatus, corpus rejuvenatus, over and over . She pressed her hands against his gently removing them from the back of her head and continued to lick and suck and bob on his extremely hard cock while playing and squeezing his balls. She held his balls, and used the incantation that she had observed Healer Casey using when she spied on a closed session. "Ejaculot, Ejaculot maximus!"

Harry felt an electrical pulse shoot up from his balls and through his entire cock. He erupted with a huge orgasm directly into Avslöja mouth. She began to swallow his sticky sweet seed. She gulped and swallowed and could not keep up, she allowed it to erupt from her mouth, until she could no longer swallow, and she pulled away from him and offered her face and body for him ejaculate upon. The semen flowed and spasmed heavily, covering her face and breasts. She even had to once again place it back in her mouth and swallow until finally the orgasm ceased, and she felt her throat and belly full of sperm. She reached into her robes and found a small glass vial of purple solution, and she opened it and swallowed it. She could feel years melting away from her body. She was hoping Harry was too pre-occupied from his orgasm to notice the physical change. She smiled a wicked smile and thought to herself, perhaps adding the maximus to the incantation was a bit too much. She took her wand and accioed a glass flask. She took handfuls of cum off her breasts and face and collected it into the wide mouth beaker and then magically sealed it. She turned attention back to Harry, kissing him on the cheek, and then patting him on the shoulder.

"That was quite magnificent Harry Potter."

Of course Harry had noticed the difference in her appearance after he cum all over her, and she had drank the vial. She now had the appearance of a woman at least ten years younger. The plump of her belly was only slight, and her buttocks and legs were much firmer. He gripped her buttocks to check, and she allowed it. His fingers ran underneath and into her sex, and she allowed it. He pushed three fingers inside her and began to stroke her clitoris at the same time. She bent over, placing her hands on her knees, and Harry continued to finger and caress her sex and ass. She was incredibly wet. Harry looked over at the bed and the sleeping Molly. He slowly pulled his three fingers out of her sex, and leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"I believe it is time to take care of Molly."

Like coming out of a drug, Avslöja straightened and smoothed the hair at her forehead. "Yes. of course. Please give me a moment." She took a towel from a cart and wiped the remaining sperm from her face and neck and breasts. A Scourgify spell removed the rest, restoring her to more dignified state. She began her examination of Molly at first on her own. She had enough energy inside her even after her rejuvenation that she could do the initial probe for hexes and curses without funneling energy from a partner. She touched and probed gently from the top of her head, fully down her body, fingers in her mouth, scrutiny under her eyelids, in her ears, probing her breasts, fully touching her body, including putting her fingers gently inside her sex, and touching, probing all the way down to the bottom of her feet. She asked for absolute silence. Harry just observed intently. Avslöja muttered incantations under her breath, things that Harry could not hear. Those that he did hear he tried his best to memorize them. The Healer asked for his assistance in rolling Molly over onto her stomach. She widened the gap between her legs, moving her legs to the edges of the bed to full expose her sex for view. Harry despite himself took a hard gaze at the appearance of Molly's sex. Her labia were swollen and bruised, and her inner labia pulled out and dangling, edges torn. Her anus was also puffed and swollen and torn. He grimaced, and swore that whomever these Ravagers were, they would pay dearly. Avslöja moved again with her probing and her incantations slowly up each leg, touching fully any skin she had not touched before. When she reached Molly's sex, she looked up at Harry. "There is a reason I put her in deep sleep. This will not be pretty. You may wish to turn away." Avslöja went over to an instrument tray that had been brought and placed on a stand by Rhoswen upon their arrival with the Specialty Healer. She took a transparent device, a vaginal speculum. She delivered and incantation over it with her wand, while she held it, and it turned fully invisible in her hand. She placed it gently inside Molly vagina, and opened it fully, stretching the orifice wide. She ordered Harry to her side and asked him to place his hand inside her own vagina while she was on her knees wearing a very odd pair of goggles. He took the lubrication she offered him, and slid his fist as instructed, slowly up inside Avslöja sex. She squealed and moaned, and also came as he did it. She collected herself and then shrunk her right hand and forearm to freakishly small. Harry looked on, fully disgusted at her shrunken appendage. Slowly she began a series of incantations as she touched and viewed the insides of Molly's damaged vaginal canal and battered uterus. Some was healing energy she was pulling in to help those damaged areas she aleady passed, as more was used ahead of it in her physio-empathic probe. She looked for any foreign insertions or devices that may have been left behind after the rape. She touched and looked for any hex or curse evidence.

Harry continued to slowly move his fist inside her. She tried to concentrate but the pleasure along with the energy she as drawing from him was putting her into a slight state of euphoria.

She could see that the crucio curse had been used on Molly several times, but found no signs of implanted hex or curses left inside her vagina. She pulled out the speculum, and then probed the opening where the speculum had covered her insides to be thorough, but found nothing, until she touched the first inch of her vaginal opening. She could feel the energy of hex energy pulsing just inside her vaginal orifice. She ran her finger tip fully around. it was an intact hex ring. She changed the lenses on the goggles until she could see it pulsing a threaded aura of red and black. This was the trigger hex. She followed the thread, it ran from her sex, up and around, and upon probing all along her anal sphincter muscle, and then it disappeared into her lower back. Penetration with a penis into either orifice was the trigger. She knew what she was dealing with, but to be sure, she placed her hands on Molly's lower back and read the energy there. Yes, the hex was fully intact, and ready to trigger. It would be crucio level painful and more than likely permanent if they were to go ahead and trigger the hex within Molly. Avslöja would have to eat the hex, and then have Harry trigger it on her. At that point, she could get rid of the hex with Harry's help, and then be able to heal afterwards with his help as well. She turned back towards Harry after she removed her goggles. "I know what type of hex it is and I can help her. But first, be a dear and move your hand and arm back up and down inside me for a few times for me, please."

After Harry had brought her to another orgasm, Avslöja finally let him know what was going on with Molly.

"It is a hex, and it based on a very old incantation, used centuries ago, called a Viking Rape Taunt. Vikings were taught the hex as young warriors by the tribe high priest or shaman.. After plundering and pillaging villages, often when the men were away on hunting or fishing trips, they would come back to find the village half destroyed, some old men dead, but most of the wives and daughters would still be left alive. When the men would next have sex with their wives, or the young men with the intendeds, they would learn the dirty secret. Boasts of their women's defilement would appear etched upon the women's backs, along often with hash-marks on their buttocks of the number of men who took them. After a couple of days, the message would disappear until the woman had sex again. It would leave both the woman and man demoralized and often the woman untouched after that. Often whole villages would give up to be used as slaves or absorbed into larger tribes when the marauding bands would return."

"What can you do about the hex?"

"I know its source, and I have a very special skill. It is one I learned under a Dark Arts master of the Far East over eighty years ago when I was but a young naive student. Quite by accident the master found out I was born with the gift, apparently something my blood line has had as an ability for thousands of years, but was forgotten over the last millennium. I am a hex eater. I can absorb hexes and then after triggering them, I can absorb any magically energy released and in most cases I can then rid it from my body."

"Most cases?"

"There have been some hexes I have absorbed that have caused unexpected side effects that have left me with ... personal challenges. But this type of hex I have successfully absorbed before. With your help, I will be able to rid myself of the hex and the etched message in my skin."

"You would take this on?"

"Of course, it is what I do. I was hoping for something more ...obscure, challenging, but fortunately for your cousin, this type of dark magic is something that I will be able to rid her of easily enough. With the recent rejuvenation you have allowed me, I will be able to perform this transfer more readily."

"What do we need to do?" Harry was fascinated by this woman. He was having a hard time understanding the animosity between Rhoswen, Casey, and Avslöja. Granted, she was hard and brusque and manipulative, but she was also humane and brave. Harry had enough encounter with the Dark Arts to know that it takes a hard personality to be able to face the consequences of Dark Arts, much less know how to use them in a beneficial manner. He thought of Mad-Eye Moody and Shacklebolt, and even Tonks. He aspired to be an Auror and he felt there was much he could learn from this woman, despite any slightly creepy personality traits. Perhaps he was thinking a bit with his penis, but he did not see why Casey and Rhoswen seem so bothered to have Avslöja involved. He would have play this by ear, because he trusted both Casey and Rhoswen, but at this point had no reason not to trust Avslöja.

"Harry, we must talk a bit before we move to this part. The nature of Hex eating is very.. visceral in nature. We pull the hex energy from the hexed person and then make it corporeal before I then eat it or absorb it into my body."

"Corporeal? So you mean that is will be a physical … thing… before you eat it?"

"Well in this case, it will be vile, nasty evil beast. Because this is a rape taunt and has existed on the negative and dark energy of multiple rapes, hate, sadistic torture and whatever emotions poor Molly has gone through, it will be a horrid demonic looking creature. More than likely it will be phallic shaped, most rape related hex energy will be so. Expect claws, sharp teeth, perhaps stingers and spiked testicles and tendrils.. lots of tendrils. You will have a challenge handling it."

"Wait. what?"

"Yes you will be handling a vile nasty beast pretty almost as naked as the day you were born- well, you will be wearing protective gloving. and leather apron."

"Will I be holding it while you are eating it?"

"Well, more like you will be holding it while it is eating me. You will be putting it back inside my body. It could go through my throat, but more than likely it will be attracted to enter me through my vagina or anus."

"Won't it harm you?"

"Yes, a bit. once in my body it will transform back into energy for me to absorb. What I absorb will also heal some of the damage it causes."

"Just some?"

"Yes, that is where you enter the picture. You will place your magnificent cock in whatever orifice the hex beast does not, and the message should manifest on my outer body. It may be useful to you, it may just be insults. After that, we must have sex until you and I both reach full orgasm. I will be pulling in your energy along with mine to transform and ingest the hex energy. I will be expelling any true darkness as a black bile. It will be a disgusting, may cause you physical distress. I must contain any of the bile that leaves me. I will need your aid to help me direct it to this silver container." She motioned to a large silver container on the rolling tray, along with a pair of long thick dragon leather gloves , which lay with other instruments that Harry did not recognize. This is the side of magic that left a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, and the muscles in his neck tense. Avslöja grabbed his hand and took him the adjoining locker room/bath. No one else was there.

"There is another thing. I need to transform into a female that you love greatly."

"Why is that?"

"Because although the hex was placed on Molly, the hex was for you. "

"I don't follow..."

"The intent of the message is to taunt to you, to use a loved one to deliver the remind you that they hurt a loved one. For us to have this hex beast take to me, it must feel that it is threatening someone you hold dear in order for its taunt and effect to be real, or it will not leave Molly. You and I do not have the time or the relationship to make that happen as me. If I were to transform in some you hold dear, and we were to make love in front of Molly, it will show that I hold value in your eyes, and it will be disposed to try to enter me once we get it into its corporeal form. "

" I understand... but I am not sure who that should be... things have been pretty much bollocks lately in terms of what love means to me."

"I-I have a potion. It will predispose us to full attraction to make the sincerity of our love making true... it lasts about three hours. As far as choosing, I only have to place my hand on your heart and it will choose for you."

She went over to a locker, and pulled out a black leather satchel. Avslöja pulled out a glass vial of dark pink, and then took a small swab to both Harry's mouth, then her own, and dropped the head into the vial. The potion turned a deep purple. She tipped back a portion and then handed it to Harry who drank the rest, careful to avoid the swab. The attraction was immediate and strong, they both kissed, and began to caress each other. Avslöja slowed Harry down. "We must control ourselves... please, the transformation. She placed her hand over his chest where his heart was located underneath. She cited slowly, " Apparent Prorsus Sicut Fili Cupita! "

Harry watched in curiosity, as he and his heart have not been on speaking terms, as to who would appear. At first he saw the features of Jean Granger morph over Avslöja body, but then there was swirl and blur and her body was changing again while she still held her hand on his chest. Her breathing quickened and the grip on his chest tightened as her nails unconscientiously dug into his chest as pain occurred during her body transformation. When completed in moments, and the swirl of smoke disappeared, and Llly Potter in all her glory, stood before him. Well actually it was Lily Evans; the image before him was from a photograph in the album his dear friend Hagrid had given him when Lily had yet to marry James Potter, his father.

For some reason, it made sense to him, the only woman he really loved was Lily, and though he did not get to know her, she was the only one he knew he truly loved. It was the Petunia thing all over again, but not... He barely knew Avslöja, and here before him fully naked was Lily, his eyes raked over her, Her strawberry red hair, her full lips, and beautiful face with those eyes he was so familiar with. She stared at him, and smile on her face, she licked her lips. She ran her finger down to her breasts, circling her dark fully erect brown nipples. Her breasts were very full and firm. They bounced nicely as she walked towards him. He grew harder. His eyes trailed down to her tiny round belly and wide hips. Her pubic patch was trimmed short, but was a full dark red triangle above her shaven pussy. she widened her stance, and He could see her pulled and pouty inner labia, a small tight lily of her own. Her legs were full and shapely, down to tiny feet.
She opened a locker and looked into a mirror that ran the length of the door. "I- She is beautiful. Who is she?"

Harry blushed. "Lily. Lily Evans. My mother before she married. "

"Oh, I see... " She looked and thought, " Harry Potter, you are much more complex than I thought... you have truly never loved another woman yet. There is a darkness in you that I sense that could be used... by me and by you." "Harry, come to me, I want to hold you close." She opened her hands and held her arms out in invitation. Harry moved quickly into the open arms of this fantastic woman. She held him tightly, press her hard nippled breasts against his back. Her touch re-ignited the passion of potion they had shared. She ran her fingertips along his broad shoulders and back. She whispered into his ear teasingly. "So, you would like to fuck your mother...did you know that I have wished in my heart for this moment my sweet boy? To have you become a man, to take me, to make me yours..." She kissed his neck, running her fingers over his body, her arms wrapped around him, one hand on his chest, the other on his lower abdomen, so dangerously close to his cock. Her breathe was warm, her scent intoxicating as she bit his earlobe and again whispered into it.

"Harry what a beautiful young man you have become.. such broad shoulders, such a firm, muscular frame... " She kissed at his neck. "You feel so good Harry, please, please touch me, show me what a strong young man you are..."

Harry kissed Lily, on her lips, their tongues exploring one another deeply. He could feel his cock pumping blood, become rock hard. Her hand was soon on it while they continued to kiss, slowly rubbing over his large crown with her fingertips , grasping, pulling. Lily moaned as Harry ran his hand over her firm rump. "Yes, baby, touch me, don't feel bad, I-I want it, I want to touch you after all these years, to feel the man you are... omigod, I can't believe you have such a large cock... your father was never close to this big... so hard, so fucking thick, oh baby such a nice prick... please finger my bum and pussy, I want to feel your fingers inside me. Ohhh yessssssssssssss."

After a bit of heavy caressing, Lily grabbed Harry's hand, "Follow me son, into the other room, We can touch each other more in there." Harry followed, enamored of the lovely red-haired mother he never knew, his sexual attraction to her overwhelming. He held hand tightly, and they entered back into the white room of the slumbering Molly. Lily bent over the bed, and Harry enjoyed the view, as she pressed something on the side, and the bed widened to something the size of king sized bed. She took a blanket from the cart and draped it on to the bed, next to the lovely nude Molly. Lily ran her hand gently over the face and upper chest of Molly.

"She is truly lovely, someone like I imagined for you in your future. I see you enjoy my ass, sweet Harry, would you come lick and bite it some for me, hmmmm? Would you like to lick your mum for awhile... I would enjoy that. I want to see what you have learned since I have been gone and have not been here to teach you... please baby?"

Harry just went with it, the potion told him he needed to fuck this woman, and here she was the ideal woman in his mind, the one he would have loved to know. He approached her, and she bent over the bed, spreading her legs wide. He dropped to his knees, and began to kiss and lick up her inner thighs, to her sex and firm full rump. Lily moaned as Harry ran his tongue along her inner labia, pulling on them with his lips and gently with his teeth, burying his tongue between them, into the wetness of her sex and then up, and to her taint, where he sucked her hard with his lips to give her a love bite, and then on to flick his tongue around her tiny pink anus. She moaned some more and he pushed his tongue into the tight orifice, the muscles flexing and allowing entrance. He licked and sucked around her anus and buttocks kissing and biting them gently, and he relished in the moans of Lily. He held her fine rump in his hands, grasping and kneading her firm cheeks. He pulled them apart further, widening the opening to her anus and he took two fingers and licked them, then pushed them into her anus deeply.

"Ohhh, Harry, honey, that feels so good, do you like doing that to mum? I love your fingers in my ass, play with me some more baby!"

Her reply spurred Harry on, and he pushed three fingers into her anus, fingering her, pushing them deep into her musky rectum. His other hand gripped her ass cheek tightly, but he stood, and allowed his long cock to slide under sex. He gyrated his hips back and forth to rub his cock along the outside of her wet sex. He could feel the tip of penis rubbing into the hooded crevice of flesh that covered Lily's clitoris. Lily moaned in satisfaction. Harry kissed her back as he rubbed his cock along his mother's sex and ran his three fingers in and out of her relaxing anus.

"Harry, baby, do another... please... she gasped." Harry gather all four fingers of his right hand together and slowly pushed them into her anus, slowly moving them back and forth. He could feel her cunt dripping on the top of his bare foot. She squealed, then moaned very loudly.

"Omigods, omigods Harry, sweetheart that feels so good. Would you like to put your cock in there? Would you put your cock up mummy's ass?"

Harry pulled out his fingers, and Lily, lowered her head down, and put her knees on the edge of the bed. She offered her ass to him. "Harry, please, please take me in ass. I want to feel your lovely young cock inside me...I have never had a cock in my ass baby... you would be the first to fuck my bum... please Harry?"

Harry gripped his incredibly hard thick prick at its base and directed the wide cut mushroom head to her pink little anus, flexing in anticipation. He pushed his head slowly into the slowly stretching sphincter, and watched as Lily's anus stretched to take his head inside her. Her rectum stretched at the width of his glans. Lily squealed in a mix of pain and pleasure... and Harry continued to slowly push more of his cock meat deeper into her rectum.

He began to stroke his cock inside the very tight ass of the beautiful Lily. He watched her full tits bounce and sway as with short strokes, he began to push and pull more of his length in and out of his mother's alimentary canal, until he was deep enough that he entered the colon. With loud moans and screams, His head pushed and stretched the bend to enter her as deeply as he could.

"Omigod Harry baby, your sweet cock is so big, so big! Do you love fucking your mum in the ass, oh baby, I do! omigod, omigod I never thought that we would ever do this... oh it feels so good baby, fuck me, fuck me in my ass! harder baby fuck me as hard you want! "

Harry was excited now and began to hammer his cock at full length in and out of Lily's anus. He watched as her body shook during his hard strokes so deep he was bumping his abdomen into her fine rump. He held her by her shoulder length hair, pulling it back as he pressed his cock as deeply as he could inside her, pumping her with hard sharp thrusts as she cried for him to fuck her harder. During this time, Lily's fingers had been rubbing her clitoris with abandon, and the intense fucking along with her deft fingering of her love button was too much for her and she came with a hard and deep orgasm. She cried out and a flood of pussy juice squirted from her sex and onto the legs and feet of Harry. It was too much for Harry, between Lily's moans, orgasm, and the pleasure of ass on his cock he erupted with no need for an incantation, It was hard, and long and his cock jerked many times. He satisfactorily filled a section of the colon in front of his large cock, the only place for it to go, as his cock meat filled the rest of Lily's anal insides. He waited until he was limp before he pulled out of Lily, who had collapsed onto her stomach on the bed, her knees on the floor outside the bed. She sighed as her breathing returned from panting to normal. She turned and faced Harry and took his cock into her hand and began to suck and lick it fully, cleaning all cum and anal musk off it. She sucked it deeply her mouth and pulled and swallowed any sperm remaining in his urethra.

"Baby, that was magnificent. you made your mum proud. you fucked me so well! " She kissed the head of cock. She went over to the tray and came back with a large butt plug.

"Please help put this in me. The energy of your seed will help me in the extraction process." Her manner had changed... Harry now felt more of Avslöja back than the Lily who was here moments before.

Harry pushed the plug into place, and used his fingers to wipe the sperm oozing from her anus and down her sex. He stood and Lily grabbed his hand and sucked licked each of his dripping fingers and his palm. She smiled, her green eyes dancing. "Harry sweetheart, you will be such a brilliant lover when you are older... you are such a good one already." She placed her hand lovingly to the side of his head, and then ran her fingers through the hair at the sides of his head. "I love this haircut, by the way."

"As much as I would love for us to continue, I believe you know we have business at hand, and besides, your cock will soon be back inside me if all goes well. I am hoping that you will be able to direct the hex beast to my anus... with your big cock relaxing the muscles there, it will be a less painful entrance for me."

Harry nodded. "What do you need me to do?"

"Roll Molly onto her stomach and pull her to the center of the bed, and then lower, to the bottom, her feet should hang off the bed. Then place pillows under her, as if you were going to take her on the bed from behind, Please move her legs as wide apart as you can. We will need access and we will be pulling quickly. As the hex beast becomes exposed to the outside of her body, it will begin to congeal and corporate. We do not want to damage her with that process if we can. After you take care of Molly, please place the apron and gloves on."

While Harry went to carefully place Molly on the bed as Lily/Avslöja wished. She was a very beautiful woman and Harry knew his cousin must have been crushing hard on her while they lived and worked together. He knew he would be. He imagined based on what little he knew of her, that having sex with her would probably quite a good time. It was difficult not to imagine that as he arranged her body on the pillows, so exposed to everyone. He also remembered why she was here, and a pang of guilt ran through him. He draped on the heavy leather apron, and tied it behind him, and then pulled on the dragon leather gloves that went to his elbows with a long full cuff.

Lily slipped into short robe, which barely covered her ass and sex. A black leather breast corset attached to the robe covered her chest for protection. She placed two rings with long golden hooks on her index and middle fingers at the second digit . They fit tightly.

She murmured an incantation over them that Harry could not hear. She turned and faced Harry looking very determined. " Harry sweet heart, I need you by my side. Here is a script. Please say the words in English, I will repeat them in Latin. I will motion with my left hand when you should start. I need to first engage the trigger rings, which are also the anchors of the hex beast. I will pull, and you will see the anchoring tendrils of the beast appear. At that point I want to pull on them with all your might after we have finished the extraction spell." She placed the goggles back on, set to the aura level to view the black and red threads of the trigger rings.

Harry nodded, and walked to her side, following her to the bed. She had him stand as she crawled into the bed, and with her left hand gently probed first just inside the vagina of Molly, and then her anus. Harry watched, holding the script in his hand, having read it a couple of times. Lily twisted the two fingers on her right hand, as if she had hooked something onto the golden hooks of the two rings. something seemed to pull at her ringed fingers. With her left hand, she motioned Harry to speak. Harry recited the words.

"Relax the claws of evil!"

"Relaxat ungues eius mala sunt!"

"Relax the claws of evil!"

"Relaxat ungues eius mala sunt!"

"Relax the claws of evil!"

"Relaxat ungues eius mala sunt!"

Lily held up her hand, and Harry stopped, Her right hand now gathered into a fist, she pulled back her hand, and spiked rings appeared at the end of the golden hooks on her fingers, but spikes appeared still embedded in the orifices of Molly. Blood appeared. She motioned again.

Unhinge the hex!" , Harry said with force.

"Unhinge Eum Unitas Eat!" Lily repeated with matching force. The barbs came loose from Molly's body, and Lily continued to pull back, she motioned for Harry to continue quickly.

"Energy to solid!"

"Est ad Solidum Navitas!"

"Evil to body!"

" Mala Corporis!"

"Hex to Corporeal!"

"Hexagone Habeat ad Corpus!"

Lily backed off the bed pulling with her hand and the tendrils were now visible, black, and dripping with slime. She was having trouble staying on her feet and controlling the tendrils. Harry reached over and pulled, and wrapped the tendrils around his glove, holding on.

Lily motioned to finish the incantation, and to continue pulling on the tendrils. She began to recite the incantation at the same time as Harry.

"Remove the evil body!" "Auferte Malum Corporis!"

"Remove the evil body!" "Auferte Malum Corporis!"

"Remove the evil body!" "Auferte Malum Corporis!"

Harry could see the body of the hex beast appearing out of both orifices of Molly, plated bones of the spine pushing through the gelatinous black slimy skin. He grimaced and continued to pull to resistance from the beast.

"Expel the evil !" " Expellere mala!"

"Expel the hex beast!" "Expellet eum Unitas EatBestia!"

"Expel the evil !" " Expellere mala!"

"Expel the hex beast!" "Expellet eum Unitas EatBestia!"

"Expel the evil !" " Expellere mala!"

With the end of the incantation, Harry could feel the hex beast lose its purchase and he yanked on the tendrils with great force, expelling the beast fully out of Molly. It was more horrid and nasty than Avslöja described. It came out bifurcated from the vagina and anus of Molly, but then reformed into one body, the two halves easily joining back to together on contact. It was long and snake like, with a large misshapen phallic head. It had a mewling mouth with needle like teeth. A set of three eyes one in the middle and higher on the body, and one to each side of its ugly head. They blinked, but appeared blind, a ugly milky red color. Tendrils and tentacles snapped and swished around its body. Out of its sides about four inches from its mouth were a set of bony , insect-like appendages, about three inches long with sharp spurs, and with pinchers on their ends.

When Harry yanked the item, The beast morphed and fully formed in the air, its body twisting and flying end over end towards him. He caught it in both gloved hands, it was squirming and screeching. Its strength was unimaginable for its size. It was taking Harry's concentration to hold onto the beast. He had to hold the beast out from him to avoid its swiping tail and spiked anchor tendrils. Harry squeezed his fingers into its soft vile body and it squealed in pain and ceased lashing its tail. Stinging tendrils attached the gloves, and took failed swipes at Harry's face.

Lily had disrobed, and had crawled onto the bed on all fours facing the bottom of the bed. She turned and said loudly, " Harry bring the beast to me, please."

Harry approached the bed slowly, loathe to do what his mother asked. "Harry!" Lily admonished.

He gripped the beast fully and brought it quickly to the bed. The creature squealed and whipped out toward Lily's sex and anus, probing with with its tendrils and tentacles, pulling on her lips and orifice openings. Lily had pulled her plug and the vile creature screeched. It scrambled towards Lily's anus, its pincher arms reaching out and grasping to it. Harry closed his eyes and let it go, the pincher arms stretching the anus wide, tendrils invading and then it pushed its ugly head into Lily's rectum, splitting it on its way in, her rectum bleeding; its snake like body following, writhing and jerking. It took minutes, with Lily screaming in pain as it continued to squirm and push its way inside her. Lily's body writhed and twitched and her muscles spasmed in pain. Soon all that was left in sight was the two anchoring tendrils, one pushed open the vaginal orifice and ringed around it with its barbs, and sunk into the flesh. the other followed the beast inside Lily's ass and pulled its barb just inside her anus and disappeared There was flash and crackle of energy that erupted from Lily's sex and anus, and a clear smoke appeared. Lily was gasping. "Harry, come to me."

Harry approached her and took her shaking body into his arms. He sat on the bed with her. Lily pointed to the cart and to the silver container with hinged lid and clasp lock. "Please bring that to the bed, and we must have it ready."

Before Harry would leave her side, he had her first turn over, and he held his hand to her anus, and recited "Episkey, Episkey maximus." This stopped the bleeding and brought some healing to the torn area. Lily grabbed his arm as he turned to retrieve the container from the cart. "Thank you for that... you should do the same for Molly, I believe there was some cutting and tearing from the beast's exit."

Harry rushed to Molly. There was some bleeding. He took his hand and gently covered the area, and concentrated, and again repeated the healing spell, but this time several times before the bleeding stopped and some pink flesh appeared at the tears and cuts.

Harry was tiring; the energy that came from Rhoswen was spent. He came back to Lily. She had him sit on the bed and she knelt before him. She looked into his eyes. " I know you are tired, sweetheart, but we need to finish this. We need to make love one more time... I want to pleasure you orally, will you let me suck on that big wonderful cock of yours, Harry? I have been wanting to since I first touched it..."

She ran her finger tips up and down the shaft of Harry's long dong. It responded.

"Mmmm, it is already getting hard for me, I take that as a yes then, and I can suck your cock, Harry? I never had such a big cock to put in my mouth before..." She looked up into his eyes and Harry nodded and blushed. "Thank you baby..." She smiled, and flicked her tongue out, swirling it around his crown, holding it by its massive base and running her tongue around the corona.

"I am glad we got you circumcised, I was hesitant at first, and you cried so loudly, but look how lovely it has turned out... Such as nice big, wonderful cock head... I loved feeling it enter the tightness of my asshole... you liked that didn't you, the way you pushed your cock head just in and out of my rectum, to feel the tight muscles of my anus hold your huge head in place, just like this..." Lily sucked and popped the wide cock head in and out of her mouth with her lips tightened against the corona. She laughed, and then moved to kiss, and lick her way down the lengthy of the shaft, then to hold the head as she did long licks all the way from the base of his rod all the way up the underside to the tip, where her tongue would dart over the opening to his urethra. She sucked and licked his crown as some pre-cum dripped there, clear, and sticky.

"Mmmm, Harry, your cum it so sweet."

" I have a lot of pineapple juice for breakfast... lots of fruit... "

You may want to try a bit of cinnamon or cardamom too... as well as lemon and a good peppermint tea works as well."

"I'll remember that... oh, yes, that feels so good..."

Lily gently raked her teeth along his cock as she began to suck and bob up and down on his cock, licking, biting and sucking on the huge amount of cockmeat.

Harry watched his mother and grew harder. He could feel his cock expand and stretch. Lily gently pulled and kneaded his still very large balls. She took his cock further into her warm wet mouth, her tongue working hard to lick on its thickness and length. She looked up into his eyes, and brought the head of his cock to the back of her throat. She raised her arms over her head, surrendering them to her son. Harry understood, and got up from the bed, standing before her. He grasped her wrists, holding each arm out to the side, as he thrust his hips, and pushed his cock deeper into Lily's mouth. She gagged, but he continued to push, and was soon inside her esophagus. He could see the bulge in her throat as he cock pushed further in. She leaned forward and he pulled on her arms, and soon her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, and her nose nuzzled against his hard abdomen. He rocked his hips, the dropped her arms to grip her head gently as he pushed and pulled his long cock in and out of Lily's mouth. She looked up into his eyes when he had pulled the cock fully out of her mouth, she grabbed it, stroking it slowly... " I think it is time for you to fuck me Harry... I want to feel this big cock deep inside me, come put your cock to me."

Lily lay on her back on the bed, her head nuzzled against the shoulder of the sleeping Molly, her legs facing the side of the bed. She ran her fingers over her stomach, and down to her bright orange/ red haired pubis. She spread her legs, bringing her bent knees up to the side of her head. Harry leaned in, his cock fully hard and extended. Harry placed Lily's ankles on his shoulders, and moved forward. She helped to guide his cock to her very wet love hole. As Harry pushed his shaft deep inside her, Lily felt an excruciating pain on her back and could feel letters forming, like a sharp quill was scratching deeply across her back. She waited until she felt the message was done, there was no more feeling of letters being etched onto her skin. Just the searing pain of what remained. She had also felt marks being etched on her left buttock. Four deep slashes, and what she felt was a smiley face underneath.

She grimaced and gasped, and patted Harry on the shoulder as he continued to slowly move up into inside her wet velvet insides. "Harry... the message. The message !"

So intent was Harry on the love-making, he forgot its purpose. He slowly pulled out of Lily, and she rolled over on the bed, onto her stomach. The message was clear.

"Dudley Dies at Midnight!" along with the four slash marks on her rump, along with a crude smile of two dots and a curve underneath them. He took some numbing solution that Avslöja had pointed out to him earlier, and gently ran the cream over the message on Lily's beautifully freckled back. The rawness of the message faded, but the words remained. Lily tried to roll back onto her back, but it was too painful. "Please Harry, we will need to finish this with me on my hands and knees. " Harry helped her back up, and Lily grabbed and pillow and placed it underneath her head and chest gripping it, as she got back up on her knees, offering her sex to Harry. " Fuck me sweetheart, make your mum come hard for you..."

Harry gripped the sides of Lily's nicely widened hips and pushed his massive cock back up side her wet and warm sex. Her vagina felt like heaven, and he bore down, putting pressure on the underside of his prick against her vaginal wall, intent on finding her g-spot. After several attempts and long strokes, and some very loud moans, Harry found it. He pushed to keep his massive head and the length of his cock's curve against the erogenous spot as he stroked his thick meat in and out of Lily's wonderful feeling cunt. Soon he was deep, and he could feel his cock head rubbing along the tip and then the side of her uterus. She was gasping and crying out in pleasure now, and he kept it up, slowing to caress her, to bring a kiss to her back or shoulders. He watched her large breasts sway underneath her with his thrusts; her nipples hard and long, raking along the bedding. He continued to fuck her like this; he relished her moans and squeals, the occasional cries of encouragement and of him to fuck her harder. She turned back to look at him after they had been fucking this way for several minutes. Her eyes were wild, and a look of pleasure deep on her face. "Oh Harry baby, you feel so good, your cock feels so good so deep inside me! do you like fucking me this way?... I love the way you fuck me baby! Ohhh! please keep fucking me, I am so close, so close! oh sweety!"

Harry pushed and pressed down harder along her g-spot, his hand now underneath her and rubbing his finger along her fully engorged clitoris. He pulled out and pushed his fingers into the wet folds of her sex, pulling back the sticky wetness of her come, and then pushing his penis back deeply inside her. He brought his wet sticky fingers back to her clit and continued to rub it roughly and he fucked Lily hard and deep and fast. He could feel the welling in his balls, but he knew she was near to coming and held on, waiting for her until she cried out loudly and he began to come, pushing himself deep inside her and erupting over and over again, filling his mother's vaginal canal with his man cream. Lily was bucking and spasming in orgasm and she squirted, as Harry continued to come. it was at that point that Lily cried out in panic.

Harry, the bucket! Quickly! Please! "

Harry pulled out, and brought the opened silver bucket to Lily who was beginning to retch, thick black bile running from her nose as she let go with what she was holding in and retched deeply and loudly into the bucket, vile smelling black slime hurling from her mouth and nose.

She held the bucket tightly, and Harry rubbed her shoulders. Between retches, she asked Harry to place a plug inside her vagina. Harry found a large glass plug and carefully inserted it in Lily as she finished up her retching. Harry brought her a tissue, and helped her to clean her face and nose, and then dropped it into the bucket and sealed it. Lily placed a magical seal over the bucket as well and asked Harry to return it to the cart.

They both collapsed onto the bed, and into each other's arms. When Lily rolled over onto her side, Harry noticed that the message had fully disappeared from her back and buttock.

Harry was in the shower when Rhoswen walked in, nude. She washed his back, and ran her fingers through his hair. He enjoyed her presence but the potion's throes made him wish that she was Lily or Avslöja. He held onto her as she hugged him, the top of her head just at his chest. She was crying . She looked up at Harry and in his head he heard her. "Oh Harry, your aura is so dark, we will have to start over to finish the healing for Molly." She caressed his back and buttocks gently. Harry could feel the stirring of attraction between them connecting again. She looked up at him, "Did she hurt you?" she thought to him.

Harry, at first was having a hard time understanding what she meant. "Who?..."


"No, not at all. It was she who took on all the pain... I just shared my energy to help remove the hex beast. She took it on, she ate the hex."

"I-I do not understand..."

"I-I hope you never do Rhoswen... the dark arts come with a heavy price. Avslöja has paid it many times, and I believe for the benefit of many... I know she can be cold, but I respect her greatly for what she has to do... I wish I could share that better with you."

"It is okay, Harry Potter. Your word is enough. Perhaps we have judged her harshly... but the Dark Arts are not to be trusted."

"No, they are not. But she can be. She is here to help those who have been victims of the Dark Arts."

"I believe you. But now we have to start over."

"Well, I am going to need something for stamina to keep going..."

I believe I have something just for it, Harry Potter. "

"Oh, I am sure you do, Glory."

Much later. The healing was complete. Molly was resting, but had been able to tell Harry much about the encounters with the Ravagers. He has a plan in his head. He had eaten, and feeling more rested. He was on a couch in Casey's private office.

Casey sat next to him, her head on his shoulder. He looked at her as he thought about the time turner. "Casey, what time is it?"

Casey went over to her desk. She pulled open an drawer , and pulled out her watch. "It is ten p.m."

"Ten p.m.? Oh Bollocks! "

"What is it Harry?"

"My muggle family back in England, they do not know I am gone!"

"Oh, do not worry, Nymphadora Tonks had sent us a message... I am sorry, in all the excitement I forgot to deliver it to you... She said to tell you not to worry about Petunia, she had your back."

Harry thought of one of the last things Petunia said to him, and thought about his shape shifting friend Tonks. "Oh Bollocks!" he exclaimed again.

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