Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Sexual Healing Part Two

Harry was incredibly energized. It was like he had drunk the potion at Hermione's but it was ten times stronger. Hell, the way he felt, maybe even a hundred times stronger. He found there was another door in the room that led to showers. Rhoswen gently held his hand as she led him through, and they showered. She bathed with Harry, but was very professional about it, more of a very attentive stylist or spa profession who happened to be nude. She washed and styled his jet black hair, and shaved some of his beard, cleaning up his neck, but leaving the stubble well defined on his cheeks chin and sideburns. She knew that Healer Casey found this sexually attractive. She also shaved Harry's balls carefully until baby smooth, and trimmed his pubic hair to short soft stubble also a preference of the healer. She oiled his cock and balls, and seemed to enjoy herself a bit when Harry became very aroused during the process. She spent some time on her own pubic mound, and turned her bright red thatch into a very stylistic lightning bolt, which she proudly displayed to Harry, and was surprised when he grabbed her by the buttocks, and planted a kiss right on the bolt. She giggled like a pixy girl in his mind, and a blush grew over her face. Casey put on another fresh lime green robe of the incredibly transparent but soft gossamer material. She had a similar but shorter robe for Harry, but the color of white. She admired his body as he slid the robe over his head.

She loved his playful nature even among the austere environment that they tried to present at the hospital. This was very much experimental therapy, although its applications have been around for thousands of years, the hospital administers were adamant that there should be no appearance of this process being a "brothel for wounded souls" as one jaded bureaucrat had admonished.

But the process was treated with confidentiality and pretty much left out of scrutiny because Casey Slainte and her team had shown such great results over the last five years. Unfortunately, cases of wizard sex crime were up substantially since the return of the Dark Lord. His dogs of war were ruthless in their hate and sexual violence. Rhoswen related this to Harry in her thoughts, and shuddered, and Harry grabbed and held onto her hand as he felt sadness emanate briefly from the Fae. She took his touch to heart, and tried to brighten up and continue on her prepping of Harry for his position as Healer Partner. They took a seat together on a bench in the dressing room. Rhoswen began to give Harry information about Casey Slainte, her sexual peeves, and her likes.

Harry interrupted her right away. "She has beautiful feet, does she like having things done, or doing things with her feet?"

"Oh, Harry do you have a foot fetish, why didn't you say so? Fae toes grip very well, I could have masturbated you with my feet..."'

"I-I yes I do." is all that Harry could muster; he was thinking of how wonderful that would have been.

"Well, I will pass that information on to Healer Casey...but perhaps we can meet another time, away from work...?"

"You don't mind that I am sixteen?"

"We Fae are not so caught up on social mores like deciding what age is appropriate for a sexual being. Honestly, for some people it is at thirteen, while others are not ready until much, much later in life."

"I would like that... Glory." Harry looked directly in Rhoswen's eyes and she blushed again. She looked down and then spoke.

"The answer is yes, Harry, she does like things done to her feet. She enjoys massages, and she does like her toes kissed and licked. She likes it when a male runs his erection all over her body, and that includes along the bottom of her feet. "

Rhoswen offered her delicately smooth foot to Harry, who took it eagerly. She showed him reflexology pressure points that help to excite and stimulate other parts of the body. Harry found with the Fae they were very sensitive and well connected to their pleasure centers, and soon had Rhoswen clinching in orgasm.

As he sucked her toes, he felt another charge of energy from the lovely Rhoswen. He was almost fully erect when Rhoswen ushered him gently into the Energy gathering room. She had hinted and repeated to Harry that as a psychempath, Casey felt things on a much higher level than most humans, and that he must be tender and gentle, as aggressive behavior could be dangerous to the both of them. Harry tried to let go of his experiences with Jean, to hold onto only those gentle feelings he had for her... he knew the rough sex would not be appropriate for this process. The idea was to gather as much healing energy as possible and to help power Casey's transformative magic. Casey had him sit cross legged, fully nude in the center of a sea of pillows. The room was candle lit, and in the shape of the inside of a pyramid.

Casey put him through some almost hypnotic meditative exercises to help relax him, to drain away his stress and worry. She removed his robe and massaged his shoulders and neck gently. As a gauge, she would wrap her body around his. He could feel her full breasts and hardened nipples pressed against his back, the wetness of her bare sex against his lower back, her arms wrapped around him, with one hand over his heart, her legs wrapped around his stomach. Soon she felt the stress leave him, and she tried to throw off what she had absorbed, but Harry was very tense about the process, and she faulted herself for not giving him more prep time, but they just did not have it. She was feeling anxious, and then Harry grabbed one of her feet, and began to massage the bottom of it, and she realized that her Assistant was once again taking care of her. As if on cue, Rhoswen's voice popped into her head, a gentle whisper. "This was his idea, not mine..."

While Harry massaged Casey's beautiful feet, he felt the gentle kisses of Casey on his neck and back. He concentrated on her sexual pleasure centers, on the bottom of her feet, and he could feel her fingers running through the short crop part of his hair on the back of his head and along the sides. He had wished he had got this haircut years ago.

Harry let go of her feet, and turned to pull Casey into his lap, he looked into her eyes and began to kiss her lips gently, to run his fingers along her face and behind her ear to her neck where he held her delicately. She ran her fingers over his face, gripping the sides of his face as she kissed him more passionately. It was surreal to him. He felt her attraction, and she felt his. The strength of sexual energy Harry was giving off was intense, and Casey knew that Harry must have brought Rhoswen to orgasm. This amazed her, as it was not often that the Fae reached that level of pleasure with mortals, as well as sent a pang of jealousy through her. She wanted Harry even more now, here in front of her Fae Assistant. She knew this seemed a bit competitive and petty, but she recognized it as part of her personality. As professional as she tried to be objective and guided; sex and passion always blurred the lines for her. She tried to keep that secret to herself. Certainly she was not doing this for the sex, the healing process of transformative or body magic required it. But as an extreme empath, the passion and pleasure involved made it harder to stay centered and detached, she felt the same things most people felt during sex, but raised to the Nth degree, especially when it came to her feelings for her partners. As an empath she connected fully with her partners, establishing a level of intimacy in one coupling that most do not experience in the first year of their relationship.

Harry kissed into her neck, sucking and biting lightly, making her tingle and bringing gooseflesh to her arms. This was certainly the coaching of Rhoswen. She appreciated it anyway, and let it go, knowing that she should just enjoy the feeling. Someone just coupling with her for the first time would never know all her erogenous zones, but the more heightened her sexual experience, the more healing energy she would be able to conjure and tunnel through Harry later on, and her able Assistant Healer knew this. She closed her eyes and just gave in to the feelings, the time to stop intellectualizing them were at hand.

She reached down into Harry's lap and began stroking his long thick member as she continued to kiss the side of his face and neck as he bent down, now kissing along her shoulders. She had never had sex with a man with a cock this big. It would be a challenge, but one that she looked forward to. This type of full connection would allow her to take as much energy as he was willing to give her. She felt his hands move to her full breasts, cupping and gently kneading them, running his fingers over her hard nipples, her light pink areolas puckered at his touch. His thumb and finger tips twirled around her nipple, they were sensitive and she responded with an ache in her loins as well as a spark at the source. Harry pulled them gently and they grew longer. He began to suck and lick them, and her breathing quickened, and Casey moaned in pleasure. He responded with more passion. This was good for her to know, he liked to hear his lover moan. She felt a surge of warmth into her body from the touch of her hands around his cock and the touch of his lips and tongue and fingers on her nipples and breasts. Harry's prick was incredibly hard and his length stretched fully. She wanted badly to have it inside her, but instead, she pushed him back into the pillows and began to lick and kiss her way down his chest, her fingers caressing his muscular abdomen. He continued to caress her, to touch her where he could while enjoying her lips and tongue on his body. Harry found enjoyment in running his hands through Casey's short spiky hair, and running his fingers along her earlobes.

Casey kissed him at the base of his very thick member. The girth was outstanding; she could not close her hand fully around it. She ran her short fingernails along the long shaft of the immense penis as she began licking her way up to the beautifully cut cock head. He grunted his satisfaction as she placed her lips around his wide head and swallowed down, taking a good third of his cock into her mouth, and to the back of her throat. Rhoswen watched in amazement, knowing her tiny mouth would not be able to open that widely without using her magics to expand her ability to swallow. As it was it was, it was all the Fae could do to keep up swallowing when Harry had erupted in to her mouth; her lips just barely covering the crown of his wide cock. She remembered the taste of his sweet sperm, and licked her lips in anticipation of watching Harry ejaculate into her Healer's pretty mouth. Her hand went to her sex, rubbing it gently as there were no others to observe. She remained attentive to her Healer and to Harry, not only for her needs, but due to the fascination of how well these two people were melding as lovers. Nothing seemed tentative, everything natural. She had only reminded him of a couple of her erogenous zones, Harry seemed to know what to do to please her, and she him. She did let Casey know of his foot fetish, but the passion between the two of them was exploding before her, and she watched as her Healer's aura grew bright green with a burning core of red and pink. She watched the red and pink energy of Harry pump into her body through the cock she was now swallowing deep into her throat. Casey moved so that she was lying over Harry's legs on her knees, her back and ass to his side but now within his reach while she continued to bob up and down on his cock. She wanted to bring him to climax; she knew with the energy infused from Rhoswen, he would soon be incredibly erect again in a very short time.

Harry's hand went to her the top of her muscular rump, caressing it gently where her buttocks separated. His fingertips gently circled around her rectum and Casey moaned. She liked having her asshole gently rubbed. His fingers teased around her sphincter some more and then moved down into the folds of her sex. He spread her wet cunt lips and found the entrance to her vagina. Three fingers went inside slowly, pushing, probing, until they reached a rhythm timed with her mouth moving up and down on Harry's cock. She ran her teeth along his shaft at Rhoswen's suggestion, and then cupped and pulled gently on his very large and full balls. She liked feeling their smooth and fleshy sac.

Harry gasped, and her own pleasure at his hands was also intensifying and so she continued, increasing the friction of her lips and tongue and against his cock until she felt his thick cock jerk and the eruption into her throat of warm fluid. She swallowed and pulled out, to catch and taste more of his life creating fluid in her mouth, the sweet sticky warm man-milk. She swallowed it, then allowed as more and more of the sperm entered her mouth to let it run from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She continues to swallow until his orgasm stopped. She looked up into his face to the intense smile in his eyes and the way he gently held her chin and wiped the sperm from the corners of her mouth. He kissed her on the lips, and then pushed her back into the pillows and began kissing her at her knees. He then lifted her leg, and kissed and licked at the inside bend of her knee. Casey purred in satisfaction, another hint that Rhoswen had given him earlier when they were cleaning up. He licked her down her thigh from the back of her knee to her sex. She widened her legs to further invite Harry to orally please her. Harry kissed and licked her inner thigh and along the edge of her outer labia all around it, building up anticipation. Casey was wet, the folds of her inner lips glistened with her honey glaze.

Harry could feel her fingers playing in his hair as he began to kiss her bare smooth pubis, and then worked down to her the top of the hood of her clit his lips pressing down and rubbing over the top of it, but he did not try to expose the engorged love button, but to tease it to grow further. He could see the pink of its sensitive bulb peeking out from under its flesh hood; He followed the trail of the hood with his tongue, barely grazing the clit to the inner lips, slightly pulled out. He bit her inner labia with his lips, pulling on them, stretching then out and his tongue buried itself into the slit, separating the lips further. He tasted her honey glaze, it was musky but sweet. Her buried his tongue and further slid it further down, and until he found her vaginal entrance. He spent time licking around the sensitive entrance to her pleasure hole, licking the remaining flesh edges of hymen, dipping his tongue in occasionally as he licked and sucked and kissed into the folds of Casey' vaginal canal. She was enjoying the sensations immensely, the touch of his tongue sent electric sparks upside her canal and to her womb. She felt her cervix dilate, something that normally does not happen to anyone during sex but perhaps a very pregnant woman, or a psychempath in full sexual arousal.

She moaned her pleasure as Harry leisurely but passionately continued to give her sex his full attention. His teasing was driving her crazy with lust, and she gently pulled the hood back on her clitoris to gently hint that he could now spend time moving her closer to climax. Harry did not need a hint from Rhoswen to tell him, though she did let him know some of the things she had enjoyed when he was giving cunnilingus to her.

Casey nodded to Rhoswen, and Rhoswen's thoughts came into Harry's head.

"Casey's is feeling a bit overwhelmed right now and is feeling a bit guilty about all the attention you are giving her. She loves it all very much by the way, but she asked me to help out a bit, so please do not be surprised. Oh, and I would very much suggest doing the vibrating lips thing across her clit... I adored it."

Harry felt Rhoswen behind him. And then he felt her tiny bare feet rubbing along his legs and then up to his ass. She rubbed them down his muscular buttocks, and then used them to widen his stance on his knees. His anus and big heavy balls felt very exposed. He continued to lick and suck and kiss Casey's cunt, his lips vibrating over her clitoris, as she grabbed hard onto the hair on the top of his head and pulled in passion. He knew she was close to climax. He felt the tiny smooth toes of Rhoswen grip his balls, and begin to rub and knead his balls. It was driving him wild, and he bore down on Casey with passion, sucking and flicking his tongue across the face of Casey's fully engorged clit. Casey pulled his face into her cunt and clinched her legs around his head, He continued to lick and suck even as she began to squirt and squirm and buck in orgasm. She tried to pat Harry on his shoulders, and half heartedly said, "No, please stop!" Harry heard Rhoswen say in his head, "No, Don't- keep going Harry." Harry followed Rhoswen's advice and brought Casey to multiple orgasms with his continued licking and flicks across the very sensitive clitoral globe. He pulled is face from her sex and she rolled over on her side, panting, gasping, and moaning. He rubbed her back and shoulders. He was hard from the footwork Rhoswen hand performed on his balls, as well as from watching Casey cum and shiver and spasm in orgasm. Casey rolled onto her stomach over a large pillow and raised her ass into the air, moving her knees wider pulling her legs out. Harry enters her, and slowly moves forward, driving his shaft deep inside her wet but tight sex. She squeals and moans, and he moves slowly working his way up, kissing her back as he goes. As he gets deeper, he kisses further up her back, hovering over her, his arms on each side of her. He pushes hard, and feels some resistance as he reaches her cervix, but she pushes back, and his shaft slides, and he is inside her womb. "Gently, gently" urges Rhoswen. Harry allows Casey to rock back and forth on his shaft, and then he pulls back slowly, and then pulls fully out of the healer. He lay down a couple of pillows atop each other, and rolls her over onto her back. Lifting her legs, Casey's pretty feet resting on his shoulders, Harry laid his hand flat under the tiny round of her muscular stomach on her pubic mound and pressed down as he enters her slowly. His thick cock fills her fully, and now with his pressing, the head of his cock rubbed fully over her g-spot.

She gasps, and Harry knows he is in the right spot, he pushes a bit further in, then back and then in and then back slowly working his wide cock crown over her g spot. He soon has Casey moaning and groaning in pleasure. He continues, as the contact is also working for him, and she soon clinches again and Harry comes, and comes again, pushing deeper into her, until he is again past her cervix, pumping his cum directly into her womb.

Rhoswen is watching her healer's aura, and it is glowing an incredibly bright green, brighter than she has ever seen it before. Harry's green aura is also becoming greener as she watches his flow of red and pink energy into Casey turn into a green flow back into his aura through her hands into his body as she touches him. She leaves to insure that Molly is prepped and ready in the adjoining room.

Harry stands, and Casey kneels, and begins to suck his cock which hardens again in less than a minute. She holds his hand, "Sweethar- I mean, Harry. We are not done. I am most in sync with my patients when I am very aware of their various injuries. It is hard to explain, but Molly was anally raped, along with vaginally, and orally all at the same time. I need for you to have anal sex with me for me to feel the biological connections I need to make to direct my healing energies properly. I know that sounds odd, as I do know anatomy. But as an empath, I find what I am familiar with helps me to direct my energy more successfully. I-I am not familiar with anal sex... I understand the concept, but I have never done it. I feel I need to do it with you to fully heal Molly. Will you have anal sex with me?"

"Uhm, yeah, sure. To be blunt, if this is your first time, it can be painful. Do you have oils or some kind of lubrication? "

"I-I have already prepared myself, I must say I have felt vey "squishy" while we have been have sex, but it magically bound with a salve that helps to relax muscles...I am hoping that is enough to take your girth and length. Normally I would reduce your girth a bit, but we need it for Molly, and I do not want to waste any of my transformative magic energy on just my comfort. "

"I will try to be gentle Casey."

"I know you will. Please don't mind me if I cry out, please continue until you have fully penetrated me and have brought yourself to orgasm inside me. Your ... seed contains a powerful amount of energy. What you have put in my womb will probably be enough to power our energy needs, but I want to be sure, I only want to do one transformative session with Molly if we can. After we are done... here, we will clean you fully again. I will need to be physically connected to you, and for logistic reasons it makes sense for my fingers to inside you, so you will have to be comfortable with me anally penetrating you during the restoration process. I apologize for any discomfort this may cause. "

"I can deal with it."

" We will be transforming your testicles to produced a supernormal amount of sperm... it will be ideal if we can have you ejaculate in each area of healing needed. It acts like a super salve if you will, of healing energy. I will need you to concentrate and to repeat the incantations that Rhoswen will tell you as we go through each step. Molly will be awake, but in a very euphoric state so that we minimize her pain. She will be aware of you, and that you and she are coupling. We will start with just of the two of you in the room together alone to bond. Lots of cuddling is best, Harry, avoid direct touching of her mouth, vagina and anus. Light caressing, holding is best. You must be as gentle as you can." She paused, she had been stroking his cock slowly the whole time she talked. Harry stood and began to gently rub his erect cock all over her face, and then down her neck and across her upper chest, and down to breasts, where he rubbed his cock head over her very erect nipples. He continued this process all over her body as she tried to continue with her conversation.

"Her appearance will be disturbing. She will be bruised. She has facial swelling still, and we have healed superficial cuts, but she will be terribly battered. Please do not worry though, you should be able to touch her gently and if you can, please avoid showing overt signs of stress at her appearance."

"I will try the best I can." Harry was worried. He remembered seeing the man he thought of as a father, Arthur Weasley, after his attack by Voldemort's serpent last year, and how sickened he had become. He had to actually leave quietly from his room and go throw up in the public restroom in the hospital. He was now rubbing his cock along the bottom of Casey's feet. He felt some pre-cum smear across her toes. Casey moaned, then gathered her thoughts.

"We-we hope that between the trust she has in you, and the connection you make that we can proceed with the internal healing. You will have to perform oral, vaginal, and anal sex with her - in that order-for the process. This will help with the body magic, and hopefully also build on her gender trust as well. "

"I understand. Really. I know it sounds odd, you talking to me while I seem to just be diddling about, but I really am having a hard time not having sex... I feel like I can't stop..."

"It is an affect of the energy transfer from Rhoswen, I believe you probably go into a brothel right now, and service every prostitute and leave them exhausted while you still wanted more. I am sorry Harry, I hope I can make it up to you now... do you mind dirty talk, Harry?"

"No, I rather like it, is-is that permitted?"

"Between us, yes baby, we can speak to each other however we like... I would suggest you not with Molly... unless she leads you in that direction. So Harry, do you mind if I suck your cock, love? I want to swallow that big fucking dick of yours until you are very hard, then I want you to take that big, hard, meaty cock and fuck my asshole. Would you do that for me baby, please."

"Come be my sweet little slut, Casey, come and suck my cock."

Casey, on her knees, opened her mouth wide and swallowed the massive head and start of Harry's long cock. She sucked and licked around the mushroom head, licking the urethra and glans. "You like that baby? Do you like the way I lick your dick?"

"Yeah Casey, you know how to make my cock to feel good baby! Gawds, you know how to suck cock! Mmmmm, that's it, swallow more of it my little slut!"

"I like being your slut, Harry; because I know who you are, and that turns me on... you know how to be a real man, gentle when needed, but my stud when I want it rough! Do you want to fuck my mouth baby? you can fuck my mouth... make it your cunt if you want... I am your cunt baby."

Casey had never had this type of interaction with one of her healing partners in the past. Personal lovers, yes, but they have been far and few between; when they find out that they must share her with sexual partners at work. It always put too much stress on the relationship because of the internal emotional connections that Casey always makes with her good partners, and the hangover in emotions she ultimately brings home at night. She had never been well at hiding it, and sooner or later she says the wrong name as she cries out in orgasm and the relationship ends. She had not had an outside lover for two years now because of it. She throws herself in her work that now- a-days keeps her very busy. She is so full of Harry's sexual energy that at this moment, she wants to fully please him. Her empathy knows Harry likes to verbalize his sexuality with naughty talk. She enjoys it herself. She wants this experience with him to be rough, passionate. She wants to have his baby, even though she knows this is a physical impossibility. She is barren, and no amount of transformative healing will fix that. It is the price of her gifts. She pushes the thought out of her mind as Harry pushes more of his dong into her mouth; she gags and then relaxes and swallows Harry's cock meat down her throat. She feels her throat bulge as his large head pushes down her esophagus. She moves forward, and holds onto his muscular legs as she allows Harry to push and pull his cock in and out of her throat and mouth. The sexual energy Harry is releasing into her is intense. Casey tries to hold onto her identity as waves of his passion flood her feelings, the sense of sexual pleasure and dominance wave over her. She does not find it malevolent; she feels his passion for her as a lover, but the satisfaction of being in control. She fights back from the contact, and to do so she pulls away from Harry, falling back to take his massive cock out of her mouth and throat. She gasps, strings of saliva pulling from her lips, still attached to his lovely cock.

"Harry, please, take me in my ass. How do you want me?"

" I- I want you to feel comfortable, do you want to face me, straddle me so that you can control the pacing of how much of me you take inside you?"

"No, I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to decide how much of your big wonderful cock you want to put up my bum. I trust you baby, you can come fuck me. Come take me, with me on all fours."

"All right, please relax, I will be careful."

On his knees, being much taller than the diminutive Casey, Harry was able to approach the healer from behind easily. He slowly directed the large head of his penis to rub gently against her tiny pink anus. Casey was excited and pushed back against the pressure of Harry's cock at her back door. Harry slowly pushed forward, gently, and Casey could feel the slow stretching of her anal orifice, the muscles trying to expand to accommodate the much larger than normal object coming in.

She tried to breathe slowly, and found herself starting to pant as the full girth of Harry's wide head entered her, and the sphincter muscles tried to resist the push of the warm hard flesh of his cock as it very slowly entered her anal canal. It was incredibly painful and she moaned and squealed loudly, but urged Harry to continue.

Just inside her anus, Harry found the large amount of lubrication that Casey had used. He pushed his cock in and out of it, trying to spread it along the start of his shaft. He pushed a bit hard, and much of his huge cock slid quickly up and inside Casey.

Casey screamed, "Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy god!", and scrambled up the pillows, trying to achieve an upright position, pulling Harry's cock quickly out of her ass. She stood quivering, and waving her hands in excitement, like she had jumped into an ice cold pond.

"Omigod, omigod, omigod... " Was all she seemed to be able to repeat.

Harry, concerned, had scrambled to his feet, and was at her side, His hand on her shoulder and lower back. "Casey! Are you okay?"

Casey nodded the affirmative, gasping. Soon she seemed to have calmed down, and raised her hand to show Harry she was in control, and Harry knew to immediately back away from her.

"Well, uhm, Right! I believe I have the gist of that ! Let's call it done. Now, if you would excuse me, I must go use the restroom! "

As soon as she said it, she bolted for the adjoining shower/bathroom door and disappeared.

Harry stood, dumb founded, and knowing that apparently anal sex would not be a new addition to the Healer's repertoire of regularly performed sexual acts.

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