Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Sexual Healing Part One

The conversation with Molly had been disjointed. He could tell she was in terrible pain. There would be minutes where there was no conversation because she was gasping, her breathing shallow and raspy. Harry got very little out of her other than some terrible, terrible facts. She had been raped, and Dudley had been taken by a wizard named Olc Dubh Peacach. Harry had to come to Ireland alone or Dudley would die. Then the phone just went dead... Harry did not know if Molly had passed out or worse. He hated to think of her suffering presently, but knew his best bet to help would to be to go back to the past, and if he could help her last night, or try to prevent the attack. This may take more than one trip into the past. Still, he couldn't stand it, knowing Molly and Dudley could be dead or dying right now and he was doing nothing. He decided no matter what he did in the past, he had to help Molly right now if he could, and so he called the number Fred had given him for their apartment. Tonks answered.

"Wotcher Harry, missing me already?"

Harry related to her what he could and had her swear not to bring the Ministry or the Order into this yet. He asked if she had a way to get a Healer over as soon as possible to Molly's house. He was able to get the address out of her during their stressful conversation, and he gave it to Tonks. Tonks said there was an emergency Healer for just this type of thing... wizard on muggle crime that could apparate to her immediately. She hung up with Harry and apparated herself to the Ministry building and to the Emergency Medical Unit within Wizard crimes. She was able to convince them that an anonymous tip had been called in for the sexual attack on a muggle woman in Cork. Unfortunately, lately, since Voldemort's return, this was not uncommon.

Casey Slainte, a Healer with St. Mungo's who was familiar with Ireland, and an Irish witch herself, was dispatched immediately to Molly's house.

The phone rang at the Dursley house, and Harry had been sitting next to the one in the kitchen, half-heartedly eating a Parma ham sandwich he had made to stay busy and to stave off the rumbling in his stomach that he had been ignoring for the last hour. He quickly picked up the phone, and out of habit, stated "Dursley household, how may I help you?"

It was Petunia. Harry surprised himself on how welcoming it was to hear her voice. He could not tell her that her only son had been kidnapped. He would have to remain calm as he could. He wanted to see her, to be her one last time in case what he had to do went horribly wrong.

'Harry, it's me. I was checking in on you... I am alone in the office at the moment..."

'Petunia, so good to hear your voice... though I would rather have you here at home, running my tongue in and out of your beautiful pussy..."

"Harry, how bold!... do tell me more..."

"I want my fingers caressing your wonderful behind, it gives me naughty thoughts, touching your bum and your tight little cunt. My cock is so hard and my balls are aching to pump my man cream inside your lovely mouth... Come home Petunia... take a lunch break and let me fuck you. I need to fuck you."

"Omigod Harry, I-I don't know what to say... you have my knickers wet already... I do miss that big cock of yours... you do know how to use it so well..."

"Come home and let me taste your sweet puss...I want to swallow your sweet pussy juice while you are taking my cock deep inside pretty mouth."

"Oh Harry! I just can't... so much to do still! "

"I want you Petunia! It has been hard for me these last few days... seeing you but not getting to touch you like I want. I have had to masturbate by just smelling your sweet cunt on your have turned me into a panty sniffer Petunia!"

"Oh Harry... please control yourself! I-I find it ... gratifying that you miss me, but we must behave... I have to concentrate on making this fundraiser the best it will be... you will be attending it with me... won't you?"

"Well, of course I will... anything to support you. You have not told me much about it..."

"I want it to be a bit of surprise for you. I think you will enjoy it... I have certainly am planning on having a good time! In the mean time, have you taken care of those items that I have given you to do?"

"Yes Auntie, I have. I am just doing a bit of straightening around the house and reading because of the rain."

"Yes, it is a bit of a dreadful day... It would have been the kind of day we could have spent in bed... don't you think?" There was more than a hint of sexual innuendo in her tone.

"I think any day of the week would be good day to spend in bed with you Petunia. You are such a fucking sexy milf!"

Petunia laughed girlishly. Harry knew he was laying it on thick, but he really did want to have Petunia one more time before he went off into the past once again, this time to save Dudley. He was never going to get out of this week in June, or so it seemed. Perhaps that was the price he was paying for this quantum use of magic. For him it had now been almost a week in time since he had a chance to be with Petunia, and no matter what his feelings were with Jean, the bond between the Petunia and himself included blood and magic, and that was a powerful combination.

"Oh Harry, I do think that I could drop by for just twenty minutes or so... The girls do have things in hand, and my next meeting is in an hour... "

"Please come home, Petunia. I so want to be inside you! Come let me fuck you for awhile."

"I will be home soon then. I-I could use the release."

She hung up, and Harry was wondering what level of hell he would end up in when he died. He was going to fuck the hell out of his aunt, and then go into the past and rescue her only son that she had no idea had been kidnapped, and if he could help it, she never will.

The phone rang again. Harry thought it was probably Petunia, having cold feet. He picked up the phone and sighed, " Hello?"

"Harry, its Tonks... just wanted to let you know that they got to her in time... she is in bad shape and keeps asking for you, but they have her stabilized. She is at Saint Finbarr's in Cork. It is a sister hospital of St. Mungo's. Casey thinks that it is important that you be there for her recovery. She would not go into detail... said it was patient confidentiality. You need to get to St. Mungo's soon, and then take their Floo network to St. Finbarr's in Cork. Do whatever you did to take your last vacation... this is important love."

"I can handle it. But I will have to fly to St. Mungo's... can you give me directions? I have only been there by Floo and the Dursleys' hearth is not hooked up to the network."

"We placed a port key to St. Mungo's at your house... just in case. You have to go to the roof of your house. In the gutter facing your backyard near the patio is a tennis ball. Grab that tennis ball and it will take you to Mungo's. At the front desk, give this password, "Order Restored". Go to the billing desk... not the Welcome Witch... her line is always too long, and they will help you out immediately. Harry, are you sure you don't need my help?"

"Not right now. I just need to prepare a few things ... I will get hold of you... I promise... but I need to be careful right cousin's life is at stake and I do not want to endanger him. Were they outside Molly's house at all?"

"Not that we know about- Casey apparated in and out of the house, no one watching the place would know Molly was gone."

" That is good. Okay. I have to get some things together to make this happen. Thank you Tonks! Please I will be in touch if I need help... but let me take care of what I can on my own first. I am pretty sure they are serious about keeping others out of this, and I need to get Dudley back safe. Promise me you won't bring the Order or any more Ministry people into this?"

"I promise Harry. At this point it is being treated as a standard wizard on muggle crime, no connection to you. They do not know Molly is somehow related to you, even if it by marriage."

"Thanks love. Really."

"Got your back Harry. You know that. Kisses Harry. Please take care of yourself."

"I will."

Harry's thoughts were jumbled. He had Petunia coming which now seems like a mad lark . His conversation with Molly was still playing through his head.

He had been able to get Molly to tell him the name of the club where they were attacked, and approximate time that it happened. He asked her what she had been wearing. She thought he was mad, but gave him the information. He promised her he would come, and that he would help. He wondered what would have happened if he just stayed around a twenty minutes more instead of going back in time earlier to visit Hermione. He realized that it had not affected this event... or had it? Was this the price of him going back in time? Now his cousin was in deep trouble, or possibly already dead.

His rational thought was he knew he had plenty of time, if he was going back in time, but he felt the need to rush, the urgency of the situation. He stopped and gathered his thoughts. In order to be packed before Petunia came home, he needed a bit more time. He gathered some water and easy to eat food: apples, some snack bars and took them upstairs to his room. He used the time turner to go back about fifteen minutes. He placed a Muffliato spell on the second floor so not to alarm his past self, who would be caught up in conversations with Tonks or perhaps Petunia too, as he had no idea how long he was on the phone with either of them. He took the dirty clothes out of his duffel bag, and found clean ones. He pulled out the Firebolt and opened the saddle bag. It easily swallowed the food and clothes into its magically expansive insides. He wished he had his wand, but felt the unregistered one he had on him was safer. Tonks had confirmed for him that it could not be traced back to him. Even the pipe he used as a wand did not register as his magic, or she would have told him that when relating the follow up events in Reading. He considered packing the pot. He left it under his mattress.

He put a replenishing spell on the food and water in Hedwig's bowl. He was not sure the outcome. He wanted her fed, though he knew she could hunt well enough on her own. He packed anything magical he had that he thought could help him.

His packing was completed, his fifteen minutes ran out, and found himself downstairs, merged back into his present self, now aware that he was fully packed, Firebolt, coat and wand and time turner waiting for him on his bed. He heard the Honda pull up into the drive. He was waiting at the door, his shirt and shoes already off. Petunia was no more in the door when he slammed it shut and pulled her into his arms. He began to kiss her neck and ear, his arm at her waist, the other at her back. Petunia melted immediately, and allowed Harry to gently but quickly undress her. Harry lay her clothes on foyer bench, and pulled her, now only in her bra and panty hose, into the kitchen, and to the casual dining table. He took knife off the counter, and then unsnapped her bra with one hand. As Petunia was pulling it off her shoulders and over her large breasts, Harry ran the flat of the cold steel blade along her stomach. Petunia gasped. She did not move, but held her stomach tight. Harry pulled the bra straps completely off her, and dropped it to the table. Harry carefully pressed the flat of the steel blade the safe dull back edge facing up, along the underneath of her large firm hanging breasts, and then up and over her firm mounds to her hardened nipples. He turned the blade slightly, lightly grazing her nipples slowly with the sharp edge of the knife. Petunia was panicked, and her breasts were heaving. Harry turned the knife quickly away flicking the tip of her left nipple without slicing it. He put his left hand flat to her tan and freckled back, and pushed Petunia down, forcing her to bend over the table. He ran the blade over her nude panty hose, caressing her ass with one hand as he brought the tip of the blade, facing out towards him, to the start of her buttocks and pierced the panty hose at the top of her well-defined ass crack. He sliced outwards, splitting the panty hose down between the cheeks of her firm round behind, and then under to panty hose's cotton crotch. With a quick flick, he slice through and down, between her legs. Petunia could feel her dangling labia touch the cold sides of the metal blade but not its sharp edge. Her ass and sex where now fully exposed. Harry threw the knife onto the counter, much to the relief of Petunia. She widened her stance, her cunt already dripping , drops of her pussy juice dripping slowly from the tips of her full and pouting pussy lips. Harry dropped his pants, and she felt his hard thick cock slide along her ass, his large wonderful cock crown rubbing against her rectum, and down into the folds of her sex. She moaned her approval and whispered, " Oh Harry, please fuck me. Take me now!"

Harry pushed his incredibly hard member deep up and into the wet luxurious insides of Petunia's vagina. She gasped. She had not had his cock for three days. She felt the warm fullness of his fleshy hardness push up and deep inside her. She felt the prick fill her pussy completely. He felt bigger, thicker than she remembered. His kisses her on her neck and back made her tingle. She could feel his lips sucking on her shoulder, leaving a love bite mark. He was marking her as his own, Vernon be damned. She would not worry about hiding it either, not that she thought he would even notice it; yet it brought her a satisfaction that she could not put into words. She moaned and groaned her appreciation, as she knew that Harry would like that. He loved to hear her moan whether in pain or pleasure. As if on cue, He began to fuck her harder. She laid her weight onto the table and her hands palm flat in front of her, and raised her ass. "Fuck me harder baby." she sighed. Harry complied with sharp hard forceful strokes of his rod deep into her. She let loose with a small orgasm as he gripped her hips with force and slid more of his cock up insider her, pressing down with his shaft, working successfully to rub along her g-spot.

Soon she could feel Harry's muscular abdomen pressing against her wet sex and rump. She could feel his cock pressing against her uterus, and onto her cervix. She cried out in pleasure squeezing the muscles along her vaginal walls to grip and hold his lovely cock. He continued to fuck her until she came again, this time with a much stronger orgasm, the flood of her love sap dripping out as he forced his staff in and out of her. She looked back, and begged.

"Harry, please, please take me in my ass, put your big cock up my bum! Please baby!" She knew he would make her beg some more. She got on her knees in front of him, taking his hard cock slick with her honey glaze and swallowing it, biting it, sucking and licking it. She had him even more erect in no time. Her gaze was on his eyes, looking at his face for pleasure. She opened her throat and felt him push and force his cock down it. She gagged a bit, but held onto his hips and pulled her face forward until she had the tip of her nose at his stomach. She could feel his sweat and heat from him, smell the musk of their sex on his cock and balls. Harry grunted in appreciation, and pulled his cock out of her mouth, and she waited for him to strike her across the face with his meat stick, but he did not. He slowly rubbed the head of his cock around the smeared lipstick of her mouth, smiling at her.

"Petunia, you are such a fine fuck, I don't know what I am going to do when I have to go back to Hogwarts. "

She smile back. "Baby, let's now worry about that now...please come in my ass. I need to feel your big cock up my bum. Fuck me baby, please fuck me in my ass."

She got on all fours, lowering her shoulders and raising her ass as high as she could, with her legs spread wide, easily exposing her little pink rectum. She felt Harry straddle her and she squealed as his wide cock head stretched and pulled her little sphincter open and she felt his cock slick with her saliva push slowly and deeply into her anal canal. She squealed some more as more of his thick shaft shoved in deeper, and stretched her tight alimentary canal. She cried and moaned out of pain, "Oh Harry, you're wrecking my ass with that big cock, omigod, omigod, I don't think I can take any more of it! Please , please omigod fuck me love, but just fuck my ass slowly... It hurts so much!" She squealed again as he slowly pushed more of his dong up into her. Petunia squealed and cried at the feeling, and then she felt his cock pull inside her and a warm surge of his sperm deeper into her ass. She felt his hard, hard cock jerk inside her again, and she squealed as he did one final push and brought as much of his rod into her that she could bear, being as thick around as it was. She felt him come some more, and some more and she continued to moan and squeal to egg him on. He finally pulled out of her and an eruption of semen and seminal fluid followed out and down. She raised herself to a kneeling position and took his offered cock back into her mouth, and sucked the rest of the dripping semen from his cock and around his shaft and balls. She had the urge to shit and had to quickly bolt to use the bathroom off the kitchen. Petunia returned looking much more relaxed than she had all week. She watched as Harry used the spell "Scourgify" to clean up the evidence of their sex from the floor and table. She walked up to him, placing her hand gently on the side of his face.

"Thank you Harry. I believe I needed that. I must return to the club."

Harry ran his hand along the back of her ass, first running two fingers into her twat, then pulling them out, and touching the panty hose and stated, "Reparo lingerie." Petunia's panty hose returned back to their pristine state. He even repaired the run she had on the bottom of her foot. Harry placed his face against her breasts and hugged her, and took the opportunity to take a quick suck on her nipples. She held him for a moment, then gently pushed him away from her. "I really must get going back, and if you keep that up, we will be fucking again and ultimately I will not be happy if I miss my meeting."

Harry just grinned and pulled back, and put his pants back on. He noticed that Petunia watched his cock until it was once again under the cover of his jeans. She was putting back on her bra, and she noticed Harry's eyes did not leave her breasts even after she had her bra back on. She shook them bit and watched Harry's eyes bounce with along with her tits. She smirked. She sauntered back to the foyer, and had Harry assist her to step back into her skirt while still in her heels, and she place her blouse back on and tucked it neatly back into her skirt. She left one button more open at her cleavage than when she first came to the house. She kissed Harry on the cheek, and noticed that he seemed to have a sad look on his face. She put her hand to his cheek. "Perhaps tonight, after Vernon goes to bed and is fully asleep, I will come over to give you a blow job... would you like that Harry?"

"Or perhaps I can come over to your room and I can eat your pussy right from your bed with him snoring next to you."

"Ah Harry, you are such a nasty boy. You are truly my nephew. We will see. Oh my, I think my knickers are wet again. I put in my butt plug just to keep some of your cum in my ass, Harry, I will ache for your cock all afternoon. Just thought you might like to know that."

She turned and left. Once again , prim and proper and all business in facial expression and action as she slid into the driver's seat of the family Honda. Harry watched her place on new lipstick and adjust her make-up, and in moments, the little Honda was roaring out of the neighborhood.

Harry went back to the kitchen and poured himself some orange and pineapple juice from the fridge and gulped it down. He looked at the clock on the wall and figured out when he had last went back in time. He walked up to his room and picked up the time turner, and setting it so that he returned to the time just to before Petunia's arrival. He activated it, and stopped and listened. He heard the Honda pull into the drive, and then the sound of himself meeting Petunia at the door. He knew they would not pay attention to any noise at that point, and put on his long coat and felt around until he found the Firebolt and grabbed it, disappearing from view. He walked down the stairs and stayed to watch him fuck about with Petunia with the knife, and then to slice open her pantyhose and bend her over the table. Gods that woman looked great bent over a table! He felt himself getting erect. He wished he could watch more, but he left quietly out the front door, and flew up to the roof of the house. Harry now set the time turner back further to about the time he was having the phone conversation with Petunia that convinced her to come home.

He crept quietly to the edge, the roof, holding onto his broom tightly, and then sat down. He scooted to the edge. The neon green tennis ball was evident in the gutter. It was a good thing there was no reason to clean them out, as they were clean as a whistle , or he could have been up here on chores and earlier in the summer, and ended up flung to St. Mungo's one afternoon.

Harry sat solidly on the roof, gripping the Firebolt tightly in his left hand, it lying across his lap, and he reached down and easily picked up the tennis ball, and immediately- his body was spinning, like he was on the edge of the eye of a hurricane.

With great effort, he climbed onto his broom, as it floated and skimmed in dizzying circles. This went on for what seemed minutes, and then there was sudden sharp vertical drop. Harry knew this meant from previous port key transports, that he was at his destination. He dropped the ball, and kicked the broom up, and flew in gentle circles until he landed in a tiny garden within the tall stone walls of the sheltered lawns of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Harry knew that outside the stone walls around the modest lawn of of the hospital was downtown London. Here in the garden was enough room for a few patients to be out in fresh air while mending. He looked up at the sky and realized that it must be an enchanted magical dome over the garden, for one could only see sunshine and white puffs of cloud and blue sky and chirping birds. The real weather outside was still truly dreary and misty wet.

Harry carried the Firebolt, until he found a tiny garden bench and sat down. He pulled out his cloak and the broom became visible once more. He pushed the cloak into a deep pocket on the long coat.

He was not familiar with where he was in the hospital, but the noise and chaos of the waiting room seemed to be nearby so he gravitated to it, and found the line of people waiting to speak to the Welcome Witch. Currently she was having trouble communicating with a very hard of hearing wizard . It took the Witch quite a long time to get enough information from him regarding his accident to send him to the correct area for care. This was due to the fact that he had apparently apparated into a cauldron shop's back room instead outside the shop, and now had Cauldrons fused to his feet and covering his head. She had a nurse accompany him clanging down the hall to Transportation Accidents. Harry watched this while standing in a much shorter line that lead to a window labeled Billing Department. He was soon at the window and looking at a very prim and proper young man in clothes that looked to be from the early nineteenth century, completed with bow tie, overly large starched white collars and shirt cuffs. He had on a silk paisley vest underneath his suit. His black hair was parted in the middle and heavily greased, and his chin came to what looked to be a dangerously sharp point. He nose was a prominent Romanesque feature in the middle of his face. He wore tiny spectacles which were very shiny. They made Harry conscience of how dirty his own glasses were at the moment. Harry took them off his face and cleaned them with his shirt tail. The man looked at him patiently.

Harry finally realized he had not said anything to the young man, and quickly responded. He announced, " Oh yes- uhm, Order Restored!"

The young man looked at him suspiciously, "Are you sure?... say it again."

Harry leaned in, and quietly and slowly pronounced, " Order...Restored. Please."

"Who do you wish to see?" she asked.

I need to go to Saint Finbarr's in Cork Ireland. My... cousin is there. They say it is important I come, she is asking for me."

"We are connected to St. Finbarr's by the Floo Network. Ask for Casey Slainte, She knows Order. She will take care of things. Follow the green line to the main Hearth. Make sure to use the long distance floo powder. "

"Uhm, thank you." Harry was elated that there was a more convenient way to connect to Cork. He was thinking he would have to fly his Firebolt to the Irish city. The fastest route would be over about 100 kilometers of open sea. He had to meet with this Healer Casey, then talk with Molly so that he could figure out what to do. He was hoping he could do most of his work in the past so that he could return back to Little Whinging by Wednesday evening before Vernon or Petunia returned home. He did not expect Petunia to call again. She had left him to his own devices, no chores, so need for her to follow up. He had to re-think what he was going to do. He knew his plan was slapdash, but it was the best one he could form in such a short time. It would really depend on what Molly could tell him. He figured he would have to use the time turner once or twice to get this fixed, do what he could to prevent her from being attacked and rescue Dudley, or prevent the incident if he could. Harry thought he could try to intercept Molly and Dudley and prevent the incident, or at least shadow them and try to protect them. He knew there would be a risk with this; changing the time line drastically could cause an equally disastrous event to occur at another time or place. If he could find the pivotal moment that could alter events with the least impact, then maybe he could make things right. A ton of ifs and Harry had no clue. He had never heard of the Ravagers or this dark wizard Peacach. He walked tracking the green line down one hallway, then on to the next. At one point he was sure he made three right turns and then doubled back, but finally after ten minutes, he was standing in front of a large hearth stone that stated on a scripted brass plaque attached to the hearth, Ireland and Points West. There was a glassed directory next to the hearth listing the casts needed in order to arrive at the destination wanted. For Cork, Ireland, it listed Saint Finbarr's. It said to use the blue floo powder, large handful. Harry stepped into the stone box and grabbed grabbed a large handful of blue powder from a levitating cauldron , and threw it down as he announced as clearly as he could "Saint Finbarr's".

Harry felt a pull stronger than he had ever felt before, even from his trip from Hogwarts, and a sense of entering a very fast stream of wind only to then feel himself being thrown. He wrapped himself around the Firebolt to protect it, and ended up being hurled from a stone structure and across a floor, bowling over a large man standing what he thought was a safe distance from the Floo entrance. Harry got up from the floor, still gripping his broom and stooped over the gentleman with whom he had collided.. He felt sorry for the confused fellow. Luckily, he seemed not to be injured more than one would be when tackled, and others around him helped him up along with Harry. People were staring and shaking their heads at Harry. Harry murmured his apologies, stating that he must have used a bit too much blue floo powder. He hugged the wall and inched his way out the crowded area, working hard to avoid nudging or bumping into others. He made it to the directory and started looking through to determine what ward he needed to go to. He find one labeled Special Ward... Muggle patients, sixth floor. He took the elevator and found himself first going backwards and then up, and then down before the light marking the sixth floor alit and the doors opened. He walked to the desk and caught the attention of the very attractive Healer's assistant sitting there writing in a file with an "Ahem. Please can you help me?"

She had sparkling black eyes, red hair the color of a maple in fall, and pointed ears that showed she had some Fae in her heritage. She wrote down on a pad, and then showed it to him: Why certainly! Who are you here to see?"

" I am here to see Molly McDonough, but I was told to contact Healer Casey Slainte."

She wrote something down, looking concerned: Oh yes, the horrid attack. Casey is waiting for you, though I must say you made excellent time, she was only on the phone with the London contact just minutes ago."

"Yes, I came immediately. Travel by portkey then Floo." Harry said out of breath.

She then wrote : Then you will need some chocolate. I will bring you a drink after I let Healer Slainte know you are here.

"Thank you."

One last note: Please take a seat over there. She motioned over to a set of comfortable couches and chairs.

Harry waited, a bit fretful. He was not sure what he would hear both from the doctor, and from Molly. As much as Dudley had been a pain in his ass over the years, he certainly did not want him hurt or dead, and he knew that if Dudley was dead, it would tear Petunia apart. She would more than likely become barking evil mad. She was already a bitter person as she was. If she were to lose Dudley, Harry seriously would be more afraid of her than he would ever be of Voldemort. Harry was served his hot chocolate, which he half heartedly sipped until he suddenly felt more energetic, so continued drinking it until he felt much better. He had not realized how tired he had felt.

A very large man arrived. He was at least seven feet tall and had a very large barrel chest. He had great flowing blonde beard, which reached to his waist. He wore small square glasses stained orange. He wore the lime green robes of the Healer. He bowed low. "I am Intern Healer Inann Cabhru. Please come this way for the tests."

"Tests? I-I'm sorry, there must be a misunderstanding, I am not the one who is sick."

"You are Harry Potter?"


"Then there is no misunderstanding, this way for the magical compatibility and aura testing. Once we have determined your levels, then Healer Slainte can meet with you."

"I don't understand- why are tests needed for Healer Slainte to be able to talk to me?"

"You are part of the healing plan for Molly McDonough are you not?"

"Well of course I want her to get better, and if I can help at all I want to."

"Then you must take the compatibility tests and have your aura levels examined if we are going to perform the type of body magic needed to heal her."

"Uhm, alright, if that is what it takes, then let's do it."

"Please come this way."

Harry followed behind Inann, not really knowing where he was going, the man was so large he really could not see around him in the hall. Often they met people and Inann would have to turn sideways in the hall to allow others to pass by. On one occasion, Harry had to steady an elderly woman who tried to creep around the big Healer and slipped. He made sure the woman was fully back on her feet and walking, and then caught up to the unaware healer who had continued plodding forward. At a hall way intersection, a rushing orderly with tray of tubes and vials was surprised on his turning to look up and see the massive Inann in front of him. He stopped short, but the items on his tray did not, and several bottles went flying. Harry caught several, and helped the orderly to pick up those that fell. He carefully placed them back on the tray, and nodded to the orderly. Inann just patiently waited and then continued on his path. They took an elevator down one floor, and Harry felt sorry for the way the healer had to stoop and bow his head both inside the elevator and upon getting in and out of it. When Inann mentioned yet another elevator, Harry asked , "Is there a stairwell we can take instead?"

The healer smiled. "Yes there is."

"Would you mind if we took it? I would not mind the walk."

"That would be fine. Please, this way." Harry followed Inann down a series of wandering steps and one point he could swear they were walking upside down on the back of a set of steps that they had taken up to another level just minutes before. Like the stairwells at Hogwarts, they had to wait on a landing for the stairwell to swing and rotate and connect to another level before they could take the final flight to their destination.

On the final step going up, Inann tripped, his sandal caught on his robe, and he began to fall back. Harry tried to catch his weight to steady him, which would have worked if he had been one or two steps behind the large man, but he was another one down, which threw them both off balance. They both began to fall. Harry grabbed onto the Healer and yelled "Wingardium Leviosa Maxima!" They fell back a few feet more, and Harry thought he would be crushed under the big man when they both began to float. They both floated to the top of the stairs, and Inann grabbed hold of the door handle with Harry on his back. Harry announced, "Finite Incantatem!", and both dropped to the floor gently. Inann did not say a word, he only turned around and smiled and nodded. Harry did not say a word either, just nodded back and walked through the door that Inann held open for him.

Harry found himself in a large white room, whose walls, floors, and ceiling seemed to be made of porcelain. When Inann closed the door behind them, even the back of the door was a sheet of white porcelain. With the close of the door, the room appeared as seamless room of white, no outline of the door was evident. In the center of the room was a low bed.

Inann motioned to the bed. "Please take off your clothes and lie down."

Harry complied, a bit nervous. The bed seemed to be made of a blown glass and was cold against his skin. Harry shivered.

"Do not worry, the bed will warm up soon," Inann replied as he pulled out a small case from a pocket in his robes, and removed a pair of goggles that appeared to have crystal lenses cut into many facets. He took off his spectacles and placed them into the case, and put on the odd crystal goggles. Inann pulled out a wand, which appeared to be black walnut inlaid with red cedar. It has been turned on a lathe, with several spirals that wrapped around a series of wide beads. The wand's core was a very thin glass vial of unicorn blood. It was certainly a Healer's wand, much too pretty and delicate for dueling or defensive spell casting. With a wave, whatever light that was illuminating the room dimmed. With a gesture toward the bed and a double flick, the bed began to glow white under Harry, and he could feel it warm comfortably against his skin. A brighter band began to glow within the bed, starting at his head and moving slowy in waves down to his feet, only to start again at his head, over and over.

Inann, obviously entranced in his observation did not realize that he had said aloud, "Interesting!"

What he was seeing was the spectral aura colors emanating from Harry, enhanced by the aural projection lamp within the bed. There was a small spider web pattern that seemed to center from the scar on his forehead, and spread thinly out over his aura, tiny threads of grey and brown and sickly green intertwined with spots of red, the colors of greed, depression , deceit, sadness, jealousy, and ego. All this lay within layers of strong aura bands of green, red, orange, blue and indigo, with smaller streaks of pink and yellow. Harry's core was deep red with large bands of green and blue and orange. Blue and green and red emanated from his hands and head as well as his penis. Pink was strong around his head and heart. Inann smiled.

Inann was very much aware of the legend of Harry Potter and his famous scar. This young man had much potential, but would have to find balance and reduce his red aura if he wanted to become an enlightened individual, but this mix of aura was still very beneficial for their plans to heal Molly McDonough. The other tests on the way here had shown him to be sensitive and selfless, as well as brave. He would be a good match for the type of body magic healing that Casey Slainte had planned for Molly. It did not hurt that he was handsome as well. She would enjoy the joining that they would need to do to create the healing needed in this case. The full scan was complete, and she was satisfied with the outcome. She removed the goggles and put them in a pocket in her robes.

At that point, she assumed her normal form, and the hulking form of Inann morphed into that of a young woman, perhaps in her early thirties. She was athletic in build, fit, and attractive. Her hair was dark auburn, and she wore it short, tapered at her neck. With a shock of thickness on top, which she wore spiked and askew. Her ears were petite and round, her neck long. Her eyes were a beautiful deep violet. Her shoulders were broad and her arms muscular. She was full breasted but not overly large. Her hips were nicely wide, with a thigh gap that made Harry's cock thicken. She had shed the large robes as she had morphed and stood nude before him. Her stomach was muscular and firm, her pelvic bones were evident at her hips. She was shaved clean, no pubic hair. Her legs were firm and shapely. Her feet. Harry thought her feet were beautiful. They were a bit long for a woman her size of roughly 5 and half feet, but the skin was flawless without callous and her arches high.

"Hello Harry. I hope you forgive my deception, but I often find it is easier to learn about others with a bit a anonymity. I must say for a young man of eighteen years old, you show a sensitivity and awareness of what is happening around you well beyond your years. Are you sure you are not older?" She smiled.

"I am sure I am not older than eighteen." He affirmed. It was not a lie. Apparently whatever body magic Petunia had done, it apparently registered his body at age eighteen. "Can you tell me what is going on, what is the plan to help Molly?"

"Molly has undergone serious trauma. We have stabilized her blood loss and have begun replacing it. We have done what we can to temporarily repress her memories of the event- " She held up her hand- " We know you need information from her, that another's life is on the line here, she told us that numerous times- we have not obliviated those memories from her... she is in more a of deep hypnotic trance to keep those memories from surfacing and her reliving them over and over."

Harry's look of consternation relaxed immediately from his face. He looked thoughtful. "You mentioned body magic... what does that entail?"

Casey walked over casually and sat on the edge of the glass bed, still pulsing to keep it warm. It was a red and pink glow emanating from inside it. "My ancestors were Druid. I have carried on traditions that are thousands of years old. I focused my studies and practice on the shaman healing magics. These include the use of body magic- using the body as the focus of magic to transform and to heal others. But it comes with a cost. It requires great amounts of personal energy. Often this requires more than one person's energy. More energy can be created through...intimate contact. Sexual energy has great creative and healing properties. I have the ability of focusing these energies from my body and from others that I have been intimate with. I have to be frank, in cases like this, it is not pretty. Molly has had her insides stretched to limits of capacity and beyond. There have been ruptures and bleedings. Like I said, we have the bleeding controlled and the blood loss replaced." She paused.

Harry had sat up and was sitting next to her on the bed. His feet now on dangling near hers above the floor. Their thighs touched and no one moved. They remained sitting close, with skin touching, on the glass bed. Casey looked down, not trying to look obvious while she looked over Harry's muscular legs, and to the length and thickness of his slightly aroused penis. She thought that she could work well with him, but was troubled by the odd infection that seemed to have latticed his aura. There was an odd influence here, yet he had shown himself to be selfless and protective and empathetic to others' needs. She found this very attractive in him. His core aura energies could certainly handle the work before them, as well as help to strengthen the healing process. Now with their thighs pressed together, she could feel her own body responding to the closeness of his. She was becoming moist between her legs. She could feel her nipples hardening slightly, now more so as she became conscious of it.

Harry cleared his throat, began to speak, then stopped, as if he was trying to gather his thoughts and then spoke again. "So you think we can work together to try to heal Molly?"

"Even though I understand you two have never met, she has an inherent trust in you. She feels that you will be able to make this all better, and to be able to rescue your cousin. Yes, I think you are the perfect candidate for what Molly needs. She has been raped. In the past, we treated this only from a physical standpoint... leaving the woman, muggle or witch, to deal with the emotional impact on her own. Over time, we unfortunately found that was a poor method of treatment. There was a high amount of suicide, or cases of total social and mental withdrawal. Personal relationships suffered, especially those with the opposite sex, as most rapes occurring have been male- on- female violence. So then we tried other techniques; obliviation, hypnosis, and gender preference reassignment. "

"What, you forced them to become gay?"

"This was early on... certainly nothing I have practiced... the trust was destroyed between the victim and the opposite sex. The idea was to allow for healthy relationships to be encouraged and developed among their own sex where that healthy trust still existed. A series of small post hypnotic suggestions, as well as steering the victim towards compatible same sex contacts, seemed to be successful. Of course, this was not seen as ideal, and some times, after some time, the victim would break off these relationships, never feeling satisfied with the results. This was the same results generally found over time when memory obliviation and hypnosis treatment techniques were used, but seemed to happen much more often with these two more intrusive methods. "Healer Casey paused again. "Are you thirsty? I can have some tea brewed quickly..."

"Uhm, sure. That would be good. Yes."

Casey continued on, now feeling a bit more in control of her body, which she preferred. She felt odd at how quickly her attraction to this Harry Potter had surfaced. She certainly had hoped she was beyond any school girl celebrity type attractions, but the testing showed him to be more than just celebrity hype. " With gender preference reassignment, many other victims thrived and found the happiness again that had been taken away from them. It continues to be a therapy used, but has been improved, and only used with those victims who have bi-sexual, or stronger same sex preferences found during psychological testing. We are now trying the difficult therapy of trying to rebuild gender trust for those who still carry a strong preference for heterosexual relationships. We have found the sooner we start this process, the better the chance that the base of the trust level has not completely been eroded, and that there is some base foundation for growth." There was a knock at the door, and the tea arrived, carried on a cart pushed the same Fae Assistant Healer who had been at reception. She now wore a diaphanous gown of lime green with a thin veiled hood. She was fully nude underneath. Harry was very surprised that his imagination was pretty much on the mark on what she would look like naked. She smiled knowingly at Harry, seeming to acknowledge the same thought as he.

Casey watched Harry's reaction to her assistant. He was definitely an 18 year old male. She noticed the appreciative glances, the nod and smile for recognition, but no overt body movements or posturing that she would normally expect. "Harry, this is Assistant Healer Rhoswen Breena. She works with me and with other Healers in the St. Finbarr's Trauma Unit. She will be working with us during our healing process with Molly."

Harry nodded, "Hello again." Rhoswen only nodded and smiled. She waved hello and signed something to Casey.

"Harry, Rhoswen cannot speak. She was injured as a child and lost the ability to speak in the standard sense, but can speak to you mind to mind, but there is a bit of process to go through for her to make that connection with you. She would like to do that with you, would you be willing?"

"Uhm, sure, yes. I would think it would make it easier for all of us to work together if we communicate as well as we can." Harry smiled. This was odd, but certainly interesting, and despite the gnawing urgency he was feeling for his cousin, He knew he had to spend time with Molly in order to find out what he can to help Dudz, and therefore, he needed to spend time with the doctors to help Molly.

"I guess I should tell you that the fastest way to make this connection is through some intimate sharing, is that acceptable?"

"I-I guess so."

"Then, if you do not mind, I will leave you two to have some tea and to... to make the connection, while I go ready our room where we will gather our energies in order to move on to our healing work with Molly."

Harry only nodded, but grabbed the hand of the Healer before she could turn to leave. He held onto it tightly. "So you think we can really help Molly?" Casey looked into the green eyes of Harry Potter, her own violet eyes looking fiercely determined. She gripped his hand back, and could feel his energy pulsing into her already without the need for any type of bonding preparation. As a psychempath, she knew she would be exposing much. She could tell her heart would be heavy weeks after this healing, missing him. She was well aware of the emotional dangers to herself with the type of energy sharing they would need to do together. Already she felt pangs of jealousy in just having to share him with Rhoswen and that was just from her contact sitting side by side with him.

She felt badly not being totally honest in telling Harry of all the possible side effects of this venture. She was afraid that a young man of this age knowing all that could possibly happen would probably end up backing out of the process; and she was determined to help Molly McDonough. She felt shame and guilt that people, if she could call them that, with gifts of magic caused this kind of pain and hurt to a muggle woman.

When she was first tending Molly, Casey had felt the courage and hope emanating from the injured woman in the midst of the extreme pain and despair that she was going through. All her hope was pinned on Harry Potter making her world better. She knew that Harry would be the crux of Molly being able to pull through. Casey would have to help him carry that burden; it was too much to put on any eighteen- year old. She knew that Harry felt it, even if she had not said a word about what Molly had professed to her during her moments of lucidity when the trauma team had rescued Molly at her home.

His strong grip on her hand, hers holding his back was already bringing on feelings that she knew any normal mortal would not have just meeting someone else. She could feel into his soul, just like she could everyone else she touched, and even though there was a taste of something sour there, she somehow knew it had been thrust upon him, and did not belong to him. All these thoughts raced through her head, and all she could do is smile a determined smile, and answer, "Yes Harry, I really think we have a great shot at doing this. Please be patient with the process."

Casey reluctantly let go of Harry's hand, and Harry did the same. She touched the side of his face gently with her fingertips, feeling the three day growth of black beard growing there. She got up and left, knowing that she left her wetness behind on the glass bed, but not ashamed of it in the least.

Harry accepted the cup of tea appreciatively from Rhoswen. They smiled at each other. Rhoswen, stood, waiting patiently as Harry quickly drank the warm tea, glad for its mild flavor, the hint of mint and the odd feeling of peace it was bringing him. He knew this was no normal tea, a magical blend, and he felt a warmth spread out quickly, his blood flowing strongly with ease throughout his body. He was not worried about its effects; he felt safe in the hands of both of these women. Rhoswen took the cup from him and returned it to the cart. She knew he would not ask for another. She turned to face him. She stood all of four and a half feet tall. She was the tallest in her family. Her proportions were perfect for her tiny height. She removed the gossamer green robe, and let it drop to her feet. She walked over to Harry, and nodded, and she began to caress his face and run her fingers through his jet black hair.

Harry lightly caressed her smooth flawless skin of her stomach and back. It was a porcelain white; not a freckle, not a mark. Harry marveled at its perfection, the oddness of it from his experience with human females. He moved his fingers to her back, running the tips down along her spine to the small of her back. He traced a triangle across the width of her back and then down to the start of her firm round buttock from both sides. He grips her ass cheeks and lifts her. She is surprisingly light. Rhoswen spreads and lifts her legs, wrapping them over and around each of his broad shoulders. Harry holds her ass and legs and brings them closer in, so that her sex is right at his face. He begins to slowly kiss and lick at her sex, pulling on the edges of her cunt lips his lips. His tongue slowly buries itself deeper into the folds of her pussy. Rhoswen made some guttural moans of pleasure, and Harry continued with smoldering passion and full attention. Rhoswen rocked her hips as she leaned back, supporting her upper body by holding onto Harry's legs. She rubbed her sex along Harry's face as he continued to lick, suck and kiss the wet and excited sex of Rhoswen. His tongue flicked gently over the face of her love nerve, and the moans of Rhoswen continued to become steadily stronger. Rhoswen pushed Harry to the bed, and turned around to face his very hard member. She bent over to give him good access to her puss and murmured her approval as his tongue began to dance over her rectum while his fingers begin to rubbed lightly around her clitoris. She takes his hard thick cock into her small hands, and begins to suck and lick around the large crown. She playfully and gently bites on his shaft, and she hears his thoughts. "Yes, yes, that feels good!"

She smiles, this is the quickest she has been able to hear another's thoughts in this fashion. She tries to reach out to his mind, there is a bit or resistance, like walking through a beaded curtain.



"You do hear me!"

"Well, yes, I have been hearing you for a while... how did you think I knew you would like me to bite your pussy lips? I-I just did not know how to talk to you... it was hard at first, but now it seems easy.."

"Harry!, you are quite naughty... I thought we were not close to connecting as of yet..."

"You have a beautiful voice, by the way..."

"Thank you... I must say, I am a bit relieved, if we were to have to have coitus to connect, I think it would have been a bit painful for me, as you are so very large... I believe that Healer Casey will enjoy the work ahead of her..."

"So is that it? We are connected now?"

"Well, I could lie and say the connection is not complete until we bring each other to orgasm, but that is not correct, our connection is now successful."

"Do we have to stop?"

"No, we do not, I was hoping you would say that. Our coupling will be beneficial. When a Fae orgasms, she infuses strong sexual energy to her lover."

"So from now on I will be able to hear your thoughts?"

"We will be able to hear each other's thoughts when we direct them to each other. I know Healer Casey well, I will be able to give you hints to help you connect with her fully, as you prepare your healing energies with her..."

"So you will be with us during that... process?"

"Of course, I am her assistant."

"Will that not be odd, you giving me hints as we are having.. while we are..."

"Having sexual congress? No, she cannot hear me as I talk to you, just as you cannot hear her as I talk to her mind to mind."

"So you both are connected too?

"But of course!"

"So you and she have..."

"Quiet your imaginative thoughts, Harry Potter! You are causing me to lose my own train of thoughts among your more... erotic ones. There are other methods of connection, not that it is your business. You have powerful sexual energy for a sixteen year old, Harry Potter!"

"You read that from me?"

"I try not to pry into memories, but that one spilled up without any prying from me!"

"So will you tell Casey?... I do not want that to stop us from what we have to do."

"So... you are familiar with body magic I take it... you have aged your body to that of an eighteen year old. "

"I have some experience in it yes. Let's leave it at that. Please do not ask or pry further."

" I told you I do not pry, Harry Potter... this is a matter of my honor!"

"I-I am sorry. Just a bit defensive. I did not wish anyone to know my age. It is important that I am able to do what I need to do to help Molly and rescue my cousin."

"I will not reveal your secret. I can tell that you are much older than your years, Harry Potter."

"Please, just call me Harry. Do you prefer to be called Rhoswen Breena?"

"That is why I like you Harry Pot- Harry. During this entire conversation you continue to please me physically, and now you are concerned that you call me by my preferred name. You have a gentleness that belies your warrior spirit. You will go far in this journey of life... Harry."

"So what do you like to be called?"

"I apologize for my distraction, Harry, you see, you have me so close! oh gods! so close! Call me... call me - Glory! oh gods! oh Glory! Oh Harry!"

Harry's mind was taken over by a euphoria that he felt would burst his seams, if he had any...He came immediately, hard and with eruptive force. He felt his mouth still on Rhoswen's sex as he seemed to be swallowing the sweetest honey, at the same time he felt Rhoswen's mouth over his cock swallowing and gripping his member with force like holding onto a fire hose. His mind was linked with hers and the sensations blurred back and forth, he soon tasted his own cum and felt his cock in his/her mouth as he continued to taste and swallow the ambrosia coming from the lovely Fae. They both experienced both their own orgasms as well as each other's. It left both twitching and collapsed together, gasping to catch their breath. Rhoswen turned around, and crawled into Harry's arms. Harry looked at her, still trying to catch his breath, and said, "Right... I ... will... call you Glory! "

Rhoswen looked up at Harry smiling and thought to him, "you... can... call me anything you wish, Harry Potter!"

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