Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
So I had this Chat with an Old Book

The Sunday in June the second time around was much different for Harry. Well, he was still doing chores in Little Whinging at this moment, but he was also spending time with Hermione. They saw Jean and Martin for breakfast, and that was about all they saw the couple for most of the morning. Hermione and Harry spent the morning trying different sexual positions on the swing in the backyard, many of which they both found very enjoyable.

Hermione also had a fantasy regarding Hagrid that they played out in the Garden shed which looked much like Hagrid's own hut after some glamour spells by Hermione. For Harry it involved several engorgio spells, Vox mimicus , a short Obliviate spell for Hermione to forget the preparation time spent on Harry and then Confundus spell on her to make her believe she was at Hogwarts and dropped by to help Hagrid with reaction to horned goat weed that had left him with an unending erection. He was too big to fit inside Hermione, but that of course did not stop Hermione from coming up with a way to take on the half giant. She ended up oiling her fully nude body and using all of it to rub and masturbate Hagrid's absurdly enormous cock. She also begged Hagrid fuck her with one of his meaty fingers, the size of large cocks, pushing in and out of her sex and bum. Harry enjoyed using Hagrid's voice to say things like, "Crikey Hermione, I did not know your bum was so lovely nude!" Or "Oh yes, Our Hermione certainly knows her way around a cock!", and "Oh Hermione, Hermione, rub yer mouth all over me meat staff!" and other such things that might only be uttered by Hagrid.

What Harry found incredibly fantastic was that she was able not only to get Hagrid's giant cock more erect than when she "arrived" to help him, but between her dirty talk and body work, was able to bring Hagrid to a full orgasm. The result was incredible, His first eruption dropped a gallon of semen all over Hermione, and she reveled in it, as two more huge jolts erupted and covered her fully. She placed her mouth wide over the urethra opening of Hagrid's cock and gulped down literally cups of semen as his orgasm slowed and dripped his man cream down the shaft of his huge member. Her mouth and tongue stayed busy for half an hour licking and sucking cock meat until no evidence of sperm was left on the huge cock, but she remained covered in it. Harry brought her to orgasm by using one large meaty finger to fuck her vaginally while on all fours, covered in semen dripping. He then picked her up and licked and sucked her pussy with the huge strokes of his giant tongue as she sat inside his palms, holding onto his fingers, body splayed and spread eagle. Within in minutes she was twitching in multiple orgasms. Harry removed the confundus spell from Hermione after she recovered. She had remembered the event, but realized that it was now an enlarged Harry before her, and she removed the engorgio spells, though Harry thought she had added some more length to his cock size, and certainly he balls felt heavier. They showered in the spa room. They were alone in the house, as Jean and Martin had left in the car, leaving a note on the table. Apparently Jean had a few public sex fantasies of her own she wished to realize.

Harry was spent. The enlargement of his body parts, and subsequent reduction had left him exhausted. After the shower, they crawled into Hermione's bed, and he fell asleep with her in his arms. He awoke to the sensation of lips and tongue on his member. He was incredibly hard, and the sensation was wonderful. He looked down beginning with "Damn, Hermione, that feels..." But it was not Hermione. It was Jean. She wore only her bra and a pair of lace boyshorts that were open at the back and with a sheer crotch. Harry found that out later.

"Hi Sunshine. Glad to see you were able to wake up, I thought I was going to have to find out if you come in your sleep or not."

"Hello Jean. Omigod- that feels fucking great! Oh gods, I Love the way you suck cock..."

"Well, thank you... I have been thinking about sucking your cock for most of the day, I am ashamed to say. Somehow you have gotten under my skin, Harry Potter."

"I was thinking about more than just under your skin, Jean Granger... I was thinking about how sweet your pussy tastes while I was sucking your daughter's cunt as a giant... Hermione has quite an imagination."

"She gets that from me... Hermione fucking a giant huh? How did that go?"

"Well a half- giant. But it went very well, as matter of fact, she was drenched in gallons of cum fully nude."

"Why do you men like to cover us in your semen?"

"Because you look good that way."

"Good answer Harry. So are you going to cover me in gallons of your cum?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Perhaps, although you kind of did that last night through Martin, didn't you?"

"Well, I may have helped out a bit. But I felt he needed a big finish for the night."

'" I was hoping you would join us for the end..."

" I thought about it, but I came while Martin was sodomizing you with his anaconda cock, and some of your squeals of pain were just too much for me to handle... lost my load all over your panties you had peeled off some time last night. Besides, you both had shared enough, letting me watch."

"I did enjoy knowing that you were there, in the room with us, watching Martin fuck me."

"He does it rather well. I think he was born for this rough sex stuff. Took to it with great... passion."

"I think it was rather cathartic for him... it certainly was for me. Do you like this baby?

"Mmmm, unnhhh yes I do. Feels fantastic."


"So where is Martin? I have a bone to pick with him about that "filthy mother-fucker" comment, is he here in the closet perhaps?"

"No, not this time. He wanted some alone time with Hermione. He wanted to discuss supporting her with her needs... anyway, aren't you a mother fucker? You fuck me, and I'm a mother... wouldn't you be my mother fucker Harry?"

"Sure Jean. As long you are my cocksucker."

"Deal, I am your cocksucker, and you are my big cocked motherfucker. Will you fuck this mother Harry?

"I will fuck you pretty much any time you want. You know I am bound to you..."

"But would you fuck me if you weren't bound to me?"

"Jean, to be honest, I wanted to fuck you the minute I saw you at the door. I hope you keep that between us... I don't think Hermione needs to know that." Jean just smiled while continuing to stoke his cock. Harry held her chin, "Why don't you crawl up here and straddle me. I want to lick your pussy."

"Sure love. Gives me a chance to show you my new boyshorts I bought today... While we were out fucking, we did a bit of clothes shopping."

"Nice. You sure do have some fancy knickers Jean. "

"One of my vices... I love sexy and lacy lingerie. Now I have more of reason to wear them. Do you like these boyshorts? I like the way the ride up my ass and cunt. I can get wet just walking in them."

"So did Martin take you in the dressing room?"

"Yes he did. The girl looked at us a bit odd, but Martin took charge and told her he needed to see them for final approval, and she just melted. I do think she did peek in on us though, she certainly was fixated on Martin's crotch at the check out."

"You should go back some time, Let her help you try on some things... I think you have fantasy about watching Martin getting his cock sucked by another woman don't you? And Martin has great taste, these knickers look great on you- makes me want to bite your ass cheeks."

"Well, then do it, by all means! Mmm ouch! You are so nasty Harry Potter! I love that about you. Your biting and sucking always makes me wet."

Harry grabbed a hold of the thin sheer fabric at her crotch and ripped it across with force. Jean did not say anything but moaned. Harry pushed a couple of fingers into her sex, pushing past her full labia and into her vaginal entrance. "Mmmm, you are wet. You think you have enough to give me some of that pussy juice on my face?"

"After I suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, I will ride your face like a true cowgirl, stud."

Harry peeled her boyshorts off her fine round rump and pulled them fully off her with the help of Jean. He held them in his hands, feeling the wet crotch, and said, "Reparo lingerie". The panties reformed fully intact, looking as new and as wet as when she was wearing them. Harry dropped them to the floor. Jean went back stroking and swallowing Harry's throbbing big cock. She paused. "Is it my imagination, or is your cock bigger? You balls certainly appear to be, despite all the fucking you've done in the last two days."

"Hermione", was Harry's answer.

"Of course. That little imp can't leave well enough alone, though I have to say this was a nice tweak. I love the shape of the head of your prick, baby." Jean leaned over, licking with the tip of her tongue around the head of Harry's penis, licking along the mushroom shaped edge like a lollipop, and finally sucking it with her lips.

Harry moaned his approval, and continued licking and biting along Jean's ass and inner sex. He licked up to her anus. He tongued around it, flicking across it, and finally shoving the tip of his tongue into it and her anal canal, relishing the taste of her musk.

"Mmmm, I was hoping you wouldn't forget my little starfish. That feels good Harry, yeahhhssss. Mmm unnhhh, please suck my asshole, babe!"Jean paused licking Harry's cock as his tongue was buried deep into her anus. She squealed and moaned in pleasure. "Oh! Oh Harry! That feels so fucking good!" Harry left a love bite across her anus and then pushed two fingers inside it, as he began sucking on her buttock, leaving another love bite on her inner butt cheek. Jean squealed in pleasure at both the fingers and the love bite. She leaned back a bit to bring her sex closer to Harry's face as she began long bobs on his cock, starting with the massive mushroom shaped cut cock head at her lips until half his full shaft was down his throat and her vision blurred when she tried to look at his muscular stomach.

Harry was now sucking, biting, licking with relish inside the thighs of Jean and into her pussy. He also began to slowly rub on her clitoris at the same time. Harry made guttural moans of pleasure. Jean was echoing his moans with her own, with her mouth full of his penis. This was a Jean fantasy that Harry was finding fun and exciting, talking dirty while performing oral pleasure on each other. It was not as stressful as her humiliation fantasies. He loved oral sex, and it was easy for him to turn off propriety and just relay his unfiltered thoughts. He paused his sucking and licking to utter, "Mmmmm, I love the taste of your pussy. Cum for me, cum on my face love."

"Oh Harry, how I love your tongue in my cunt! But I really want to taste that sweet sperm of yours... come fill my mouth with your man milk!"

"If you are serious, my milfy little slut, then I need your on your knees. I get off better when I can see you suck cock. When you were sucking Martin's dick, I knew what a hot little filthy whore you were. Get on your knees, bitch." Jean immediately complied. While she started sucking his cock, Harry bent over her and removed her bra.

"I have to see those wonderfully big tits or yours Jean- I could suck on your gumdrop nipples all day long..."

"See how hard they are for you Harry, my nipples ache every time your cock is nearby."

"Just like my balls ache and cock throbs when you walk by... you have the loveliest ass, Jean. How Martin kept his cock out of it until now is beyond me."

I guess destiny wanted you to be the first to take my ass, Harry."

"Did you like the way I fucked your ass, baby? It was fucking heaven for me... to have my cock so fully up your tight little asshole."

"Mmmm, yes, I thought you were going to split me open... my asshole aches for you now, you know... I was hoping you were going to fuck it last night... along with my pussy."

"That was not what last night was about, but of course I was thinking the same thing... I had to just watch Martin do it for me... ohhhhh, mmmm that's it Jean, lick my balls baby, yeah that's it, you can suck on them too. See how big and tasty they are... they are full of my spunk, just waiting to get out and in your mouth and on those big titties!"

"God, your nuts are so big! Bless my Hermione! Give me the cum in them, Harry, spray your cum on my face, baby!"

"Show me what a wonderful cock sucker you are Jean, suck me baby, lick and bite my cock."

Jean held his cock and licked it from its base all the way up its foot plus length. She kissed it, and sucked on the glans. She put it in her mouth, having to open wide, and began swirling her tongue on its under side as she swallowed it to the back of her throat, gagging a bit before she relaxed and allowed it to fill her throat as she breathed through her nose. Harry seemed to go deeper in her throat than she remembered, he was indeed longer. She moved her head back and forth pulling the cock in and out of her throat, her lips going all the way to his balls.

"That's it baby, deep throat my rod, and take that prick as far as you can into you. You look good sucking cock baby, on our knees, licking my dick. I like that Jeannie."

His nasty talk spurred her on, and Jean bobbed and sucked and licked, Her hazel eyes wide and pleading as they locked onto Harry's stare... she want him to cum for her. She pulled out, and gasped," give me your cum baby, make me choke on it!"

Harry grabbed her by her head and began to thrust his hips, taking over control. She surrendered her arms to him, and he held them above her head as he fucked her mouth and throat. Harry soon felt a welling, and He let go, sending cum down her throat. He pulled out erupting hard, now into her mouth, now on her lips and chin, now across her face, now his semen dripping down her neck and chest. He pushed her onto her back and straddled her, and grabbed her breasts and placed his long cum covered shaft between them and fucked her breasts and came again; spurting more come across her neck and face. He pulled her up and she started to lick and clean the dripping man cream off his shaft and balls. She had been wiping her face and licking her fingers. She took a cum covered finger and as she swallowed his cock, slid it deep into his anus and pressed hard on his prostrate as she sucked his sensitive cock, Her erupted again, filling her mouth with more of his sweet spunk.

Jean pulled his cock out of her mouth, cum dripping from it and down her chin and looked up into Harry's face. "That is what I like about you baby, you always have another load for me."

Harry looked at her. "C'mon cowgirl, you have a face to ride."

Harry lay back on Hermione's bed, and Jan straddled his face. Her pussy was already dripping honey from her slice. He licked the drops along her dangling labia. She flinched. She was already sensitive. That was good to know. He grabbed her legs and pulled his face into her cunt, licking, biting, sucking, and kissing with abandon. Harry reached around with both hands and was able to put both forefingers at her rectum, sliding them in and pulling to stretch it open. Jean was moaning and groaning in pleasure.

"That's my Harry, feels so good! Eat my pussy, baby, suck my cunt! Mmmmmm, yessssss."

She began rocking her hips, rubbing her gash across his tongue and face. He continued to lick and suck at her pussy. She pulled back on the fleshy hood that shadowed her clit. It was swollen large and pink; And Harry took the tip of his tongue to it roughly. She gyrated against it, moaning. Harry sucked directly onto her clit, grasping Jean, not allowing her to move as he sucked her clit into his mouth and then licks it directly with the tip of his tongue. Jean is going wild, the feeling is incredibly intense from her sensitive nerve, but Harry has her in his strong grip and continues to lick and suck her clit like a small cock, driving her mad. She tried to pull him off, but cannot, and groans and squeals as he tortures her with licks that send sparks up her spine. The orgasm comes quickly and hard, Jean curls her thighs gripping Harry's head. She falls back on his stomach, her arms back, hands on bed as her crotch slides deeper into his face and she squirts a huge stream of cunny juice, all into Harry's face and mouth, Harry sputters and tries to swallow the entire amount of pussy cum ejaculating from Jean. He chokes and swallows, and feels it run down his face and neck. Hermione's' pillow and bed around his head is soaked. Harry begins to suck again on Jean's overwrought clit. She begs him to stop, but he will not and he holds her legs down and continues to suck her clit and cunt. Jean screams in orgasm and begins spasming, her pussy pulsing and thighs twitching as she crests and crashes again with another flood of pleasure throughout her body. Harry lets her go, and she crawls off him, on all fours. Harry rolls over, and begins to caress her ass, as Jean pants and tries to catch her breath.

He inserts four fingers grouped together slowly into her pussy. He pushes slowly until he is at the widest part of his hand, where the two knuckles at the base of his little finger and the base of his thumb span the widest part of his hand before then tapering down to his wrist. Jean's pussy is incredibly wet, still dripping her honey, so he pushes with force and she moans, and squeals. "Yessss! Oh Harry baby, fist me, fist my cunt!"

Harry pushes harder as he grips one ass cheek and the widest part of his hand pass through her vaginal opening, and into her canal. He pushes further in, and then slides back a bit, then further in, until his finger tips are rubbing and holding the tip of her uterus. Jean gasps and moans and squeals when he actually holds onto her the tip of her uterus. He slowly pulls his hand back and out. Watching her gaping pussy hole slowly retract to a smaller opening, but still much larger than it was. He turns hand into a fist, and goes back, again slowly into pushing it up and into her cooze. Jean has collapsed to just her knees, her ass raised, now holding onto a pillow, biting it and moaning into it. "Ungnnnh! that's it baby, fuck me with your fist... fuck me slow and hard!" Harry pushed his arm in until he again can feel her uterus. His knuckles slowly drag across her g-spot. She moans loudly, and he knows he is in the right area as his fist moves slowly past it, the pulls back over it again and she moans deeply again. He does the back and forth again and again , slowly gaining speed, slowly coming further out, only to push further in again but always working the area, until Jean cries out moaning and squealing; the dam breaks again, and he feels warm wet liquid all around is hand and wrist. He pushes and pulls his fist inside her and until she begs him to stop, and he slowly pulls out, now soaking the lower part of Hermione's bed. Jean turns over and offers her arms to Harry, and he crawls into bed with her and they embrace and kiss. Jean looks into Harry's eyes and runs her forefinger over his lips. She bites her own lip, and pushes her hair behind her ear. She looks very vulnerable and girlish, much like her daughter.

"That's what I love about you Harry; you know how to bring me the pain I need."

"Wait, what?" Harry asks.

" I-I just mean that you have the ability to step back and just let me suffer, to feel the pain and humiliation I want ... Martin holds back... he loves me too much to take me there. I can count on you to really give it to me without holding back, you don't mind hurting me."

"I thought you were getting off on this... getting sexual pleasure from what we are doing."

"Well, I do. Pain drives me into that place that simple, delicate or vanilla pleasure does not... it is so much more incredibly intense... I am just saying it takes someone with a special disposition and stomach to do it."

"So someone cruel and unfeeling... like me."

"No, that is not what I meant... I am sure that someday you will be able to truly feel love for someone..."

"Well I'm glad that a callous mother fucker like me has a chance!" Harry got up from the bed... his anger and frustration were getting the better of him and he was not really sure what was bothering him... that what she was saying was the truth, or that she saw him as some kind of sadist that lucked into her little princess world of infatuation with pain and humiliation... he guessed it was true, humans always seek what they cannot have... even if it is not healthy for them. Was he infatuated with Jean because he was just looking for a mum he never had and wanted to please her however he needed? Or was it because he truly did enjoy being cruel?... He had to admit to himself that the dominance thing really turned him on as did the taboo nature of it. It was probably why he enjoyed fucking women anally. He liked them being submissive and knew that some of that moaning was because of pain, not because it suddenly felt great to have their anus violated. So he had to admit that administering some pain was a turn on for him.. But it still angered him that a brilliant and obviously kind woman like Jean needed to be humiliated and basically tortured. That she did not feel complete if she was not treated like shit.

"No, no! Please don't get upset... what I am telling you is that you give me what I need... I-I have waited a long time to find someone like you! To find someone who can satisfy a part of me that I seem to have to always have locked up." Harry could not bear to look at her crestfallen face, the look of hurt there and turned his back on her. She put her hand gently on his back. "Please Harry, I think you are a wonderful young much that I can't stop thinking about you, but it is because of how you can dominate me and take care of needs that I cannot get here at home. You must know that I find the rest of my life satisfying...even more so now that we have found a magical way to help Wendy... you must know that I am not trying to replace that part of my life, don't you? I-I just want to be able to have it all... I know how greedy that must sound, but it is like finding that missing puzzle piece to your favorite puzzle, don't you see? You are my last puzzle piece..." Jean nuzzled closer to Harry, her hands around him, caressing his muscular abdomen. He could feel her breasts pressed against his back, their nipples hard.

"Please, there is one fantasy I have been holding back, one that I am sure I have not told you. I -I must tell you, entrust it to you, because I believe you are the only one who can pull it off some day."

Hermione was on her knees. It was how she liked it when she was with her daddy. They were in his sanctuary, his study. This is where they had always gone for alone time, since she started maturing, having her period, sprouting her breasts. She had changed into the one outfit she knew her father would most appreciate, one of his long wife-beater under shirts, with a tiny white cotton bikini panty underneath.

"Does Harry know you are here?"

"No, I left him asleep in my room. I believe your wife will probably be pouncing on his big cock soon. "

"Poor dear, just can't get enough young cock, can she? She is a bit tiresome with her wants and needs , frankly, I don't know how he keeps up... it is exhausting to give her the rough sex and humiliation she craves."

"Speaking of cravings... I have been terribly naughty daddy."

"I know you have. I don't know how I let your mother talk me into allowing Harry here this weekend! Especially with you trying a new sex potion! You have acted like an outright slut! We Grangers have a reputation to uphold! And even though you have these deviant urges to act out with another man... a boy really, it just steams me to know that he has been defiling your lovely flower and bum! Although and I understand we do need to maintain propriety... the night out for pizza was brilliant, it showed the world you were dating, and we do need to be perceived as "regular folk". Not every understands the dynamics of a close family... I think you have really stepped over the line this time Hermione! You will have to be punished!"

" I-I understand Daddy!" Hermione had this down to a science. The quivering lip, the few crocodile tears running down the side of her face. She stands up straight on her knees, looking at her father fully clothed in his pressed trousers and crisp Polo shirt. Her nipples poke sharp and hard through the thin white ribbed cotton material of the undershirt. Martin gets up from his leather desk chair and stands in front of her.

"This time, it is the belt!"

"Nuh- no! Really Daddy? Have I been that bad?" Hermione pleads.

"The Belt!"

Hermione nervously unlatches her father's belt, her nervous hands right at his bulging crotch. She makes sure to graze it with the edge of her hands and with her fingertips as she works to fully remove the belt from the loops of his trousers. She has the belt in her hands; she is looking up pleadingly at her father. She places one hand on his crotch, rubbing it softly. He knocks her hand away without saying a word. He looks down at her.

"I have been reviewing the video tapes... Harry has a certain unique imagination- I grant him that. I picked up this trick from him while he was defiling your mother. Give me the belt, Hermione."

He creates a loop by pulling the belt through the buckle. He places it over the head of Hermione, and around her slender neck. He pulls it tightly, and then again sits down on his armless desk chair. He yanks his daughter over to his legs. She is startled and whimpers. She is not sure she likes this new twist on their "bonding time".

"Assume the position, Hermione."

Hermione stands, and leans over her father's lap. Her legs and feet dangle above the floor on the one side, and she uses her out-stretched hands to the floor to support herself on the other side. She can feel her father's hardness pushing against her tummy. He holds her belt leash tight to her neck with his left hand, pushing her head down when she tried to raise it to see as he roughly pulls the under shirt up to her lower back. He grabs her white cotton knickers and pulls them forcefully over her firm young bubble butt, and down her legs to trap her knees together. His fingers graze her glistening wet sex and over her anus as he roughly grabs her buttocks and straightens her body to the position he wants her on his lap. The first strike is hard and very painful, and Hermione cries out moaning, but no one will hear her in the hidden room in the basement. Nor do they hear her through the next ten.

"Daddy?" she asks, through her tears now real from the pain. "Are you going to let me suck your cock?"

"No, I am afraid not this time dear!" Martin answers, as he raises his hand high for another strike, his cock already filling his boxers with ejaculate.

Harry left Jean in Hermione's room and went to his own guest room, his head swimming with thoughts and self-doubt. Jean was pleading with him to stay, offering him anal or whatever he wanted to do. He was not sure he wanted anything to do with the Granger family. HIs feelings were mixed up along with the guilt being provided by the potion for going against his bond to support her. He hated to think of himself as just the sex thug in Jean's life. He wanted to be more than that for her. He knew that no matter how much the potion was influencing this, there were other emotions happening inside him for her. And this last big, dark, dark fantasy that she revealed to him was the topper. He had no idea how he would ever have the state of mind to pull it off.

The stress was heavy, and again he wished to escape, if just briefly. He searched his memory to try to figure which of his selves last had his pipe. It was him. Last night when it did not seem to help anyway. He found it in the guest bathroom. The weed in the bowl only partially charred. He pushed it with his fingertip, and remembering where he put the small tin with the marijuana he brought, he looked into it... He could not believe how much he had already used... I guess having seven others of yourself bogarting your bag, leads to some damage. He added a bit more, being conservative as he still had three days left before he was back home . That was strange, he just thought of Little Whinging as being "home". He must be going barking. He lit and smoked his pipe, hoping for some time to himself. He was used to being left alone and having hours on his own. In the Granger house he was never alone for long. With Martin in the house, he was hoping the Grangers could be diverted to their own concerns for awhile, to give him some down time away from people. He smoked until he was very high, probably higher than he should be as a guest at someone's home. Bad form, like drinking too much, and making a scene at a dinner party, he thought. He over-indulged, but he was still new at this smoking thing and knowing the drug's effects at certain doses. He was rethinking this weed thing... perhaps it wasn't the be-all casual drug he thought it was. He found he had a small fridge in his room too, He had not been very observant since he been here, his focus had been on Jean and Hermione. He wondered where Hermione was, what was happening with her and her father. Well, he really didn't want to know, but based on the trepidations Martin had been verbalizing, he thought it was probably just a bunch of talking and hugging. The princess and her king were probably snug in some corner in the house drinking tea and talking about her latest research project. He flopped on the bed, which was made. He was sure that Jean must have at some point in the early morning had come in and made his bed, and placed fresh towels in the bathroom. He saw the old potions book on the end table next to the bed. He turned on the light, and picked up the book. He flipped it open. Harry picked up his taken wand, also left neatly on the end table, and stated with authority, "Revelio"

Words appeared across the title page of the book:

Why do you interrupt my peace?...

"My apologies... I need more information."

It will cost a price...

"What is your price?"

You have been having sexual experiences with the young maiden and the mother who brewed the potion, Satyr's Delight? ...

"If that is the same as Satyr's Relaxing Meditative for Maidens, then yes."

That name is only an alteration made to the book...

"To what end? To lure young girls into brewing the potion and forcing them to give up their virginity?"

Yes. But that was not my intent... I had written historical summaries on their uses, and abuses over the centuries, I let the reader know exactly what the effects of the potion were and how long they would last...

"Who are you?"

You must pay the price to learn anything more...

"What is that price?"

I want to read your memory of your experiences... I am lonely and have little to live for. Give me your memory and I will tell you want...

"So you are a bit of a perv, eh? Well, I guess I can give a ghost of an old book a few thrills for some information. What do I need to do?"

Put your penis between the pages of the book...

"What? Bullocks!

I am just fucking with you for the perv comment- Just place the palm of your hand on this page...

Harry placed the palm of his hand on the book, he felt a presence in his mind, like when Snape was probing is mind last year with a Legilimens spell, trying to teach him occlumency, how to ward off such access. He looked down at the book. Words appeared.

Oh yessss. Mr. Potter you have had an eventful couple of days...and I must say you have been very inventive, but if you would have had the benefit of my summary, you could have done much more... but your memories are very detailed and I must say, the orgy or "gang-bang" to use your crude vernacular will give me a least a decade of pleasure, sifting through each thought and image... yessss...

"Are you happy now? Will you answer my questions?"

Happy is a relative term for an old ghost trapped in the very book he created... but yes, I will honor my barter...

"Who are you?"

I am Auszdominus, I was a historian, who collected and documented the old magics and potions near forgotten, often handed down only verbally from family to family or from master to apprentice...

"Auszdominus, tell me more about the potion and its purpose."

It is a powerful aphrodisiac, yes, but it was also meant for the maidens under its influence using it to have a sexual awakening or discovery of their desires...

"So why just target women, why not make it for men?"

It was made for both... it brings stamina and powers of seduction to men as well as other abilities... it increases the sexual urge in women tenfold ... and releases inhibition in both. In the older days... women were taught to be more repressed in their sexual desires... this potion was used mainly during in the height of the Roman Empire when orgies and festivals of debauchery were prevalent...

"How did you become trapped in this book?"

I escaped to it after I was murdered by my Patron-a dark wizard who called himself Ripper, for he could fracture a soul and place it in objects. His plan was for mine to be distributed among 100 copies of the book... to protect the copies from being destroyed... he had to use copy was one that was to be distributed to other dark wizards and alchemists who belonged to the society for a price... usually gold or the promise of a 100 maidens...

"Why were you murdered?"

My Patron, the wizard Ripper who supported my research saw a nefarious use for this potion and others I had collected. He altered the books after publication to make it attractive to the sexually repressed maidens of Victorian times. .. He renamed the potion, and altered its instructions after publication, in order to trick the maidens into thinking it was more a relaxing way to learn more about love and sexuality, not the frenzied sex potion it truly was. He sold his books to those who knew and to those rich families with fair maidens that did not. He ran a secret society which held orgies for the rich and attracted and captured young maidens unawares under the false disguises of treating the manufactured malady they called Hysteria, among the sexually repressed women of the Victorian era. The prognosis was often used to label a woman whenever she was over emotional or showed signs of overt sexual behaviors. I tried to make his schemes publicly known, and was killed for it... but I had made arrangements as I had foreseen my ending... My goal was to warn others after my death, but I ended up in copy that went to a dark alchemist, and did not end up in others' hands until after his death. While alive, the alchemist put curses on me to restrict my ability to warn others...

"How long are the effects of the aphrodisiac?"

The initial frenzy lasts for four days, after that time, if the maiden is not having sex at least once every ten days, the frenzy will occur again until she does have sex...

"And what of the bonded lovers?"

The bond is for life unless the maiden emotionally and intellectually releases the bonded or dies. The bonded will continue to seek and support any sexual fantasy of the one bonded to. The connection is magical... the bonded will know when they are needed by the maiden...

"So what is the consequence if the maiden does not confess or act on her base need or dark fantasy?"

It is just as the instruction states... regret. The potion's secondary purpose is to make the maiden be honest with herself about her needs and desires. If one never realizes what they are, or act upon them, it is a regret they live with for the rest of their lives...

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

I assure you that I am not...

"All this time, we have been worried about fulfilling fantasies is so that they do not regret it in the future?! There is no danger? No dire consequence? "

The idea is that during the frenzy the maiden realizes her sexual nature and acts upon it... fantasies reveal those desires...acting upon them fulfills the need... But there are certain dire side effects for the bonded... once a bonded has been confessed a fantasy, that person is magically compelled to insure it is completed... uncompleted fantasies sometimes result in the bonded going mad or choosing suicide... all end up at least living with nagging regret and self-loathing until they fulfill their oath... and those maidens who are enthralled by the passion and do not have sex surely go mad...

"What about the potion once it is made? Does its strength fade? How long?"

After four days, the potion becomes a more standard aphrodisiac but very strong, causing sexual frenzy in women of age for about six hours, and giving males the stamina and magical energy to match that frenzy for about the same amount of time. It has been known to mature the young and give timber back to the old and infirm as well...

"And the maiden who drinks the potion, when is she released?"

When she no longer has desires, needs, and fantasies... usually upon death... as long as she acts upon them regularly, then she will not suffer the frenzy...

Harry was quiet, he did not know what to say. He thought of one final question. "Can I tell them what I have learned, will it affect the potion in any way or cause them harm?"

To what end? tell them the frenzy will end on the fourth day... they must realize for themselves that their desires and needs will never end... and as a bonded you cannot ask for their release, they must give it to you freely. Asking will nullify any release for six months... magic has its price my young friend... you must know that by now... do you wish anymore from me?...

"No, Auszdominus, I-I do not."

Thank you then for the memories, Harry Potter... they will keep me titillated for some years to come... If you wish to share any more, there are other secrets in this book that are very powerful...adieu...

Harry closed the book. He thought he heard an audible sigh come from the book. He placed it away into the charmed hiding spot. Hermione would be miffed, but he felt this book might be best in the restricted section at Hogwarts, or in Dumbledore's personal library. He felt time running out. There were so many confessions that Jean made to him. There was no way that he could get them completed in the balance of the two days without using the time turner which he was feeling he should avoid. The book was right, magic comes with a price. He would have to leave early Tuesday to make it back to Little Whinging to begin the timeline again. He had to remind himself he was still stuck in the past, and he had a nagging feeling he needed to be back there very soon.

A black cloud was forming on his conscious, a feeling of dread and need coming, bigger than what was happening here in posh northern London. For Hermione, there was only one more fulfillment to complete. He promised her last night he would take care of making it happen. He considered the dreaded and unforgivable Imperio curse. A confundus would not be enough. He somehow would have to get Martin to allow Hermione to give him oral sex after giving her a thorough spanking. He may have to force this to make it happen. It was that or he would have to find some polyjuice potion at the ready. He did not have enough time to brew it. He might be able to procure some in Diagon alley, but that would be a big risk. He could perhaps contact Fred. Fred was working on another project for him. He had to have Albus approve the funding request against his Trust at Gringott's, but it was done before he left school. Fred probably had a line on polyjuice on hand. He knew that Hermione had some floo powder in the basement, he saw it at her potions table.

He could go back a couple of hours in time and connect directly to 93 Diagon Alley to Weasley and Weasley, it should be a safe and quick way to transport there undercover. He would take his cloak of invisibility with him. He had put a Repello Muggletum spell on a space under his bed. He reached under and pulled out the velvet lined leather bag that held the turner. He placed it around his neck, and he made sure he had the wand. He was incredibly high, and it was impeding his progress. He would start to do a task, get another thought and take care of that one, and then forget his first task until he was doing his third one. By the time he was done, he figured he had to go back in time two and half hours. He put on the long coat. He set the turner on hours and did two and half turns. He flipped back in time quickly. Nothing had changed in his room... except he saw Jean open the door, looking for him, and seeing he was not there, she closed the door and left. He looked at his pocket watch. It was now two and half hours earlier. He pulled the cloak over himself and quietly left his room. No one was in the Hallway. He padded down the stairs, and then down to the basement. The gaslights flickered. He pulled off his cloak and wrapped it around his neck. He found the floo powder. He also found a flat empty liquor flask in one of the pockets. Taking the lid off the cauldron, Harry carefully filled the flask full. He re-sealed the cauldron, and shoved the flask into an inner coat pocket.

Harry was about to duck under the mantelpiece of the large fireplace in the basement, again, built to mimic a larger Hogwarts fireplace, or hexed by Hermione to expand in size when approached, when he heard the sound of persons walking down the steps to the basement as the wooden steps underneath the carpet creaked. Harry flipped the cloak over his head and stepped back into the darkness of the stone firebox floor, crouching. Hermione and Martin walked in front of him, into the main area of the basement. Hermione was dressed again in only her father's white undershirt, wearing no bra as evident by the bounce of her firm young breasts and the erect nipples poking fully through the thin fabric. She wore tall heels, which accented her legs and pushed out her firm round butt even further. She held her father's hand. They were laughing and talking, something about their little ritual... He did not hear clearly. He followed quietly several steps behind them. Ata paneled wall, Martin took out a card and waved it over the thermostat there. A door sized panel opened into a sealed room. Harry followed close behind them. Luckily, the door closed by a switch on Martin's desk, so both had to fully walk into the room, giving Harry time to slip in behind them and find a spot in the corner where he guessed they would not be walking. He sat on the floor and just listened and watched.

Martin was sitting behind his desk, talking. Hermione was standing in front of it, leaning forward provocatively with that teenage girl sexy that only a teenage girl can pull off. Martin was questioning her.

"Are you sure Harry does not know about us?"

"I am positive Daddy. "

"And he really bought that erectile dysfunction story- now I am healed farce we were putting on?"

" Of course, Daddy, Harry only sees the good in people, especially his friends, as he should. Mother has believed the story for the last two and half years, why would he think differently about us?" She seemed to be a bit sarcastic.

"Watch your tone, young lady. You have already gotten away with loads more that I would have allowed if I weren't trying to protect our interests..."

"You mean your interests... and if I had not black mailed you, I would not have got away with anything... I had no idea that Harry was coming until Mother and I were knee deep in shit, father. This potion has us so horny we cannot think straight. I so want your cock right now it is driving me mad, yet you still won't give it to me! Thank god I have Harry or I would have gone mad by now! You made your bed father! If not for your charade, I could have had Mother send Harry away and you could be taking care of us like you should! " She placed her fingers into her knickers, rubbing her sex in front of her father who just watched with salacious interest.

"You know that won't happen until you are eighteen. And you know that I have committed to you! I would not be putting my cock to your mother if it were not for this situation you both got yourselves into... Besides, what we had going has been working well enough for the last two and half years, yes? And then you fuck it all up testing an unknown sex potion!"

"I told you we thought it would be doing the exact opposite... giving us a relaxing way to meditate and come to terms with our sexual nature... not creating bloody nymphomaniacs out of us for fuck sakes!"

Martin slammed his hand to the desk. "I will not have you talk this way to me young lady! You have gone too far this time, and you will be punished! Get on your knees now!." He slammed his fist hard on his desk again, and Hermione flinched. She dropped to her knees.

Hermione was on her knees, Harry could tell she enjoyed it there, in front of her father. She tried to look fearful, but Harry, even through the cloak could see that excitement in her eyes that he has seen before. He we was ready to leave. This family was more fucked up than he thought, and Martin was a vile bastard. If it was not for Jean, he would leave immediately.

Harry could tell this little sick fantasy had played out many times for them. It was their foreplay, but apparently it never ended with his fucking her. This was how she liked it when she was alone with her daddy. They were in his sanctuary, his study. This is where they had always gone for alone time, since she started maturing, having her period, sprouting her breasts. Martin pulls the desk chair he was sitting in around to the front to the desk before Hermione.

"Does Harry know you are with me?"

"No, I left him asleep in my room. I believe your wife will probably be pouncing on his big cock soon. "

"Poor dear, just can't get enough young cock, can she? She is a bit tiresome with her wants and needs , frankly, I don't know how Harry keeps up... it is exhausting to give her the rough sex and humiliation she craves. It is almost as sickening as the entire hand holding and let's rekindle our romance stuff I now have to endure because I am suddenly cured." He said in a sarcastic tone.

"I have been terrible to you father, terribly naughty daddy, I have really messed up our plans."

"I know you have. I don't know how I let your mother talk me into allowing Harry here this weekend! Especially with you both trying a new sex potion! You have acted like outright sluts! We Grangers have a reputation to uphold! And even though you have these deviant urges to act out with another man... a boy really, it just steams me to know that he has been defiling your lovely flower and bum! Something that should have been saved for me!" He struck her across her face his open palm. It seemed to take Hermione by surprise. Harry nearly started for Martin but held his place, something inside him felt Hermione may have deserved it, if not directly, for treating her mother like she must when he is not around. Martin continued.

"Although I must say that some things did work out well having Harry here. People talk if we stay reclusive and I do understand we do need to maintain propriety... the night out for pizza was brilliant, it showed the world you were dating. It helps the neighborhood to be perceived as "regular folk". Most do not understand the dynamics of a close family."

Hermione smirked. "That would be a bloody understatement. How many daughters are giving blow jobs in the afternoon to their fathers in this edition, do you think? Sod them! I only care what you think Father, and I would so love to touch you... please won't you let me?" She pulled down on her knickers... " I have watched you stare at my cunny... come lick it Daddy, like you let me lick your cock..."

"Shut up, you slutty temptress! We have an agreement!.. Don't give me that bullshit that this is entirely the sex potion talking! I think you have really stepped over the line this time Hermione! Especially with your insolent tone. It is obvious that your time with Harry has poisoned you, and you will have to be punished!"

" I-I understand Daddy!" Hermione had this down to a science. The quivering lip, the few crocodile tears running down the side of her face. She stands up straight on her knees, looking at her father fully clothed in his pressed trousers and crisp Polo shirt. Her nipples poke sharp and hard through the thin white ribbed cotton material of the undershirt. Martin gets up from his leather desk chair and stands in front of her.

"This time, it is the belt!"

"Nuh- no! Really Daddy? Have I been that bad?" Hermione pleads.

"The Belt!"

Harry's hackles rise.. He had the taste of Vernon's belt several times over the years, which left bloody welts. If Martin leaves more than a red mark on her, he will strangle him with it.

Hermione nervously unlatches her father's belt, her hands right at his bulging crotch. She makes sure to graze it with the edge of her hands and with her fingertips as she works to fully remove the belt from the loops of his trousers. She has it her hands, she is looking up pleadingly at her father. She places one hand on his crotch, rubbing it softly. He knocks her hand away without saying a word. He looks down at her.

"I have been reviewing the security video tapes... Harry has a certain unique imagination- I grant him that. I picked up this trick from him while he was defiling your mother. Give me the belt, Hermione."

Martin creates a loop by pulling the belt through the buckle. He places it over the head of Hermione, and around her slender neck. Harry can feel the heat in face. He feels anger for both Hermione and her father. He feels shame that what he and Jean did together was videotaped.

Martin pulls the belt tightly against Hermione's neck, and then again sits down on his armless desk chair. He yanks his daughter over to his legs. She is startled and whimpers. She is not sure she likes this new twist on their "bonding time" and crawls over seductively to her father's knees, her knickers at her ankles.

"Assume the position Hermione."

Hermione stands, and leans over her father's lap. Her legs and feet dangle above the floor on the one side, and she uses her out-stretched hands to the floor to support herself on the other side. She can feel her father's hardness pushing against her tummy. He holds her belt leash tight to her neck with his left hand, pushing her head down when she tried to raise it to see as he roughly pulls the under shirt up to her lower back. He grabs her white cotton knickers and pulls them forcefully up over her firm young calves to the crook of her knees to trap them together. His fingers graze her glistening wet sex and over her anus as he roughly grabs her buttocks and straightens her body to the position he wants her on his lap. The first strike is hard and very painful, and Hermione cries out moaning, but no one will hear her in the hidden room in the basement except Martin and Harry, unknown in the corner. Nor do they hear her through the next ten. The next thing is the straw that breaks the camel's back for Harry. "Daddy?" she asks, through her tears now real from the pain. "Are you going to let me suck your cock?"

"No, I am afraid not this time dear!" Martin answers, as he raises his hand high for another strike, his cock already filling his boxers with ejaculate.

Harry points his wand at Martin and says in a low voice, strained with anger, "Imperio" he points the wand at Hermione and says, "Imperio!" His wand is shaking . "Fuck each other! Why don't you fucking tell her what you really think, Martin! Fuck you both!".

Harry turns as leaves as Hermione pulls her father's cum covered cock out of his ruined boxers. The two have no idea that he was there at all.

Harry tromps back to the hearth, too angry to stay in the house. He flings down some of the floo powder in his pocket and announces clearly and tersely, " 93 Diagon Alley" and in a flash he is gone from the Granger House.

Harry realized as soon as he arrived to the cacophony that he needed to talk to the twins about how the private entry was accessed. He joined a line of incoming shoppers to what was now the largest purveyor of magical jokes, gimmickry , class c potions, entertainment devices, gifts, and Diagon Alley tourist bric-a-brac in the wizarding world.

Harry was surprised to see Lee Jordan on the floor greeting as Floor Supervisor.

"Harry! So good to see you mate, did not know you were dropping by!"

"No, this was kind of last minute. So good to see you Lee, when did you start working here?"

"Just this summer, after Hogwarts let out."

"Will you be coming back to Hogwarts this fall?"

"Of course. I am working out with Dumbledore for me to be able to work weekends. Thinking of moving on to business college after graduation, if I pass the special OWLs exam they are offering at the end of first semester for all those that were taking them when all hell broke loose this year." He smirked as he said the last part.

"Speaking of all hell breaking loose, Is Fred around?"

"Yes, he is up in the office. Go on up."

Harry took his time and meandered around the store packed with people and with merchandise for at least half an hour. The gents had got it up and running quickly after leaving Hogwarts . The flamboyance and number of odd and unique items had word of mouth growing quickly. He felt proud to be an investor in their start up. The aisles were packed with fantastic and unique merchandise from muggle products to Artisan wizard crafts and products, of course along with a ton of Weasley and Weasley's own joke and prank product line. The shoppers! The shoppers hailed from everywhere, of all kinds of nationalities, all there to ogle and purchase the wonderful items for sale. He stepped around people and slowly made his way up to the stairway that led to the office that overlooked the main floor of the store. He plodded up the steps and Fred came bursting out the door.

"Harry! How is our favorite seeker and brilliant start up investor?! What brings you to Diagon Alley so early in the summer?"

"Hello Fred. I was in London visiting the Grangers and just needed a break from posh suburbia, so I thought who better to slum it with than the Weasleys?"

"If it weren't so true, I would almost be offended Mr. Potter!"

The two slapped each other on the shoulder. "Good to see you mate! So are you checking on the upgrade to your Firebolt?"

"Yeah, plus I want to see how you all are getting on... looks like gangbusters down there!"
"Yeah, it's a good day; we do incredibly well on the weekends, and can' t complain too much about the rest of the week either. We have offered the house elves at Hogwarts summer jobs and they do a fantastic job of stocking the shelves and tidying the store at night... most of them are a bit grumpy for customer help, but most are used to being out of sight and are shy, so they prefer working after hours"

"So how many are working for you?"

" Thirty right now... some are asking about staying here permanently... they like city life in London."

"What about Hogwarts?"

"Now that Albus made them all free elves, they have choice . Some are embracing it, others are staying where it is safe. I like to think we give them a safe way of getting their feet wet in the big world and earning a decent wage."

"And this is all because of S.P.E.W?"

"Terrible fucking name that, but yeah, Hermione struck a chord. With the way we were treated like slaves by that bitch Umbridge, George and I decided we should help out some of the folks that made our life so comfortable at Hogwarts. A little good karma never hurts mate."

"Well that explains how you got this up and running so quickly! Hermione would be proud of your efforts."
"How is Hermione? She has been threatening to come down for a shopping trip to Diagon and to check out the shop"

"Hermione is Hermione. She is tied up with a family matter right now, which was why I made my escape to see you"

"Yes.." Fred looked at Harry sideways. Harry seemed a bit tense, but he knew better than to pry further, especially when it came to Hermione... she had her hooks into both Harry and Ron and Fred was knew better than touching that whole triangle with a ten foot pole. " Would you like something to drink? I have a Dragon Ale that you must try! Imported in from Iceland."

George left the room and came back about fifteen minutes later with four dark black bottles. "Sorry about that, a bit of business I ended up attending to.. George is on a shopping trip to Madripoor, so it is just me... Reason why we brought in Lee to run the floor- too busy for two of us to handle everything now."

"How's he doing?"

"He is fucking brilliant! Hope he stays on after he finishes his O.W.L.s He wants to go to college for Business management. We will probably sweeten the deal and see if he would work part time while he attends and we could offer some support for his college. He wants to go to a muggle school, can you fancy that?"

"I think Lee can fit in wherever he wants to go."

"You're right there, mate. Cheers! - Oh by the way, on your first belch, you will want to face away from others and up..."

"Why is that?"

"It's not called Dragon Ale for nothing, Harry!'

The two chatted and drank for about an hour, and yes, you do belch small flames with Dragon Ale. Then it was as if George remembered something important after he performed his last belch, and an expression of "ah ha!" appeared on his face. "The Firebolt! It is bloody ready! Do you have your cloak with you?"


"This is old Elven magic. We approached the Elves without much luck until they found out who this upgrade was for, then Dobby made sure that some of the most gifted elders worked on it. They have imbued the Firebolt with the power to use a magical element and expand its power around the broom. You could use a deflecting spell or in this case, bond the magics of the cloak to the broom. It creates a bubble around the broom and the rider to make them both invisible. In the case of the cloak, you hold the cloak in one hand, and the Firebolt in the other and say "Augmentum Vinculum". The invisibility bubble will surround you as long as you are touching both items or the cloak is touching the broom."

"A bit awkward, isn't it?- Trying to hold both items and flying along on a broom at a hundred miles per hour."

"Yes, they thought of that. They created this saddle pouch that fits under the brace where the stirrup is joined at the collar that fits around the broom. It is an aerodynamic design and fits with flaps that snap around here, where the u shape of the stirrup bar joins the sleeve. It is hard leather, but also enchanted to fit more inside itself."

"Brilliant! A travelling pouch that is connected to broom."

" The saddle has become magically joined to the broom. Anything inside it, now touches the broom. You can carry your cloak, any magical item you bond to the broom can stay with it as long as you wish." He held the broom out to Harry... so try it!"

Harry held the handle of the Firebolt in one hand, and the cloak in the other and pronounced, "Augmentum Vinculum!" The Firebolt disappeared, and so did Harry. Harry laid the broom against the desk, and appeared again. "Brilliant! Can I bond multiple items to the Firebolt?" Harry asked.

" I thought about it myself. The elders said that it is possible, but not recommended. Enhancing and combining different magics is always a dangerous proposition."

"And the price? What did you settle on? "

" We purchased an old condemned brownstone , which is actually located very near to the old Black house. Dad worked a deal with some Ministry damage control staff to renovate the place. It will be used as an asylum for any escaped or freed elf folk who seek a place to stay while they settle here in London. Another will be set up in Hogsmeade. George and I chipped in on that one with you."

"And that was satisfactory?"

"They were ecstatic. Since it was for you I am sure that they would have done it for almost nothing, but the two houses were certainly a tribute they found to be worthy."

"Excellent that. Well done. Actually fucking brilliant!"

"What is this all about Harry?"

"I dunno. I just know that something has been driving me to prepare for anything I can. Once I heard the prophecy, it set off a spark in me... I am doing what I can to have some things at my ready to fight Voldemort and the bloody Death Eaters. Fred, you and I need to keep this to ourselves... the less who know, the better. Not even Ron... I hope you have not told Ron about this..."

"No, but George does know."

"No problem with that. Now how about the other thing?-

"You sure about this?... This is powerful muggle stuff... you don't come back from this once you cast if off"

"It's "pull the trigger", Fred, but I get your meaning. Like I said, I am doing what I can to have some things at my disposal, and sometimes non-magical things take care of business too."

"This was bit easier to find... I have some American contacts for import of some North American potions and supplies we carry, adding and hiding this in the shipment was no problem. " Fred pulled out the wooden case from his desk drawer. " My contact says it comes with 3 extra clips and one loaded. I assume you know what that means, I did not ask."

"I do. Uncle Vernon owns a couple of them, but I want something that I can carry and can't be traced back to the family."

Fred opened the pouch and placed the edge of the much bigger box into its zippered opening. Harry watched the wooden box getting folded and sucked into the content of the pouch. Fred offered the pouch to Harry. "Go ahead and stick your hand in there... no, it won't suck a living creature into it... just for storage of objects."

Harry reached into the pouch. It was like putting his hand inside a large chest. He felt around and found the box. He grabbed in and pulled it half way out, then shoved it back into the back into the pouch. He grinned. "Brilliant."

"So what are you up to? Do you have time to go to supper? The store closes in three hours, I know a good curry house just off Diagon."

"Sounds good. I have some things to finish at the Grangers, but I will be free this evening. I think I will check in over at the Leakey."

"Bollocks! We have an apartment attached to the shop. Plenty of room to crash there. We have four rooms. Lee is staying in one and one is open- guest room. You are welcome to it!"

"Sounds good. I have some time to kill, I have to leave for Little Whinging on Tuesday morning, you don't mind a couple of days? Can I leave the Firebolt here?"

"Not a problem mate. So I will meet you here back at the shop in about three and half hours?"

"You got it... say, do you have a different hearth on the Floo network besides your main entrance?"

"Of course, it's this way... we have one here in the office, and then when you come back make sure you say 93 and 3/4 Diagon Alley , it will take you to the hearth in the apartment."

Harry took a breath- he really did not want to go back to the Grangers after what he saw... he wanted to get back to the normal strange of places like Diagon alley. But he had to get his things, He had to some last things to do. He had to go back to the madness at the Grangers. He flung the Floo powder and with reluctance, stated, " 19 Heathgate, Hampstead Garden Suburb, NW11."

And he was back, back in the basement of the Granger house. He went to the hidden room, the door sealed the way he left it. At the thermostat he waved his wand and said "Alohomora"

The electronic catch released and He looked into the room. Hermione and Martin were still having sex. He had her bent over the desk sodomizing her. She was sobbing and both had the look of anguish on their faces. Martin was saying degrading things to Hermione about hot little young girls. Harry felt an immediate remorse. They had not stopped fucking each other since he had left hours ago. He commanded them to stop, to sleep in place but continue to listen to him. Martin slumped over atop of Hermione in a deep sleep. Harry had to think it through.

"In five minutes, you will awaken, you will remember all the sex you had, but will realize the unnatural love you felt for each other was just the potion. You will never speak of it again. Martin, you will go back to loving your wife with passion." He walked over and punched Martin hard, directly in the balls. "Martin, does that hurt?" Martin moaned in deep pain. "Martin, if you ever think about beating Hermione or having sex with her, you will feel this same sensation, of your balls getting smashed, each and every time you think about beating or fucking her. Hermione, you will love your father but not in a sexual manner, but you can cock tease him occasionally. You both will not remember me being here, in this room. You will decide it is best for me to move on. You both will allow me time alone with Jean, and will not find it odd if we continue to meet each other. You will make your way through the potion's effects without having sex with each other. Hermione, you will decide to concentrate your romantic interests on Ron or other boys. Not on me, your best mate. I will leave now. Besides what I have told you to follow, my Imperio spell with you has now ended."

Harry walked out of the room, visibly shaking, and closed the door to the den. He moved on to his guest room. Jean was there. She looked distraught. "I-I haven't seen Hermione or Wendy, and I-I tried to give you space, Harry, but I could not stop thinking about you." She was nude from the waist down, and had her pink phallus in her hand. I-I can't stop Harry, and masturbation even here, on your bed, is not satisfying the potion."

Harry did not say a thing. He pulled his clothes off, with the help of Jean, and then removed the low neck, soft white jersey cotton top she was wearing. He pushed her to the bed and began kissing her. She kissed him back and with one hand found his cock and realized that it was already hard. She widened her legs and whispered into Harry's ear. "I want you inside me."

With just a bit of adjusting his body, he felt his hard rod find the wet opening to Jean's sex with a thrust of his hip. Jean moaned as Harry's thick and stiff member slowly slid its length inside her, its girth filling and stretching her vaginal canal as the staff of cock meat pushed further into her. She wrapped her legs around Harry and felt more of Harry's length push deeper inside her. "Oh Harry baby, your cock feels so good! Please go deeper! Yessss!" Her nails were in his back, holding on as he began to thrust his hips, slowly moving his huge rod in and out the soft wet flesh of her pussy. He pushed deeper until he was a far in as he could go. Jean was moaning loudly, and gripping his back to the point it was painful, but he continued his long, full, slow strokes inside Jean, while he continued to kiss her, moving to her neck and shoulders.

Jean rolled them over, placing herself atop of Harry. She gripped Harry's knees, she was still facing him and began to push up and down on his shaft, raising her body up and down, tensing her muscles around Harry's cock, her outer pussy lips holding onto his prick like a wet velvet sleeve. She dropped more of her body onto his shaft until no matter how she twisted around, her body will not allow the cock any more room to go deeper. She bounced her hips, feeling the crown of cock ramming against her cervix. She has taken as much of him as she can. She works to make him feel good, rocking her hips and leaning forwards, her breasts in his face as she pulls until his cock is almost out of her, rocking forward to back off its length and pushing back down to bring it deep inside her. Harry pumps his hips to help move his cock in and out of her, while he licks and sucks on her breasts, biting her nipples gently, as his hands caress and fondle her fleshy globes.

Jean leans down and kisses him. "Please fuck me doggie style, baby, take me from behind." She get up off him and Harry rolls out of bed. She is on all fours, her ass arched, offering herself to his massive cock. Harry grips her hips and slowly shoves his cock deep into her. He watches as her cunt lips wrap around his shaft and his cock disappears deeper and deeper into her puss. He grips her buttocks, and pulls the cheeks wide, and takes his thumbs to her anus, slowly pushing them inside her as pushes and pulls his rock hard cock in and out her dripping cunt. He bears down at an angle with his cock to make sure the head and underside rub along her cunt, trying to make as much contact with her g spot as he can. She squeals, so he is sure he has found it, and continues short hard strokes in this area. Jean tries to stay upright with one hand and her knees as her right hand reaches down to rub on her clitoris.

She is very wet, and Harry can feel it with every stroke of his cock. The sex sounds are loud and wet. Jean cries out and begins to twitch, grabbing the pillow, only remaining on her knees, her ass up in the air as she squirts, and a large stream of her ejaculate runs out around Harry's moving shaft and down her thighs, as well as dripping from her labia onto the bed. Harry pulls out, and takes the wet cock to her anus. He does not ask her, but just takes her, pushing his wide head into her rectum. He watches it flex and tense as his head disappears into her anus; her starfish swallows his shaft slowly. Jean is squealing and moaning, the new sensations coming upon her while she is still experiencing her orgasm. It intensifies the rush, and she comes again as Harry's thick, thick cock stretches her alimentary canal and disappears further into it. Harry pulls it out, and finds that Jean had brought lube for her dildo. He places lube inside her and all along his cock. He holds his cock, and states, "Elongatus". His cock stretches four more inches, and his girth thins a bit. He holds his balls and states "Engorgio" He feels the testes swell and grow heavy. He pushes his cock back into Jean's anus, slowly pushing more and more of his penis inside her anus. He can feel going past the curve where her rectum attaches to her colon and inside it. He is slow but fucks her very deep, until his balls are at her cunt. He thrust his hips with small strokes. All the while, Jean squeals and moans. He knows what he has to do next and hesitates, but his hands wrap around her throat. This is what she wants. He slowly begins to put pressure around her throat as he continues to thrust his hips, pushing faster and harder inside her. Her vocalized excitement is increasing, as well as his sexual excitement. His fingers press harder as his thrusts become short and forceful. Jean is gasping and moaning, and now thrashing underneath him.

He comes, it is hard, and long. He can feel the ejaculate expulsing into her, and he continues to press and choke her. She now grips his fingers, trying to pry them from her throat. He does not relent, as his orgasm continues. He can feel as he continues to thrust, the cum covering more of his shaft. At last, she runs her fingers along his, until she pinches skin at the back of his hand. This is the sign. He lets go, quickly, and Jean slumps to the bed, and Harry pulls out. He rushes to her side. She is twitching, and the muscles of her body spasm. She is moaning, crying out and he knows that she is breathing. His massive load of ejaculate is oozing from her opened anus and he looks down to see the muscles of her vaginal opening pulsing, dilating as a large stream of her love sap squirts out like a water fountain. He legs twitch and her buttocks tense and relax a dozen times in mere seconds. She curls into a fetal ball and moans loudly, and her anus flexes and pulses a large stream of semen out and down her legs and onto the bed. Her fantasy is not done and he slaps her face. He pulls her over the edge of the bed, her head leaning off the bed. She opens her mouth as he straddles her head and begins feeding his come covered cock, still semi turgid, into her mouth. She gags as he reaches the back of her throat, but he presses and pushed his cock into her throat, watching it bulge as he feeds more of his cock into her mouth. He leans over, pulling and pinching on her nipples, pushing further until the majority of his shaft is in her mouth and throat, and his balls rest on her face. He thrusts with hard strokes, feeling his cock deep inside Jean's esophagus. He pulls back, moving six inches of his manmeat in and out of her mouth, while the rest remains inside her. She reaches up, grabbing the sides of his muscular thighs and grips as Harry continues to fuck her mouth this way. His cock is sensitive, He can feel her lick and suck on the shaft available to her.

Harry pulls hard on her nipples, stretching them up until she is moaning. He continues on for many minutes, fucking her mouth and pulling hard on her nipples, and finally feels the welling. He lets go, the spasm is intense, and his cock comes and comes. He pulls out, and directs the erupting spurts of white ooze across Jean's large breasts and her beautiful face, her mouth already filled. Jean gulps and licks and sucks. He offers her the head of his cock and lets her lick and suck the remaining come still dripping out of him. She holds his long elongated member and licks from its base all the way to his crown.

He walks away murmuring "Reducio originale", and his cock and testicles return to the size he had before his spell. He goes to the bathroom and washes. He pulls any supplies he has brought with him, his razor, toothbrush and paste. He dresses as Jean watches him, seemingly sated for the time being. He had gently given her a clean wash cloth, and she was wiping cum away from her face. He pulled his duffel bag out from under the bed, now containing the book. He found his time turner in his clothes. He searches around and finds the cloak nearby. He looks at the time on his pocket watch. It is only an hour and half after his return to the house. He is back into real time, He did not feel the return to normal time... It was foolish that he had not checked before he took it off his person to fuck Jean. It must have happened prior, probably when in the Floo network, which has its own odd sensations that may have hidden the feeling of returning from the past. Jean was watching him, not saying anything. She finally spoke up once he had zipped his duffel bag and put on his coat. "So... this is it? I have Martin, but what about Hermione?"

Harry looked over at her, the hard look on his face softening. "The urges will end tomorrow. It lasts four days... I got that much out of the book when I went back and had another "chat" with it. I took care of the last fantasy Hermione had confessed to me... she is on her own until tomorrow. Perhaps you should show how her how to use that...", he pointed to the pink silicone dildo on the bed. He leaned over, and kissed her on the cheek. "You and I have unfinished business... some where you will know me, some where you will not. We will see each other again. I hope soon. I -I think I love you Jean, at least what I know about it. I am lucky in that I am bonded to you and will get to at least complete those fantasies you have confided into only me, but now, now I have to get out of here. This shit is just too much for me. I am sorry if that disappoints you."

Jean had tears in her eyes. "Harry, you really don't have an idea of how alone I am in this house. Really you don't."

"Maybe you are wrong there Jean. I think I do. It is one reason I have to leave. But I am hoping I am leaving this at least a bit better. They should behave better than they have in the past... I have at least seen to that I think. I will call you in a couple of weeks. You can tell me then whether you want to see me or not. Goodbye Jean."

"Oh Harry! Please don't go, I will do whatever you want, please!"

"You have work tomorrow. You have Martin. He is ready for you. Have faith in yourself. You deserve better than what you allow yourself to have."

They kissed again, and Harry left the room, leaving Jean sobbing there.

He went to the basement. If he could avoid Hermione and Martin he would. Especially Martin. He wanted to punch the smug son of a bitch in the face. He searched the bench and found some more floo powder. He was moving to the Hearth when he heard his name in a soft voice.

It was Hermione. She was now in just her robe, her hair wet, she smelled fresh and looked like a broken flower, still beautiful, but very sad.

"Harry, where have you been?"

"With your mother, and out... I needed time alone."

"Harry, something terrible has happened, and I-I need time alone... even though right now I could just jump your bones... this potion confuses ones priorities... It appears like you are leaving us, is that true?", again with the sad expression.

"Yes, I believe it is time for me to leave. "

"Oh Harry, this has been such a wonderful and terrible weekend at the same time! Where will you go?"

"Diagon Alley. Fred and George."

"Right. They have the shop and an apartment there now. Well, I guess it is for the best. I am not sure what I will do about the potion..."

"Be careful with what you do with the rest, in the cauldron... its affects will last for six hours even in its final state, perhaps save it for you dad as it will continue to provide its healing affects... I got that information from further questioning the book. Also, the sex frenzy should end tomorrow for you."

"Yes, well, thank you for that." She approaches Harry tentatively, then rushes into his arms.

"I love you Harry Potter, I always will, you are my best friend in the world, please always be that for me?"

"Of course Hermione. I love you too. I always will be your best mate."

They kiss, very passionately, and it causes both of them to blush. Hermione breaks their embrace and kisses Harry again on the cheek. She flashes Harry her naked body under the robe and giggles as he throws the floo powder and disappears from her hearth in the basement.

Harry spilled out of the hearth and into the empty apartment attached to the Weasley and Weasley shop. It is warm and cozy. It is atop of the shop, and the view over Diagon alley is spectacular. There is a small galley kitchen to be seen from a double wide open archway off the circular living room around the hearth, and a circle of six doors around the round living room. They are labeled with brass plates. Fred, George, Bath, Lee, and Guest. The middle door with the multiple locks he guessed to be the door way to the outside or a stairwell somewhere in the back of the shop. He was tired, and went to the room labeled Guest. It was dark in the room but he did not look for a light. He threw his duffel bed in the corner, and took off his coat, shirt, and pants and laid them over a chair. He sat at the foot of the bed, in his boxers was about to crawl into bed when a set of arms grabbed him around the chest, and he felt lips at his neck kissing him. A voice said, "Fred!, how did you know that I would be here, you naughty boy!"

Harry grabbed the gentle hands and said, "I am sorry, I am not Fred, I-I did not know anyone would be here!"

The voice said "Lumos!" And as a light appeared at the tip of a wand, the two people looked at each other through the dimness of the light.



Instead of shrinking back, both of the casual friends hugged each other. It was then that Harry realized that Tonks was nude or at least topless in bed. He did not say anything but held her bare back in their embrace, which was now becoming longer than a normal hug. "Harry! What are you doing here! I thought you were in Little Whinging.. reports said you were seen working the yard there."

"Did a bit of floo network riding to come visit Fred while my Aunt and Uncle are out.'

"Yeah right... so what do you have, some kind of doppelganger spell you are using or is one of your mates using to polyjuice to let you sneak out for a couple of days?"

"You caught me. Polyjuice. Neville wanted to get away from his Grandmum for a couple of days, and I wanted to get out of Little Whinging."

"You are making it hard for us to protect you Harry Potter!" Tonks tapped Harry on his nose.

"Well you could come stay in my room with me at the Dursleys if you really wanted to protect me."
"You are a naughty one, aren't you Harry, but we could see that in each other the first time we met, right?"

"Yes. quite." , he smiled. "So Fred, Tonks? How did that happen?"

"Oh I dunno, the Order of Phoenix I guess. He tagged along with me after he left the school on a mission, and one thing led to another. We aren't serious... just occasional shag friends. He and George let me crash here in London when I don't feel like going all the way home. My assignment ended much earlier than I thought, and I thought I would get some sleep and then check in with Fred... I get quite horny after a successful case. Oh, is that too much information Harry?"

"Not for me Tonks. I am quite used to hearing pretty plainly about when the females in my life are horny."

"Perhaps that is too information for me. Though Harry, I must say that you look quite good when you are out working in the garden in Little Whinging."

"What, you were there and you didn't come say hello?'

"Well, you seemed quite busy oiling up that oversexed Auntie of yours. She certainly does enjoy watching you, Harry. You may have to watch out for that one..."

"I will keep that in mind. I am not sure I like the thought of you spying on me, especially if you aren't going to even let me know you around."

"Sorry, Harry, we are supposed to be unobtrusive. Don't worry, we don't surveil you inside the house and we don't report anything that happens... just make sure that nothing happens. "

"So, have you had to "prevent" something from happening there in Little Whinging?"

"No, it has been absolutely boring in Little Whinging, which is what we want. However, Reading Railway Station, that was something different."


"Yeah. We found two petrified Death Eaters in the family loo tucked under the sinks. We had to Obliviate the station security officer and the family who had him open the door when they found it locked."

"So as close as Reading, huh?"

"I guess it was just by chance. The two blokes were in Reading for some club concert. Said they were chasing someone who they saw at restaurant that looked like you."


"Yes, do you know you have a price on your head, Harry? I could make a call and make a cool ten thousand quid. "
"How are you doing for cash ,Tonks?"

"Well enough, Harry, I have money from my Mom's side of the family, a small trust fund I have invested through Gringotts. Why do you ask ?"

"Just wondered if I had to start running now, or if we had some time before you made the call."

Tonks punched his arm. "What I am clearly telling you in subtext Harry, is that I have your back, your secrets are safe with me. I know you went to Reading, and apparently handled some Death Eaters quite well. I also know that you bought pot from your third cousin, Clive who is quite the character by the way. So, do you have any with you?"

By now, Harry's eyes had become quite used to the low light in the room. He was trying not look like he was staring while getting glances at Tonks' perky small breasts, with dark brown areolas the size of a ten pence. Her nipples were raised. He resisted the urge to touch them.

"Sure. So I am guessing you might like to smoke some with me?"

"Well certainly, Mr. Potter, I think that would be nice."

Harry found his coat in the dimness and pulled open a pocket. He found a hash blunt and brought it out. "how about a hash and pot combo joint?"

"Sounds fun! I have three days off, So this is my week end, so I can get rather high." She took the offered blunt and held it out for a light.

"Incendio" Harry uttered and held out the tip of his wand. Tonks puffed, and got the blunt burning well, and inhaled a large hit. She handed it to Harry. Harry took a good toke and held it while watching Tonks who crawled over to the top of the bed to light a candle on a table besides the bed. She was wearing a pair of turquoise lace tanga panties with a sheer front panel. Her pubic patch was a small diamond, that was the color bright pink, matching her hair. He took another toke to keep the joint burning and handed it back to Tonks. In a matter of minutes both were very high and did not care to notice that the joint had stopped burning and gone cold. They were chatting about her job at the Ministry and news she was willing to share about the havoc Death Eaters were causing and the known movements of Voldemort. Tonks had turned on a small stereo in the room and they were listening to some 1980's wizard new wave compilation on disc.

Harry said out of the blue, " I think I prefer muggle music."

"That is only because you grew up listening to muggle music."

"Not true. I have been listening to both muggle and magical music since I was 11, and I like muggle music better."

"Well to each his own. Hey, what time is it?

"4:30. The store closes at 6:00."

" This hash has made me so horny!, or perhaps it's because we have been sitting in bed almost naked." She ran her fingers around her breasts and stomach looking at Harry slyly. "It would be too much of a slut move to take advantage of you now and Fred later, wouldn't it?"

"Well, I could just do some oral and touching if you would like that..." Harry was hopeful. Tonks was seven years his senior and could get any young man she wanted.

"Harry, would you really do that for me, just eat my pussy and not expect anything else?'

"Umm, yeah. I think I would really enjoy licking your hot little cooch for you."

"That is really sweet. So would you mind showing me that cock you have straining your boxers... I have been wondering what the Chosen one's cock looks like, " she teased.

"Umm, sure, " Harry said slightly embarrassed.

"Go ahead, stand for me Harry; give me a good view here."

Even more embarrassed, Harry stands, and then slowly pulls his boxers down and off, and then stands in front of Tonks, who has crawled to the end of the bed, and swings her legs to sit on her feet. "Mmmm nice. You have a great big cock, Mr. Potter. So hard and long. Do you mind if I touch it Harry? hmmm?"

"Go ahead. Yeah."

"Holy crikes, Harry! You are massive thick! What a bloody meat pole you have!" Tonks grabbed it with both hands, stroking it from his large crown down to his base. She held his balls in the palm of her small hand. "Omigod, Harry, and big beautiful balls too!"

"Uhm, thanks."

"So, would you mind if I wanted to suck your cock, Harry?"

"Tonks, if you only knew how many times in my head I have wished for you to say those same words..."


"Yeah, I was hot for you the first time we met."

"Well, thanks Harry, I think you have become very hot yourself. You seem much more muscular and taller than even a month ago. Have you been working out or growth spurt?"

"Yeah, uhm, exercise and work." Or body magic and lots of sex, thought Harry.

" So say it baby, say what you want me to do..." She look up at him with her beautiful eyes, her hair changing colors as they spoke.

"Suck my cock Tonks, I want you. I want you to put my cock in your mouth and suck it."

"Mmmm, don't mind if I do, Harry."

Tonks opened her lips wide and took Harry into her mouth, immediately taking it back deep, almost to her throat, and then pulling it out to suck the tip of it with her full lips like a lollipop. She licks her tongue around the cut mushroom head of Harry's very hard, very thick cock meat.

Harry was excited, it was like when Jean sucked him for the first time... or Hermione for that matter. He enjoyed watching a woman he was very attracted to take his cock to her mouth for the first time. He enjoyed watching Tonks run her tongue up and down his shaft, sucking and biting along the way. She reached the base of his cock and began licking and sucking at his scrotal sac, sucking one large testicle into her mouth at a time., licking them while in her mouth.

She soon had Harry incredibly hard, and stopped to look up at him.

"Gawds your prick is so fucking hard, Harry! I think I need to take this horse cock for a ride. I want you to take me deep, Harry, would you fuck me for just awhile?"

Harry only nods, and Tonks stands, and leans over the bed, placing her hands flat on the bed. She widens her stance, and offers herself to Harry. He slowly pulls her panties over her firm ass, and caresses both her ass and back, as he pulls them down to her ankles. He then runs his fingers into the folds of her sex; she is wet and dripping. He pushes three bundled fingers long her crease, finding her vaginal opening easily. She is incredibly tight, so putting three fingers inside her is not so easy. He pushes harder and she moans. " That's it Harry, finger me, get me relaxed for that big fucking meat pole of yours."

Harry kneels and runs his tongue deep into her sex, while continuing to push his fingers into her wet box. He pulls his hand out, runs his fingers underneath her, searching until he finds her clit. Harry rubs gently while licking her from her honey pot up and around her rectum and back into her slice.

"That feels good baby, but I really want that big fucking dong of yours inside me. Please, please fuck me Harry!"

Harry stands and brings his member to Tonks. He rubs his penis up and down from her lower back to under her sex, his head rubbing around her clitoris, teasing her. She widens her stance, making evident the entrance to her sex, and Harry plunges in, pushing his thick meat deep into her sex.

"Omigod, omigod, omigod, you are so big, Harry, that's it- fill up my cunt with your cock!.. Deeper, deeper baby!" Harry continues to push hard, stretching Tonk's vaginal canal until he feels he is near the end, he has ten inches inside Tonks. She leans back into him, pushing as she screams until he is as deep as he can be inside her. He picks her up underneath her arms, wrapping his hands around the front of her body and interlocking his fingers. She wraps her legs back around him and she can feel her weight push his cock further up inside her. He thrust his hips sharp, and she feels his cock push against her cervix. "Ohhhhh Harry, that's it, fuck me deep, fuck me hard!"

She holds onto his arms as he thrusts his hips and she hangs on his long hard limb of cock. He fucks her this way for about five minutes, and she begs him to let her down onto the bed. He pulls out of her, and Tonks rolls over on to her back and lifts her legs over her head. Harry again pushes his cock into her exposed sex, and leans forward, his arms at the sides of her waist and she rests her legs, one on each of his shoulders. He pushes deep inside her. And begins to fuck her hard like a jack hammer. Tonks screams and cums, and screams some more. Her moaning excites Harry and he increases the frequency of his thrusts. Tonks notices the urgency in his thrusts.

"Harry, baby, don't cum inside me, please , let me know when you are ready.! She moans and cries out, as he fucks her and continues to fuck her until she comes, and screams in satisfaction one more time. Harry pulls out, shouting, "Tonks, I am going to cum!, and she grabs him around the waist and pulls up until she can wrap her mouth around his cock. She swallows it just as it erupts, and she begins to gulp and swallow, and gulp and swallow, wondering when it will end, as a geyser of semen erupts into her mouth, and down her throat. He pushes his cock deeper into her mouth, and then she feels him at her throat and she tries to relax as he pushes harder and makes her gag. Cum erupts from the mouth as he moves his cock head past her gag reflex and down her throat. She has never had a cock this far into her mouth and panics as he fills her throat, and continues to spasm his sperm down inside her. She pats on his sides moaning, trying to push off him, and Harry finally realizes what she wants and quickly pulls his rod out of her mouth. With Tonks and gasping and choking, Harry reaches down to rub her back. He had been in "Jean-mode" and had not realized it. He began to apologize, and rubbed her back in supplication until Tonks calmed down a bit, and could breathe more easily. "Omigod Harry, I have never had a cock so far down my throat! You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Oh Tonks, I am so- so sorry! I am a bit used to do that with some of my other... lovers... please, I am so sorry!"

"Harry, love, it is okay, really, it just surprised me that someone your age would be that... aggressive. It is okay, really. Just did not expect that, nor that much cum, omigod, I feel like I have swallowed buckets! Please, excuse me while I go clean up a bit." Tonks found her knickers on the floor and the rest of her clothes where she had left them on a chest of drawers in the bedroom. She stopped to wipe her mouth and kiss Harry on the cheek. "Omigod Harry, I can't believe how well-fucked I feel. I can't imagine what more than a quickie would be like with you! "

She looked at him with a look that Harry had seen before with Hermione and Jean, a wistful, dreamy eyed expression. She turned red, and then quickly peeked out the door to insure they were still alone in the house before she dashed across to the door marked Bath.

Harry found a towel in a drawer, and wiped the sex from himself, and then put his clothes back on. He went to the kitchen and drew himself some water from the tap into a glass pulled out of a cupboard filled with other mismatched glasses, many pilfered from the Leakey Cauldron and other pubs there in London. He found a comfortable chair in the living room. On either side of the fireplace, there were very large picture windows that looked over Diagon Alley. He sat in the chair and could see the tops of shops, and other small apartments on the tops of the old buildings in the area, with old mossy cedar shingles on the roofs and crooked chimney tops and pipes jutting to and fro. He watched a skinny black cat climb along a gutter and down an angled pipe to an old iron fire escape across the way. There was an open window with fluttering white curtains, there, and the cat jumped to the windowsill and disappeared inside.

Harry sipped his water, listening to the music still coming from the guest bedroom. The walls were thin, and he could hear the shower running in the bath, and Tonks humming and singing to the song currently playing from the bedroom. She had a pleasant voice, and Harry closed his eyes, and imagined her in the shower, the water running over her athletic yet curved body as she sang sweetly and soaped herself. He thought about how she had called him aggressive. Was he already warped sexually at sixteen? What kind of brute would he be by the time he was her age? In ways he felt for their ages, the two of them were switched... Tonks seemed genuinely naive when it came to sex, and he was already this bloke who was shoving his cock down women's throats until they panicked. He felt this darkness inside him growing, and now even sex was taking on a menacing overtone. He had to admit to himself that he enjoyed the kind of sex he had with Jean, one that blurred the line with pain, and one that allowed him to be dominant and in control. Yet, at the same time he faulted Jean for liking it. She was not supposed to like it she was too kind and gentle to enjoy being humiliated and sexually punished. How fucked up was all this? He felt some relief that he had escaped, that he was away from it. It was too addicting to him. Already he felt a pull to return to Jean, to finish the fantasies she wanted him to enact with her, to just be with her. He had just used Tonks as a surrogate to try to relieve those feelings, but it did not help, yet he imagined taking her again, this time anally too. He had to fuck her fully. He shook his head. How fucked up was he? Perhaps he should stop getting high... maybe that would put him better in control of his feelings. He had no clue at the moment, and he figured he probably would not for quite awhile. It would be easy to blame this all on the sex potion, but he knew better. He had felt it with Petunia. He was already thinking of things he would do with Petunia when he got back, how he would soon have her under his heel. He would teach that bossy bitch a few lessons on obedience.

He needed to take a walk. He pulled out his watch. It was just after five o'clock. He knocked on the bathroom door. "Tonks, I am going out for a bit of a stroll, I will be back before six."

Tonks popped open the door. She was fully nude but dry. Her hair was now black with a streak of lemon taffy running down one side. "I told you about that price on your head! If you are going out, you need a bit of a disguise, and a companion. Just let me slip on my jeans and this frock and we can go together. I would fancy a bit of stroll around Diagon as well. " Harry nodded his consent; he had already forgotten that he was much more vulnerable here now that he was back among witches and wizards.

"First you though. The more contact I have with a person, the easier it is. Sit down here on the edge of the tub." She sat in his lap. Harry automatically wrapped one hand around her waist, and the other on her upper thigh. "I would appreciate you not telling anyone about this... most of the wizarding world does not know that a Metamorphmagus has some abilities to shape other humans, if just for a short while."

"How long?"

"The more complicated the shaping the shorter the duration of the change. What I plan for you could last easily a few hours. It can be a bit painful, like a quick blow to the body, but lasts about a long."

"Wait a sec- ", Harry put his finger to his glasses and concentrated, "Indespectus" he stated, and his glasses disappeared from sight.

"Nice trick." She felt his face, and found an earpiece on the side of his face. She ran a finger over it. "So I can feel it, but there is no appearance that they are still on your face. That could come in handy... thanks Harry!" Harry was getting uncomfortably erect again and Tonks could feel it. She purposefully moved about in his lap grinding as she inspected his face and head carefully with both with her sight and hands. He without thought caressed her leg and lower back.

"Okay, normally I would just ask for a couple of fingers, but since we have something else stirred up..." She got up, and then unbuttoned Harry's pants, and pulled out is erect cock. She faced him and straddled him standing again. "That's what's nice about a long cock like yours Harry, I can have contact, and still move around a bit." She held onto his rod and slowly pushed it into her sex. She held onto his shoulders, and lowered herself until he was deeply inside her. "Omigod Harry, I so could get used to that!" She grinded a bit for her own pleasure, and then went back to inspecting Harry. She kissed him on the mouth and he felt a tingle and stretching and then his lips popped back into shape. A new shape. She ran her fingers through his hair and he became a dirty blond with streaks of tawny blonde and gold. She did the same for his eyebrows, and they became a light brown. She held onto his jaw line, and he felt that blow of pain and heaviness to his lower jaw. She shortened his ears and thickened his neck, and he was done. She sighed.

He could tell it took a bit out of her, and he held onto her until the moment passed and she seemed back to her energetic self. "My, that was much easier than I thought, I was able to share your energy quite easily."

Harry wanted to say something about his experiences with Petunia, but thought better of it, and kept it to himself.

"With you, I hate this part," Tonks stated, and she stood and pulled herself off Harry's rock hard penis. "Gods that feels so good to have that inside me." She ran her fingers over his cock and then gently kissed his large mushroom head. She turned and made her way over to her clothes.

Harry reeled his cock back into his pants reluctantly, but he wanted to see what she had done. He looked in the mirror. The changes were subtle but enough to really make him look like another young man. The bridge of his nose was a bit broader. His lips fuller, his face roughened so that is was less boyish. His hair was the same style as before, now with a multi-colored blonde look. The stubble on his face was fuller. His jaw line was also more prominent. He looked more Scandinavian or German.

Tonks had just put on her Frock, no bra, nor did she bother with knickers under her very tight jeans. She did put on some short socks with her boots. "What do you think?"

"Yeah, I like it. I do not look like me at all. But I don't look like a posh poof either"

"You look absolutely gorgeous... not that you did not before... Why would you think I would make you look like a poof?"

"I noticed women lately really like femmie goth boys..."

"Not me. I like rugged, but still handsome. I think dirty blonde suits you.. They certainly won't see a similarity here. Here, let me fix that..." Tonks adjusted his hair a bit to more fully cover his scar.

"You look stunning by the way, Tonks."

"Do I"?" She grabbed her small but full breasts. "Should I make them bigger? You men always want our tits bigger..."

"No. Your tits are lovely just the way they are. They should bounce nicely as you walk in those heeled boots. And your ass is looking particularly fetching in those tight jeans. I hope you won't mind if I occasionally walk behind you?"

Tonks took his arm in hers and smiled, " Harry Potter, you certainly can say the right thing at the right time . Shall we go for a stroll?"

"Indeed we should!"

The two left the apartment, with their wands and a bit of money, and took the back steps down to the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley.

Much later in the night.

The curry was good. It had been awhile since Harry had been able to taste the spices... this was not the type of food eaten at the Dursley house, nor often at Hogwarts. Harry would have to talk to the House Elves to see if any of them knew any good curry or Indian recipes. The wine also helped the evening along. Fred and Tonks immediately chummed up as soon as they met, and sat intimately together on one side of the table. Harry watched them. They did get along famously. He could see them as a steady couple if either would commit.

At first Tonks seemed worried about how Harry would perceive the change between them, they did have several laughs as they walked, talked, and window shopped. It was actually a nice time. Harry had hoped to have some time on his own, and realized that maybe time on his own would be worse; he needed the distraction. As the evening progressed Tonks seemed to relax and not be concerned about how she and Fred interacted in front of him. Harry was grateful for the friends, grateful for the company, and was not looking to cause any concerns or unneeded drama. Tonks was her own person, she decided with whom she wanted to hang or have sex.

Harry wanted to find out more about Madripoor. "So tell me about George, what is up with this Madripoor?"Fred and Tonks almost ducked when he said the word, "Madripoor"."

"Easy, mate! Not a word to be bandied about lightly! It's one of the most notorious places on the planet! The richest and the poorest, and one of the most violent."

"Then why the bollocks is George there?"

"Exactly for those reasons, and also that it is the richest trading grounds for all type of exotic and arcane shit. There are no trading restrictions or laws. Anything goes."

"Yeah, but do we really need that kind of stuff for Weasley and Weasley?"

"Well, some of it, but we need it more to keep it out of the hands of You-know-who!"


Tonks interjected quietly but with excitement. "It's true! George goes on buying missions to find dangerous magical weapons and artifacts that either the Order can stockpile to use, or to destroy or hide to keep out of the hands of the Death-Eaters. "

"He does this alone?"

"No. He is part of usually a three man team. Shacklebolt, George, and Mundungus Fletcher. "


"Yes, actually it was his idea. He has several connections there from his years of thievery and work in the Wizard Merchant Marine Corps. He had heard word there that Death Eaters had been seen recently in Madripoor, looking for old magical items. So, he uses his connections, and we look the other way on certain transactions of his while we do business for the Order, under the guise of Weasley and Weasley." Fred whispered this all excitedly. He had quietly put a Muffliato spell around the table. The restaurant was busy, and they were in a corner near the kitchen, so Fred felt confident in continuing the conversation there.

"So when is he due back?"

"Tomorrow. I know he will be glad to see you before you head out Tuesday morning."

The three were silent for a bit, just poking at what was left on their plate and finishing the wine.

So what is everyone up for? Some dancing, listening to music somewhere, or just a cozy night at a pub for few hours?"

"I vote Dancing!" chirps Tonks. She glares a Harry, daring him to vote differently and smiles.

"Dancing is fine... as long as they have good lager and a place to sit." Harry murmurs.

"Then dancing it is! I know of wizard club we can get to by Floo. Good mix of muggle and wizard. Tonight is punk and Goth, so I think even you could dance to it Harry!"


" I saw you at the Ball, Harry, a bit pathetic eh? But a Blondie like you will do well with the ladies there. Let's head back for a bit of a change and then on to dancing!"

Harry insisted on paying for dinner and took care of the bill while Fred and Tonks talked and waited outside. They kept looking back at him while they talked and when he looked up, they waved. He joined them outside, and they walked back to the shop and up to the apartment.

Lee was there and they invited him along. Fred pulled out some various lagers and ales from the fridge and all helped themselves. Tonks pulled her bags from the Guest room and moved them to Fred's. Harry asked to take a quick shower and came back out in clean black trousers. He went to his room and settled on the Maroon shirt that Petunia had purchased for him and he wore the night of the trip into Reading. He was missing her a bit, and he was not sure why. He came out and found that Lee was passing around a joint. After swearing to himself he would cut down, he took it anyway and took a small puff. He shared it a couple of times but kept his high under check. After another beer all were ready. Fred was dressed to the nines, and Tonks looked stunning in a short dark green evening dress and stylish high heels. Jordan was dressed more casual, like Harry, but both looked handsome. Everyone was in high spirits as gathered on the hearth and all threw floo powder and left together for the club. The place was packed but Harry found the music palatable and Fred had connections and there was a table reserved for them. Tonks immediately pulled Harry onto the floor while Fred ordered drinks and they danced a couple of numbers before coming back. Fred had a lager for Harry and a glass of champagne for Tonks. Lee found a dance partner right away, apparently they had been seeing each other for over a year. Harry found him to be handsome, but kind, and with a good sense of humor. A nice match for Mr. Jordan. His name was Albert, and they were only at the table just briefly before they were off again. While Harry was perusing the women on the dance floor, he found Lee and Albert again. Harry sidled up to Lee when his partner had gone for drinks.

"Lee! I had no idea!"

"That I was gay?"

"Y-yes... all the talk through the years about Angelina..."

"I realized it was because she was so beautifully butch, I was attracted to her male side...I was denying my own self. It took me watching you and Cedric during the Tri-Wizard Tournament to realize my own true nature." He looked Harry in the eyes, and Harry blushed.

"Well, I think he is a swell bloke. I hope he makes you very happy."

"Thank you, Harry, really." He placed his hand fondly on Harry's shoulder and then waved when he saw Albert with drinks in hand looking for him in the crowd.

Harry walked around the club. Of all the young women to possibly run into from Hogwarts, He finds Pansy Parkinson standing alone. His hackles rose, and then he realized that there was no way she could recognize him. She was a bit tipsy already. He bought her a drink and they stood at the bar chatting. Harry introduced himself as a Hugh Cornwell, guitarist and the former lead singer and lyricist of The Stranglers. He chatted up Pansy, who seemed to be more preoccupied with getting laid than putting down mudblood and muggle scum. She and Harry danced and drank for awhile, and then she led him into the back, to a secluded store room she seemed to know all too well.

"Hugh, do you want to fuck me?"

"Sure, why not, you are an attractive enough looking girl."

"Well, I am glad I up to your standards, and you seem to be up to mine. We must make this quick, I have to catch a taxi soon." She hitched up her tight short knit dress. She was nude underneath. She bent over and offered Hugh her backside. Harry ran his fingers over her young taut rump, and ran his fingers into her sex, finding it fairly tight and wet. He pushed his fingers into her cunt, and she grabbed his hand. " I am strictly an anal girl... I am saving myself for marriage." Harry nearly laughed in her face. He looked at her and grabbed her hand and pulled her to her knees.

"Then you need to suck my cock first."

"Well, okay, for just a little while." Harry unzipped his trousers and pulled out his turgid member. He held his cock and ran it over her mouth. Pansy licked and sucked at his head half heartedly.

"Do you want your ass fucked or not? " Harry asked her.

"Why do you think we are back in this old storeroom? Of course I do. Are you man enough to give me a proper fucking?"

"Are you woman enough to give my cock a proper sucking? Open your mouth bitch."

Pansy surprisingly, complied. He grabbed her by the back of her head, and fed his cock into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it expertly. He thrust his hips, and held onto her head, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. Pansy just took it, seeming to be more willing to allow Harry to fuck her face than she was to put any effort into really sucking his cock. It pissed him off a bit, so he was not gentle and he was not nice. He also was thinking about all those times she had been nasty to him and his friends over the years. He was rough with her, like he was with Jean. Pansy seemed to prefer it that way, and smiled when he pulled his cock out of her throat and he was outrageously hard.

"Nice cock, Hugh, probably the biggest I have had in months. Are you going to fuck my ass with it or not?"

"You have any lube?"

"Don't want any. You have my saliva all over it, that should be good enough. She bent over some wooden crates, placing her hands flat on the wood as she again hiked up her dress and offered him her very lovely brown round ass. Harry roughly pulled her legs wider and slapped her ass cheeks hard with the palm of his hands. He was imagining he was with Jean now.

"That's it baby, come punish me... I have been naughty and need you to take that big cock up my tight little ass to teach me a lesson. Come show me how big that cock is stud."

She shook her rump like those women in rap videos do. Harry shoved his wide cock crown with no thought of comfort into the asshole of Pansy Parkinson. It did not give as easy as he thought it would, and she moaned and squealed in pain. He continued to shove his cock deep into her, and her anal cavity gave and stretched, but it was accompanied by low growls and moans of its owner. "Unnnhhh! ohhhhh!, Omigod Hugh you are fucking huge... have not had a big in such a long time... your are fucking spitting my ass baby! Fuck me Hugh, fuck me hard!"

It was no quickie for Pansy. By the time Harry was done with her, it was a half hour later. He pulled out of her after coming inside her, and made her take his cock in her mouth and continue to swallow the rest of his load. He pulled her head all the way forward until her face was buried into his muscular abdomen. He held her that way for longer than necessary, and then pulled out of her throat and mouth and left her gasping on the floor of the storeroom. After he had and zipped up and straightened his shirt. Pansy looked up at him. "Do you come to the club often, could I see you again some time?" Harry just smiled and shook his head and turned and left the storeroom and walked back into the noise of the club. He found the table they were sitting at and found new people there. He went to the entrance hearth and made his way back to the Weasley apartment.

The lights were on in the main living room, and there were signs that people had been back, articles of clothing strewn, along with food and half finished drinks. He put the food away in the fridge and ignored the noise and laughter coming from Fred and Lee's rooms and went to the guest room and closed the door. He was tired. It was a long day for him, and he fell asleep still in his pants and socks in the dark room on the old comfortable bed.

Monday had long been up and running before Harry got out of bed. He found the bath open and took a quick shower. He was drying off when Tonks entered the bath very casually, again nude.

"Did you leave me any hot water?" She asked yawning, and stretching. Harry continued to towel himself dry as he appreciated that even with bed head, Nymphadora Tonks was pretty adorable.

"Should be. I took a quick cool shower to wake myself up." Tonks walked up to him and grabbed his towel and helped to dry his back.

"So we lost you at the club..."

"Yeah, I ran into a school mate. We got to talking and dancing for a bit. Of course she did not know it was me, so it was a bit of a lark to lead her on."

"Who did you say you were?"

"Hugh Cornwell"

"You mean like Stranglers Hugh Cornwell?"

"Exactly. You know the Stranglers!?"

"Well not personally, but I've been to some of their shows. Shame that Hugh left the Band, but I still like them both... have cds of old and new Stranglers and those by Hugh as well."

"I'm mostly a fan of the old stuff and Hugh's solo stuff. Never saw them live."

"Still worth it to see Jet on drums and JJ on bass and Greenfield on his keyboards. I like the new singer too. Nice tones to his voice. Next time I know they will be around, I will get tickets for the two of us."

" I would love that Tonks."

"Consider it done."


"Yes Harry?"

"I already dried that..."

" Never hurts to make sure. Would you be interested in getting it wet again?"

"In the shower, or in you? Are we alone?"

" Both. And yes, yes we are... we are the only tourists here today. The rest of the worker bees have flown to the bee hive."

"Will you make me breakfast afterwards?

"Tell you what, I will buy you breakfast afterwards if you will just shut up and get into the shower with me."

"After you, my lady."

"I am hoping that is so that you are taking the opportunity to stare at my ass as I step into the shower."

"But of course!"

"Well then, Lady's first!"

Much later in the Day.

It was an uneasy supper and rest of the night. George had not returned, and no one at the ministry had heard from Shacklebolt either. Fred was showing more worry as the hours passed, and Tonks spent her time trying to keep him calm and distracted. Harry did not what to do, so he stuck close by, went out for food for the crew, and just tried to be as helpful as possible. They waited and worried, worried and waited.

At three o'clock in the morning, all were asleep on chairs and the sofa, no one in bed, when a rumble comes from the fireplace, and three men come stumbling through into the living room very much the worse for wear, but alive. It is Kingsley, George and Mundungus. Harry awakens first- his wand pointing at the men before he knew what he was doing. It was George who recognized Harry even with the blonde hair. It was the only modification by Tonks left undone.

"Harry! It's us! Don't blast!"

Everyone awakened at George's shout. Fred is immediately relieved that his twin is okay and begins to pummel him to show his relief. George apologizes and Tonks gets drinks for Kingsley and Mundungus who collapse into chairs.

After a flood of questions with short sharp answers, the group give the three their space to gather themselves. All are bruised, and have superficial cuts, but none are in immediate need of medical attention other than a good stiff drink of two.

George related the story. "We were ambushed at our portkey return point in France. We were able to keep the artifacts that mattered, but lost a good amount of gold. If Mundungus had not hit the stone wall behind them with a double Confringo blast, who knows if we would have been able to get away."

"Tweren't nothin' just a bit of self preservation and quick spell work."

"Well, it got us to the back- up port key to our Bill's place, and from there we were able to jump hodge-podge from empty house to empty house through the Floo network until we felt it was safe to come here. We thought this was the best place to come back to before we split up."

"Do you mind if we take a shower and have some breakfast before we move on?" It was Mundungus who asked.

Fred shrugged and smiled. "No problem at all. Our casa is a one stop shop. Why don't you get
in the shower, and I will see if we can get those clothes cleaned quickly. We have some house elves in the warehouse who may not mind doing a bit of domestic care magic."

"Don't you do your own?" asked Tonks.

"No I pay for my laundry at a new business opened up by a couple of House Elves, brothers Jacob and Elwood that used to work for us, and now have started their own business."

"As do I" admitted George grinning, "No much for laundry spells and I 'm getting too old to take them home to mum."

"Well, I still do me own, even my fancy knickers!" exclaimed Tonks, which got more hoots from the men around her than she expected. She smiled that her knickers brought such interest from such a diverse group of men. Even Lee had a light in his eyes that showed he was imagining those knickers now. "Hand over your clothes when you are ready Mundungus... I can have them done and dried before you have need of them. But for gods sakes, use one of the clean robes on the door before you bring them out!"

This led to laughter from all, even Mundungus.

Harry and Lee worked together to prepare breakfast. Soon Kingsley and Mundungus were on their way to their own homes. George retired to sleep, and a tired Fred and Lee went down to open the shop. Fred and Lee said their goodbyes to Harry, after Fred brought out Harry's Firebolt he was safe-keeping.

"If you need anything mate, let me know," Fred admonished, in order to get his point across to Harry.

"It was good to see you Harry." Lee gripped Harry's hand, then more quietly said, "I would appreciate if you keep my preferences to us, I have not come out yet to everyone." Harry nodded and they hugged.

The two left for work. Tonks was abnormally quiet.

"So you want to take a shower together? Yesterday was fun... I don't think there is more than one shower's worth of hot water..."

Harry grabbed her hand in answer, and they walked to the bath together. Soon they were in the shower. Harry was behind Tonks, his arms wrapped around her as he slowly soaped her beasts and tummy. His fingers caressed her gently, and Tonks melted into Harry; she could feel his long hardness pressing between her buttocks. His fingers floated down lower, gliding and outlining the shaven diamond shape of her pubic hair, gently pulling and rubbing along her pubic mound above her slit, and the top of the fleshy hood that covered her clitoris. He rubbed down, his index finger pulling back on her hood, exposing her fleshy pink love nerve, while his middle finger gently rubbed over the face of it. Tonks moaned in appreciation, "Mmmm, yesssssssss! Oh Harry, that feels so good." She reaches around and grips the top of his long cock, rubbing on his cut mushroom head, pulling on it, feeling his hardness and length growing.

She pushes down on the hardness, bringing it under her sex. She spreads her lips so that her exposed wet gash was rubbing along the top of his long shaft. Harry began to slowly push and pull out from under Tonk's gripping cunt. She looked down and could see the head of his cock peeking in and out from her slit. She bent over further to allow the head of Harry's prick to more fully rub along her love button. She pulled back on its hood to more fully expose the fleshy pink surface as his shaft pushed and pulled fully against it. Tonks felt a welling in the pit of her tummy, and begged for Harry to continue it slowly. He followed her wishes. Tonks was moaning fully, and gently holding up the underside of his shaft to have its topside rub even more fully against her sex and clit. Harry began to lightly kiss her neck and back. Tonks cried out and Harry could feel Tonks warm pussy juice streaming along his shaft. Tonks straightened her body, and fell back into Harry's arms and he held her through her orgasm. His cock presses back into her buttocks and he moves to rub the head of his cock along her rectum. Tonks turns grasping his shaft.

"Harry, sweetheart, I know you have been hinting at doing anal with me, but I am not comfortable with that. Is that a deal breaker?" She looks up into his face. He tries to hide is disappointment, but shakes his no, and tries to smile.

Tonks, turns and kisses Harry, and nuzzles into him. She soaps him, spending much of her time stroking his still hard meat. She strokes with deft hands, and soon Harry is breathing faster and feeling that welling coming from deep inside his balls. The pleasure builds with her strokes, and Harry lets loose, his ejaculate propelling against the wall of the shower. Tonks continues to stroke him now turned to face him, as his rod jerks and sends another burst of semen out onto her lower stomach, dripping down onto her pubic mound. Harry continues, and she now has her hands covered in sperm. She does not stop, and neither does his cock. He comes hard again, and finally just a few spasms. Tonks was dripping with his man goo. It dripped off her breasts and down to her knees. She looked down at herself and giggled.

The Goodbye was brief. They kissed each other on the cheek.

"So next time you are spying on me in Little Whinging, will you at least drop by after you are off duty, and maybe we can do something?

"By do something do you mean do each other?"

"Maybe. I guess it will depend on what is going on. But we are definitely on for a Stranglers show, right?"

"Definitely. I will check their website at a muggle coffee shop I like to go to. I bet they will be playing somewhere around London in the fall."

They were standing on the flat top roof of the apartment. The air was misty and chilled. The storm had come in some time yesterday night. Harry forgot about the change in weather, but he had on the long coat which was oiled, and was repelling water nicely. Tonks had on her jacket, but her arms were crossed, so Harry knew she was feeling the chill.

"Pretty amazing view up here, Harry."

"Yes, Fred and George certainly know how to live. Make sure you say good bye to George for me if you see him."

"I will. I am not due at the Ministry until tomorrow morning."

"See you soon Tonks."

"I bet I will be seeing you before you see me."

Harry grinned. "I bet you will, so I won't take that bet."

Tonks impetuously ran up to him, and hugged him again, and gave him a kiss on the neck. "Be careful Harry Potter, whatever you are doing to be in two places at once."

Harry just nodded at her, found the Firebolt he had leaned against the stairwell door, and disappeared from sight. He was inside the invisibility bubble. The view was slightly hazy, but nothing like looking through the gauze of the cloak. He took off into the air like a shot. It was exhilarating... He had not been flying in weeks. He flew high, and fast, and then ducked low to skim above the traffic in the streets of London. He had to move fast. It was 9 a.m. He remembered it was around 10:30 a.m. when he had used the time turner and had gone back four days to 4 a.m. in the morning. He had the turner around his neck and under his shirt. He was not sure how important it was to have it on his body at time of transfer, but he thought he better have it close by.

Harry felt he needed to go faster. He pulled the Firebolt to rise higher, but due to some nearby lightning strikes, he dipped down to fly just over the height of the trees. He zipped by at 85 miles per hour. He was grateful that Fred had a pair of Quidditch goggles to lend him, the rain was stinging his forehead, but at least it was keeping out of his eyes. Occasionally he would pull out the wand and cite a repelling shield spell that would keep the wind and ran away from him for a while. He soon saw the railway pathway to Little Whinging, and followed it, veering off once he got to the station to fly straight on to his housing division. He landed in the backyard of the Dursley house. He sat under the umbrella at the table to stay out of the rain. He pulled out the watch. He was watching himself in the upstairs window of Dudley's room. As soon as he saw himself disappear, he felt the time lines merge inside him once more, and he had both sets of days catch up in his memory once again. The relatively four mundane in Little Whinging, excepting the very hot sex with Petunia, and the whole circus that was his time at the Grangers and Diagon Alley. The merger was still intense, and a bit painful, but nothing like when he had the memories of eight of his selves merge together. He got up, a bit woozy, and with a headache, and made for the door that he had left open for himself. He held onto the broom and remained invisible until he was inside the house. He felt for the saddle bag, and removed the cloak, and the Firebolt became visible once more. He cautiously walked through the house and found it empty. He went to his bed, and placed the cloak back into the Firebolt's pouch, making it invisible again, and placed in deep under his bed, near the wall. He put away the coat, and took what pot was left in it and placed it back in the original bag and placed it back under his mattress. He changed out of his wet clothes and put on some baggy older ones that appeared to be Dudley hand-me-downs. He dried himself with the towel he had used that morning that to him had happened four days ago. It was still damp. Time Travel made his head hurt.

He lay back on the bed. He wondered about his owl, Hedwig. It had seemed like forever since he had seen her. It had been four days in real time. He noticed that the treats he had left for her, along with water on his open windowsill were gone. With the weather, she was probably laying low somewhere; she probably had a burrow in a field, safely near a tree line at a nearby farm. He opened a new tin of mouse , and left it at her perch with fresh water, and left his window open despite the rain. He sat down on his bed, exhausted.

He heard the phone ring. He rose to answer it. It was one of the duties he was expected to perform, and often it was Petunia checking in on him. Lately she like to talk a bit dirty to him on the phone if she was out of earshot of others. He got up and walked to the Dursley bedroom, where there was a phone on the second level. He hoped it would stop ringing before he got there, but it did not. He picked it up. He heard a woman sobbing on the other end.


"Hello! Is this Harry Potter? I must speak to Harry Potter... Please!"

"This is Harry Potter."

"Oh Harry! This Molly McDonough, I-I am Dudley's cousin. Please, you must come to Cork Ireland right away! Please!"

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