Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Crowd of Friends, Family of Strangers

The decision was to bring both daughter and mother together with the eight men instead of splitting into fours. Harry felt it would keep the combinations fluid and unpredictable.

Both Granger women were to be hit with a confundus spell, one that Harry had to glean from Hermione's vast knowledge of spell work during their last encounter. Harry was not worried about asking her, since the timeline would be overwritten and her memory of giving the information to him with it, just like what had happened with the previous timeline. Harry hoped that the magics of the potion would still count those fantasies as completed from the previous time lines, but since he had license to" rise above all known boundaries of time and space " he felt he was within the rules of this magic.

Hermione decided that they would need to use a formal Latin incantation for the confundus spell since it was so specific. The belief was that "Corpus Amici Vultum Confundus Hogwarts Familiarie" would have Hermione and Jean seeing familiar people from Hogwarts for seven of the Harrys, and of course, himself. Harry hoped that Hermione's spell would then allow her fantasy of taking on his dormitory mates, Ron, Neville, Seamus, and Dean, be realized, along with a few familiar others; Fred and George Weasley and Viktor Krum , whom Harry knew she still very much adored. He also knew that Hermione secretly wished for a threesome with the Weasley Twins. All but the Future Harry, last known as Ian, and the Harry known as Reg took on the Vox mimicus spell to sound like one of the aforementioned people as to reinforce the identities for Hermione while under the confundus spell. Reg/Harry of course, already sounded like Ron so his voice did not have to change.

Harry had hoped that Jean had met or heard of most of these people, but expected her brilliant mind would take the leap and realize her own versions of these people as she saw fit, like she did with Ian and Reg. Both Harrys who posed as Ian and Reg also knew that the Potion would have its affects and well, and would lend its own magics to making the identities more real for all eight of the Harrys. In fact, as the Harry now known Ron was removing the vox spell from Future Harry to return to his original voice, he grabbed his octuplet's arm roughly and pulled him aside.

"Perhaps you should concentrate on Hermione and lay off Jean, mate."


"Yeah, you are taking something pretty fucking personal here. You were out of line with Jean near the end... I know those slaps were not for her... you were angry mate... a bit too angry. I was beginning to get upset as well, but you took it a bit too far."

"You don't know what the fuck you are talking about."

"Sod off, I know exactly what I am talking about. I was feeling angry too, but I didn't take my hand to her because of my anger. I kept to her wants... If she knew how you had felt at that moment, I know she would be upset about it. Keep it in check around her... got it?"

"Yeah I got it. So are you going to fetch her then?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

"Then get to it... we are on a clock for this..."

Ron had already turned his back on Harry and flipped him off with a two finger salute behind his back as he walked away and up the stairs from the basement.

Harry knew that his Ron counterpart was right. He did get out of hand. The problem was that it felt pretty good doing it. Ultimately it would be he himself reconciling this, so it did not matter as much to him at the moment... perhaps later on it would.

Neville-Harry had picked up one of the stoppered vials off the table. He shrugged, opened the vial and tipped back a sip. In seconds he was feeling re-energized, and his cock was throbbing hard. He passed around the vial as the others heard of the results. Apparently small additional doses enhanced the process. Harry would have to remember that for Mr. Granger if he made it home in time.

George and Fred had brought a couple of stools down from the kitchen, as there was not much furniture in the basement. The big work table still had the hot cauldron on it, and no one wanted to move it, even sealed, with that much active potion inside it. That put the table out of action for the event.

Harry Proper decided to go get Hermione. This was the first he had seen her in her Gryffindor sweater, and crimson knickers and bra. He was absolutely smitten with her sexiness. He blindfolded her and then held her hands behind her back.

"Oh Harry, where are you taking me? I thought we would have time to talk, for me to tell you about some of my fantasies... perhaps a bit of alone time."

"Not much alone time planned... I have gathered a few friends for a bit of an informal party in the basement." He kissed her on the neck and bit her ear. He whispered into it. "Corpus Amici Vultum Confundus Hogwarts Familiarie", with his fingers at the back of head in lieu of a wand, his counterpart Ron was in possession of the one he had brought. An expression of perplexity creased her lovely face. "A party? But what about the way I am dressed?"
"For this party, you are dressed very appropriately."

He offered her the joint in his pocket, which, with the time line change, was now still intact... another benefit of time travel thought Harry; you can have your pot and smoke it too. She smoked it as they carefully walked through the maze of her bedroom and down the hall and stairs to the basement with Harry holding one hand and leading the way. Harry had found out that pot seemed to enhance the confundus charm. Like that was rocket science, he thought to himself sarcastically.

Hermione was turned over to the two Harrys now mimicking Fred and George. Fred and George began to speak to her, talking about how lovely her knickers and body looked while slowly undressing and caressing her. They had her sweater and bra off, fondling her breasts and back, and her firm ass and tummy, before they removed her blindfold. When they did, the strong jaws and ginger faces of Fred and George swam into her vision. The glamour's affect was full; she even saw them as much taller than the boys around her. Harry kissed her forehead, and left her with George on his knees pulling down her panties as Fred was now kissing her neck and caressing her breasts while her hand was at his sizable member stroking it. She looked around as she heard Ron's voice, then Seamus, as well as Neville, Dean, and even Viktor! All were encircled around her mother, who was on her knees, both hands stroking cocks, with another in her mouth. She took turns sucking them, while others ran them over her breasts and nipples and face and neck. Harry decided to join the five, but lay on the ground, and had her straddle his face while he began to suck and lick at her sex. While the others worked around him. Victor grabbed Jean roughly by the back of the head and brought her to his incredibly wide cock. It stretched her mouth just to try to take it in.

"How do you like my lukanka woman?" he grinned as he pushed more of his shaft into her mouth.

Fred and George wasted no time having their cocks find both ends of Hermione, and when Harry looked over they both held her light frame off the ground, with George holding her under her arms as his hips pushed his schlong in and out of Hermione's sweet mouth. Fred was between her legs, each gripping the sides of her hips as he plunged his cock in and out of her very happy pussy.

Jean was overwhelmed with the number of cocks needing her attention. She soon had every one of her orifices filled as she continued to stroke a cock in each hand. The young men were switching around often and she had no idea who was fucking what on her. She decided to lose herself in the sensation, the different cocks, and the different smells of man around her. The first one comes in her mouth, a rough young man, older than the others with a Slavic accent. His cock is wide and hurts her mouth, but his semen is sweet, and his balls are full as they fill her mouth, and cause her to choke as she tries to swallow large eruption after large eruption. She lets it drip down her chin, and he pulls out, and continues across her face. One of the cocks she was stroking replaces the one that just erupted in her mouth. She opens her mouth and begins to suck and lick the prick now forcing its way to the back of her throat. She focuses on the pain and pleasure happening along the nerves of her anus and vagina, and continues to pull and stoke on the cock still in her hand. It soon joins the other one in her mouth.

Harry joined the Weasley twins, along with Viktor Krum to give some additional attention to Hermione. Viktor began to kiss and suck at her breasts while Harry slid under her and slowly pushed his cock up into her still virgin ass. He was careful but forceful and Hermione screamed as his wide crown pushed past her sphincter ring of muscle. This was his first time taking her, all the other times it was a past version of himself who had taken her anal virginity. Yet this would be the time she would remember. She cried out, "Oh Harry! omigod, omigod you are so fucking huge! I don't think I can take it, please, please, omigod!" and with a push, he had eight inches of his shaft up her ass. She began to moan, as he slowly stroked his meat rod in and out of her tight little ass. George was next door, and he had been stroking her clitoris furiously for awhile as he pulled in and out of her cookie. Hermione screamed again and came hard, flooding both George and Harry with her pussy juice. Fred chose that moment to also come and erupted with a large geyser of spunk into her mouth and across her face and eyes. George followed, coming hard and deep inside Hermione. He pulled out and a flood of both his ejaculate and hers followed, flowing out her now pulled cunt lips, dripping and landing on Harry's large scrotal sac and exposed shaft. Hermione now sat up on top of Harry driving more of his long shaft deep into her anal canal as she licked and sucked the dripping cocks of the Twins, and stroked Viktor to erection again. She was amazed at how quickly the boys were ready for more action, the wood returning quickly. She was not aware that they had all taken more of the potion directly into their systems.

Jean was now covered in cum. Neville pulled out of her anus, she now on all fours, and he spurted his large load all over her ass and back. He slapped his long thin cock across her ass cheeks hard, raising a welt. Dean Thomas took over, pulling up her ass; he took his thick, large ebony rod to her snatch, pushing it in to the hilt. He was well past her uterus and as deep as he could get. She was pushing against him, relishing how deep his cock was buried in her velvet box. He began jack hammering his penis hard within her and she urged him on, asking for more, for it to be harder still. Ron was back at her lips, and pushing his eight inch cock into her mouth and into the back of the throat. He gripped her by the sides of her head roughly and jerked her head back and forth along his member. Seamus was underneath, sliding his cock between her tits which were gripped roughly in his hands. Ron stopped and yelled "Switch!"

Each four men left the woman who was the attention of their sexual energy and moved to the other. They put Hermione on top of Dean as she faced him on all fours and she felt his cock meat slide into her wet and relaxed cooch. Ron straddled her and took his cock to her waiting ass, slowly pushing his cock up inside her. "Damn Hermione, you are still so tight!", he grimaced. Neville kneeled and joined Dean in fondling and Hermione's perky tits and pinching her nipples. Seamus ran his fingers round her mouth, and Hermione opened it wide to allow him to slide his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. Hermione was tiring and this had only been going on for half an hour. She had had three orgasms, one that was incredibly hard and intense. She knew she might be overwhelmed, but she did not realize how intense it would feel to have multiple partners. She only knew these young men socially, except for Ron and Harry, with whom she had, up to this point had fairly tame sex, not even allowing them to enter her prized pussy. Yet here she lay, filled with their cock and covered in their sperm; she felt their touch all over her body. She was their sex toy, or were they hers? She decided that she had been playing the victim, now she wanted to take charge of this sexual romp happening on her body. She pulled Seamus's cock out of her mouth, and began rubbing the underside of her crown with her thumb. She gripped the cock and licked around it and up and down; she was tired of her mouth and throat being used for a cunt. She flexed her hips and rocked them back and forth, feeling the cock meat gliding back and forth in her anal canal and pussy. She commanded Neville to finger her clit. He did so expertly... she would have to remember that for the future if needed. She urged Dean and Ron on, asking for harder and faster strokes from both of them. She felt the welling brewing especially with the wonderful rubbing Neville was giving her love button.

Fred, George, Harry and Viktor surrounded Jean. They pulled out a stool and had her bend over it, and grip its legs. Harry took the wand and pointed at her legs and wrists, and uttered, " Incarcerous" Rope appeared, binding her legs and wrists tightly to the stool . Harry took to her mouth, gently caressing her face as he slowly pushed and pulled a third of his length in and out of her mouth. Fred the tallest was able to straddle her, and take his long member deeply into her waiting ass. In fact of course it was one of the Harrys on his tip toes, who then found purchase on supporting rungs of the stool strong enough to hold his weight. The anal invasion was slow and fierce, and Jean moaned in pleasure as his member filled her alimentary canal. Both George and Victor pressed their crowns together, and pushed their members together very slowly, slowly into Jean's widening cooze. She was moaning and squealing with each movement of their shafts in and out of her wet velvet box. George and Viktor each held a hand on Fred's shoulder to steady him on his precarious perch. Jean was in absolute heaven at this point, being tied to a stool and fucked and humiliated by four strapping young men. They whispered things in her ear, out of hearing distance by Hermione. They called her a milf slut, a dirty cow, and slag and whore. They scoffed at her posh nature and her rich lifestyle, and called her a cum-pot and filthy cunt. She felt unworthy to receive such grand attention and humbled herself and submitted to their every whim, no matter how painful. She had lost track of the times she had come, and had multiple orgasms twice when two of men the stepped on her shoulders as two others put their hands up her ass and sex. She wished for a beating, but had to be satisfied with hard hand slaps across her ass cheeks and hard cock slaps across her mouth and face.

The crescendo was building, the next ten minutes were spent with the stroking, caressing, petting, sucking and fucking slowly rising like the large crest of a wave, until the crash came, and all involved began to quiver in orgasm and the pleasure spilled, spurted, and ejaculated out of them and onto each other. Each man took turns going to each woman and having her suck and lick on his cock. By the time they were done , Jean and Hermione had licked and sucked clean all eight cocks each. The two women were covered in sperm. They felt spent and exhilarated at the same time. Each man kissed them on the lips after they were done and left the room. Mother and daughter were left on their own. There was a full bath in the basement. Both women went together to shower away the evidence of their orgy with eight men.

All the Harrys filed into the guest room. They were oddly silent. It was a mission, and it was done. Certainly a goodly amount of pleasure was had by all, but the biggest sensation was one of relief. They all looked at each other, knowing that this would all be ending in minutes. Each one pulled out the pocket watch subconsciously. It was an act of the universe. The seven other Harrys automatically surrounded the Harry that had gone back in time to start this whole chain of events. The seconds ticked by at the approached the nexus in time that created and re-wrote two hours in time several times. Harry did not know what this would mean. He was changing rules by manipulating time, and every science fiction movie he had seen or heard about , it never seemed to come out fully successful. He was hoping his own past experience with Hermione and saving Buckbeak and Sirius would be repeated here. How significant were these two hours in the life of three people? He hoped it would not even cause a bubble, much less a ripple in the stream of time. He looked at his watch, the time approached, and because the timings of the "time jumps" had not been perfectly on mark, some of the Harrys began to fade sooner than others, but Harry felt every microsecond of their passing, because they were not leaving- they were merging within him... each moment of their experiences were becoming his- every sensation, every thought, and every memory they made during those two hours since whenever they joined at the various time lines, became part of Harry. He was flooded with thoughts, memories, sensations and they flooded in like a tidal wave, crashing in on his mind. It was maddening- the amount of information flooding his mind all at once. He writhed in pain on the floor until the last of his past selves merged back into his mind. He then realized that he had one of the most complete experiences one could have ever have of an event. He remembered his time with both Jean and Hermione, listening to their confessions, having the various sexual encounters with them, He could remember the two threesomes from the view point of four of the participants. He could remember a gang bang of two women from the perspective of eight men, each with unique identity traits, thoughts, feelings which at the root of them were him. It was mind boggling, yet made sense to him at the same time. He sported an incredibly hard erection as the wave of experience and memory washed over him. He felt closer to both Hermione and Jean than he could be with any other woman. He had experienced both of them intensely for six hours separately and together in the matter of two real hours of time. If he could throw this time turner away, he might do it, the way he felt right now; it was overwhelming, painful, and mind-blowing. Of course, he never would. The power of it was too immense. Too important. He was exhausted and fell asleep quickly.

He woke to the urgent shaking of his shoulders by Hermione. Her father had returned. Her mother was talking to him, but both were distraught. It was too much to process. Harry had to take a shower to wash the sex off his body; he smelled of sweat and sperm and pussy and ass. Hermione was beside herself, but he only half heard her continual patter of worry and wonder as he doused himself under the sink, and then as he took some clean clothes and walked down the hall, past the empty master bedroom and down the stairs to the spa room. Hermione followed, now quiet, watching the half dead Harry slump his way through dropping his change of clothes and walking into the shower. He turned on the closest shower head and found the bar of soap Hermione had made herself. He lathered himself fully, including his hair, and then rinsed fully in very warm water. He still felt groggy, but very fresh and clean, so he doused his head under the cool water of the waterfall and shook himself awake.

Hermione handed him a towel and He dried his hair, and then his body. Hermione was dressed in an incredibly short soft gray wool skirt with only a tiny red thong underneath, and low cut deep red silk camisole and by the way her perky breasts bounced, she was braless or wore only a tiny strapless shelf bra. She wore high heels, which accented the shape of the calves of her long slender legs. He pulled on the clean jeans and the t-shirt. He put on a cotton long sleeve shirt of a deep forest green color that he left unbuttoned. He combed and brushed his hair into a semblance of order. His new haircut made it fairly simple. He walked with Hermione holding his hand back to the living room. There was no sign that there had been a threesome held on the table there. The tablecloth was immaculate and the flowers recently rearranged, probably by Jean as she waited for her husband to return home. He and Hermione walked into silence. Both Jean and Martin sat on the sofa, but on opposite ends. There seemed to be some tension in the air. Both were drinking wine. Martin stood as his daughter and the young man who must be Harry Potter entered the room.

"You must be Harry!" ,exclaimed Martin a bit too outgoing, a bit nervous. He extended his hand. Harry took it and shook it firmly, but with his quiet politeness.

"Hello sir. I am so glad to get to meet you."

"And I you. Thank you for talking with me earlier today."

Harry was nervous. Even with Martin's own permission, he had been fucking this man's wife all day, and in very humiliating and degrading ways. It did not help that Jean currently looked knock out gorgeous. She wore tight low cut silk top of a gold color that helped accent her hazel colored eyes. She wore some type of cleavage enhancing bra that made her spectacular breasts even more so. He saw a bit of black lace at her lowest part of the opening to her blouse. She looked hopefully at Harry, and he noticed her nipples were now evidently hard through her blouse. She wore a short skirt, still much longer than Hermione's ,but it still showed off her beautiful legs. Harry wondered what Jean and her "Wendy" had spoke about, he was coming in cold to the situation and still not very awake. How much information had she relayed regarding what he and she had done together? The two men were close, and Harry could definitely smell the perfume of scotch around Dr. Granger. "No problem sir, I hope I have been of some help..."

Hermione continued to hold on tightly to Harry's hand. She ran her hair behind her ear nervously. "Dad, I was going to make some tea, would you like anything?"

"Yes, tea would be good dear, why don't you help her with that Jean, would you?" He shot a glance at Jean who looked tense but took her husband's lead without causing any conflict.

"Of course... I think we had some fresh scones and biscuits from that bakery we like, I will come help you, sweetheart." Hermione reluctantly let go of Harry's hand, or perhaps they reluctantly let go of each other's hand, and the Granger women left for the kitchen.

"Harry, to be honest, I almost did not come home." Martin was moving to the antique liquor cabinet and he poured two scotches. He was tall, so it was apparent that this is where Hermione got her height. He was lean, Harry could tell he took care of himself, besides golf, he was sure there was active tennis and probably running. His face was pleasant, and Harry could see how some of his features, the curve of the nose, the eyebrows, the chin, had transferred pleasantly to his daughter. Martin offered him a glass half full of a very expensive and old scotch. Harry had tried Scotch a couple of years ago when he had poured himself a bit to try when cleaning up after an evening party at the Dursleys very early the next morning when everyone else was still asleep. He did not like it much at all. He politely took the glass and took a very small sip. He tried not to grimace, and nodded his thanks to Dr. Granger, who preoccupied and probably slightly drunk, would more than likely had never given it to a sixteen year old to begin with on any other occasion. "I had more time to think at the bar... I am not sure if I am cut out for all this magic stuff, Harry, it all seems to be so dangerous."

"There certainly can be dangerous aspects to magic sir, but I can assure you... the only danger here is if you don't participate, don't support your wife and daughter through this." Harry looked down at his drink, he was nervous and his voice had cracked while he had talked. He was not sure why, but he was very emotional and protective about both Hermione and Jean at the moment. Perhaps the huge overload of sensory information of sex and tenderness with the both of them was still affecting him.

"This all too mad and personal... learning the deep sexual desires of your wife is one thing... but your baby daughter too?"

"Your baby daughter is a fine young woman now sir. Besides, I believe I have found out more about her... infatuation... with you. It has ended up wrapping itself in sexual manner, but it is more about you recognizing that she is more than just your perfect little girl... that she is a fallible human being that deserves, no, craves your honest and constructive criticism too. "

"How fucking old are you Harry? You talk like someone in their thirties or at least an insufferable older college student... god knows I was one." He took a drink and looked closer at this young man who stood before him. He could automatically see what his daughter saw in him in their brief time interacting. This young man was a leader, no matter how reluctantly he seemed to approach it. He seemed very humble yet strong at the same time.

"This potion has changed me sir... it has connected me not only to the support and happiness of Hermione and your wife... it has given me the tools I need to make sure that they can get through this... "odd adventure". I believe it can give you all you need to make Jean happy again, from your perspective and from hers. Magic is amazing sir... the things I have seen since I learned that I was magical... you would not believe them. Sometimes I barely do... You're a doctor, right?"

"Yes I am... I have specialized in reconstructive dental surgery."

"Does the muggle... does the normal human world have a liquid you can drink to re-grow broken or shattered or missing bones overnight? Not that I know of... do you?"

"No, we do not... "

"Well, I have experienced that sir... lost all my bones in my arm and now, those bones are stronger than they have ever been... what you do you think magic could do with something like repairing nerves or .. . blood flow?"

" I understand that we have medications coming out that may help my condition, but I understand that it is still two or three more years away... I don't think I can wait that long... nor should Jean."

"We have something that probably can help you today. Wouldn't that be worth trying?"

"It's not that... it is the unknown... how long will it last? How affected will my girls be?... will they always be nymphomaniacs due to this stupid potion? What kind of craven sex fiends will we have to become to survive?"

"We will have to find out that together... all magics are consequential, but most are educational- enlightening in some way. They lead to personal growth, personal strength. I have to believe this will too. Dr. Granger, my life has not been an easy one. I won't bore you with the details... but I have learned that most things worth achieving come with pain- at least for me. I think this may be the case here as well for all of us."

"Harry, I understand there are no guarantees in this world..."

"Very true sir. There are risks, some lead to failure, other to rewards. I am sure there were risks when you and Jean decided to start your own practice, weren't there?"

"Yes, there was... lots of struggle before it paid off..."
"Yet, here you are... here in this incredibly lovely home, with a growing and successful practice and some of the smartest girls in the world for a daughter and for a wife. I say you have pulled it off pretty right well sir."

"Yes, you are right Harry."

So, you need to believe me when I tell you that if you do not go through with this, the risk of losing this all is much, much , much higher than what may happen if you do not."

"Well then, Harry, I-"

"Here is the tea and biscuits!", chimed Jean, as she and Hermione came briskly into the room. Harry was pretty sure they had been eavesdropping, and that Jean wanted to be in the room standing before her husband when he made his decision. She placed the silver tray on the coffee table before the sofa, and looked up nervously.

"Jean- Hermione- I was just about to tell Harry my decision... Yes, I will go through with this... no matter my own personal qualms. Please... I want to help you both any way I can. I love you both."

Jean burst into tears followed by Hermione. Harry was feeling very uncomfortable at the moment and took a large gulp of scotch and regretted it immediately. All three were hugging and he was definitely was feeling like the left heel in this little family moment. He took another gulp of scotch and regretted it again.

Jean pulled out the misting bottle of potion and faced her husband. He closed his eyes and she sprayed him from head to foot. She even gave him some extra sprays in the nether region since he had his eyes closed. Harry could see a crackle of energy around Martin that for some reason seemed to escape Hermione and Jean. When Martin opened his eyes, Harry saw the same glint of realization and resolve that he had experienced when "misted". Jean gave the bottle to Hermione. Hermione took it. She seemed conflicted, and then she shook her head and gave it back to her mother. "No, I can't. I just... can't!" She excused herself and left the room immediately. Harry stood up. He took out a vial with a stopper. There was a quarter-filled vial left after the eight men had sipped their refresher. He was no doctor, but he figured it may be the boost that Dr. Granger might need. He handed it to Dr. Granger. "Drink the rest of this... if you will excuse me, I will go see to Hermione."

Dr. Granger only nodded, and then took the vial and swallowed its contents. He smiled. He looked down and Harry noticed a significant bulge occurring in the crotch of the man's trousers. He grinned at Martin, then winked. He walked by Jean who grabbed his hand and then leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. She put her hand where she had kissed, and said, " Thank you dear, thank you. " Harry only smiled and nodded. He left to find Hermione. She did not run toward her room, he decided to see if she went back to the kitchen. He found the kitchen empty. He looked out the window and saw her, on a swing, under a large tree in the garden. He found a door to the garden, off the large and room family room next to the kitchen. He walked outside. It was partly cloudy and the sky was a darkening blue. The air was fresh. It must have rained sometime while they were inside, lost in their own world of lust and fantasy. Harry breathed it in. It was better than all the sex he had savored in the last three hours... or was it longer ago? How long had he slept? The sun was setting, but it was still light enough out to see, so he must not have been out for too long.

He walked quietly not saying anything. Hermione had been crying, her eyes were red, but they were now dry. Harry came back behind her and pushed her gently on the swing. She held on and let the swing glide out and back. She pumped her legs a couple of times, and Harry pushed her a bit harder. She was soon swinging back and forth, the bottom of the swing higher than his head at apex of the swing's arc. Her skirt flared up, her beautiful behind in the tiny thong flashing as she passed back and forth in his line of vision.

She stopped pumping and let the swing continue, to slow, its arc lowering with each pass. She looked back at Harry and smiled. "Help me to stop, Harry."

He grabbed on to the swing, holding both the swing rungs and Hermione's sides running forward with it, slowing it down as Hermione tightened her grip on the rope on each side of the swing. As Harry fought physics to bring the swing to an unnatural stop, Hermione laughed. " I remember my father doing this for me when I was younger, on this same swing."

Harry never had a parent to help stop his swing when he was young, except perhaps at school, with help from a kind teacher or classmate. He remembered swinging, before he knew he was a wizard, but while his powers were manifesting, how sometimes he would get the swing to go all the way to the top of the swing set fully vertically upside down. Yet instead of swinging around fully, or the chains collapsing under gravity, It would stop, and reverse itself in a perfect arc back down the other way. He never went all the way over, never tangled the chains or wrapped them around the support bar. Just a perfect 180 or 270, never falling or twisting to disaster, always a perfect arc and stop.

He thought that was the way it was supposed to be, until he watched a muggle child attempt the same feat, and it ended in pain and tears, and with the swing chain wrapped and tangled around the top bar.

Hermione stopped, squinting toward the red and pink sunset glare in the distance. The bottom of the low clouds colored in orange, pink, red and purple. "I couldn't do it Harry... I could not make my dad get me through my dark fantasies... even though he is a part of them. Do you know what a disgusting freak I am , Harry?"

"Yes, yes I do 'Mione."

"I am not joking Harry!"

"Neither am I, although I could have worded my response a bit different I confess. I should have said that I know what a disgusting freak you think you are."

"Harry, if you knew my thoughts... "

"But I do. I heard your confession."

"But when? Why don't I remember? Did you use an obliviate or imperio spell on me?"

"No, of course not. I could never... why would you ask?"

"I-I sorry Harry... of course you would not... besides, why would you do that if you are telling me now? It would defeat the purpose... but why don't I remember?"

"Because it was in a different time, Hermione. Things have changed since then."

"You used the turner?"

How else would I have been able to get seven other guys together in such a short time frame?"

"So were those really Ron and George and Fred, and Neville and the rest? Was Viktor really here?"

"Well, you remember them as being here, so that is all that matters."

"But what do I say to them the next time I see them?"

"I guess I wouldn't mention this event... they will know nothing about it and will think you are barking mad."

"Harry Potter! What have you done?"

" A magician and wizard should never reveal their secrets... So any way before we got sidetracked, I just wanted to say fear not... I have heard your confession, and somehow I will help."

"Then that will have to be good enough... So what should we do now Harry?"

I dunno, maybe we go get some dinner somewhere, just the two of us... I think your parents will want some "alone time". Do you know a good place for curry or pizza?"

"Sure, we will have to grab a bus down Meadway near the entrance to Linnell. Walking would take good bit of time, and I am famished!"

"To the bus, then, do you need anything from the house?"

"Perhaps a sweater and an umbrella and my wand." She touches his glasses. "Indespectus"

Harry could still feel his glasses on, so he was not sure what Hermione did. He pardoned himself to his room to get the wand he brought- he still did not consider it his own. He took an elastic arm band to his right forearm and slid the wand under it and place his long sleeve shirt back on. He splashed a bit of cologne, and then looked in the bathroom mirror. His glasses were missing! He felt his face. They were still there, he could see well out of them, but when he lifted them from his face and held them in his hand it was like he was miming it to his eyes, no eyeglasses were visible. There was weight in his hands, and his eyesight dulled; he knew he held his glasses. He placed them back on this face and could see sharply again, but no eyeglasses appeared to be on his face. Well, that would certainly work better than not wearing his glasses at all in public like he did on his way here! Indespectus. He would have to remember that.

He stepped back in the hall. The door to the master bedroom was now open and he saw the top of the head of Martin disappearing down the stairs to the spa room. He was about to turn the other way when Jean stepped out into the hallway, fully nude.

"Oh! Harry! We thought you and Hermione were still downstairs somewhere..."

"We're going out for a bit to eat... figured we'd give you two a bit of privacy... big fail I guess."

"I think you and I are past any privacy issues, Harry Potter." She walked up to him slowly, that exclamation point above her sex still accurately describing the way he felt when he saw her, especially in her current state of undress. She held a large latex phallus in her hand, neon pink with purple bands. She discreetly realized it, and placed it behind her back.

"Do you two need a spot of cash? I am sure Hermione has her card with her, but..."

"N-no worries, we are good. Thank you."

"Why Harry, you seem to be nervous, to be out in the hall with me nude, how sweet! " She was close to him now, her nipples firming on her full large breasts, He could see a bit of fresh cum still splattered across them. She ran her fingers to her honey slice, dipping them inside her. She brought her glistening wet fingers to his mouth, and ran them along his lower lip. Harry reflexively opened his mouth and she ran her finger inside. He licked and sucked her fingertips.

"You were right... we will get a chance to play some more this weekend. Wendy has agreed so far to allowing you to watch us discreetly sometime... I was thinking you could wear your invisible cloak. Perhaps later tonight? Oh Harry, this potion still has me fully enthralled... but it is so much better now that Wendy is back... so hard again... it is wonderful! Yet right now, I would so love to just take your cock in my mouth and suck it... it is so maddening and wicked! I feel so wicked and can't stop myself! I should go, I know Wendy is waiting for me, he is so much himself again! It is like he is a new man. I wish he knew that I never loved him any less before this... he won't believe me if I tell him so. A as crazy as all this has been Harry, I would not trade a minute of it!" She wrapped her hands around his face and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips, he responded. A minute later they broke it off, and Jean hugged him and turned and picked up the dropped phallus, and then hurried down the stairs and out of sight.

Harry tried to collect himself, now with an erect penis in his pants. As he walked he attempted to think somber thoughts as he took his time getting back down to the front door where he would meet Hermione. Hermione was still gone. He waited a couple of minutes and then she showed, now in a bit longer black skirt and a low cut cream cashmere top. She wore more sensible shoes for walking as well. She still looked every bit as lovely. Hermione took his hand and they walked to bus stop. They found a well liked pizza cafe and sat and talked and found the time to be just like muggle teenagers in 1990's London. It was magical for both of them. As they walked the neighborhood, the couple found a public phone box on a dark corner. No one was around. Both slid into it and closed the door. Harry dimmed the light with a discreet "Umbra", and uttered "Nebula" to create fog on the glass panes of box.

Harry personally found this to be one of Hermione's most disturbing fantasies. He lifted her skirt and gently pulled down the tiny (different) thong panties that Hermione was wearing. He kissed her on the back of the neck as he pushed the thong in his back trouser pocket. His hands were caressing her ass, fingers finding the entrance to anus and playing there, as well as into the folds of her young sex, the recent sex loosening the lips, creating the start of a budding flower. She was wet and panting, and tried to regain her breath as she reached back and rubbed his already hard cock through his jeans, expertly unbuttoning the top bottom of his jeans and sliding one hand down his pants while the other was dialing the number. "She should still be up; she normally does not go to bed until around ten." She said in such a matter of fact manner, "Oh! Oh! Yes, Harry, that feels fantastic... not so hard and fast... yes mmm, that feels ONE-der-full!" She paused, and listened more intently into the telephone hand piece. "OH! its ringing... now remember, no talking but do whatever you want, I must be the one to have to control myself... please, yes, put it in me... Oh? What Grandmum? No, I said that it would be good to have tea. I was talking to mum. Yes, how are you love? ..."

Hermione began her conversation with her grandmother as Harry rubbed the head of his large cock up and down her sex with one hand, while the other hand nonchalantly gripped her shoulder as he peered over it. He was hoping it gave the appearance of a couple having a conversation on a public phone and not sexual congress. He pushed his cock deeply into the slick folds of her hot little cooch, into the warm wet, soft velvet fleshy insides of Hermione's vagina. He pushed in six inches, and then another three. Hermione caught her breath, put her hand over the mouth piece of the phone, squealed a bit, then took it off and continued to answer in confirmatory tones to her grandmother's stories of Crookshank's adventures so far at her house. She felt Harry push more of his thick meat rod into her, filling her vaginal canal, and could feel his wide head rubbing along the side of her uterus. He was now stroking in and out of her, pressing his hand against her pudendum, putting pressure on the top of his cock against her vaginal wall. His cock was too deep for its head to fully rub along her g spot, but she could not tell him that; she was talking to her Grandmum. Hermione thought, I guess I could say, " pardon me Nanna, Harry is not quite hitting my g spot with his big cock so I must tell him to pull out a bit more- what? why yes, he is fucking me while I talk to you, yes, it feels wonderful, but I need to interrupt our conversation and ask him pull out his foot long prick a bit more while he fucks my hot little box, so sorry Nanna...nope... was not going to happen. Yet, Harry seemed to understand anyway and adjusted so that he was not fucking her so deeply; his large head was now fully sliding along her g spot. The extra pressure he was putting on her was making the contact that much more intensely wonderful. So wonderful that she was having trouble focusing on the conversation with her Nanna.

"Ooh, sorry, no, I missed that, just now mother wanted me to ask you how your bridge tournament went on Tuesday?"

Harry continued to slowly push himself in and out of her, stopping once in awhile when someone went by the box. He was close to coming, and he held off, she had come once; he could feel her cunny juice dripping around his cock. Her breathing was faster and her answers short and clipped that she gave her Grandmum. Her breasts heaved as he cupped the right one. Harry had slid his hand under her blouse and was now pulling the exposed nipple of the breast barely supported by the lace semi cup of the shelf bra. Hermione squirmed as she talked on with her grandmother, as Harry continued to push and pull his cock back and forth inside Hermione, now and again rubbing his fingers quickly and lightly across her clitoris. Hermione was incredibly wet and the sound of his dong sliding in and out her dripping twat was loud. The schlocka- schlocka sound caused Hermione to have to mute the handset by cupping her hand around it. Her cunt felt incredibly good to Harry; he was close to coming, and he bit Hermione on the shoulder as his signal to her that he was ready to release. Hermione said, "Grandmum, my good friend Harry would like to say Hi, would you indulge him? Yes? Thanks!" She turned and handed the phone to Harry, pulling his cock from her tight puss. Hermione peered outside the phone box, and is relieved to see no one nearby. She turned and faced Harry and bent her knees until she mouth was level with Harry's incredibly hard and thick member. She sucks and swallows his shaft, as Harry speaks into the receiver. "Hello?" His voice cracks a bit at the pleasure he feels.

"Hello Harry? Hermione has spoken of you often!"

"And she has spoken of you often as well, whether you know it or not, you are her favorite Nanna." And currently your granddaughter is swallowing and bobbing on my cock driving me wild, as I am so close to blowing my wad in her mouth he thought.

"Well that is sweet of you to say."

"No, it is the truth! She says she loves that you live so close by. I was wondering, ma'am, do you have any embarrassing Hermione as a little girl stories you can tell me?" Hermione punched him in the leg as she continued to stroke and suck his member. She ran her teeth lightly along his shaft, swallowing his cock all the way down her throat. It was too much and he let go with a huge jerk of his member; the pull was so hard that it sent a pain to his prostrate. The sudden eruption into Hermione's mouth left her gulping, and gulping. Harry tried to focus in on the story her grandmother was actually going on about.

"... and then she ran out of the potty, screaming Nanna , Nanna I tinkled! But I turned the water all green, I'm a witch I'm a witch! " Grandmum began to laugh and so did Harry, quite loudly as he was also cumming fully at this point, and Hermione continued to lick and suck his sensitive cock.

"Oh ma'am, that is hysterical! I only hope I can relate that one as well at Hogwarts!" Again with a solid punch by Hermione into his thigh, same spot. "Well, I know you probably want to watch the news, so I will turn you back to Hermione... Hermione, sweetheart, are you ready to return to the phone? Just a moment Nanna. It was so good to say hello to you! She adores you so much! Oh, she behaves... our Hermione is just a little study bug at Hogwarts... top of her class! Thank you for indulging me...yes, we are enjoying ourselves here in Scotland immensely, her parents are so fun to travel with! Yes, you take care too. Lovely talking to you. "

Hermione finished licking and sucking the cum dripping from his crown , going one more time down fully on Harry before popping up and taking the phone. Harry pulled his cock back onto his pants zipping up and buttoning. But he was not done. He then put his fingers back into the folds of her sex, rubbing upwards his fingers stroking her clitoris with brisk hard rubs. She tried to hold his hand, but then let go and just held onto his other arm as he worked her briskly, She was coming, and her ejaculate was splattering everywhere with his quick rubs across her clit and cunt.

"Thanks so much for taking care of Crookshanks, Nanna! Oh, and I will hunt you down and hang you by your toes for telling Harry that story!" She giggles with her Grandmum and she giggles some more as she continues to crest into orgasm. She bites Harry's shoulder as she listens to her Grandmother sending well wishes to her mother and father. "I will tell them, yes they are out having a romantic dinner, Harry and I decided just on a pizza and movie on the telly. Love you Nanna, bye-bye." Hermione comes with a shuddering orgasm and holds onto Harry, nuzzling into his chest moaning. Harry sees someone almost at the door of the phone box, impatiently pacing outside it very close. He hugs Hermione as he pulls her skirt down with one hand and pats her shoulder with the other, as if consoling her. He reaches for the door as an old man waits impatiently outside the box. Harry opens the door holding onto the still moaning Hermione, stating to the man, "She just learned some terrible news..." As they start to walk away, Harry tries to quicken their pace, knowing the phone box must reek of sex.

The old man sniffed as he entered the booth and yelled back to them, "Oy! You must 'ave left your fish'n'chips!" Both were laughing a bit nervously and quickened their pace away from the phone box and old man. The old man realized that they were running off and looked around to see no bag of fish'n'chips in the box. He realized what had been happening and yelled back at Hermione and Harry and they dashed down the next corner and out of line of sight, " OH NICE! Why don' cha find a hotel you bloody tossers!" Hermione and Harry stopped once around the corner and began laughing hysterically.

They walked to the bus stop, and boarded a very crowded old two tier bus, standing room only. It would eventually head back towards the Heathgate residential area of Hampstead, but first went southeasterly to Golders Green cross station before moving northeasterly to the Heathgate addition area. It remained full all the way to Golders Green. Harry was a bit claustrophobic and wished he had smoked some more pot before he left the house. He concentrated on staying put, and the crowd moved around him. He lost sight of Hermione as another group of people pushed into the carriage while he remained steadfast at an overhead grip. Once the bus emptied at Golders Green he joined Hermione who had just turned around to find him behind her. She looked at him mischievously. She punched him on the shoulder.

"Harry Potter, you are so bold sometimes!" she whispered as she caressed his back and they moved to a couple of open seats.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Harry Potter, I will have to cut you off from sex, if you are going to take me for granted and just think nothing of inserting your fingers inside me on a crowded bus! ", she teased. " I must have told you about that fantasy too."

"Hermione, I have no idea what you are talking about... you and I got separated about three stops ago..."

Hermione looked aghast, "Do you mean that was not you?!" Harry shook his head. At that time they heard someone clear his throat. They looked up. Two seats up, turned around, was the old man from the phone box. He waved at Hermione, then made a production out of sniffing his forefinger, and then waving to her again. He laughed, and turned around in his seat.

Hermione was pulling out her wand and Harry had to grip her hand. He hissed, " Hermione, not here! You will have the ministry down on us in seconds! Besides, you just completed another fantasy... and it sounds like you had fun... so why not walk away and call this a win?... " Harry snickered, " He certainly is!" Hermione punched him repeatedly all the way to their stop. She had them leave the bus two stops earlier than her normal stop because the old pervo was still on the bus. She waited until the bus had left and was out of view before they started on the way home. "Omigod, I can't believe that old perv had his hands in my cunt... I need a shower Harry, ugggh!"

"But he got you off, didn't he? Even though you thought it was me?"

"Well frankly, he was quite good. He really knew how to work my love button, and He was quite gentle. You could take a lesson or two from him, Harry." Hermione looked at him slyly.

"Well, we should have showed him our stop, perhaps he would give me a demonstration , I am sure you would be willing to do it for the sake of my education."

Hermione punched him hard. Harry just laughed. "So a shower then? How about we stop in my room and have a bit of puff and then go use the Jacuzzi tub for awhile... I could just enjoy some down time for a bit, Hermione. "

"Just us, then?"

"Of course. Frankly, I don't think we will see your mum and dad until tomorrow morning unless it is by accident. "

"That is so wonderful. Who would have thought this miserable potion would help in any way... it is just so decadently bad."

"So how are you feeling? Any signs of the potion wearing off?"

"No! I am so terribly horny all the time, unless I have just orgasmed... then I have about ten minutes of relief from feeling like I must be having sex before it starts all over again. I'm barking mad horny already just from our walk home. "Do you care for some wine when we get in? Perhaps a snack of some kind too? We can raid the fridge before we go take a dip."


Hermione took out a key and opened the front door. They left their shoes at the foyer bench and padded to the kitchen. It was quiet in the house, at least downstairs where they could hear. Hermione found a bottle of wine in the pantry and brought it out. Harry found the cork screw in a kitchen utensil drawer. He was remembering Jean, the porcelain skin of her back, the curve of her hips and that beautiful rear end. He opened the bottle of wine. Hermione brought some wine glasses over and Harry poured some. Hermione found some crackers, and pulled out a couple of different cheddar wedges and cut some slices and put them on a plate with the crackers. She cut some prosciutto and another cured sausage and placed it on the plate as well. She pulled some fresh herbs from some garden pots on a kitchen window ledge. Harry watched her, her method, her proficiency. She arranged the meat and cheese onto the crackers quickly, and had wonderful hors d'oeurvres ready in a couple of minutes.

She brought the plate over to the Harry who handed her a glass of wine. They sipped and smiled at each other. Hermione fed Harry a cracker; he took a big bite, chewed and swallowed. He opened his mouth for another bite, and Hermione playfully shoved the rest of the cracker into his mouth and giggled. His mouth was full, and he had chew for a long time before he could swallow the mouthful. He gulped some wine to chase it down. She offered him another cracker with a glint in her eye. He picked up another one himself and toasted her with it. She giggled, and bit into the cracker she held. Harry wiped away a bit of crumb that fell to her chin. She playfully bit his thumb. He ran his fingers over her face gently, over her cheek and the bridge of her nose. She leaned in, towards him, and they kissed. It was slow, gentle, and passionate. Hermione looked up brightly into Harry's eyes. She had a sad, hopeful expression on her face. Harry broke the eye contact, and kissed her again on the cheek, and then her neck. He kissed her down to her shoulder. He sucked briefly on her neck, thinking he would give her a love bite. She offered him her neck fully, and he sucked slowly. She moaned in pleasure, and he left a small red mark at the base of her porcelain neck.

They kissed some more and finished the wine. Harry decided he did not need to get high and they went to the spa room. The Jacuzzi tub was still heated, and Hermione turned on the jets. Harry helped her off with her top, over her head, and helped to remove her tiny shelf bra. He kissed her shoulders and back, and then wrapped his arms around her from behind and palmed her breasts, holding them, caressing them, and squeezing them gently. He unbuttoned her skirt, and unzipped it. Hermione gently pulled it over her slender yet shapely hips. He still had her panties in his back pocket. He was nude before him. He kissed her neck and chest, and sucked briefly at her young pert nipples. He kissed down her belly running his tongue inside her belly button, and then down to her sweet little quim. He licked and sucked and kissed her sex with relish and desire. He moaned his pleasure at her taste, the sweet nectar of her pussy already dripping on the edges of her tightly folded cunt lips. Hermione widened her stance to allow Harry to lick under her. She bent over and ran his tongue along her taint to her little pink rectum. He licked around her anus, and brought his tongue back down her gash and into the folds of her sex and the opening of her cunt. He used his finger to spread her pussy and to lick along the entrance to her love tunnel. Hermione moaned in pleasure. She pulled back on top of her slit, to expose her clitoris to Harry tongue. He flicked the tip of his tongue across of the sensitive pink pleasure node. Hermione moaned in delight. He circled it slowly with his tongue, occasionally flicking across the whole bud with a wide rough lick of his tongue. His middle finger and slid into her anus and she moved against it. His forefinger joined it. He bit and sucked at her pussy until Hermione could handle it no more, and she gently pulled Harry from her pussy and brought him to his feet.

Hermione took off Harry's long sleeve shirt, and gently removed his wand and arm band. He pulled the t-shirt up over his head and she took it from him. She knelt, and unbuttoned his jeans. She pulled them over his hips and down, and He stepped out of them. His cock was fully swollen and hard. She looked up at him hopefully, and he nodded. Hermione stroked it with her hands, gripping the thick base and then leaned in and began to suck and lick his balls, taking one large testicle into her mouth at a time, for that was all she could do. She licked up to the start of his cock, and sucked and playfully but all the way up the underside of his shaft, while her thumb and forefinger stroked his large round mushroom head. She pulled down on his cock which curved straight up toward his abdomen, it was so hard, and swallowed it. Harry grunted in pleasure at the feeling of Hermione's warm tongue and mouth around his prick. Even though she had only done this close to a couple of hours ago, this was different. He was able to focus on the feeling; he was not worried about looking around or getting caught. One thing he had to give Hermione, she was an excellent cock sucker, and he meant that in most loving way. She was intuitive in how to use her tongue, mouth and teeth, when to nibble or bite, when to suck or lick, even when to use her throat. He allowed her to give him oral pleasure for about five minutes, and then gently pulled her up. He picked her up, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he long legs around his back. He held her by the waist, and moved to allow his cock to find her exposed vaginal entrance, pushed, and her wetness allowed him to slide his wide crown and part of his shaft up into her sex. His size was big no matter what, and Hermione moaned as he stretched her as he entered her young pussy. He thrust more of his shaft into her and lowered her a bit at the same time to use gravity to allow him to slide slowly further into her vaginal canal. All the fucking she had done today had stretched and relaxed her tight young cunt; He was sliding in comfortably, but her velvet love box still hugged his cock tightly in a most delicious and sensational way.

They were kissing passionately as they fucked at a slow leisurely pace. There was no urgency, no manufactured time line or sense of danger. It was just the two of them taking their time to make love. Hermione was in no way submissive. She rocked her hips seductively, her cunt lips gripping like a wet satin sleeve, moving up and down on Harry's long and thick shaft. She licked and bit at Harry when she was not kissing him, her fingernails raking his back as she gripped him in the throes of passion.

He carried her to the faint couch and laid Hermione on her back, straddling the couch, his cock never fully leaving her insides. She raised her legs over her shoulders as he faced her and took long strokes in and out of her. They kissed, and Harry grabbed her legs holding onto them at the back of her knees, lifting her ass from the couch, rolling her onto her upper back and shoulders as he pushed and pulled his full hardness in and out of her sex. He watched her pussy spread before him as he took her. Her hand went to her clit rubbing it with abandon. She urged him on. "Oh Harry, my Harry! Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!"

He complied, gripping her legs harder as his strokes gained speed, as pulled fully out of her, only to impale her again with his rod, fill her fully with his cock, in and out, faster, and faster. Hermione cried out in pleasure and squirted, and Harry continued, as she continued rub on her love nerve. He was close to coming but was waiting for her, so he bit his lip and held back and kept fucking Hermione harder and faster. At last she was moaning and begging him to stop, but he as close now and continued until he felt the eruption from deep within his balls and the crest of endorphins flood his nervous system as his cock spasmed and jerked, and inundated Hermione's cunt with his semen. She was now twitching and writhing with Harry's cock still fully inside her but jerking against her vaginal canal. She could feel every spasm, every release of warm sperm as her own waves of pleasure washed through her again and again. Harry gently released her to the couch, and pulled out, his large thick member still very hard and dripping with his man milk. She was now dripping with his man milk too. He was still hard, and wanted to fuck her some more, but he waiting for a cue from Hermione. She stood and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the Jacuzzi. They entered the water and sat down. She laid her head against Harry's shoulder and within ten minutes of her entering the water, Hermione was deeply asleep.

Harry place a levitating spell on Hermione and lifted her from the water. He carefully dried her, taking his time to make sure she was comfortable; she did not wake. He took his T-shirt and dressed her with it, kissing her breasts and stomach as he covered her. He took her in his arms. Still in her sleep, she placed her arms around his neck and murmured something he could not quite hear, or did not want to hear that sounded like "love you Harry". It was quite easy in her floating state to carry her back up the stairs and across the hallway and to her room. Harry placed her above her bed, holding her at just an inch above her mattress. He released her from the spell and she dropped to the soft comfort of her bed. He took his shirt off her, wishing he had thought of that before releasing her from the levitation spell, and carefully placed her now nude body into her bed. She did not wake... her fatigue must have been tremendous. He covered her with the bed sheet, placing her head comfortably on a pillow. He ran his fingers over her face. It was cool in her room; there was a breeze from her bedroom window which made the air fresh and pleasant. He took a blanket folded on the end of her bed and spread it over her. She nuzzled in and went to sleep.

He thought of staying with her, but decided it would be best for him to go back to his own room. He padded quietly, realizing that he was nude. He decided to go back for his pants and wand, but now fully awake from his time in the tub, he decided to smoke some pot first. He found his pipe, and added a small bud to it and lit it with his lighter. He inhaled deeply. This day had been incredibly intense; he was too wound up to sleep. As always, he felt the weight of the world rested on his shoulders. He was too worried about what would happen next to Hermione and Jean to relax for long. He had hoped that the strong pot would help knock him out, if at least for a little while. It did not. He took his cloak of invisibility, and wrapped it around his nude body and walked down the hall. He stopped at the door of the Granger's master suite. He heard voices, and crept on by. He went down to the spa and retrieved his clothes and wand. He slipped into his jeans, feeling more comfortable to have them on... after all; he was just a guest here. He picked up Hermione's clothes as well and placed them in a hamper her found in the room near the sink.

He headed back up to the room, his cloak just wrapped around his neck. To anyone walking by, it would be a bizarre sight, Harry's head floating above his disconnected body. He enjoyed doing it occasionally for a laugh in the Gryffindor Common Room. He heard more noise coming from the Grangers' room. His curiosity was too high to ignore it. The door was partially open. He remembered what Jean had said to him earlier in the evening before he and Hermione had gone out for supper. He placed his wand in his pocket and placed the cloak over him. There was a single lamp on, but enough light to see what was happening in the room.

Martin was lying on the edge of their bed nude on his back, His long legs bent over the edge and his feet flat on the floor. Jean was standing between his legs, bent over his erect prick, she was sucking it, bobbing up and down, supporting herself with one hand gripping each of his muscular thighs. Harry was feeling a big mischievous. He pointed his wand under the cloak at Martin's prick and uttered quietly, "Engorgio!"

Slowly, as Jean was bobbing up and down on her husband's cock, she felt it thicken and it seemed to grow longer. She had to open her mouth wider and it seemed she was taking more cock into her mouth and now her throat as she tried to reach the base of the prick. It must be the potion, she thought. Wendy was moaning in pleasure. She pulled up, taking the cock out of her throat and mouth. She inspected his prick. It was indeed much thicker around and longer by two or three inches. She smiled, and wrapped her lips back around the much bigger cock and swallowed it, bobbing on it up and down, taking it fully in until her chin reached his large balls and then back up to the head. He licked and sucked on the crown of his husband's cock when she felt something lightly caress her ass. She flinched, and then she felt fingers slide into the folds of her sex, and up into her vaginal canal. She smiled, it was Harry. She widened in her stance, and offered her ass to him. She felt a second hand grip her buttock, caressing it. She want him to slap her ass, but knew that would cause too much attention, and that though Wendy made no stipulation that Harry was not to touch her when he was in the room with them, she knew that what was happening now was probably more than he needed to know. She continued to suck her husband's cock with relish. She swayed her hips seductively, hoping to feel Harry's cock entering her. Suddenly her husband grabbed her hands and sat up. He gripped her shoulders and stood, forcing her to knees. Harry's hands left her, and Harry backed up from the couple.

Martin stood gripping her roughly by the back of her head. "You've gotten good at cock sucking Jean. How much cock sucking did you do today, you little slut?" He yanked the back of her hair, Jean gasped. How many quarts of sperm did you swallow or wallow in today you filthy whore?" He shoved his cock into her mouth. He seemed a bit surprised at how hard and big his prick was. He made her place her hands in front of her on the floor. He stood on them as grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. Harry was bit surprised but suppressed his urge to come to Jean's rescue. Had he not just this afternoon in five iterations of his body do something similar to Jean according to her wishes? Martin was surprisingly convincing, but so had been he. Perhaps he was using some internal jealousy to fuel his performance, but Harry was pretty sure this was for the benefit of Jean. Harry backed off, moving a bit to the side so that he could watch this and have good views of both Martin and Jean. He was growing hard. He found this dominance sex very exciting. It was some of his most exciting of the many memories in he held from today. Martin was savage in the fucking of her mouth and throat. His grip on his wife's head seemed painful to her. He pulled out his cock and slapped it repeatedly with force across her mouth. "Did you like sucking his cock, wife? Tell me!"

"Yes husband, yes I did. I thoroughly enjoyed sucking his big young cock. He came all over me; he forced me to suck him clean even after he had fucked me in the ass. "

"Oh, you are indeed a filthy cunt then. Turn around then. Everything you did for him, you will do for me bitch!" He slapped her with his open hand across her face. "Bend you self across the bed, you fucking cow! No, first let's lube my cock up. "He took his cock quickly to the back of Jean's throat, causing her to gag and drool all over his cock. He pulled it out with strings of saliva dripping down his hard rod. Jean obediently bent over the bed, widening her legs, offering herself to Martin. Martin roughly took his cock to his wife's anus and pushed with force to shove is prick up Jean's ass. She screamed in pain at the stretching of her anus and then moaned in pleasure as his shaft slid up deeply inside her. He slapped her ass with force and grabbed the hair from the back of her head and began to piston fuck her anus roughly.

"You filthy pig... letting a sixteen year old hooligan sodomize you with his nasty prick!"

Hooligan? thought Harry. Well, I guess he could have called me a filthy mother-fucker.

"Did that filthy mother-fucker do this to you?" He began choking Jean as he pushed his cock up inside Jean's ass all the way to his balls. He let go, leaving her gasping as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of him, with him sitting on the bed. He widened his legs and made her grab each leg and begin raising and lowering herself on his cock. Martin reached around and pulled and twisted her nipples roughly. "Jean, this feels so fucking good... I should have fucked you in the ass so long ago."
"Wh- why didn't you, hon?"

"It did not seem... appropriate. You were my wife and lover..."

"But, I- I also want to be your whore too, Wendy! Please let me be your whore when you need one! I want our sex to be what we want... not what we think is appropriate! Oh fuck me, Wendy, fuck me in my ass, baby!"

Wendy had Jean crawl to the floor, and get on all fours, lowering her head and raising her ass high in air. He straddled her, and shoved his long cock deeply back into her ass. She moaned in pain and pleasure as more and more of his shaft pushed its way up her anal canal until she could feel his full balls resting at her cunt lips. Jean wondered where Harry was. She knew he was watching her husband dominate her and take her anally. It made it even hotter. Jean wished he could just join them, to have his cock in her mouth or in her pussy as her husband continued to drill her little asshole with impunity for him and pain and pleasure for her. Martin fucked her harder and harder, pounding her from behind, she moaned and groaned loudly, asking for more, to fuck her harder, which he did.

Harry whispered again in the dark as he sat and watched and stroked his cock, enthralled in the sexual interaction between his Jean and Martin. He stopped and pointed his wand, and whispered "Engorgio elongatus" and Jean screamed as her husband's cock swelled again in girth and much more in length inside her. Martin was now ramming fourteen inches of hard cock meat in and out of her anus. She felt her alimentary canal fill and stretch. Her nerve endings were on fire. Harry that little son of a bitch, she thought as she screamed again when Martin pulled fully out of her and pushed her onto her stomach on the bed, legs draped over the edge of the bed, and he took his large cock and shoved it slowly and fully up her ass, until he lay atop her, grabbing her shoulders as he tried to shove further inside her. Jean moaned, "Take me, take me my love!"

He was at her ear whispering. "I know he is here, watching us, using his magic to make my cock grow. Do you want him to fuck you, baby?"

Jean considered it. Martin was giving her everything she wanted right now, would she really ask for this? "No sweetheart, but I do want him to be able to finish on me in the end, would that be okay?'

"Of course dear. Now let me fuck you properly you filthy little cunt!" he barked at her. Martin grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled her onto her back. He pushed her legs over her head, rolled her on her shoulders exposing her sex and ass. He squatted and pushed his cock back down vertically into her ass, as he began to roughly rub her clitoris while he shoved four fingers into her sex. He pushed and pulled his anaconda of a cock in and out of Jean roughly, knowing that he was soon close to coming. He could feel the urgency in his huge balls that felt the size of tangerines. He was incredibly turned on by this rough sex with his wife. He was not sure at first, but as soon as she explained her fantasy, he just accepted it and responded. He was doing and saying things he felt he normally would not be capable of, and he finally understood what Harry had been relating to him about the potion. He pulled out and straddled his wife, now lying on her back. He forced is cock into her mouth, making her lick and suck it, as he ran his long shaft between her breasts. He pushed her breasts together roughly thumbing her nipples as rubbed his cock between her breasts doing what he had heard called a "titty fuck". He began to cum hard; he erupted in huge jolts, the first two filled Jean's mouth. She was choking, trying to swallow the cum in her mouth due to the angle of her head and neck as she lay on her back. She turned on her side trying to gulp and swallow and sperm ran out of her mouth. He next erupted across her face. It covered her forehead and began dripping down her face and into her eyes. The next ejaculation was across her cheeks and chin. He stood, straddled her and continued to pump the longest orgasm of his life across her face and breasts, and down her stomach, and over her pussy. He turned her over and continued across her ass and most of her back. He was a one man bukake blow out and it was magnificent, it was the hardest and best orgasm he ever experienced At this point he was thinking that maybe magic was not half bad. His wife was fully covered from head to toe in his semen.

He called for Harry. "Harry, come out! Please, come and let Jean finish you, you deserve that much!"

But Harry was no longer in the room. Jean and Martin showered. They checked in Harry's room. He was not there. They went to Hermione's room, and found him on the floor, in front of Hermione's bed, asleep on some of her stuffed animals, his invisibility cloak over his shoulders. His bare feet and legs stuck out. Jean took a spare blanket on a chair, and she and Martin spread it over him, making sure his feet were covered and tucked in before they quietly closed the door and went back to their bedroom. As they walked back to the bedroom, Martin remarked, "I wonder if Harry's spell on my cock will wear off?"

Jean replied, "I hope not... not, at least until this whole potion thing gets resolved. Just watch where you are swinging that thing, dear!" They both giggled.

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