Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
This is No Doublemint Commercial!

The Quad Harry wandered around the room, All four of them deep in thought, often running into each other. Harry was always restless when he was trying to think. "So we told you what we know..." Said Old Harry.

"I think each of the Harrys who heard the confessions should go back to the one they heard it from.. They can provide the lead if needed." related Nap Harry.

"I know I came back in the past, but I did not hear the confessions. I think I would like to go to Jean." Said Late Tooth Brush Harry.

"That's what you ended doing last time too, so I think that might be a good idea." said Future Harry.

"Well that leaves me going with Hermione Harry then, which is fine. But we have to talk. We are all the same guy, and we think the same, but we have to think differently when we are with them, or we will all be trying the same thing at the same time, or saying the same thing. We have to play off each other. If one speaks, then the other speaks next, and you keep quiet. " stated Nap Harry.

"Makes sense." The other three said in unison.

"See that is what I am talking about." said Nap Harry.

"We all know what you mean" , said Future Harry.

"What are we going to do about Jean?" said Late Tooth Brush Harry to Future Harry.

" I think we will have to put a confundus on her... make her think she is looking at two different boys. We should not tell her about the time turner." said Old Harry.

"What about Hermione? She knows about the turner, are we going to Obliviate her later? You know she will want us to turn it in..."

"No!", said Hermione Harry quickly, "We just don't give it up, even if she goes aggro. We can tell her we need every weapon we can get if we have to fight Voldemort."

The other three agreed that the tactic should work .

So we think the confundus should work with Jean... it should be specific to confuse her about whose body she is seeing...not just face. "

"Yes... i think the spell is species confundus de corpus", offered Hermione Harry

"Right, so what about our voices, shouldn't we change them too? " said Future Harry.

"What spell do we use for that?... I can't remember learning that" said Late Tooth Brush Harry.

"Vox... Vox mimicus!" said Hermione Harry again. He smirked at his remembrance.

"Right! Brilliant!" the other three said in unison.

"Fuck!" said all four of them again in unison. "Fuck! We have to stop this!" They all said again in unison. Each Harry stormed to a different corner and turned his back on the other. The all took a cleansing breath and swore, and turned around. No one said a word. Then they all opened their mouths to speak, but did not say a word. Then Future Harry spoke quickly- "We know this will be difficult. What we have to do is try to focus on our different experiences this last couple of hours. We all are different for this last couple of hours."

Hermione Harry spoke up next. " We all know this next hour and change is going to be re-written.. we take care of the threesome fantasies for Hermione and Jean, and then we move on to the big show. So have some fun with this... do something you've held back on... if we fuck up, no one remembers but us. Even if we piss off someone, it won't matter. Understood?"

He looked and pointed at each other version of himself. Each one nodded. Of course he knew they knew, he had thought this out before he went back in time, and each of these iterations of himself had thought it too, including the Original or what he considered the Future Harry who came back the first time into the past. This was a chance to play out one of their own dark fantasies with no one to remember but themselves. When would they ever have a chance like this again?

"So, let's go, we are losing time here..." said Late tooth Brush Harry. "Do you have the wand?"

"Yes." Future Harry said as he pulled out the wand from his back pocket. "Let's head out, he nodded to Late Tooth Brush Harry. The two left to go find Jean in her tub.

Hermione's crew were checking their breath and deciding that they needed to use some mouthwash. Nap Harry had changed out his shirt when he saw what Hermione Harry was wearing so that she could feel like it was at least two different Harrys for her menage a trois fantasy. They rushed out of the room, feeling the pressure of time.

Hermione Harry stopped with Nap Harry. "Remember romantic. Low lights. candles."

"Yeah yeah, flowers on the table. Don't be long. Bring her right down."

"Yeah understood , we are on a bit of a deadline...should have given us more time. ..not sure how romantic this will be."

"It is the quality we give her. Hermione wants this romantic... hold her hand for gods' sakes."
"Listen to you chastising me You know we are the same guy, right?"

"Are we? you got to hear her fantasies, both dark and romantic... I only got to hear what you relayed to me. I would hope you were really listening to her in that last time line..."

"Don't worry about me... get yourself ready. I will be down in about five minutes. "

Harry rapped on Hermione's door.

"Come in Harry."

"Hey Babe, how are you doing .. everything sorted out okay? Mmmm, 'Mione, you are looking rather hot fit in that sweater."

Hermione was a bit taken back... It did not get past her that Harry had called her by a pet nick name, something he loathed to do, yet he said it naturally, sincerely. She smiled. She patted the bed sheets, next to her. " Come sit with me Harry ".

Harry walked over with his hands in his pockets, but instead of sitting down next to Hermione, He gently pushed her back on the bed and crawled on top of her, straddling her as he leaned down and began passionately kissing her. Hermione responded, opening her mouth, and soon their tongues were intertwined and exploring each other's mouths. Hermione was surprised; they had done little kissing like this. Their times together had had been more straight forward, right to touching each other's sexual organs. Most of the time Harry had concentrated on her breasts, ass, and pussy. Of course, she had his huge member and heavy balls to play with, and she usually reciprocated after Harry had pleased her orally or with his hands.

"Mmmm, that was nice, Harry, what has gotten into you?"
" I have a surprise for you. But you must put on this..." He pulled a long scarf from her bed post. It was long; he wrapped around her head and eyes twice, and tied it in the back, it was still long enough for the two ends to touch the bottom of her shapley round ass. He made sure the knot behind her head was tight. He helped her to stand. Harry ran his hands over her shoulders and then gripped them. "Nice outfit by the way."

"You Gryffindor Men are easy to dress for as long as one wears the colors."

"I like the maroon, but I would rather find the gold underneath them." Harry had practiced that line in his head, He had wished he had said it the first time.

"Harry Potter! you certainly know lately how to turn a phrase."

"Just like you certainly know how to turn my head. You are looking pretty luscious in those fancy knickers... makes me want to eat them off you..."

Hermione just giggled. Harry took hold of her shoulders. "We should move on to your surprise. Take my hand, once we get through this maze of clothes and stuffed animals, we should be safe."

"Harry! If I could see you, I would punch you! I was not expecting you!, at least not yet..."

Harry led her through her room, down the stairs, and to the dining room, which the other Harry had darkened by closing the drapes and lighting some candles. He had carefully removed the table cloth, and taken the flowers from the vase and spread them over the top of the table.

Hermione Harry continued to lead Hermione to the table and then lifted her atop of it to a sitting position , Her long slender legs dangling over the floor. He kept her blindfold in place, and then started kissing her as he removed her sweater. He motioned Nap Harry over, who began to kiss her back and shoulders, running his fingertips lightly down her back to her bra, as Hermione Harry continued to kiss Hermione on the lips and around the bridge of her nose. His fingers caressed her stomach and the tops of her legs. It took a couple of moments before Hermione realized someone else was touching her. She gasped. " Harry, who have you brought into the house?" There was a slight alarm to her voice.

Nap Harry, who had removed his shirt allowed Hermione to reach out and touch his muscled chest. "I don't know who this is, but He really has nice muscles.. so hard and firm."

Neither Harry said a thing, only smiled. Nap Harry unclasped Hermione's Bra, running his finger tips around her bare back, the bra still on, but hanging loosely . One strap had fallen off her shoulder. Hermione Harry slowly pulled it down her shoulder, the bra cup now loose and just barely covering her breast as he pulled it further down her arm. Nap Harry continued to kiss her back as his fingers slid under her panties into the crack of her lovely round butt.

" Who are you?" she asked as Hermione Harry kissed her mouth, and down her chin, to her upper chest. He was now working the other strap down her shoulder and arm. Her pert young breasts moving with her quickening breath. Nap Harry had moved to her toes, and began to lick and suck them on her right foot. Hermione Harry took her left foot and began sucking and licking her toes as well. He then gently pushed Hermione down onto the table among the flowers, Hermione could smell and feel them . " Oh Harry! A bed of flowers! I wondered what I was sitting on..." She felt around, picked up a rose and smelled it, as her two lovers continued lick her feet and suck her toes, each firmly holding one of her legs, and purposefully spreading them wide to expose her sex in her tiny tight panties. Her finger ran down to her pussy as she rubbed it through the thin lace and satin as she continue to inhale the perfume of the rose. Nap Harry seemed satiated at the moment with her toes and moved between her legs, and gripped her panties by the front waist band, and slowly ripped them from her body.

"Harry! they were my favorite knickers!"

Nap Harry said, " I can"reparo" them later babe, just relax and enjoy." He leaned in and began kissing her pubic mound, then licking and sucking on it, as he made his way around her sex. Hermione Harry, dropped his pants. Out popped his cock, hard from the excitement that his toe sucking had given him. He began rubbing his cock along the bottom of her foot, them along the underside of her toes. Hermione flexed her toes and gripped the head of his cock with them. He enjoyed her using her foot to rub up and down the on shaft of his cock as her foot pressed his erection against his muscular flat stomach.

Hermione began to moan her pleasure at the tonguing Nap Harry was giving her cunt. "Oh that feels so good... why won't you tell me who you are? Do I know you? You seem familiar..." Nap Harry did not say a word, he continued to suck and lick Hermione's pussy, along the outside, then along the slice of her lips, using he tongue and mouth the slowly spread them apart to gain deeper access to the folds of her sex. He pulled back the fleshy hood of her clitoris, and then began to vibrate his lips as sucked and hummed as his lips grazed across the face of her sensitive love nerve. Only one person she knew did that to her. "Harry? But how could it be you if I am rubbing your cock with my foot... and I certainly know that is your cock, Harry Potter!... Omigod! you went back in time and you and your past self are now fucking me? Is it true?!" She pulled off her blindfold. and sat up. Standing before her was a shirt less Harry and also a Naked Harry. Both smirked that Harry Potter smirk as Hermione's mouth dropped open in disbelief. She was about to say something when both Harrys interrupted her at the same time,

"Just shut up and come suck my cock!" The both said in unison. The both smiled. Shirtless Harry pushed her back down on the table and the pulled her forward, and began to performing some aggressive tonguing and sucking to her sex. The Naked Harry walked around the table to the side of Hermione, and leaned in and placed his hand on her chest, his palm flat and his fingers spread wide. "Wingardium Leviosa !" He continued to hold his palm to her chest as her body rose. His hand shook slightly from his concentration as she rose three inches above the table and hovered there. Shirtless Harry had Hermione raise her legs, and then gripped them as he pulled her sex forward into his face. The pleasure was intense. Hermione turned her head and opened her mouth as Harry offered her his penis. He pushed his hard rod into her mouth and Hermione began to suck and lick on the large head and shaft. She bobbed on it, sucking licking. Harry wrapped his hand around the back of her head and pushed it forward as more of his long shaft slid into her mouth. She grabbed hold of the base of his shaft and bobbed up and down on his cock, taking it just to the back of his throat like she normally did. Hermione relaxed her throat, and swallowed his head down it as she pushed her face forward toward Harry's six-pack to try to completely take his long member inside her.

She moaned at the intense pleasure the Harry at her pussy was giving her. She could feel the welling almost at the breaking point. Her breath and heart rate quickened and she had to take Harry's cock out of her throat in order to breathe. She moaned loudly and gripped the cock she had been fellating and began stroking it then gripped it tightly as she came hard, a flood of endorphins bring bliss as a flood of honey streamed out f her slice. The Harry at her crotch did not stop. He continued to suck and lick her clitoris, and took two fingers and slid them into her anus. The Harry whose cock she was strangling while in orgasm held her shoulders tightly to keep her floating in place. Hermione was incredibly sensitive and Harry's continued licking and stroking of her clit was almost unbearable. "Please Harry, please stop, omigod, I don't think I can take it anymore- please!" She begged. He would not relent, if anything he quickened his pace and put more pressure on her clitoris with his lips and tongue. She looked up at the other Harry for help, "Harry, please, make him stop, it- it is too much! Omigod! ungnhhh! OH! OH! Ahhhhhhhngghh!" Harry did not help her, he only reached down her chest and began caressing her breasts and pulling on her hard little pointed nipples. It was like a chalk board screech combined with the most pleasurable throb... it overwhelmed Hermione's senses and again she orgasmed, and orgasmed again within her orgasm, the waves of pleasure washing over her with no seeming end in sight. She screamed and cursed and moaned a low guttural sound of satisfaction... almost like the purr of a lioness.

The other two Harry's stopped in the master bedroom of the Grangers. They searched the dressers quickly, and found Jean's dresser, and a couple pair of pantyhose. The wadded them into their pants pockets. Both had removed their shirts in the bedroom, in case Jean recognized the shirts that Harry had worn. In the bedroom they performed the voice altering spell on each other. Jean Harry thought of Draco's' voice and spoke aloud, it took on the sneering, authoritative, and over-privileged tone of his school mate. "Well, what are you looking at bitch?" He said to Late Tooth Brush Harry, who grinned and in a low, slow voice mimicked his best male friend, Ron. "Brilliant! Wait! Is that a fucking spider! Ahhhh!" He said to the other Harry. Both snickered at their beloved friend's expense. Both understood why the other chose the voice they did. Draco represented to Harry the ultimate wanker, someone who would be willing to invade a strange woman's home and just take her while humiliating her. And certainly that voice was perfect for humiliating someone; he had certainly been on the receiving end of it to know that. Ron, on the other hand, was always going on about fucking someone's mom; his mother jokes were legendary in their dorm room. And of course, he had already joked about fucking Hermione's mom, so it seemed appropriate. "This is for you, Ron!" they said together. With their voices altered, they stealthily crept down the stairs and took to one corner wall and peeped around it to find Jean again soaking in her bath. Ron-voice aimed the wand directly at Jean and stated, "Species confundus de corpus!"

They saw Jean screw up her face and visibly shake her head, this was the sign they needed and they walked boldly into the spa room. They slinked and sauntered like two gutter rats who had gleefully found their way into the mansion pantry. Draco-voice Harry led the way.

"Well what do we have here? It appears we have a change to the day Reg, I guess instead of just finding some shite to fence, we have us a cow to tend!"

Who-who are you? Harry! Where is Harry?"

"Ain't no Harry here, luv, just us!" said Ron-voice menacingly." "The door was open and that was our invite to check out the posh digs, ain't that right, Ian?"

"I am afraid Reg is right luv, you are all alone here with just us... now isn't that a shame?"

Jean looked visibly frightened. Many thoughts ran through her head. Even though it had only been fifteen minutes since she had come hard with Harry's magnificent cock up inside her, the potion was urging her on, she was so horny... whether these young men knew it or not, they had caught her masturbating here in her tub. She realized how exposed she was, fully nude in front of these strange rough boys with rather good looking features. They looked dangerous with their tattoos and rude manners. Was this one of the fantasies the she had confessed to Harry? It was all a blur, and she for some reason she was having a hard time thinking straight. it must be the hashish. What were the chances that these two wandered in...? Could they have been sent by Harry to fulfill one of her favorite fantasies? Did it matter? Here they are, and she had the chance to move closer to a normal life if she took it... and my god, look at these two brutes. She was already imagining them fucking her. Her nipples had hardened noticeably. She had tried to cover her breasts with her hands and arms, but as the two now stood over her, leering into the translucent water at her exposed body. It was certainly a futile gesture on her part. She uncovered her large full breasts, and then began to rubbing them, and slowly rounding her fingers around each hard gum drop nipple. She tried to be coy and smiled, "Would you two like to help me wash my back?"

Reg reached into the water and grabbed her roughly by the hair on the back of her head, pulling her head back, putting only face only inches from his. His strong jaw line peppered with a two day old black beard. His nose was broad; it appeared to have been broken in a fight. He had a scar on one cheek. "No we don't want to fucking wash your back, you posh cunt, but I think there are other things we would like to do with you!" He pulled her roughly out of the bath and pulled out the panty hose, and tied her hands in front of her. Both began to roughly fondle her body, their large hands pawing and rubbing and pulling on her breast and buttocks, running their fingers inside her ass cheeks to her sex and rectum. Pushing and pulling and invading her at will. She felt the wetness and ache between her legs and it was not from the oiled water dripping from her body.

"For a suburban whore, you are not in bad shape, skank.", leered Ian. "Let's see what kind of shape your fucking gob hole is in" He pushed her to her knees on the clay tile floor. Both men unbuttoned and unzipped their trousers. Neither wore underwear. Ian was taller, thinner but still very muscular. He was blonde, and His pubic hair was cropped closely. He was uncircumcised... this was a new kind of cock for Jean. It looked uglier, but it made her mouth water. An unadulterated cock, the way they were made, long, and thick; the large head hidden in a sheath of skin with large veins running the shaft's length pulsing in front of her. He slapped it across her face. "Open your mouth bitch and if you bite it, I will break your nose!" She obediently opened her mouth and leaned forward to take it in, gripping it with her lips, pulling back on the foreskin to suck on the large full head of the penis. She began stroking it with her mouth, licking and sucking it, bobbing up and down its length quickly. She wanted to suck this cock, and she could feel the presence of Reg's cock nearby. Another cock! This was so exciting! She reached out and grabbed it with both tied hands, and began stroking it between her hands, while she relished this uncircumcised man meat in her mouth, every stroke of her tongue and swallow of her mouth making it harder and thicker. Reg had a significant cock. Leaner than Ian's but longer, with the fully cut head. It was gorgeous cock, it curved up slightly, It was muscular and smooth and a light brown, no large bulging veins, just a long smooth muscular meat pole. She made sure to finger and stroke it the best she could with tied hands, and trying to keep Ian's cock in her mouth with the use of no hands.

"Damn, this bitch is hungry for cock... she certainly wants a good fucking don't she?" commented Reg.

"I think we can make a mark or two on this slut, don't you think, Reg?" Ian roughly pulled his cock out Jean's mouth, and then pulled her up. He spied the faint couch, and pulled her roughly over to it. He made her get up on her knees and drape her body over the low reclining back, her stomach covering it, her breasts over the top of it, and her arms around the sides of it. He re-tied her hands so that she was now hugging reclining back, her hands tied together underneath it. Jean was enjoying the bondage, and though there was still fear in what they would do, she relished the danger. She could feel her honey glaze dripping down her leg from her pussy. Reg was positioning her from behind, spreading her legs so that she almost straddled the width of the couch cushion. She could feel the exposure of her sex and anus. He was running his fingers roughly up and down her sex, pulling on her cunt lips, stretching them painfully, exposing the opening of her cunt hole. He pushed three fingers into her vaginal opening and explored as deeply as he could. He pawed at her clitoris, rubbing across its sensitive face painfully with his forefinger. He took his cock and started rubbing it up and down, from the top her ass, along and her anus and down to her sex. His massive crown rubbed and insinuated itself into the flesh of her twat, and He pushed quickly and forcefully up and deeply into her vagina. His cock's crown is big and his shaft was thick enough that the pain of his sudden invasion takes her breath away. He slaps her hard across the ass. The sting continues long after his hand has left her. Jean feels him pull her ass cheeks apart as he grasps and thrust his hips to push even more length and girth deeply insider her. He pushes his thumbs into her anus and roughly pulls it open as he grasps her buttocks. She could feel the crown of his cock rubbing fully on the outside of her uterus. She looked up into the face of Ian and asks, "Can I suck on the magnificent uncut cock some more please?"

Ian sneers into her face, "Let's see how long and how much spunk you can swallow, you fucking rich cow!"
The voice changes triggered something in the Harry's heads... although they knew it was still in them in the core, they had become different men. The roles seemed natural, and the reality spun for Jean . The potions magic must be coming into play as well, Ian/Harry thought, she actually thinks that my cock is uncircumcised. The glamour was working fully on her.

Jean was impatient, the potion drove her on, urging her to fulfill her fantasy, she needed both men inside her , making her their bitch. She was not sure why Ian was hesitating, Perhaps he wished her to beg him. Please, let me suck your cock, please." Jean asked submissively.

"No, you can't, not until you tell me what an unworthy fucking piece of filth you are."

"I am an unworthy piece of-"
"No!" shouted Ian, Slapping his hard cock hard across the bridge of her nose, making Jean's eyes water. "Don't just repeat what I say you mindless cunt! Tell me how unworthy you really are bitch!" Jean was having a hard time paying attention, Her back door lover, Reg, was making things painful and pleasurable at the same time. He was leisurely stroking his hard long dick in and out of her cooch while he pinched her ass hard, leaving stinging marks.

" I- I am a entitled little bitch. All my life people have treated me like my shit smells like flowers. I am just a stupid cunt. I don't deserve to have your wonderful cock in my mouth. I am just a slut, begging for your cock. Please let me suck your cock, Ian."

"There, that is better. Open your mouth you filthy skank, I want to fuck your throat."

Jean again obediently opens her mouth, it now stretching to accept the thickened girth of Ian's cock. He pulls back on the foreskin to exposed his bulbous glans, and feels the flick of Jeans tongue on it in her mouth. He grabs her head and thrusts forward, bringing his cock to the back of her mouth, pushing to the opening of her throat. Jean gags and salivates, but Ian does not relent and keeps pushing until he triggers her gag reflex. He allows her to choke and gag for a while watching the drool run down her chin and dropping on her breasts before he pushes forward past it, and down her throat. Jean nearly throws up her lunch, but keeps it painfully inside her, swallowing back bile .

She is overwhelmed. She has never had two men fucking her at the same time. Her senses are going into overdrive as she builds towards climax, as Reg is now fucking her harder, without any urging from her. She moans through her mouth full of cock meat at how well he is hitting her g-spot, He continues to slap and pinch her as his cock slams into her. Her body shakes with every thrust. Ian is fully in control, her mouth is now just another sexual organ . He fucks her mouth with fury. He stops. He orders Reg to trade places with him. Reg curses, but draws out of her now gaping cunt. She feels Ian leave her bulging throat, and slowly retract the length of his hard, hard penis from her throat and mouth. He slaps her hard across the face with it.
"On to other holes, slut!"

Hermione is now atop the Harry who started with the relentless eating of her pussy. She had never orgasmed like that, and though miffed at him not listening to her as her sensitivity had nearly drove her barking mad, She quickly forgave him after riding the high of the multiple orgasm. He was gently caressing her back as he pumped his luscious member up and down in her relaxed love tunnel. The other Harry was quite deftly sucking her young perky tits, Slowly biting on them, insinuated between the legs of the other Harry. She was stroking his cock slowly by hand, her thumb and forefinger rubbing the glans of his large wide cock crown. The kissed passionately often. With the candlelight, what more could she want. She had double the Harry making love to her. She spit on her hands, and rubbed it onto his cock. She dropped his cock, It landed near the crotch of the other Harry. She looked at him impishly.

"You know you want to... how many get this chance... to fuck themselves. I know it has been every boys fantasy to have a cock long enough that they can suck it themselves..."

"Who told you that?"

"Why I think you did, Harry Potter."

"Oh yeah, I guess I did." "So, is this some deep dark fantasy, to see two men fucking?" Harry was hoping for a yes here, he had thought about this... his chance to try something safely, with himself. It would be like taking masturbation to a new level right? Who gets the chance to fuck themselves ? And in a timeline that will be re-written and no one but him will know... He could wrap his hands around Hermione's neck and choke the life out of her, and it would be re-written and she would be alive again in another hour... not that he would, would he? He imagine his fingers at her slender neck, wrapped around them... No, that is utter evil crap... an unfiltered thought. He pushed his cock slowly inside the open legs of his doppleganger. Hermione gasped. Harry looked up, he had Hermione in a chokehold, holding her neck firmly, What the fuck was going on? he thought.

Hermione was surprised at the suddenness of the grip at her neck, the strong fingers pressing against her throat. She was in no real danger yet, but she was very frightened. The strength in Harry's hands was amazing. And like that, he let go. She looked down. That was what must have triggered the chokehold, she decided, Harry was fighting internally with what he would do, and it manifested in his choking her, however briefly. She would let it go... but she also remembered it. She leaned forward to view. He was entering the other Harry, who now moaned and complained, "Fuck! you could warn I guy before you do that, even though I was just thinking that same thought."

"Do you want me to stop?" Harry asked himself.

"No... we wanted to try this.. go ahead.. we have to see."

Hermione was excited, she watched, but she also upped her efforts as she ground her hips against the prone Harry, and began to raise and lower her hips to push and pull against the mighty staff Harry had inside her. She watched while the other Harry slowly pushed his length inside his twin. "Yes." she said simply as she watched with interest, as she continued to lean forward and push and pull the rod of the prone Harry inside her. She knew he had is metaphorical hands full at the moment and she wanted to watch the two young men fucking as closely as she could.

"Yes what?"

"Yes this a fantasy of mine... though I always thought it would be you and Ron."

"Would never, ever happen love. never."

Prone Harry moaned. He had the memory of being pegged by Hermione, but having a flesh and blood cock going up your anus felt very different. He grimaced as the cock that was the twin of his own stretched his rectum. So this is what it felt like for Jean and Hermione. .. He knew how this felt from the cock side, and he anticipated that his Twin would play here, moving the crown just in and out of the muscled ring. He lived up to that anticipation. HIs anus nerve endings were on fire, and he could feel his erection harden within Hermione. She felt it too, and began to gyrate her hips , her cunt now a wet velvet sleeve running up and down his shaft.
He felt more of his Twin's shaft fill his anal canal and push further in. The cock felt warm inside him. He did not think that for his doppelganger it felt any different physically than fucking Jean or event Petunia in the ass. He did not hate it, nor did he really enjoy it. He did not like being submissive... to be fucked. He had been proverbially fucked in the ass most of his life, and having it physically done was not much different. Painful. Something to be endured, and avoided. He would never be a bottom, and he probably would never be a top either. He was not attracted to men, but he enjoyed sodomy. He just liked doing it to women. He liked the dominance, and their submission. Giving the pain and pleasure with something that still had a waning but still known taboo nature about it.

Top Harry was feeling the same feelings. This was not just the same as having anal sex with his women. Physically it was similar, but his heart really was not into it. He pulled out. Hermione looked at his expression, both were slightly disappointed.

"Not for you, huh?" Hermione asked.

"Nope" both of them said in unison.

Keeping the still very hard shaft of prone Harry inside her, Hermione expertly twisted around so that she faced prone Harry. He leaned down and kissed him. " You were brave to try that... I would like to be brave too.." She raised her hips, Standing Harry appreciated her young round firm ass, the way her cunt hugged the shaft of his Twin. She gyrated her hips, and then widened her legs more than they were. She looked back over her shoulder. " Do you want to give me a try?"

Standing Harry nodded. Prone Harry touched her face, and pulled her toward him, kissing her.

"Just relax. It will hurt when it first goes in. The stretching can be painful. He will be gentle, but it will still hurt. Don't panic. Breathe through it. I am right here. He is right there. We will listen, but we won't stop. We will be gentle, but we will fuck your ass, Hermione." He pulled her into a kiss as Harry took his very hard cock and pushed slowly and evenly against Hermione's anus, slowly stretching it open. Hermione cried out in pain, grasping the strong biceps of prone Harry, trying to breathe, to relax.

Jean was swallowing hard, trying to catch her breath, the amount of cum spurting out of Reg's cock seemed endless. As did the painful stretching occurring in her ass from Ian pushing and pulling his entire length fully in and out of her ass. He pulled on the back of her head roughly, causing her to gag on the cock still near the back of her throat. She choked on the mouthful of cum; strings of goo dripped out of the corners of her mouth as she tried to swallow.

Ian let go of her head, remembering himself, his true self. He was Harry. Reg was still Reg though. He finished across her breasts and face. " Swallow it, swallow all of it, cumbag."

Ian continued hammering the lithe milf's shapely ass, his hand gripping her shoulders as he continued to thrust, burying his lengthy fully into asshole. He looked over at Reg. " Untie her"

Reg complied, and Ian grabbed Jean under her legs and lifted her, his cock still in her ass. He changed his grip, grasping her under her knees and pulling them back to her chest. He straddled the couch, and offered the front of Jean to Reg, who dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking on Jean's puss. Harry continued to pump in and out of Jean's ass, as she hung by her knees in front of him. She braced herself, bringing her hands to the sides of Ian's abdomen helping to support her weight. She moaned loudly, the weight of her body pushing his cock further up inside her painfully. She had come three times already, and now with Reg lapping forcefully on her pussy and clitoris, it would soon be a fourth. They were rough and humiliating, as hard and as dark as she had wanted it, sometimes more so... but she wanted to know learn her limits. These two were pushing some of them. Reg was soon hard again, and he asked to switch with Ian. Ian pulled his slick cock out, smelling like the musk of Jean's ass, and forced it into her mouth, making her lick and suck it. She gagged and he forced it further into her mouth, holding her nose shut. She felt faint, and her eyes rolled back into her head. He released her nose and pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth, leaving her gasping for breath. He laughed and held her, his arm around her chest until she could stand on her own. He leaned back on the fainting couch, and made Jean crawl on top of him he roughly pushed his still hard cock up into her cooze. He had yet to cum for her. He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her forward. Licking her face roughly, then kissing her mouth. Jean felt Reg push his wide and long cock head into her anus, and then shoved deeply, sliding his smooth long meat stick deep inside her. she could feel both cocks inside her, with her thin fleshy membranes next to each other that were stuffed full by both men's pricks. they worked against each other, one sliding one way while the other went the opposite. One of the two was always entering and exiting her. She screamed and moaned in pain and pleasure, the lines blurred, one not more different than the other.

Harry was now stroking fully in and out of Hermione, both of them. She floated between them, her back to the bottom Harry with his hands around her stomach to keep her from floating away. Both Harrys were kissing her, caressing her arms. her legs, her body as she held her long legs over her head. Prone Harry was standing now, still penetrating her cooch, while the other Harry still had his meat in her ass. Both pulled out out her, and made her lean over the table. Harry placed his hand firmly on her lower back and reversed the levitating spell. Hermione felt gravity again, and the weight of her body against the table, the two Harry's then spread her long slender legs wide. Both brought their cocks to her pussy, and pushed with an uncommon synchronization. Both cock heads disappeared into the folds of her sex and she found her vaginal opening stretching painfully as both cocks forced their way up her cunt. She cried out in pain, but it did not stop, both continued, now holding her down on the table, She squirted, and then again, but they continued to force their way up inside the wet velvet love tunnel, fighting it , stretching it for a place inside.

Both Harrys moved slowly, caressing and kissing her back as she moaned. Hermione was now fully in that gray zone of pleasure and pain. She was the one insistent on trying this, to take two cocks at once, always pushing the limits, always the be the one to achieve the most. Harry wondered what compelled her? Was it the let- down after reaching one goal, the fleeting happiness of achievement?. Or did she always have to move on, to reach for that next goal just out of sight? Perhaps a competition with her mother's past achievements? He did not know. They looked at each other knowingly... The will surely tear her. When both Harrys saw blood they stopped, and one at a time, they removed themselves gently from her. Hermione was angry, with herself, and with the Harrys. They did not give it a chance. She could do it, she knew she could, no matter how much pain she felt at the moment. Her face was red, embarrassed at her failure. She flinched at their touch, still angry.

Jean was on the floor, on her back, rolled onto her shoulders. Reg was stepping on her arms. Each young man held up one her legs roughly. They were pushing their four fingers, bundled together in and out of her anus and her cooze. Each was past the wide part of their hand, pushing past the final thumb knuckle... She screamed in pain, and urged them to continue.

"You are fucking freak, bitch," reprimanded Reg. He pulled his fingers out her cunt. He began instead of rub roughly on clitoris, which Jean felt was painfully delicious as well. She moaned loudly and he continued. Ian continued. He was past his wrist, and pushing slowly, and deeply into Jean's anal cavity. She flinched, her buttocks tightening in pain. Ian was moving his hips, rubbing his cock along her back. "Omigod, omigod, I don't think I can take much more of this," she cried out. She knew this would spur her sadistic lovers on.

She was right. Ian pulled his oiled hand out, and balled it into fist. He decided to change her positioning again. He put her on the couch, on her back, and had Reg straddle her face, and shove his cock into her mouth. He then rolled her onto her shoulders and brought her legs over around Reg, her toes now pointing past her head. This gave Reg access to continue to rub her clit. He also slapped her open sex. Ian sat on the other side of them holding her back with his left hand as he balled the oiled right hand and brought it to her gaping anus. Jean could see nothing but the testicles and thighs and ass of Reg. She felt as Ian began pushing his fist into her anus. By now it gave easily, but the width of his fist was still painful. She had been waiting for this. Certainly these young men were enacting on her dark fantasy... She did not remember confessing this to Harry, but all was going as she envisioned. Her breathing was now shallow and frequent as she wallowed in the pain and pleasure. Reg filled her mouth with his cock doing small thrusts as she licked and sucked at his prick. He slapped and rubbed her engorged clit roughly, and she was soon trembling in climax. Ian continued to push his fist down her alimentary canal, He was past his wrist and still pushing at slow even pace.

"Take that you fucking slut.. you won't be able to walk for a week! Ian crowed.

Reg stopped as she writhed in climax and began to shove his cock in and out of her mouth until he was ready to come. It did not take long; She was continually moaning and it was all he needed to erupt again, this time pulling out and spurting his load all over her face and breasts. Ian pushed and pulled, running his fist in and out Jean. He pulled out, she was twitching, and still in orgasm. He was close to coming himself, and forced her to the floor, to her knees, and held her head in a vise grip as he ran his cock in and out of her mouth. He came hard, and fills her mouth with his spunk, and then pulls out, and erupts onto her face and hair.

He slaps her hard with his open hand, angry at her; angry for this being her fantasy, that a wonderful woman like her wished to be treated this way. He could see this for Petunia, his nasty, sadistic , misguided aunt, but he did not see it for Jean. The potion compelled him and he obeyed, but he was still enraged at Jean, for what little she thought of herself. He struck her again, this time across her shoulders and back. He was about to strike her again when Reg stopped him He looked him in the eye and said, " It is time to go mate. We have to get out of here".

Reg pushed Jean to the ground. He spat on her, and said, "You worthless piece of rich filth." Before he tucked his cock back into his trousers, He forced a piss, and pissed on the legs and back of Jean. "Cunt!" he said as he turned his back on her.

They both walked out on the sperm covered woman who was now twitching in orgasm on the cold tile floor, her ejaculate flooding out her pussy like a small stream.

Hermione was now sandwiched in between both Harrys. Her arms around both their shoulders as the support her. Both her anus and sex is filled with their moving cockmeat. She kissed both passionately as she nears orgasm. She comes, and screams in pleasure, as both Harrys erupt, she can feel their warm spunk pulsing up both her cavities, the warm sticky man gravy dripping down their shafts. She asks to be lowered to the ground, and takes both cocks, rubbing them, feeling the cum drip down her hands as well as out her orifices. She sucks and licks both clean. They lift her back to the table, and tie the long scarf around her eyes, then pull her arms around her back and tie her hands. She wonders what is next.

They kiss her body, one runs his fingers into her pussy and pulls out some cum and draws a sticky heart on her lower back. Then they are gone, and she is left alone nude and tied among the flowers.

All four meet back outside the room. It is nearly time. All four pull out the pocket watch given to them by their godfather. "We should wait until all four of us are in the room" says one, looking at his watch.

" I will set it for an hour and twenty minutes. That will give them enough time to be caught up to speed so we don't have to go through it again."

All four grab the chain and the Time turner is once again activated. The whirl of time reversing happens once again. They watch the blindfolded Hermione and Harry walk backwards up the stairs and then disappear around the corner to her room. They see that same Harry walk backwards from her room while a shirtless Harry walks backwards up the stairs, they meet and talk and return backwards to the room. They see the two Harrys for Jean walk backwards up the stairs from the spa, go to the Master bedroom backwards, then walk backwards to the room and go inside. A few seconds go by and they can feel time once again start to move forward once again, as their seconds hand twitches forward on their pocket watches and the same hour and half will replay for its fourth and final time.

They all four knock on the door, and then enter. The room is now filled with seven Harrys. The eighth Harry comes out of the toilet with a toothbrush in his hand. He looks around the room. He raises his hands in mock triumph and utters, " Our name is Legion, for we are many!" There is a roar from the room.

The Harry last known as Ian, his voice still unchanged spoke in a menacing Draco voice, " Gentlemen, start your engines.. we have a gang bang to run!"

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