Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
You Say it is Your Birthday

Author's note: This chapter includes near the end a detailed description of a sexual assault. I want to make it clear to the reader that I do not condone any sex or violence that is inflicted on another person without full and expressed consent from all persons involved. I also want to explore that sex can also be used as a weapon and this happens all too often in real life. I hope it is clear there is no prurient intent from me to depict sexual assault and rape as sexual entertainment. My intent is to show the violent and disturbing nature of sexual assault as a thinking point for the reader.

Dudley was watching Molly in the shower. It was not difficult, except for rippled glass of the stall. And the Steam. The damn steam kept fogging the glass in the stall. He sat atop the toilet lid with his log book and pencil. He was measuring the humidity level and taking the ambient temperature every five minutes. This was day three of his log. He had started logging his daily numbers three hours ago.

He had to rise early to start the log book. He first noted the current gas meter and electric meter numbers. He then started charting the rooms that Molly spent time in, including the hallway. He took the ambient temperature and the humidity in each room and noted any devices that gave off heat or were currently using electricity. He then waited in Molly's room, at a chair near her bed. He enjoyed the fact that she slept in only some T-shirt and knickers and was a very restless sleeper who kicked off her sheets often. He wished he had a camcorder, so that he could do this justice, take some nice close video of her luscious body for a good toss off video tape when he went back home. He would just have to remember it. He liked that she was a heavy sleeper and that she snored too. He could walk around her bed unimpeded in his stocking feet and not have to sneak to catch a different angle or view of her exposed body. He often would catch a good spread eagle view around her knickers or her t-shirt would ride up and expose a breast. Her clothes from the day before were usually just tossed on the floor at the foot of her bed so he could sniff and fondle her unmentionables at will. She did tell him that if he did toss off, that he was responsible for cleaning up his mess. He found a lotion bottle in her bathroom that contained a white rose smelling lotion. He had been tossing off into this for most of his jism with an occasional toss into her bra or knickers that occasionally made it into the hamper in the corner of her room.

At night, she would take the lotion and rub it into her arms and legs as she got ready for bed and he would be there to log his Science project. He would get hard thinking of his spunk mixed in with the lotion that she was smearing over her body. He on occasion did the same thing with her hair conditioner bottle as well.

While she slept heavily, Dudley often contemplated putting his cock in her mouth or rubbing it on her ass or pussy but knew that his bulk and weight on her bed would awaken her, but of course the fact that it would be breaking her faith in him is what held him back from being a real wanker. Although, He did get her to hold his balls once when she was on her back and had her arm and hand hanging over the edge of the bed. She squeezed them between her fingers, muttered something and then rolled over. He considered it a personal triumph.

This morning, Dudley tried something new and rubbed his cock along the sole of her foot. He felt that was a moral compromise he could live with. He found that Molly was ticklish in her sleep. After about five minutes and Dudley near the point of cumming, she giggled herself awake. Dudley had his cock tucked back in his pants and his ass on the chair with his log book by the time she was fully awake. He was sweating bullets, but said nothing until she looked over at him, and he looked up, like he had just finished writing something, and said "Good Morning cousin."

Molly was not a morning person. "What the fuck time is it?"


" Sod me!"

"Any time you want Cuz."

"Go sod yerself, Dudz. You should be able to with the size o' yer pecker." She stretched and yawned. "So how long have yeh been up logging and watching me sleep? Get any good peeks?"

"Since Four. A couple good crotch shots, you had an itch... You must of have been having a good sex dream, lots of good moaning, and a few 'Oh gods!', " Dudley scratched his nose and said, " Oh and then there was the screaming out," his voice went falsetto high, 'Oh my god, Dudley what a great big cock you have!'"

"Shut the feck up! I did not!"

Dudley just snickered and pointed at her. "Ha! Yer should have seen your face... you really thought for a sec you said that!"

Molly did for a second thought she did say it aloud in her sleep as she did remember having a vivid sex dream that included Dudley in it. She felt her face redden. The problem with being a Ginger, you wore your embarrassment brightly on your face.

Molly decided to go ahead and get ready for the day. Dudley dutifully followed her, making note of when she awoke, and when she turned on her lamp, and then subsequently her overhead bedroom light. He noted how much time she spent in the room and logged an ambient temperature and humidity measurement. Just before she left the room, he took notes if lights etc. where left on. Molly searched her dresser and closet for what she wanted to wear for breakfast and what she wanted to wear for the day. She left what she would wear for the day on her bed and took her "morning clothes" with her to the bath. Dudley followed her out of her bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. He noted she left the overhead light on, and took a quick temperature read and logged it as he walked behind Molly, who, not being a morning person was walking in slow zombie fashion to the bath. She flipped on the light and dropped her clothes on a cabinet. She turned on the light above the mirrored cabinet above the sink. Dudley noted it and the time. Molly brushed her teeth, her long t shirt drawn up and over her hips in the back... she never straightened it after getting out of bed. Dudley watched her fine round rump shake as her body moved due to the actions of her arms as she brushed her teeth. Her lacy boyshorts panties rode up her ass, exposing nicely the bottom half of both cheeks. Wide lace trimmed the legs and the waist, but the rest was a sheer fabric. Molly had a very nice diamond gap between her thighs and ass that showed off her sex nicely as she bent forward over the sink. Dudley could make out her the bottom edge of her hanging cunt lips through the sheer fabric. She finally realized this and pulled her shirt down, disappointing Dudley.

Molly tried to ignore Dudley, he was merely a scientific observer who was here to watch how her living habits affected the energy consumption of her house. She was proud how he had come up with his own study subject and hypothesis and method for gathering the data and to study her affects on the environment of her house, (change in temperatures and humidity levels) along with her energy consumption use. She was teaching him how to use spreadsheet software and he was surprisingly picking up on it quickly. He was still one of the most pervo teenagers she had ever met, but she was giving him plenty of fuel for his fire. It certainly kept his focus on her, and his study work had been just short of amazing, especially if she compared it to the first week he was here.

It was now his fourth week here, and June was more than half over, and they were almost a week ahead of her planned schedule. It was mainly because Dudley had been spending some of his free time putting in more on his studies. Molly had been thinking of some way of rewarding him, short of sex, that he might like doing. She thought that she had found it. Well the big surprise was not sexual, but she thought that she might just give him some full-on fodder for his daily tosses as a reward for his hard work as well. She had to admit that being a continual cock tease to Dudley was addictive. She enjoyed his hard stares and thought of his subsequent acts of masturbation while stowed away in his room or the water closet, as an ode to her sexual attractiveness. He continued to be respectful, even when he was brutally honest about his lust for her, which she found oddly enticing as well. Ah, the joys of being a single, horny older woman. She decided this was a good time to hand out some of that "fuel for the fire".

Molly pulled off her t-shirt slowly, inching it slowly up over her thighs and then up over her nicely shaped pantied rump. She shook her ass slightly to have her buttocks sway and jiggle slightly. Dudley grunted in appreciation, his pencil now on the floor, and his log book nearly off his lap, leaning precariously on his knees as his body leaned forward in anticipation. The last three days she had made him turn around until she was behind the rippled glass of the shower door and wall and do so again when she was done with the shower and fully wrapped in a towel. She slowly took her t-shirt fully off and turned around. She wadded the t-shirt. Dudley was intent of drinking in the whole image presented before him. Her beautiful shoulder length deep strawberry blonde hair, her lightly tanned freckled shoulders and arms that spread to a light sprinkle across her upper chest. Her porcelain skin that was not exposed to the sun. Her slender yet squared shoulders that showed her impeccable posture and strength. Her large full natural breasts that were too prominent for her lithe frame, still firm and setting high on her chest. Her areolas are pink and the size of small tangerine slices, her gum drop nipples perky and erect in the middle of them. Her rib cage prominent at her almost flat stomach with her "outie" belly button. Below, her narrow waist widens to lovely hips, the top of her pelvic bones a slight bulge through her fair firm muscular body. His eyes trail lower to her sheer lacy panties that cover her small pubic mound, the flash of a bright orange hair triangle and the flesh of her pussy fairly visible. She throws the t-shirt at Dudley.

"Do us a favor love; an' put this in the hamper." The hamper is in the corner near the door. She knows that Dudley will have to walk over to put it away. It will also show how agitated his cock's current state of erection is in. Dudley does not skip and beat and walks with a large tent in his sweat pants over to the hamper and drops the t shirt inside it. He turns around to ask if she has anything else she wants in the hamper and her knickers come flying right to his face. He catches them with one hand and walks back to the lidded toilet and sits down again, still holding onto the knickers. Molly is back at the sink, her back turned, now fully nude. She is bent over the sink, looking in the mirror, pulling a lash or something out of her eye, with the nail of her little finger.

Dudley concentrates on her very fine ass, and the diamond gap below, and her full dangling cunt lips. Molly widens her stance and bends over some more, showing her tiny pink rectum and the now the widening smile of her pussy lips and the haven hole to which they lead. Her hands go to her buttocks rubbing them, pulling her buttocks further apart to show off her rectum and sex even more. Dudley is drooling and now rubbing unconsciously on his very hard cock through his sweat pants. Molly runs a finger into the folds of her sex and pulls it out wet. She turns around and walks over to Dudley slowly. His focus has blurred now all he sees is a shaved upside-down triangle of bright orange hair trimmed tightly. The tip of the triangle leads into the split of her fully shaved pussy. Her slightly pulled labia showing as she stands with her legs wide apart.

Her fingers go into the front of her cunt, she pulls back on the hood of her clit and rubs her love button lightly, only a couple of feet from her second cousin's face. She takes her finger and runs is over his opened mouth, and into it. His tongue licks her finger and his mouth wraps around it. She pulls it out slowly.

" I am going to take a shower now if you want to take some notes, or wank, or whatever."

Molly turns, then walks a few feet, then bends over like she is picking something off the floor, giving Dudley a full shot of her ass, sex and anus, and the straightens, and walks on to the shower. She starts the shower and then test the water and enters it. Dudley take quick notes and the temperature and humidity measurement. Dudley was watching Molly in the shower. It was not difficult, except for rippled glass of the stall. And the Steam. It kept fogging the glass in the stall, making it hard to see her nude body fully. He is mad hard, his prick swollen full, his thick veins bulging on his bulbous cock. He begins to stroke it with her moist knickers while watching the rippled glass image of his cousin running her hands with soap all over her luscious body.

No damnit, fuck this, Dudley decides, and takes his shirt off as well. He steps out of his sweats and walks over to the shower and pulls open the door.

Molly is surprised and a bit excited, she had wondered if he would do more, and she wanted to see what he would do. She was trying to decide how far she wanted this to go. She looked down at Dudley's very thick and large prick. It was incredibly hard, the veins on its sides very prominent. She thought she could see one pulsing.

"What are you doing, Dudz?" She asked hesitantly.
"I am doing "whatever". I am not logging, and I am not wanking off to a distorted image of your lovely body through the glass. I am right here, and I am going to wank off. I won't touch you, but I will toss off while you shower and if you want to watch me, that is cool."

"Well, then get on with it, but you are noting this in the log because it could distort my energy numbers. "


"Okay. So, stand over there in the corner then."

Molly turned her back on the shower head and faced Dudley and he continued to stroke his thick hard dong in front of her. She had noticed how much his body had changed in the 4 weeks he was here. Not only was he eating properly, he was walking for an hour after studies and was also working with some free weights left by a former lover in her old attached garage that she used as her exercise room since she had no car. She would work on her stationary bike while he lifted for an hour. He was incredibly fit now, no baby fat left, just firm stomach muscle. He was barrel-chested, so he would always look heavy and hulking, but he was all muscle. It made her cunt quiver to see him fully nude in front her. She was so wet right now, and it was not from the shower. She just wanted to reach out and touch his muscled stomach, and to grab his hard cock and stroke it for him. She wanted more than that. She wanted to feel his fingers at the back of her head again as he shoved the length of his man meat down her throat. She wanted him to bend her over and use whatever orifice he found handy to plunge his long wide cock head and shaft in and out of her. Molly's fingers went to her puss, and she began run her fingers inside her cunt and to rub along her already swollen and protruding clitoris. She focused on his cock, watching him and pull and rub it the way he liked, the way he knew would soon cause an eruption of sticky white sperm. She anticipated it, wished it could be in her mouth, and across her tits. But she would not go there, no matter how much she wanted to ... she must not. This was already crossing her imaginary line in the sand, but her own lust and thrill of cock teasing this hard, young man, who now had nine inches of hard cock meat within her hand's reach had washed that line to barely visible and certainly wider than it was when it was drawn.

Dudley focused on his cousin's full round tits now jiggling nicely as her hand had gone to rubbing her hot little box. He looked up at her face, and decided to stay there, the licking lips, the look of hot lust on her face as she watched him rub and stroke his cock. He ran his hand down its entire length, from underneath his shaft to his full balls to the tip of his long wide mushroom shaped crown. It made him harder and more excited. He could tell she wanted to touch it, perhaps to suck it, or maybe even let him fuck her with it. He pulled down on it with his hand and let it go, to pop up quickly, to show he how fucking hard he really was. He watched her eyes widen. He let go of his cock and opened his palm and made the offer.
"Do you want to touch it Molly? You can if you want, you can do what you want with it... it is right here, and hard, and long, just for you..." It was his turn to tease her now. It felt good. He knew on occasion that Molly watched him toss off from his doorway, he had seen her there, the side of her face visible from the opening of the door. He would not say anything to recognize her there, but sometimes he took the opportunity to verbally tell her all the nasty things he wanted to do to her, under the guise of talking to himself while he tossed. If he had any idea of how often she was there, and how often she was tossing off on her own because of him, he probably would have been much bolder by now, especially when he was at her bedside in the early morn.

Molly shook her head, not saying anything while her hand was reaching out towards his long hard prick. "No, I- we shouldn't... we have our agreement..." She hesitantly pulled her hand back and brought it to her mouth.

"We have your agreement. I did not say anything. It is your choice though... you can have my cock if you want. If not, I know how to get off...don't I Molly?" It was a jab at her, letting her know that he knew she was sometimes at his door watching him get off.

He continued to stroke his rod as he talked to her. "I enjoy tossing off to you, Molly. You are a fucking fine Milf. Your tits are fucking perfect... I would love to suck those nipples to see how long and hard and sensitive they could get... And that arse, who would not love to put their face in your fine round rump and lick your little butthole until you beg for it to be fucked. Ah, yesss! yes, fucking your hot little ass would a whole 'nother sort of heaven wouldn't it? I bet you haven't ever had a cock as big as mine up your bum, have you? I bet it would be so tight and perhaps a hot kind of pain for you eh? Getting my thick cock shoved up your tight little asshole? Ahh... yes that would be nice wouldn't it Molly? 'course, I think I might prefer just spending time eating that hot little cunt of yours... you taste good, baby... I like the taste of your cunt. I think I could lick and eat you into several orgasms, cousin... yes, I am pretty sure I could... but most of all, I want to fuck your little slice of heaven after I eat you... take my cock all the way into your pussy... I know that would be the best, fucking you, taking my meat in and out of your puss... Ahhh, oh gawd, I think I am close Molly, close to spunkin'... do you want me to cum on you, baby? huh?"

All this while, Molly's resolve continued to dissolve; she listened to Dudley profess his lust for her, to continue to stroke his hard, hard, thick cock in front of her... her cunt ached for it. Her anus ached for it. Her mouth salivated for it. She could tell he was close to cumming, his verbalization was getting him off, his confession so freeing and making him hot at the same time. It made her hot as well, and by the time he got to asking her if she wanted him to cum on her, she said nothing, only nodded, and dropped to her knees in front of him. She balled her fists to keep from reaching out and grabbing his cock and directing it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue... it was up to him, he could shove his cock in her mouth and take her, or he could just cum all over her. She waited. She felt the first jolt of sticky warm goo hit her face, right above her eye. It dripped over her eyebrow and down in front of her left eye. She closed her eyes and could feel the warm spunk drip down her eyelid and into the corner of her eye. Another huge glob was erupted into her mouth. His cock was close. The top of his mushroom head slightly grazed her upper lip as Dudley had his cock aimed directly at her face and mouth. Another large jolt filled to the back of her throat. She tried to swallow and realized her mouth was incredibly full of semen. It ran down the corner of her mouth as she tried to take a great gulp and swallow it. She choked and allowed more to run out her mouth as she continued to swallow.

She felt another gob hit her cheek, then smaller gobs hitting her chin and neck, and he began to direct the rest of his continuing load onto her neck and chest, until there was no more to erupt from his long shaft. Her eyes still closed due to the spunk that now covered both of them, her head upturned, she felt him rub his cock's head around her mouth, like he was applying lipstick with a very large applicator.

She looked up and in a low voice said, " Please put it in my mouth"

Dudley complied, and his still very large and turgid cock entered her mouth slowly. Molly sucked and licked on his glans, pulling any spunk still dribbling out of his urethra into her mouth and swallowing it. She moved her mouth forward and sucked and licked on his shaft, cleaning his dripping cum off it. She pushed forward, until she felt his meat reach the back of her throat. She hesitated, relaxed her throat, and took the cock down it. She continued to push forward allowing more of his shaft to fill and slide down her throat until her tiny upturned nose was at his stomach. She bobbed for just a tiny while, then slowly pulled back until his cock flipped out and way from her face. She stood and turned, and began to wash the spunk off her eyes, face, neck, and upper chest and breasts. Dudley left the shower, and dried himself with his towel, put back on is sweat pants, and then sat back down atop of the lidded toilet. He looked at his watch, noted the time and waited for Molly to end her shower. She did so shortly after and Dudley noted the time in his log and placed a heavily drawn asterisk by it.

Molly came out smiling. She could not let on that she had wanted to do much less than what occurred. "You have been doing very well in your work here, Dudz. I wanted to thank you for your excellent effort. I appreciate that you have respected my "hands off" guideline and asked me if I wanted to touch you. My sucking your prick was just a small nod to your please do not take it as anything more."

Dudley only nodded and continued to watch her as she towel-dried her body and her hair. There was flush across her face and upper chest. He had definitely gotten to her. She was not the cold-hearted bitch she really wanted everyone, especially him to face. He knew that already, or she would have sent him home. She was cock -teasing the shit out of him, but he knew why and that was why he was working hard to watch his verbalization and to stay focused on the studies. He was learning a lot. More, he figured, that he probably would have learned in the half year lost while he tried to recover from the Dementor attack. It was good to know though, that she could be tempted. He totally relished her finishing him off, sucking his cock clean, and taking him down deep throat. If he could have, he would have cum again just to make her do it some more because it felt really, really good. He would remember that, the way he watched her as he came all over her face and into her mouth, and her swallowing all his jism. He had her on her knees and he knew, that somehow, some time again before he left, and he was hoping much sooner, he would have her that way again.

He remained quiet, drinking in her beauty. Even though he teasingly called her a Ginger Mick, he found her freckled skin and deep strawberry blonde hair and deeper orange eyebrows and bright orange pussy hair intoxicating. She was a total beauty, and if he wasn't in love with her, he certainly was crushing hard. His cock was already rising again, thickening its girth and length in his sweatpants as he watched her. She remained nude and did her routine to dry her hair and to put on the light make-up she used. He enjoyed her perfume and inhaled it as she lightly spritzed it across her body. She even did a slight mist on her bum and stomach and smiled mischievously at him.

He loved that smile, and tried often when she was close to him, across the table or right next to his side sitting close, to say something that would make her turn her mouth up into that beam. She finished her blow drying, and Dudley noted the end time and took another ambient temperature measurement.

After a light breakfast, Dudley broke out his pipe. Molly looked at him. "You can certainly smoke some weed, but you don't have to. Today is a free day. No studies... even your journaling after noon. We will run the time period over one more day. "

"Nice! But why Molly?"

"Because you earned it. You have been working hard and making excellent progress in your studies. So much so, we can take the day off with no worries. "

"Yeah? so do you want to do something? Like go out for lunch in the old part of Cork or somethin'?'

"You mean the English Market or Oliver Plunkett Street?"

"Yeah, some place- only not too posh, just good food and fun, not serious... not too, you know?"

"I think I know what you mean."

"My treat. I haven't had a chance to spend any of this stash Mum and Dad gave me."

"Well we certainly wouldn't want to waste any of that, now would we?"

"Nah, free money should always be used, as crazy as you can." Dudley smirked.

"Sure, I would love to do that. Also, I got us tickets to this club tonight... some local Rap acts. Third Eye Surfers and Scary √Čire."

"Brilliant! that is bloody fantastic Moll! I have heard about them... I am more into the American rappers, but you gotta respect the local boys... that would be really mad!" He looked directly at her, a big smile on his face. "Thank you Cuz... really."

Molly smiled. She was not sure if the local Cork rap scene would be something Dudley would scoff at or be truly interested in experiencing, she felt relieved and a bit emotional at the sincerity of her cousin's gratitude.

"I know a pub near the City library that we can go to and not worried about you being asked for i.d.; I have friends there. You are as big as most of the freshmen males anyway, so I thought we would go there for a few drinks before we hit the show."

Dudley only beamed and then got up and hugged his cousin in a great bear hug. He kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear, "Thank you cousin, this will really be a great birthday!"

It was his birthday? Omigod, thought Molly, it was his fucking birthday when he was here, and Vernon had not mentioned it. She remembered that Dudley had received a card in the mail, but he had not said anything further. If she had known it was his birthday, she would have probably given him a full blow job instead of just letting him come on her and doing a clean-up suck.

The day went well. They had taken a cab into the city proper and both were very high. They spent time in the historic English Market area of Cork and found a cafe on second floor of the market area for lunch. They window shopped, and Dudley found a music store and went looking for any cds by the local Rap and Hip-Hop artists they were to see that night. He was in luck as the store carried consignment discs by local bands, and he found both a disc by Scary √Čire and the Third Eye Surfers. He was also recommended discs by First Kouncil and The Expert and bought those as well. Molly wanted to go into an antique shop and so they did. Dudley was not thrilled, but he wanted her to enjoy herself as well, and she certainly was not at home in the very loud music store, but she stayed with him anyway, listening to him tell her the background stories of some of the songs on the albums he liked. In the antique store, Molly was fascinated by an old Victorian locket, and so he left his shopping bag on the counter, and when they left, and had walked a bit, he made a show of forgetting his bag in the store and said he would be right back. He left her at another store and went back and bought the locket. It took most of what his parents had sent for birthday money, but he had plenty of money left for his time at Molly's including enough for more weed, of which he was starting to run low.

The day went quickly. They went home and relaxed for a couple of hours, and then changed for the night. Molly had enjoyed the whole day with Dudley. She was not sure she would have ever believed that could happen when he first came to her house about a month ago.

She was a bit bemused though when he showed up in the kitchen in his clothes for the concert. He was decked out in several gold chains. He had on a silk oversized knock off Lakers jersey and dark blue almost black baggy jeans that slid down low on his hips. His shoes were the latest Air Jordans still retail white from the box, and a Lakers cap that he wore with the bill to the side of his head. He had been listening to the two cds from Scary and Third Eye since he got home in his room, playing samples of each song and then repeating several times those songs he really like. He smoked a huge spliff by himself and was very stoned by the time he showed up in the Kitchen. He was blown away when he saw Molly.

She was in very tight short black dress that sucked to her curves and when she walked, the hemline of the dress was three inches shorter than what most mothers would call appropriate. It was low cut in the front and back and showed of her full breasts and cleavage nicely. Dudley whistled a long wolf whistle and just asked outright, "What kind of knickers are you wearing Cuz?"

Molly without a heartbeat pulled up her one-piece dress and revealed her panties. They were tiny open crotch black laced boyshorts. She turned around, in the back there was a lattice of ties the connected the lace that was open across most of her ass.

"Nice. very convenient if needed. You will able to take a piss in those without having to take them down."

"I wasn't thinking for that, but thanks for the tip, Dudz." She pulled her dress down very slowly and Dudley was very appreciative of it.

"You're welcome. You are fucking knockout Molly. We should be able to get v.i.p. seats with hot babe like you on my arm."

" Thank you, cousin. So, you want some Jameson, birthday boy?"

"Sure. You want some weed, cousin?"

"Perhaps later, closer to the concert." Molly poured both a good belt in two short glasses. The sat at the kitchen table and drank. Dudley grimaced a bit but swallowed his whiskey readily.

So, this pub has good food or are we going to eat somewhere else?" Dudley asked.

The pub has good food. It's me favorite pub in Cork to take my out-of-town friends. It's called The Migrant Worker, An Spailpin Fanac. "

"An who?"

"Just call it The Migrant. A true traditional Irish pub, and yes the food is good there, American and of course traditional Irish."

"Good, I would rather not have to jump from place to place. "

"Me either. We can eat, have a few drinks, find some place to have a puff or two- probably Bishop Lucey Park, then walk over to the club."

"Chill. So how about another Jameson?"

"if yer planning on drinking beer tonight, I would not."

"Another go, Cuz, please."

"Alright, it's your stomach, but I will not be holding your head in the toilet later."

"You won't need to, once we have the music, just a few puffs and a couple of Stouts and I will be good to go! All night baby! "

"Alright Tupac, then let's go to it... to the Birthday boy, may yer future days be only better than the one before!" Molly raised her glass with a generous shot's worth of whiskey and downed it at the same time Dudley gulped his down. Dudley looked at Molly. He squinted at her chest and neck.

"I think you are missing something."


"This!" He held out the locket he had in his hand, allowing the golden chain to drop from around his finger, the locket dangling in the air.

"Dudz! Did you really get that for me?"

"Who else, cousin? Here, I would try to put it on you, but with my beef sticks for fingers, I think I might break it."

Molly slipped in on and around her slender neck and closed the clasp. She looked down and it and smiled. "Thank you Dudz! really!" She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I'll go call us a cab."

Dudley rolled a large joint and they waited for their cab. The trip from Earlwood Estate in the Lough district to City Centre and to the An Spailpin Fanac was uneventful except for a bit of drifting by the driver over the line and a couple of blares of horn from oncoming traffic. Molly would flash Dudley and the Driver on occasion until the Driver spent too much time looking in the review mirror and not on the road ahead. They were dropped off right in front of the pub.

Dudley was impressed with the age and history of the pub. All the old dark wood and rough brick walls. Great old glass work in the windows and partitions. Plenty of nooks and crannies as well as big rooms to sit in. Molly visited with the hostess who seemed to know her well and they found a nice nook with a table. A Stout and a highball of Jameson's soon joined them at the table. Molly ordered a small pizza to start them out. A quartet playing traditional Irish Music was in the main room playing to a good size group of regulars and tourists who had gathered to hear and sing along. Even Dudley seemed to enjoy the music, as new as it was to him, other than watching some shows featuring Irish musicians he had seen on the telly growing up. They ate the pizza and ordered a burger to split between the two of them. Molly had ordered a cake from a local bakery and had it delivered to the bar earlier in the day making arrangements with the manager. They brought it out, and the musicians and staff along with a good number of patrons sang Happy Birthday to Dudley. They shared the cake with others. Dudley seemed genuinely touched by the gesture. He beamed, and gave Molly a hug after the singing, and seemed to be choked up, only being able to say thank you to the staff and singers. He was bought a couple of pints by patrons and was feeling rather tipsy by the time in the evening when it was late enough to start thinking about heading a couple of blocks over to Hanover and Cross streets to go to the club. Dudley need to piss badly and found his way to the bog. He entered the men's room to find a couple of young guys in goth clothes smoking pot. One was lighting his friend's pipe with what looked like a stick, but what Dudley knew as a wand. The wand holder whispered something, and the flame was gone, and he had quickly palmed his wand into his coat pocket. They nodded at Dudley who said nothing but nodded as well, and just went to the urinal. The two continued to share the pipe. Dudley knew the smell to be the acrid almost chemical smell of hashish. Dudley finished giving back a least one of his pints and a couple of shots of Jameson and flushed. He went over to the sink near the two smokers and began to wash his hands, trying to keep his nose in his own business. The smokers seemed to appreciate his gesture, and one said, "Oy, yer the birthday boy, ain'tchu?"

Dudley nodded and said, "Yeah." a bit sheepishly.

"Happy Fucking Birthday, mate... you want a hit?"

"Uhm, sure. thanks." Dudley took the pipe and took a polite but good hit. He nodded and handed the pipe to the other friend- a guy with short bleached hair with black roots. He had his hair spiked up with massive gel or glue. Dudley held in the smoke, let its potent nature do its job. He blew out a thin stream of blue smoke after about a minute.

"Nice. good hold with smoke this bloody massive."

"Thanks, it has been awhile since I smoked hash. So, you don't sound like you are from Cork, are you from England?"

"Yeah, from London actually. Just doing some touring while off school."

"So, don't freak out, but I noticed your wand. My cousin is a wizard too." Why am I saying this? Dudley thought to himself, he answered, because these guys just smoked some hash with you and you always got to be part of the gang, don't you?

"Oh yeah? not sure I know what you mean..." The blonde guy was getting defensive in his expression of furrowed eyebrows and in his posture.

"Never mind. Didn't mean nothin'- just thought I saw somethin'- must be the booze."

The other looked Dudley over like he was sizing him up. He had the air of being posh. His jacket was long leather, and the rest of his clothes looked expensive. He wore a silk vest, and smart trousers and expensive shoes. He was dark-haired and handsome. He had that kind of smile politicians killed for. "Ease up Mallory... I don't think our friend here is a threat."

"No sorry. just a fucked-up muggle. sorry. I know you magical folk value your privacy. I know that from my cousin. You might know of him...he is kind of well known."

"Yeah? What's his name?"

"Harry. Harry Potter. Goes to Hogwarts you might know him... since you're from London."

" Potter? No bollocks?" said the blonde one. "My cousin Draco goes to school with him! What a small fucking world eh? Both our cousins go to school together. And here we are smoking hash in pub in Cork."

Dudley grinned. "Yeah. Small fucking world."

Smooth Dark guy smiled. "So, who is that knockout Redhead you are with?"

Dudley suddenly realized he was spilling his guts to two fucking strangers... the booze and good mood had got the better of him. "A teacher I am working with. I was ill, and now I am playing catch up on my studies this summer here in Cork."

"So, your teacher took you out for your birthday?"

"Well, I am taking her out, because she said she would show me Cork. She is a good shit, but father is paying her plenty of money too, so she said yes." Dudley just shrugged, like that is the way it was. He had an instinct that made him want to make sure that these guys did not think that Molly meant anything to him.

"So, does she do added benefits too?"

"I wish. No. Just going to Amped Up for a show tonight and she agreed to come along."

"Rap huh? Not my cup of tea... I like Death Metal, Acid rock..."

"Good stuff too. I like Nine Inch Nails... a lot of the old punk too... I am all over the fucking map. Hey, thank you for the hit... I should get back to the table, I think we will be going over to the show soon."

"Well, nice to meet you...?"

"Dudley. Nice meeting you two too. I hope you guys have a great stay in Cork. "Dudley did not want to know their names... he already let his mouth diarrhea spill too much information. He was not sure he liked these guys' vibes, but he did not like the vibe of most goth types anyway.

'Yes, we plan to, for a bit, going on up to Dublin next." offered the smiling dark one.

"Great! have a good trip. Thanks again. " They nodded, and he left. He found Molly who had several visitors at her table and he joined them and just nodded and drank the new stout that had shown up while he was gone. Molly smiled at him, and he smiled back. Dudley did not see his smoking mates and again, and so he relaxed, enjoyed the jolt the hash had given him, and tried to forget the two odd young wizards he had met in the bog. One of the people at the table asked him a question about American Rap acts. Dudley was in his wheelhouse and was soon discussing the rivalries of the American gangster rap acts with a couple of Molly's friends.

Dudley kept his eye on a clock advertising Beamish Stout even with a watch on his wrist. It had become his count-down clock. His excitement was mounting. Molly would never know how much this meant to him; what she had given to him. He had never been able to see a live rap gig in England, both his parents, who never put their foot down for anything he wanted, would not allow him to go to a show. His father detested rap and would yell at him to turn it down or to put his headphones on. His mother seemed afraid of it. She saw it as a gateway to "thuggery" and prison, yet she let him play it loud and as often as he wanted to during the day before his father returned home. She hoped he would "grow out of it". She did not get rap, but she got him. She got her son, and that was why he loved her. He was missing home at this moment, but then he looked over at his beautiful cousin, and thought about what she had been doing for him, to get him back on track with school and he was feeling very lucky. Molly seemed to be aware of how pumped he was for this concert, and that he was about to go barking if they did not leave very soon for the club.

She grabbed his hand to get his attention. " Dudz, shall we head over to the club? " The pub was getting loud, there was a good crowd. Dudley nodded emphatically.

Molly and Dudley walked along Main Street, towards the park area that was part of the grounds to the old church. There were plenty of trees around and they walked about a quarter of a block in and found a secluded spot to spark off the spliff. Molly was nervous and excited at the same time... she had not done something this reckless since her twenties. She had a lot to lose if someone in authority or from the University were to spot her smoking marijuana in public... like her promotion to tenure for one... yet she was thrilled at the risk and felt confident that they could pull it off. It was quiet, no one was close by and it was a still night. They quietly shared the joint, both tipsy and the joint just seemed to make them sillier. Dudley's excitement was infectious, and Molly, not a big rap enthusiast, was still looking forward to the concert. They both were feeling fine and decided to save the last half of the joint for later at the concert if they felt they needed it. Molly was very horny, and thought about seducing Dudley, or at least get him to lick her pussy for awhile, but she controlled herself. She did not know what would be worse, being caught with pot in public, or getting caught with her underage second cousin performing cunnilingus on her in public. Who was she kidding- the second would be way, way worse. The thought was enough to sober her up sexually and to grab Dudley by the arm and start the walk across the park to Hanover Street. She took her shoes off so that she could walk barefoot in the cool grass. She held Dudley's hand as they walked.

"Are you excited for the concert?"

"Yeah. I played the cds- both are mad good."

"Do you like to dance?"

"Uhm, dunno... I have not danced much, I do not think of myself as much of a dancer... haven't done that a lot... I have been pretty much a tub up to this point in my life... Big fat boys aren't often asked to dances. Big fat boys usually pound on the tossers that do get to go."

"Do you consider yourself a Big Fat Boy?"

"I-I did. Now they want me to try out for football next year, or rugby. Coach asked me about it near the end of the year in gym. Said if I lost my baby fat, I had a good chance."

"Is that why you have been working out?"

"No, not for them." Dudley did not add anything more, and Molly did not press it... she had a good idea why he was doing it... even though it sounded conceited in her head that it might be for her. The line was long in front of the club. Molly shrugged, as was about to join it when Dudley pulled her into an alleyway that led to a backstage entrance to the club. He stopped and looked at Molly. He looked at her. "Shorten your dress a bit more, trust me." She pulled her hem up bit more, now dangerously close to showing off her sex. Dudley kissed her on the neck near her ear and blew there as his finger found the opening to her knickers and easily slid in up into her... she felt her nipples harden. Dudley pulled his finger out and sucked it. He looked at her, Molly's nipples hard and pushing through the dress. "Now we are ready!"

There was a bouncer at a back door with a small line of pretty people waiting. The bouncer noticed Molly quickly and then the 50 quid note and tickets in Dudley's fingers and ushered them into the doorway. Dudley followed Molly but allowed the Bouncer to watch her walk up the steps inside the doorway, her dress flashing her knickers and ass nicely as she walked up each step.
"Damn son!" exclaimed the bouncer as he gave Dudley a fist bump, and Dudley followed, after allowing the Bouncer to watch Molly for another five steps.

Dudley joined Molly in the VIP lounge at the top of the stairs. It over looked the stage, and there at the railway bar were a couple of open bar stools. He stood near them as Molly went to get a couple of drinks. She came back with two highballs of whiskey.

They took a good pull on their glasses. Molly had pulled her dress down just slightly so that she could move without exposing her ass or sex with each step. A few people were on the dance floor in the VIP area. Mostly women dressed similarly to Molly, tiny tight short dresses. Molly nodded over. "You want to dance, Dudz? I feel like dancing for a bit... please?" Dudley was high enough to nod yes but was not sure what to do. He tried to think about all those videos he watched, and most the time the guys were just standing and moving around just a bit, so he figured he could do that. He watched a couple of the other guys currently on the dance floor, and they just seemed to be getting into the music and watching their women. He could do that. yeah. maybe. Molly grabbed his hand and he followed her to the dance floor. He was surprised, he did not know why, but Molly was a very good dancer and quite a naughty little vixen on the dance floor. He relaxed and was soon moving without too much awkwardness on the floor. His hands up near his chest, swaying his hips and shoulders in time with the music. He did not try to move his legs to much, just a couple of back and side steps. When "Back that Ass up" came on, Dudley was glad he had on a baggy long shirt and baggy jeans. Molly was moving hot. Her breasts and ass bouncing nicely. She faced away from him as she nuzzled her lovely backside into him, grinding her ass seductively into his crotch. He raised his arms a bit and gyrated his hips like he was giving it to her, and he heard a couple of hoots and hollers from those that were watching from the sidelines. Molly was putting on a show, and he was keeping up for the ride. They danced for about twenty minutes, then both were ready for a rest and another drink. Molly went to get another drink for them at the bar. Dudley searched railway and found an open stool. Any open space at the overlook was beginning to fill up... people were anticipating that the show was starting soon. Molly was at the bar waiting for a couple of drinks and was being hit on relentlessly by several of the young men who had watched her on the dance floor. She let them buy her a couple of drinks, gave a couple of them a fake phone number, and one very handsome one her real phone number. She was about to leave when a rather handsome and probably rich dark haired young man with an English accent stopped her.

"I saw you over at the AnSpailpin Fanac!", he pronounced the name proficiently. "You were with the Birthday boy."

"Yes, I was."

"So, are you two an item?"

"My, but that is a bit forward of you, but to answer your question... no we are not. I have a... professional relationship with him."

"I heard that Dudley is a recording label agent for Loud Records."

"Who told you that?"

" That bloke over there, who said you told him that."

"Well, then it must be true then eh? So what branch of the police are you with?"

"Why would you think I was with the police?"

"Just all these questions you are asking me... I just assumed..."

"Well, I had met Dudley at the pub, and he said you were his teacher."

"Well, that is true. He is working on his degree while he works."

"He said his father was paying for the tutoring..." Oh my god that boy never shuts up, thought Molly. "Also true... who do you think owns majority stock in Loud Records?"

"I see... sorry, just curious how such a beautiful woman like you was keeping company with..."

"With what?" Molly asked tersely.

"With such a ponderous young man as Dudley. Not much of a talker, is he?"

"When you are smart, and already have money, then I guess being a glib wanker is not a must need. Now if you'll excuse me, it appears the show is about to start."

"Forgive me for delaying you. Please, enjoy the show."

Molly shoved past the rude young man and moved to find Dudley. He was easy to find towering in the crowd. Dudley, who had been watching the crowd while keeping an eye for Molly smiled when he finally saw her and waved her over. He took the drinks from her hands and told her to sit. She took the seat by the rail, turned to face him and crossed her legs in front of Dudley; her dress showing off much of her thigh along with her shapely slender legs. Dudley sipped his drink and enjoyed his view of his cousin, especially of her cleavage. He could not believe how she had not said a word to him when he slid his finger right up her twat in the alleyway. Or how surprised he was at how quickly her nipples had hardened at his touch, or at how hard they were now in front of him. This was the best fucking birthday ever.

The show was good, but it was magnificent for Dudley. He was already thinking of ways that he would be maneuvering his parents to be able to get to see a show back in England when he returned home. Third Eye Surfers killed it yo! He recognized most of the songs. they were on the cd he had just purchased. He found out that it had just recently been released. Some songs were better live, others he thought he liked better recorded.

Time went quickly and suddenly the artists were at the end of their set. The lights came back up and Dudley was still feeling the bass thumping in his chest and ears when there was none still playing. With the break between acts, he was feeling a bit restless. He thought he could use the rest of that joint but more so, he wanted a bit of fresh air. He leaned over Molly and whispered, "Would you fancy a breath of fresh air and a little more weed?"

Molly, who was feeling very warm from all the whiskey, dancing, and the close quarters nodded her head quickly... She needed a break from the crowd and club as well. They took the stairs down and found the bouncer still there, some folks still waiting.

"Are you leaving then?" the bouncer asked Molly.

Molly put her hand on his muscular black shoulder. "No love. just needed a bit of fresh air. We will be back... save us spot, would you?"

"Of course. You probably have a least a half hour before Scary will start... they are just getting partied up... if you want to join them later... let me know."

"Thank you love." She stood on her tip toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

There were several people in the open area between the buildings smoking cigarettes and talking. No one seemed to be smoking weed, so Molly felt uncomfortable to just light up there. The was another alleyway, darker, so she pulled Dudley down it. She was definitely drunk. Dudley lit the joint, and then handed it to her. She took a large puff and then exhaled it after only holding it for a bit. They talked in low tones about the show and passed the joint between them. Molly was feeling its affects rather quickly along with the whiskey drunk she had on. She was feeling really randy now. Whiskey by itself had landed her into many one night stands over the years, and with the pot, and the serious sexual energy in the club, her horniness was off the charts.

"You know, Dudz, I was thinking that I should give you a birthday president while we are out here alone..."

"Whut, what are you talking about Moll?"

Molly leaned onto Dudley's arm holding it, "Oh, I think you know, cousin, I really think I should have done this for you this morning, but, I was just half awake and not thinking... plus you surprised me you naughty boy..."
She ran her fingers down his chest and then got to the waist of his baggy trousers. The jeans were so loose she could fit her hand down the front of them, she found his hardening cock and began to stroke it. She pulled her hand out and unbuttoned the jeans quickly. She pulled his hard cock out of the open fly slip of his boxers and dropped to her knees and brought her mouth to his cock and swallowed the long large mushroom crown of his prick. She swallowed a portion of his shaft and began to bob up and down on his meat as she licked and sucked on his now incredibly hard rod. She pushed to bring Dudley's cock to the back of her throat, and then down it. She continued to press towards his stomach until she was at the base of his cock. She pulled back and forth slowly raking her teeth gently along his shaft, her tongue swirling and licking and she bobbed full long strokes taking the cock out her mouth to catch her breath only to swallow the whole of his shaft down her throat again. She continued, and she feel Dudley's excitement grow as his hands caressed the back of her head, and his moans and gasps louder. He said her names a couple of times and verbalized his pleasure. He thrust his hips a bit, and she bobbed faster, then allowed him to take over and push and pull his cock in and out her throat and mouth. She held onto his hips, readying herself for his climax. She was incredibly wet and horny, and decided that the blow job was not enough. She stopped him and looked up at Dudley and asked, "Would you fuck me?" She could see him nodding emphatically in the dark. She raised her hands to him to have him help her up, when a voice that both recognized came out the dark from the other side of alley.

"My, my, what do we have here?", there was flash of light as he said, "Muffliato!Repello Muggletum! There! that should make things a bit more private. I take it that there was a renegotiation for added services... well done Dudley!"

Dudley was reeling his still hard cock back into his boxers and pulling up his trousers. Out of the dark came four more men, none of whom Dudley recognize. Two were large, and they quickly surrounded Dudley and roughly grabbed his arms behind his back and the other put him into a chokehold. The other two bookended the young handsome and very rude dark-haired wizard from the bog and the bar. "Where is your friend?" Dudley snarled.

"He is taking care to make sure no one comes down this way." Dudley cursed at him, and the ox holding his neck in a chokehold popped him in the face with his fist. Dudley saw stars, then his vision swam back into focus.

"You know, it did not take us much time to make a couple of calls to confirm your story Dudley. You are indeed the muggle first cousin of Harry Potter. In fact, he lives with your family when he is not at Hogwarts. Right there in Little Whinging. Just like a step brother, eh? Did you know there is a price on his head, Dudley? Your cousin is worth quite a bit of money to the Death Eaters. Several very rich wizards have thrown in money for his discreet capture and return to them alive. That includes the father of Mallory's own cousin Draco. So, by default, Dudley, that makes you quite the bargaining chip to entice our Mr. Potter to make a trip to Cork to see us. You see, we Ravagers here in Ireland are kind of like the Death Eaters... maybe not quite so posh, but we have agreed to an alliance with the Dark Lord and having your cousin to hand over would be quite a feather in our cap, as well as our wallets."

"I thought you were from bloody London."

"Well, I do go to school there, but, I am a Cork lad through and through. Just spent a enough time there to fuck up my accent. So bloody infectious innit? "

Molly had been backing up slowly, hoping the conversation would keep the focus on Dudley and the dark-haired wanker. She turned to run, screaming to perhaps get help from the bouncer when she ran into an invisible wall that literally knocked her to the ground.
"Ah Molly, we did not forget you. I should have explained to an obviously clueless muggle bitch like you that the spells I cast render this place silent as well as keeps out any muggles from entering. You are well fucked at the moment. or I should say you will be very soon."

One of the other men grabbed her roughly by her hair and half dragged her towards the dark-haired leader. She tried to get up to walk but could only half scuffle along on the back of her heels due to the way she was being dragged along. She was forced down on her knees in front of the snide young dark haired one. The one who dragged her grabbed her roughly around her face and forced her to look up at him. " Do not worry. You will not be forced to suck my cock. I would not sully it with a mudblood cunt like you. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Olc Dubh Peacach. Yes. my surname means Sinner. You will find it quite appropriate. " He whipped his black walnut wand across Molly's face, raising a welt quickly. "You would do well to keep your defiant expressions to yourself bitch."

Dudley angrily struggled against the two men holding him. The one holding his arms kneed him in the kidneys. Dudley went down on one knee in pain. The two oxen dragged him back upright.

"Keep it up Dudley and we will do more to your little whore here. Crucio!"

A jagging bolt of red energy blasted from his wand and enveloped Molly. She twitched and seized in agony as every pain nerve ending fired randomly all over her body. She screamed and screamed; the pain was more than she had ever experienced. It seemed to go on forever but in reality, it only last a minute.

"Ah Molly, for a muggle, you are quite the looker. My friends, here, they thought so too as they watched you flaunt and wiggle your body on the dance floor. You see, Hammer and Nail are twins. Fraternal, but they have always been large. Killed their mum during childbirth they were so big but, it did cause a bit of oxygen deficiency... they are not quite as discerning at they could be... you see, they will shove their cocks about into any slit, won't you boys?"

The two oxen only grunted and laughed a low, lecherous, sickening kind of laugh.

"And how fortunate. You see, it was just their birthday yesterday. And we did not get a chance to have a party. Well, boys, you will have a party now! Happy fucking birthday! Here is your present! Levicorpus! " He had his wand pointed at Molly who was raised up into the air and turned upside down. Her short dress tight as it was, slid down over past her waist. There were gleeful cackles from the four Ravagers.

Olc Dubh leered and laughed, "My my my. She came conveniently prepackaged. Hammer won't have to use his knife to slice through them... unless he wants to." With a flick of his wand he levitates Molly over to the gorilla sized men. "Peeler and Shiv, take over for the boys. if you are good maybe they will let you have sloppy seconds or let you squeeze in some...where."

The ox twins do not let go of Dudley until Peeler and Shiv have a good and painful hold onto the still struggling boy. Once he was secured, they turned their attentions to Molly. They pulled her dress fully off her, While Nail did that, Hammer shoved his thick rough fingers deep into her sex. It was painful and rough, and Molly cried out in pain. Tears already in her face; she knew that if she survived this, she would be in a world of hurt. Hammer tore the manufactured opening in her knickers wide open, left them dangling in shreds at her waist, the band intact.

She remained upside down as Nail raised her black lace demi cup strapless bra from her back and used a switchblade to cut it off her. He ran the cold steel blade of the knife up and down around Molly's back and neck. He whispered in her ear, "You bite my cock bitch and I will shove this blade deep into your ear." To make his point, he pressed the sharp point to behind her ear near her jaw line and cut her. She could feel blood dripping slowly along the back of her ear and into her hair.

She nodded vigorously, "Okay, okay- please!"

With Molly still upside down, Nail dropped his pants and began to rub his large and ugly veined cock all over her face. She closed her eyes and tried to turn her head each way until Hammer struck her with a forceful blow into her lower back. She cried out in pain and Dudley struggled, only to get pummeled by both Peeler and Shiv.

"Please, do continue to struggle... the boys like it that way!" Olc Dubh sneered.

She felt the large and rough tongue of Hammer to begin to lap at her cunt, He was torturously rubbing her clitoris roughly with a thumb. His other hand was busy invading her anus painfully. He had three large fingers crooked inside her sphincter and pulling roughly on it.

Nail had hardened enough to begin to shove his foul-smelling sausage of a cock into her mouth. Molly acquiesced and opened her mouth as he began to fuck her mouth and slap his hardening cock across her face. "Take it, you fucking muggle slut!"

Hammer must have felt he had done enough foreplay and grabbed her buttock roughly and began to pull her body down to a level position. Nail understood and began to turn her over so that she was facing up towards the sky. Nail grabbed her breasts, pinching and pulling and stretching Molly's nipples roughly enough to make her cry out in pain with one hand as he held her by the throat with the other to keep her from floating up. Hammer had dropped his trousers and drawers, and though Molly could not see it, Dudley could, and his eyes widened. Hammer had a bludgeon of a mutated cock. The massive crown on it was almost squared in shape. It was scarred and misshapen, like it had been surgically altered. It was as thick around as a paint roller tube, and if there was any mercy, it was in the fact that it was only about six inches long. Hammer grabbed both her legs, one in each massive hand and spread her legs apart wide. Molly felt so exposed and a despair sunk into her heart. She was truly fucked.

Hammer was very hard and erect, and He brought his oddly shaped cock head to Molly's fully exposed pussy. He pushed forcefully not worrying about finding the opening to her box. He knew from experience, if his large cock pushed forcefully enough through her flesh, he would find it. He did. He shoved with impunity into her opening. Molly tried to hold back her scream but could not and all the men except Dudley laughed as Hammer bludgeoned his way up her vaginal opening. He began thrust with force, piston fucking her with no relent.

Nail was taking care of his own business and had straddled Molly's head and was shoving his cock down her throat. His foul cock was long and thin when compared to Hammer, and he had it snaked as far down her throat as he could go, shoving it back and forth, pushing on her gag reflex purposely to make her choke and gag on his penis. Molly was in pain, more pain that she had felt. Her vaginal canal was stretching painfully at Hammer's girth. Both men let go of her with her hands and stood there, Molly floated helplessly off the ground anchored by the two men's cocks in her body. She could see clouds passing over the moon. She tried to focus on this. All the men again except for Dudley laughed, like this was an inside joke, something that they had done many times before.

Olc nodded to Peeler. "Take care of Dudley." Peeler put Dudley in headlock while pulling out a knife and locking it in place. Once he had the blade to Dudley's throat, Shiv let go. "Shiv, go join the party."

Shiv, being the smallest of the men, dropped his trousers, exposed a rather thick and very long cock. He was already fully erect and arched his back.

Olc pointed his wand at Shiv and uttered, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

He flicked his wand and Shiv began to levitate underneath Molly. Shiv slowly rose underneath her and then latched onto Molly like a leach. His knees open wide and gripping her outer thighs. The boys were not shy about sharing, and Hammer aided in directing Shiv's cock to Molly's remaining orifice. He thrust, and Molly whimpered in pain as his cock began stretching her alimentary canal. the thin membranes between both her orifices now tightly filled. He clawed at her sides with long finger nails, and one hand went to pinching her breast and nipple. The three began to push and pull their cocks inside her, all at different times and speeds, a chaotic piston fuck of pain. Molly felt she would black out at any moment and hoped that it would happen. The evil venting on her, the hate, the anger and humiliation in every thrust was becoming too much to bear.

"Oh, dear Molly, please stay with us. The best is yet to come!" Olc flicked his wand, "Crucio!"

Molly writhed in pain, screaming.

"There, I find a good jolt of pain to be a real awakener! Now boys, fuck the shit out of her!"

The brutal attack went on for another five minutes. Peeler, who was feeling left out, let his guard down and Dudley felt it. Dudley turned his head, grabbed the protruding hilt of the knife and turned it enough to stab it into Peeler's arm around his neck. He also sliced opened his own cheek. Peeler let loose of Dudley in pain, and Dudley grabbed away the knife and charged Nail. He jumped on the brute's back and buried the knife into center of his back. It cut the spinal column of the Ox and he dropped to the ground with Dudley still straddling him just as the surprised Olc volleyed a Crucio curse at Dudley and sent him writhing in pain on the ground.

Olc screamed again, "Crucio! Crucio!"

Dudley literally went blind in the pain. He could no longer see, only feel the most excruciating pain in his whole life. The pain was entire and relentless. He could feel his heart stressing under its barrage, and a new pain in his chest join the rest of his nervous system's pain centers in firing randomly and without stop.

"Lord! please stop, we need the tosser alive!" It was Peeler, who was clutching his wounded arm.

Olc relented and volleyed an Immobulus spell at Dudley, pinning him to the ground. Dudley was completely paralyzed. Olc walked over and kicked him with his pointed posh expensive leather shoes squarely under his ribs. " Peeler, move Nail out of the way. Hammer! Shiv! continue! Peeler, take over for Nail, make him proud, fill that bitch's throat!" Olc was seething. Dudley cost him a Ravager, a particularly nasty and mean Ravager. He crouched down in front Dudley who could see, hear, and feel everything, but could not move an inch of his body. "That was not appropriate, Dudley... you must know that. It will cost you, and it will cost your family. I understand that your mother finds you the apple of her eye. I think, after we are done with picking up Harry, we are going to make a trip to Little Winging. You see, I have other Ravagers. Bigger, and meaner than old Nail here. I think we will stop by and see your mum, and well, what we do here with Molly will just be a picnic in the park to what we will do to your mum." He stepped on the side of Dudley's face, grinding his foot. The gravel of the alleyway bruising and cutting into the side of his head. "Have you heard of an Imperio curse, Dudley... it can make you do anything I want." Olc paused dramatically to allow this to sink in. "I can have you join the party on your mommy. Just tell me what hole you want." Olc's swift kicked landed right in Dudley's balls. Dudley passed out.

Molly, in her constant state of pain and humiliation, tried to understand what was going on. She saw Dudley attack Nail, and then felt the relief of her attacker's stinking cock leaving her mouth. Hammer slowed down his attack, but Shiv did not. Hammer then bellowed in anger and increased his savage thrusts three-fold. Soon another penis was in her mouth violating her.

A spray of water to Dudley's face brought him awake. His eyes widened. He had been out mere minutes. "Good, you're awake, I wanted you to see the big finale."

Dudley had been drug to a spot and lay on his side so that he could see the whole image of the three men violently raping Molly. He tried to close his eyes and could not. He could not move them either. Olc was walking around the scene, inspecting it as he would a brand-new car he was intent on purchasing. He looked at Dudley, leering. "Watch, here is the FUN PART!" He looked over at his Ravagers. "Stop boys, but keep it in." He pranced as he walked over to Peeler and put the tip of his wand near the base of his cock. He looked at Dudley as he pronounced, "ENGORGIO!" Dudley watched the bulge in Molly's throat grow, and her mouth widen. Olc walked towards the upraised legs of Molly. He leaned in and under and tapped Shiv's crotch and announced, "ENGORGIO!" Molly shook and screamed through her fully stuffed throat, trying hard to keep her breathing happening through her nose without hyperventilating. Olc moved around Hammer, and looked over at Dudley, with his hand at the side of his mouth like he was sharing something only with Dudley and stated as his wand tapped the base of Hammer's bludgeon, "ENGORGIO ELONGATUS!" Molly's legs widened, and a Dudley watched a bulge grow along the abdomen of Molly. Her legs and arms began to twitch in seizure. All three began to slowly move. Jerking Molly one way, then the other, then heaving in together, their hips pumping. A bulge appeared in Molly's stomach. Hammer grabbed Molly's ass, and slowly pulled and pushed his way out of Molly, a trail of white goo following. His penis was incredibly huge. It was like watching a fucking cartoon, thought Dudley. Hammer pulled on her shoulders, and Peeler slowly walked backward and removed his cock from Molly's throat. A trail of cum also followed. Molly gasped, then threw up more jism along with her drinks. Shiv and Molly still floated, and he swung his body to roll her over, so that she faced the ground and he was on top. He continued to push and pull his hips, slowly grinding his elongated member in and out of Molly. Olc pointed his wand at both of them, "Liberacorpus!"

They fell to the ground, Shiv landing atop Molly, still fully inside her. He grabbed her by the hair and forced her up on all fours. He pushed off her back, and slowly retracted his cock from Molly's torn and bleeding anus. He looked over at Dudley and struck her across her ass and back with his large cock. A flood of jism also followed him. The three attackers stood together, and with a flash of his wand and uttering "Reducio originale" Olc returned their organs to their normal size. He looked down at the battered and bleeding Molly, still on her hands and knees, cum still dripping out of all of her. He squatted down by her. "Listen you muggle whore- Not a word to the police, or Dudley is dead. You call Harry, and you only talk to Harry. You tell him He comes to Cork or Dudley dies. You can be sure that we will not treat him well in the mean time... especially now that the has killed one of our own. So, you best hurry bitch. "He put his shoe on her back and pushed her down into the dirt and gravel. He pointed his wand at her back and moved it as if he was writing with it. She could feel a burning on her back. It got intensely painful and then it cooled. She reached back and could feel nothing. "I have left a special message only for Harry. Only he can retrieve it from you. You will have to let him "interface" with you to find it. I hope his cock is big... it might get lost in that cavern you call a cunt." He kicked her in the ribs. " Remember talk to no one but Harry or Dudley is dead. We will be watching you." He leveled his wand at Molly once more, and said, "This will allow you to get home without calling attention to yourself. Confundus species normalem." He threw her dress at her along with a crumpled 50 quid bill. "Thank you. that was quite entertaining. Good- bye." Another man with blonde hair came out of the alley and joined them. With his hand on Dudley's immobile shoulder, Molly watched as Olc and Dudley seemed to fold in on each other to a point and disappear. Hammer carried Nail's body, he was wailing and crying. They seemed to do the same thing. The others turned to black smoke and shot up into the sky.

Alone, in the dark, shaking in pain and shock, Molly pulled off her torn panties and threw them into the dark. She pulled on her dress. She found her clutch purse on the wood crate where she and Dudley were smoking his joint. She tried going back to the club and found out that the way there was still blocked after a tentative touch and feel. She limped her way out of the alley, jumping at any noise made. Suddenly the world was loud and noisy again as she passed the limits of the muffling spell. She stood on the pavement sobbing to herself, trying to get her bearings, looking for a taxi stand. Blood was soaking through her dress, and her face was covered in dirt smears, welts, and bruises. To the muggle world walking by, she was a smiling knockout Redhead just out for a fun evening.

Everything that Dudley had told her was true. She knew that now. There were people out in the world that could use magic. Truly Evil people. She knew there had to be good ones out there too, someone who could help. She hoped she was reaching out to one who was good; she had to call Harry Potter.

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