Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Oh no I've said too much, I set it up


Sat on her bed. She was feeling a bit better about things. She had followed the guidelines of the potion and felt that she had warded off any unwanted consequences of her unprotected sex with Harry. She was slightly disappointed about that sex. Sure it was sexual and passionate, but there was hardly any romance when she gave away her virginity. She practically just threw her pussy at Harry. Gawd how embarrassing, he walked in on her rutting on her wand, like a nymphomaniac. She guess really gave her virginity to her wand actually... The pain when it penetrated her hymen was sharp, but quick, and then her vaginal canal was no longer her own-it was something to share or shove on the first young man to walk in her door while she was masturbating... my gods, how could Harry even look at her?

Her quick nap had made the time pass, and even though she had slept well previously after she had jumped Harry and got exceptionally stoned, she felt rested and restless at the same time. She was recalling some of the incredibly vivid sexual dreams she had while sleeping during both her naps. The pit of need in her cunt was gnawing at her again. She wanted Harry inside her. She had fucked him, taken him like another boy would, but although it satisfied a curiosity; it really did not satisfy her needs.

Harry kissing her, with his hands in her sex while in the foyer left her wanting more. But she needed to wait, to make sure the potion was fully in effect before chancing another intimate encounter. She decided to change again, she was not sure what she wanted to wear, something sexy that would keep Harry's attention. She decided to wear a thin summer Gryffindor cardigan with only a nice sheer lacy bra and panty set underneath it. Hermione made sure only one button was actually buttoned on the Cardigan, showing off both her bra and panty to whomever could see. Of course, she was wearing this for Harry.

There was a rap at her door. It was Harry. She could tell by his knock... She knew him that well. Five years, she had known Harry for five intense years. They lived and studied together, and if it were her choice, she would be sleeping in the same room as him at Gryffindor. Perhaps someday, the dorms would be truly co-ed, and there would be no need for the wink-wink, nudge-nudge sneaking about. Sometimes one just needed the comfort of their friends around them at night.

"Come in Harry."

"Harry walked in, but after closing the door, just leaned on it, keeping his distance from Hermione."How are you doing, 'Mione?"

"Better. More relaxed... I think I have taken care of my... concern. Please, come sit by me." She patted the bed sheets beside her. Harry walked over tentatively, his hands in his pockets and sat down besides Hermione. Hermione put her head on his shoulder. "I think I really fucked up, Harry."

"What, put yourself and your mother on a sexual crash course to each of your dark psyches?"

"Yes, that would be the one."

"Perhaps... but I think we all follow that path... maybe not to the degree you and your mother have stepped in... and I mean you two have definitely stepped into the shite, but most of us do what we do because of our desires and fantasies."

"Harry! How astute of you! I know you are an intelligent person, but lately... you seem more in tune, more eloquent."

"I blame it on the potion, and being bonded to two of the most beautiful and brilliant women on the planet."

"Oh, Harry!" Hermione wanted to kiss him, but instead she punched his shoulder. "I think that potion just gave you a silver and glib tongue."

"The only reason I sound glib is you are too modest to believe in your beauty as much as your brains."

"Maybe. Either way, I should be gracious with your compliment instead of suspicious of it."

"Exactly. It is a good thing I am a thick-skinned, sweet talking wanker who can give flannel with the best of them, or I might be offended."

Hermione giggled, and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and put her head back down on Harry's shoulder, and then grasped his hand, holding it tightly. They stayed quiet for awhile, with Hermione's head on his shoulder, her face looking up at the side of Harry's face. " I never told you that I like your new hair cut. Very bold and modern. With your glasses off, I might not have recognized you, Harry Potter. "

"Well, then it worked. I will have to thank Candy the Barber for it."

"Candy? "

Shit Harry thought. Why can't I keep my gob shut? "I went to a hair salon the Goth kids use in Little Whinging. I figured if anyone could make me fit in more in London, they could."

"Well she did a good job. Perhaps I should have her create a new style for me."

" I don't see you as a goth chick. Besides, mine is temporary, I will have to change it back when I get back to Privet Drive. They are expecting back plain old Harry."

"How is the summer going Harry? You mentioned that your cousin Dudley is in Ireland. It must be awfully dull, I know you and your cousin barely got on, but still, now by yourself..."

"Pretty boring, but okay. I do my work around the house, but Petunia has eased up on me quite a bit. She is almost human. I think I have become somewhat a surrogate for Dudley. She allows me quite a bit of time to just mess about, but of course, I can't go much further than Little Whinging. It was a surprise to go to Reading, but what with us running into Death Eaters at the Railway station, I doubt that she lets me out anywhere again too soon."

"Scared her, huh?"

"Yeah, a bit, it could have been worse. She did not see anything go down when I put the Death-Eaters into total petrifaction. She came in later. Although I did make a haul in contraband... including the time turner and that hash cigarette we smoked."

"Harry Potter! You are such a bad influence... you know I never had hashish or marijuana before today... but I must say I like their effects more than too much Butterbeer or wine."

"So, are you still high or do you want to smoke some more? We can just hang and talk awhile... maybe you have some 'fessin' up you might want to do ?"

"Well, perhaps a couple of puffs would be might make this a bit less embarrassing."

''Hey, no judgment here... I am bonded to you in this, 'Mione. You can tell me anything you want... I am here to make sure you can fulfill your " wants and fantasies." Just let me know what you want. We can make it fun... I was thinking about your "thank you" note... if you want to just describe to me like you are writing me a letter to make it easier, whatever works."

"Let's start with relaxing a little. Why don't you lose that shirt, hmmm? And take off those shoes... we are in the house; please relax Harry." Hermione was running her tiny feet along his leg as she lay back. "Do you like my nail polish? I got it at Young Witch in Diagon Alley just after we got out of school. See how the swirls of pearl move on their own?" She had placed her foot in his lap, and was slowly rubbing the balls of her feet across his crotch. She wiggled her tiny toes in front of Harry. Harry knew that she knew that he had a bit of a foot fetish... she found that out one time when she was masturbating him with her feet and the fact that it took her only a couple of minutes to get him to cum that way gave away his fetish rather quickly.

"Yes, very... pretty Hermione." His urge was to pick up her foot and slowly lick and suck her toes. But that was his thing... not hers. He pulled out the joint and pulled out the book of matches.

"Ugh, not those stinky sulphur sticks!... Here... " Hermione picked up her wand " Incendio." A small flame sprung from the tip of her wand. Harry puffed on the joint after burning its tip in the flame of Hermione's wand. With a flick she extinguished it and took the joint from Harry after moving some of her hair to behind her ear. She looked at Harry, and said, watch this... " She took a strong puff and held it in, He could see her lips move slightly as she silently recited a spell. She blew out the smoke into a thick fat cloud that slowly shaped itself into a very fat cat that reminded Harry of Crookshanks. She blew a small puff that turned into a mouse, and the cat took a swipe at the mouse which turned back into a puff and disappeared, and the cat cloud twirled into a thick stream that rushed into Harry's mouth, and down into his lungs. Harry tried holding it in, and exhaled it quickly, too surprised it happened.

"Show off. "Well done."

Hermione only smiled a mischievous grin.

"That reminds me, where is Crookshanks? I thought that I would have seen him slinking about by now."

"He is over at my Grand-mum's place."


"Yes, before we realized what a mistake we had made with the potion, we had planned on taking the weekend to Edinburgh. We were going to the Rowling touring museum there."

"Never heard of it. "

"It is muggle touring museum of supernatural artifacts of the British Isles from several centuries. Some are actual artifacts from Wizarding history."

"Yes, I think you did mention something in one your notes about planning on going to a museum. "

Harry passed the joint back to Hermione. Hermione just took a good puff and held it in for a long while, and blew a stream of blue smoke out, with just a tiny cough.

"Are you sure you have not smoked weed before?"

"I have never smoked even a cigarette before. Honest!" Hermione was getting fairly high and was now getting used to understanding when she was . She stopped smoking and gave Harry back the joint." I don't need any more right now thank you.. I am feeling quite fine."

"You are looking quite fine too."

'You Gryffindor men are pretty easy to dress for as long as we wear the colors."

"Who doesn't like maroon and gold, especially when all there is under them is just a tiny pair of maroon lace knickers?"

"Oh, these little old things? Do you like them Harry? They are getting a bit small, and tight... I mean you can practically see the outline of my pussy in these things... isn't that shameful?"

"Yes. Totally... shameful. " Harry stared as Hermione pulled up the sweater, and spread her legs full out, taking one up and over his head, and placing it behind him on the bed. She unbuttoned her sweater fully. She bit her finger while looking at Harry impishly. Harry grinned. "I take it that you are feeling better now..."

"Ummm, yes, yes I am . I am feeling like we should fool around a bit while I tell you a few of my fantasies... what do you think about that?" Hermione ran her foot along Harry's leg playfully.

"I think that we could multi-task... I try not to do that too much during the summer months, but I am willing to go the extra step for you 'Mione."

"Well thank you Mr. Potter... I feel honored that you will consider fooling around with me even if it could make our conversation a bit more... challenging." Hermione crawled behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist as she rubbed his broad back. She kissed his shoulders gently. Do you mind if I change the lighting in the room? I think it would make me more comfortable if it were darker in here."

"Sure, whatever works for you." Harry was enjoying the backrub immensely. He was trying to be mindful of time, especially in his current stoned state. He had agreed with himself to meet back in the outside the bedroom in hour and twenty five minutes, before they both consolidated into what would be present time Harry.

"Nox!" Hermione stated with a flick of her wand at the wall light switch. The overhead light went dark. The light from her bedroom window was afternoon light filtered through trees, so the room it was still lit pleasantly enough to see, but much darker, relaxing.

"Better!" pronounced Hermione. She started talking to Harry's back, after taking in a cleansing breath and letting it fully out. Harry could feel her tension in the way she was grasping the muscles in his shoulders. This confession process would be brutal for her, even as close as they were as friends.

"My father is angry with me. I have disobeyed and disappointed him on several things, from the way I dress to forgetting to help around the house, to my attitude when I speak to him and Mother. He has sent me to my room, but figures this is not enough.

He barges angrily into my room to find me still dressed in my incredibly short skirt and bare midriff top. This makes him even more angry as I still have not changed out of the clothes he objected to hours ago. "

Hermione is parched. She tries wetting her luscious full lips and finds her mouth is dry. "Harry, would you be a dear and pull us out a couple of waters from the mini fridge." She points to a corner near the several bookshelves in her room. "There, under the Morrissey poster."

"Sure." Harry hankered over and grabbed a couple of bottles of Evian out of the fridge and brought them back. Even the Granger's water was posh, thought Harry. "Here you are."

Hermione takes the water gratefully, smiling. She doesn't quite look Harry in the eye. As a reflex, she says, "Thank you love." In the exact same inflection her mother uses. Hermione would have been mortified to hear herself say this at Hogwarts, but here in her home, this is a natural thing to say even to Harry her best friend and most secret crush.

Harry sits back on the bed in the same position he was before, sipping his water, not realizing how dry he had been as well until that first drink.

"Where was I?"

"Your father had burst into your room and was angrier because you were still wearing that slutty outfit."

"Yes, well, I don't know if I called it slutty…"

"But your father thought it so… The skirt so short, you could see your knickers with just a swish of your hips or a bend of your body. Your young long legs looking so provocative in those high heels with no cover from the skirt. And that top, so readily showing off your taut little midsection ; it is also so tight as to make your breasts swell to the top of the low cut neckline... just asking for trouble now weren't you?"

"Well, look who has the imagination!"

"Just painting the picture put forth to my mind."

"Yes, well, you are right. He is furious that I would think it was appropriate to dress in such a manner! He calls me to attention. I am flippant and rude. He pulls me over to my bed roughly by my arm, and sits down on my bed. 'Words are not getting through to you young lady!' He yells angrily, and pulls me over his lap, and flips up my tiny skirt. He grips my ass firmly, and tells me that it is for my own good. I need to learn my lesson. His first strike is hesitant, and it makes me giggle. This incites him, and he opens his hand wide and brings his hand high over his head and comes down with a hard strike across my buttocks. The pain brings tears to my eyes but I will not give him the satisfaction of crying out... He may end it too soon. He strikes me three more times and I laugh at him, call him an old man who strikes like an old woman. He is angry now, and grabs my knickers, and rips them off my body, laying my buttocks bare. I spread my legs and he yanks the remaining shreds of my panties down my legs , pinning them together at my knees. I try to get up, and her roughly grabs my buttocks, he fingers pressing against my anus and sex as he pushes me down on my stomach across his lap. He strikes my bare buttocks with force, enough to make me bite my lip and whimper. " He hoarsely whispers that this is for my own good. He strikes me again, and again. His hand prints are forming on my ass in red. He strikes me one more time and I cry out again. I can feel his hardness pressing against my stomach. I beg him, "Oh Daddy, please, please let me make it up to you. Please."

He stops spanking me and I crawl off his lap. I am on my knees in front of him, and I begin to rub his hard thick cock through his trousers."

At this point, Harry can tell that Hermione is becoming aroused. She had taken her bra off and is rubbing her breasts and erect nipples across his back. Her breathing is getting a bit heavier, she is whispering her fantasy very close to his ear as she occasionally kisses his neck.

"He pushes me back. "No, you can't" "But I can Daddy, just for you. Please show it to me. Please show me what a real man's cock looks like." He hesitates. I take off my top, I show him my young full tits. I can see him lick his lips in lust. I continue to rub his hard cock. He looks at me. "Take it out yourself."

I unbutton his trousers, and unzip his fly. He closes his eyes as I fish his thick cock out of his boxers' opening, and his erect prick springs out for me to view. I begin to stroke and caress it, as I say things like, " I promise to be good Daddy, or you can spank me again... and you can spank me with your special rod if you want to punish me. I like touching your special rod, it is so big and hard." I continue to stroke his large member, rubbing my thumb over his glans until he can no longer take it, and I can feel him begin to cum. I begin to lick and suck his man meat. It jerks in pleasure, and I can feel his warm spunk erupt into my mouth. I continue to lick and suck and swallow until he can give me no more. He stands and tucks his cock back into his trousers and leaves my room."

Hermione licks Harry's ear. "Can I play with your cock, Harry?, hmmm?"

"Only if you tell me another fantasy... have you considered multiple partners?"

"Oh yes! Very often. I have fantasized about you and another having a threesome with me. It would be romantic and also very passionate... perhaps a bit rough at times. You both take your cocks to me, to every opening in my body. At one point I am sandwiched between you both as you stand holding me up, my arms around both your shoulders and you both take your cocks up my anus and cunt at the same time. I also imagine that you also take me vaginally while the other has his cock down my throat. We try as many different ways to put two cocks in my body at the same time... even in the same holes. I of course cum a million different times, in a million different ways."

"And you really want to try this?"

"Of course I do... but not with you and my father, gawd no. Why? Are you thinking of contacting Ron?"

"Oh gawd no. There is no way with his mouth would I bring him into your house with you and your mom in this state... it would be in the 'Prophet' before the end of the day."

"Harry is that fair?"

"It may not be fair, but it would be true... Ron would freak out...besides we have this agreement... we could not do a threesome together... it would be too weird."

"You two have thought far enough ahead to agree not to do a ménage a trois together?"

"Yes, well, we were just laying about the dormitory room and talking about what-ifs, and decided that if we were ever in the position to do a threesome, that we probably could not do one together."

"Well, that is a bit disappointing. "


Lay back in the separate soaking tub along what they called the window wall. A great six by ten foot one- way window. No one could see in, but they could see out. Unlike the Jacuzzi, there were no water jets, no bubbles, just some refreshing herbs and oils in very warm water. She was sipping wine when Future Harry came downstairs and into the spa. "My, you look well rested for us just being apart for a little over ten minutes."
"I freshened up and then couldn't sleep", Harry easily told his white lie.

"Well feel free to join me in the tub, I certainly would not mind." Jean focused on watching Harry undress. The potion's effects were still in full force; her nipples were hardening as she watched, despite having been well shagged only a quarter of an hour before. Harry pulled his pipe out of his pocket, and lit it, taking a large pull of smoke. He offered it to Jean, who waved it off politely.

"No thank you, I am still pleasantly feeling the effects of the hash."

Harry, now fully nude, and having his own reaction to watching Jean's nude body in the translucent waters of the bath, walked over to the edge of the tub, His long member thick, but not fully erect. Jean ran her fingers up and down his shaft. "Please join me in the tub, as much as I like looking at you naked in front of me." Harry nodded, and tried as gracefully as possible to enter the tub from the opposing end and slide in without sloshing too much water about. It was a long tub, and accommodated both of them comfortably. Jean widened her legs and draped them over the top of Harry's. Harry watched the widening of her twat, her lips and vaginal opening now more widely exposed. Her hand ran down to it, rubbing it lightly, her eyes on Harry as he watched.

"I am afraid I only brought one glass over, or we could be naughty and just share the bottle?"

"Let's be naughty then." Harry took a pull off the offered bottle, it was a nice white wine, not too dry, not too fruity. He handed the bottle back to Jean, who had already finished her glass, and she took a quick pull off the bottle as well. Harry looked at her. He grabbed her foot and began to rub it. "Speaking of naughty, would you like to confess some of your fantasies to me? Maybe the ones that do not involve your husband?"

"Yes, I guess I should. I guess I need to prepare you somewhat for what will still could occur this weekend. Oh, that feels nice, Harry, please do that some more, I love a good foot rub. If you are being generous, please do my other one as well. Where to begin Harry? I guess I have one that I would love to do with you... I think I could trust you to be patient, to go slowly so that I am not injured... overly. It is called fisting. Are you aware of that?"

"I believe so... it is taking your whole hand inside a woman..."

"Yes. You start with fingers, then an open hand, and ultimately with your whole balled fist pushing its way inside me... I think I would need you to warm me up a bit and stretch me with that huge prick of yours, but it would be part of a humiliation fantasy of mine, to have you ultimately fist me in both my cunt and asshole as part of it."

"Can I ask why you enjoy being humiliated, Jean?"

"Oh, I guess I could give you some psycho babble about my feelings of unworthiness, and all that clap-trap, but in the end, I like a man dominating me, making me feel like I am a whore for his own purposes... what did you call me? A "cum dumpster". I enjoyed that. I enjoyed you holding your foot to my face and spitting on me. You see, I have been a bit of a princess my whole life. My mother and father adored me to the point that they looked beyond my real faults, and so has Wendy. I grew up the apple of my teachers' eyes... all the way through college that I attended when I was sixteen. I have purposely held Hermione back, as much as one can hold Hermione back, because of my experience of achieving much so early in life and what it did to me. I have never felt like a real girl, even though I recognize my own weaknesses, no one else would. No one would call me on them. I guess in my fantasies, I have gone a bit overboard to compensate. But the way they make me wet, it strikes a core need in me that I crave. You are the first to make me feel that way in real life, and it was pure ecstasy, Harry. I don't want to be perfect, and I make sure that Hermione feels that I do not see her that way, no matter how proud I am of her. She can be vain, and a bit of a bitch, just like me, and I call her on that on occasion. Wendy that is another matter. He is doing the same thing my father did, Hermione is his little jewel, and she could never do any wrong. Even now he is probably blaming her behavior fully on magic- none of it could really be a part of her." She looked down at the bottle, and took another long pull on it, and offered it to Harry. Harry took it and gulped down another mouthful of the pleasant wine.

"Have you had fantasies of multiple partners?"

"Of course. One of my favorite fantasies involves two young men. I guess about your age or a bit older. They come to visit my house, and my door has been left open. They find me getting dressed, or nude from my bath. I try to cock tease them, but they call me on my bullshit. They quickly subdue me, and force me to have sex with them. They push me to my knees, and grab me by hair and tits roughly, and force me to suck their cocks. They humiliate me verbally and physically. They force me onto all fours while one takes me from behind while the other fucks my face. They trade places. One forces me to lick his cock clean after doing me anally. Oh, my!, I think I just came thinking about it... Ooh! Oh! Yessss." Jean pauses for a moment to regain her composure. "It goes on like that, of course, until they spill their sperm all over me. " Harry has placed his foot on her cunt, rubbing his toes into the folds of her sex, rubbing his big toe roughly across her clitoris. Jean sighs, moving her hips and legs slightly back and forth to help with the rubbing of her puss onto the sole of Harry's foot. Harry continues to massage her foot, having now switched to the neglected one, while his foot massages Jean's wanton twat.

Both Harry's ask, "Have you thought of more than two partners?"

Jean considers it. " A gang-bang... well of course... that would be the ultimate fantasy to my vanity, to have several men wanting to have sex just with me. To make me their play toy... all those cocks on me and inside me.. . Yummy. Yes I would say so, that would be taking my cake and having it too. "

Hermione bites her lip. She looks away from Harry who had been staring her into her eyes as she knelt before him, gripping both tiny hands around the girth of his hard cock, stroking him from his balls up to the large mushroom shaped crown. She put her hands to her lap. "Y-yes. I have thought of having sex with many men at the same time. I have often fantasized showing up on your dormitory floor at school and having all the boys there take me at once." She kept her eyes averted. "Do you think me a slut, Harry?"

"How can I, when I fantasize about have sex with several girls at once?"

"You want to fuck a harem?"

" Not an ongoing harem, just for one night... or a long weekend. I would not even have to know all the girls, in fact if I did not know some of them that could be very interesting..."

"Harry, I thought all my sordid secrets were to be known, not yours too."
"I was thinking it would make it seem more fair, somehow."

"Harry, that is sweet. But I am not sure if I am ready to know your deep dark desires."

"Would if help if I told you I did not consider that one of my deep dark desires?"

"I think I should be very afraid, but "alas", as Dumbledore would say, "I cannot because I my own darkness casts a deeper shadow.""

"He said that?"
"Well, I imagine he would." Hermione giggled.

"So, would there be anything different about having say, four men take you instead of two?"

"Well, I would expect to be able to be held and contorted into many new and different angles, and with four men, I would have to keep my hands busy too, but I think it would be more about just getting each other off, than any kind of passion wouldn't it? A girl's head would explode if she had feelings for every man in a gang bang fucking her, now wouldn't she?."

"Uhm, yeah I guess." I guess I will find out, thought Harry. Harry checked the time. He had a half hour before he had to meet himself outside his guest room door.


"What 'Mione?"

"I guess I have fantasized about it happening in the lower halls of Hogwarts... You know, rough stone walls and floor, torch light, a real decadent setting... "

"Yeah, I can see that."

"Harry, would you have anal sex with me right now? I am so terribly horny and I think I want to try that with you... At least for a bit."

"Do you have any baby oil?" The Harrys said at the exact same moment, not knowing it.

Future Harry was standing in the tub. Jean was bent over , holding onto the tub, her fine rump high in the air and Harry was sliding his erection between the firm mounds of her ass, the under shaft of his immense cock rubbing along her sex and rectum. Jean directed Harry to the cabinet where he could find baby oil, and moved herself to the low, old fashioned fainting couch near the bathroom vanity. She often dried herself slowly here, after taking a bath, or sat while she did touch up shaving to her legs. She had fantasized of using it for sex, to be lying here as she was taken. She thought about all the dark secrets she had disclosed to him, on top of answering his questions about multiple partners fantasies. She was hoping that both Wendy and Harry would be able to overcome their discomforts for her cuckold fantasy. She was especially concerned about how Wendy would react, but he was the one that had put that seed into her imagination a couple of years ago.

Hermione returned with the oil, and assumed her position on her knees, stroking Harry, oiling his long and hard rod. Harry had her take off her skirt, and He pulled down her tight little knickers over her firm little bubble butt. He ran his hand to her pussy, it was incredibly wet as he thought it would be based on the limp and moist state of her panties. He ran two fingers inside her honey slice, and brought them out wet. With also a bit of oil, He pushed them slowly in and out of Hermione's very tight pink rectum.

She moaned and he could see her legs quiver slightly. He saw he cunt drip along the fringe of her tight little outer labia. He decides to lick her for awhile, to get her to relax... He did not have much time, so He needed to keep this special but short. He had a feeling that it may take her a few times before she really was ready for anal sex.

Future Harry was straddling the fainting couch, facing the upraised crotch of Jean, who was on her back with her legs up in the air, her feet touching the top of the reclining side of the couch. He was slowly pushing his oiled cock's crown into Jean's surrendering rectum. Jean was grimacing and squealing a bit in pain, as the large member stretched her anus as it slid with tightness into her waiting ass. She gasped as her sphincter relaxed and let go of Harry's mushroom head and allowed it to slide up her alimentary canal.

Hermione was on all fours on her bed, facing the wall that paralleled the length of her bed, looking at a picture of her family on vacation to Spain. She really needed to move that if she was going to be doing this often. Harry was caressing her lower back. He had begun pressing his lovely cut cock head at her tiny anus. She tried to relax and not think about how fucking big it was, taking cleansing breaths as Harry put slight pressure on the opening to her rectum. He had oiled her rectum well, she could feel a few drops of oil rolling down her sex.

Once he got a sense of her breathing pattern, Harry tried to time his push inside her with ending of a cleansing breath. He was successful, and felt his entire head slide slowly past her sphincter muscle. She panicked and he could feel it tighten its grip on his shaft just past his crown.

Hermione squealed in pain. Harry asked her if she wanted to go on. She just nodded frantically and grasped her bed sheets in a wad in each hand. Harry used his hips to gently push forward. He slid just a bit farther into her very tight little ass. Harry felt that he would split her if he were any bigger. There was absolutely no room for movement around his cock. He pulled his shaft back an inch and she squealed. He pushed his shaft another inch and half inside her, to make some head way, hoping she would relax. Hermione moaned and gasped. "Omigod Harry, I thought you felt so fucking huge in my cunny.. Are you sure you did not do an engorgio spell on it?"

Harry suppressed a chuckle. "No 'Mione, babe, I have not. I swear. I am trying to be careful..."

He had learned that the hard way with Cho. His passion and inexperience had led him charging his penis right up her rectum with nary a thought to his girth and her tightness, but frankly, she was not as tight as Hermione. He suspected she had had experience before with anal sex because of something she muttered about it not being like this before. However, although he had come quickly, Cho was not amused or impressed at his lack of gentleness during their sex. She told him that even with an Episkey spell, she still was bleeding two days later. A friend of hers confided in him after they broke up, that she really only spotted once on a panty liner the next day, and it was not even as much as a small nose bleed. Cho held this a grudge against him, and soon withdrew from having even oral sex with him. It was not long after that they silently parted ways, knowing that they were not a good fit as a sexual couple.

"You called me babe. I heard you Harry Potter."

"What? No... I mean it was just reflex, in sympathy with you..."

"Oh Harry, why do you have a rule about using endearing terms with each other... you know, it could be only when we have sex and we are alone together. It doesn't have to be when we are out in public or with friends and family."

"You say that now, and in a month you will be calling me Harrykins, and sweetie, and all that tossing shite."

"I detest that kind of thing in public too.. . It gets to be nauseous... shoot me if I am ever like that... I hear that crap all the time from my dorm floor mates, especially Lavender. Ugh! "

"You know, Hermione, while you have been talking I have put a good four inches of my cock into your ass, without a hint of pain from you...perhaps the secret of anal sex with you is to just have you talk..." What a way to ruin anal sex for me, thought Harry rather selfishly.

"Really babe? How about you start fucking me with that big cock then, come on, I want to feel you cum up my bum, Harry honey! " Hermione wiggled her cute little butt, and pushed back on Harry's shaft, moving two more inches up inside her. She felt it and moaned and squealed at once. "Omigod, you are still huge, Harry Potter, but please, fuck me in the ass, I beg you Harry, fuck me hard! "

"Don't think your sarcasm is wasted on me Hermione, but since you wanted to try anal sex, let's go then!" He grabbed her by her shoulders and shoved slowly while gyrating his hips wildly and sinking even more of his shaft up the tiny Hermione. Hermione gasped and moaned as he began to slowly push and pull more his length in and out of her anus. At one point , he pulled all the way out, her tiny anus now gaping from adjusting to his great girth. He slapped his hard cock across her ass cheeks with force, leaving a red mark on her butt resembling his shaft. Hermione whimpered as Harry again entered her ass and push most of his member's length quickly back up inside her. He continued to do these long slow pulls and pushes in and out of his best friends beautiful behind until her alimentary canal was stretched and relaxed enough to take him doing shorter harder strokes of his cock up inside of her. Hermione begged him to fuck her harder.

Jean is only slightly better off. Her age and sexual experience give her a little bit more flexibility, but anal sex is still new to her. Wendell had never asked and never tried. She read about it in fiction novels, and of course knew of the taboo of sodomy, but it was a fantasy untried until Harry had taken his large cock up her ass just hours ago. And here he is again, at her request, shoving his monster cock back up her very tight and sore alimentary canal. She grimaces and appreciates the fine line between pain and pleasure, and relishes both. To feel, especially to feel sexually whether in pleasure or pain was exquisite to her. She gasped in pain and came. She gasped in pleasure and came. She came because she could feel something. Anything that made a nerve in her body fire, it was good. It was glorious. She cried out to Harry, asking him to fuck her harder, as if it would make her feeling more intense. He was already shaking her body with his force; a jarring motion that caused her jaw to ache a bit at the slamming thrust of his body against her, inside her. He slammed himself harder, up deeper inside her. She was on her knees on the couch, clutching onto the side of the couch to stay upright. Her face was pressed against the cushion, and his hand clutched at the base of her neck. He straddled her, riding her rump high like a jockey on a race horse, using the maximum arch of his thrust to ram his cock as far as could be physically allowed inside her ass. His thighs were pressed against her buttocks, his balls were painfully (for him) slapping against her sex. Jean was moaning loudly now, letting Harry know that he was giving her what she needed, and then some, baby.

It was all Future Harry needed to know and came hard, the spasm in his balls painful, but the amount of cum felt at least two-fold. His member jerked hard several times inside Jean, He continued to push up and harder with each eruption, until he could feel the cum dripping at the base of his cock, when he was fully inside her. He pulled out his member, covered in cum and rubbed his cock onto the back of Jean's ass. She turned around and opened her mouth and took his whole rod down her throat. She licked and sucked on his prick until it was clean. He pulled out, and bent over to kiss her on the ear and neck. He gathered his shirt and stepped into his pants and left. He arrived outside the door with three extra minutes to spare. He pulled out the time turner from his pants pocket, and set the turner for an hour and a half back into the past again. He waited for his other self. It was now a few minutes to the point he would disappear back into bedroom after his nap. The other Harry was not here yet. He was getting impatient; they could miss their window. He went to Hermione's door and rapped quickly on it, and left to go back around the corner.

Hermione clinched her knees in orgasm. She felt the electric current flow between her pain, pleasure, the nerves in her rectum, and her g-spot. It did not hurt that she was also rubbing her clitoris. She cried out in satisfaction and collapsed from her knees to her stomach on the bed. She felt Harry finally cum, the warmth of his jism up inside her ass, the jerking of his member along her anal canal. Harry pulled out and came again, this time across her back and buttocks. She felt as a flood of it slowly drip out her gaping anus, which in time-stop slowness was trying to retract to its tight little starfish shape again. There was a rap at her door. That was odd, it sounded like Harry's knock. Certainly not her mother or father's knock.

"Hermione, I have to go. I will see you again in few minutes" Harry kissed her between the shoulder blades as he jumped into his jeans and grabbed his shirt. He left without saying anything more and ran around the corner. Little did he know that Hermione was too curious not to follow and after getting up and jumping into her knickers she rounded the corner just in time to see Two Harrys with a Time Turner between them disappear. Not that it would matter at all, her memory of the next two hours would be very different than what she just experienced. Harry would get his opportunity to take her anal cherry again.

There was little of them to see in the Hallway as the turner took them back an hour and a half.

They saw themselves walk backwards from the different parts of the hall, then come back to the room, start to leave part way, and come back to the room and then close the door. Shortly after ,the two felt time stop and start to go again in forward motion. Future Harry confirmed with his watch, and then raps on the guest room door. Nap Harry answers it, straightening his shirt over his pants.

Late tooth Brush Harry emerges from the bathroom. He sees two more of himself walk in through the doorway to the bedroom. " I see we have moved on to phase two. Why don't you two fill us in on what the girls want to do."

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