Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Satyr's Relaxing Meditative for Maidens

Harry and Jean were in the fully finished basement of the House. It was much smaller; it did not run the length of the house. The lighting was low and flickered like the gas lamps at Hogwarts. Most of the walls were rough stone and brick, but clean, not like the actual basements in Hogwarts. The floors were a rough stone. Large wood beams were overhead a few feet. Hermione had gone out of her way to make this place remind her of Hogwarts.

A large rough-hewn table was in the center of the room. On it was a gas burning hot plate, which over it stood Hermione's Caldron. Inside was a deep pink liquid. It still steamed as Harry approached it. He peered cautiously into the cauldron. It was not bubbling, but occasionally, he would hear a fizz of gas escaping. He pulled his head back. On the table was an atomizer filled with the liquid, along with several rubber stoppered vials set in a cooling rack. Two were lying empty on the table.

"These are the ones you and Hermione drank? Harry asked as he motioned to them. Jean only nodded, keeping her distance from the table. She pointed to the other end of the table, near an unlit half used candle in its holder. "There is the book". It was a small thin book of old worn graying leather. Stamped in fading gold lettering into its cover were the words, Breowans & Bots, a Lar. Jean moved around the table to stand closely behind Harry. She placed her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently.

Harry put his hand to the book, "Interpretari Intelligere". He now could read the book and its contents. He read aloud, "Brews and Remedies, an Instructional". There was bookmark in the middle of the book. He opened to it. He read the heading: Satyr's Relaxing Meditative for Maidens, "A potion to eliminate a maiden's anxiety and enhance her mood for romance." Well it certainly did that, and in spades. He skimmed through it. He did not worry about the ingredients and the instructions to prepare the brew, He was sure that Hermione had followed it fully and with great accuracy. He went on to read the end instructions:

The maiden should drink fully a vial. She will find it fully worth her while.

Her chains will melt, and her desires will be free to walk among the living.

On the second day she must place some potion's mist on her love,

And the steel will, it will rise above all known boundaries of time and space

to fulfill her wants and give her limits a shove.

The spell ends when all basic needs have been met.

The maiden must know fully her heart's desire. She must do all to end all.

Harry put his hand to the page. " Revelio." Nothing happened. No changes to the page. Jean was without thought rubbing Harry's back. She put her chin on his shoulder and said,

"Hermione did the same thing."

Harry wracked his memory, trying to remember some of the spells he had learned from Mad Eye and even Severus for revealing secrets from charmed documents. He remembered one. It was for unlocking passwords... it was a long shot. Use mainly on passage ways.


Words appeared at the bottom of the document.

"What do you seek?"

"Answers" Harry replied.

Words appeared. " I have given you answers... What do you seek?"

"I have two more requests for information."

Words appeared. "Granted ... and what do you seek?"

Harry made sure to phrase it correctly. Enchanted books could be tricky devils as he found out in Tom Riddle's Diary. "The Truth- reveal any known cure for this potion."

Words appeared. "There is no known cure in all the world, except what lays in the potion's instructions... what do you seek?"

Harry hesitated. Jean squeezed his arm in assurance. "The Truth, reveal the unaltered instructions."

Words appeared again. " Well why didn't you say so the first time?". The end instructions wiped and came back again:

The maiden should drink fully a vial. She will find it fully worth her while.

Her chains will melt, and her desires will be free to walk among the living

She cannot stop from taking or giving.

On the second day she must place some potion's mist on her loves,

and Lust's steel will, it will rise above all known boundaries of time and space

to fulfill her wants and give her limits a shove.

This spell ends when all base needs and fantasies have been met.

The maiden must confess fully her heart's desire. She must do all to end all with no regret.

Jean gasped as Harry read the revised text. She seemed to grasp the enormity of it. She picked up the atomizer, and looked at Harry, and said, " I am sorry, love." as she pressed the bulb and the mist covered his face and body.

Harry had expected it, in fact, he was going to suggest it. He would let Hermione mist him too. He knew that Jean was barely controlling her urges, that it would not be long now. He did not say anything. He closed the book and then picked up the cauldron lid. He covered the cauldron. He turned it clockwise to seal it to the cauldron. He was not sure how affecting any fumes still coming off it would be to anyone else, but for him it was now too late. As soon as the mist hit him he knew now that he was enthralled. He would do whatever Jean asked, His desire for her was intoxicating. He knew it was not love. It was pure unadulterated lust and servitude. He cock was about as hard it had ever been; he felt energized.

He turned around. Jean was standing, her blouse on the floor. She only wore her white lace shelf bra, her fully pointed tits and hard nipples prominently on display. A she walked toward him, He breasts bounced slightly. Her hips swayed seductively, the little exclamation landing strip above her cunt the perfect symbol for how Harry felt as he watched her. Jean looked him in the eye.

" I have always wanted to be dominated by a man. Treated roughly like a piece of meat to fuck. I want you to humiliate me. I want you to punish me. I have wanted to suck your cock since Hermione told me in confidence about her oral sex with you. I fantasize about you treating my mouth and throat like a cunt and fucking my face even after you spill your load all over me."

She continued to walk towards him. Harry took the belt off his jeans. He looped it through the buckle. He stood and waited for her to arrive in front of him. "Get on your knees bitch."

She complied. Harry wrapped the belt loop over her head and then around her long slender neck. He tightened it and pulled her roughly towards him. She gagged and squealed in surprise. He could see the look of terror filling in her eyes. She knew that she was at his mercy for any pain or pleasure that he thought to inflict or to give. The thoughts to do all this just entered his head. He knew he could make a choice, but he followed them. He knew how and what he would do to Jean seconds after she made her confession. "Take off my jeans you rutting slut! Hurry you fucking cunt, you have lived a posh soft life bitch, but that won't happen anymore!" Harry held the belt loosely in his left hand and grabbed a handful of Jean's hair with his right after she had removed is jeans. He pulled her roughly up and leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips. She responded, kissing him back passionately. He bit her lip, and kissed her deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. He licked her around lips, sucking and kissing them. He kissed the bridge of her nose and her forehead. He held her by her jaw roughly. "Get back on your knees and suck my balls, cunt!" She dropped immediately to the floor and began licking and sucking Harry's scrotal sack, pulling each testicle into her mouth, and gently sucking and biting them. Harry took his cock and struck it across her face. "Suck my cock Granger, take your posh little milf slut mouth and wrap it around my prick!" He jerked on the belt pulling her to the floor. He yelled at her. "I. SAID. TO. SUCK. MY. COCK. YOU. FUCKING. POSH. MILF. SLUT!" Jean pulled herself up hurriedly and grabbed Harry's steel hard shaft and began swallowing his girth and length into her mouth. Harry avoided looking into her lovely face. He would have lost it right there if he had. He had to think of her as a piece of cunt meat to use. He had to remember that. She wanted to be abused and treated like a whore. He had no fucking clue why, but she did, and He would be the one to do it. He continued to berate her as she sucked his cock for ten more minutes, doing her best to make him come. His balls hurt with the effort to keep it from happening He took to striking her with the belt across the back if he was getting too close to erupting into her hot little mouth. She would jerk and cry out in pain and try twice as hard to please him. He finally decided he had to take things into his own hands. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head roughly off his cock. He took the belt and placed the loop of the belt across her forehead and tightened it from behind her head. He held the belt tightly and directed his immense and wooden-hard cock to her mouth. She opened it in anticipation and Harry shoved with force his cock into her mouth as he pushed her head forward. He reached the back of her throat quickly. He forced his large head down her throat; she was gagging, and he held it there, letting her gag and drool on his cock, the saliva running out of her open mouth and down her chin, dripping on her full tits, dripping off her dark brown hard pointing nipples. Harry pinched Jean's nose as he pushed his cock further into her throat. She flailed, and her eyes rolled back into her head. He let go and pulled his cock all the way out of Jean's throat and then her mouth. She gasped for air, gulping for breaths. Harry tightened he belt around her head and popped his cock across her mouth. "Open your slut hole, I need to fuck your mouth some more."

Harry shoved his cock forcefully in her mouth, and held her head, pulling it forward until he could feel his cock at the start of her throat. He held her head and began moving his hips, pushing and pulling he cock in and out of her mouth, using her like he would her pussy or asshole, feeling her wet drooling mouth, and flailing tongue against cock, He increased his strokes, and could feel a welling in his balls. He felt the cum contract and pump forward, erupting down Jean's throat. Harry reeled his prick out, still ejaculating hard and full into her mouth and then onto her face, His penis throbbing and jerking in spasms as it delivered spurt after spurt of white goo across her breasts and into her eyes and back into her mouth. Jean had barely swallowed when his thick hard cock was invading her throat and again and her head was pulled forward. the belt was now off, and just Harry's rough fingers intertwined into the hair on the back of her head, pulling her face forward as the length of his cock disappeared into her mouth and down her bulging throat. He worked his cock in and out of her like this for many minutes. Then he pulled her head forward, the length of his cock deep down her throat. Her tiny nose was at his chiseled abdomen. He pulled forward some more, burying Jean's pretty face into his flesh, his cock now as far as it could physically go in her throat. Jean felt the cock spasm, again and again, sending warm cum dripping down her throat, forcing her to continue to swallow. Harry held her that way until he was completely finished, and she could feel the hardness leaving his magnificent member. He slowly pulled his now limp cock out of her throat. It felt like a snake leaving; the pressure now off her throat she could gulp air from both her mouth and nose. He was out of her mouth, and wiping his dripping cock into her hair, He took a hand full of hair and rubbed it across the head of his cock like a rag. He shook his cock, sending small sticky gobs of sperm across her chest. He stepped away from her. Harry grabbed Jean by her chin. She was now sitting on her fine rump on the cold and rough stone still trying to catch her breath. He pulled her head this way and that, inspecting the amount of sperm dripping over it. He pulled on her tits and nipples roughly, then made her get on all fours. Harry struck her across the rump with the belt. It left a red welt and plenty of pain. She screamed out. He struck her again, and then again, and she began to moan with satisfaction at the feeling; her cunt dripping with wetness. He pushed her over with his foot, and placed his foot onto her neck and jaw, pinning her there.

"Worthless cum dumpster! I had to do all the work. Learn how to fuck, you lazy piece of shit." He spat on her and walked out of the room, and up the stairs, taking his jeans and the atomizer and book with him. He had also palmed three of the vials of the potion resting on the table.

Jean spasmed in pleasure and curled into a fetal ball . She was riding out a multiple orgasm; her cunt dripping a puddle onto the old stone floor.

Harry stopped midway up the basement stairs. He sat down, his hands shaking. He had no idea where that came from. It was him, but an unfiltered him, like he had been stripped of his moral compass, and given free reign from his core wild animal to behave as he wished, as Jean wished him to act. What freaked him out was that he found sexual excitement and actual enjoyment in humiliating her. He hoped she was pleased and sexually satisfied with what they just did. He now felt the helplessness that Hermione had tried to convey earlier. In some ways this potion was like a very bad acid trip. He hoped that it got better. He put on his jeans and waited for Jean to show up.

Five minutes later, Jean opened the stairwell door, wearing her tiny bra that barely held her breasts and his belt, now cinched loosely across her hips like a badge of honor. She was using her blouse to wipe away Harry's cum from her face and chin. "Hello love. How sweet to wait for me! Perhaps we should take a shower? I am thinking we stop by Hermione's room and drag her along with us." She was cheerful and seemed very happy. Jean stops wiping her face and kisses Harry fully on his mouth. She runs her fingers through the sides of his short cropped hair. "I love the way that feels, Oooh, I could do that for hours! You were wonderful Harry, thank you. I came so many times I could not keep track!" She offers her hand and helps him up from the stairs. They walk up together, with Jean behind Harry, her forefingers crooked into the back two belt loops of Harry's jeans.

Harry excuses himself to get his duffel bag. He slides the vials into a protective inside pocket of his coat. When he gets back, He hears both Hermione and Jean calling for him from the top of the stairs. He follows their excited calls and walks up the carpeted stair.

Hermione jumps out. She wears a short kimono robe. He is pretty sure that is all that she is wearing. "Boo!" She giggles, "Get it Harry, a witch yelling "boo"?"

"Yes, Hermione, remember, I grew up muggle too. How do you feel?", he still smiles at her odd sense of humor.

" I believe that I am still high. It is not a strong as at first, but I have this very physically relaxed sensation, and things out of the blue seem very very funny. "

"You should be, the way you inhaled and held that smoke. It is very strong weed. I think I am still high, but it is hard to tell, after I got the mist."

"Mother sprayed you? That Bitch!"

"Easy now, what choice did she have... I seem to be the only game in town until your father comes home. Besides, I believe you asked me to "Take care" of your mother. Here, come give me a kiss, and maybe I will let you mist me."

"I will let you do more than just "mist" me, Harry Potter!" Hermione chided. She slinked over to him, letting the cinch on her robe loose, exposing her breasts and tummy and sex to Harry as she walked over and put her arms around Harry, pressing her breasts against his abdomen. She looked up, and Harry looked down and they kissed, lightly, gently on the lips. Harry found this pleasant, much less stressful than what he just went through for Jean. Hermione ran her fingers through her hair, tucking it behind her ear. "Harry, I could just suck your big old cock right here right now, but I understand you may need a bit of time for a recharge."

"Yes, fulfilling your mother's "base need" took quite a bit out of me."

"You mean basic need, or are you calling my mum nasty and low and vulgar?"

"I am not calling your lovely mum any of those things, but I was satisfying a deep, dark secretive need. You see, your text was altered." He opened the book. The true phrases were still present on the page. Hermione read through this. Like her astute mother, she seemed to quickly grab the enormity of the potion. They would have to confess and reveal their deep dark secret desires and fantasies to their lovers, and act upon them all. What had she gotten herself and her mother into? She looked at Harry. If there was anyone she would want to go through this with, it would be him. She did not know how their friendship would hold together after this, because there were many skeletons in her sexual closet. She opened her hand, palm up.

"What?" asked Harry.

"The atomizer please." Harry handed it over to her. Hermione notices the slight tremble in his hand. She understands the he too, grasps the enormity of what she is asking him to do. Her mother did not go into detail, but she saw the red welt marks. They were placing a heavy burden upon Harry. " Oh Harry, I wish you knew how much I loved you at this moment!" Her eye glistened as she reached up and kissed him on the lips again, and then on his cheek, and down his neck and chest. She hugged him tightly, then stood back. She took the atomizer and covered him fully in the mist.

Again Harry felt energy crackle throughout his body, and felt his bond now with Hermione as well. He would do whatever it took to fulfill her sexual fantasies. Hermione took him by the hand, excited. "We have a wonderful spa, with a large shower and Jacuzzi tub that fits six. It can also be used as a steam room. Mother is in there, preparing the tub." They walked down the hall to another set of stairs, going down them and into a tiled room with large skylights, filled with tropical plants. It was light and airy, glass block three feet high ran around the top of three of the walls. This room must have been an addition that juts out from the house, Harry surmised. He noticed that Jean was now fully nude, and preparing a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub.

" I hope you don't mind, I was feeling a bit rutty, so I took a quick shower. I suggest you both do the same." She said, motioning to the shower area. The shower was immense. It took up one corner of the large room. The front was a full clear glass wall. A waterfall cascaded off a rough stone wall, in back middle wall of the wide shower. The waterfall appeared to be controlled by a faucet handles for temperature and flow of water that was near the falling water. There were also two other standard rainfall type shower heads as well as a flexible hose shower head, on the two end walls of the larger shower area. It could easily handle six people at once. Harry was amazed. Jean watched him. She seemed a bit apologetic in her response to his unanswered questions.

"This was our big indulgence. We add this to our house a couple of years ago... the waterfall is a filtered recycle system, actually fairly efficient. We use a solar water tank of the roof of this room to heat the water. We love relaxing a bit in the bath at the end of the day, and it can be nice for more... intimate parties with friends. Hermione actually helped to fund most of this room as a wedding anniversary gift from a substantial study grant she received from Oxford."

"Oh, Really? I have not heard about this... Hermione?"

"It is a research study that I had submitted a proposal for two years ago. Ancient studies on magical lore... I know it seems as a bit of a cheat in my position, but I am of course presenting this fully as muggle historical research. I just happen to know where some sources are to research and then I search down muggle historical records of the same event... not really cheating is it Harry?... I have signed full disclosure papers with the Ministry... they review my work before I submit it to make sure I am not releasing knowledge that can somehow compromise the wizarding world."

All the while she is telling Harry this, she is caressing his chest and back, wrapping her legs around his right leg, slowly grinding her sex into his leg. Harry can feel a wet patch forming on his jeans. He does not believe she is even aware of doing it.

"But why haven't I heard of it, ?"

"Both you and Ron's eyes turn all glassy when I talk about my extracurricular reading and studies. Frankly I did not think it would be of interest to either of you."

"But it's Oxford! "

Hermione beamed, she could tell Harry was very proud of her. "Well, yes there is that, but I did not want to feel like I was bragging, I already have enough of a reputation, thank you very much."

Jean beamed as well. "Wendy and I are very proud of her."


"Mr. Granger. His name is Martin Wendell Granger, but I take my pet name from his middle name that he abhors. It started out as a tease, but now he accepts it as what I call him. "

"I see. "

Hermione, why don't you prep the shower while I talk to Harry for just a bit, please." Jean asked.

Hermione shot her a questioning glance but Jean just raised her eyebrows and Hermione left Harry's side. " Yes mother. Harry, do you like your shower hot or warm?"

"Just warm to start, please. "

"Here, let me help you with those trousers... again. " Jean smiled as she said it. She unbuttons Harry's jeans and grabs them by the waist and pulls them down, bending her knees and moving down with the jeans. Again, she remains perfectly balanced on her feet while her knees are fully bent. She grabs his cock, and runs it slowly around her lips. She kisses the head of his cock, and feels Harry's cock harden in her hands. She straightens back up to standing, remaining very close to Harry as she continues slowly stroke his meat. "Harry, I have a request, please."

"Sure, name it Jean."
"I do not wish you to humiliate me in front of Hermione. You can man-handle me, but I am asking at this time for a bit more... compassion. It is not that I did not enjoy every second of our previous encounter, but I do not wish to share that side of my wants with Hermione at this time."

"Understandable. I will not publicly humiliate you. Do you wish any pain?"
'Only your very big cock inside me. No beatings please. No punishment or humiliation. You can take charge and give me light domination. I like your hand in my hair and taking direction. It can be hard, but not rough. Is that okay?"

"Of course. I want you happy Jean." He place his hand to her face, His thumb gently caressing her prominent cheek bone. She kissed his hand. She was still stroking his cock, which was now very, very hard and erect.

"Thank you Harry. I hope Hermione has idea of what to do with this very magnificently hard cock of yours.."

Hermione called from the shower. "Harry, the shower is ready! Please join me!"

Harry felt torn, but left Jean's expert touch to join Hermione in the shower.

Hermione saw the state of Harry's cock. "Thanks mum, you must teach me how to stroke cock; I don't think I have ever seen it that hard or big before! " She sounded a bit jealous..

"Do you mind if I watch dear? I must confess I have had a fantasy of watching you suck Harry's cock since you told me about him."

"Not at all, in fact, I must tell you that the reason I told you about my oral sex with Harry is to see if it excited you. I have imagined you watching me suck Harry as you masturbate yourself. "

"Well I certainly can try, sweetheart."

Harry watched this exchange a bit bemused. The acid trip was back but a bit funny and very pleasant. He joined Hermione in the shower. They kissed passionately. Hermione pushed Harry under the warm gentle spray of the rainfall showerhead. She took a bar of soap from the shelf. "I made this soap myself, there are some magical herbs... you will feel very tingly clean and warm with this soap. I am hoping it will feel very good on your skin, especially your cock... I love the way it feels on my pussy. "

She lathered Harry, starting with his neck and back, and soaping his muscular ass. Her hand ran inside his cheeks, a finger going up his anus. She continued to push her finger in and out of his tight rectum. "Have you thought of having anal sex with me Harry?"

"Yes, yes I have."

You know a lot of young people our age are doing anal sex as a way to have sex without birth control. The anus is the new vagina for girls and boys."

" Well, the anus has been the vagina for boys for all time."

"Harry you know what I mean! More girls are offering anal sex as a alternative ."

"Tell me about it!" Harry retorted.

"What does that mean pray tell? Have you had anal sex before Harry Potter"

"You want me to be truthful?"

"Yes, of course. We have not been exclusive, though perhaps I am a bit jealous- though it would be my fault... the limit I put on our sex in the past... it has always been masturbation and oral..."

" Which was fine! I enjoyed those times we got off together, but yes, I have had anal sex before."

"With anyone at Hogwarts?"


"Really? Who?"

"Cho and..."





On what Harry thought was purposeful, Hermione scraped her sharp finger nail along his anus as her finger exited his bum. He could feel a cut and burning sensation now from the soap in the cut.

"Oww! damnit!"

"Oh. I am so sorry, did I accidently injure your anus, Harry?" Hermione asked coolly.

"Yes, I think you did. Never mind." Harry took the bar of soap from Hermione and started to soap his chest and arms on his own. He turned his back on her, slightly pissed.

"Oh don't be such a fucking Baby Harry Potter !" Hermione hissed in whisper so that it could not be heard by over the water by her mother.

"Who is being the child, Hermione, I know you were having sex with others... including girls. I heard about Luna Lovegood in the prefect's bath."

"Well, that was true. But Trelawney! my god Harry! How by Merlin's Beard did you end up fucking that hack's ass?

"She has done two prophesies that have been true about me."

"Yes, plus years of riding its coattails and teaching charlatanism to students for years and years."

"Divinity is a magic of its own. Not my cup of tea though..."

"Oh har-dee-har-har! "

"So is this about Trelawney and her teaching, or about me fucking her bum?"

"Oh Harry I love you but you are so thick some times... It is about both."

"She is a nice woman. She was frightened and alone, and we shared a bit of a moment, kinky as it was. I am going to leave it at that. I told you the truth... it was what you asked for. I am sorry you did not like it."

Jean rapped on the glass. "You two have an odd sense of foreplay. Hermione, if that is how you go about to suck cock, then I have much to teach you young lady. You two were supposed to be doing a bit of a spritz, we are going to do a tub soak.. you all will be prunes before we get done!" She smiled, hoping to lighten the mood.

Harry handed Hermione the soap and started to wash his groin. "Harry Potter!, that is my job!" Hermione sidled over and began lathering his pubic area and washing his dong and balls. She looked down at what she was doing while she talked. "I'm sorry Harry, I was just a bit miffed. I was hoping to be your first anal sex."

"'Mione, you gave me your virginity! I have never had a girl give me her cherry. If this is your first anal sex too, then you have given me both of your cherries!"

"But Cho?"

"Nope. some oral and a very short time at anal. I-I was too big for her."

"Oh!" Harry knew that intonation when Hermione said "Oh!" , as in 'Oh, I guess that that maybe I assumed something or got mad about something a bit prematurely'.

"Yeah, oh. Damnit, 'Mione, my asshole really hurts."

"Try putting a very large dick in it then come back and we will compare notes tomorrow. "

Harry laughed. He ran his soapy hand over her breasts, and pulled her back into his soapy chest and front . He took the soap from her as he held her, His thick cock between her ass cheeks, rubbing there as he hugged her. He soaped her quickly, rubbing his hands gently over her breasts and tummy, and down to her sex. His fingers explored her tight little crease, and ran his fingers into her sex and around her ass and underneath. He pulled them both into the waterfall, and the heavy splash of water drenched them completely and rinsed all soap from their bodies. Hermione screamed in surprise and then began giggling. Harry laughed out loud like he had not in quite a long while.

Jean met them with towels. She helped dry Hermione's hair. Hermione ran her finger around her mother's nipples. They reacted to her touch. She pulled them gently.

"Harry, doesn't mother have beautiful breasts? I really hope mine grow into such large hot titties. And that tummy, Oh mom I love the 'scaping.. An exclamation point... oh Mom! such a slutty little landing strip before that very, very hot little pussy."

"Why thank you honey. Oh my! Oh yes, that feels good. Hermione, you surprise me!, Yes, lick my hot pussy, mmmm. Oh! yes, you certainly can use your fingers if you want!"

Harry was certainly enjoying this part of his "bad acid trip". He had dried and had turned around to see Hermione on her knees, slowly licking Jean's sex. She had her hands around her ass cheeks kneading them as she kissed, sucked, and ran her tongue up and down Jean's sex. Jean looked up, and motioned him over. Harry walked over slowly watching the action. Jean had her hands on Hermione's shoulders, then caressing her face as he approached. Jean, pulled him to her side, her arm sliding underneath him. "Kiss me." Harry obeyed willingly, kissing Jean deeply, passionately holding her turned face as Hermione continued to suck and lick Jean's now very wet cunt. Jean whispered to Harry, "I would love to see you eat Hermione while she is eating me. Slide your face underneath her, and let her sit on your face while she continues to lick my cunt."

Harry nodded, kissing her again, and running his fingers down to her ass, gripping a cheek firmly before moving to Hermione. Hermione felt Harry slide underneath her, sucking and licking her young puss . Harry went in head first on his back. He looked up and could see the underside of Jean's sex as well. His forefinger went into Hermione's ass as he began to lick and suck Hermione with abandon. Hermione straddled his face, lowering her body to give Harry better access to her sex. Harry licked and sucked, and pulled back on the tight hood to Hermione's clitoris. The tiny light pink love button looked so vulnerable, just like her tiny tight pink cunt lips. He licked it in a slowly circular motion. Hermione moaned and began to grind her crotch into his face. He put two fingers into her anus, pushing them slowly back and forth. He could feel the slow drip of wetness from her sex as she rubbed her puss along his face as he bit and sucked around her clit, occasionally flicking the tip of his tongue across its tender surface. It was swelling slowly in reaction to his tongue's pleasurable agitation. Hermione was close to bringing her mother to orgasm as well, She had Hermione's head straddled, Hermione now leaning back, her hands on the cold tile floor to keep her balance, her head leaning back almost horizontal, tonguing her mother's fully exposed clit while Jean used her forefinger to hold back its fleshy hood with her left hand as her right hand pulled on the nipple of her left breast. Jean could feel the rise of excitement in her loins as her daughter effectively built layer after of layer of pleasure to her pussy. She is close; Jean whispers "faster, harder", and Hermione responds, her tongue flicks harder and faster over her sensitive clit, and it is enough to send Jean over the edge. Her cunt contracts, and her pussy ejaculate floods down her vaginal canal and streams onto Hermione's face. The electric pulse of orgasm brings a wave of pleasure crashing down on her. Jean's knees go weak. She holds her daughters face to her pussy, rubbing against it, until the wave of ecstasy ebbs. She lets go, and steps away. Hermione looks up, licking her wet face and lips, her mother's pussy juice dripping off her chin. Both look at each other with lust and satisfaction. Hermione is rocking her hips, and leans forward now, placing hands in front of her, concentrating on Harry and the pleasure he is giving her. She straddles his face directly so that her cunt is right on his mouth. She gyrates, rubbing her clit along his nose. He holds onto her waist, pulling her in as he continues to lick, suck, nibble, and gently bite her sex. All of a sudden Harry is feeling his own pleasure. Jean is stroking his cock while she is also sucking his balls. She bites his scrotal sac, then slowly licks her way up his long shaft and then swallows the head of his cock. Her teeth gently scrape the underside of the wide prick head. She is soon bobbing up and down on his long shaft. He can feel it go to the back of her throat, and then down it, as she takes more of his shaft into her, her tongue lashing against the top side of his hard man-meat. He groans, and Hermione urges him on, she is now close to cumming as well. He holds her down, bearing his tongue on her very sensitive clit. Harry licks with hard flicks of his tongue, and then wipes his tongue with force across the whole face of her love nerve. Hermione squeals in pleasure. She is moaning and panting now, uttering small obscenities. The volcano is building towards eruption. She feels the earthquake in her loins, and the hot magma pulsing in pressure into smaller veins, making their way to her wanton sex. He licks her clit just one more time, but then Harry says her name, and that is all it takes. Her body shakes, and her vagina contracts, and the volcano blows. She feels the ecstasy again, her only impetus since taking the potion, to get to this point of pleasure. To feel the pleasure at his hands, his tongue, his mouth, his cock, and his words. His words. She hold onto the wave for as long as he she can. He tries to extend it for her, continuing to bring that pleasure to her sensitive sex. She moves farther down his chest. She plops onto it. He lets out a an "Ugh!".

Hermione giggles, then wriggles forward until she can lean forward and kiss Harry, and she does so; many, many times.

Jean is watching her daughter. She knows that she loves this young man. She also knows that he is not yet ready to love her back and it breaks her heart a bit. There is a hardness in his soul, along with a restlessness. She knows of the death of his godfather. Hermione tells her most of what she has experienced. Jean is realistic, she knows that Hermione withholds facts and events from her. Either for their protection, or for hers. So she knows about Harry and Hermione, but she really does not know enough? Jean knows Harry has his own mission; one of revenge, and to overcome the evil upon them and Hermione will be there to support him. But there is a quest beyond that. She has heard the stories of his childhood; sleeping in a cupboard under the stairs, all alone in a cold unfeeling household, treated as a servant but never as a loved child. The story of a little boy who became a young man, noble and gentle in many ways, but never knowing love, and therefore, does not know how to love. Perhaps, just perhaps, they have all been thrown together for a purpose. It seems now to be a sordid, almost stupid purpose; two silly girls who were looking for a chance at feeling romance that are now forced to face all their desires, even the dark ones. But perhaps maybe, out of this forced nightmare, perhaps these two silly girls can show this broken boy just a little about love along the way. What scares her is what he will show them about themselves as they burden him with the task of bringing out their dark desires.

Jean's own needs gnaw at her mind and body. She has this luscious hard bodied young man with a large cock before her. It was her mouth that has now made his penis this tower of hard manhood now looming over her. She is aching to crawl upon it. Her pussy was sore for the stretching it had received from the phallic vegetable, but it will be just an exercise to prepare her for this monster prick before her. In her fairly sheltered life, this is biggest cock she has ever had the pleasure to deal with. Her husband's dysfunction has left her frustrated for so very long. Latex, silicone and plastic haved not satisfied her at all. She tried to control herself but she could not. While her daughter was kissing her true love, She crawled atop Hermione's true love's cock, and let it slowly fill her cunt. She felt like such a bitch, but at the moment she would rather seek forgiveness than seek permission. It felt so good; a warm, real, incredibly hard and big cock inside her, filling her insides until she felt like she was just a meat puppet on his pole. It was delicious and painful at the same time.

Harry reflexively began to stroke his cock inside Jean's tight pussy. It had been so long, she felt like she was giving him her cherry too. She could feel her vaginal wall stretching to accommodate the movement of Harry's huge member. " Oh gawd! Baby, I can't believe you were able to take his cock in your young cunny. He must have wrecked you good. Are you in pain? Omigod Harry, please slow down, please, gently, your fucking horse cock is something I have to get used to, even in my old cunt!"

Harry slowed down, gyrating a bit. Hermione left for the corner of the room. She called from the corner. "Mother would you mind if Harry fucked you doggy style. I would really like to see him fuck you on a fours like the slutty bitch you are."

"For you my little cunt, of course. Harry can fuck me in whatever position he likes... I just like taking his wonderfully big prick up inside me!'

Meow! cat fight! Harry thought. He was hoping Hermione's father would come home soon... It may get difficult if these two have trouble sharing. He was thinking about how he felt after he was misted with the potion, and thought it could help Mr. Granger with his erection problem. Harry felt like he could stay hard all night, no problem. Perhaps it would do the same for Mr. Granger.

Jean slowly leaned forward, first kissing Harry passionately, then moving forward so that her breasts were dangling in his face, she moved slowly to allow Harry to fondle and suck and bite her nipples for a bit. She was thoroughly enjoying it, but secretly did want to be on her knees, with Harry manhandling her with some domination while he took her from behind. She continued to move forward until she finally felt his long cock drop out of her disappointed pussy. She stood, and then helped Harry up. She got down on all fours, Her nipples hard. Harry pushed her further down at her shoulders, so that her nipples were now grazing the rough tile floor. They were sensitive, it hurt and felt good at the same time. He raised her ass a bit. She felt very submissive in this position. Harry pushed his wide cut cock head back into the wet velvet folds of Jean's sex. Her lips were still parted and it was easy to see her vaginal opening. It was still a tight fit due to the girth of his wide cock head. He continued with force and soon had three quarters of his cock up inside Jean's silky wet pleasure hole. She moaned in appreciation as he once again filled her with his cock, his head rubbing well past the tip of her uterus, now alongside it. He began stroking her with a nicely paced rhythm, bring his cock almost completely outside her, to slide it in again. Harry could feel Hermione' presence behind him. Suddenly there was warm oil running down his lower back, and Hermione's hands slathering it into his ass. He felt her run two fingers into his anus. Pushing them in and out.

"Harry, I have a confession to make. I have always wanted to take a man like a man. I want to take you in the ass. Will you let me take you in the ass?"

Harry was thinking No, and out of his mouth came, "Sure Hermione, if you want to fuck me in the ass, then please fuck me in the ass." He turned around to look at Hermione, assured it was some joke, and watched as she was taking a large double ended dildo, which was curved in the middle, and pushing it up her cunt. When she had five inches into her, she tested it. She seemed to be able to hold up the rest of the dildo well without the use of her hands. She gripped the base of the dildo. It looked very realistic and was flesh colored. It look like she had grown a dick, a very sizable dick. She was slathering it with lubricant. Harry gulped. He was going to let her do this. He would welcome it. He was doing it for her. He turned back around and continued fucking Jean. He closed his eyes. He nearly jumped when Hermione grabbed him by his muscular ass. She slapped the dildo hard across his buttock. He grimaced. She did it again. He winced. She was not holding back.
"What do you want me to do, Harry?" Hermione growled with a commanding tone.

Harry thought, the bad acid trip is back! Whatever you do, don't take the pink mist acid! Hermione struck him hard a third time.

"What do you want Harry?"

"I-I want you to fuck me in the ass, Hermione." Hermione struck him one more time. " That is Mistress Hermione to you, slut!"

"Mistress Hermione, please, please take me in the ass!" Merlin's Beard! He could not believe he was saying this aloud. Hermione giggled.

"That's okay, I was just joking!"

"Oh thank god, I thought you really wanted to take me in the ass."

"Oh, I meant about the Mistress Hermione part. I am definitely going to fuck your ass Harry Potter."

She pushed the dildo in. It was much smaller around than his cock and he thanked several deities for that small allowance. The lubricant helped, but he was not quite ready for the feeling of a hard fleshy pole going up his alimentary canal. He felt the pain of his rectum stretching, and the hardness invading his ass. He felt a pressure he was not expecting. He felt it on his prostrate as Hermione's "cock" pushed further into him. The invasion was not quite as painful, once his rectum widened, the false cock was narrow enough to fit snugly, but not skintight inside his canal.

Hermione pushed with her hips, more of the dildo slid up inside her until it was pushed up against the tip of her uterus. The crown of the dildo rubbed against her uterus pleasurably as she then was able use the leverage of the dildo held in place against her uterus to thrust with her hips to push more of the other side of the dildo in and out of Harry's ass. She loved the feeling. She still felt like a young woman with a cock inside her, but also had a cock outside her with which to fuck. She was letting Harry and by extension every other male, know how it felt to have a hard dick put inside you. She knew Harry was hetero, he had never even mentioned any kind of attraction to another male. She knew he was doing this for her, and for the bond he took on with this wicked potion. But it made her very hot to see him in this submission. It had made her cum when she was masturbating to this fantasy last year, and she was close to cumming right now.

Harry could get it. This was about feeling like the woman. To feel how it was to be fucked, not just fucking. He also know that even though Hermione joked about being a dominatrix, she was getting off on the dominance and taboo nature of the act. He knew that feeling intimately. In fact, He was thinking, that perhaps he would try finding out what it felt like to be fucked in the ass as the same time as he was fucking an ass himself. Jean was moaning in pleasure and swaying her fine hot ass for him as he continued to bring his young monster cock in and out of her now very accepting pussy. She was still tight, but he moved freely. He enjoyed this feeling much better than the fight he had in moving inside of Hermione at first. Luckily, Hermione was so wet and came so much that it helped to create the lube he needed to move inside her virgin puss.

He had a feeling he was going to need some of that oil that Hermione had applied on her "cock' for where he want to go next with Jean. He was going to pop a Milf cherry; He was certain that Jean had not had anal sex, but was at least curious, and had fantasized about it. He knew to have it count toward her ending the potion's spell, she would have to confess it. "Jean, tell me, have you ever had anal sex?"

"N-no, no love, I have not,".

"Have you ever fancied having someone fuck you in the bum?"

"Ooh- Harry! With your giant cock? Oh love, I do not know... of course I have fantasized about it, what it would be like... to feel that naughty, to break the taboo of sodomy."

"Well then Jean, "Love", I am going to give you a shove."

Harry had been oiling his prick while talking to Jean. Hermione did not stop fucking Harry, but slowed down as Harry spoke to Jean. She was curious, but miffed at the same time. He was going to fuck her in the ass before her! She was jealous even though she knew that anal sex with Harry would probably be the most painful thing she will have done so far to her body.

Her anger whether subconscious or not, manifested itself in her pushing harder and faster into Harry, which in turn push the dildo further back into her, and painfully against her cervix bone. To hurt him, she had to hurt herself. She seemed intent to hurt Harry. She held fast onto the shaft of the dildo near the opening of her cunt, pulling out inches of it. She put those additional inches into Harry.

Harry felt the dildo go further into his ass, it was getting uncomfortable, but he was more relaxed now, and the urge to void had gone away. His focus was fully on the taking of Jean's anal virginity. Somehow this titillated him more than taking Hermione's. Perhaps it was because Hermione had been so eager to give it. Jean was hesitant, curious, but afraid. She also knew the taboo nature of sodomy, so there was the element of shame and humiliation involved for her, yet in a subtle way that would not be overt to Hermione, whose generation had taken on anal sex as a practical alternative to eliminate the chance for pregnancy. Harry used his oiled fingers to massage some lubricant into the tiny pink rectum of Jean Granger. Her little starfish flexed and tightened at his touch. He massaged her lower back to get her to relax. He put his cock back into her welcoming cunt, and continued to stroke her as Hermione fucked him harder. Jean let out a guttural moan which reminded him he should do something to show for Hermione's efforts. He moaned and groaned, He hated faking this, but unfortunately, he was not getting any kind of sexual satisfaction out of a silicone cock being shoved up his bum. It was only because it was the hot and horny Hermione doing it that he found any kind of pleasure in it. He would have to fake it for her. "'Mione, omigod. I don't think I can take any more of this. So much... up my ass, Oh 'Mione! unnnnhhh. oh, it hurts, it hurts... fuck me baby fuck me harder !"

Harry pulled out his cock and slapped it across Jean's ass. The welts of his belt were still very visible. She winced, and Harry nuzzled the large crown of his cock at Jean's tiny rectum. He pushed with steady force, and Jean felt his wide glans stretch her sphincter muscles, which tried to fight again the invasion. She moaned in pain, gasping. Harry was persistent, and she flexed, and the cut of his crown popped past the rectum and up inside her. Harry could feel the muscular ring holding his cock right past the edge of his cock's head. Harry popped his mushroom head back in and out of Jean's rectum several times. She moaned and squealed each time . He loved that feeling of her tight anus against his glans and his shaft. He slapped Jeans ass, and she moaned some more. "P-Please Harry, slowly, please- please!" He did small slow sharp strokes, inching his large member farther and farther into Jean's very prim and proper ass. She squealed and moaned, and even Hermione slowed to listen, now wondering if all that was still in pleasure. Did she really want Harry's cock up her tiny butt anymore? She was not sure. Still, Harry did seem to be enjoying the rogering she was giving him. He moaned and called her name and asked for more. She enjoyed holding the cock, but already was fantasizing how this might be with Luna at school next year. If there was one thing about Lovegood she loved, it was how open she was to new experiences.

Harry was finding this very hot now. Hermione taking him up the bum while he did the same to her mother. His scar throbbed a bit, and he could feel the additional energy of the potion pulling on him, and he realized he had been holding back to spare Hermione's feelings, but what he needed to do was satisfy both of these women's fantasies, and with a bit of luck, one of his own. He knew how to take care of Jean at the moment. He only had less than half his shaft into Jean at this point. He grabbed her by the hair at the back of the head and gave a hard shove of his hips, and plunged four more inches very quickly up Jean's very tight anal canal. She screamed in surprise, and Harry began to slap her ass as he moved his hips quickly, doing faster and longer strokes of his thick and hard rod in and out of poor Jean. Jean crossed the line of pain into pleasure, or found it so clouded that she was now finding the pain enjoyable. Harry was subtly humiliating and punishing her, and she began to enjoy the knowledge that he was now in control, sodomizing her as he wished.

Then Harry stopped fucking her altogether, and pulled his hard cock out of her ass. He rested it atop her buttocks and lower back. She could feel the bruising of her hard nipples from their abrasion against the floor tile. They ached. She could feel her rectum trying to re-form itself after being stretched painfully by Harry's monster meat. Her hands and knees were scraped. She could still feel the stinging on her buttocks from his last hard slap. Her cunt was dripping now, she could feel her pussy juice curling on her cunt lips, pulled out from both from the girth Harry and the cucumber. Large drops formed and hung on her labia, then dripped off onto the floor. She sometimes felt the splash against her calf. She was panting from the pain and exertion of Harry's fucking of her. He still held onto her hair, occasionally pulling her hair. She could feel his balls resting against her ass, The shaking and push of his body against her as Hermione continued to sodomize him, Pulling her fake cock out to strike him across the ass and back. Harry flinched and she could feel it. She shook, and knew what he wanted. He wanted her to beg him. To plead for him to fuck her in the ass some more. "Please sir, can I have some more cock up me bum?" Holding her metaphorical bowl of need up to him, like a filthy, hungry bitch. She felt her cunt burn with lust, and her cum dripping faster from her.

Harry had to stop to think. He was in a dilemma. He knew in order for Hermione to feel fulfilled, that she fucked him like a man, he would have to cum for her. He certainly wanted her to cum when he fucked her. Yet at this point her fucking only uncomfortably painful. He needed to come up with a way to feel sexually excited enough to cum and for her to believe it was due to her bggery. He also needed satisfy Jean's need for dominance and to experience anal sex at the level he knew she wanted. He thought back to the final instructions of the potion. What was it? Lust's steel will rise above all known boundaries of time and space to fill her wants and limits? Something close to that. This was a magical potion, it sounds like he may have been given additional abilities to fulfill Hermione's and Jean's desires. Or was it just artistic license in the instructions?... one thing he had learned, that nothing could be done at face value with magic. He was thinking that being outside boundaries of time and space meant that he could probably do some extraordinary things. He thought of the body magic of which he had already been part. Could it mean that too, that he could transform parts of himself? He needed to cum for Hermione... What if his rectum was more like a clitoris?... much more sensitive to touch and movement? That would certainly make him cum wouldn't it? He concentrated on thinking of his anus as a large love nerve, Its sensitivity tied directly to his balls and cock. Rubbing on it should feel like someone giving him a very pleasant hand job, or blowjob, except amp up that feeling several times. He concentrated. He knelt down fully on his hands and knees, behind Jean, offering his ass up to Hermione, like he had seen both Sybil and Petunia do for him. He remembered the dominance he felt, and was hoping Hermione was feeling it too. He brought his lips and tongue to Jean's ass. He licked and gently bit her buttocks. He made his way to her rectum, and began too slowly lick it, as he connected to what he was feeling in his own. Hermione had pulled out, watching Harry's new attempt at supplication. He was no longer fighting her... he was submitting to her will. She suddenly realized that was the true feeling she was seeking in fucking a man as a man. Harry called out to her. " Hermione, please, please fuck me. Please take me."

He continued to slowly flick his tongue across the surprised Jean's anus. Jean was not sure what to think. Harry was supposed to be exerting his will over her, yet here he is begging her daughter to fuck him. Although she was enjoying the rim job he was performing on her, she felt let down in Harry' sudden lack of dominance. Harry suddenly grabbed her buttocks roughly and ran his hand into her cunt. He shoved three fingers up into her and began pushing them up inside her as his little finger rubbed up against her clitoris. She suddenly felt her faith in him renewed. She heard Harry moan in pleasure and then cursing under his breath. "Take it, bitch." She felt her cunt cut loose another stream of pussy spunk.

Whatever Harry was doing was working, His rectum was incredibly sensitive now, and Hermione slowly plunged her love bone back into his ass. She moved it back and forth slowly, and his sphincter was supercharging his pleasure centers. All of sudden, this was better than stroking his own sensitive cock. His rectum was on fire with pleasurable sensation. He connected with Jean's cunt and clit, trying to feel those sensations she felt as he gently rubbed her clit and fingered her vagina. A shudder of pleasure ran up his spine, very intense as Harry felt the rubbing of the silicone shaft long the nerve endings of his asshole. He knew he was on the correct path, the sensation of Hermione was now very pleasurable, at times intensely so, and He moaned in honest satisfaction. However, he also had another prerogative, the anal submission of Mrs. Jean Granger. He pulled his fingers out Jean's cunt and again slapped her ass with force. He pushed her to the floor, and dragged her by hips to underneath him, the tile floor scraping her sensitive nipples and breasts. Harry pulled her up slightly, as he remained prone for the gyrations and ministrations of the fair Hermione inside him. He continued to groan in pleasure, as he widened the spread of Jean's legs and directed his prick back to her anticipating anus. He pushed his cock in with force, feeling the sphincter ring give, and Jean's anal canal stretch, now a bit more flexible at the girth of his manhood. He shoved harder and Jean moaned and gasped as he forced more and more of himself up her anus. He pulled her in closer to his hips with his left hand as his right hand and arm kept him balanced and in a doggy style position. He shoved his hips in rhythm to the strokes of Hermione into his own ass. Jean was begging now, asking for her ass to be fucked. "Oh Harry, omigod, omigod I cannot believe you have so much up inside me! Fuck me love, fuck me harder, harder!" She once again contracted in orgasm and squirted her love jism out her puss and splattered onto the floor.

The guttural moans and gasps from his own voice, along those of Jean were becoming too much for Harry, along with the building, gnawing pleasure that pressed upon Harry, the welling in his balls, pulling hard upon his prostrate. He cried out in pleasure as he continued to hammer his rod up and out of Jean's now gaping anus. Hermione was also increasing the speed and intensity of her strokes; she had found a position inside her that slid her side of the double dong along a most pleasurable spot atop her vaginal canal. She squirted in orgasm, and screamed out in pleasure, Harry was the next to come, and let loose with a load up Jean's bum and then pulled out to pulse and squirted semen across her ass and back; and with another large hard jerk right into her the hair on the back of her head. Hermione pulled out, and Harry turned around and stood. He was still pulsing and dribbled sperm across the belly of Hermione. Hermione dropped to her knees in front of Harry and Jean joined her, and they both licked and sucked the waning shaft of Harry's cock. Jean gently bit his ball sac and he came with one more spurt that landed on the face of Hermione. Harry wiped his cock across both their faces. He was physically spent, dropped to his knees with them. They kissed each other and caressed one another. Jean grabbed both Harry and Hermione's hands and pulled them to the tub. She slid in. Harry joined her, but Hermione left, and returned with her wand which she had placed with her clothing.

She had her mother stand in the water, and Hermione gently press the tip of the wand to welts and bruises forming on her mother's back and buttocks, and recited, "Episkey" repeatedly. Harry watched as the bruising and welts disappeared. He felt some guilt at their presence. Harry suddenly thought of something. "Wait, aren't you worried about the ministry being alerted on underage magic?"

"Oh Harry, I love you but-"

"But I can be so thick at times... I know! But why am I thick?"

"That rule does not apply to magic used inside one's own home. I could do an unspeakable curse and it would not set off an alarm. How do you think you were able to practice your basic spells during summer months?..."
"I just assumed that there must be a way to know spell work from just using magic on your own..."

"It does not matter! As long as it is not in public in front of other muggles other than immediate family who know you are a witch or wizard, you can use magic. So if you were to encounter Death Eaters..."

As long as there were no non family muggle witnesses, I could fight them."


"Well, that is bloody good to know."

Harry had many thoughts running through his brain. At some level, the magical enchantments used by the Ministry knew that Petunia was family, based on what happened in the Reading Railway station. He could perform magic in their home as well. He was protected there. That would make things more ... interesting, back at Privet Drive. "So does that apply to me using magic here, in your house?"

"Yes, of course."

Harry relaxed. There was some unseen burden that felt lifted off is shoulders. He had worried about how he would be able to protect the Dursleys and his friends if he needed to. He leaned back into the Jacuzzi tub, the water was very warm and the soap bubbles lay like a thick layer of foam over the top of the water. Jean settled in on his left, and Hermione on his right. He had his arms around the both of them. Hermione kissed his cheek and then leaned into him, the side of her face resting on his chest. Jean lay the back of her head on his shoulder, her fingers caressing him absently under the water. They relaxed, and it seemed for the first time in more than a day, the two females were not in a sexual frenzy or on a frantic and anxious jones to have sex immediately. Perhaps the potion was wearing down. Yet even at her possible temporary peace, Jean could not keep her hands off Harry. He had just sodomized her ruthlessly, her anus was aching, and it weren't for Hermione, it would probably be bleeding. Yet, here she was, her hand slowly making its way back down to his magnificent cock. His body was so muscular and firm. His balls so full and large. Each one fit fully into the center of her small hand.

The trio were startled by the ringing of the telephone. Jean used Harry's broad shoulder to steady herself as she stepped up onto the tub seat to step out of the tub. Harry could have easily reached over as she turned, and placed his hand palm up between her parted legs and her perfectly shaped ass, her hips wide enough to show the lips of her sex dangling slightly between her legs. Water dripping seductively off both her ass and shaven bare pussy.

His eyes watched her move lithely across to the ringing telephone. It was her husband. He heard Jean use her pet name for him. "But Wendy, please, please come home. You must! Harry? Yes, he is here and he has been a wonderful help but... yes, please talk to him!" Jean put her hand over the phone. "It is your father", she said directly to Hermione, who at hearing that nervously pulled her hair behind her ear and dropped her eyes. Jean then looked directly at Harry and said, " He wants to talk to you." She walked over and brought him the cordless phone. She handed it to Harry who had got out of the tub and was sitting on the tile floor with his feet dangling into the water. Harry was not sure what to think, but he knew he must convince Mr. Granger to come home and to be sprayed by the potion. Harry had this instinct that if Mr. Granger did not, that his marriage would certainly end soon.

"Hello? Mr. Granger?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Harry! It is good to hear you made it to the house! I hope all went well with your trip?"

"Y-yes. I found the place quite easily. A police officer gave excellent directions from the underground."

"Splendid. I trust by now that you are well aware of the situation. Has their state... deteriorated? When I left, Hermione was in quite a state... she tried to get me to come to her room... I, I of course refused. She is very confused.. This concoction that she and her mother made seems to have gone rather disastrously."

"I have been able to... assist in calming them down a bit." Harry got up, he felt it was rude to speak in front of the Hermione and Jean about them. He walked back towards the sink, away from the tub. The women though curious, stayed at the tub, and soon, Jean was playing with and arranging Hermione's hair, while Hermione caressed and slowly ran a wash cloth over the front of her mother's body.

"I-I don't know how to explain this without feeling a fool, Harry, but I can be no use, even for Jean. I-I will leave it to you to help get them through this.. this time of personal need."

"There is no need sir, on both accounts. Hermione explained to me how the medication you are on affects you. But you are wrong sir, you can be of great help. In order to meet the demands of this potion, those that support their needs must be bonded to them with a spray of the potion... it has magical properties sir. I have felt a great energy and ... and ... strength that I had not had before. I think it could help you overcome your... difficulty. "

"I don't know... and what of Hermione... what she wants... it is dark and unnatural Harry!"

"It becomes more understandable and bearable with the potion sir, but more important it creates a bond that goes beyond our understanding... your wife needs this with you if you and are her are going to remain together... do you understand sir? It is important that you come home and do this, or you could lose one or both of your loves forever. I am not overstating this. Please believe me. " Never before had Harry felt this eloquent, and not tongue tied. It must be the influence of the potion. But in his heart of hearts, he meant every word. For the ongoing happiness of both Jean and Hermione, Mr. Granger had to come home and join this bad acid trip.

"I-I don't know Harry. What if the potion does not work? What if I continue to fail Jean like I have for the last three years?"

"I know if you don't come home and face this with her, you will lose her to another man. Even if the potion does not work... there are other things you can do to help her get through this... the bond will let her know that you care about her and her needs. This, this potion will give you the stamina and the knowledge on how to meet those needs. Please sir, I am a begging you now to come home as soon as you can. Do you still love Jean, Mr. Granger? If you do, please come home."

"I-I do Harry, I do with all my heart. I have felt like such a failure lately... it breaks my heart to know she suffers through because I cannot give her what she needs. Perhaps she would be better finding someone else.."

" So are you giving up without even trying? You may have magical miracle waiting for you, and you won't even try because you may fail.? How about if you may succeed? She needs to hear it from you that you still love her. But you have to do it today, or perhaps you will lose your chance. The potions instructions say that the maiden must spray her love on the second day. Please come home. Don't miss your chance Mr. Granger."

"Alright Harry. Alright I will. I want to save my marriage. I will come home and see if I can."

"Thank you sir. I hope we can see you soon."

"Thank you Harry. Hermione has said so much about how brave and true you are... even in this mess, I can see that in you. Please... continue to do what you need for them. I understand. I do. Whatever they need, Please take care of my girls and I will be home soon."

"I will sir."

The line went dead without a good bye, and the dial tone returned to the phone. Harry turned off the phone. Jean looked up from the tub, her eyes full and glistening. "Will he come home Harry?" She asked hopefully. Harry nodded yes, and her smile was broad and bright.

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