Alterations- Petunia and Harry @hotwandaction
Time Travel, Haircuts, Cucumber Sandwich

Harry was still sore from his all day sex romp with Petunia, and that was three days ago. It was fantastic and certainly something he would love to confide to Ron, but not by mail and certainly only in person after he made him vow not to repeat it to anyone else. Petunia was a freak, and she certainly liked to be in control. He could sort of understand why, after that connection to her past they had shared.

Everything got back to normal by 2 p.m. on Saturday. Petunia finally transformed him back to his normal self, or he thought so, His biceps felt a bit bigger and his balls a bit larger. He was having trouble knowing for sure. He was human putty in his Aunt's hands. Vernon returned as expected at four p.m. wanting to be catered to by Petunia and complaining of how tired he was. He had enough energy to throw some venom Harry's way and to complain about the state of the yard, which led Harry to spending most of Sunday in the yard and working with his ear buds in and listening to his music as he tried to "detox" from the heavy sexual action that had occurred relentlessly the day before. He had slept very soundly both Saturday and Sunday Night.

From Sunday on, Petunia was on point for her charity event she was chairing on Friday afternoon and evening. It occupied almost all her time the rest of that week. Her committee met every morning for planning and delegation of duties. She was a tactical General and ever the commander. She had Harry keeping the place immaculate and helping her with serving her guests with home- made breakfast pastries and baked dishes. She would not forego Bridge on Wednesday so she was busy from before the sun rose until well after her normal bed time to allow for the time Bridge would take away from her work. She was not frantic; she seemed assured in her success of the event on Friday. Although more her bossy self, Petunia continued to dress provocatively and cock tease Harry when the moment presented itself, especially when Vernon was at home and present but disengaged in the same room with them. However, she did not offer or invite any sex to happen. Harry took the break in stride. By ten a.m. each day, she was hardly around, either on the phone or on errands. She seemed hesitant to let him assist her, but allowed him run a couple of small errands in Little Winging. She gave him a few chores to do to keep the house straight and to help with dinner, but left him alone to his own devices most of the time.

Harry would get high and listen to music while he did some chores, and spent time writing a few notes to Ron whom he knew would never answer, and a couple to Hermione. Finally, by Tuesday he was desperate to do something different and he thought about reading some of that book he bought, and found the note from Hermione that he had not read. He had sent a reply to her first letter by standard mail the very next day, and had thought it would be awhile before he heard from her again. Perhaps muggle mail was just as fast as owl. He unfolded the parchment which appeared blank, and put his lips to the paper, whispering, "Revelio."

Hermione's neatly written hand appeared upon the page. It was dated five days ago. She had turned around her reply almost immediately. He wondered how she had kept Hedwig around long enough to do it.

Dearest Harry,

It was good to hear from you so soon after my rather impetuous note. I was hoping it was due to the erotic nature of the contents that motivated your response, but of course I have to think it was your request for information that was probably the real reason you wrote so soon. I guess I will have to be happy with the thought that you appreciate my mind as well as my body. Though I thank you for the separate note that went into more detail what you would expect if a "mix of three" were to ever happen between us. I was glad you remembered your third year spells on how to conceal magical notes. I also was glad I had taught you the sensory spell, so that one could feel what was described in writing. I am very glad that you allowed for it to occur for multiple reads of the note. ;)

As for your inquiry on body magic, I consulted Bagshot's History of Natural Magic. The notion of magic folks, especially shamans or druids who could do transformative magic without the aid of potions or wands is a very old one. It is said that is a form of intuitive magic, but comes with a taxing of personal energy when committed that leaves an individual very weak. Normally it manifests itself in identical twin siblings who share a link and can share their energy to perform the taxing magic. It is said that sexual energy can intensify the outcome of the magic and allow the transformation to last longer. Often the Shaman or Druid Priestess would take a strong lover in order to perform the rituals of transformation. It is said that the knowledge of this type of magic has been lost to history, or held secret by old sects or historians who wanted to keep the secrets out of the hands of opportunists of today. I am sure I could find out more about it with permission to research in the Restricted Section at Hogwarts, but that is all I could find out here at home. I will want to learn more about why this interests you when we see each other next. I am simply bored to tears here at home. Is there chance that we could meet somewhere close by you for a lunch date? I am giving you my phone number (again!). I am hoping you will give me a call. I know it is safer for you to stick close to Little Whinging, but perhaps a day in London might be nice. I could board at the Leaky Cauldron overnight or perhaps we could meet in the morning and maybe make a day of it. I would like to buy some new books in as I have read all the ones I was allowed to check out for the summer from Hogwarts. My parents both work late and do not mind me being in the City for the day if I have a proper escort. I believe you will do fine. I could come in with them for work and they would check me into the Leaky after work. I have some "girl things" I could do that day or work around my father's practice. What do you think; would you be able to meet me for the day soon? Please say yes and save my sanity. I will be ever so grateful in many, many ways. ;). Enjoy my thank you note. XXX OOO



P.S. I have found an old potions book in a local antique store, and I am practicing some of the "non lethal" brews in preparation for the Advanced Potions class this coming year. I wonder who will be teaching it? My Mother will assist me with one later tonight, although a muggle, she really shares an interest in magic.

Harry thought quickly of a plan. It was Tuesday. He had a time turner from the Death Eater! He could turn back time; call Hermione from a pay phone yesterday, to give her enough time to hopefully arrange for them to meet tomorrow while Petunia is away at Bridge. She plans on leaving the house by seven and spending the day at the club working on the event before and after Bridge. She will take a change of clothes with her for Bridge. She had already told Vernon and Harry it would be so last night at supper. Vernon mentioned another set of late nights at work this week, so it seemed a perfect time for Harry to plot a day away from Little Whinging. He would be alone at the house like he was now. It might work. He would have to find something to do away from the house until he caught up again with this moment. He had several ideas. He went to his closet and decided to wear the coat that he took from the Death Eater. It had turned unseasonably cool as a slow storm front had moved in and the laborious steady chill of rain was keeping the weather much cooler. Harry put on his black jeans and boots and a Strangler's T shirt with a red rat running under the band's logo. He decided to test the time turner, taking it gently out of the pouch and wrapping the chain around his neck. He went to Dudley's room and turned on the telly he had there and put it on a weather station that gave the time and date incessantly in the corner of the screen. He stopped, and thought, and went downstairs to unlock the front door of the house. He needed to make sure he had a way back in the house when he returned to present time. He also put Hermione's note back in the book, minus the second note. His future self would need to read her note in order to get the idea to go back in the past. It made his head hurt. He did not know how Hermione pulled this feat off daily for a whole semester. Harry took account of what he had on him. He wore a pocket watch given to him by Sirius. He made sure he had enough money on him, along with his student id, which, outside of Hogwarts it showed him to be a student at a small private secondary school out of London. He knew he was forgetting something probably, but he would just have to improvise.

He held the time turner in his hands. He twisted the dial in reverse just a fraction of a turn. He felt a slight whirl and looked down at the clock. It was now 4 a.m. It was dark outside, but not raining, which was strange, because it rained all last night. He turned on the telly which was off. It would be off in the past. He was thinking it would have remained on. That would only work if he was going to the future. This was confusing stuff. He would have to keep turning it on until he got the time back to early yesterday. He turned the volume down quickly as it popped on. He stopped to see if he had awakened anyone. He had not. He switched over to the weather station and looked at the time and date. The 4:00 a.m. matched the clock on Dudley's nightstand, but the date was not just the day before... it was four days ago, Saturday morning!

He caught his breath after searching his memory. He was very lucky that it was after the time in the morning that "Toony" had left this very room and joined him back to sleep in his. Having himself appearing out of nowhere in front of Petunia in his non- transformed state would have caused more issues with which he cared not to deal. He was glad that Vernon was not in the house at this time. Both he and Petunia would be in his room. He crept down the hall. He now had almost four days that he would have to remain away from this house in order to keep from changing any events here. He was near his room. The door was open. Why would they have to close it if no one else was home? He stealthily made his way to the door. Then he remembered the cloak was stuffed in the side pocket of the coat. He pulled it out and draped it over himself. He stole into the room. Tiny teenage Toony was nude and squatting over his large thirty year old man-cock. He had to agree with Petunia, this indeed did look very pedo.

He stepped quietly, but he was sure it would take a bit of noise to disturb the two very involved lovers. He kept on the rug near his bed. He enjoyed being able to see this from a very different angle. Toony was speaking.

"No, I think I will handle it better from here. For what I need to do, we need to be well connected, and my cunt is much too tight even for this size. "

He watched closely keeping his view on Toony's very fine sex and tight little anus as she nuzzled her rectum atop his oiled cock and watched as it widened and covered his cock like a small sleeve as the shaft of his penis disappeared up the teenage Toony's butthole. He watched the pain on her face, her determination to take as much of his although reduced, still very large cock to the size of her body, up inside her. He could feel himself beginning to harden. He stayed to watch her transformation back to a thirty year old woman. He felt himself harden more in anticipation of all the things next that she would do to him and on him... He knew he probably could have stayed and watched a different perspective re-run of the sexual escapade for hours, and in many ways it was enticing, but Harry decided he had to leave. Once they were deep into the thralls of "Reverse Cowgirl", he grabbed a duffel bag in one corner and the bag of new clothes they had purchased in Reading and padded quietly out of the room and down the stairs.

Harry took off the cloak after he was out of the neighborhood. He now had almost four days to relive before he was back to the present. He could use this time to do something different while his current past played itself out over again. He would go see Hermione like he planned. It sounds like nothing earth shattering had been happening to her, other than her bit of research for him, and the letter she wrote. He walked to the park. He had taken about 7 grams of his weed with him and he had the hash blunts in his pocket that belonged to one of the Death Eaters. He did not remember which one. He smoked a couple of hits, and found a bench near a streetlight. It was just breaking dawn, and the light was low. He opened the note from Hermione. He put his lips to it. He said the words, "Fuck me."

The words changed from that of a banal thank you note to a long descriptive in Hermione's Hand.

I am touching your cock through your jeans. I appreciate its hard bulge and length as I run my fingernails down the outside of your trousers. I grab your cock and squeeze, and rub my thumb on its large and so nicely cut mushroom head. Harry closed his eyes and could feel the sensation of Hermione raking her fingernails up and down his cock through his jeans. He feels her small fingers knead and grip his cock up and down the length of it. He then finally feels her thumb rubbing with pressure along the underside of the head of his prick. She continues to rub this way and he sighs in pleasure until he finds it is time to read some more. I unbutton your trousers, and unzip your fly. I run my hands down your chest and slide my hands into your boxers. I grip the base of your cock and stroke your member. Harry could feel her touch on his chest and could feel his trousers loosen and Hermione's hands grip and stroke his dong. He senses her fingernails rake the underside of his shaft the way he liked her to do it.

To a muggle passing by, he was merely a young man sitting on park bench enjoying the morning. Nothing untoward happening, no sexual exposure, nothing to see here folks, please walk on by. But Harry was truly feeling like he was being fellated by Hermione, followed by warm oil rub out that leads to him spilling to his orgasm all over her bare bottom. He feels the warmth and firm fleshy globes of her cheeks as he grips them and slides his oiled cock between them until he comes in large spurts, across her back and down her ass. She sucks him clean.

She reveals her telephone number at the end of the "thank you" note to Harry by having it written across her breasts. In the note he is licking her nipples while running his fingers into her tight young cunt. Once he feels his tongue licking her hardened nipples, he sees the numbers appear before him on well done three dimensional images of her breasts that appear in front of his face. He writes the phone number on his hand, and then the note ends with the feeling of her breasts mashing against his face. A whisper in his ear is Hermione's voice saying, "Come see me please, as you can see and feel, I will make it worth your while."

It was no longer a maybe. Harry would go into town for a bit of a hair color and style change at a salon straight away when they opened, and then on to Hampstead Garden to find Hermione and the Granger home. He looked at his watch. It was only 6:00 a.m. He sighed. He would go find himself a caff and get some breakfast and a lot of coffee. He walked with his head low, and found place specializing in breakfast near downtown and across the street from a salon where he saw a lot of punk and goth kids coming and going last Wednesday. There was a pay phone in the cafe near the men's public toilet. At eight-thirty, after Harry had his third carafe of coffee delivered to his table, and he felt it late enough to call Hermione. He dug into his pockets for the requisite coins, pushing them into the correct slots. He punched the number into the telephone. He was bit hesitant, but allowed it to ring. A woman answered.


"Hello, Hi. Is Hermione available to talk?"

"May I ask who is calling?"

"Harry. Harry Potter. I am a mate of Hermione's, we go to school together."

"Harry! Oh so wonderful to finally get to meet you, if only on the phone! Hermione has told us so much about you!"

Harry wondered how much Hermione had really told about him. Perhaps this was not a good idea. "I have heard much about you as well Mrs. Granger. How is the practice going?"

"Oh, extremely busy! We have expanded into senior dentistry and our practice is keeping us so very busy. We are thinking of taking on another junior partner!"

"That sounds great! Glad to hear all is going well. I got a letter from Hermione and it sounded like she was a bit down... not many mates around there."

"Poor girl. All the time her nose in book, but yes, there are not any young people her age in this neighborhood... of any merit. Of course, none specially gifted like you and our Hermione."

"Yes, we tend to be a bit...scattered." He decided he ought to go right to the source. "Mrs. Granger,"

"Please call me Jean, Harry."

"Okay. Jean, I was wondering if it would be okay to come visit Hermione for the weekend? I know this is short notice, but I unexpectedly find I have some time on my hands, and it would be great to come see her... and of course, to meet you and Mr. Granger as well."

"Why Harry, that would be a lovely idea! Yes, please come up to Hampstead Garden! Do you have a way here? Can you come today?"

"Yes, I was planning on taking the Railway, I know my way around the system a bit. Yes, I could come today, like I said, I have time available, actually the next four days... I need to get back on Tuesday, by afternoon. Some plans with my Aunt on Wednesday."

"Oh wonderful! yes, that would be fine! I know Hermione has been wanting to go shopping in that quaint Diagon Alley district. You could escort her on Monday while we are at work! That would be so lovely! Oh, this is turning into such a nice weekend! She had been terribly blue; I think you could be the exact tonic she needs! Oh! Should we keep this quiet and make it a surprise for her?!"

"Sure. that sounds fun."

"So when can we expect you?"

"I am thinking somewhere around 1:00, does that sound acceptable?"

"Perfect. Don't eat lunch. We can have a late one. Mr. Granger likes to sleep in on Saturday, so we normally have late lunch on Saturdays anyway."

"Great! Then I will see you then... I am looking forward to meeting you in person, Jean."

"Me as well! We have heard so much about you, Hermione adores you, you know!" There was a bit conspiratorial match making vibe to her voice. Perhaps a bit a bit of flirting too. Harry was not sure; he did not read women too well.

"She is one of my best mates, I can't think of what it would be like without her."

"Oh that is so sweet!"

"I should go, I need to get a haircut and run a couple of errands, so I should get on with it..."

"Of course! Oh this will be so wonderful. I- We finally get to meet you!"

"I look forward to it... very much. Good-bye Jean!"

"Good-bye Harry! See you around 1:00!"

Harry hung up. Well, that went much better than he thought. He was planning on having to sneak in, and now he had a pass from mom to stay the weekend. He drank some more coffee, and left a generous tip when he saw a young woman take out a key and open the door to the salon across the street. He was a bit jittery from all the coffee. The cafe was quiet. He went to the men's toilet. It was a one toilet room. He locked the door and relieved himself. He pulled out his pipe and took a deep hit. He had to get his jitters under control. His hand was actually shaking as he tried to light the pipe. He muttered a quick spell under his breath that cleared the air quickly, and he left the bathroom.

He walked across the still very quiet street to the salon. It said it would open at 10:00. It was only 9:00. He looked at the sign in the window. Haircut 10 quid. He held up 30 quid to the window of the door and rapped on it. The young stylist opened the door.
"This one is off the books. So no telling the owner about this visit." She took the thirty quid and folded it and put it in her bra through the low, jaggedly cut u neck of her tight black cotton top. The top sported a silkscreen white negative graphic of Cure front man Robert Smith's face. Her bra was a bright pink and did a great job of pushing her breasts up to a bouncing mound of cleavage. She smiled as Harry watched her tuck the bills away into her bosom.

She had a small diamond pierced into the side of her small pointed nose, and a pierced lower lip with a black ring. Her eye shadow was a heavy pink and the mascara on her eyelashes a very thick black. Her hair was black streaked with pink. It hung longer on her left side and over her eye. Her lipstick was black. "What is your name?"


"What do you want Harry?" She said as she directed him to the chair, sizing him up, paying attention to his clothes. "You can hang your coat and bag there." She pointed to a coat rack of chrome just behind them. Harry took off the coat. His biceps flexed in the tight black t-shirt. He looked at her, "What do you like to be called?" He got a good look at her while she was prepping her work station. Short but very ample. She wore a short knit skirt, black and white striped stockings, and tall black heels. Her ass was very nice and well defined in the tight skirt.

"Well, bitch and slut when I am on all fours, but at work, you can call me Candy." She smirked waited to get a blush or some kind of rise from Harry. Harry was buzzed and focused on getting to Hampstead. He sat down in the chair and talked to Candy by looking in the mirror. "Great, Candy. I want a bit of a different style. I don't want someone to see me on the street, and say that is Harry. I want them to say, 'oh, I did not recognize you'. "

"Okay... got it."

"But nothing too radical. I have to go meet my best mate's parent's today so nothing that will freak them out."

"What's his name?"


"Your mate."

"She. Hermione."

"That is a different name..."

"Yeah, she is a different kind of girl."

"You fucking her?"

"No, not..."

"Not yet, eh?"

"Yeah. not yet. "

Harry knew this was not going to be a typical haircut. He decided to roll with it. Candy had out her clippers. She looked at Harry watching her in the mirror. She stopped and pulled off her top. And adjusted her breasts and bra. "A bit hot in here already, you mind?"

"No, I never mind a hot looker like you in their bra." That sounded stupid, Harry thought to himself. Candy just smiled.

She took the clippers and ran her tongue across the top of them and then turned them on. "You trust me, Harry?"

"Yeah, yeah I do." Candy turned his head each way looking at the lines of his face and hair. She was intense on her focus. Harry decided to lighten the conversation.

So- do you ever get on all fours at work?"

"Only early in the morning before the store opens."

"Yeah. So it could be your lucky day."

"Yeah, I think it already is." Candy only smiled and noticed that Harry was not taking his eyes off her in the mirror. She leaned forward to give him an excellent shot of her cleavage.

Candy shaved the sides of Harry head to a short crop, from his temples to behind his ears. Her fingers were always in his hair, pulling through the tousled mess gently. resting her hands on his shoulders as she moved around him. She took out her scissors, and put them in her mouth to hold. She grabbed Harry's head a bit roughly, and then ran fingers gently through the sides of his head. "Yeah, I like the way that feels... nice." She said through the scissor in her mouth. "Now hold still." She placed the back of his head between her breasts. He could feel them rubbing against his head as she worked. She began to measure and snip the hair on top of his head. Her fingers ran over his forehead and she felt the scar. She stopped and pulled his bangs back. She traced the lightning bolt gently with her fingers while looking at Harry in the mirror. "That is fucking cool!"

"Yeah, I guess." Harry was feeling a bit uncomfortable. "It is a bit well known where I am from... I need to make sure it stays covered. I-I need to stay under the radar for the next few days..."

"So, you are on the run eh?"

"Just trying to stay low key is all."

"Mmm, too bad. It is dead sexy." Candy spun his chair around, stopping it by grabbing the arms of the chair and leaning over. Her tits were right in his face. She pulled his bangs back and slowly licked the lightning bolt. "Yeah, nice." She crawled onto Harry's lap. "I was going to wait until I was done with the haircut, but bollocks, I am too horny. Do you want to fuck, Mr. Harry?"

"Yeah, yeah I want to fuck you."


Candy unclasps her bra, and shrugs it off. She offers her pierced nipples to Harry. He bites and sucks on them. He palms them roughly. Candy moans and grabs his head, rubbing her breasts roughly against his face. She crawls out of his lap, and kneels in front of him. "Do you have a big cock, Harry? By the size of your boots, I think you have a big cock..."

"Come and see." Harry unzips his jeans, and His cock springs out of the opening of his boxers.

"Omigod, that is nice, Harry, that is one fucking nice big prick you have there! You mind if I suck your cock baby?"

"Suck my cock Candy. Come suck my cock."

Candy goes to town, swallowing the head and half the shaft of Harry's very hard and thick dong. He stands, and Candy pulls his boxers and jeans down to his ankles. She pulls forward on her knees and rises to bring her mouth to his rod. She looks up at him and smiles. "Fuck am I glad I opened that door!" She swallows his member and begins bobbing back and forth on it while holding onto his legs. Harry grabs the back of her head and pushes more of his cock into her mouth, and down her throat. Candy relaxes and takes it expertly, so Harry pulls her head forward and brings her face to his abdomen. He has his full length in mouth and down her throat. He holds her there, grinding his cock in her throat, and then release her head. Candy pulls back, and continues to bob on his cock while strings of saliva drip from her mouth and chin and his cock. He fucks her face for a bit; she allows it, holding on to his legs, driving her nails into the backs of his legs. He pulls out raging hard. Candy stands and pulls off her knickers from under her short skirt. She is wearing thigh high black and white striped stockings. She leans over the barber chair and spreads her legs. "You can't come in my pussy... I am not on birth control, but come put that big cock in me."

Harry lifts the skirt, and admires the view of her fully shaven pussy and porcelain white ass. He runs his fingers into the lips of her sex, and pulls on them, spreading them with both hands to show the wet pink entrance to Candy's hot little box. He runs two fingers insider her and she sighs in appreciation. He pulls them out and runs his fingers under to her clitoris. He rubs it roughly, and she moans. He rubs and finger fucks her some more, getting the moans he want to hear from her. She is wet, and ready. He slaps her hard across the ass. She smiles, "Mmm... Candy likes that. Do you like to eat Candy?" She sways her hips rocking them back and forth, and spreads her legs further. Harry kneels and begins to run his tongue into her cunt and around her lips, sucking and biting on them. Candy moans in satisfaction. He runs his tongue up to her pink little rectum and flicks are tongue across her anus. "Oh, yess. Harry, that is so nasty good! Lick my asshole. Put your tongue inside my ass... oh oh, yessss. That feels so good. You like the taste of my tiny butthole baby? Lick my asshole some more... oh yes yes, that's it. That's it. Mmm."

Harry runs his fingers into her cunt as he continues lick and suck and gently bite her sex and buttocks and anus. Harry's balls are full, and even though his shaft was sensitive from the raw fucking by Petunia, He feels a pulling. He is raging hard. He might cum the moment he enters Candy, so he does not take a chance, and directs his cock to her anus. He pushes his large head of his cock against the tight little opening to her ass. She bends lower offering her ass to him. "Yeah baby, take me in my ass, fuck me in the arsehole, Harry!" Harry pushes some more, and her rectum yields and stretches. "Oh fuck! Fuck! your bloody cock is so fucking big... give it to me baby, shove that fucker up my arse... omigod, omigod, omigod! yes! oh fuck..."

Harry's long and thick shaft slowly disappears up Candy's ass. He likes watching his cock being swallowed by her rectum, likes feeling the tightness of her alimentary canal as he pushes more of his shaft into her. She allows eight inches to enter her before she begs him to slow down. He begins to slowly gyrate and push and pull his large member in and out of Candy's ass. Candy stands up and Harry pulls out. Candy steps out of her skirt and then gets down on all fours on the floor lowering her head. Harry moves to straddle her, and brings his cock back down to her rectum. He is now at a prime height and position that will allow him to fuck her deeply. He grabs the sides of her back as she brings her ass up further. "Do you want me to fuck your ass proper, you little slut?" Candy smiles. She likes dirty talk; he took her hint very well.

"Yes, please. Please fuck me like a little whore."

"Take it then, slut!"

Harry pushes with force back into Candy's anus. She moans as he stretches her tight rectum again and fills her anal canal with his hard rod. Harry takes her back to eight inches of his shaft inside her. "Do you like that, you bloody hot little bitch? Do you like my big fucking cock up your asshole?"

"Y-yessss. I love your cock. I love it in my fucking arse. Please fuck my arse baby."

He pulls all the way out again and shoves a full eight inches back into her. He does this slowly at first, and then gains some speed in his long, full strokes.

Candy relaxes and begins to push back, so that more and more of his shaft makes its way up her lovely bum. She is moaning and squealing, much like Trelawney did when Harry took her anally. The squealing and moaning is too much of a turn on for Harry and he feels a hard pull from his balls and he gushes a large ejaculation up inside Candy. Candy feels it and is moaning. "Yeah cum baby, cum up my ass. Fill my asshole with your spunk Harry."

Harry pulls out, and his cock is still jerking hard, Candy feels his warm, sticky ejaculate land on her buttocks and turns around. He spurts again on her face. She leans and takes his cock into her mouth. She bobs on it, and Harry jerks in orgasm again, filling her mouth with his spunk. Candy swallows hard and continues to lick and suck his cock until no more cum is oozing from his still swollen head. She can feel his sperm slowly dripping from her anus.

"I am making a mess... I need to clean up." She leaves to use the restroom, while Harry pulls up his boxers and jeans. He sits back down in the chair. His legs are a bit shaky from the massive caffeine intake that morning.

Candy returns from the back, now fully dressed. She runs her fingers through his hair and pulls her scissor out. "Now that I got that out of my system, I can get back to work. So I am thinking I could do some temporary silver highlights... will make you look a bit older what do you think? Don't worry. It is free. Won't take long."

"Sure. Thanks." Twenty minutes later, It is near opening time.

Harry looks in the mirror. He takes off his glasses. He certainly does not look like the old Harry. He would not be sure if Hermione would like it, but he needed to get through London unrecognized. Candy watches him. "mmm Baby, you look hot. You should think about contacts, though I do like those round little glasses too." She hesitates, she wants to know what he thinks of her style. "So, not too radical?"

"No, just enough. It is Brilliant Candy!" He was sincere. It made Candy blush a bit. He looks down at Candy who is looking up at him expectantly. He leans over and kisses her fully on the lips. It was lingering and Candy seems to melt a bit in his arms. She gives a great wide smile.
"Any time you want to come in early on a Saturday, Harry, I will be here. And you won't need thirty quid!" She grabs his ass and then rises on her tip toes, and gives him a kiss on the neck. She follows him to the door, and turns the deadbolt lock, and looks out as she opens the door. No one is waiting for the opening of the salon. She turns the sign to "open" in the window. She gives Harry a little wave as he turns around toward the shop after stepping down onto the pavement. Harry smiles and walks away.

Harry decided to wait to get some flowers at one of the stops before Hampstead Gardens. At the Railway public toilet, he switched his shirt for something a bit more formal, and pulled out one the plain black dress shirts he had purchased in Reading. He found the one with the least wrinkles. He stopped at one of the many vending machines and found some toothpaste and a brush, and bought some other personal sundries. He should have remembered to put on some of the cologne Hermione had given him. He found a bottle of it at a shopping kiosk selling personal gifts, and charmed the salesgirl into letting him sample a spritz of it.

Harry made his way to the Railway station information booth. He found the best route to Hampstead Gardens and then paid for his ticket. There was a London bound train leaving in ten minutes and he found a spot at the platform and waited, ever mindful of those around him. It was families and young people like himself. No one that looked like a Death Eater. He squinted. He did not want to put on his glasses. The less he looked like he was known , the better. He stood near a family and explained he had broken his glasses. They were kind and let him know when his train pulled into the station. He thanked them and got on in a fairly empty car. He found a window seat and settled in. He could not take his music with him, as he remembered using it often over the four days. He should have bought a paper or something to do while he rode. He settled on watching out the window at the scenery or watching those in the coach with him that he could see. The coach filled up along the way. He would change his connection in Twyford and be able to stay on the same rail all the way into the Paddington underground. It then would be on to Charing Cross, and then north to the East Finchley underground. It would be close. If he did not get lost walking, he should arrive at one-ish like he promised. He put on his glasses once at Twyford to make sure he got on the correct train. He bought a tabloid and found a seat next to a family on their way to the airport, and tried to blend in much as possible.

Harry got a few glances in his coat and clothes, and he supposed his new haircut. One little girl of around four in the family sitting next to him seemed very interested in him. She walked up to him and asked, " Excuse me sir, are you a punk rocker?"

Harry smiled. "Yes, yes I do like punk rock. I like other music too though"

The mother seemed embarrassed, but knew that Harry was not put off, and would not be surly, so she allowed her daughter to continue her conversation. "Do you like the Teletubbies?"

"Well, I have not had a chance to see them, but I bet if you like them, they must be brilliant!"

"They are! So- so brill'ant!" She exclaimed happily, and clapped her hands. She giggled. Harry laughed at the adorable moppet. He had not been around small children much, but he wanted all kids to be happy like this little girl. He wanted something better for them than what he had. Her mother smiled appreciatively at Harry, and called her back to her seat. It was almost time for them to change trains.

The rest of the trip into Paddington was uneventful. Harry was nervous and put back on his glasses, he needed to be able to see well in the city. Although there were many shady characters to be found in the tubes, he did not feel a throb or sense of danger. He kept alert, and remembered that he had the wand of the first Death Eater he had knocked out in the long pocket of his coat. The bustle of the underground reminded him more of King's Cross station, and found the route to Charing Cross station and caught the correct line to it. From there it was a meandering route of many stops up in a north and Easterly direction to East Finchley Underground. He made his way out and up, and found a small floral stand and bought a mix of summer flowers. He had the shopkeeper arrange two bundles together. Perhaps a bit much, but he was meeting the Grangers. They lived in a posh neighborhood, and he did not want his gift to be wanting. Harry was a bit nervous. He found a police officer on a corner, and politely asked for directions to the house. It was a fifteen minute walk away, and though it would be bit after one before he arrived, he decided to walk it instead of trying to figure out the local bus.

The directions were accurate and he arrived at the Granger house at 1:10 according to the pocket watch given to him by his godfather. He nervously knocked on the door. Jean Granger was at the door promptly, having been peeking out the curtain and seeing him walk up to the door from the wide pavement of the cul de sac.

"Harry! She exclaimed, and then shushed herself. She hugged Harry affectionately, and seemed to hold the hug a bit longer than a normal nice to meet you warm greeting. She whispered, "Hermione is up in her room, I have not told her a thing. She is reading and writing a paper for a history class she is taking this fall."

Leave it to Hermione to start her homework during the summer, Harry bemused. Harry offered Jean the flowers. " For you! thank you for having me, especially at such a short notice. "

"They are lovely! Thank you for coming, Harry- and thinking of us, I mean of Hermione of course." She seemed a bit flustered. She was a lovely woman, a bit younger than Petunia, she must have had Hermione quite young. Her hair was much darker than Hermione's but Harry understood right away from whom she had inherited her lithe frame. She had the same long slender neck, but her cheek bones were much more prominent and round. Hermione had her nose, and her eyes. The eyes that could show so much mischief and wisdom at the same time. Harry tried not to stare, but he felt the same pleasantness he felt when he first saw his mother and father in the Mirror of Erised. Jean Granger wrapped her arm around his. "You can leave your bag and coat at the bench, we can collect it later." Harry placed his bag on the tall antique ornately carved hall tree bench. As he hung his coat, he noticed the inlaid mirrors in the tall back of the bench. They had an old style faceted bevel cut and slightly fogged from age. He caught his reflection. He was reminded of his haircut. Jean, being very attentive, saw him place his hand to his hair when he looked in the mirror.

" Your haircut came out very dashing looking! "

"Do you think so? I was a bit worried, the stylist talked me into letting her do her thing... but I did not know what her thing would be... not too crazy?"

Jean laughed."No, not all. I love the silver streaks. Very today. You look fine. Don't worry." Jean pulled Harry into the living room. "Let me get these into a vase. Mr. Granger will be out for quite awhile. I forgot it was his golf day today. I am fixing us a bit of lunch, are you hungry?"

"Yes, ma'am. Looking forward to it."

He watched as Jean worked. She was quite fit. He noticed little mannerisms, like the way she pulled her hair behind her ear, that reminded him of Hermione. Her breasts were quite a bit fuller than Hermione, but he figured that Hermione would grow into looking very much like her mother. Jean wore a long light frill white blouse, and a pair of what seemed to be well fitting slacks. He was a bit disappointed that the blouse, drawn in at her slim waist with a gold chain, also covered the view of her bum. He, however, was elated that the blouse was low cut, especially when she leaned over to straighten the table cloth around the area she had set the crystal vase filled with the flowers Harry had brought. Harry got a very good view of her round firm breasts and porcelain skin. She moved and her breasts jiggled very well, she was either wearing an open cup shelf bra, or none at all. She caught Harry watching her and smiled a cryptic smile. He noticed her nipples had hardened and were visible through her blouse. She leaned over again, and straightened yet another wrinkle around the vase. She took her time, and Harry watched in silence. He was pretty sure he was seeing the darkness of her areolas and the tip of her nipples. He felt his cock thickening in his trousers. He made sure she saw him blatantly looking at her breasts. She smiled again, now arching her back slightly as she pushed some hair behind her ear. Her nipples were extremely hard.

"Sorry, I am a bit of an obsessive compulsive when it comes to my furnishings."

Harry could tell. Not a thing looked out of place or incongruous to its surroundings. It was the most posh home he had ever been in, muggle or magical.

"Your house is amazing. I am not sure how you keep it up with such a busy practice."

"Well, we do have help, and Hermione does her part when she is home."

"Speaking of Hermione, I should probably go rescue her from that paper that is probably not due for another three months."

"Oh yes, you should go surprise her! Poor girl has not been herself. She has been staying in her room much too much. She seems to be beside herself with energy. I will go check in on lunch. I will give you both a call when it is ready... I am thinking about a half hour?" She smiled again. She walked over to Harry and again this time wrapped her arm around his and held his hand. The other hand went to his shoulder as they walked to a back stair case past the living room and an informal sitting area with a full glass wall that led to the yard and gardens. "I am really glad you came Harry, it is so nice to meet you finally, after all the stories that I have heard from Hermione. I hope to get to know you well while you are here. Later, I will show you the guest room where you will be staying." She gently ran her fingers around his shoulder. "My, you have such broad shoulders for a young man your age. You seem very fit."

"Quidditch, ma'am, and a bit of running, and lots and lots of work."

"Yes, I bet you are quite handy in the yard." She squeezed his bicep affectionately. A couple of times, then a couple more of lingering strokes across them. They were at the bottom of the enclosed stair case. "When you go to the top of the stairs, turn left. Hermione's room is the last door on the right." She seemed to remember she was still holding his hand and gently let go. She unwrapped herself from his arm. She smiled. "I would love to see her surprised, but I would rather you two get to spend some time alone catching up." Again with the cryptic smile. "I will call you in a half hour." Harry nodded and smiled again at Jean, His gaze going once again to her hard- nippled bosom and then to meet her directly in the eyes. She gently pushed him towards the stairs. " Go on you silly boy, before I decide to keep you for myself!" She laughed.

Harry took the stairs quickly, and padded quietly down to Hermione's room. He heard some pop music playing, one of the latest boy bands. He tried the door knob, it was not locked. He slowly turned it, trying to think of something witty to say, and opened the door quickly and in a boisterous voice called out, "Hermione, there is a Troll in your-" He stopped. Hermione was on her bed, wearing only a tiny pink undershirt, her knickers off and wrapped around one of her ankles. She was running her the base of her wand in and out of her sweet young cunt. Clearly Hermione was in the throes of what looked to be a full-on orgasm. Her eyes were shut and her mouth open in a panting manner, Her small full breasts heaving, Her nipples hard and nearly piercing the tiny undershirt. Her long lithe legs quivered. Hermione opened her eyes at the sound of his voice, and dropped her wand, and screamed, "Oh Harry! omigod what are you doing here!"

Harry turned to leave the room, his face ten shades of red. Before he could open the door, Hermione had bound across the room and leapt right into his arms, hugging him tightly and wrapping her long legs around his waist. "Oh Harry! I can't believe you came to see me! How wonderful!" Harry was aghast. He thought she would be incredibly embarrassed, being caught by him masturbating, yet it seemed to make no difference to her! He grabbed her by her bare bottom to support her full wraparound hug she had put him in. He pulled her closer. She kissed him fully on the lips, tightening the grips of her legs around his waist. "Oh Harry, Oh Harry I can't believe you are here, just when I needed you most, here you are!" She hugged him deeply. Hermione crawls off him, and then kneels in front of Harry and begins unbuttoning his jeans. Harry was again dumbfounded. She continues to talk to him while she is removing his trousers. "Something went terribly wrong Harry, I don't know how or why, it must have been in the heat or the mixture, I do not know... but the side effects are incredibly long lasting and have not stopped! I am going barking mental with the need to be fucked! You must fuck me immediately, please Harry!" Hermione had his trousers and boxers off in seconds and was stroking his cock. She dropped to her knees as he took off his shirt, and began to swallow his already very turgid dong still wooden from the show that he had received from Jean Granger. She was like a savage unleashed. She bobbed and sucked and swallowed, taking a good nine inches of his cock into her mouth and throat. Harry watched her dumbfounded, trying to make sense of what she had been babbling about. He was incredibly hard in spite of his confusion. Hermione was drooling as she tried take more and more of his member down throat. He pulled out of her mouth with difficulty. HIs cock, raging hard, now curved upwards. Large strings of saliva trailing out of Hermione's mouth to his dick. She drug him by his hand to her bed, laying on her back and opening her legs wide, bringing her knees to her head. She pleaded, "Please Harry, please, please put your cock into me, please please!" Harry brought his cock to her bare and tight little sex. Her lips were swollen and red, and her clitoris was engorged so much it looked like a tiny penis emerging out from under is fleshy hood. Harry directed his large head to her wet and dripping sex. He nuzzled his cock with pressure against the fleshy tight folds of her pussy. Hermione grabbed his shaft and directed it to her vaginal opening. She screamed as his large cock pushed into her tight virginal canal. This was her first real cock, though it appeared that she had already burst her hymen, probably with the wand; Harry noticed some blood on her bed. Hermione urged him to put more of his prick into her, to fuck her hard. He pushed with force and was able to feel the tip of her uterus with inches of cock yet to spare. He pushed further and she squealed, and then bit into her pillow, thrusting her hips, pushing to get more of Harry's thick member inside of her. Harry began to stroke and thrust, at times bringing his cock outside her fully, only to find her still gaping opening and shove his manmeat deep back into her aching cunt. At her urging, he continued to fuck her harder and faster as her fingers found her clitoris and rubbed it furiously.

Hermione was wild eyed and lost like an animal in heat, her only purpose in life was to achieve orgasm. Her mantra was "Fuck me Harry!" repeated with urgency, pleasure and despair all at the same time.

He pulled her onto her stomach and made her rise to all fours. He grabbed her by her well rounded ass cheeks and shoved his hard rod deep, and then deeper into her, until his large heavy balls were slapping at her vulva. He grabbed her hair and pushed harder, she responded with a moan of satisfaction. At last Hermione could feel her bliss peaking, the rise of pleasure so deep and intense, it was like she never felt before. It took her like a thunderstorm raging across her body, her pussy contracted, and she felt an electric shock run throughout her spine. Her body flooded with endorphins, and her cunt was afire. She squirted a large stream of her pussy juice around Harry's cock. The bed was soaked. Harry pulled out, as Hermione's body bucked and spasmed, and he too came. A large stream of white sticky sperm jerked from his cock across her stomach and tits. He continue to ejaculate, spunk landed across her pussy, then next on her face. Hermione turned over, smiling dreamily, and leaned over to suck his still jerking cock. She licked his dripping shaft and then sucked the head of his cock, taking in the cum still flowing from it, swallowing leisurely. She rubbed his still hard shaft to bring up what cum was still in his glans and pumping up from his balls. She rubbed the cum across her breasts, pulling on her nipples. She seemed entranced in her play, but calmer. She looked up at Harry, " It escalated so quickly from yesterday... I don't know what we would have done if you had not showed up... have you taken care of Mother? She drank some of the potion as well, a bit after me... but before we knew what would happen..." She was dreamily still fingering herself, in a bit of a trance. Harry was not sure if she knew she was still pleasuring herself.
Harry was starting to put it together... Hermione had created some type of potion that had gone horribly wrong and somehow set her off on this sexual frenzy that currently held her. Her mother apparently was under the same influence, but apparently it had not yet reached this level of thrall. "Your Mother?, but can't your father take care of her?"

"No, he has nerve damage.. and heart issues. His medication makes it hard to... no it makes it limp... It is so hard to talk about my father's cock... it makes me so horny Harry!"

Ewww!, thought Harry. As much as he was appreciating certain aspects of this potion, things were definitely spiraling... He had to find out about this potion, and frankly, he was kind of curious about the current state of Jean. He decided he needed to try to mellow out the frenetic Hermione some more. Harry found his wadded trousers in the corner where Hermione had thrown them. He pulled out his pipe and pot.

"Hey 'mione, would you like to get high?"

"Hermione looked up from the floor, now rubbing a glass bottle against her sex. "Sure! I hear that marijuana enhances sensitivity during sex.. Have you fucked anyone while you were high baby?"

Omigod, she is calling me pet names! Harry thought. Harry flashed back on Candy cooing as he tongued her privates... why did this bother him, but it did not when Candy was moaning and talking dirty?

"Yeah, it is really nice... makes everything very... sensual."

"Oh yes! that sounds incredibly naughty... should we get my mom? I bet she would love to get high with us! Have you noticed what incredible tits she has for her size? I am hoping mine grow that big... without the use of an Engorgio spell like my roommate Lavender uses... I have watched her crawl in bed with Patel some times... I liked to watch them quietly while I touched myself... Why am I telling you this Harry? Please, please fuck me some more... I think I need to be fucked some more before this potion will stop..."

Harry lit the pipe when while Hermione continued to babble. He noted some very interesting secrets and wished he had a recorder of some kind. "Here Hermione, inhale deeply, and try to keep the smoke in your lungs as long as you can..."

"Sort of like when I try to keep your big prick deep in my throat and still breathe through my nose?"

"Yeah sort of like that, don't swallow the smoke, suck it into your lungs and hold it as long as you can."

Hermione took a great toke off the pipe, sending the burning pot into a bright orange glow in the bowl of the pipe. Harry got ready to take the pipe, She would certainly have an incredible coughing fit with a inhalation that long and deep. Hermione continued to hold the smoke in her lungs, She smiled, her eyes turning dreamy, and a minute had passed and she had yet to exhale. Harry watched her in amazement. He saw some smoke curl out her nostrils very slowly, a thin tendril of blue, drifting gently around her face. Another minute passed. Her eyes seem to flutter a bit, and her shoulders drifted a bit, to and fro. He became worried.
"Hermione, you should exhale now, really, you should exhale and breathe some fresh air!"

She smiled, and expertly blew out a stream of very blue smoke. Much less than what she initially inhaled. She laughed quietly and said, " Oh my, I feel very floaty!" At that point, she leaned back with a smile on her face, and passed out on the floor amid a pile of stuffed animals. Harry scrambled to her side on his hands and knees. He checked her breathing. It was regular and full. He put a Paddington Bear under her head and a thin blanket over her nude lower half. He had to find this potion and find out what the bollocks was going on.

He only put on his trousers, he did not stop to think what Jean would think of him coming out of her daughter's room shirtless. He called for Jean when he got to the bottom of the stairs. He called for her again. She returned his call. "Harry? In here!...Go to the right- through the sun room... In here Harry ...In the Kitchen dear!"

Harry followed her voice and found her standing behind a granite topped large kitchen island. There were several piles of various chopped vegetable sitting in piles on plates and on a very large cutting board. Several large kitchen knives lay about the granite top. The bangs of her short dark hair were in a bit of disarray. He could see beads of sweat on her forehead. She stood behind the counter. He could tell she had unbuttoned a couple more buttons on her blouse. it was fully open past her breasts. He could tell she was wearing a tiny white lace shelf bra that was barely containing her breasts. Her nipples were very hard, and her shirt was damp and almost sheer and clinging to them. He could see the darkness of her areolas through the damp cotton cloth. Oh, my! I see Hermione made you right at home! Mmmm, yes! I do not think I could fault her that..." She smiled appreciatively as her eyes raked over every inch of Harry's body. Harry was a bit impatient.

"Jean!- I-"

"Oh Harry!" Jean interrupted, her voice full of despair and horniness all at the same time, which Harry had a hard time fathoming, but could hear both in her tone and expression. " How is Hermione? She seemed to be much more affected by her potion that I have been... until now. I know her pain... her needs." She remained behind the counter, her hands resting on the counter, her body restless. She rocked back and forth. She sighed. " I was making lunch, and thought it would be nice to have some little cucumber sandwiches to start... I pulled out two of these... " She held up a nice sized cucumber, big around and about 8-10 inches long. She could barely grip it fully with one hand. "Then I remembered my conversation with Hermione when we bought them, how she said your cock's girth was almost as wide and that you were certainly longer ... It got me to feeling...urges. To think that your hard cock was just upstairs, and certainly in my daughter's mouth, made me so randy. I- I had to try it out. I could not stop myself. Unfortunately I got a bit rough... " She held up a small broken end of a cucumber. " Oh Harry... it is stuck. I cannot get it out and I am mortified. I am horrified, ... but I need help! Please Harry, please come help me!"

Harry walked slowly around the counter, He was not sure what he would see. Jean had her slacks off. He saw them along with a tiny thong neatly folded on a barstool under the counter. Her legs were bare. Her tiny feet with her well pedicured and expertly painted toes were bare, standing amid a muddle on the clay tile floor. Chunks of cucumber where stuck, going down her thigh to her anke. Other bits were on the floor. Her blouse covered her ass and privates. Harry kneeled in front of her and unbuttoned her shirt fully. She slowly pulled her shirt back, revealing her taut tummy and her slightly bulging pubis. She had a very tiny pubic patch of dark hair, shorn short and in shape of an exclamation point right before the start of the split of her pussy. Harry could not help but run his finger lightly down her tiny landing strip. She flinched, but the he felt her hands in is hair running her fingers through it. He legs were parted due to the large vegetable shoved into her vaginal canal. Harry ran his fingers underneath, feeling her bulging lips, and trying to find a way to grip the cucumber to pull it out. It was slippery.. she was very wet, and there seemed to be some kind of oil too. "I used some olive oil for lubricant." she offered. Harry tried digging his forefinger into the softer middle of the cucumber, but is seemed to move the cucumber a bit further inside her. Jean moaned a bit.

" I think we need to try a different angle, Jean." He pulled out a barstool that did not have her slacks and knickers on it. He moved it more into the middle of the floor. He directed her it. "Here, put your tummy on the seat and lean over it. hold onto the barstool legs." Jean complied Harry widened her stance. He flipped her blouse up over her ass. Jean was feeling fully exposed. "Omigod, Harry, I have got to try this position with you some time. Perhaps you could tie my hands to the stool legs.. omigod, why did I say that?" Harry could picture it. It made his cock harder that it already was. Although funny and sad at the same time, He was getting turned on seeing Jean fully naked, Her lovely bum and sex so exposed. The position seemed to help push the cucumber out a bit, but not enough to grip it pull it out. He could not get enough leverage with his finger to pull from the inside. He did not want try put his finger between the cucumber and her vaginal canal, He was afraid he could tear her, her outer lips were hugging the girthy vegetable tightly. Harry found a long old fashioned cork screw with a wooden t-handle. " Let me know if this starts hurting at all." Harry pushed the cork screw into the middle of the cucumber. Luckily it was seedless and solid and still very crisp and not mushy. He twisted the cork screw slowly until the t-handle was as close to the entrance to her cunt as he could get. He tugged gently on the handle, the corkscrew was anchored into the cucumber. He could not help but to runs his fingers gently around her cunt lips that ringed the hefty veggie like a fleshy sleeve. Jean visibly shuddered. He ran his fingers down to her clitoris and began to rub it. He thought if he could get her to relax a bit, it would help in extracting her veggie dildo. Her veggie-doh. The shit I think of in serious situations, Harry chastised himself and giggled inside is head a bit too. Jean was moaning, and Harry took advantage of the situation to slap her across the ass with his other hand, purely for his own titillation. He could be selfish too sometimes, damnit. Jean responded to his slap. " Please- again! " Harry continued to rub Jean's clitoris and occasionally slap her ass with force. Jean moaned in pleasure. He could feel her tensing in excitement from his clitoral stimulation and probably the slaps, and She began moaning and sighing and panting. He thought that if maybe he could get her to cum, it would help in sliding out the stuck veggie-doh. She started muttering obscenities and urging him to continue, so he did. He started rubbing her clit more quickly and with greater pressure. All at once Jean screamed out, " YESSSSSSSSSS! and began to twitch and buck while still holding onto the bar stool. Harry held her down, hands on her back to keep her from falling or tipping over. Harry could see her pussy sap dripping from around the cucumber. He knew he would have to rock the cucumber back in forth slowly, if he pulled to hard, the hold the cork screw had onto the cucumber could pull loose and all he would do is core the cucumber and make it harder to extract it. He slowly pushed the cucumber a bit further into Jean, then out again, then back and forth, and in and out. It was moving only a couple of inches. Jean continued to moan and squeal as he pushed and pulled the cucumber by the t-handle of the corkscrew. He could feel it slowly sliding forward. He pushed and pulled again and again. Mrs. Granger rocked her hips, moaning . Harry kept up the slow back and forth, feeling Jean starting to relax her muscles, and as he slowly made progress in pulling out the organic dildo. He could feel the moaning Jean trying to push as well, her cunt lips contracting. There was now enough stretching and give in her vaginal walls, and the whole cucumber slowly slid its seven inches out of Jean's now gaping cunt hole. It was followed by a gush of her cum. Harry helped Jean up, She clung to him, under his arm, holding onto his back and chest with her hands. She nuzzled up to him, and he could hear her sobbing. "Oh thank you Harry, Thank you!"

"I should go check on Hermione... she was...resting." Harry said to the clinging Jean who was now stroking Harry's member through his jeans as her other hand rubbed his back and kneaded his ass. Jean would not leave his side, and they walked together through the sun room with her under Harry's arm. At the stairs she held onto his hand as he walked first up the stairs. On his own Harry would have rushed and been there in half the time, but Jean's attentions were pleasurable and she was such a lovely woman, especially in her fraught state that he could not ignore her and leave her behind.

They made it to Hermione's room. She was still lying and cuddled into her stuffed animals, the blanket now up to her shoulders. Harry was relieved; she was sleeping, though fitfully. Hermione murmured and moaned in her sleep and flipped from side to side on occasion. Jean's motherly instinct kicked in; she rushed to Hermione's side and gracefully knelt, her knees bent low, she remained on her feet and balanced as she straightened the blanket at Hermione's feet. "Poor girl, she was up almost all last night, she was so excitable, so passionate." She stopped and lifted the blanket, seeing her daughter nude from the waist down. Hermione rolled on her side, and Jean looked more closely at her. "Isn't she beautiful? That young tight.. skin." Jean ran her fingers gently between her daughter's legs at her crotch, she brought back a spot of crimson on her fingertip. It was thick, and dark red. "So, she gave you her virginity, Harry? Very appropriate I think. She says she is conflicted, but a mother can tell whom her daughter really loves." Harry cast his eyes down. He did not know how to respond. He had no idea of what love was. Not right now certainly, and he felt it would be a very long time until he truly knew. He knew he would do anything for Hermione, but he could say the same thing of Ron. But he was pretty sure he would not have sex with him. Jean was watching him. "Don't worry, sweet, sweet Harry- you are very young and have a lot of time ahead of you. It will come. I could bank on that." She grabbed hold of the bottom of the blanket and gently lifted it high and using the air to waft it down, the blanket spread out wide, and floated down over her daughter's half nude body. She pulled it tight around the bottom of her feet. Hermione did not wake, but continued in her deep but somewhat tortured sleep. Jean grabbed Harry's hand and led him out of Hermione's room. She closed her door gently. She fluffed her hair, and straightened her blouse, and her gold chain belt, but did not button a single button. "Harry, I am having a very difficult time controlling myself right now, but I think I should take you to see this potion that Hermione and I brewed. The book with its recipe is down there with it." Harry only nodded, and again Jean took his hand, but this time she led the way down the stairs.

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