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Chapter 8

A/N: OMG. Did you guys know that Taurus (Rosalie) and Virgo (Bella) are more compatible than Gemini (Edward) and Virgo? This makes me believe even more that Rosalie x Bella is the superior ship.

"What are you doing?"

Rosalie ignored him and continued to flip through her car catalog.

Edward ground his teeth.

"I ask you again, sister. What are you doing?"

Rosalie finally put down the catalog on her lap and met his glare with her own.

"What could you be talking about, brother?"

"I'm talking about how you seem to be getting friendly with the human! You saved her yesterday and earlier you were interacting with her in the parking lot. I thought you were on my side in this," he grumbled.

"And what side is that?" she asked in reply.

"The side that wants to protect this family. But there you were, joining Alice. You even agreed to that girl's request."

Her frown deepened.

"It's none of your business what I do. Let me ask you this, brother. Would you have preferred we let her bleed with you and Jasper around?"

Edward's face darkened.

Rosalie stood up at that moment and walked in his direction, stopping when she was near Edward to say, "Might I remind you that she's just a mere human. Carlisle even said so. You're more of a danger to her than she is to you."

"I'm a danger?! She is the danger! Our powers don't work on her. She's an unknown variable that could be a risk factor and force us to up and leave," Edward justified.

"And by that you mean you might end up attacking her, right?" Rosalie jeered. "She smells so good you can hardly resist."

"I...I can control myself," Edward argued.

Rosalie shot him a rather pitying look. She rarely sympathized with this brother of hers but it's understandable this time around. Bella Swan had such an alluring and appetizing smell they've all had to hunt more frequently these days.

"Admit it. She's not the problem here, is she?" Rosalie remarked.

Edward stayed silent as he pondered on her words.

Rosalie then added, "It doesn't mean I fully trust her either."

And with that, Rosalie left for her room where she could read her catalog in peace.

Alice ended up picking several other pieces of clothes for me. I felt like she just brought me along to be a mannequin. Fortunately, she was kind enough to consider my likes and dislikes in terms of color and style. So no bright pink or neon green and no frills either.

We've gone through multiple stores, leaving with several bags each time. My eyes bulged out of their eye sockets whenever I saw the total amount. Alice just shrugged it off as she waved her black card at me.

"Don't worry. It's my treat," Alice said. "This is an investment."

I frowned in confusion.

I didn't have time to contemplate as Alice pushed me towards the fitting room. This is the nth time and yet I haven't grown any less shy over undressing. My paranoid ass just can't help thinking about someone just bursting in through the door or curtain.

"Can we get something to eat after this? I'm getting a little hungry from all this shopping," I said.

"I promise these are the last ones," she said as she walked in and handed me dresses. "Try them and see how they fit."

"They're...dresses," I pointed out.

"Don't give me that look. You'll thank me one day when you find yourself in need of a good dress in the future."

Deciding not to argue and be done with it, I just nodded. After she left, I quickly slipped out of my clothes. There were three dresses which all came in different colors, dark blue, scarlet red, and black.

I tried the black one first.

It was a knee-length halter top dress. The dress was made of light flowy material from the waist down. I looked in the mirror and admitted to myself it didn't look too bad. However, I was feeling a bit conscious of my back being exposed.

[You look really nice. You should dress up like this more often. You'll have suitors lining up in no time.]

Can't say I like the idea of 'a line of people'. I much prefer my comfy clothes. And, I only ever wear dresses for special occasions anyways.

[Then I hope such special occasions occur more often hahahaha.]

Ugh. Please no. I find dresses a bit stuffy if I wear one too long.

"Are you done? I wanna see!" I heard Alice shout outside.

Rolling my eyes, I opened the door and stepped out. Alice squealed as she examined me, quickly taking photos before I could say anything. She then quickly pushed me back inside the fitting room to try on the next one.

I chose the dark blue dress next.

It was an off shoulder form-fitting dress stopping just mid thigh. It took me a bit some time as I tried to pull the dress lower. It wouldn't.

I got startled as Alice burst inside.

Did I not lock the door?

"What's taking so- OH MY GOD!"

She clapped in glee as she admired me through the mirror.

"You almost gave me a heart attack," I remarked as I clutched my chest. "What if I wasn't done changing yet?"

"I heard you zip all the way up so I was sure you were finished," was her cheeky reply. "But then you still hadn't come out."

I looked at her in disbelief, feeling a bit ticked off at her intrusive action.

"That's not an excuse, Tiny. You should at least knock first."

I relieved my annoyance by pinching her cheeks.

"Ow! Stop. I give I give! I'm sorry I got too excited."

I let go.

Of course I knew it didn't hurt one bit. But the way her face scrunched up in pain made it believable.

A+ for acting.

After 'recovering' she pulled out her phone, her eyes twinkling as she looked up at me. With her puppy eyes, I yielded and let her take photos again.

"I wish people could see how hot Bella Swan is," she commented.

She then looked up from her phone and smiled mischievously at me.

I have a bad feeling.

"Don't even think about it, Alice," I pointedly warned her. It was better to stop her right now. "No."

She pouted at me.

"Fine," she relented.

"Nice to know we have an understanding. Now get out so I can change."

As I was changing out of the blue dress, Alice called out from the outside.

"I'm going to check out a cute dress I just saw at the shop across from here. I'll be back quick I promise!"

She didn't even let me reply as I heard her quickly ran out.

I shrugged.

After I stripped off the blue dress, I held up the red dress in front of me. I couldn't help a blush on my cheeks as I saw the design. It was sleeveless floor-length dress with a plunging v-neck. The back was partly made out of a lace material which was transparent to show off the skin underneath. It extended to the sides of the dress in curved slits. This made it particularly sexy when viewed from the side.

(A/N: CTTO. I can't describe it well so search up: "Kristen Stewart Red Dress" LOL. I have no idea how to add pics here. AO3 has that option so I had no problems there)

I mulled over whether to try it or not.

I thought it was wise to quickly go through with it and satisfy Alice because I'm really feeling my hunger right now.

[Lass, I told you! You're quite beautiful.]

I ignored his compliment as I fixed the dress. Since I wasn't wearing a bra, the deep v-neck revealed a substantial amount of my cleavage. I couldn't help but be worried about my nipples possibly peeking out. It was highly possible because my breasts weren't particularly big so it wasn't a tight fit in that area. It would only take a slight pull of the dress and they would be on full display.

I tried looking at it from the side view.

Holy shit.

I could practically see my boobs.

[I must say, clothes these days are getting quite daring.]

True. I envy and, at the same time, admire people who are confident in themselves to wear what they want.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I admit I looked good in it, but sadly I don't think I have the confidence to wear it.

[You can be one of those people too.]

I wonder.

[We should probably work on your self-esteem too, lass.]

Hahahahaha. I wonder if we'll get anywhere with that.

Realizing how bare my back felt, I tried to pull the zipper up.


I wiggled it a few times but the zipper wouldn't budge. I could pull harder but I was afraid I might damage the dress. I saw the price tag earlier which made me all the more anxious and hesitant to pull on it.

I remembered Alice was just outside.

I knew she must have been back already since I have grown accustomed to their vampire scent.

"Alice, can you give me a hand?" I called out.

No response.



Still no response.

Furrowing my brows, I slightly opened the door. I tried but I couldn't really see enough the small crack. I decided to just open the door wider and get a quick look.

To my huge surprise, a familiar head of blonde hair greeted me. She was sitting with her long legs crossed and her head rested on her hand as she had her arm propped on the arm of the couch. A magazine was resting on her lap while her free hand flipped through the pages.

I could have pretended not to see her and just walk back into the fitting room but my luck is as bad as ever. She raised her head slightly, her cool gaze meeting mine. I smiled awkwardly in greeting. With the hand that I had over my chest, I unconsciously pulled up my dress to keep it from coming loose.

"Where's Alice?" I asked.

I didn't miss the way she eyed me up and down. I could have sworn her eyes turned darker.

"Didn't she tell you?"

"Well...she did say she was going to the shop across. I just umm thought she would have returned by now."

"Well she's not."

Awkward silence.

She didn't shift her gaze away from me. I figured she was waiting for something. Maybe she was watching what I was going to do next.

"Ummm then I'll just…," I tried to say, pointing my thumb back at the fitting room.

As my I turned, I accidentally stepped on the dress.

"Shit," I swore.

I lost my balance.

I was falling.


I expected to meet with the floor, but a pair of cool hands managed to hold on to my shoulders and made me avoid my fate. I quickly steadied myself, pulling myself up so I was standing upright. She then let go, arching a brow at me.

I shot her a sheepish grin.

"Thanks," I said as I sighed in relief. "Again."

"Has anyone ever told you you're a hazard to yourself?" she asked me with a deep frown.

I couldn't help myself from laughing. I don't think she expected that as she seemed baffled at my reaction.

"That's actually an apt description of me," I replied.

After my laughter died down, I felt my embarrassment return.

"So uh I'll just go back in there," I tried to say as I turned around, successfully this time.


So I did.

I felt her approach me.

My senses tell me she was close, close enough I could vaguely feel her breath on my neck as she spoke. I gulped.

Is she going to do something to me?

The fact that I had my back to her made me feel even more anxious.

"Don't move."

I felt her tug on the zipper, which I've forgotten was stuck so my back was still in full view for everyone to see. I felt my face burning up even the tips of my ears were turning red.

I can't believe I forgot about that.

After some light tugging, she got it free. I abruptly inhaled, as I felt her cool touch on my back as her hand moved my hair to the side. Her other hand then zipped my dress all the way up to my neck.

Though she finished, I didn't move.

Nor did she.

After zipping up my dress, that hand slid down to rest on my back.

"Do I make you nervous, Swan?" she spoke in a low voice.

I knew she could hear it. Her hand could feel the way my heart was beating right now.

"Umm yes," I answered honestly.

"That's good to hear," she remarked. "For a while there, I thought I've lost my touch."

As she finished, she quickly stepped away from me. I finally let out a breath I was holding.

In that moment, Alice came back, a shopping bag in hand. The moment she saw me, her eyes widened and came running to me.


I slightly winced.

"Dude, lower your voice."

She didn't listen to me and continued gushing. The store employees and customers started looking our way which made me even more flustered on top of my early embarrassment.

She pleaded that we buy the dress but I told her 'No'. I reasoned with her that I don't see myself wearing it anytime soon in the future.

[Awww. But it's a nice dress.]

Now you've decided to speak?

[I was trying to enjoy the show.]


[Hahahahaha. Oh come now, lass. It was quite cute how red you've gotten. It matches the color of your dress.]

I decided to ignore him.

After a long time persuading Alice, we made a deal that instead of one dress, we'll get the other two dresses, the blue and black one, in exchange for not getting the red one.

I was so happy when it was finally done. My stomach was growling so much, Alice looked at me apologetically. I thought Rosalie was coming with us, but instead she went her separate way, taking along half of the shopping bags we had.

"I called her since we can't fit all of them in my car," Alice explained.

"And she agreed to come all the way here?"

"She's nicer than you think, Bella," Alice replied. "Though she needs a little persuasion sometimes."

I found it funny and at the same time felt guilty having Alice force herself to eat. I watched as she acted like she's enjoying her food which we both know she isn't. After a few bites, she left her food and instead started chatting me up again. After I finished mine, I asked if I could have hers if she was finished. She happily gave it to me.

They really try hard.

[My old friend told me that for vampires, human food tastes so bland it almost tastes like nothing. They smell the same scents as we do but it doesn't smell appetizing to them. The worst part is that their bodies can't metabolize human food so they end up regurgitating everything.]

Oh god. That's awful.

I consider food to be one of the wonders of the world. So many different tastes and smells. So many combinations of ingredients to create countless recipes. I suddenly felt sad for the vampires who couldn't indulge in such joy.

[Well, they're different beings after all. Just as you enjoy different foods, vampires enjoy the taste of blood which differs from human to human.]

Okay I take back what I said about feeling sad for them. I thought people's blood would have tasted all the same.

I wonder what mine tastes like?

[Hahahaha. What a dangerous thought, lass.]

Just curious. You told me my blood smelled...enticing.

[Just an observation. That Edward seemed to really have a rough time with you and yet he doesn't seem to have that problem with the other humans. Your class together must be torture hahahahahaha.]

I can't believe I'm feeling bad for him.

"By the way, nothing bad happened between you two, right?" Alice asked me with a concerned expression. "Sorry I couldn't get back immediately."

"It's fine."

I shrugged.

"If she did or say anything remotely mean to you, I apologize on behalf of my sister," Alice said. "She's just a little..."

"Cold? Unfriendly?" I supplied.

"Something like that," she responded with a chuckle. "But I promise she's a good person so I hope you don't come to hate her."

I scrunched my brows at that.

Do I find her intimidating and hostile?


So do I hate her?


"I don't."

Alice smiled widely at my answer.

"And nothing happened. Don't worry too much."

[But something did happen.]

Which I'd rather not share to save myself from further embarrassment.

"Really? Nothing happened?" she probed.

I have a nagging feeling that she knew what happened.

Soon after I finished eating, she drove us back to Forks and dropped me off.

Though I wasn't all that excited about shopping, Alice made good company so I overall enjoyed our time together.

Unfortunately, I got a text from the others saying we'd have to postpone our beach trip because Mike's car needed to undergo some inspection and repairs; Tyler's van was still under repair; Lauren's car couldn't fit all of us; and Jessica and Angela didn't have cars. My truck was out of the question of course.

It didn't bother me as much so I told them to just update me if we'll push through with this plan on a later date. Though I did feel a little bit irritated that my shopping trip was for nothing.

Tiny Ali: Of course it's not for nothing! It just got postponed.

Me: Just saying. You did get out of your way to "help me".

Tiny Ali: I don't suppose those air quotes mean anything, do they?

Me: Think what you want. Anyways, still appreciate you "helping me".

Tiny Ali: I did help you out of the goodness of my heart.

Me: Right.

Me: Well good night. I'm tired.

Tiny Ali: Good night! Sleep well 3

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