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Chapter 4

They saw the new girl walking towards them. Alice took this opportunity to wave at the girl who had brought much amusement to today's lunch. She beamed when Bella waved back.

However, since she was looking at them, Bella couldn't see what was in front of her. The Cullens watched as the door suddenly opened, a student entering and was about to crash into Bella. Much to their surprise, Bella did a quick side step, missing the student by a hair's width. The student quickly apologized to Bella to which she responded with a shrug. After that, Bella casually walked out as if it didn't bother her at all.

The Cullens became quiet.

"Didn't she move a little too fast?" Edward inquired.

"She must have great reflexes," Emmett answered. "I could have done that."

"Because we're...different," Edward shot back.

"That girl...I couldn't feel anything," Jasper spoke. "Thinking back, I couldn't back then either."

Seeing the other curious, he explained.

"When we met her at the gas station, I felt nothing from her. I thought it might have just been because I was having trouble with my thirst. But it seems I really can't sense anything from her."

"So it wasn't just me," Edward said with a deep frown. "I couldn't read her mind. Hers was the only one I couldn't hear from their table."

Just then, Alice zoned out in her seat. Jasper was quick to support her back, knowing what she was doing. Not a moment later, Alice came back and gasped.

"I can't see her future either!" she exclaimed a little bit excitedly.

The table turned silent.

"We need to tell Carlisle," Rosalie spoke up for the first time.

"I agree. She could be dangerous," Edward said.

"What do you mean? How dangerous could one human girl be?" Emmett said. "Though she smells particularly really nice."

"Because our abilities don't work on her!" Edward all but screamed.

Jasper placed a hand on his shoulder and quickly calmed him down.

"Calm down, brother. You're bringing attention to yourself," he said with his gentle voice.

Edward quickly regained his composure and mumbled an apology.

"Human or not, this is too weird to ignore. We'll need to observe her," Rosalie said.

"I want to make friends with her," Alice chimed in.

"I'm sorry, Al. We're still not sure if she's dangerous or not," Jasper said.

The others, except Emmett, agreed with him causing Alice to pout.

"It's all fine by me. She seems nice. Didn't you hear what she said to Stanley?" Emmett said, bringing the smile back on Alice's face. "Heck even I wanna try getting to know the girl. She seems like fun."

"Emmett!" Rosalie growled.

Emmett just shrugged in response.

The Cullens argued for a while before parting ways once lunch ended.

My next class after lunch that day was Biology. Upon entering the lab, I saw two familiar faces, Angela and Mike. I thought they'd ignore me but, Angela waved at her and Mike...well he winked at me for some reason.

As I glanced at the other students, my gaze quickly met with Edward who was glaring at me followed by him covering his nose. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion then realized it must be my scent going straight into his direction because of the fan just behind me. It looked like he was all about ready to run out of the room. He stood up and tried to excuse himself but the teacher wouldn't let him. And then added to that, the teacher made me lab partners with him much to his obvious dismay.

[He's not breathing.]

What? Won't he die.

[He won't. They don't need to really. It's more like muscle memory to them. I think he finds your blood too much for him.]

What's wrong with my blood?

[You must smell really good.]

Tell me you're kidding.

[Hahahahaha. They're a curious bunch these golden eyes. They're keeping their hunger at bay around all these humans.]

So...are they 'good' vampires?

[Lass, you can't really define them as 'good' or 'bad' based on their diet. They drink human blood just like how you humans eat meat for food. But, if you mean harmful to humans then...I don't think so. They're willingly surrounding themselves with humans and not a single blood has been shed. That's what makes them a curious bunch.]

Then I can relax a little then.

[It's better not to let your guard down. I sense some of them are gifted. This Edward boy for example is a mind reader and has been trying to read your mind since earlier.]


I snapped my gaze towards Edward. I caught him staring my way and quickly turned his head to the front. I felt myself getting angry.

What a creep!

[Calm down, lass. He can't read your mind. I made sure to protect you ever since we first encountered the two vampires on your first day here. Although…]

Although what?

[Even without me, he still wouldn't be able to. I just realized this earlier during your lunch.]

What does that mean?

[You're basically a shield. A strong one actually which means their gifts won't work on you even if I dropped my protection. You're quite special, aren't you, lass? Hahahahahaha.]

Well that's certainly surprising to learn. But then that means…

Shit. If they've tried their gifts on me and I've blocked them, wouldn't they find me strange?

[Agreed. They're probably all curious about you.]

Once Biology ended, Edward quickly left, leaving everyone else surprised and confused. They then looked towards me as if asking 'What did you do?'. I pretended not to notice and just picked up my things. I asked the teacher for my requirements and quickly left the scene.

On my way to my next class, I passed by Ms. Cope's office and heard Edward speaking with her.

"I'm sorry but you can't change your schedule, Mr. Cullen," Ms. Cope said.

"It's really not possible?" Edward asked with an irritated tone.

"Afraid not, Mr. Cullen. Unless you tell me a valid reason for wanting to change out of your Biology class, I can't help you."

He was the one who was invading my privacy by trying to read my mind and he's the one who's trying to get away?!


I felt so wronged.

Fortunately, my next class was Art. At least I can relax there.

Fuck me!


It's not funny!

I internally screamed the moment I saw Rosalie and Alice seated at the back as I walked into my Art class. And guess what, the only empty seat was beside Alice.

Well at least Alice looks friendly.

Alice looked very happy to see me. Can't say the same to her sister though as she completely ignored me. I smiled and nodded my head to them as a greeting. Just as I thought that was the end of it, I thought wrong once again.

"We meet again, Bella Swan," Alice said.

"And so we have, Alice Cullen," I replied. "Saw you at lunch earlier. You're family's quite popular."

"And so are you. The whole town's heard about you."

I couldn't help but groan.

"Don't remind me."

She giggled at my response.

"Not liking your celebrity status in school?"

"Nope. Not one bit. You?"

"Meh. I just wish people would talk to me more."

I was surprised at her sad tone. I can understand her siblings were rather intimidating for the other students to approach but Alice has been nothing but friendly so far.

[It's survival instincts. The humans may not be aware of what they are but their instincts tell them to keep away.]

My eyes softened.

"If you're fine with me…," I paused as I suddenly felt shy. "I take it back. I'll probably bore you."

"What? Nooo!" Alice exclaimed. "Please talk to me!"

"Uhh I'm not much of a conversationalist but I'll be happy to listen though," I said.

"That's fine!" Alice replied and clapped in glee. "So friends?" she reached her hand out.

I hesitated for a moment before finally smiling at her.

"Friends," I confirmed, shaking her hand.

Cold as expected.

I pretended not to notice and let her pull away first.

Suddenly, I watched as she went still. She was staring directly at me but at the same time, not at me. Not a moment later, she snapped out of it and smiled widely at me.

Okaaaay. That was weird.

[It must be her gift.]

"We are surely going to be the best of friends!" Alice suddenly exclaimed at me.

Just then, I noticed everyone was looking at our direction. I heard them whispering, talking about Alice and I's new found friendship.

I just keep getting more and more attention. Great.

[*Sniff* The lass made her first friend.]

Stop being dramatic.

[I'm being happy on your behalf since you're too shy to admit it.]

"Really? How are you so sure?" I asked.

"I just know. Trust me, Bella Swan," she told me with a wide grin. "I already have plans in mind."

Somehow, a part of me started to regret. My gaze couldn't help landing on Rosalie. She was watching our interaction, obviously not happy about it.

[She looks rather angry at you, lass.]

I can see that. I really do think she hates me. I wonder why?

[You poor, lass.]

I don't know why I felt rather sad and nervous under her burning gaze. Well, I guess it's normal to not want to be hated.

It was good timing the teacher walked in. I could finally focus on somewhere else although the burning gaze shot my way certainly still bothersome. Surprisingly, our art teacher was Ms. Keller. I immediately cheered up.

The class was relatively chill. I had a good time listening to Ms. Keller teach us techniques and tips on drawing. I tried to follow along as she taught us, earning me compliments from Alice, much to my embarrassment.

I sighed in relief as the bell finally rang. I could finally go home and relax.

As I was about to get up, a melodious voice spoke to me.


It was Rosalie.

I was about to speak up but she spoke again, this time to Alice.

"You go first."


"Alice, go," Rosalie commanded.

Alice groaned, pointing at Rosalie as she warned her, "You better not hurt my new best friend!" She then turned to me. "Don't worry. She won't hurt you."

"No promises," Rosalie interjected.

Alice glared at her.

"Fine. I promise," Rosalie relented.

"Promise what?" Alice asked again.

"I won't hurt your 'best friend'," Rosalie reluctantly replied with a groan.

"Okay then. You two have a nice chat. Bye, Bella. See you tomorrow!"

And with that Alice left us. I suddenly felt myself panic. It was just the two of us now and I did not know what to expect. Did she find out about me? Was she going to kill me? Grim thoughts went through my head.

"What are your intentions with my sister?" Rosalie suddenly asked me.

I furrowed my brows.

"Intentions? I don't-"

"Alice is too quick to warm up to new people but I don't. I don't trust you," she frankly told me. "And so does my other siblings."

"I don't have any bad intentions if that's what you're worried about," I clarified. "I just got here. I don't remember doing anything wrong to you guys."

"I don't care, Swan. Just keep away from my family. Keep away from Alice," she literally growled at me.

I felt my anger raging inside of me. This was too unreasonable.

What the hell?!

"I get that you're being protective but you have no right to decide for Alice nor for your other family members," I shot back. "She was the one who initiated it in the first place and I've come to like her too. So 'NO', I'm not going to do as you say. We're friends now so you'll just have to suck it up."

She just looked at me after my outburst.

She smirked.

I felt my heart race.

I'm fucked.

[That you are, lass.]

"You've certainly got balls, Swan," she sneered.

"Thanks for noticing. That's my dick," I couldn't help retort. I mean in this situation, might as well, right?

[Oh! Good one, lass.]

I was unexpectedly rewarded with a laugh. AN ACTUAL LAUGH. I watched, amazed and mesmerized at the rare sight. I'm pretty sure it's a 'rare sight' because she's been nothing but cold and aloof in all of our encounters though few.

I felt my heart race for no apparent reason as I continued to stare. Okay, that's a lie because we all know the reason.

After she calmed down, her usual glare had returned.

"I'm watching you, Swan."

She didn't say anymore and walked away.

And that was very much how my first day of school ended.

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