(One Shot) Jackson's Guide to the Chosen @savagecaliber22
Chapter 1

The Complete, Unabridged guide to the Chosen.

Written by Jackson A. Chaser.

Copyright Altera LimitedTM Publishing 2209.

Hi! My name is Jackson Chaser. Yeah, THAT Jackson Chaser. The one who was framed for terrorism and had to stop the real culprit.

It's known at this point that I'm something called a Chosen, specifically a Chosen of light. You might be curious about the Chosen, and want to learn more as it's probably changed your view on the world. It's definitely done so for me. I've spent the past couple years learning all I could on the Chosen, and am happy to present my findings through this short paper.

I've gathered this information via researching the lives of other documented Chosen, reading text about the Chosen, and speaking with the very person who made me a Chosen in the first place, and as a Chosen myself, I can verify all of this information.

First before we get into the abilities themselves, we gotta understand how one becomes Chosen.

THE CREATION CRYSTALS - How to become chosen.

All Chosen are tied to an accompanying Creation Crystal. These crystals are the objects that control that specific aspect of reality. There are 3 in Celatia, Light, Shade, and Mind, also known as Fear. They play a role in becoming Chosen.

From what I've gathered, there are 3 ways to become Chosen.

They are born with the aspect via a chosen parent.

They have to perform a ritual using a creation crystal. This is how I ended up becoming Chosen.

Through specific conduits, whether they be magical, like a bracelet or a pendant. Or they can be mechanical, like a gauntlet or chestplate, it uses a creation crystal and channels the energy through a body. This process has an incredibly high risk, and can often kill the recipient. However, there are certain cases of this working. This machine can also be used to supercharge the abilities of an existing chosen. This was how Ava became Chosen.

It IS technically possible to learn how to use Chosen abilities without being chosen, however, The abilities are powered by a 'pool' of energy inside of the subject, without that pool, the one has to use their own aura to use the abilities instead of drawing energy from a pool, and are thus, a lot weaker than an actual Chosen.

The Ritual:

The recipient is laid on a pedestal, with their arms placed into a pair of slots. The creation crystal is placed into a slot at the bottom of the pedestal. The performer will then cut open the wrist, allowing for blood to seep into channels. When exactly 75% of the recipient's blood is drained, the crystal will convert their blood into Chosen Essence. The essence will then flow back into the recipient, where it will convert the rest of their blood into essence. The essence will create a brand in the eyes of the recipient and the last of the essence will form the chosen markings. The recipient will then wake up, Chosen.


All Chosen have a set of powers tied to their aspect. These powers are universal across all Chosen of that aspect. No Chosen has their own unique set of powers. Despite this, those basic powers will evolve to suit the individual. For instance, my Flash Pulse ability has evolved into a 'flash barrage,' whereas my mentor's Flash Pulse has changed into a beam of light that makes delayed explosions wherever the beam connects.

However, while every Chosen has a power set tied to their aspect. Every Chosen has one extra ability. This ability is exclusive to them and only them. My unique ability is the ability to sense and draw out the Light in other people. My mentor's ability is being able to send telepathic messages long distance through sunlight.

Here are all of the aspects we know of so far.

The Primary Aspects.



Shade, which is a mixture of Light and Darkness


The Secondary Aspects.







There was allegedly a Void aspect. Though, from what I gathered. It seems Arceus was unable to synthesize a Void creation crystal unlike the others. So there are no Void Chosen. It was said to be the antithesis to Matter. Something like a pure destruction aspect.

It's apparently possible to have multiple aspects, however. It's been stated that the body can only maintain so many. Think of it this way. There are 6 notches in the body, a Primary aspect like Light or Darkness takes up 2 notches, the Secondaries only take up one notch. So you could have one Primary and 4 Secondary, or 2 Primary and 2 Secondary, or just 3 primaries. Though, from what I've gathered, having only one aspect makes you stronger in that single aspect than those with multiple aspects. So, as a pure Chosen of light, my light abilities are stronger than someone that has Light and another aspect. Supposedly. There have only been a couple stories of someone having more than one aspect. Maybe it's not even possible and these are just myths.

It does fascinate me though, I wonder if it's possible for someone to have the Light and Darkness aspects together, not Shade, just having them both at the same time, would the two energies conflict? Or would they just act like oil and water? What would you call them? Darklight Chosen? Nonshadow Chosen? Is such a combination even possible? I don't know, but it's something I've been wondering for a while.

Physical Changes:

The "Brand"

The easiest way to identify a chosen is a special marking called a brand. It's a marking on the chosen's eyes. This marking is completely unique to the individual. It can be any shape or color, but usually takes the color of the aspect. In my case, my brand is a blue slash going from the top right corner of my iris to the bottom left corner. Unlike other markings, the brand can't be hidden.

Essence Conversion

Chosen undergo a major change upon their conversion, this being their bodies replacing blood with Chosen Essence. For most aspects, the essence is their aspect's element in liquid state. So for instance, my blood is now liquid light. It's safe to assume that the same is true for the other primary aspects. Liquid Shadows, Liquid Darkness, Liquid Fear, if that makes sense, etc.

Having essence doesn't just change their blood. It changes how their body functions. Their body will no longer require Food, Water, or Oxygen. Despite this, they don't change physiologically, meaning they'll still feel the need for such things. Chosen will still subconsciously breathe, get hungry and thirsty, etc, without actually gaining anything from satisfying these urges. Instead, Chosen will have a separate method of staying alive, depending on the aspect. In my case, I have to be exposed to at least a little bit of light in order to stay alive. This can be as little as candlelight, just as long as I'm not in total darkness, I'm healthy.

That being said, as they no longer produce blood cells, Chosen are resistant to most diseases. Namely all blood-borne pathogens and most respiratory diseases. Brain and nervous system affecting pathogens are still just as deadly, however.

Chosen aren't immortal, despite all of this. While they age slower than non-Chosen, after a certain age, their essence will become inert. Effectively turning them back into non-Chosen. They can then die of most natural causes. Mythical and legendary pokemon that happen to be chosen, however don't seem to share this trait, however. As my mentor is an Azelf around 200 years old.

So far, I haven't found a lot of information on how being chosen affects reproduction. It's unclear if the conversion sterilizes the individual. Though certain accounts lead me to believe that Chosen can reproduce with other Chosen, the child having a 50/50 chance of inheriting Chosen powers. Considering I have yet to see any documented cases of Chosen being able to reproduce with non-Chosen, I believe it's safe to assume that Chosen and non-Chosen breeding isn't possible.

It's also noted that the respective-ahem, fluids, seem to aesthetically reflect the aspect as well.


The last physical change, and possibly the most apparent, is the Chosen Markings or "Glyphs" on the body. These markings are generally universal and generally consist of a stripe along the arms/front legs, followed by a glyph on the hands/paws. With the aspect's symbol on the back or tail of the individual. Glyphs have been seen being more complicated than this though, and it seems to depend on the aspect. These markings are always visible in combat, or when the Chosen decides to show them. Personally, I usually show my glyphs unless I'm in a large public area. Lemme tell you, ladies love em'! But I digress.

Other notes:

Personality Changes.

Depending on the aspect, the Chosen's personality alters slightly. This is especially true for Light and Dark Chosen. Light Chosen have been recorded to be more composed, intuitive and less prone to aggressive behavior. Dark are the opposite, being recorded to be more emotional than Light, being quick to anger and less strategic, this makes them powerful fighters, but a bit hard to be around.


Chosen aren't invincible, conventional means can still kill Chosen just as effectively as a non-Chosen, albeit a bit harder, as their bodies are more resilient than average. They can still bleed out, and damaging the brain and heart is still fatal.


The creation crystal of an aspect can grant the user an infinite amount of that aspect's power, and Chosen can channel it through their bodies in multiple ways. However, exposure to that much power can be addictive, and believe it or not, just like everything else, connecting one's self to their creation crystal for too long will cause the user to become sick, and eventually even kill the user via overdose. So it's important to use the crystal wisely. Trust me, I've made this mistake before. I had the crystal on me for about a week, and I ended up with a high fever, this was just before I gave the crystal back to my mentor.

That's about all I've got. There's still a lot more we don't know about the Chosen. I for one am really intrigued by them and I'm going to do all that I can to learn more about them. Expect an updated guide at some point.

But for now, so long!

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