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Wendigo - Part 3

Sam and Dean left the bar behind a group of stumbling friends. They had spent the whole time watching the door as they ate, hoping to see Lynn walk through so they could all finally talk things out, but the brothers finished their burgers with no sign of her and decided to check the motel. As soon as the group of guys walked off into the parking lot, Dean's eyes found the Impala and saw Lynn sitting on the hood with a young blonde man leaning over her…

"Brady," hissed Sam.

Dean glanced at his brother and asked, "What? That's –"

"Brady," Sam said with more of a snarl to his voice. "That's the demon that killed Jess."

Dean's stare shot back at Lynn to see Brady forcing her into a more trapped position. Seeing this too, Sam instinctively reached for his gun, but Dean stopped him. The older brother dragged him behind a car, further away from the light as more people left the bar, and carefully peered out through the windows.

"Dean!" Sam fought against his brother. "What're you doing?"

"Just wait, Sam."

"What?! We can't –"

"Go out there shooting at him in front of the bar. There's too many people!" Dean looked out to his car and saw Brady starting to talk to Lynn. "We gotta wait until it's clear. Until we have a safe shot."

Sam clenched his jaw as he watched Jessica's killer threatening Lynn on the hood of the Impala, snidely smiling at her while he spoke. Trembling in anger, Sam said, "We need a weapon that'll work."

"Look through Dad's journal," replied Dean, keeping a close watch on Brady as he brought his hands up to touch Lynn's face.

Sam took the journal out of his messenger bag as they heard Brady chuckle, "I wanted to capture you, lock you in a stronghold, and torture every bit of info out of your pretty little meatsuit." They both glared as Brady bent forward to whisper something in her ear.

"We need to get to the trunk," Dean deeply stated. "Now."

"Orders?" They heard Lynn ask while they silently crawled through the shadows behind the other cars.

"I've been watching you since the fire. Waiting… until you were alone. Until you were ready." Brady replied as he clawed his way down her body. Sam silently flipped through the pages as they reached the trunk and found all the information their father had on demons. Dean peeked his head up to see Brady ask her, "So tell me, Lynn, after all you did today, you ready to leave the Winchesters?"

"What?" whispered Lynn.

"They left you."

Sam and Dean looked at each other in guilt, but instantly glanced back up at Lynn's answer. "No they didn't."

"Yes, they did. Sam and Dean Winchester abandoned you in that motel, forcing you to go on a supply run all by yourself." Brady maniacally shouted with a wicked smile. "Poor little lost girl. All on her own with no one to help her survive in this dangerous world she fell into."

"I'm not lost," Lynn replied under her breath.

Dean caught Sam's eyes and mouthed, "Anything?"

Sam nodded and pointed at the page. Holy water, salt, iron, exorcism. Dean started figuring out what they had in the car as they heard Brady say, "You sure? 'Cause I'm here to make you an offer."

The brothers immediately froze and listened for her response. "What're you talking about?"

"I was ordered to wait until you were alone, deciding whether or not to choose the Winchesters, and present you with an offer from Azazel."

They saw Lynn wriggle farther back until her tailbone aligned with the windshield as she hesitantly asked, "What offer?"

"Leave the Winchesters and I'll bring you to the Ruler of Hell," answered Brady, his voice deepening with every word. "Azazel felt when the lightning struck you into this world and he knows you have invaluable potential. That's why he had me brand you, so he'd always know where you are." Sam and Dean stared at each other stunned, finally understanding the purpose of the mark on her arm. "While he doesn't know how you got here or what you are or all you can do, he's willing to help you find the answers and once you do – in return for his assistance and protection – you repay him by using your abilities for his purpose."

"No way in hell," Dean resolutely sighed as Brady released his hold on the young huntress and slowly moved himself off the car to stand across from her.

Sam intently watched as Lynn stared at the demon, bringing her legs up to her chest, questioning, "Why does he care enough to want to make this offer? If he needs more power, there are at least a hundred other options. All I did was travel through a storm."

"Right into the laps of Sam and Dean Winchester," explained Brady with a demeaning smirk. "And clearly for a reason since the connection you have with them was instant. Supernaturally instant and permanently binding from my view this past week."

The brothers glanced at each other in shock. Son of a bitch!


Rolling his eyes, Brady groaned, "Meaning you're important."

Lynn nodded, glancing around to find an empty parking lot, and strongly replied, "Good."


Sam and Dean looked back as she slid off the hood to confront Brady. "Yeah good. If Azazel really does consider me – what was it? – invaluable and important to his 'purpose' then you can shove his offer up your ass."

They smiled, but it turned into a sneer when they saw Brady's eyes go black. The demon advanced on her,but Lynn had freed the hidden karambit knives from her boots and spun them in her hands. Sam and Dean's eyes widened at her secret skill and felt proud smirks return to their faces with the silver blades glinting sharply in the lamplight, ready to cut him.

"Really? Tiny silver knives? You should've kept the iron poker." Brady wickedly snickered.

"You were waiting for me to be alone, like that's new to me, like it would mean I was weak and desperate and wouldn't know how to survive, but guess what," Lynn yelled, capturing the full attention of Sam and Dean. "I've been alone my whole life. It's my natural state, my freakin comfort zone! But while you were wrong about basically everything, you were right about one thing. I am permanently bonded to the Winchesters. I don't know how or why but it doesn't matter. I'll figure it out with them because I will always choose Sam and Dean. Always! There's nothing that would ever make me leave them. I'm theirs, not Azazel's. So, if he wants me then you're gonna have to take me. And I'll die first."

Sam and Dean sighed honored smiles with the feel of emotional tears stinging their eyes, but kept strong grips on their guns at Brady's dark reply. "Careful little one. Or I'll skip the niceties and hang you from that streetlight by your intestines."

"No you won't. You can't. You've been watching me since the fire? Then you've had plenty of chances to hurt me, but 'orders are orders.' You want to torture me – destroy them – but you can't. Not yet anyway. You got in my head last time and I fell for your bluff but not tonight." Lynn pushed him back, slicing the upper corners of his chest, and shouted, "Get the hell out of here! And don't come back until you're ready to fight."

"Not gonna try to exorcise me, bitch? Or dive into your new bag of weapons to torture me? Make this body useless?"

"Are you kidding? I'd never rob Sam of that."

Dean smirked and lightly hit Sam on the arm with an eyebrow raise. Sam grinned back and nodded, trying to quietly unlock the trunk to get the needed weapons without Brady knowing.

"Right, but here's the problem..." Brady flicked his hand and sent Lynn flying across the parking lot and into the side of a truck. It took all Dean and Sam had not to run out and fight to save her. Instead, Sam unlocked the trunk as Brady laughed over the bold smack of her body denting the metal. Dean opened it halfway and grabbed the duffle as the demon walked away, shouting at Lynn, "If you say no, I get to "convince" you. And I can't tell you how happy I was when the how part of that was left up to me!"

At Lynn's screams, Dean shut the trunk and unzipped the duffle. "Ok, I'll distract him so you can sneak up from behind with the holy water. After you burn him with it, get Lynn to the car."

"Then what?"

"Then shoot him full of rock salt with the sawed-off. I'll start the car and once you get him on the ground, you get in and we'll get the hell out of here. Regroup so we can figure out how to end that son of a bitch."

Sam nodded and said, "Got it."

"I," they heard the demon shout, kicking Lynn onto her back. "Do," Sam glanced over to see Brady grabbing her by the throat and frantically loaded the shotgun. "Not," Dean got his iron knife ready if Brady managed to get too close as he watched the demon lift Lynn above his head. "Bluff!"

The brothers glared at seeing Brady throw her out into the middle of the cobble-filled lot. Lynn coughed out the pain as she struggled to climb to her feet, but she wasn't fast enough.

"Now, Sammy." Dean whispered, pointing for him to go around the other cars to avoid the light. "Go."

Brady grabbed a fistful of Lynn's tangled curls and yanked her up to growl, "And I'm always ready for a fight."

"Good!" hollered Dean, exposing himself to the demon. Brady sharply turned to see Dean rush out from behind the Impala with his gun raised. "Cause we're more than ready to kick your sorry ass back to Hell!"

Brady cruelly laughed at Dean, but it was Lynn's eyes the elder Winchester was focusing on. She was in awe at seeing him there, ready to protect her. He gave her a wink when he saw Sam sprint up behind her. Sam shook the open flask at Brady, splashing holy water onto his face and neck. Brady screamed as it burned him, giving Sam the opportunity to catch Lynn when he released his grasp. She immediately held onto Sam, gazing up at him like he was the only thing in the world that she wanted to see. Sam tried to give her a smile, but hatefully frowned at Brady as he lunged for them. Sam put himself between Lynn and the demon, but Dean shot a couple bullets into him before he could finish the attack.

"Okay. I think we're done here."

Sam watched as the demon knocked the gun from Dean's hands with a flick of his wrist and sent him flying into the brick wall. In the next moment, he cocked his head to Sam and as much as he tried to hold onto Lynn, he was sent flying into the same wall as his brother.

"And don't worry about anybody comin' out. I got that bar locked down."

Lynn felt the air sharply return to her lungs and saw light seep between her lashes. She painfully stretched her fingers over the gravel to feel her bearings, despite her body not wanting to move. But she had to. Sam's excruciating howls helped muffle her own grunts of discomfort as she forced her limbs to crawl under the car. Lynn's whole body throbbed and stung with unfamiliar pain, but she refused to let that slow her down. She grabbed her backpack and dragged it under the car with her.

With the Impala being so low to the ground, it was a very tight fit and if it weren't for Sam's raging screams, Lynn was convinced the demon would've heard her struggling to move underneath. Still, she managed to get her phone and find the recording she made before leaving the motel. Placing it in the shadows by the back tire, she hit play.

"You son of a bitch! I'm gonna tear you apart!" Lynn heard Sam shout in despair. "I don't care how long it takes! I'm gonna kill you! I'll find a way and kill you!"

"Sure you will, champ." Brady mocked.

Lynn needed to get a safe distance away before the strategic delay of the recording ended. Belly crawling out from under the Impala, she quickly picked up the sawed-off Sam dropped on the ground and found the emergency weapon stored in her backpack's hidden pocket.

"Just like with the demon that killed Mommy. Only 22 years with no leads, but hey! Now you got her, right?"

Lynn had silently rushed to the back of the truck that Brady had violently flung her into (picking up her knives along the way) as Brady strode over to where he backhanded her into unconsciousness. Taking a breath, Lynn heard the demon call out, "I thought nothing would ever make you leave your boys? Where'd you go, Lynn?"

She lowered herself and slowly peeked to see Brady stalking around the cars, peering into the shadows, trying to find her."Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Any moment now, Lynn thought.

Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii… Lynn smiled as her recorded voice loudly sounded from the speakers. Brady furiously grunted as the words began to pull him from his unwilling vessel and he started to aggressively search for the source.

Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te...

"Where are you, bitch?" he yelled, breaking windows of the surrounding cars.

Cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare... Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis... Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei.

"Aahh!" Brady screamed as he fought against the exorcism. "I don't care what Yellow Eyes wants. I'm gonna shred you in front of your boys and make them eat you like raw bacon!"

Contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine... quem inferi tremunt...

Brady made his way back to the Impala as Lynn finally made it to Sam and Dean. She held up a finger to keep them quiet and aimed the shotgun at the empty space between them. They frowned in confusion but continued to push themselves off the wall. Brady's hold was weakening with every word and they were close to freeing their upper bodies.

Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi – Brady pressed the power button on her phone and shut the recording off. Panting at the release from the exorcism, he glared over his shoulder to see Lynn's black boots standing between Sam and Dean.

As he got to his feet, Lynn fired the sawed off and Brady felt the salt's impact on his telekinetic hold. It was just a theory she had but turns out she was right. Sam and Dean broke free, falling to the ground and catching Lynn before the recoil of the shotgun could knock her off her feet.

"Well, isn't this adorable," taunted Brady as he came to stand in front of them. "Recorded exorcism, salt-filled shells –" he narrowed his eyes and pointed at the blade Dean removed from the sheath tucked into his jeans. "I'm guessing an iron knife. Better than your little silver ones, but still." Brady intensely stared at Lynn and snarled, "Don't be the Winchester's whore. They're not worth it."

She glared back and strongly said, "You never asked why."

"Why you're their whore?"

"Why they left me in the motel this morning."

Sam and Dean stared at her, staying close to her sides so they could protect her, as Brady sauntered closer, saying, "Doesn't matter why. Point is they left you."

"No, they didn't. Not the way you mean and that's why it matters." Lynn let a small black pouch with a red sigil sewn into it dangle from her hands… and Brady stopped at the sight of it swinging. "You haven't seen everything, Brady, so you don't know anything. But I do. And I didn't tell them when I should have. I hurt them." Lynn looked over her shoulders at the brothers and choked on her own tears when theirs finally spilled from their eyes. "I never meant to and I'm so sorry."

"Boohoo," griped Brady. "You hurt their feelings. Who cares?"

"I care!" She shouted at him and gripped the pouch in her hand. "And you should too because Azazel is focusing on all the wrong things about me."

"That so?"

"He wants to know what I can do, when he should be worried about what I know." Lynn grinned at the demon and sharply whispered, "And I know everything."

Brady gulped, trying to hide his growing concern, and argued, "Like hell you do."

Lynn narrowed her eyes and confidently replied, "Let us go or I activate the hex bag."

"Wow! Really? That's your play?" derided Brady. "I'm a demon, you naïve whore! Can't exorcise or kill me with that."

"Stop calling me whore!" shouted Lynn. "And yes, I can destroy you with this. At least, that's my contingency plan," explained Lynn. "See, I figured the Mark of Azazel branded on my arm probably meant he'd be an issue for me sooner rather than later, so my first stop today was to a little new agey shop just outside town. You missed that huh?"

Brady sneered at her as Lynn continued, "I did my research and made myself this little magic bomb in case Yellow Eyes decided to show up. Not sure if it would actually kill him, but you –" she smugly grinned at the lower-tier demon. "Oh it'll kill you. No muss, no fuss."

"I thought you weren't a witch," Dean muttered to her under his breath.

Lynn glanced at him and replied, "I'm not."

"You made a hex bag to kill a demon!"

"Is that even possible?" asked Sam.

"I'm fighting the supernatural with the supernatural," defended Lynn with an aggravated edge to her tone. "And yeah, it is. If you want to do the honors."

She offered the hex bag to Sam as Brady yelled, "Are you fucking serious? How in the holy hell are you supposed to be a threat?" The demon darkened his eyes to their soulless pitch, telekinetically shoved the brothers back against the wall, and aggressively grabbed Lynn's wrist to take the hex bag into his own hand. He sniffed it and asked, "That's just a pouch of herbs. Just as deceivingly harmful as you."

"Defigere Et Depurgare." Lynn cast the spell and tried to free herself from his grasp, but Brady continued to tightly hold onto her.

"Ok, bitch. Time to g–" Brady was cut off by a violent cough rising from his lungs.

He sneered at Lynn, shaking his head, but the cough only worsened. Lynn twisted her wrist while Sam and Dean pushed themselves off the wall and out of Brady's hold. They ran for her, Dean helping free Lynn's arm after cutting him with the knife and Sam beating Brady's face in as he started to choke on the spell. Lynn eased her body into Dean's protective embrace, and they watched as Sam pummeled Brady into the ground. All his grief and wrath filled every strong hit to his former friend's face. Sam hollered every curse imaginable, hot tears stinging his eyes, as his knuckles bruised and scraped open.

Suddenly, Brady began to vomit black smoke. Sam jumped off him when the black viscous liquid amidst the dark fumes pooled onto his hands. He wiped it off and watched Brady writhe on the ground. Lynn's eyes widened at the sight of him literally hurling himself up.

"What the hell is that?" asked Dean, disgusted at what was happening at their feet.

"Uh, 'to bind and purge'?" answered Lynn. "That's what the spell's called and that's what it does. Makes the demon vomit itself up."

"That's friggin' nasty."

Brady glared up at all of them as Sam derisively added, "But it works."

The demon brought his black eyes to the hex bag and hurled more of his essence out of his body. Reaching into his pocket, Brady pulled out a lighter and before Lynn, Sam, or Dean realized what he was doing, set the bag on fire. Blue flames engulfed it until it was nothing but tiny sparks in a pile of ash. Brady heaved a deep sigh and wiped his mouth of the black blood-like substance.

"Well, that feels better."

Sam grabbed Dean's iron knife and went to stab Brady, but he caught the blade before it could run him through. The demon shouted at the burn in his hand and headbutted Sam. The young Winchester faltered back, loosening his hold on the knife so Brady could throw it across the parking lot. Dean struck him hard across the face, but Brady retaliated by waving his arm and flinging both him and Sam into a couple of car windshields. Lynn instinctively winced at the sound of them crashing through the thick glass and froze when Brady towered over her.

"Never in my entire existence has anyone ever pissed me off so much."

Lynn could feel another wave of terror flood her entire body, but she stood strong between the demon and the Winchesters. "I'll take that as a compliment."

Brady evilly leered and rumbled in reply, "You shouldn't."

He strongly raised his hand to claw at her neck when a sudden lightning strike stopped him. It loudly cracked open the sky and blindly lit up the darkness. Brady infuriatingly stared at Lynn as a second bolt struck the streetlamp. They ducked as it exploded overhead and faded screams of the people in the bar could be heard as the power went out.

"Stop it!" demanded Brady.

Lynn's eyes darted from Sam and Dean seeking cover by the cars as the wind violently picked up to the lightning splitting open the night and replied, "I'm not doing it!"

"Like hell you're not! End this tantrum storm right now or I'll make you suffer in ways –"

She glanced up at Brady, waiting for him to finish his threat as she found the handles of her knives, and saw that he had unexpectedly paralyzed. He stared out into the darkness behind her; unblinking, unmoving, and absolutely petrified. When Brady started to tremble and gasp for breath, Lynn very slowly curved her head around to see what was causing him such incapacitating horror.

Lightning flashed in the sky, brightening the trees behind her, but that's all Lynn saw. The wooded area billowing in the fierce winds of the lightning storm with no sign of any fearsome presence. As she turned back to face Brady, a bolt struck between them and sent her flying backwards into the grass. Lynn groaned at the collision and rolled onto her side to lift herself back up. Only when she looked back to the parking lot, Brady was gone. Vanished as abruptly as the storm.

Sam and Dean made their way over and dropped themselves down on either side of her. They sat on the grassy edge in the darkness as the power came back on in the bar. No one came out to their cars, so the hunters figured they were all right to recuperate outside for a little longer.

"Ok, just one more time," panted Dean. "You swear you're not a witch?"

Lynn dropped her head back in exhaustion and answered, "I swear to you, I am not a witch."

"Then how did you know how to make that hex bag?" Sam curiously asked. "That something like was even possible?"

"How could it not be possible? I mean, with all the monsters, ghosts, demons, and everything else supernatural, there had to be something magical to fight against evil." Lynn glanced at their knives and guns, saying, "Weapons are still number one, but let's face it – "Ruler of Hell" is gonna need something extra to successfully hurt it. So I spent almost three hours on the motel's office computer this morning trying to find that something extra." She couldn't see the ashes of Rowena's spell in the shadows, so she sighed, "Didn't think I'd have to use it this soon though. Or on Brady. Which sucks because it's not like I can just get the ingredients at Walmart."

Dean couldn't help but chuckle, which made Lynn somewhat smile in hopeful confusion. "What?"

"Nothing, it's just –" Dean had to take a moment when laughter started to overtake him. "We spent the whole night looking for you, thinking we pushed you away or scared you off…"

"After spending the day thinking that you could be working for the demon," added Sam with a apologetic grin. "Or manipulating us."

"Then being afraid that you felt forced to put yourself in danger to make it right with us…" Dean's chuckle faded when he found her intrigued eyes and said, "But this whole time you were just shopping! Getting ready for whatever bad thing that could happen next. All because you want to stick with us."

"After we…" Sam said, clenching his jaw in guilt. "Fought and left you."

Lynn adoringly gazed up at Sam in an attempt to ease his pain, but turned back to Dean when he asked, "Why? Why are you choosing us?"

"Look, I get why you'd think all that. Your entire thought process about me today makes perfect sense." She glanced between them with a soft, understanding smile. "Hell, I didn't go into the bar right away because I wasn't sure if you were ready to see me. Because I didn't know what I was supposed to say. I mean, you guys picked me up on the side of the road and just because I've been hanging out in the backseat doesn't mean you actually know me." Lynn took a deep breath, twirling the gifted ring over her finger, and said, "But what I know about both of you is more than enough for me to choose to stay with you. Whether or not you choose me back."

Dean gave her a side smile as Sam shifted to face her more to ask, "We don't know you like you somehow know us and that's what's –"

"Scary as hell," finished Dean.

Sam frowned at his brother and said, "Difficult to wrap our minds around. I mean, that next morning after we give you a ride, we're talking about credit card fraud to support us hunting in front of you like it's a normal topic for us to share with strangers."

"We did?" asked Dean, trying to remember the conversation at the gas station. Then his eyes bulged open, and he exclaimed, "Holy crap we did! Damn, that redefines 'supernaturally instant,' doesn't it?"

Lynn curled her lips into a tight smile as Sam agreed, "Exactly! We don't trust people this quickly or this much. Not once in our whole lives, but we do with you."

"And not knowing why makes us suspicious," said Dean.

"So when you told us what you knew about… after everything…" Sam's thoughts drifted into the darkened silence, but he was brought back by Lynn's searching eyes full of sympathy. "I was angry that you kept it from us and scared about what it all meant, and I should've just asked you about it."

"We should've, instead of leaving you like that."

"Ok, I'm gonna stop you there," Lynn said, forcing her severely pained body off the ground to stand over them. "You don't have to apologize. The way it all came out, that's not how you deserved to hear it and that's on me. There's just so much… and I have to allow myself a learning curve without hurting you in the process." She held out her hands to them and asked, "Thankfully I'm a quick-learner, but will you trust me while I figure it out… and after?"

Sam and Dean each grabbed a hand, pulling themselves up to stand in front of her. They glanced at each other, Sam slightly grinning at her with a nod and Dean replying, "I think we can do that."

"You sure? Because this is just the start of all the insane fuckery that's gonna go down and, in all honesty, I'm not gonna drop all the info on you at once. I will spread this out as much as I can."

They both frowned at her, now more curious than suspicious, and Sam asked, "You told Brady that you know everything. What does that mean?"

"Yeah, like everything about us? Everything about the demon? Or is this a full-on psychic thing?" Taking a sharp breath, Dean firmly questioned, "Do you know where our dad is?"

"Basically, yes, no, and no." Lynn compassionately answered. "I'm sorry, I wish I knew where your dad was right now, but until he decides to find you there's just no way for me to know where he is… except that it's not here."

"Well, thanks for the super vague but honest answers," teased Dean, though Lynn could see that he felt a bit discouraged about his dad's whereabouts. He started leading them back to the Impala and asked, "So you basically know everything about us, huh? And somehow you're not a witch or a psychic? How is that even possible?"

Lynn rolled her eyes at the sarcasm in his tone and replied, "It's a thing with me, ok? I have this… sense with people and…" Not now, she thought. There's no way I have the emotional and cognitive capacity to explain the whole TV series now. "Other stuff. It's a touchy subject for me, so maybe it can be a conversation for later?"

They stopped at reaching the car and Sam reassured, "Yeah. Later's probably good for all of us. We can sleep this whole day off and start tracking down Dad tomorrow."

"Yeah. New day, fresh start."

"What?" Lynn snapped as they opened the doors. The brothers stopped to stare at her as she said, "We're going to Black Water Ridge tomorrow to finish the hunt."

"After what just happened?" Sam argued. "Brady attacked us after trying to recruit you on the Ruler of Hell's orders! We gotta find Dad and figure all this out."

"Sam's right. We need to know why this demon destroyed our lives, why he's going after our family after all this time, why he wants you. And since Hell's side knows as much as we do about the how, why, and what of all that is the mysterious you – which is zip, zilch, and big helping of nada – we should get on that like yesterday." Dean was about to slide into the driver's seat when he urged, "Unless you feel like sharing?"


"You know everything, right? Maybe you feel like spreadin' some more of that on us? Like those lightning powers?"

"I didn't do that."

Sam tilted his head and replied, "Lynn you traveled in a lightning storm and then when Brady is about to kill you, he disappears in one."

She narrowed her eyes on the Winchesters and declared, "I did not cause the lightning storm. Not the one that brought me here or the one that somehow took Brady."

"How can it not be you?" Dean pressed.

"I don't know, but it's not! I didn't feel like it was me. Not then and not now."

The brothers looked at each other, eventually nodding with a conceding shrug. Sam glanced back at her and said, "Still leaves us with more questions and no real answers."

"So we continue the search for dad tomorrow." Dean stated and got into the car. Sam followed suit and they closed the doors at the same time. They looked over their shoulders to see Lynn standing outside, not even reaching for the handle. "Lynn!" Dean called out to her. "Come on, get in! We're good."

"We can't leave without finishing the hunt." Lynn declared and picked up all her bags. She began to replace them on and across her shoulders, saying, "If we don't do anything, no one else will and people will die."

Sam and Dean intensely looked at each other. They couldn't leave her again or let her go off on her own. Whatever the reason for her being there – for choosing them – it didn't matter. She was theirs and they wanted to keep her no matter what that would ultimately mean. The brothers opened the doors with the classic squeak and lifted themselves out to look at her. The way she stared back at them made Sam and Dean think this was only the first of a soon-to-be-familiar resolve face.

"Ok, I know you did a lot of the groundwork for hunting this thing today and that's great, but we've got bigger problems." Dean tried to convince her with a firm edge to his deep tone.

Sam leaned his arm over the hood, his puppy eyes peering into her, and gently said, "We're already on the hunt of our lives, Lynn, and you're a big part of that."

"Arguably the biggest part," teased Dean with a grin. "Now, come on."

Lynn shook her head and strongly replied, "No. It's not about the bigger problems or hunt of our lives or the mystery that is me. None of that's going away, so we don't need to chase it. But tomorrow more innocent people are going to die and every 23 years, even more. Unless we stop it."

"You really want to go hiking out in the middle of unknown territory where it'd be dangerous without a bloodthirsty creature tryin' to kill you?" challenged Dean.

Lynn huffed in frustration and replied, "Are you kidding? Of course not! I don't do this! I don't hunt monsters or vengeful spirits, and I sure as hell don't fight or exorcise demons!" She inhaled sharply to calm her voice, gazing at them with all the emotion she had felt in the last 24 hours, and continued, "I'm not like you guys. I'm not a hunter or a hero, but I accept that choosing to stay with you means choosing this life and it is worth it. I mean, this is what you do! Saving people, hunting things…" Lynn openly smiled at them when her affectionate words made them awkwardly look away for a moment. "It's who you are, and I'd be honored to be a part of that. No matter how terrified I am."

They lightly chuckled with her and Dean said, "Alright fine. Tomorrow we'll go to Black Water Ridge and finish what we came here to do." He smirked at Lynn over his shoulder as they all got back into the Impala and sarcastically asked, "So, Lynn, since you know everything and are a thousand steps ahead of the rest of us, what're we hunting?"

She diagonally glared at him from her seat, slowly curving her lips into a diabolic smirk, and answered, "Wendigo."

The Winchesters' eyes shot at each other and then back at Lynn, whose smirk had turned into an overly sweet smile. They leaned back into their seats and faced the road. "Son of a bitch!"

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