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TETHER (Wendigo - Part 2)

Lynn wasn't sure how long she'd been staring at the door. She heard the loud, deep rumble of the Impala driving away but no matter how intensely she stared at the door wouldn't result in the sound of it returning. It wouldn't conjure Sam and Dean to walk back through to hear an explanation and apology. She forced her eyes back to her phone to see their names listed at the top of her favorites. Pressing on Dean's number, it tried to connect the call but dropped before it could ring. No network detected. Lynn pressed on Sam's number but knew the same thing would happen. It wasn't their numbers that were the problem. It was hers.

Her phone didn't technically exist there so of course her number didn't either. Lynn stuffed it back into her bag and paced around the room. How was she supposed to contact them now? Maybe the front desk would let her use their phone? But the real question was: would they take her call? Lynn shook the disparaging thought from her head. No. She'd make them. She had to. If she didn't then her fear of them hating her enough to force her to face the Supernatural world alone – marked by Azazel no less – would be her own damn fault and that wasn't an option. And if they wouldn't give her a chance over the phone, well, she knew where they were ultimately going.

Lynn continued to pace while trying to think of how to reconcile the situation when she caught a glimpse of her burnt arm in the mirror to see the symbol appear so strikingly against her paler flesh. Lynn grabbed the aloe vera ointment Sam left for her on the sink and gently applied it along the brand. It absorbed the moisture well and felt very relieving to her skin. Lynn carefully unraveled the gauze and lightly wrapped it down her arm, making sure to leave it loose enough for the wound to breathe. Once that was done, she needed a plan. No more pacing to allow the fear to hook itself deeper into her. No more tears over what she can't undo. There was a time and a place and right now it wouldn't help anything.

She took several deep breaths and pushed it down. All of it. From experiencing the series finale to traveling in the lightning storm to everything that happened with the real Sam and Dean. Lynn pushed down the overpowering emotions that kept demanding attention and began to bury them under what she needed to do. It's what she always did and for the most part it always worked.

As she inhaled again, the front door began to shake as though a violent wind was pounding against it. Lynn jolted backwards, half expecting it to explode into thousands of painful shards, but the outer sides began to glow a vibrant gold. In the next moment, the door burst open for Sam and Dean to charge through. Lynn stared with her jaw dropped and they stared back in just as much shock.

"Holy crap!" Dean exclaimed in a huff.

"It worked." Sam kept his eyes fixated on Lynn as a small smile uncontrollably spread across his face. "We made it."

Lynn was barely aware of how much her eyes were beginning to burn until she finally let herself blink. This was not the Sam and Dean that left her in the motel earlier that day. They both had their perfect five o'clock shadows and flannel shirts, Dean didn't have the Samulet or leather jacket and Sam had his iconic longer hair. These were not the Season 1 Sam and Dean that she had spent the last 10 days with… they had to be from at least Season 13. The how and the why parts though, that's what immobilized her.

"Hell yeah, we did. I told ya we'd find her, Sammy." Dean said as he turned around to wipe off the blood sigil on the door and shut it behind them.

"It's really you," whispered Sam, his smile almost pained.

Dean strode right up to her and gathered Lynn in his arms. She didn't know how to react until her feet were lifted off the ground. She clung to his broad shoulders beneath his dark canvas jacket and released the captured air in her lungs the moment Dean tucked his head into her fallen curls, kissing her temple. His embrace was so strong; Lynn could feel the pure joy in every muscle that tightly held her. Dean placed her back on the ground and adoringly cupped her face in his hands. Lynn was enthralled by the tremendous emotion swirling in his hazel green eyes and by the full smile that carried his words.

"You have no idea how good it is to see you." Dean's voice almost cracked as he smoothed the hair around her face. "We missed you so damn much."

Lynn gulped, trying to regain moisture in her recently closed mouth. Dean's right hand moved to the back of her neck while the other wrapped around her mid-back to bring her into his chest for another hug. It was as though he needed to feel her with him, and she closed her eyes when he rested his chin on the top of her head.

It's when she soon felt his kiss linger in her coiled waves, that she heard Sam clear his throat and softly urge, "Uh Dean, we have to, um…"

"Right." Dean pulled himself away and took a few steps back to stand next to Sam. "Yeah, erm, we need to get her blood. You have the incantation?" Sam nodded as he reached into his jacket pocket and unfolded a small piece of paper. "And the ring?"

"Yeah, Dean. I got it all."

"Good, 'cause we only got one shot." Dean replied, taking out his pocketknife as Sam reached for a small black pouch inside his jacket.

Lynn watched, completely and helplessly lost as to what was happening in front of her. Later Seasons' Sam and Dean just burst into the motel room time travel style after Season 1's Sam and Dean left her in it sometime before, and they're talking about needing her blood?! Blood that was somehow involved with an incantation and a ring?! Nope. Too much. Officially too effing much.

"What's happening?!" Lynn shouted. "What the actual fuck is happening?!"

"Lynn, it's ok," Sam's voice was low and soothing, like he knew what tone to use, which only put her more on edge. "We just need –"

"To explain what the actual fuck is going on!" She finished for him. "I was getting ready to explain to the now you's what the actual fuck I had done when you you's burst through the door from, what? Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years from now? Like that's the obvious thing to happen next?!" Lynn took a breath to collect herself, but her mind was flooding with too many thoughts and trying to wade through them felt like drowning. "I mean, I guess it makes sense on your end, but you know what? Not on mine! And how everyone is so weirdly calm about time travel makes no sense! Every time it happened people should've been freaking out! I mean, Kevin had the right reaction when he first got hold of the monster tablet, so I'll scream again: What's happening?! Because I can't!"

Lynn's voice broke as the emotions she was burying found their way out of the uncovered grave she dropped them in. "I just watched you end… and then I was here! I'm somehow here with you, in the beginning, where you're real, and it hasn't even been two weeks, but I lost you – only not maybe? – because I don't know what I'm doing! I don't know how to do this or why this even…"

She trailed off into muffled cries the moment she was in Sam's arms. He held her close against his chest, one arm wrapped fully around her torso and the other cradling her head. Sam tenderly rubbed his fingers in continuous circles from her scalp to the base of her neck while his other hand lightly stroked up and down her ribs to help guide her lungs to even out her breathing. Lynn felt herself calm at his touch and when he placed his cheek on the top of her head, she sighed and completely relaxed into him.

"I'm sorry, you're right that was…" Sam's soothing voice briefly trailed off in order to take his own meditative breath. "That was way too much way too fast, it's just, we're on a time crunch and need to make sure that you're taken care of and-and safe."

"Safe?" Lynn mumbled into his warmly layered chest. "Missed me. One shot. Time crunch," listed Lynn. She opened her eyes and lifted her chin up to catch his gaze. "I'm dead, aren't I?" She turned to see Dean walk over to them with an aggressively anxious head shake and moaned, "That's why you're here. I died whenever you are."

"You didn't die, you…" Dean tried but seemed like he didn't know what word to use.

Sam brought both his hands down to hold her waist in their hug and finished, "You're gone and we're here to make sure that –"

"We can bring you back." Dean took his turn completing the sentence with a reassuring grin.

Lynn's eyes widened and stepped away from them. "Gone? That is so much worse. Gone means way too many different things. At least dead means dead, mostly. How am I "gone"?" Neither answered. They just stared at her awkwardly. "Really? Nothing! When are you from? How are you here? What do you have to do that's gonna help you bring me back?"

"That's something we can kinda explain," replied Dean.

He looked to Sam, who got out the ring from the pouch and held it to Lynn. She glanced at the glistening band to see that it was a type of metal she didn't recognize. It resembled platinum yet had a subtly dark shade within that somehow had a fleeting blue sheen if caught in the right light. Of course, that wasn't the most mystifying part. The etchings perfectly carved into the slender band were jet black as though the deeper layer into the metal was black titanium. Lynn rolled the ring with her fingertips to see that there were four symbols, and each was repeated once, but she didn't recognize them. What were they? Not Enochian. Not Wiccan. Not Runic. Not any kind of ancient symbol that she knew or remembered from the show. But they were beautiful, artful even. They had to be original creations. Maybe from Rowena?

Lynn glanced back up when she felt Dean take her hand and hissed when he pricked her finger with the sharp tip of his pocketknife. "Ah!" She winced as he held her finger over the ring. "Warnings are good too, ya know."

"Not with you." Dean almost chuckled.

She frowned at him while Sam took the ring back and aligned it under her finger. The first drop landed on the symbol that made Lynn think of angel wings. The second fell on the symbol next to it and so on for each symbol. Blood filled every etching and once it was done, Sam slipped the band onto her right ring finger. Unfolding the paper from his pocket, Sam recited the incantation.

"Nunc tenetur in sanguinem,
Ex spiritu protectum est,
Hac restitutus Eris.
Per tempus ligatum,
Oriatur et revertatur.
Oriatur et revertatur."

At least she knew that was Latin. Lynn's attention was suddenly brought back to the ring when its dark etchings began to glow a brilliant and flaming gold. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was clearly enough. Sam and Dean's expressions were so full of relief and delight that Lynn couldn't help but reflect their smiles.

"Not to be a stickler," Or hypocrite. "But you didn't actually explain anything."

They both chuckled and nodded as Dean said, "This is gonna be interesting."

They sat down opposite her on the edge of the bed and intently stared. Lynn gave them a minute or two, thinking they might need it to figure out how they would tell her everything, but all they did was keep their eyes fixated on her. Lynn felt herself slightly shifting in her seat on the other bed. Is this what they felt like when she stared at them? It seemed to be along the same vein: devotion, trust, admiration, love. Unconditionally so. But there was also a longing that must have covered the years she hadn't spent with them yet. Years, if she was being honest, she wanted more than anything to spend with them.

"So, I'm gone, then." Lynn mused. "Like trapped somewhere? Is it a Purgatory or Apocalypse World situation?" When they didn't answer, faces scrunching in awkward silence, she continued to guess. "Was I lost through a rift? Thrown into the Empty? Possessed by a demon or angel?" She took a scared breath and released the last idea. "Sent back to my reality?"

Dean clenched his fists resting on his knees and cleared his throat before answering, "No, no. Okay, look, it's not anything that cut and dry."

Lynn squinted and replied, "So it's bigger and worse than all that… So much so that you had to travel all the way back to the beginning in order to save me?" When Dean half-nodded, she asked, "Is it safe to assume that "gone" has to do with cosmic forces?"

"We can't get into that, Lynnie. You know the deal. As little info about the future as possible so nothing changes. What matters is that we made it here to cast the spell that will save you."

She rolled the ring over her finger, staring back at Sam, and said, "I must've been gone a long time."

"Why would you think…" asked Dean, glancing at his brother.

"Because if Sam stares at me any harder, he's gonna drill a hole in my head."

Dean bumped him on the arm with his elbow, snapping Sam out of it. "Oh, sorry. No, I just – uh…" He softened his stare and tried to smile. "It feels a lot longer than it has been and… it's just so good to see you. I – We missed you. More than…"

Lynn saw his eyes begin to glisten with tears before Dean repeated himself in order to steer Sam back on track. "Look, the most important thing with us being here with you now, is the spell-work in that ring."

"He's right," confirmed Sam, clearing his throat to explain. "It's the key to bringing you back, but in order for it to work at full power you have to wear it for at least ten years. And we need it to reach at least full power." Lynn widened her eyes as he continued to say, "So you can never take it off, Lynn. For any reason, ever. It's what will always bring you back to us –"

"But if you take it off, for any reason for any length of time, then it might not work at all." Dean added. "And like Sammy said, we need it to work."

Lynn slowly nodded though her expression did not hide the fact that she was still confused. "I understand that I can't ever take it off for it to work, but I don't understand what it's supposed to do; full power or not."

Sam scooted forward a bit and replied, "So get this, if someone decides to throw an origami bird out of a skyscraper window on a windy night to see if it can fly –"

"They're stupid," Dean grumbled. "Like this analogy."

"Dean!" Sam took his turn to elbow his big brother hard in the ribs before continuing, "The origami bird is going to be taken by the wind and the dark and be gone forever. There's no way to get it back if that someone changes their mind about throwing it out the window. But," Sam's face started to light up as he reached over to take her hand and twist the ring on her finger. "If someone else was to tie a string to it and hold on to the other end when it's thrown to the wind, it won't be lost. It won't stay gone because we can pull it back inside safe and sound."

Feeling her lips curl into a grin while her fingers curled with his to claps hands, she replied, "It tethers me to you."

He sighed through an open smile at her understanding while Dean rolled his eyes. "Ok, so I guess we're sticking with that then."

"Yeah, Dean, because it makes sense. Unlike yours."

"Whatever," griped Dean as Sam leaned back to sit parallel to him again.

Lynn never kept her eyes on the ring and its sigils for long. She kept analyzing the Winchesters, trying to figure out when they were from in order to piece the big picture together. The brothers weren't confused or thrown by any of her references which proved to her that they had to be from at least thirteen years into the future.

"Ok, and if it takes at least ten years to work, then you have to be from farther in the future than that."

"Uh, yeah, but we really can't get into that," replied Sam.

"Why not?"

"Told you. It's the butterfly effect, Lynnie." Dean responded with a cutely stubborn smirk. "Can't risk changing anything if you know too much."

Lynn raised her eyebrows and argued, "Really? You're worried that me knowing too much will change things? You do know where I'm from, right? We've had that conversation by your point in time?"

Sam nodded and explained, "Yeah and that's why. You don't know what you're going to change because of everything you know now, but we know how you'll change things and what that means."

"We can't risk it. Hell, that's the whole friggin point." Dean ardently said.

Lynn heard their words but wasn't convinced. If she knew when, she could piece the big picture together. She could change it all for the better. Fix things for them in more ways than she already would, apparently. For as many other questions that she had, the loudest in her mind was when and Lynn couldn't let it go. She kept her gaze focused on Sam since Dean never aged like an average or even normal human. Although, it wasn't Sam's face that showed the passage of time. Not overall.

"You need to understand what you mean to us," Sam passionately told her. "It's not about when we're from, Lynn, it's about making sure we don't change anything to get there because you've done more for us than anyone else ever has in our whole lives."

She heard his words, but when she was this hyper-focused with tunnel vision at the max, it was like listening to someone underwater.

"From what I remember, this is when we had our first – um – fight, I guess, so it might not seem like all that's true but trust us, Lynn, there's nothing we wouldn't do for you." Dean confidently assured. "You mean more to us than anybody else. Present company included." He nudged Sam with a laugh, but Lynn barely noticed.

"Lynn?" Dean called out to her. "Lynn, what're you –" She noticed him now, and he was not pleased upon realizing what she was doing. "Really? There are more important things than Sam's hair!"

"There's nothing more important than Sam's hair!"

Sam furrowed his brow, running his fingers through the thick strands, and asked, "Wait, you were trying to figure out when we're from by the length of my hair? Seriously?"

Lynn shrugged and replied, "Yes. I need to know – and love your hair – that much."

"Wow," Dean sighed, rubbing his hands over his face with an uncontrolled grin. "You were never exaggerating on having a – how'd she put it?"

"An insanely unhealthy attachment to us." Sam answered, his eyes shining with memories Lynn hadn't experienced yet. In the midst of Dean's deep chuckle, Sam held up a finger and snickered, "One that reaches a certifiably obsessive level."

"Never thought that included figuring out when we're from by your friggin hair!"

Lynn felt like her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. "Hold on! I actually told you that? In the exact words I use to describe my love for the show to strangers? And you… like it?"

"Well, to be honest, we didn't believe you at first and then you kept proving it in ways that were just –" Dean had to stop to laugh, waving his hand at her and clarified, "It's crazy but awesome. You're awesome, so hell yeah we like it!"

"We love it, Lynn." Sam wholeheartedly admitted. "We love you."

Lynn gulped back the emotions begging to spill out of her and softly asked, "Really?"

"Really? Lynn did you not just hear everything we said to you?"

"Or was Sam's hair too distracting?"

She titled her head toward Dean and leered at him. "I heard enough. All flattery and no facts." Her leer turned into a smile when the brothers started to get riled up. "Is that the trick? Lots of verbal affection to soften the blow of dark truths? Because I clearly did a crap job today."

"She didn't hear us," Dean said, glancing at his brother. "Not a word." He leaned forward, bent arms on his knees, and opened his hands for her. Lynn reached out and marveled at how perfectly they fit into his palms. Her whole hands could fit inside of his and they were so warm as they held her. "Lynn, you're in the very beginning with us, the real us. There's gonna be a learning period because you're not in the show; you're in our world."

"Our reality." Sam echoed, compassion in his voice.

Dean nodded, rubbing his thumbs over her knuckles, saying, "Sometimes you can't tell us things to protect us, sometimes it's to spare us pain. Sometimes you don't know how to tell us and when it comes out, we don't react well."

"Don't react well?" Lynn shamefully whispered. "Sam was so angry and betrayed he yelled at me and you…" She looked down at their hands, squeezing him in apology. "I made you cry. I hurt you both so much that you had to leave."

"Yeah, we overreacted a bit," replied Dean. "But we'll get over it and it'll be fine."

Lynn tilted her head and frowned at him. "How?"

"Nope! Nuh-uh, not gonna happen. That's all you. Wouldn't change a thing."

"You wouldn't?" she genuinely asked, looking at both of them deeply. "There's nothing that you would change? That you wish happened differently?"

Dean closed his eyes and grinned. Letting go over her hands, he got up from his seat on the bed and switched over to the other to sit on her left side. Dean looped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into him so her head would rest perfectly under his chin. Lynn wriggled beside him, trying to get as close as possible but unsure what was… expected? Dean must've been so used to this kind of (for lack of a better word) cuddling with her that he scooped up her left leg to drape over his right so she could just melt in relaxation against him. Lynn actually hummed as she fell into their mold and smiled when Dean's deep chuckle vibrated in her ear.

"Big picture, no. I wouldn't change a single second of our lives with you. Remembering everything, Lynnie you're the most important person in our lives. You made our lives." Dean's voice was so certain, so smooth in its depth, that Lynn found herself holding onto him and closing her eyes to feel his words. "Little picture, sure, there's crap I'd wanna change. Mistakes I made, wrongs I've done, pain I caused. But if fixing even one of those breaks something else – something I wouldn't want to happen differently – I'd never forgive myself."

"Because if that something else was you…" Sam softly said. "You didn't just change our lives for the better, Lynn, you changed us for the better. All of us." Lynn's eyes fluttered open to look at Sam as he finished, "All those little pictures make up the big picture and you're the most important part. There's no one else in our entire lives that's done more for us. That's been more to us."

"And there's nothing we wouldn't do for you, Lynn."

She sniffed back the honored tears of overwhelming love and said with a small smile, "That was quite the chick-flick moment."

The brothers huffed out a laugh the moment Lynn's smile widened across her brightening face and Sam replied, "Yeah, well, we love chick flicks."

"Hell yeah we do." Dean gathered her more into his arms and called out, "Get in here, brother."

Lynn felt Sam sit on the other side of her and immediately stretched over to pull him into the hug. They enveloped her completely. Two giants smothering her with love. Being so closely – so fully – pressed between them was something she never thought she'd experience. Not like that and it was exactly what she needed. Inexplicably traveling to them at the start of their long journey and spending 10 days with them, while astounding was also riddling her with anxiety. So to have them travel to her from so far into the future when she needed them the most… Lynn gripped them tighter, never wanting to let them go.

"Ok," Dean softly grumbled. "Hate to do this but…"

"Yeah, yeah." Sam rasped out, nodding into her curls. "We gotta get back."

Lynn straightened her back in between them and clasped her fingers tighter into their jackets, staring back and forth to hold their gazes. Dean's green hues glistened in strength and Sam's hazel swirled in a storm of emotion, while Lynn felt as though her deep browns were bubbling like magma in a silent plea to keep them with her. But as quickly as the burn glazed over her eyes, it faded into cool acceptance when she felt the ring against her finger. It's what will always bring you back to us, Sam said. Lynn felt herself start to smile. It will tether me to them. I will always be with them.

Lynn deeply sighed and released her hold of the brothers. She placed her hands on their legs in order to hoist herself to her feet and walked to the center of the room. They followed, watching her as if there was something else they needed to say.

"Lynnie, uh, there's just one more thing that we need you to promise us," said Dean.


They smiled and Sam told her, "You gotta promise not to tell us about this."

"Ever," added Dean.

Lynn squinted in confusion and asked, "You mean the now you's? When I meet up with my you's again, I can't tell them about you time-traveling here to save future me with this?" She held up her ringed hand and they nodded.

"Exactly. You see, we didn't know about any of this until it all happened so if we know beforehand –"

"Butterfly effect. Got it. I promise."

Dean smiled and said, "That's our girl."

She smiled back, watching as they went to the front door. Dean pulled out a small vile of blood from his inner jacket pocket and poured it into his cupped hand. Sam unfolded a different piece of paper and held it up for Dean to draw in the blood. Lynn noticed that it wasn't like the symbol that their grandfather used for time travel; it actually looked along the same vein as the sigils in her ring. If she was still in her reality, Lynn would've guessed someone found a thread of such unique symbols on Pinterest. They were certainly prettily detailed enough.

When they finished and Dean started wiping the blood off his hand, Lynn walked up and traced her finger in the air above the sigil. "What are these symbols?" asked Lynn, spinning her ring around her finger. When they hesitated to answer, she added, "Without giving me too many details. I just don't recognize them, which is weird because they're so unique."

Dean frowned and pursed his lips, looking to Sam to give her an answer. "I guess they're technically a mix of things. Men of Letters' original spell-work made from ancient runes and collected grimoires; all manipulated by Rowena." Sam smiled when Lynn lightly laughed and held out his hand for hers. Lynn's small hand fit perfectly in his large palm as he gently took the ring in his fingers. "Each sigil represents something to help tether you to us. Restoration, protection, connection, and perception." He spun the ring as he told her and Lynn knew when she had the time, she was gonna analyze the hell out of them.

"They're beautiful," she breathed as Sam slid his hand out from under hers. "And the one on the door?"

"Safe travel through a powerful portal that will guide us to specific place in time," Dean answered in a tone that sounded like he was repeating something that someone else had told him.

Lynn nodded as they stood in front of her, door behind them now. They all knew it was time – that they had to leave her – but saying goodbye was painful even if it wasn't really goodbye. Feeling her heart pound its way from her chest to her throat, Lynn couldn't help but ask, "Where's Cas? Why didn't he come with you? And Jack, is he ok?"

This time, it wasn't hesitation she saw on their faces. After watching them over and over and over again for 15 years, she knew that expression well. It was that initial moment of fear that darkens their eyes before fading into the background of a lie.

"They couldn't come," Dean answered her. "Jack had to power the spell on our end and Cas stayed behind to protect him."

Sam gulped and nodded in response to Dean. "They're ok, Lynn. Everything will be ok once we get you back. And when we do, they can tell you how much they missed you in person."

She felt her stomach drop at what that really meant. Was Jack risking his life to do this spell? Were they in imminent danger and that's why Cas had to stay behind? Were they hurt because of what made her gone? Or worst of all… No. Lynn breathed through the panicked adrenaline of a thought she wouldn't let form. Whatever they really meant, she would make it all right. They would make it all right. Together. That's why they were here with her now. And as Dean told her, I wouldn't change a single second of our lives with you.

"I guess I'll see you soon then. All of you."

They smiled at her, genuine smiles of pure love, and stepped closer to pull her into a hug. She felt them cling to her, burying their faces into the crooks of her neck, and she smiled into their shoulders. Lynn heard them sniff back tears and let her own roll down her cheeks to be absorbed into their jackets.

"I love you both," she softly cried.

They smiled against her thick tendrils, chuckling as they let go to stand in front of her. Sam and Dean glanced at each other before looking back at Lynn. "You know, this is the first and probably only time we'll ever be able to say this and know without a doubt that it's true," Dean said to Sam. "And we don't have enough time to bask in it."

Sam laughed in agreement and replied, "It's worth it though."

"Hell yeah, it is."

Lynn blinked at them, completely lost, and asked, "What's this now?"

They widely smiled, tears brimming their eyes, and each held one of her hands. "We know how much you love us, Lynn." Sam told her, his voice threatening to break. "You love us half as much as we love you."

She lost all air in her lungs and uncontrollably started shaking her head as new tears stung her eyes. Dean squeezed her hand and said, "You've known us for 15 years, but you haven't known us for 15 years."

"But we've been with you for 15 years, Lynn. So, trust us." Sam revealed, allowing her emotions to spill from her eyes.

"From when we are to where you are right here, trust us. We love you more than you love us."

"That's not possible," Lynn cried through her elated smile. "I… No one's ever…"

Dean leaned in to kiss her forehead and Sam bent down to kiss her cheek. She brought their hands to her chest, kissing their knuckles before they wiped away her tears. Sam and Dean forced themselves away from her and turned to the door. Together, they recited something that Lynn recognized as Enochian and the door began to brighten with the same flaming gold as when they entered. After the incantation was complete, they looked over their shoulders to catch her eyes one more time.

Dean winked and Sam grinned. "See ya soon." They held up their hands with the sign language for 'I love you,' and opened the door, disappearing into the blinding light.

And so, Lynn was alone again in the motel room after watching Sam and Dean leave through the door. She didn't know how long she stood there staring, but she didn't pace, and another tear didn't fall after they had wiped the salty droplets from her face. Nothing had to be buried and she didn't have to be scared because she didn't lose them. Lynn smiled and spun the ring on her finger. She knew what she had to do now.

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