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Wendigo - Part 1

"Hot Blooded" by Foreigner began to play and Lynn felt a twinge of a smile pull at her lips. She shifted in her seat, very softly singing along, and tried to continue writing in her new journal. It was dark brown and genuine leather with an encircled pentagram vertically between two crescent moons on the cover. It was a special find and Lynn decided that she would need it to remember everything Sam and Dean would have to face as well as a safe outlet for what she was going through. Lynn put her pen to the top of the page and breathed life to what she had been keeping buried.

It's been 10 days since I got here and after everything that's happened, I still haven't told Sam and Dean the truth about me. I honestly don't know how to which makes me wonder if I should. I'm afraid that if I tell them they won't believe me or worse – they'll hate me. The one thing I do know is that I won't emotionally survive if they hate me. Turns out I don't care if I have to navigate the Supernatural world on my own. Hell, I survived mine alone. It's being in it alone here with the knowledge that Sam and Dean don't care whether I live or die… or hoping that I die because they hate me. Very dangerous thought. Paralyzes me with fear.

Bright side, they don't hate me right now. If anything, they seemed to be very attached to me! There are no words to describe how much I love that. A few days ago, I mentioned that I needed to get some new clothes since I'd been wearing the same outfit for almost a week and, well, gross. Their faces. PRICELESS! I love them so much sometimes it truly feels like I'm going to spontaneously combust. Dean was wonderful with driving me to a few places (Target mainly, but also Payless and a couple thrift stores) to get everything I needed. And Sam was so sweet with helping me shop; pushing the cart and watching my stuff when I tried stuff on and just being Sammy. So now I have enough to make it look like I have a full wardrobe when really, I can fit it all into one duffle bag. They're weirdly impressed with my packing skills and kept thanking me with how fast I am at shopping. Seriously, they're so freaking cute! I keep wondering when I'm gonna stop fangirling over them – over all of it – and then Sam will have a nightmare about Jessica. Or Dean will talk about finding their dad. Or they'll both start asking me questions. And the fear sets in again.

How do I tell them everything? Especially now? It's SO early in their story… their journey together. They trust me now, which feels like a miracle in itself because I don't feel like I've earned it, but if I tell them – tell them in the wrong way – what if they don't trust me anymore? Lynn scratched her pen over the paper because no words seemed to be able to describe the frustration she felt with the situation she was in; a situation she was burying herself deeper into. Taking a breath, she tried writing again.

I know that I have to tell them. That if I'm going to keep their trust, their friendship, their loyalty and love, then I have to be honest. I have to be brave. I've just never cared about anyone – or anything – this much and to think I could lose it is more terrifying than the thought of never getting back to my reality. And that's a whole other thing.

Lynn moved her arm to turn the page and winced when she did it too fast. It was the first time that Lynn forgot about the burn on the side of her forearm. She angled it up to check her loosely bandaged gauze and this caught Dean's attention.

"You ok? Need me to re-wrap it?"

She smiled at him and replied, "Thanks, but it should be fine until we reach Lost Creek." Lynn looked over at Sam's sleeping face and softly said, "I'm worried about him."

"Yeah, me too."

As the last chorus of "Hot Blooded" played, Sam was jolted awake by his nightmare. He glanced around, trying to shake off the sight of Jessica's grave brought on by his guilt and grief, and Dean and Lynn staring at him in concern wasn't helping.

"You ok?" asked Dean, keeping his eyes on the road while Sam rubbed his own.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Another nightmare?" Dean pried, disbelieving.

Sam cleared his throat and ignored the question by turning around to check on Lynn. "How's your arm?"

"I forgot about it which made me move it like it was fine so now it kinda hurts, but it's still healing well."

Sam chuckled at her answer and said, "Good, I – erm – if you need help with it at all…"

"She said she's good till we get to Lost Creek," responded Dean. He glanced back and forth between them, focusing on Sammy, and offered, "But I could pull over so we could take care of the burn sooner and then you could drive for a while?"

Sam started to laugh, but when he saw that his big brother was serious, he said, "Dean, your whole life you never once asked me that."

"Just thought you might want to. Never mind."

At Dean's groan, Sam added, "Look, man, you're worried about me. Both of you are, I get it, and thank you, but I'm perfectly ok."

"Mm-hmm." Dean grumbled as Lynn rolled her eyes.

"But if you want to pull over to check on Lynn –"

"I'm actually ok. Promise." They peered at her over their shoulders and their affectionate yet unconvinced smirks made her smile. "Really, the pain is almost gone again and there was no bleeding or drainage or anything else gross. I'm good, I swear."

The brothers nodded and looked back out to the road. Sam grabbed the map from the dash and said, "All right. Where are we?"

"We are just outside of Grand Junction," answered Dean.

"You know what? Maybe we shouldn't have left Stanford so soon."

"Sam, we dug around there for a week. We came up with nothing. If you wanna find the thing that killed Jessica…"

"Gotta find Dad first."

"Dad disappearing and this thing showing up again after 20 years? It's no coincidence. Dad'll have answers. He'll know what to do. Hell, he might even know something about what happened to Lynn."

She caught Dean's eyes in the rearview mirror as he said, "Since we got nothing more to go on there."

Lynn forced a guilty smile and put her journal back in one of the front pockets of her bag. That's an opening if one was ever given in conversation. She raised herself straighter in the backseat and leaned a bit forward to say, "I may have left a few things out in fear of you guys not believing me…"

Sam and Dean twisted around to stare at her and asked, "Left out?" They glanced at each other before returning their focus to Lynn.

"We're hunters, Lynn. Our job – our lives – are about believing in things everybody else thinks don't exist. Things that should be impossible." Dean stated after turning the music down so she would hear the gravity of his words. "You teleported in front of the car in a freak lightning storm that messed with my baby's music and we gave you a ride. Promised we'd help you. And you know what the most impossible part of that whole thing is?"

"We trust you," finished Sam with a small smile.

Dean pointed at his little brother in full agreement and echoed, "We trust you. Can't explain it but the moment you were on the road with us, well… You're on the road with us, Lynn. So whatdya leave out?"

"We'll believe you, Lynn. You can tell us. Especially if it'll help us learn more about you."

Lynn stared at them, tears stinging her eyes, and took a deep breath. Don't dump it all on them at once. It's too much and you'll get too emotional. Ease into it, little by little, without lying. You can do this. "I wasn't on my way home when the weather turned, I was already home. And the where of home isn't the – um – impossible part. It's the when."

"When?" They both asked.

"Yeah, I kinda traveled back 15 years."

Shock and confusion contorted their handsome faces. She watched as they kept glancing at her and each other and out the windshield, trying to process, and after a few minutes, Dean pulled over to the side of the road. Once the Impala was parked, Dean stretched his arm over the seat to look at her head on and questioned, "Ok so you not only teleported across the country you also traveled back in time?"

"15 years?" Sam added. "As in 2020? You're from 2020?"

"Yeah, garbage year. But it – erm – it gets weirder."

"How the hell can it get weirder?" Dean almost challenged with a chuckle. "Is there uh… what? A 4-year-old you out there somewhere?"

Lynn awkwardly laughed, picking at her cuticles, and replied, "No. No, there's not because I wasn't 19 in 2020. I was 19 in 2005. Which is why I'm 19 right now."

"Wait," Sam did his best to process everything, but he knew he was definitely not grasping the scope of her truth. "So you were – are – 34; only you somehow time traveled back 15 years into your 19-year-old body through a lightning storm that also teleported you across the country?"

Lynn half-shrugged as Dean rubbed between his brows and said, "My head hurts."

Sam leaned back against the passenger door, shaking his head at the new definition of impossible. Lynn sensed that he wasn't just stunned but fascinated while Dean was flat-out floored. She shifted in her seat and prepared to tell them the last, and biggest, part of it all when Sam spoke first.

"I get why you left that out. That is, uh, that's a lot."

"Yeah, if I were you, I'd worry about how we'd handle it too." Dean compassionately told her. "Cause that's crazy. Really crazy. Even for us like…"

Lynn forcefully controlled her smile as she finished his sentence. "Dingo ate my baby, crazy?"

Dean snapped his fingers and enthusiastically pointed at her, saying, "Yes! That kinda crazy."

"Overwhelmingly crazy. But we believe you." Sam added. "And even though this whole thing just got so much more complicated and confusing, we'll still do our best to figure it out."

"Hey, it also explains why nothing was panning out, right?" Dean thought aloud as he put the car back into drive. "No witch we ever came across has that kinda magic, hex bag or not. Spirits don't do time travel. Neither do monsters. So now we can start looking in the weirder places."

Sam flipped through their dad's journal and mused, "Maybe some kind of pagan ritual or advanced type of alchemy? Or something to do with psychokinesis? Could be some form of dreamwalking…" Sam brushed through some more pages and stopped. "Or a kind of demon."

Or angels, thought Lynn.

"See? Not only did we believe you, but we're better off than we were thanks to you believing in us." Dean smiled back at her and settled more comfortably in the driver's seat. "Still nuts though."

Before heading to the Ranger Station, they got a motel room and set up inside to take care of Lynn's wound. She slowly and carefully removed the gauze, wincing as it lifted from her skin. She sighed in relief when it didn't 'weep' or bleed and immediately went to the sink to gently wash the area. Sam had gotten the water to the perfect temperature and left the aloe vera ointment out for her. Lynn enjoyed the feeling of the cool water lightly trickling down her arm, but she felt a surge of anxious adrenaline when she looked at the burn itself. The swelling was gone and the blistering had healed, but the redness… It was the first time that she was able to clearly see it. Lynn patted it dry and rushed over to Sam and Dean sitting on the beds.

Sam met her eyes first and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I didn't see it before…" Her voice waivered as she removed the hand towel. "But I don't think this is just a burn."

The brothers instantly shot up to their feet at the sight of it. The fire had burned a symbol into the side of her forearm, from the edge of her wrist down to the base of her elbow. The inflamed redness severely contrasted with her fair skin, but with it healing so well they could now see the symbol perfectly. There was a circle by her wrist bone with a deep line stretching all the way down to meet another circle at her elbow. In the center of the symbol was a large diamond created by two V's overlapping each other with circles of their own on each of the four ends.

Sam tenderly reached forward, his fingertips barely touching the healthy skin around it. Dean stared as closely as possible, disturbed at how precise it was burned into her flesh. It really did look like someone used a blowtorch to draw it on her arm. Grimacing at the thought, Dean shook his head and growled, "What the hell is that?"

"I don't know," Sam fearfully sighed. "I've never seen anything like this before."

"This happened in the fire, Sammy."

"I know, Dean, but how could –" Sam choked on the trauma flashing in his mind and reformed his question. "Why would it brand her? What does it mean?"

Lynn walked over to the mirror as Dean said, "This is the same thing that killed Mom so whatever the reason, it ain't good."

She gasped and clenched her fist, ignoring the pain in her arm and instinctively backed away from the symbol's reflection. It felt familiar for a reason and now she knew. Lynn turned to Sam and Dean, who had instantly come up to either side of her.

"I recognize this sigil," she said with a trembling breath. "It's Azazel."

"Azazel?" breathed Sam. "Who's…"

Lynn gulped and replied, "Yellow-eyed demon. Prince of Hell. Oldest Prince of Hell. One of the strongest demons to exist. Ever."

Sam panted and started to shake with rage, so he began to pace around the room. Dean stayed rigidly still and asked with a deep rumble in his voice, "A demon killed our mom? One of the strongest demons killed her and Jessica? Destroyed our family? Hurt you?"

"What happened?" Sam yelled from the door. "Before you burst in and tried to get us out before the fire, what happened?"

Lynn stammered, which made Sam sharpen his voice. "You said you chased the guy and he threatened us, so you came back. There had to be more!"

She took a deep and shaky breath in order to answer him. "He said his name was Brady. That he was your friend, or technically possessing your friend. That he was sent to kill Jessica…" Lynn trailed off at the look of utter raging despair on Sam's face. Hot tears spilled from his eyes and he aggressively ran his fingers through his hair. "He told me that Azazel sensed my arrival, and I was in his sights… and that I could either exorcise him or save you."

"We spent a week trying to find answers, trying to find Jessica's killer and you knew?" Sam yelled, the rage hitting her like a punch. "You knew that my best friend was a demon? That he killed my girlfriend? That he's working for the Prince of Hell that killed our mom! And you didn't say anything?!"

"Sam, calm down! Enough!" Dean ordered, pushing him back. He turned around to Lynn and demanded, "So all that 'gut feeling' stuff was to – what? Get us to trust you? Break things to us easy without actually letting the chips fall?"

Lynn felt a worse burning in her throat and eyes as the tears threatened to spill. She watched Dean's large drops roll down his cheeks and tried to explain, "I didn't know how to… It's not just…"

Dean shook his head. "No, you should've told us. That's not like what happened to you. This is about our family. Our whole lives." He wiped his tears and grabbed hold of Sam's shoulder. "We gotta find Dad, so stay here while we go check out the Ranger Station."

Sam violently opened the door and Dean harshly shut it, neither looking back. Lynn stood in the middle of the room, holding her branded arm and lost all strength when the sobs overtook her.

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