DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
True Chapter 5: The Princess is saved

(Continuing on from last time…)

Corrupted Demon Base/ Final floor/ Finn, Ruby

After Finn fired his shotgun, the Priest used a wave of his hand to block the shots with demonic energy from a ring on his hand and while he was knocked back from the hit, he was more or less unharmed.

Finn however wasn't irritated by that and he looked at Ruby with a smile under his helmet as his demonic flames faded for a moment.

"Give me a few minutes Ruby, I'll help you from that thing you are in and we can have a lot of fun getting you to full power." Finn said which made Ruby nod though she got a worried look on her face which caused Finn to look back and frowns when he saw the Priest forming a portal near him and some demons start to walk from it while many were corrupted, Finn's demonic flames came back as he aimed his BFG 18000 at the Dark Priest and his horde and fired, thanks to the seal around Ruby, any demonic energy was absorbed by the seal so Finn had no issues with holding back and as many demons were destroyed in the blast, the priest frowns when he used another stronger barrier to block the hit and glared at Finn as he walks toward the Dark Priest while Finn had his own frown since this could be more infuriating than hard since this guy was like a more mobile marauder since he kept moving around the room.

Even in Finn's anger leading him to chase the Priest, he knew he couldn't take too much time with this guy since Ruby was still affected by that seal in the middle of the room, he had no idea what it was for but this Dark master revival was probably something he didn't want to happen and he summoned a couple skeletal minions which surprised the Priest, guess he never heard of Finn doing this before… must be a newly ranked priest.

Finn didn't care as he tossed his shotgun and super shotgun to the two skeletal minions, thanks to them not having much power, Finn made up for it when he let them use his weapons, they had an enchantment to be recalled to him in case his minions were destroyed.

This pretty much gave Finn a bit of self help support for situations like this, sure the Skeletal minions who he called Biggs and Wedge since they worked well together in tag teaming an enemy and this showed when they got what Finn wanted when they charged the priest after Finn fired another BFG blast at the priest.

Thankfully for the skeletal duo, thanks to them being summoned behind the seal holding Ruby they were shielded by the seal and as the blast fades after the Priest used another shield, the skeletal duo bum rushed the priest with the guns at the ready while Finn pulled out another weapon of his, the Chaingun, a multi-barrel weapon that can rapid fire bullets once it was fully revved and as a result he was unleashing all the chaingun ammo he had on the Priest as he was forced to block the hits while he used a summoning to summon a couple Whiplash demonesses who charged the Skeletal minions, though their heads were blown clean off when the skeletal minions could tell where they were slithering and aimed their guns and they used the modifications on them to do interesting moves.

The Super shotgun had a meathook that launched towards the Whiplash and the Super shotgun gave the coup de grace and the Shotgun was outfitted with an explosive round that hit the whiplash on the face and as it stuck for a moment to her head, it blew up which well… blew the whiplash's head to smithereens.

This really caused the Priest to frown when he saw this and knew that unless he did something drastic, he wouldn't be able to take Finn and grins when he had a good idea… it would cause a setback of sorts since there would be a need to gather more energy but with the Slayer out of the way it would be worth the setback and he summoned a few more demons to distract the trio, a couple Nightosphere Knights that were corrupted and cybertized, this pretty much gave them serious durability and Wedge was sliced in half thanks to one demon withstanding the super shotgun bullets, thankfully Wedge and Biggs could be recalled since they were technically dead.

Biggs on his end went to try and attack the priest but he was smashed into pieces when he was hit from behind when the Nightosphere knight used Finn's super shotgun against him.

This caused Finn to frown while he recalled his guns while he used his BFG 18000 to hit the closest Knight, thankfully the damage the two took was enough to end them, downside was that Finn couldn't get the orb of destruction anywhere close to the Dark Priest as he continues his incantation and before Finn could even grab another weapon, he was hit from the side by a large beam of demonic energy and for a second thought Ruby was attacking him given the feel of the energy but A, that was impossible, and B, he saw the priest manipulating the corpses around Finn to make a flesh caccoon around Finn which pinned him against a nearby wall with demonic flesh and cybernetics.

Finn growls as he tries to break free but the flesh and cybernetics pinned him in place as the Dark Priest chuckles as he floats towards Finn.

"Well, Well… the Slayer… pinned by demonic flesh and technology… augmented by the Sex Demon princess's magic… oh the irony even if it means I have to start over with gathering energy from scratch… any last words Slayer?, might as well let you say goodbye since I heard rumors you are a lover of the Succubus Princess." The Priest said though before Finn could speak, Finn and the priest heard a new voice to the priest but familiar to Finn.

"Might as well say get away from our man than!" A female voice said as the priest was blasted to the side from a surprise attack and he dropped his staff and Finn was surprised to see the Three succubuses he fed flying into the room as the healthy trio flew in front of Finn while the healthiest of the trio grabbed the staff and with a quick move of her wrist as the Priest tried to get to his feet, Finn was freed from the binding of flesh and cybernetics and he looks at the trio who smiles at him.

"What?, think we would let a primo guy like you get killed?... might as well let you give the killing blow before we get our princess out of that seal." The lead Succubus said as Finn nodded and he approached the slowly cowering Dark priest.

"W-Wait!, I can give you power!, women!, anything!" The Priest said as he tried to beg for his life though Finn aiming his super shotgun at his neck did cause him to gulp and sweat up a storm.

"Just fucking die." Was all Finn said as he pulled the trigger and the neck of the priest was pretty much blown clean off and the head of the Priest fell to the ground and after Finn got the crown as some kind of trophy, he lifts his foot and smashed the priests head and in some kind of domino effect, the seal binding Ruby was dispelled and she was freed though she was still weakened from the serious drainings she experienced while Finn rushed to her side after storing his guns and the crown for later.

"Ruby!, oh thank Glob I managed to get to you in time." Finn said as he held Ruby carefully while the Succubus trio floated to be near Ruby with worried looks on their faces while Ruby smiled at Finn.

"No worries… better late than never Finn." Ruby said while Finn frowned as he used a hand to remove his helmet.

"Maybe, but when I heard you were kidnapped I thought the worst, thankfully Lillum was able to send me here with a portal in front of their door once she located you, she is still trying to get in contact with Dad by the time I was sent here." Finn said while he talked about Emerald and Ruby chuckles a bit.

"Hehe, I'll bet papa will greet us with a panicked look on his face… wish I could be presentable when we meet again but I doubt I would have enough time to recover the energy lost." Ruby said while the three succubuses smirk.

"Well… considering we helped you and Finn… why don't we do what Finn did when he helped us recover and have a bit of fun to celebrate before we leave?" The healthiest Succubus said while Finn blushed a bit since he was not rushed anymore right now so well… seems Finn was pretty shy against an aggressive woman in this situation and the second of the three succubuses giggle when she saw that.

"Hehe, guess when not on the clock Finn here is pretty shy… well this will be interesting ladies." The third succubus said with a smirk on her face and as Finn takes a moment to chuckle nervously though he did have enough wits to use another kind of summoning but this one was more or less used to summon a familiar.

This familiar was a simple eyeball familiar, think of an eyeball with wings… pretty self explanatory… it was something that was oddly from the Nightosphere and was normally linked to a special ring that the wearer used, in this case the ring was melded into Finn's prosthetic arm so he couldn't lose the ring unless he wanted to rip his arm off.

Anyway it went to the door to guard the room and a moment later as one of the Succubuses went to hold Ruby carefully, the four ladies look to watch Finn as he fully strips from his armor when each segment starts to vanish one by one thanks to him storing the pieces of his armor away.

Once he was naked, the four Succubuses blushed when they saw Finn's fully naked body and aside his robotic arm which was made to be bulky, Finn's organic parts were fully ripped and toned under the armor.

That made three of the four Succubuses drool at the sight while Ruby smiles a bit when she saw Finn before her like this.

Honestly she didn't have the same reaction the succubuses had since she was used to seeing Finn like this and this was the first for seeing Finn fully nude and saw how strong Finn really was.

"My my… looks like our hero isn't just good looking in armor but out of it as well…" The first Succubus said while Finn blushed more.

"Thanks… though before we do anything… mind if I ask your names?, would be strange if we had more fun and I don't ask lovely ladies like yourselves for your names." Finn said which caused the trio to blush and the one with the Priests staff smirks.

"Carol." The first Succubus said while the second giggles.

"Tina." The second said while the third blushed.

"Betty… some call me Betty Jr or Betty the 2nd." The third succubus said while Finn smiles at the group.

"Nice names." Finn said when he liked each name.

"Thanks, I was named Carol thanks to being birthed near the ocean." Carol said while Tina chuckles.

"Well… not sure why but my mom liked this game that she played to pass the time before the Mushroom war happened… Border… something… forgot the rest but was named after this crazy lady from that game… not sure why though." Tina said while she gave Finn a greatly amused look while Finn sweat drops when he could possibly see that insanity if the look in her eyes were any indication.

Betty on her end rubbed the back of her head.

"Well I was named after my Great Grandmother from the past… she used to be human before she died and stuff... in order to survive she summoned my great grandfather and they hooked up and stuff to protect her when Ooo was still dangerous back then… and by dangerous I mean humans against humans more or less since those bomb things were dropping more or less at the time…. Not sure if you know him but if you know the Ice King who pals around Marceline, my great grandmother know him before he lost his mind to the crown… said his name was Simon something… Pet… petri… I can't remember the rest… anyway many say I look just like my Great Grandmother which was why I was named for her." Betty explained while she blushed at Finn.

Carol in more detail had dark pink hair and pink eyes which would explain the whole Carol name if that was all natural, she was again the shapliest of the Succubus trio even when she was drained earlier.

Unlike earlier, Finn got a good look at the trio and they had vastly different outfits thanks to them using their energy to alter their outfits.

Carol had a Royal regal looking one with a cape on her back and thigh high boots with heels.

Tina was a blond haired woman with her hair looking extra spiky and stuff while she had a different leotard like outfit compared to Carols more regal looking one, this one was more… chaotic looking with her wearing one glove that went up to her left forearm while she only wore one boot on her right leg and a shoe on her left foot, her leotard was ripped here or there tastefully while she wore a skirt to hide her lower bits.

Betty finally wore a more reserved outfit when she wore a coat over her leotard and a wide brim hat, the outfit was mostly yellow for some reason though… Finn didn't complain since he had golden locks and stuff.

Though the three succubus's didn't keep the outfits on long when they fully stripped from their clothing and while Ruby was brought over to Finn by Carol and Betty carefully and the four succubuses were licking and sucking various parts of Finn's cock while he groans at the feeling, Betty and Ruby were licking the sides of Finn's cock while Carol and Tina were working on sucking his balls good, Finn on his end while a bit shy when he is not rushed to do things but he was used to being with more than one succubus sometimes so he pets Ruby and Betty's heads while he keeps his calm as he worked to hold his orgasm back for a bit as he worked to focus some energy to his balls so he could give Ruby one intense load to feed her with.

Ruby blushed when she could sense this and eagerly licked Finn's cock more while Betty did the same and the duo helped work Finn up as Carol and Tina moved away to do something and that was please Ruby when they went to suck on her nipples, the group helped her undress earlier and were sucking at her dark brown nipples and Ruby groans from the feeling.

This went on for a bit with Ruby and Betty pleasing Finn while Carol and Tina pleased Ruby more which worked her up somewhat.

A moment later, Finn gestured for Betty to stop her actions and Betty knew why when he moved to stand in front of Ruby with his erect cock in front of her lips.

Ruby smiles when she saw this and after kissing the head of Finn's cock and licking it a few times, she opened her mouth wide and took Finn's cock deep into her mouth and like a thirsty person getting water after a few days, Ruby eagerly sucked Finn's cock thanks to how tasty it was for her.

She keeps bobbing her head and even deep throats his cock a number of times while Betty moved to rub Ruby's folds, Betty, Tina, and Carol all smirk when they send their energy into Ruby and she jolts when her figure slowly starts to fill out as her body starts to get healthy again.

Her figure however slowly did that thanks to how drained she was, her figure at the time was around A cup, really thin hips, and she even looked like her ribs were showing which showed how far she was drained… now she looked like she was at D cup thanks to how much energy she was getting from Finn and the Succubus trio and Ruby's energy was still climbing, she required more energy than the normal Succubus after all thanks to her being a royal Succubus.

It took a couple minutes of Ruby pretty much deepthroating Finn's cock constantly with a lustful look in her eyes to get Finn's cock to throb and a minute more for Finn to grip Ruby's head tightly and he facefucked her for a couple thrusts, threw his head back, and groans loudly when he forced his cock balls deep in Ruby's mouth and he came hard right down Ruby's throat which made her groan from the feeling and she worked to swallow Finn's energized load and her body worked to get a much healthier form and she was nearly back to normal.

Once Finn rides out his orgasm and tapped off with a groan, he pulled his cock free of Ruby's mouth and smiles at her while Ruby blushed as she closed her mouth and swallowed leftover bits of Finn's sperm while the three other succubuses moved away as Ruby got to her feet, she had E to F cup breasts, wide hips, a sensual round ass, long toned hips, a small six pack which showed she wasn't just a frail woman… either that or it was just for looks, and she had a better complexion with her ebony skin and she smiles more as she flew at Finn and gave him a hug around his neck while she kissed him on the lips, thankfully no sperm was on her lips or in her mouth as she and Finn made out while Carol, Tina, and Betty smile while they look at one another and smile.

Though Finn did want to reward the trio for helping him and Ruby which resulted in him summoning Biggs and Wedge again and this time they had blue spectral cocks on their skeletal bodies, currently they were around Finn's height more or less thanks to the new bones used for their bodies length and thanks to Finn using his own demonic energy to fuel their bodies, they had Finn's cock size to boot and the three succubuses blush when the two skeletal beings grin as their cocks got iron hard.

No words were said since they knew why they were summoned this time and in no time, Carol was on her back while Wedge held her thighs behind her legs near her knees while he fucked her hard in a mating press like position and Tina was fucked from behind on all fours by Biggs up the ass.

Betty was with Finn and Ruby while Ruby was getting lift up and down on Finn's cock as he fucked her pussy while Betty formed a cock from her body and was fucking Ruby's round ass hard and everyone was moaning and groaning through the pleasure they were feeling.

The Familiar didn't see anything yet on its end so it kept quiet some more while Finn, Betty, Biggs, and Wedge continue to fuck their respective partners and as this went on for a few minutes.

In the meantime Biggs was smacking Tina's ass while Wedge used a long spectral tongue to lick Carol's right nipple and even gripped it with how the tongue moved like a snake's tongue.

This made Carol and Tina moan and groan from the feeling while Finn used one hand to fondle Ruby's now fully restored bodies G cup gravity defying left breast and latched his mouth on her right while he gripped her well rounded as tightly which in turn made Ruby groan as she felt more pleasure while her pussy and ass gripped Finn and Betty's cocks hard.

This caused Betty to moan and she fucked Ruby's ass harder with rippling results thanks to Betty's pelvis smacking into Ruby's soft ass cheeks.

Ruby moans more from the feeling and she wrapped her arms and legs around Finn's body while he continued to please Ruby's body and in no time, he and Betty groaned when they pushed their cocks deep in Ruby's holes and came hard inside of her with great force.

Ruby groans from the feeling as she came on Finn and Betty's cocks while Biggs and Wedge on their ends did the same with Carol and Tina when they pushed their cocks deep in their eager holes and flooded them with demonically charged ectoplasm like sperm.

Carol and Tina groan and climaxed on the cocks inside of them and after everyone tapped off, they changed positions and partners.

Ruby was now on her knees while she stroked and sucked off Biggs and Wedge in alternating ways as Finn fucked Betty hard up the ass when he lifts and lowers her onto his cock while she was facing away from him while he had his hands on her ass and Tina was sucking off Carol after the Elder succubus formed her own cock to be around a foot long.

Tina eagerly sucked it off while Ruby made sure to please her two skeletal lovers… sometimes Finn brought them in for fourways with her getting fucked hard by the trio and was used to this kind of situation… well the orgy… not getting kidnapped….

Betty on her end was really moaning as her ass was taking the shape of Finn's cock while Finn made sure not to drop her as he thrusts his hips up so his cock barraged her ass.

Clover was moaning as she face fucks Tina and this made Tina gag while she fingers her folds.

Biggs and Wedge groan from the feeling as Ruby worked their cocks good and they used their skeletal hands to pet her head.

This caused Ruby to suck their cocks more and in no time everyone came in or on their partners one by one.

Finn forced his cock balls deep in Betty's ass and he snarls when filled Betty's ass up and Betty came hard on Finn's cock with a pleased groan.

Carol pulled her cock from Tina's mouth and stroked herself off and moans when she came on Tina's face and in her open mouth while Tina moans from the taste.

Ruby on her end brought Biggs and Wedge's cocks to her mouth when she pulled them in a bit and took both cocks deep into her mouth right before the skeletal dul groans when they came hard in Ruby's mouth with great force and glowing blue sperm filled her mouth.

One final round happened with Finn on his back as Ruby rode his cock with her pussy as she faces him, her ass was fucked by Tina while Carol was fucking Tina's ass to help Tina thrust her cock harder in Ruby's ass while Carol used the Priest staff as a brace so she could really fuck Tina when she had the staff under Tina's breasts against her torso, Betty was getting sucked off, and she stroked off Biggs and Wedge and all of them getting pleased by Ruby groan and moan and they worked to fuck or get stroked off by Ruby and it took a few minutes with Finn using his hands to fondle Ruby's breasts, Tina smacked her ass, Carol rails Tina's ass, Biggs and Wedge groan more from getting stroked off and Betty moans when she could feel Ruby's tongue work her cock more right before they all came around the same time, Betty filled Ruby's mouth with sperm and Ruby greedily drank it down, Tina came in Ruby's ass hard, Carol flooded Tina's ass with her load, Biggs and Wedge painted Ruby's breasts with their blue glowing load and Finn roars when he pushed his cock balls deep in Ruby's pussy and floods her womb with so much demonically charged sperm and that caused Ruby to groan as her eyes roll back into her head when she came hard on the cocks in her and it took a bit for everyone to ride out their orgasms.

Once everyone tapped off, everyone laid on the ground near Finn while everyone pants for breath and Ruby giggles when she snuggles up against Finn.

"Wow Finn… I really missed this… sorry for worrying you and stuff." Ruby said which caused Finn to breath in and sigh as he looked at Ruby.

"Why would you apologize?, should have been mine for not coming to help you sooner… the freaking mission I was on took way too long." Finn said as Ruby smiled at Finn and kissed him on the lips when she moved to do that.

"Better late than never Finn… though as much as I would love to lay around and cuddle… it should be better if we do this back home and stuff after we calm our parents." Ruby said while she and Finn chuckle and Ruby looks at Carol, Tina, and Betty.

"Do you three want to tag along?... you can bet your sexy asses I'm far from done and I need a bit more energy from some sexy subjects… and there are plenty of hunky guys from humans to demons that won't make you sick where we live." Ruby said with a lustful look in her eyes while the Succubus trio blush and look at one another.

"Well… we do come from the same village and can head back home later so… bet YOUR sexy ass your highness we will come with you for more fun… though hope your hunk of a human joins in as well." Carol said which made Ruby giggle.

"Oh don't worry, unless an emergency happens Finn is not going anywhere from my side anytime soon for a few days so he can rest and relax in the fun way." Ruby said when she smiles at the trio and Finn chuckles when he was reminded of Lillum from the way she smiles and knew Ruby took after her mother big time.

After everyone got to their feet or Finn in his case with everyone else floating besides Biggs and Wedge who winked at Carol and the others before they vanished thanks to Finn dismissing them for now and the Familiar as well.

Everyone got dressed in their own way with Finn summoning his armor to his body and Ruby, Carol, Betty, and Tina summoned their clothing and Ruby used a spell to make a bomb in the room and she opened a portal near the group.

"There… once we leave, this place will be destroyed, want to see the fireworks or just head back to the Island?" Ruby asked while Finn chuckles as he placed a hand on Ruby's waist.

"Personally, I just want to get back to the Island and have more fun with my sexy Succuprincess and our new friends." Finn said which made the Succutrio and Ruby blush as Ruby giggles.

"Straight home it is then." Ruby said as she, Finn, Carol, Betty, and Tina enter the portal and as it closed behind them, the magical bomb flashed and from a distance, the entire base was pretty much vaporized in a mother of all Nuke like blasts of magic and the scene fades to black as the Ruby Rescue intro Arc comes to a close.

(End of Chapter 8, next chapter is a reprieve Arc so no real action next chapter and builds into a new Arc once chapter 9 is finished.)

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