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True Chapter 4: A Disarming to remember

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Corrupted Demonic Base/ Higher levels/ Finn

Finn was working his way higher through the demonic base he was in, after he helped the three succubus women with their energy problem, Finn managed to get to the floor before the final floor and he was fighting a Marauder, a former human demonic slayer turned demonic being, unlike most demonic beings and VERY different compared to the demonic zombie beings, a Marauder was a VERY different level of pain for Finn since he had to be careful not to waste ammo fighting this guy since this guy knew how to fight like and against a human… unlike earlier Marauders who were from the Nightosphere this was a corrupted one from Ooo and he had a flaming skull for a head as well as his right arm.

For starters on the not wasting ammo part, if he tried to use his BFG 18000 or 9000, the Marauder used some kind of shield of Nightosphere energy to block the hit or the energy from the balls of deadly energy and if Finn fired any weapon his way he would do the same thing with that damned shield, and if Finn was too far, the demonic entity formed a flaming spectral hound of sorts that chased Finn and that would make him fire at it to get rid of it but that would allow the Marauder to take a few potshots at Finn which hurt like no other, sure Finn could heal and what not either with his own minions getting health items like spectral med packs or other things, but with his own demonic energy and some spells he learned… didn't mean he liked this kind of pain though… he was more of the liking pain when in the fun act kind of guy… not one who liked pain for the sake of pain itself.

The only way Finn could do anything against this guy was getting the right distance and waiting to counter an attack from the Marauder when the Marauder tries to swing his axe, the guy tried to switch things up with the shotgun he had but thanks to Finn avoiding the front of the barrel, Finn didn't give him much choice aside from the occasional summons form the flaming hound though Finn's BFG shoulder cannon quickly took it out and gave Finn a momentary moment to recover as he keeps his eyes on the demonic being.

It took awhile but Finn was able to get his super shotgun close to the Marauder's face and fired his gun which blew the Marauder's head clean off and Finn pants for breath while he summoned a skeleton to not only keep watch but to gather ammo for him while he sat on a nearby fallen machine so he could catch his breath, most of this base wasn't bad, but that Marauder was not an easy fight, again most enemies just rushed him so Finn was just able to point and shoot and boom, enemy dead, but with Marauders were a different can of worms… he was glad it was just 1 on 1… rare for him for more at once and boy he was not happy after those fights.

After he took 2 or 3 minutes to calm himself, he got up and he started to continue to the upper and final floor while the scene went back into the past to show Finn in his younger years again, a year after his mom woke.

Ooo/ Protected island/ Finn (Age: 7)

"Gah!" Finn yelled when he was knocked on his back while he dropped a toy sword that he had in hand as Emerald stands before him with an amused look.

"Hey Finn, think it's time we took five from training?, nearly lunch and stuff and your mom and Ruby are bringing the lunch soon." Emerald said which showed that right now Finn was training with Emerald right now and he was using a wooden sword of his own to block and knock Finn onto his back when he forced Finn back effortlessly… stronger than a normal kid or not, Finn was still a kid so Emerald doubted he would lose to Finn anytime soon.

Once Finn heard that, he sat on the ground while he pants, ever since he turned 7, Finn wanted Emerald to help him train so when he got older he could try and do something that could help his mom and other humans once he was older.

Emerald was surprised by that request but he wasn't complaining and in the here and now, he was training Finn on how to use a sword and stuff first, seemed the simplest thing to do for now.

Minerva and Ruby came by with lunch for the duo, Finn had a turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce and mushrooms that Ruby made him, Minerva helped her make it and Minerva gave Emerald a similar sandwich and Finn blushed a bit when Ruby smiles at him after she passed him the food, After Finn ate it, he said he liked the taste and Ruby smiles from that more which caused Finn to blush when he realized Ruby made his meal for him.

Minerva giggled at the sight while she stood near Emerald as he placed a hand on her waist and she didn't do anything to remove his hand.

It wasn't a secret or anything that Emerald normally lusted for Women being an Incubus and stuff, however it was rare for him to stick with certain ladies for long periods of time and Minerva was one of those rare few that he came back to a lot.

In fact she pretty much lived with Emerald and Lillum when they were at the Island, sometimes they came and went for a few weeks on end but sent notes or messages every 3 to 4 days and what not to tell Finn and Minerva what was going on with them.

Though most of the time Emerald was acting like a dad for Finn somewhat while Minerva raised him most of the time and Lillum acted like a step mom for Finn as well… though given Finn's small budding feelings for Ruby that he kept quiet about though it was pretty obvious, Finn never really called Emerald Dad or anything like that since it would sound odd to him somewhat but he was still happy for his mom since she seemed pretty happy with Emerald, who knows, he may call him dad sooner or later in the future but for now, it felt odd to even consider calling him that given his feelings for Ruby.

Time then passed to MUCH later, nearing Finn's 8th birthday and this would be another turning point in his life when Finn was being escorted around various by Emerald and Ruby so Finn and Ruby would know where the Human villages are so Finn, once he got older, would be able to travel to the locations and Ruby would be able to… feed… once she got older… though that was a different story entirely for the future.

For now Finn, Ruby, and Emerald all approach one of the villages so they could get a tour for Finn and Ruby.

As that happened, a demonic being with horns chuckles from far away when they noticed the trio and their gaze was on Ruby and Finn mainly.

"Hehehe… looks like easy prey with two of them…" A masculine male demon voice said which showed a Baron of the Nightosphere as he watched the trio head to the nearby human infested village and the demon grins since this would be easier than he thought.

Sure he knew about Emerald but he had two weaknesses that he carried and the demon would exploit it so that he could kill Emerald no matter how dirty the situation would be.

He looks at a couple minions with a twisted smirk.

"You know what to do… head to the village and when the moment strikes, grab those brats." The demon ordered and many things were skipped that day from a simple tour to a visit to a marketplace in the village that acted like a hub for many villages and there were even a few women flirting with Emerald.

That pretty much helped the demonic trio watching the group get close since there were other demons around so it wasn't much of an issue to get close.

Once the demons got close, once they saw Emerald going to get Lillum and Minerva a few souvenirs and lunch for Finn and Ruby, the demons snuck up on Finn and Ruby and before they could react, they were hit on the back of their heads and were taken by the two weaker demons as the main demon boss left a note for Emerald under a rock, honestly the kidnapping was so sudden that no one really noticed thanks to many not looking their way.

When Emerald returned, he looked confused when he saw Finn and Ruby not where they were sitting.

"Finn?... Ruby?" Emerald said while he used a spell to store the items he had before he noticed the note where the two kids were sitting.

"Huh?" Emerald said when he got the note and a moment after reading it… his eyes widened and his power spiked which scared many demonic beings and humans as the scene went to a different location.

?/Protected Hub village/ ?/ Finn (Age:7), Ruby

The scene now showed Finn and Ruby while they were waking up who knows where after an unknown amount of time and Finn starts to come too with a groan while he was tied up… the kicker he was fully cocooned and upside down which was disorienting for Finn while he wondered what happened to put him here.

"E-Emerald… Ruby?... hello?" Finn said when he tried to look around the room he was in and heard chuckling near him, Finn freaks out a bit but thanks to that he spun in the air for a second and starts to look a bit green since he pretty much caused a spin like effect when he spun left till the rope got strained and Finn was rolled back and well… by the time Finn stopped, he groans when he swings weakly in the air and from his side, he saw a Mancubus lumber over and Finn was confused when he saw the oversized demon.

"U-Uh… hello?... who are you and where am I?" Finn asked while the Mancubus grins demonically and poked Finn with his barrel arm which caused Finn to swing around thanks to the light taps from the Mancubus who was amused.

"H-Hey!... c-cut it o-out… I'm going to blow chunks!" Finn warned while he looked more green than ever and before the Mancubus could poke Finn more, the Mancubus was knocked upside the back of his head when the Baron of the Nightosphere entered the room and saw what was going on.

"Oh let up on the bait you dumbfuck or you'll be cleaning the mess up." The Baron of the Nightosphere said which caused the Mancubus to rub the back of his head with his arm cannon while Finn looked confused when he recovered from the swinging.

"Bait?... Bait for what?" Finn asked when he was greatly confused as the Baron of the Nightosphere or BOTN chuckles as he looks at Finn.

"Simple… we were hired to kill the Incubus king with you and kidnapped you and your friend to get his attention, even left a note to let him know not to do anything stupid like call for help unless he wants to see his little girl in pieces." The BOTN said which caused Finn's eyes to widen and he glared at the demon.

"YOU HURT RUBY AND I'LL RIP YOU APART!" Finn roars when he tries to break free when he thrashes in his bindings while the BOTN looks amused and grins at Finn.

"Oh don't worry, once that damned king gets here and we kill him, we will let you two go hehe, maybe to slavers or something… pretty sure many would enjoy a human meal and a bitch to be trained from a young age hehe." The BOTN said while Finn glared at the demon.

"Like Emerald would lose to a loser like you!, cheap tricks like that won't work!" Finn said as the BOTN rolled his eyes and placed massive hands on Finn's side while Finn looked confused right before he was royally spun around and he screamed while the BOTN turned away from Finn and looked at the laughing Mancubus.

"Change of plans, keep spinning the kid, if he blows chunks, get a minion to clean the mess." I'll be getting that slaver here and try and get us some good gold, might as well use the kid here as the shield that will help us kill that Incubus fuck." the BOTN said with an amused tone to his voice as he walked out of the room.

As Finn stopped spinning and was getting spun more by the Mancubus which put him in a spinning hell, the scene went to a bit later to show Emerald approaching an abandoned building while he had some killed demons on the ground when they tried to stop him from entering... Idiotic mistake on their part since they were just unfortunate paid help.

When Emerald entered with a deadly look in his eyes, he saw the BOTN and the Mancubus with Finn, the catch was that while Finn was untied his right arm was in the mouth of the Mancubus and Finn was shaking when he could see the teeth inches away from his limb.

Emerald frowned when he saw this and looked at the Baron of the Nightosphere with a serious look on his face.

"What do you want and why have you kidnapped Finn and Ruby?... last I checked I shouldn't have enemies as far as I know or you a pissed off husband or something?" Emerald asked while the BOTN rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, I can have as many bitches as I want and not worry if a Incubus takes them from me since I'm not tied down by one single bitch or two, anyway me and my group were hired by many lower ranked demons in the Nightosphere from High nobles, mid nobles, and low nobles to get rid of you, I won't say much but let's just say many want to try and get you out of the way so they can take this place over, Marceline could care less on what happens to this place since she is more or less focused on the Nightosphere... it's only you and Morlock that we need to deal with and unlike Morlock you have more weaknesses to expose so let's just cut to the chase… fight back at all from what I will do and this brat here will be Mancubus chow… as for your daughter before you ask, I would be a fool to harm her, she can be grown and trained to be a high class pet for many if done right hehe… so your majesty… how will you respond?, you could fight but this kid's blood will be on your hands." the BOTN said as he slowly approached Emerald and Emerald frowned when he heard all that… at least he could try and find Ruby later… Finn however…

Emerald glared at the Baron though the way he spoke did get his attention.

"Hold on… I may get that you may want me dead and Morlock as well… but do you have any idea what you may do since there are darker forces at work?" Emerald said as the Baron chuckles.

"Like I care… now better brace yourself your highness, things are going to get painful." The Baron said as he raised a fist and slugged Emerald in the stomach with an uppercut of sorts which caused Emerald to grit his teeth as he was launched back to a nearby pillar and through it, this Baron of the Nightosphere was cybernetically enhanced so his punch was able to damage Emerald even with Emerald's magic augmenting his natural defensive enchantments.

Finn got wide eyes when he saw this and he screamed at Emerald.

"Emerald!, forget about me!, fight back!, save Ruby!" Finn yelled as Emerald picked himself up from the ground shakingly while the Baron laughed and looked at Finn.

"Hehehe, oh kid, you underestimate my groups information network, we know you and that brat of a daughter are weak points to him, it's not just because he is protective of you for being a human, but because he sees you as his own kid too boot!, you really think he would risk letting you get harmed?" The BOTN said while Finn was surprised by that but when he looks at Emerald who glared at the Baron, Finn knew the Baron was serious when he saw and heard all this… sure he knew Emerald had a thing for his mom but he didn't expect this while Emerald glares at the Baron more who chuckles at Emerald.

"Hehe, now now, don't give me that look, I'm just hired to do this, blame those people for wanting you dead." The Baron said with a smug tone as he approached Emerald and started to wail on him with a barrage of punches that knocked Emerald around while Finn kept calling for Emerald to fight back.

However with Finn as a hostage to the Baron courtesy of Finn's arm being in the Mancubus's mouth, Finn starts to hyperventilate when he sees Emerald laying on the ground while he was covered in wounds and what not.

The Baron chuckles as he slowly approaches Emerald with fists covered in Emerald's blood.

This caused Finn to pant more while he sweats big time and as the Baron raised a fist for a killing blow, he screams all of a sudden which got Emerald and the Baron's attention and when they looked they saw to their shock Finn's left hand pulled back and with as much power as he could focus into his fist thanks to his training, he cause Emerald's good eye that wasn't bruised shut to widen when Finn slugged the Mancubus in the jaw… pretty much smashing the jaw shut and as it freed Finn… it also caused Finn's right arm to be bit clean off and as the Mancubus stumbles back from that hit, before Finn lost his control from the pain, he yelled this.

"KICK HIS ASS DAD!" Was all Finn yelled and Emerald's eyes widened as Finn hit the ground and screamed from pain as the Baron growls at what just happened… although before he could even look amused a moment later, he and the Mancubus who was rubbing his chin from that sudden hit froze when Emerald's rage and power spiked and when they looked over, they saw Emerald on his feet, and his wounds were healing.

"You know…." Emerald said as he cracked his neck once.

"I would have let you two live if we could have come to an agreement if our talk went on longer without coming to blows… make deals that I could cash in that would make the cash you would have gotten from those nobles chump change… letting Finn go… giving my daughter back… telling me the names of said demons who hired you… I'm a more of a lover then a fighter after all..." Emerald said as he cracked his neck the opposite way as his wounds healed more.

"But…" Emerald said as his killing intent spikes more.

"Harming my family… taking Finn's arm… no… my son's arm… if you think I'll show mercy now…" Emerald said as he lifted his head to look at the Baron with cold seemingly emotionless eyes while Finn continued to scream in pain as he held the stump where his arm used to be.

"Then you are more idiotic then I would think if you try and plead for your lives since the tables have turned thanks to Finn's sacrifice..." Emerald as he moved with shocking speed and his fist went through the Baron's stomach and out of his back while the Mancubus was frightened beyond belief as the Baron coughed up blood.

"F-Fuck… t-to think… b-beaten by a b-brat w-willing to c-cut his arm off." The Baron muttered as Emerald was silent for a second before he spoke.

"Yeah… makes me look pretty pathetic when I needed help to kick your weak ass." Emerald said while he moved his arm in the Baron to the side and he threw the Baron through a wall and fired a ball of magic at the Baron, fully engulfing him in magical energy and he screams in agony as his skin burned away slowly, followed by Muscle while Emerald looks at the Mancubus with cold eyes and the Mancubus flinches at the gaze.

"Don't move… even think of aiming those cannons at me and your head will roll before you know it." Emerald said as he approached Finn quickly while the Baron screamed as his muscles broke down more till the Baron was nothing but a pile of bones.

Once Emerald got to a screaming crying Finn, he picked Finn up and used a spell to quickly seal the wound so Finn wouldn't bleed out, he couldn't regrow the arm since he was not a healer… well he had some healing spells but best he could do was reattach the limb but thanks to how mashed up and digested it was already in the Mancubus's stomach since they had powerful stomach acid, even if he did rip the Mancubus open it wouldn't be good… man Minerva was going to rip him a new asshole.

Emerald then looks at the Mancubus and glares at him as Finn weakly pants in his arms.

"Unless you want to end up like your boss… You will take me to where Ruby is… I know there are more of you thanks to the guards outside." The Incubus King said to the Mancubus while the Mancubus quickly nodded his head and waddled away from Emerald towards a large door and as Emerald followed with Finn in his arms, Finn passed out which ended the flashback for now.

Corrupted Demonic Base/ Final Floor/ Finn (Age: 18)

Finn at this time was approaching a large set of doors while Finn could tell Ruby was behind them, he fought another Marauder a moment ago and Finn was really pissed now since he heard that Marauder boast about him personally feeding Ruby alongside many others so she could be used more for a ritual that would be used to revive their Dark master.

Finn honestly could care less about this Dark Master and what the Marauder said but when Ruby was involved he was rushing a bit and as he approached the door, he pulled out his super shotgun and cocks it as he approached.

Once he got close to the door, he leaned back with a armored boot aimed at the door and kicked it right open and as a result, he walked inside and saw Ruby in the middle of the room in some kind of magical seal that kept her on the ground while she looked greatly weakened, her figure was C to D cup breasts, thin hips, had ebony skin though pale looking, and she was panting on the ground as more energy was drained from her while she wore an outfit similar to her mother, Ruby was the same age as Finn and Finn frowns when he saw how drained Ruby looked… he could probably guess Ruby did most of the work for the other succubuses here and this was the end result.

Though before he could do much in approaching, he heard a voice and looked to see a Priest of the Nightosphere… a rare human able to channel the energy of the Nightosphere similar to Finn but unlike Finn, A, this guy was more or less using enchanted items and this wasn't natural, and B, this guy looked corrupted when he had half of his face burning away.

"So… seems the lower floors were unable to stop you Slayer… well Slayer, I don't mind taking you on in a fight while we finish draining this bitch of her energy s-!" The priest said before he was cut off when he had to float to the left to avoid Finn's hookshot on the super shotgun and Finn was pulled to a nearby wall but used a button to have the hook release so he could get near Ruby as a result while Ruby blinks with a somewhat blurred vision that clears when she heard the name Slayer and she saw Finn flying by and landing near her which caused her to smile weakly as Finn cocked his shotgun one more time.

"Personally… I could care less on what you are planning…" Finn said as his body started to emit a red mist that caused parts of his body to burn in flames though they didn't harm him for some reason.

"But… kidnapping innocent people… draining them like this harming my Rubyyou better get ready you son of a bitch…. Because when I'm through with you…" Finn growled with raw rage in his voice as he aimed his shotgun at the Priest.

"You'll be begging to see Death by the time I'm through with you!" Finn growled in anger as he fired his shotgun and the scene flashed white from the blast before the scene faded to black.

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