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True Chapter 2: The Corrupt storm starts

(Chapter 5 is the start where Finn takes full lead here after a small plot setup to show his growth though in an unexpected way hehe.)


The scene opened to show a simple minion demon walking by a large set of wooden doors… though a moment later the door was knocked on and this confused the demon since many demons would just walk into this place, a moment later the demon went to open the door and a moment later a shotgun barrell was shoved into its mouth right before the trigger was pulled with the surprised Demon getting its brains blown out and while a few other surprised demons looked over as their now headless companion fell dead as heavy set footsteps were heard as they walked in and by the corpse through the blood that pooled on the floor and the camera pulled away and went from feet up to show green armored boots…

Green armored leggings with black lining for clothing to keep the armor from hitting the beings skin…

Green torso armor that had demonic brands on the armor were seen which glowed with a red light and emit a blood red mist every now and then with the beings breath...

The left arm of the being was covered with the same green and black armor and had its own demonic brands that glowed.

However the right arm was fully metallic and it looked like it had the freaking shotgun attached to an automatic holder so all the being did was aim and the holder did the rest automatically but the being switched the shotgun for a damned chainsaw with its own kind of demonic magical brands…

Finally on one shoulder was a specialized miniature gun that had a green glow in the barrel while the other had some kind of launcher.

Finally the being wore a helmet that showed nothing at a distance but up close in the glass like visor, there was a barely seen face and this face showed raw cold anger in the beings eyes for the now identified male… this being was Finn Campbell the human… AKA… the Demonic Slayer of the Nightosphere and right now he was attacking this demonically inhabited base for reasons that were unknown for now.

However as Finn starts to walk into the building fully, the scene flashed back to him in his childyears as he grew which showed how he went from an innocent looking child to a demonic hellspawn that many demons would cower from, fear, or flat out respect and submit to….

Ooo/ / Finn (Age: 4)

"Mommy!, Mommy!" Kid Finn called as he ran through the demonically inhabited Island that was watched by sex demons and Vampires while the occasional demon visited, Finn got a summons by his mother thanks to a communication he got from a wrist watch that he had and heard he had a surprise waiting for him at home.

Some humans came and went depending on their training over the years when some humans were made to be seekers and some were called trained to guard seekers, they were called demonic marines… an old Pre-mushroom war term that was used in this new age, seekers were genetically modified to find and capture any runaway humans and bring them back to the island for their own good if they left illegally, Demonic Marines however were humans with demonic blood or traits in them so as they went with the Seeker, they could protect said seeker and human targets just in case the demonic blood or trait gave them some kind of boost in some way shape or form that was all natural, it happened in the last 100 years that these kinds of humans were appearing so many figured it was just evolution being sped up on high speed crack that was the main reason why humans were born more and more with demonic traits and stuff.

For example some demonically traited humans had sex demon wings or vampire like fangs and stuff… some even have hooves or other parts from the demonic parent in general so in a nutshell humanity was pretty much evolving against their will to survive more in the demonic inhabited Ooo though these kinds of humans were rare compared to even seekers from the island… for every 5 seekers, there were one to two Demonic Marines more or less as a ratio type situation.

Finn however was the oddity since he was abnormally strong for a child his age and faster as well… many wondered if Minerva or her former husband before he vanished had demonic traits but Minerva had tests done and Finn was 100% human.

Though there was some kind of abnormality with the DNA test and this got the attention of Emerald and Lillum the Sex demon royals when Finn seemed to gather and generate his own demonic energy so when Finn ran to his house with a happy look on his face, he saw three people with Minerva while she wore a doctors outfit.

First off Minerva was a helper and head of the group thanks to her aptitude for the expertise so she was around many who needed medical attention, this left Finn feeling a bit lonely sometimes and he normally played with other kids his age, some even kid versions of Succubuses and Incubuses and he surprised them during some games of tag when he ran after them at faster speeds then most adults and could jump high enough to tag them high in the air in mid flight to try and avoid him… honestly it was so strange for a normal looking kid like Finn.

Finn when he got close, saw Emerald and Lillum and while he was small and innocent he did blush when he saw how nice Lillum looked and she wore a more kid friendly outfit for the visit here, there were sections of the Island where sex demons could go nude if they wanted but for places like this… full on coverage to be well mannered.

Same with Emerald though Finn noticed a kid around his age clinging to Lillum's leg and Lillum smiles when she saw Finn and got Emerald's attention.

This caused him to look at Finn and he smirks when he saw the human child.

"Ah, Finn Campbell, the amazing human kid has finally arrived, and here I thought I would have to have a search party look for you... either the timing is perfect in your arrival or you can read minds as well." Emerald said while Finn blushed when he got some good compliments from the King of Sex demons.

Though as Emerald looks at Finn and examined him, Finn saw the kid near Lillum's leg peek out at him and saw that the kid was a kid succubus, no real sexual traits obviously though she looked oddly cute to Finn.

She had ebony skin oddly enough, red hair, red eyes, and while her wings were tiny like most kid sex demons had, she had some kind of presense, though much weaker then Emerald or Lillum's and Emerald saw this and grins.

"My my… looking at my daughter like that?... pretty sure you are a bit young to look at others like that kid." Emerald teased as Finn blushed and hid his head in his shirt while Emerald laughed a bit as Lillum giggles.

"Hehe, you were right about Finn Minerva, kids easy to tease… going to be nice to have my little girl hang around him a lot." Emerald said while Finn looks confused when he popped his head from his shirt.

"H-Huh?" Finn said as Minerva smiles at Finn.

"Finn sweetie, this is Emerald and Lillum's daughter Ruby, not their firstborn but she is the most talented from what I heard since unlike her older siblings she likes to train with her parents and stuff but her parents are worried she won't make many friends since she is normally in her room reading books… they brought her here so you could play with her and possibly be friends more or less, we are also about to have an important talk and I don't want Ruby to be bored during that so mind taking her to some of your favorite spots and play some games?" Minerva asked while Finn blinks and smiles.

"Sure!, come on… Ruby was it?... I got plenty of spots on the Island that I need to show you!" Finn said while he moved to grip Ruby's wrist and she was pulled after Finn while she was surprised, thankfully for Ruby, not only was she tougher then the toughies in the succubus lineup, she was smarter than the smarties when she floats on reflex and Finn pulled her like a kite as Emerald chuckles at the surprised look on Ruby's face as a comical dustcloud was kicked up at how hard Finn was running.

"Hehe, those two are going to get along well I can tell you that much… so on serious business Minerva… you consider my offer?" Emerald asked as Minerva blushed a bit when she heard that and Lillum looks greatly amused by this… what the details of this deal could be would be unknown for now, but a year or two passed with Finn and Ruby getting along rather well… though the happy times were about to end for Finn soon as tragedy struck the Island.

That Tragady was many demons with an odd thing about them pretty much coming to the island enmasse and ignoring the Island guards commands to halt and the odd demons attacked them and as blood was shed and the gates to the island were busted wide open, many sex demons, Vampires, and humans were cut down both young and old, raped with the womens case or the occasional man, or captured as prisoners and dragged away… during the middle of this, Finn was carried by Minerva away from the carnage of the sudden attack thanks to her being one of the farthest people away and while Finn panicke in Minerva's arms as he saw so much death and destruction that he was momentarily stunned when he saw some of the odd looking demons pretty much killing some friends and families he knew and thanks to that… he saw that some of these demons had some odd bits on them… green flames of sorts or energy emitting from a limb, part of their skull, or just from their mouths and stuff.

Though before he could see more… Minerva rushed Finn into the house and thanks to some stuff done, Minerva made a secret bunker that only she and Finn could enter and exit and as Finn was set on the ground and Minerva starts to open it, she heard banging on the front door to her home and knew it was a matter of time and she looks at Finn when she gripped him under the arms.

"Listen Finn, until the sounds stop do not come out." Minerva said and as that happened, the door busts open and Finn was tossed into the Bunker while he screamed as he lands on the ground.

As he got up, Minerva shut the door on Finn though thanks to the fact that she wanted to be extra sure that the coast was clear in case things did blow over, she had a small peephole made and as she used a special lock on the bunker door to keep it closed until either A she opened it or B, 10 or so hours pass, Finn was unable to open it as he looked through the peephole and got wide eyes when he saw his mother held by the neck and saw that this demon looked like one of Marceline's demons, had a flaming green skull but the body was otherwise all of a Nightosphere Knight.

Finn was worried his mother would be killed… however he was shocked when the Demonic being licked his maw and ripped his mothers clothing off her body an while this went over Finn's head not getting the sex talk and stuff, he did know this was not good when his mother was forced against the wall and her ass was pretty much presented to the corrupted Hell Knight as he approached with a hardon that was 13 or so inches long and 3 in width.

Minerva for her age as a human had a surprisingly shapely body with D cup breasts and as well rounded but shapely ass, guess being a descendant of Guinevere after she got her fetus infected with Demonic energy gave her descendants some kind of youthful effect to help them live longer and look pretty young.

Minerva in turn gulps in fear when she knew what would happen and her only silver lining was that this demon and his allies in the room had no idea he was in the bunker or if they did, they ignored him to focus on her… hopefully she could get them to forget about him.

Thankfully one other silver lining was that Minerva was used to demonic cocks and her body seemed to get pretty eager with wet folds against her will… habit seemed to be biting her in the ass or helping her in this case which was a good thing when the corrupted Nightosphere knight aimed his massive cock at her folds and instead of going slow, the Nightosphere night thrust his hips balls deep in one powerful go and Minerva screamed in pain and some pleasure when the Nightosphere knight, or Knight from now on, thrusts his hips hard and fast while his cock barraged Minerva's womb again and again and Minerva clawed the wall while tears fell from her eyes.

Finn in the meantime had no idea what was going on right now but his mother was crying and as he tried to punch the door which stood strong, his anger and rage grew when he saw through the peephole when he looked again that the demon was smacking his mothers ass hard which made her yelp in pain and pleasure, though to Finn it looked like the demon was spanking Minerva for being a bad woman or something and Finn knew she was a good woman and a mother who took care of him well.

As Finn tried and failed to get free, the demon continues to fuck Minerva hard and fast while she slowly got a fucked up look on her face as her pussy was getting more and more soaked as time went on, again her habit of going for well endowed demonic beings seemed to bite her in the ass or help her in this case when she wasn't injured much, in fact her body seemed eager for the intense fucking when she shockingly thrusts her hips back against the demons thrusts and that caused the NK to smirk evilly when he fucked her harder and as other demonic beings who looked corrupted got hardons, the CNK's thrusts got erratic which showed he was getting close to climaxing and a moment later the CNK gave one good thrust and roars when he pushed his cock balls deep and busts into Minerva's womb and the demons load blasts into Minerva's womb as a result and Minerva groans when she felt that and climaxed hard on the CNK's cock as the CNK rides out his orgasm and while his balls throbbed hard, he growls when he tapped off at the 30 second mark and he pulled his cock from Minerva's pussy and Finn from his hiding spot saw that something white leaked from her mothers folds… or it looked white, the moment it went into a shadowy area like between Minerva's legs it gave a sickly green glow of sorts.

Minerva then fell to her knees and pants for breath and while some corrupted demons licked their maws while many were excited for their turns… but to the off guard corrupted demonic beings in the room many ice spikes flew into the house and skewered many of the demons before they could even react and the CNK was lucky to get away thanks to being near the far end while behind a few demons and when the CNK looked over… he was shocked to see Lillum the Succubus Queen and boy she looked royally pissed with a emotionless empty look while Emerald was next to her while he looked equally pissed.

A moment later from Finn's view, a blast of green energy that was a lot more natural shot into the room and the CNK was blasted away from Minerva while Emerald moved into the room.

He then raised a hand and fired a beam of concentrated energy at the CNK before the Corrupted Nightosphere knight could even register moving out of the way and only the head of the CNK was able to survive and only because of the head not being aimed at and as that happened, Emerald looks outside as many demonic sex demons and vampires, powerful ones who silhouette were seen only thanks to the lights of the many burning buildings behind them.

"I don't care how you do it… clean up this mess… I got some damage control to run and figure out what the fuck happened here." Emerald ordered while the many beings scattered to destroy any Corrupted demons and help the injured while Emerald looks at Minerva while she was on the floor while Lillum enters and looks at Minerva with worry when she saw the green load… it… didn't look healthy… at all...

Though as Emerald knelt next to Minerva, she weakly spoke a combination and her thumb print being required for some reason and points at a certain spot.

Emerald, though clueless on why that was mentioned carried Minerva over bridle style and when he got close he saw the hidden thumbpad and the number keys and when he entered the keycode and used Minerva's thumb to unlock it, Finn pretty much rushed out as soon as the door was opened and he pretty much hugged his mom in Emerald's arms which knocked Emerald on his ass.

"M-Mommy!... please be ok!" Finn begged while he had tears streaming down his face and while Minerva went to try and sooth her baby boy… her body visibly shook much to Emerald and Finn's confusion and Emerald was shocked when it looked like Minerva was having a seizure of all things while Finn really looks confused.

Emerald however looks at his wife.

"Get a damned medic now!" Emerald ordered though Lillum was already on her way as Emerald ran out of the building with a really worried Finn in tow.

Many hours passed since then and the scene showed Minerva hooked up to a demonic themed medical bed while a Vampire Doctor came in after running some tests on Minerva and while Finn stayed at her bedside while she was in a nightgown and cleaned by Lillum… the Doctor had a grave look on his face.

This then caused Finn to look devastated and Emerald and Lillum to look shocked when they found out Minerva was in a coma… when she would wake was anyones guess though the royally pissed off look on Emerald for some reason confused Finn… especially when Emerald looks at Lillum.

"Lillum… keep an eye on Finn and Minerva… I got a trip to take to the Nightosphere and I'm getting answers weather a bitch of a Queen likes it or not!" Emerald said with at tone that he was not to be argued with right now and Lillum nods her head.

"But who will go with you for backup?" Lillum asked though a new voice spoke which caused a few to jolt.

"I'll go with him." A familiar voice said which caused many to look over and the Vampire to kneel when they saw Morlock the Vampire King… and for a rare time in his life he looked just as angered as Emerald though for different reasons then what many would think.

The two royals nod their heads at one another and start to exit the room though Finn barely spoke to Emerald.

"H-Hey… E-Emerald?... y-your high-highness… w-will m-my mommy b-be alright?" Finn asked while Emerald looks at Finn with a serious look in his eyes.

"Finn… I won't lie… I'm not sure but I can promise you as the king of sex demons I will do my best to help her since she and I have a deal right now and I'll be damned if I let her die anytime soon… but after I get some information… we could have a possible deal breaker after all and not between Minerva and I and believe me Finn… in demon culture, especially with sex demons who value contracts… well… breaking a deal is a VERY bad idea…. Believe me… don't worry though this doctor and Lillum will do their bests to help your mother as best they can." Emerald said and though he had a calm smile on his face… Finn shuddered when he felt like whoever got on Emerald's bad side would have a VERY bad time very soon.

This bad time did start in the nightosphere as Marceline was in the middle of a meeting with some demons in the throne room and though she was bored thanks to the fact it was mainly resource management… the door to the room was bashed open when Marceline's cyberdemon now called Bruno was launched into the room and crashed into the middle of the room which got everyone's attention.

This caused many to look over at the entrance of the throne room and Marceline frowned when she saw Emerald and Morlock.

"Mind explaining why yo-!" Marceline tried to say but before anyone could react, she had to lean her head right and barely missed getting her head crushed by Emerald's foot while many demons, Hunson and Dawn who happened to be in the room as well included while Demonga who at this time strong enough to be Marceline's second in command was shocked at the speed Emerald used, as they look on when Marceline had a serious look on her face.

"Something tells me you came here for a reason if you tried to crush my head just now… mind explaining before you really start something?" Marceline said while Emerald, fully powered with an intimidating aura that made many nervous, speaks up with a tone of finality.

"Have every demon not of Hunson or Dawn's level leave now…. Otherwise I won't be held responsible for their safety." Emerald said while Marceline narrowed her eyes and gestures for many to leave the room and while the guards stuck around thanks to their job… the room was pretty much deserted as Emerald glares at Marceline with eyes that radiate power.

"So… mind explaining why your demons attacked the Island that Morlock and I have under our protection?... and don't call this bullshit… got proof with one of your Nightosphere knights skulls after I destroyed his body from the neck down after he raped one of the women in my protected village… bit fond of that human if I can be honest so but of a reason more why I'm fucking pissed aside from losing 30% of the population there… not just humans but sex demons and Vampires… reason why Morlock is here… he is my backup to show how fucked up of a move you made if you sent a large fucking army to attack MY island." Emerald growled as he summoned the skull of the corrupt Nightosphere knight while Morlock raised an eyebrow at the my island part but let that go since Emerald mainly stuck around there and Morlock didn't.

Though Marceline examining the skull nearby did get her curious… it was still emitting the green flames and she looked at Emerald with a serious expression on her face.

"I may have Nightosphere knights but none have a head like that… explain from the top so I have a general idea… you know I'm no dealbreaker." Marceline said as Emerald narrowed his eyes and begins explaining from the top on what he saw after he and his Royal guard were summoned alongside Morlock's court… the rampage, the bloodshed with many humans ripped apart limb from limb and sex demons and Vampires killed in painful ways… by the time Emerald finished Emerald looked like he would break anything right now.

Marceline however had a serious look on her face while she looks at Demonga.

"Demonga, gather your special forces and investigate, I want these corrupted demons found and interrogated as soon as possible." Marceline said with some red bleeding into her eyes to show she was pissed about this while Emerald raised an eyebrow.

"And you really have no idea about this do you?" Emerald said while Marceline stands up to look Emerald in the eye.

"Oh don't go there Emerald, you of all people know I honor my deals… as long as you kept your humans in line I wouldn't do a single thing to them… same applies to Morlocks human villages as well… sure… you could blame me for all this but do you really thing I of all people will go back on my word?" Marceline said as Emerald narrowed his eyes and turns with a growl.

"No… but unlike Morlock and I you have a reason to hate humans enough to kill them… I'll believe you now when you say you have no idea… but remember Marceline… if I find ONE piece of proof linking these fuckers to you… well better get the strongest beings you have on your side because I'm sure Morlock and I wouldn't mind going to war with the entire fucking Nightosphere over this transgretion… someone WILL pay for this dearly… make no mistake about that since none of your men were apparently killed… revived dead maybe given their states… but I lost many good sex demons in that attack and same with Morlock and his people…" Emerald said as he walked down the throne while he had a serious look on his face as he and Morlock who had no words to say left the throne room and Marceline breathed in and sighs in frustration at what just happened.

"Fuck… just what the fuck is going on here?" Marceline asked while two years passed since then and a few events happened.

One of which was the Island getting seriously upgraded and a new Guardian was made, it was similar to the one that kept people on the island but in this case it did nothing but attack any demon with the green flame like trait, granted if any flame like beings with green flames did happen to come by, the guardian would scan them to see if they were a threat to the island and it damn well made sure that no one with the energy sample it had and had evil intent would get close… it was a Bubblegum design when she was called in to help with security for the Island.

Other things happened to help with the island and other things happened but the main event was as followed...

Another was that Emerald and Lillum set up base at the Island and they pretty much took Finn in while they waited for Minerva to recover, and on Finn's 6th birthday… Minerva woke with a groan on a fancy bed while she was in some kind of healing spell of sorts which kept her alive all these years.

As she sat up and looks at her body, she saw she hasn't weakened at all like the spell kept her in top form for the two years she has been asleep and thanks to the fact her body was sustained with magic, her body lost a bit of weight but lost no muscle which gave her a much more toned look.

Honestly Minerva blushed a bit at how her body turned out and aside from a simple dress, she heard the door open and something being dropped to the ground with a clang and when she looked over, she saw to her confusion a shocked Lillum as she had wide eyes.

"M-Minerva?" Lillum said when she saw the formerly comatose Campbell but before she could say anything, Minerva looked out of the room and called down it.

"HEY EVERYONE!, SHE'S AWAKE!, MINERVA IS AWAKE!" Lillum called out and a moment later many footsteps, very rushed, were heard and a moment later, Lillum had to jump out of the way in a comical manner when a now 6 year old Finn bum rushed into the room with an excited look on his face and when he saw Minerva awake, Finn actually tried to give her a hug like tackle though… Finn was stopped mid flight when an amused Emerald formed a barrier that Finn crashed into softly thanks to it being somewhat elastic like and bounced away as Emerald walked into the room.

"Easy there Finn, your mom just woke up, don't want to knock her out again do we?" Emerald said as Finn blushed while he rubbed his face.

"N-No…" Finn said as Ruby flew into the room, she was a bit taller but aside from slightly bigger wings she looked exactly the same as before with a bigger dress.

"Mom?... is Miss Minerva really awake?" Ruby said when she approached the door and looks inside and had a surprised look when she flew in and Lillum followed suit as Minerva looks at Finn with tears forming in her eyes.

"Finn… my baby boy." Minerva said while she held her arms out towards Finn and he rushed to her again and this time Emerald didn't stop Finn from hugging Minerva… this time with Finn being careful and giving his mother a tight hug while Emerald looks amused at the sight while Lillum and Ruby smile as the mother and son Campbells were reunited and Minerva noticed Finn grew quite a bit over the two years.

Minerva was a bit saddened that she missed two years of Finn's life but that didn't matter much to her when she could see the rest of her baby boys growth… however what she didn't expect was how Finn grew in those two years or how the events of the Island would impact him years from now.

Though as Finn and Minerva hugged, Emerald chuckles as he cleared his throat.

"Hehe, hey Finn, give your mom some breathing room kid… don't want a soon to be lady of mine passing out after all." Emerald said while Minerva blushed as Finn nodded as he let Minerva go.

"Right!" Finn said while he grins at Emerald as Lillum and Ruby giggle at the sight of Finn saluting Emerald in a comical way.

But… what was this soon to be lady of Emerald's thing about?... well you will have to find out next time in DAT as Finn's childhood into how he became the Doom slayer is explored more.

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