DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
True Chapter 1: Doom Slayer is born

(Small break from an Intro break for an announcement, will try and stop these in future chapters… first official chapter of DAT is in effect, expect Finn in the story from here on out near the end of the chapter or beginning of next chapter, Chapter one of the demonic invasion is more or less a plot/lemon thing mainly, expect plenty of death and Dark lemons for certain characters.)


The scene now showed that 100 years passed since the demonic invasion started on Ooo after Marceline first had Bubblegum open the augmented portal… Marceline at this time was 800 or so, 200 years before Finn the human would be born but we're getting ahead of ourselves… right now the scene showed some key things that happened during the invasion that would change a LOT of things for Ooo in the future.

First off, many humans hand picked by Emerald and Morlock were safely taken to specialized villages and though the total number for each village was say… 40 to 50 humans each on Ooo if you don't count the one on the Islands far away from Ooo's shores, the total number of villages under Sex demon and Vampire watch was about 7 or so with smaller sub villages that were specially watched by high ranked sex demons and Vampires for protection so around 200 to 300 humans in total on Ooo survived the onslaught… though considering the total number before the invasion with humans on Ooo's continent was around 1500 give or take a few hundred for those that are possibly hidden or those who are not accounted for by the Vampires or Sex demons… This was about 5 to 6 times a decrease give or take for those in protected villages.

However for those who didn't either impress demons with their abilities or just flat out got in the way of a bloodthirsty demon or rape happy one… well…

Long story short many humans were pretty much killed and many were forced on with male demons pretty much making females their bitches…. they were unfortunate to be caught by the demons and were used for their pleasure, some males as well with the occasional female demon.

Not many came out from that alive… 9 out of 10 humans were killed while the unlucky survivors were kept as pets… about 100 humans were unfortunate survivors so that was… yeah…

Down the timeline, many people in the sex demon protected villages slowly adjusted over time, thanks to some rules and what not from the sex demons being the brains of the group, many people were watched over well enough with two sex demons, one male and female being the leader of the village and a Vampire of either gender being the sub leader not from being outnumbered and stuff but because unlike Vampires like Morlock who was the rare intelligent type, most sex demons were naturally crafty and what not which made the sex demons obvious leaders.

The Sex demons handled most matters that involved mental matters since they were used to dealing with deals and stuff while Vampires worked as guards, thanks to spells from the sex demons, specilized sunless rooms stands were made so if Vampires had to guard Humans outside of the village which was made with a more powerful version that could simulate sunlight to tell time, long story short… while it was cruel… aside from demonic villages with humans popping up here or there over time… nothing really changed much in the current Ooo, Marceline only wanted most humans killed and that never hindered other kingdoms from rising to power while some were helped or hindered depending on the kingdom.

For example the Candy Kingdom was the main base of the demonic horde and while it was sweet looking thanks to Bubblegum having a say on how it would be made and ran, but some demonic beings set up shop inside of the kingdom and parts of the kingdom were remade to be more… well not to sugarcoat it… satanic since part of the Candy kingdom housed Demons from Hell more or less and was a big stronghold to guard the largest portal in and out of the Nightosphere.

Other kingdoms like the Fire Kingdom were well accepting of demons surprisingly enough thanks to the fact they were flame retardant and at this point in time, pretty evil, so while Canon wise if Phoebe got in control, well… lets just say that the Fire Kingdom beforehand was evil for reasons.

There were a few other kingdoms like the slime kingdom and the Muscle Kingdom, thanks to their warfare antics and strong warriors respectively, they were well accepted by demons and helped to prosper… other princesses like hot dog princess's ancestors and weaker princesses… well were either eaten in past Hot dog princesses case which pretty much got rid of the Hot dog kingdom entirely, or subjugated like the breakfast kingdom and BP's ancestors were pretty much figureheads for the kingdom and the demons really ran the show.

This went on for a bit with the stronger kingdoms being stronger and the weaker kingdoms being taken out in rather gruesome fashion or dominated by demons, thanks to Sex demons mainly protecting humans with the vampires, only humans had powerful protectors and since Marceline and Bubblegum were technically together… the Candy Kingdom was more or less the biggest superpower on Ooo thanks to Bubblegum making more cybernetic demons or mutating other demons… she was hesitant at first with the eradication of most humans but thanks to this Bubblegum mostly looking out for her kingdom, she was more or less quick to get over things and managed to make two powerful upgrades of the Gumball guardians mixing massive demonic titans who died in the past with current Gumball guardian tech and Bubblegum now had massive Gumball titans who were pretty much the main guards who guard their *Mother* against many threats.

One of them being the Ice King, he was captured and thanks to Marceline preventing his death during one of those attacks when she remembered him and pretty much took him in as a rare long term guest since he did save her life and she could use his powers for her own end as long as he was happy and what not… simple to do when he pretty much hit on succubuses and wrote fanfiction and stuff… simple guy now which… oddly bothered Marceline since in the short time she knew Simon, she knew he was a nice guy and it made her feel bad seeing Simon like this so she had a few sex demons look into the Crown which was the source of his powers.

That kind of research however was slow going and while that went on, time passed farther with humans slowly regrowing their population under the Sex demons watch and one scene showed some details when a old human woman wanted to meet with Marceline specifically and when she was brought to Marceline, they started one interesting talk that would influence her greatly.

Nightosphere/ Marceline's throne room/ Marceline's age… 900 years old/ Marceline

"So old woman… what was so important you had to have a few sex demons come to my scouts to help get you here?" Marceline asked as she looked at the human woman… she looked pretty frail, weaker then most old women and shook like a leaf and Marceline actually worried one touch would pretty much atomize her.

The woman however chuckles weakly while she supports herself with a cane.

"O-Oh… nothing much deary… just a Seer who came to give some advice since one of my visions pertained to you exactly and wanted to see what the Queen of Demons was like." The old woman said while Marceline got a serious look on her face… she heard of a family of seers in a protected village and knew this woman was legit if she could get sex demons to escort her.

"Then give the advice if it's serious enough for you to be here." Marceline said to get to the heart of the matter, she would have killed the woman if she came here to mock her or something but ignoring a seers advice would really bite her in the ass later so she made sure to have her attention on the woman and said woman chuckles a bit.

"Very well… I have three things to say since my time is approaching soon… first off is that sooner or later a special human will be born who will rip and tear through your demonic hordes thanks to a serious misunderstanding… it's not a threat by the way… it's an absolute… he will have long golden locks and a powerful body augmented by demonic energy unlike any other almost to your level of power though his power won't be as showy… thanks to a future event that I cannot speak about otherwise he may not become what he will be… he will have a hatred for most demons that make him a maverick of sorts to any not sex demon or Vampire and will not listen much to even higher ups in a group he works for… many demons will fall by his hands however he won't be able to force back your demonic horde for two reasons… one of which is obvious in that your horde is pretty much reproducing at a rate faster then he will be able to kill and the second… well… that pertains to my second vision." The Seer said while a mist emits from her body and while some demonic guards were on alert at the sight, Marceline gestured for them to stand down… she saw this before with a few aged seers and knew this Seer would die soon and she was curious about this soon to be superhuman among humans.

The seer smiles while she bows a bit.

"Thank you… second is that he will be your significant other though you two will be at each other's throats at first, given your standing and given his profession you two will be the deadliest of enemies… however you two must not kill one another… not because of that second vision, I won't even lower myself to beg since I know you won't humor that… however this pertains to my third vision if Ooo and the Nightosphere are to survive and actually co-exist instead of Ooo being subjugated by your rule." The seer said as one guard had enough.

"The nerve of you saying our lady will ever lower herself to be with anyone of your pathetic species!, i-!" The demonic guard said before a tentacle from Marceline pierced his head and he flinched as he dropped to the ground dead while Marceline looked at the seer.

"Go on." Marceline said while a vet guard came by to drag the corpse from the room.

One may wonder why Marceline wasn't objecting to that kind of union that the seer mentioned given her past… well she had a feeling the final vision would be a key factor but the fact of the matter was that she was half human and her own mother used to be human and not only that she was at this time 900 years in age… after what the Lich's cult did, Dawn was healed, however her mind was scarred so she was now frightened of humans somewhat and stuck near the nightosphere… but the fact of the matter was if a Seer saw this, she would at least consider this human who was more than human worthy if he could rip and tear her hordes apart… strength was a key thing to a demon so Marceline being half demon felt her demonic blood burn a bit in excitement on the possible suitor though she also knew unless the seer was exceptional, she wouldn't fully believe the Seer given that not all fates by a seer should be followed… some should… but some shouldn't… point is Marceline would consider listening to the visions but only if they didn't screw her over in the end and who knows how long it will be when these visions come true or not.

"Very well… finally this third vision is the reason for the misunderstanding… some of your demons will attack sex demon and Vampire inhabited protected human villages however it will not be of their own volition or your command… no… something darker then you and more twisted then this humans rage will be coming and this threat will have you and the Human working together to face this threat… you can ignore the other visions if you so desire but unless you want to be an idiotic woman of a Queen and doom two worlds… I highly suggest you remember these words… befriend the Doom slayer… even if he rips and tears your hordes apart you two are the only hopes in both worlds even surviving the oncoming storm years from now… how far I do not know but I know it will be 100 or so years from now… relax now if you want but remember that this is not a vision to ignore lightly…" The Seer said as she starts to vanish into light with one final set of words to Marceline.

"You have been warned Queen of the Nightosphere… how you react to the visions is all on you and you alone now since the Doom Slayer is not yet born." The Seer said before she vanished and Marceline frowned when she looked at the pile of clothes and the cane where the Seer once stood.

Marceline then looks thoughtful and chuckles when she heard everything and stands from her throne.

"Interesting… not yet born huh?... well I'll have some demons look for blond haired people and keep an eye on them over the years… might as well see who becomes this Doom Slayer that this Seer muttered about and give him some tests once he becomes this demon killing superhuman…" Marceline said when she looked curious though given this would take time… well she could always have fun with Bonnie and others so not like she would care much if she had flings… she was the god damn Queen of the nightosphere and she would make sure she dominates anyone who tries to dominate her… she wouldn't make this Doom slayer a possible mate unless he earned that right.

Time then passed to MUCH later after that and some things changed a bit over the years.

One thing in particular was that ever few years, about 15 to 18 years, some demons went around various villages that were under sex demon control so they could locate any blond haired humans to keep an eye on… though some did more then that when three demons, a Baron of the Nightosphere, or Baron of Hell that had the title before his species had to change their names, a Dread knight, a cybernetic version of a Hell knight, or a Nightosphere knight nowadays, and a Murader, a former human turned demonic being since they were pretty obsessed with worshipping Marceline and Hunson… the trio were busy having fun with one blonde haired woman who was already a few months pregnant with a child.

This woman was named Guinivere... she was Minerva's ancestor and look a lot like her aside from one eye being blue and the other green and was either her Great Grandmother or Grandmother, for now we will say Grandmother given the time frame.

Though given the situation that happened earlier, what was going on was more… well surprisingly willing then forced with the three demons while she rides the Marauder's cock with her pussy, she lets the Baron of the Nightosphere fuck her ass hard while the Dreak Knight facefucked Guinivere and though the trio was a bit rough, they held back a bit on fucking Guinivere since she was pretty far in having a kid, about 4 months or so at this point in time so when she bounced her stomach bounced a bit as a result though it wasn't bad to see in any way given her condition.

The reason why this was happening was pretty simple, at this point in time, not only were many humans used to demons who protected people, but demons who visited were more or less friendly so to speak.

In one village, many humans were required by the demons to either give blood for the vampires or sexual acts for the sex demons, this pretty much decensitized most humans of this generation so when the three demons came by one of the villages for a good time and for recon, they helped out a human woman who was struggling to do some things thanks to her condition, granted they wouldn't do this normally but given Guineveres looks were pretty top tier among humans… well they would be idiots to try and not have fun with her, she was a single parent to be since she wasn't married and stuff and a fling with a random human pretty much knocked her up.

This resulted in the four heading to Guineveres place and pretty much having their way with her.

Again she was riding the Murauder's cock with her pussy, getting her ass fucked by the Baron and she sucked off the dread knight, this caused the three males to groan from the feeling and they pretty much made sure to not get too intense with her since Marceline had orders that any blonde haired people were to be watched over for a while to see how they would grow and while this woman wasn't anything special persay, the kid in her might so while they had fun the marauder made sure to not thrust his hips too hard and Guinevere groans when she took a real pounding from the demons.

As a result, the demons thrust their hips without much restraint aside from the Murauder who was trying to be careful with Guniveres child.

This in turn really made Guinevere muffly moan as she worked to suck the Dread knight off while she tightened her ass on the cock in her ass to get the Baron of the Nightosphere to fuck her harder and this really caused them to growl as they thrust their hips harder and Guinivere sucked the Dread knight off more while fondling the demons balls and relaxed her ass to let the Baron really hump away at her and he enjoyed seeing her ass ripple with each thrust.

It took a bit before Guinevere climaxed hard on the cocks inside of her and this caused the Baron of the Nightosphere to roar when he came hard up Guinevere's ass and the Murauder growls when he came hard in Guinevere's pussy, the Dreak knight gripped Guinevere's head and forced his cock down Guinevere's throat and he growled deeply when he came hard down Guinevere's throat.

Guinevere's eyes widen from the amount that the Dread knight unloaded though she tried to drink the load as best as she could and when the trio rides out their orgasms, the scene showed Guinevere getting fucked Doggystyle by the Baron of hell when he fucked her pussy hard but controlled enough to not harm the child inside of her while he had his hands on her waist.

This caused Guinevere to moan and groan from the feeling while her toes curl on the ground a few times as the Murauder and Dread knight were stroking themselves off as they watched the duo have their fun.

It didn't take long for the Baron to climax hard inside of Guinevere's pussy which made her moan whorishly and she climaxed hard on the barons cock and it took a bit for the duo to tap off.

Another round showed the Dread knight over Guinevere while she was on her back on the ground and the Dreak Knight fucked Guinevere's pussy hard but not to hard as the Baron takes 5 to recover while the Murauder looks amused at how slutty Guinevere was and it took quite a bit for Guinevere to climax hard on the Dreak knight's massive cock and he roars when he further filled Guinevere up with his demonic load.

Finally the Murauder went to fuck Guinever when he lifts and lowers her onto his cock while she faced him and thanks to the new position he could see how well she loved getting fucked by demonic cocks and looks amused when he he and his friends would be able to come back for an easy lay if they need to get their rocks off.

Guinevere couldn't believe how good these demons were when they fucked her, honestly it was like they knew what spots to hit and while she heard many things on demons and how evil they were if not Sex demons or Vampires but thanks to them helping her with her chores, all she had to do was give them a good time… well as long as they were nice demons like them, she would pretty much try and get their attention.

Oh irony given how these three sometimes pillaged and raped unfortunate women at the start of the invasion but they wouldn't say anything about that as they continue to have their way with Guinevere until she was a twitching pleasure filled mess as she laid on the ground as the demons stroked their cocks above her while she had a fucked up look on her face.

It took the demons a minute or two before they growl or roar when they came hard on Guinevere and she moans from the feeling and as some sperm lands on her face, she licked it up eagerly when some fell into her mouth.

As the demons tapped off with groans, they put their cocks away either with the Murauder putting his pants on after getting his cock cleaned by Guinivere, or loincloths with the Baron of the Nightosphere and the Dread Knight after they got their cocks cleaned by Guinevere as well and were talking in their own language as they left Guinevere on the floor while she chuckles a bit incoheriently while all four beings were unaware that thanks to how demonically empowered they were… their sperm in Guinevere pretty much infected Guinevere's child with demonic energy… and while for a generation or two it wouldn't really matter much aside from a slight strength boost for an easier life with some physical labor and sexual acts since it helped prevent the current generation from getting their life drained by sex demons… it was when a later generation of the Campbell line would feel that kind of energy full force during one event that would change many from humans to demons.

However that was an event for a later time… right now a darker scene was shown when the camera turned to the Islands area when one of the humans, Dr. Gross or rather an ancestor of hers maybe a grandmother or Great grandmother similar to Guinevere so Dr. Gross was a title and last name for her… like her descendant she was a rather moral-less woman, who in this story was experimenting on a few demons that she had captured thanks to some accidents happening and was trying to work on pretty much making these demons her mind controlled slaves and new *Seekers* of sorts, the human generation of seekers were more or less in Beta by a separate division of humans who were doing ethical research on strengthening humans so they could defend the island from intruders if the Sex demons and Vampires guarding them didn't work out.

Though unfortunately for Dr. Gross, though she did make these new demons cybernetic and stuff, a malfunction of sorts activated the demons before they could be programmed to follow her orders and well…

Long story short about 5 cybernetic demons pissed off to hell and back pretty much forced Dr. Gross into various positions for forced sex after one knocked her into a table to stun her and the rest of the demons ripped her clothing off.

Dr. Gross had C cup breast, wide hips, and aside from some cybernetics, she looked mostly human with a tan complexion.

Though that didn't matter to the demons when one of them, a Revenant forced its surprisingly large cock down Dr. Gross's throat and face fucked her hard while she was on her knees while the other demons looked amused, they would take turns since this was a long time coming and the longer they tormented Dr. Gross, the better.

Dr. Gross had a blush on her face while she looks up at the amused Revenant that continues to have his way with her, thanks to him being human at first, his altered state remembered some of what Dr. Gross did to him so he showed no mercy in making Dr. Gross his bitch and he growls and groans when his cock felt so good right now.

It took about a minute while Dr. Gross's vision blurs when the Revenant roars and climaxed hard down her throat and she got wide eyes as she was forced to drink the load and when the demon nearly tapped off 20 seconds later right as Dr. Gross was about to pass out, the revenant pulled his cock from Dr. Gross's mouth and came hard on her face for a couple shots as she coughed up sperm and tried to breath, however as the Revenant took 5 to recover.

Another demon that Dr. Gross called a Bruiser moved to get in front of Dr. Gross and kicked her hard with one of its robotic hoove like feet and the kick connected with her chest, knocking the wind out of her as some demons chuckle while the Bruiser looks at the revenant and the Revenant smirks as he, one of the few here with two fully working hands went to grip Dr. Gross's ankles while she was trying to gasp for breath and her legs were spread apart as the Revenant squats over her head though the space from his ass and her head was pretty wide.

The Bruiser moved to get in position over Dr. Gross while its cock was seen as it appeared from a slit on its pelvis, it was a shocking 13 or so inches and 3 in width, and one of the rare female demons of the group, a Whiplash with good hands gripped the cock so the Bruiser could get its cock aimed at Dr. Gross's folds. (DOOM fact for those not Doom savvy: Bruisers are Doom 3 resurrection of evil demons, Whiplash demons are female demons believe it or not… look on the wikia if you think I'm lying… these tips do not add to the word count and just fun facts by me… sorry for breaking the tension just wanted to make sure that these demons were not made up in case people ask.)

When she did recover, Dr. Gross looked scared and rightly so when the whiplash looks amused and used a long tongue to lick the Bruiser's cock for a second on the tip to lube it up, not to help Dr. Gross but to tease her and stuff while she aimed the Bruiser's cock more and this caused the Bruiser to force its hips forward and buried its cock deep in Dr. Gross's pussy and that made her scream in pain when the demon thrusts his hips hard so his cock barraged Dr. Gross's womb again and again as time went on.

Dr. Gross screams in pain at first but as time went on her folds, though a bit bloody from such a rough penetration got wet and she starts to groan and get a fucked up look on her face at the slowly mind numbing pleasure she was getting which surprised a few demons though they didn't care while the Brusier fucked Dr. Gross hard enough to nearly knock her ankles out of the Revenant's hands.

Thanks to that, Dr. Gross was pretty much ruined for humans in general with such a rough pounding she was taking, if she survived somehow, she would probably not turn down any demon cock as long as she lived.

It took a couple minutes for the Bruiser to climax with a roar and he filled Dr. Gross's womb up with his demonic load.

When he pulled free after he tapped off a 30 seconds later and the revenant moved away which dropped Dr. Gross's legs, the whiplash moved to Dr. Gross and surprised her when the Whiplash used a long tongue to pretty much eat her ass out… not for some kind of foreplay but to lube Dr. Gross's ass up for the next round since there were two more male demons who wanted a turn with her… a Mancubus… pretty much a twisted overweight version of a Incubus minus the ability to drain sexual energy and stuff… honestly a Incubus would pretty much be insulted to be related to a Mancubus… though one thing a Mancubus had was a brain still more or less to make up for its fat body and the lack of other things though it had a cock that was seen under its body that was 15 or so inches long with large heavy balls just filled with sperm.

Though thanks to its large lumbering form, it couldn't do much aside slowly walk, so another female demon, a summoner, not exactly a genderspasific race, with some pylons to help gather demonic energy from the atmosphere helped the Mancubus onto his back and his cock stood tall and the summoner moved to lick his cock from base to tip and strokes him off to get him to full power which made the Mancubus groan.

As that went on, the final of the cybernetic demons… a Doom hunter or at this time just Hunter, was a demon pretty much legless and had to be on a floating machine though mostly cybernetic, thanks to his waist being intact, his cock and balls were still there and thanks to Dr. Gross getting it good from his allies, the Hunter's cock stood tall at a whopping 14 inches in length and 2 in width, the machine had a codpiece over the cock normally and if the demon needed to abandon ship so to speak, hoverpads were connected to his barely intact waist where his hips would be which allowed the demon to float without the machine.

The Whiplash in turn noticed and gave a twisted smirk when she pulled her tongue from Dr. Gross's ass and picked her up, the demons looked confused as the Whiplash slithered over to be near the Mancubus and summoner and a moment later, the Summoner got what her demonic friend wanted to do and moved away from the Mancubus cock and went to suck on the Hunter's cock which made the Hunter groan and he held the Summoner's head to force her to take more which she didn't mind.

Back with Dr. Gross after her ass was well worked up, she noticed she was over the Mancubus cock with her pussy aimed right at the massive cock under her and she knew she was well and truely fucked beyond belief now… this showed when she was lowered hard onto the Mancubus cock and groans when she was forced deep onto it which caused a massive bulge to be seen from her pussy and womb.

The Whiplash chuckles when she starts to lift and lower the bitch of a doctor up and down the Mancubus cock and though it groans from the pleasure, the Whiplash smirks when the summoner finished lubing up the Hunter's cock and the Summoner gestured to Dr. Gross's unguarded ass and the Hunter smirks when he moved to get in position behind Dr. Gross and used his one good hand to grip her from behind as the Whiplash moved away and a moment later, Dr. Gross felt a cock poke her ass and before she could object, the Hunter struck when he forced his cock deep into Dr. Gross's ass and with his one mechanical cyclops like eye glowing brighter like the hunter's mood effected the eye, the hunter growls in a pleased way while Dr. Gross groans whorishly thanks to her body long being broken by the pleasure so any pain was quickly turned to pleasure as the Hunter used some surprising agility to thrust his cock in and out of Dr. Gross's ass.

This caused Dr. Gross to groan when she was forced up and down the Mancubus cock as well and as that went on, the summoner and Whiplash to not be left out of the celebration thanks to them being freed, went to have fun with the Revenant and the Bruiser, the Whiplash with the Bruiser, and the summoner with the Revenant.

The Revenant just fucked the Summoner's pussy while the summoner was placed facedown on a table that was intact and the demoness groans when the revenant went wild with fucking her.

The Bruiser, lacking hands thanks to them being cannons more or less, was pleased by the Whiplash when she moved to wrap around his body a few times around one leg and her pussy, still intact with her waist being intact and her body from the hips down being cybertized moved to be in front of the Bruiser's cock and the Whiplash moved her body so the Bruiser's cock was forced inside of her and in no time she was riding the Bruisers cock at a fast rate.

The Bruiser groans from the feeling and thrusts his hips so his cock went deep into the Whiplash's pussy again and again and she groans as a result from the pleasure.

The demons and Dr. Gross pretty much went wild with the demons dominating Dr. Gross again and again and the male demons dominating the female demons as well to sate their lust and get their stress out of their bodies.

This resulted in the Bruiser, Mancubus, Revenant, and the Hunter pushing their cocks balls deep into their partners pussies or ass and pussy with the Hunter and Mancubus with Dr. Gross and they came hard inside of the females.

This caused the females to gasp or groan whorishly when they came hard on the cocks that filled them up and when everyone tapped off and takes a moment to recover, Dr. Gross was laying on the ground after she was dropped onto the ground and the demons talk on what to do with her though one idea from the Summoner did get their attention and this amused the cybernetic demons as the summoner spoke with Dr. Gross after she had the Doctor look at her when she gripped Dr. Gross's chin.

"Dr. Gross… you should know that while many here want to kill you for what you did… well instead of giving you an easy way out with a quick death… we decided to make you our personal bitch… you want seekers and what not and we need a base and what better then playing the part of seekers so we can come and go from this Island as we please and not get attacked by anyone… hehe and have fun with some humans here as well or sex demons… but no more cybernetics for us unless its for repairs or upgrades on our metallic parts… in exchange for letting you live as our pet bitch… we won't stop you from experimenting and what not but any new experimental ideas go through us first and if they are declined… you stop… if you really want to go through with them… you make it worth our while… understand?... go over our heads and we won't hesitate to kill you or… make you suffer with a painful lesson." The summoner said with a demonic grin on her face and as Dr. Gross weakly nods her head, she passed out a moment later when she realized she was well and truely fucked since she would be watched like a hawk for a long time.

Thanks to this, Dr. Gross's descendants were pretty much made bitches as time went on by the demons in Dr. Gross's lab and thanks to the fact the demons didn't want Dr. Gross to die, they… used their own demonic magic to lengthen her life so while she could live longer, it was just to be a fucktoy by the demons.

This also resulted in the virus that took out the human helpers being prevented from spreading and Minerva when she was born was not forced to become a helper bot hive mind… the option was there since it was a last resort option but all in all, Minerva when she got older was pretty happy, her husband Martin vanished though for some reason which left her a single mother and like Guinevere in the past, she had a thing for well endowed demonic beings, mainly Incubuses or succubuses.

Though that would be a story for another time when the scene showed the outside of Minerva's home as she was nearing the end of giving birth to a child.

"Alright Minerva… push one final time!" A human female said in the home and as Minerva gave one last cry, another smaller cry rang out a minute later while a voice was heard as the camera went into the building to show that one of Minerva's helper friends was holding a small male baby in her arms as she moved to show Minerva the child who cried a bit in the helpers arms.

"Hey Minerva… its a healthy baby boy, crying his lungs out for his mother." The helper said with a smile as Minerva, weak from birth, cried tears of joy at seeing her baby boy and when she passed the baby, she said this when she gently hugged him.

"Finn… his name is Finn…" Minerva said as the now named Finn's cries rang out for many to hear though as that went on, what went over the humans heads at the moment thanks to their lack of sensing demonic energy, some demonic energy flowed into the crying Baby Finn… but how this would impact him later in life would be a mystery for now… for now… the scene fades to black as Minerva hugged her baby boy happily.

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