DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
Chapter 3 and end of Prologue arc

(Final Prequel chapter of DAT starts now!)

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The scene then went from Dawn and Hunson's love making to over many situations that would cause many things to change in Ooo more than most would think…

For starters, with Dawn being around, Marceline wasn't instantly forced into being made into the ruler of the Nightosphere, in fact Dawn had put her foot down on that matter with Hunson and while he didn't like that… he reluctantly agreed with her given he didn't want to lose her again…given time he could at least talk with Marceline when she was an adult about this… for now as a kid she was pretty much watched like a hawk by Demonga and a few other demons loyal to Hunson to keep her safe.

A bit after that Dawn was introduced to Emerald and Lillum, two powerful Sex Demons who with some convincing, were able to give Dawn a new body fit for a Queen of the Nightosphere… her new body made even her ghostly one pale in comparison and it pretty much drove Hunson wild when Dawn really gave it good to him in the bedroom.

Though considering she wanted to move around like normal, she just reformed her body to be around her human figure when not in the act but when having sex… well all bets were off.

Now enough about that… time showed a few key things that would set up how humanity would nearly be destroyed if not for a few key figures.

First during the beginning right as Marceline was in her teen like years… so around 15 or so… she had traveled to the Human world, now known as Ooo from what she gathered and wanted to see how things were going… At this point she was weary about humans thanks to her still remembering what the Bandits did to her mother but given Dawn was around, she was more or less willing to give a second chance for the humans thanks to Dawn explaining that not all humans were bad… though given her new Succubus nature she was a bit… hesitant in talking like that given part of her new nature wanted to go and well… hunt them in a succubus like way… granted thanks to her nature she and Hunson had a more swinging like nature with the occasional demon and demoness but that was more or less not a really common thing but more common than one would believe… confusing but let's just say its midway between common and uncommon more or less.

Back to Marceline… though given Marceline was a demon hybrid, she was quick to find out in a rather painful way that many humans, though less threatening to her given most were cowardly… were still pretty antagonistic to those not human and pretty much attacked her on sight most of the time… she had to fight a few humans who just wouldn't let up on attacking her and after a few battles she had to retreat to a cave deep in some large city while some humans tried to track her down… she didn't get it… she didn't attack humans and while she could care less about most, she found the rare human who would give civil talks… and this time when she was attacked, she was just trying to help a kid from a monster before it could attack but to the humans… they thought she was trying to get the girl from the monster as her own prey….

This pretty much resulted in Marceline hiding in one building that was really run down and she held her side in discomfort when she was hit by one of the humans when she was retreating… This wound was pretty deep and it would take time for her to recover, unlike the canon version of Marceline, this Marceline was not able to use the Vampire King's power or the Courts since she never ran into him and never protected humans aside from the occasional one or two humans that amused her.

Though for Marceline, she heard many humans outside and while she was about to consider opening a portal home, a door nearby opened and she was quickly pulled into a room by a blue skin man who had white scruffy hair and before she could say anything, he gave a shush gesture which confused her greatly.

The man then went outside while Marceline looks and when she did, she saw the blue skinned man gesture for the humans to head into another direction and this caused them to run off.

This then caused Simon Petrikov to officially introduce himself to Marceline… she was surprised to hear that Simon was old enough to have lived before the mushroom war before it took off… granted she heard he was around his 40's so it wouldn't be too hard to believe that but he seemed way too young in looks to be in his 40's… it was after hearing about the crown of Ice that things made sense, magical items did pop up more and more though she heard that the more Simon used the crown, the more he went insane so he has been trying to not use it as much… Thankfully being alone helped him in that… however that would be short lived… because one night as Marceline was napping while she was recovering from her injuries, some of the humans from earlier found her and it was only thanks to Simon wearing the crown and pretty much going past his limit in freezing them or forcing them away did he fully snap and turn into the ice king… without Marceline at his side in her younger years canon wise Simon was less reluctant to use the crown so his slips into insanity were more and more common than one would think and Simon pretty much left a stunned Marceline alone when he flew away while laughing hysterically and muttering things about ice and snow and Betty and stuff.

Now one may wonder if Marceline would feel heartbroken about this… well… in a way she was… she found a rare good human yet many humans who pretty much never learned their lesson caused another good human growing on her to pretty much go away again and this time there would be no helping Simon more or less given that she heard that once the crown took the person's mind, there was no going back.

This caused Marceline to fly in a rage that day and she pretty much destroyed many humans around her that were encased in ice and if any were still alive from just getting blown away, she stole their souls for her to consume… even if some begged for their lives all she did was just ask why would she do that when they gave her no mercy and proceeded to absorb more which caused her own power to spike.

After that Marceline pretty much ended any human who gave her any hostile intentions and any friendly human she met she pretty much made sure not to get too close to since her experiences with keeping near humans pretty much ended badly for them in some way.

This went on for a few years till she was 18 and aside from the occasional visit to the Nightosphere she returned to the Nightosphere officially since she had trouble finding good things on Ooo that didn't result in her wanting to pretty much massacre humans enmasse when nine times out of ten all she could find was crude, rude, and pretty much evil humans.

Time then passed to a number of centuries later and with Marceline around 400 to 500 years old, and this time she had taken over for Hunson as the Queen of the Nightosphere now and right now she was listening to various subjects complain about things, she had the Amulet of the Nightosphere equipped and unlike her canon self, she was able to get the amulet under control and thanks to her training between her teen years to now, she was a force to be reckoned with and while she didn't have her father's Deathless state, she did have immortality thanks to her wearing the Amulet and having its powers under control.

Thanks to that, and thanks to Dawn's new body having a pseudo immortality as long as she continues to feed, she was able to see Marceline grow into a rather powerful demoness hybrid and Dawn couldn't be prouder of her… same with Hunson, thanks to Marceline taking charge Dawn and Hunson took various trips around the Nightosphere for various getaways and while Marceline felt happy for them… she was pretty bored of being in the throne room for long periods of time so she had Demonga or other high ranking demons take charge in the throne room so she could make the occasional visit to Ooo so she could let off some steam when she hunted some humans every now and then and during one of her trips… she ran into the Vampire King and Two Bread Tom during one of the outings.

This meeting was pretty eventful for Marceline for two reasons… one is that she met a being here on the mortal plain that could match her blow for blow and two was that the normally human hunting Vampires were actually protecting a group of them.

After a fight when Marceline tried to kill some humans who tried to threaten her and this got the VK's attention, she, the VK, who identified himself as Morlock, and Two Bread Tom came to an agreement… as long as Two Bread Tom and his people didn't pull any stupid stunts with her and try anything evil, she would more or less be friendly with them… but if a few tried something after that… not even the VK and his men could protect them.

Granted the VK did voice that the reason for them protecting the humans was because of the human population dwindling, so Morlock and his men offered to protect the humans in exchange for monthly donations of blood until their numbers rose and since Vampires were immortal more or less, they had time to waste while they wait.

That made sense with Marceline though she was a bit hesitant in leaving the humans alone given her past experiences with most humans being pretty hostile to her.

Honestly she didn't get why humans existed… bit of a thought provoker for her since she was half human and her mother used to be human… but using a spell she learned to fly, she floats around Ooo while wondering if humans would be better off extinct or at least near extinct… for Vampires and Sex Demons, humans were a precious resource to them and while Marceline wondered more about that, she went to one part of Ooo and ran into this Candy woman who was making some kind of castle.

This got Marceline's attention since A, the woman wasn't human at all and B, she was pretty sweet looking to her which ironically enough was because the woman was made well… of gum and she called herself Bubblegum, she was making a place for herself and her brother Neddy but because of how Neddy was, he couldn't really be moved so Bubblegum was making a Castle around him, at this time Bubblegum didn't meet Shoko yet and the Gumball Guardians were in the process of being made so while Marceline hung around, she looks on as she watched Bubblegum work and she saw Shoko… this caused Marceline to lose faith in humans more when she found out about Shoko trying to steal Bubblegum's pendent which gave the Gumball Guardians life and as Bubblegum cried over the loss of Shoko, Marceline consoled her… hey she wasn't pure evil after all and anyone non-human deserved some sympathy after a betrayal like that.

This caused the two to slowly get in a relationship of sorts… given how Marceline was in the Nightosphere mainly and Bubblegum was more or less stuck on Ooo building her kingdom, Marceline made a deal with her to not only let her come and go to the nightosphere and back, and same in reverse for Marceline when she wanted to visit and in exchange, Marceline gave Bubblegum not only protection as she built her kingdom up but also gave Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler some demons who would help with the building process and it helped with making specialized portals that would allow demons to come and go freely from the Nightosphere and back, granted for large scale teleports, the portals would have to be fine tuned but Marceline had time to fine tune them.

This however caused Bubblegum to make a return to Marceline which was Bubblegum giving Marceline a good time… romance however was… iffy given how Marceline was normally in a separate Dimension so most times they just had fun and pretty much that, given how Bubblegum was in her lab normally while some demonic assistants helped her, not much time for romance on the duos end so for Marceline, she just liked to have fun when she could get it.

Again she didn't have the Vampire King's power or his court's powers so she was not a natural shapeshifter, however not only was her power great thanks to the Amulet of the Nightosphere and with some training to further boost her power, she was able to learn some spells from some sex demons and could grow or dismiss a cock at will.

This helped when she had fun with Succubuses or Incubuses or the occasional demon or demoness from a different species or with Bubblegum when they two took turns dominating one another.

In fact two sexy scenes were seen, first was Bubblegum pretty much getting fucked up the ass by Marceline while she had her hands on Bubblegum's round ass, if Marceline could give Bubblegum credit for, it was for having fuckable holes that could rival a succubus since they could mold to any shape Marceline threw at her.

Bubblegum groans from the feeling while she gripped the edge of her desk as many demons and demonesses walked by, one thing that Bubblegum had to get used to was the fact Marceline, thanks to some training from various Incubuses and Succubuses, mainly the Sex Demon Royals Emerald and Lillum, she was more or less an exhibitionist though she did keep away from kids and stuff to not scar them for life… but for places like this… well, Marceline pretty much made Bubblegum her bitch in full view of everyone who could see her which caused a few demons to look amused when some stopped to watch Marceline fuck Bubblegum harder and faster as time goes on.

The duo still wore their clothing though Marceline had to rip part of her suit off since it had no zipper and she had Bubblegum's skirt pulled down and her lab coat pulled up so she could have full access to Bubblegum's ass and folds.

It took a few minutes and Marceline had a strained look on her face before she groans loudly as she pushed her cock up Bubblegum's ass and her sperm blasts in her ass which in turn made Bubblegum groan loudly from the feeling as she climaxed hard on Marceline's cock.

The duo rides out their orgasms before they tapped off with groans and Bubblegum pants for breath as Marceline did the same since she was alive and stuff, after the duo finished climaxing, Marceline pulled her cock from Bubblegum's ass and pants a bit.

"F-Fuck Bonnie… tight ass as ever." Marceline said while she had a lustful grin on her face as she pats Bubblegum on the ass as Bubblegum blushed… more so when some Demons and Demonesses gave the duo some wolf whistles and then some… more so when some demons were demonic werewolves as well and that caused Marceline to chuckle in amusement.

The reason for Marceline being here today wasn't just for a good time but to celebrate since Bubblegum managed to use some technology to channel some of the Nightosphere energy into Ooo and was using that energy to power up the portals and other things which would make life in the Candy Kingdom much easier.(Note from TME: a Chaotic version of Ardent energy in the Doomverse.)

In fact, thanks to that, and Bubblegum's lack of morals that even impressed Hunson with how far she is willing to go for science, Bubblegum was able to revive some demons with cybernetics, granted they didn't have the same intelligence as normal demons like they had when they were alive but damn were they tough, followed orders when programmed right, and for Marceline on personal request, a particularly big and strong male demon who had horns on his head was turned into a Cyberdemon… for one pretty obvious reason not battle related when the Cyberdemon had a cock lover then 15 inches and was nearly 4 in width.

This particular one was also two to three times her size in height which would explain the size of its cock, and many times in mass framewise with a arm cannon on the left arm that fired lasers, missiles, and even used an attachment for a second sword when the other still intact harm had a retractable blade like appendage, there was a mechanical leg on the right, it had some armor like chestplate that kept it together and all it wore aside from that was a loincloth to hide its important bits from view.

Though that Loincloth wouldn't last long when the Cyberdemon guard of Marceline's was brought to the Nightosphere which turbo charged it just from being in the Nightosphere which gave it more life and well… long story short Marceline in a pretty stable location and was alone for privacy was riding its cock with lustful moans and groans while her pussy eagerly gobbled up the massive cock again and again.

The Cyberdemon groans from the feeling as Marceline's pussy was able to take most of his cock again and again, thanks to her durable body combined with some magic she learned, she wasn't going to cower from a cock like this.

Again and again Marceline rode the cock more like a bitch in heat when she played with her breasts and used some hair hands to play with the Cyberdemon's massive balls, this caused the Cyberdemon to thrust his hips upward a few times as a result which caused his cock to bust into Marceline's womb.

Marceline in turn really groans as she had a fucked up look on her face slowly form as time went on while the Cyberdemon's orgasm approached, same with Marceline's while she worked to fondle the Cyberdemon's balls hard to really get him worked up.

This results in the Cyberdemon lasting a couple more minutes before he opened his demonic maw wide right before he roars and his load erupts into Marceline's eager womb and her womb bloats as a result.

Marceline groans with a fucked up look on her face when she felt that and came hard on the cock inside of her which strangles the cock hard and the duo take 15 or so seconds to ride out their orgasms.

Once they rode out their orgasms, Marceline takes a moment to pant for breath while she adjusts her hair though what she didn't expect was the Cyberdemon gripping her around the waist with his good hand that had fingers and after moving to stand on the ground, the Cyberdemon grins evilly when he pulled Marceline off his iron hard cock and with a look of raw mating lust, he aimed his cock at her ass much to Marceline's surprise, but she quickly adapted when she relaxed her body and she waits for the penetration.

She didn't have to wait long when the Cyberdemon licked his maw and forced his cock deep in Marceline's ass which made her groan loudly from the feeling while a massive bulge was formed in her stomach when the Cyberdemon's cock reach so deeply inside of her ass.

The Cyberdemon growled in a pleased way and he starts to thrust his hips hard, fast, and deep in Marceline's ass and she groans loudly from the feeling as she felt her ass getting rammed again and again, she may have used a spell to let her body take a cock like this but it was another to endure this and what Marceline didn't take into account was the fact the Cyberdemon was pretty much a stamina god thanks to it being in the Nightosphere where its power was being constantly restored… so in a nutshell… unlimited stamina VS unlimited stamina… well… no end in sight with the fucking as the Cyberdemon fucked Marceline past one orgasm after the other while the Cyberdemon climaxed hard thanks to Marceline's actions again and again from going balls deep in her ass and climaxed hard inside of her ass which made her cough up sperm in no time.

Another had her looking at the sky or whatever the sky was in the Nightosphere as the Cyberdemon continues to use Marceline as a fleshlight which made the Queen of the Nightosphere moan, groan, and climax again and again on the Cyberdemon's cock hard when she loved the feeling.

She was even forced to suck the cock and it was only thanks to the spell on her jaw that she casted earlier that she didn't get her jaw unhinged or flat out broke by the cock forced down her throat and Marceline gagged greatly, she learned over the years to convert power into oxygen in her lungs which prevented her from passing out as she was used as the Cyberdemon's fucktoy when he fucked her throat hard when he forced his cock so deep down her throat that she would have gagged if not for the practice she had.

It took a couple minutes of the Cyberdemon facefucking Marceline before the Cyberdemon growls and climaxed hard down Marceline's throat which caused her stomach to bloat again while she muffly groans from the feeling.

Once the Cyberdemon finished climaxing, he went to continue to fuck Marceline so much that a few demons went to look for her and some, mainly Emerald and Lillum who went to join the search party, were surprised when they saw the Cyberdemon used Marceline like a sex toy when she was lift and lowered onto the Cyberdemon's cock again and again with her pussy while she moans and groans from the feeling and even when she noticed them, right now she was feeling too good to care and many watched as the Cyberdemon thrusts his cock balls deep in Marceline's pussy and roars when he came hard inside of Marceline's womb which made her eyes roll back in her head and she groans when she had another intense climax on the Cyberdemon's cock.

Once the two ride out their orgasms, the Cyberdemon recovered and it was only thanks to Emerald using a chain based restraint spell to keep the Cyberdemon under control and as he got Marceline from the Cyberdemon, Lillum took her place to see how she would do against the Cyberdemon while Marceline had a very pleased look on her face while she chuckles in a slurred way when she was drunk on pleasure and as she was carried away, she looked back and saw the Cyberdemon getting his cock worshipped by Lillum in various ways… however the scene shifted to much later when Marceline was around 700 or so… this is when things really turned bad for Marceline… or more exactly… for humanity when a small number of humans pulled a stunt that would doom most of humanity for many years… and many beings at this point wouldn't be able to stop the oncoming storm to be that is Marceline the Queen of the Nightosphere and her demonic horde minus a few groups for soon to be known reasons…

This kind of situation to be started out with a simple summoning of Dawn… what happened to her after that was anyones guess since it wasn't strange for her to get summoned to Ooo by someone for some reason… for the most part Hunson and Marceline were waiting for her to return… but one day turned into two… two days turned into three… and three days turned into an entire month and even with Marceline sending demons to look for her… she wasn't found… at least not until she reappeared but not in good health… far from it… especially when she appeared from a hastily made portal that was greatly unstable...

Dawn was shockingly missing her left arm from the shoulder down, her right eye, and her left leg, honestly it was a miracle she was even alive and it was only thanks to Emerald and Lillum being in the throne room by chance that Dawn was even alive thanks to Lillum's healing spells stopping the bleeding and Marceline rushed to her mother's side.

"M-Mom!, what in the Nightosphere happened to you!?" Marceline asked while Dawn weakly got this out.

"H-Humans… c-cultists… t-tried… to u-use m-me a-as a sacrifice… f-for… Lich… b-barely… got out of…" Dawn got out before she passed out while Marceline and Hunson's eyes widen in shock.

"Mom/Dawn!" The two said while Emerald gave the duo a serious look.

"Don't worry, Lillum and I will make sure she will live… with these injuries though… it will be awhile before she wakes." Emerald said while Marceline narrowed her eyes and clinched her fists.

"Emerald… send word to all Demonic Royals… I think its time we had a serious talk about these humans." Marceline said with a deadly tone to her voice that caused Emerald's eyebrow to raise.

He however didn't argue while he let Lillum handle the healing process.

The next few days however were pretty stressful… not only is Dawn not waking from her sleep and her wounds were slow to heal even with Lillum's skills and the medical team from Lillum and Emerald's home, but after Marceline called the meeting between the Demonic Royals… she gave this shocking announcement… eradicating all of humanity.

This… caused serious issues when Emerald objected, Emerald pointed out that while it was true that humans caused Marceline's mother those injuries, she shouldn't condemn the humans for the idiotic mistakes that a small few made.

However Marceline was adamant about this and while many did question Marceline's orders, she did give Emerald one condition for her to delay things… search for a small number of humans for Emerald's kind to keep, have him and his people give the same message for Morlock… Marceline would wait for 1 year… after that year it didn't matter what anyone said, she would have her demonic army raze Ooo to the ground to kill every human not under Emerald or Morlock's watches… she gave humans plenty of chances and it was ONLY thanks to a very small number of humans in her lives like Simon and Dawn that she was even giving this offer.

Once that year was up however… all bets were off, any human not in some kind of Sex Demon or Vampire watch would be dealt with without mercy and painfully if they didn't surrender… if they wanted to repopulate, they would be well watched to make sure any bad apples would be destroyed before they would do anything to harm any non-humans.

This caused Emerald during that meeting to frown… he knew Marceline was only doing this to make sure that humans wouldn't harm anyone else but he had to put his foot down when he looks at Marceline from across the table in a large meeting room.

"Fine… you want to have the Vampire King and I work together and get a small number of humans that could be pretty good to keep… fine… you are the Queen of the Nightosphere and could raze the world if you want with many demons following that command gleefully… but you better keep your word to not interfere with my people and what we do with those humans that we keep…" Emerald said while Marceline on her end frowns.

"Is that a threat?" Marceline said while Emerald's power spiked and he looks Marceline in the eyes.

"No… its a promise… unlike your father you are not Deathless and your Father can be beaten in various ways aside from getting killed… you maybe Queen of the Nightosphere but you are not my Queen… I rule the Sex Demons with my wife and if your orders cause my people to risk losing the one thing that could keep us nourished… well… we won't just sit by and let you run wild… we will keep our end of the deal and have a small number of humans corralled into various villages… you can have your demons run wild but if one of our protected humans is harmed by someone aligned with you… well… better understand that while sex demons are fun loving… we know how to defend ourselves and last I checked… were the strongest beings in the Nightosphere when it comes to magical might." Was all Emerald said before he walked out of the room with an angered look on his face thanks to what Marceline ordered while she rolls her eyes.

Shortly after that… a year passed… Emerald and Morlock had their people gather as many humans that had unique traits as they could and in various villages… meanwhile in the Candy Kingdom in front of a massive gate made by Bubblegum… Marceline stood before it as she signaled Bubblegum to open the portal and while she was filled in on things and wanted to object… she couldn't given how many demons lived in her kingdom… this resulted in the largest portal to the Nightosphere being opened and as the scene slowly fades to black… many demons siluouttes were seen behind Marceline while her eyes glowed red… before the scene fully faded to black and the red glow of Marceline's angered eyes vanished as well leaving nothing… but a chilling Darkness.

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