DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
Chapter 2

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Dead world/ Death's domain/ Hunson, Marceline, Demonga, Death

"Hehe… nice to meet you Marceline… name's Death, I'm what you mortals meet when your end comes." Death said while Hunson on his end shakes his head before he approaches Death while Marceline blinks when she wonders how Death knew her.

"Ok Death, let's skip the jokes, kidding around, and other stuff, I know you already know why I'm here if I have Marceline with me." Hunson said while Death chuckles.

"Indeed, here for your wife's soul huh?, Well considering what you said, I do owe you one but will you be able to talk your wife into joining you?, we both know ghost or not she is a human soul, not a demoness so even if you do want to have her given a succubus Body she may not want to go in the first place… her death wasn't pretty after all." Death said while Hunson frowns.

"Yeah, that's why I'm here to speak with Dawn seriously instead of my usual goofing off self… who knows what I would do to the mortals if I didn't get that kind of chance at least." Hunson said while his body seemed off while Death rolled his eyes.

"Alright, Alright, yeesh, no need to threaten humanity or what's left of it, shitty situation aside can't blame all of humanity for a small group's choices… may not really matter if that does happen and could mean humanity was just destined to go extinct, but I get the message, follow me, I'll show you three where Dawn is, just don't go all towering monster mode here and we will be cool." Death said when he gestures for Hunson, Demonga, and Marceline to follow him which caused the trio to follow him.

Marceline looked nervous when she wondered how her mom would look, her body was destroyed by Demonga so using a human body wouldn't work with Dawn, and she was confused by what Demonga and Hunson talked about giving Dawn a new body and stuff since she never heard what a Succubus was… that would be an interesting conversation later… but for now as the four beings followed Death, the group starts to see plenty of Ghosts here or there while they start to appear and most were either featureless with rounded bodies… mainly looking like air filled balloons… or more importantly, human shaped souls and Marceline gasped and Demonga narrowed his eyes when he saw the ghosts of the bandits which caused Hunson and Death to look at the duo.

"Something wrong?" Hunson asked mainly for Marceline's sake while Demonga passed Marceline to Hunson while he looked confused and Death looked amused as Demonga started walking to the souls as he cracked his knuckles.

"No… go to Dawn Milord… just have some business to take care of."

Hunson raised an eyebrow at that while he, Death, and Marceline left as screams of pain and many intense hits were heard though the trio could guess what was going on.

However the scene went to a minute later to show the group approaching a certain being and Death waved a hand at her.

"Yo Life, how is the newest soul's treatment coming along?" Death asked when he looked at a snake like being before a certain soul which made Hunson and Marceline gasp when they saw Dawn herself… she was blue looking literally speaking since she was a ghost, she looked more well endowed and much healthier at least shapewise though her body was given some modesty with a simple ghost gown so she could wear it and Life smiles at Death when she looks at him.

"Almost Deathy, just need to put the finishing touches on this one since she has a good reunion it seems." Life said when she pats Dawn on the head and her body glows for a second but the glow fades and she doesn't look different, not alive with a body, still ghostly… though Dawn felt like she could feel the ground now and stuff under her ghostly feet and Life smiles at her.

"There, you can now feel things like you were alive… might as well give your family a big hug before talking right?" Life said as Dawn looks at her hands before she looks at Hunson and Marceline…. Mainly Marceline and tears up a bit while Marceline did the same when she jumped from Hunson's arms and ran to her mother.

"Mommy!" Marceline called out when she gave her mother a hug like tackle which knocked Dawn onto her back with an Oomph from Dawn when the impact took the metaphorical wind from her and she returned the hug when she got her bearings and looked down at her daughter with a smile.

"H-Hehe… nice to see you again Marceline, looks like what I saw before I died wasn't some kind of hallucination." Dawn said which caused Marceline to tear up though she placed her head on Dawn's chest to try and stop the tears from flowing while Dawn smiles more and pets Marceline on the head and Hunson finally got his bearings and he approached Dawn with a somewhat nervous look on his face while he held a hand out for Dawn to take.

"H-Hey Honey… been awhile…" Hunson said while Death shakes his head at the nervousness though he was amused while Dawn rolled her eyes and took Hunson's hand so he could help her up.

"Oh ease up you big goof, I'm feeling pretty good now that I saw our little girl here… bit of an odd way to say since we're supposed to be in the afterlife for sorting people's souls and stuff." Dawn said while Hunson chuckled a bit.

"Yeah… but hey, I know you may have a lot to ask and stuff but good news, Death owes me one and I'm using that favor to get you back, granted you would be a soul at first but I know a few demons who can help give you a new body…. Heard from Demoga about what happened… heard your body was sick as well… but with this new body you won't have to worry about that!... what do you say?" Hunson said while Dawn blinks at that before she looks at Death who chuckles at the look.

"Oh just take the deal Dawn, either you get a cushy afterlife or you get a second chance at life with loved ones… personally I'd go for the option that lets you stay with loved ones but that's just my opinion…" Death said while Life giggles a bit.

Dawn looks at Death a moment more before she looks at Hunson and sees the excited look on his face.

Dawn sighs before she smiles a bit at Hunson.

"Fine… but on three conditions." Dawn said while Hunson looked confused.

"Conditions?" Hunson said while Marceline looks confused… wasn't her mom coming back without issue?

"Yeah… considering how you are and how demons like to make deals, consider these key things to get me back… first… no forcing Marceline to try and take your throne… we all know you can pretty much outlive anyone and can do anything in the Nightosphere so if Marceline wants to take the throne by her own choice years from now… well… she would be a grown woman by then so it would be her call…. Second… I want to make sure Marceline will be safe… she may be tough for our little girl but the Nightosphere is a dangerous place… even with what happened that caused my death, I would still want to take Marceline back to the mortal world given how… stable the world is at least planet wise… morally… not sure anymore…" Dawn said while Hunson smiled at Dawn.

"Dawn... I can accept those conditions, though I'm pretty sure Marceline would need to be trained when she is a little older… but I can have Demonga watch after her safety if she wants to wander around… guy is pretty good at following orders and stuff." Hunson said while Dawn chuckles.

"Given that Demonga guy, if he is that hood wearing fellow, killed those bandits… well I don't mind…. Though the final condition is pretty simple… we have a lot to make up for… we can talk more later if we leave but considering what happened… I'm going to need your help to forget what those humans did to me." Dawn said while Hunson looked confused.

"Did to you?... Hey Death… what happend to Dawn before she died?... I didn't get too much info…" Hunson said as Death hums before he looks at Hunson.

"Just to remind you before I tell you, you have your daughter in front of you so keep cursing to a minimum." Death said as he approached a confused Hunson and after Death whispered in his ear…. Well Hunson had red eyes and growls deeply while he muttered cartoon based grumbles and what not to vent since he couldn't say what he really wanted to say in front of Marceline while she giggled at her dad's cartoon like actions as Dawn blinked at that.

Once Hunson vented enough to calm himself, he realized why Demonga walked away earlier.

"I'll be right back… Death you may be missing some souls to sort but less work for you… I'll give Dawn and Marceline a moment." Hunson said while he starts walking away but not before turning to Dawn.

"Oh and one thing first… Dawn… I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you again… and I'll make sure that you forget what those…. Humans did… make no mistake!... now if you'll excuse me for a moment." Hunson said as he walked away from the group… oh boy if those bandit souls were not begging to be sorted or super dead already… they will be now.

Death shakes his head a bit from that while he looks at Life.

"Considering our work here is more or less done, we should leave… should leave a mother and daughter to talk for now." Death said while Life nods her head before she and Death walk away which left Marceline and Dawn alone while the duo had a moment to just enjoy the silence as Marceline snuggled against her mother.

"Mommy… are you coming back with us?" Marceline asked as she looked up at her mother.

When Dawn looks at her she smiles a bit.

"Of course sweetie… just wanted to make sure that your father doesn't do anything stupid." Dawn said which caused Marceline to look confused.

"Stupid?" Marceline said which caused Dawn to laugh a little.

"Yeah… sometimes men do stupid stuff, one thing you should learn is that some men while well intentioned can do some pretty stupid moves… especially for those that they love… Hunson may have in his own way good intentions for you, but I'm hoping to give you a choice in your future… look sweetie… I know you… may have a lot of questions and what not in how you may treat humans thanks to what happened to me which got you here… but not all of them are bad… I mean sure… I'm questioning the whole morality of humans nowadays but to be fair, with the earth's current state, not many have much of a choice in how they live or act… granted what happened to me was probably done out of… a lot of things that I can explain when you are much older… but point is not all humans are evil… I mean am I evil?" Dawn asked while Marceline looked thoughtful and shook her head no.

"No… you are a good mommy… a good human mommy… but why would humans do a mean thing like that to you?... you didn't do anything to them so why?" Marceline asked while Dawn sighs.

"Well… just as how there are good humans… there are bad ones… not all of them are like those bandits sweetie… you need to get to know a person before you judge them… for now let's drop the matter and just enjoy what we got right now… wonder where you father is though." Dawn said while Marceline hums and she had a realization.

"Oh… well I think we ran into those bandit guys souls on the way here, Demonga got a scary look and passed me to Daddy before he went to them to kick their butts… Daddy is probably doing the same right now." Marceine said which surprised Dawn a little.

"I see… well guess we can give them 10 minutes to have their fun right?" Dawn said while in the meantime…

A certain group of poor unfortunate souls were screaming in agony when they were getting the beating of their afterlifes when Demonga was knocking them around and breaking limbs… thanks to Death already sorting them into going to painful Dead worlds, they were unfortunately given a sense of touch and pain receptors and unfortunately as they were about to enter a portal… well they ran into Demonga again who for a time proceeded to beat the shit out of them again and again and thanks to their ghostly states, any damage done slowly regenerated which caused Demonga to grin evilly when he broke the ghosts in such ways that their screams filled the area and it was only when Hunson joined that the screams stopped for a moment.

That moment however was like the calm before the storm when the screams intensified when Hunson did such horrible things to the Ghosts that even Demonga who took a break looked a bit pale… hey Hunson was the lord of evil… guy may goof off but he didn't get that title for no reason… some situations were pretty cruel and unusual with one situation pretty much having the bandit ghosts in a human centipede… another was Hunson pretty much slugging their heads through their body or pulling a predator and ripping their ghostly heads from their body and their ghostly spines were seen as the ghosts continues to scream while a few good ghosts joined Demonga for a moment for small talk while one had a half lidded look on his face.

"Let me guess… did something so bad that these guys deserve this kind of torture?" The ghost asked while Demonga actually hesitates to answer for a second.

"Y-Yeah… though guess any punishment I think of pale in comparison to what Milord has in store… I have much to learn it seems when Milord gets serious." Demonga said as Death approached the group.

"Alright Hunson, you had your stress relief, let those ghosts go to the Dead world I assigned them to or eat their souls, your scaring some of the good ones here." Death said as Hunson rolled his eyes as he looked at the tramatized souls.

"Oh come on, one more thing?" Hunson asked as Death rolled his eyes.

"Oh fine… but make it a good one." Death said as Hunson grins…. Right before he pretty much pulled one ghosts head right out of his ass when he gripped the ghosts spine to do so and pretty much used the head to beat other ghosts to a plasma based pulp before Hunson tossed the spine and head onto the pile and spat on them.

"There… now I'm done… so… judges?" Hunson said while Death held up a card with an 8 out of 10, Demonga a 9 out of 10, and Life who followed just didn't score while Hunson hums.

"Wow, guess I need to work on my evilness again for a perfect 10 out of 10 but eh, got time." Hunson said as Death had some workers get the twitching ghostly remains of the bandits through the portal to the painful Dead world and this lets Hunson walk away with a good mood on his face while Demonga and Death tossed their cards away.

"Welp Lord Death I must be going now, if you will excuse me." Demonga said before he bowed to Death and left the Lord of the afterlife alone while Life giggled when she approached Death.

"Well Deathy, looks like we don't have to worry about them now… though how humanity may last is still a wonder given how Vampires and now possible Demons may go after them." Life said when she worried for the human race thanks to how… endangered they are and thanks to them pretty much killing and raping Dawn…. Well chances are things would get bad for humanity soon since Dawn was the deciding factor on if Humanity lives or does.

Though as the two deities left the area, the scene focused on Dawn and Marceline while they played a bit together with Dawn spinning while she held a giggling Marceline in her arms while an amused Hunson and a stoic Demonga approached them and the duo noticed.

"Oh hey you two, done with what you two are doing?" Dawn asked while Hunson chuckled.

"Oh yeah, come on, let's get out of here so we can talk more… we got a lot to catch up on." Hunson said while Dawn nodded her head as she carried Marceline when she followed Hunson and Demonga while she had light steps which made Hunson look back at her a few times to make sure Dawn was following him.

Dawn smiles when she sees Hunson look at her and he smiles back while Demonga looks at Hunson and Dawn and he looks forward a moment later to guard the reunited Abadeer family.

As the group exit the Dead world, Dawn felt off like she has somewhat dulled senses like being out of the Dead world for a ghost like her was like her being in water or something, she could move how she wanted but would move at a hindered rate… in this case her sense of touch was hindered more or less.

Still she had a sense of touch that allowed her to know she was holding Marceline in her arms which made her smile as she followed the group to the throne room of the Nightosphere where Hunson moved to sit on the throne while he grins at Dawn since no one was in the throne room.

"So… hope you like being back here Dawn, going to enjoy your company later but for now we should talk about one thing before we do anything else, Demonga, fill her in since you are normally good with this… I can play with Marceline a little here since this is a serious conversation." Hunson said before he used a tentacle to get Marceline from Dawn before she could say anything and Marceline gave a laugh as she flew through the air and landed in Hunson's lap as Demonga moved to talk with her.

As this went on, Dawn listened to Demonga's plan more or less when he mentioned giving Dawn a new body thanks to some demonic royals he knew called Emerald and Lillum, of course they would have to do something to gain their favor to do this but they are normally the most laid back of demons so it wouldn't be too hard given how important Dawn was to Hunson.

Dawn was surprised by that but given how some demons had great power like Hunson, it may not be too hard to get her a new body… granted she seemed hesitant but seeing Marceline laugh on Hunson's lap as he used some tentacles to tickle her body a bit.

Dawn looks at Demonga and she nods her head when she agrees to at least see these demons.

Demonga nods his head and explained they were Sex Demons so given that, Demonga warned Dawn that she would probably have to give them a good time for a new body to be given.

Granted given Dawn's recent experience with the Bandits, she looked a bit hesitant… but seeing Marceline and her husband looking pretty good together as Daughter and Father… she gathered enough courage to nod her head again and Demonga nods his head.

This caused Demonga to head to Hunson to fill him in and while Hunson would be a bit irked at having to let Dawn… repay other demons… but given that she would be getting a new body… he could stomach it… though he did have Demonga watch Marceline as a babysitter for now after he had Demonga send a messenger to the sex demon royals Emerald and Lillum and while they wait for a reply, Hunson had Dawn follow him to his room.

When the duo got into the room, Hunson watched as Dawn looked around for a bit and saw that not much had changed.

"Huh… not too different…" Dawn said while she was surprised when Hunson walked up to her and hugged her from behind.

"Yeah… not much changed when you left… really missed you." Hunson said while Dawn blushed a bit when Hunson's tone of voice changed to a bit deeper and more masculine.

One thing not many knew, Hunson could take a more serious form when he wanted to take things seriously and this form was lean, well built, and packing in all the right places… granted he couldn't hold this form long, maybe a few hours out of a day… but well worth it with what he had in mind.

This resulted in him leaning down and kissing Dawn on the neck while she shuddered from the feeling in a good way… she would have had issues on sex and stuff but… right now she missed Hunson greatly and thanks to how gentle he was being and how well she felt Hunson's actions oddly enough like she had a momentary reprieve from the dulled feelings she felt out of the dead world… well… since she was in a safe place, she turned around in Hunson's arms and saw his more angular face which made her blush before she leaned in carefully and kissed him on the lips.

This caused Hunson to return the kiss as he gently hugged Dawn… given what happened he took things a bit slow since he wanted to show Dawn a serious tender loving care and let her know she was safe here.

Though seems he didn't need to do much when he felt her really hug him back and kissed him deeply, this caused Hunson to pick up Dawn when he gripped her ass and sets her on the bed as he pulled away from the kiss and after he lets her go to remove the amulet of the Nightosphere and his suit vanished, he moved to remove his undershirt and underwear while Dawn blushed at the sight of a Serious Hunson's body… no gut in this one and when she looked down, she really gave a bluish blush when she saw his cock.

Hunson's cock was long and thick enough to be fitting for the lord of evil when it was as long as Dawn's arm, maybe more and thick as hell.

This caused Hunson to look amused when he saw Dawn staring and cleared his throat to get her attention.

This caused Dawn to blink and blush more when she realized she was staring at Hunson.

"O-Oh… sorry." Dawn said when she had a cute blush as Hunson approached Dawn.

"Hehe… no problem but I believe if I'm getting undressed… you should too." Hunson said as Dawn gulped when she removed her ghostly gown which was tossed off the bed a moment later and Hunson saw Dawn's ghostly body in full… she had a more shapely and… relatively speaking… a healthier looking body with D cup breasts instead of the B to C size, seems the whole survival on earth really hit her hard.

Hunson's cock got iron hard as a result and this caused Dawn to blush when she remembered how big Hunson was and as that happened, he approached her and in no time, Hunson's cock was before Dawn's face.

This made Dawn blush more when she saw that and she used a ghostly hand to grip his cock which made Hunson shudder from the feeling since its been awhile since he had any action and this caused Dawn to blush when she noticed and started to stroke Hunson off.

She was really nervous at first but with Hunson being pretty restrained so she wouldn't be spooked, Dawn's nervousness slowly ebbed and she moved to lick the tip of his cock a few times while Hunson really groaned from the feeling.

This got Dawn to get enough courage to open her mouth a bit and she took Hunson's cock a bit into her mouth and she starts to lick the head when she stroked him off… Hunson REALLY groans from that as he fought to keep himself from forcing Dawn to take more.

Dawn in turn was really touched by that and used a free hand to fondle his balls so that he would feel better and Hunson in a way to have some kind of interaction formed a few tentacles, they went to tease Dawn's nipples and bud which made her jolt right before she takes more of the cock into her mouth as she sucked it.

Hunson groans from that and he continues to please Dawn with his tentacles and Dawn sucked his cock more for a minute or two before Hunson surprised Dawn when he used some tentacles to grip her under her arms and pulled her up and kissed her on the lips again before she could register that which really surprised her and as she starts to get her bearings, Hunson sets her on the bed on her back and she watched as Hunson moved to get between her legs and as he spreads her legs, she felt a bit nervous and groans a momet later when Hunson moved to lick her ghostly folds and she really groans and moans when Hunson repeats his actions to eat her out in no time, unlike with Dawn being hasitent more or less, Hunson was not.

This caused Hunson to send his tongue deep in Dawn's folds when he really ate her out and Dawn moans big time in turn while she laid on her back and she used her hands to play with her breasts and pets Hunson on the head to have him really eat her out more while she pants and moans as time goes on.

It took a couple minutes before Dawn gasps when she came hard on Hunson's face all of a sudden and while he lapped up her juices, they faded thanks to them being ghostly juices and as Hunson waits for Dawn to ride out her orgasm, he made sure to focus on pleasing her before he would do anything.

Dawn in turn groaned when she rode out her orgasm and when she did, Hunson moved to stand on his knees and licked his face clean of the ghostly juices on his face.

"Hehe… tasty… so… ready to get to the main event or should I go for more foreplay?" Hunson asked while Dawn blushed at the surprisingly love filled and lust filled look on his face and this caused Dawn to nod her head.

"M-Might a-as well get to the main event." Dawn said while she laid back on the bed and spread her legs to show her soaked folds.

Hunson then moved to get over Dawn as a result and while Dawn shook a bit from how nervous she was… she had completely forgotten about what those bandits did since they were nowhere close to Hunson's size and let's face it… she had to do some things to allow Marceline to have a home over her head sometimes so what the Bandits did wasn't the worst she went through believe it or not aside from the bad end she had.

This resulted in Hunson not seeing fear in Dawn's eyes when he moved to aim his cock at her folds and he rubbed the head of his dick on her folds for a moment to help get it lubed and when he got enough juices on his cock and Dawn gave a groan filled begging like look a moment later, Hunson leaned down to kiss Dawn and he slowly forced his cock into Dawn's folds and Dawn groans big time in Hunson's mouth as she felt her folds getting stretched wide by her demonic husband.

Hunson couldn't believe how good his wife's folds felt, he felt like a grade A dumbass for letting her leave and considering what happened to Dawn to get her here… he would make sure Dawn never left his side again and if so she would have someone to watch over her to make sure she would be safe.

But for now the scene focused on the duo as Hunson thrusts his hips when he got his cock pretty deep into Dawn's folds and thanks to the position being more or less a mating position, Hunson's cock went into her again and again with no intent to stop and Dawn clawed Hunson's back for some time while he continues to fuck her like a machine.

Dawn keeps on groaning while her eyes slowly rolled back in her head as Hunson continues to fuck her and in no time, her orgasm was approaching with each hit to her ghostly cervix and in a minute or two, Dawn groans when she came hard on Hunson's cock and Hunson growls when she came hard inside of Dawn's ghostly womb with great forced while his nuts throbbed hard with each shot when he had one hell of a long overdue ejaculation and this resulted in Dawn's see through body showing plenty of sperm pooling into her womb and though it was unlikely for her to be pregnant, given how things are going, for Hunson, it didn't matter if she could get pregnant again or not… right now he had Dawn back and wouldn't let her get harmed once she got her new body… but that was for another day to speak of… for now the scene fades to black as the two lovers had a long overdue reunion and then some.

(Next chapter is more or less a serious plot jumper so expect things to skip to 800 to 1000 years or so later while things are skimmed over to do so.)

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