DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
Arc 2: Chapter 2

The scene opened up to show TME while he was waiting for Atomsk to arrive.

A portal opens up and Atomsk pops out.

"Hey man."

"Yo, been a bit, heard you were trying to read DAT from start to finish so we could turn it into a co-op, how was it?" TME asked like he was giving Atomsk a small pop quiz while TME waved at his friend.

"It was a good lead. Excellent fights along with the lemons hehe. You gave a nice background on Huntress." Atomsk said while grinning.

"Why thank you, figured Huntress or Dusk as I call her since hey, Huntress Wizard can be a title or name but eh… may as well give her a name and stuff… anything else you like in particular?" TME said when he grins back at Atomsk.

Atomsk was thoughtful for a moment.

"Well there was some funny parts like Finn being shy to new women that aren't succubuses."

"Hehe, yeah those three… especially Betty the 2nd being the granddaughter of Simon Petrikov… AKA the Ice King." TME said while he grins at Atomsk more when he remembered this fun bit.

"Oh yeah. If Simon gets cured and finds out… hehe… funny family reunion." Atomsk said.

"Right… anyway want to say anything to the readers on the soon to be official solo to co-op story?" TME said when he pointed at the readers.

"Nah man, you can handle this." Atomsk said.

"Alright… to all reading this, this story is going from Solo to Pseudo-co-op thanks to Fiery Crusader's request, its a 8000 word chapter and nuff said it will have lemons and given this is a DOOM in Adventure time story, expect a lot of blood and gore… you have been warned… so to those who give reviews not liking lemons in DOOM stories… pretty sure I can look up lemons in the main doom section and find lemons galore… if there is a section in fanfiction… expect lots of lemons." TME said while he rolls his eyes at some past reviews.

"Yeah so if you pussies have an issue, then don't bother reading and give bad reviews. We accept good reviews and constructive criticism. Only that." Atomsk said with crossed arms.

"Indeed… anyway so we don't ramble, this is a pseudo co-op now, expect some solo works in the future if Fiery Crusader requests it, and expect bad reviews that have no impact on the story at all to be deleted if its a bad one… want to call us out, than expect some proof to be used on how bad we are… until than us horrible writers are going to start writing this shitty story weather you like it or not." TME said while he emits a dark mist as he sarcastically said that last bit with a scary smile on his face.

Atomsk chuckled.

"You've been warned. Anyway let's starts the story."

TME nods his head as he looks at the readers...

"Anyway last time I left off on was Emerald, Ruby, and Minerva having fun as Lillum had fun with a Prowler, not a creep but a demon from Doom… anyway they had fun last time so lets get the story set up with this…" TME said as he grins as the scene shifts.

Ooo/ Human inhabited Island/ Main gate/ Emerald, Finn, Various humans and demons

"OK, everyone you heard what I said… I have three days, maybe two to visit Marceline at the location she told me, I expect all of you to be on your best behavior while I'm gone, and Finn keep an eye one everyone just in case, we may have guards but you really shown you can really take on many demons nowadays so may as well give you the honor of being in charge while I'm gone, doubt many would complain about this." Emerald said as he and many demons and humans look at Finn while he was decked out in his armor and weapons.

"You can count on me dad. Won't let you down." Finn said with a determined look.

"Hehe, good, try and not get too in over your head, hopefully I can ask your mother something when I get back hehe, but until then I got a Demon Queen to visit." Emerald said while he stretched and he starts to walk to the gate while he had one of his guard approach him, she was a powerful humanoid female with cat ears and a tail or at least they seem cat like… she wore some guard gear but it was lacking in the armor to give her a more mobile look.

She had ebony skin, black to brown hair, majority on the black, under the armor was a tan cloth of sorts, and finally she carried a spear and went bare footed as well.

"Leonel, you ready to go?" Emerald said when he looks at the warrior like woman next to him.

Leonel nods her head.

"Yes my lord."

"Good… lets get going, don't want to keep Marceline waiting and who knows, if this goes well could give you a reward for helping me and stuff." Emerald said when he grins teasingly at Leonel as he approached the main gate.

Leonel did blush after hearing that before she starts following Emerald as everyone waves bye to the duo.

Once Emerald and Leonel left the village, this left Finn and the others at the gate before many start to go and do their everyday thing while Dusk looks amused while she approached the others as she looks at Finn.

"Interesting start to the day isn't it?... steamed you didn't get to go with your dad?" Dusk said while she looks really amused.

"A bit but, dad has his reasons. One day he'll take me with him." Finn said while a bit upset for not going, wasn't too bothered.

"Maybe, but whose to say you can't say take a day to wait for him to be gone and follow after?... I spoke with that prowler demon and after some… bargaining… got the info from him and what not… to be fair something seemed off with that demon when he gave the info though." Dusk said when she hums a bit with a hand on her chin under her mask.

"What do you mean?" Finn said.

"No clue… thanks to my skills at overwriting reality I was able to really work that guy over but one thing he didn't give was WHY Lord Emerald was called for that meeting, either he was just called for a simple gathering or there maybe more to this than we may think… call it a gut feeling and lets just say those feelings are not exactly pleasant." Dusk said while she hums again as she looks at the main gate as she noticed Emerald while he carried a blushing Leonel as he flew up and away from the island.

Finn was thoughtful after hearing that.

"Well… I wouldn't worry. Dad is a tough SOB." He said.

"Maybe… but is he invincible?" Dusk asked while she walked from Finn to leave him with his thoughts for a moment on Dusk's question… Emerald was a tough SOB but invincible...

Finn did gulp as he now had a bad feeling in his gut but he also remembered that he was temporarily put in charge until Emerald returns before Finn starts following Dusk.

But he did have a thought.

'Be careful dad.'

As this went on, Emerald and Leonel stopped halfway to the Candy Kingdom so Emerald could have Leonel rest, but also so Emerald could ponder why Marceline gave him this sudden summons… as Leonel worked to do some private business out of Emerald's sight, she came back after a bit to see Emerald sitting against a tree on a rock while he had a thoughtful look on his face while a small campfire was made.

"Something wrong my lord?" Leonel said with a curious look.

"Hmmm?... oh hey Leonel, everything OK?... was just thinking about why Marceline would summon me, last I checked I don't think I did anything to warrant a summons… hmmm… well maybe I could think better after a meal… want anything Leonel for breakfast?, we did leave at the crack of dawn and stuff and I'm not sure if you got anything to eat yet." Emerald said when he got up from his rocky chair.

"Hmm… Well I do feel a bit famished but figure the meeting with the Nightosphere Queen would be important." Leonel said.

"Eh we have three days or so to get there, 2 if we count the day that messenger got to the island… pretty sure Marceline would take that into account so we still have time, halfway to the Candy Kingdom anyway already so it will be way before the 2 days are up that we get to the Nightosphere portal… anyway I'll gather some fish and stuff… you'll need the energy when I need to feed after you do." Emerald said with a teasing tone as he walked from Leonel while he smirks.

Leonel blushes.

"If my lord wishes to feed then I'll make sure to help satisfy you."

"Hehe, oh I have no doubt, maybe once we get back Lillum and I could tag team you… heard from a guard you have a bit of a thing for my wife so…" Emerald teased as he left Leonel's sight.

Leonel was blushing brightly when she heard that.

'Damn that guard. That was supposed to be private.' She thought.

After 20 minutes of waiting, Emerald returned with some fish and even a boar and in no time he was cooking the meat over a large fire as he looks at Leoneo.

"Rare with the meat right?" Emerald said while he made sure not to burn the fish meat and boar meat.

"Yes. Thank you my lord." Leonel said.

"No problem, and please… if you want to lust for my wife and manage to get in her good graces… may as well call me Emerald since my wife likes to share." Emerald teased while he grins at Leonel.

Leonel blushes a bit.

"I-If that's what you wish then I'll do so… Emerald." She said.

"Good… good… once we eat I can get my real meal out of the way and show you a good time." Emerald said as he used a spell to divide up the food evenly between himself and Leonel.

Leonel blushes more as she thanked Emerald for the meal before eating.

Emerald joined in on his own meal as he and Leonel take a few minutes to eat, so much so that Leonel had a few thoughts as she glanced at Emerald a few times.

'Granted I do have thoughts of Lady Lillum but… Lord Emerald is handsome looking and I do imagine him… ravishing me and marking me as… his woman.' Leonel thought as she blushes a bit.

Emerald finished his meal and used a spell to clean the bones away as he looks at Leonel.

"Phew… nice meal… so how you doing Leo?" Emerald said when he gave Leonel a cute nickname of sorts for her.

Leonel blushes at the nickname.

"Doing well Lord Emerald."

"Good… good… now then… ready for dessert?" Emerald teased as he looks at Leonel lustfully.

"Yes." Leonel said before she gets up and starts undressing.

Emerald licks his lips as he watched Leonel get undressed, she had clawed fingers and toes while she had a powerful looking body with 6 pack abs, toned muscles, C to D cup breasts and a nice looking ass… all in all Emerald's cock got erect in his pants when he eyed Leonel's nude form.

"Hehe… oh me likey… me likey alot." Emerald teased while he grins at Leonel more.

Leonel blushes when she noticed the bulge.

"Thank you Emerald." She said as she got closer to the Incubus King.

Once Leonel got close to Emerald, Emerald pulled her in for a kiss as he sat her on his lap while his pants vanished and his cock moved to rests against Leonel's ass cheeks while she could feel how hard Emerald was right now while he had his hands on her ass.

Leonel shudders when she felt that before kissing Emerald back as she wraps her arms around his neck.

After a minute, Emerald moved so that he had Leonel on her back on the ground and he kissed his way down to her breasts and licked and sucked her nipples a bit.

Leonel lightly groans from that action before shuddering from having her nipples sucked.

Emerald then used a few fingers to rub Leonel's folds while he eased Leonel's legs apart, he wanted her to feel relaxed right now and he treated her like a queen a bit.

Leonel groans more but thanks to Emerald's actions, she was feeling relaxed bit by bit.

Once Emerald worked her well in relaxing, he moved to lick her folds in no time with his tongue eating her pussy out deeply with long controlled licks.

"Oh fuck." Leonel groans as she feels Emerald's tongue moving around in her pussy causing her toes to curl a bit.

Emerald then moved to finger Leonel's ass all of a sudden while he continues to please the cat like or lion like demonic woman on closer details until…

Leonel groans a bit loud before she climaxed on Emerald's tongue.

Emerald on his end worked to lap up her juices and as time went on, he waits for her to ride out her orgasm.

About 15 seconds pass before Leonel finally taps off and was panting a bit for breath.

Emerald pulled his mouth from Leonel's folds and he looks amused when he saw Leonel being a twitching mess on the ground when he seemed to overwhelm Leonel for a moment.

"O-Oh fuck." Leonel said as she recovers.

Emerald chuckles as he placed his hands on Leonel's hips while he used a spell to aim his cock at her folds.

"Hehe, hope that was nice for you… unless you want me to get to the real fun, want to return the favor?" Emerald said while he teased Leonel's folds with his cock.

Leonel shudders a bit.

"Y-Yes." She said while blushing a bit.

"I see…" Emerald said while he got on his knees while he watched Leonel moved to his slightly pussy juice covered cock… mainly around the dickhead.

Leonel did shudder however, she was seen sucking off Emerald's cock after changing positions.

"Oh yeah… nice Lioness… savoring a beastly cock huh?" Emerald teased while he pets Leonel's cheek a bit.

Leonel blushes from that as she continues to suck Emerald's cock before using one hand to massage Emerald's balls.

Emerald really groans from his as his cock throbbed in Leonel's mouth while she could taste Emerald's cock all over… she couldn't deepthroat it because of the size but her licking it from side to side every now and than let her get near his base and everything.

Once Leonel felt the throbbing she was able to double her efforts as she continues to please Emerald's cock.

Though seems Leonel was at it for a bit and Emerald was a bit too into the pleasure to notice at first, but deep thuds being heard got the duo's attention and they looked over to see a Pinky of all things approaching. (Note from TME: Look up the demon, large bull like demon, not doom hunter or a Tyrant, its a charger incarnate type demon with a serious weak point with its backside area and its called a Pinky because of its pink flesh color coloring… nuff said, some variants can turn invisible.)

"What the? Whats a Pinky doing here?" Leonel said.

"No clue, guess it came from Bubblegum's kingdom given the cybernetic stuff I can see… probably covers its weakness on its back… either its here because of the smell of food… or a sexy bitch in heat." Emerald said as she grins at Leonel before he looks at the Pinky.

"Hey big guy, just to let you know I'm suppose to visit Marceline the Demon Queen and I'm Emerald, Incubus and Sex demon King, nice to meet you, if you want to have fun lets try and be civil… doubt Bubblegum's inventions would prevent you from getting a magical explosion from the inside out right?" Emerald said as his power spiked a bit to show the charge inclined demon that Emerald wasn't a low class demon to tangle with without help.

The Pinky did stop in its tracks when it felts Emerald's power and it knew that Emerald was serious.

Emerald sees that and lowered his power.

"Hehe, good to see your pretty civil… anyway if Leo here is cool with things, you can join in, its not too rare to see demons just roaming around here or there after all." Emerald said when he looks at Leonel to see what she thinks.

Leonel was quiet for a bit.

"Well… as long as it doesn't try anything funny, guess I can accept it."

Emerald looks amused and looks at the cybernetically augmented Pinky.

"And there you have it, why not join in and who knows, give us an escort to the Candy Kingdom later and Leonel may reward you or if not because of time issues, I'll give a VIP card for a lady of your pick on the Island I come from, that card can guide you with a few spells so no worries on getting lost… you will need a boat though so…" Emerald said as he shrugged at that last bit but didn't question things much as he groans when Leonel went to suck his cock again and the Pinky saw this happen.

As Leonel sucked Emerald's cock, the Pinky got close to the duo and seems he was taking a liking to Leonel before nodding its head at Emerald.

"Good… get that cock out and lets show this sexy lioness what we demonic men can do." Emerald said with a grin to the Pinky and well… between the Pinky's legs a huge 11 inch cock was seen and it was 3 in width… and given it was hunched over being normally, it was rather well equipped.

Leonel noticed that before she got into position and shows the Pinky her holes while sucking Emerald more.

That caused the Pinky to move to get behind Leonel, and in no time it aimed its cock at her folds before it slowly forced itself inside of her while growling at the tight feeling on his cock.

Leonel groans when she felt the Pinky's cock entering her pussy before feeling her insides stretching out.

After that the Demonic being starts to thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of Leonel's pussy again and again while Emerald grins as he gripped Leonel's hair and starts to facefuck Leonel when he and the Pinky worked to dominate the lioness woman.

Leonel groans loud while gagging as she took Emerald's cock a bunch of times while groaning from having her pussy pounded hard by the Pinky.

For a few minutes, this went on as Emerald used his free hand to pet Leonel's body while the Pinky thrusts his hips harder so his demonic cock bashed into Leonel's pussy before it bashed into her womb past her cervix a few times while it really worked to make Leonel feel more.

Leonel kept groans a few times before moaning as the pleasure got to her as her pussy was tightening around the Pinky's cock.

Emerald and the Pink continue their actions for a bit and in no time, the Pinky roars when it fired it load in Leonel's womb while Emerald snarls as he unloads a lot of sperm in Leonel's mouth.

Leonel gags again before groaning as she swallows Emerald's load while taking in the Pinky's cum before climaxing on its cock.

As the trio ride out their orgasms, the group took 20 or so seconds to ride out their orgasms before each being tapped off one by one and after the Pinky removed its cock from Leonel's pussy and sperm leaked from her while Emerald pulled his cock from Leonel's mouth.

Leonel lightly gasps as she took a bit to breath while recovering as she feels the Pinky's load leaking out.

Another round happened when Emerald had Leonel, after cleaned by a spell, ride his cock while she was leaning down to kiss him while the Pinky was fucking her ass hard after Emerald cast a spell to lube its cock up and the two massive cocks worked to barrage the cat like lioness woman's holes to try and get her to submit to them.

Leonel was muffly moaning and groaning loud as she kissed Emerald while riding his cock as the Pinky made grunt noise as it fucks Leonel's ass before the Pinky starts spanking the feline woman's ass.

Leonel groans from this as she worked to move her hips in a gyrating motion to really work the cocks inside of her, this caused the two males to growl as they fucked Leonel harder as a result.

The Pinky even grabs Leonel's tail and pulls it while fucking her ass harder.

Leonel really groans from this and she climaxed hard on the cocks inside of her which caused the two males to fuck her for a minute and they roar as they flood her insides with sperm.

Leonel muffly moans as she feels both of her holes getting filled up as the trio rides out their orgasms.

Once the trip ride out their orgasms, Emerald grins as he looks at the Pinky when he and the Pinky moved away from Leonel for a moment to drink some drinks that Emerald summoned.

"Hehe, fun times eh?, so tell me, given you have cybernetics, show Bubblegum a good time for the work?, I think I recognize her handiwork on you." Emerald said while he drinks his beverage after he passed the Pinky his own drink.

The Pinky took the drink and nods its head at Emerald meaning it had fun with the Candy Monarch.

"Hehe… good man… bet you plowed that ass harder than you did with Leo here… gotta say for someone not a sex demon she has a primo ass… Bubblegum still her inventing self these days?" Emerald said when he looks over to see Leonel slowly recovering and passed her a drink so she could recover faster.

Leonel carefully takes the drink before she slowly starts drinking it as the Pinky shrugs.

"So so huh?... well hopefully I can give that sexy ass of hers a serious pounding before I go to the Nightosphere." Emerald said as his cock got erect at the thought of Bubblegum's large ass.

Leonel blushes when she saw that.

"Seems we'll be paying the Candy Monarch a visit then yes?"

"Hehe, oh yeah… we will have to see her so we can use the Nightosphere Portal and stuff." Emerald said when he made sure to finish his drink before he looks at the Pinky.

"Ready to continue the fun?" Emerald said as he grins at the Pinky.

The Pinky nods its head as the demon's cock was still hard.

The two demonic males grins as they look at the female demoness and as they approached her, she had one good thought thanks to the lust seen from the males which would show Leonel would really get it good in a moment.

'I won't be able to walk for a while.' Leonel thought.

As this happened, the scene went back to Finn while he was busy swinging a sword around while Ruby looks on as Dusk approached Ruby while she eyed Finn as he practiced his attacks on an invisible figure that wasn't there like he was attacking various demons in his mind.

"Hey Ruby." Dusk said as she got Ruby's attention.

Ruby looks at the wood nymph and smiles.

"Oh hey Dusk. How's it going?"

"Pretty good… had breakfast, talked with a few nymph friends of mine and stuff… what's Finn doing by the way?" Dusk asked when she looks at Finn while he really went into some swings with his sword.

"Oh he's practicing his attacks on an invisible figure." Ruby said.

"I see… hmmm… Hey Finn." Dusk said as she speaks up to get Finn's attention.

Finn stops his attack before looking at Dusk.

"Hey Dusk, what's up?"

All Dusk did was hold up her hand and an armor figure appeared from some kind of warp in reality.

"Instead of imaginary figures… why not fight one for real and see how you do against a Warrior of Sin?" Dusk said while she looks amused as the Warrior of Sin summoned a deadly looking weapon from a warp near its hand and stood at the ready for Finn to attack.

Finn and Ruby were a bit surprised by this as Finn smirks.

"Works for me." He said.

After that Finn went to attack the armored figure, in turn the figure launched its own attack and Finn was given one hell of a workout when he had to block, dodge, parry and counter to try and hit the Warrior of Sin while it worked to mimic Finn… it was like he was fighting himself when he and the Warrior were trying to oneup one another and Dusk looks amused as she watched Finn sweat and Ruby fidgets a bit at seeing how intense Finn looked right now as Dusk really looks amused.

"Turned on by a sweaty training Finn?" Dusk said when she looks amused as the Warrior of Sin moved to throw Finn over its shoulder and Finn lands on his feet to do a back kick to knock the Warrior away… all in all Finn looked like he was having a blast right now.

"C-Can't help it. Finn looks awesome when he trains. Plus… when he's done, I help relieve him of his stress." Ruby said while blushing.

"Interesting… why don't I help with that once Finn is done and we all head to the showers… anyway just to let you know if you're curious, this Warrior is made based on some really old Demonic warrior that my father fought, powerful guy, apparently Finn's armor was based off of this as well… maybe the first Demonic slayer or something, saw others wearing similar armor… though not like Finn's… custom made I think… anyway what do you think?... I can make this warrior into anything and I do mean anything like…" Dusk said as she used her hand to point at the Warrior.

"Hey Finn one moment… seems a bit too easy for you so…" Dusk said as she had the warrior form 4 extra arms and well… three faces to give it an old pre-mushroom war glob vibe when it held swords in each hand and it cracks its next as it got ready to charge Finn who chuckles nervously for a moment when all its injuries and exaustions seemed gone… though Dusk did the same thing with Finn when she restored him to full health.

"There… even the playing field." Dusk said while she blew on her finger like a smoking gun gesture for a moment as she placed said hand on her hip.

Ruby was surprised from what she saw as Finn gave a warrior cry and charges at the Demon Warrior.

This results in Finn and the Warrior fighting for 20 minutes straight with Finn using his demonic energy to boost his stamina and while parts of his clothing was ripped away, he did some fair damage to the warrior when he broke three of the arms off the being, one upper and lower arm on the left side and the middle one on the right… Finn ripped his shirt off as Dusk smirks at the sweaty form of Finn and glanced at Ruby.

"Sopping wet now?" Dusk said when she saw Ruby barely holding her lust in right now.

Ruby fidgeted a bit as Finn continues his spar against the Warrior.

A minute later, Finn roars with a demonic force boosting his power for a moment to such levels that when he broke through the warriors guard, he instantly moved to slice upward, bisecting the warrior and it fell to the sides with blood and guts pouring out much to Finn's shock though Dusk just looks amused as she willed the bisected warrior together and back in its two armed state… it bowed to Dusk as she willed it back through the warp.

"Not bad, not many can kill a warrior of Sin when they are at that level." Dusk said while she approached Finn as she sways her hips with a lustful look in her eyes.

"What do you say you drop the blade and we go to the shower so you, I, and Ruby can give you a relaxing and relieving cleaning." Dusk said while she teasingly touched Finn's chest muscles while she could feel his heart beating rapidly from the training he just did.

Finn shudders from the touch before grinning at Dusk.

"Sounds good to me." He said before he had his arm around Dusk's waist and held her close before gesturing Ruby to come.

Though Dusk smirks as she used her ability to warp herself and Ruby so they swapped places.

"I believe I need to follow you so why don't you carry your wife so we can have fun in the shower." Dusk teased when she said Ruby was Finn's wife.

Ruby and Finn blushes after hearing that though Finn grins at Ruby.

"Might as well be practice when we have a honeymoon, dear." He said.

Ruby blushed more as Dusk looks amused.

"Oh come on and lead the way to the bathroom." Dusk said as she looks amused and well… in a large shower room with other demons and demonesses there… after some washing of Finn… Dusk was sucking Finn's cock while she was knelt on the ground while Ruby was kissing Finn deeply while she had her hands on the back of Finn's head.

Finn groans as he kissed Ruby back while hugging her as he pets Dusk's head as Finn enjoys her mouth.

A few demons and demonesses watching look amused or worked up given they were all stressed from their own training… nuff said many were making out or having sex nearby and the smell of sex filled the room as Finn's cock throbbed in Dusk's mouth as she deepthroats his cock more and more while Ruby kissed Finn's lips until…

Finn groans a bit loud into the kiss as he climaxed inside Dusk's mouth.

Dusk eagerly drank the load while she made sure to enjoy the taste while making sure to fondle Finn's balls and stroked the rest of his cock while she waits for him to ride out his orgasm.

After about 15 seconds, Finn taps off as he pulls his lips away from Ruby's so the two can breathe.

Though Dusk looks amused when she moved to get to her feet and she moved to kiss Ruby on her mouth while she made sure to give Ruby some of Finn's sperm, she had her mask altered to be rather small which only covered her eyes so she wouldn't harm Ruby or Finn and stuff.

Ruby was a bit surprised but moans into the kiss as she returns it and has her tongue fight Dusk's tongue.

Finn was feeling turned on at the sight as his cock got erect again.

Dusk on her end after she pulled away from the kiss smirks at Finn while Ruby pants for breath.

"Hehe… so Finn… ready for more?" Dusk said as Finn comically summoned a second cock thanks to the spells he learned…

"Oh yeah… more than ready." Finn said as he had a rather intense lustful look in his eyes as his twin cannons throb with eagerness.

Ruby had the same look as she eyes Finn's cocks.

"Hehe, things are getting more kinky."

"Oh yeah…" Dusk said as she was laid on her back and Ruby was over her while Finn was rubbing their folds… this caused the two woman to moan when Finn fingers their wet holes.

Finn grins as he fingers the duo's pussies before he starts licking Ruby's ass.

"O-Oh!" Ruby groans out as she felt Finn's tongue slip into her ass again and again as Dusk looks amused.

"Hehe, looks like he enjoys your holes, tell me, you enjoy Finn because of his looks and everything or the power he has or just because of his beastly heart?" Dusk asked while she smirks as she used a finger to have Ruby look at her.

Ruby blushes brightly.

"I love Finn for who he is. He's cute, brave and powerful."

Dusk looks amused as she kissed Ruby for a moment and pulled away from the kiss.

"Hehe, nice to know, a powerful woman like you claimed by Finn here makes me want to try and do the same to you… powerful… pretty cute… and best of all very willing to be a prime bitch." Dusk said while she looks really amused though Finn heard this when Dusk made sure to say it loud enough for him to hear it.

"Not on my watch!" Finn said before he starts to roughly eat out Dusk's pussy.

Dusk really groans from this as she enjoyed that and she used her hands to play with Ruby's breasts, mainly pinching her nipples a bit.

Ruby groans from that action before she did the same with Dusk's nipples.

Finn made sure to tease Ruby's asshole with his fingers.

Thanks to this happening… well nuff said when Finn really got good with teasing Ruby and Dusk… well the duo climaxed on Finn's fingers and tongues when they enjoyed what he did to them and he waits for them to ride out their orgasms and when they did… well they jolted when Finn placed the heads of his cocks at the two women's folds.

Finn grins.

"Hehe… time for the real fun!" He said before he shoves his cock inside the duo's pussies.

Ruby and Dusk groan with wide mouths and they both groan and moan when Finn fucked them relentlessly… thanks to the training he had his cocks didn't strain him as much as they used to do.

Ruby and Dusk were groaning and moaning loudly from having their pussies fucked before Ruby starts making out with Dusk.

Thanks to this, Dusk gripped Ruby around the head as she and Ruby felt Finn fuck their pussies hard while their orgasms got closer as time went on while Finn's cocks throb inside of them.

Ruby and Dusk moan more as they kept making out as their tongues fight each other.

A minute later, Finn snarls as he unloads a lot of sperm in their wombs.

Both ladies moan before they climaxed on Finn's cocks as the water from the shower hits them.

Thanks to this, the sperm from Finn that leaked from Dusk's pussy was washed away as the trio ride out their orgasms.

Ruby absorbs Finn's loads as the trio rides out their orgasms before Ruby and Dusk tapped off.

Once the trio ride out their orgasms, Finn, Ruby, and Dusk had changed things up when a Nightosphere knight wanted to join in… again a Nightosphere knight was just a Hell Knight from the 2016 and eternal series, a hulking behemoth of a demon and right now Ruby was sucking its cock vigorously while Dusk was fucked on all fours by Finn when he fucked her pussy and ass at the same time and Ruby made slurping sounds when she stroked the Nightosphere knight's cock and Dusk moans when she really enjoyed how hard Finn fucked her.

The Knight groans as he was enjoying this action while Finn was grunting and groaning as he fucks Dusk's holes very hard before he leans down and grabs her breasts from behind before squeezing them.

Dusk moans from the feeling as she looks back at Finn and moved to kiss him on the lips while Ruby on her end fondles the knight's large balls.

The Knight then starts thrusting his cock in Ruby's mouth while Finn groans as he kissed Dusk back which caused him to fuck her holes even harder like he was a beast in Heat.

Ruby gagged a bit from this as Dusk moans into the kiss and as this happened, the scene went to the Demonic Candy Kingdom as Emerald and the Pinky with Leonel on the Pinky's back arrived… looks like Leonel's legs gave out on her and Emerald looks amused as he looks at the Pinky.

"Thanks for the lift with Leonel, here is a VIP card and you know what, since you're a cool dude, here are 5 charges… gives you plenty of options to consider when you visit the island… hehe, who knows may let you have fun with my wife." Emerald said when he nudged the pinky as Leonel blushed when she was being carried now by Emerald when he took her from the Pinky and he carried Leonel bridal style after he passed the Pinky a card which had some charges on it.

The Pinky nods his head at Emerald with an excited look while giving Emerald a thumbs up.

"Hehe, nice… see you later." Emerald said as the Pinky charged away while Emerald carried Leonel by some demonic guards, Banana guards, and various other beings towards a large castle.

"Hehe, nice guy, hope we see him again." Emerald said while he looked pretty happy to make a new friend.

"Indeed." Leonel said while still blushing from being carried.

"Yup… anyway let's see if anyone is here." Emerald said while he used a magical hand to knock on the front door to the Candy Kingdom Castle.

It was a moment before the door opened which was revealed to be a peppermint like candy person wearing a butler uniform.

"Yo Pep butt, the princess in?" Emerald said when he looks at the Candy Person called Peppermint Butler and unlike his canon self he didn't need to hold back his dark magic means and he looked excited to see Emerald before him.

"Ah, Lord Emerald. Wonderful to see you again. The Princess is in her lab." Peppermint Butler said.

"Oh of course… your sister here as well?, heard Bubblegum made a sexy Candy sister for you to help out with some things… Peppermint Maid I think… she try and fail to get Bubblegum to oh…. I don't know… get beauty sleep?" Emerald said with a teasing grin on his face when he followed Peppermint Butler inside of the castle.

Peppermint blushes a bit.

"W-Well you know how milady is with her science. Granted annoying but… I admire her passion."

"Hehe, well maybe I could help her if she still has that thing with allowing people to bend her over a desk and stuff… got a summons from Marceline so why don't I help you out while I'm here… got a bed I can put Leonel in and she rests in?" Emerald said when he reminds Pep that Leonel was in his arms.

Peppermint blinks a bit when he hears that.

"You received a summons from Marceline?"

"Yup… got until tomorrow to get to her so I got time to kill so if you're worried about me being late, don't worry." Emerald said when he grins at Pep.

"Not worried. A bit surprised." Pep said as he lead Emerald and Leonel to one of the guest rooms.

Once Leonel was set there, Emerald placed many warding spells and other things without much effort and he kissed Leonel on the cheek.

"Hehe, rest well my Lion Queen, going to come back for you later hehe." Emerald said as he stands up… though for some reason Leonel had an odd feeling Emerald would be leaving for a long long time for some reason.

"W-Wait." Leonel said before she motions for Emerald to come closer.

Emerald blinks a bit as he stopped at the door before he walked back to Leonel to see what she wanted.

"Yeah?" Emerald said when he leaned over Leonel to get a good look at the Lion woman.

Leonel blushes before she grips the front of Emerald's shirt and leans him down for a surprise and intense kiss.

Emerald blinks at this as he went with the kiss and hugged Leonel back with one arm while Leonel really went into the kiss for a minute straight but thanks to her needing to breathe, she had to let go and Emerald chuckles as he pants for breath for a moment.

"Damn, really wanted a kiss… well hope that helps you feel better Leonel… I'll see you later." Emerald said as he went to walk out of the room, leaving Leonel alone in the well guarded room thanks to the high level defenses in the room.

Leonel blushes a bit before she lays down on the bed.

"Hurry back my lord."

As she went to sleep, Emerald followed Peppermint Butler into a large complex looking lab while he passed by many demons, a really rare human given protection by Morlock with the tattoos on their bodies, banana guards, and the occasional cyberdemon.

Emerald and Pep then got to a large table full of chemicals, gadgets and gizmos as many people walked around it though on a reserved part of the table was Bubblegum's section… AKA the largest side and Emerald walked over to see a humanoid candy Maid, and by that I mean actual human shaped and not a peppermint shape, next to a humanoid Bubblegum woman, again, human shape is key… the maid had white skin and hair while she had red streaks in her hair going from the front of her head to the back of her head while she wore a classic maid outfit… the other most likely Bubblegum wore a scientist coat and well… that was it… she pretty much didn't wear anything else showing her nude body underneath most likely giving easy access for the demons in the room if they wanted… would change if she was out of the lab but for now her body was seen… B to C cup breasts, a nice ass… slim body… honestly made it hard for Emerald's eyes not to stare.

Emerald chuckles as he made himself known.

"Yo… Bubblebutt and Pep maid… nice to see two beauties like you here." Emerald said when he walked close to the duo.

Bubblegum and Pep maid blink when they saw Emerald.

"Hello Emerald. Surprise to see you here. What can I assist you with?" Bubblegum said.

Emerald was now confused.

"Huh… strange… would have thought you of all people would know I got a summons from Marceline… not so strange from pep but you?" Emerald said when he walked up to the gummy scientist princess who looks confused herself.

Bubblegum was thoughtful.

"I may have gotten the message just… haven't read it yet due to my research."

"Ah that makes sense… well I need to use the Nightosphere portal to get to the Nightosphere but I'm not expected in a day so… hehe… mind if I have a fun time with you before I go?, will still be early but I'll need a sweet treat to help perk me up for a possible headache of a meeting with your girlfriend." Emerald said while he winked at Bubblegum.

Bubblegum blushes a bit.

"W-Well… guess I can use a break."

"Hehe… good… and given your policy…" Emerald said as he moved to grip Bubblegum on her ass and sets her on her desk while he used a quick spell to remove his clothing while he removed Bubblegum's lab coat and sets it next to her and Emerald while the Pep siblings saw this happen and Bubblegum and Emerald were both fully nude as a result.

Bubblegum was a bit caught off guard by this while blushing brightly at Emerald.

Emerald smirks before he kissed Bubblegum on the lips while he used his hands to pet her body.

Bubblegum muffly moans into the kiss before she slowly returns it as the siblings watched.

Emerald than moved one of his hands so he could rub Bubblegum's folds, quickly fingering her when he felt her get wet in no time, guess Bubblegum altered her body to get soaked quickly for quick fucks.

As Bubblegum shudders, Pep maid blushes before looking at her brother.

"Think we should leave?" She whispers.

"Well I am, got no reason to stick around, need to make sure the guest of lord Emerald is comfortable, if you want to stay then go ahead." Peppermint Buttler said before he winked at her and left since he knew Pep Maid had a bit of a thing for the royal Sex demon family and the human son of Emerald as well.

Pep maid blushes more after hearing that and didn't know what to do.

Though hearing muffled moaning and groaning did get her attention when she looks over and blushed brightly when she watched Emerald fuck Bubblegum when he skipped the foreplay moment since Bubblegum was absolutely soaked.

"Oh fuck!" Bubblegum groans as she feels Emerald's cock going in and out of her pussy.

"Hehe… yeah you like that don't you… slutty candy bitch all ripe for the fucking…. No wonder Marceline has a claim on you… you pretty much taste so sweet on my lips and cock!" Emerald teased while he fucked Bubblegum harder while he used a hand to smack her ass from the side to tease Bubblegum a bit.

"Y-Yes!" Bubblegum groans loud making the candy maid blushes brightly.

"Hehe… bet you're just training this womb of yours to prepare yourself for Marceline's kid… or maybe you want a kid from any demon who can impress you… wonder if you had some kids already given you pretty much augment any demon who perks your interest!" Emerald growled out as he moved to leave hickies on Bubblegum's neck when he licks and sucks one side as his cock barraged Bubblegum's womb constantly now.

Bubblegum moans loudly when she felt that before she wraps her legs around Emerald's waist to make him hit her womb harder.

Emerald grins at this when he moved to stand while he had his hands on Bubblegum's ass to make her bounce on his cock.

"Hehe… maybe I should piss Marceline off by having you bare a kid of mine or something!?... pretty sure she would be pissed or take this as a free pass to come and impregnate Lillum or another of my ladies… either way it would be a fucking shame if the Princess of the Candy Kingdom didn't have a kid, right!?" Emerald growled out as he fucked Bubblegum harder while his balls ached from a backed up load he was withholding.

Bubblegum's face starts to look fucked up.

"Y-Yes!… I would be… h-honored to carry your child!"

Emerald grins evilly as he smashed his lips on Bubblegum's and after that happened, a demonic seal of sorts appeared on Bubblegum's womb as he groans and floods Bubblegum's womb with sperm making her womb bloat in no time.

Bubblegum moans loud before kissed Emerald back and climaxed hard on Emerald's cock as the maid blushes brightly at the sight.

Once Emerald rides out his orgasm, he pulled his cock free and gave Bubblegum this command.

"Turn face down and have that sexy ass point my way while your legs hang off the table… I'm not leaving until I break that ass in a bit more." Emerald teased while he looks amused as the icon on Bubblegum's womb glows to show it was full in effect now.

Bubblegum pants a bit.

"Y-Yes." She said before turning over with her ass pointing at Emerald.

"P-Please fuck my ass Emerald. But make sure you have enough cum if you fill my womb again."

"Hmmm… maybe… we do have an eager onlooker after all… maybe I should give her a good time while you're recovering… I'm not expected until tomorrow at the very least so after I show your maid a good time after I fuck your ass… why don't we head to your bedroom so I can really show what I can do?" Emerald teased as he looks at and winks at Peppermint Maid.

Peppermint Maid blushes brightly as Bubblegum giggles.

"Then why not have fun with her first. We can continue this in my bedroom."

"Oh I will… but after I fuck this sweet ass first… give your maid a good show to make her squirm… I can see plenty of juices dripping down her legs even from here… so.." Emerald said as he aimed his cock at Bubblegum's ass when he spreads her ass cheeks.

"Might as well keep her squirming so she can fidget in anticipation of what's to come and it's this…" Emerald said as he thrusts his hips hard making Bubblegum's ass ripple.

"And this!" Emerald growls out as he smacks Bubblegum's ass.

"And some of this!" Emerald said while he really pistoned his hips so his cock barraged Bubblegum's ass in no time while he smacked her ass hard and Pep maid could see it all happen.

Bubblegum was groaning loud as she was loving this pleasure while Peppermint maid was blushing brightly while watching as she fidgets.

For a bit the duo were going at it for so long, about 10 minutes that Bubblegum was a pleasure filled mess as Emerald's orgasm was finally getting close… looks like he was starting to get in gear and really get into a fuckathon mood when he fucked Bubblegum more and more up the ass until…

Bubblegum groans loudly with ecstasy before she climaxed hard on Emerald's cock with her ass.

Emerald in turn snarls when he blew a powerful load up Bubblegum's ass, making her stomach bloat more.

Bubblegum's climax got stronger thanks to that as Peppermint maid blushes more as her folds got more wet.

After Emerald and Bubblegum ride out their orgasms… Emerald pulled his cock from Bubblegum's ass and he looked amused when he watched his loads leak from her pussy and ass.

"Hehe… oh yeah… Marceline is definitely going to be pissed unless she has her own demonic harem in the Nightosphere." Emerald said while he pats Bubblegum's ass… right before he glances over to see how Peppermint maid was doing.

Peppermint maid was on her knees as she lightly panted.

Whether or not she climaxed in secret, it was clear that the maid felt turned on.

All Emerald did was gestured for Peppermint Maid to approach him while his cock was iron hard in her sights to show he wasn't going down anytime soon.

Peppermint Maid blushes when she saw Emerald's cock before she gets up and slowly walks towards the Incubus King.

The scene then fades to black before more could be seen… but one thing was certain, if this was the start of a two parter before the real bad stuff happens… seems the lemons now and next chapter would be a treat given the bad feelings some people are having… what would happen next time is anyone's guess but for now, seems this chapter ends on a happy if sudden note somewhat… see you all next time in DOOM in Adventure time.

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