DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
Arc 2: Chapter 1

(Requested by Fiery Crusader)

(Word Count: 4000 to 5000)


The scene showed the boat from the previous chapter landing as the messenger Demon got off the boat.

After this happened, the messenger came up to the front gate and was stopped by a few sentry Demon's.

"Halt!, who dares approach the gates of this protected village?" A Guard demon asked while the messenger demon clears his throat.

"I'm a messenger from Marceline Abadeer who is here to give a message straight to Emerald the sex demon King, I am not allowed to say more then that." The messenger said which caused the two demons to look at one another.

"Really?, one of us will let Lord Emerald know… wait here." The demon said before the demonic guard ran into the village which left the other guard with the messenger and the messenger and the guard waited a moment and the Guard cleared his throat when there was an awkward silence and the scene went into the village, more exact… Emerald and Finn's home with him and Finn tag teaming Huntress Wizard, or Dusk in this story, as they were on Emerald's bed.

The father/son duo were fucking Dusk while she moans from the feeling of her ass and pussy getting penetrated again and again by the duo, Emerald was on his back this time and while Finn was fucking her ass while Finn had his hands on Dusk's ass, Emerald had his hands on Dusk's breasts while he thrusts his hips upward so his cock barraged Dusk's pussy while Finn's cock barraged Dusk's tight ass.

Dusk was really moaning from the intense fucking she was getting, she had her hands on Emerald's chest and she really worked to tighten her ass and pussy on the cocks inside of her while outside of the room, Lillum looks amused when she saw this when she peaked into the room.

"Wow, looks like a serious… bonding moment… is going on rather well hehe." Lillum said as Ruby, who came to check on Finn, groans when she heard her mothers joke.

"Oh… mom that hurt." Ruby said when she gave Lillum a half lidded look and Lillum giggles a bit while Minerva came by when she wanted to see what the hubbub was.

"What hurts?, everyone OK?" Minerva asked which caused Ruby to look at her other mother.

"Oh just mom here telling a bad pun as she peaks in on Finn and papa having fun with a Wood Nymph woman and she could either be a new woman of papa's or a future woman to Finn here if either of them impress her, though she has an odd feeling she shouldn't be fought at all for some reason though…" Ruby said which caused Minerva to raise an eyebrow and when she looks in, she blushed at the sight of what was going on in the room.

"Oh my… well it looks like Finn and Emerald are having fun with her, not sure what is off with that Wood Nymph woman that gots you on edge Lillum but she seems nice." Minerva said while she watched Finn fuck Dusk's ass more while Emerald used his magic to tease Dusk's breasts while he made sure to hit her sweet spots and Dusk in turn moans more from the pleasure she felt.

As this went on, Lillum, Ruby, and Minerva heard footstep and they looked to see one of the gate guard demons and Lillum raised an eyebrow at the demonic being.

"Something wrong?" The Queen of Sex demons said while the guard nods his head.

"A messenger from the Queen of the Nightosphere, no details but seems Lord Emerald is getting some kind of summons from my best guess knowing how the Lady of the Nightosphere normally summons him, is he available?, I can bring the messenger here to the guest rooms if the message can wait though it's strange that a magical message wasn't sent by the usual methods." The guard said since the messages were normally sent via portals, not by hand.

Lillum hums at this.

"Well invite him in… might as well give the messenger a good time as well after he gives the message and stuff, can't be rude after all." Lillum said and the guard nods his head before he ran out of the building.

After this happened, Lillum looks at Ruby and Minerva.

"So… you two want in on the fun?" Lillum asked while Ruby hums.

"Hmmm… maybe, want to see what this messenger looks like before I decide, I could always join in on the fun with Finn and Papa with this sexy wood nymph in the room." Ruby said which made Lillum giggle a bit while Minerva blushed somewhat.

"Same… might as well see who is here." Minerva said since the demon didn't have a known species yet.

The trio heard moaning from the room again which caused Lillum and Ruby to smirk while Minerva blushed as they looked in to see Dusk getting lift and lowered onto Finn and Emerald's cocks, this time with Emerald fucking Dusk's ass while Finn fucked her pussy and fondles her breasts while Emerald did the main lifting and lowering and what not, he was even making out with Dusk when she removed the lower part of her mask so Finn could do so and he and Dusk were really making out while Dusk moans into Finn's mouth as her body was raised and lowered so her holes took the massive cocks again and again.

"Fuck!, these two are not bad, going to need to go a few solo rounds with them to see who would be the better mate… it would be obvious to go for the Sex demon King here but the Demonic Slayer isn't bad himself… fuck I may hold back on a choice so I can keep having fun with these two." Dusk thought though Emerald using a spell heard that thought and he was amused and would talk to Dusk about this later but for now, he was enjoying himself as he and Finn worked to dominate the woman between them for a bit while their stamina really worked to their advantage.

This went on for a bit with Emerald and Finn fucking Dusk more and more until she groans on their cocks and climaxed on them and the father/son duo growl as they flood Dusk's holes with their loads, making Dusk's toes curl when she felt her orgasm strengthen.

By the time Dusk rides out her orgasm, she pants for breath when she pulled away from the kiss with Finn and as she was set on the bed, Emerald and Finn chuckle as they look at Dusk.

"S-So… think we impress?" Emerald said while Dusk places a hand on her head.

"Indeed… makes me want more…" Dusk said before her body shimmed with a warp like effect when her body seemed to distort then fix itself much to Finn and Emerald's confusion.

"Uh… what just happened?" Finn asked which caused Dusk to smirk as she sat on the bed.

"Just a show of my power… I may not be a beast in stamina like Finn here or a sex monster Glob like Emerald, but I can warp reality so I can make myself at full power if needed… so I can have more fun… much more." Dusk said which really surprised Finn and Emerald.

"Really now?, well that is interesting, would say OP but bet there is a catch right?" Emerald asked which caused Dusk to chuckle a bit.

"Well aside from not using it on beings stronger than I since they can resist the effect, not really, not many issues with making small term changes to reality." Dusk said as she smirks at the Sex demon King while she gets off the bed before the duo while she rewrote reality so her body was cleaned fully.

"Now then… shall we start the next round?" Dusk asked which caused Emerald and to a lesser extent Finn to grin while their cocks were iron hard again even after all they unloaded.

Though Dusk smirks when she looks at the cocks and they seemed to warp a bit much to Emerald and Finn's shock and before the duo could do anything… the warp faded to show that the cocks… didn't change much though Finn felt like his balls were full and same with Emerald though it wasn't much and the kicker… the cocks didn't feel sensitive like they did just now.

"Did you just…" Emerald said as Dusk looks amused.

"Restore your cocks to full power and filled your balls with sperm by speeding up the recovery process to skip the refractory period for males between orgasms?... not the first time I did that." Dusk said while she smirks as Emerald looks impressed.

"Damn, this reality warping when used right is so OP that it's sickening… though pretty sure any mate you'll get with will be one happy person no doubt." Emerald said while Dusk shrugged her shoulders.

"That's if they can impress… so far you two are doing rather way, can only pick one as a mate though… sex friends however and what not… well no one can fault me if I visit the two of you for fun and what not since you two seem like the fun type." Dusk said which caused Emerald to look really amused.

"Hooo… so you trying to get the father son combo?, well who am I to deny a sexy woman like you though I would suggest mating with Finn officially if he can impress… guy's a fast learner and has a number of ladies who are eager to please him… it would be an easy mode for me to claim you since hey… I'm a natural born sex demon King who can wow the ladies… Finn here has been wowing ladies left and right since he turned 18 and let's just say he is doing well." Emerald said while Finn rubbed his head bashfully since getting phrases like this… well… did made him a bit tongue tied while Dusk hums.

"Hmmm… I see… well I don't mind testing Finn here if he wants to claim me as his woman but it takes more than just simple emotions to be a mate, one has to be dominating, claiming both body and soul since this kind of mating is one that ties them together for life, not like those simple marriage things that humans do, granted not insulting them, just saying that compared to wood Nymphs, we don't half ass a mate, and while we have fun, we don't just fool around without rhyme or reason… granted some of us do given how chaotic the world is but where we are from, we normally do it for fun or to make children more or less, but bond making is a serious thing we take seriously… in fact some of us make something called a soul bond that can make a bond that lasts lifetimes that helps us mates find one another again, thankfully the spell either works to make people the same gender as females or a male and female in many cases, but I'm getting way off of what we were supposed to do… mate like animals and see which of you can claim me… I don't mind going for Finn here since he looks like he can go a long time but I would be a fool to pass up the Sex Demon King as a mate as well so Finn… can you do anything that can impress me that your father can't do?" Dusk asked when she looks at Finn who blushed nervously.

"W-Well… not sure, I learned a spell that can make me grow a second cock, but thats still in the works… still learning how to clone myself with magic… but I can naturally generate demonic energy by absorbing it from the atmosphere around me… not sure why." Finn said which got Dusk's attention.

"Really now?, does this mean you can channel it at will as well and use spells not made for humans?" Dusk said when she heard rumors but was surprised by this when Finn used sex demon spells.

"Y-Yeah… apparently unlike pops and other sex demons I gain demonic energy passively, sure people use spells but unless I really go for huge draining spells that can tire me out… I don't normally get tired from casting spells… it's the focus with some of them that really get to me and stuff." Finn said while Emerald smirks.

"That's because your still a newbie and don't have proper control." Emerald said while Finn looks at Emerald with a half lidded look that said, compared to you, of course I might as well be a newbie.

Dusk on her end hums again as she got off the bed and walked near Finn.

"Interesting… very interesting… very well I might as well focus on you for now with the bonding test to see if you have what it takes but only if you can pass a few tests of mine and we really see how this ability of yours works… agree and I'll be your bitch after lessons in spell casting and training to fine tune your control, decline and I'll be going to your father since any wood Nymph worth her salt would be insane to pass up a demonic King level mate." Dusk said which caused Finn to blush at how forward Dusk was.

"W-Well… can I think about this first for a day?" Finn asked while Dusk raised an eyebrow as Emerald chuckles.

"Sorry for him, normally he is a ripping and tearing machine but when it comes to the ladies, he is still learning despite being used to sexy succubuses like Lillum and his girlfriend Ruby… just humor him and you should get an answer tomorrow, doesn't mean you can't… convince him for an early answer so why don't I leave you two alone and you see if Finn can take you one on one hehe." Emerald said as he left the room and when this happened, Dusk looks really amused when she looks at Finn.

"So… about that twin cock spell…" Dusk said which caused Finn to gulp when Dusk had a look similar to Ruby and some sex hounds like Mikumi and Frya when they were around him and as Emerald closed the door to the room, he chuckles as he shook his head.

"Geez, really need to work that slight shyness out with new women… going to be interesting if she becomes a new daughter in law… may try and check out other Wood Nymph's though… if they are as kinky as Dusk I may try and see if she has a sister or something hehe." Emerald said as he walked away from the room though one of his servants got his attention.

"Milord, you have a visitor in the guestroom, Milady Lillum, Milady Ruby, and Milady Minerva are with him and since you were busy, they are entertaining him so he can be relaxed, please follow me, I was ordered to lead you there after you finished your fun." The Servant said which amused Emerald and when he followed the servant, he went into one of the guestrooms and really looks amused when he saw Lillum with the messenger while she rides his cock while her hands were on the messanger's hips… the demonic being was a Prowler demon, a sub species of Imp demons and it had the ability to teleport and aside from being more purple in color, they also could throw hellfire at the enemy.

Prowlers, according to the Codex entry that details them that was made to explain the various demons, subspecies, and experimental types, Prowlers are a possible descendant of the Imp breed, which would explain their similar hunched appearance and overall body structure. However, they are notably larger than Imps and are a dull purple color as opposed to the Imps more brownish-orange shade. The Prowler also has three, closely-knit red eyes and a tri-segmented jaw. (Note from TME: Won't lie, got the appearance from the Doom wikia because I had trouble putting the Prowler's looks into words… just slightly altered to explain that there is a codex available here in the DAT story that will be used later.)

The Prowler on his end, when he enjoyed Lillum riding his large thick demonic cock, used his claw-like hands to fondle Lillum's massive breasts and she moaned when she really rode the demon's cock with eager movements.

Emerald noticed that while Lillum was enjoying herself, he didn't see Minerva or Ruby yet but when he turned his head, he chuckles when he saw his daughter and his second wife and watched as Minerva was eating out Ruby's pussy and she was groaning when she enjoyed Minerva's actions.

"O-Oh fuck…" Ruby moans out when she felt how good Minerva's tongue was… definitely practice well done when Minerva was trained by Lillum to really please a cock or pussy.

Emerald chuckles as he approached the duo.

"Yo you two, got called here, busy or think I can join in?, seems like it will be a bit before I can get that message from the demon here." Emerald said when he got everyone's attention.

"Hehe, oh don't worry, the message is pretty quick, at least thats what this hunk of a demon said." Lillum said which caused the demonic messenger to chuckle.

"Yeah… all Milady Abadeer requests is that you come alone to her throne room within 3 days, she didn't say why and I don't question orders, you can bring a guard or two if you want but she would prefer you come alone." The messenger said which confused Emerald a bit.

"Really?... and she didn't say anything else?" Emerald said since this was getting him suspicious since the message seemed too simple.

"I don't question Milady and her orders." The demon said which caused Emerald to shrug his shoulders.

"Fair enough, and since I got a few days, might as well have fun and stuff, so better get ready Mr. Messenger, going to join in on the fun with my wife though first… going to tag team my other wife with my daughter here, family bonding hehe." Emerald said when he grins at Minerva who blushed from the lustful look she was getting from Emerald.

After this happened and Lillum went back to riding the Prowler demons cock which made the Demon moan and groan from the feeling, Emerald was well underway in eating Minerva out while she groans as she focused on Ruby's pussy and ass with teasing licks.

After a minute of teases, Emerald got in position behind Minerva when she was already well lubed from a previous climax and in no time after he aimed at her pussy with his cock, he shoved himself inside and Minerva really got a wide eyed look from the penetration, not the first time and won't be the last time she was amazed at how perfect Emerald's cock was for her pussy.

Emerald hums from the tight pussy on his cock and grins when he looks down at Minerva's ass cheeks and enjoys the feeling of how tight her pussy was on his cock.

"Fuck, can't get over how nice your pussy is Minerva, you really would make a fucking good Succubus if you took the plunge into the change!" Emerald muttered which made Minerva blush more since this was another time Emerald tried to get her to become a succubus… honestly he was damn well tempted at this point in time but she still wanted to be a human for a bit longer… though seeing how well Lillum, Emerald, and Ruby had fun… well she did consider it but for now she was just enjoying herself as she continued to eat out Ruby's pussy and this really caused Ruby to groan when she gripped Minerva's hair to help pull her face closer to her pussy so Minerva eats her out at a harder rate.

This caused Minerva to muffly moan a bit in her step daughter's pussy as she worked to eat her out more while Emerald starts to fuck Minerva hard then and there which really caused Minerva to have her tongue run wild in Ruby's pussy.

"O-Oh f-fuck!" Ruby muttered when she really enjoyed how good Minerva's tongue was, she was hitting all of Ruby's weak points… normally that wouldn't happen but again… when you live with sex demons you learn a few things.

This really showed when Minerva adjusts fast to the tight grip on her hair and thrusts her hips back towards Emerald's pelvic region so her pussy could eagerly take his cock again and again.

While this went on, Lillum was leaking down and kissing the Prowler on the segmented mouth that it had as she continues to ride his cock and after a minute or two, the Prowler groans as he climaxed hard inside of Lillum's womb with great force, thanks to a few loads earlier the sperm broke down slowly while Lillum enjoyed the afterglow when she climaxed hard on the Prowler's dick.

After that happened and the Prowler and Lillum ride out their orgasms, Lillum changed things up when she used a spell to clean her body off and she was getting her cleaned pussy ate out while she sucked the Prowler's cock and this really caused the demonic messanger to groan more from the feeling as he made sure to have his tongue explore Lillum's pussy.

After this went on, Emerald and Ruby had changed things up so that they were fucking Minerva's ass and pussy while they lift and lower the human woman on their cocks… Emerald was making out with Minerva while Ruby fucked Minerva's ass and Minerva really moans as she moans into Emerald's mouth when she really enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked by her succubus husband and step daughter and as they worked to fuck her more and more, Emerald smacked Minerva's ass cheeks and Ruby worked to fondle Minerva's breasts and as their cocks went into Minerva's holes again and again, they groan loudly when they climaxed hard inside of Minerva after a couple minutes of intense fucking and this really caused Minerva to groan when she came hard on the duo's cocks.

This caused the two to groan from how tight Minerva got and as they wait for her to ride out her orgasm, they ride out their own orgasms and boy when they tapped off, Minerva looked a few months pregnant before Emerald and Ruby pulled their cocks from Minerva's holes.

When they did, they moved Minerva so she was knelt on the ground and no words were said when she worked to suck the duo's cocks, Emerald's cock was first and she moans when she enjoyed the taste and her tongue worked to lick the head of his dick when she pulled her head back to do so and when she was done, she switch to suck Ruby's ebony colored cock and she really moans when she enjoyed the sperm she was getting… honestly if one walked into the room… they would probably wonder if Minerva was a succubus or not from how intense Minerva worked to please her family.

Thanks to how well Minerva was in her actions, she pretty much worked her step daughter and husband up which caused them to get erect again and this really got Minerva to blush when she saw the two Sex demons looking down at her with lustful looks on their faces and all Minerva could think was this as the duo reached for her.

"Maybe I should become a Succubus since I'm having trouble keeping up with these three." Minerva thought as she was gripped on the shoulders and as the scene fades to black, pleased moans and groans came from Emerald's home as many people felt rather good that day… however in the chapters to be… things would change greatly… both good and bad… mainly with the bad before the horrible storm of dread really kicks the ripping and tearing into high gear...

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