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Reprieve Arc 1: Chapter 2

(Part 2 of first Reprive Arc… start!)

Ooo/ Human village on Island/ Hospital/ Finn's temp room/ Finn

"Ugh…" Finn groans as he sat up on his bed while he used his human hand to hold his head, he may have loved the stress relief sessions here but the after effect of him passing out annoyed him, granted he normally came back from tough missions but Ruby and other sex demons didn't have this issue as he got to his feet and quickly used a spell he was taught to keep his body clean… sure he could take a bath later but this helped with keeping his oder in order and he quickly equipped his armor minus his helmet before he exits the room.

Once he did, he moved to exit the building and after he did so once he let the receptionist know he was leaving, he ran into Lillum while she was floating through the town.

Once she noticed Finn, she smiled at him as she approached him.

"Hey Finn, I see you are awake, how are you dear?" Lillum said when she looks at her future son in law, thanks to Finn dating Ruby and maybe more, Lillum might as well call Finn an official family member.

"I'm good mom, don't really like how I pass out after a stress relief session but not complaining thanks to how relaxed I am right now." Finn said while he stretched a bit as he didn't feel the need to be too on guard right now, the security here helped him relax that much.

Lillum giggles before she turns away from Finn.

"That's nice, oh and Emerald has an announcement to make, thanks to him and the magical summoning division working on things, we are now able to summon Sexhounds from the Sex demon section of the Nightosphere now without issues… bit depressing not to have fun creatures here to have fun with, you'll like them, you remember what they can do from those biology lessons right?" Lillum asked while Finn blinked a bit at the question.

"Uh… yeah I believe so… they are similar to Fire wolves from the Fire Kingdom, Leaf Wolves from the various Nymph filled forests, yadayada, etc… unlike fire wolves and what not who have a set form here, Sex hounds have two forms that they can turn into similar to how Why wolves can transform or at the very least get intelligent out of the blue, they have their iconic quadriped form and if their summoner wishes, they can take a bipedial form similar to a humanoid form with shapely or muscular looking bodys depending on the gender, sometimes a mix for unique centaur like forms though the transformation does not mean persay that all sexhounds get a powerful or beautiful form, it depends on how they are raised or breed and stuff… in some cases sex demons can summon one or two sex hounds, normally one of each gender for various reasons." Finn said like he was quoting a book somewhat while Lillum smiles.

"Indeed, similar to you, sex hounds can naturally make their own demonic energy so they are very welcomed by sex demons and stuff... until today, no sex demon was able to summon a sexhound thanks to the fact that Ooo was unstable years ago thanks to so many portals being opened and it was forbidden to use the old methods to not cause more issues, however thanks to some work with Wizards from Wizard City over the years recently and with some magically inclined beings like Wood Nymphs with us making a pact to get parts of their bonding ritual for use, we are able to now summon sex hounds… though unfortuantly all of us sex demons have to summon sex hounds from step one with this new method, thankfully as long as we know where in the sex demon kingdom in the nightosphere where the sex hounds live, we can summon them and make a new pact which should make things easy since we already proved ourselves, unfortunately thanks to how chaotic the Nightosphere is, some testing phase sex demons had to make contracts with sex hounds not bonded to them… thankfully those pacts can be nulled and tried again so no permanent summoning unless the summoner and summoning agree to the pact fully... the official first summoning being held soon will be fine tuned but still… man this world is unstable somewhat even after some time recovering." Lillum said while Finn went to pat his mother in law on the back a few times.

He knew Lillum missed her personal Sex hounds Frya and Fenrir, he never saw them before but heard about them and Finn hoped Lillum could make new contracts.

Lillum in turn sighs and she chuckles a bit.

"Anyway Finn, the summon will happen in 20 minutes, hope fully you can join in, who knows, if some of us are right, you can summon some sex hounds yourself given how you can summon Biggs and Wedge thanks to Death." Lillum said much to Finn's surprise.

"Really?... I mean aside from some… use… doubt I would have much of a reason for summoning them." Finn said while Lillum looked amused.

"Really?, what if you go to a corrupted Demonic base again and run into hungry sex demons male or female?, pretty sure you would need help with helping the demons in more ways after what I heard." Lillum said which caused Finn to blush a bit.

"R-Right… could learn how to but doubt I could summon multiple sex hounds, I got the skeleton summons from Death and stuff." Finn said while Lillum chuckles in amusement.

"Eh, who knows, for now let's get going, if we get there we could get to the summoning area as its getting set up and help with things… ohhh I can't wait to summon my sweeties and gave some long overdue fun." Lillum said while she grins from her excitement and Finn blushed when sex was mentioned here.

The duo then went through the village and as the duo did so, they saw Carol, Betty, and Tina palling around with some people and demons and looked like they were enjoying themselves right now and Finn smiles from seeing this since Carol, Tina, and Betty deserved the break from the drama and stuff.

The trio were pretty much flirting with various humans and demons so they were just doing their own thing.

They noticed Finn and smile when they saw him, after they approached him which left the other demons and humans they were flirting with behind to go back to their own thing and the trio already heard about the sex hound summoning which caused them to get excited since they were invited as one of the few to be able to test the new summoning method.

The 5 people then went to a unique looking building where an old man was waiting inside while he was hunched over, had a cane, but had demonic wings and a tail to show that this man was a demon of some kind and an ancient one at that.

The old demon had an eyepatch over one eye and he had a spiky white beard while he was bald on top of his head, in fact a beam of light hitting the demon's head caused Finn to scream in pain and cover his eyes when the sunlight pretty much hit him in the eyes.

"MY EYES!, THEY BURN!" Finn screams while the old demon sweatdrops as he puts a hat on that he summoned and Finn rubbed his eyes to try and soothe them.

"Oh man… did you wax your head or something?" Finn said while he felt his eyes recovering and noticed that blurred figures were approaching and turns out, it was Ruby, Emerald, and Minerva.

"Hehe, sorry about that Finn, Gramps here just got into town today and guess the sun just doesn't like his shiny dome." Emerald said while Finn blinks not to clear his vision but from confusion.

"Gramps?" Finn asked while Emerald grins.

"Finn… let me introduce you to for the first time… Xan Grandblade… Very First Sex Demon King and he helped trained many successors to be what they are, not many can say they live as long as him… personally I think Death doesn't reap his soul since Xan would probably try and get with Life hehe." Emerald said as Xan knocked the wind out of Emerald with the butt of his cane and Emerald held his stomach a bit.

"Quiet boy… I also helped train Emerald here by teaching him everything he knows, not everything I know… honestly the sun would grow cold by the time I did that hehe… anyway I got into town today thanks to Emerald pretty much getting on his knees and begging me for help he-!" Xan said before Ruby chopped him on the head.

"Oh shut it you perv, Dad helped get you here since you were normally not allowed on the mortal plain and you pretty much hugged Emerald gratefully after that happened, don't confuse Finn more than he already is." Ruby said while Xan held his head and cried comically.

"G-GOOH!, BY GRAND DAUGBTER IS SUCH A MEANY!" Xan cried while Emerald sweatdrops.

"Oh you got him going again Ruby… Lillum, cheer Gramps up while I explain to Finn how this summoning will work." Emerald said while Lillum chuckles a bit and hugged Xan between her breasts and Xan slowly stopped crying and Emerald looks at Finn as Xan returns the hug while Lillum pets Xan on the head.

"Don't worry, no Royal Sex demon is related to one another so forget about asking if Xan is related to Lillum or I… he is my gramps since he is well… pretty much a Grandpa to many Royal Sex demons who learn their skills from him and he pretty much becomes an adopted Grandfather of sorts… anyway Finn, Xan here is pretty much the key reason this summoning will work since he and I with a few lucky Wood Nymphs have made a deal, if we can work out a way to have non demonic beings summon sex hounds, Wood Nymphs would come here to summon some and maybe have fun with us in the open instead of us having to go to their forest to have fun." Emerald said while Finn blushed a bit since Wood Nymph's were normally hiding in their trees and stuff so in order to have top class women like Wood Nymphs come out of hiding, Emerald was having a few sex demons and demons under his control on this Island go and protect the various forests that the Nymphs lived in as envoys to help with diplomacy to get them out of hiding more or less and they could be escorted to one of the protected villages or multiple ones.

Ruby giggles at the blush while Minerva did the same before Emerald clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Alright people, we have a summoning to get to so let's get started before we have to wait for next week or so to do this… Lillum, you'll be first since you want Frya and Fenrir back so might as well make sure you have a high chance of summoning them." Emerald said which excited Lillum greatly.

"Oh goody!" Lillum said while Emerald smiles at her.

"Hehe, Goody indeed… after you try a summoning Lillum we will try with Finn here and hopefully if things go well we won't have much issues with trying to use alternate methods for non demonic beings." Emerald said while he looks at Xan who nods at Emerald.

He then looks at Lillum while he held some kind of pendent.

"Alright Lillum, use this, this pendent will summon a Sex hound of your choice and if that Sex hound is unavailable for whatever reason it will work to summon the next best one that is similar enough to the sex hound you originally wanted, however this pendent doesn't have power to last, you have two chances, if you don't get the hounds you want, you'll need to wait for 48 hours for the magic in the pendent to recharge… the other enchantments will do the rest, but you can only summon them here thanks to how this building is made… just hold the pendent over the floor over that symbol engraved into it and focus on the hound you want and this will do the rest… I'm here not only to explain things but I am here to help fine tune that summoning at the side to prevent any demonic energy from leaking out of this building…. Don't want that since we could summon something deadly by accident." Xan explained while Lillum nods her head and she approached the middle of the summoning circle and held the pendent over the circle which glows with a red demonic light.

Lillum then closed her eyes while a glittering pink light emits from the red symbol on the ground and the pendent starts to spark with a demonic red light as Lillum felt her energy get drained by the pendent which starts the summoning and thanks to a strong image of Frya and Fenrir, she tried the summoning… however she was confused when the charge was used up all at once and a moment later a single Sex hound was seen…

The Sex hound in particular was a female, she had a leith like figure, was in a quadriped form and she had black shimmering fur, she was a beauty for a Sex hound and Lillum blinks at the sight and she looks at Xan.

"Uh… Xan… I think there was an error… this isn't Frya or Fenrir." Lillum said while Xan rubbed his beard while the Sex hound female looks confused when she looks around a few times.

"I see… were you thinking of Frya and Fenrir at the same time or one at a time?... I may have happy news if you were thinking of both." Xan asked while Lillum looks confused.

"Well I was thinking of both since I wanted to summon them, why is this happy news when I lost the charge fully?" Lillum asked as Xan grins.

"Well seems Frya and Fenrir had a kid and I would bet all my power that this is their full grown child and an Alpha female to boot, not sure if she has a name already but when a summoning like this happens, you can name them however you want." Xan said much to Lillum's shock and joy.

"R-Really?" Lillum said when she looks at the female sex hound who looks at her.

"A-Are you really Frya and Fenrir's child?" Lillum asked while the sex hound tilts her head but with the mention of Frya and Fenrir being mentioned, her ears perked up and she came over to lick Lillum on the face a few times as Xan chuckles a bit.

"Hehe, seems like a yes to me, but we can check later to be sure… for now if you want to keep her, you can, you can summon another sex hound in 48 hours or so once the pendent recharges fully." Xan explained while Lillum smiles at Xan.

"Oh of course, feels like I'm teaching their child the ropes hehe, though I wonder if Ruby could take her since she never had a Sex hound before… though is there a rule against that?" Lillum asked while Xan looks thoughtful as he looks at Ruby who looked surprised.

"Hmmm… I don't see why not, hang on, let me get a pendent and let's see if we can transfer ownership." Xan said while Ruby looks at her mother.

"Are you sure about that mom?" Ruby said while Lillum smiles at her.

"Hehe, yeah, wouldn't be right if I couldn't try and get Fenrir and Frya again, at least I got a ball park in the family so why not have the daughter stick with the daughter of the group hehe." Lillum said as Xan returns.

"OK… I checked and its possible but the cooldown doubles from 48 hours since the ownership would be processing for awhile… freaking magical delays… anyway since we know its possible to summon sex hounds, Lillum, have your sex hound go to Ruby and we can have Finn try and summon his own… remember boy, think of the gender you want and the type you want, you can even try a name if you want but don't expect a miracle." Xan said while Finn nods his head as he went to the summon circle with a pendent and as he held it over the summoning symbol… well aside from a female obviously for his first summons… his mind kinda went a bit wild when he wanted a sex hound who could mimic Ruby or Lillum's figures in biped mode and thanks to all the talk of Frya and Fenrir… well his mind was focused on the Frya name and well… when the summoning circle kicked in… Emerald and Lillum were shocked when a particular sex hound female was summoned while the Sex hound with Ruby perked up.

"No way!" Emerald and Lillum said when Finn summoned Lillum's sex hound Frya… she was like the previous female Sex hound and she had a shiny black coat, a powerful body in Quadriped form, and she had an excited look when she sniffed the air and after her gazed looked onto Emerald and Lillum, she charged at the duo ignoring Finn and pretty much gave Lillum a flying tackle like hug when she changed to Biped mode in midair and she had a figure like Lillum's, powerful human like legs and massive breasts and ass… only thing that stayed the same was her head which was altered a bit to have a slightly shorter snout to not get in the way as she snuggles up to Lillum as Lillum giggles when she returned the hug with Frya as she pets her back and loved the feel of Frya's fur.

"Oh Frya… its good to see you again." Lillum said while Emerald grins at Finn.

"Hehe, you trying to reunite Lillum with her hound huh?, trying to get brownie points with Milady?" Emerald said while he nudged Finn as Finn blushed.

"Oh give me a break, since Lillum trained Ruby you can't say its not something I thought about and all this talk of Frya and what not had me think her name… didn't expect to summon her though." Finn said while he looks at Lillum.

"Hey Lillum, after you get Ruby that Sex hound you just summoned to her, why don't I transfer Frya to you?, not sure what Frya thinks or if she can speak but pretty sure Frya would want to go to you and stuff." Finn said while Lillum smiles at Finn's generous nature.

"Oh you… I may have to give a good reward later for this Finn." Lillum said with Finn blushing again as Xan clears his throat.

"Well thats good and all but Finn still has one charge left on his pendent so he can summon another Sex hound, most likely a Male for now since its normally one male and female per pendent… still working out some kinks for multiples of the same gender… though if were talking ownership transfers…" Xan said while he grabbed Lillum and Finn's pendants and after some work with Ruby's pendent… Xan nods his head.

"Alright… Finn here, you can summon another female sex hound if you want but until this Amulet cools down, which you will know about thanks to the glow coming back, you won't be able to summon anymore… hopefully we can get you your own untamed Sex hound so you can tame and train her as you wish." Xan said while Finn nods his head while Frya looks happy when she heard all this… though the sex hound near Ruby charged Frya and similar to how Frya tackles Lillum, the Sex hound changed her form to have a look similar to Frya and she snuggles up to the older Sex hound and Frya in turn snuggles back.

"Awww… looks like I was right hehe, seems like this is Frya and Fenrir's kid… fully matured to boot since we only summon fully grown Sex hounds." Xan said while Frya looks at Xan and nods her head to show that this particular sex hound was indeed Frya's daughter.

Lillum smiles at that and after some talk, Ruby named her new Sex hound Brynhilder to go with the norse naming theme going on with Frya.

Next was Finn doing the summoning one more time and this time he just went with a figure like Ruby, Lillum, or Frya's again, gender was female, and just went random sex hound here.

Thanks to that, the summoning went well but when Finn's demonic energy was used… the symbols coloring changed to a deep blood red and the glitter effect from the summoning turned to a golden color of glitter and a moment later… instead of the usual black furred Sex hound female… Finn shockingly summoned a white furred female Sex hound which caused Emerald to whistle.

"*Whistle*... wow Finn… either you are one lucky son of a bitch or you are just a magnet for getting good sex hounds in general… a white furred Sex hound might as well be an Alpha Sex hound." Emerald said while the female Sex hound Alpha blinks as she looks around while she sniffed a bit.

Honestly she looked like a powerful deadly specimen of a Sex hound, she had a powerful body with muscles seen through her fur, and to put things in perspective, instead of the iconic red eyes, she had golden colored eyes that locked onto Finn and she walked up to him with a curious look and sniffed a bit to see what she was dealing with… she was surprised to see that not only was this a human who summoned her but he was somehow absorbing demonic energy around him and storing it similar to how she was.

Honestly this surprised her so much that she looked visibly shocked and she looks to see Emerald and Lillum, the Sex demon royals while they looked like they were giving Finn proud looks… just who was this human?

The Sex hound then shocked Finn greatly when she spoke.

"So… you are the one who summoned me?" The sex hound Alpha said with a beautiful confident voice which shocked Finn.

"What the!?... you can talk!?" Finn said while the Alpha raised an eyebrow as Lillum chuckles a bit.

"Hehe, been awhile since I last talked about this, but Alpha Sex hound's intelligences are so high that they are just as intelligent as humans or Sex demons… so for them, speaking while using a partial consistent transformation on their mouth to mimic talking is nothing to them, in fact its a habit." Lillum said while Finn blinks at the info.

"Oh… thats good to know." Finn said while the Alpha speaks to get Finn's attention.

"Now that we have that out of the way… human… are you the one who summoned me?"

"Y-Yeah… name is Finn Campbell… do you have a name or do I give you one?" Finn asked while the Alpha sex hound looks at Finn.

"Normally my name is whoever my pact holder wishes, until you can think of one suitable, most settle for Mikumi." the Alpha or Mikumi said while Finn smiles at her.

"Nice… Mikumi it is!" Finn said as Mikumi nods her head and in a quick flash of light, she reformed her body to be bipedial and had a hand on her hip while Finn blushed at the sight of Mikumi's body.

Her figure pretty much towered over Finn a bit with a figure just as grand of Lillum and Ruby's bodies with F to G cup breats and a nice round ass while Mikumi had a stronger looking body that could support her figure with powerful muscles being seen with strong back muscles and abs while she had strong looking legs and arms and she gave Finn a fanged grin.

"So Master… how should we start this bonding later?" Mikumi said with a lustful look on her face before the scene fades to black.

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