DOOM in Adventure Time @emerald
Chapter 1

The scene opens up to show TME on a demonic looking throne while he grins at the readers who were brought in by a few demons.

"Ah… welcome, welcome dear readers… I'm so happy you came by, this is a newly paid request from a good friend of mine called Fiery Crusader, we collabed a few times and the biggest collab is Queen's in Heat and Taken Aflame so look him up if you want to read those or his other stories… this one is a 5000 word fic that starts a possible multi-chapter story if they want to pay for more if they like how things go, still one word of warning… plenty of gore, death, and dark lemons in this story, this is DOOM in Adventure time after all, it's not a play on words, this is a technical crossover where Finn is the Doom slayer in later chapters and Marceline is pretty much the big bad for a time before she and Finn are forced to team up to combat a bigger threat… nuff said…. I cannot STRESS THIS enough that this is not a story for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended, there will be violence, there will be trama, there will be lemons so dark that they would make DSML look tame…. Point is I'm writing this much for the intro so you have time to back out." TME said while he looks at the readers.

"Given that I will give an advertisement for a few friends of mine with their own stories… Yugiohfan163… he is a pretty good writer who is writing many stories like Crazy trouble with love and others, we collabed a chapter or two for that series… Yugi is taking commissions so PM him if you are interested, he has a way to accept payments so speak with him for more details…. Then there is a collab story with me and He23t, and he has other stories on his side of things, check them out… next would be Fiery Crusader himself, he is a talented writer who can write co-op and solo stories, look him up again if you are curious about his work, not all are lemon filled if it helps… finally my good friend Atomsk the Pirate King is the main Co-host and my best friend who I write with, we did this for years and we will never stop writing stories so any negative guest reviews will be deleted, not going to budge and stuff on that anymore with trash reviews, we have a guest review removing thing for a reason." TME said while he crossed his arms.

"Now that we have that out of the way, you should have had enough time to consider what you are about to do… go down the rabbit hole of insanity and read the story of a sick psychopath on full blast… or back out now while you have the chance?, you can turn around and leave so…" TME said while he waits for a moment for the readers to decide.














TME waits for quite a bit and once that happened, he chuckles when he saw some readers still in the room.

"Good, for those who stuck around, get ready for a really twisted story from the deepest recesses of my mind… the plot of the story starts out canon somewhat, may either use the Obsidian part as a start so spoilers if no one watched it, I recommend it if you can somehow watch it online for free or I may just go for an original setup with how Marceline will be the big bad of the first arc… either way let's get this story started shall we?" TME said while the scene flashed back WAY into the past of the AT canon.

Ooo/ Plot synopsis mixed with some dialog/ Shortly after he mushroom war/ ?/ Marceline (Young Child)

The scene showed a crying child Marceline as she sat in a bunker of sorts, the scene was a mix of the Obsidian canon where Marceline ran from her mother into the high tech shelter though the circumstances were very different.

Instead of an illness taking her life… though let's face it, given how weak she was that was a key thing, Marceline's mother, who for now would be called Dawn, actually had to distract some human bandits that were near the bunker surprisingly enough from Marceline while she ran to the Bunker.

Currently many humans were still in Ooo and many were more or less trying to survive, however thanks to how humans can be, one can guess with 1000% accuracy on how this will play out when the bandits ignored Marceline and went after Dawn for now.

Dawn, foreseeing many things that could go wrong if she was separated from Marceline as she ran from the crazed bandits who chased her, gave Marceline Bug Milk, a piece of paper with words on it and thanks to a lot of practice before, she was able to say it without the paper by habit, and knew what image to draw in the ground for the Nightosphere portal.

Dawn told her that if anything were to happen to her, she was to draw the circle, throw the bug milk on it, and say the phrase so she would see her father… Dawn gave the reason for not telling Marceline about her father was simple… Hunson would try and make Marceline his heir against her will most likely and didn't want her freedom of choice taken from her.

This calmed Marceline down when she was told that and right now in the Bunker, she was crying up a storm when she heard Dawn screaming and Marceline made probably the most traumatic mistake of her life when she got ready to throw the bug milk… she didn't though she had a grip on the Bug milk and went to look out the door and her eyes widened in shock and confusion when she saw that the bandits caught Dawn and were having their way with her as her clothing was ripped from her body.

Dawn, though still a bit on the thin side, had B to C cup breasts, decent hips, and had a well toned but petite figure thanks to her constantly traveling… her ribs were seen though which showed her partially malnourished state while she was forced onto all fours and one Bandit went to fuck her ass while another went to force Dawn to suck his cock, another two bandits went to get Dawn to stroke them off and while Dawn didn't want this, she was forced to do so when one brought a sword near her neck which forced her to act while she had some tears coming from her eyes.

Marceline had a shocked look in her eyes when she saw this and well… while she didn't quite get the talk yet, she did see a few animals and other humanoids mate before a couple times she got split from her mother either for bathroom needs or while her mother slept and Marceline couldn't sleep well thanks to her strange dreams and she took small walks occasionally.

However even she knew something like this was wrong when her mother cried tears as the Bandits had their way with her while they fucked her without mercy, Dawn's ass was spanked, her throat was pretty much barraged with a throat fucking and she was forced to stroke off the bandits harder and Marceline really looked worried and was about to come out of hiding but was greatly confused when she saw the bandits groan or yell when they came hard on or in Dawn's mouth and ass while she herself had wide eyes and groans when she came against her will… Marceline wondered what that white stuff that came from the Bandits were but before she could wonder more about it, she saw one of the bandits noticing her.

"Hey there is that brat, she should sell well… someone get her." one bandit said which caused Dawn to narrow her eyes and she did something that shocked the bandits when she actually bit the cock that she was forced to suck off and the Bandit screams in agony while Marcleine looked shocked while Dawn looked at her after spitting the cock bit from her mouth and yells.

"MARCELINE USE THE SPELL!" Dawn ordered loudly which caused Marceline to jolt but while she said that, a Bandit grabbed a weapon and before Marceline's widening eyes… she saw the bandit pierce Dawn through the stomach which caused her to cough up some blood and as Marceline pales more then her skin showed, she did the only thing she could do when she ran into the bunker while Dawn chuckles weakly when she felt pretty cold when the sword pierced right through her and could feel her life starting to face from her.

The Bandits moved away from Dawn while one reprimanded the sword wielding bandit who hit Dawn.

"You fuckwad!, you know we could have healed this guy here, leave the bitch and let's get that kid, might as well bring the boss something worthwhile back." The bandit said while the other bandits nod though as the bandit with the sword pulled the blade free which caused Dawn to gasp in pain as she felt on her side, blood leaked from her body and she weakly stretched a hand towards the bunker as many bandits approached it.

Meanwhile right after Marceline ran inside and the bandits followed her…

Marceline was shaking up a storm while she worried for her mother, right now she was about to pour the bug milk when one of the bandits managed to grab her from the nape of her shirt though she dropped the bug milk on the funny looking face and while one of the bandits chuckle, Marceline managed to get her bearings when she saw a few bandits chuckle when they approached her and after she breathed in, she said the incantation for the nightosphere which caused the bug milk to flow into the funny face while one bandit tapped the side of his blood covered sword on her cheek.

"Huh?, what did you say runt?" One bandit said while Marceline glared at the bandit with rising anger, the ground shaking got everyone's attention when a portal in the nightosphere opened up and a moment later, a figure exits it… he didn't look like Hunson Abadeer but he did look like a powerful looking being who looked oddly human… though only human features about him were the electric blue eyes and the swept back and partially disheveled hair.

He wore a simple outfit with a trench coat with a hood, cargo pants, a T-shirt with a demon face on it while he wore some fingerless gloves.

He had a cold look in his eyes while he looked around the room and as he stepped from the portal, he looked at Marceline.

"Are you the one who summoned me?, Hunson Abadeer is busy right now so I came in his stead when he was unable to get here." The Mysterious figure said… though while Marceline would have spoke up, one bandit gather enough courage… or dumbassery to look confident as he points a weapon at the figure.

"And who the fuck are you and where did you come from!?" the Bandit said as the figure looks at him with eyes so cold and emotionless the bandit froze from how intense the figure's gaze was.

"Hmph, and why should I tell a fool like you my name when you have the gall to point a pathetic weapon like that at me… stand aside or I'll make sure a weakling like you doesn't weild a weapon again." The Figure said as Marceline managed to speak up.

"H-Help… m-my m-mom… s-said I cou-could… c-call… m-my d-dad i-if…" Marceline tried to say while the figure's eyes widened a bit as one bandit, getting irritated, raised a fist and tried to strike Marceline.

"Oh shut it yo-!" The bandit said though he and the bandit holding Marceline pretty much had their skulls burst open when the figure moved with shocking speed… pun intended… thanks to an electric like aura on the figure and before Marceline could even register being let go by the bandits falling corpse, she was caught by the figure and he held her carefully in his arms.

"So you are Marceline?... Daughter of Hunson Abadeer and Dawn the human?..." The figure said while he narrowed his eyes as he looks at the Bandits.

"I see… so that explains the call… Marceline… after I set you down, stand back… I'll make sure these iditotic beings never harm you again." The Figure said as he sets Marceline on her feet while Marceline looked confused at the surprise change in attitude while the bandits… well pretty much pissing themselves when they saw what just happened, all tried to run though before they could even exit the bunker, all of them were killed when the figure moved with such speed that before Marceline could even blink, the figure either crushed the skulls of the bandits, punched them in half from the waist or just flat out stabbed them through the hearts… by the time Marceline could even gasp in shock at the carnage, the figure lands near the bunker door and he looks at Marceline with his hooded face being mostly hidden aside from his blue eyes that glowed a bit.

"There… unless there are any more, we should get your mother and head to the Nightosphere." The figure said as he walked to Marceline and gently picked her up.

This caused the figure to walk after that out of the room though Marceline was curious about the figure.

"U-Um… who are you?" Marceline asked while the Figure gave her a small smile.

"I'm Demonga… your father helped me on a whim and I have been working for him ever since and I'm his head of his guard so I doubt you will find anyone else in the Nightosphere as deadly as me nowadays… anyway let's get your mother and get out of here." Demonga said when he walked out of the Bunker and thanks to his hood, he looked around for a moment and saw Dawn laying on the ground and he frowned when he saw the state of her body.

She looked paler then usual, blood slowly seeped from the wound in her stomach and ignoring the fluids on Dawn's body, she was unmoving and Marceline whimpered a bit when she saw how bad her mother looked though a weak groan told the duo that she was still alive but barely.

"M-Mommy!" Marceline said when she hopped from Demonga's arm and she rushed to Dawn while Dawn weakly opened an eye and looks at Marceline while she saw Demonga behind her.

She would have said something… but seeing Marceline out here, she thought Demonga was Hunson but seeing his eyes, though demonic, told her otherwise and she looks at Marceline.

"H-Hehe… l-looks li-like you s-summoned some help M-Marceline." Dawn weakly said before she coughed up some more blood and Marceline gasped as she looks at Demonga.

"P-Please help her!, help mommy!" Marceline begged while Demonga knelt next to Dawn to look at her wounds…. He got a shocked look on his face while he looks down which covered his eyes from view while Dawn weakly chuckles and shocked Marceline greatly.

"T-That b-bad huh?... c-can't feel much pain to be honest… e-even if I d-didn't get into t-this… I-I had an i-illnes that would have got me anyway… would have not told Marceline this and tried to have her run off or something i-in a safe place... I-if you work with H-Hunson… m-mind t-taking M-Marceline t-to him?... I-I would… s-say o-otherwise… b-but don't have the strength to do a-anything t-to stop you." Dawn muttered while she had a hard time keeping her eyes open and Demonga noticed that.

"Yeah… I'll make sure she is taken right to Hunson… protocol be damned." was all Demonga said while Dawn lightly chuckles as Marceline's eyes watered when she got what was going on… her mother was dying right before her eyes and Demonga couldn't help her.

Marceline shakingly placed a hand on Dawn's cheek while Dawn's eyes slowly closed but she got this out.

"H-Hehe… l-love… you……" was all Dawn could get out before her strength finally gave out and she laid unmoving as Marceline's eyes widen while Demonga had a grip so tight with his hanging hand that some would wonder if his hand would bleed.

"M-Mommy… mommy…" Marceline said when she shook Dawn's body lightly when she seemed to mentally deny what just happened for a moment though as Marceline tried to shake Dawn into the living world, nothing happened and Marceline shakes as her eyes water before she starts to cry her heart out as she realized she just lost her mother while Demonga was silent for a bit, he could guess what happened, Dawn gave her life more or less to try and save Marceline from those bandits…. He really wished he could end them again in a more painful manner.

It took Marceline 20 minutes to calm down so to speak from her crying, but as she did that, Demonga picked her up and held her carefully in his arms as he stands up.

Before she could protest, Demonga actually shot Dawn's body with a lightning bolt which vaporized Dawn's Body and Marceline had wide eyes but before she could ask why he did that or how could he do that, all Demonga did was say this with an even tone.

"A proper burial so no one can see her human body like this… don't think I did this to mock her… a body alone can be used to do many things and some can be used to not only be used in sick ways but in ways you don't even want to think about… besides… as long as we act fast Dawn's ghost can still be helped if I get you to Hunson fast enough." Demonga said while Marceline was shocked.

"Wait… help… Mommy's a ghost?" Marceline asked with some hope while Demonga nods his head.

"Indeed… however remember this Marceline… while humans like Dawn, though rare, exist, humans can be just as cruel and while I would destroy all humans, its humans like Dawn that make me consider otherwise… however its also a fact humans used your mother and killed her in a humiliating way… she went out protecting her child but no woman like her should have gone through with a death like this!... and with Dawn gone that is one more rare human to mourn for." Demonga said while Marceline looks thoughtful… Dawn mentioned something about an illness but…. Those humans pretty much showed no mercy… they had their way with Dawn in an unwelcome way… her mother was killed by them and if not for Demonga… she didn't know what they would do to her.

Her tiny hands balled up when anger starts to pile in her gut when she realized that not all humans are good and if they were as rare as Demonga said with humans and their good to evil side of things… did humans deserve to even live for the most part?

As the duo walked from where Dawn's body used to be, Marceline's eyes glowed with anger while Demonga approached the portal to the Nightosphere that was still open and looks down at it.

"Brace yourself Marceline, not only for the landing but for how chaotic this place is, the Nightosphere is not an easy place to live in and you'll need training even if most won't touch you for fear of Hunson's wrath… some are just that stupid." Demonga said while Marceline gave him a determined look and nods her head while Demonga smiles a little.

"Good girl… being brave like that." Demonga said as he hopped into the portal and as Marceline closed her eyes, she had more thoughts about the humans… during her trip with her mother… no one offered her help aside from a couple people… some even had ulterior motives and while Marceline was more or less unaware at the time, she realized now that in some cases, Dawn had to do things that would have degraded her to protect her… this just angered Marceline further with her childlike mind since no one offered real help aside from those rare humans…

When she and Demonga got into the Nightosphere, Marceline opened her eyes and she looks around when she saw how… red things looked… and the occasional scream spooked her a bit though Demonga looks at her calmly.

"The screams are nothing to worry about… come on, lets go meet your father." Demonga said as he starts walking while Marceline felt a bit nervous… she heard a lot about her dad from Dawn and some not so good, at least with others… for Dawn Hunson might as well have been a sweetheart when not goofing off or something.

That made her wonder if she would even be welcome here though as she thought that, Demonga approached a large set of doors while some guards stopped him though the spear came close to Marceline which pissed Demonga off and scared Marceline into hugging Demonga's shirt.

"Halt!, Lord Hunson is in a meeting s-!" The Guard tried to say as Demonga used a free arm to grip the offending guards head and he crushed it easily with blood on his arm as the other guard froze while Demonga looks at him coldly.

"Either get out of my way or die… I have Hunson Abadeer's daughter, Dawn Abadeer's daughter and your friend aimed a weapon at her… so again… move… or die." Demonga said as his energy flared while the guard pretty much pissed himself and he fell back as Demonga rolled his eyes and walked by the guard and the corpse to get to the doors.

Once he got close enough, Demonga just used an arm to slam them open and he walked in as many demons looks at him and one demon in a suit on a throne looks at him with some confusion.

"Demonga?, what are you doing here?, and why is my door guard's head popped like a grape?... well I was getting tired of him anyway so not bad in getting a reason to get rid of him… and… who's the kid?, you meet someone?... hmmm… she looks… familiar?" the Demon said as Demonga chuckles though before speak a demon of high rank interrupts.

"Lord Abadeer, forgive me but we have more important matters then a child, please to get back to the topic at h-!" The Demon said before Demonga threw a bolt of energy at the demon which stunned him and while the Demon known as lord Abadeer raised an eyebrow at that since Demonga never attacked unless provoked, much less looked this angered though he was shocked when he heard Demonga growl at the demons in the room.

"Unless all of you want to die I suggest you shut it… this isn't a simple child… she is Marceline Abadeer… Heir to the Nightosphere… Hunson Abadeer's child and the daughter of Dawn Abadeer." Demonga said with an angered tone while Lord Abadeer or Hunson's eyes widened in shock before he stands up and looks at the little girl.

"Dawn's child?... my child?... Marceline?" Hunson before he looks serious.

"Everyone besides Demonga… leave." Hunson said as he got a deadly tone to his voice which pretty much caused many to leave the room in a rush and though some comically slipped on the blood from the demon that was just killed and the stunned demon was carried from the room, Hunson looks at Demonga with a serious look.

"Not that I'm against seeing my daughter but… where is Dawn, Demonga?" Hunson asked while Demonga breaths in and all he said was this.

"She's dead… humans killed her shortly before I was summoned to the mortal world by your daughter." Demonga said which caused Hunson's eyes to widen in shock, then shock turned to rage, then rage turned into a roar as Hunson's rage built to such a level that it rocked the Nightosphere to its core.

Demonga ignored that as Hunson pants for breath while Marceline shakes as she covered her ears and whimpered which got Hunson's attention and he looks a bit regretful though he looks at Demonga for now.

"Where is her body then?" Hunson asked as Demonga looks him in the eyes.

"From the state of her body I destroyed it so it wouldn't be used for sick purposes an-!" Demonga tried to say though he was slugged in the face by one of Hunson's tentacles which forced him to drop Marceline as another tentacle went to catch her before she could hit the ground as Demonga pushed himself to his feet when he hits the ground.

"You… destroyed… her body?... are you fucking insane!?" Hunson said while Demonga spat out some blood as he looks Hunson in the eyes.

"I was sane… I know what I did but I also knew her body was pretty much giving out on her, she wouldn't have lived past the day given the state of her body… she was raped, stabbed through the stomach, had internal bleeding and was pretty much on her last legs, I was shocked she lasted that long… but she was trying to defend her daughter… besides since you have a favor that Death owes you and since we have Lillum and Emerald…. You can bring her ghost here and then have Lillum and Emerald restore her as a succubus so she would have a body strong enough to survive here instead of in the mortal realm and Marceline could stay here… point is even if I did bring her body here and it was restored, Dawn couldn't stay here long given the nature of this place… you know that better then I." Demonga said which brought some semblance of calm to Hunson as he glared at Demonga a bit while Demonga fell to one knee when that hit really stunned him.

Marceline saw that and she jumped from Hunson's tentacle much to his surprise and Marceline moved to get in front of Demonga protectively.

"L-Leave h-him alone… h-he h-helped me… I-I w-won't le-let you hurt him!" Marceline said with a slightly shaking body while Hunson looked surprised when Marceline got in a really poor and really open stance with her hands in claw like gestures… that made Hunson chuckle as he looks at Marceline.

"Don't worry sweetie… I won't harm him anymore… still seems I have a trip to make… Demonga, protect my daughter… I'm going to the dead worlds and get Dawn back here." Hunson said while he starts walking away while Marceline had wide eyes and she looked around nervously when she wanted to say something though Demonga looks at Hunson.

"Actually Milord… mind if I carry your daughter and travel with you?, pretty sure Dawn could help calm Marceline down since you mentioned your wife got her a bit excited to see her but she doesn't know what to say." Demonga said which caused Hunson to look back at Marceline while she had a cute begging look on her face and Hunson sighs at that when he couldn't deny the cuteness.

"Fine… but if anything happens to her it's your head that will roll Demonga." Hunson said as Demonga nodded his head while he moved to pick up Marceline and the duo left the room while a demonic janitor moved to clean up the remains of the guard.

When the trio walked out of the room, Hunson looks at Marceline.

"So… you hungry?, no food in the dead world normally…" Hunson said while he wondered what to talk about as Marceline looks down a bit and shakes her head.

"Uh uh… after I protected mommy from some bad doggy who came when Mommy hit a smaller puppy, it wouldn't move… it didn't move and looked like it was a statue." Marceline said while Hunson and Demonga blink and look at one another.

"Marceline Sweetie… did you happen to absorb its soul?" Hunson asked while looking a bit proud.

"Soul?... you mean that gassy stuff that came from the bad doggies body?" Marceline asked while Hunson looks at Demonga and he at Hunson.

"Definitly a soul." The two said while Demonga looked serious and Hunson looks impressed.

Marceline looks shocked while she looks down.

"So… I am a monster then…" Marceline said while Hunson and Demonga looked confused.

"Whats wrong with that?" Hunson said while Marceline looks confused.

"Huh?" Marceline said as Hunson took Marceline from Demonga to carry her a bit.

"Listen Marceline, I may not know what you did on the mortal realm, but here, being a monster is a good thing, I mean I'm the ruler of the Nightosphere!... the freaking king so that makes you my little adorable monstrous princess." Hunson said while he smiles at Marceline though she looks confused on if she should feel good or bad about that and just tilts her head.

"What?" was all Marceline said as Demonga walked by the duo.

"Long story short Marceline, being a Monster is good here… shows you have potential to survive." Demonga said as Hunson chuckles and followed Demonga into a room with four corners.

"Alright… simple way to get into the dead world entrance… cross your eyes and look at the corner… once the two lines meet the entrance will appear." Hunson said as he and Demonga and Marceline after she saw what the two did, crossed their eyes and Marceline gasped when she saw some kind of gate appear which caused her to lose focus and Hunson chuckles.

"Surprising for a first timer… still try and keep your eyes crossed otherwise the gate won't appear for you… if I walked through with you in my arms you would smack into the wall or something." Hunson said while Marceline nods and crossed her eyes as hard as she could to make the gate appear again which looked adorable while Hunson and Demonga did the same before the trio entered the Dead world via the escalator that they appeared on while Marceline rubbed her eyes.

Hunson chuckles before he passed Marceline to Demonga and gave him a look to protect her and the trio went to the entrance of the Dead world's main gate and the trio were stopped by the guardian.

"Halt!, those without souls or dem-ulk!" The Gate Guardian tried to say though he was gripped around the neck by Hunson.

"Bad move trying to stop me… my daughter… and my guard from coming to see Death… I suggest you back off or a new guardian will be needed." Hunson threated while Marceline's eyes sparkle when she saw how the Gate Guardian backed down when he shook a bit from the threat.

"W-Welcome to the dead world… L-Lord Abadeer… didn't r-recognize you for a moment." The Gate Guardian said before Hunson, Demonga, and Marceline passed him after Hunson pats him on the skull a few times.

"Good." Hunson said as he, Demonga, and Marceline went into the land of the dead and Marceline looks around a few times.

"Huh… more… boney then I thought… thought the afterlife would be… more… differenty?" Marceline said as Demonga hums.

"Well think of this place as the sorting area for souls before they are either reincarnated or sorted into one of 50 Dead worlds, I can explain more but know that there are 25 good Dead worlds were good souls go and 25 Evil Dead worlds that punish wicked souls, don't stray from Lord Hunson even if I have to set you down for some reason." Demonga said while Marceline nods her head.

"OK." was all Marceline said while Hunson chuckles.

"Hehe, seems Dawn raised you to be well mannered, may have to fix that so you can walk over others if you grow strong enough to take my place." Hunson said while Demonga facepalms.

"My lord… you may want to hold off on that AFTER we get your wife's soul back… she may question that and though its not my place to say, she will have a large say in how Marceline is raised." Demonga reminded which made Hunson grumble a bit on annoying guard and being a buzz kill.

Marceline giggles a bit from that when she saw her dad pout and as the group walked farther in the Dead world while Demonga carries her, it took a bit but the group made it to a garden like area while Hunson looks up.

"Death!, I know you are here!, and I know you can hear me!, I'm here to cash in my favor!" Hunson said though he looks down and looks behind him to see a large skeletal figure and when Demonga and Marceline look back, Marceline jolts when she saw the being and the being chuckles when he saw Marceline.

"Hehe… nice to meet you Marceline… names Death, I'm what you mortals meet when your end comes." Death said while he grins at the group as the scene fades to black.

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