The love of my lilfe @cactus
The love of my life


Aizou had barely put his phone down that his brother entered his room, holding the wrist of one of his friends who seemed as lost as him. Ken, however, was positively beaming.

“Aizou, meet Kodai!” He exclaimed and Aizou frowned.

That wasn't his first time meeting Kodai, be it at school or here, in their house, so why introduce them today? He noticed that next to his brother, his friend pushed his glasses up with a shaking hand, as if trying to hide behind them.

“What?” He finally said. “I already know him, Ken. What do you want?”

Ken's smile widened. His brother wasn't ready to hear the news! He pulled Kodai towards him and, after sending them a reassuring smile, he turned back to Aizou who was getting impatient.

“Kodai is...”

He frowned slightly. He had almost introduced Kodai as his boyfriend before remembering that Kodai had told him he didn't like being seen as a boy or a girl. If Ken introduced them as his boyfriend, it would surely put Kodai in an awkward position... He knew that Kodai had told him what term he could use, but he couldn't remember what it was... Why did it have to happen right when he wanted to tell his brother about their relationship... By the way, seeing how much Aizou was frowning, he felt like he had to speak quickly if he didn't want him to kick them out.

He put an arm around Kodai's shoulders and smiled again.

“Kodai is the love of my life!” He exclaimed.

Aizou looked at his brother as if he had announced him he had a second head, mirroring the way Kodai was also staring at Ken. After a few seconds, Aizou understood his brother's words and threw a pillow in his direction, shouting.

“That was your important business?! Do I look like I care?! Get the fuck out of my room!”

Kodai pushed Ken away and ran away, their face beet red. Ken wasn't sure whether he should stay and break Aizou's arms or if he should run after Kodai, but he finally decided to go after Kodai and closed the door behind him.

Aizou took his phone, sighing, and put it back against his ear.

“How smooth.” Yuujirou, who had obviously heard everything, said. “I hope you'll introduce me to your family the same way he did.”

Aizou put a hand on his face, cursing his brother who clearly had only half a brain and couldn't even use it...

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