Along the way @cactus
Along the way

“Kanata, stop it!”

Kanata glanced at Asuka's red face and, after smirking, licked his cock. Asuka had to grab his hair and bit his lips to refrain from moaning. Kanata loved when Asuka was so turned on he could barely hold back. He always tried to be serious and in control of himself, never showing what he truly felt, even to their fans. That was a cute side he loved, but he loved even more Asuka's true face, the one only he could see.

The tips of his ears were beet red, he was pinching his lips and he had never been more beautiful than at this very moment. Kanata couldn't look away. He wanted to never forget Asuka's embarrassed face, he wanted to etch it into his memory so he could see it again every night before falling asleep.

More than his face, he loved his voice. He wanted to hear Asuka's sighs, his raspy moans, his pleas... On the other hand, Kanata couldn't blame him for trying to muffle them, they were in the middle of a corridor after all.

If he couldn't hear him though, then he could at least watch him losing his composure.

He licked his length, staring with fascination as Asuka was becoming redder than ever. Even though he seemed so embarrassed it looked like he could literally faint, he never looked away from Kanata's face. Kanata briefly wondered what expression he was making to mesmerise him that much. However, he brushed this question away and preferred going back to focus on what his mouth was doing.

He kissed the tip of Asuka's cock, lapping up at the few droplets that were already there before suddenly taking the length into his mouth. Asuka's cock was... massive. He had to admit it. Of course it was amazing when it was in him, but he could never manage to take everything in his mouth when he sucked him off and that was more than frustrating. But today, he was determined to go all the way.

Kanata made sure to breathe through his nose and swallowed Asuka's cock centimetre by centimetre. He almost had the impression that it was going to break his jaw, but he kept going, turned on by the sighs Asuka couldn't hold back. He could feel tears in his eyes and the mess on his chin was probably due to his own saliva but also to Asuka's cum, but all those details only turned him on even more. The vision he was offering was probably more than obscene and he knew it was something that Asuka loved.

Feeling his jaw getting numb, he began to pull out, accidentally moving his tongue. Asuka couldn't control his hips and sank his dick into Kanata's mouth. Kanata's eyes widened when he felt the cock in his mouth hitting the back of his throat and the tears he had tried to hold back rolled down on his cheeks.

“Oh god, Kanata, I'm sorry, are you alright?” Asuka panicked. He wiped down Kanata's cheeks, stroking it lovingly. Kanata glanced up and he witnessed the exact moment where everything seemed to change.

Asuka's blue eyes darkened and he put his thumb against Kanata's bottom lip.

“Let me try something.”

Oh. So they were doing it.

He squeezed Asuka's thigh to tell him he was okay and Asuka ran a hand through Kanata's hair, grabbing them tightly.

Asuka didn't wait any longer and Kanata almost choked when he completely pulled out before thrusting violently until his cock hit the back of his throat once again. He could hardly breathe and it hurt so bad it was almost unbearable, but just imagining how hoarse his voice would be for a few hours, maybe a couple of days, and how everyone would wonder what had happened without never knowing the truth excited him so much he was afraid he would end up cumming in his pants.

He grabbed Asuka's jeans and focused on breathing, following his boyfriend's thrusts to not end up choking. He tried to move his tongue, brushing his cock when he pulled out, saliva and cum mixing up and making his chin glisten. He could barely hold back his own moans, Asuka's behaviour was so unusual and surprising that he could only let him do whatever he wanted with him, staring as his boyfriend used him for his own pleasure.

Asuka suddenly pulled his hair and Kanata glanced up, mesmerised by his red face and his blue eyes. He understood what was coming and, not wanting to wait any longer, he began to use his hand to stroke Asuka. He wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, stroking him each time he pulled out. The stimulation was too strong and Asuka felt the orgasm build up in the pit of his stomach.

“Kanata...” He tried to warn him. “Kanata, I'm going to–”

He tried to push him away but Kanata refused to obey him and swallowed his cock one last time before Asuka finally came, spurting in his throat so suddenly he almost choked. Kanata slowly exhaled through his nose, swallowing everything he had in his throat and slowly pulled out. He sucked insistently on the tip to be sure he wouldn't miss anything.

He finally let go of Asuka's cock and smiled brightly.

“Wow, Asuka, I didn't know you had it in you! We'll have to do it again!”

“No, we won't.” Asuka answered, frantically shaking his head.

Kanata wiped off his chin, collecting the saliva and the cum on his thumb and put it in his mouth, sucking it until it was completely clean.

“Of course we will.”

Asuka didn't dare answer him, fully knowing Kanata was right.

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