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Alien Fiancé

Ken grabbed his phone under his pillow to look at the time, squinting when the light blinded him for a few seconds. It was way too late for his mother to come home from a date and way too early for his father – who wasn't here in the first place – to go to work, which meant that someone else was trying to enter into their apartment in the middle of the night. He sat on his bed, wide awake, when he realised that the noise he was hearing sounded like a key, meaning that the person wasn't a stranger. And if that person was who he was thinking about, then there was no need to get worried, but he had every reason in the world to get upset.

He put on some trousers and rushed to the living room where he could hear someone tiptoeing around. Without further ado, he switched on the light and stared at his brother's disheveled looks. His hair wasn't tied up and his clothes were crumpled. Ken also noticed they were the same clothes as the ones he had been wearing when he had disappeared the week before.

“Shit, Ken, turn off the light!” Aizou exclaimed, clearly angry but trying to keep his voice down.

“No one's here.” He answered, ignoring the command. “Aizou, you left for a week, an entire fucking week, without telling anyone where you were going. Where were you? You could have called, send a text, I don't know! Do you realise how worried we were?” Ken felt a lump in his throat due to how frustrated he was, but also due to how relieved he felt. He clenched his fists to conceal the way they were shaking and blinked rapidly to hold back his tears. “Do you realise how worried I was?”

Aizou, who hadn't reacted to his brother's words until now, looked down and avoided Ken's eyes. Ken could see that he felt bad for making him worry, but he didn't look like he was going to explain his actions.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed before turning around to sit on the couch. However, he froze when he noticed someone was already there and had probably been staring since the beginning, back ramrod straight and unblinking.

“Who's that?” He blurted.

The stranger opened his mouth to answer, but Aizou cut him off.


The stranger closed his mouth and seemed slightly annoyed.

“It's, uh, a friend. From school.” Aizou tried to explain. But Ken wasn't stupid, he was the one who had taught Aizou to lie, and let's say he had completely failed seeing how bad he was at it.

He saw Yuujirou mouthing Aizou's words, frowning as if it was his first time hearing them. Weird kid.

“I spent the week at his house.” Aizou added. Yuujirou turned towards Aizou. Ken couldn't see his brother's face, but he saw the boy nodding slowly before turning back to look at him. He nodded again, confirming what Aizou had just said.

“Okay, I don't know where your friend comes from, but he's even worse at lying than you are. And he gives me the creeps.” The boy was sitting on the couch, without even talking or moving. Or blinking. Which wasn't really reassuring.

He heard Aizou sigh, but he didn't look at him. He didn't really want to look away from his brother's new friend who just kept staring at him.

“For real though, where did you guys meet?”

Aizou didn't answer right away and Ken looked, mesmerised, as Yuujirou opened his mouth to speak for the first time.

“The Area.” He calmly said.

Something clicked and Ken's eyes widened, his jaw dropped to the ground before a huge smile appeared on his face. No longer caring about the boy, he turned to his brother, refraining from hopping up and down with excitement.

“Fuck, Yuujirou, we said–”

“Wait, what do you mean by The Area?”

“Ken, listen–”

“Area 51?! You went there? Oh god Aizou, you went to the Area 51 raid last week!”

Aizou rolled his eyes but Ken was too excited to care. He grabbed his brother by the shoulders and forced him to sit down next to Yuujirou before going to sit in the armchair facing them.

“You have to tell me everything!”

“Ken, Yuujirou's probably exhausted–” He glanced at Yuujirou who seemed to be completely fine and corrected himself. “I am exhausted, I just want to sleep, I'll tell you tomorrow if you want...”

“No, no, no, I don't think so, I want every detail now. You know what, I should even call Kotarou and Kodai. I've been worried sick while you were flirting across the ocean, in Area 51! I can't believe it. Did you bring me back something?” He ignored Aizou's groans of despair and turned to Yuujirou. “Aizou is a moron for going to this kind of event, but you don't look like you're as stupid as him.”

His words seemed to offend Yuujirou and the boy frowned, finally looking like a normal human being. However, Ken noticed he still hadn't blinked and he was a bit scared by this.

“I wasn't there willingly.” He hissed.

The silence told everyone in the room that he shouldn't have said that.

Ken got up so abruptly he banged against the coffee table, almost breaking his knee due to the sheer force of it, and fell down, staring at the boys, dumbstruck.

“No way...” He whispered after a few seconds.

Aizou nodded slowly. “Yes way...”

Ken ran a hand through his hair, looking back and forth between Aizou and Yuujirou before he breathed out to calm down.

“Okay. Alright. So you kidnapped an alien to bring him back here. In Japan. Home.” Aizou shrugged, not knowing what to answer. “Are we going to end up getting tortured by the American Government? The CIA? The army? Aizou did you try making out with an alien without thinking about the fact that we were going to get killed?”

“I don't– It's not– I didn't– Ken!” His brother stuttered, his face crimson red. Next to him, Yuujirou was still as imperturbable as ever.

“Blink, motherfucker!” Ken screamed.

Yuujirou seemed taken aback and glanced at Aizou, as if asking what he should do. In the end, he looked back at Ken and closed his eyes for two very long seconds and opened them back again.

“Alright, don't do that ever again. That was really creepy.”

Yuujirou shook his head and muttered something about “those fucking earthlings”, but Ken preferred to ignore him. A quick glance to the clock told him it was way too late – or too early – to ask questions about his future death under American torture.

“You know what, take your Martian fiancé with you and go to bed, we'll figure out something tomorrow.”

Aizou shrugged. If that was what his brother wanted, that suited him. He was exhausted and had been dreaming of sleeping in his bed for days.

Ken watched them get up, but he couldn't help asking one last thing.

“Please tell me you went there Naruto running.”

“Good night.”

“Wait! Do you even know how to have sex with an alien? Use protection!”

Good night!” Aizou screamed before slamming the door.

Finally alone with Yuujirou in his room, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, fully aware that the other one was analysing every inch of his bedroom.

“You can sleep in my bed, I'll find a mattress somewhere.” He said. Yuujirou nodded, turning his head to stare at him. A few seconds went by before he spoke.

“You're curious about how my species breed.” That wasn't a question at all. Because he knew it was what Aizou was thinking about.

“What? Pff, no, not at all, I– Oh my god, Yuujirou what are you touching–”

That night, Ken truly wished his room wasn't next to his brother's.

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